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									Making a difference one life at a time.

          ANNUAL REPORT ‘08 -‘09
On Wednesday, April 22, 2009 GLAD
staff were proud participants in the
Peace Over Violence 11th Annual
Denim Day, a campaign to raise
awareness and educate the public
about rape and sexual assault.

In 1998, an Italian Supreme


Court decision overturned a rape
conviction because the victim wore
jeans, reasoning she must have
helped her attacker remove them.
People all over the world were

Wearing jeans became an
international symbol of protest
against erroneous and destructive
attitudes about sexual assault.
                                       Improving the lives
                                       of the deaf and
                                       hard of hearing community.

        Letter from Dr. Hughes    2
          President’s Message
              Event Highlights    4        The GREATER LOS ANGELES AGENCY ON
                                           DEAFNESS, INC., more commonly known as
                                           GLAD, has been improving the lives of the
                  Audit Report
                                  5        deaf and hard of hearing since its creation as
                                           a volunteer organization in 1969. Founded on
                                           the philosophy…“of, by, for and with the deaf
          Statement of Activity
Statement of Financial Position
      Statement of Cash Flows
                                  6        and hard of hearing,” GLAD’s Deaf Community
                                           Center offers a wide variety of specialized health
                                           and human service programs.

    Fringe Benefit Components
      Sources of Grant Funding             The mission of GLAD is to ensure equal access
                                           of the deaf and hard of hearing community to
                                           the same opportunities afforded their hearing
           Community Friends
                                  8        counterparts. Our general purposes and powers
                                           are directed around the promotion of the
                                           social, recreational, cultural, educational, and
                                           vocational well being of our deaf and hard of
             Marcella M. Meyer
             Scholarship Fund     10       hearing consumers.

                                           GLAD’s specific and primary purpose is to act
                                           as a coordinating agency that addresses the
                                           broad social service needs of deaf and hard of
                   Design & Production     hearing people through direct service provision,
                                           advocacy, research, and dissemination of
              Dr. Patricia Hughes, CEO
                                           information regarding deafness to parents,
                          Rachel Braver
                                           professionals, and consumers.
            Director of Public Relations

                    Mark A. Martinez       GLAD directly serves clients through the
                    Graphic Designer       Deaf Community Center housed in the former
                                           Women’s Christian Temperance Union historical
                                           landmark building located in heart of Eagle
                                           Rock. GLAD also serves consumers from
                                           outreach offices located throughout our ten                          county service area including: Los Angeles,
                                           Kern, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Inyo
                                           and Mono counties.
                                                          FROM THE DESK OF
                                                          DR. PATRICIA HUGHES

The year of 2008-2009 was challenging. The
Department of Social Services reduced our                            Discrimination is an
allocated funds by ten percent due to the
mandated cuts from the State’s General Fund.                         ongoing issue but with

The cut back forced us to close all satellite offices                every step we empower
with the exception of the City of Palmdale, due to
alternate funding. In addition to the budget cuts,
                                                                     and educate.
our line item has not received a Cost of Living
increase for over 27 years.                                In spite of the financial crunches we are in, we
                                                           continue providing high quality services. We have
With the advances in technology we were able to            strengthened our commitment to motivating and
provide services via communication through video           inspiring young people while preparing them for
phones to consumers with high speed internet.              the future. We continue to encounter barriers but
Unfortunately those without high speed internet            the spirit of our consumers continues to move us
services, and consumers living in remote or rural          forward. Discrimination is an ongoing issue but
areas could not benefit from our services and              with every step we empower and educate.
remain underserved.
                                                           From the beginning, GLAD relies on the support
We face significant challenges in these trying             of our community, our Board, and our friends
financial times, in keeping up with the ever-              who have invested time and resources with the
increasing demand for our services, while ensuring         common goal of maintaining and improving
that we have the resources to serve the broad              GLAD’s mission. It is crucial that we get additional
scope of our consumers. What has not changed,              donations to continue GLAD’s high quality services.
in the midst of it all, is the dream that first started    In the midst of the day to day operation of the
GLAD. We believe today, as we did forty years ago,         organization, we have maintained rigor in our
in the power of equal opportunity, independence            financial performance, demonstrated in this 2008-
and above all, self esteem. We work with a broad           2009 Annual Report.
range of individuals; some who have lost their
hearing in their adult years seeking resources for
assisted listening devices to others interested
in learning American Sign Language. Everyone
is treated equally by empowering them to make
informed decisions.

As in any year, the good comes with the bad. Last            Her local contributions wrought changes on a
year, the year of GLAD’s 40th anniversary, was               nationwide scale. She was an important person
marked by the passing of Marcella M. Meyer. It is an         behind the formation of the California State telephone
understatement to say that for a long time, GLAD             relay service, a forerunner of the nationwide
survived on the sheer power of her wit.                      telephone (and video) relay service. She took on the
                                                             standards for interpreter evaluation and set up new
Marcella came to California by way of Kansas City,           evaluation guidelines, leading to the current system of
Missouri at the age of 43. She hadn’t even obtained          certification. Because of her, deaf and hard of hearing
her GED, much less her driver’s license. By this point,      people have interpreters in the courtroom. She pushed
she had survived two failed marriages and had worked         for legislation that required telephone companies to
in a series of low-paying jobs. After a few years of         distribute free TTYs and to have calling rates reduced
of life in Southern California, she had earned her           for deaf consumers.
degree and became an advocate for other deaf people.
Because she had needed advocacy and support at this          Those who had the privilege of knowing and working
point in her life, she knew what was needed for the          with her can testify to her clout. She was a memorable
thousands of underserved deaf and hard of hearing            person to serve on the Board with. At each meeting,
people everywhere.                                           her center of gravity extended into the farthest reaches
                                                             of the room. She always spoke her mind freely and was
Marcella had a clear, specific vision for GLAD that          able to balance her frankness with astute behind-the-
we still carry out to this day. From a temporary office      scenes savvy. Her thunder and common sense wisdom
with a desk, a telephone, and a TTY, she pushed the          were refreshing, and I relished the opportunity to see
organization until it grew to the point where it is today.   her in action. I keep telling people about her, because
She shook hands and rubbed shoulders at every level          it’s plain that we need more people like her. We are all
of government, all the way to the state capital. She         the better for having had her in our lives. And GLAD is
knew how to fight the system, and how to get what she        the better for all of her years of activism.
wanted from it. Most importantly, she understood how
to execute this vision.                                      Marcella’s spirit lives on in the Marcella M. Meyer
                                                             Scholarship Fund. Please lend a hand in her honor
When GLAD began receiving a strong funding base              and contribute to this fund, or to the many giving
that allowed it to flourish as a service organization,       options that are outlined in this annual report. Thanks,
Marcella was able to make her mark on an even                Marcella. And thank you, our friends, for helping make
greater playing field. Her actions formed the                GLAD what it is today. Because she couldn’t have done
framework behind the current architecture of deaf            it without the community.
community services.

                EVENT HIGHLIGHTS

                                         GLAD hosted the first ever
                                         “Taste of Eagle Rock” benefit event.

GLAD was awarded $275,000
from the City of Los Angeles
towards it’s Annex demolition project.

                                         Deanne Bray and Troy Kotsur
                                         welcomed guests to the 7th Annual
                                         GLAD Brunch at the House of Blues.

Teens enjoyed GLOW, a night-club
educational event.

                                         All smiles at GLAD’s 25th Annual
                                         Children’s Holiday Celebration.

                                                                                STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES
                                                                 	                                                   Unrestricted	 	 Restricted	       Total

                                                                 Support	and	revenue:

                                                                     Contributions                                        $71,408             $        $71,408

                                                                     Special events                                       114,613              -       114,613

                                                                     Grants                                             3,414,078       168,369       3,582,447

       STATEMENT OF                                                  Rental income                                        186,964              -       186,964

    FINANCIAL POSITION                                               Lifesigns interpreting fees                        2,090,535              -      2,090,535

                                                                     Other revenue                                         71,639              -        71,639
                                                                     Investment income                                      4,879              -         4,879
    Current assets:
         Cash and cash equivalents                  $1,265,227       Satisfaction of program requirements:

         Investments                                   11,576         Net assets released from restrictions               154,896      (154,896)               -

                                                                       Total support and revenue                        6,109.012        13,473       6,122,485
         Accounts receivable, net of an allowance
         or doubtful accounts of $47,750             1,099.543   Expenses:

         Prepaid expenses                              23,545        Program services                                   5,262,265              -      5,262,265

                                                                     General and administrative                           637,175              -       637,175
         Total current assets                        2,399,891
                                                                     Fundraising                                           62,374              -        62,374
    Property and equipment, net                      4,725,593
                                                                      Total expenses                                    5,961,814              -      5,961,814
    Other assets:
                                                                 Change in net assets                                     147,198        13,473        160,671
         Deposits                                      23,039    Net assets, beginning                                  2,172,548       200,506       2,373,054

    TOTAL ASSETS                                    $7,148,523   NET	ASSETS,	ENDING	                                 $2,319,746	    	$213,979	     $2,533,725


    Current liabilities:

         Accounts payable                            $108,350
                                                                           STATEMENT OF CASH FLOWS
                                                                 Cash	flow	from	operating	activities:
         Accrued expenses                             379,151
                                                                     Change in net assets                                                             $160,671
         Current portion of notes payable             106,365
                                                                 Adjustments to reconcile change in net assets
             Total current liabilities                593,866        to net cash provided by operating activities:
    Long term liabilities:                                           Description                                                                       212,129

         Capital advance                              974,602        Loss on investments                                                                 4,127

                                                                     Changes in operating assets and liabilities:
         Notes payable, net of current portion       3,046,330
                                                                     Accounts receivable                                                               205,306
             Total long term liabilities             4,020,932
                                                                     Prepaid expenses                                                                    3,203
             Total liabilities                       4,614,798       Deposits                                                                             (250)
    Net assets:                                                      Accounts payable                                                                  (17,446)

         Unrestricted                                2,319,746       Accrued expenses                                                                  (19,776)

         Temporarily restricted                       213,979         Total adjustments                                                                387,293

             Total net assets                        2,533,725        Net cash provided by operating activities                                        547,964

    TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS                $7,148,523   Cash flows from investing activities:

                                                                     Purchases of property and equipment                                               (20,882)

                                                                 Cash flows from financing activities:

                                                                     Principal payments on notes payable                                              (147,456)

                                                                 Net increase in cash and cash equivalents                                             379,626

                                                                 Cash and cash equivalents, beginning                                                  885,601

                                                                 CASH AND CASH EQUIVALENTS, ENDING                                                   $1,265,227

                                                      1% Contributions

                                                      2% Special Events
MANAGING                                              59% Grants
OUR FUNDS                                             $3,582,447

                                                      3% Rental Income

                                                      34% Lifesigns Interpreting

                                                      1% Other Revenue

                                                      0% Investment Income

                           88.27% Program Services

                           1.05% Fundraising

                           10.68% General & Administrative

                           59.58% Department of Social Services
                           (DSS) Office of Deaf Access
                           (Social Services Block Grant):
                           GLAD LA, B-GLAD, OC DEAF, CODIE, TRI COUNTY GLAD

                           20.54% Employment Development Department (EDD)
                           (Enhanced Employment Services)
                           Riverside County, Orange County, Los Angeles County

                           5.82% CA Department of Public Health
                           Office of Family Planning
                           (Community Challenge Grant)

                           1.45% Office of Public Health
                           Office of Family Planning
                           (Information & Education)

                           2.01% Los Angeles County Office of AIDS Programs & Policy
                           (HIV Prevention Program)

                           1.12% California Community Foundation

                           2.14% St. of CA/CBCPR

                           2.95% California Endowment

                           3.51% UCLA School of Public Health- Division of Public

SOURCES OF GRANT FUNDING   Health, Division of Cancer Prevention & Control Research

                           0.88% Other Minor Grants

Contributions of $5,000+
                                       Veterinary Medical Center
The Robert Gore Rifkind Foundation     Viable Communications, Inc.
Macy’s West, Inc.                      Walker, Kathleen
Prisk Survivors Trust                  Wells Fargo Bank
                                       Williams, Mary Eileen
Contributions of $500-$999
Booth, Debra                           Additional Contributions
Gottfried, Hugh                        A-1 Commercial Cleaning LLC
Schultz, Stephen and Eileen            Albertsons
Sutton, Robert and Kathy               Bell, Rosalind
Vince’s Pasta & Pizza West, Inc.       Bourdas, Vickie
Contributions of $250-$499             Cantor, Miriam
Peet’s Coffee & Tea                    CDSI
                                       Cheung, John Tak Yan
Contributions of $100-$249             Chevon Humankind Employee Funds
Arce, John and Joellyn                 Cohen Motor Company
AT & T                                 Collar, John
Atsumi, William                        Davidson, Ellen
Bader, Jeff                            DeWitty-Hooper, Joan
Coco, Sandra                           Distelrath, Jeffrey
Collar, Robert J.                      Doyle, Michael
EPIC                                   Egdal, Dan and Sheila
Hithe-Hultgren, Ken and Sheri          Elias, Romeo
Hughes, Dr. Patricia                   Foster, Velia
Jo, Angela M.                          Friedman, Charlotte
KPMG                                   Frost, Kristen
Larson, Herb and Caroline              Garcia, Diane
Litberg, Deborah                       Giambaresi, Mabel
Lovitch, Fred and Debijo               Glass, Verna J.
Mateyka, Lucy                          GoodSearch
Merryman, Deborah and Bryan            Knapp, Nancy G
Miller, Dr. Lucy                       Kroger
Nuernberger, E.S.                      Kurs, David and Alice
Olson, Jennifer P.                     Levenson, Paul
Rosen, Herb and Roslyn                 Martinez, Gloria
Sabre Holdings United Way Campaign     Mendelsohn, Josh
Sidansky, Robert and Denise            Meyer, Marcella M.
Skrovan, Stephen                       Muzio, Frances
Smith, Daniel and Maria                Newman, Betty
SPER, LLC                              Owens, Zuhdia
Stecker, Russell and Etta              Potter, Henrita
Stone, Dr. Rachel                      Schultz, Stephen and Eileen
Tak, Myong                             Supervalu Inc.
Torres, Anna                           Tak, Min Hyung
Tri Valley Bookkeeping & Tax Service   Thrane, Eleanor
United Way, Inc.                       United Way California Capital Region
United Way, Inc.                     Hughes, Dr. Patricia
Warren, Eric H.                      Hussain, Shaukat and Carmen
Whalen, Elena                        Johnson, Manny
Wing, Sandra                         Jones, CJ and Cassandra
                                     Joseph, Ricardo
Corporate Partners
                                     Kaplan, Cydney
and Fundraising Supporters
                                     Kay, Amy
City National Bank                   Kurs, David and Alice
KNBC-TV                              Kurzet, Modela
Sorenson Communications, Inc.        Lema, Victor
The Robert Gore Rifkind Foundation   Loper, Connie
Johnson, James                       Lovitch, Fred and Debijo
Agarwal, Deepa                       Madden, Deborah
Allen, Linda and Terry               Mathis, Barbara
Arce, John and Joellyn               Metcalf, Chad
Arnold, Johneta                      Michner, Michael and Amy
Ascheman, Joe                        Olson, Jennifer
Azria, Patrick                       Paramount Pictures
Blockinger, Mary                     Perez, Marcos
Booth, Heidi                         Pilgrim Towers
Braver, Morty and Sara               Powis, Kara
Calnan, Adina                        Ranger, Jainah
Campos, Linda                        Ray, Richard
Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock      Ripplinger, Laura
Chaney, Henry                        Rodriguez, Ramon and Cindy
Craig, Sidney                        Rosario, Cyril
CSUN Special Education               Rosen, Herb and Roslyn
Davidson, Ellen                      Rubin, Phil
Davis, Ricky                         Salas, Diana
De Mers, Alyce                       Savage, Sabrine
Domingue, Pedro                      Schultz, Stephen and Eileen
Eagle Rock Chamber of Commerce       Sidansky, Robert and Denise
Feris, Moon                          Sir Michaels Party Rentals
Fetterman, Jeff                      Sirianni, Tracy
Gerson, Michelle                     Stevenson, Jody
Green, Sue                           Sutton, Robert and Kathy
Griffin, Diana                       Tak, SooHyun
Harris Communications                Tardos, Aaron
Hays, Ron and Val                    Vaughn, Vanessa
Hicks, Jasun                         Walker, George
Hiltermann, Bob                      White, Cliff
Hithe-Hultgren, Ken and Sheri        Yeh, John
Holyfield, Randy
HUB International
Huffman, Kym
      Marcella M. Meyer
      Scholarship Fund

                        Arce, John and Joellyn          Los Angeles Club of the Deaf
      Blockinger, Mary, Tim, Hayley & Andrea            Lovitch, Fred and Debijo
                                 Bragg, Bernard         Mills, Kevin
                                 Davidson, Ellen        Pilgrim Towers Residents Association
                                             DCC        Plank, Jamie
                                 Diaz, Rosemary         Ridler, Vilma
                                 Drasin, Patricia       Ripplinger, Laura
                          Ellis, Doug and Gayle         Rosen, Roz and Herb
                                   Falsetta, Toni       S. Mark Taper Foundation
                        Fenner, Jeff and Linda          Salvio, Judith De
                                  Frelich, Phyllis      Schultz, Stephen and Eileen
                                  Gaston, Letitia       Shahan, Scott and Pat
                         Greenemeyer, Colleen           Stecker, Etta and Russell
                           Hughes, Dr. Patricia         Taylor, Debra Germann- The Junction
       Jim Gulick & Gulick Family: Ann, Paul            City Social and Rehabilitation Services
     & Kathy, Vickie, Bill & Cindy, Mike & Teri         Wildhagen, Carl
                    Larson, Herb and Caroline           Willard, Tom

      Marcella has left her imprint on us as we fly to new heights.
          Her legacy continues in each and every one of us.

                                            David Kurs                  John Arce
                                                                        Modela Kurzet
                                            Etta Stecker                Fred Lovitch
       ExECUTIVE AGENCY                     Vice President
       BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                               Deborah Merryman
                                            Sheri Hithe-Hultgren
      GLAD is dedicated to improving the    Secretary                   Robert Sidansky
      overall well being of the deaf and                                Robert Sutton
      hard of hearing community. The
                                            Stephen Schultz
                                            Treasurer                   Jonathan Weiss
      Executive Director and at least 51%
      of the Board and the staff are deaf
      and hard of hearing.
         Ways to show your support
Whether you’re committed to                Estate Planning
our advocacy work, moved by
                                           By taking advantage of innovative tax
our programs, connected to                 planning strategies, friends of GLAD can
empowering our youth, touched              make charitable gifts of cash, securities,
by our life-saving health services,        business interests, real estate, or other
or enriched by our workshops and           property to increase income and reduce
events, here are some ways to              or eliminate capital gains and estate
show your support...
                                           GLAD Events
Cash Contributions
                                          We host a variety of fundraising events
A contribution of cash is the easiest way throughout the year. Visit our website at
to support the mission of the GLAD. Your for the latest listings.
generous donation is tax deductible.
Checks made payable to GLAD can be
sent to:
                                          Make your donation a personal
GLAD                                      remembrance that honors the memory of
2222 Laverna Ave.                         a loved one, friend, relative, or colleague.
Los Angeles, CA 90041                     Contributions can be sent online or via
                                          mail (please include the name of the
Donations can also be made online by      person you would like to remember
visiting                  and the person you wish to receive the
                                          acknowledgement letter).
You may wish to establish an endowment
                                           Provide a very special honor to a friend,
to support our programs that match your
                                           relative or colleague by donating to GLAD
interests. This can be accomplished
                                           in their honor. Contributions can be sent
through a gift of cash, securities or
                                           online or via mail (please include the
through your estate planning. Also
                                           name of the person you would like to
consider including GLAD in your will.
Donate a Vehicle

Receive a tax deduction for full market
value. Contact Cars for Causes to
schedule pick up of your used vehicle
at 800-766-CARE. Let them know the
donation is for the Greater Los Angeles
Agency on Deafness, Inc. (GLAD) and
they will take care of the towing and
GoodSearch                                   eScrip

What if GLAD earned money every time         Participating merchants contribute each
you searched the Internet…NOW WE             time your families make a purchase
CAN! Simply by searching the Internet        using their grocery club or registered
at you can raise          cards. There are no receipts to collect,
money for GLAD.                              no vouchers or certificates to buy, no
                                             hassles for you and every purchase
1) Go to                  counts. Parents, teachers, friends and
2) Type GLAD into the “Who do you            families are encouraged to register their
   GoodSearch for?” box.                     grocery club card, and existing credit/
3) Click the “Verify” button.                debit cards as supporters.
4) Type any word you would like to  support GLAD
   search the Internet.                      #500016987
5) Click the “Search the Web” button.
                                             SPER Weighted Exercise Gloves
Ralphs Community
Contributions Program                        Safely and comfortably add resistance
                                             to your Cardio/Aerobic fitness workout.
Ralphs will automatically donate to          20% of sales from our promotion
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Don’t have a Ralphs Rewards card?            support GLAD.
Fill out a registration form for free next
time you hit the store, or go online to      Diversity Graphics Be sure to complete
all the information including GLAD’s         Order the Deaf Awareness Week poster
Organization ID Number #84700.               designed by Mary R. Rappazzoo at
Sign up today!                      and
                                             proceeds will be donated back to GLAD.
Albertsons Community
Partners Program
                                               With your support, we
Every time you shop at Albertsons and          can achieve even more...
scan your linked Preferred Savings
Card, we will earn back up to 4% of            by meeting the needs
your shopping dollars. If you do not           of newborns, children,
have a Preferred Savings Card and you
shop at Albertsons, you can get one            teens, adults and
at any Albertsons or online at www.            senior citizens through or www.albertsonscp.
com. Our Organization ID Number is:            additional programs
#49000125442                                   that enhance the lives of
                                               deaf and hard of hearing
                                               people everywhere.
Greater Los Angeles Agency

                                          CONTACT US
on Deafness, Inc. (GLAD)
2222 Laverna Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90041
323-478-8000 Voice/TTY
323-550-4226 TTY
866-932-8553 Videophone
323-550-4205 Fax                    EDD/GLAD-Norwalk
                                   12715 S. Pioneer Blvd.
Bakersfield (B-GLAD)               Norwalk, CA 90650
4949 Buckley Way, Suite 203        562-484-9799 TTY
Bakersfield, CA 93309              562-929-0128 Voice
661-831-8935 TTY                   562-219-4488 Videophone
661-831-2884 Voice                 562-929-9168 Fax
866-970-9321 Videophone
661-831-7673 Fax                   EDD/GLAD-Santa Ana                          1000 E. Santa Ana Blvd. #220
                                   Santa Ana, CA 92701
Center On Deafness                 714-565-2669 TTY
Inland Empire (CODIE)              714-565-2668 Voice
3576 Arlington Avenue, Suite 211   714-586-5902 Videophone
Riverside, CA 92506                714-565-2601 Fax
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951-275-5000 Voice                 EDD/GLAD-Anaheim
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951-275-5065 Fax                   Anaheim, CA 92806
                                   714-518-2497 TTY
                                   714-687-4880 Voice     
Orange County Deaf Equal           714-855-4068 Videophone
Access Foundation (OC-DEAF)        714-518-2394 Fax
6022 Cerritos Avenue
Cypress, CA 90630                  EDD/GLAD- Rancho Cucamonga
714-826-9793 Voice/TTY             9650 9th Street, Suite A
866-939-1521 Videophone            Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
714-826-9813 Fax                   909-948-6693 TTY                     909-948-6613 Voice
                                   909-256-0058 Videophone
Tri-County GLAD                    909-941-1705 Fax      
702 County Square Dr., Suite 101
Ventura, CA 93003                  EDD/GLAD-Riverside
805-644-6323 TTY                   1161 Spruce Street
805-644-6322 Voice                 Riverside, CA 92507
866-760-4682 Videophone            951-955-2245 TTY
805-644-6324 Fax                   951-955-2212 Voice                     951-801-5694 Videophone
                                   951-955-3131 Fax
11623 Glenoaks Blvd.               LIFESIGNS, Inc.
Pacoima, CA 91331                  Interpreter Referral Service
818-890-9453 TTY                   2222 Laverna Ave.
                                   Los Angeles, CA 90041
818-890-9452 Voice
818-485-2722 Videophone            323-550-4210 Voice
818-890-9457 Fax                   323-550-4215 Fax
EDD/GLAD-Los Angeles
5401 S. Crenshaw Blvd.             L.A./Orange-Kern/Tri Counties
Los Angeles, CA 90043              888-930-7776 Voice
323-290-5178 TTY                   323-550-4215 Fax
323-290-5179 Voice
323-924-8636 Videophone
                                   Riverside County       
                                   888-930-7776 Voice
323-290-5145 Fax                   951-275-5065 Fax
EDD/GLAD-West Covina
933 S. Glendora Avenue
West Covina, CA 91790
626-814-8213 TTY
626-814-8242 Voice
626-593-1490 Videophone
626-337-2564 Fax
“....of, by, for and with the deaf and hard of hearing community”

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