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             Enestina & Francisco Carbullido Family

Hafa Adai! - Hello!
On Mother’s Day in 1960, our 14
older siblings and our parents were
captured in a family photo
honoring our Mother of the Year.
Our youngest sibling Tom and I
were born post 1960. Today, many
of us in this first generation are
grandparents, and
even great-grand
parents. Wow!

Fifty years since this photo, as I
celebrated Mother’s day and                Mom and Pop and 14; Two years later, 2 more!
remembered Mom, I thought that
many of us have not seen each other       When the photo above was taken, Enestina and Francisco
or met. It is time to gather the 16       Carbullido had 14 children. Two years later, they had 2 more.
families that now span 4                  The children listed in birth order are: Juan, Julian, Pedro, Jose,
generations!                              Mary, Francisco, Julia, Marian, Teresita, Lupe, Vicente,
                                          Raymond, Valentino, Anthony, Christine and Thomas. As our
I hope you will enjoy reading this        website grows in preparation for this reunion, we hope everyone
newsletter, participate in the
                                          will help us by posting photos for these 16 siblings who started
preparations and in this reunion! If
you have any questions or want to
                                          the generations that follow!
participate, please visit our
Carbullido Reunion website or via         Save the Date!
                                          Return Survey           Down Payment          Reunion Dates
Contact Info:                             18 Jun 2010             July 2010             June 23-26, 2011
Chris Carbullido Bethea                   Fill out the survey     Down payment for      We gather together
                                          on the last page        room                  to see the Lord’s
                                          and return to me!       reservations…more     blessings!
Mail to: 310 Bridge Wood Drive
Yorktown, Va 23693                                                to come!
Phone: 757-867-7042
E&F CARBULLIDO REUNION                                                        SUMMER 2011

                                                     i Gumamami - Our Home
                                                 In 1948, our father built our humble abode at Block
                                                 4 Lot 8, in the village of Agat, Guam. My brothers
                                                 and sisters and the next generation shared many
                                                 fond memories there. The house went through
                                                 many changes as we grew as a family. The top
                                                 picture was a welcome change with a pool table in
                                                 the house! The big outside kitchen (shown in the
                                                 bottom picture) in the back of the house was the
                                                 center of activity for many cooks and assistants.
                                                 The prepping in the back kitchen usually meant the
                                                 cookout was on! I loved the trees in the back yard,
                                                 which included breadfruit, mango, papaya,
                                                 avocado, lemon, and pickle (yes, that
                                                 was a tree). Peppers, tomatoes,
                                                 green beans, taro plants could
                                                 also be found back there, not
                                                 to mention—chickens! Ah, a
                                                 bountiful life and an island

Today, A Global Family
Back in the day, many of us were on Guam. Now, our family is spread around the world! The map
below does not depict spouses—imagine the numbers then!
E&F CARBULLIDO REUNION                                                                  SUMMER 2011

   Proposed Reunion Site – Three Options to Choose From…
If you’re interested in attending the reunion, take a look at these options and give us your input! Our
preplanning Crew--Celina, Tomika, and Joanna—took on the assignment to find us some feasible
locations in the time frame selected (reason: the number of school age kids in the family far outnumber the
rest plus it’s the latest start of most schools’ summer vacation). These ladies searched high and low for
great locations in California (central location as any, as illustrated on “Carbullido’s on the Map” on
previous page)--wheeling and dealing, and whittling their location prices. They did a fabulous job!

With all that negotiating, they collected useful information to help us make informed choices on the poll
that follows. This is important to all of us, so please return your poll answers to us via snail mail, or email
at info@arbullidoreunion.com or go to our website: www.carbullidoreunion.com\locationpoll.

Option 1: Northstar at Tahoe – Tahoe, CA
Secluded resort condominiums with on-site
transportation. Fully equipped kitchens, and endless
activities, some discounted, for children and adults. Also
available are an array of shops, restaurants, services and
meeting spaces. A planner will be assigned to our group
for preparing our one-day meeting needs. It’s
conveniently centralized to keep the group together.

There are 2-, 3-, and 4-bedroom condos available,
which can accommodate up to 6, 8, and 10 persons,
respectively. The breakdown of rates per person (pp)
for 3 nights/4 days is based on the “2 nights stay plus
3rd night free” rack rates. NOTE: These prices are based on the assumption that family members are
willing to share condos. At a rate of approximately $35pp/night, for 3 nights, a family of 2 would pay
$210; a family of 4 would pay $420.

Group rates can be arranged for transportation to and from the airport.

Option 2: Kona Kai Resort – San Diego, CA
                                                        Beautiful Polynesian-themed resort located on Shelter
                                                        Island, San Diego. Meeting spaces, swimming pools,
                                                        whirlpools, a private park, and full service restaurant
                                                        are available on site. Free airport shuttle and shuttle
                                                        w/in a 2-mile radius, also free; possible discounts for
                                                        SeaWorld and San Diego Zoo; Public parks located
                                                        across the street. “Chamoru Grill” caters to the area.

                                                        Rates based on 50+ rooms: $139/night; under 18
                                                        no charge if sharing same room with adults.
                                                        A family of 4 could pay $417 for 3 nights/4days.
E&F CARBULLIDO REUNION                                                                                            SUMMER 2011

Option 3: Town and Country – San Diego, CA

This beautiful luxury resort hotel is located in
Mission Valley in the heart of San Diego. It’s
pretty open to help us plan our one-day event and
activities. We’ll have access to and five restaurants
on site, meeting spaces; pools, golf course,
beaches, and on the San Diego Trolley Route.
Close to SeaWorld and San Diego Zoo. Chamoru
Grill caters to the area.

Room rates: $115/night.
A family of 4 would pay $345 for 3 nights/4 days.

Other costs:
Parking $4/day; Trolley $5/day; Group rates
can be arranged for transportation to and from
the airport.
When making your decision there is some additional info to keep in mind. A family reunion is not just another
vacation; ideally we want it to be a time when the family can reconnect (or meet) each other, catch up on each
other's lives, and just have fun together. We would like as many people as possible to attend so please consider
what location would work best not only for you, but also for the family as a whole. Of course budget is a major
factor, so keep in mind that in addition to the cost of lodging, airfare, transportation to and from the airport and
attractions, and the cost of food (catering and restaurants vs. possibility of cooking/buying/storing meals) will
vary between the locations. Also think about what attractions or activities are nearby that would be interesting
and affordable for you and your family. If in doubt check out the websites for each location to get a better feel
for what's available, and see the summary charts below.

Summary Chart 1

     Location    Lodging cost      Nearest         R/T Airport           Local              Food Prep       Onsite Dining            Mtg
                 for Family of     Airport/        Transportation        Transportation     and Storage     Options                  Rms
                 4 for 3 nights    Distance
     Northstar   $420              Reno            Group rate as         Free Shuttle       Full equipped   Home cooked meals        Yes
                                   (RNO)           low as $20/pp         Service            kitchens &      in condo, several
                                                                                            BBQ's on        restaurants in the
                                   30 miles                                                 patio/deck      village, catering from
                                                                                                            local company

     Kona Kai    $417              San Diego       FREE                  Within 2 mi        Hotel room      Catering & Dining        Yes
                                   (SAN)                                 radius, on         refrigerator    Room
                                                                         Trolley Stop
                                   4.4 miles                             ($5/pp daily)*

     Town and    $345              San Diego       Group rate            None, on Trolley   Hotel room      5 Restaurants            Yes
     Country                       (SAN)           about $20/pp          Stop ($5/pp        refrigerator    ranging from bar to
                                                                         daily)*                            fine dining and
                                   7.2 miles                                                                catering

     pp= per person      *may still need to charter bus for off-site activities
E&F CARBULLIDO REUNION                                                                                                SUMMER 2011
Summary Chart 2
   Location     Room Amenities               Lodging              Activities Available Onsite**                            Activities Nearby**
    Northstar   Kitchen, free internet,      Outdoor Spa,         Pool, Tennis Center, water aerobics, swim                Hiking, mountain
                washer and dryer             Pool, Fitness        lessons, Game room, Teen center, Children's              biking, boating, road
                access, BBQ, coffee          Center, Free         activities (arts & crafts, nature hikes, etc. $5 fee),   biking, beaches, river
                maker, HBO, basic            bucket of driving    Shopping, Candle making, Build a bear, jewelry           rafting, kayaking,
                cable, free unlimited        balls, Free scenic   design, wellness classes, wine tasting, DJ parties,      water sports, picnic
                local, domestic, and         lift rides, game     skating ring, s'mores bonfire, bungee trampoline,        areas
                international calling,       room                 ropes course, hiking, mountain biking, golf, free
                Egyptian towels, deluxe                           outdoor movies, fly-fishing, geo-caching,
                bedding, hair dryer, iron,                        horseback riding, live music, gondola rides, star
                ironing board                                     gazing tours, etc
    Kona Kai    Free Wi-Fi, Room             Spa, Fitness         Beach Volleyball, bike rentals, pool, exercise           Sea World, San
                service, coffee brewer,      center,              classes, jogging and walking trails, sailboat/           Diego Zoo, Fleet
                cable TV, hair dryer,        Swimming pool,       personal boat charters, can throw Luau for us            Space Theater,
                ironing board,               whirlpool, beach     (additional cost)                                        Science Center,
                refrigerator, voicemail,     volleyball,                                                                   Water sports,
                data port, individual        sunning beach,                                                                Fishing, Beach,
                climate control              playground,                                                                   Shopping
                                             private sand
                                             beach with picnic
    Town and    Coffee maker, cable TV       Spa, Salon,          Golf (across street), pool                               Sea World, San
     Country    with movie channels,         Fitness center, 4                                                             Diego Zoo, Fleet
                voicemail, data port,        pools,                                                                        Space Theater,
                internet access (fee),                                                                                     Science Center,
                individual climate                                                                                         Beach, Water sports,
                control, iron, ironing                                                                                     Shopping
                boards, hairdryer, free
                weekday newspaper,
                room service

                                                   THE POLL
We hope that you are as enthused about our family reunion as we are, and that we have provided you
what you need to make an informed decision in this regard. Please answer the following 4-question poll.
We ask that everyone who completes this poll is over 18 (on their own/manage their own finances) or is
the head of household or representative. It’s self explanatory, but if you questions, please contact us. In
case of a split, this will help us to rank our options as we negotiate further with the site’s point of contact.
1. Based on the information provided above, are you interested in                                             Yes          No         Maybe
attending the reunion?
2. How do you rate the following options:
 Northstar at Tahoe, Tahoe, CA                 Kona Kai Resort, San Diego, CA                      Town and Country, San Diego, CA
         st       nd           rd                         st         nd           rd
       1         2           3                           1         2            3                              1st         2nd        3rd
3. *How many will be attending? 1___ 2___ 3___ 4___                                    5___       6___ 7___           8___       9___ 10___
4. List members of your group:

  Please send us your responses via email, snail mail or complete it on the website, by
                              June 18, 2010! Thank you!

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