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					PAC Nominee Instructions\Guidelines 2009
CREPAC - 5 Vacancies IMPAC - 5 Vacancies

Before submitting either a CREPAC or an IMPAC Trustee application, we suggest that you review the PAC Nominating Guidelines within the CREPAC and IMPAC Bylaws (again, posted on this page). You may also wish to share this information with the Boards/Associations and with all interested individuals for Trustee in your Region. The Guidelines are meant to serve only as such--C.A.R. leaves the actual primary process of submitting applications up to you, the person interested in running for these important positions. Please give this process your full consideration since it places the future of CREPAC and IMPAC in your hands. Please fill out either a CREPAC OR IMPAC Trustee Application as completely and as accurately as possible to assist us in selecting the nominees. To be eligible for consideration, ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE POSTMARKED BY MONDAY, April 20, 2009. When the CREPAC and IMPAC Nominating Committees meet, we will have at least 32, and hopefully more, candidates to choose from for each PAC. From that field of candidates, each Nominating Committee will select a slate of five nominees for CREPAC and five nominees for IMPAC for the position of Trustee, to fill three-year vacancies, for terms of service from November 11, 2009 through November 12, 2012, or alternate, with a term of service from November 11, 2009 through November 8, 2010. An applicant MAY NOT SUBMIT to both PACs for consideration at the same time. Applicants submit nomination forms under their primary board\region. You should also consider that current Trustees of both PACs may serve, two three-year terms. The list of current CREPAC and IMPAC Trustees are available for you to review. The CREPAC and IMPAC PAC Nominating Committees meet during the month of May 2009. All of the candidates will be notified of the slates to be recommended to the C.A.R. Board of Directors in June. The procedures governing the actual election of Trustees are outlined in the attached guidelines. The final ratification will be confirmed in October during the C.A.R. Board of Directors’ Session.

Please note that serving on these committees require an extra time commitment. As a CREPAC Trustee, you may be asked to attend fundraisers or political events throughout the year. During election years, the CREPAC Trustees are busier with multiple conference calls, email polls and some additional meetings. Depending upon the Agenda, the CREPAC Trustees can meet 1-2 days per Board of Directors. IMPAC Trustees usually meets for one day during the meetings and have conference calls between meetings. CREPAC and IMPAC Trustees, Alternates and Liaisons are required to sign confidentiality agreements. A copy of the “agreement” is attached for your review.

IMPORTANT: All candidates must have a profile and picture on C.A.R.’s Website. If not, then your application will NOT BE accepted. Every active (current) member has a C.A.R. member Web page. While your page may not have a photo uploaded, your profile can be accessed by logging into the C.A.R. web site ( and clicking on the “Manage your Profile” link in the top right corner.
Thank you for your cooperation. On behalf of CREPAC and IMPAC, we appreciate your efforts in support of the C.A.R. Political Action Committees. If you have any questions or require additional information or assistance, please contact CAR staff at 916-492-5211. REMINDER: DEADLINE IS MONDAY, APRIL 20, 2009. TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR CONSIDERATION, ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE POSTMARKED BY THIS DATE

PAC Nominating Guidelines Issues Mobilization Political Action Committee (IMPAC) California Real Estate Political Action Committee (CREPAC)
This document contains excerpts from the CREPAC and IMPAC Bylaws and a summary of CREPAC and IMPAC policies relating to the process for selecting new Trustees. It is intended to be used as a set of advisory guidelines by the C.A.R. Regions and by candidates for PAC Trustee.
I. NOMINATING PROCESS SCHEDULE BYLAWS: "The nominee’s name shall be announced at a regular or special C.A.R. Directors’ meeting." In order to facilitate the nominating process and the announcement of the names of the nominees and the alternates, the following schedule has been developed for 2009: All participants and/or regions decide to run for the nominating process.


March 2, to April 20, 2009 April 20, 2009

Deadline: All Candidate(s) applying must have forms postmarked no later than April 20, 2009 and sent to C.A.R. to be eligible for consideration by the CREPAC or IMPAC Nominating Committees.

mid-May 2009

CREPAC and IMPAC PAC Nominating Committees meet

June 3-6 2009 Sacramento

The slates of nominees and alternates are announced at the June C.A.R. Directors’ meeting.

October 2009 San Jose

The C.A.R. Board of Directors elects five CREPAC and six IMPAC Trustees for terms commencing November 11, 2009, and also up to nine alternates for each PAC.

II. SUBMISSION OF CANDIDATES BY C.A.R. REGIONS *BYLAWS: CREPAC Art. V Section 3.2 IMPAC Art. V Section 3.2 "Each of the C.A.R. Regions shall be entitled to submit at least one nominee for consideration by the Nominating Committee. All nominations must be received at the C.A.R. offices or by the authorized C.A.R. representative no later than the published deadline for submission of nominations. Any other eligible C.A.R. member or Executive Officer may submit their names for consideration directly to the C.A.R. offices or the authorized C.A.R. representative in accordance with established procedures during the specified filing period. The CREPAC and IMPAC Trustees shall formulate advisory guidelines for selection of the nominees by the C.A.R. Regions. C.A.R. makes available to each Region, Local Association and individual members the nominating forms to be used for both PACs.


It is the policy of CREPAC and IMPAC that no individual may be submitted as a candidate for consideration by both state PAC Nominating Committees at the same time.

III. QUALIFICATIONS FOR PAC TRUSTEES BYLAWS: CREPAC Art V, Section 1 IMPAC Art V, Section 1 "Voting and non-voting advisory Trustees must contribute the minimum suggested amount to all designated C.A.R. sponsored fundraising programs in each year in which they serve as Trustees. No voting Trustee shall serve more than two complete three-year (3) terms. A complete term consists of more than twelve (12) months of a three-year (3) term.


In addition to the qualifications which a Trustee must have to serve according to the Bylaws, the Nominating Committees will wish to examine other factors relating to each candidate. The form, which is provided for each PAC, will assist the membership and the candidate(s) in providing the basic data. CREPAC and IMPAC encourage the inclusion of additional materials, which will assist the Nominating Committees in making their selections.

IV. COMPOSITION OF NOMINATING COMMITTEE BYLAWS: CREPAC Art. V, Section 3.1 IMPAC Art. V, Section 3.1 "The Nominating Committee of five persons shall be comprised of the current Chairman, who shall also chair the Nominating Committee, the C.A.R. President, one additional Trustee and two C.A.R. REALTOR® or REALTORASSOCIATE® members appointed by the Chairman of CREPAC or IMPAC. All members of the Nominating Committee must be C.A.R. REALTOR® or REALTOR-ASSOCIATE® members who contribute at least the minimum suggested amount to all designated C.A.R. sponsored fundraising programs. No Trustee seeking election as a Trustee shall serve on the Nominating Committee or shall vote to select persons to be on the Nominating Committee. If the Chair is seeking election as a Trustee, then the appointments to the Nominating Committee, including the Nominating Committee Chair, shall be selected by a majority of the remaining voting Trustees not seeking election. It has been the practice of the PACs to keep the discussions of the Nominating Committees confidential. However, all candidates and Regional Chairs will be notified of the Nominating Committees’ selections as soon as possible following their meetings.


V. NOMINATION OF TRUSTEES AND ALTERNATES BYLAWS: CREPAC Art. V Section 3.3 IMPAC Art. V Section 3.3 "The Nominating Committee shall select no more than one nominee from any region among the names submitted for the office of Trustee to fill each vacancy that will exist at the end of the elective year. The Nominating Committee shall also select up to nine (9) alternates, one of which shall be an Executive Officer, for one-year terms from the remaining nominees. There shall be no more than one (1) alternate selected from any region. The nominees’ names shall be announced at the regular or special C.A.R Board of Directors’ meeting preceding the meeting at which the election will take place." Toward the end of 2008, five vacancies will occur on CREPAC and five on IMPAC. The Nominating Committees will select five nominees (respectively) and up to nine alternates to be chosen for the slate to be recommended to the C.A.R. Board of Directors. The Nominating Committees may not select from outside of the field of candidates’ applications have been properly completed and submitted before the published deadline.


VI. PETITION PROCEDURE BYLAWS: CREPAC Art. V, Section 3.4 IMPAC Art. V, Section 3.4 "Additional nominees will be placed on the ballot if submitted by the end of the fourth week following the announcement of the nominees by the Nominating Committee and if accompanied by the endorsement of a majority of the C.A.R. Regions and the nominee is otherwise qualified to serve under these Bylaws. No Region may endorse more than two nominees under this Section 3.4.

VII. ELECTION BY C.A.R. BOARD OF DIRECTORS BYLAWS: CREPAC Art. V, Section 3.5 IMPAC Art. V, Section 3.5 "The C.A.R. Board of Directors shall elect the Trustees from those nominated under sections 3.1 and 3.2 at a regular or special C.A.R. Directors’ meeting. The candidates receiving the greatest number of votes will be considered elected. Only those Directors present at the meeting may vote. The C.A.R. Directors shall also approve alternate Trustees to serve in the event of a vacancy which will be filled in accordance with Section 5 of this Article V.

Issues Mobilization Committee (IMPAC) DEADLINE: Monday, April 20, 2009

FAX TO: 916-492-5287

IMPAC Trustee Nomination Form
Date: TO: James Irving, Chair, IMPAC Nominating Committee

I hereby submit the following application for consideration by the IMPAC Nominating Committee as a nominee for IMPAC Trustee, with a term of service from November 11, 2009 through November 12, 2012, or alternate, with a term of service from November 11, 2009 through November 8, 2010. (PLEASE PRINT or TYPE) CANDIDATE NAME: ASSOCIATION: REGION # CAR MEMBER#/NRDS ID: PHONE: E-MAIL:

Please Note: Due to the sensitive nature of discussions and actions of this committee, IMPAC Trustees, Alternates and Liaisons must agree to abide by a confidentiality agreement relating to information, documents and discussions during meetings, emails and conference calls. (See attached copy of the “Confidentiality Agreement)
Do you agree, if elected, to fulfill the responsibilities of a IMPAC Trustee for the entire term of office, and to voluntarily contribute to the PACs' during each year of said term? YES NO

I have been a REALTOR® or REALTOR®-Associate member of the California Association of REALTORS® for years. I have been a REALTOR® Action Fund (formerly known as Political Survival) investor for years. To review the number of years,
please click under “Quick Links” Members, then click on “Contribution History”

I have served as a BORPAC and/or IMPAC (circle one or both) Trustee. I have participated in the political, governmental or legislative activities (circle one or all) of the AOR during the years _______________________.

Please elaborate:

Please list other pertinent activities in the local Board, C.A.R., or N.A.R. (Previous service as a CREPAC or IMPAC Trustee, Board of Directors, Chairmanships, include years of service):

List of pertinent civic, political and community activities:

Other comments:

Please list any contracts you have with outside parties that are political in nature (e.g., campaign consultant, sitting on another PAC, etc.)

All candidates must have a profile and picture on C.A.R.’s Website. If not, then your application will NOT BE accepted. See below on how to update your profile with a picture, if you don’t have one.

All candidates that are submitting applications for consideration must sign the nomination below. The undersigned acknowledges that the above information is accurate, and agrees to fulfill the responsibilities of Trustee or alternate, if elected.

__________________________________ Candidate's Signature / Date

DEADLINE: Monday, April 20, 2009

THIS CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT (“Agreement”) is made and entered into as of the date appearing below (“Effective Date”), by a Trustee, Alternate Trustee, or Committee Liaison (“Signatory”) of the (check one) California Real Estate Independent Expenditure Committee (“CREIEC”), California Association of REALTORS® Issues Mobilization Political Action Committee (IMPAC”), the California Real Estate Political Action Committee/Federal (“CREPAC/Federal”), California Real Estate Political Action Committee (“CREPAC”), (any one of which hereinafter referred to as the “Committee”). The Signatory agrees that all Committee communications, including, but not limited to discussions, actions, motions, documents, expressions, and/or reactions transmitted, expressed, or otherwise conveyed at any Committee meeting (including conference calls and emails discussions), contain confidential information that is sensitive and proprietary (“Confidential Information”) and that, if divulged, could seriously impair the function of the Committee and be adverse to its interests. The communication, disclosure, copying, distribution or use of any Confidential Information outside a formal Committee meeting or discussion is STRICTLY PROHIBITED except as required by formal process of law, authorized by the Committee Chair in writing, or specifically requested by any C.A.R. Officer in writing. The Signatory agrees that the use of Confidential Information contrary to this agreement is a serious breach of the duty of such Signatory and is grounds for automatic removal of the Signatory from the Committee. Upon the Committee’s request and reasonable evidence that the Signatory has disclosed or misused Confidential Information as prohibited by the Agreement, the Signatory agrees that he or she will resign and be immediately removed from the Committee in all capacities. Removal of the Signatory for a violation of this Agreement shall not be construed as a waiver of any other available legal remedy in law or equity, including injunctive relief. The Committee Member agrees at all times to abide by all policies of the Committee as may be amended from time to time. This Agreement shall commence as of the Effective Date and shall continue even though the Signatory no longer serves in a capacity as a Committee member, Alternate or Liaison. Upon termination of the Signatory’s position, either by the end of the regular term of office or otherwise, the Signatory agrees to immediately return to CAR or destroy all original and copies of Confidential Information in Signatory’s possession. Date: _________________ ACCEPTED AND AGREED TO: Print name □ Trustee □Alternate Trustee □Liaison Signatory:___________________