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					Hamburg creates competence bundle
                  Hamburg becomes hycity
                  “Hamburg is the gateway to tomorrow’s energy world – Hamburg is hycity.” For this vision Hamburg
                  has taken the initiative and bundled the competence available in the city. Individuals, companies
                  and institutions who want to get things moving in the field of fuel cell and hydrogen technology are
                  now joining forces. For sustainable energy supplies. For effective climate protection. For a city
                  with top technology.

                  Right in our Element
                  The local initiative is coordinated by the Energy Department of      • Planning for a user-oriented research institute
                  the Urban State Ministry for Urban Development and the               • Implementation of “lighthouse projects” such as river
                  Environment. It handles day-to-day business, is responsible for        buses powered by fuel cells
                  external representation of hycity, and sees to internal informa-     • Establishment of fuel cell and hydrogen
                  tion and communication. The working groups of the local                technology as educational content
                  initiative enable their members to exchange technical informa-       • Support for industrial activities,
                  tion and cultivate contacts. They also initiate specific projects:     for example in aviation

Contact Address   hycity – Landesinitiative Brennstoffzellen- und Wasserstofftechnologie Hamburg
                  c/o Behörde für Stadtentwicklung und Umwelt, Energieabteilung • Billstraße 84 • 20539 Hamburg
                  Phone +49 40/428 45 41 22 • E-Mail: • Internet:
    “This will be the first vessel for 100 passengers with 0 emissions”

                                                                      H2 INFRASTRUCTURE               ZEMSHIP

                                                                      01   LH2 storage tank           06   Propulsion motor
                                                                                                           100 kW
                                                                      02   GH2 compressor
                                        04                                 25 bar                     07   Hybrid system
                        02   03                                                                            Energy management
                                                                      03   GH2 main compressor             & battery
                                                                           450 bar, redundant ionic
                                                                           compressor                 08   2 fuel cell systems
                                                         05                                                Proton Motor, each 50 kW
                                                                      04   Compressed GH2 storage
             06                    08         09    10                                                09   Hydrogen storage tanks
                        07                                            05   GH2 dispenser                   350 bar
                                                                           for the ZEMSHIP
                                                                                                      10   Bow thruster
                                                                                                           20 kWel

   Top technology in inland shipping                                                                                                  Motivation

          An alliance of 10 project partners with Hamburg as lead manager received financial assis-
             tance from the EU for the development of a totally fuel cell powered vessel designed to
               carry 100 passengers. The first fuel cell passenger vessel of this size will be supplied by
                  a hydrogen refuelling station also developed as part of the project.

                     In summer 2008 the vessel will start passenger-carrying operations on Hamburg’s
                     Alster Lake and in the historic Speicherstadt warehouse district: safe, reliable and
                     highly efficient, with low noise and vibration levels, without fuels dangerous to water
                    and without the usual air pollutants. Among other things, the project will also create
                   and secure jobs with a future.

Model of the ZEMSHIPS
                 “Innovative maritime technology – the next generation”

Project          ZEMSHIPS = Zero EMission SHIPS
Performance                        Construction order, operation on                         Hydrogen infrastructure (Liquid H2 sup-
                                   scheduled services under everyday                        ply and the new IONIC-compressor
                                   conditions                                               technology)

                                   Study of socio-economic framework                        Creation by Czech research institute of
                                   conditions (acceptance) by Czech con-                    a computer model of the drive system
                                   sulting company to investigate feasibili-                with a view to optimising operation of
                                                                                                                                        Visualisation of hydro-
                                   ty of transferring project results to                    the vessel and providing information for    gen refuelling station
                                   Prague and Bratislava and website                        passengers

                                   Certification of vessel, safety analysis                 Development of a fuel cell hybrid pro-
                                   and trials                                               pulsion system, based on two Proton
                                                                                            Motor fuel cell systems with an output
                                   Provision of the site for the hydrogen                   of 50 kWel each
                                   refuelling station and its operation
                                                                                            Project coordination, distribution of
                                   Public relations                                         financial assistance, and reporting to EU

                                   Scientific evaluation with recommenda-                   Financial assistance for project from EU
                                   tions on future optimisation to improve                  LIFE programme
                                   marketability                                                                                        Fuel cell system
                                                                                                                                        Proton Motor

Contact Adress   Behörde für Stadtentwicklung und Umwelt • Frau Anke Stolper • Billstraße 84 • 20539 Hamburg
                 Phone: +49 40/42 84 54 122 • E-Mail: • Internet:
  “Airbus – Setting the Standards”

  Airbus with headquarters in Toulouse, France, is an enterpri-   with passenger capacities from 107 up to 555 seats. Since its   Short Profile
  se of EADS (European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company)      market entry in 1974 Airbus sold more than 7,300 aircraft to
  with approximately 58,000 employees. The modern and             around 270 customers/carriers and already delivered more
  broad Airbus product range consists of four extremely suc-      than 4,600 aircraft.
  cessful aircraft families (A320; A300/A310; A330/340; A380)

  Baseline for Innovation and Technology                                                                                            Motivation

  Airbus is a leading aircraft manufacturer with the position as technology driver and a distinct cus-
       tomer orientation, broad commercial know-how and high production efficiency it entered a
           leading position in this sector. Airbus is constantly working on further and new develop-
              ments of its products on ecological and economical points of view. Fuel cell systems on
               board of aircraft provide a good opportunity to connect both aspects in an optimal form.
                Based on existing and upcoming research results it is necessary to find trend-setting
                 measures for the industrial implementation and application of this technology.

A380 – New measures for
innovation and technology
                  “Fuel Cells – an efficient technology with future”

Project           Fuel Cell System Application in Aviation
Category          Mobile Application

Location          Hamburg Finkenwerder

Project Partner   Industrial suppliers as well as research institutes/universities

Project Profile   Based on the national and European strategies for the prac-        Main focus of all ongoing projects for Airbus is put on the
                  tical application of fuel cell system technology for daily use,    feasibility examination of fuel cell power systems on board
                                                                                                                                                       Principle of hydrogen
                  Airbus is taking part in the evaluation of possibilities for the   of an aircraft. First an emergency power supply is investiga-     generation from jet fuel
                  industrialization of fuel cell systems for the application in      ted and proven. Existing concepts will enter a flight test
                  aviation.                                                          phase shortly. In the following step the substitution of the
                                                                                     complete energy generation on board an aircraft is investi-
                  In cooperation research institutes, universities, system sup-      gated. It is a long term research activity and results are only
                  pliers and Airbus are evaluating aeronautic fuel cell power        expected in the following years.
                  systems. Due to the strict requirements of aeronautic appli-
                  cation all participating companies are expecting positive          The expected benefit of all investigated applications is a
                  reaction and synergies through further fuel cell system appli-     decrease in emissions based on higher system efficiencies
                  cation areas (mobile and stationary).                              and reduced jet fuel consumption.

Contact Address   AIRBUS Deutschland GmbH • Kreetslag 10 • 21129 Hamburg • Germany
                  Phone +49 40/74 37 23 12 • E-Mail: • Internet:
                               “Today’s partner in tomorrow’s world”


                               The aim of BAXI INNOTECH GmbH is to develop and produce            the heat demand, all year round. BAXI INNOTECH GmbH,       Short Profile
                               a fuel cell micro CHP unit for use in single family houses. The    founded 1999 under the name european fuel cell gmbh,
                               fuel cell heating system will be connected to the natural gas      belongs to the BAXI Group Ltd., UK, since 2002, Europe’s
                               network and will then deliver the required energy in local pro-    third largest group within the heating industry.
                               duction, e.g. 75 per cent of the electricity and 100 per cent of

                               Efficient energy supply through environmentally friendly
                               fuel cell technology                                                                                                            Motivation

                               “Operation controlled by electricity, but limited by heat” – That’s the way BAXI INNOTECH’s fuel cell
                                   micro CHP unit works to provide economical and environmentally friendly energy supplies for
                                       detached and semi-detached houses in the future. With 1.5 kW electrical and 3 kW thermal
                                         output, an integrated 15 kW auxiliary boiler and an added heat storage unit, the fuel cell
                                           micro CHP unit ensures an optimum energy supply for the house. The heart of the unit is
                                            a low-temperature PEM fuel cell. This permits modulating operation, as and when requi-
                                            red, while short startup times guarantee long lifetimes. Growing energy needs, rapidly
                                             escalating changes in our climate, the high efficiency requirements and CO2 emission
                                            level reductions are sufficient motivation for us to put all our energy into pressing ahead
                                            with the development of the fuel cell heating system to become a maketable product.

The fuel cell micro CHP unit
                  “Ideas create new products”

Project           The fuel cell micro CHP unit in the field test phase
Category          Stationary application

Location          Company office: Hamburg – Field tests: Europe

Project Partner   energy suppliers, parties interested in the project, specialist fitters

Project Profile   Since 1999 the Hamburg-based company has gained wide           involved in good time during the test phase and are thus
                  experience of product development of a fuel cell heating       able to influence the further development. The field test    Service and maintenance
                  unit for detached and semi-detached houses. As a system        phase is also accompanied by the establishment of service    structures will be established
                                                                                                                                              during the field test phase
                  integrator we rely on close cooperation with our suppliers     and maintenance structures in the specialist trade.
                  and development partners, which enables us to influence
                  the development of any individual component. So that we        During the field test phase, BAXI INNOTECH GmbH guarantees
                  can present a competitive fuel cell micro CHP unit in the      its project partners
                  time demanded by the market, it is necessary to test such      a number of benchmarks within this cooperation:
                  units extensively under real in-home conditions. This is the   • Provision of a complete BETA system
                  only way to compile facts and figures about lifetimes, user    • CE certificate for the fuel cell micro CHP unit
                  behaviour and integration in the domestic setting. The field   • Binding performance parameters
                  test phase throughout Europe extends from 2005 to 2009 in      • Two-year service agreement to cap operating costs
                  the current BETA phase and the subsequent GAMMA phase.         • Training of installation companies
                  To strengthen the country’s position, BAXI INNOTECH is         • Process visualisation (optional)
                  concentrating on tests within Germany, certainly as well in    • Hotline support for on-site operation (if necessary)
                  Hamburg. Energy suppliers and other potential users are

Contact Address   BAXI INNOTECH GmbH • Ausschläger Elbdeich 127 • 20539 Hamburg
                  Phone +49 40/23 66 76 00 • E-Mail: • Internet:
“We bring our energy to you”


E.ON Hanse, with more than 1.3 million customers, is one       around the clock to ensure our customers can depend on         Short Profile
of the biggest regional energy service providers in Germany.   their supplies 365 days a year. The biggest shareholder is
As well as household and trade customers, we also supply       E.ON Energie AG, based in Munich. The eleven administrati-
industrial companies and local authorities with electricity,   ve districts of Schleswig-Holstein or their companies hold a
natural gas, heat and water. Our staff of 2,900 are at work    good quarter of the shares in E.ON Hanse.

From vision to application                                                                                                      Motivation

Advances in fuel cell technology are fuelling hopes of a new option in energy conversion. Which is
    why E.ON Energie is playing an active part in a number of projects for testing fuel cells. One pre-
       condition for their widespread use is that they must become technically reliable and eco-
          nomically competitive. In future we can expect to see an increasing proportion of small,
           distributed generating units. To be able to assess the technical opportunities afforded
             by these technologies, E.ON Energie is running a number of demonstration projects.
                   “Joint generation and use of findings”

Project            Field trials: Fuel cell heating systems
Category           Stationary application

Location           Three locations in Hamburg

Partner/Location   Eisenbahnbauverein eG, Hamburg State Institute for Teacher Training and School Development

Project Profile    E.ON Hanse AG is promoting the development of pollutant-              E.ON Hanse installed the first system in an apartment buil-
                   free energy supplies: in autumn 2006 it will put into service         ding belonging to Eisenbahnbauverein Harburg eG. As well
                                                                                                                                                          Inauguration of a fuel
                   the third fuel cell heating system, type BETA 1.5, developed          as supplying the central heating system, the BETA 1.5 will       cell heating system at
                                                                                                                                                          the Hamburg State
                   by european fuel cell gmbh. The system has an electrical out-         also - unnoticed by the tenants - provide electricity supplies   Institute for Teacher
                                                                                                                                                          Training on 21.09.06
                   put of 1.5 KWel, and a thermal output of 3 KWth. A built-in           for the 38 apartments.
                   reformer fed with natural gas handles the conversion to hydro-
                   gen, which the fuel cell uses to generate electricity and heat.       In addition to this first system, E.ON Hanse has recently
                   The life of the fuel cell stack will be tested in a long-term trial   started operating a fuel cell heating system at the Hamburg
                   at the three locations in Hamburg, leading to further deve-           State Institute for Teacher Training and School Development.
                   lopment and optimisation by efc.                                      A unit will shortly go into service at a private household in

Contact Address    E.ON Hanse AG • Thomas Brauer • Schleswag-Heingas-Platz 1 • 25450 Quickborn
                   Phone: +49 41 06/6 29-31 67 • E-Mail: • Internet:
                      “Technical Safety is our highest priority’’


                      Germanischer Lloyd, based in Hamburg/Germany, sets stan-          book contains more than 930 vessels. Apart from classifica-          Short Profile
                      dards in technology, safety and quality for the maritime and      tion of ships Germanischer Lloyd is a technical survey and
                      industrial sectors. As one of the leading classification socie-   inspection organization with a global network. The society
                      ties Germanischer Lloyd is responsible for the technical          employes more than 2,850 personnel at 173 locations in 75
                      safety of about 5.850 ships. The current newbuilding order-       countries.

                      For a safe future of energy                                                                                                              Motivation

                      Applications of fuel cell systems have today a power range from a few hundred kW up to a few MW.
                           For ships a low noise and vibration level can be a great benefit. Therefore the first applicati-
                              ons will be installed on navy, passenger, research and public authority vessels as well as
                                 leisure crafts which operate in sensitive waters. Germanischer Lloyd has developed a
                                   guideline for fuel cell systems. GL provides survey, acceptance, certification and clas-
                                    sification services for fuel cell – and hydrogen systems and safety-related consulting
                                     like safety analysis (FMEA, HAZOP, fault tree analysis) for systems and system concepts.

                                                                            GL fuel cell
                                                                            guideline (2002)                CELINA

Germanischer Lloyd                                                                FCSHIP, NewH-Ship
Head Office Hamburg
                                1988                                    1997                              2005                                        2010
                   “With international                         “Certified Safety’’                        “From exercise to the
                   research to the top’’                                                                  practice’’

                   EU feasibility study:
Project            FC-Ship, CELINA, EQHHPP                     Hydra, Yacht No. 1                         BZMA, DeepC

Category           Fuel cell research                          Certification of fuel cell systems         Fuel cell systems for seagoing vessels

Partner/Location   Airbus, Dassault and Air Liquide            etaing, MTU-Friedrichshafen, IPF           HDW, Ati Küste (Rostock), ZSW (Ulm)
                                                                                                                                                    EQHHPP, CELINA

Short Profile      Germanischer Lloyd contributes his          Germanischer Lloyd verifies and certi-     In order to evaluate the potentialities
                   experiences from the shipping industry      fies fuel cell systems according to its    for marine technology in practice, GL
                   for different international research pro-   own regulations and the state-of-the-      is involved in the development of effi-
                   jects. Together with 20 european part-      art technology. The passenger vessel       cient fuel cell systems. The safety
                   ners GL has successfully carried out        “Hydra” was the first watercraft for       standards of the GL fuel cell guideline
                   the feasibility studies “FC-Ship” and       commercial operation, driven by a fuel     were already used for fuel cell systems
                   “New-H-Ship” for the adoption of fuel       cell system, which was approved by         with a power range up to 160 kW for
                                                                                                                                                    Hydra, Yacht No. 1
                   cell systems in the commercial ship-        the German authorities. The fuel cell      surface vessels and for the unmanned,
                   ping. In the project “CELINA” the GL        system of the 15 kW propulsion system      autonomously operating underwater
                   currently investigates the application      of the sailing yacht “No. 1” which was     vehicles with a power of a few kW.
                   of fuel cell systems in the aeronautics     build by MTU-Friedrichshafen and IPF,
                   together with Airbus, Dassault und Air      was the first fuel cell system which
                   Liquide. Already in the 90ties GL analy-    was certified according the GL fuel cell
                   sed the safety-related framework for        guideline. The “No. 1” was successfully
                   the hydrogen transport.                     tested on the lake Constance in
                                                                                                                                                    BZMA, DeepC

Contact Address    Germanischer Lloyd AG • Strategic Development • Process- and Fuel Cell Technology • Dr. Gerd-Michael Würsig
                   Vorsetzen 35 • 20459 Hamburg • Phone +49 40/361 49 621
                   E-Mail: • Internet:
                      “Using tomorrow’s technology today”


                     H2Yacht is a pioneer in the development and use of innova-       undergoing tests on the Elbe and its tributaries since the    Short Profile
                     tive, environmentally friendly energy supply and drive systems   beginning of 2005 as a much-noted and successful prototype.
                     for the marine sector. In 2004, H2Yacht developed “H2Yacht”,     H2Yacht GmbH is based in Hamburg-Cranz.
                     a motorboat powered by hydrogen fuel cells which has been

                     A plus for water sports and environment                                                                                          Motivation

                     Rising energy costs, dwindling supplies of the conventional energy resources oil and coal, CO2
                          emissions, climate change – all these are issues that will give rise to fundamental changes in
                             water sports in the decades ahead. Of all alternative drive systems available today, the fuel
                               cell is the only suitably powerful and realistic option. H2Yacht is dedicated to making
                                 this technology of the future available in the marine sector today in a safe, reliable and
                                  user friendly form that is fit for everyday use.

A plus for water sports and the environment
                   “Innovative marine technology for man and environment”

Project            AMS H2Yacht 675 – safe, reliable, user friendly and fit for everyday use
Category           Mobility

Location           Rivers and lakes in and around Hamburg

Partner/Location   AMS Marine Yachten, Germanischer Lloyd, Linde AG, ZSW (Ulm)

Project Profile    Motorboats with combustion engines are banned on many              H2Yacht makes this modern and forward-looking technology
                   rivers and lakes, especially those in attractive natural and       available to ambitious boating enthusiasts today with its “AMS   AMS H2Yacht 675 –
                                                                                                                                                       Innovation and tradition
                   scenic settings offering a high standard of recreation and lei-    H2Yacht 675”, a project assisted by the Hamburg Foundation
                   sure enjoyment. A fuel cell system is not only totally free        for Innovation.
                   from emissions, but also extremely smooth and quiet. This
                   makes a significant contribution to environmental protection       The “AMS H2Yacht 675” has an overall length of 6.75 m and
                   and nature conservation when using such waters, enabling           space on board for up to 8 persons. The fuel cell drive system
                   those on board to enjoy a unspoiled leisure experience of          will offer a power output of around 2.5 kW, giving the boat a
                   nature that is only comparable with a sailing boat.                speed of up to 5 knots (9 km/h). The supply of hydrogen
                                                                                      carried is designed to make all-day excursions possible wit-
                   In the past, applications of the innovative fuel cell technology   hout refuelling.
                   have been largely confined to individual demonstration pro-
                   jects, research vehicles, and record attempts using special        The first series-production boats will be handed over to their
                   vehicles designed and built specifically for the purpose.          buyers as early as mid 2007.

                                                                                                                                                       “Marriage” of deck and hull

Contact Address    H2Yacht GmbH • Dr.-Ing. Walter Pelka • Estebogen 37 • 21129 Hamburg
                   Phone: +49 40/18 02 98 36 • E-Mail: • Internet:
  “Hamburg Airport is committed to alternative energy source”


  Hamburg Airport is the fourth-largest airport in Germany   1,600 of them in the Hamburg Airport group. The airport –   Short Profile
  and one of the fastest-growing and most up-to-date in      together with Airbus and Lufthansa Technik – forms the
  Europe. About 13,000 people work at the airport – some     heart of the world’s third-largest aviation centre.

  Environmental protection safeguards the location                                                                         Motivation

  Hamburg Airport has a long tradition in the field of environmental protection. To reduce atmosphe-
     ric pollutants, Hamburg Airport is already using natural gas and LPG as modern, environmen-
         tally sound and low-emission fuels. In future we intend to make further substantial reductions
            in pollution levels. To this end we plan to test the use of hydrogen for low-emission traf-
              fic. Testing and use of innovative technologies will help to safeguard the necessary
                economic framework conditions for operators and our customers.

11,9 million passengers
 in 2006
                  “Clean mobility”                            “Innovative technology                       “The filling station round
                                                              with alternative fuel”                       the corner”

                                                              Towing tractor for ground
Project           Fiat Doblo                                  services                                     Hydrogen filling station

Category          Transport                                   Transport                                    Transport

Location          Hamburg Airport                             Hamburg Airport                              Hamburg Airport
                                                                                                                                                        Hydrogen-powered Fiat
                                                                                                                                                        Doblo for Hamburg Airport
Short Profile     Hamburg Airport and Wasserstoff-            The aim of this project is to test towing    Where vehicles are constantly on the
                  Gesellschaft Hamburg e.V. are members       tractors with fuel cell and hydrogen         move and speed and punctuality are at
                  of the Hamburg Local Initiative for Fuel    technology in a practical operating          a premium, refuelling has to be as quick
                  Cell and Hydrogen Technology. The aim       situation and develop them to series         and easy as possible. To achieve these
                  of the initiative is to promote modern,     production standard.                         objectives, Linde AG has designed and
                  innovative, environmentally friendly                                                     produced an efficient and universally
                  energy sources. The airport operator,       For this purpose STILL GmbH has deve-        usable filling station, which has been       Fuel cell powered towing
                                                                                                                                                        tractor for baggage trans-
                  Flughafen Hamburg GmbH, has com-            loped two towing tractors powered by         installed on the airport site. The filling   port
                  mitted itself to this aim in its environ-   fuel cells. The vehicles will be tested at   station will be used to refuel both the
                  mental programme.                           the airport in baggage handling opera-       two towing tractors and the Fiat Doblo.
                                                              tions for the ground services sector.
                  To investigate the practical suitability    The vehicles will be fully integrated in     The project goal is to develop the com-
                  of a small hydrogen-powered motor           the general equipment service.               plete system to series production stan-
                  vehicle, the project partners are jointly                                                dard in order to meet future market
                  using a Fiat Doblo at the airport.                                                       requirements.                                The hydrogen filling

Contact Address   Flughafen Hamburg GmbH • Flughafenstraße 1–3 • 22335 Hamburg • Volker Budde
                  Phone +49 40/50 75-28 69 • E-Mail: • Internet:
  “Modern mobility with a future”


  Hamburger Hochbahn AG is Germany’s second-largest public       HOCHBAHN is also active outside Hamburg: it operates rail     Short Profile
  transport system, with more than a million passengers a day.   routes in Schleswig Holstein, Lower Saxony, Hesse, Mecklen-
  More than 4,300 employees, over 700 buses and 800 under-       burg/Western Pomerania and Brandenburg. In the bus sec-
  ground railway cars make for mobility in Hamburg.              tor it is active in Kiel, Lübeck, Wiesbaden and Fulda.

  Our competence for clean mobility                                                                                              Motivation

  As long ago as 1999 the company gained its first experience with the fuel cell powered NEBUS
       (New Electric Bus). From 2003 to 2005 HOCHBAHN operated three fuel cell buses on a regu-
          lar scheduled basis as part of the CUTE project (Clean Urban Transport for Europe) promo-
             ted by the European Union. As a result of the successful testing of this hydrogen tech-
               nology, the CUTE project was expanded and extended until early 2007 under the new
                project name of HyFLEET:CUTE. HOCHBAHN has nine hydrogen buses on the road.
                They will carry on operating even after the end of the project, because HOCHBAHN
                 is to continue the joint tests with Vattenfall, BP and the manufacturer Evobus until
                mid 2008.

HOCHBAHN is at the cutting edge
of zero-emission public transport
in Germany
                   “Clean bus travel – not a vision, but everyday reality in Hamburg”

Project            HH2 – Hamburg gets where it’s going with hydrogen
Category           Passenger transport

Location           Hamburg Hummelsbüttel

Project Partners   Vattenfall and BP

Project Profile    HH2 is part of HyFLEET:CUTE, the extension of the European       ce to experience these progressive vehicles in action and to
                   CUTE project. Hydrogen powered buses are being tested in         find out about all the various aspects of this technology.       A Hamburg hydrogen bus
                   regular service in eight European cities with different infra-   The HH2 buses are used on scheduled HOCHBAHN routes.
                   structure situations. In Hamburg the suitability of these
                   buses for everyday use is being tested in a dense metropolis     Project goal:
                   with high passenger numbers and short distances between          By acquiring these innovative fuel cell vehicles, HOCHBAHN
                   stops. Hydrogen production using renewable energy sources        is investing not only in the future of Hamburg, but also quite
                   is also being investigated.                                      generally in the development of environmentally sound public
                                                                                    transport. The buses operate on a zero-emission basis, using
                   Project framework:                                               hydrogen as the fuel. Only harmless water vapour passes
                   HH2 is being implemented by HOCHBAHN, Vattenfall and BP.         from the buses into the atmosphere. This helps to protect
                   They have established an independent, self-contained system      the environment, since it avoids emission of the greenhouse
                   in Hamburg for the production and storage of hydrogen and        gas carbon dioxide (CO2) into the Earth’s atmosphere.
                   for refuelling and maintenance of the buses. This means the      What’s more, fuel cells completely eliminate the emission of
                   citizens of Hamburg and all visitors to the city have a chan-    fine dust with its harmful effects on health.

Contact Address    Hamburger Hochbahn AG • Carola Thimm • Steinstraße 20 • 20095 Hamburg
                   Phone +49 40/32 88-44 75 • E-Mail: • Internet:
                     “Our commitment to Hamburg as a leading hydrogen metropolis”


                     Initiated in 2005 by Dr. Michael Freytag, then Senator for    Hamburger Hochbahn AG holds a 61% interest, and other       Short Profile
                     Urban Development and Environment, hySOLUTIONS promo-         partners are Vattenfall Europe AG, Germanischer Lloyd AG,
                     tes the use and commercialisation of hydrogen and fuel cell   the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and the Hamburg
                     technologies in Hamburg. hySOLUTIONS assists project          Chamber of Craft Trades.
                     partners with the organisation and implementation of pilot
                     and demonstration projects.

                     Local answers to global requirements                                                                                        Motivation

                     Despite its local implementation, the motivation of hySOLUTIONS has an international background:
                         Hamburg - like other major cities - is well aware of its responsibility to integrate sustainability
                             in its development work as a significant criterion. Sustainable management means recon-
                                ciling environmental and economic aspects in a way that satisfies the needs of people
                                  today without endangering the satisfaction of future generations’ needs.
                                    The use of hydrogen and fuel cell technology is a promising alternative way of cate-
                                    ring for these requirements. The objective is to establish Hamburg in good time as
                                     an economic location for hydrogen and fuel cell applications and to set standards in
                                    the international context.

One of Hamburg’s new fuel cell buses
                  “World’s largest hydrogen bus fleet”                               “Zero-emission transport
                                                                                      on the Alster Lake”

Project           HyFLEET:CUTE                                                       Zero Emission Ships – “ZEMSHIPS”

Category          Public transport/Alternative drive systems                         Public transport/Alternative drive systems

Location          Hamburg Hummelsbüttel, Metrobus route 6                            Hamburg’s Alster Lake
                                                                                                                                                       The nine buses are cur-
                                                                                                                                                       rently operating on route
                                                                                                                                                       6 to HafenCity
Project Profile   The HyFLEET:CUTE project tested the fuel cell vehicles under a     In summer 2008, the passenger vessel „Alsterwasser“ will
                  wide variety of geographical, topographical and operating con-     start safe, zero-emission, low-noise and low-vibration day-to-
                  ditions, and also the hydrogen infrastructure. Hamburg focused     day operation on Hamburg’s ecologically sensitive Alster
                  on testing the buses in a major city with large passenger num-     Lake using hydrogen instead of conventional diesel fuel. A
                  bers and short distances between stops, and producing hydro-       hydrogen filling station also developed as part of this project
                  gen by means of renewable energy.                                  will ensure supplies for the first fuel cell powered passenger
                                                                                                                                                       Zero-emission, low-noise
                                                                                     vessel of this size. In two PEM fuel cell modules the hydrogen    transport on the Alster
                  The operation of the buses has since been extended until sum-      stored on board in pressure vessels will be combined with air
                  mer 2008. After that, Hamburg will probably use hydrogen           to convert into electrical energy (100kW). A cooperation with
                  buses of a new and optimised generation. As hybrid vehicles,       partners including the Transport Ministry in Prague allows
                  these will couple the clean hydrogen technology with modern        the dissemination of the technology to Eastern Europe. The
                  energy storage systems and thereby reduce energy consumpti-        project is supported by the European Union’s LIFE program-
                  on still further. hySOLUTIONS coordinates the operation of the     me and funds from the city of Hamburg.
                  nine Hamburg buses and designs concepts for the further deve-
                  lopment and use of fuel cell buses in local passenger transport.   hySOLUTIONS supports the realisation of the Alster ship by
                                                                                     conducting public relations and assisting in the dissemination
                                                                                     of project findings, for example to schools and the internatio-
                                                                                     nal partners.

Contact Address   hySOLUTIONS GmbH • Heinrich Klingenberg • Steinstraße 25 • 20095 Hamburg
                  Phone +49 40/32 88 23 11 • E-Mail: • Internet:
  “Knowledge. Technology. Markets.”


  Hamburg Innovation GmbH and TuTech Innovation GmbH, in           and TuTech Innovation GmbH are active in the following           Short Profile
  conjunction with all Hamburg university institutions, form the   areas in particular: fuel cell and hydrogen technology, physi-
  transfer tandem between academia and industry. Business          cal technologies, materials engineering, production enginee-
  operations are handled by TuTech Innovation GmbH. With their     ring, aviation, maritime technologies, environmental, pro-
  academic cooperation partners, Hamburg Innovation GmbH           cess and power engineering.

  At the interface between academia and industry                                                                                      Motivation

  As well as research and teaching, the third main task of universities is know-how and technology
      transfer. In particular, issues such as patenting of inventions, cooperation projects between
          science and industry, and joint applications by scientists and enterprises for a wide variety
             of financial assistance programmes play an important role in transfer of knowledge and
               research findings to the private sector. Together with TuTech Innovation GmbH,
                Hamburg Innovation GmbH as the company spanning all Hamburg universities forms
                 the central interface between science and industry.

Partners in technology
                  “Technology transfer and technological consulting”

Project           Knowledge and technology transfer for Hamburg’s universities
Category          Science/Research

Location          Hamburg

Project Partner   The shareholders in Hamburg Innovation GmbH are all Hamburg universities plus TuTech

Project Profile   In particular, issues such as patenting of inventions, coope-     The transfer tandem gives advice on financial assistance
                  ration projects between academia and industry, and joint          programmes and competitions at regional, national and EU
                  applications by scientists and enterprises for a wide variety     level, designs and organises further training events in con-   Hamburg Innovation/
                                                                                                                                                   TuTech Innovation
                  of financial assistance programmes play an important role in      junction with Hamburg scientists, and handles and promo-
                  transfer of knowledge and research findings to the private        tes business startups from universities under the Hamburg
                  sector. The focal areas for Hamburg Innovation and TuTech         Startup Programme (hep).
                  Innovation are handling of research cooperation projects
                  including contract design, patenting of research findings and     Hamburg Innovation GmbH and TuTech Innovation GmbH can
                  granting of licences, negotiation of research cooperation         provide speedy and efficient assistance when it comes to
                  arrangements between science and industry, and preparati-         finding solutions to technological problems. From research
                  on of suitable project applications to relevant financial assi-   through production to marketing, the companies provide
                  stance bodies.                                                    sound backup and enjoy good relations with university
                                                                                    experts and industrial technology and service providers.

Contact Address   Hamburg Innovation GmbH und TuTech Innovation GmbH • Holger Nisius • Harburger Schloßstr. 6–12 • 21079 Hamburg
                  Phone +49 40/766 29-63 11 • E-Mail: • Internet: und
    “Our main objective: clear water – and new energy from waste water”


   Hamburger Waterworks (HWW) and Hamburg Public Sewage    public, efficient, ecological, social. HAMBURG WATER Group      Short Profile
   Company (HSE) are member companies of HAMBURG           is the new face of HWW and HSE. Simply clearer for the people
   WATER Group.                                            and their city. With 2,400 employees we work to ensure top-
                                                           quality drinking water supplies and safe wastewater manage-
   HAMBURG WATER Group means a one-stop approach to        ment for the protection of our surface waters.
   modern drinking water supply and wastewater disposal:

   Our contribution to climate protection                                                                                    Motivation

           When it comes to using hydrogen technology, Hamburg leads Europe. As a public enterprise
             we are actively supporting the city in the development of this future technology. We regard
               power generation from renewable sources as an important building block for sustaina-
                 ble economic activity. The hydrogen produced by HAMBURG WATER Group is intended
                  to make local public transport in Hamburg even greener and cleaner.

Renewable energy from waste-
water – Biogas plant at
                  “Green energy and clean ferries for Hamburg”

Project           PURShip – HADAG powered by energy from wastewater
Category          Stationary and transport application

Location          Köhlbrandhöft wastewater treatment plant, Hamburg/HADAG ferries


Project Profile   In future energy supply systems, hydrogen will form an im-       fuel to power both the vessel (in a gas engine) and the ancil-
                  portant link between energy supply and consumption. The aim      lary units (in a fuel cell). This technology permits zero-emis-    The HADAG ferry heading for the
                                                                                                                                                      refuelling station at the Köhlbrand-
                  is to consume as little primary energy as possible in the pro-   sion operation of the ferry without any reduction in technical     höft wastewater treatment plant.
                  duction of hydrogen and to ensure that the raw material for      and operating performance. Hydrogen and biogas is being
                  hydrogen production is obtained from renewable or hitherto       produced from the waste product of wastewater treatment and
                  untapped sources. Furthermore, hydrogen should as far as         used directly to reduce ship operating emissions. The PURShip
                  possible be used directly and without additional environmen-     project offers an approach which has a logical overall struc-
                  tal burdens such as those arising from transport.                ture, makes environmental sense and has never been imple-
                                                                                   mented in Europe before. For this reason it will further streng-
                  These requirements are ideally implemented in the PURShip        then the leading position that Hamburg has achieved in the
                  project. The hydrogen is obtained from sewage sludge and         use and development of hydrogen applications.
                  supplied on site to a HADAG ferry. Here it is to be used as a

Contact Address   Hamburger Stadtentwässerung AöR – ein Unternehmen von Hamburg Wasser • Dr. Kim Augustin Abt. Zukunftstechnologie
                  Banksstraße 4–6 • 20097 Hamburg
                  Phone: +49 40/34 98 54 210 • E-Mail: • Internet:
    “The cleanest energy source ever. Hydrogen Solutions by Linde Gas”


  Linde AG is an international technology group. Its business   The STILL label belongs to the Material Handling business      Short Profile
  segments “Gas and Engineering” and “Material Handling”        segment of Linde AG and is one of Europe’s leading
  occupy leading positions in their markets. The Linde Gas      suppliers for intelligent control of internal logistics.
  business segment of Linde AG is a leading producer of         With innovative stacker trucks, comprehensive software
  industrial gases in Germany and Europe and one of the         concepts and flexible services, STILL supports the efficient
  most important worldwide.                                     design of logistical workflows at its customers.

  Promoter of a reproductive energy source for the future                                                                        Motivation

  Since 1910 Linde, as the world’s biggest constructor of hydrogen systems and a leading industrial
       gas company in Europe, has been supplying hydrogen for a wide variety of applications, e.g. in
          the chemical, petrochemical or food industries. With the development of new hydrogen
            technologies – including innovative tank and supply systems – Linde is also a strong
              partner for promoting the use of hydrogen as an energy source for the future.
               We are fully committed to the development of a new reproductive energy source.
                For several years now, STILL GmbH has been working on H2 technology. On the basis
                of experience gained with the operation of a fuel cell powered fork-lift truck at Munich
                airport, STILL is now engaged in another project at HHLA Rhenus Logistics GmbH in
               the port of Hamburg.

CEP filling station in Berlin as an example of
Linde hydrogen supply systems for H2 infra-
                  “High pressure for short filling time”                                  “Optimised systems for even more

                                                                                          Alternative drives for fork lift trucks –
Project           Filling stations for gaseous hydrogen                                   The next level

Category          GH2-tanksystems                                                         H2 powered forklift truck

Location          Worldwide                                                               HHLA Rhenus Logistics GmbH at the harbour in Hamburg
                                                                                                                                                           Hydrogen storage tank for
                                                                                                                                                           a GH2 filling station
Short Profile     Gaseous hydrogen for filling is usually stored at ambient tempera-      In 2006, another type R60-25 electric fork lift truck drawing
                  ture and high pressure. The higher the pressure, the shorter the fil-   its power from a hydrogen tank will take up operation at the
                  ling time. The storage pressure has meanwhile been successfully         harbour in Hamburg. The insights gathered during the first
                  increased to 700 bar. However, when the gas is compressed to            field test with a fuel cell fork lift truck in Munich will be
                  such a degree, the temperature rises considerably. In consequen-        applied practically in this new truck. The new truck is fit-
                  ce, the gas cools down after the filling process, causing the pres-     ted with an optimised gas management and its fuel cell
                  sure in the vehicle tank to drop again. In order to maintain a con-     hybrid system offers the user a higher performance. The use
                                                                                                                                                           H2 stacker truck on the
                  stant pressure of 700 bar, it is therefore not only necessary to fill   of a battery complementing the intermediate electric buffers     apron at Munich Airport
                  the tank at a pressure of 850 bar, but also to cool the gas down to     allow a faster readiness of the system for start up of the
                  -15 °C directly before the pump. Linde has developed the corre-         truck and at the same time the battery provides a sufficient
                  sponding technology for the first 700 bar hydrogen filling station.     buffer for peak loads, e.g. during extended ramp travel.
                  The filling process now only takes a fast, convenient 3 to 4 minu-      The battery is charged by energy recuperation and by the
                  tes. Special technology is used in integrated GH2 filling stations      fuel cells. It supplies the compressor and the system con-
                  equipped with LH2 storage tanks. Before it is released in gaseous       trols with power during start up and by this reduces the time
                  form, a cryo-compressor compresses the hydrogen while it is still       needed by the system for starting. This project is the next
                  liquid to approx. 400 bar, thus ensuring a high degree of efficiency    step on the way to a technically and economically reliable
                  when converting LH2 to CGH2. If required, a booster system sub-         application of the future oriented H2-technology in the field
                  sequently increases the pressure to 700 bar.                            of intelligent intralogistics. Further projects are under way.

Contact Address   Linde AG • Geschäftsbereich Linde Gas • Christian Tuchel • Fangdieckstr. 75 • 22547 Hamburg
                  Phone +49 40/853 121 109 • E-Mail: • Internet:
    “Nitrogen is the stepchild of the fuel cell. Now everything will change.”


    Making meaningful use of the oxygen-depleted exhaust air                N2telligence has developed a concept for combining oxygen       Short Profile
    from fuel cell cathodes was the core idea behind the establish-         depletion (or nitrogen enrichment) with the simultaneous
    ment of N2telligence GmbH in summer 2006. The compa-                    generation of power in the fuel cell. It is currently engaged
    ny’s operating activities focus on oxygen depletion.                    in negotiations with various companies on joint implementa-
    Nitrogen-rich atmospheres have a large area of application              tion and marketing of this concept.
    in the fields of fire protection, altitude training and food storage.

    To kill two birds with one stone:
    Fire protection and emergency power                                                                                                       Motivation
           We believe in the fuel cell. We are the only supplier to possess the exclusive licence for using
             the exhaust air from fuel cell cathodes to reduce oxygen levels in air. With our ideas and
               know-how, we aim to help the fuel cell to achieve a breakthrough. The idea is to make
                  this technology of the future an economic proposition today by opening up new fields
                   of application and developing effective additional benefits.

The principle: Oxygen depletion
for fire prevention
                  “How to protect yourself                   “Altitude training with a                  “This idea comes when it’s
                  from fire? Generate elec-                  fuel cell. You’ve never                    needed. Where’s the fire?”
                  tricity.”                                  had so much energy.”

                  Fire protection                            Altitude training                          Mobile fire
Project           with fuel cell                             with fuel cell                             extinguishing system

Category          Stationary application                     Stationary application                     Science/research
                                                                                                        portable application
                                                                                                                                                    Operational areas: IT-cen-
                                                                                                                                                    tres, archives, vaults,
                                                                                                                                                    museums, hazardous
                                                                                                                                                    material and flammable
                                                                                                                                                    goods areas.
Project Profile   We reduce the one element fire igniti-     Those who aspire to great heights          Power generation and fire protection –
                  on needs. Because without oxygen,          can’t do without altitude training. For    the idea isn’t confined to stationary
                  there can be no ignition. We reduce        many top athletes it is already a firm     applications. N2telligence develops
                  the oxygen content of the air by adding    part of their regular training. But doc-   solutions that make it possible to use
                  nitrogen-rich air. And this is supplied    tors, mountaineers and amateur athle-      this technology in mobile fire engines
                  by the fuel cell. Our system permits       tes also use simulated conditions to       too. The fire engine patented by N2telli-
                  precise adjustment and control of the      step up the effectiveness of training.     gence - unlike conventional fire engines    Altitude training with
                                                                                                                                                    simulated conditions
                  oxygen level in your rooms at between      We create these conditions with our        - is independent of water hydrants and
                  5% and 18%. Sensors constantly moni-       newly developed fuel cell technology.      permits many hours of effective fire
                  tor the relevant oxygen concentration      At the touch of a button we reduce the     fighting. Fires are extinguished by seve-
                  and automatically communicate with         oxygen level in your rooms. Taking you     ral cubic metres of moist, low-oxygen
                  the fuel cell via an instrumentation and   to altitudes of up to 6,000 metres. In     air, especially in closed rooms and
                  control unit. This means the room air      other words: if you don’t go to the        large warehouses.
                  oxygen content is always maintained at     mountain, the mountain comes to you.
                  the desired level despite any external                                                                                            The N2telligence fire
                                                                                                                                                    engine is capable of
                  air leaks.                                                                                                                        several hours of indepen-
                                                                                                                                                    dent operation

Contact Address   N2telligence GmbH • Lars Frahm • Königstraße 30 • 22767 Hamburg
                  Phone: +49 40/23 55 95 75 • E-Mail: • Internet:
  “To hand down to our children a world that offers at least as many
  opportunities as the world we were born into.”


  The SDW is a nature conservation association recognised       these three sections form a unit, the regional association   Short Profile
  under the Federal Nature Conservation Act. In the fields of   not only covers the classic tasks of a nature conservation
  biotope care, environmental education and Agenda 21 the       association, but also meets demands and needs that a
  SDW makes a valuable contribution to nature conservation,     modern representative of environmental interests is expec-
  the creation and promotion of environmental awareness,        ted to address.
  and the implementation of Agenda 21 issues. And because

  Lower exhaust emissions – so forests can breathe again                                                                       Motivation

  Every year, the federal government’s Forest Damage Report provides fresh confirmation: our forests
       are far from healthy. One of the main reasons for damage to forests is exhaust gases from
          road traffic. Systematic further development of clean hydrogen technology and its early
             market launch in road vehicles will make a decisive contribution to the recovery of
               German forests. That is why SDW as a forest conservation association supports the
                 development of the fuel cell.

Those who plant trees in
their youth can sit in their
shade when they are old
                  “Make forests and sustainability a                               “Inspiring and encouraging young people”
                  visible experience for all”

                  House of the Forest and                                          Teaching concept “Renewable energy
Project           Sustainability                                                   and hydrogen management” for schools

Category          Education                                                        Education

Location          Hamburg Niendorf, Niendorfer Gehege                              Hamburger schools
                                                                                                                                                   House of the Forest – Meet-
                                                                                                                                                   ing place for forest and
                                                                                                                                                   sustainability in Hamburg
Short Profile     The “House of the Forest” has many things to offer and is        The teaching concept “Renewable energy and hydrogen
                  not confined to the subject of forests. It offers room for ex-   management” planned by the SDW addresses the 8th to 10th
                  hibitions, events and seminars. All environmental aspects        grades. The interdisciplinary educational concept communi-
                  are presented in a very vivid form that can be directly expe-    cates knowledge, promotes awareness of problems, reinfor-
                  rienced. The broad spectrum of sustainability will be reflec-    ces subject knowledge by applying technologies from the
                  ted in exhibitions and events. The offerings range from art,     field of renewable energy and hydrogen management, and
                  culture and religion to forestry and the timber industry,        forges better links between theory and practice through
                                                                                                                                                   Arousing curiosity –
                  encompass the forest ecosystem and cover the broad spec-         exemplary projects. The teaching concept is designed to pro-    conveying knowledge
                  trum of renewable energy sources.                                vide vocational guidance to interested pupils in close coope-
                                                                                   ration with industry.

Contact Address   Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald • Landesverband Hamburg e. V. • Jan Muntendorf
                  Lokstedter Holt 46 • 22453 Hamburg • Phone +49 40/55 40 36 77 • E-Mail:
                  Internet: •
                                 Vattenfall AG


                                 Vattenfall is Europe’s fifth-largest energy supplier. In Hamburg   with the city. As a modern energy supplier, Vattenfall is       Short Profile
                                 we currently supply 800,000 customers with electricity and         facing the challenge of providing a viable energy infrastruc-
                                 400,000 with district heating. HEW served Hamburg’s citi-          ture for the future. We make targeted use of our compe-
                                 zens for over 110 years before becoming part of the Vattenfall     tence to ensure innovative and intelligent linking of energy
                                 Group in 2002. So the company traditionally has close ties         supply components.

                                 Forging viable links between ecology and economics                                                                                   Motivation

                                 Vattenfall combines its activities in the field of fuel cell and hydrogen technology with new econo-
                                      mic concepts such as rights trading systems or promotion mechanisms, and integrates them
                                         in existing supply structures. We pay attention to environmental impact, cost-effectiveness
                                             and supply security – indispensable criteria for sustainable energy supplies. In view of
                                              their high efficiency and low emission levels, fuel cells are suitable for distributed
                                               energy supplies. Hydrogen is an emission-free energy source that can be produced
                                                by means of offshore wind energy or CO2-free coal-fired power stations. Like electri-
                                                city, it is a secondary energy source that can open up the transport sector as an
                                                energy market for Vattenfall.

                                                                                        W.E.I.T.                                   CUTE

                                                      BZ-BHKW Lyserstr.                                                     IBIS                 HT-BZ HafenCity
Vattenfall supplies hydrogen –
e.g. produced by wind energy                     1995                                           2000                                         2005                              2010
                  “Hamburg gets where it’s                   “Central control of distri-                     “Fuel cells for low-CO2
                  going with hydrogen”                       buted plants”                                   heat supplies”

                  HyFLEET:CUTE                               Integration of fuel cells in energy             HotModule
Project           Clean Urban Transport for Europe           supply                                          HafenCity heating plant

Category          Transport application                      Stationary energy supplies                      Stationary application

Location          Hamburg Hummelsbüttel                      Distributed                                     HafenCity Hamburg
                                                                                                                                                       Hydrogen filling station
                                                                                                                                                       with on-site production by
Short Profile     The European project HyFLEET:CUTE,         Some year ago Vattenfall started a field        Vattenfall supplies Hamburg’s HafenCity
                  the successor to CUTE, is testing fuel-    test with Vaillant fuel cell heating sys-       port redevelopment project with heat
                  cell buses in scheduled services and       tems, each with an output of 5 kWel             and complies with the stringent requi-
                  establishing a hydrogen infrastructure     and 11 kWth. The systems were used              rement of keeping CO2 emissions below
                  with a number of different supply paths.   in heat-controlled operation of multi-          200 g per kWh of heat.
                                                             family buildings and commercial esta-
                  In Hamburg Vattenfall has created a        blishments. The aim was to optimise             An important part of the supply con-      The fuel cell heating sys-
                                                                                                                                                       tem is barely larger than
                  complete filling station for the nine      operation by means of central control           cept is the “HotModule” high-tempera-     a conventional boiler
                  buses, and it produces the hydrogen        and thereby speed up the market launch.         ture fuel cell by MTU, which contribu-
                  on site by electrolysis. The necessary                                                     tes 245 kWel and 180 kWth to base
                  electricity is obtained exclusively from    We are maintaining our commitment              load supplies. This system in the heart
                  renewable energy sources on the basis      with a new project. A fuel cell by euro-        of HafenCity is due to start operating
                  of green power certificates, and the       pean fuel cell with outputs of 1.5 kWel         in April 2006. With its high efficiency
                  entire energy chain is emission-free.      and 3 kWth is in use at the ZEWU of             of 46% and its low emission levels, it
                                                             the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce.                will meet the most demanding require-     Vattenfall is already gai-
                                                                                                                                                       ning initial experience with
                                                             Technicians are being given further trai-       ments for distributed energy supplies.    the HotModule in Berlin
                                                             ning on this unit during its trial operation.

Contact Address   Vattenfall Europe Hamburg AG • Holger Grubel • Überseering 12 • 22297 Hamburg.
                  Phone +49 40/63 96-30 05 • E-Mail: • Internet:
The hycity members are currently:
• Airbus Deutschland GmbH                   • Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH            • Linde AG Gas/Still GmbH
• Alster-Touristik GmbH                     • Hamburg Wasser                             • motum GmbH
• Baxi Innotech GmbH                        • Handelskammer Hamburg                      • Naturwissenschaftlich-technisches
• Behörde für Bildung und Sport             • Handwerkskammer Hamburg                      Zentrum des Landesinstituts für
• Behörde für Stadtentwicklung und Umwelt   • Helmut-Schmidt-Universität                   Lehrerbildung und Schulentwicklung
• Behörde für Wirtschaft und Arbeit         • Hermes Logistik GmbH & Co.KG               • N2telligence GmbH
• Behörde für Wissenschaft und Gesundheit   • HGC Hamburg Gas Consult GmbH               • Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald e.V.
• Deutsche BP AG                            • HHLA Rhenus Logistics GmbH                 • Siemens AG
• E.ON Hanse AG                             • Hochschule für Angewandte                  • smart dolphin GmbH
• Flughafen Hamburg GmbH                      Wissenschaften Hamburg                     • Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg
• Germanischer Lloyd AG                     • HWF Hamburgische Gesellschaft für          • TuTech Innovation GmbH
• GKSS-Forschungszentrum Geesthacht           Wirtschaftsförderung mbH                   • TÜV NORD GmbH
  GmbH                                      • hySOLUTIONS GmbH                           • Universität Hamburg
• H2Yacht GmbH                              • H2Gate                                     • Vattenfall Europe Hamburg AG
• HADAG Seetouristik und Fährdienst AG      • Innovationsstiftung Hamburg                • Wasserstoff-Gesellschaft Hamburg e.V.
• Hamburger Gas Consult GmbH                • Landesinstitut für Lehrerfortbildung und   • ZEWU - Zentrum für Energie, Wasser- und
• Hamburger Hochbahn AG                       Schulentwicklung                             Umwelttechnik