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                             ANNUAL MEETING
                        June 10, 2005, Indianapolis, IN

The meeting was called to order at 9:45 am by President-Elect Judy Roush, OH but
after the roll call President Judy Culbertson, CA, presided over the meeting.

Schmucker, MI moved and Dorschner, SD seconded to approve the agenda, motion

Monica Pastor, Secretary, conducted the roll call of states. Attendance is indicated

             Alabama                 Jane Alice Lee
             Alaska                  Victoria Naegele
             Arizona                 Monica Pastor
             Arkansas                Andy Guffey
             California              Judy Culbertson
             Colorado                                        Dues not paid
             Connecticut                                     Dues not paid
             District of Columbia    Barbara Evans
             Florida                 Lisa Gaskella
             Idaho                   Dorita Waitley
             Illinois                Kevin Daugherty
             Iowa                    Melissa Brooks
             Kansas                  Barbara Oplinger
             Kentucky                Faye Lowe
             Louisiana               Lynda Danos
             Maine                   Willie Sawyer Grenier
             Maryland                George May
             Michigan                Deb Schmucker
             Minnesota               Al Withers
             Mississippi             Clara Bilbo
             Missouri                Diane S. Olson
             Nebraska                Ellen Hellerich
             New Hampshire
             New Jersey              Joan M. Elliott
             New Mexico              Dalene Hodnett
             New York                Nancy Schaff
             North Carolina            Louise Lamm
             North Dakota              Gail Scherweit
             Ohio                      Judy Roush
             Oklahoma                  Mary Ann Kelsey
             Oregon                    Tami Kerr
             Rhode Island                                    Dues not paid
             South Carolina            Maria Samot
             South Dakota              Lisa Dorshner
             Tennessee                 Charles Curtis
             Utah                      Debra Spielmaker
             Vermont                                         Dues not paid
             Virginia                  Karen Davis
             West Virginia             Mary Beth Bennett
             Wisconsin                 Darlene Arneson
There were 34 states plus the District of Columbia present. Dues had been received
from 46 states and the District of Columbia.

Others present: Kathleen Cullinan, Program Leader USDA AITC; Lindell Williams,
Program Specialist, USDA/AITC; Dr. Jeff Gilmore, Director, Higher Education Programs
USDA CSREES; and Debbie Cavett, Director of Interagency Initiatives,
Spielmaker, UT moved and Dorschner, SD seconded to approve the minutes from the
2004 Annual Meeting, motion passed.

Dorschner, SD moved and Spielmaker, UT seconded to approve the Treasurer’s report
as presented by Louise Lamm, NC, and motion passed.

Bennett, WV moved and Lee, AL seconded to approve the proposed budget with 2004
changed to 2005 on Silent Auction and Carry over, motion passed.

Committee Reports:
Partners:  Pastor, AZ distributed the current partners list and proposed partners.
           She asked that changes in contact person for the current list be given to
           her. Two additional names were added to the proposed list. Pastor, AZ
           moved and Bennett, WV seconded to approve the following for Partners,
           motion passed. Chris Fesko Enterprises, St. Louis Science Center,
           Irrigation Association Education Foundation, National Agriculture Library,
           International Food Information Council Foundation, National Arbor Day
           Foundation, Tennessee Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom and
           National Sweet Potato Commission.
Public Relations:  Naegele, AK asked that a person from each Region volunteer to
                   work with her on PR. She is working on getting information into
                   teacher magazines about the conference and National Teacher
                   award winners. She wants PR to reach beyond the ag community.
                   Kathleen Cullinan, USDA volunteered to serve on the committee.
Outreach:   Olson, MO reported that the President’s budget of $750,000 and the
            House budget of $740,000 represent a flat budget, no increase
            recommended. Congresswoman Emerson from Missouri is very
            supportive of the program. Olson urged members to contact their
            Congressional representatives on the Senate and House Appropriations
Web Update:        The State Reports were discussed at Tuesday’s USDA State
                   Contacts meeting. Spielmaker, UT is interviewing for a web
                   designer. The site will have a new look especially the teacher’s
                   resource page. The hits increased by 50%, we had 500,000 unique
                   hits. AgroWorld is a list serve newsletter for secondary teachers.
                   She will add a slide to the State Report document that shows the
                   number of teachers subscribed to AgroWorld by state. Utah is now
                   coordinating the National Resource Directory instead of New York.
                   The contract requires that 20 new “quality items per year will be
                   added” to the Directory.
2006 Annual Meeting:      Joni Elliott, NJ reported that the hotel is the Sheraton and
                          the meeting will be held in the Atlantic City Convention
                          Center. The theme is Unlocking the Treasures to the
                          Garden State - Agriculture is the Key. The dates are June
                          20 -24, 2006. She is planning to have 350 people in
                          attendance. A grant for $10,000 was received from the
                          American Agriculturalist Foundation to help fund Leadership
                          Training at the meeting. 25th Celebration - Curtis, TN
                          reported that they are working on a Proclamation from
                          President Bush to declare June 2006 as National AITC
                          month. They will use the old logo with “25th Anniversary”
                          across it. They have invited the Secretary of Agriculture and
                          will get the PR committee to put information out to ag
                          publications. History Project - Withers, MN reported they
                          are coordinating a chronology of the history, They will put
                          this in either a brochure or power point. It was suggested
                          that one piece feature the Excellence in Teaching About Ag
                          award winners. It was also recommended that committee
                          members might want to go through the USDA archives to
                          gather the information.
Excellence Awards:        Grenier, ME indicated there were 18 applications for the five
                          awards. Certificates were given to all state award winners.
                          A history of the program was distributed indicating the
                          growth in the program since its inception in 2000. The
                          deadline for 2006 applications is February 1, 2006.
By-Laws/Constitution:         Daugherty, IL distributed the recommended changes to the
                              By-Laws and Constitution 30 days prior to the meeting and
                              had printed copies available at the meeting. There was
                              discussion about both documents while Daugherty explained
                              the changes. Motions and amendments are listed below. A
                              copy of the document as presented is on file with the
Constitution -         There was discussion about the definition of “USDA Recognized
                       AITC program”. A committee will be formed to define this
                       terminology. Spielmaker, UT moved and Curtis, TN seconded to
                       approve the recommended changes to the Constitution as
                       presented. Motion carried unanimously. A 2/3 majority vote is
                       needed to make changes in the Constitution and 35 votes were
By-Laws -      Daugherty, IL moved and Samot, SC seconded to approve the
               recommended changes in the By-Laws. Spielmaker, UT moved and
               Daugherty, IL seconded to amend the changes by changing the wording in
               Article 3, Section J-3 to “The Consortium Executive Committee will review
               professional services annually to insure adequate administration.”
               Amendment passed. Samot, SC moved and Curtis, TN seconded to
               amend the proposal in Article 6, Section B-3 by adding “and guests” after
               members. Amendment passed. Spielmaker, UT moved and Curtis, TN
               seconded to amend the proposal in Article 9, Section A to change other to
               “Ad hoc”. Amendment passed. It was moved and seconded to have an
               addition to the By-Laws as follows: Article 10, new Section E: “Partners of
               the AITC Consortium will be reviewed annually at the Consortium meeting
               for continued membership as Partners.” Amendment passed. Entire
               motion as amended passed unanimously.
Monsanto Grant:        Daugherty, IL reported that Alaska, Florida, and South Dakota each
                       received $5000 grants from the Monsanto $50,000 contribution to
                       the Consortium.
MOU:           Roush, OH reported that the Memorandum of Understanding between
               USDA and the Consortium must be renewed. Copies of the MOU with the
               addition of new wording were distributed. The wording is USDA/CSREES
               will “Help identify and encourage collaborations with other agencies and
               organizations that will advance an understanding of the science of
               agriculture and career choices in the food and agricultural sciences.”
               Daugherty, IL moved and Bennett, WV seconded to instruct the
               Consortium Executive Committee to proceed with the renewal of the MOU
               with the new wording. Motion passed.
Strategic Plan:        Roush, OH reported that we are on target with our Strategic Plan.
                       This needs to be reviewed each year. There was discussion about
                       which documents need to be on the website. Dorschner, SD
                       moved and Samot, SC seconded that the Executive Committee will
                       discuss the storing of archived documents. Motion passed.
ACE Awards:          Lamm, NC reported that there were nine award winners. They are
                     Alaska, Maine, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota,
                     Oregon, Tennessee and a joint project with New Mexico and
                     Oklahoma. She also instituted a mentor program. Five states
                     asked for help from mentors and there were nine volunteers to
                     serve as mentors.
Nominations:         Dorschner, SD reported on the nominations committee.
                     Speilmaker moved by acclimation and it was seconded to approve
                     Monica Pastor, Arizona, as President-elect. Motion passed.
Regional Caucus Reports:
Western - Dalene Hodnett, NM will serve a two-year term and Tami Kerr, OR will serve
the remaining year on Monica Pastor’s term. The western region will meet April 17 - 22
in Boise, ID in conjunction with the Ag Educators meeting. The region will host the 2008
Annual meeting and San Diego may be the location.
Southern - Louise Lamm, NC was re-elected to a two-year term. The region will meet
in March or April and will assist with the National Conference pre-planning. Lisa
Gaskella, FL will serve on the PR committee.
Central - Melissa Brooks, IA was elected to a two-year term. Their regional meeting will
be Feb 1 - 3 in Rock Island, IL. Ellen Hellerich, NE will serve on the PR committee.
Eastern - Willie Grenier was re-elected to a two-year term. Their regional meeting will
be held in March. George Mays will serve on the PR committee.

New Business:
No Child Left Behind - Samot, SC reported on the Executive Committee meeting with
the US Dept of Education. A full copy of the report is on file with the minutes.
Calendar - Lamm, NC distributed the calendar for the Consortium. A copy is on file
with the minutes.

The Annual meeting adjourned at 2:35 pm. Members were provided a tour of the
National FFA headquarters and given presentation on the Food for America program
and the FFA Ambassador program.

The Leadership Development session featured two thirty-minute sessions in which
participants could participate in twp of three sessions. These sessions were
I.            Tutorial on ACE Grant Writing - Lynda Danos, LA.
II.           How to be organized and fly by the seat of your pants - Kevin Daugherty,
III.          Excellence Award application tutorial - Lindell Williams, USDA.

Maria Samot, SC led a brain-based learning session.

Everyone returned to the hotel at 4:30 pm.

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