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T h e M a j o r a dva n Tag e s o f P i c a n T e ’ s Yac h T M a nag eM en T P ro g r a M

The reality is that most yacht owners     Picante’s Yacht Management program,      How many days a month will my
only use their yachts a few times a       no detail is overlooked – all you need   yacht be chartered? We recommend
month. An expensive idle asset, a         to do is relax and enjoy.                70 charters per year. By keeping this
yacht is costly and time-intensive to       Picante has been a CABO yacht          number low, you will receive consistent
properly maintain and manage. Yet         dealer for over 10 years and Cabo        income from your yacht. At the
yacht owners purchased their yachts       San Lucas’ number-one sportfishing       same time, you will maximize your
for the thrill of the ocean, not to       charter business for the last 12 years   resale value down the road. This also
slave away with constant upkeep and       running. We have passed the test of      keeps maintenance down to a bare
servicing.                                time, always offering our customers      minimum.
   But what if someone took care of all   the highest level of service possible.
the details for you? More importantly,    We are the sportfishing experts!         How long will a CABO Yacht last?
what if you could actually get paid                                                Remember we are the sportfishing
just for owning your yacht? With the                                               experts! We have been in the charter
Picante Yacht Management Program,                                                  business in Cabo San Lucas for 12
you can!                                  What can I expect to save with           years running, and during all of those
   At Picante, we eliminate the typical   Picante’s Yacht Management               years, we have had CABO Yachts
hassles involved in yacht preparation     Program? Our customers currently         running daily in our fleet. In fact, we
and cleanup. We provide yacht owners      enrolled in Picante’s Yacht              still have quite a few of the original
with a more enjoyable and cost-           Management Program typically             yachts running today. Typically you
effective experience, encouraging more    save more than 50 percent of their       should replace motors every 10,000
frequent use of their yachts.             cash outflow over a five-year period!    hours, but we doubt that your CABO
   Imagine arriving at your yacht, and    That means that through the Yacht        will ever see that day. Most of our
all the covers are already removed,       Management Program, you would            customers on this program end up
your fishing gear is rigged and ready     receive income that significantly        moving into a larger Cabo Yacht once
to go, and the captain is prepared        offsets your expenses.                   they realize the actual net ouflow
to set sail anywhere you want. With                                                numbers after the first year.

     48' caBo flybridge                         45' caBo express

     40' caBo flybridge                         38' caBo express

               YACHT MANAGEMENT

          CO M P LE T E YAC h T M A N AG EM EN T
      •   Monthly Accounting              •   Fishing Licenses
      •   Full-Time Captain               •   Home Port Fees
      •   Deck Hand                       •   Boxed Lunches
      •   Professional Maintenance        •   Concierge Services
      •   Cleaning

          caLL Us TodaY

   The sooner you’re on board…
    the sooner you’ll get paid.

16220 Canyon hills Road           Puerto Paraiso Local 39
 Chino hills, CA 91709            Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S.
   Tel: 714.572.6693             Tel: (011) 52.624.143.2474
   Fax: 714.572.6695             Fax (011) 52.624.143.5969;

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