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									Once the primary molars erupt it’s time to               •    Digit Sucking: Thumb and finger sucking can
start flossing. Cavities commonly occur in                    create crowded teeth, an open bite (when
between teeth and the only way to keep                        front teeth don’t overlap), and a narrow pal-
these areas clean is with floss. You will                     ate. These unwanted changes will affect the
need to do this for them.                                     permanent teeth by not allowing enough
                                                              room for them to erupt correctly. A narrow
The first dental exam should be completed                     palate can also
at 1year of age.                                              contribute to air-
                                                              way issues by not
Oral Habits                                                   allowing enough
                                                              tongue space as a
Your child’s oral habits start at a very                      child grows and
early age and will dramatically impact                        develops. Sucking
                                                                                   The effects of thumbsucking
facial growth and development throughout                      on fingers, blan-
his or her life. Here are the most crucial                    kets, and toys needs to be eliminated as soon
habits to watch out for:                                      as the permanent teeth start to erupt—
                                                              around age 6.
•    Mouth-breathing: Chronic mouth-
     breathing (or lip apart posture) results
     in a significant compromise of facial
     balance. It occurs because of an up-
     per airway obstruction. If you notice
                                                         •    Pacifiers: Similar to thumb-sucking, pacifiers
                                                              have a negative effect on oral growth and
                                                              development. It is usually harder for the par-
                                                                                                                 Infants &
     open mouth posture on your toddler,
     or habitual snoring at night, have your
                                                              ent than for the child to wean off a pacifier,
                                                              but they should be eliminated early on—
                                                              before primary teeth erupt if possible.
     child evaluated for enlarged tonsils
     and adenoids and allergies. Every
     effort must be made to allow your
     child to breathe through his/her nose
                                                              Developing good habits now will                    Oral Health, Hygiene,
     with the lips together and mouth
     closed.                                                 lead to a lifetime of good health!                  and Habits

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 mouth breathing caused a down and back facial growth
 pattern.                                                               E-mail:
Your Baby’s Oral Health                        ate that provides plenty of room for the
                                               teeth and tongue, reducing the chances of
                                                                                                 bacteria to your baby. For this reason, it is
                                                                                                 important to optimize your own oral health
                                               orthodontic problems later in life. If you’re     before your baby is born. Once teeth erupt,
                                               having problems breastfeeding, consider           this bacteria has a place to colonize. Milk,
 There is plenty to think about when it
                                               seeking the aid of a lactation specialist.        juice, food debris, and sweetened pacifiers
 comes to keeping your child healthy and
                                                                                                 will all contribute to cavity formation by pro-
 happy. Oral health is one key component.      If breastfeeding is impossible, bottle feeding    viding food for the bacteria. Limiting fre-
 Your child’s feeding habits, oral hygiene     with breast milk is the next best option. Arti-   quency and duration of exposure to these
 and oral habits will have a huge effect on    ficial teats are shorter and do not require an    foods is the key to prevention. Remember: a
 her facial growth and development and         infant to suckle as hard; thus, they are prone    raisin every 15 minutes or sips of juice all day
 her overall health throughout her life.       to flood the back of their throat. This leads     are worse than a cup of raisins or a bottle of
 Feeding & Nutrition                           to an improper swallow habit, high palate,        juice consumed in one sitting!
                                               and dental crowding. It can also cause milk
 One of the first decisions a mother makes     to flow up into the Eustachian tubes, leading     Oral Hygiene
 is whether or not to breastfeed. There is     to frequent ear infections. For this reason,
 no good substitute for breastfeeding and      always bottle feed your baby in as upright        Oral hygiene starts at a very early age—as
 its benefits cannot be overstated. Breast     a position as possible. Never send your           soon as the first baby teeth appear. Keep-
 milk prevents allergies and defends           baby to bed with bottle in hand, and never        ing baby teeth clean and free of decay en-
 against infections. A child who grows up      with a bottle full of milk or juice once baby     sures that they will remain in the mouth until
 with allergies will have an obstructed air-   teeth erupt—the sugar content of these            the permanent adult teeth come in. A soft,
 way and                                       foods contribute to Baby Bottle Caries.                            child-size toothbrush or a wet
 may start                                                                                                        washcloth can be used to
 to mouth                                      Once you are ready to transition out of                            brush the teeth. Toothpaste is
 breathe,                                      breastfeeding, the ideal next step is straight                     optional at this stage, but if
 a habit                                       to a cup, bypassing bottles altogether.                            using be sure to use no more
 that can                                      Sippy cups are ok, but again—never send a                          than a pea-size amount of
 nega-                                         child to bed with a sippy cup full of milk or                      non-fluoridated toothpaste.
 tively                                        juice.                                            Until your child understands the concept of
 affect                                                                                          rinse and spit, all fluoride products and
 facial                                        Early Childhood Caries                            mouthwashes should be avoided. As your
 growth (see Oral Habits: mouth-                                                                 child continues to grow he or she may want
                                               Early Childhood Caries is an infectious, com-     to brush his or her
 breathing). The act of breastfeeding itself
                                               municable disease. The bacteria that cause        own teeth. Toddlers
 is probably more important than the
                                               cavities are not present in a newborn’s           usually like the tooth-
 breast milk when it comes to orofacial
                                               mouth—they are introduced by the primary          paste more than the
 growth and development. It is invaluable
                                               caregiver (usually Mom) via saliva inocula-       brushing, so be sure
 in shaping and developing the oral cavity
                                               tion. Pre-tasting bottles or food and sharing     to go over the teeth again after they are
 and forming a proper swallow reflex.
                                               utensils are all ways you can transmit this       finished.
 Breastfeeding promotes a wide, flat pal-

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