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									   Volume 10, issue 1         A Newsletter of the Andrus Family Philanthropy Program                                     Fall 2009


                        A Centennial Salute
                                                                                                 By Julia Andrus Kelly

 Going out to a lunch with my               whatever eating establishment we go                  he’s worked with in his many roles,
 grandfather is always an interesting       to and whenever we go, our table is                  to giggling waitresses. Plus, the
 event. My brother, sister and I cherish    typically met with at least a handful                comments tend to be less about
 these meals, as Grandpa generously         of people who stop by to speak                       the lobster bisque and more about
 imparts sage advice, regales us with       with Grandpa. I’m not exaggerating.                  some way my grandfather has hugely
 fascinating stories and always has         What’s more, it’s not just a certain                 influenced this person’s life. People
 us in stitches with his Rolodex of         age or type who swing by. Oh no.                     stop by to exchange greetings with
 knee-slapping jokes (also known as         It is everyone from young kids who                   John Andrus because they genuinely
“rousers”). The only obstacle lies in       want to just say hello, to friends from              adore and respect him. Sometimes
 actually finishing our meal. You see,      all generations, to various people                   lunch goes on for hours.
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                                  Andrus Family Philanthropy Program, a program of the Surdna Foundation

                                                                                                       From the Executive Director
                                                                                                       of AFPP & AFF

By Edie Thorpe and Josie Lowman                                                                        By Steve Kelban

In our humble opinion, it has been another          Avenue, we are creating—with the help of a         There is always a connection between what
year of wonderful growth and achievement for        professional videographer—a short video on         is going on in the larger world and what goes
both the Andrus Family Philanthropy Program         our Andrus family and its philanthropic history.   on in our work at AFF and AFPP. This year, the
(AFPP) and Surdna.                                  It will be available for foundation visitors and   connection is particularly powerful. The downturn
                                                    will also be posted on the new family website,     in the economy has reduced the Surdna endow-
Headlining everything is the 100th birthday
                                                    so be sure to look for it.                         ment, as it has virtually all endowments, and thus
of our terrific patriarch, John Emory Andrus III
                                                                                                       the annual allotment for AFF’s grant making.
(see pictures in this issue). Decades ago, this     And speaking of Surdna…
                                                                                                       But given that AFF has a double mission—to teach
amazing man set the bar high for family pride
                                                    Just a word about the new office space that        young family members about philanthropy at the
and participation. He has done so much to
                                                    was mentioned above. It’s FANTASTIC. The           same time as we function as a philanthropic entity—
unite us, and our AFPP program is a direct
                                                    new office space was done using as much            it’s been a year full of opportunities to teach and
result of his devotion to Andrus family history
                                                    environmentally correct material as possible.      to learn together as board and staff.
and its philanthropic entities. Our sincerest
                                                    The new boardroom space can actually
gratitude, respect, and love go out to John                                                            We have worked through the implications of
                                                    accommodate the full Board plus the majority
on his one hundred years!                                                                              managing with less. We decided to focus on
                                                    of the staff around the table. This makes
                                                                                                       a core set of current grantees whom were high
We’re certain that John and other family            conversations during the board meeting
                                                                                                       performing and working squarely within our
members would have been very proud of               much easier and more productive.
                                                                                                       program areas and to reduce our efforts to attract
the presentation given by fifth-generationers
                                                    The Surdna Board has spent the last year           and engage new grantees. Making tough choices
Davis Benedict and Kelly Nowlin at the
                                                    drafting and refining a new mission statement.     is always a part of any grant-making effort, but
February 2009 Family Foundations Conference
                                                    It has been an extraordinary process, one          this year’s choices were tougher than usual.
in Indianapolis. Together with Steve Kelban,
                                                    which, though difficult at times, has given the    There have now been 24 cousins on the AFF board
they told the story of the development of the
                                                    board a huge amount of satisfaction and pride.     over the ten years of its existence. Each board
Andrus Family Fund to an audience of more
                                                    Please look for our new mission statement on       has had its own challenges and opportunities.
than 75 people—the largest break-out session
                                                    the Surdna website later this fall. The board is   We owe particular appreciation to the current
at the conference. So many families and family
                                                    currently in the process of determining how the    board for the way it stepped up to the challenges
foundations are seeking ways to engage their
                                                    current and future work of the Foundation will     it faced with a seriousness of purpose and attention
younger generations, and Davis, Kelly, and
                                                    be shaped given our new mission statement          to mission that were admirable.
Kelly led a very interactive and productive
                                                    (see page 12.)
lesson in how our family has done so.                                                                  Ten years ago, the Family Involvement Committee
                                                    Last November, the Surdna board welcomed           (FIC) of the Surdna Foundation embarked on a bold
                           Along those
                                                    two new family members, Mike Spensley              adventure. It confronted the basic challenge every
                           same lines,
                                                    (fourth generation) and Peter Benedict II          family foundation faced: how to engage the next
                           by now you
                                                    (fifth generation). To be technically correct,     generation in governance of its existing entities. But
                           all should have
                                                    the board welcomed back Mike from a two-           it didn’t stop there. Its ambition was to offer oppor-
                           received a copy
                                                    year absence. Peter had previously been            tunities across the generations for multiple ways to
                           of Deanne
                                                    a member and board chair of AFF. We conti-         learn, to contribute, to participate, to serve. Deanne
                           Stone’s booklet,
                                                    nue to have openings for qualified family          Stone has documented some of this in her two
                          “Next Generation
                                                    members. If you are interested, please contact     monographs, the second of which you should have
                                                    John Hawkins (Nominating Committee Chair)          recently received.
                                                    at JHawkins@surdna.org or Edie Thorpe
                           Transition,”                                                                Concinnity is one way for the family to reflect
                                                    (Chair of the Family Involvement Committee)
                           a thorough                                                                  annually on all the ways that this initial vision
                                                    at EThorpe@surdna.org.
                           recap of AFF’s                                                              of the FIC has been realized. In these pages, you
                           history to date.         In the past year, we have bid goodbye to two       can read about cousins in high school and cousins
We‘re so pleased that more than twenty-             long-time program staff at Surdna, Robert          in college and graduate school, each exploring
five fifth-generation members have rotated          Sherman and Vanitha Venugopal. Robert,             his or her own interests and learning about
through AFF board membership, and this              program director for the Effective Citizenry       philanthropy through AYSP and the BETs programs.
pattern will continue.                              program area, left last November to work           You can learn more about what your cousins who
                                                    for Mercy Corps on an exciting new museum          are serving on the various family philanthropy
Our sincere thanks go to AFF board members
                                                    project in lower Manhattan. Vanitha, program       boards are up to. And you will find information
Jennifer Pakradooni and Thomas Kelly as they
                                                    officer for the Community Revitalization           on our newest way to connect: the new family web
work to create an enhanced Andrus family
                                                    program, departed in January for the West          site that Jen Pakradooni and Thomas Kelly have
website for us all. Our gratitude also extends
                                                    Coast, where she became program officer at         brought to life, generously supported by seven
to a number of older cousins led by none
                                                    the San Francisco Foundation. A third program      family members.
other than John E. Andrus III who contributed
                                                    staff member, Vince Stehle, will be leaving
lead gifts to get this project off the ground.                                                         One of our goals going forward is to create ever
                                                    Surdna this September after a ten-year record
We hope that you will all access and use this                                                          stronger mechanisms of connection and outreach.
                                                    of stellar achievement directing the Nonprofit
website when it’s up and running!                                                                      I would welcome hearing from any and all of
                                                    Sector Support program. All three provided
                                                                                                       you who would like to explore your own ways
Finally, as part of the office art project in the   outstanding service, not only to Surdna, but
                                                                                                       of connecting to the family and its emphasis on
newly renovated Surdna space at 330 Madison         to our grantees. They will be missed.
                                                                                                       philanthropy and public service.
                                                                         CoVER ARtiCLE                                                                          3

A Centennial Salute
Continued from cover

My grandfather has made friends
each and every day for 100 years.
I don’t think a day has gone by in
which his magnetic and charming
personality hasn’t captured the
hearts of others, which explains
his current international popularity.
Born in Fergus Falls, MN in 1909,
he was raised in Minneapolis and
was educated at The Blake School,
Culver Military Academy, Wesleyan
University, and The University of
Minnesota Law School. He served
in World War II as an artillery officer
in the South Pacific. After returning in
1945, he moved back to Minneapolis
and became the President of the
Deep Draw Corporation. His interests
and passions have extended far
beyond his career. He was married
to the lovely and equally charming
Marion Elizabeth Haynes for 59
years and the couple raised three
wonderful daughters, Libby, Julie and
Katie. He's an accomplished skier
and tennis player and loves to travel,
taking his family on many vacations
(including a particularly ambitious
three month road trip throughout
Europe in a Volkswagen bus, during
which, I am told the girls were not
exactly angels).
                                           “My grandfather has made friends                                                stepped out of his walker and
                                                                                                                           danced across the floor with his
                                                                                                                           daughter Libby.
A devoted supporter of the Nature
Conservancy, he served as Trustee
                                            each and every day for 100 years.                                              The festivities did not end on Saturday
                                                                                                                           night. On Sunday afternoon, 260
and Chairman of the national
board and received several national         I don’t think a day has gone by in                                             guests celebrated his birthday at an
awards. My grandfather’s interest in                                                                                       Open House at Woodhill. People
the Andrus Family at large and the          which his magnetic and charming                                                from all walks of his life joined
                                                                                                                           together to tip their hats to the guest
philanthropies of the original donor,
Johnny Emory Andrus, made an
indelible imprint on our extended
                                            personality hasn’t captured the hearts                                         of honor. Great old friends, family
                                                                                                                           members, his many terrific caretakers,
                                                                                                                           his trainers and colleagues all shook
family, encouraging each of us to get
involved in one of the many Andrus
                                            of others, which explains his current                                          hands with John Andrus and shared
                                                                                                                           stories over a glass of wine and lemon
family entities. He served on the
boards of the Julia Dyckman Andrus          international popularity. ”                                                    cake. Grandpa greeted everyone with
                                                                                                                           his famous charm and quick wit.
Memorial ("The Andrus Children's
Home"), the John Andrus Memorial                                                                                           It is rather difficult to sum up some-
                                           to celebrate his birthday, with a      dozens of old pictures of Grandpa
(Andrus on Hudson) and on the                                                                                              one like my grandfather. So I’ve
                                           dinner, cake and singing. Grandpa      throughout his life and took photos
Surdna Foundation for many years.                                                                                          decided to just list some basic facts.
                                           greeted guests with his usual smile    with the Man of the Moment. After
At his first Surdna meeting, he was                                                                                        FACT: When you ask him how he is,
                                           and enthusiasm, this time donning      the first course, we were treated
voted in as a member and, at the                                                                                           he usually responds with “finer then
                                           a festive "100 years!" birthday hat.   to an incredible dance performance
same time, elected Chairman of the                                                                                         a frog’s hair,” or “in the pink,” and
                                           Other family members in attendance     by his daughter Katie and her dance
board! During his tenure, he led                                                                                           he truly means it. His happiness is
                                           included Sam Thorpe, Skid and          partner, Dennis Yelkin. The dynamic
the foundation toward its current                                                                                          extremely contagious. FACT: His
                                           Edie Thorpe, Libby, Katie, Julie, and  duo wowed guests with a sultry
professional status, bringing on the                                                                                       sartorial style is seamless, particularly
                                           granddaughter Amara Andrus. He's       Argentinean tango, a rendition of
first executive director and paving                                                                                        around the holidays. FACT: His sense
                                           also being recognized at events at    “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and
the way towards the selection of the                                                                                       of humor is matchless and he loves
                                           the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, “The Chairman's Waltz”. Lively toasts
initial program areas: community                                                                                           making up silly nicknames for his
                                           the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and  followed by a variety of admiring
revitalization and the environment.                                                                                        family that tend to stick around
                                           the Marsh—where Grandpa still goes     family members and friends, including
He was recognized for his distin-                                                                                          (Thisbe, Poodie, Ol’ Thomas, Datie-
                                           to work out with his trainer three     John Hawkins, Skid and Edie Thorpe,
guished and lengthy service and                                                                                            Bird, etc.). FACT: His exceptional
                                           times a week.                          his seven grandchildren, and his three
now serves as Chairman Emeritus.                                                                                           generosity and love for his family
                                                                                  adoring daughters. Grandpa's gal
At 100 years old, John Andrus still        The grand celebration took place                                                and friends is unparalleled. FACT:
                                                                                  pals, the famous "M & M's" (starring
participates on the Arts Program           on the weekend of his actual 100th                                              In his 100 years on the planet, he’s
                                                                                  Mary Plant, Mary Lee Dayton and
conference calls.                          birthday, September 19th. The                                                   made it a better place for future
                                                                                  Marney Brooks) really turned heads
                                           kick-off event was a small dinner of                                            generations to live.
As his 100th birthday approached,                                                 with their toe-tapping song, "Hello,
                                           family and close friends on Saturday
many different groups and individuals                                             Johnny!" As the evening wound            I know that I speak for all of his
                                           evening at the Woodhill Country
have wanted to show their respect                                                 down, guests raised glasses of           grandchildren when I say that we
                                           Club in Wayzata, Minnesota. Before
and admiration. This past Labor Day                                               champagne, wearing their party           were honored to be in attendance
                                           sitting down to a delectable meal
weekend, ninety members of the                                                    favor golf hats—Grandpa's signature      at his 100th birthday celebration
                                           of duck and wild rice, beef bouillon,
Encampment Forest Association                                                     apparel choice. The evening was          and immensely proud to be his
                                           and chocolate cake, guests perused
in Two Harbors, MN came together                                                  really topped off when Grandpa           grandchildren.

   in tHE nEWS
 VP and Coo of                                                               Surprise AFF Connections
 Andrus Children’s                                                           at national Conference
 Center Wins Award
Brian Farragher, the vice president and chief operating officer of
the Andrus Children’s Center (Andrus) in Yonkers, was awarded
the 2009 Samuel Gerson Nordlinger Child Welfare Leadership
Award by the Alliance for Children and Families to honor his
outstanding contribution to the child welfare field.
Brian has worked for Andrus for more than 22 years in various
roles and assumed his current role of VP/COO in 2003. This
award came as a huge surprise because he did not even know
his colleagues had nominated him. The award was presented at
the National Leadership Conference on Child Welfare Issues in
Clearwater Beach, Florida in January 2009.
                                                “It is always nice to have
                                                 your work recognized,
                                                 but honestly I have
                                                                             David and Angela earley with San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Alex Smith.
                                                 been very lucky to have
                                                 had the opportunity         In January 2009, David and Angela Earley attended the Alliance
                                                 to do important and         for Children and Families’ National Leadership Conference on
                                                 innovative work at          Child Welfare Issues in Clearwater Beach, Florida. (See related
                                                 Andrus. I do not think      article on Brian Farragher’s award at the same conference.) David
                                                 many organizations          attended in his role as a board member of the Andrus Children’s
                                                 encourage innovation.       Center. Angela, a board member of the Andrus Family Fund
                                                 I am fortunate to be        (AFF), attended as his guest, unaware of the serendipity that
                                                 in an environment           awaited her. Though she was not there in an official AFF role,
                                                 that supports and           Angela made two surprise AFF connections.
                                                 encourages staff to try
                                                 new things and take         “We attended an evening reception before the conference. The
                                                 some risks.”                 lady across the table from us started talking about issues with her
                                                                              agency and program. It sounded really familiar to me. I quickly
                                           In the nomination                  learned that her agency received funding from AFF, and I had
                                           letter for Brian, one
Brian Farragher COO, Andrus Children's Center
                                                                              read the grant application,” explained Angela.
                                           recommender summed
                                           up the feelings                   The next day at a luncheon, more connections happened.
of many, “No accomplishment can be greater than Brian’s                      On stage was Alex Smith, a quarterback for the San Francisco
dedication to changing the face of child care for children who               49ers and founder of the Alex Smith Foundation San Diego
have experienced chronic stress, trauma, and loss.” Andrus has               State University Guardian Scholars Program. He was answering
employed the Sanctuary Model, developed by Dr. Sandra Bloom,                 questions about this program that assists foster youth in
as its organization-wide, trauma-informed model. Brian saw the               obtaining higher education without traditional family support.
potential for this model and the need for residential treatment              The program incorporates support at the high school and college
centers like Andrus to implement it. His work at Andrus has                  level for a group of students to ensure they graduate high school,
made it a national leader in the field. He has also helped                   experience post-secondary education and have the chance
implement the model at organizations around the world.                       to apply new skills in community organizations. The college
                                                                             component provides a five-year scholarship, year-round housing
“Many of the children and families we serve have been injured                and extensive individual guidance and support for 10 San Diego
 prior to coming into care with us. Traumatic experiences                    State University students that were former foster youth.
 shape the way they view and interact with the world around
 them. Working day in and day out with traumatized children                  The surprise for Angela? This program receives AFF funding,
 can be very stressful. Organizations under stress can begin to               too, and Alex Smith was well-versed in the transitions framework.
 look and act like the clients we are supposed to be serving;                “He talked about transitions, and people really responded to it
 communication can break down, problems are not addressed,                    and asked a lot of questions.”
 people begin to feel hopeless and helpless. The Sanctuary                   Angela enjoyed meeting Alex and talking to him, his mom, and
 Model is our way of bolstering ourselves and our organization               his assistant about AFF and transitions. “He’s extremely bright
 against the impact of repetitive stress.“                                   and very passionate about kids and what he wants to do to help
His colleagues praised his work in implementing the Sanctuary                them. His mom is a social worker. We talked for a long time
Model in their nomination of him for this award. Brian holds an              about the transitions framework and other ways in which we
MSW and an MBA. He also conducts workshops and delivers                      use it. He had a lot of questions about AFF because he has his
presentations on topics such as childhood trauma and the                     own foundation that he established. He asked plenty of family
reduction of restraints in treatment settings. Brian has also                philanthropy questions. He and his mother really admire AFF
published work on these topics.                                              and its staff and how they work together.”
                                                                                   in tHE nEWS                                                                                5

Sanctuary Labyrinth: Walking the Sacred Path                                                                                                           By Liz Wilson

Early in 2008, I was seeking a way to mark my first            to wonder about a labyrinth for an AFF ceremony,        Nancy showed me a picture of the Battery Park
year of living with the loss of my husband, John               which led me to ACC, the place where AFF does           Labyrinth for Contemplation (honoring 9/11 victims)
Griffth, who died in July 2007. I knew it had to               our tree ceremony. This led me to wonder whether        which she and her husband had walked in this
be a spiritual marking, one that could help me                 children at ACC could be touched by the labyrinth       research process. I was also in New York for an
understand the paradox of how to proceed both                  in some healing or connecting way. As this swirled      AFF board meeting and decided to go to Battery
without John and with him somehow; how to move                 in my imagination and gained energy and form,           Park after my Saturday session. After a challenging
on and hold on at the same time. I wondered what               labyrinths had already entered the minds of several     treasure hunt, assisted by cell phones, subways,
I could possibly do to continue the love we shared             people at ACC. Thus began this labyrinth’s weave        buses, and a bit of walking, I passed through the
and also honor the tremendous blanketing of love               of many peoples’ stories and journeys.                  portal of the labyrinth in January’s dark and cold.
my family and I had received since he died. I kept                                                                     I was enchanted by this intimate place which felt
                                                               AFF’s Executive Director, Steve Kelban, a labyrinth
an ear out for the answers. The first was delivered                                                                    safe and containing, but was set amidst and in
                                                               walker himself, embraced the idea when I
on the sideline of my daughter’s lacrosse game in                                                                      full view of the grandness and bustle of this city.
                                                               presented it to him, and he called Nancy Ment,
May 2008.
                                                               ACC President, on my behalf in September 2008
An acquaintance, whose daughter was playing in                 to propose a labyrinth at ACC. Without hesitation,
the same lacrosse game, said that she had been                 she responded, “Yes.”
thinking about me and tentatively mentioned that
                                                         Nancy writes, “The plan for a labyrinth on our
she had been carrying around a book for me. She
                                                         Campus has grown out of experiences of loss
ran to her car and came back with The Sacred Path
                                                         that seemed not possible to bear. John Griffith,
Companion: A Guide to Walking the Labyrinth to
                                                         cherished husband, father and son, a member
Heal and Transform by Lauren Artress. The labyrinth
                                                         of the extended Andrus family and Peter Ment,
was what I was looking for: a symbol for life’s
                                                         treasured son of the Andrus President and CEO,
journeys. Loss, in whatever form it takes, sends us
                                                         died suddenly and tragically… Unlike many of the
on a journey to find wholeness again and re-cycle
                                                         children and families who depend on Andrus, our
our love in some way. The labyrinth gave me a way
                                                         families have had extraordinary support in making
to understand my journey as a unique thread, but
                                                         our journeys through loss. And still, it has barely
one which is interwoven with so many others’ losses.                                                                   Liz Wilson, designer Ariane Burgess and Nancy Ment choosing
                                                         been possible. Knowing firsthand the disabling
A labyrinth, whose pattern first goes inward as to                                                                     the site for the Labyrinth.
                                                         effects of loss has given us a window into how
our own center and back out again into the world,
                                                         devastating loss can be for those who don’t have
is a metaphor for wholeness and connection—to
                                                         the social and emotional resources available to us.”          Whoever made this labyrinth had the sensibilities
ourselves, to each other, to nature, and, in all these,
                                                                                                                       that I hoped to engage for the ACC labyrinth.
to spirit/God.                                          The project has evolved, now in its building
                                                         phase just a year later, largely due to the synergy           Ariane Burgess, an artist with Camino de Paz
    “The labyrinth is one of the oldest contem-
                                                         that came to this project through ACC staff,                  Labyrinths and Peace Walks (caminodepaz.org),
     plative and transformational tools known to
                                                         and the resonance that the labyrinth has within               designed and collaborated with community groups
     humankind, used for centuries for prayer, ritual,
                                                         their Sanctuary framework. Nancy further writes:              on the creation of the Battery Park labyrinth. When
     initiation and personal and spiritual growth. This
                                                        “The framework of Sanctuary has helped us to                   Ariane and I first spoke, in a rich and lengthy conver-
     ancient and powerful tool is unicursal, offering
                                                         understand how essential it is to surround those              sation, I learned that she had a particular passion
     only one route to the center and back out again:
                                                         who struggle through pain with a wide array of                for natural environments, using recycled materials
     no blind alleys, dead ends, or tricks, as in a
                                                         tools to find a way to the future. In our treatment           and incorporating native horticulture into her
     maze… What remains for the labyrinth walker
                                                         program, we enrich our school curriculum with non-            designs, as well as her experience in education
     is simply the deeply meditative and symbolic
                                                         verbal expressive activities--music, dance, art--to           programs with children and labyrinths and empha-
     discipline of setting one foot in front of the
                                                         help children tell themselves and us what they feel.          sizing community-building into their projects.
     other, of honoring the journey itself and what
                                                         We have incorporated gardening as a metaphor                  I was amazed by the match-up of interests and
     it has to teach.” Melissa Gayle West, Exploring
                                                         for growth and renewal. We emphasize the healing              hoped she would take on the Andrus project.
     the Labyrinth
                                                         power of relationships based on trust and respect.            She came to ACC in April to begin collaboration
                                                                                                                       and to look for a site. By mid-July, the area had
                                                                                                                       been reviewed in different weather, the soil was
                                                                                                                       tested for drainage, and plans had been unveiled.
                                                                                                                       On August 3rd, the chosen site, which is adjacent
                                                                                                                       to the new greenhouse, was dedicated in a cere-
                                                                                                                       mony attended by members of Camino de Paz, and
                                                                                                                       a representative collection of children, staff, and
                                                                                                                       board of ACC. The purpose of the dedication was
                                                                                                                       to bring human intentionality to altering the land.
                                                                                                                       There was a presentation by the ACC chaplain,
                                                                                                                       Richard McKeon, about the long history of labyrinths
                                                                                                                       across faiths, and then a blending of Native American
                                                                                                                       Lakota traditions acknowledging the meanings
Plans for the new Labyrinth at the Andrus Children's Center.
                                                                                                                       of the 6 directions: East, South, West, North,
                                                                                                                       Father Sky and Mother Earth, lead by Ariane and
                                                                                                                       ACC Earth Science teacher, Debra Argentina, with
Out of my sideline encounter had begun a                       The labyrinth represents for us a new opportunity
                                                                                                                       children sharing drumbeats throughout this part.
wonderfully synchronistic process of creating a                to introduce children and families to contemplation
labyrinth at the Andrus Children’s Center (ACC).               and centeredness. But our intentions are broader:       Toward the end, Ariane invited all to close their
This was the second answer that I was listening                to involve our staff and community partners in          eyes, and allow the drumbeats to match their
for—a way to re-cycle our love for John and the                finding their own ways through the labyrinth.”          heartbeats and then allow themselves to feel their
love shown to us. I could help create something                                                                        own centers. All left feeling that something quite
                                                               Nancy and I began to share our explorations of
with John’s memorial fund that represented the                                                                         special had taken place and were grateful to have
                                                               labyrinths conceptually, practically, and in physical
continuation of all things in some form, above all,                                                                    been there. The labyrinth will be completed by
                                                               form soon after the September phone call. In
the continuation of hope and love.                                                                                     the end of September. I hope that all of those who
                                                               January 2009, I met with Nancy and staff at ACC,
                                                                                                                       come will find something that they seek by walking
I had the idea for a labyrinth at ACC on one of my             and enjoyed the openness and enthusiasm for the
                                                                                                                       the labyrinth and will also come to recognize
first walks in July 2008 at a church near my home.             project while we exchanged notes on how to get
                                                                                                                       themselves as both “spiritual beings on a human
The walk felt much like pacing through the stages              to the next steps: who can build it, where will it
                                                                                                                       path and human beings on a spiritual path.”
of the Transitions Framework for me. As the Andrus             be, what will it be made of, when will it be done,
Family Fund (AFF) Transitions Keeper, this led me              how much will it cost.

Andrus youth Service                                                         BEts iii: new Board, new outlook
Program Update                                                                                                        By Kim Kaupe

The Andrus Youth Service Program (AYSP) is in its eight year of training     Five eager individuals stepped into      and emails, the board created a final
the youngest family members in philanthropy and community service.           their new roles as BETs III (Board       RFP and sent it out to current/past
AYSP gives 13-18 year old family members hands-on experience with            Experiential Training) board members     AFF grantees to solicit high-quality
grant making. In the first year, they research and choose an organization    in January 2009. Caitlin Earley, Megan   proposals that would fulfill the “ompf”
to receive $500. Returning students receive $750 to award, and those         Kelly, Courtney Spensley, Kaitlin        criterion.
volunteering at least 16 hours in the organization receive an additional     Spensley, and Julia Voorhees arrived
                                                                                                                      With no preconceived notion of how
$250 to award.                                                               at the Surdna office in New York City
                                                                                                                      many proposals we would receive,
                                                                             to begin their new journey with BETs.
According to Masiel Rodriguez-Vars, the project coordinator, the                                                      we were thrilled when fifteen arrived.
                                                                             After experiencing the ups and downs
number of teens interested in the program has increased over the years.                                               Board members were excited and
                                                                             and ultimate success of BETs II, I was
Students have also become more independent in their choices, with less                                                eager to read each one. After reading
                                                                             brought back on board this year as a
parental influence and more personal involvement and volunteering.                                                    through the proposals, the board had
                                                                             co-facilitator to help the new board
“Kids are much more in command of the process,” says Masiel.                                                          to develop new criteria on which to
                                                                             navigate their way through the grant
                                                                                                                      judge them. The board focused on
“The thing that strikes me the most is the level of competence that          making process. Returning as head
                                                                                                                      clearly identified goals and objectives
grows in the kids. They learn to affect change in their own communities.     facilitator was Frank Hartmann. His
                                                                                                                      in regard to evaluation, in addition to
They learn to call organizations and work together. The skills they get      guidance and patience made BETs II
                                                                                                                      seeking out projects that fit within the
are pretty impressive. It can make a pretty big impact,” she explains.       an unprecedented success.
                                                                                                                      direct problem area, and, if possible,
AYSP has 11 participants this year:                                          For many of the new members, this        supplying supporting statistics or
                                                                             was their first time meeting. Some       data.
                                                                             could place faces to names that they
                                                                                                                      Over the next few rounds of phone
                                                                             had heard, and a few were close
Amara Andrus (16), Common              Naomi Wright (17): Naomi                                                       calls, the board members organized
                                                                             enough to burst into conversation
Hope: Building on a grant that         is exploring a few different                                                   themselves, with each member taking
                                                                             among stepping into the room. The
was awarded last year, Amara           areas this year, including                                                     on certain proposals to review in-
                                                                             new BETs board dove right into
hopes to support more targeted         organizations working to improve                                               depth. Each board member presented
                                                                             transitions training before their work
efforts to improve the educational     the environment and agencies                                                   a few proposals to the board,
                                                                             the next day began. With a better
opportunity for impoverished           addressing poverty in developing                                               describing likes and dislikes, their
                                                                             understanding of the transitions
families in Guatemala.                 countries.                                                                     concerns, and a final recommendation
                                                                             framework and a few hours of
                                                                                                                      to fund or not.
                                                                             training under their belts, the board
John Jasper (14), Union Gospel         Ginger Pakradooni (15):
                                                                             assembled early on Saturday, January     By June, the board had selected
Mission: An organization               Ginger will likely build on
                                                                             24 to determine what laid ahead          three proposals to recommend for
dedicated to “giving the homeless      her experience working with
                                                                             for their newly formed board. They       funding: On the Move (Foster Care
and needy a second shot in life,”      needy families in urban and
                                                                             explored where their individual          to Independence), Active Voice
UGM provides food, shelter, life       rural areas by recommending
                                                                             interests lay, what excited them, and    (Community Reconciliation), and
skills, and job training to help       a local organization that serves
                                                                             how they could channel this into the     Youth Communication (Foster Care to
people find jobs. John writes: “I      families, particularly children, in
                                                                             grant-making process. They attended      Independence). Everyone was excited
had never been to a place like         need. Ginger enjoys working with
                                                                             some of the Andrus Family Fund (AFF)     to present these remarkable programs
this, and it was a fun experience to   young children and is especially
                                                                             board meeting to observe and learn.      to the AFF board in September.
see people who care a lot about        drawn to organizations that
                                                                             BETs proposal are reviewed by AFF        BETs board members started to feel
their jobs and the people they         provide youth with opportunities
                                                                             for final approval.                      nervous about presenting their work.
serve.”                                that they might not otherwise get.
                                                                                                                      Armed with proposals, descriptions,
                                                                             While many ideas and criteria were
                                                                                                                      facts, and passion, the BETs III board
Sam Jasper (16), New Life: New         Lili Pakradooni (17): Lili is also    formed and sorted out, one in
                                                                                                                      was able to secure funding for each of
Life provides a range of services      interested in continuing her          particular might surprise you the
                                                                                                                      the proposals that they had brought
to assist women and men with           work with communities in need,        most. The main criterion for this BETs
                                                                                                                      to the table. Within the coming
unplanned pregnancies.                 a passion she has developed           board was something we could never
                                                                                                                      months, the board is eager to see the
                                       through her experiences in            quite name precisely. The criterion
                                                                                                                      results of their proposals take shape
Abigail Earley (15), Prevention        YouthWorks. As a YouthWorks           was to find organizations on the
                                                                                                                      as the money starts to filter into the
of Animal Abuse: Abigail is            volunteer, Lili has worked with       cusp of greatness that just need an
                                                                                                                      organizations they selected. We are
passionate about animals, and          families and communities              extra push—an “ompf” in the right
                                                                                                                      all looking forward to seeing the
cares deeply about preventing          throughout the country. She           direction that would send them
                                                                                                                      impact of the BETs III work in each of
abuse. She is exploring local          hopes to support a local              propelling down the mountain leaving
                                                                                                                      these organizations.
organizations that advocate for        organization that provides similar    only wonderful work in their wake.
animals and that provide shelter       services to families in need in her   Whether in the area of foster care or    This BETs III board has grown leaps
for those that are abused.             own town.                             community reconciliation, all board      and bounds from where we started
                                                                             members agreed upon this main            and has grown from where BETs II left
Aedin Wright (14): Aedin is            Nick Pakradooni (16): Nick            criterion.                               off. With each board learning what
exploring a few organizations,         is working on a self-directed                                                  works, what doesn’t, and what should
                                                                             The board then began the arduous
each addressing her range of           project to make local buildings                                                be tried again, the BETs program
                                                                             process of creating their very own
passions: Bend Community Center        more energy efficient. He will be                                              is gaining steam and securing its
                                                                             Request for Proposal (RFP) to
(BCC), a local organization that       partnering with a local non-profit                                             footing. I am anxious to see how the
                                                                             streamline the way they would obtain
provides an array of services          to support their shift towards                                                 next BETs cycle will go. I believe the
                                                                             proposals. After outlining the RFP,
to those in need; Saving Grace,        energy-conserving behavior.                                                    entire family will be truly astonished at
                                                                             the group returned home after the
a local organization that serves                                                                                      the gem that they have created.
                                                                             January meeting. Through phone calls
women who have survived                Wadsworth Williams (17),
intimate abuse; and the Central        Toberman Community Center: He
Asia Institute, Greg Mortenson's       is committed to the continuation
(author of Three Cups of               of the music program that he
Tea) organization which supports       developed.
community-based education,
especially for girls, in Afghanistan
and Pakistan.
                                                                        in tHE nEWS / DoERS                                                                            7

AySP Participant Wadsworth Williams Shares Music
Wadsworth Williams, the 16-year-            with drastic budget cuts, music          “During the second year, I worked            about how much his children progress
old son of David and Yolanda                programs have been eliminated from        with the Toberman board to push for         and learn about music jumpstarted
Williams, joined the Andrus Youth           all public schools. “Growing up, I’ve     more of a music program beyond the          my push to start an orchestra,” says
Service Program (AYSP) two years            had a lot of exposure to music. I know recorder. Sixty years ago, there was a         Wadsworth.
ago, when he was a freshman in high         the opportunities that music offers       full orchestra that played there, with
                                                                                                                                  His goal is to create a self-sustaining
school. He first learned about the         ,and the happiness it brings.”             instruments and teachers. It was a
                                                                                                                                  orchestra, self-taught and self-running
program from a letter he received,                                                    really great program. But that hasn’t
                                            He started the program with 15                                                        within the orchestra itself. For the first
and was intrigued enough to learn                                                     been around for 60 years. I wanted
                                            third through fifth graders in 2007,                                                  few years, high school and college
more. “I’d been doing little things                                                   to start with some brass, woodwinds,
                                            purchasing recorders, music stands                                                    students will volunteer to teach
in my community already to make                                                       and percussion to create an orchestra.
                                            and white boards for teaching. He                                                     students, with the goal of having
a difference, and this seemed like                                                   That program will launch in the fall
                                            taught a class every other week from                                                  older students in the program teach
a good opportunity to get more                                                        2009 with funding from AYSP and
                                            October through June, beginning                                                       younger ones so that it will grow and
involved and take my involvement                                                      local organizations to buy instruments.
                                            with the basics of reading music and                                                  sustain itself with its own resources for
into my own hands,” says Wadsworth.                                                  The big thing is to get as many instru-
                                            handling the recorder. In June, the                                                   years to come.
                                                                                      ments for as many kids as we can,”
With $1000 to invest in a non-profit        first class performed a concert of
                                                                                      explains Wadsworth. The orchestra           Wadsworth is thankful for all of the
the first year, Wadsworth chose             three songs for the center.
                                                                                      will be for students from sixth grade       resources and support he received
the Toberman Neighborhood
                                           The program continued with an              through high school. The recorder           from his fellow music students
Center in San Pedro, California, as
                                            increased number of children for the      program will remain for third through       and his music teachers to start this
his recipient. With the funds, this
                                            second year and will continue again       fifth graders.                              program. “Almost all of the people
baritone and trumpet player created
                                            this fall in its third year. Wadsworth                                                in my music program started with the
an introductory music program for                                                     He was inspired to expand the
                                            still teaches, but he has also recruited                                              recorder because it’s easy to play and
children who had never had the                                                        program into an orchestra after
                                            other volunteer teachers from local                                                   inexpensive to buy.” He’s also grateful
opportunity to learn about music.                                                     hearing a guest speaker at a
                                            music programs. There are currently                                                   for his parents’ emotional support,
Ninety percent of the residents                                                      Toberman board meeting who has
                                            28 active students.                                                                   and their practical support of driving
of the area around Toberman live                                                      his own children’s orchestra in East
                                                                                                                                  him to and from Toberman.
below the poverty level. In a State                                                   Los Angeles. “The way he spoke

Megan and Julia Kelly in Morocco
Sisters Megan and Julia Kelly returned in May 2009        says, “made the very spontaneous decision to
from ten months living in Marrakech, Morocco.             quit my job at InStyle and go to Morocco six weeks
Spurred on by the ending of jobs and a desire to          later with Megan.”
do something big together, they decided “this
                                                          Julia planned on staying for only 3.5 months, so
would be a great time to travel together,” explains
                                                          she was hired as a floating teacher/assistant at the
Megan. Megan had been working at the Walker
                                                          school . She acted as a substitute teacher, assisted
Center in Minneapolis, and Julia had been working
                                                          in the classrooms, helped the headmaster when his
in publishing in New York City. “It was not a well-
                                                          assistant was out, and generally pitched in where
thought out decision for me. Megan had been
                                                          she was needed. “It was amazing. The students are
thinking about it for months. I knew I wanted a
                                                          mostly Moroccan so it’s an entirely different culture
change,” says Julia.                                                                                              Julia and Megan Andrus Kelly.
                                                          and totally different world.”
Megan was inspired to suggest Marrakech as their
                                                          When her school job ended, Julia decided to stay
destination because she had spent a semester
                                                          in Marrakech longer. She found a job that used her      men respected me once they got to know me.
in Cameroon in college so she knew she wanted
                                                          publishing experience. She worked for a Moroccan        But the day-to-day attention was overwhelming.
to return to Africa. It fit a lot of their interests: a
                                                          man who was starting an online magazine—yacout.         I walked into a restaurant a few times when I got
developed city with a different cultural outlook
                                                          info—about Morocco in English. “I worked with           nervous on the street. We had the most trouble
than the United States and a chance to improve
                                                          him to build the website and get content about          during the first month we arrived which was
their French language skills. They were especially
                                                          news, arts, and culture. We avoided politics            Ramadan, and we looked scared. People are
intrigued by the thought of living in a liberal Islamic
                                                          because that’s not something people can speak           always crazy during Ramadan so we stayed inside,”
                                                          about freely in an opinionated way. It was exciting     explains Megan.
Megan did a variety of work during their stay. She        to have the opportunity to build a website and
                                                                                                                  Julia found the mix of cultures in Marrakech
worked for a costume designer launching a couple          write a lot of content. Marrakech is such a touristy
                                                                                                                  fascinating. “It is at the same time very European,
of lines of North African street wear, and assisted       town and so many people speak English that we
                                                                                                                  but also very African and very Arab. In the old
on documentaries and a Moroccan film. Her work            wanted to bridge these worlds between tourists
                                                                                                                  town, the medina, the woman are fully covered and
with the costume designer brought her into daily          and Moroccans speaking English with off-the-
                                                                                                                  everyone is going to the call to prayer five times
contact with non-touristy Marrakech.                      beaten-path tourist things,” explains Julia.
                                                                                                                  per day. But there’s a sense that things are really
“The woman who I worked for was American but                                                                      changing for women. A lot of women wear Western
 had lived there for 30 years. She spoke fluent           While in Morocco, both sisters volunteered at an        clothing and work, even if they may still live in their
 Arabic and French so it was interesting to see how       orphanage one to two times per week. “We fed            parents’ home.”
 people interacted with her as a white American           the babies in the morning and played with them
                                                                                                                  Speaking of home, much as Julia and Megan loved
 woman. She had me going deep into the market-            in the afternoon. The facilities were very nice. Kids
                                                                                                                  the chance to live in Marrakech for almost a year,
 place where tourists never go, with my very limited      came from the city or the surrounding village towns
                                                                                                                  they did decide to return home to the U.S. “I’m
 Arabic. I went to the tailor every day with no           around the Atlas Mountains. There was a pretty
                                                                                                                  happy to be back and get back into life here. I
 common language. There’s so much ritual involved,        good rate of adoption,” says Julia.
                                                                                                                  gained a new appreciation for New York City after
 such as tea every day.”
                                                          The sisters knew they would encounter some              being gone. Now Megan and I are living together
Julia started searching online for jobs before they        challenges as American women alone in Marrakech.       in Brooklyn, and my brother lives in Brooklyn. Our
left and got an interview at the American School          “We got catcalls, men following us and staring at us.   mom travels here a lot for Surdna, so it’s nice to
of Marrakesh. She was offered a job, and, as she           We tried to go running and got followed. For work,     be together,” says Julia.
A CEntEnniAL
JoHn E. AnDRUS iii

   WHAt'S HAPPEninG At...

our 80th year: Challenges and Celebrations                                                                                             By Nancy Woodruff Ment

Andrus Board members, CEO and COO and honorees blowing out the candles on JDAM’s 80th birthday cake at it’s Gala in
October, 2008.

For those of us who grew up being told                          summer school curriculum was organized around            ECDC’s Director, was honored personally this
devastating stories about the Great Depression                  the history of the Olympics with studies of ancient      spring by Westchester County’s Child Care Council
of the 1930s, 2008 and 2009 have provided lessons               Greece and its flourishing culture of arts, science      for her exemplary leadership. Truly, our children are
that history can indeed repeat itself. In the midst             and sport. Last July, on an afternoon of daunting        in nurturing hands!
of fiscal uncertainty that demanded strong business             heat, 150 children and the entire faculty and staff
                                                                                                                         In a year of economic concern, political changes,
management interventions, we determined that                    staged the Andrus version of the Beijing Olympics’
                                                                                                                         and social uncertainty, the Board of Directors of
our primary goal must be the protection of the                  Opening Ceremony. Each class adopted the
                                                                                                                         the Andrus Children’s Center has had a full array of
Andrus Children’s Center’s Mission. It helped us                costumes of a chosen country, created flags to
                                                                                                                         problems to master. We continue to benefit from
to remember that John Andrus’ vision came into                  carry with pride, and paraded on a grand route
                                                                                                                         the Board’s breadth of knowledge and expertise.
reality in very challenging circumstances since it              through the campus while our local cable-TV
                                                                                                                         We all especially value the contributions of the five
was in 1928 that he began to transform his beloved              affiliate caught the action for that night’s newscast.
                                                                                                                         Andrus Family members who serve on the Board:
late wife Julia’s family farm into a true Sanctuary, a          That parade represents hundreds of unsung hours
                                                                                                                         Philip Andrus, David Earley, Lawrence S. C. Griffith,
“city of orphans,” and directed much of his fortune             of loving and skillful support by our amazing staff.
                                                                                                                         Hamlin Pakradooni, and Richard Thorpe. The
to the care and support of vulnerable children.
                                                                Our community provides other kinds of support            commitment generated by the blend of dedicated
In 2008, we celebrated 80 years of his heartfelt                that keep our Mission vibrant. Back-to-School            family members and talented local community
Mission to care for and provide opportunities to                is always an opportunity to connect with local           leaders ensures that our Mission endures.
children to be nurtured, encouraged, supported,                 groups who sustain our work in creative and              Together the Board and staff have forged a strong
and healed. This Mission has brought us to serving              generous ways. This year, we received more than          partnership to build a future as distinguished as our
2000 children and families every year across                    400 new backpacks filled with school supplies            past.
Westchester County and the greater New York                     for our campus students as well as many children
                                                                                                                         In honing our strategy for the years to come, we
area, not just on the original campus, but also                 served through our clinic, early childhood, and
                                                                                                                         continue to be excited by the growth of the Andrus
from eight other community-based sites. We used                 after-school programs. Our local Carpenters
                                                                                                                         Center for Learning & Innovation (ACLI), our
our anniversary year to rededicate ourselves to his             Union, longtime friends of the agency, turned
                                                                                                                         research and training arm. The Sanctuary Model
commitments under the banner message: “Nurture                  their talents on a dingy cellar storage room in
                                                                                                                         of trauma-informed care has become central to
Hope in a Child and the World Flourishes.”                      Benedict Hall, creating for our children a charming
                                                                                                                         all of our work. Program evaluation and research
                                                                20-seat movie theater complete with upholstered
                                                                                                                         activities, led by Vice-President for Strategic
                                                                walls, drop-down DVD projector, and plush seats
                                                                                                                         Initiatives Lorelei Vargas, have documented the
                                                                with cup holders! In 2008, great friends of the
                                                                                                                         efficacy of Sanctuary not just in our own services,
                                                                Andrus Children’s Center helped us celebrate our
                                                                                                                         but in those offered by the more than 100 child-
                                                                80th birthday, complete with a fully decked-out
                                                                                                                         serving agencies we have trained locally and
                                                                birthday cake, while contributing a new $100,000
                                                                                                                         around the world. In the past year, Andrus staff
                                                                to apply to the opportunities ahead. These yearly
                                                                                                                         have journeyed as far as Australia (twice!) and
                                                                special events (our fifth annual golf outing in June
                                                                                                                         Northern Ireland and as near as Philadelphia.
                                                                was another great success!) generate community
                                                                                                                         Trainee organizations always begin their
                                                                awareness, bring new friends into our orbit, and
                                                                                                                         engagement with us with a week’s training on our
                                                                raise significant funds for the very special care that
                                                                                                                         campus where they can experience first hand the
                                                                Andrus is known for providing.
                                                                                                                         quality of care we promote.
                                                                Validation of the work we do has come in many
A photo from the Orchard School’s Summer 2008 Olympics                                                                   This fall, we will welcome the Board of AFF for
                                                                forms. Among the most gratifying are the
                                                                                                                         their Board meeting. We invite every Andrus
                                                                testimonials from families whose lives have been
                                                                                                                         Family member to visit us any time, either in
The Memorial’s home base in North Yonkers                       transformed and the recognition of colleagues in
                                                                                                                         person or “virtually,” by traveling to our website
was a Sanctuary this year for 150 very seriously                our field. Early in 2008, our child day care program
                                                                                                                         at www.andruschildren.org. We welcome your
emotionally disturbed children; 73 lived in our                 in Tuckahoe, The Eastchester Child Development
                                                                                                                         company, your memories, your great ideas, your
Residential Treatment Program and were joined by                Center (ECDC), participated in a quality review by
                                                                                                                         financial support – your engagement of any
another 82 who came to us from home each day                    an independent professional evaluator whose final
                                                                                                                         kind. The children in our care deserve our very
to benefit from our premiere special education                  comment on his rave report was: “one of the best
                                                                                                                         best efforts. Thank you for helping us keep John
programs in The Orchard School. In 2008, our                    assessments I have ever done.” Vidia Cordero,
                                                                                                                         Andrus’ vision thriving.
                                                                   WHAt'S HAPPEninG At...                                                            11

JULiA DyCKMAn AnDRUS MEMoRiAL                                                    SURDnA FoUnDAtion

                                                                               new Surdna Board Member:
                                                                               Peter Benedict ii
 Concinnity spoke to nancy Woodruff Ment, President
 and Chief Executive officer, about the impact of the
 financial crisis on the Andrus Children’s Center:

 Over the last two years, we have      sustain that commitment. Health                                Peter Benedict II, headmaster since 2006 of The
 been anticipating harder times        insurance is the most important                                Miami Valley School in Dayton, Ohio, joined the
 coming. We have been preparing        benefit to staff, but the costs are                            board of the Surdna Foundation in September
 ourselves by taking very hard         outrageous. We’re trying to plan                               2008. “It’s a terrific board in terms of the member-
 looks at all of our operations.       thoughtfully to contain benefit                                ship, as well as a terrific time to be on the board
 We have been gradually reducing       costs over time.                                               because we’re going through a period of reorga-
 operating expenses at the same                                                                       nization of the mission and program areas.”
                                       When we started our budgeting
 time as we’ve been trying to
                                       process for the 2009-10 fiscal                                  Why he wanted to join the Surdna board is no
 improve our revenue and expense
                                       year, we were looking at a signi-                               mystery. He has served on several community
 ratio. This was driven by the fact
                                       ficant reduction in revenues from                               boards and was a founding member of the Andrus
 that we went through a period of
                                       multiple sources. We’ve also been                               Family Fund (AFF). His father also served on
 five or six years of intense growth
                                       looking for alternative sources of      Peter Benedict II       the Surnda board for many years, and that helped
 where we took on two mergers of
                                       income. We increased our efforts                               form his longstanding interest. As Peter says,
 smaller, struggling organizations.
                                       to seek philanthropic support,                                “The key was not if, but when was the timing right
 We thought those were sound
                                       but times are challenging. Facing                              personally and professionally for me and for Surdna
 business decisions to expand our
                                       a shortfall, we managed to trim                                wanting a new member. With a couple of new non-
 range of services. But it’s more
                                       without further layoffs by using                               family members and added new family members,
 expensive to run a larger and
                                       attrition and consolidation of                                 the board has a very fresh feel right now.”
 more complex organization, even
                                       positions to achieve a balanced
 with economies of scale.                                                                            Peter is a lifelong professional educator, with
                                       budget. What’s tricky is that we
                                                                                                     a background at independent schools and camps,
 Our cost containment was              want to reduce non-essential costs
                                                                                                     leading to his current position as a headmaster.
 primarily driven by the need to       while investing in other areas. If
                                                                                                     He also grew up in a teaching family, as the son
 consolidate and strengthen our        you trim too much, you lose the
                                                                                                     of a headmaster of a school in Vero Beach, Florida.
 operations following this period      infrastructure for when things
                                                                                                     Peter currently serves on the boards of the Joy
 of growth. We were in that mode       get better. It’s hard for staff to
                                                                                                     Outdoor Foundation and the Overfield Early
 when the financial situation          understand as we build capacity
                                                                                                     Childhood Program, in addition to his work on
 changed for everybody. A year         for the future that we still need to
                                                                                                     Surdna. He and his wife, Davis Benedict, also
 ago, we undertook a number            trim in other places. We are trying
                                                                                                     run the Benedict Foundation to support indepen-
 of layoffs, which was very hard.      to be stable and forward-thinking
                                                                                                     dent schools.
 We had to change expectations         and improve our marketing posi-
 around productivity. In September     tion while reducing stress and                                He explains that a passion for philanthropy was
 2008, we made a commitment            anxiety overall. The general mood                             evident in both of his parents’ lives. “From the
 to the board, generated by staff      is surprisingly positive. We think                            portrait of my great-grandmother, Helen Benedict,
 and supported by the board, to        it helped to involve more than 40                             on the wall of my house growing up (she was
 reduce our expenses in campus         people in our budgeting process                               behind the starting of Andrus on Hudson), to how
 programs by a half million dollars.   so we have greater breadth and                                both my parents gave back to the community,
 We re-organized the finance           depth of people who understand                                it was clear that this was a family tradition as
 department and reduced admi-          the competing forces we have                                  Benedicts. My dad was president of the Surdna
 nistrative expenses in order to       to balance.                                                   board during my early teen years, impression-
 keep money in the direct care                                                                       able years.”
                                       The change in the way Surdna is
 of children and families.
                                       funding us is something we have                                In addition to his duties as headmaster of a
 Those changes were all imple-         to absorb. It reflects a big diffe-                            450-student independent day school serving ages
 mented by January 2009. For           rence for us, but we are always                                pre-school through twelfth grade, Peter teaches
 about 18 months, things felt          truly grateful for the generous                                a class in leadership to high school students and
 very unsettled for our staff. We      support Surdna provides. Those                                 coaches the youngest kids in soccer and middle
 made significant changes across       dollars are unrestricted and give                              school lacrosse. He and his wife, Davis, who serves
 the organization. We made a           us the flexibility to invest in our                            on the AFF board, have two sons, ages 7 and 9.
 commitment to our staff that we       operations to secure a strong                                 The boys do attend the same school Peter leads,
 wanted to do these things with        future for our Mission.                                        as Peter attended the school his father led.
 some precision and then be done                                                                     “The excitement does wear off, in my experience,”
                                       Our overall financial strategy is
 so people wouldn’t be worried                                                                        he says.
                                       to be forward thinking: to build
 constantly about when the next
                                       capacity, use resources wisely,
 shoe would fall.
                                       increase revenue, and improve
 We have always prided ourselves       our marketing position. We are
 on giving our staff strong benefit    committed to our core approach
 options to compensate for lower       of trauma prevention and
 salaries, but we now have to          treatment work with Sanctuary.
 take a hard look at how we can
 12                                                                   WHAt'S HAPPEninG At...

  SURDnA FoUnDAtion

Updating Surdna's
Mission Statement
by Phil Henderson

Over the past year, the Surdna            the foundation, and emphasizing the
Foundation Board and Staff have           interconnectedness of these areas in
been deeply engaged in a discussion       communities across the United States.                Concinnity spoke with Phil Henderson,
about the Foundation’s mission and
grantmaking strategy. This discussion
                                          In addition to these three new priority              President, about the impact of the financial
                                          areas, Surdna is developing a new
was launched by the Board last
                                          grantmaking mechanism called
                                                                                               crisis on the Surdna Foundation
year to ready the Foundation for
                                          Foundation Initiatives. We developed
the next chapter in our 92 years of                                                            How has the financial situation changed at Surdna?
                                          Foundation Initiatives as a tool to
philanthropic work.
                                          help us become more flexible in our                  We lost north of 25% of our endowment in about a year.
The updated Surdna mission                grantmaking approach and to allow                    Because our fiscal year ends in June, it was only this July
statement was developed by the            us to more easily invest foundation                  that we are faced with first impact of that downturn on our
Board after considered reflection         dollars in emerging social issues or                 spending. We will spend 10% less money this year than
on the work of the Foundation,            opportunities. This approach has                     last year. This is the first step in what we imagine to be a
with particular attention to the          been refined through examination of                  three-step process over three years to get ourselves down
work since 1989 when professional         similar efforts to create pools of funds             to a spend rate that is roughly 30% less than last year. We
staff were added for the first time       to support innovative grantmaking                    discussed it internally and believe that taking this gradual
and grantmaking areas were first          on emerging themes at other                          step down was best to retain continuity with ongoing work
formalized. At our September              foundations across the United States.                and adjust more gradually.
2009 Board Meeting, the Surdna
                                          As a part of the mission-related                     The other thing that we have been saying to ourselves, and
Foundation Board finalized the
                                          changes, the Surdna Foundation will                  firmly believe, is that the top level of the endowment—when
adoption of the new mission
                                          also be examining its grantmaking                    we crossed a billion—is part of the bubble. We need to set
statement and a related new
                                          processes and practices. The goal                    our sights on more realistic long-term trends of endowment
operational strategy.
                                          will be to continue to provide high-                 growth. We are coming to terms that we will be a somewhat
Surdna Mission                            quality service to our grantees, but                 smaller entity than we imagined 12-18 months ago. So we’re
The Surdna Foundation seeks to            also to streamline our grantmaking                   doing what we can to reduce administrative costs and decrease
foster sustainable communities in         procedures to reduce the time and                    program spending in proportion. For example, we are cutting
the United States—communities             paperwork necessary for a project                    back on some travel and not filling some positions for
guided by principles of social            or nonprofit group to be funded by                   departing staff.
justice and distinguished by              Surdna. Especially in these economic
healthy environments, strong local        times, where foundation assets are                   How is Surdna handling discussions with grantees?
economies, and thriving cultures.         significantly smaller than a year ago
                                                                                               We see that grantees are struggling, and we try to be flexible
                                          and the problems we are trying to
For over five generations, the                                                                 and responsive if they are in crisis. But we can’t solve all the
                                          address are more acute, having a
Foundation has been governed                                                                   problems. We’re not in a position to be a savior. We’re in
                                          simple and fast process for giving
largely by descendents of John                                                                 conversations constantly across the philanthropy world about
                                          grants is all the more important.
Andrus and has developed a tradition                                                           how to manage this bad news after years of good news. We’re
of innovative service for those in need   The formal adoption of our updated                   working with our grantees one-on-one to prepare them for
of help or opportunity.                   mission and related new grantmaking                  this and be responsive. We’re being as clear and upfront as
                                          priorities is now complete. However,                 we can be with any bad news we anticipate. We can’t pretend
The Surdna Foundation Board,
                                          given the longstanding support we                    it will be good news in a lot of cases.
assisted by staff, devoted many
                                          have had in some areas that we
months of study and extended
                                          will be leaving, and to ensure that                  Is Surdna’s experience similar to that of other foundations?
conversations at the last several
                                          we make good on all outstanding
Board Meetings in order to refine                                                              I meet with a group of foundation CEOs quarterly through
                                          financial commitments we have
their thinking and to build consensus                                                          Philanthropy NY to talk about downturn. The most recent
                                          made to our grantees, it will take us
around the important themes that                                                               meeting was the first where we felt we could see the bottom
                                          until the middle of 2010 before our
make up our updated mission. The                                                               and have a handle on how bad it will be, and we can talk
                                          outgoing grants fully reflect this new
emphasis on just and sustainable                                                               about this in a more clear-headed way. We share the idea of
                                          mission and strategy. There is also a
communities is reflective of Surdna’s                                                          coming to terms with our institutions being smaller. We won’t
                                          substantial body of our ongoing work
work over the past many decades,                                                               grow quickly back into what we once were. Because of the
                                          that remains core to our business
but naming these themes gives the                                                              way most foundations structure pay outs, the expectation is
                                          under the new mission, and that work
Foundation a very useful lens through                                                          that next year will be more difficult than this year has been.
                                          continues and in some areas – like
which to set grantmaking priorities.                                                           All of us will have to spend less this year, and some foun-
                                          environment – is quickly deepening
                                                                                               dations have put off the pain so spending will be down next
There will be several important           with the adoption of our new mission.
                                                                                               year as opposed to last year. The impact will be worse in
changes at the Surdna Foundation
                                          While our focus on sustainable                       a year on grantees than now.
with the adoption of this new
                                          communities will lead us to new
mission. We will be moving from five
                                          and exciting work, we are taking                     What’s the long-term view for Surdna?
program areas to three priority areas
                                          with us the lessons learned from our
– healthy environments, strong local                                                           The Surdna Foundation has been very disciplined over its
                                          journey so far. We will be a stronger
economies, and thriving cultures. All                                                          lifetime, not overspending even in the good years. The bad
                                          organization for it. For more details
of our funding will be closely linked                                                          years are not pleasant, but we have not overspent. Accu-
                                          about our new mission and strategy,
to the updated mission statement.                                                              mulation of our endowment has been strong. The health
                                          please take a look at our newly
As a part of our new work, we will be                                                          of the institution is strong.
                                          updated website: www.surdna.org.
seeking work across these three new
priority areas, forging cohesion across
                                                                            WHAt'S HAPPEninG At...                                                                   13

  AnDRUS on HUDSon

                                                               Changes, Successes, and need at AoH
                                                                                                                      by Carol Cardon

                                                               Summertime at Andrus on Hudson is magic. Now           permit the transport of a number of wheelchairs.
                                                               that rainy June is past, the residents are spending    This fall, the two passenger elevators are next in
                                                               time outdoors. Garden chairs, wheelchairs, and         line for restoration. The administration has hired
                                                               walkers fill the large gracious patio entrance of      elevator operators to assist in the transport of
                                                               the home. From this elevated part of Hastings on       residents from the upper floors to the ground floor,
                                                               a clear summer’s day, the residents can enjoy a        particularly at meal times.
                                                               spectacular view of the Palisades and the majestic
                                                                                                                      Helen Benedict oversaw the construction of
                                                               Hudson River. It would be too sweet if one was
                                                                                                                      an awesomely solid structure – an ocean liner
                                                               able to say summertime and the living is easy.
                                                                                                                      overlooking the Hudson. Starting in the autumn,
                                                               Andrus has become a home for elders who need
                                                                                                                      the exterior of this monumental creation will have
                                                               skilled nursing. Few residents are physically very
                                                                                                                      its walls repointed to prevent bricks from falling.
                                                               active. There is a small number who make the
                                                                                                                      The building is solid, but it needs maintenance.
AOH’s Annual Travelers Rest Luncheon in June 2009              effort to walk the grounds, participate in outings
                                                                                                                      This restoration will be spread out over several
                                                               and take advantage of the physical therapy facility.
                                                               For the most part, the majority move slowly, and
                                                               more and more are wheelchair-bound.                    The main floor is in dire need of help. The large
                                                                                                                      living room is looking very shabby. The fabric
                                                               The dedicated staff at Andrus ensures the security
                                                                                                                      of the sofas is shredded, the carpet worn, the
                                                               and welfare of all its residents in a most caring
                                                                                                                      walls in need of paint. Helen Benedict, who had
                                                               and efficient manner. They are currently overseeing
                                                                                                                      impeccable taste, would shudder to see the main
                                                               a large variety of summer programs: weekly bar-
                                                                                                                      floor looking so dismal. The decoration of the living
                                                               becues, Monday bistro luncheons, the annual
                                                                                                                      room, however, is farther down on the to-do list.
                                                               luncheon at The Travelers Restaurant, a tradition
                                                                                                                      Restoration of the roof and exterior are imperative.
                                                               started by Helen Benedict, swimming at the
                                                                                                                      The living room serves as the chapel for the Sisters’
                                                               Children’s home, exercise classes, “a fitter you,”
                                                                                                                      daily mass. This brings us to the next item on the
                                                               and a program of high school students who come
                                                                                                                      long list of wishes--the creation
                                                               to walk with residents outdoors.
                                                                                                                      of a chapel/reflection room.
AOH resident, M. Frasca, trying the new Wii Game               The number of residents remains steady between
                                                                                                                      Andrus is participating more in the Westchester
                                                               193 and 195 elders, placing occupancy at 98
                                                                                                                      community. Its building is more open to local
                                                               percent. The number varies as a small percentage
                                                                                                                      groups for meetings, rehearsals, concerts, and
                                                               consists of patients who come to Andrus for rehab
                                                                                                                      the Benedict Foundation meetings. A series of art
                                                               upon leaving the hospital. This year, there are
                                                                                                                      exhibitions have kept the galleries on the main
                                                               more male residents at Andrus than ever before,
                                                                                                                      floor filled with colorful and engaging artwork.
                                                               and, according to the staff, they are among the
                                                                                                                      One of the most moving exhibitions that took
                                                               most active members of the Andrus community.
                                                                                                                      place this past winter was that of “Memory Quilts,”
                                                               The Catholic Sisters grace the Andrus community,
                                                                                                                      made by Andrus residents with the assistance
                                                               investing a spiritual force and positive attitude.
                                                                                                                      of Elder Craftsmen. The Helen Andrus Benedict
                                                               Mass is celebrated daily.
                                                                                                                      Foundation funded the program, along with the
                                                               The news on the status of the Berger Commission-       exhibitions “Matters of the Heart” and “Encore.”
                                                               -whose ruling wished to change Andrus on Hudson        All were exhibitions of local talent, bringing the
                                                               from being a skilled-nursing to an assisted-living     community into and onto Andrus’s walls.
                                                               facility--is good. Andrus remains a skilled-nursing
Two AOH residents attending an evening Jazz concert in Dobbs                                                          Many Andrus residents are active knitters, creating
Ferry, NY on August 5th                                        facility. Andrus has been fighting this decision
                                                                                                                      hats and mittens for the needy young and old.
                                                               for two years. Andrus has received a preliminary
                                                                                                                      The ladies also sold pens and “Red Dress Pins”
                                                               injunction from the Federal Court. On March 26,
                                                                                                                      to heighten awareness regarding heart disease
                                                               the Judge asked Andrus and the New York State
                                                                                                                      last February for the American Heart Association.
                                                               Department of Health to come to a resolution,
                                                                                                                      They raised $1,000. It was a great day at Andrus
                                                               which is currently being done. New York needs to
                                                                                                                      and very merry as all residents and staff wore
                                                               have full compliance with the ruling of the Berger
                                                                                                                      red to commemorate the day.
                                                               Commission in order to receive the $1.5 billion
                                                               grant from the Federal Government. Andrus is the       Under consideration are plans for a child and adult
                                                               thorn in their side as the lawsuit was still in the    daycare program to be held in the building.
                                                               courts after the June 30, 2008 deadline set by the
                                                                                                                      Final wonderful news is that Elizabeth Andrus, long-
                                                               Berger Commission. Helen Benedict would have
                                                                                                                      term Trustee and former Chairman of the Surdna
                                                               been proud of this fighting spirit.
                                                                                                                      Board, has joined the Board of Andrus on Hudson.
                                                               Pat Walsh, the new Administrator, now ably             Libby brings a vast knowledge of family history,
                                                               seconds Executive Director Betsy Biddle. They          Board savvy, and, most of all, a caring personality
                                                               are successfully leading the institution through       to Andrus on Hudson. We all welcomed her at the
                                                               these difficult financial times with no staff lay-     May Board meeting.
                                                               offs, keeping a stable census, and overseeing
                                                                                                                      Andrus on Hudson is doing well in spite of all the
                                                               the renovation of the building. All of the elevators
                                                                                                                      physical architectural ailments. We are blessed
                                                               need to be renovated which is a Herculean feat
                                                                                                                      with a dedicated staff that energetically meets the
                                                               for anyone in charge of a nursing home with the
                                                                                                                      challenges to keep Andrus on Hudson as a skilled
                                                               number of residents in wheelchairs who need
                                                                                                                      nursing facility.
                                                               to be moved from floor to floor. The building
                                                               will soon have a new service elevator, which will
 14                                                               WHAt'S HAPPEninG At...


HABF Engages older Adults                                                                                                              by Kate Downes

                                                                                                                                       June 2009 Encore
                                                                                                                                       Careers Summit
                                                                                                                                       Front Row: Rose Hines,
                                                                                                                                       WorkSearch; Lois Steinberg,
                                                                                                                                       SOS Medicare; Margaret
                                                                                                                                       Jessup, GrandPower; Judy
                                                                                                                                       Goggin, Civic Ventures. Back
                                                                                                                                       Row: Michael Spensley, HABF
                                                                                                                                       board member; Eridania
                                                                                                                                       Camacho, RSVP; Barbara
                                                                                                                                       Greenberg, HABF Advisor;
                                                                                                                                       Kate Downes, HABF Board
                                                                                                                                       President; Colby Andrus,
                                                                                                                                       HABF Board Member.

 On behalf of all of us on the HABF board (Colby     AARP Foundation Comes to Yonkers—                       Entrepreneurs for the Public Good—
 Andrus, Libby Andrus, Carol Cardon, Kate Downes,    November, 2008                                          June, 2009
 Josie Lowman, McCain McMurray, Fred Moon,           At our November 2008 grantee meeting, Lois              Building on an exciting national Encore Careers
 Michael Spensley), I am delighted to have this      Aronstein, the AARP New York State Director,            Campaign spearheaded by our grantee, Civic
 chance to highlight some achievements of the        demonstrated a new AARP program called                  Ventures, our June 2009 grantee meeting was an
 Helen Andrus Benedict Foundation over the past      WorkSearch. With great fanfare and good wishes         “Encore Careers Summit.” Our intention is to inspire
 year. Through its grant-making, the Foundation      from the Mayor and County officials, in April 2009,     Westchester’s mature adults to consider careers
 aims to make Westchester County, and especially     we launched a WorkSearch Center in Yonkers.             for the public good, as well as to encourage our
 the City of Yonkers, a good place to grow older.    This remarkable on-line tool helps mature adults        grantees, other nonprofits and public agencies
 Based on years of solid research, we know that      re-enter the workforce. WorkSearch enables job          to help Westchester become a more welcoming
“a good place to grow older” is one where older      seekers to create a profile of their experience and     environment for older social entrepreneurs.
 adults can continue to be actively engaged in the   preferences, expand their thinking about possible
                                                                                                            Our keynote speakers were several winners of
 life of their communities.                          fields of work, identify nearby employment
                                                                                                            Civic Ventures’ Purpose Prize, an award of up
                                                     opportunities using multiple on-line job banks, test
Convening Our Grantees and Colleagues                                                                       to $100,000 made to older adults across the
                                                     their skills and knowledge against those required
in Other Nonprofits and Government                                                                          nation, in recognition of their extraordinary
                                                     for a specific job, take courses on-line, and earn
Several times a year, HABF convenes all of its                                                              achievements as social entrepreneurs for the public
                                                     certifications to enhance their qualifications and
grantees and other community leaders for edu-                                                               good. www.purposeprize.org. Lois Steinberg, a
cational meetings on topics directly related to                                                             Westchester resident named a Purpose Prize
our grantmaking strategy. Our goal is to bring       Our WorkSearch Center is located at Westchester        fellow in 2006, spoke about a new SOS Medicare
national trends and model programs to their          Community College in the Cross County Shopping         program (Seniors Out Speaking on Medicare) she
attention, to encourage them to consider how         Mall in Yonkers. The AARP Foundation contributes       created with seed monies from HABF. Each year,
they might adapt these concepts in Westchester,      and maintains the WorkSearch online tool, and          50 well-trained “Seniors Out Speaking” reach
and to offer time for networking and collaboration   the Westchester Community College donates its          10,000 Westchester older adults with interactive
with colleagues.                                     classrooms and computers. Grants from Helen            presentations about Medicare rights and
                                                     Andrus Benedict Foundation to Family Services          benefits, how to talk with your doctor, and how to
At least one HABF board member attends
                                                     and RSVP fund the management, recruitment and          successfully navigate a hospital stay. Another local
each gathering, meeting and greeting the nearly
                                                     training of mature volunteers called “Navigators.”     social entrepreneur is Margaret Jessup, a founder
100 people who participate. These meetings
                                                     Navigators welcome new job seekers to the Center       of GrandPower, also launched with HABF funding.
are a wonderful opportunity for board members
                                                     and coach them on how to use WorkSearch to best        The GrandPower team advocates on behalf of
to get to know HABF grantees and learn more
                                                     advantage. Once comfortable with WorkSearch,           grandparents and the children they are raising.
about their important work.
                                                     job seekers can access the system as often as          The team plans and conducts twice-monthly
 Because New York State has more than 800,000        they wish at the WorkSearch Center, from a home        support groups for other grandparents. Due to
 people who are unemployed, significantly            computer, at a public library, or anywhere else.       GrandPower’s education and advocacy initiatives,
 impacting Westchester and the City of Yonkers,      www.aarpworksearch.org                                 Westchester now funds summer camp tuitions for
 our last two grantee meetings (November, 2008                                                              grandchildren in kinship care (and for those who
 and June, 2009) have focused on employment,                                                                do not qualify, GrandPower operates a children’s
“encore” careers, and social entrepreneurship.                                                              summer camp several days a week). GrandPower
                                                                                                            also prompted the County to create a Grandparent
                                                                                                            Fund to help low-income grandparents cover costs
                                                                                                            for new beds, clothing, school supplies, and family
                                                                                                            Join us at an HABF grantee meeting! We would
                                                                                                            love to introduce you to our grantees and show
                                                                                                            you firsthand the ways older adults in Westchester
                                                                                                            are taking action to benefit their neighbors and
                                                     WHAt'S HAPPEninG At...                                                    15

HELEn AnDRUS BEnEDiCt FoUnDAtion                       AnDRUS FAMiLy FUnD

                                                                              new AFF Board
                                                                              Member: Shanda
Concinnity spoke to Barbara Greenberg,
Foundation Advisor, and Kate Downes, Board
Chair, about the impact of the financial crisis
on the Helen Andrus Benedict Foundation:
                                                                              Shanda Lowery-Sachs, a fifth-generation cousin
The board of the Helen Andrus Benedict                                        in the John Andrus branch, will join the board
Foundation decided to cut grant making by                                     of the Andrus Family Fund in September 2009.
25% over two years in 2009 and 2010. “This
                                                                              Shanda’s interest in joining a family board was
was a really difficult decision because we are
                                                                              sparked by attending Concinnity last summer.
locally focused, so the entire impact falls on one
                                                                              She attended the presentation about the family
community. We took a look at all of our grants
                                                                              philanthropies and got very excited about the
and came up with two criteria to measure going
                                                                              idea of becoming more involved. “It was amazing
forward. First, which ones are most directly
                                                                              to hear about all the projects and organizations
connected to our mission. Second, which
                                                                              they support and help. It’s exciting to be on a
programs had natural endings, places where the
                                                                              board for the first time, knowing that you’re giving
program could be stopped without a significant
                                                                              back and helping. That it’s family-run makes it extra
disruption,” explains Barbara Greenberg.
                                                                              exciting to learn about and pass on to my children.
This decision-making process led to the difficult                             It’s yet another way to be involved and give back
decision to end two programs: the Andrus                                      to the community and family.”
Scholars program at the Fordham School of
                                                                              Attending Concinnity didn’t just spark Shanda’s
Social Work, designed to encourage social work
                                                                              interest in joining a philanthropic board, it also got
students to specialize in aging, and the Creative
                                                                              her more involved in the extended family, beyond
Aging in the Libraries program. “Over the last
                                                                              the John Andrus branch. “I had never attended
seven years, the Andrus Scholars program             Shanda Lowery-Sachs
                                                                              a Concinnity. I was there with my family, so it was
trained 29 master’s level social workers who
                                                                              great to think about something bigger than my
are well-prepared to effectively work with older
                                                                              career and hobbies. There’s a lot more to life.”
adults and their family caregivers. We also made
                                                                              Her husband, Chris Sachs, and her step-children,
our last grant in 2009 for Creative Aging in the
                                                                              a daughter, age 11, and a son, age 8, joined her
Libraries to fund Westchester public libraries to
                                                                              at Concinnity.
hire professional teaching artists and offer high-
quality courses and exhibitions of art by older                                Shanda brings her professional background as a
adults,” says Greenberg.                                                       violist with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and
                                                                               private music teacher of violin and viola to her new
 Kate Downes shared the thoughts of the board:
                                                                               role. Prior to moving to Detroit eight years ago,
“We sincerely hope that we can reinstate both
                                                                               Shanda played with the Rochester Philarmonic in
 of these excellent programs as soon as possible
                                                                               New York, the Virginia Symphony, and the Hudson
The Foundation is so concerned for its grantees,
                                                                               Valley Philarmonic. She also enjoys teaching her
 for the people who operated the programs
                                                                               private students, who range in age from 12-18.
 whose jobs were lost, and, of course, for the
                                                                              “I never planned on being a musician professionally,
 community and the many hundreds of older
                                                                               so it’s really fun to work with them and help them
 adults who benefited.”
                                                                               enrich their lives.”
With a positive attitude toward the future,
                                                                              Though Shanda will attend her first AFF board
HABF, while unlikely to accept new applications
                                                                               meeting in September 2009, she has already
soon, is “seeking out new opportunities and
                                                                               begun learning about the transitions framework.
partnerships that are consistent with our mission
                                                                              “When I first read about the transitions framework
and that support and enhance our existing
                                                                               and started to understand it, it just made sense
grantees’ work,” explains Greenberg.
                                                                               and clicks with me. I had to read it several times
                                                                               to get it to sink in. This can be really effective
                                                                               within a philanthropy making grants, but also
                                                                               applies in all our lives. We all go through tran-
                                                                               sitions all the time, some small and some big,
                                                                               but acknowledging the process we’re going
                                                                               through is healthy. I had never defined it in that
                                                                               way. When you’re working with organizations
                                                                               that want to make major changes, it seems like
                                                                               it would be really effective.”
                                                                              Shanda has another new role this year, too,
                                                                              mom to a new baby, Nathaniel Sachs, born on
                                                                              July 22, 2009.

                                        For the past few meetings, our main       Ten years ago, Surdna created AFF       development consultant specializing
                                        focus has turned to the impact the        with the idea that it should be a       in individual role and organizational
                                        recession will have on AFF’s funding      learning board. What exactly does       development, will lead the retreat.

inward at AFF
                                        and our grantees. Everyone has been       that mean? Does it mean we AFFers       Recently, she met in person with four
                                        forced to tighten their belts, and AFF    are to learn more about the family’s    board members and the staff and
                                        is no exception. But in usual AFF         philanthropic ways, or should we        conducted phone interviews with
                                        fashion, we did not see this as a         be learning about the organizations     the other board members. Through
by Davis Benedict                       travesty, but rather a time to analyze    AFF supports? Are we to be              these conversations, she has devised
                                        our work with the hope of improving       empowered to take the knowledge         a 1 ½ day retreat focused on looking
                                        its impact. During the past several       from this board back into our own       at our own transitions (the internal
                                        months the board members, with            communities?                            process), while giving board members
                                        Steve Kelban’s help, have taken a                                                 an opportunity to get to know each
                                                                                  As we pondered these questions, it
                                        close inspection into not only who                                                other better. We don’t just want to
                                                                                  became evident that our aspirations
                                        is being funded by AFF, but also                                                  continue what the original board
                                                                                  go deeper than just answering the
                                        into the efficacy of the transitions                                              members did, but build upon their
                                                                                  questions. We wanted to add pur-
                                        framework. Several questions surfaced                                             work and make it even better. It is
                                                                                  pose to those answers. To that end
                                        during this process such as: Given                                                our hope that we can answer the
                                                                                  it became clear we needed the time
                                        the uncertainty of these times, should                                            questions that surfaced the past
                                                                                  and a safe place for the twelve of
                                        we continue to award multi-year                                                   several months so we can do our
                                                                                  us to put our own mark on the work
                                        grants? Do the organizations AFF is                                               most meaningful work.
                                                                                  that is being done at AFF. So, in
                                        funding fit clearly within our program
                                                                                  September 2009, AFF’s board and         To learn more about the great work
                                        areas? Do we want to continue to
It is truly an exciting time to be an                                             staff will step away from 330 Madison   that is being done at AFF, please
                                        take risks, supporting organizations
Andrus Family Fund board member.                                                  Avenue, the New York offices            inspect the new website at affund.
                                        that are not mainstream, or should
While the people who sit in the                                                   where our meetings are typically        org. You will see just how exciting
                                        we strictly fund more traditional ones?
boardroom have changed, the                                                       held, and instead will meet at the      it is to be a board member of the
                                        And just as important, as we require
passion for the program areas and                                                 Julia Andrus Dyckman’s Children’s       Andrus Family Fund.
                                        our grantees to pay attention to
the belief in transition for social                                               Home. Dr. Kathleen White, Ph.D., a
                                        transitions, are we paying attention
change has not.                                                                   psychoanalyst and leadership
                                        to our own?

Andrus Family Board Members
Andrus Family Fund               Andrus-on-Hudson               Helen Andrus Benedict            Julia Dyckman Andrus            Surdna Foundation, Inc.
Davis M. Benedict                Colby Andrus                   Foundation                       Memorial, Inc.                  Bruce Abernethy
Stephanie Andrus Cardon          Carol Cardon                   Colby Andrus                     John E. Andrus III              Elizabeth H. Andrus
Rick Boger Hawkins               Kathryn Downes                 Carol Cardon                     Phillip Andrus, MD              John E. Andrus III
Angela P. Earley                 Josephine B. Lowman            Kathryn Downes                   David G. Earley                 Peter B. Benedict II
Annika L. Hawkins                McCain McMurray                Josephine B. Lowman              Lawrence S.C. Griffith          Thomas H. Castro
Thomas M. Kelly                                                 McCain McMurray                  Hamlin A. Pakradooni            Jocelyn Downie
Shanda Lowery-Sachs                                                                              Richard S. Thorpe, MD           David Grant
Michael Klass                                                                                                                    Lawrence S.C. Griffith
Hans Miller                                                                                                                      John F. Hawkins
Jennifer Pakradooni                                                                                                              Josephine Lowman
Laurie Davenport Stavisky                                                                                                        Nadya K. Shmavonian
Elizabeth M. Wilson                                                                                                              Michael S. Spensley
                                                                                                                                 Edith D. Thorpe

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