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Spring brings the school system to the arena of testing. It is important that we have
all students present during testing. We realize this creates hardships on families
with scheduled appointments, religious gatherings, and illness. Please try to have
your child present at school during the mornings of March 31st through April 9th.
Encourage your child to do their very best on these tests. Be sure they get a good
nights’ sleep, have a nutritious breakfast, and are dressed appropriately for the
weather each day.

Mountain Gap Middle School has done well for the past several years on these tests.
We wish to continue with that goal. With our parents’ cooperation and students’
best effort, MGMS will continue to be among the top middle schools in the state!

                                Testing Schedule
   Monday, March 31st
            Classroom Assignments, Demographics, and Goal Setting

   Tuesday, April 1st
              Alabama Reading and Math Test (ARMT) – Reading

   Wednesday, April 2nd
            Alabama Reading and Math Test (ARMT) – Math

   Thursday, April 3rd
             Stanford 10 – Reading Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension

   Monday, April 7th
             Stanford 10 – Language

   Tuesday, April 8th
              Stanford 10 – Mathematics Procedures and Problem Solving

   Wednesday, April 9th
            Stanford 10 – Science, Social Science, and OLSAT

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