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									Main Project                                     John Palmer

               MAIN PROJECT – JOHN PALMER 2005
Main Project                                                                    John Palmer

                                        Project Title

                                Avon Field Delivery System

Adequately and simply names the Avon Field Delivery System, as explained below the title
is a clear and obvious representation of what the software is and what it does.

                                    Project Background


Avon, Famous for it mail order and delivery service. The innocently named, “Avon Lady”, is
now a household name. This software is a direct result of a conversation I had with a
colleague at work about how her extra curricular workload could be lightened with some
form of automation.

The Company Avon supplies products to hundreds of locally based established franchises.
The company is run as a mail order catalogue, order delivery service and is strictly a supply
and demand basis for the small franchisees.

The system works in a simple pyramid method. The very top of the system is the HQ that
organises and supplies the main products and deals with all of the corporate issues,
marketing, advertising, legal, budgets, materials and products.

The next stage is the regional warehouses. These are supplied directly by the manufacturer
by instruction of the HQ. These regional warehouses are then responsible for supplying the
local businesses / franchisees.

The franchisees are then the ones that do the largest amount of work. They are at the front
line delivering catalogues, taking orders and delivering those orders.

It is this large amount of work that we are attempting to lighten. A lot of the work involved
is organising and planning who want‟s what products and when. Then where do they live
and how will the night‟s route be organised based on the most efficient route and
importance of delivery.

If there was some way to make it easier for the Field staff to organise their time and day. It
would improve services and give the Field staff more personal time (Or time to work on
getting new clients).

Avon‟s Business

Avon primarily deals with Make-up and Cosmetics. Usually these products and the main
business area will be aimed at Women.

The problem is that because of the fairly low amount of each individual product and the
quantity of products. This means that when these products are distributed to the wide
demographics that have ordered from Avon there are lots of problems.

Problem definition

The main problems are when the massive quantity of products hits the public.

Most of the Field Staff are already in full time employment and work too hard. They are
either lowly educated or are too busy to concentrate on the job as well as they could. This
means that simple mistakes are made frequently. This large amount of time wasted could
be put to better use.
Main Project                                                                      John Palmer

If there were a way to automate some of this that would only make some off the work
easier. A very large amount of money is lost in Avon due to postal cost s and unnecessary

Obviously as Avon have been successfully established for many years. They do already have
a good cataloguing system. Also the local knowledge is enough for the Franchises to handle.
However there must be some sort of error between these too areas, as incorrectly
delivered packages can only be accounted by a mistaken order, or mis-delivered product.

Obviously there are occasions where the head office make mistakes however as that is a
small proportion of the mistakes that take place we can assume that those systems are

These problems could be blamed on the minimal tools and materials that the Avon‟s staff is
given. So it is this area that the system will concentrate. So the system must tap into two
existing databases. Customer database and product catalogue.

                             Outline Specifications for System


The area that this product is aimed at are unfortunately not really likely to have PC skills
most will not even have a PC at first.

Also as this product is going to have to cover franchisers all over the United Kingdom it must
have a way to be kept up to date and obviously be timely and efficient.

Most of these people using the system will not have broadband so a system must be used to
transfer data using regular Dial-Up Services.


The system will be limited in size, speed and connectivity. These area‟s must be looked at
and if possible optimised to work as efficiently as possible.

Networking via Dial Up and Database connectivity must be looked at as well as the simple
and easy to use interface.

The limits are that the system needs to provide 3 major functions from then the more
options that can be added the better.

1) Ordered must be send back and forth to the Head office via Dial-Up Networking.
2) The system must be updateable by Dial-Up.
3) The Databases must be updateable by Dial-Up networking.

                                      Solution Methods


Pro‟s and Cons

Box Method

Pros and cons


Pros and Cons
Main Project                                                                    John Palmer

Chosen Method

Justification and Integration into the project…

                            Brief Outline of proposed Solution

This system could change a lot of the current business practices for the Avon business. Its
employees and the industry could benefit from a more streamlined and redesigned
distribution system.

The ordering and Catalogue systems could be completely automated. Not to immediately
replace the current system, But to put in place a system that could replace the current
system and could easily be adapted to provide many more options in the future for new
business systems.

The main area‟s that will be worked o will be error handling of the current ordering system
and a new way to communicate orders to the Avon HQ. This combined with a new program
that automates as many simple monotonous tasks‟ as possible reduces the risks of simple
mistakes and increases.

The system will mean that Field staff will be able to organise their working day and use
existing databases to provide more accurate details. With details of all the products that
Avon provide electronically available. The customers and field staff have a reduced chance
of ordering the wrong item.

Tying the order details with an electronic database of customers (Customer numbers) and
there address details that means that there is a lower chance of the product being
delivered to the wrong address.

This could then lead on to more systems that can automate more tasks like delivery routes.
Diary, Calculator, online paper case system etc…

                                  Time Scales for Project

  Must be finished mid June. Look at the assignment brief and stick to the times set here.

                      (Use Jon Bishops Time Scale Diagram with notes)
Main Project                                                                     John Palmer

                                    RE READ AND EDIT !

My proposal is to write a program that will allow many thousands of staff at Avon Cosmetics
to concentrate on getting new customers and sales and ease the burden of paper work and

The main proposal was an Idea after a work colleague commented that if they had a
program that reduced the amount of paper work they had to do they could get on with
doing the actual money making and deliveries.

This to me seemed like a good idea to and an Ideal way to complete my HNC by providing a
Project and Program that will help lots of people.

My other options were a program for administration and paper work for Avon Cosmetics
Staff, stock taking for a Pallet Yard, a program that created Databases and an Intranet Site.
All of which required too much technology and were beyond my abilities at the moment. I
could have learned the missing technologies but as the prospectus did not cover many of
those I felt it was inappropriate use of my time.

After considering my options I decided that the Avon Program is the best option. The reason
why is because this is the most feasible and matches the syllabus closer than the other
options I have.

I intend to use a database and a VB graphical user interface. Using programming and design
I will create a system that will take as much of the monotony out of the regular paper work
that is currently being used.

A lot of the work that isn‟t included by the Avon Company in the form of printed paper
work is where the workers would also like assistance. Trying to remember where the
Customers live and what they have ordered is also so difficult. (As is, in any organisation).
So incorporated into the simple database program will be a method of organising the day„s
and weeks workload. (Which may not be included in the first prototype but could certainly
be a good idea for future improvements).
Main Project                                John Palmer

               Avon Field Delivery System

                      John Palmer

                    Systems Analysis
Main Project                                                  John Palmer

                                      Page 2


Page 3
1.0 Problem Definition
       1.1.1 System Boundary
       1.1.2 Objectives
       1.1.3 Resources
Page 4
       1.1.4 Contingency Plans
       1.1.5 Timescale
       1.1.6 Pre Report System Proposal
Page 5
2.0 Feasibility Study
       2.0.1 Technical Feasibility
       2.0.2 Legal Feasibility
       2.0.3 Economical Feasibility
2.1 Analysis Fact Find Methods
       2.1.1 Branch Questionnaire
       2.1.2 Objectives
       2.1.3 Personal Interviews
Page 6
       2.1.4 Documents
       2.1.5 Sampling
       2.1.6 Example Questions
2.2 Chosen Methodology and Justification
Page 7
3.0 Analysis Results
3.1 Analysis Results Overview
Page 8
       3.1.1 Business Processes
Page 9
       3.1.2 Current System Data flow Diagram Context Level
Page 10
       3.1.3 Current System Data flow Diagram Level 1
Page 11
       3.1.4 Current System Flow chart
Page 12
4.0 New System Design
       4.0.1 New System Data flow Diagram Context Level
       4.0.2 New System Data flow Diagram Level 1
Page 13
4.1 New System Text Description
4.2. New System Justification
4.3 Analysis Method Comparison
Page 14
       4.3.1 Spiral Method
       4.3.2 SSADM
       4.3.3 Time box
5.0 Development
5.1 New System Cost’s
6.0 Implementation
Main Project                                                                       John Palmer

1.0 Problem Definition

Avon Delivery personnel have to be very organised to optimise their productivity they need
a program to help organise. Orders, Payments, Names / Addresses and if possible routes.

The package must be self-contained (i.e. either self-installing or a single exe file) due to
the lack of Technical knowledge of most members of staff. The product must be simple
enough to require no or little training and not need support from Technical Analysts.

The program will also be holding people‟s data, therefore security and fault tolerance must
be implemented. Also as this database is effectively for delivery staff a minor report
printing facility would be a bonus.

Data that the database will hold will be, Customers, Orders, Delivery details, Delivery
Routes and Expenses / Pay Calculator / Calendar.

                                   1.1 Terms of Reference

1.1.1 System Boundaries

This product will only be for the individuals working in the field for Avon, it will not be
linked to a catalogue of products. This project is for field staff to use as a personal tool, it
will mearly aid them in there general ad-hoc duties. None of the data held will be
beneficial to Avon. The project will involve more GUI design than functionality due to the
type of User. The Functionality will be an integral part of the product however. The GUI
will be a large focus of resources.

1.1.2 Objectives

Reduce the workload of Avon staff to enable staff members to easily administer there roles.
The Avon Program will be an autonomous administrative assistant. It will ensure that no
part of the Avon Field staff administration gets over looked. It will also ensure that no data
is lost or mislaid.

   Save money by reducing printing and paper costs
   Save time by not having to search various forms and fill each of them out by hand
   Reduce stress load on staff
   Reduce time wasted on simple admin tasks
   Reduce stationary costs
   Increase productivity
   Increase company productivity
   Computerise current system
   Create simpler forms
   Create software or G.U.I. for field staff
   Create information management via network

1.1.3 Resources

The only resource required is a fully functional and modern PC. Pretty much any PC that
will run a .exe file from a CD. The PC must have a small amount of Hard-Drive space, 1MB is
ample. Also slightly more memory than the OS of the PC needs is also ample.

Ideal PC‟s would have the following configuration.

32Bit Processor (Pentium or AMD XP and above), 64MB or SDRAM or more, 1MB of free HD
space and a CD Drive.
Main Project                                                                     John Palmer

The Software required for this project will consist of VB IDE (Visual Basic Studio 5),
Microsoft Access, Excel and Word. Other packages that may be used are Macromedia
Fireworks and Dreamweaver.

2 PC‟s will be used for development and implementation and the testing will occur during
the final stages of the development process.

1.1.4 Contingency plans

The entire system can be used on an external Flash Pen Drive and backed up onto hard
drive as and when the need arises. A built in auto backup / saving procedure could be built
into the program in a future revision if there is significant reason to do so. As the data on
these programs is really for field staffs benefit there is no need to worry about the product
database. Only the customer databases and there personal data should be secured or

Paper documents and forms could also be incorporated into the program to reduce the
need for unnecessary adhoc admin. But these paper documents could be used as a back up
for the system going down.

Regarding program errors: as the Program is small enough to fit on a disk the project could
simply be sent out again and installed by CD or used and run from the floppy disk.

1.1.5 Timescale

The time limit for the first revision of this project is June 2005. Any Major revisions after
this will be annual and any minor revisions, amendments and security updates will be sent
as they are requested. The released version of the project will be tested enough not to
need any major revision, therefore any major changes will be structural changes or
requests based on requirements from Avon.

Pre report System Proposals

The main reason for this project is to bring help Avon field staff with their basic job
requirements. It is to help them integrate their old paper based system into an up to date
database. It is also to increase the minimal level of security currently in use by
implementing a user name and login system to a secure database. It is also to increase data
management and make future system improvements to the system easier, quicker and more
cost effective.

The database is basically an information tool. It will work like calendar to help the Field
staff remember what they have to do in their job on a day to day basis. The product is
going to use VB and an Access database to store and manipulate data. The system will be
stored on a Laptop and therefore like the Field interviewer will become mobile.

Based on the previous projects, similar to this one. The ideal budget and timescale for my
preliminary evaluations will be 6 months. Prototype will either be an information database
solution with real time database systems, programmed with Dynamic programming (HTML
and ASP, PHP or CGI) and a Computerised filing system. Or an Intranet Based solution using
HTML and Dynamic Programming with a custom graphical user interface and cross-
referenced library of information and important data or an integration of both. These
additional options could be for users that do not have access to a laptop. Access to these
kinds of systems can be from anywhere in the world via the Internet and secured using a
User Password Login system.

The software that is provided will be safe and secure to the extent that a Username and
Password must be used. However the security risks are that the user needs to secure their
laptop and the password-log in this can be done with a Login System and or Biometrics. The
Main Project                                                                       John Palmer

databases will be updated and backed up on a regular basis and contingency plans / back
up software will be ready.

Proposals for improvement of the current system are to integrate it into the Avon catalogue
of products and existing customer database. This would require a connection of portable
version of these databases and is not yet practical, feasible or included within the realm of
this project. However if this project is a success it is certainly a possible scenario for future

Training and a Technical Manual will be included as part of this project. The manual will be
a guide to using the program and general information about how to use and handle,
databases and Information in general. The training will be a small one to one course, it will
cover the basic functions and controls of the program and get the interview started. The
Training will not need to be initiated by a technical member of staff but merely by a
member of staff that is able to use the program to a high proficient level.

Each control will have MouseOver Assistance (Tool Tip) explaining what each controls
function is in the program. There will be some error checking / handling programming in for
non-sensible data input and conflicting data. Also any editing, addition and deletion of data
will be confirmed before acted upon.

2.0 Feasibility Study

This project will have no major affect on the day to day business processes used at Avon. A
very small percentage of the field staff will be chosen to use this program in the first of a
large-scale phase system.

The project is aimed to make the general administration of Avon staff easier, therefore is
more a convenience tool rather than a major project that will affect the company as a
whole. Therefore due to the small commitment and risk involved this project we believe it
is more than feasible.

A 3-6 month project time scale has been given and an initial deadline set in June 2005.

The only budgetary limit imposed on this project is to try and keep costs as low as possible.
All financial commitments have been taken care of on an unsigned cheque basis, although
we have decided to offer all of the Systems analysis and Prototyping Free, we are leaving a
final payment up to Avon.

We have requested that during the implementation of a prototype that the staff, are
involved as much as possible and the project involve a permanent member of the field
team to aid design and functionality.

2.0.1 Technical feasibility

The only Technical commitments Avon will have will be to provide or assist in the provision
of PC‟s for our software to run. Those laptops or PC‟s do not need to be of a high
specification. So a machine 3 – 4 years old will suffice. (Personal PC‟s will also be

2.0.2 Legal Feasibility

The new system will not change or have any effect on the current Law‟s, Liabilities or Legal
aspects on any documents, files or contracts used at Avon at the moment.

Data in the database will need to be considered. Also will need to be covered by current
Data Protection and Data Laws.
Main Project                                                                      John Palmer

2.0.3 Economic Feasibility

The costs of the creating the new system only increases over time because there may be
more updates or functions0 needed however the eventual benefits will outweigh costs.
After the computerisation of many of the paper based systems currently used. The rapid
increase in profits is because expenditure drops and productivity increases.

2.1 Analysis Fact Find Methods

The systems analyst will work with a field staff person during a normal working day. From
this process we should be able to determine all the core business processes that need to be
considered. We will also see all the forms and paperwork used in a typical day and the
complete flow of data through the current system.

We could also create a questionnaire and other paper methods of extracting the relevant
data from the field staff although I believe a day shadowing a field staff member will be
enough to evaluate all the needed functions and qualities the software should be designed
with. This will give the best range of views and provide enough insight to make a valid
judgement on our new system proposal.

Observation Date – 07/04/05.

Some of the other possible Fact Find Methods are listed below.

2.1.1 Branch Questionnaire

A Carefully revised questionnaire is constructed and distributed to staff. This Questionnaire
must be used to find all the relevant information as well as being easy to read and use.

This method is usually used in conjunction with other methods and is rarely enough to
justify full analysis. It does however give a personal insight to the system analysis from staff
or users. This method is usually found to be boring for users and is not encouraged during
working hours by management as it can take a long time to complete.

2.1.2 Observation

This method is favoured when the staff or system is too busy to stop working. An analyst is
placed in the work area to observe and take notes and detailed descriptions of the system.
This method is most productive in most cases, as the analyst knows what to look for and
can pay extra attention to areas of importance

2.1.3 Personal Interviews

Personal Interviews are another useful way to find out what staff or users require from
there new system and what they like/dislike about the current one. Personal interviews are
more dynamic than questionnaires however as questions can be improvised and the analysis
can have a more conversational flow, whereas a questionnaire cannot be changed once
given out.

2.1.4 Documents

Existing documents used in the current system can be analysed and improved upon. This is
particularly important if the current system is totally dependent on forms for every
business process. This method will only give you information on the documents used in the
system and will not be good enough for full system analysis alone.
Main Project                                                                    John Palmer

2.1.5 Sampling

Sampling is when an analyst spends a period of time in the job of a user of the current
system, or the analyst is walked through a typical day very closely with a member of staff
or system user.

This method is very effective for pin pointing key business processes and advanced analysis
as most of the methods above can be amalgamated into this method.

2.1.6 Example Questions




Typical Daily Duties

Which Forms do you use in you daily Job?

How would you improve these forms?

How would you change you role to assist productivity?

Have you ever used the Internet to order something e.g. buy from an online shop?

How many hours do you spend doing paper based admin in a week?

How many forms do you need to fill out per day?

Is there anything else you feel we could do to make your job easier?

2.2 Chosen Method and Justification

In this particular instance Avon requires analysis with interaction with staff. So the methods
I would suggest would be an Observation and Document Examples. Using these methods will
get a general overview of the entire daily process of a branch at a day with an Avon Staff
member. It will list all the business processes for development and aid the development of
the new system by giving the analyst a first person point of view in that individuals job.
Main Project                                                                     John Palmer

3.0 Analysis Results

Report from the Analyst

Based on my observations with Sarah on the set observation date we have had have gone as
following, I have rewritten my results as requested by our programming department. The
following documents should aid in the design of an easy to use system that helps to improve
all the difficult aspects of the Field staffs workload. These documents are based on what I
witnessed and am assured that the accounts of staff are accurate to the best of their
knowledge. I am happy with the results of this analysis and feel that further analysis would
be unjustified at this point at this point.

   Analysis Overview (My own notes on the business processes)
   Business Processes (List of processes based on my notes)
   DFD Level 0 (Data flow Diagrams based on business processes)
   DFD Level 1
   SFC (System Flow Chart for current system)
   Solution 1
   Solution 2 (Alternative)

3.1 Analysis Results Overview

AVON Field Staff – Day in the life

Main elements

   Catalogues
   Customer Addresses and Details
   Orders
   Deliveries
   Packaging
   Acting Courier for Customers
   Customer Services
   Complaints

The majority of the day in the life of an Avon staff member consists mainly like that of a
courier. The Avon staff act like a local delivery depot, filtering and dealing with parcels
that are ordered from head office.

Catalogues must be delivered and collected in a timely and efficient manner. This way
parcels / orders are often delivered at the same time as catalogue collection / delivery.

The customer base is not limited for Avon staff and anyone is a potential client. So a
database of the Avon Staff members personal customer database would be a good way to
keep track of the deliveries and orders etc.

Below is a typical work cycle of a field staff member.

1) Deliver all the catalogues in possession to a target area in the local vicinity to the
   workers home address.
2) Collect the catalogues and order forms.
3) Send off the order forms and do process 1 again.
4) Receive the orders (Parcels), Deliver the parcels / new catalogues whilst repeating
   stage 2.
5) (If Necessary) Return incorrect / damaged parcels and redeliver these appropriately.
6) Collect Money upon delivery of correct product.
Main Project                                                          John Palmer
                                                                      [Black]   System
3.1.1 Business Processes                                              [Red]     Sources/Sinks
                                                                      Red       System processes
                                                                      Green     Files
[HEAD OFFICE] Sort out Orders                                         Blue      Ledgers
              Customer Base
              Catalogue Creation
              Mass Import of products
              Instruct the Sub Depots where the products need to go

[SUB DEPOT]    National Warehouses
               Import, Filter and organise Products
               Mass storage of the products
               Send products to field staff

[CUSTOMERS]    Every one in the local vicinity of the Field Staff
               Order Products
               Pay for Products
               Receive products

              Deliver and collect catalogues
              Mass Order products
              Mass Deliver Products

Main Project                                                 John Palmer

Business Processes Dataflow Diagrams

3.1.2 Data Flow Level 0 (Context Level)


     Customers                     Avon Field Delivery   Avon HQ

Main Project                                              John Palmer

3.1.3 Data Flow Level 1


                          Catalogues               Customers

  D2: Customer Orders     2
                          Catalogues Collected
                          / Orders Received
     Avon HQ

                          3                      D1: Customer Details

                          Items Received


                          Items Delivered or       Customers
  D3: Customer Returns
Main Project                                                                                  John Palmer



3.1.4 System Flow Chart


                         REA Landlord
                         Tenant Fact Find                                     Advertising             Mailing List Made

                                                        Tenant Files




 Tenants                                                                                                     Property
                Apply for Viewing           Apply for Property         Contract Made
                                                                                             Update          Ledger

                Update                                                                      Update
                                                                                                             Tenant Files

                         Viewing              Applications In
                         Diary                Tray

                                                                          Filing Cabinet
                                            Clerk empties twice

Main Project                                                                  John Palmer

4.0 New System Design

4.0.1 New System Dataflow Diagram Level 0

  Tenants                1

                         Rachmann Estate             Tenant/Landlord
  Landlords              Agency

4.0.2 New System Dataflow Diagram Level 1

                                                        D1: Property Ledger

  Landlords                    1
                                                        D2: Landlord Ledger
                               Landlord Process
  Estate Agent
                                                        D3: Property List


                               Photograph and
                               Maintain Properties

                               3                        4
                               Tenant Process           Viewing Application


                               Apply for Property

                                                        D4: Viewing Diary
  Landlords                    6

                               Contract Drawn Up        D1: Property Ledger
  Estate Agent
                                                        D2: Landlord Ledger

                                                        D3: Tenant Files
Main Project                                                                    John Palmer

4.1 New System Text Description

These new system dataflow diagrams are based on a new computerised system and are
presuming the landlords and tenants use the graphical user interface online or via an estate
agent in store.

This system will be used via the company website and will be dynamically programmed
using PHP (Language), My SQL (Database) and HTML.

Process 1 Landlords use an online form to register there business interests and will then be
sent the relevant contracts to sign and send back. (via email or fax) The system then takes
this data and automatically updates the Database. Part of the property list is populated.

Process 2 The Estate Agent has taken the pictures and uploaded them to the interface the
system automatically finishes updating the Property list and sends it to all the tenants in
the database (daily).

Process 3 Tenants use an online form to register as potential tenant and the system
database is automatically updated for the property list.

Process 4 Tenants use an online application form for viewing a chosen property the system
then automatically checks for the viewing availability. The landlords online calendar is
checked, updated and confirmation e-mail sent to the landlord and tenant and the relevant
estate agents viewing diary‟s are updated (in-case the landlords are not available).

Process 5 Tenants apply for the property the system checks property availability and
notifications are sent to the tenant and landlord along with a meeting date in the
Rachmann branch. The system then prints out the required documents on the morning of
the date.

Process 6 After all parties sign and agree on prewritten template leasing contract and the
database is updated by the estate agent. The system then takes the relevant property off
the property list and the relevant tenant of the mailing list.

4.2 New System Justification

I believe this system will work as it is already in place in many if not all online ecommerce
solutions. Using dynamic databases and online order forms is now a tried and tested means
of generating huge income (dot com companies) and will only grow to include all commerce
in the future. In the case of the Rachmann Estate Agency this will place them in good stead
to rapid expansion and future proofing as all that is necessary to expand the business is
slight modification to the new system. The databases are capable of maintaining 100 times
as many clients as REA currently has and the systems documents can be changed quickly
and easily to accommodate special circumstances or changes in company policy.

4.3 Analysis Method Comparison

Other analysis methods are always available for this and other systems. The Chosen method
in this case was the Waterfall method. This means the project is looked at in stages and if
part of the project needs to be changed then developers or analyst‟s need only go to a
particular stage to sort out any problems.

Usually in this method once a stage is completed the project moves on until an error or
problem is up turned, these problems are rooted out by the management of the system
during regular checkpoints that are prearranged. These are so the management can
Main Project                                                                    John Palmer

validate the work and verify it. This then forces the project forward and keeps it on
schedule while rectifying issues as and when they crop up.

Other methodologies are

4.3.1 The Spiral method

This method involves 4 stages of development, Planning, Risk analysis, Engineering,
Customer evaluation. The project then cycles through many iterations of this method and is
continually checked and monitored at each short stage. This way if any errors occur the
project would not have moved that far forward before it is rectified. This method usually
involves a lot of user involvement and prototypes of the new system. This method also
allows the project to terminate if risk becomes too great. This prevents unnecessary
engineering and saves money.

4.3.2 SSADM

An advanced version of the waterfall method developed in the UK, this method expands on
the waterfall method to enhance productivity and increase effectient analysis cost

4.3.3 Time box Method

This method is used when a project has a very short timescale and errors must be overcome
immediately (i.e. you cannot return to previous stages). This method concentrates on
production rather than methods of production. The rules are issued for each time scaled
stage these rules are called MoSCoW rules, which stand for:-

Must Have
Should Have
Could Have
Want to Have

As long as the basic functions are developed the project moves on. If there is any time to
spare then the other less important functions are looked at.

Each Time box (Time scaled Stage) is assessed by Investigation, Refinement and

5.0 Development

As Budgets has not yet been established we cannot initiate development, (When we have
received payment this section will be completed).

However the Cost Analysis will be given to allow REA to consider a different approach.

5.1 New System Cost

        System Analysis                                 £10,000
        Website Prototype                               £5,000
        Database and IT solutions                       £12,000
        Intranet implementation                         £1,500
        Network Adjustment                              £1,000
        Website Completion                              £18,000
        Total                                           £47,500

6.1 Implementation
Main Project                                John Palmer

Date for Implementation not yet establish

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