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Playing and Practice Seasons –
          Division II
   General Information.
       Definition of countable athletically related activities.
       Declaration of the Playing Season.
   In-Season Hour Limitations and Permissible Activities.
       In-season daily and weekly hour limitations.
       Preseason and academic year vacation period hour limitations.
       Missed class time.
   Out-of-Season Hour Limitations and Permissible Activities.
       Out-of-season daily and weekly hour limitations.
       Academic year vacation period hour limitations.
   Definition of Voluntary.
   Safety Exception.
   New Legislation.
   Monitoring Strategies.
  General Principle for Playing and
    Practice Season Regulations

NCAA Constitution 2.14
 The time required of student-athletes for
 participation in intercollegiate athletics shall
 be regulated to minimize interference with
 their opportunities for acquiring a quality
 education in a manner consistent with that
 afforded to the general student body.
  Definition of Countable Athletically
Related Activities – NCAA Bylaw 17.02.1
   Any required activity with an athletics purpose
    involving student-athletes and at the direction of, or
    supervised by, one or more of an institution's coaching
    staff (including strength and conditioning coaches).
   Administrative meetings, activities incidental to
    participation (e.g., taping, rehabilitation) and voluntary
    activities shall be excluded from the weekly and daily
    time limitations.
   Educational materials available on the NCAA Web
    site (NCAA Division II Governance – Committees).
Declaration of the Playing Season
   The playing season refers to the period of time
    between the team's first officially recognized
    practice session and the last practice session or
    competition, whichever occurs later.
   The playing season for a specific sport is the
    only time in which official practice and
    competition activities may occur.
Declaration of the Playing Season
   For all sports other than football and
    basketball, each member institution may divide
    the playing season into not more than two
    distinct segments: championship and
       An institution may not declare the summer
        vacation period as its nonchampionship
Declaration of the Playing Season
    Declaration of the institution's playing season
     in each sport shall be on file in writing in the
     department of athletics prior to the beginning
     of the institution's playing season for that
        Changes in declaration for a particular sport
         are permissible and also shall be filed in
Declaration of the Playing Season

   A "week" is defined as any seven consecutive days
    (determined at the institution's discretion).

   Once the institution determines the seven-day period
    that shall constitute its week, it shall not change that
    designation for the remainder of the segment.

   A day is defined as a calendar day (i.e., 12:01 a.m.
    to midnight).
 Review of Daily and
Weekly Hour Limitations
 During the Declared Playing Season
         In-Season Hour Limitations
   Maximum of 20 hours per week.
   Maximum of four hours per day.
       Golf practice rounds.
            A practice round of golf may exceed the four hours per day
             limitation, but the weekly limit of 20 hours shall remain in
            A practice round played on the day prior to the start of a
             collegiate golf tournament at the tournament site shall count as
             three hours, regardless of the actual duration of the round.
   Multi-sport student-athletes.
       The total of all sports may not exceed 20 hours per week and
        four hours per day.
        In-Season Hour Limitations
   Day of Competition – All competition and any associated
    athletically related activities shall count as three hours.
       Exempted Scrimmages [Bylaw] – count as the
        actual duration of the activity, but may not exceed four
        hours per day.
            Activities associated with participation in an exempted scrimmage
             (e.g., travel, warm-up, breaks between contests, etc.) shall not count
             against the time limitation on such scrimmages.

   After the Competition – No practice may occur at any
    time after the competition (including vacation periods)
    until the next day.
       Exceptions: Between contests, rounds or events during a
        multi-day or multi-event competition (e.g., doubleheaders
        in softball or baseball, rounds of golf in a multi-day
        In-Season Hour Limitations
   All countable athletically related activities are
    prohibited during one calendar day per week.
   Exceptions:
       preseason practice and vacation periods.
       participation in one conference and postseason
       participation in postseason certified bowl games or
        National Invitational Tournaments.
       participation in NCAA championships.
     In-Season Hour Limitations
   Travel Day – May count as a day off provided
    no countable athletically related activities

   Cancelled Competition – If cancelled prior to
    the start or prior to being considered a
    completed event, that day may count as a day
    off provided no further countable athletically
    related activities occur.
        Preseason and In-Season
            Vacation Periods
   Daily and weekly hour limitations do not apply to
    countable athletically related activities that occur:
       during preseason practice prior to the first day of classes
        or the first scheduled contest, whichever is earlier.
       during the academic year when vacation periods occur
        during the declared playing season.

   Daily and weekly hour limitations do apply during
    final exam periods.
                Missed Class Time
   Student-athletes may not miss class to attend
   Exceptions:
       practice in conjunction with an away-from-home
   Competition in Nonchampionship Segment.
       In team sports, no class time shall be missed for
        competition, including activities associated with
        such competition (e.g., travel and other pregame
        or postgame activities).
 Review of Daily and
Weekly Hour Limitations
   During the Academic Year and
   Outside of the Declared Playing
      Season (Out-of-Season)
Out-of-Season Hour Limitations

   Countable athletically related activities may
    occur not more than eight hours per week.

   All countable athletically related activities
    are prohibited during two calendar days per
    Out-of-Season Hour Limitations
   In sports other than football, only individual
    skill instruction (required or voluntary) and
    required weight-training or conditioning
    activities are permitted.
       A maximum of eight hours per week, of which not more
        than two hours per week may be spent on individual skill
       A maximum of four student-athletes from the same team
        may be involved in skill related instruction with their
        coach(es) at any one time in any facility.
    Out-of-Season Hour Limitations
   Football

       Out-of-season activities are limited to required
        weight training, conditioning and review of game
       Participation is limited to eight hours per week,
        with not more than two hours spent on film
     Football – Spring Practice

Treated as in season for counting purposes.

29 consecutive calendar days.

15 designated practice days and the spring game.

Days with only conditioning or film review do
not count as one of 15 designated days.
    Out-of-Season Hour Limitations
   Conditioning drills:
       May simulate game activities;
       May not set up offensive or defensive alignments;
       May not use equipment related to the sport.
            Ice hockey: Use of skates is permitted.
            Effective August 1, 2006: Swimming and diving: In-
             pool conditioning activities and the use of swim-specific
             equipment (e.g., starting blocks, kickboards, pull buoys)
             is permitted.
Out-of-Season Vacation Periods
   No countable athletically related activities permitted
    outside the playing season during any institutional
    vacation period and/or summer.
   Strength and conditioning personnel may monitor
    voluntary individual workouts for safety purposes
    without the activity being considered a countable
    athletically related activity.
       If a strength and conditioning coach is also a
        coaching staff member for any institutional team,
        the coach must perform strength and conditioning
        duties for all teams.
Voluntary Activities
           Definition of "Voluntary"
   No requirement to report back to coach/staff
    information related to the activity.
   Activity must be initiated and requested solely by
    the student-athlete.
   Attendance/participation may not be recorded for
    the purposes of reporting the information to coaches
    or other student-athletes.
   No penalty for electing not to participate in the
   No recognition can be provided for participation.
Safety Exception
           Safety Exception
   In certain sports, a coach may be present
    during voluntary individual workouts in
    the institution's regular practice facility
    (without the workouts being considered as
    countable athletically related activities)
    when the student-athlete uses equipment in
    that sport.

   The coach may provide safety or skill
    instruction, but cannot conduct the
    individual's workout.
  The Safety Exception is Applicable to
         the Following Sports:

Archery           Skiing

Equestrian        Swimming and Diving

Fencing           Synchronized Swimming

Gymnastics        Track and Field (field events only)

Rowing            Water Polo

Rifle             Wrestling
Newly Adopted Legislation
    2006 Convention
      Proposal No. 2006-35 Summer
         Practice – Facility Fees
   Permits an institution to pay fees associated
    with the use of the institutional practice and
    competition facilities by student-athletes
    engaged in voluntary athletically related
    activities in his or her sport during the
   This allows student-athletes to use practice or
    competition facilities at a reduced rate (or free)
    during the summer, just as is permissible
    during the academic year.
    Proposal No. 2006-36 First Date of
        Competition – Fall Sports

   In cross country, field hockey, football, soccer
    and women's volleyball, to specify that an
    institution shall not engage in its first date of
    competition before the Thursday preceding
    August 30.
   Rationale: To provide for 13 consistent weeks
    for the championship segment for fall sports.
Proposal No. 2006-37 Football Five-Day
Acclimatization Period – Walk Throughs
   During the five-day acclimatization period, have the option
    of conducting:
       one on-field practice per day, not to exceed three hours in length, or
       one on-field testing session (speed, conditioning, or agility tests) per day, not
        to exceed one hour in length and one on-field practice, not to exceed two
        hours in length.

   Proposal permits a one-hour walk through per day during the
    five-day acclimatization period.
       No protective equipment (e.g., helmets, shoulder pads) may be worn.
       No equipment related to football (e.g., footballs, blocking sleds) may be used.
       No conditioning activities may occur.

   Must be provided with at least three continuous hours of
    recovery time between any session (i.e., testing, practice or
    walk-through) occurring that day.
       No meetings or other athletically-related activities (e.g., weight lifting) may
       Medical treatment and eating meals may be included as part of the recovery
      Proposal No. 2006-38 Golf –
     Practice and Competition Dates

   Permits multi-day golf tournaments (up to a
    maximum of five tournaments) to count as one
    date of the 24 practice or competition dates
    during the nonchampionship segment.
Proposal No. 2006-34 Skill Instruction

   Status: Defeated
   Intent:
    In sports other than football, to permit student-
    athletes and members of the coaching staff to
    engage in countable athletically related
    activities outside the institution's playing
    season, as specified.
Monitoring Strategies
          Monitoring Strategies
   Institutions must record countable hours on a
    daily basis for each student-athlete who
    participates in an individual/team sport.
   Any countable individual or group athletically
    related activity must count against the time
   Time limitations are not applicable to student-
    athletes who do not participate in the countable
    athletically related activity.
              Monitoring Strategies
   Real Time Information           After the Fact Information
       Random polling of               Exit interviews
        student-athletes                Open forums
       Comment box                     Educational meetings
       Observe practices               Practice logs
       Accurate documentation          Student-Athlete Advisory
        provided to student-             Committee
   Declaration of Playing Season
   In-Season Activities
   Out-of-Season Activities
   Voluntary Activities
   Safety Exception
   New Legislation
   Monitoring Strategies

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