Cultural Diffusion in East Asia by wanghonghx


									Early Civilization in East Asia:
     An Era of Cultural Diffusion

  1. How did geographic conditions
     facilitate cultural diffusion?
  2. How did geographic conditions
     pose obstacles to diffusion?
  3. How did cultures work with and
     against geography to spread?
Water: Austronesian Expansion
Water: Austronesian Expansion
• Movement of Austronesian culture (esp.
  language) from mainland China to Taiwan
  and beyond
• Began roughly 3500-3000 BC
• Spread to Hawaii, Easter Island, and
  Madagascar by ~500 AD
Evidence: Austronesian Diffusion
• Fishing techs: nets, hooks, ocean-going
  vessels with sails
• Pottery and stone tools
• Early farming (gardening)
  – Overtook indigenous hunter-gather societies
  – Did not expand in areas that already had
• Austronesian language group
• Tattooing: Maori face and Filipino body
Land: Silk Road
           Land: Silk Road
• A formal, transcontinental trading route
  initiated by the Han Dynasty of China
• Began around 100 BC
• Built off of previous routes (ex: Persian
  Royal Road)
• Connected to contemporary roads (ex:
  Roman roads)
• Spanned 5000 mi., including connections
      Diffusion: China to Japan
           (300-1000 AD)

• Character based writing
• Rice culture
• Feudalism
               Evidence: Religion

Wing god: Hadda    Wing god: Kizil   Wing god: Fujin
Location: Greece   Location: China   Location: Japan
Date: 100 AD       Date: 700 AD      Date: 1600 AD
         Evidence: Art/Architecture
               S. Italy
               Date: 350

Location:                  Temple artifacts
Empire                     Location: Japan

Date: 200 AD               Date: 700 AD

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