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					              Do’s and Don’t on Outlook E-mail & Calendar
  1. Do grant permission for other people to view your calendar
         This will allow other to view and book meeting to your calendar without causing
           conflicts to your schedule.

   2. Do respond to meeting invitations or updates from your Email Inbox
          Responding to meeting invitations from the Calendar item itself, and then deleting
            the email invitation from your mailbox, could delete the item from your calendar.
            This may cause you to miss a meeting.

   3. Do open meeting cancellation notices from your email Inbox and click on “Remove
      from Calendar”
          If you simply delete the email cancellation notice, the meeting will remain on
            your calendar, potentially causing confusion about your schedule and you will
            appear unavailable to attend meetings organized by others during that time.

   4. Choose the “Send Update to All Attendees” option if you make a change to the date,
      time, locations, or some other change that attendees need to know about.
          If you are only adding or removing attendees, please determine whether you need
              to inform everyone on the attendee list. If not, choose the “Send Update Only to
              Added or Deleted Attendees” option. This will reduce the receipt of multiple
              email messages for the same meeting, which can cause confusion among
              attendees and inadvertent actions.

   5. Do invite a conference room to a meeting invitation as a Resource.
          If you invite the conference room as a Required or Optional attendee, the
             conference room will not be reserved for your meeting, and therefore, will be
             subject to scheduling conflicts.

   1. Do not choose “Don’t Send a Response” if you are invited to a meeting, unless you
      are specifically asked not to respond by the meeting organizer.
          Use of the “Don’t Send a Response” option does not update the tracking of your
             acceptance in the meeting organizer’s invitation. Instead, choose “Send the
             response now” or choose “Edit the response before sending” if you wish to inform
             the organizer of important information pertaining to the meeting agenda,
             attendees, etc.

   2. Do not attach any attachment to your calendar
          If you do, it will count towards your mailbox quota (storage space). However you
             can send a separate e-mail with the attachment.

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   3. Do not delete the invitation (upon first accept)
          Doing so could remove the meeting from your calendar!

   4. Do not include yourself in a distribution list when sending a meeting invitation
          If you do, and you accept your own invitation, you will become just like any other
             invitee and will be unable to change or cancel the meeting.

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