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The process of Buying a Home


Buying a home is likely to be the largest investment that an American family ever makes.This presentation from provides important tips on how to get this right.

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									The process of
Buying a
Buying a home is a major decision. This is
equally true, whether you are purchasing it as an
                                                     For How Long do You Plan to
investment, as a vacation home or as your
                                                     Keep the Property?..........................2
primary residence. It will in most likelihood also
                                                     Seek the Advice of an
be your largest single purchase, and you need to     Acknowledged Expert.....................2

make sure you get your money back with interest.
For this reason, you must make the right
decisions, especially as you could be taking out a
housing loan or mortgage. The first key factor is,
therefore, how much you can afford to pay a
month / how much passive income you can forgo.

                                              For How Long do You Plan to Keep the

                                              Every speculator’s dream is to pick up a house in a hot spot for
                                              next to nothing, fix it up and make good money. Unfortunately this is
                                              the exception, not the rule and most times we have to wait a while
                                              for the market to catch up. This is why experts say that the potential
                                              growth in equity (excluding further investment) is largely set the day
                                              you sign the deal.

  Seek the Advice of an Acknowledged Expert

  We all tend to listen to what we want to hear, and to discount information that does not sit comfortably
  in our paradigms. To avoid making bad decisions it is therefore best to seek advice from a local
  property specialist, who is ten-to-one a realty firm. They will be able to asses the extent of essential
  repairs that may be needed. These must be factored into the price that you offer, failing which you
  could end up with a loss.

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