Jury Instructions by ShontayneHape


									Security Restrictions
Courthouse security is a high priority for the First Judicial District Court and local law enforcement. Law Enforcement officers perform a variety of tasks to ensure safety of employee's, visitors and jurors. Such tasks include security checkpoint, entering building through a metal detector and screening all possessions. Any person entering the First Judicial District Court including staff are subject to search and inspection of their persons or possessions including purses, briefcases and packages. All metal objects including coins, jewelry, and belts must be removed and placed in the plastic containers provided at the entrance of the courthouse. Body piercing jewelry are not prohibited, but may alarm the metal detectors. Ideally, remove body piercing before security screening. Weapons of any kind, including any object that has a sharp point or with a knife cutting edge, and all aerosol paint-type cans are strictly prohibited and may be confiscated. A variety of items may be prohibited due to their hazardous nature and the possibility of being used as potential weapons. Consistent with this security philosophy, the following is a basic list of prohibited items: Firearms Brass Knuckles Chains (even wallet chains) Martial Art devices Nail Files Razor Blades Syringes Screwdrivers Blackjacks Ammunition Clubs Box Cutters Darts Letter openers Scissors Straight razors CO2 Canisters Pepper Spray Cork Screw Fireworks Ice pick Stun Guns Batons Flammable Liquids

This list is not an inclusive guideline as many other items may be used or viewed as potential weapons. Law Enforcement may prohibit any other items they deem as a potential weapon.
Due to the security checkpoint your entering the building may be delayed due to high traffic flow. As a customer service initiative, the First Judicial District Court is providing security checkpoint wait time information to jurors. When calculating arrival time, remember to build in time for non-security related issues including parking. A delay in entering the building is not an excuse to be late for jury duty.

If you are not sure LEAVE IT AT HOME.

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