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                                 BIOPSY SYSTEM
Full field digital mammography system should offer the breast imaging and
breast cancer detection through the combination of two dimensional and multi
slice three dimensional Tomosysnthesis imaging capabilities. The system should
deliver outstanding 2-D & 3-D image quality at the lowest possible dose.
Reconstructed the Tomosysnthesis slices reduce or eliminate the tissue overlaps
and structure noise in single slice 2-D mammography imaging.

Technical Configuration:
X- Ray Generator

      X- Ray generator system should be high frequency constant potential,
       inverter type with maximum rating of 7.0KW with 200 mA at 35KV.
      20kV to 49kV in 1 kV increment.
      3.0 to 400 mAs or More
      Range of mA should be 10 to 200mA at large focal spot and 10 to 50mA
       at small focal spot.

X – Ray Tube:

      Bi angular rotating anode with anode material of tungsten or molybdenum.
      High speed 9500 RPM or more.
      Target – tube angle at large focal spot 16 degree and 10 degree at small
       focal spot.
      Heat storage capacity of the x ray tube must be 200 KHU or more.
      Dual focal spot size of 0.3mm (Large) & 0.1mm (Small).
      Triple filtration mode with 0.050mm (Rh), 0.050 (Ag) and 0.070 (Al) along
       with the port of beryllium.
      Fully automatic collimation or user selectable. System must have
       predefined collimation setting size of 24 x 29cm, 18 x 29cm, 18 x 24cm,
       15 x 15cm, 10 x 10cm and 7.0 x 8.5cm.

C- Arm assembly:

      Fully motorized vertical and iso centric rotation.
      Vertical travel from 71 cm to 141 cm.
      Angular rotation of +195 degree to -155 degree for conventional
       mammography in 2D and +180 degree to – 140 degree in Tomosysnthesis
       in 3D.
      SID – 65cm or more with removable patient face shield.
      Anti scatter grid with auto retract for geometric magnification views and
       Tomosysnthesis (HTC Grid)

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Compression Mode:

      Precompression, full compression, Dual compression, manual
       compression, compression paddle tilt. (motorized/ User selectable)
      Magnification factor of 1.8x

Digital image receptor:

      Detector should be TFT Based Direct capture technology, with X ray
       absorption material of Amorphous Selenium, size of 24 x 29 cm.
      The digital image receptor have following image modes:
          1. Conventional Mammography,
          2. Tomosysnthesis.
          3. Combined with conventional and Tomosysnthesis.
      Screening view of 18 x 24cm nominal at centre, left and right detector
      Screening view of 24 x 29cm at centre of the detector.
      Diagnostic view of 18 x 24cm nominal at centre, left and right detector
      Magnification view of 18 x 24cm nominal at centre detector location
      Pixel size of the detector should be 0.070mm
      Spatial resolution 7.1Lp/mm for conventional mammography and
       3.5Lp/mm for Tomosysnthesis
      14 bit image data for output of image.

Acquisition Workstation:

      Multi core Intel based CPU with minimum 4 GB RAM, hard drive of 750GB
       in RAID, DVD+/- R/W
      3 mega pixel grey scale medical grade LCD Display.
      User interface display with 1.2 Mega pixel touch screen color LCD
      Facility for Work list, print, storage commitment, query/ retrieve, modality
       performed procedure step, scheduled workflow, patient information,
       reconciliation, and mammography image.
      Image storage capacity of the system should be approximately 9000
       screening mammography studies and 3000 combined screening
       mammography and Tomosysnthesis studies.

Reporting Workstation with Mammography Image Management system

      High end Dual processor window based 3GB high Speed RAM with high
       speed Hard disc of minimum 420GB
      Dual CRT monitors with Display of 5 Mega pixel each.
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      Dedicated mammography workflow keypad, Mouse Key Board.
      High accuracy calibration photometer with automated QC monitors
      Customizable Image layout, orientation of Images for diagnostic,
       screening or multiple modalities, annotation

CAD Solutions:
   Next generation CAD System
   CAD System should improve the accuracy in detection.
   CAD Should offer pin pointing region of interest and increased flexibility.
   The Marks of the CAD can be easily toggled on and off with press button
     on the workstation.
   CAD Should characterized including single intensity, number of
     calcifications in a cluster and shape of the calcification.
   For masses CAD should be characterized such as degree of spiculation,
     lesion shape, contrast to surrounding tissue, texture of lesion and edge of
     the texture.
   CAD has facility of digital outlines the central density of the detected mass
     and detected calcifications.
   CAD should be FDA approved.

Quality Control Kit:
   Phantom for routine and special quality check.
   Ion Chamber, Survey meter it is of hand held battery operated unit for use
       in both rugged and normal environmental it is light weight, high strength
       materials, and to be sealed against moisture display reading in Sv OR R.
   Radiation Monitors. Easily detect the background radiation.

Digital Stereotactic Breast Biopsy along with Vacuum Assisted Breast Biopsy
         System should be patient comfort, efficient accurate testing in prone
           position with superb image quality with advanced digital spot
           mammography system, true access of 360 degree
         Separate system for upright biopsy should be quoted.
         Bi Directional table assembly, motorized controlled with capacity of 135
           kgs weight bearing.
         360 degree c arm rotation along with longitudinal and transverse
         Motorized pre compression, manual compression with hand wheel
         Motorized release of compression.
         Stereotactic guidance system should be Cartesian coordinate system
           with smart window, accuracy of ±1.0mm, Stereotactic angle of ± 15º

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           Facility for needle core biopsy, fine needle aspiration and wire
           System should have inbuilt generator system with kV range of 22-34kV
            mAs range of 3-400 mAs.
           X ray tube of the system should rotating, anode material of
            molybdenum with focal spot size of 0.25mm square, permanent filter
            ration mode of Mo.
           System should have digital imaging detector along with the DSM
            camera and CCD Sensors
           Processing workstation should be Intel based Pentium based with
            windows operating system with 18.1” flat panel LCD
           Vacuum assisted breast biopsy system should standard along with the
            Stereotactic biopsy system with all reusable standard accessories.

Out Put Device:

       Dedicated Mammography camera should be supply along with system.

Other Requirements

       Complete renovation of the mammography room including flooring, ceiling,
        air conditioning and electrical work, changing area etc.
       UPS along with 30 minutes back up time
       Storage space for accessories
       Adequate furniture
       Mammo view box
       Lead aprons 4 in Nos (light weight)
       System should supply along with all the complete standard accessories of
        the quoted items.


       5 years standard warranty of the complete system, next five years quote
        AMC and CMC separately.


       2 weeks application training at the site of installation on mammography
        and Stereotactic biopsy device
       Two radiologist get trained at the site of manufacturer
       One set of mammography atlas.

Note: Company should quote the rates under buy back of the existing
mammography system
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