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					New York State Education Department
Health Occupations Education

Leadership Conference
March 24, 2011
U.S. Health Workforce

   Since 2000, employment in health sector
    in US has grown 30%, all other sectors
   In 2008-18.5 million in either health
    sector or in health occupations outside
    the health sector, representing 12% of
    the total US workforce
   Between 2008 and 2018, health sector is
    expected to grow by 23%, other
    employment sectors 9%
Center for Health Workforce Studies, March 2010
   U.S. Health Workforce Demand

Needed between 2008-2018:
 Over 1 million new RNs

 553,000 home health aides

 480,000 personal and home care
 422,000 nursing aides

 391,000 LPNs

Center for Health Workforce Studies, March 2010
Occupations with the Largest
Projected Need between 2006 and 2016


  800        414


  400                                    70
  200                       389         384                            204
                                                                                     114           51
                                                      264                                                        87
                                                                       105                         148
                                                                                      90                         91
         Re giste re d   Pe rsonal &   Home        Nursing          Lice nse d    Physicians     Me dical     Pharmacy
          Nurse s        Home C are    He alth      Aide s,         Practical     & Surge ons   Assistants   Te chnicians
                             Aids      Aide s    O rde rlie s, &     Nurse s
                                                  Atte ndants

                                                 New Jobs          Replacements

  Sources: U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, National Employment Matrix, employment by
  industry, occupation, and percent distribution, 2006 and projected 2016.
  U.S. Health Workforce Demand by
Between 2008 and 2018-fastest growth
 Home Health Care -4%
 Offices of Health Practitioners -3%
 Nursing Care Facilities -2.4%
 Hospitals 1.1%

Across all settings: More than 6.1 million
workers in health occupations needed to fill
new jobs and replacements (attrition,
Center for Health Workforce Studies, March 2010
NYS Health Workforce Supply

   NYS projected shortfall of 37,000
    registered nurses (RNs) by 2015.
   Shortages of allied health professionals
    including pharmacists, coders, various
    medical technicians, therapists, and other
    clinical workers are beginning to reach
    crisis levels.
   These shortages impact health systems’
    ability to offer comprehensive, and often,
    basic health care services.

Center for Health Workforce Studies, March 2010
    New York State
    Health Workforce
   Health sector vital to New York’s
   Revenue shortfalls have led to staffing
    cuts, easing current shortages in some
    health professions
   Economic recovery will result in job
    growth and increased demand
   Demand for health workers may
    precipitate future shortages
Center for Health Workforce Studies, April 2010
 New York State
 Health Workforce
Similar to US trends
 Between 2001 and 2008 health sector grew
  more than 14%, other employment sectors:
  less than one-half of 1%
 In 2008, 1 in 9 NY jobs in health care sector

 From 2006-2016:

    Home Health Aide –jobs increase by 52,000

    RNs-24,000 (5,200 av. annual openings)

    Nurse Aides- 2,400 av. Annual

    LPNs-1,900 av. Annual

  Center for Health Workforce Studies, April 2010
   2007 Allied Health Professionals
   Vacancy and Turnover Rates

    Programs Requiring
    “Operational” SED/DOH Approval

   Nurse Assisting (Certified Nurse Aide)
   Home Health Assisting (Home Health
   Personal Care Aide

    Programs are delivered in School
    Districts’ and BOCES’ secondary and adult
    programs, colleges, proprietary schools,
    nursing homes, and home health agencies
 Nurse Aide Program Approval

Operational Requirements:
1987 OBRA LAW and NYS Department of Health
 Curriculum

 Hours

 Instructor and Coordinator Qualifications

 Clinical Contracts

 Site Visit-every 2 years

 NYS DOH Nurse Aide Registry
Nurse Aide Programs
RN-Supervised Clinical Experience –
  minimum 30 hours in nursing home
 Secondary-216 hours (108 hours
  didactic, 108 clinical)
 Adult – 120 hours (90 hours
  didactic, 30 hours clinical)
 Clinical skills must be practiced and
  demonstrated/documented in lab
  prior to patient care
Nurse Assisting (Nurse Aide)
Instructor/Coordinator Qualifications

   NYS Registered Nurse-current license
   Two years working in long term care
    (elderly and chronically ill)
   Teaching experience

     Submission of resume and current RN license

     Signed attestation of Instructor, Coordinator or
      Administrator (Form 2 and Form 3)

Contracted by NYS DOH to:
Administer Nurse Aide Written and Skills
Performance Tests and maintain Nurse Aide

  All SED-approved NA program
  Coordinators in secondary, adult, colleges,
  and proprietary schools have opportunities
  for input and receive information from

Website postings updated regularly
Home Health Aide/Personal Care Aide

     SED Operational Program Approval
     Valid for up to 3 years
     Curriculum Hours
         HHA 65 didactic
         HHA 30 clinical (20 + 10 supervised in-home)
         PCA-40 total hours (no clinical)

     Instructor Qualifications
         Registered Nurse
         Home Care work experience
         Approved by SED and entered on HCWR
NYS Home Care Worker Registry

   Legislation enacted September 2008 (NY
    PBH Article 36)
   Home Care Worker Registry developed
    and maintained by NYS DOH
   Statute established September 25, 2009
    as deadline for full implementation
   NYSED–approved training programs
    responsible for input of student-completer
   Valid PCA or HHA Certificate is generated
    by Registry only
CTE Approval (Technical Endorsement)
Board of Regents Policy
   110 applications, 95 approved
   All programs include HOE Core Curriculum
   Supervised Clinical Experience – by health
    professional (WBL)
   Integrated or Specialized Academics
   Assessments
   Articulation – relevance to secondary
       Tangible student benefit
   Appropriate CTE Teacher Certification
    Current NYS Health Occupations
    CTE Teacher Certifications

   Practical Nursing
   Medical Laboratory Technology
   Medical Assisting
   Dental Lab Technology
   Nurse Assisting
   Emergency Medical Services
   Personal Trainer Assisting
   Pharmacy Assisting
    Health Occupations
    New CTE Teacher Titles

   In response to school districts and BOCES’
    applications for Regents policy-CTE program
    approval, two new teacher titles in Health
    Occupations were created and have been
    included in the TEACH Online Services
    System at
   Pharmacy Assisting
   Personal Trainer Assisting
    HOE Advisory Committees
   Key to regional program success
   Ideal representatives:
       Hospital/Nursing Home/Home Care CEOs
       Facility–based Nurse educators
       VP Human Resources area health facilities
       AHEC Executive Directors
       College Presidents/Nursing Deans
       WIB/One Stop Directors
       Ambulatory Health Center Managers
       Regional Chamber of Commerce President

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    Health Career Resources

   Center Health Workforce Studies Health Careers Website:
   Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook:
   NYS Area Health Education Center Website:
   Upstate Health Workforce Center
   NYS Department of Labor Career Services:
   NY Career Zone
   Local Workforce Investment Boards
   Local colleges and universities
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