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					L250 coolant drums & barrels availability

1. New Product range
Thanks to new logistic possibilities, Nissan Europe is able to propose the L250 coolant range extension.
Find below parts available:
•   1 Liter and 5 Liters premix bottles are still available for all NSC’s from Amsterdam
•   New: Drums and Barrels are available for all NSC from Amsterdam too.


KE902-99934                     1    L Premix 50/50
KE902-99944                     5    L Premix 50/50


KE902-99964                    60    L Premix 50/50

KE902-99974                    215   L Premix 50/50

These 2 new products will follow the same logistic scheme than other spare parts for each GNsc’s &
NOTE: Please make sure that your local warehouse and dealers are able to deal with this
kind of dangerous product with such packaging before ordering.
For NSC which are directly delivered from Amsterdam you can order without any checks, except dealers
equipment for handling these heavy packaging.

2. Availability ( SOS ) & Prices
      P#              Description    ERRP (¤)              ERRP/L   Desc/code              EDC   ESD /SOS
KE902-99934            1L Premix        4.8                  4.8       X2#                  O      Done
KE902-99944            5L Premix       20.0                  4.0       X2#                  O      Done

KE902-99964            60L Premix      180.0                3.0        X2#                 O     Week 37
KE902-99974           215L Premix      490.0                2.3        X2#                 O     Week 37

3. Product information.
If you want to promote new products please make sure that your local warehouse and dealers are able to
deal with such packaging & this kind of dangerous good. If you need support please contact Nicolas
CARDON from NESAS P&A Marketing department or EPLC Traffic and Custom department in

Bulletin: P-8-9C                        Product bulletin                     Page 1 of 2
Issue date: 3 September 2004
                                                           Both products are in line with New Visual Identity.
                                                           You will find an OE branded product.

                                                           7 languages are translated on the front labels.

                                                           All legal information (Toxic, environmental icons...)
                                                           is not mentioned on the products.

                                                           All this information is available directly on the
                                                           MSDS intranet site from NE
                                                           http://appl.nenv.edc/MSDS/MSDS.nsf or contact
                                                           the MSDS site master proemburg@nissan-

Concerning NE Warranty point of view, they are developing at this very moment, an enhancement to the
system to allow bulk part numbers for warranty parts (antifreeze, washer tube etc.) to be claimed.

As soon as this is available we will let you know, but up until then, please use the 1 liters and 5 liters part

4. Reminder
The L250 remains the only coolant approved by Nissan for Nissan vehicles equipped with Nissan cooling
Find below as reminder the table which explains where and how to use L250 coolant:


5. Winter campaign
For NSC’s which have pre-ordered /forecasted quantities for the winter campaign offers, you will get the
special price directly on your invoice until the end of the promotion.

Other NSC will have directly the normal price as of the Start of Sales.
If you need more information do not hesitate to contact Nissan Europe P& A marketing department. ( )

Bulletin: P-8-9C                        Product bulletin                        Page 2 of 2
Issue date: 3 September 2004

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