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					                             Farewell to Manzanar
                               Imagery/Irony Log

Imagery: figurative language that appeals to the five senses: touch, taste, smell, hearing, and
              sight; mental pictures evoked through use of simile and metaphor; sensory
Irony:   contrast or discrepancy between expectation and reality
              �� dramatic irony exists when information is known to the reader or audience but
              unknown to the characters
              �� situational irony involves an occurrence that contradicts the expectations of the
              reader or audience
              �� verbal irony occurs when a writer or speaker says one thing but means the

Maintain this log while reading Farewell to Manzanar. The teacher will assign how many
examples of each she wants you to locate in each chapter or overall for the entire text.

You must write down examples of irony and imagery as you locate them in the text. Along with
the page number, you will need to record the following pieces of info in the log for each example
of irony and imagery that you locate: page number, a summary/direct quote of the example, and
explanation of why each is an example of that particular type of figurative language. Below is a
sample of how to set up your log. The log will be kept on your own paper; that way you can
adjust spacing as needed.

 Type of figurative                                Summary or direct       Explanation of why
 language (imagery              Page #            quote of the example       the example is
     or irony)                                                              imagery or irony

        Irony                      4              “In typical Japanese       There is a contrast
                                                     fashion, they all          between the
                                                       wanted to be          expectation of the
                                                       independent         fishermen wanting to
                                                       commercial           be independent and
                                                   fishermen, yet they       the reality of them
                                                  almost always fished       continually fishing
                                                        together.”                together.

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