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									WHAT MAK GRILL® LOVERS                                                   2 Star General
ARE SAYING                                                                            SpecificationS:
“As a long-time “Pellethead”, I love how my MAK cooks. It’s able         Cooking surface:           429 / 858 sq. inches
to reach super searing temperatures or create genuine wood                                          (19.5x22x14”)
smoked barbecue. I love all of the features on the Pellet Boss           Flame Zone™ area:          200 sq. inches (18x11”)

control. This is an incredible cooking machine!”
                                                                         Warmer/Smoker box area:    285 sq. inches (19x15x5”)
Bruce Bjorkman, Cooking Outdoors
With Mr.Barbecue-KXL Radio                                               Grill weight:              185 lbs
“After tasting food from our MAK GRILL, we gave our gas grill to a       Grill dimensions:          60 W x 49 H x 25 D”

neighbor! The MAK GRILL makes the food taste amazing, and the            Boxed dimensions:          30 W x 34 H x 48 D”
clean-up is a breeze. This grill is built to last and is easy to use.”
                                                                         Hopper capacity:           20 lbs.

Rod & Sue, Oregon
                                                                         Cooking temperature range: 170-500+ °F
“I just want to compliment you guys on a doing such a great job
with this grill, everything about it screams quality. It was a joy       Smoke temperature range: 170-200 °F
to put together and it made me proud to see what a well                  Steel:                     16 gauge
thought-out and well-built piece of equipment you are selling.                                      high temperature
I look forward to many happy years with my MAK and I will be
a bullhorn of word of mouth advertising for you guys.”                                              powder coated finish
                                                                         Stainless Steel:           304 16 gauge
Tom Carter, California
“The MAK GRILL has everything I wanted, superb craftsmanship
and American-made with a 3 year warranty. If you’re looking for               YOuR LOCAL MAK GRILLS® DEALER IS:
a pellet grill look no further than MAK Grills.”
Rick & Chrystal, Pennsylvania
“We have been proud MAK owners for a year now. We compete
in the professional BBQ circuit. The MAK is a great grill and
smoker combined into one unit. It’s easy to use and easy to
clean. Our MAK GRILL has been in and out of our truck dozens
of times and is still in perfect working condition. ”
Chris Juencke, Pit Master
Smokin’ Yankee’s BBQ Competition Team
“I have owned 5 of the most popular name brand smokers,
including one that had to be loaded into my truck
with a forklift. Not one of them
compares to the MAK.
The Pellet Boss digital
controller is by far the
best on the market.
The first time I did
ribs on the MAK,
my wife Jan said                                                                         MAK GRILLS LLC
“these are the best you                                                                    PO BOX 419
have ever done”. It is                                                             960 SE MOnMOuth CutOff
absolutely foolproof. I’ll                                                           DALLAS, OREGOn 97338
never be without a MAK.”                                                                  (503) 623-1234
Larry and Jan, Kentucky                                                              www.MAKGRILLS.COM                          Now You’re Smokin!
                                                                                                                                                                    AnD PRECISE

                            PASSION FOR                                                                                                                             COOKInG

                                AMERICA                                                                                                                             not available
                                                                                                                                                                    on any other

                           AND BARBECuE
                                                                                                                                                                    pellet grill

The MAK GRILL®                was conceived and designed by        MAK GRILL® FEATURES                                             THE PELLET BOSS™ CONTROL
precision metal experts Bob and Kerrie Tucker, and the staff at
MAK GRILLS. Long-time grillers and barbecue enthusiasts, the       The MAK GRILL has more features than you can count on two       The heart of the MAK GRILL is the innovative and revolutionary
Tuckers were fed-up with how their gas grill flared-up and dried   hands! Here are some of the many reasons why a MAK GRILL        Pellet Boss™ digital control. The Pellet Boss™ performs more than
out the food cooked on it. They knew they could come up with       belongs in your backyard.                                       15 separate functions including:
a better way to cook their favorite food outdoors.
                                                                   ★   MADE IN USA!                                                ★    Pellet ignition confirmation
MAK GRILLS are proudly manufactured in America by people           ★   Pellet Boss™ digital control                                ★    Setpoint temperature display
who are passionate about manufacturing great products.             ★   Consistent cooking temperatures at all settings             ★    Smoke mode (170 degrees F.)
The MAK GRILL allows you to create incredible tasting food
                                                                   ★   200 square inch Flame Zone™ direct heat cooking area        ★    High temperature mode (500+ degrees F.)
that will turn ordinary meals into an extraordinary flavor
adventure! Be ready to accept praise and compliments from your     ★   429/858 square inches of cooking surface                    ★    Set cooking temperature in 5 degree increments
family and friends. The MAK GRILL allows every backyard cook       ★   285 square inch Warmer/Smoker box                                from 200-450F.
to become a ”MAK MASTER” at barbecuing, grilling                   ★   16 gauge high temperature coated steel and                  ★    Grill cooking temperature display
and smoking.                                                           304 stainless steel for durability and long life            ★    3 Temperature Probe inputs–each individually
                                                                   ★   Stainless steel cooking grates for years of rust free use        programmable
Competition barbecue teams have used the MAK GRILL to
                                                                   ★   20 pound pellet hopper capacity                             ★    3 User Programs–with programmable time and
win blue ribbons at prestigious events like the Way Out West
                                                                   ★   Pellet hopper clean-out door–let’s you change                    temperature sequences
Barbecue Championship and Wild West Barbecue Bash. You too
will love the award winning flavor you achieve cooking on a            varieties quickly                                           ★    Count-down timer
MAK GRILL.                                                         ★   Totally enclosed motor, fan, auger and control board        ★    Elapsed timer
                                                                   ★   Stainless steel firepot–no burn-through or rusting          ★    Time and temperature alarms
                                                                       with our firepot                                            ★    Cool down mode
                                                                   ★   Quick clean firepot                                         ★    Active screen lock
                                                                   ★   3 inch locking front swivel casters                         ★    Auto re-light
                                                                   ★   Ash clean-out door in cooking chamber                       ★    Active screen scroll
                                                                   ★   Bottom storage shelf
                                                                   ★   No rust stainless steel hardware                            The Pellet Boss™ provides you with consistent and precise
                                                                                                                                   cooking control not available on any other pellet grill. The large,

                                                                       Now You’re Smokin!
                                                                                                                                   backlit display panel makes it easy to monitor your cooking.
                                                                                                                                   It’s very easy to use and program.

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