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					                                                                                                                            December 2010

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                                                                         Neighbors 4 Neighbors
                                                                         The Desert Village Initiative
   Inside This                                                           by John Willacker, Frank Riley and Anne Leach
                                                                         It’s coming soon! It’s a new program for SCPD, for volunteers who want
                                                                         to help their neighbors. There’s a forward-looking movement sweeping
                                                                         the country, and now it’s coming to our community. SCPD has always
                                                                         been in the forefront of development of resident-based community
                                                                         enrichments, and here comes another.

  Bringing Music         Background
   to Children           In February 2010, the SCPDCA Board of Directors appointed an ad hoc committee to investigate a growing national
       Page 3            movement, known as villages. The best known is Beacon Hill Village ( which began in the
                         1990s as a group of Boston residents and has grown into a national—indeed international—movement.
                            Villages are a volunteer-driven, membership-based option for meeting the changing needs of the active adult popula-
                         tion. Neighborhood residents create Villages to help coordinate and deliver services and supports within their communi-
                         ties. Villages empower members to remain independent, enhance their quality of life and enrich the communities they
                         serve. People join a Village for one of two reasons; they might need some assistance in order to remain in their own homes
                         and in the communities they love, or, they join to help build and support a Village so that it will be there for them when
A Gift for All Seasons   they need assistance.
        Page 4              There are villages in other Del Webb communities. Here are just three examples. In Del Webb’s Sun City Lincoln Hills
                         near Sacramento, Neighbors InDeed,, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation started in 1999
                         by residents. Volunteers provide help with home-related tasks such as replacing smoke detector batteries and light bulbs,
                         or running errands and shopping. Near Las Vegas, the Minuteman Foundation,, is a 501(c)
                         (3) non-profit corporation started in 2003 by residents of Del Webb’s Sun City Anthem. The foundation funds chartered
                         clubs in two different Las Vegas area Sun City communities, Anthem and Solera. Club members provide home-related
                         tasks and transportation services similar to those in Lincoln Hills. In January, their foundation plans to fund a program
  Congratulations        in a third Sun City located in North Las Vegas.
      to Us!                And now a “village” is coming to Sun City Palm Desert! It’s called the Desert Village Initiative and it will fund a pro-
     Page 5              gram called Neighbors 4 Neighbors.
                            Here is how it happened. Following months of research, the committee recommended and the Board approved for-
                         mation of The Desert Village Initiative (DVI). DVI is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation independent
                         of the Sun City Palm Desert Community Association. The reason for this is that it will be able to seek donations and
                         federal, state, and private foundation grants. DVI is not funded by the homeowners association, and liability insurance
                         for volunteers will be provided by the corporation. DVI is a paid membership organization with a tax deductible, annual
                         membership fee of $50 per household. DVI will fund the Neighbors 4 Neighbors Program in Sun City Palm Desert.

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                                    Photos by Photo/Promo Committee. Photo features layout by Susan Kaplan.

2   Faces & Places | December2010
                                                                       SCPD resident Ruth

                                                                       Moir, founder of The
                                                                       Steinway Society of
                                                                       Riverside Country.

                                                                                              Community News..................... 4
                                                                                              Board Reports .......................... 10
Bringing Music To Children                                                                    Management Reports .............. 12
                                                                                              Committee Reports ................. 16
by Edie Whitman-Buccieri
                                                                                              EPC Report ............................. 17
Ruth Moir is a very fascinating, intelligent and gracious lady who has lived in Sun
City the past ten years. She spent 40 years in the San Francisco Bay area introducing         Calendar of Events .................. 20
children to music as a teacher and a performer.                                               Health & Fitness...................... 22
  After moving to Palm Desert with her husband, Stewart, she formed The Steinway
Society of Riverside County. She joined forces with a prestigious group of colleagues         Support Group Schedule ........ 23
and community leaders to form the Board of Directors and establish this non-profit            Fitness Schedule....................... 24
  The Steinway Society brings classical and quality music, jazz, dance and impro-             Golf News................................ 25
visation into all the school districts in the Coachella Valley. The “Classic Concerts”        Chartered Club List
have served over 60,000 students.From kindergarten through grade five, children are
                                                                                               & Schedule........................... 26
introduced to a wide spectrum of music history, styles and instruments through a
comprehensive program, which can be taught by non-musicians.  A resident of Sun               Chartered Club News ............. 28
City, Stephen Battaglia, teaches the “Mr. McSymphony”  classes, which consist of five
audio/visual presentations.                                                                   Operating Hours ..................... 40
  This year’s "Winners Concert" will be at the Indian Wells Theatre, UCUSB Campus             Frequently Called Numbers ....... 41
in Palm Desert on May 1, 2011. Local students are invited to compete in a unique
competition. Students are grouped in two categories  based on age, 7-14 and 15-18.            Sunshine Club
Ten winners each receive a $500 study award, perform in the “Winners Concerts” and              Representatives ..................... 41
are invited to play at a variety of venues throughout the following year.                     Resident Group News ............. 42
  Ruth Moir has just been awarded a “Volunteer of the Year Award” by the Community
Foundation serving Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.  She was selected from              Notes of Appreciation ............. 44
7,400 volunteers from each of the two counties. She was also given the “Community
Partner of the Year Award” by State Senator Bob Dutton.  
  Ruth has also recently been nominated for the Spirit Entrepreneur Award for 2010
from the University of California in San Bernardino.
  Few people are as committed and passionate about the beauty of music as is Ruth
Moir.  In a time in our country when economic prospects are dim and school bud-
gets are being slashed, local heroes, as is Ruth, step in and remind us that the arts are
important. They color our daily lives with beauty.    

                                                                                Resident Profile | December2010 3
C ommun i t y
News                                                                Thank	you...

                                                       the ladies in the Stitch & Sew Club for making
                                                                the beautiful Hanukkah table runners to add to our
                                                                                  holiday decorations.

A Gift For All Seasons                                      	          	       	       	News	&	Views staff member
                                                                                                Joy Porrello
                                                                                           asked SCPD residents
by Nancy R. Weil

During this holiday time when giving is so much
                                                                      					“What	is	your	favorite	
a part of our celebrations, Sun City resident Sally
                                                                           							holiday	tradition?”
Markowitz will have been giving the gift of life all year              French Tradition
long. She has been donating blood at the Community                     Olive Cadorette comes from a French
Blood Bank at the Eisenhower Medical Center for the                    background and French Christmas tradition
past 10 years.                                                         is to make Tourtiere, meat pies. Years ago,
    Her interest in this most worthy cause began when                  the family would all go to Midnight Mass
                                                              Olive    and the Tourtiere were eaten after Mass.
she worked in public relations for Hill and Knowlton
                                                            Cadorette Today she makes them to bring them to her
Publishers. Two of her colleagues died of AIDS. She                   daughter’s home in northern California. Her
wanted the blood to go exclusively to the Desert AIDS                 other French specialty is a pork dressing for
project, but was told that you are not allowed to desig-              the turkey. Yum!
nate a recipient.
    All blood is screened first, but donors are informed                 Sharing Chanukah Celebration
                                                                         Lighting the Menorah and serving potato
that this is not a test for AIDS.
                                                                         latkes is tradition for Susan Goldberg. She
    Sally recently reached her five gallon mark and was                  enjoys getting together with fellow Solo
honored with a gold leaf on the Tree of Life on the wall                 members and celebrating Chanukah as a
at the Blood Bank.                                                        group. She makes the latkes and others share
    To Sally, who will continue to give the gift of life,       Goldberg in the menu for a special meal with friends.
a huge Thank You.

                                                                                      Continued in News	&	View	Extra

4 Community News | December2010
                 Congratulations	                                  Our community has been closely aligned with Palm Desert for
                                                                   many years and we are proud to include it in our name. Each

                 to	Us!
                                                                   day, thousands of Sun City residents cross the freeway to shop,
                                                                   dine, worship and volunteer in the city of which we are so much
                                                                   a part.
                 by Anne Leach                                     Sincerely,
                                                                      Your delegates worked a wonder and word of mouth did
If you were away this summer you missed a Big Event: there
                                                                   the rest. Everyone was mobilized! Almost three-quarters
was a huge outpouring of support for an important step for
                                                                   of our nearly 5,000 homeowners responded in a mere seven
our community—being returned to Palm Desert’s sphere of
                                                                   days! If you were here then, you’ll recall the excitement. Now
influence. In a mere seven days in April, 2010, nearly 75
                                                                   here’s what happened next:
percent of Sun City Palm Desert homeowners responded to
                                                                      There were enough letters to fill about a dozen fat binders
the call, and provided signed affirmations of their willingness
                                                                   stuffed to overflowing. The binders were accompanied to the
for our community to be returned to the sphere of influence
                                                                   Palm Desert City Council by about two dozen folks: several
(SOI) of the City of Palm Desert.
                                                                   of our board members, delegates and alternates, and our then
   Why was it necessary?
                                                                   General Manager Sandy Seddon. Our board president Bill
   For reasons that are not clear to us, in late 2007 Palm Des-
                                                                   Murphy and others, as well as Thousand Palms, made brief
ert indicated to the state commission overseeing such things
                                                                   speeches. Then (drum roll please!) the council vote was 4 – 0
(LAFCO, Local Agency Formation Commission) that after
                                                                   in favor.
about ten years in the sphere, they no longer wanted us or the
                                                                      Later, another set of the binders was accompanied to the
Varner commercial properties to our south (the Marketplace,
                                                                   LAFCO hearing at the Riverside County Admin building by
Coco’s, Comfort Suites corner, Thousand Trails RV Park,
                                                                   a busload of SCPD residents: all our board members, most
etc.). We were quite dismayed, especially when it developed
                                                                   of the delegates and alternates, Sandy Seddon, and several
that both Indio and the Thousand Palms unincorporated
                                                                   concerned citizens. We made a few short speeches, so did the
community were interested in the Varner commercial proper-
                                                                   Thousand Palms folks, and in a unanimous vote of the seven
ties. Whoops!
                                                                   commissioners, LAFCO approved Palm Desert’s request—we
   We lobbied the Palm Desert City Council to un-divorce
                                                                   and the Varner commercial properties were readmitted into
us and the commercial properties—in effect, to reinstate the
                                                                   the Palm Desert sphere. Yea!
SOI as it formerly was. They finally agreed to ask LAFCO to
                                                                      What does this mean to us?
reinstate the SOI, but when LAFCO began to hold the usual
                                                                      The City of Indio surrounds us on three sides—north,
hearings, Thousand Palms weighed in. Some Thousand Palms
                                                                   south and east—and would like to absorb our Varner com-
folks had formed a cityhood group hoping to incorporate as
                                                                   mercial neighbors. So would Thousand Palms. Being within
a city of their own some day—and of course needing all the
                                                                   Palm Desert’s SOI prevents this.
tax base they can get. Plus, Thousand Palms is under pressure
                                                                      Being in the sphere does not mean that our community is
from a requested sphere expansion by Cathedral City. Thou-
                                                                   part of the City of Palm Desert. Inclusion in Palm Desert’s
sand Palms’ cityhood advocates fervently lobbied LAFCO to
                                                                   SOI is invisible. There will be no impact on taxes; SCPD
put all SOI changes on hold indefinitely, until the economy
                                                                   remains part of unincorporated Riverside County and con-
picks up and they can try for cityhood.
                                                                   tinues to receive services from the County.
   LAFCO agreed to a few weeks’ delay so that Thousand
                                                                      However, the implication of a city’s designating a sphere of
Palms could rally convincing arguments for their case. Mean-
                                                                   influence is that the city may consider annexing the area at
while, LAFCO had questions about Palm Desert’s change of
                                                                   some undetermined time in the future.
heart, and asked for a firm statement that Palm Desert did in-
                                                                      LAFCO oversees such acquisitions. There must be in-depth
tend for us to be back in the sphere. Then Palm Desert asked
                                                                   fiscal analyses beforehand to affirm that the acquisition would
us for a clear indication of our willingness to be returned to
                                                                   be financially sound and supportable. And none could occur
the sphere.
                                                                   unless agreed to by a majority of the registered voters in the
   So we provided a demonstration of support that was palpa-
                                                                   area in question.
ble and indisputable. Every resident was asked, if they agreed
                                                                      Obviously, we’ll just have to wait and see what the City of
with it, to sign the following letter:
                                                                   Palm Desert intends. Meanwhile, you may want to keep up
                                                                   with the goings on in the City of Palm Desert. Our Govern-
Dear Palm Desert City Council Members:
                                                                   ment Relations Committee is keeping an eye out too.
I am a resident of Sun City Palm Desert and I am requesting that
you restore our community and the surrounding commercial area
to your Sphere of Influence.

                                                                          Community News | December2010 5
C ommun i t y                                                          	        	      	        	

                                                                       	        	      	        			News	&	Views staff member
                                                                                                    Edie Whitman-Buccieri
                                                                                                    asked Sunshine Club Officers

Neighbors 4 Neighbors
Continued from cover
                                                                                 					“What	makes	the	holidays
                                                                                       							special	for	you?”
      The plan is that, beginning March 1, 2011, volunteers
will provide the following services for any paid DVI member                           “I enjoy getting together with my wonderful
at no additional cost beyond their annual $50 membership                              family.”
• Just Checking In - A regularly scheduled telephone call
                                                                                                         “There isn‘t anything
     from a volunteer.
                                                                                                         about the Holiday
• Helping Hands - Help with minor household tasks by                       Mary Ann                      Season that I don't
     volunteers that can be accomplished in under an hour,                  Manion
                                                                            2nd VP                       love - all the good food,
     such as changing the battery in a smoke detector.
                                                                                                         the decorations and our
• Going My Way - Volunteer transportation to community
                                                                                             Sandy       many friends.”
     activities, shopping, appointments and worship.
• Critter Care - Such as walking a dog when a member is                                      Livran
     ill, a ride to the vet or help in an emergency.
• Gadget Guru – Assistance with routine electronic and
     technological challenges.                                                        “I, too, like decorating for the Holidays
                                                                                      and all the parties.”
   As DVI funding and membership grow, we plan to offer,
through group purchases and negotiations, referrals to vetted
professionals for services at a cost savings for residents. Resident
members will pay the providers directly for these professional                                           “I love watching our
services. Examples are in-home personal care, in-home health               Rosemary                      four granddaughters
                                                                           Alderson                      open a few presents
care, home maintenance and major repair, shuttle or taxi                     1st VP
service to the Marketplace and to other retail services, and to                                          after we eat a
area hospitals and medical centers, a bill-payment service, and                                          wonderful Italian
assistance following a catastrophic event.                                                  Edie         dinner on Christmas
   Why should you get involved? It’s simple and in a way, quite                            Whitman-      Eve.”
selfish. If you, like us, want to continue to live in the comfort                          Buccieri
and security of your own Sun City the community
that you chose, among good friends and neighbors, then you
need to get involved.
   Help make it happen now so that it will be here when
you need it. We are currently recruiting volunteers to serve
on the Neighbors 4 Neighbors Program. Initial services to
                                                                                      Happy	holidays	
members are slated to begin after March 1, 2011. We will ask
our volunteers for a tax deductible contribution of $10 to help                         to	everyone	
defray the cost of liability insurance which DVI will provide.

     Here’s how to get involved:
•     Send an email to for follow-up by a
                                                                                         Sun	City	
•     Call 760-592-9864, leave a message, and a volunteer will                         Palm	Desert!
      return your call.

6 Community News | December2010
                                                                                   C ommun i t y
       Desert	Theatre	League
         Award	Winners
                                                                  in January...
                                                                  ...our first 12-month series: The Arts in Sun
                                                                  City Palm Desert.

                                                                  Our writers will profile the wide array of tal-
                                                                  ented residents and opportunities to express
                                                                  yourself artistically in the community.
At	the	23rd	annual	Desert	Theatre	League	Awards	on	Nov.	
14,	 three	 SCPD	 residents	 were	 honored	 with	 the	 coveted	   Artists from all varieties will be featured: from
“Stars”	 for	 their	 performances	 in	 The Man Who Came To        performing arts to arts & crafts, you can look
Dinner,	produced	by	the	Summer	Repertory	Players	in	June	
2010.	 From	 left:	 Marty	 Rudman,	 Best	 Lead	Actor;	 Karen	     forward to learning all about The Arts in Sun
Schmitt,	Best	Lead	Actress;	Phyllis	Humphrey,	Best	Direc-         City Palm Desert.
tor	and	John-Alex	Houlton	of	Indio,	Best	Supporting	Actor.

First	Place	Winner

SCPD	 resident	 Al	 Greco	 took	 first	 place	 for	 his	
ground	beef	and	pork	sausage	meatballs	at	Trilussa	
Restaurant’s	Inaugural	Meatball	Festival	in	Cathre-
dral	City	in	October.	The	event	was	a	fundraiser	for	
a	local	charity.	What’s	the	secret	recipe,	Al?

                                                                       Community News | December2010 7
Sun City Scenes

 8   Photo Feature | December2010   Photos and photo pages layout by Photo/Promo Committee.
            Sun City Scenes

Photo Feature | December2010   9
                              Board of Directors’
                                                                                                                from the
                              Meeting Report
 2010–11 Board of Directors   Summary of Actions Taken by the Board of Directors
                              The complete approved minutes of the Board of 10-11-105 – Motion – Carolyn Einung moved
              Bill            Directors’ Meetings are located in the Library to approve the revised bylaws of the Sun City Palm
             Murphy           and on the SCPDCA website.                           Desert Art Club as amended to correct the abbre-
               President                                                           viation to SCPDAC. The motion was seconded by
                              Board Action Items &                                 John Willacker.  As all were in favor, the motion
                                                                                   carried unanimously.
                              November 2, 2010 Board Meeting                       10-11-106 – Motion – David Novick moved
               Don                                                                 to approve the Revised Appendix A of Finance
                              10-11-101 – Motion – Anne Leach moved to Committee Charter, titled “Replacement Reserve
               Hein           authorize Guralnick & Gilliland, LLP, as the Account Investment Policy” as amended to delete
             Vice-President   Association’s attorney and agent, to execute and pending approval from the Association Documents
                              record assessment liens on the following properties Committee (ADC) as the ADC committee has
                              pursuant to the Association’s Collection Policy:    approved the revision.  The motion was seconded
                              Lot 151   Tract 27221 and Lot 170   Tract 27404- by Anne Leach.  As all were in favor, the motion
                              1.  The motion was seconded by Don Hein.  As carried unanimously.
             Carolyn          all were in favor, the motion carried unanimously.  
             Einung                                                                10-11-107 – Motion – David Novick moved to
                              10-11-102 – Motion – Anne Leach moved to authorize an eight (8) month renewal of the street
               Secretary      approve a policy for writing off uncollectible sweeping contract with Quality Street Services, at a
                              accounts overdue more than 120 days.  The motion monthly rate of $7,223.00, to be paid from main-
                              was seconded by David Novick.  As all were in tenance budget. Total cost under term of contract
                              favor, the motion carried unanimously.               extension $57,784.00.  The motion was seconded
               Anne           Authority is delegated:
                                                                                   by John Willacker.  As all were in favor, the motion
                                                                                   carried unanimously.
               Leach          • to the Finance Director to approve the write-  
               Treasurer           off of delinquent account balances under 10-11-108 – Removed from agenda.
                              • to the General Manager for account balances 10-11-109 – Motion – Bill Murphy moved
                                   up to and including amounts of $5,000 with to approve renewal of the Association’s property
                                   the recommendation of the Finance Director; and casualty, general liability, umbrella, D & O,
              Larry           • to the General Manager with the recommen- crime and automobile insurance policies for a total
             Holbrook              dation of the Finance Director and with the premium amount of $207,834.  The motion was
                                   concurrence of the Association’s Treasurer for seconded by Don Hein.  As all were in favor, the
                                   account balances above $5,000.                  motion carried unanimously.
                              Quarterly reviews of write-offs and delinquent  
                              accounts will be held with the Finance Committee. 10-11-110 – Motion – David Novick moved to
                                                                                   approve the following employee insurance ben-
                              10-11-103 – Motion – Anne Leach moved efit renewals for 2011 as amended to include the
              David           to appoint Faith Horwitz to replace Howard spreadsheet enumerating the estimated costs based
              Novick          Leitner as District 6 Delegate and appoint Bonnie on enrollment:
               Member         Willacker as the District 6 Alternate.  The motion • Medical with Blue Cross or Kaiser (Employee’s
                              was seconded by David Novick.  As all were in             Choice)
                              favor, the motion carried unanimously.               • Dental, Life, AD&D and LTD with Principal. 
                                                                                   The motion was seconded by Don Hein.  As all
                              10-11-104 – Motion – Anne Leach moved to were in favor, the motion carried unanimously.
             John             appoint Walter Kasner as District 2 Delegate
            Willacker         Alternate.  The motion was seconded by John
               Member         Willacker.  As all were in favor, the motion carried

10 Board Reports | December2010
                                                                                    2010-11 District
                                                                                      Delegates &
Marilyn & Randy                                                                            District 1 Delegate

       Rodeo Drive
                                                                                           Marvin Markowitz
                                                                                        Alternate: Lenore Leon
                                                                                           District 2 Delegate
 Singing Broadway, Pop and                                                                  Shirley Ludemann
                                                                                         Alternate: Walter Kasner
         even Opera                                                                 
                                                                                           District 3 Delegate
                                                                                               Kenneth Elder
                                                                                       Alternate: Marilyn Frank
                                                                                           District 4 Delegate
                                                                                              Larry Levenson
                                                                                      Alternate: Barrie Dorfman
                                                                                           District 5 Delegate
                                                                                              Harvey Goldstein
                                                                                      Alternate: Dorothea Olshane
                                                                                           District 6 Delegate
                                                                                               Faith Horwitz
                                                                                     Alternate: Bonnie Willacker
                                                                                           District 7 Delegate
                                                                                                Frank Calley
                                                                                         Alternate: Inez Calley
                                                                                           District 8 Delegate
                                                                                             Grace Hutchings
                                                                                      Alternate: Kent McDonald

        DECEMBER 2010                                                      
                                                                                           District 9 Delegate
                                                                                                Steven Bailey
                                                                                         Alternate: Larry Toms
       MONDAY, DEC 13, VENTANA 4 P.M.                                        
       MONDAY, DEC 27, VENTANA 4 P.M.                                                     District 10 Delegate
                                                                                               Jerry Hatcher
                                                                                        Alternate: Stan Bossuk
       $7 Cover Charge                                                                    District 11 Delegate
                                                                                             Al Campagnone
   HAPPY HOUR DRINK PRICES                                                                Alternate: Peter Foley
                Reservations Not Necessary                                                District 12 Delegate
                                                                                              Bobbi Hoffman
                                                                                         Alternate: Frank Riley
                                                                                          District 13 Delegate
                                                                                              Gary Schwertly
                                                                                       Alternate: Dennis Golob
Sun City Post Office & Postal Center                                                      District 14 Delegate
                                                                                                Lynda Dach
    Hours of Operation - Monday-Friday - 9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.                              Alternate: Betty Bailey
     UPS & FedEx pickup times - Monday-Friday - 3 p.m.                       
  USPS pickup times - Monday-Friday - 11:30 a.m. & 3:30 p.m.                              District 15 Delegate
                                                                                           Christina Campbell
 Bob Cassidy, Postal Supervisor •   Sun City Palm Desert   •   200-2227                  Alternate: Carol Miller

                                                                          Board Reports | December2010 11
                                         Executive                                        Security
                                         Update                                           Report
                                         by Steve Campbell                                by Bill Markson
                                         General Manager                                  Community Standards Director

The holiday season is now upon us. Palm trees and buildings are        Town Hall “Safety Awareness” Meeting
fully illuminated, the Poinsettias are arraigned throughout the        On Tuesday, Nov. 9 Community Standards, Public Safety and the
facilities and the interior holiday décor will soon be displayed.      Riverside County Sheriff ’s Department held our 3rd Town Hall
The clubs and resident groups are active with holiday parties and      meeting to discuss “Safety Awareness.” The actual number of reported
events. Sun City Palm Desert is a wonderful place to spend the         criminal incidents was statistically minimal in comparison to other area
holidays.                                                              neighborhoods.
   If you have a regular vendor servicing your home, please               The Riverside County Sheriff ’s Department notified us that the
encourage them to register or re-register at the Mountain View         individuals arrested in the residential burglaries from January 2010, each
clubhouse. Registered vendors can use the resident License Plate       received four and six-year prison sentences. Other individuals involved
Recognition (LPR) lanes. Unregistered vendors must pass through        received other sentences without elaborating the details. The Problem
the visitor lane. This is a voluntary program; participation will      Oriented Policing (POP) team is continuing to work closely with the
help to reduce the lines at the visitor lanes.                         Association but without residents reporting incidents to both the
   The golf courses and common area parks had a very successful        Riverside Sheriff ’s Office and to the Community Standards Department,
overseeding application this year. Both courses are now open. The      accurate investigative data is lost.
Santa Rosa course will be cart path only until December 6. All of         Again, it was noted that criminal incidents within Sun City Palm
the seasonal flowers have been planted providing a nice finishing      Desert can be attributed to “Crimes of Opportunity.” These incidents
touch to the landscaping around the clubhouses, buildings and          were directly related to doors and windows being left open, unsecured
golf courses.                                                          keys being left inside open vehicles and an excessive number of residential
   The Association was quite active this past summer and fall with     garage doors left open. It remains each resident’s responsibility to secure
major projects. I would like to thank everyone for their patience      their homes against property loss. A list of common sense economical
and cooperation. The main gate area was resurfaced with a two          practices to help make your home unattractive to “crimes of opportunity”
inch (2”) asphalt overlay. Northern Del Webb Boulevard, Sunset         has been uploaded to the Resident Alert website:
View parking lot, Lakeview parking lot, and the Golf Course
Maintenance employee parking lot all received a seal coating and
restriping. The Sunset View pool and spa, Newcastle pool, and the
Lakeview spa were each re-plastered and the decks were repaired           The Association was unable to initiate a “bulk alarm monitoring
and resealed. The new well located near Del Webb Boulevard and         agreement” for residents; however, we are currently seeking a program
Ryans Way is complete, including the desertscape planter and the       where alarm companies will individually provide our residents with
rock formation installed to disguise the inlet pipe to the “W” Lake.   the lowest possible monthly rates. Both Public Safety and the Riverside
At this time, there are no major projects scheduled for this winter.   County Sheriff ’s Department agree that a working alarm system, proper
   On behalf of the employees of Sun City Palm Desert, I would         security lighting and keeping your doors and windows locked, are key
like to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season.                 components to residential security.
                                                                          Relaxed Overnight Street Parking will be available December 20
                                                                       through Jan. 3. Enforcement will remain in place for vehicles blocking
                                                                       mailboxes, sidewalks and driveways. Vehicles may not be parked against
           Information about the                                       traffic and must display a valid visitor pass or resident decal.
                                                                          Please review “Traffic and Parking Rules” on pages 15-20 of the
                Association,                                           Sun City Palm Desert Community Directory to ensure a safe holiday
                                                                       environment is maintained for all. Golf carts may only be driven by
        Chartered Clubs & Resident                                     an individual 16 years and older with a valid driver’s license. Golf cart
                                                                       occupancy should adhere to manufactures recommendations and driver
                                                                       must follow all safety & traffic rules.
        Groups can now be found on                                        Always operate any vehicle in a safe manner, taking into account that
                                                                       there will be additional vehicles on our streets, bicyclists, golf carts and
                Channel 98.                                            pedestrians, all enjoying our beautiful holiday weather.
                                                                          On behalf of the Community Standards Department, I would like to
                                                                       wish each and everyone a happy and healthy holiday season.

     12 Management Reports | December2010
                  Financial                                              staff training costs, professional fees, repair and maintenance costs.

                                                                             The September financials are available in the library as well as the
                                                                         financials for July and August. If you have any questions regarding
                  through September 2010                                 the financials please contact me at 760-200-2106.
                                                                             The Association’s financial condition remains sound.
                  by Todd Chaloux

                                                                          Trouble Receiving Channel 98?
                  Finance Director

Greetings and Happy Holidays from the Finance staff at Sun City
Palm Desert:
    The Statement of Operations which accompanies this article
reflects the Association’s activities for the three-month period ended
                                                                                   If any Time Warner Bulk Customers
September 30, 2010, our first fiscal quarter of 2010–11. As is often
the case early in the Association’s fiscal year, a favorable variance
                                                                                       are not receiving  Channel 98,
versus budget is reported; however, this variance is primarily attrib-
utable to temporary, timing differences. Largest among these timing
                                                                                       please call Time Warner Cable
differences relates to the Golf Course Maintenance budget. Most of
the differences were expenses that were anticipated to take place in
                                                                                              at 760-340-2225. 
the first three months of the fiscal year and simply have not hap-
pened as of the end of September. Other timing differences relate to

                                                                            Management Reports | December2010 13
                  Food & Beverage
                  News                                                            SUPER BOWL
                  by Cesar Castellanos

                  Food & Beverage Catering Manager

Season Greetings from the Catering Department!
    Happy Holidays! Our favorite month of the year is finally here!              Sunday, February 6, 2011
Thanks to all of you that have booked holiday functions and allowed                         sierra Ballroom
us to take care of your catering needs. We look forward to taking care                        3 p.m. to 8 p.m.
of your events for the holidays and the rest of the season.
    The Catering Department’s main focus this month is to take care          TAIL GATE PARTY
of your events. As advertised, for this New Year’s Eve Celebration                 & HAPPY HOUR COCKTAILS
the Swing Town Band (eight-piece band) will be bringing you to the
dance floor on this amazing evening. Great food, live music and the                        Chili & Nacho Bar
always fun New Orleans Mardi Gras festivities.                               Served with crisp tortilla chips, onions, cheese, jalapenos,
                                                                                        guacamole, salsa and cheese sauce
Rodeo Drive continues through December in Ventana, Dec. 13 &                                       Hot Dogs
27. Just a friendly reminder, Randy & Marilyn are now performing                  With ketchup, mustard, onions and sweet relish

on Mondays and the cover charge is $7.                                                        Chilled Salads
                                                                                            Potato Salad & Pasta Salad
    We want to remind you that our Super Bowl Party is on Sunday,                              Finger Foods
Feb. 6 from 3 to 8 p.m in the Sierra Ballroom. Save your spot! Tickets                       Onion Rings & Potato Skins

go on sale Monday, Jan. 3 at the Event Department for just $15.50
per person. Enjoy our Tailgate Buffet, Happy Hour cocktails and of                                   Inclusive
course, the Big Game!
                                                                         Tickets go on sale January 3, 2011 at the events dept.

During the months of November 2010 through April 2011,
Boulevards will begin serving dinner at 4:30 p.m. If you would like
to make a reservation for a party of eight people or more, we will
now take reservations between 4:30 and 5:30 p.m. We will go back
to serving dinner starting at 5 p.m. on May 1, 2011.

Below, please find the holiday hours for December:

Dec.10 – Employee Holiday Party (Friday)
• Boulevards – closes at 3 p.m.

Christmas Eve (Friday)
• Boulevards – closes at 3 p.m.

Christmas Day (Saturday)
• Boulevards - closed

New Years Eve (Friday)
• Boulevards - regular hours
                                                                               Freshly baked cookies
     All of us at Boulevards would like to wish you, your family and      2 for $1.50 in The Daily Grind
friends a wonderful holiday season!

    14      Management Reports | December2010
                                                              Chef Juan’s
          Open 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
                                                              by Juan Bautista
         Monday through Friday
                                                              Executive Chef
       Lunch served 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.
         Dinner served 5 – 8 p.m.            Happy holidays form all of us in the Catering Department!
    Saturday & Sunday 7 a.m. – 8 p.m.             Once again, we are back to the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Family is in town,
        Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner            the traffic is busier and the nights are cooler. As we enjoy our beautiful morning frosted
                                             mountains or our clear dark sky under the moon light and shining stars, we ask ourselves,
  Sunday Breakfast Buffet 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.
                                             “What’s for dinner this holiday season?!” Don’t panic, don't stress over holiday meals. Plan
                                             ahead. Stress is really about the unknown, do I have enough of this or will I get this done
                                             in time? So some intelligent planning ahead will help to take a lot of stress out of holiday
                                             meals. Below, find eight tips I found at by Patty Getz that will make
                                             this holiday season a great one.
                                             1. Have a Buffet-Style Meal - I have done this a few different years, I cooked up and
                   at the                    chopped up a few different buffet type foods a day or two before, then we put it all on a
                                             table and handed everyone paper plates and plastic utensils. Add a tablecloth, and some
          6 a.m. – 8 p.m. Daily              decorations to keep it festive, and Have fun!!
                                             2. Ask Family Members To Bring Their Favorite Dish - Many hands makes light work,
               360-3456                      ask each family member to bring something, and depending on the amount of guests you
                                             have, much of your work will be done for you. Don't be shy, most people don't mind help-
                                             ing out, they just have no idea what to do.
                                             3. Plan Ahead - No matter what type of meal you choose to have, planning well ahead of
                                             time can make all the difference. There are lots of parts of your meal, that can be prepped
                                             a week or more ahead of time, and placed in the freezer, pies, rolls, and cookies can all be
                                             premade and frozen. A lot of items can be made the day before. All of this will minimize
                                             your work on the big day.
            7 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.               4. Get Yourself A Small Folder - like the ones that students do their reports in. Put your
         Monday through Friday               meal planning sheets and notes in the notebook with all the recipes you plan to use. There
                                             is nothing worse than getting to the holiday, and not being able to find the recipe for
       “Simon serves with a Smile!”          Grandma's special stuffing. If you plan your meal, and collect your recipe, a few weeks ahead
                200-2235                     of time, then you will be well organized, and much less likely to stress.
                                             5. Shop Ahead - If you get your meal plan and your recipes collected ahead of time, then
                                             you will be able to shop the sales, save yourself money, and avoid the crowds, NOW that is
                                             a win, win proposition!
                                             6. Prep the day before - Even if you have to cook some items on the day the meal is served,
                                             you can save yourself time by prepping ahead of time, items such as onions, mushrooms,
                                             celery, olives, and sweet potatoes. Get them all cut up, and place them in sealed containers
                                             in the fridge and they will be all ready for the next day.
              Happy Hour                     7. Keep It Simple - Everybody loves a good meal, but don’t plan more than you can honestly
4 – 7 p.m. Monday, Wednesday & Thursday      do. Nobody wants a stressed out hostess that never shows her face out of the kitchen all day
Karaoke every Wednesday evening beginning    long on a holiday. So when planning your menu, keep it realistic, balance things that can be
   at 3:30 p.m. – Solos meet on Thursdays
                                             made ahead of time, with things you will make on the day of the feast.
               200-2235                      8. Don't Be Afraid To Ask For Help - if you need help ask, nobody expects you to be
                                             superwoman, and your whole future is not resting on this meal, or whether you can do it all
                                             yourself. So be realistic, most people do not mind lending a helping hand, and in fact a lot
                                             of people love the socialization that happens when cooking with another person.

                                                 Most of all enjoy this season. Holidays with family don't last forever, and should be
                                             cherished, not stressed.
         Available for special events
           and catering functions.               From my family to yours, I wish you a wonderful and blessed holiday season!


                                                                   Management Reports | December2010 15
            ports Howie:
        e Re Dear
                                                                       I have heard that the          October 2010 Violations
                                                  new security patrol officers will have to fill

                                                                                                    Parked on street overnight             17
                                                  a quota each month. Is this true? N.P.            Failure to stop at posted stop sign    11
                                                                                                    Speeding                               9
                                                                                                    Illegal handicap parking               3
                   This Is False                  Dear N.P.:                     . In the 11
Compliance                                        years that I have been on the Compliance
                                                  Committee, the security patrol officers have
                                                                                                    Abusive language/Behavior
                                                                                                    Creating hazard

                                                                                                    Failure to Comply
                                                  never had a quota They can issue as many          w/Community Patrol Officer             1
                                                  citations if it's a violation. However, we        Gate strike                            1
                                                                                                    No current resident decal              1
                                                  have radar guns installed in all the patrol       Vehicle blocking handicapcurb access   1
by Robert Krasny, Vice-Chair
                                                  vehicles. Greater emphases is now in place        Vehicle blocking sidewalk              1
Howard rogo                                       to stop speeding and stop sign violations.        Monthly T  otal                        47
ComplianCe CHairman                               And for your information before you ask,

Dear Howie
                                                  they are calibrated every morning.
                                                  Dear Howie: I often see residents,
                                                  guest and vendors driving while using their
                                                  cell phones. What should I do? J.F.              Committee
                                                  Dear J.F.: Get out of their way!! You're         by Tom Proctor, Chairman
                                                  right. The No Cell Phone Law is rarely
                                                  enforced. But in Sun City many people            The holiday season is upon us and many
                                                  are receiving directions or reporting they       residents like to decorate their homes and
                                                  are lost. Hopefully, they will pull off to       add displays on their lawns for the sea-
                                                  the side. Since we do enforce sections of        son. Exterior decorations are allowed in
                                                  the California Vehicle Code (CVC), the           accordance with the Association Design
                                                  Security CAN issue a citation.                   Guidelines Article II-B-5-c as follows:
Dear Howie: What is the speed limit                                                                   “Exterior holiday decorations are per-
in the clubhouse parking lots? Sometimes it
feels like a speedway in our lots. L.W.
                                                  Dear Howie: Are motorcycles permit-              mitted. The design and quantity of the
                                                  ted in Sun City? If so, I'm afraid that Hells    decorations shall be in good taste, and the
                                                  Angels will move in. S.S.                        Lifestyle Enhancement Committee, in its
Dear L.W.: Believe it or not, the speed limit                                                      sole discretion, has the right to determine if
is 15 MPH. To my knowledge, there is no                                                            such decorations are contrary to good taste.
record of a parking lot speeding citation.        Dear S.S.: First let me say, if a person is
                                                                                                   Exterior decorations may be put up 10 days
Drivers may be distracted or occasionally         age qualified, we cannot discriminate who
                                                                                                   prior to the holiday and must be removed
discourteous. So if you are driving please        they are. The law is very strict on this.
                                                                                                   within five days after the holiday, with
be careful and if you are walking be twice        Motorcycles are permitted in Sun City. In
                                                                                                   the exception of Holiday Season exterior
as careful. By the way, check the posted          fact, they are very quiet. I have noticed
                                                                                                   decorative lights and decorations which
speed limit as you enter the Main and             that owners of motorcycles in general are
                                                                                                   may be present between Thanksgiving Day
North gates.                                      very courteous and limit their riding in
                                                                                                   and Jan. 10 of the holiday season. Holiday
                                                  Sun City to leaving and entering. If you
                                                                                                   decorations should not cause light glare or
Dear Howie: My neighbor has                       are aware of a violator who is disturbing
                                                  the Community, call security. Also, I have
                                                                                                   other safety hazards related to vehicular or
installed a security light on their property. I                                                    pedestrian traffic.”
                                                  checked with the Hells Angels and most of
don't want to have to close my blinds all of                                                          It should be noted that except for holi-
                                                  them are under the age of 55.
the time. What should I do? P.O.                                                                   day decorations, artifacts are not allowed
                                                     The holidays are just a few weeks away.       in front yards and only under the condi-
Dear P.O.: Your neighbors are permitted to        Family and friends will be visiting. Please      tions specified in the Association Design
install a security light on their property. It    pass our Rules and Regulations on parking,       Guidelines Article II-B-5-b as follows:
is best to ask your neighbor to adjust the        use of the pools, Fitness Center and golf           “Statues and artifacts shall not be allowed
light. Many times they are not aware of           course. Remember, no kids using the Golf         in the front yard and allowed only in other
this problem. If they are unwilling, you can      cart without a valid driver's license.           areas with approval of the LEC, with the
fill out a Compliance Complaint Report               Parking will be relaxed during Christmas      exception of temporary holiday statues,
form which is available at the front desk         and New Years, Dec. 20 through Jan. 3.           artifacts and other holiday decorative land-
at the Mountain View Clubhouse. Under                Talk to you next year.                        scaping items as described in subsection
no circumstances do you want to get                                                                II.B.5.c below. In front enclosed court-
into an argument with your neighbor. Let                                                           yards, artifacts shall be allowed with prior
Compliance handle it.                                                                              approval of the LEC, as long as they are
                                                                                                   limited to five (5) feet in height. Also with
                                                                                                   prior approval of the LEC for placement,

 16 Committee Reports | December2010
statues and artifacts are allowed in the
back yards of golf course or green belt
                                                       As you can see, the Library offers some-
                                                   thing for everyone's enjoyment. Happy holi-       gling   e Rep
lots as long as they do not exceed 36
inches in height measured from the fin-
                                                   days from your Library volunteers!                a coffee cup,
                                                                                                     shooing a bee out the
ish floor elevation to the top of the statue                                                         window, or applying make-up
or artifact.”
   At this time of the year we give special        Public Safety                                     are but a few. Or, the elderly driver head-
                                                                                                     ing in your direction just may be scheduled for
thought to our relationships with fam-
ily, neighbors and friends. The Lifestyle          Committee                                         cataract surgery tomorrow and his dim view
                                                                                                     and long lost peripheral vision is tilting the
Enhancement Committee extends our                                                                    odds out of your favor. The best way for you as
                                                   by Pete Ferrentino
best wishes for a happy, healthy and safe                                                            a pedestrian to safely cross a street is to pretend
holiday season to each of you.                                                                       that you are invisible. This puts the burden
                                                   Several times each year residents request
                                                   that additional stop signs and crosswalks         squarely on your shoulders. It’s your life. Don’t

Library                                            be placed on a particular street that crosses
                                                   Del Webb Boulevard because they have
                                                                                                     count on right-of-way.

Committee                                          experienced difficulty crossing on foot.
                                                   And, just as often, resident drivers com-                                  Fishing is permitted
                                                   plain that there are far too many stop                                     only in the fishing
by Susan Schubert
                                                   signs impeding their progress toward the                                   lake located at Del
The holiday season is here again. It’s a festive   main gates. Thus the discussion continues.                                 Webb Blvd. and
time of family, friends, and togetherness.         The main pedestrian/vehicular interaction                                  Sunrise Canyon.
Our Library offers many ways to add to your        occurs at the clubhouses and there pedes-                                  Fishing is also
holiday enjoyment.                                 trians will find stop signs and crosswalks.                                restricted to “catch
     Every year, volunteer Gail Bayard sets out    At other less traveled intersections along                                 and release” only.
a collection of holiday-themed movies, musi-       the main thoroughfare we suggest pedes-
cals, and concerts. You’ll find favorite movie     trians follow a few simple common sense
classics such as: “A Christmas Carol,”“Miracle     rules.                                                                    Riding bicycles on the
on 34th Street,” “It’s a Wonderful Life”and           Before stepping off the curb, look both                                  sidewalks is NOT
“Holiday Inn,”along with the more contem-          ways to see if any traffic is coming. The                                      permitted at
porary “A Christmas Story,” Chevy Chase            first car to hit you will come from the left.                                   anytime!
in “Christmas Vacation,” and Tim Allen in          The second will come from the right. If
“Santa Claus.” Also available are copies of        a vehicle is approaching, just let it pass
“The Nutcracker”and filmed holiday con-            and then cross once you are sure there                  Prevent Rust Stains on Driveways
certs by Pavarotti and Barry Manilow.              are none others approaching. But I live in         One of the main reasons for rust stains
     Some family movies available all year         California, you say, and here the pedestrian      on driveways is due to washing golf carts
long are: “Babe,” “Beauty and the Beast,”          has the right-of-way. Yes, but you can't           on driveways. Acid from batteries drips
“Finding Nemo,” “101 Dalmatians,” “Parent          assume that the driver will come to a stop if     onto the driveway which causes unsightly
Trap,” “Shrek,” “Sleeping Beauty” and “Willy       you step out in front of his moving vehicle,
                                                   even if you are in a crosswalk or at a stop
Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” 
     In the Mystery book section you’ll            sign. Watching some resident drivers cruise
find these holiday-themed stories by Carol         through stop signs as if they were optional             Dumping of any materials on the
                                                   or only meant for lesser mortals should                sidewalks or streets is prohibited at
Higgins Clark and Mary Higgins Clark:                                                                    any time. This violation is subject to a
“The Christmas Thief,” “Dashing Through            make you think twice before stepping off                     mandatory fine of $250.
the Snow,” “Deck the Halls,” “He Sees              a curb. The law states that a driver must
You When You’re Sleeping” and “Santa               always yield the right-of-way to a pedes-
Cruise.”   And in the Fiction section look         trian, but if the driver cannot stop in time                A Friendly Reminder!
                                                   when you step out in front of his moving                You are required to get LEC approval for all
for Glenn Beck’s novel, “The Christmas
                                                                                                         exterior changes, additions and/or modifications
Sweater.” Some of these titles may also be         vehicle, the law does not prevent you from
                                                                                                        to your home—including paint and landscaping.
found on the audio book carousels.                 being hit.
     And don’t overlook our magazine and              Defensive driving tells you never to
puzzle sections. The holiday magazines are         assume what the other driver will do. Be a                 LEC December Hours
filled with delicious recipes, gift suggestions,   defensive pedestrian and never assume you             The Lifestyle Enhancement Committee will not
party planning and decorating ideas. And           know what a vehicle driver will do. The               be meeting the last two Tuesdays in December.
everyone knows jigsaw puzzles provide end-         biggest error a pedestrian makes is assum-             The last meeting for the year 2010 will be on
less hours of family entertainment. We have        ing that the oncoming driver sees him.                 Tuesday, Dec. 14 and the first meeting for the
a wonderful selection of puzzles, from easy to     Distracted drivers hit pedestrians and the                 year 2011 will be on Tuesday, Jan. 4.
                                                   list of distractions is a long one. Talking on                     Please plan accordingly.
more challenging, with a variety of themes.
                                                                                                                       Thank you, The LEC
                                                   cell phones, texting, adjusting the radio, jug-

                                                                                    Committee Reports | December2010 17
        e Re Website Committee
Com                                            by Jan Grenert
Sun City Mystery

There is a mystery in SCPD. Some residents, the fortunate ones, have solved the mystery while         EPC Needs Your
others are still caught up by it. This evasive mystery seems to to get on the Sun City
website! Like any good mystery, the clues can be found and the mystery solved.                        Help
  There are two pieces of information—numbers actually—that you must have in hand before              Of course. you know that the
you begin to unravel this mystery.                                                                    EPC is always looking for addi-
  One is the number on your SCPD Resident ID card in the lower right                                  tional volunteers to serve as Block
corner under your name.                                                                               Captains, our first responders in
  The other number may be a little harder to find, but there is help                                  an emergency. However, there are
for that. You just need to do a little detective work. It is a four digit                             some other jobs needing volunteers
number called the SCPDCA Website Access code. If you do not have                                      that you may not know about. We
that number, you can call or visit the main desk at Mountain View Clubhouse and ask for the           need another structural engineer to
                                                                                                      advise us in making our Emergency
  Now you are ready to take the next steps to unravel the mystery.
                                                                                                      Operations Center safe during an
• Sign on to the Internet                                                                             earthquake. We need people to staff
• In the address line, type in                                                             the Gate team, which will help
• Press Enter                                                                                         manage traffic into SCPD when
                                                                                                      the disaster causes Allied-Barton
                            This Sun City Palm Desert website will appear. This is the page that
                                                                                                      Security to be understaffed. Also
                            non-residents can view with information about SCPD in general.
                                                                                                      we need help maintaining up-to-
                            Residents need to go further:                                             date information on our 600+
                            Click on the Residents Click Here button.                                 volunteers. Finally, we always have
                                                                                                      a shortage of nurses and doctors to
                                                                                                      staff our First Aid Stations.

                             The next screen appears with another Resident login button:              EPC Monthly
                             Notice the information presented on this page.                           Training Meetings
                             Click on this Residents Click Here button too.                           is held Dec. 3, the first Friday of the
                                                                                                      month. All EP volunteers, not just
                                                                                                      Block Captains, are invited to attend
                                                                                                      this session at 1 p.m. in Speakers Hall.
                             Another mystery: Is the User name actually a Number? Yes!                Gary Rosenblum, the Risk Manager
                                                                                                      from the city of Palm Desert will be
                             In the User name box: Type in the number that is located on the
                                                                                                      our guest speaker. He will explain
                             lower right side of your SCPD ID card.
                                                                                                      how Palm Desert is preparing for the
                             In the Password box: Enter your four digit SCPDCA Website Access         inevitable major earthquake, and
                             number.                                                                  what resources are available from
                               Once you enter the information correctly, click the box in front of:   various organizations in this area.
Remember my password and the next time this sign in panel appears all you have to do is click         This will be a meeting that should
on OK because your user (name) number and password number are remembered. Click on OK.                prove to be both interesting and useful
  Mystery solved!
                                                                                                      to all volunteers.
  There is a great deal of helpful information about our community available to you on the website.

18 EPC Report | December2010
Lots To Do After An                                                                     EPC District Directors
Earthquake                                                                        District #                                 Phone
by Jackie Ludwig and Marge Gustafson                                               1 Dale Kitchen                            772-6763
After the shaking stops, don’t move until you have assessed
your own physical condition and immediate surroundings.
                                                                                   2 Josh Denham                             772-1185
Make sure others in your home are OK. Many injuries occur                          3 Tom Chedester                           610-1599
after the shaking stops, so be cautious. The most innocent of
actions may have serious consequences. For example, opening                        4 Ron Brown/Howard Rogo                   200-1323/345-6090
a medicine cabinet in search of a band-aid could be dangerous
if glass shelving has shattered and tumbles out unexpectedly.                      5 Bob Sutton/Keith Kramer                 345-3754/345-7388
Move carefully over, under and around debris.                                      6 Steven Bayard/Bob Lefton 200-9917/ 360-8524
   Be prepared for aftershocks.Big earthquakes generate big af-
tershocks, and to me this means you will want to protect your                      7 Joe Gmyrek                              772-2397
head (with a hard hat, bike helmet, whatever you have) and
protect your hands and feet from broken glass and sharp edges                      8 Carl Caddies/Myrna Blanding 360-5491/ 345-6473
by putting on leather gloves and hard-soled shoes.                                 9 Bill Schneider                          345-2853
   Then check your home for safety. Put out small fires quickly,
turn off the gas if you suspect or smell a gas leak, turn off wa-                 10 Pat Claytor                             360-3183
ter main and electric service to the house if you need to due
to damage. Do not turn it back on--the Gas Company will                           11 Paul Muckenfuss/Paul Christofferson
have to do that. Clean up spills with your own safety in mind.
If substances like gasoline, lye, bleach, herbicides have spilled,
cover with dirt or kitty litter.                                                  12 Chuck Holliman                          360-1487
   Get your emergency supplies kit out where you can reach
it easily: you will need some things out of it immediately, like                  13 Ramona Larson                           772-8664
your radio and first aid kit. Tune your radio to 920 AM or 970
AM for emergency information. Get your flashlights out and
                                                                                  14/1 Dale Kitchen                          772-6763
ready and do not even think of lighting candles, matches or                       14/5 Bob Sutton/Keith Kramer 345-3754
lighters because of the possibility of gas leaks.
   Aftershocks can put big garage doors out of alignment, so                      15A Vacant
you might want to get your car and golf cart out on the drive-
way right away before it gets jammed shut. If the power is out,                   15/1 Dale Kitchen                          772-6763
pull the red cord that hangs down the center of the garage door
and push the door up manually—it is heavy, so get help if you
need it.
   If you leave your home, put a big note on the front door to                        Chair: Dr. Bob Grossman 360-9920
tell neighbors where you went and who went with you. If you
have a “buddy” neighbor, check on their welfare as soon as you                        Vice Chair: Ann Floden              772-4402
   You’ll think more clearly and move more deliberately if you
can stay calm and help others to do so.
                                                                                  First Aid Stations
                                                                                  In the event of a disaster, the Emergency preparedness Committee will
  EXPO 2011 is Coming Soon!                                                       set up First Aid Stations in all three clubhouses to aid injured residents.
                                                                                  If you are in the SCPD complex but not at home when disaster strikes,
  The annual EPC EXPO will be held on Jan. 20, 2011. Many com-                    go to the nearest clubhouse. If you are at home, your Block Captain will
  panies will have products on display and for sale in the Sierra Ballroom        come around to check on you and your home. But, if you need addition-
  that day. Last year, more than 1000 people attended the EXPO.                   al first aid, go to the designated clubhouse listed below: If you live in
  Any resident of SCPD who is in a business dealing with Emergency                District 2, 5, 6, 7 or 15, go to Mountain View Clubhouse; If you
  Preparedness is invited to have a sales table at the event. Space is limited,   live in District 1, 3, 4, 8 or 9 or 14, go to Sunset View Clubhouse;
  so sign up now by calling Dr. Bob Grossman at (760) 360-9920.                   If you live in District 10, 11, 12 or 13, go to Lakeview Clubhouse.

                                                                                                EPC Reports | December2010 19
20 Calendar of Events | December2010
Calendar of Events | December2010 21
               Health & Fitness                                                                           Health & Fitness Health & Fitness

                  Health & Fitness                                         joint do not weaken. General exercises may be continued and are fre-
                                                                           quently recommended for these injuries if the stress of the exercise does

                  News                                                     not separate the pre¬viously torn ligament. Use common sense and
                                                                           avoid activities painful to the injured area. Remember, healing takes 6
                                                                           to 12 weeks.
                   by Glenn Smith
                   Fitness Director                                           Third degree sprains frequently require surgical repair. Examination
What is an Injury?                                                         by a physician will determine the degree of ligament injury. Ligaments
When you are injured there is an immediate concern about the nature do not show on X-rays, which are often necessary to rule out any bone
of the injury, its complexity, severity, and possible duration. Some basic injury.
information will enable you to better understand the injury. You will What is a Strain?
be able to recognize key symptoms indicating diagnosis and severity, A strain is tearing of muscle tissue ei¬ther in the main part of the mus-
initiate suitable first aid treatment, modify activity in the appropriate cle or in the tendon unit. This injury pro¬duces pain and disability,
way, and take a common sense approach to the problem.                      depending upon the extent of the tear. Strains, like sprains, are clas-
What is a Sprain?                                                                    sified by degrees. A mild, first degree strain involves minimal muscle
A sprain is an injury to a ligament causing pain and disability depend-              tearing. A moderate, second degree strain involves more muscle tear-
ing on the degree of the injury. Liga¬ments tear when stressed exces-                ing. A severe, third degree strain involves a total tear and sepa¬ration
sively. When a ligament is torn or stretched, the particular joint it sup-           of the muscle, allowing no active mus¬cle function to move the joint
ports be¬comes loose. The amount of joint instability is sometimes                   where the tendon attaches. This is some¬times referred to as a rup-
difficult to assess and is best evaluated by a physician.                            ture. The first and second degree strains are treated conservatively with
   Sprains are classified in degrees, ac¬cording to the amount of tear-              rest, ice, compression, elevation, and support. Certain re¬conditioning
ing occurring in the ligament(s). A mild sprain is a first degree sprain             exercises may also be appropriate. A third degree strain requires spe-
with minimal stretching of the ligament fibers and no instability of                 cific medical attention. Muscle tissue and tendons, like ligaments; do
the joint. A moderate sprain is a second degree sprain with more but                 not show up on X-rays. A physician can determine the severity of the
not complete tearing. There is some instability of the joint, but the                muscle injury. General exercises may be continued if the injured area
ligament is still intact. A severe sprain is a third degree sprain with the          is allowed to rest and heal. Use common sense exercising; an injured
ligament totally torn in two or more pieces. The joint is unstable.                  muscle will delay healing. Therefore, do only those exercises that do
   First and second degree sprains are treated by conservative measures              not affect the injured area. Muscle injuries take a long time to heal. It
such as rest, ice, compression, elevation, and support. Specific recondi-            is not unusual to have symptoms linger six months or more depending
tioning exercises are appropri¬ate so muscles surrounding the injured                on severity of the injury.

                                                                                         Carl and Lynn decided to move
                                                                                     to the desert and Carl got a job work-
                                                                                     ing in the Security Department at the
                                                                                     Palm Springs Unified School District.
  December's HealthNut is …Carl Berlin!                                              He has been with the school district for
  by George Boucher, Assistant Fitness Director                                      11 years and plans to retire in 2011. In
                                                                                     his security position at Nellie Coffman
  Carl was born in Montreal, Canada. At age seven he moved with his family to
                                                                                     Middle School in Cathedral City, Carl
  the Crenshaw area of Los Angeles, California. At 12, he and his family relo-
                                                                                     enjoys motivating students to become
  cated to Van Nuys, California. Carl and his wife, Lynn, have two daughters.
                                                                                     physically fit. In 2009, Carl got involved
  they have been married for 43 years.
                                                                                     with the staff and students as the school
       to earn money for college, Carl worked nights at the US Post Office in
                                                                                     entered the Governor’s Physical Fitness
  Van Nuys. One evening during work, a representative from the Los Angeles
                                                                                     Challenge. the school went on to win the state-wide challenge and the Coca-
  Police Department stopped by the Post Office scouting for interested appli-
                                                                                     Cola Company donated $100,000 worth of exercise equipment to the school!
  cants. Carl decided to make an appointment to meet the Police recruiter.
                                                                                         the Berlins have been full time Sun City residents for eight years and
  He innocently walked into the recruiter’s office on his 20th birthday and the
                                                                                     thoroughly enjoy the SCPD lifestyle. A few of Carl’s hobbies include hiking,
  recruiter promptly laughed. Carl was 5’10” and weighed 275 pounds! the
                                                                                     reading detective novels, playing chess and traveling.
  recruiter told Carl that he must be 21 years old and needed to lose a hundred
                                                                                         to maintain his fitness level, Carl works out every day. He does one set
  pounds to be considered for the LAPD. this was the starting point of Carl’s
                                                                                     of 15 to 20 repetitions on each of the strength machines. Next, Carl performs
  physical fitness fanaticism. Within the next few weeks, Carl began a high
                                                                                     100 push ups, 150 crunches and 15 pull ups! to complete his workout he does
  protein diet, ran 45 miles a week, lifted weights and did daily calisthenics! By
                                                                                     an hour of cardio divided between the treadmill and the cross trainer.
  his 21st birthday, Carl had lost 113 pounds! He swiftly passed all seven seg-
                                                                                         Carl feels his consistent workout program benefits him by helping control
  ments of the LAPD requirements and graduated from the Police Academy in
                                                                                     his weight and maintain a low blood pressure and resting heart rate in the
  October of 1967. Carl served 20 years in the Department until an on-the-job
                                                                                     low 50’s! In conclusion, Carl recommends, “If you are out of shape and over-
  injury caused him to retire. He then went into the private sector working
                                                                                     weight, look in the mirror. Analyze your body, your eating habits and exercise
  in executive protection for people in the entertainment industry. During
                                                                                     routine truthfully. A truthful self-analysis will help create the will power needed
  this time, Carl protected high-profile clients like Steven Spielberg, Sylvester
                                                                                     to begin a fitness program.”
  Stallone, Johnny Carson and Heather Locklear!

22      Health & Fitness | December2010
               Health & Fitness Health & Fitness Health & Fitness Health & Fitness Health & Fitness

SCPD Support Groups                                                                        Parkinson’s Support Group
                                                                                           Meets on the fourth Monday of the month at 1 p.m. Silverwood Room, Lakeview
                                                                                           Clubhouse. Resumes Nov. 22.
Anxiety - Depression Support Group                                                         Parents’ Grief Group
Starts Oct. 25. If you suffer from anxiety, panic, depression, fears or general ner-
                                                                                           We meet the first Monday of each month from 3–5 p.m. and invite any parent who
vousness this group can help. this group uses the Recovery International Method
                                                                                           has lost a child. We offer empathetic listening, discuss coping skills and offer mutual
from the Abraham Low Self Help Systems which can be previewed at https://www.
                                                                                           support in a small group atmosphere of confidentiality and understanding. Contact Mondays, Lakeview Clubhouse, Arrowhead Room at 4
                                                                                           resident Phyllis Katz for details at 200-8634.
p.m. Interested residents call or email Reen 760-200-0782 or 312-209-5556 or
email at                                                                Stroke Survivors Support Group
Alzheimer’s Support Group                                                               the Stroke Survivors Support group will be meeting again in November. All resi-
We meet the 2nd and 4th thursdays of the month from 9 to 11 a.m. in the tahoe dents and their caregivers are welcome. Again it will be led by Phyllis Wit, who has
Room, Lakeview Clubhouse. We invite caregivers of loved ones diagnosed with been facilitator for over fiveyears. For new people call Phyllis at 760-345-2554.
Alzheimer's Disease. Here we confidentially discuss issues related to coping with the
numerous facets of caregiving and setting goals for self-care. For further information,                              Free Hearing Tests
call Beverly Yahr at 200-4410 or Bob Krasny at 200-4951.
                                                                                             Lakeview Fitness Center, 2nd Tuesday of every month from 9 to 11 a.m.
Cancer & Living Group
there is evidence that Cancer patients live longer and happier lives when they                                               Trainer on Duty
participate in Cancer Support Groups! Come tell us how to address your needs or                     Mountain View Fitness Center, Wednesday & Saturday (2-3 p.m.)
call us with your own suggestions. In addition to the bimonthly meetings, we have
offered lectures and major symposia featuring the outstanding oncologic authorities                    Lakeview Fitness Center - Tuesday & Friday (2-3 p.m.)
from the Coachella Valley. A Medical Oncologist facilitates each session. Come see
how we can benefit you and be gratified that you may be helping someone else with                                      Strength & Stretch Class
your knowledge, insight and input. Our meetings are the first and third Wednesday                 Sunset View Clubhouse - Dance Studio, Sundays at 8:45 a.m. $5
from 1:30-3 p.m. in the Palm Room of the Sunset View Clubhouse. For further
information, call Bernie Levinson, MD, at 360-7296.
                                                                                                                     FREE Blood Pressure Clinic
Compulsive Eaters Group                                                                               First Tuesday of every month from 9 to 10 a.m. - MVFC
Honesty. Openmindedness.Willingness. Compulsive Eaters Anonymous (part of
Overeaters Anonymous) is a non-profit program to help you lose weight.  Learn
how to enjoy yourself eating everyday foods and maintain weight loss too. We meet                               Understanding Human Medicine
every Saturday at 9 a.m. and on Wednesdays at 9 a.m. in the Lakeview Clubhouse,                  will start again as a series of interactive talks. They will be informal and not
Arrowhead Room. Questions? Call Irma at 772-2891 or Marilyn at 636-0390.                       too technical. The leadership will be Bernie Levinson M.D. and Glenn Smith,
Grief Support Group                                                                            Fitness Director. The first session will be held on Dec. 8, 2010- Tahoe  1-2:30
this group meets on the second and fourth thursday of each month from 4-5:30                    p.m.  The schedule thereafter is: Jan. 12,, Tahoe 1-2:30 p.m., Feb. 9, Tahoe
p.m. in the Lakeview Clubhouse. We invite residents who have suffered the emo-                     1-2:30 p.m., March 9, Tahoe 1-2:30 p.m., April 13, Tahoe 1-2:30 p.m.
tional and painful loss of a spouse/partner (or are about to) to grieve their great loss
by focusing on the Five Stages of Grief in a warm, safe, supportive and confidential
setting.  Please join us and let your healing begin. For further information, please               Sun City Palm Desert In-House Massage - MVFC
contact facilitator, Ceil Feldman, at 360-3178 for further details.                                       $60 per hour. Call 534-6553. Ask for Cookie or David.

      December 2010 Support Group Meeting Schedule
   Times                     Monday                     Tuesday                 Wednesday                   Thursday                     Friday                  Saturday
                                                                      Compulsive Overeaters Group                                           Compulsive Overeaters Group
    9 a.m.                                                                     Wednesdays (LV)                                                                 Saturdays (LV)

 9:30 a.m.                                                                                        Alzheimer’s Support Group

    1 p.m.         Parkinson’s Support Group
                          Resumes Nov. 22
  1:30 p.m.               Stroke Survivors                                Cancer & Living Group
                        Resumes this month                               1st & 3rd Wednesday (SV)                                                                 (SV) = Sunset
    2 p.m.                                                                                                                                                       View Clubhouse

                                                                                                                                                                 (LV) = Lakeview
    3 p.m.                 Parents’ Grief                                                                                                                          Clubhouse
                             1st Monday
    4 p.m.         Anxiety-Depression Group                                                           Grief Support Group
                           Mondays (LV)                                                             2nd & 4th thursday (LV)

                                                                                                          Health & Fitness | December2010 23
                                  December 2010 Fitness Center Schedule
	    Times	                 Monday	                     Tuesday	                  Wednesday	                          Thursday	                               Friday	            Saturday
	     7	a.m.          Step Aerobics (DA)                                      Step Aerobics (DA)                                                    Step Aerobics (DA)
                     Trim	‘N	Tone	 	        				Trim	‘N	Tone		       										Trim	‘N	Tone	       															Trim	‘N	Tone	   																					Trim	‘N	Tone        	Trim	‘N	Tone
      8	a.m.                    	        	Aerobics (DA)($)(CC)Aerobics ((DA)($)(CC)Aerobics (DA)($)(CC )
                     Aerobics ((DA)($)(CC)                                                             Aerobics ((DA)($)(CC) Aerobics ((DA)($)(CC)
                         Tai Chi (SB)        Tai Chi (SB)        Tai Chi (SB)          Tai Chi (SB)        Tai Chi (SB)

    8:30	a.m.	            Aquasize (IP)              Aquasize (IP)                 Aquasize (IP)                      Aquasize (IP)                       Aquasize (IP)         Aquasize (IP)

      9	a.m.                Yoga (DA)                                              Pilates (DA) ($)             Tai Chair (SB) Stretch & Stretch (DA)
                                                    Tai Chair (SB)                                          Stress-Less Class (DA)
                                                                                                                   Dark until Nov. 18
    9:30	a.m.                                    Band Pilates (DA)
    9:45	a.m.                                                                                                         Yoga (DA)($)                                              Yoga (DA)($)
     10	a.m.	                          	      Arthritis Foundation                                           Arthritis Foundation                                          Arthritis Foundation
                                              Aquatic Program(IP)                                            Aquatic Program(IP)                                           Aquatic Program(IP)
    10:15	a.m.	     Line Dance (DA) (CC)                                  Line Dance (DA) (CC)
    10:30	a.m.                                                                                                                                     Ballet Stretch (DA)
     11	a.m.                                   Circuit Simply Lite                                            Circuit Simply Lite
	       	                              	       Jazzercise - Cancelled                                         Jazzercise - Cancelled
    11:15	a.m.		    Line Dance (DA) (CC)                                  Line Dance (DA) (CC)

	    12	p.m.                                                                                                                                               Line Dance
                                                                                                                                                             (DA) (CC)
    12:30	p.m.           Sit-N-Fit (DA)                                                                             Sit-N-Fit (DA)
      1	p.m.                           	                                                                                                                                       Love to Dance
                                                                                                                                                                                   (DA) (CC)
	     2	p.m.	                                                          Love to Dance (DA) (CC)                                                         Ping Pong (DA)

	   2:30	p.m.	                                    Ping Pong (DA)                                                   Ping Pong (DA)

	     3	p.m.	                                        Aquasize (IP)                                                   Aquasize (IP)
    3:30	p.m.	                         		                        	                             	                                                                                    LEGEND
                                                                                                                                                                               (IP) = Indoor Pool @
      4	p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                                   ($) = Class Fee
    4:30	p.m.		                        	       Trim	‘N	Tone	                                                  Trim	‘N	Tone	                                                           Required
                                               Aerobics (DA)($)(CC)                                           Aerobics (DA)($)(CC)
                                                                                                                                                                                 (DA) = Dance/
                                                                                                                                                                              Aerobics Studio @ SV
	   5:30	p.m.		                        	                                Yoga Level 1&2 (DA)($)                                                          Love to Dance
                                                                                                                                                             (DA) (CC)       (SB) = Sierra Ballroom
                                                                                                                                                                                    @ MVC

	     6	p.m.		
         	           Fit After 50 (DA)($)Desert Dancers (DA) (CC)
                                	                 	                                   	          Fit After 50 (DA)($)                                                               (MVFC) =
                                                                                                                                                                                  Mountain View
	        	                      	                                	                    	                                                                                           Fitness Center
	     7	p.m.		     Tai Chi for Arthritis (DA)                               Tai Chi for Arthritis Love to Dance
                                                                                           (DA)                          (DA) (CC)                                               (LV) = Lakeview
SUNDAY                                                                         Trim & Tone                                                                                         Clubhouse
                                                                              Dance Team Class
Stretch & Strength (DA)($) 8:45 a.m.                                                  (DA) (CC)                                                                                     (MVC) =
Yoga (DA)($) 8:45 a.m.                                                                                                                                                            Mountain View
Trim ‘N Tone Line Dance (DA) 10 a.m.
                                                                                                                                                                                (CC) = Chartered
Line Dance (DA) (CC) 2 p.m.                                                                                                                                                          Club

24 Health & Fitness | December2010
Golf News
     Golf Shop
                                                                                 Switching topics, let’s discuss golf ball choices and how to choose 
                                                                               the model that is right for you. Maybe using the same type golf balls 
                                                                               as the PGA golf pros will improve your game...and maybe it won't. 
                                                                               You need to choose the golf ball that's right for your own game. 
                     News                                                      Choosing the wrong kind of golf ball can really hinder your game 
                                                                               more than starting at the 19th hole. Choosing the right kind of golf 
                     by John McLaughlin                                        ball can have you playing like a pro, even if you don't quite have a 
                     Head Golf Professional                                    low handicap. Golf balls come in three styles: 2-piece, 3-piece, and 
                                                                               high performance. two-piece golf balls are designed for improving 
                                                                               your distance, while three-piece and high performance golf balls can 
Season’s Greetings from the Pro Shop!                                          typically help with accuracy.  In our shops we stock all varieties of 
  Now that the holiday season is upon us, stop by both golf shops              two-piece and three-piece balls that can really elevate your game.    
to see all of the latest gear and accessories that will be sure to please      My professional advice would be to find a ball that suits your feel 
those on your holiday gift list.  Look for our newest club offerings           around the greens first.  Feel is the most important part of the game 
from Callaway, Taylormade, Ping, Cobra and Cleveland golf that                 and if the ball you play is to hard your game will suffer.
will be sure to rev up the games of your family and friends. On the              On behalf of my entire staff, we would like to wish everyone 
fashion side of things, you have to check out our new fall line of             a happy holiday season and an exciting new year!  Please keep our 
clothing. Some of the must-haves for our ladies include stunning               course in the best shape by repairing two ball marks per green, yours 
animal prints reversible jackets, and so much more!  As a reminder,            and one other, plus your divots out in the fairway.  See you on the 
our prices are the lowest in town so see us today for all your needs.          links!

                      Golf Course 
                      by Jess Troche
                      Golf Course
December marks the opening of both courses for play. The 90-de-
gree rule is still in effect for San Gorgonio.  You can drive your 
cart off the path to your ball, take you swing and come back to 
the path.  Santa Rosa will be cart path only for the first two weeks.       
Remember that cart traffic causes turf compaction so please stay                                 Thanks and
on the paths as much as possible and avoid the worn out areas.                                  Happy Holidays
Dashed line circles are painted 30 feet from the greens on holes #1 
and #10 to give the players with the handicap flags an indication                                   to our
of how far to stay away from the greens.  Please keep this in mind                               Advertisers!
when playing the other holes. 
  Winter brings the potential for frost in the morning so please 
stay on the paths until the Pro Shop determines it’s clear. We will 
                                                                                             We appreciate you!
do  everything  possible  to  open  the  course  as  early  as  we  can  if             News & Views Ad Section can now
delayed by frost.
  The greenbelts and parks are now open and look good.  The                            be found on the Association website
winter flowers have been planted and add a splash of color and                                         at
beauty to the community.
  This month is the initial application of pre-emergent herbicide 
to control a troublesome annual weed called the Poa annua.  We 
initially treat the greenbelts, parks and golf courses and then fol-
low with a second treatment 15-20 days later.
  The well project on #10 Santa Rosa is complete and will pro-
vide us with a backup water supply system capable of producing                              Information about the
2000 gallons per minute should we need it.  An attractive rock 
outcropping was installed to mask/hide the discharge pipe onto 
                                                                                         Association, Chartered Clubs
the “W” Lake.  We also re-landscaped around the vault where the                           & Resident Groups can now
well and motor was installed with a drought tolerant plant scheme                          be found on Channel 98.
and dry river beds.  The area looks better than ever. 

                                                                                                  Golf News | December2010 25
Chartered Clubs

          The Schedule is updated by staff in the Event Office. Please call 200-2206 with any changes or corrections.

26 Chartered Clubs List | December2010
                                                                              Chartered Clubs

The Schedule is updated by staff in the Event Office. Please call 200-2206 with any changes or corrections.

                               Chartered Clubs/Resident Groups List | December2010 27
Chartered Club News
                                                    multiple star systems. In the majority of cases,
                                                    the naked eye sees only a single star because
                                                    the light from multiple stars merges together.
                                                    Binary star systems can be used to determine
                                                    stellar masses. This is of fundamental impor-
                                                    tance since massive stars have much shorter
                                                    lives than low-mass stars like our middle-age
                                                    Sun which has about five billion years left.
                                                       NOTE: A total lunar eclipse will start about
                                                    10:30 p.m., Monday, Dec. 20, for Sun City
                                                    residents, and reach maximum totality about
                                                    17 minutes after midnight, Tuesday, Dec. 21.
                                                    Coincidentally, Tuesday will be the shortest
Art Club                                            day of the year.
                                                       Star Party: Dec. 11, 7 p.m. The constella-
                                                                                                       how to play this fun and challenging game.
                                                                                                       Written rules of play are also available.
                                                                                                         Questions have been raised regarding the
by Don Bailey                                       tions of winter are rising with Taurus and the
                                                    seven sisters leading the way followed by Orion    playing surface of our beautiful bocce courts.
Our Art Club had a busy summer and fall.            and Gemini. Jupiter and a crescent moon share      Bocce courts can be made of various materials
Now we approach the busiest time of year for        the western sky. East greenbelt off Donny          such as compacted dirt, crushed stone,
our Club. To all of our Sun City summer resi-       Circle just south of Alliance Way. 360-7726/       compacted crushed oyster shells, or clay.
dents are added those lucky enough to escape        772-1073.                                          Our courts have a base made of concrete.
a northern winter. Life is great, unless you are                                                       The playing surface is made of synthetic turf
one of those on a class waiting list!                                                                  (astro turf ). Sand is spread and raked into
                                                                                                       the turf in order to level the courts. Drain
  So should you join our club now? Absolutely!
  Last year, our club had seven classes (four       Billiards                                          holes allow the water to be removed from the
                                                                                                       courts. This is not a major issue here in the
Oil, two Watercolor, and one Drawing). This         by Al Lessard                                      desert. The courts are not as flat and level as
year we have added three classes (one of each
Acrylics, Pastels, and Art History). This filled                                                       a pool table, which makes the game more
                                                    Snowbirds are nearly all here now as evidenced     challenging.
our 10 available week day teaching slots. Vice      by the number of players registering in our
President Jay is leading a Plien Air Class paint-                                                        Please check the bulletin board at the
                                                    Thursday tournaments. We occasionally need         bocce courts for information regarding our
ing Sun City scenes outside. We had a big sign      to turn players away because of a full slate, so
up for our Marketing workshop last month                                                               Holiday Party and election of officers.
                                                    if you want to be assured of a spot, you must        I want to wish all of you a Happy and
which may be an ongoing group. We have              come in and sign up early. The tournament
a second Art History Class on Wednesday                                                                Healthy Holiday Season.
                                                    roster opens Thursdays at 11 a.m.
evenings. We continue to arrange Demos and             September winners were: 9/2-Bill
Workshops given both by live Artists and from       Cumming & Al Lessard, 9/9- Bill Wetherill
Videos. And we have requests for a Colored          & Vern Horn, 9/16-Paul Loria and Bill
Pencil class and a Calligraphy class. We just do    Cumming, 9/30- Marv Singer & Dick LeBoy.
not have room for it all! But we will find room     Winner of the special 9-Ball tournament on
for you so join.                                    9/23 was Al Lessard.
  Thanks to the generosity of Sun City in              Be sure to save Nov. 13, the date of our
providing our Art Studio, and the generosity of     annual party at Lakeview.
our volunteer Sun City resident teachers, our
Art Club can gift to you the best value you will
ever find to be part of an Art Community. If
you are a Sun City Resident, and if you pay our
                                                    by Bob Grossman
$20 membership fee, you are part of our club.
                                                    Our club mourns the passing of one of our          Boomers & Friends
Astronomy                                           beloved members, Sadie Terry. Our thoughts
                                                    and prayers are with her daughter, Bonnie
                                                                                                       by Joanne Swenson
by Jim Fortenberry
                                                    and the Terry Family.                              Well the season is in full swing now.
                                                      The Bocce Club meets at the bocce courts         December will be a quiet month, with
 All are invited as we meet a week earlier than     on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Sign
usual: Dec. 15, 7 p.m., in the Saddleback                                                              holidays and family time taking over. But
                                                    up and instructions 1-1:30 p.m. Play starts        mark your calendars now for our events in
Room. Our DVD lecture will be “Multiple             at 1:30 p.m. Our bocce club uses modified
Star Systems.”                                                                                         the new year. In response to our membership
                                                    international bocce rules.                         growth, all events are now being held in the
  Most stars are part of what is called binary or     All new players are given instructions on        Sierra Ballroom. There will be no limit on

     28       Chartered Club News | December2010
                                                                                       Chartered Club News
the number of members who may attend.             surprise she was still knitting! We were not          If you do not have anything you wish to enter,
All members receive personal emails in            surprised!                                            come on down and kick some tires with us. It’s
advance of events.                                                                                      free!
  Party planning is in progress for the
following dates: Jan. 14, Feb. 27—Oscar
Night, March 25, April 16—End of Season
                                                  Camera Club                                           Card Club
Party.                                            by Carl Olsen
  Our Lunch Bunch will continue to offer                                                                The Card Club is the place to become and
great restaurant experiences every month as       The Photography Lecture Series, presented             make new friends and play new games;
well.                                             by our own Jerry Chatow, has been a great             Cribbage, Gin, Hearts and Pinochle.
  Remember, it’s never too late to join           success. They have been well attended and             Refreshments served. Annual dues $5. We
Boomers and Friends. We particularly              the information presented was top quality.            meet every Tuesday, 12 to 4 p.m., Sunset View
welcome newcomers to Sun City. Contact            This is a series not to be missed.                    Clubhouse. “Have fun and win with us.” Please
Membership Chair, Linda Hatch at 760-                The next lecture is scheduled for Jan. 13          call Joe Nuccio 345-7256. Non-members are
360-0142 if you want more information.            from 10 to 11 a.m. in the Saddleback Room             welcome. Have fun, then join the club.
Or print out a form from our web page at          in the MV Clubhouse. The topic of this
                                                  lecture is about that critical element, and Get involved with
Boomers. You’ll be glad you did!                  least understood…lighting. Subsequent
                                                  lectures are scheduled for Feb. 10, March 10,
                                                  and April 14. Mark your calendars.                    by Jackie Thompson
                                                     The photographic competition for our
BZB’s                                             Dec. 7 meeting has four categories: Open;
                                                  Nature; Field Trip (Sedona); and the Special
                                                                                                        The Holiday Craft Show was a great success
                                                                                                        for the Ceramics Club where members and
by Jean Leonard                                   category…sports. Photos from the Sedona               visitors alike enjoyed seeing work produced
                                                  field trip will be particularly interesting.          by our many talented artists. Each year we
The season of giving has arrived and Rose-        Subsequent competition judging will be held           branch out in different directions and this
marie Durkton coordinator for The Linus           at our general meeting on Feb. 1 and April 5          November the pottery bowls thrown on
Project also arrived at “the beehive” to pick     in Speakers Hall in the Sunset Clubhouse at           the wheel by Sam Cohen attracted much
up blankets made by BZB’s to be distributed       7 p.m.                                                attention.
to charities throughout the Coachella Valley         Join the Camera Club to enjoy the benefits           We are hoping to present some DVDs
just in time for the holidays. This same day      of membership for the months ahead.                   related to our upcoming December classes
our Social Committee gave a special coffee        Membership envelope forms are located in              and encourage you to check the front counter
to which Rosemarie was invited. Many hours        the Camera Club rack across from the Post             for dates and times.
had been spent on planning the food and the       Office. Simply fill out the form, insert your           Our new board was nominated at the
beautiful table decorations and BZB’s extend      $15 and drop into our slot.                           November General Meeting and will begin
a very big thank you.                                                                                   serving in January 2011. The meeting was
  Occasionally. we name a few of our mem-                                                               following by a fun pot luck dessert social to
bers who amaze us with what they produce.
Recently Charlotte Roberts needed help car-
                                                  Car Club                                              celebrate the season. We continue to welcome
                                                                                                        newcomers each Wednesday morning who
rying in her donation of 118 blankets that        by Phil Kaye                                          need assistance getting started or help with
she had made. Charlotte is the widow of a                                                               their projects and ceramics supplies are
U.S.Marine and many a baby born at the            Save the date, it is time for our annual free
                                                                                                        available for purchase by members in the
Marine base in 29 Palms goes home wrapped         car show, Saturday, Nov. 13 in the parking lot
                                                                                                        Ceramics room.
in one of Charlotte’s blankets.                   adjacent to the tennis courts. This year we are
  Another of our “wonder women” is Helga          opening up the show to motorcycles and golf
Tinnerino. We make squares from leftover
yarn and Helga crochetes them into afghans
                                                  carts as well as automobiles. You do not have to
                                                  be a member of the car club to show your auto,        Computer Club
for the homeless. This year Helga crocheted       motorcycle or golf cart. So, if you have some-        by Jill Johnson
1,000.800 squares into 72 afghans. This is        thing you would like to share with about 300 of
                                                  your neighbors please call Phil Kaye at 760-345-      You can read all the club news in our fantastic
no easy task since not all squares are the same
                                                  1193 and let me know of your intentions.              “Bits & Bytes” newsletter, online, in color, at
size and are all different colors but Helga can
                                                    All entrants will assemble at the parking lot at Or pick up
transform them into works of art.
                                                  9 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 13 for sign in and space     a copy in the Computer Lab. Sign up in the
  Because space does not allow us to name
                                                  assignment. The show will run from 10 a.m.            Lab. Happy computing!
all our wonderful workers we will tell a tale
of the limits that they can go to. A BZB was      to 1 p.m. All entrants will be treated to a BBQ
knitting one quiet afternoon when she “nod-       lunch at the tennis courts patio when the show is
ded off “ and later as she awakened, to her       over. Entry fee for your vehicle is $5. Prizes will
                                                  be awarded at the luncheon following the show.

                                                                                Chartered Club News | December2010 29
Chartered Club News
Couples Putters                                    season by creating paper creations, decorations
                                                   and cards. We will be celebrating with the Crafty
                                                   Ladies for a holiday luncheon on Dec. 15, at
                                                                                                       joining the veteran club dancers in the
                                                                                                       Sunset View Clubhouse. You can still join us
                                                                                                       every Tuesday night at 6:30-9 p.m.
by Judy Lofton
                                                   11:30 am at the Lakeview Clubhouse. Join us            Our fabulous Holiday Party Square Dance
Hello putters and would-be putters! The            for fun with Paper Arts every Wednesday at 9:30     will be on Sunday, Dec. 5 at 1 p.m. for
cooler weather is here and our club is now         a.m. in the Idyllwild Room at the Mountain          Round Dancing and 2-4 p.m. for Square
in full swing with two putting sessions held       View Clubhouse.                                     Dancing. Our Round Dance cuer is Bob
every Saturday at 8:30 and 10:30 a.m. Ex-                                                              Paull and our caller is Sun City’s own Ken
ceptions are for Christmas Day and New                                                                 Bower. Come in and dance or watch the
Years Day when we will be silent. Sign-in
for early session is 7:30-8:10 a.m.and late        Desert Cyclists                                     wonderful dancing club and guests.
                                                                                                          There will be a December dancing
                                                                                                       schedule at the club or call Lennie for more
session 9:30-10:10 a.m..                           by Gary W. Schwertly
   The “Welcome Back Coffee” held Novem-                                                               information. Please join us for fun and
ber 6th was a big success with a wonderful         We hope you are enjoying the beautiful fall         friendship. Some of the people you meet
turn-out of old and new members. A big             weather and are preparing for the colder            at Square Dancing can become your best
thank you to Ray Nasuta for entertaining us        months ahead. Please remember to wear a             friends. It is a very friendly and comfortable
with his accordion - Great job, Ray!               couple of layers of clothing when you ride so       atmosphere. Try it…you’ll like it!
   Back by popular demand, our second              you can remove an outer layer as you warm              Take a peek on a Tuesday night and meet
“Couples Putters Winter Classic” will be           up. Fortunately, we do not have to deal with        the folks dancing in the dance studio.
held Feb. 5, 12, 19, & 26, 2011. It will op-       ice very often here in the desert but be sure to       Have a wonderful holiday season to all
erate in conjunction with our regular weekly       watch for water, as water and sand make for a       and a Healthy and Happy New Year from
tournaments. Couples must participate 3 of         dangerous mixture.                                  the Desert Dancers.
the 4 dates to be eligible to win. Entry fee         The Desert Cyclists Club encourages both             For more information, call Lennie Pine,
for this event is $25 per couple, with a three     men and women riders to join our Club.              360-5400.
flight format and higher payouts for the           We have rides for all levels, whether you are a
winners. Sign up will continue through Jan.
29 to participate in this great event. Please
pick up a flyer at sign-in for more details.
                                                   beginner or an experienced rider! Our rides are
                                                   broken into three groups, the fastest one being
                                                   Group A, the next fastest Group B, etc. Please
                                                                                                       Duplicate Bridge
                                                                                                       by Phyllis Evans
   For members in good standing, our Valen-        see our website at
tine Dinner Dance has been set for February        During the late fall and winter months, our         Save the date! Our annual holiday party, The
15th in the Sierra Ballroom. Back again for        rides begin between 8:30 and 9 a.m. from the        Snowflake Ball, will be held on Sunday, Dec. 19.
our dancing pleasure will be “The Touch of         Mountain View Clubhouse parking lot and             Please watch for the sign up sheets that will be at
Class” band. Cocktail attire is encouraged         offer our riders an opportunity to enjoy our        all of the games. Members are $15 and guests
for this very special evening.                     beautiful desert up close and personal while        are $25. The party will be in the Sierra Ballroom
   As always, we welcome any new members           enjoying the camaraderie of fellow riders with      starting at 5:30 p.m. with a no-host bar.
regardless of skill level. “Putters” is always a   a common interest.                                     Also, be on the lookout for the sign up sheets
fun time and great way to meet new friends           Annual dues are $17 for an individual and         for the upcoming bridge workshop which
and enjoy our fabulous desert winter. Come         $25 per couple.                                     will start on Jan. 18. The workshop will be
putt with us and we will see you on the              Our regular monthly meetings are on the           instructed by Carol Van Court. The classes will
course!                                            second Wednesday each month. Our next               be held in the Tahoe room, starting at 9:30 a.m.
                                                   regular meeting is on Dec. 8 at 3 p.m. at the Big      The top 10 players for the month of October,
                                                   Bear/Silverwood Room, Lakeview Clubhouse.           starting with first place were: Firoza Cooper,
Crafty Ladies                                      Holiday Party will be on Saturday, Dec. 4 at
                                                   6:30 p.m., same location.
                                                                                                       Terry Strand, Marie Marcelli, JoAnn Cook, Bill
                                                                                                       Dani, Todd Blum, Joan Evans, Mary Martin
by Natalie Riley                                     If interested, please review our website, pick    and Bernard Silverman.
                                                   a group and show up for one the scheduled               The club sponsors three sanctioned sessions,
Crafty Ladies Club will be working on holiday      rides. See you on the roads!                        all in the Lakeview Clubhouse. Monday’s game
items for gift giving and home decorations this                                                        is open to Non-Life Members starting at 8:30
month. We meet each Tuesday at 1pm in the                                                              a.m. for the lesson and then the game; Tuesday’s
sewing room at the Mountain Viiew Clubhouse.
Our Crafty Committee has a fun project for us,
each week, and can be completed at each class.
                                                   Desert Dancers
                                                   by Lennie Pine
                                                                                                       at 6:15 p.m. open game; Friday at 12:15 p.m.
                                                                                                       open and 199er games. Call Sheila Davis at 333-
                                                                                                       9222 or email her at if you
Our holiday lunch will be celebrated with the                                                          need a partner.
Paper Arts Group Dec. 15, at 11:30 am at the       “For fun and friendship, we are prone.
Lakeview Clubhouse.                                So we have a club, we call our own.”
Paper Arts                                         The new season opened with a hoot and a
Paper Arts is getting prepared for the holiday     holler on Nov. 2 with brand new dancers

     30 Chartered Club News | December2010
                                                                                            Chartered Club News
Financial Club                                        exclusive use by France, with a few notable excep-
                                                      tions: since some wineries had already begun the
                                                                                                              It will move his team’s game along much more
                                                                                                              smoothly if he doesn’t have to run from lane to
by R. Kent McDonald                                   production of their “champagnes”, they would be         lane picking them up. You can find him on the
                                                      allowed to continue to use the term, including the      lane where Team 7 is bowling. He’ll definitely
This month, we will hold three meetings at            Frank Family Vineyards and Korbel. Knowing this         appreciate it; and so will his team mates.
Sunset View Clubhouse. At the 2:30 p.m. Dec. 8        bit of trivia may impress your guests, but most            Also, please remember there is no bowling on
Workshop in the Palm Room, David Suss, CPA            won’t care a bit!                                       Dec.27. Many of us will be out of town; and it’s
with Maryanov Madsen, Gordon & Campbell,,                However, we do hope you care a lot about join-       not an easy time of year to find subs.
will discuss “Tax Law Changes for 2010.” As           ing us for our Feb. 3 dinner and have already made         If you want to meet a great group of people
always, group discussion is encouraged.               your reservations for the Dec. 3 dinner. Chef Juan      and really enjoy a Monday afternoon, come over
   At our joint meeting with AAII on Saturday Dec.    and the Board have selected superb wines around         to Fantasy Lanes around 12:45 p.m. and look for
11 at 10 a.m. in Speaker’s Hall, James Goldberg,      which the Chef has planned the perfect menu             Jerry Heinrichs. You can’t miss him. He’s one of
President of Goldberg Economic Advisors, will         to complement them. If you have any questions           the tallest guys there and is wearing a bright red
discuss “Effect of the ‘GEE’ Forces on Stocks and     please call any of our board members: President         shirt. Anyone will be happy to point him out.
Bonds.”                                               Nick Miller, Vice-Presidents Helen Reardon,             We always need subs. If you want to join a team,
   The returning guest speaker at our 2:30 p.m.       Chuck Hellman, and Art Reddy, Secretary Carol           get on a sub list and you’ll be assigned to the first
General Meeting in Speakers Hall on Dec.15            Russakow, and Treasurer Pete Ferrentino. Please         available slot. For more info, call Jerry at 760-
(Third Wednesday this month!) will be SCPD            visit our website at; Food & Wine            200-0689.
resident, Professor Jim Estes, UC Riverside, speak-   Connoisseurs Club.                                         On a sad note, we lost one of our really
ing on “The Current Economy and the Coming               We wish you a very happy holiday season!             talented bowlers last month. Sadie Terry was 90
Market.”                                                                                                      years old, and could throw the ball like a person

                                                      Forum Club
   The Financial Club strives to provide educa-                                                               half her age. She was a competitive and sharp
tion regarding financial matters by inviting guest                                                            lady; and we’ll miss her.
experts to make presentations to our members at       by Loretta Zavat
monthly General Meetings, and by furnishing a
Financial Information Center at the SCPD library.     It’s December, and time to review the results of the
The information center features daily newspapers,     mid term elections of last month and the implica-
weekly and monthly journals, advisory newsletters     tions they present. Sun City resident and former
and books, to assist our members in managing          Forum Club president, Arnie Shane, will lead the
their personal financial affairs. Members find the    club in a discussion of what to expect in the future
Value Line Investment Survey to be a particularly     as a result of the national and local elections. In
useful benefit of club membership. In addition,       honor of the holidays, we will be serving dessert
Education Workshops on investing, presented in a      and drinks.
classroom setting, are normally held on the second       The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, Dec.
Wednesday of each month. Look for announce-           8 at 7 p.m. in the Oasis Room of the Sunset View
ments via email, the bulletin boards, and flyers in   Clubhouse. Registration will begin at 6:30 p.m.
the clubhouse racks. The Financial Club also has a
page on the SCPDCA website where you can see
                                                      Please come early to register. Dues paid now take
                                                      you through December of 2011. One time guests           Garden Club
the schedule of guest speakers.                       are free to visit.                                      by Kay Herbst for Audrey Sporleder
                                                         Coming attraction - January 2011 - “ Gridlock
                                                      in Sacramento.”                                         December in the desert---what a beautiful

Food & Wine                                                                                                   place to celebrate the holidays! The Garden
                                                                                                              Club is bringing you the wonders of the valley
Connoisseurs Club Fun Saltzman Bowlers
                  by Carol
                                                                                                              through Morgan “Wind in Her Hair” Levine.
                                                                                                              Morgan is a guide with Desert Adventures
by Carol Russakow                                                                                             Eco Tours. On Dec. 9 she’ll regale us with the
                                                                                                              fascinating treasures of our desert. You’ll be
The holidays are upon us, and we very frequently      We just finished our second month of bowling            amazed by her knowledge of our desert history,
think of Champagne as a celebratory wine for our      and are having such a good time. Our Turkey             geology, culture and botanicals. Come early
events. However, we often use this term loosely:      Shoot was last week, but I won’t have the names         enough for refreshments and conversation.
“Champagne” refers to a region of France where        of the winners until next time. The woman and             Our meetings begin promptly at 9 a.m.and
the production of sparkling wines has been perfect-   man with the high handicap score will each win          will end between 10 and 10:30. Head for the
ed over the ages, but in using this general term to   a grocery store gift certificate; and I’ll be sure to   Arrowhead Room at Lakeview Clubhouse.
refer to such sparkling wines as Spumanti, Proseco,   let you know who the lucky winners are.                   We’ll also be signing up for our January
Cava, and Sekt, we are actually violating the 1891       I would like to give a reminder to the “money        potluck. This will be an “after the holidays”
Madrid Agreement. Among other provisions, the         collector” of each team. Please be sure to take the     gourmet treat.
agreement reserved the term “Champagne” for the       second game strike envelope to Jim Christianson.          Annual dues are $10, payable by check to

                                                                                     Chartered Club News | December2010 31
Chartered Club News
SCPD Garden Club. You may join at the door          members of our club. The club goes to some
or by dropping your membership fee in box           of the best and most interesting restaurants
18 (in front of the P.O.) If you are a first time   in the valley area. Members receive an email
attendee and not sure about joining, you may        each month announcing our dinners, along
attend one meeting before joining our group         with a reservation form. Please note the
  If you have questions, or would like to be        following dates for the club’s subsequent
part of our support team, please contact Kay        dinners through May 2011: Jan. 25, Feb.
Herbst at 760-772-7667.                             22, March 29, April 26, and May 24 (all

                                                      If you have any questions about the club,
                                                    please contact Pam Schlaepfer at 760-772-
by Loree Muldowney                                  9134 (general info), Marty Maloney at 760-
                                                    772-7764 (email issues), or Bill Peters at 760-
                                                    200-8524 (membership & reservations).                With the end of the year fast approaching, we
Our meetings are held in the Idyllwild/                                                                  need HELP! We still do not have a Recording
Saddleback Rooms at Mountain View                                                                        Secretary and help with producing the flyers. I
Clubhouse on Monday mornings. We begin at
                                                    German Club
                                                                                                         have to say that the future of the travel club is
9:30 a.m., but the doors are open at 9 a.m. for                                                          in jeopardy if we do not get additional support.
library usage and socializing. We will only meet                                                         We have alot of fun being on the board, so please
twice this month.
   On Dec. 6, Bill Feddersen will be our speak-
                                                    & Friends                                            consider joining us.. We would also love to hear
                                                                                                         suggestions on trips. With this slow economy we
er. His topic, “Tracing Our Family Roots in         by Heidi Maisl
                                                                                                         have to be careful what we choose. The buses are
Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, Summer                                                                      getting very expensive which makes it harder to
2010,” is sure to be as informative as it will be   The SCPD German Club hopes everyone had
                                                    a blessed Thanksgiving. We started the season        keep the prices down. Please contact Barbara Wil-
interesting and entertaining.                                                                            liams - 760-772-6891 - or Donna Ortega - 760-
   Then Dec. 13 - our World Famous and Very         with our annual Octoberfest. A good time was
                                                    had by one & all. Everyone enjoyed the food &        772-6882 with your suggestions.
Popular Ethnic Sampler will once again please                                                               The Algodones trip was very successful and ev-
our palates and stimulate our quest for the foods   especially the music. Special thanks to Hanna, the
                                                    board members and all their helpers for making it    eryone had such a good time. We will do another
of our forefathers! Don’t miss it. Ethnic sam-                                                           one in the future.
plings will once again be provided by the club,     such a smashing success.
                                                       Our members only Christmas social is Dec. 6          Remember, there is no general meeting in De-
but anyone who wishes to contribute their own                                                            cember. We will see you at the next
family specialty is encouraged to do so.            and plans are in the making for our February and
                                                    April socials. Check for dates in the next issue.    meeting on Jan. 17.
   Our schedule for December:
December 6 – Bill Feddersen on Denmark                 Everyone is welcome at all of our gatherings
December 13 – Ethnic Sampler
December 20 – Dark
                                                    and we are always pleased if friends of different
                                                    heritages join us for the fun and camaraderie.       Hiking Club
December 27 – Dark                                     If you would like more information about our      by Ken Linville
   Dues are $10 for the year. Please include a      club please contact Hanna Kroll at 345-4238.
completed application form with your check.         “Kommt und macht mit.”                               We had a real nice Holiday Dinner Party
Applications may be obtained at the meetings,          We wish all of our friends and neighbors          and it was good seeing old hiking and social
or by email – contact Sally Bradbury at rns-        “Happy Holidays.” May the true spirit of the         friends.                                 season fill your hearts with peace and love and         Speaking of holidays, this is the time of the
                                                    warm your souls.                                     year to be jolly with Xmas and New Years be-
                                                                                                         ing right around the corner along with some
Gourmet Club                                        Here We Go
                                                                                                         of the best weather of the year.
                                                                                                            Now you and I know that you (including
by Bill Peters
The Gourmet Club’s holiday dinner will be
                                                    Travel Club                                          me) will be indulging in some great high calo-
                                                                                                         rie holiday meals and what better way to get
                                                                                                         prepared for these pleasures of life then by
on Tuesday, Dec. 7, at Le St. Germain in            by Barbara Williams                                  working off some of the pounds you will be
Indian Wells. The email notice for this dinner                                                           gaining by being on some of our wonderful
was sent out in November, so please get your        Fall is here and so are the holidays! Enjoy!         local trails.
reservation in now since the deadline is Dec.       Dec. 4 - “Harvest Festival “- Barbara Heinrichs -       It’s such a pleasure just being out in the great
3. Membership dues of $5 per person for             760-200-0689                                         outdoors this time of the year and being on a
2010-11 are also due at this time, and anyone       Dec. 8 - “Christmas Memories” - Donna Ortega         hike just adds to the fun, health and just being
not paying by this month will be dropped            - 760-772-6882                                       with friends and / or meeting new ones.
from our email list beginning in January.           Jan. 20 - “Ripley’s Believe it or Not” - Edie Buc-      Our club has all levels of hiking events from
  All Sun City residents are welcome as             cieri - 760-360-7924                                 easy to advanced and is lead by at least one

     32 Chartered Club News | December2010
                                                                                           Chartered Club News
of our knowledgeable and experienced hike
  Hiking Schedules and membership forms
                                                    Jewelry Club
                                                    by Sharon Stratton
                                                                                                            during the remainder of this year will be applied
                                                                                                            immediately and carried over to 2011. If you have
                                                                                                            any questions call Rose Marie, 200-4903, or Pam,
are available in the kiosks at each of the three                                                            772-9134.
Clubhouses.                                         Jewelry Club members have been busy as
  Burt Falk will be setting up a trip for a week
of hiking and sight seeing in Utah during Oc-
                                                    we transition into winter. Several members
                                                    participated in the Craft Show. Barbara                 Ladies 9-Holers
tober of 2011. There will be more details on
this Utah adventure in the coming months.
  As always, hope to see you on the trail and
                                                    Killough and Vicki Woods were each
                                                    prize winners, twice, in the Monica’s Bead              Golf
                                                    Challenge Contests. Mary Keenan was a very              by Judi Murphy
have a great holiday season.                        close runner-up.
  Happy trekking.                                      Each month, we have a class in a specific            We wish you all a very Happy Holiday Season as
                                                    area from the numerous variations of jewelry-           we head into December and the winter months.
Home Crafters                                       making techniques. For our December
                                                    lesson, Barbara Chastney will teach a class
                                                    on her method of making clay beads and
                                                                                                            We are so lucky to live in this beautiful desert
                                                                                                            community where winter means the best weather
by Pat Hammond                                                                                              throughout the country!
                                                    pendants. If you saw her beautiful items at                We are all set and ready for our sold out 9-ers
We are a group of people who do various crafts      the Craft Show, you will know how excited               Holiday Party in Ventana’s on Thursday, Dec. 2
at home. We will not be holding regular club        the membership is to have her share her skills.         at 5 p.m. Dress up in your holiday finery and
meetings, only two meetings a year, before          For our holiday party, Barbara Killough will            let’s party. We have planned a fun, festive evening
each of the SCPD Craft Club Shows in the            host a potluck brunch at her home. The party            for our ladies.
spring and fall. Our members are able to sell       and gift exchange will be Dec. 16.                         Should we hit a little inclement weather on our
their crafts in these shows as long as those           New members are always welcome.                      play days, please take note regarding any cancel-
crafts are not and will not be made by the          Whether you are an experienced beader, or               lation of play on a scheduled luncheon day (3rd
other approved craft clubs here in Sun City.        just want to re-design or mend a piece of               Thursday of each month). The luncheon will
Our members do woodwork, decorate clothes,          broken jewelry, or are a complete beginner-             still take place in the Oasis Room of the Sunset
make silk flowers, do needlework, work with         you are welcome to join the Jewelry Club.               View Clubhouse. Lunch will not be cancelled
gourds, tole paint, etc. For more information,      We always have members happy to work with               on days when play has been suspended. So,
please contact Pat Hammond/Jerry Tyree at           a beginner.                                             brave the storm and bring your check with you
360-9302.                                              We meet on Mondays and/or Thursdays                  to lunch.
                                                    from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. Monday’s meeting                 The club voicemail system is in effect for can-
                                                    is in the Mountain View Clubhouse Sewing                celling golf sign-ups. Call 837-7747 between

Italian Heritage                                    Room and on Thursdays, we meet in the
                                                    Whitney Room. You are welcome to come to
                                                    either or both meetings. Dues are only $15
                                                                                                            Thursday noon and Wednesday at 6 p.m. You
                                                                                                            can also still cancel in the Ladies Niners book
by Ralph J. Ruggiero                                                                                        in the Pro Shop lobby or online on our website
                                                    for the year.                                           until 12 noon on Monday. IF you must cancel
Hi everyone! Well, we are on a roll towards            Please contact our president, Vicki Woods,           on Thursday morning, call the Pro Shop at 200-
the end of the year. It has been a great year for   760-772-0387 for more information.                      2200. Note well that if you cancel on a Thursday
our Italian Heritage Club. We have had many                                                                 featuring a luncheon, you are still responsible for
successful events,thanks to all our devoted
members and dedication of all our executive         Just for Fun                                            the cost of your lunch.
                                                                                                               We will have sign-ups for the away tourna-
board members. We have tried to give our            by Rose Marie Sherry                                    ment at Heritage Palms on Wednesday, Jan.
members the best food, beverages and enter-                                                                 12 beginning later this month. It will be first
tainment possible.                                  Our Chili Cook-Off was a lot of fun and every-          come, first served. We can only take 36 play-
   All of our members should have received          one enjoyed our Sun City Singers, “The Female           ers. Announcements will be made throughout
our fliers stating the coming events for the year   Concoction!” We had 10 contestants and the              December.
2011, if you have not, see one of our board         winners are:                                               If you are interested in joining or have ques-
members to provide you with one; it should                   1st Place -- Jo Anne Staring, $40              tions about our Club, please call Judi Murphy at
be another great year..Our membership is                     2nd Place -- Dawn Robson $30                   345-8364 or Membership VP MaryLou DeLeva
open to all Sun City residents who believe in                3rd Place -- Janine Berz $20                   at 834-8881.
preserving the positive and constructive values       Our final event of the year is New Year’s Eve at         Best wishes to all of our Niners and their fami-
of Italian heritage and culture. We have a great    Lakeview Clubhouse with music, buffet dinner            lies for a wonderful holiday season and a happy,
time at all of our events, we all enjoy the food,   and the spirits of the New Year. Members, your          healthy New Year!
wine and as I said before, entertainment.           invitation has been delivered to your mail box
   Due to the fact that it is December, I would     tube. Remember, space is limited at the Lakeview
like to wish everyone a happy, safe, joyful holi-   Clubhouse. Additional fliers are in the kiosks at the
day season. So, until we meet again, Ciao.          several Club Houses. Also, dues that are received

                                                                                    Chartered Club News | December2010 33
Chartered Club News
Lady Putters                                       led by Simah Skinner, Dottie’s sub, and other
                                                   volunteers, so if you are in SC do keep coming.
                                                                                                      We will be joining the Dance Club at Shadow
                                                                                                      Hills for some of their events. These are the
by Chris Acosta                                    Classes for beginners is at 10:15, a bit more      dates;
                                                   advanced at 11:15 a.m.                             Saturday, Dec. 4, Christmas Dance
We had a great season opening with lots of           Holiday Hoe Down will be on Friday this          Saturday, Feb. 12, Valentines Dance
prizes, fun, and holes-in-one! Congratulations     year, Dec. 17 in the Sierra Ballroom as usual.       If you want to be informed of the club
to new member, Jean Delgado, and to                There will be a flyer with all pertinent info      events, you need to provide your email address
continuing member, Ginni Rassieur, who each        at the table outside line dance classes. Start     to be on the email listing. Just write your email
won a free golf lesson with John McLaughlin        time for our Big Shindig will be 4:30 p.m.         address on a slip of paper and drop it in the
at our Opening Coffee. Thank you, John, for        and going until 9:30 and be sure to bring your     Love To Dance box at the Mountain View
so generously donating the lessons in support      smiles and enthusiasm to dance all night. (or      Clubhouse.
of our club!                                       maybe not). Happy Trails to all.                     For additional information, call Faye Sloan
  We have resumed play at our beautiful,             Annual Las Vegas trip: the dates are Feb.        760-360-7730.
newly reseeded putting course at the Mountain      8, 9, 10, home on the 11. Dottie is work-
View Clubhouse and are glad to be back on
our “home turf.” We are looking forward to
our Holiday Luncheon and General Meeting
                                                   ing hard planning many activities to keep all
                                                   participants from boredom...accommodations
                                                   are at Sam’s Town Hotel and Casino. It has
                                                                                                      Mah Jongg Club
                                                                                                      by Joanne Hart
on Dec. 8 and to our “Beat the Pro” event on       many food establishment, other things to do
Dec. 15.                                           and a shuttle service to downtown and the
                                                   strip. Again, a flyer will be available with all   The tournament in November was lots of
A new standing rule has been implemented.                                                             fun and a tremendous success. We’re looking
Putters are now required to pick up their ball     the details needed. Hopefully, all who wish to
                                                   go have put in their deposit by Dec. 1. (If not,   forward to the next Tournament in March
after six putts for a maximum score of six (6)                                                        2011. We still play and teach in the Oasis
on any one hole. The putter will then mark a       check with Dottie; there may be openings).
                                                                                                      Room every Wednesday morning, most
“6” on her scorecard for that hole.                                                                   Thursday afternoons and Friday morning.
  Don’t forget to check our website at http://
information, updates, and photos.
                                                   Love To Dance                                      The Mah Jongg board wishes everyone a very
                                                                                                      happy, healthy and safe holiday season. If you
                                                   by Faye Sloan                                      have questions, call Joanne Hart, 760 766-
members and guests are always welcome to                                                              7613.
join Lady Putters. We putt every Wednesday         Dance lessons are now underway and well
at 9 a.m. (1st session) and 10 a.m. (2nd           attended. The schedule is being repeated
  Sign in at the Saddleback Room, Mountain
View Clubhouse, from 8:15-8:40 a.m. (1st
                                                   again this month to assure that everyone who
                                                   wants to participate will have an opportunity
                                                   to do so.
                                                                                                      Men’s Niners
                                                                                                      by Dave Von Kaenel
session) or from 9:15-9:40 a.m. (2nd session).       Tap and choreography dance classes have
New member orientation is held the last            begun as follows.
Wednesday of each month at 8:30 a.m. Call                                                             Welcome back all returning members from
                                                   TAP – Tuesdays, 1-2 p.m.
Barbara Goulding, president, at 760-610-                                                              the cooler parts of the country. We look
                                                   Cheryl Lea, Instructor
2028 for additional information.                   Choreography – Thursday, Nov. 4,                   forward to seeing you soon. Reminder to
                                                   1:30-2:30 p.m.                                     all members, dues are due, $25 to SCPD
                                                                                                      Niners, mail to Dick Kopel or put in box
Line Dance                                         Cheryl Lea, Instructor
                                                   Ballroom Dance Classes                             below computer in Santa Rosa Lobby.
                                                                                                        Please remember to sign up on Saturday
by Claire Dosier                                   Beginning
                                                   Wednesdays, 3-4 p.m.                               by noon for the next Thursday on the
Remember to pay your dues $15.00 to Sun            M.C. Callahan, Instructor                          computer website. We will probably have a
City Line Dance and get the new badge so           Intermediate                                       full field each week, so sign up as early as
that we can learn each others names, make us a     Wednesdays, 4-5 p.m.                               possible. Check in is 7:15-7:45 a.m., and
more friendly and united group.                    M.C. Callahan, Instructor                          tee off is 8. If anyone has any questions
  Most of our Snowbirds are back and catch-          The venue is the Dance Studio at the Sunset      concerning membership, please call Bob
ing up with the summer desert stay at homes.       View Clubhouse, so come and sign-up for
                                                                                                      Funk at 760-834-8844.
The dancers who faithfully attend the last         these classes.
                                                     Following are the upcoming events…so             December Schedule:
Thursday of the month dance time in the
                                                   mark your calendar now.                            Dec. 2 Scramble          Santa Rosa
Sierra Ballroom are very disappointed that it is
not available for our use again until April 28.    Jan. 7 - Dance at Sierra Ballroom                  Dec. 9 6-4-2-0           San Gorgonio
  December dance schedule: Dottie and              March 4 - Dance at Sierra Ballroom                 Dec. 16 Medal Play Santa Rosa
Chuck will be gone from Dec. 22 to Jan. 1,         May 6 - Big Dinner Dance for Closing of the        Dec. 18 Board Meeting 9 a.m.
they will be back in class on Monday, Jan. 3.      Season                                             Dec. 23 Red Odd – Blue Even
There will be classes on Dec. 22, 27 and 29th      Shadow Hills Events                                            San Gorgonio

    34 Chartered Club News | December2010
                                                                                       Chartered Club News
Dec. 30 Scramble           Santa Rosa
“Hey, is this room out of bounds?”
                                                   Model Railroaders                                    afterwards for a drink and dinner.
                                                                                                          If you have a question contact: Sandy Patrick
—Alex Karras after hitting a shot through
a clubhouse window
                                                   of the Desert                                        345-2913.

                                                   by Dick Lane
                                                   The train crew is anticipating the “Christmas
“Menz Putterz”                                     Rush” of grandchildren and grandparents
                                                   visiting the train room over the holidays. There
by Bill Wilson                                     have been many improvements made over the
                                                   year primarily the new high speed track installed
Come join the “Menz Putterz” - membership
                                                   on the N gauge layout. This project really put
is only $10 to join and $3 to play each week.
                                                   the skills of the train crew to the test. The
It’s fun and competitive. Prizes are awarded
                                                   results are a spectacular combination of track,
weekly and you can check the results on our
                                                   mountains, lakes and roads. Truly a project
web site. Membership dues are now due for
                                                   well done.
the “old” members. We have approximately
110 members putting every week. New putters
can sign up at Lakeview Fitness Center every
                                                      The train room will have an “Open House”
                                                   during the week between Christmas and New            Mountain Vista
Tuesday at 7:45 a.m. before the session starts.
The dress code is a blue collared shirt with our
                                                   Years starting on Monday Dec. 27 through and
                                                   including Friday, Dec. 31, from 8:30 to 11 a.m.
                                                   every day, Admission: one smile. Favors and
                                                                                                        Couples Golf
club logo. Shirts are available for purchase at                                                         by Mike Wedekind
                                                   refreshments included,
sign up. If you have any questions, call Bill
                                                      The train club enjoys a number of social          Our January tournament is on Jan. 8 2011
Wilson at 200-9456.
                                                   events during the year. The Christmas “gala”will     starting at 12 p.m. with dinner and is a “make
                                                   be on Dec. 15 at the Lakeview Clubhouse. A           your own foursome.” Sign up will be between
                                                   monthly breakfast meeting is held each month
Minnesota                                          at a restaurant off site. The model railroad room
                                                                                                        Dec. 9 and 30 which leaves plenty of time to
                                                                                                        make up your foursome. Possibly a couple that

Memories & Friends
                                                   is open and operating on Monday, Wednesday           do not presently belong to our club?
                                                   & Friday, 8:30 to 11 a.m. Visitors of all ages and      The Horse Race held on Oct. 16 was a
by Pat Christy                                     gender are always welcome.                           tremendous success. We had 40 players and 49
                                                                                                        attendees at the hors d’oeuvres and drinks at
The Minnesota Memories and Friends sea-
son had their first social event of the season     Moonlighters                                         Ventana afterward. The competition consisted
                                                                                                        of 20 two person teams with no spouses playing
on Nov. 29. It was an Island Themed Fall Fest      by Chane Howard                                      together. Mike Pritchard and Sandy Watson
Dinner featuring the Desert Oasis Strummers                                                             were the winners in a “chip off” with Jerry
held at the Lakeview Clubhouse. A big thank        The Moonlighter’s played their last round of         Hebblethwaite and Mary Lou DeLeva. Don
you goes to Larry Corbett for organizing the       golf for the year 2010 on Oct. 21 just three days    Rota and Janice Martin finished third and Dean
event and to everyone who gave a helping           before Santa Rosa closed for reseeding. During       Rathbun and Sandy Patrick were fourth.
hand.                                              the month of September we had our “Year End             Please note that we have a new website at www.
   The new officers for the 2010-11 season         Dinner” and nine holes of golf at Desert Falls.
are: President, Larry Corbett; 1st Vice Presi-     All the members were winners that day taking            Future dates are: Feb. 5, the Cactus Classic on
dent, Ted Margulis; 2nd Vice President, Dan        home some great prizes and enjoying a nice           February 17, 18 and 19, March 12 and April 9,
Davis; Treasurer, Shirley Morine; Secretary,       dining and golf experience.                          2011.
Pat Christy; Members at Large, Curt Melby             Everyone is looking forward to our next year         If you are considering joining Mountain Vista
and Jim Haberfield; Past President, Nan Lar-       with our new President Ron Spak, Secretary           Couples Club simply go to our web site at www.
son.                                               Sandy Patrick and Treasurer Ed Martin. It is and if you have any further questions
   Membership is open to everyone and an-          the plan to begin in May with a “Sign up Get         simply contact our membership director Dianne
nual dues of $5 per person are now payable.        Together.” If you would like to play with the        Melone at or 760-610-2198
There are three more social events this season     Moonlighters in 2011, keep an eye on our web            You can join Mountain Vista Couples Club
beginning with a Bratfest dinner in January, a     site in April 2011 by going to        and obtain a GHIN number from SCGA by an
Fish Fry or Farm House dinner in February,         , then looking under “Menu” for “Clubs and           application available on our web site. You do not
and our annual Potluck dinner will complete        Groups” and then selecting the “Charter Clubs        have to join either the Men’s or Women’s Club to
the season in April. If you have any questions     Link”. This is where you will find information       obtain a GHIN number.
or are interested in becoming a member, you        on the “Get Together” and a signup sheet for
may call Larry Corbett at 345-6039 or Shirley      2011. Remember, our group is a “for fun group”
Morine at 360-1341.                                with singles and couples playing nine holes of
                                                   golf in the late afternoon and getting together

                                                                                Chartered Club News | December2010 35
Chartered Club News
Mountain Vista                                        Shadow Hills golfers. We currently own the
                                                      cup after our victory last year and hope to do
                                                                                                          We will continue to sell tickets for reserved
                                                                                                        seating for Nick Palance in Concert, being

Ladies Golf
                                                      likewise this year. The Holiday Classic, (Dec.    held on Saturday Jan. 22, 2011, from now
                                                      14 & 15), is a member-member tournament           until showtime. Tickets can be purchased at
by Jimmie Nelsen                                      open to 62 two-man teams. First come, first       MVC near the Post Office every Mon, Tues,
                                                      served! Check the Men’s Club website, www.        & Wed from 9 a.m. to noon. There will be
After the wonderful “Welcome Back Tee Party,”, for further information on these       both a matinee and an evening performance.
we expect a terrific 2010-11 golf season to follow.   upcoming tournaments.                             You asked for him, and we got him!
There were beautiful table decorations and food          The Men’s Club recently brought on board         I’d like to take this opportunity on behalf
table; there were very informative committee          eight new members and four reinstatements.        of the Off Broadway Board members and
reports and various sign up tables, and then there    The new members are: Bill Tindall, David          myself to wish you all a very happy, healthy
were gorgeous clothes modeled by club members         Sherer, Rick Sharp, Al Marquardt, Dick Konn,      and fun-filled holiday season.
with narration by Lucene Eligian, our merchan-        Ken Dermer, Bill Cook and Tim Bryant. The           We will see you all again in 2011 on Jan.
diser. Wow, what a great beginning!                   members reinstated are John Major, Mike           19 when we will be presenting The Steinway
  Our first play day was a Texas Scramble on          Emhoff, Vic Duncan and Bill Bennett. A big        Society Variety Show.
Nov. 2, San Gorgonio course. Our play days            welcome to all of the new members and to            Happy New Year!
are a 7:30 a.m. shotgun start with check-in time      those that have returned.
from 6:30 until 7 a.m. Remember, there are three
ways to sign up for golf:: (1) Tuesday play day for
                                                         Special congratulations to John Abramson
                                                      who on October 20, scored a hole-in-one on
                                                      the par three, 16th hole, Santa Rosa Course.
                                                                                                        Pan Club
the following Tuesday, (2) website at                                                         by Debby Goldfarb
on the weekly sign up tab until Thurs noon, or        Way to go, John!
(3) after Thursday noon call the hotline at 760-                                                        The Pan Tournament is over and once again
837-7300 to be put on a waiting list.                                                                   the day was so enjoyable. Lunch was great
  Our first tournament and luncheon was our
“Turkey Shoot” on Nov. 16 and wasn’t it nice not
                                                      Music Buffs                                       as always and our centerpieces were not only
                                                                                                        lovely but meaningful as well. Bags donated by
to have to stay on the cart paths. It was an indi-    by Ernie Charney                                  various markets and filled with food products
vidual game, and paid net only. Half the field was                                                      donated by our generous players were then
lucky enough to receive gift certificates to Stater   On Monday Dec. 6, in the Sierra Ballroom          given to FIND who will distribute them to
Bros.                                                 at 7:30 p.m., Music Buffs will present            various charities. To our snowbirds, welcome
  Our next tournament is “Holiday on the              Marco and Tamara Rae Mendez. Both have            home; we look forward to a wonderful season.
Green” on Dec. 7. It is our charity event with        preformed for us in the past and they are
                                                      wonderful entertainers. Marco plays the
proceeds going to “Toys for Tots.” If you don’t
have a guest, we can find one for you.                organ like you have never heard before.
  Congratulations to our three most recent “Hole        The second show in our Sunday Concert
in One” recipients: Mary Ingels, Diane Delgado
and Helen Gilmore.
                                                      series is on Dec. 12. We will present “Plaid
                                                      Tidings” in concert. Those of you who             Arts Club
                                                      remember the wonderful show “Forever              by Karen Schmitt
  Happy Holidays everyone
                                                      Plaid,” know you are in for a treat.
                                                        All Sun City Palm Desert residents are          Congratulations to all our members who

Mountain Vista                                        welcome to join Music Buffs. Our annual
                                                      dues are only $10 per person, payable at
                                                                                                        received nominations for the Desert Theatre
                                                                                                        League Star awards. We received a total of 18

Men’s Golf                                            the door. Our dues entitle you to attend a        nominations!
                                                      performance on the first Monday of each             Our repertory group is presenting its second
by Frank Allen                                        month, through June 2011. Come a few              After Dinner Theater show of the season,
                                                      minutes early and join! Refreshments are          “Interview With Barbara Walters (and Other
By the time this issue hits your mail boxes           served following the show.                        Improbable Moments)” on Dec. 14 at 7:30
the RX Cup competition will be well under               Questions? Call Ernie Charney, 360-9466.        p.m. Come and enjoy the entertainment and
way. This tournament runs from Nov. 3 until                                                             stay for refreshments. It is all free.
March 30. The modified Stableford scoring                                                                 “Sex Please, We’re Sixty” is the name of our
will be used and the top 70 golfers will
receive monetary prizes. $4,000 in prize money
                                                      Off Broadway Club                                 winter play. The dates are Jan. 27, 28, 29 & 30.
                                                                                                        Be sure to get your reserved seats when tickets
will be awarded with the 1st place golfer             by Barbara Newmark                                go on sale. We know you will enjoy this lively
receiving $400. Other tournaments coming                                                                comedy played by our exciting cast.
up in early December are the Sun City Cup             The show on Wednesday Dec. 15 is going to           Auditions for our spring musical, “Senior
and the Holiday Classic. The Sun City Cup             be fantastic. I was fortunate to get Pat Rizzo    Moments” will be held early in January. We
tournament, (Dec. 8 & 9), pits 40 of our              and his wonderful band. Pat is bringing a         invite everyone to come and try out. Call Karen
golfers against a like number of Sun City             special guest - Lee Hartley. You will love her!   at 760-360-1284 for more information about

     36 Chartered Club News | December2010
                                                                                           Chartered Club News
auditions. “Senior Moments” will run March                                                                   Mountain Vista Clubhouse.
31, April 1, 2, & 3. Come and have fun on the                                                                  Ladies Day is scheduled for the first Thursday
stage! Now is the time to try something new or                                                               of every month. Contact Dee McKown for
dust off that talent.                                                                                        information.
  Our workshops are popular. Upcoming                                                                          Drop in sign-up boards are available every day
workshops include “Theater/Stage 101” on                                                                     at the Tennis Pavilion.
Dec. 3, from 2-4 p.m. in Sierra Ballroom.                                                                      Best wishes to all of our good friends for a
Learn stage directions, blocking, stage presence,                                                            wonderful holiday season.
interaction, and a variety of other stage
skills through hands-on activities in a non-
threatening, supportive atmosphere. RSVP to
Karen Schmitt 760-360-1284                                                                                   Rainbow Circle of
  Watch for information on our acting and
song performance workshop series coming             are always experienced quilters who would love           Friends & Family
                                                                                                             by Ginni Rassieur
after the first of the year.                        to share their knowledge of this wonderful art
  Our next general meeting is Dec. 20, 3 p.m.       form with you.
in the Lakeview Clubhouse, with refreshments          Everyone is busy in December with all the              Come and join the fun if you are lesbian or
and entertainment.                                  activities and the quilters are too. Wednesday,          gay or a friend or a parent. Our next gather-
  Thank you for your support.                       Dec. 1, at 1 p.m. is the next business meeting           ing will be Saturday, Dec. 6 starting right at
                                                    followed by our “Show and Tell” session. Don’t           noon. It will be a nice time to socialize and
                                                    forget your block of the month square.                   see one another at holiday time. Please call
Pet Lovers Club                                       It’s time to pay your 2011 dues. They are only
                                                                                                             Maddi Scott who will be noting your inten-
                                                                                                             tion to attend and recording your contribu-
by Roz Landsman                                                                                              tion for the meal. Her number is 760-772-
                                                      Check out the website for
                                                    photos showing some of the wonderful quilts              3902. Let her know of your email so that you
Hope all of you are having a fun and safe                                                                    can be notified about future club activities.
holiday season. Please remember that certain        our members have made and Channel 98 for any
                                                    updates on our activities.                               We’re planning to have a wine and tapas par-
foods that are treats for us are toxic for dogs                                                              ty in January.
and cats. Some of them that most people don’t         Happy Holidays!
think about are caffeine, chocolate and grapes.     Quilter’s Quote of the Month “You know you’re
Even one small chocolate chip can make a cat
very sick. Be careful also of your ornaments and
                                                    a quilter if...when you are in the dentist chair
                                                    looking up at the light and realize it looks just like   Rummy Q
tinsel. They seem to attract pets like a magnet     the “Flying Geese” quilting pattern.                     by Pat Ankeny
and can cause serious damage.
  We are having a terrific season at Pet Lovers                                                              We wrap up our enjoyable year with holiday
                                                                                                             refreshments and game play Thursday, Dec.
with many interesting programs yet to come.
We also have our shot clinic in December            Racquet Club
                                                    by Bernie Eilerts
                                                                                                             16 at the Lakeview Clubhouse. Check-in time
                                                                                                             is 6:45 p.m. Bring your check for $5 per
which is so convenient to residents. Please
make sure your pet is on the registry. Many                                                                  person for 2011 dues, along with your name
lost animals have been returned home safe           Your Racquet Club is off and running for 2010            tag and game set. We need all members with
and sound because the owners could be easily        and 2011. Welcome back to all of our members.            RummyQ sets to bring them each month to
located. It only takes a couple of minutes and      Greg Howser has already held two mixers, with            supply the vast number of tables needed for
there is no charge.                                 the Holiday Mixer scheduled for Saturday,                our growing group. Invite your friends and
                                                    Dec. 18. The response to the mixers has been             neighbors to join in 2011.
                                                    outstanding, so be sure to sign up early to ensure         Congratulations to the 2011 board elected in

Quilters Club                                       that you will be able to participate.
                                                      Our next Membership Social is scheduled for
                                                                                                             November. Announcement is on our website
                                                                                                             and will be in next month’s article. Happy
by Sharon McCreary                                  Saturday, Feb. 5 at Speakers Hall at Mountain
                                                    View, so mark the date on your calendar.                    For questions or lessons, call Barry Cohen
We hope you survived November, what with the        Refreshments will be served prior to the meeting.        772-4825 or Dianne Prara 200-9568.
general elections, a couple of holidays thrown in   Another important date is our annual Dinner
for good measure, and the annual Fall Arts &
Crafts Show. Speaking of which, hope you had
a chance to shop and buy some of the gorgeous
                                                    Event scheduled for Thursday, April 14. Details
                                                    will be forthcoming soon. Be sure to mark this
                                                    date also.
                                                                                                             RV Club
                                                                                                             by Joan Balaris
handiwork our quilters did. Would you like            For those who have not yet paid the $10 annual
to try quilting? Come on down to the sewing         dues for 2011, please deposit your check made            We are gearing up for a new season so don’t
studio in the Mountain View Clubhouse on            payable to Sun City Racquet Club at the Racquet          forget to get your membership forms and
Wednesday and Friday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. There        Club mailbox attached to the renewal form at

                                                                                    Chartered Club News | December2010 37
Chartered Club News
checks in the mailbox (across from the post             Congratulations to our big winners Gordon      feature Pollo Loco chicken and cranberry sauce,
office). Dues are $10 per person per year and       & Irma Marsh with an aggregate score of 8900.      followed by an exciting game of Holiday Trivia.
membership forms can be found on the web            Also to June Owen & Sandy Fix for bidding &        Reservations must be made by Monday, Dec. 13.
site.                                               making a vulnerable grand slam doubled and            Happy hours continue every Monday and
   Our October Rally in Newport was loads of        re-doubled.                                        Thursday from 4 to 6 p.m. in the Martini
fun, and we were sorry more of our group did           Our October first place winners were Jim Bell   Bar. Trivia will meet in the Mountain View
not attend. Don’t forget that we need new lo-       & Barbara Peters, Harry Herz & Steve Wagner,       Clubhouse on Tuesdays, Dec. 14 and Dec. 28, at
cations and folks to be Wagon Masters for the       June Owen & Sandy Fix, Ann Mantle &                4 p.m. For information, call Chairperson Kathie
upcoming year! If you have an idea of where         Pauline Peterson, Jeanne Heer & Judy Hodson,       Burton 760-200-0386.
to hold a rally - please let your board know!       Gordon & Irma Marsh, Bill Lofton & Mike               Play billiards with us Tuesdays at 4:30 p.m.,
Don’t forget to watch the web site for upcom-       Joyce, Nick & Toni Laker. Congratulations to       Sunset View Clubhouse – for info call Laird at
ing events!                                         all winners!                                       760-772-7841.
   For December, Tom Balaris has arranged              We trust everyone had a wonderful                  Carol Reignier will be in charge of Solos Putting
with the Indio Elks Lodge to have a Rally over      Thanksgiving! For more information contact         this year, which started Thursday, Nov. 4. Show
New Year’s on Dec. 29, 30 and 31. The ben-          President Mearl Lucken at 772-4012.                up at the Lakeview Clubhouse on Thursdays at
efits of a “local” site for a rally are numerous!                                                      9:45 a.m. Pay your $2, sign in, and then putting
The Lodge has meal service daily for lunch
and dinner, so worrying about meals is not on
the agenda. You don’t have to tow your car!
                                                    Softball Club
                                                    by Dave Hansen
                                                                                                       starts at 10 a.m. at the putting course. If you are
                                                                                                       new to SOLOS Putters, as a first time putter
                                                                                                       there is no charge, so you can come and play or
Also note that those attending the rally also                                                          watch. To play, you will need a putter. If you don’t
have the chance to participate in the Lodge         With over 125 people currently involved in         have one, call Carol at 760-200-5498 and she
New Year’s Eve Party with dinner and danc-          both Monday Co-ed Softball as well as the          should be able to find one for you.
ing. This is a dress up affair (not casual), so     more competitive Thursday league, both                SOLOS golf will resume after over seeding of
we can all put on our fancy duds. Just think,       seasons are off to record starts. Although         the golf courses. For information, call Emerson
party, dance, drink - and walk to your bed!         the Thursday league rosters are filled for         Brigham at 760-834-8771.
   If you are interested in this event, please      the current season, anyone still interested in        If anyone is interested in starting (or re-starting)
contact Joan or Tom Balaris at 760-360-3300         playing should contact Commissioner Bill           a SOLOS group for bowling, reading, bridge, or
or as soon as possible for pricing     Carlisle at 360-5575 and ask to be added           any other interest, please call Susan, 760-200-
and further information.                            to the waiting list. The league runs though        0056.
                                                    April 7.

Social Bridge
                                                      Co-ed play, however, is open to anyone
                                                    who shows up. Warm-ups are at 7:30 every           Stained Glass
by Marilyn Joyce                                    Monday, with games starting at 8. No               by Rita Swimmer
                                                    equipment or prior sign-ups are needed.
Fall is definitely here and the number of bridge                                                       The Holidays are here and hopefully you picked
players is increasing weekly. Come join us for                                                         up some beautiful gifts at last month’s Crafts
bridge on Mondays & Fridays at the Sunset                                                              Sale. If not, you may want to take a stained glass
View Clubhouse at 12:30 p.m. We do play                                                                class and make your own lovely pieces. Stop
partners, so if you need one contact Ann                                                               by our workshop in the Whitney Room of the
Mantle at 360-2647. Dues are $ 5 per person,                                                           Mountain View Clubhouse to sign up for classes,
per year.                                                                                              renew your membership or become a new club
  Thank you to Harry Herz & Steve Wagner                                                               member. If you have the basic skills to do stained
for providing our October treats – no tricks!                                                          glass and are familiar with the equipment that is
Thanks also to all who donned Halloween attire                                                         currently used in this craft, you do not need to
for our trick or treat celebration on October 29.                                                      take a class; otherwise a beginner’s class is required
A good time was had by all.                                                                            for you to use the club’s workshop. Beginners’
  Please mark your calendars for Friday, Dec.                                                          classes in the copper foil technique are now being
10 at 5 p.m. for our holiday celebration at
Ventana. The cost will be $28 per person all        Solos Club                                         scheduled. Intermediate-level classes in the lead
                                                                                                       came technique will be scheduled for early spring,
inclusive for a three course dinner. There will     by Kerry Greene                                    based on interest. See the workshop monitor in
be a no host bar from 5 to 5:30 p.m. and will                                                          the Whitney Room during monitored hours (see
remain open through dinner. You may bring           The December Holiday Dinner will be on             below) or the club’s website for more details and
your own wine but then must pay a $ 5 corkage       Saturday, Dec. 18, in the Lakeview Clubhouse.      updates.
fee. Reservations must be made by Dec. 6 along      Look for flyers in the kiosks. Please call           Member dues are $15 for the year ending
with a $28 check made out to SCPD Social            Chairperson Judy Egendorf at 760-772-9256,         June 30, 2011. Monitored workshop hours are
Bridge.                                             if you have questions or can help. Dinner will     Monday – Friday, 1–4 p.m. The workshop is

     38 Chartered Club News | December2010
                                                                                           Chartered Club News
also available for member use outside of these       Monday through Friday, Nov. 29 – Dec. 3; also           cially jampacked with events, such as a visit to
monitored hours. See notice of workshop hours        Monday through Thursday, Dec. 6 – December              the Riverside Mission Inn and Tyler Mall, our
posted on the window of the Whitney room, or         9.                                                      annual holiday luncheon, and our third annual
visit the club’s website, http://www.scpdcaclubs.       Following our “Yuletide Trilogy” concert, we         early New Year’s cocktail party (husbands and
com/activities/clubs/stainedglass/home.htm.          will be accepting new members who wish to sing          significant others are invited to that). The class
   The club is looking for a Treasurer. Interested   in our spring concert scheduled for Thursday,           costs $4 per class or $25 per month. Join us and
members should contact a Club officer.               March 24. Sectional rehearsals are held every           you’ll see that Trim ‘N’ Tone is an energizing way
   Happy Holidays to all of our SCPD neighbors       Wednesday: sopranos and altos – 1 to 2 p.m.;            to start the day!
and friends!                                         tenors and basses – 2:15 to 3:15 p.m. General              For more information, call Rozzie Perlmuth at
                                                     rehearsals are held every Thursday – 6:15 to            200-0835.

Stitch ‘N Sew
                                                     8:15 p.m. All rehearsals are in Mountain View

by Sharon McCreary
                                                        We will be resuming rehearsals on Thursday,
                                                     Jan. 6. We welcome new members who enjoy
                                                                                                             Veterans Club
                                                                                                             by Angus Desveaux
                                                     singing in four-part harmony.
We had a great time seeing so many of you at the
                                                        “Merry Christmas!,” “Happy New Year!,”               This month, among other important histori-
Craft Faire last month. It is hoped you enjoy all
                                                     “Happy Hanukah!”                                        cal and religious observances is the anniversary
the great things you bought. A special Thanks
goes to Renate Gregorita,who coordinated our                                                                 of “Pearl Harbor,” Dec. 7, 1941, “a day that
crafts this year, and to all our members who
worked hard making all the items.                    Sunshine Club                                           will live in infamy” as enunciated by President
                                                                                                             Roosevelt on Dec. 8, 1941.
                                                                                                                We plan to observe that important day at
   Our Open House, on Nov. 4, was wonderful,         by Edie Whitman-Buccieri
giving many people an idea of what Stitch N’                                                                 our regular QGMM of Dec. 2, by playing the
Sew is all about.                                    Please continue to recycle your aluminum cans           utube video of President Roosevelt’s speech
   Our work for the Loma Linda Christmas             at our two recycling centers, proceeds of which         declaring war and General MacArthur’s ac-
stockings was a huge success. We are sending         we use for memorials to residents and for gifts         ceptance of the Japanese surrender on the
134 burp pads, 130 receiving blankets, and 130       to help those who are ill.                              Missouri. The videos of the words and mo-
onsies. The families who receive these gifts in        Until next month, please stay well and                ments in history are striking.
their Christmas stockings will be so happy.          happy. For information about the Sunshine                  The attack on Pearl Harbor changed Amer-
   After our holiday luncheon on Thursday, Dec.      Club, please call 760-360-7924. Thank you.              ica, and the rest of the world, by forcing us to
16, at the Classic Club, we will have a general                                                              become the preeminent nation for enforcing
meeting and election of our officers. Please plan                                                            world peace. It seems we still have that role.
on attending. Deadline for reservations is Dec. 9,                                                              Our Speakers Agenda is not yet complete.
call Marilyn Smith 760-360-3999.
   Your 2011 dues may be paid this month. Still
                                                     Trim ‘N’ Tone                                           We initially had scheduled a speaker on a US
                                                                                                             Navy ship in the Coral Sea that date. but he
only $10.                                            by Judy Egendorf                                        is unable to attend. We would like to have a
   A sad good-bye to Renate Gregorita and Grace                                                              Speaker who was at the scene that fateful day
                                                     We know the holidays can be busy, but it’s impor-
Hutchings, who will be moving next year. Your                                                                in history. We also plan to feature an update
                                                     tant to find the time to take care of yourself.
dedication and talents will be missed. Thank you                                                             on “family & spousal benefits” for Veteran’s
                                                     Regular exercise is a great way to shed pounds and
for all your hard work and support.                                                                          survivors. PTSD issues will be discussed/ex-
                                                     reduce stress during this time of year. One way
   Questions? Call Val Saul 200-9267 or check                                                                plained. Assistance in filing a claim for that
                                                     to get that much-needed “me” time is to join us
The Wheel, Channel 98.                                                                                       injury will be available.
                                                     at Sun City’s Trim ‘N’ Tone aerobics class. Held
   Happy Holidays!                                                                                              The Veterans Club is a chartered SCPD
                                                     every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8
Sam’s “Last” Tip of the Month: Plug your                                                                     non-profit club founded to enable SCPD resi-
                                                     a.m. to 9 a.m. and every Tuesday, Thursday and
iron, sewing machine and swing arm light into a                                                              dent’s access their VA benefits.
                                                     Saturday from 8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. and Tuesday
power strip. When the light is off on the power                                                                 Quarterly general membership meetings
                                                     and Thursday from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. at the
strip you know the machine and iron are also off.                                                            held in Speakers Hall at 2 p.m., the first
                                                     Dance Studio in the Sunset View Clubhouse,
                                                                                                             Thursday of March, June, September & De-
                                                        It is a fantastic opportunity for women to
Sun City Singers                                     do low-impact aerobics (or high-impact if you
                                                     prefer) under the tutelage of some of the best
                                                                                                                Board Meetings - Fourth Tuesday each
                                                                                                             month at 9 a.m. in Big Bear Room, Lakeside
by Ruth Compton                                      instructors in all of Coachella Valley. Don’t be shy,
                                                                                                             clubhouse. For information contact Angus
                                                     men—you can also get a great workout with us.
                                                                                                             Desveaux (760) 834-9013.
The Sun City Singers are presenting our annual       Trim ‘N’ Tone is also a wonderful way to make
holiday concert “Yuletide Trilogy” on Thursday,      friends and socialize, with parties held through-
Dec. 9, at 7 p.m., Sierra Ballroom, Mountain         out the year.
View Clubhouse. Reserved seating tickets ($12           We had a great time on our fifth annual cruise
per person) will be for sale, 9 a.m. – noon,         -- and yes, we did exercise. December is espe-

                                                                                    Chartered Club News | December2010 39
Chartered Club News
CharteredClub News
Wine Tasters     Writers Circle                                                                                     Operating Hours
by Abe Young                                          by Gail Ryan
                                                                                                                     MOUNTAIN VIEW CLUBHOUSE
                                                                                                                       Open 7 a.m. – 10 p.m. Daily
Last month 56 members enjoyed an exceptional          Wednesday, Dec. 1 at 2 p.m. will be our next                     SUNSET VIEW CLUBHOUSE
day in North San Diego County tasting wines at        regular meeting. It will be held in the Sunset                    Open 7 a.m. – 10 p.m. Daily
three vineyards and enjoying lunch at Cordiano        View Clubhouse. Please bring five pages of                        LAKEVIEW CLUBHOUSE
                                                                                                                  Open 7 a.m. – 10 p.m. Monday – Saturday
Winery. Thanks, Travel Chairs, Carl & Janet           your work in progress to read. As so many                            8 a.m. – 8 p.m. Sunday
Olsen – what a great day!                             have requested, you will be critiqued on your               COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION OFFICE
   The most festive of wines, Champagne brings        work after you read. Also, if you are entering                8:30 a.m. – noon, 12:30 – 4:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                             Monday – Friday
gaiety and distinction to any occasion. A bottle      the writing contest Phyllis Humphrey is                        EVENTS OFFICE and News & Views
of Champagne at any gathering is greeted with         sponsoring, this will be the final day to turn in       8:30 a.m. – noon, 12:30 – 4 p.m. Monday – Friday
pleasure and enthusiasm. A great many sparkling       your work to her. It will be judged by outside                  BUSINESS & POSTAL CENTER
                                                                                                                           9 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
wines are produced in France and throughout the       personnel. The winners will be announced                              Monday – Friday
world, but true Champagne is made only within         after the first of the year.                                               _____

the delimited Champagne region situated about                                                                               FOOD & BEVERAGE
                                                                                                                       BOULEVARDS BAR & GRILL

                                                      Yacht Club
ninety miles east of Paris. To the dismay of the                                                                           Open 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
French, the word Champagne may be legally used                                                                             Monday through Friday
                                                                                                           Lunch served 11 a.m. – 5 p.m./ Dinner served 5 – 8 p.m.
on the labels of United States sparkling wines, as                                                        Saturday & Sunday 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
long as it indicates American origin. The treaty      by Dick Lane                                                 Sunday Breakfast Buffet  8 a.m. – 1 p.m.
regarding Champagne occurred during prohibi-                                                                          4 – 8 p.m. Wednesday & Thursday
tion and we were not signatures. Dom Perignon,        The Sun City Yacht Club is engaged in the                                    VENTANA
the monk who was the cellar master at the Abbey       sailing of radio controlled boats, both sail             Available for special events and catering functions.
                                                                                                                       PAPA DAN’ S PIZZA & PASTA
of Hautvillers, discovered the use of the cork as a   and power. Regattas are held every Thursday                          at the VISTA GRILLE
stopper for the Champagne bottles and also real-      afternoon at 1 p.m. at the Round Lake                                 6 a.m. – 8 p.m. Daily

ized that a more harmonious sparkling wine was        located at the east end of the golf cart path,                        THE DAILY GRIND
                                                                                                                     7 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. Monday – Friday
obtained if the grapes from various Champagne         west of Donny Circle. All boats are welcome                                    ____

vineyards were blended together. He thus estab-       and invited to race in the open class races. The            MOUNTAIN VIEW FITNESS CENTER
                                                                                                                            /INDOOR POOL
lished the concept of a cuvee or blend which has      2010-11 racing season is underway and will                   6 a.m. – 8 p.m., Monday – Saturday
                                                                                                                         8 a.m. – 8 p.m. Sunday
enabled the Champagne shippers to now blend           continue through April.
                                                                                                                            OUTDOOR POOL
wines to maintain a consistent style year after         The Yacht Club holds business meetings                        6 am – 8 p.m. Monday – Saturday
                                                                                                                           8 am – 8 p.m. Sunday
year. Non-vintage Champagne is a wine blended         at a restaurant off site and has three social                Swipe Card Access after 8 p.m. – 11 p.m.
from different grape varieties, different vineyards   gatherings during the winter sailing season.                    Children’s Pool Hours (over age 4)
and different vintages.                               Persons interested in the Yacht Club should                    Outdoor Pool 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. Daily
                                                                                                                         Indoor Pool Noon – 3 p.m.
   Thursday, Dec. 16 - our exceptional holiday        drop by the Round Lake for some boat talk or                    Children’s Spa Hours (over age 12)
                                                                                                                             8 am – 8 p.m. Daily
dinner with wines to compliment the fine din-         call Dick Lane at 345-7234 or Dave Inkeles at                   LAKEVIEW FITNESS CENTER
ing. Best wishes for a Happy Holiday Season!          360-9098.                                                       6 a.m. – 8 p.m. Monday – Saturday
                                                                                                                            8 a.m. – 8 p.m. Sunday
                                                                                                                         Adults Only (age 18 and over)
                                                                                                                     8 a.m. – 11 p.m. Monday – Saturday
                                                                                                                            6 a.m. – 8 a.m. Sunday

       Important Notice for
                                                                                                                   Swipe Card Access after 8 p.m. – 11 p.m.
                                                             OPEN HOUSE                                              RESORT POOL (SUNSET VIEW)
                                                                                                                        Adults Only (age 18 and over)

            Readers!                                      in the Model Railroad Club
                                                                                                                              6 a.m. – 11 p.m.
                                                                                                                      6 am – 8 p.m. Monday – Saturday
                                                                                                                           8 am – 8 p.m. Sunday
                                                                                                                   Swipe Card Access after 8 p.m. – 11 p.m.
   Club and Resident Group articles                              Shasta Room                                                NEWCASTLE POOL
                                                                                                                   Children’s Hours -10 a.m. – 8 p.m. Daily
     are directed to the members of                          Monday through Friday                                        PRO SHOP & STARTER
                                                                                                                            6 a.m. – 5 p.m. Daily
      the particular club or group                              Dec. 27 to 31

                                                                                                                              GATE HOURS
      addressed and should not be                                                                                       Main Gate – Open 24 Hours
                                                                                                                  All Other Gates – Open 5 am – Midnight
                                                               8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.                                North Gate Manned – 6 am – 10 p.m.
    construed as either fact or as an                                                                                        GOLF CART GATES
                                                                                                                         Manorgate – Open 24 Hours
         editorial opinion piece.                                        Cookies                                      Kent Street Gate – Open 24 Hours
                                                                                                                 Kent Street Pedestrian Gate – Open 24 Hours

     40 Chartered Club News | December2010
                                                                                              Chartered Club News
                                          FREQUENTLY CALLED NUMBERS
    SCPD Community Association                           LEC                             200-2213               Register a Guest             345-4278
                                                         Martini’s Lounge/                                      Resident Billing             200-2132
    Banquet Services            200-2242
                                                         The Daily Grind                 200-2235
    Boulevards                  200-2109                                                                        Sunset View       200-2150
                                                         Mountain View                                          Clubhouse/Finance
    Burrtec          340-2113                            Association Office              200-2222
                  or 324-1741                                                                                   Sunset View                  200-2112
    Communications 200-2241                              Mountain View                                          Clubhouse Fax
    News & Views Office                                  Clubhouse Fax                   200-2299
    (Advertising—Display & Classified)                                                                          R.V. Desk                    200-2178
    The Wheel
                                                         Mountain View
                                                         Fitness Center                  200-2232               Tee-Off
    Compliance                  200-2205
                                                         Papa Dan’s                                             Automated System 200-2296
    Dewey Pest Control 343-2912
                                                         at the Vista Grille             360-3456               Time Warner                  340-1312
    Events Department 200-2206
                                                         Post Office                     200-2236               Vector Control 760-342-8287
    Main Gate                   360-6026                 Pro Shop                        200-2200               Pulte Customer Service
    North Gate                  200-2117                 Public Fax                                             949-255-1650
                                                         (in Post Office)                200-2219               Del Webb/Pulte Warranty Service
    Lakeview Fitness Ctr. 200-4212

                                               Sunshine Club Representatives
                       Co-Presidents: Edie Whitman-Buccieri 360-7924 • Millie Moore 200-8574 • First Vice-President: Rosemary Alderson 772-3952 •
                        Second Vice-President: Mary Ann Manion 772-6056 • Secretary: Alma Timmins 636-1552 • Treasurer: Sandy Livran 772-1806
District 1   Mary Ann Manion*          772-6056                        Lou Anderson           772-9162                           Harriet Shuman        200-1280
               Marcia Rosenzweig       772-4866                        Margot Sherman         772-8584                           Sandy Goldstine       360-8262
             Judi Kitchen              772-6763
                                                        District 8 Barbara Schock*            200-1950            District 14 Edie Whitman-Buccieri*   360-7924
District 2   Gloria Brady*             360-4642
                                                                       Rudine Le Mons         345-0101                           Millie Moore          200-8574
             Patty Schick              772-5887                                                                                  Debby Goldfarb        360-5844
             Mary Jane Kay             360-6325                                                                                  Sherry Markowitz      772-1294
             Barbara McKee             345-9576         District 9 Carol Dalley*              345-4765
             Jean Richards             200-9904                        Marcia Trager          360-3230
                                                                         Jeanne Bunch         360-4028
District 3   Lotte Petronella*         360-8715                        Peggy Berryman         200-3993            District 15 Mary Conklin*            360-0090
             Betty Oeding              360-0884
             Shirley Drabinsky         345-0291         District 10 Rosemary Alderson* 772-3952
                                                                       Donna Snapp            345-2406            Recycle Committee
District 4   Sandy Livran*             772-1806                        Anita Staggs           772-2962                           Jim Taquino, Chair    772-4787
             Inge Yeager               636-0352                                                                                  Fred Barden           610-1201
                                                        District 11 Maryann Carlson*          200-5007                           Jim Haberfield        200-9828
District 5   Jo Ganassin*              772-2186                        Nancy Reese            772-0104                           Larry Kampa           200-1923
             Gloria McLean             360-5000                        Joyce Muckenfuss       360-2652                           Jim McGee             360-8970
                                                                       Roxanne Tolman         360-7668                           Herb Sanders          200-9289
District 6   Al Rieger*                360-3451                                                                                  Ray Livran            772-1806
             Mel & Myrtle Peltz        772-1766         District 12 Eileen Kurit*             200-3651
                                                                       Abbie Scarpulla        360-3561                                                       *Captain
             Earl DeWitt               772-3489
             Alma Timmins              636-1552                        Phyllis Hellman        772-4658
                                                                                                                        If you know of someone ill,
District 7   Naomi Thomsen*         772-3329          District 13 Mary Rankin*              772-8574
             Wendy Silk             772-0046                         Barbara Mitrosky       772-7133
                                                                                                                         in the hospital or who has
             Glenda Neerman         360-2845                         Maxine Greenstein      360-8586                  completed surgery, please contact
             Larry & Ceil Feldman   360-3178                         Gail Glass             360-7774                   your Sunshine Representative.
             Sara Shiffman          345-0391                         Diane Baum             200-2027

                                                                                     Chartered Club News December2010
                                                                                     Chartered Club News | |December2010 41
Resident Group News
                                                     Friendship                                         Jan. 18 – “January in Paris”
                                                                                                        Conductor: Wayne Abravanel

                                                     Church                                             Feb. 22 – “Stolen Moments”
                                                                                                        Conductor: Dr. Richard Wilson
                                                                                                        March 15 -- “Passion, Vision and Virtuosity”
                                                     by Dr. Dennis Davis
                                                                                                        Conductor: Dr. Sylvia Mann
                                                     December…the month of Miracles!                    April 12 -- “American Portrait”
                                                     Christmas is always a special time. It may         Conductor: Jeanine Trent
                                                     not be quite like it was when we all had our          You may also want to mark your calendars
                                                     children at home and lived with the antici-        for two very special events:
                                                     pation and excitement that they brought            Feb. 11 – Valentine’s Day Party - a special, ro-
                                                     to the season. Behavior always improved as         mantic evening of wonderful music, featuring
                                                     the day approached. What fun! Hopefully,           lovely soprano Patricia Welch and conducted
Democrats                                            many of us will have opportunity to be with
                                                     family and grandchildren at this time.
                                                                                                        by Wayne Abravanel. In the Sierra Ballroom,
                                                                                                        dinner, dancing and beautiful music – all for
in Sun City                                             Yes, it is month of Miracles. We cele-
                                                     brate the miracle birth of Jesus Christ who
                                                                                                        $75 per person.
                                                                                                           And our most popular event – The St. Pat-
by Colt Stewart                                      was born of the Virgin Mary and came to            rick’s Day Celebration, this year featuring an
                                                     prove God’s love for us in sending this very       evening of Irish highlights, as well as some
Toys For Tots Party                                                                                     wonderful music from some of your favorite
                                                     special “gift.” Our Jewish friends celebrate
Democrats and friends....please come celebrate                                                          movie scores–a great party–and yes, there will
                                                     Hanukkah, which marks the rededication
the Giving Season with us on Monday night                                                               be dinner–in the Sierra Ballroom - $75 per per-
                                                     of the Temple in Jerusalem after its desecra-
Dec. 13 at our “Toys for Tots” party.... in the                                                         son. To purchase tickets online, go to: coachel-
                                                     tion by the forces of the King of Syria and
Lakeview Clubhouse beginning at 6:30 p.m.                                                      and follow the “Enter”
                                                     commemorates the “miracle of the contain-
   We, as Americans and particularly Demo-                                                              to purchase tickets, or feel free to call our tick-
                                                     er of oil” when there was only enough con-
crats have sooo much to be grateful for; our                                                            eting specialist at 760-360-2222. Cindy will
                                                     secrated olive oil to fuel the eternal flame
lives, our children, our grandchildren, our Pres-                                                       help you make all your choices.
                                                     in the Temple for one day. Miraculously,
ident, the United States Senate, new Supreme                                                               Happy Holidays to one and all.
                                                     the oil burned for eight days, which was the
Court Justices, the framework for economic
                                                     length of time it took to press, prepare and
recovery, a beautiful community in which to can add whatever you wish!
   It is therefore particularly nice to be able to
                                                     consecrate fresh olive oil.
                                                        Special messages will be shared by Pastor       Friends of Jewish
give something tangible and important to those
less fortunate than us. With unemployment
                                                     Davis as we meet on Sundays at 8:30 and
                                                     10a.m. in Speakers Hall. The month be-             Family Service
                                                     gins with his message: “Faith To Discover          by Helene Pine
over 33 percent in some parts of our Valley and
                                                     The Peace Of Christmas!” The Sunday after
poverty running rampant we can each offer a
                                                     Christmas, the final Sunday of the year, his       Keeping Creatively and Intellectual Engaged
toy to some child in need by supporting the 29
                                                     sermon topic is: “Lessons I’ve Learned In          It is almost a “wrap” for 2010. As we look back,
Palm Marine Base effort through Toys for Tots.
                                                     2010!”                                             it has been a very fulfilling year for ‘Friends’. The
   We are asked to each bring one unwrapped
                                                        Have a wonderful Christmas season.              response to our Tea and Lunch Time Talks have
toy for a boy and one for a girl. We are encour-
                                                     Watch for the sermon subject each week on          been so well received and we appreciate the sup-
aged to emphasize older children’s toys. You
                                                     The Wheel, Channel 98.                             port. The word is out and this is our sixth year.
may remember that last year we filled two huge
boxes to overflowing. Let’s try to do more this                                                            Our goal is to bring programs to the Sun City
   The program will include dessert, recorded
                                                     Friends of the                                     residents and guests that will enhance their life-
                                                                                                        style with life long learning.
music and an “Open Mike” to share our dem-
ocratic opinions and exercise our first amend-       Coachella Valley                                      Our Dec. 8, Lunch Time Talk topic is “The
                                                                                                        ABC’s of Managing Your Time and Your Life.”
ment rights.
   All are welcome. As always visit our website      Symphony                                           This luncheon will be at Atria/Hacienda at
                                                                                                        11:30 a.m. -1 p.m. No charge and a free draw- or call 760-200-            by Dee Somers                                      ing. Only 40 reservations will be taken. Atria is
1017 for more information.                                                                              on Monterey and directly across from Westfield
   See you Dec. 13 at 6:30 pm for fun, dessert,      Happy Holidays, everyone! And welcome to           Mall.
and giving.                                          the busiest and hopefully, happiest time of the       Tea Time Talk continues on Jan. 18 with a
                                                     year. Our Coachella Valley Symphony doesn’t        schedule of new topics. Watch for information
                                                     have a holiday date, unfortunately, but here’s a   in the January News & Views.
                                                     quick run-down of our season which begins in          The Journal Writing Process is offered on the
                                                     January. You may still purchase a subscription     second Tuesdays of each month at 4-5:30 p.m.
                                                     to the full season, or if you wish, you may go     Journal writing has been known to enhance your
                                                     on-line to purchase individual tickets.            well being, physically, emotionally and spiritu-

 42 Resident Group News | December2010
                                                                                              Resident Group News
ally. You do not need to have any specific writing
abilities, only the motivation to learn a new and    Hadassah
important skill. It is within an atmosphere of       by Marilyn Levinson
privacy and quiet support. Call for information.
   Reservations required for all programs. Call      Our meeting will take place on Thursday, Dec. 2
325-4088 or email Check         at 9 a.m. at the Sunset View Clubhouse. Coffee
out website -                     and bagels will be served; cost is $5 per person.
                                                        Our speaker is Richard Barton of the Anti-
                                                     Defamation League who will give us an update                         December 2010
Friends of Gilda’s                                   on ADL activities. Rick Barton is a practicing
                                                     attorney and since 1993 has been an active par-                   Published Monthly by
by Barbara Stern                                     ticipant in the Anti-Defamation League. He                        Sun City Palm Desert
                                                     was recently nominated to serve on the League’s                  Community Association
Holiday Cheer                                        National Executive Committee. As part of his
“Can you believe that this year is almost over,”                                                                      38180 Del Webb Blvd.
                                                     involvement with ADL, Barton has traveled to                     Palm Desert, CA 92211
remarked Paula Kennedy, CEO and President            the Middle East and Europe to meet with offi-
of Gilda’s Club. “But we have so many excit-         cials on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Anti-
ing events planned for 2011.”                                                                                             Newsletter Staff
                                                     Semitism. He is a recipient of ADL’s Torch of
Winter Wonderland                                    Liberty Award, its highest honor for volunteer              News & Views Committee
Dr. Susan Love, Author of Dr. Susan Love’s           leadership. He is currently a member of the UC                  Chair, Pat DeLuca
Breast Book, the bible for women with breast         President’s Advisory Council on Campus Cli-                Dave Nay, Committee Advisor
cancer, will be our Guest Lecturer, Thursday,        mate.                                                  Eileen Cinque, Sunny Kreis Collins,
January 20, 2011 from 11:30am to 2:30 pm                For information and to make your necessary               Joy Porrello, Barbara Stern,
at a luncheon held at Agua Caliente Resort &         morning reservation, please call Elaine at 760-            Cindy Rathbun, Nancy Weil,
Spa. General seating is $50 per person with          360-3342. Women who are Hadassah members                        Edie Whitman-Buccieri
free valet parking. Tickets are at a premium.        elsewhere are always welcome at our meetings                       Special thanks to
Call Gilda’s Club for reservations at 760 770-       and functions.                                               Inez Calley, Staff Photographer
Good Friends, Good Cheer                                                                                     Photo & Promotions Committee
Mark your calendar. Tuesday, January
25, Friends of Gilda’s will host an eve-
                                                     Pacific                                                         Chair, Sue Kaplan
                                                                                                               Arnie Kaminsky, Sam Kaplan,
ning in the Mountain View Clubhouse, San
Gorgonio Room from 7:00pm to 9:00 pm.
                                                     Northwesterners                                            Marty Maloney, Lyn Morse,
                                                                                                                       Jim Stucker
Committee members Marci Iglow, Harriet
Oppenheim, Sharon Ehrlich, Fran Ticknor,             & Friends                                                     Distribution Group
Pamla Abramson, Phyllis Greene, Rory                 by Pat Dalberg                                         Organizers, John & Bonnie Willacker
Kammerer, Lenore George, Marilyn Barris,                                                                        Dedicated Volunteer Staff
Gerri Sabsevitz, and Barbara Stern are plan-         We have many exciting and varied events
ning a fun evening.                                  planned for our up coming season, starting                    Editor/Production/Design
                                                     with a “Hop & Shop” trip to Nordstrom’s on                        Grace Taylor Segal
A Time For Giving                                    Dec. 3. Meet in the Mountain View club-
So many of us are invited to holiday dinners,        house parking lot at 7:30 a.m. For more infor-                       Assistant Editor
open houses, special evenings with friends.          mation, call Carol Duncan at 760-345-6259.                           Sophia desRoches
How nice to give a tribute to the hostess              Next up is the first in the series of four plays
rather than something she either doesn’t need        at the Indio Performing Arts Center. Show                                 Printing
or recycles. This donation benefits cancer           time is 2:30 p.m. on Dec. 5. If you were un-                           AceDirect, Inc.
survivors and helps us to continue the won-          able to sign up and prepay at our “Welcome
derful programs Gilda’s provides. Please call        Back” party, the incredible cost is $15 per per-                Style guide—based on
Phyllis Greene, 769 772-7121.                        son, per play. For more information, call Mary                New York Times Style Guide.
A Volunteer Will Lead The Way                        Kirk at 760-200-1124.
We will be very happy to arrange a tour                “Dine Out” this month will be at the Lyon’s
                                                                                                           News & Views is distributed by District Delegates
of Gilda’s Club. Thea, our Volunteer                 English Grill in Palm Springs. Cost, including        and their volunteers. Residents may purchase a mail
Coordinator, is so proud to show you what            tax and tip is $29.95. For reservations, call         subscription at the Community Association office for
                                                                                                           $48 per year ($4 per issue) to cover mailing and handling
your continued support has done. Call her at         Donna Tousignant, 760-321-9271.                       costs. If you would like to advertise in News & Views, call
760-770 5678.                                          The holiday cookie exchange this year is set        200-2241 for current rates and information. SCPDCA
                                                                                                           provides this publication for informational purposes
                                                     for Dec. 14, 2 to 4 p.m. at the home of Beth          only, and neither endorses nor promotes any products or
                                                     and Jack Hill, 78211 Hollister. For related in-       services advertised herein and assumes no responsibility
                                                                                                           or liability for statements made herein.
                                                     formation, call Beth at 760-200-9460.

                                                                                       Resident Group News | December2010 43
Resident Group News
   All of those who signed up for caroling,
bring your melodic, as well as monotone
,singing voices and join in for a joyous and                                                           We had a busy year with the election and our
cheerful hour long caroling session from 6:00                                                        many other events. Let us keep healthy, happy
to 7 p.m. on Dec. 20. We will meet at the                                                            and always ready for a new tomorrow, taking
home of Lynn Hoffman, 78597 Autumn                                                                   part in all that is good.
Lane, to commence the merriment. Light                                                                 Most sincere and best wishes for the holiday
refreshments will be served. For more infor-                                                         season.
mation, call Pat Dalberg at 760-772-3890 or
Lynn at 760-200-0955.
   Patti and I wish you all the most happy,
healthful, uplifting holiday season ever!
                                                                                                     World of Women
                                                                                                     by Lenore Leon

Sun City Jewish                                   SCPD                                               For the brightest outlook of the season be sure
                                                                                                     to make your reservations for WOW’s Dec.

Services (SCJS)                                   Republicans,CCR                                    13 luncheon: “The Message Is In The Music.”
                                                                                                     Consider lunch with mellow companions
                                                  by Sal Buccieri
by Walt Goldmann                                                                                     and a date with Donna Theodore, Broadway
                                                                                                     award winner, television entertainment star,
                                                  It is always rewarding to know you can count
Hoping that all our members and friends had                                                          and Pops concert artist, who will present
                                                  on our members to participate in a good pro-
a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.                                                                    with singular flair, sensuous love songs and
                                                  gram, “Club Gift Card for the Single Marines
   This month our Shabbat evening services                                                           seasonal renditions plus a “sing-a-long” for
                                                  at 29 Palms Marine Base.”
will be held on Dec. 3 and Dec. 17 at 7:30                                                           our enjoyment.
                                                     The club will purchase $25 gift cards from
p.m. at the Sunset View Clubhouse.                                                                      Donna’s acclaim includes numerous awards,
                                                  WalMart to be given to a single Marine at the
   This month the Chanukah holiday begins                                                            a Tony nomination, talk and variety shows,
                                                  29 Palms Marine Base for the Christmas holi-
on the evening of Dec. 1. On Dec. 3, our                                                             being a regular on Carson’s Tonight Show,
                                                  day season. Members participating in the Gift
Shabbat service and Oneg Shabbat will in-                                                            daytime TV drama, movies of the week,
                                                  Card program will have the opportunity to per-
clude additional prayers for Chanukah as well                                                        musical theatre and as a Carnegie Hall concert
                                                  sonalize the card prior to the Holiday Season,
as traditional Chanukah goodies to be served                                                         artist. For over three decades she blazed a trail
                                                  by donating $25 for each card.
at the Oneg Shabbat.                                                                                 across the American entertainment landscape.
                                                     At our Oct. 27 Pasta Pizza Dinner, we had
   For your consideration. The board is con-                                                         We happily bring her message: tracing the use
                                                  over 100 attendees, and many participated by
sidering establishing our own web site to in-                                                        of music across ancient wisdom traditions to
                                                  donating $25 to purchase the card. You still
corporate interesting and enlightening mat-                                                          modern music therapy.
                                                  have time. Please call us today.
ters beneficial to our members. . Your input                                                            Compare the timeless flair of the holiday,
                                                     In November we heard a great speaker, Ron
would be greatly appreciated. Please let us                                                          add layers of music with one of the most
                                                  Nehring, chairman of the California Republi-
know what would interest you. What would                                                             striking leading ladies and let WOW inspire
                                                  can Party. We’re sure you were happy you at-
you like to see on the web site. What particu-                                                       the melodies in your life.
                                                  tended the meeting.
lar Jewish matters would be of interest to you.                                                         For a “Date with Donna”: Members $25;
                                                     We hope you have made a reservation to at-
Please let Ann know your thoughts. Email                                                             Non-members $32. Tables of ten (checks, no
                                                  tend our annual Holiday Dinner-Dance on or 760-772-6270 she                                                               cash) with attendees due in WOW mailbox
                                                  Dec. 14 with the musical affair entertainment,
will be pleased to hear from you.                                                                    by Dec. 1, individual reservations due Dec. 6
                                                  “Mikole Kaar and Carrie Landsgaard Duo.”
   Wishing all our members and friends a very                                                        before 5 p.m. No refunds! Flyers in kiosks,
                                                  Call us for your reservations or pick up a flyer
happy Chanukah and a healthy and happy                                                               website (Resident Groups/WOW) and hotline
                                                  at the clubhouse kiosk.
new year. Looking forward to seeing you at                                                           (760-862-5702) for questions. We wish you a
                                                     Our membership keeps growing. Please call
our Shabbat evening services.                                                                        bountiful holiday season filled with memories
                                                  a friend and have them join us at our informa-
   Questions: please call 760-360-5187 or                                                            and look forward to a New Year that will
                                                  tive meetings.
760-469-5190.                                                                                        enrich your life.

                                    Notes of Appreciation
I wish to thank everybody for their prayers, thoughts and cards in the passing of my daughter, Kathleen. I thank all these wonderful people in Sun
City and the staff. Irene Broderick
I want to take this opportunity to thank all our dear friends and neighbors from Sun City for the warm sympathy and support I received upon the
death of my husband, Larry. All the kind words and expressions of sympathy including the many cards and donations made on his behalf have made
Larry’s passing a bit easier for me. I am very thankful that I live in such a generous and caring community. My sincere thanks, Sylvia Freid

 44 Resident Group News | December2010
             Sun City Scenes

Photo Feature | December2010   45
Sun City Scenes

46   Photo Feature | December2010   Photos and photo pages layout by Photo/Promo Committee.
            Sun City Scenes

Photo Feature | December2010 47
  December Classifieds
For Sale                                                                 $1,500; Oct $2,100; Nov thru April $2,400. Yearly lease $1,650 per
                                                                         month. Call for pictures and details. 360-620-7487.
                                                                                                                                                   Casita. Beautifully furnished. Queen bed, TV, microwave, refrig-
                                                                                                                                                   erator, large walk-in shower, pvt A/C, heater, wireless available, pvt
                                                                                                                                                   landscaped courtyard w/ fountain on quiet street. Great neighbors.
                                                                         Morocco (2003) 2bd/2ba plus den. Fully and comfortably furnished/         No pets, non-smokers please. $900 per month plus deposit. Call
SAS LADIES SHOES-Easier Style Comfort Loafers. New in original           equipped. Very quiet short street (no through traffic) near Lakeview      760-200-1398.
box. 2 pr Ladies 10 ½W, colors mocha and bone. Also 1 pr 10W,            Clubhouse & Fitness Center, 18 Hole Putting Course and North
color pewter, never worn SAS Shock absorbing Soft Step Wedge heel        Gate. Granite kitchen. Gated front courtyard with landscaping, ac-
                                                                                                                                                   Vacation Rentals
$85. (orig $115+tax) Call 760-837-2077.                                  cent lighting and waterfall. Beautifully landscaped/treed private rear
                                                                         yard with new Jenn-Air natural gas grill. East facing/rear extended
Age in Place Helpers Walker. Excellent condition with basket or car-     patio (morning sun with substantial shade.) Golf cart. Sorry, no pets/
ex pouch. Raised toilet seat with arms bedside commode. Carex bed                                                                                  Hawaii Condo For Rent. June 18-25, 2011. Marriot’s Ko Olina
                                                                         smoking. Email John at for availability and
support rail in orig box. Carex contoured bed pan & Carex female                                                                                   Resort on Oahu. Oceanfront studio unit with kitchenette- sleeps 4.
                                                                         rates or call 248-889-2525 or 248-255-2177.
urinal never used – in orig boxes. Homedics therapist select shiatsu                                                                               Brand new, ocean front resort – restaurants, pools, beach, golf, fish-
massaging cushion orig box. Call 760-837-2077.                           So. West fully furn Morocco w/ Casita on greenbelt w/lake/mtn             ing and market on property. Week of June 18 – 25, 2011. $750.
                                                                         views. Walk to Lakeview Clubhouse/Putting Course. 3bd/3ba, inter-         Contact Jean at 760-200-3240.
Oak Buffet, antique mirrors, tables, lge travel luggage, library cabi-   net-ready, fireplace, fire pit, bikes. See photos on #211620.
net, giant baskets, silk flowers, misc tools. Negotiable. Call Emma      Call 415-897-2749 or email Sorry, NS/NP.          Spend Xmas and/or New Year in L.A. Lovely 1 bedroom, 1 bath fully
760-345-7664.                                                                                                                                      furnished in full service Hi-rise on Wilshire Corridor in Westwood.
                                                                         Lovely 3bd/2ba. Nicely furnished St. Croix home. Seasonal. No pets,       Rent includes maid, utilities, phone, internet, cable TV. No smok-
“Body by Jake” Bun and Thigh Rocker Exercise Machine. New...still        no smoking. On golf course. Golf cart available. Send an email to         ing. No pets. $650 a week; $2,500 a month. 310-823-2460 or email
in original box. $100 OBO. Call 760-360-5682.                   or call 778-834-5261.                             

Kargis French Provincial Dining Room Table. 6 ft long with 3-18          Spotless 3bd/3ba turnkey furnished home, will rent Casita. 4 TV’s,        Waikiki Beach. 1 bedroom condo sleeps 2-4. Ocean view. 1 block to
inch inserts to 11 ft-6 inch length. 4 upholstered chairs, 4 straight    Wifi & phones. Kitchen has bar and 3 stools, dinette with table and       beach/park free parking from $125 per nite. Call 760-200-1449 or
back, 2 armchairs. 5 table top pads. Excellent condition. $2,000.        6 chairs. Private backyard has fruit trees, gas BBQ, lounge chairs and    email
760-668-3193.                                                            table & chairs. Long term or month to month available July. Call
                                                                         Bettielou 760-345-7325 or 760-285-5838.
Western EZ Go Golf Cart. Street legal with seat belts. Battery char-
ger included. Excellent condition. $2,500. 760-200-0092.                 Unfurnished 2bd/2ba Barbados. South Patio. Lease preferred. Near          Miscellaneous
                                                                         Sunset View Clubhouse. Non smokers. Rent $1,300 monthly in-
Thomasville 8 piece Dining Room Set. 6 Chairs. Light oak. Table          cludes assoc. dues, pest control, cable, water and gardener. Security     Canadian Club –Interested in joining other Canadian residents once
has 2 extra leafs. China cabinet has light and mirrored. Excellent       and cleaning deposit required. Call 760-285-8395.                         a month? Call Margaret 760-200-2626 or email
condition. Purchased $12,000, selling $2,500. Call 760-360-2866
or cell 760-636-3236.                                                    This is the one! Fantastic, furnished, large open home on golf course.    Are you studying “A Course in Miracles?” If interested in a discussion
                                                                         Newly furnished remodeled. 2,500 sq. ft. tile except for bedrooms         group, call Lola 760-457-7355.
Piano – K. Kawai small baby grand. Brown. Excellent condition.           – Turnkey ready. Non-smoking. Small dog considered. Call Myrna.
$2,600. 760-772-7492; cell 408-668-5244.                                 714 536-6644 or 714-536-8764.                                             Elementary School Docents Wanted. A docent music program is be-
                                                                                                                                                   ing organized through the Steinway Society of Riverside County to
6 Dining fabric covered Chairs in perfect condition. Contemporary        Lovely turnkey furnished home, including 2 bedrooms plus office/          present Mr. McSymphonys’ music programs here in the Coachella
design colors complement numerous motifs. Price $100 each. Dress-        den. Charming Casita. Also includes golf cart and double garage.          Valley elementary schools. No music skill required. You only need
ing Table Bench. Slim wood arms and legs with comfortable back           Beautiful south facing patio with comfortable furniture and gas grill.    the desire to help children learn about music. If interested to learn
white damask seat cover. Price $50. Call 760-360-0052 or 760-574-        Located near 2nd clubhouse. Available for February, March and             more, please phone 760-341-4130.
2067.                                                                    April. Please call Beverly at 952-922-7092 or you can send an email
                                                                         to                                                  San Jose State Friends & Graduates. “Spartans in the Desert” reunion

SCPD Homes for Sale
                                                                                                                                                   Feb 18-19, 2011. For more information, call Linda Fineo 760-200-
                                                                         Long term or seasonal. 1 Casita, 2 Villa’s, 1 Large Home. Within          1449 or email
                                                                         walking distance to all facilities. Turnkey ready with beautiful fur-
2 bedroom home on the golf course and mountain views. Lap pool           niture, flat TV, Internet connection, use of golf cart. Just bring your
in back yard. Newer air conditioner and heating system as well as        golf clubs and enjoy. Call 760-200-5474 or 512-249-2227. Email
new washer, dryer and dishwasher. Pull outs in kitchen cabinets.
Great curb appeal. Call 760-424-6214 to see home.

                                                                                                                                                              Classified Ad Policy
                                                                         Large 1 bedroom Vacation Villa with spacious master suite. Newly
                                                                         remodeled. Furnished – light & airy. 1 block from clubhouse and

Rent/Lease in SCPD
                                                                         activities. Golf cart. Long or short term lease. Non-smoking, no pets.
                                                                         Contact: Dan 310-399-5998.

Golf Course and Mt. Jacinto views. 2bd/2ba opposite ends. Den.           Large 1 bedroom furnished Vacation Villa. Available for lease full
                                                                         time or the winter season. Nice yard area and private patio. Walk a
Turnkey. Available Dec 10, 2010 to Apr 30, 2011. For info call 760-
238-3761.                                                                block to main clubhouse, all facilities and social clubs. Call Blaine
                                                                                                                                                     Classified ads in News & Views are for SCPD resi-
Unfurnished 2bd/2ba Barbados. Corner lot. Granite kitchen, ceiling
                                                                                                                                                     dents only and for matters pertaining to personal
                                                                         One bedroom, one bathroom Villa. Furnished. Available now. Prefer
fans, gated courtyard, extended garage, water feature in backyard.
Includes washer, dryer, refrigerator and gardener. No smoking or         long term $1,150 month. Will consider winter renter. Call Maureen           property only. Local home sales and rentals listings
pets. One year lease or more $1,350 per month. Call 760-200-5083.                                                                                    may be for SCPD property only. Classified ads can-
                                                                         Corner lot with view of mountains. Large one bedroom furnished
Waterford. Beautiful layout. 1,304 sq. ft. 2bathrooms 2baths 2 bed-
rooms fully furnished. Lemon, grapefruit, orange trees in backyard.      Vacation Villa. Super sized master bedroom, French doors in kitch-          not be used to promote any business of any kind.
                                                                         en. New appliances including washer and dryer. All tiled flooring.
Small office. Good karma and very comfortable. Asking price $2,000
per month starting December. Call 310-470-2388.                          Beautiful front and back patios. Walking distance to main clubhouse.        Errors or omissions in classified ads made by News &
                                                                         Call 760-345-8270.
Beautiful, fully furnished, 3bd/2ba St. Croix on golf course w/pool
                                                                                                                                                     Views staff will be compensated by refund of the cost
                                                                         Beautiful Casita available from December 1st. Turnkey furnished
and spa. Rent includes utilities, weekly maid, pool and gardening
services, phone/internet and cable TV. No smoking. No pets. Refer-
                                                                         with microwave, coffee maker, flat screen TV, free internet access,         of the ad and, if desired, running the ad in the next
                                                                         etc. Lush gated courtyard with palm trees and fountain. Utilities and
ences required 310-823-2460 or email
                                                                         cable included. NS. Small dog ok with security deposit. Bi-monthly          edition. No compensation for potential lost busi-
                                                                         maid service. Access to laundry facilities. Linda 760-345-9381.
Beautiful furnished immaculate 2bd/2ba home. Limoges model.
Short term lease. May consider small pet. Call owner, Armin at 310-
                                                                                                                                                     ness will be made under any circumstance. Once
                                                                         Casita For Lease. Quiet street, private access, furnished, kitchenette,
456-6270.                                                                microwave, refrigerator, cable TV, independent A/C and heater.              submitted and past deadline, classified ads cannot be
                                                                         Large bathroom, use of washer and dryer. Also includes utilities.
Spotless 2bd/2ba furnished Lanai. Available Nov & Dec. Tile floors
thruout. King bed & queen bed, table 8’, 6 chairs, 2 barstools. Pri-
                                                                         Yearly lease $700 per month or Nov to April $1,000 per month.               cancelled and no refund will be given. Personal ads
                                                                         Call 760-345-7553.
vate yard. Table and 4 chairs, 2 lounge chairs & gas barbeque. Call
Bettilou 760-345-7325; 760-285-5838. Available long term after
                                                                                                                                                     (dating ads) will not be accepted. Rentals in SCPD
                                                                         Detached Casita with own heating and air conditioning plus ceil-
March for $1,395 per month. No smoking, pet ok                           ing fan, queen bed, TV, microwave, refrigerator, large shower and           may not be offered for less than 30 days.
                                                                         closet. Recliner and computer desk. No smoking. Call Geoff 760-
Furnished 2bd/2ba. Big beautiful backyard w/covered patio. Close         636-0184 or Bettielou 760-345-7325 or 760-285-5838. Year lease
to 2 clubhouses. BBQ & front courtyard. Rent includes golf cart,         $700 month or Nov thru April $950 per month.
gardener and all utilities. Wireless internet included. May thru Sept

 48          Classified Ads | December2010

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