Examination Instructions for Students by ShontayneHape


									Examination Instructions for Students 1. Student Examination Schedule On examination days, only those students writing an examination on that day are to be in the building. From 8:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m., students in the building will be in the Library (during designated hours) or the Cafeteria. The expectation is that students will study individually or work quietly in groups in the cafeteria. Illness / Death in the Family Students who miss a final evaluation or formal examination for illness must present a medical certificate and a letter from their parents to their alpha administrator within 2 days. The medical certificate must state that the student is "unable to write a final examination”. In the event of a death in the family, the alpha administrator must be contacted prior to or on the day of the scheduled final evaluation. Each case will be dealt with on an individual basis under the new Ministry Policy which applies to Grade 9, 10, 11 & 12 students. This could mean rescheduling the evaluation until the next semester, completing the evaluation on a make-up day, making up the credit at summer school or accepting a zero for that final evaluation. The decision will depend on the duration of the illness/family emergency, the nature of the evaluation and the progress of the student to date in the course. Lates Examinations begin promptly. Late arrivals will not be given additional time. Conflicts If you have two exams scheduled to be written at the same time or 3 exams on one day, you have a conflict. Please obtain a blue conflict form from the student counter, complete and return to the Student Counter by Friday, June 5. The Vice Principal will contact you about a solution. The conflict will be written in the conflict room (Room 204). Students should bring books to study during the break between examinations and an appropriate lunch or snack. Library Students who wish to use the Library Information Centre are expected to be involved in individual study without any talking. Approximately 100 students can be accommodated. June 15 – June 17 (8:30 – 12:00) 1. Exam Atmosphere – Absolutely SILENT STUDY.


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No computers will be available unless it is for the completion of a Final Evaluation or incomplete Summative Assessment with teacher permission. 2. There will be no circulation of resources due to end of semester procedures. This includes dictionaries. 3. The photocopier will be only available during library hours. The office photocopier is not available to students. Out of Bounds You should not be in the halls or at your locker unless you are on your way to or from an exam or study area. Buses School buses will operate their normal schedule throughout the exam period. Students who want to arrive and/or leave outside these times will have to arrange their own transportation. Equipment You must provide the necessary equipment for your exam. Check with your subject teacher to determine what is needed. Cancellations If examinations are cancelled for any reason an announcement will be made indicating that Peel District School Board schools are closed on the following radio stations: 1010 CFRB 680 All News 1050 CHUM 99.1 CBC (1) 1190 CJMR 97.3 CJEZ 99.9 CKFM 102.1 CFNY 1430 CJCL 790 CKMW In the event that the school is closed, exams scheduled that day will take place on Friday June 19, 2009 during the same time slots originally scheduled. Do NOT call the school. Please listen to the radio and check the Cawthra Park website for updates at www.cawthrapark.com. Textbook, Materials Collection/Fees Owing: Textbooks and notebooks are not permitted, unless specified on the examination paper. Notebooks must be left at the front of the exam room. Texts to be returned should be placed on the floor beside the desk. All textbooks must be returned at the time of the exams. Missing textbooks / fees will result in withholding of the report card and the next semester timetable until restitution is arranged. Examination Room Procedures a) You will be admitted to the Exam Room 5 minutes before the exam is scheduled to begin. b) You must write the exam in the room designated (check with the classroom teacher). If you have been designated to write in the Extended Time Room, you MUST write in that room. (205/206) c) Subject related notes, coats, knapsacks and bags are to be left in your locker or at the front of the room. d) Once the exam begins, please do not leave your seat for any reason. Notify the teacher by raising your hand if you require assistance. If you need to clarify any exam questions, please raise your hand and make your concerns known to the presiding teacher. e) Any electronic devices such as a telephone, iPod, iTouch, Blackberry or MP3 player are NOT ALLOWED AT YOUR DESK IN THE EXAM ROOM. We suggest that you leave them at home. We will require that they be turned off and left at the front of the room if they are brought to school. Cheating in the form of non-approved crib notes or communication between students by note, voice or text is strictly forbidden. Instances of cheating or communicating will result in a mark of zero for a portion or all of the exam. For emergencies, please have your parent contact the school office. f) Students must stay in the exam room for a minimum of one hour. After the first hour, students will be released from exams at fifteen or thirty minute intervals. Students may not leave the exam room during the last 10 minutes of the exam. g) Ensure you have signed the attendance sheet at the beginning of the exam period. i) Fire Alarm – Students and staff leave the building immediately. Students will be instructed to turn their papers over and leave the building by regular fire routes. On re-entry to the building, instructions about additional time will be given over the PA.

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