See Instructions for Completing Position Description Questionnaire by ShontayneHape


									See Instructions for Completing Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ) Form.


Position Number: Working Title: Division: Work Unit:


Official Classification Title: Work Hours and Days: Section:

(Leave blank if new position.)

Communications Director
3. 4.

Communications Director

M-F: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.



Physical Work Location (Street Address) and Phone #: Will this Position Supervise / Manage?
(Circle One)

Supervisor's Name, Official Title, Grade, and Phone Number:


Yes / No.
(Circle One)

Elliott Hibbs Executive Director

# of Direct Reports:


# of Indirect Reports:

If position supervises/manages, the organization chart must include position number, class title and code, and grade for each employee being supervised by this position. Elaborate on authority in Section E. Supervision is defined as the authority to approve sick/annual leave, recommend hiring, dismissal or discipline, assign/schedule work, complete performance evaluations, etc. See instructions for “Manager” definition.

A. REQUEST TO: Establish New
(Check One)




Update Description Only

Other, Specify__________________________________
(See instructions for choices.)

Employee Initiated? Yes / No.
(Circle One)

See Personnel Rule R2-5-301.G. If yes, employee should submit through agency management. For assistance, employee should contact their agency human resources office.

B. JUSTIFICATION STATEMENT 1. Explain the events or changes that made this request necessary. The Early Childhood Development and Health Board is requesting the establishment of a new uncovered position, Communications Director. This position reports directly to the Executive Director and has an enormous amount of responsibility and impact to the department’s communication and fund raising strategies. This position is uncovered pursuant to ARS 41-771 B.2 and will maintain a direct confidential working relationship with the Executive Director, advising and assisting in confidential matters such as development of internal and external communication strategies, media and public relationships, and fund raising.

2. Attach an organization chart clearly identifying each position's official classification title, class code, and grade. Include at least two levels of supervision above this position, this position's co-workers, and, if applicable, subordinates. If requesting a review, two (2) organization charts (current and proposed) must be attached.

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C. JOB SUMMARY – In general terms, briefly describe the purpose of this position and for what it will be held Accountable. Why does it exist? This position will develop and coordinate the execution of the Agency’s external and internal communication strategies, including building, maintaining, and enhancing positive relationships with stakeholders, other political jurisdictions, constituents and legislators. It will be accountable for external fund raising through solicitation of gifts and grants to the ECDH Board. This position will represent and speak for the Executive Director to various stakeholders and help train and mentor other key employees with communication and relationship building skills. It will also direct and manage the Agency’s Community and Media Relations, including the agency website, plus assist Regional Councils with training and advice on effective communications management. Additionally, this position will review and provide advice and recommendations to the Executive Director on departmental policy matters. D. MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES - What are the primary functions for which this position is accountable? Using action verbs, please state what you do and why you do it. (e.g., Writes, prints, and distributes monthly newsletter to keep departmental employees informed. Observes prison inmates to ensure order is maintained.) Please do not combine dissimilar responsibilities on one line (e.g., budget preparation and staff supervision are very different functions). Ensure the time spent does not exceed 100%. List primary responsibilities in increments of 5%. 1. Develop external communication strategies to help achieve the accurate exchange of information, to promote the appropriate image for the Board and to develop a mutual understanding between the Agency, Regional Councils, stakeholders, other political jurisdictions, constituents and legislators. 2. Develop internal communication strategies to inform employees of changes and developments that affect the performance of their duties in order to maximize their contribution to fulfilling the Early Childhood Development and Health Board’s mission. 3. Represent and speak on behalf of the Executive Director to stakeholders, other political jurisdictions, constituents and legislators to build strong working relationships with, and to understand the positions of, these groups and individuals as it relates to the Early Childhood Development and Health Board’s mission.
Percent Time Spent (%)




4. Assess the impacts of various proposed actions, especially potentially controversial actions, by the Agency in fulfilling its mission and develop strategies that optimize the benefits of such actions.


5. Oversee agency website materials and maintenance.


6. Coordinate a statewide Early Childhood Conference 5% 5% 7. Train and mentor key employees and Regional Council members to improve and enhance their communication/relationship skills. 8. Supervise the activities of subordinates, including the development manager, to ensure work is performed in accordance with established plans and meets the needs of the Agency. 20%




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AUTHORITY - What kinds of actions and decisions will the employee in this position be authorized to make? What kinds of actions and decisions will require clearance from the supervisor? (If box #10 on Page 1 is marked “Yes”, description must elaborate on this supervisory authority.) Please be specific. This position has authority pertaining to decisions on the approach and methodology related to the development of the Department’s communication (internal and external), on partnership strategies with Regional Councils and community groups and on all decisions related to the direction of the Regional Council media relations. In addition, this position has authority over decisions on approaches to responding to inquiries from constituents. Matters having a sensitive nature with possible impact to the overall administration and agency must be brought to the attention of the Executive Director, as well as any issues involving confidentiality or matters that have potential for political impact.


KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, & ABILITIES (KSAs) - What knowledge, skill and ability must the employee in this position have acquired in order to perform work satisfactorily? Please be specific. (Definitions: Knowledge is described as familiarity with something or possession of information or understanding in the mind. Skill is defined as a developed capability to perform tasks or actions effectively. A skill may be developed in a variety of manual, physical, intellectual or interpersonal activities. Ability is defined as a natural talent or acquired expertise.) Knowledge:  An understanding of Arizona’s political nature and environment.  The authority and responsibilities of state agency’s in relationship to each other, local jurisdictions, other government entities, and the Legislature.  A thorough understanding of the political process and how decisions are made.  An understanding of the relationship of news organizations and generally how they perceive what are newsworthy events.  A working knowledge of communication techniques and when those techniques can and should be used to distribute information and influence decision making, media input, or the need for additional review and comment.  A working knowledge of how electronic access and communications (website) can be effectively used to promote agency programs and purposes and educate the public on types and levels of services related to state and locally delivered services by the agency and Regional Councils. Skills and Abilities:  Verbal and written communication – the ability to succinctly express thoughts and concepts to small and large groups as well as in writing.  Ability to actively listen and understand the position and concerns of others.  Collaboration and partnering – the ability to work collaboratively to create win-win solutions for stakeholders and other interested parties.  Teamwork and flexibility – the ability to work in a team oriented, free flowing organizational structure with few formal boundaries.  Facilitation skills, which will assist in working with varied stakeholders and interest groups.  The ability to work in a diverse technical, knowledge-based environment.

How would the KSAs you have specified ordinarily be acquired? If education or training is cited, specify subject areas and courses. (Only list degrees or certifications if they are required to perform the job (e.g., C.P.A., Registered Nurse, Attorney) If work experience is cited, specify type of work and time on the job required. Knowledge, skills and abilities will be acquired through a combination of education and experience. Working in a governmental environment in positions that require the above knowledge, skills and abilities to be successful is essential.

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G. ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS - What are the physical, mental and environment demands for this position? Functions
identified must coincide with the description of duties and major functions for this position. The functions should focus on what is to be done and the processes traditionally used to achieve the result or produce the end results. Essential vs marginal functions should reflect fundamental requirements for this position; and with the absence of such requirements the nature, scope, level or purpose of the position would be changed.
For each of the following requirements, indicate the frequency which it occurs to this position. C = Continuously (>66%); F = Frequently (34-66%); O = Occasionally (10-33%); N/A = Not Applicable. PHYSICAL DEMANDS Balancing Climbing Crawling Fine Dexterity Foot Controls Hearing Kneeling/Crouching/Bending Manual Dexterity Lifting/Carrying________pounds Pushing/Pulling_________pounds Reaching Sitting Standing Talking Twisting Upper Extremity Repetitive Motion Vision Walking/Running short distances___X___ Other (describe) NON-PHYSICAL DEMANDS Analysis/Reasoning Communication Skills (distinguish from “talking” if additional requirement to
simultaneously mentally analyze or reason and verbally express)

Frequency N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A C N/A O N/A N/A N/A F O F N/A F C long distances______

Applicable Major Functions

All All

All All All

All All All


Frequency C

Applicable Major Functions All All

C All C All F F All All

Math/Mental Computation Reading Sustained Mental Activity (Example: auditing, grant writing, composing reports,
problem solving)

Writing Other (describe)


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ENVIRONMENTAL DEMANDS Work Alone? Dust Frequent Task Changes High Volume Public Contact Loud Noises Physical Abuse/Physical Danger Tedious/Exacting Work Temperature Extremes Toxic Substances, i.e., solvents, degreasers, herbicides, pesticides, asbestos, printer toner, etc. Yes No % of time

Frequency O N/A F O N/A N/A F N/A O

Applicable Major Functions All

All All




SIGNATURE: Except for Part G, Essential Job Functions, this questionnaire should have been completed by the employee working in this position, unless the position is now vacant. If it is vacant, the supervisor of the position should complete it. If for any reason this is not possible, a person thoroughly familiar with the position may complete it on behalf of the supervisor. The signature below must be that of the person who did complete the questionnaire. The statements I made in this questionnaire are complete and accurate, and they correctly describe the aspects of the job for which information was requested.

Print Name and Sign


RVISOR: TO THE SUPERVISOR: In the space below, please provide any additional information that you believe will contribute to a clearer understanding of the duties performed by this position. Use additional paper if needed.

Print Name and Sign


TO THE AGENCY DIRECTOR OR THE AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE OF THE AGENCY DIRECTOR: This space is reserved for your comments and certification of the contents of this document. Comments:

I have reviewed the contents of the questionnaire, and it accurately describes this position.




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