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					                                                        UC SAN DIEGO ADMINISTRATIVE ORGANIZATION CHART

                                                                                     Marye Anne Fox

                                                           Vice Chancellor
       Executive                                           Marine Sciences,                                             Vice Chancellor             Vice Chancellor                     Vice Chancellor
                              Vice Chancellor for                                    Vice Chancellor
    Vice Chancellor                                         Director - SIO                                          Resource Management &        External and Business              Health Sciences & Dean -
                                   Research                                          Student Affairs
   Academic Affairs*                                    Dean - Graduate School                                             Planning                     Affairs                       School of Medicine
                                Sandra Brown                                           Penny Rue
   Suresh Subramani                                        Marine Sciences                                            Gary C. Matthews             Steven W. Relyea                    David A. Brenner
                                                            Tony Haymet

                                                        Birch Aquarium/Museum     Admissions & Enrollment Svcs      Audit & Management
  Academic Affirmative        Animal Care and                                                                                                    Admin Computing &                      Professional Schools
                                                        Research Unit Directors      Admissions & Relations          Advisory Services
    Action                      Animal Welfare                                                                                                    Telecommunications                      School of Medicine
                                                        SIO Graduate Dept             with Schools                  Auxiliary & Plant Services
  Academic Diversity &        Campuswide Research                                                                                                Alumni Affairs                           Skaggs School of
                                                        Ships Operations &           Financial Aid Office             Bookstore
    Equal Opportunity           Policy Issues                                                                                                      Alumni Association                       Pharmacy &
                                                          Marine Tech Support        Registrar                        Campus Research
  Academic Facilities         Embryonic Stem Cell                                                                                                Controller/Business &                      Pharmaceutical
                                                                                     Technology                          Machine Shop
  Academic Information          Research Oversight                                                                                               Financial Svcs                             Sciences
                                                                                  Career Services                     Early Childhood Ed Ctr
    Technology                  (ESCRO)                                                                                                            Assurance & Accountability           School of Medicine Depts
                                                                                  Intercollegiate Athletics           Faculty Club
  Academic Integrity Office   General Campus                                                                                                       Continuity Planning                    Basic Science Depts
                                                                                  Resource Administration Svcs        Facilities Management        Financial Operations
  Academic Personnel             ORU's and MRU's                                                                                                                                          Clinical Departments
                                                                                     International Center             IMPRINTS                       Disbursements/Travel
  Academic Planning           General Campus                                                                                                                                            Medical Institutes/Centers/
                                                                                                                      Transportation Services        Mail Services
     & Resources (GC)           Academic Research                                    Resource Analysis                                                                                    ORU’s
                                                                                     Student Affairs Facilities     Campus Budget Office             Organizational Development
  College Provosts               Personnel                                                                                                                                              Medical Education
                                                                                  Student Wellness                  Campus Planning                  Payroll
  Div of Arts & Humanities    Government Research                                                                                                                                       Medical Group
                                                                                     Campus Recreation                Capital Planning               Storehouse/Material Dist
  Div of Biological             Relations
                                                                                     Counseling & Psych Svcs          Financial Analysis             Student Business Svcs
    Sciences                  Natural Reserves
                                                                                     Sexual Assault & Violence        Institutional Research       General Accounting
  Div of Physical Sciences    Office of Contract &                                                                                                    Equipment Management
                                                                                       Prevention Resource Ctr.       Planning Data & Sys.
  Div of Social Sciences        Grant Administration                                                                                               Office of Post Award Financial
                                                                                     Student Health Services        Environment, Health &
  Extended Studies &          Postdoctoral & Visiting                                                                                               Svcs
                                                                                  Student Educational                Safety
    Public Programs             Scholar Affairs                                                                                                    Procurement & Contracts                        UCSD
                                                                                                                       Environmental Affairs
  Graduate School of          Research Ethics Program                              Advancement                                                   University Development                       Health System
                                                                                                                       Fire & Life Safety
    International Relations   Research Innovation                                    Academic Enrichment Prgs                                      General Campus
                                                                                                                       Industrial Hygiene
    & Pacific Studies            Initiatives                                         California Student Oppty          Medical Center EH&S         Marine Sciences/SIO
  Graduate Studies            Tech Transfer Office                                     & Access Program                Research Safety             Central Programs                         Hillcrest Location
  Jacobs School of                                                                   Early Academic Outreach           Risk Management             Health Sciences Development              La Jolla Location
    Engineering                                                                         Program                     Facilities Design &               Academic & Clinical Prgms              The Thornton Hospital
  Libraries                                                                          Office for Academic Support       Construction              External Affairs Information                The Moores UCSD
  Office for Students w/                                                               & Instructional Svcs         Police/Community Safety        & Financial Systems                             Cancer Center
    Disabilities                                                                     TRIO Outreach Programs         Policy & Records             Housing, Dining, & Hospitality              The Shiley Eye Center
  Rady School of                                                                  Student Life                         Administration               Svcs
    Management                                                                       Associated Students            Real Estate                  Human Resources
  Resource Administration                                                            Center for Communication &     Strategic Campus Resource      Accommodation Counseling
  Stuart Collection                                                                   Leadership                      Initiatives                    & Consulting Svcs
  Summer Session                                                                     Center for Student                Community Planning          Benefits
                                                                                      Involvement                      Physical Planning           Compensation
                                                                                     Crafts Center                  Sustainability Initiatives     Employee Relations, Policy
                                                                                     Graduate Student Association                                     Development & Work/Life
*Acts for the Chancellor in her absence                                              Student Legal Services                                        Employment & Community
                                                                                     University Centers                                               Outreach Svcs
                                                                                     University Events Office                                      Equal Oppty/Staff Affirm Action
                                                                                                                                                   Faculty & Staff Assistance Program
                                                                                                                                                   Labor Relations
                                                                                  Student Conduct
 University of California, San Diego                                              Student Research & Information
                                                                                                                                                   Retirement Association
9500 Gilman Drive, La Jolla, CA 92093                                                                                                              Staff Education & Development
                                                                                                                                                   Temp Employment Svcs
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