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									NUTRIENT                                Preserving and protecting our province’s            Manitoba Takes Action
                                        water is a high priority for the Manitoba           To help protect Lake Winnipeg, the Lake
MANAGEMENT                              government. That is why a new Nutrient              Winnipeg Stewardship Board was formed in
                                        Management Regulation has been                      2003. The board’s report Reducing Nutrient
REGULATION                              passed under The Water Protection Act.
                                                                                            Loading to Lake Winnipeg and its Watershed —
                                                                                            Our Collective Responsibility and Commitment
                                        This brochure provides information                  to Action was released in February 2007.
                                        about the regulation and how it may                 It provided 135 recommendations that will
                                        affect agricultural operations. The                 help reduce nutrients in Lake Winnipeg. This
                                        Nutrient Management Regulation also                 regulation will assist in implementing a number
                                        applies equally to golf courses and                 of these recommendations.
                                        driving ranges, municipalities, and
                                        urban and rural residential properties.
                                                                                            Protecting Manitoba’s
Agriculture                             The Nitrogen and                                    Water
                                                                                            The Nutrient Management Regulation is one
Preserving and protecting               Phosphorus Problem                                  of numerous initiatives aimed at reducing
our province’s water                    Increased nitrogen and phosphorus in                nutrients in Manitoba waters. The purpose of
                                        Manitoba’s waterways is the single, largest water   the regulation is to protect water quality by:
                                        quality challenge in our province.
                                                                                                •   encouraging responsible nutrient
                                        High levels of nitrogen and phosphorus increase             management planning
                                        production of algae and aquatic plants. This            •   regulating the application of material
                                        causes many serious problems, including:                    containing nutrients
            Other publications in the                                                           •   restricting the development of certain
            Nutrient Management             •   changes to aquatic life habitat                     types of facilities in environmentally
            Regulation series:              •   reduced levels of oxygen                            sensitive areas
            • Golf Courses and              •   increased clogging of fishers’
              Driving Ranges
                                                commercial nets
            • Municipalities
            • Urban Areas/Rural             •   increased taste and odour problems in
              Residential Areas/                drinking water
                                        In addition, some forms of algae can produce
                                        dangerous toxins.
Complying with the                                 Nutrient Management                                For More Information
Regulation                                         Plans                                              The Nutrient Management Regulation can
                                                                                                      be found at:
Compliance with the regulation can be achieved     Agriculture operations may be required to
by not exceeding the nitrate-nitrogen limits and   register a Nutrient Management Plan. To
phosphorus application rates or by registering     help, templates have been developed in
                                                                                                      You may also contact:
a Nutrient Management Plan with Manitoba           consultation with Keystone Agricultural
Water Stewardship.                                 Producers, Manitoba Agriculture, Food and              Manitoba Water Stewardship
                                                   Rural Initiatives and Manitoba Conservation.           Suite 160, 123 Main Street
                                                   Templates are available for:                           Winnipeg, MB R3C 1A5
Nutrient Management                                                                                       Phone: 204-945-7096 in Winnipeg
                                                       •   livestock manure or livestock operations
                                                                                                          Toll free at: 1-800-282-8069
Zones                                                      with less than 300 animal units
                                                                                                          (extension 7096)
The regulation limits, or prohibits, the               •   synthetic fertilizer
application of substances containing nitrogen          •   municipal wastewater sludge or                 E-mail:
or phosphorus in various Nutrient Management               biosolids                                      Website:
Zones. Zones are based on agriculture
capability. For more information on agriculture
capability, go to view the maps at:                   Land included in an existing Manure           Management Plan submitted to Manitoba
                                                      Conservation does not need to be included
                                                      in a Nutrient Management Plan submitted
Nutrient Buffer Zones                                 to Manitoba Water Stewardship.

Help protect Manitoba’s vulnerable waters by
not applying any type of fertilizer:

    •   within three metres of rivers, streams,
        creeks, wetlands and storm water
        retention ponds
    •   within 15 metres from lakes, reservoirs,
        springs and wells
    •   within 15 metres of vulnerable rivers
        such as the Assiniboine or Red Rivers
    •   within 30 metres of vulnerable lakes
        such as Lake Winnipeg or Killarney Lake

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