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									  MANE EVENT
  James E. Taylor High School                                               20700 Kingsland Blvd. Katy, TX 77450
                                                                                                                                       Vol XXX, Issue 5
                                                                                                                                       April 27, 2010

Who Are You? Who, who? Who, who? Katy ISD
Really Wants To Know!
Teachers subject to fingerprinting in upcoming years
Dillon Piper              purpose of this entire process. The big differ- (State Board for Edu- state and not have to re-                  process for Katy ISD
                      ‘10 process is protection of ence now is that FACT cator Certification) and peat the fingerprinting                  is occurring through-
                          students. This is in no (Fingerprint-based Ap- TEA (Texas Education process each time. If                        out the month of
   Beginning January 1, way negativity toward plicant Clearinghouse Agency). All certified a Texas teacher wants                           April. Mobile units
2008 the state of Texas certain school dis-                                                                          to teach outside      travel to each school
began the state wide tricts or specific                                                                              of the state they     district within the state
fingerprinting      pro- persons employed                                                                            will have to fol-     for the convenience
cess for certified edu- by the school. This                                                                          low those individ-    of employee’s. If any-
cators and new hires new law will allow                                                                              ual states laws for   one employed by Katy
that are not certified both parents and                                                                              teaching certifica-   ISD misses the April
educators. Among the students feel great-                                                                            tion. Teachers who    window to get finger
most obvious employ- er ease that their                                                                              come from for-        printed they must travel
ees, teachers, there are children are getting                                                                        eign countries or     to a main site location
several other persons not only a supe-                                                                               from out of state     to be finger printed.
fingerprinted as well rior education, but                                                                            and would like           The state’s standards
to ensure the safety they are extreme-                                                                               to teach in Texas     for teachers will include
and protection of all ly safe as well.                                                                               are subject to the    checking for the obvi-
Texas students. These         This law was                                                                           same laws even if     ous offenses, such as
people include certi- first introduced in                                                                            the previous state    assault, being a regis-
fied paraprofessionals 2007. Senate Bill 9,                                                                          in which they have    tered sex offender, or
such as teacher’s aides, as this new finger-                                                                         come from re-         a felony offense under
custodians, bus drivers, printing process is                                                                         quired fingerprint-   Title 5. School districts
                                              What will some Katy ISD teachers fingerprints say about them and their
secretaries, and food called, has upped                                                                              ing. The finger-      create their own stan-
service staff. Anyone the ante on pro- history?                                                                      printing allows for   dards that could create
that is paid by a school tection for Texas                                                                           the backgrounds       more strict guidelines
district and around the students. Though there of Texas) has created staff and new employ- of each individual to                           that teachers will have
students of a school has been fingerprint- a database composed ees fingerprinted will be cross referenced                                  to pass in order to
on a daily basis will be ing in the past, this is a of centralize criminal have their criminal re- with the Federal Bu-                    teach in the district. All
part of the fingerprint- new, efficient, and man- records that will be cords stored in this reau of Investigation                          Texas public school dis-
ing process. The sole datory addition to the monitored by SBEC database. The reason (FBI) databases and                                    trict and charter school

Dorm Shopping
                                                                                  is so that teachers may TXDPS for a thorough             employees must be fin-
                                                                                  teach where ever they background                check.   gerprinted by January 1,
                                                                                  want throughout the                The fingerprinting    2011.

What do you need for your dorm room for college?
Ashley Waronoff             shower, and nothing to      as well because they        allow you to be hap-        games etc. Puzzles and
                      ‘10   wrap yourself in during     also keep your room         pier with your room.        board games can also
                            a harsh winter night.       tidy of all of the trash    Whether it’s the Bea-       make a fun time
    It’s that time of the   However, it’s not just      that spreads out over       tles or Britney Spears,     for you and your
year. There are only        about getting what you      weeks. Just make sure       Harry Potter or Twilight,   college friends.
six more weeks un-          need. It’s necessary to     they’re not too large;      you’re going to want to        It’s up to you
til the end of school,      bring that extra blanket    some dorm rooms are         bring some personal-        to decide on the
and there’s so much         or snuggie that will keep   quite cramped and all       ity to college with you.    specifics for your
to get ready for before     you warm and comfort-       you need is something          4. Munchies. In or-      dorm room. The
the start of college.       able when you’re at your    to hold unwanted ma-        der to stay away from       most important
For all you seniors,        desk studying for a dif-    terials. Don’t forget       those midnight IHOP         part about your
it’s time to start shop-    ficult exam. Pillows are    your laundry bins ei-       runs and the infamous       dorm is whether
ping for your college       also a must. And when I     ther. These will keep       “Freshman 15”, it’s im-     you are happy
dorms. So here is your      say pillows, I mean lots    the dirty from the clean    portant to bring along      with it or not.
mini-checklist that will    of them. Laying on the      while keeping your          some easy snacks. Pop-      College doesn’t
help you get prepared       floor won’t be so comfy     dorm relatively tidy        corn, pretzels, and fruit   have a set expe-
for what is in store for    without some cushion.       (Let’s face it. Even the    snacks can be used to       rience that ev-
the next four+ years.       College is all about be-    “clean freaks” won’t be     prevent those stom-         eryone has. It’s
       1. Your blankets,    ing comfortable, so         able to keep their entire   ach growls at the times     about how you
towels, etc. This is the    bring as much comfort       dorm spick and span).       when we don’t want it.      make it, and that
most crucial part of        as you can with you.            3. Decorations. No         5. Fun. Most impor-      starts with your
dorm shopping. With-          2. Organizers. There is   posters, pictures, or       tantly, the best way to     dorm.
out these vital pieces      no better way to stay or-   personality = boring.       enjoy your college ex-
of cloth, your dorm         ganized than with divid-    If you’re going to love     perience is to have fun
life would be nothing.      ers, crates and bins that   your dorm, you’re go-       on the slow days. Bring
There would be noth-        hold different subjects     ing to have to go out       along some mark-
ing to dry you after        and utensils. Trashcans     of your way to get          ers, crayons, coloring
taking a much needed        go under this category      some items that will        books, movies, video
                   Page 2                            Student Life
Student Council Recognition Band Concerts Coming to a

                                                                                        Erkia Hedegaard-Schou
                                                                                                               ‘10    students, and staff to         semble, Symphonic band,
                                                                                        The James E. Taylor           show how hard they have        Concert band, Cadet
                                                                                        Band has been working         worked over the semester       band, and JV band. The
                                                                                        diligently every day dur-     on the show pieces. The        directors are always push-
 Students Preston Phillips and Charles Denson attend-                                   ing class. Also the bands     bands also have their last     ing each of the students
 ed the City Council meeting representing THS Student                                   rehearsed after school in     concert coming up this         to do their best, to set
                                                                                        full band rehearsals, and     May for a final finale of      high goals for themselves,
 Council for the proclamation of National Student Lead-                                 one sectional a week.         this year’s effort. All five   and to encourage their
 ership Week April 19th-23rd.                                                           A few weeks ago, they         bands will be performing,      peers to do the same.
                                                                                        performed for parents,        including the Wind En-

Did the Mexico Shootings Kill Its Spring Break Buzz?
Lela Howard
                       ‘12   Another warning said,        subject to Mexican law        High School? Yes it does.     Some of these worries          you at all times and to be
There may or may not         that “Mexico has a grow-     and an arrest or accident     “I don’t like how the         still exist as weekend ex-     careful with rip currents
have been much informa-      ing problem policing its     in Mexico can result in a     Mexicans are crossing the     cursions as summer ap-         on certain beaches.” U.S.
tion heard around Katy       drug war and using guns.     difficult legal or medical    border and bringing in il-    proaches. Safety should        citizens should all follow
after the week of Spring     Americans have been tar-                       situa-      legal drugs and weapons.      always be in use and           these rules closely and
Break                                                                       tion. No    Why did we cross their        should be a habit to get       keep their guard up just
about                                                                       o n e       border for spring break?      in to. Travel warnings to      in case there is a family
the dan-                                                                    should      If Mexico and America         Mexico still pop up here       Mexico excursion in the
gers in                                                                     drink       don’t like each other, then   and there. Some of the         near future.
M ex ico                                                                    exces-      we should stay away from      warnings include and in-
along                                                                       sive al-    them.” sophomore Sarah        form for us to, “Always
the bor-                                                                    cohol       Royal said.                   have someone else around
der. Ac-                                                                    because
cording                                                                     unruly

                                                                                        Lady Mustang Softball
to the-                                                                     behav-
Texas                                                                       ior can
Depart-                                                                     lead to
ment of                                                                     serious
Public                                                                      prob-
Safetly                                                                     l e m s
(DPS),                                                                      w i t h                                                                  THS Varsity Soft-
they an-                                                                    Mexican
nounced                                                                                                                                              ball have a game
a warn-                                                                     ties; al-                                                                against      Memo-
ing to                                                                      cohol is                                                                 rial High School
s t u -                                                                     involved
                                                                                                                                                     at 6:15 this Friday
                                                                            in the
“Who are planning their      geted for kidnappings and    vast majority of arrests,                                                                  here at Taylor for
spring breaks to avoid       two Americans have been      accidents, violent crimes,                                                                 the first round play
Mexico’s boarder cities      murdered.” Just over the
this year due to an in-      weekend, over a dozen
                                                          rapes, and deaths suffered                                                                 off game! Come
                                                          by American students.
crease in Mexican drug       people were killed near                                                                                                 out and support
cartel related violence in   Acapulco -some of them       How does/will this af-                                                                     the girls!!
the northern Mexican         beheaded.                    fect America? Does this
border cities.”              American    citizens   are   affect students at Taylor
                                                   Student Life                                                                              Page 3

Need some money? Nicholas Sparks
Get a summer job for some The Face-off:
extra cash                Books Vs. Movies
Erika Hedegaard-Schou                                                                    Lela Howard
                    ‘10                                                                                          ‘12
The end of school brings    much fun! I get to act like a   green and Marble Slab on         Nicholas Sparks; Just         Senior Gabbi Sanchez     and others like watching
a few months of free-       kid! We watch movies and        Mason Road by Petco.         the name brings a smile        said “I read and saw Dear   movies. Nicholas Sparks
dom for THS students,       color with the children.”       Maddie Gathman worked        to girls’ faces everywhere.    John and I liked the book   is sure to continue to
but with freedom comes          Shaved Ice is a popu-       at TCBY on Fry Road          If you haven’t heard of        better because you get      write more and more
responsibility. Some stu-   lar place for teens to hang     and said, “I got minimum     this brilliant man’s name,     more into the details and   novels through his years.
dents have to work to       out during the summer.          wage and got a ten per-      he is a famous author of       you can imagine what’s      How can his books get
earn the money to pay       The small trailer based         cent discount on every-      romantic, sappy, and re-       going on instead of be-     any better! Let’s enjoy his
for all the fun experi-     company works out of            thing there. My co-work-     deeming books. Six of his      ing shown.” This is why     romantic books and mo-
ences they have over the    the parking lot off of          ers were all really nice     sixteen novels have be-        some like reading book      tion pictures till then!
break. Around Katy, there   I-10 and Fry Road. They         and willing to help me       come movies beginning
are a few different ideas   serve some of the best          whenever I needed it.”       in 2002 to the most recent
for jobs that pay well      snow cones around in all           Katy is covered in job    in 2010. The most well
and are also fun to do.     different flavors. Teenage      options, students just       known of his best-sellers
    Sweetwater Pools is a   students looking for jobs       have to look and apply       and motion pictures are
lifeguarding service for    might look into working         different places around      A Walk to Remember,
neighborhood pools. A       there since they can see        town. Target has many        The Notebook, Dear
few students work for       their friends on a regu-        opportunities for teen-      John, and The Last Song.
this company and learn      lar basis. Another dessert      agers to work for the           As any book-to-movie
how to be a lifeguard       type place where students       summer and so does           process evolves, some of
while they have fun see-    can work is Baskin Rob-         Katy Mills Mall. There       the scenes change. “In the
ing their friends. The      bins. Junior Erich Smith        are many different op-       movie The Last Song, the
YMCA is a popular place.    works there and said it’s       portunities in the mall.     end results were still the
Lifeguarding and day care   really fun to work there        Forever 21, Polo Ralph       same but how they came
seems to be the place to    because it is an ice cream      Lauren, Pacific Sunwear,     about were completely
be at YMCA when talking     place and it was his first      Abercrombie and Fitch,       different. They changed
about jobs. Senior Julia    choice for a job. There is      and American Eagle are       a lot of details about who
Meneghetti works at the     also Cold Stone Cream-          all places to work for the   did what, who is respon-
YMCA and says, “It is so    ery off of I-10 and West-       summer                       sible for things and how
                                                                                         things happened” sopho-
                                                                                         more Stephany Cobb
                                                                                         said. Almost every book-
                                                                                         turned-movie will add or
                                                                                         delete minor details to
                                                                                         keep you interested in ei-
                                                                                         ther media. They want you
                                                                                         to like both, but some-
                                                                                         times it just doesn’t hap-
                                                                                         pen. Junior Abbey Egden
                                                                                         said,” I like his movies
                                                                                         better than the books.
                                                                                         It is a rare circumstance
                                                                                         that movies based off
                                                                                         of books are better than
                                                                                         the book themselves.”
                                                                                           Many teenage girls have
                                                                                         seen Nicholas Sparks’
                                                                                         movies       and     haven’t
                                                                                         known that there was a
                                                                                         book associated or even
                                                                                         that they were written by
                                                                                         the same author! “I’ve
                                                                                         seen The Notebook and A
                                                                                         Walk to Remember and they
                                                                                         are both on my list of top
                                                                                         chick-flicks. I might con-
                                                                                         sider reading his books
                                                                                         since I liked the movies.
                                                                                         I didn’t get a chance to
                                                                                         see Dear John in theaters
                                                                                         this February but I want
                                                                                         to go see The Last Song
                                                                                         before it goes out onto
                                                                                         DVD” sophomore Sarah
                                                                                         Royal said. It seems like
                                                                                         movies zoom out of the-
                                                                                         aters way before we have
                                                                                         a chance to see them.
                     Page 4                                  Student Life
Powderpuff Football
 Jorge’s Hammers bring home a win
                               rious. The girls tried to     following close behind.
                                                                                          Project Grad
                                                                                          Asad Qureshi
Christina Young                keep it a fun and not too                                                        ‘10
                       ‘10                                                                                            Busters. Buses will roll at   as unlimited sodas, ice
                               competitive game, but   Kourtney Faldyn, senior
     This year there were                                                                 Graduation is almost here   midnight and will return      tea and water. Students
                               no one likes to lose!   on Jorge’s Hammers, said
four powder puff teams                                                                    seniors and so is Project   back to Taylor at 5 am on     need no additional money
                                                       that, “Her favorite part
                                 In the end, Jorge’s Ham-
consisting of; Harry’s                                                                    Grad. Project Grad is       June 5th, all students at-    throughout the evening,
                               mers were the reigning  about being on the win-
Hotties, Nater’s Gaters,                                                                  an alcohol and drug free    tending project grad must     and each student will be
                               champions with Puff ’s  ning team was that every-
Puff ’s Magic Dragons,                                                                    party held at Dave and      have a photo ID. Some         issued a fanny pack to
                               Magic Dragons right     one had such great energy
and Jorge’s hammers.                                                                      Busters. It is funded by    of the activities at Dave     hold keys, ID, cameras,
                               behind them. Nater’s    and spirit that made the
  The boys and girls spent                                                                donations and is chap-      and Busters include pin-      etc. Signed permission
                                                                        game so
count-                                                                                    eroned by                                                         slips and regis-
                                                                        m u c h
l e s s                                                                                   senior par-                                                       tration fee are
                                                                        m o r e
hours                                                                                     ents. Proj-                                                       also required to
practic-                                                                                  ect Grad                                                          attend project
ing drills                                                                                will be held                                                      grad and t-shirts
a n d                                                                                     after     the                                                     are included in
                                                                        h e r
plays in                                                                                  graduation                                                        the price. Regis-
order to                                                                                  commence-                                                         tration for proj-
                                                                        w a s
pre pare                                                                                  ment cer-                                                         ect grad will be:
for the                                                                 thing             emony on
g ames.                                                                 t h a t           Friday June
And for                                                                                   4th,   2010                                                       April 1- April 6th
                                                                        m a d e                                                                             Student-     $35
only one                                                                the night         and      will
t e a m                                                                                   be     filled                                                     Guest- $45
t h a t                                                                 thing             with     fun                                                      April 7- April
p a y e d Nater’s Gaters huddling up before the game! Photo Courtesy: to      re-         and excite-                                                       30th  Student-
o f f . Stampede Staff                                                 member.            ment. On                                                          $40 Guest- $45
J o r g e ’s                                                              Ending          the night
Hammers were undefeat-                                 the night with memories            of     Proj-                                                      May 3- May 14th
                           Gaters and Harry’s Hot-
ed-pulling out win after                                                                  ect Grad,                                                         Student-$45
                           ties played head to head and funny stories every-                                          ball, video games, bowl-
win throughout the night.                                                                 seniors and their guest                                   Guest- $50
                           for third place. It was a one who played and came                                          ing, billiards, ping pong,
   After a couple minutes                                                                 must check in together
                           really close game and lots out to watch the game                                           casino games, dancing,
into the first game- it                                                                   at Taylor High School in                                  May 17- May 28th Stu-
                           of fun, but in the end Na- had a great time!                                               a mechanical bull, prizes
became very competi-                                                                      the freshman campus at                                    dent- $60 Guest- $75
                           ter’s Gaters came in third                                                                 and more, food will be
tive, and the coaches                                                                     10:45 pm and it is man-
                           place with Harry’s Hotties                                                                 available throughout as
began getting quite se-                                                                   datory to ride the bus
                                                                                          from Taylor to Dave and     well as beverages such
And The Hunt Begins...
                     Manhunt 2010 was a hit this year at THS
Christina Young                es”. The next competition     fishing wear.                                            The Mane Event
Man Hunt is another one        in the show was the fun-
                                                             Manhunt was a time to let
                                                                                                                      Staff and Policy
of the many fundraisers        niest- them showing off
for project graduation.        their ‘talents’.              the senior class have some             Co-Editors-in-Chief                        Dillon Piper
The night was filled with                                    fun and enjoy our last few
                               Many of the boy’s talents     months together! Dif-                     Ashley Waronoff                         Asad Qureshi
hilarious acts that the boys
spent countless hours or       were quite funny. They        ferent prizes were given                   Christina Young                      Katherine Owen
lack thereof practicing.       got to let their own per-     out throughout the night                    Staff Writers                       Ashley Humphrey
                               sonality shine through as     and Mr. Gibbons and Mr.                Erika Hedegaard-Schou
The boys were judged           they sang, danced, played     Harris were the always                      Lela Howard
on all their different acts;   piano, put on magic           funny hosts for the night.
formal wear, talent, and       shows, and exercise rou-
                               tines. There was definitely   There were many awards
swimsuit competition.
                               never a dull moment that      given out at the end of
Molly Mayo, senior, said,      night.                        it all. Some of these in-

                                                                                                                              Stace Hitt

                                                                                                    The Mane Event is an official publication of James E. Tay-
                                                                                                 lor High School. Unsigned editorials represent the opinions
                                                                                                 of the staff, but do not necessarily reflect the opinions of
                                                                                                 Katy Independent School District (KISD) administration.
                                                                                                       The Mane Event encourages letters to the editor
                                                                                                 and will print them if they are signed. The editor-in-
                                                                                                 chief reserves the right to edit these letters for space,
                                                                                                 liability, and grammar. Letters may be turned in to
                                                                                                 Room 133 in the mailbox, located adjacent to the door.
         Ryan Mcguire and team showing off thier talent! Photo Cour-                               Some material courtesy of American Society of Newspaper
         tesy: Stampede Staff
                                                                                                 Editors/ KRT Campus High School Newspaper Service.
                                                                                                    Advertising rates are $6 per column inch. We do not offer
“ It was really fun to get     The swimsuit competi-         clude Michael Kim won
                               tion was full of silly cos-   Mr. Man Hunt, Paul Kim              full-page advertisements at this time. A half-page ad is $160;
dressed up and get front
row seats to watch the         tumes and surprises. The      won Best Smile, and Alan            a quarter-page is $115. Each advertisement must be a mini-
show, being an escort for      boys wore kiddy floaties,     Tompkins won Mr. Con-               mum of 6 column inches ($36). Inquiries may be directed to
the formal competition         lifeguard gear, and were      geniality.                          the Taylor High School Journalism Dept. at 281-237-9202.
definitly had its advantag-    decked out in ridiculous
                                                       Student Life                                                                                  Page 5

Pacesetter Spring Show THS Band Garage Sale
Christina Young
                                                                                                                              Ashley Waronoff
                         ‘10                                                                                                      This year was no ex-      ing lot next to the Band
                                                                                                                              ception to the success of     Hall on April 17, 2010. It
    Taylor Pacesetters an-                                      for a new show was some-       love. We get to let our        the bi-annual garage sale     brought many items with
                                with our senior class and
nual Spring Show was                                            thing I had only thought       own personality come           presented by the James        it as well. From couches
                                all of our friends! But it is
April 22-24 this past                                           about and never really         out”. The show is all          E. Taylor “JET” Band.         to tiki-statues, items of
                                always lots of fun”. The
weekend. The show was                                           said anything. I decided       about the girls as a team      Every year, the JET Band      all shapes and sizes filled
                                senior girls had special
“Adventures in Pacesetter                                       I was going to ask the         and not to just to high-       holds a garage sale that      the parking lot. Pieces of
                                dances with their mom’s
Paradise” in the PAC and                                        dance officers what they       light on certain girls only.   sells many unused items       furniture, old children’s
                                and dad’s, and also with
all the girls preformed                                         thought about it, and they        It has taken many hours     to the Katy community         books, and racks of cloth-
                                the boys.
                                                                                               of practice to perfect the     in order to raise enough      ing could be found along
                                                                                               show, but after watching       money to give out extra       with random items like iP-
                                                                                               them perform you can           money for scholarships        ods and basketball goals.
                                                                                               definitely tell! Ms. Boyd,     for band seniors. This        Students were able to gain
                                                                                               head dance director said,      year, the garage sale took    NHS and MVP hours for
                                                                                               “When I knew the show          place in the Perform-         helping out with collect-
                                                                                               was going to be some-          ing Arts Center park-         ing and organizing items.
                                                                                               thing special, was during
                                                                                               the tryouts while watch-
                                                                                               ing the girls show their       How to Stay Allergy-Free
                                                                                               individual talent. I got
                                                                                               very emotional during          this Spring
                                                                                               the dress rehearsal this
                                                                                               week realizing the show
                                                                                                                              Ashley Humphrey
                                                                                               was coming together.                                   ‘10
                                                                                               Watching it grow from             Lately, you might have     worth of study and has
                                                                                               an idea into a production      noticed an itchy on your      clearly demonstrated an
                                                                                               is what is truly amazing”!     part, and perhaps con-        ability to increase the
                                                                                                   The Pacesetters are all
                                                                                                                              tinuous sneezing. Your        production of a number
     Seniors Molly Mayo, Claire Sawyer, Kourtney Faldyn, and Lindsey Strait pose for           very thankful for anyone
                                                                                                                              answer to these symp-         of T-cells and their dis-
     a picture after their show. Photo Courtsey: Christina Young                               and everyone who came
                                                                                                                              toms, however, may not        tribution in the blood.
                                                                                               out to support them last
                                                                                               weekend. It is sad for the     lie in the bottle of Ny-
their new and improved            Spring show this year is      loved that idea”. The girls    seniors who aren’t going       quil hanging out in your      Garlic: Garlic has many
bigger and better show!         different than years in the     wanted to put on a per-        to dance again outside         medicine cabinet. Apart       antiviral properties that
  For the seniors it is their   past. The show was more         formance that had a plot       of high school, and those      from the common cold,         have been well examined
last show ever and time         to show the talents of all      and told a story, and that     who are even dancing           these symptoms are also       for many years. In Rus-
to dance with all their         the girls, rather than just     is exactly what they did.      in college because it was      indicative of seasonal al-    sia, the herb is known
friends. Lindsey Strait,        solo’s and trio’s of girls         Hannah Marlow, senior       their last time ever.          lergies. Seasonal allergies   as “Russian penicillin”
senior said, “It is a bitter-   who did best at tryouts.        said, “Everyone has a                                         are due to the airborne       where it was once used to
sweet moment because it         Ms. Boyd, the head dance        chance to shine in spring                                     pollen from various sea-      treat respiratory disorders
is our last time on stage       director said, “This idea       show and do what they                                         sonal plants. They enter      in hospitals. Recent Japa-
                                                                                                                              the body through the          nese studies have found

Scholarship Deadlines
                                                                                                                              eyes, nose, or throat, and    that aged garlic extract
                                                                                                                              trigger an allergic reac-     stimulates a potent anti-
                                                                                                                              tion. Normally, the im-       microbial action against
                                                                                                                              mune system does not          bacteria and yeasts.
                                                                                                                              respond to mild substanc-
5/1/10- The Asian Chamber of Commerce Scholarship               Association (VCSA) For any high school senior in
GPA greater than 3.0, must attend an accredited insti-          Houston area who is of Vietnamese descent and cur-            es like pollen and mold.      Quercetin: An herbal
tution of higher learning located in the state of Texas         rently applying to college. 5 finalists will be interviewed   But in sensitive individu-    supplement that has been
                                                                in early July 2010, and one winner will be announced          als, the body’s defense       shown to reduce sinus
5/1/10- Triple-Impact Competitor Scholarship Pro-               by July 15, 2010.                                             mechanism views these         pain and congestion.
gram. High school juniors. Nominees will be assessed                                                                          substances as it would
on the basis of how closely they exemplify the Triple-          6/15/10- Pfizer’s Epilepsy Scholarship Award                  an infectious agent and
Impact Competitor principles                                    Under a doctor’s care for epilepsy, apply online              mounts an attack. Once        Homeopathic       Nasal
                                                                                                                              the immune system has         Mists: Inexpensive and
5/8/10- Platinum Torch Scholarship for Volunteers               6/30/10- Federation of Insurance Women of Texas,              detected the allergen, it     practical. Find these in
Members must demonstrate commitment based on the                Inc. (FIWT Scholarship) Be a student taking a mini-           unleashes an abundance        your local health food
numbers of hours volunteered during the academic                mum of twelve hours and who is taking at least one                                          stores or even pharma-
                                                                                                                              of chemicals resulting
year                                                            insurance or business related courses; attend a college                                     cies.
                                                                                                                              in localized inflamma-
                                                                or university in Texas; and maintain a GPA of 3.0.
5/14/10- Houston Tennis Association Scholarships                                                                              tion. All of this leads to
For graduating seniors, male or female. There will be           7/19/10- Louisiana State University Jared Rachal Me-          discomfort. There are         Antioxidant Fruits and
one scholarship for the Houston Racquet Club Wom-               morial Scholarship of the Phi Kappa PSI Fraternity            several ways to treat sea-    Vegetables: Grape seed
en’s Association and the applicant must be female.              At least GPA of 3.25, if selected as an award semi-           sonal allergies from injec-   extract, which can be
                                                                finalist and must also be able to attend Scholarship Re-      tions to over the counter     found in vitamin or health
5/15/10- Katy Charter Chapter of the American Busi-             ception in Baton Rouge on the evening of August 14,           medications. However, if      food stores, has been
ness Women’s Association. Candidates must be women              2010 if selected as an award finalist.                        you are leaning towards a     shown effective. Apples,
who are citizens of the U. S. and residents of zip code                                                                       more natural approach to      bananas and onions have
77450, GPA of 2.5 or higher                                     9/27/10- Wendy’s High School Heisman Scholarship              healing, there are several    anti-inflammatory prop-
                                                                program. Must have at least a “B” grade average and           options.                      erties and help to build up
5/28/2010-Houston Museum of Natural Science                     participate in at lease one school-sponsored sport.
For 2010 Juniors in Harris County. Only one student                                                                                                         your immune system.
                                                                                                                              Echinacea: This Na-
per school, nominated. demonstrates ability and inter-          12/31/10- Imagine America Scholarship Program.
                                                                                                                              tive American herb is
est in science or mathematics.
                                                                3/15/2011- Siemens We Can Change the World Chal-              one of the best immune
                                                                                                                              enhancing supplements         Green Tea: New evi-
5/31/10- RVOS Insurance Essay Contest                           lenge for high school students sponsored by Siemens
                                                                                                                              you can take. Echina-         dence suggests that drink-
                                                                Foundation, Discovery Education, and the National
6/1/10- Nicholas C. LePham Citizenship and Public                                                                             cea has been the subject      ing Green tea may pro-
                                                                Science Teachers Association (NSTA).
Service Award by the Vietnamese Culture and Science                                                                           of more than 50 years         vide Allergy relief.
                     Page 6                                          Student Life
                                                                                                                                         Hitting New Record
 Baseline Basics
2009-2010 tennis season wraps up on big wins                                                                                             Highs
Dillon Piper                                                                                                ladder played singles this
                        ‘10                                                                                                              Christina Young               onships this year; consist-
                                                                                                            season and also had out-                             ‘10   ing of 2010 District 17-
   This year Taylor tennis                                                                                  standing results. She also   THS Mustang Baseball          5A CHAMPIONS, 2010
had yet another spring                                                                                      won all her singles tour-    wraps up their season with    Katy ISD Varsity Tour-
season highlighted by                                                                                       naments this season (hav-    a 11-1 win against Mor-       nament Champion, and
district championships,                                                                                     ing a season record of       ton Ranch. Drew Feather-      2010 Pasadena ISD Var-
regional championship,                                                                                      34-1) and only dropped       ston went three for three     sity Tournament Champi-

                                                                                                                                         [ ]
and state qualifiers. Tim                                                                                   one set in the District      with a single, double, and    ons. As well, junior, Matt
Kuo, Senior, and Crystal                                                                                    Finals against Ericka        a homerun! As well, Ben       Zapalac has set a new
Leung, Junior, opted to                                                                                     Emery of Cinco Ranch         Sliva pitched the game        JET baseball record- with
play Mixed Doubles this                                                                                     High School in a very
season with both play-                                                                                      topsy-turvy 6-0, 6-7, 6-1
ers holding the number                                                                                      victory. Annat made it all
one spot respectively on
their sides of the ten-
                                                                                                            the way to the semi-finals
                                                                                                            of the Regional Meet los-
                                                                                                                                               Matt Zapalac
                                                                                                                                               is the new THS
nis ladder. Already they                                                                                    ing a tough 3 set match
had the winning poten-                                                                                      to Austin Westlake. Tay-
tial strictly based on their                                                                                lor tennis continued to
ladder positions but they
breezed right on through
the entire season. They
                                                                                                            show their winning ways
                                                                                                            this year as well as many
                                                                                                            years in the past where
                                                                                                                                               record holder...
had not lost a tournament                                                                                    they have had numer-
                                Tim Kuo, senior, has enjoyed a succsefull postseason and looks forward to
(going 19-0 all season) or      state. Photo Courtesy: Stampede Staff
                                                                                                             ous Regional and State
a set for that matter to                                                                                     Qualifiers and few State    with seven strike outs!       the most saves. pushing
any team that they have        still eventually prevailing           expect very worthy com-                 Championships as well,                                    Coach Enders out of the
                                                                                                                                         The boys have played a
played in the entire sea-      as Regional Champions                 petition at the State Com-             the most recent in 2008.                                   record holding spot. They
                                                                                                                                         long season with their last
son until the Regional Fi-     and qualifying for state.             petition in May.                       Continue winning Taylor                                    have had an awesome sea-
                                                                                                                                         district game this Friday,
nals last week where they      To play a whole season in                                                    Tennis!                                                    son this year, and all the
                                                                        Annat Rabinovich, Ju-                                            April 30th against Seven
lost a set to Fort Bend        such fashion is incredible                                                                                                              coaches are very proud of
                                                                     nior, holding the number                                            Lakes. As a team they
Dulles High School but         but they should be sure to                                                                                                              their team!
                                                                     2 spot on the girl’s tennis                                         have won many champi-

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  Somewhere Over the Rainbow...You’ll Find Style
  A Week’s Worth of Ensembles Encompassing Spring’s Best Colors
  Katherine Owen
          As I gaze out my     ing a little bit of risk. Try   ly-remember, the best           quettish color, loosely        spring and its new favor-
window, I catch a glimpse      assembling an outfit with       harem pants are exagger-        tuck a slouchy tank top        ite color, pinky peach.
of the brilliant allures of    both electric yellow and        atedly high waisted- and        into a textured skirt, per-        Thursday: Ease to the        out on a limb, try to in-
nature. Flowers of differ-     a demure shade of lav-          the fit at the ankles must      haps in tweed. One piece       other side of the spec-          corporate a sequin detail;
ent shades of pink and         ender, one that’s hinting       be snug, but most impor-        will be the shade of peach     trum (in regards to Mon-         yes, the outfit is blue,
yellow are in bloom and        at pastel but doesn’t quite     tantly, the legs can’t be too   we spoke of while the          day’s theme of coordina-         however, it will make
delicate butterflies over-     cross the line. Make sure                                                                                           t i o n     you feel anything but.
whelm them; for miles          to make one the promi-                                                                                              colors)         Friday: End the week
and miles, enticingly          nent color in your outfit                                                                                           with a      with a bang; a cherry red
green grass carpets the        and the other merely the                                                                                            mono-       bang that is. I would also
land; there are the sub-       accent. Also, a light, neu-                                                                                         chro-       take this opportunity to
tle songs of regal birds,      tral color is also in order,                                                                                        matic       experiment with the nau-
sometimes drowned out          perhaps gray. Opting for                                                                                            look.       tical trend. Choose a black
by the scamper of greedy       a sundress, possibly one                                                                                            I ’ m       and white, horizontally-
squirrels, which, may I        with a dotted pattern will                                                                                          think-      striped top with a pair of
add, are nothing more          put a skip in your step                                                                                             i n g       mildly-distressed skinny
than glorified rats with       on an otherwise dreary                                                                                              blue.       jeans in a light wash. And
adorably bush tails; the       Monday morning. A little                                                                                            A cou-      now it is time to acces-
sun casts a gentle shad-       cropped jacket in an edgy                                                                                           ple of      sorize, enter the bomb-
ow on the earth’s splen-       cut and a pair of oxfords,                                                                                          months      shell shade of red. And
dor and occasionally, the      flats or heels, whichever                                                                                           a g o ,     lightweight, embroidered
clouds will peek out from      you prefer, will close the                                                                                          Glam-       scarf will tie the outfit to-
behind and grace us with       book on this stylish novel.                                                                                         our fea-    gether, pun intended. But
a drizzling rain. This over-     Tuesday: If you recall the                                                                                        tured       don’t just carelessly wrap
whelming magnificence          couture designer Thimis-                                                                                            the ev-     it around your neck a few
can only mean one thing:       ter, whom I mentioned in        baggy, else you may end         other will act as a scale,     er-fabulous Sarah Jessica        times and call it a fashion
spring is finally upon us.     an article a couple of is-      up looking like you are         balancing out the ensem-       Parker. One of the outfits       statement. Try turning
The drudgery of winter         sues ago, his collection re-    strutting down the halls in     ble with a piercing shade      she donned in her photo          it into a headband, or tie
ceases to be a burden and      volved around the military      a diaper, a definite fashion    of white or, if you dare,      shoot consisted of toma-         it as a loose bow around
we are no longer in bond-      slash utilitarian trend. To-    faux pas. A structured,         silver. If you prefer a        to-red tights with peep toe      your neck. If you aren’t
age by our depressing          day is the day to embrace       possibly sequined, tank         more feminine look, toss       boots in exactly the same        a big fan of scarves, or
clothes of muted shades.       it. Military jackets have       top in an abstract patter       the slouchy tank top and       shade; this brilliant styling    it’s just too hot outside,
Instead, color fills our       crowded clothing racks in       will compliment the pants       substitute it with a billowy   inspired me to encourage         there is always the cardi-
closets. And with so many      stores for years, and after     beautifully; just promise       blouse in a silk or sheen,     a monochromatic look…            gan or shrunken blazer
colors to choose from,         some contemplation, I           me…absolutely no cam-           precisely tucked in from       and tights. I understand,        option. And if these first
it’s nearly impossible to      have come to realize how        ouflage! But we are still       every possible angle. And      tights are simply not for        two choices don’t leave
limit yourself to just a       blase they are. To achieve      in the midst of spring,         to keep the outfit from        everyone, but don’t knock        you feeling satisfied, in-
couple. So how about a         the military trend, think       and slipping on a vibrant       looking too matronly,          it until you try it. This pri-   stead of donning a pair
simple guide to a whimsi-      outside that box; go for a      pair of magenta or fuch-        add a chunky accessory         marily blue ensemble is          of blue jeans, you could
cal week of chic, colorful     pair of harem pants in the      sia pumps will carry this       in a faded shade of black.     a daring one, but the key        don a pair of red ones.
clothes? Could that pos-       same subdued green. Ad-         ensemble to a whole             Whether this is a state-       is choosing the shade of         Cinch your figure with a
sibly be your cup of tea?      mittedly, pulling off ha-       new level of excitement.        ment necklace or belt,         blue you hold most dear,         skinny, braided belt, toss
    Monday: Coordinating       rem pants in a challenge,          Wednesday: A pinkish         caged booties, an over-        and then breaking it up          on an extra-long necklace
colors can be a feat in and    but the key is to achieve       shade of peach is a grow-       sized vest, it doesn’t mat-    with a neutral that has a        with a nautical pendant,
of itself, but what do you     perfection in the fit. The      ing phenomenon at this          ter. It’s a classic ensemble   yellow tint and avoid too        you have got yourself
say to starting the week       pants must contour to           point in fashion. To make       with an unexpected twist       much layering. If you            one sensational, sailor-
out on a high note by tak-     your waist shape perfect-       the most out of this co-        that exudes the spirit of      want to go even farther          inspired ensemble. Ahoy!

 Earth Day
 How to celebrate and collaborate with our planet
 Ashley Humphrey
On April 22nd the world        Earth Day Celebration           Conservatory. GHASP/            ties kicked off with the       the City of Houston,             what is even more ben-
celebrated the 40th an-        in Houston presented            MfCA celebrated the             Earth Day Houston 5K           Discovery Green and              eficial is reusing. Reuse
niversary of Earth Day.        a chance to show sup-           2nd Annual Earth Day            at 8 a.m. preceded by a        various green non-profit         your lunch paper bag;
After forty years of           port from communities           Houston Festival, 5K &          day-long celebration with      agencies.                        reuse anything that can
the first Earth Day, our       at the Discovery Green          Green Expo. The festivi-        family entertainment,             Though Earth day              be reused. Good for your
planet Earth is in greater                                                                     environmental education,       has passed, there are            pocket and good for the
danger than ever. It                                                                           the newly established          things that you can still        environment? Saving
presents a great oppor-                                                                        Green Expo and much            and always do. Think of          doesn’t get much better
tunity to build a healthy,                                                                     more.                          this as a reminder to be         than that. Also, in honor
prosperous, clean energy                                                                          This free one-day           conscious of our planet.         of our planet, plant a
economy now and for                                                                            celebration focused on         Some student’s may have          tree. It’s not expensive
the future. All formalities                                                                    the merits of mindful,         remembered to celebrate,         and will do wonders in a
aside, the point is that                                                                       sustainable living while       but for those that did           few years. Think of it as
recourses grow and the                                                                         educating and encour-          not, it is not too late!         a birthday gift. So now
idea of protecting the                                                                         aging Houstonians to           As a matter of fact, it is       you are left with no ex-
planet is reinforced.                                                                          preserve, conserve and         never too late. Remember         cuses? We thought so. So
  The beginning of April,                                                                      enhance not only the city      that little things do add        Reuse until you cannot
for example, presented                                                                         but the Earth. Developed       up. Whatever may seem            reuse any more…then
a very busy time for ac-                                                                       by Air Alliance Houston,       insignificant at the time        recycle.
tivities dealing with and/                                                                     Earth Day Houston Fes-         will make a big differ-
or supporting environ-                                                                         tival, 5K & Green Expo         ence. Though recycling
mental awareness. The                                                                          was an association with        is immensely important,
                            Page 8                                   Student Life
    Spring Has Sprung! College....
    A guide to making the most out of a                                                            The excitement and the stress
    favorite season.                                                                               Gabbi Sanchez
    Ashley Humphrey                                                place to be.                                              ‘10   because my best friend,         will only be three hours
                                   P.S. You might want to
                             ‘10                                                                            We are down to         Kathryn, is planning on         away, but adjusting to new
       Spring in HTX may be        check the weather with
                                                                       Take a road trip- Take      our final six weeks of high     coming to Texas State           friends, new routines, and
    one of the most anticipat-     anticipation. These plans
                                                                   a road trip to Austin,          school and I could not be       with me, but other than         an entire new city will be
    ed times of the year. Win-     all take advantage of the
                                                                   Galveston, or just the wa-      more excited to be done         her, all of my other best       pretty life changing. There
    ter has officially ended,      lovely spring weather.
                                                                   ter wall in the Galleria.       with this routine that I        friends will be out of state;   are so many small things
    and as we welcome spring,                                                                      have been dealing with for      in Louisiana, Colorado,         that I know I am going
                                       Picnic- Plan a picnic
    the trees and flowers flour-                                     Paint- If you enjoy paint-    the past four years. Wak-       and Alabama. I am really        to miss, like sleeping with
                                   with one or a few friends.
    ish. The weather is usually                                    ing or don’t know if you        ing up, going to the same       close with my friends and       my dog, eating dinner with
                                   Food always tastes bet-
    within a range of pleasant                                     do, paint something out-        classes, seeing the same        I know that it is going to      my family, and seeing my
                                   ter outside, so make some
    and bright, and the smell                                      side. If you want to do         people…it’s getting pretty      be really hard to keep the      neighbors. One of the
                                   healthy, fresh food or buy
    of nature permeates the                                        something really out of the     old. In August I will be on     same kind of relationship       biggest things that I am
                                   some sushi…if you like
    crisp and sometimes hu-                                        ordinary, paint your room       my way to San Marcos to         that we have when they are      nervous for next year is
    mid air. Need I say more?                                      to change things up for the     attend Texas State Univer-      going to be so far away. It     the classes I will be taking.
                                     Bike Rides - Go on a bike     summer. If you don’t want       sity and I can’t wait for the   is going to be weird not        My parents are spending
        Indeed, spring is a time                                   to put all that effort into
                                   ride with someone. Find                                         freedom of being able to        seeing them every day and       a lot of money to send
    where everyone wants to                                        painting a whole room
                                   trails that are both safe and                                   what I want when I want         not hanging out with them       me to college so I feel the
    be outside, and if they                                        yourself, paint something
                                   exciting like Mary Jo Peck-                                     to. There are so many           on a regular basis. My boy-     pressure to be successful
    don’t, then they should                                        on your room or for some-
                                   ham Park or the side walk                                       emotions that come along        friend will also be living in   in all of my classes so that
    want to. Simple activi-                                        one you love. It is ok if it
                                   at high land knolls!                                            with it being the final two     College Station and it is       I can get a good job some-
    ties become suddenly ad-                                       is not Leonardo Da Vinci        months in high school, but      going to be weird since we      day and everything will
    venturous. Simplicity and          Museum of Fine Arts         worthy; it is the thought       one of the biggest things       have been together for the      pay off. I have a lot ahead
    practicality become staples    Houston- Usually repeti-        that counts.                    that I am feeling is fear.      past four years and now         of me, and this is just the
    in everyday (or weekend)       tive when giving recom-                                         I have faith that I will be     we will be hours apart. I       beginning. I am scared,
    planning. And that’s what      mendations. But that is            Plant something- Plant       okay on my own next year,       know that I will make new       but I also have faith in my-
    makes spring so grand!         because it is worth it! For     some seeds and watch            but I fear that the relation-   friends, but it is going to     self. I cannot wait to move
    However, if you feel a lack    those of you who want to        them grow.                      ships I have with the peo-      be difficult to build the       to San Marcos and start
    in creativity, here are some   leave Katy for a couple of                                      ple in my life will change      friendship back up to the       my new life in college. I
    ideas that can be done         hours and disconnect a bit                                      dramatically and I am           level that my friends are at    understand the difficul-
    alone or with friends and/     from the houses made of                                         scared that it will be hard     right now. Another thing        ties I will soon face, but
    or family.                     ticky-tacky, the museum                                         to replace those relation-      I am worried about is not       I know that I am ready to
                                   district is a spectacular                                       ships. I am really happy        living at home. I know I        take them all on.

    Mane Event SAT Word Crossword Puzzle
                                                           �                 2           �
                                                                                                                                   The Definitions
                                                                                                                                   Across                          Down
                                                                                         �                                                                         1 The act of placing two
                                                                                                                                   2 A remedy for all ills or
                                                                                                                                   difficulties                    things next to each other
                                                                                                                                                             4     for implicit
                             6           �           8                                                                             Incorrect, misleading           3 Heinously villainous

                                                                                                                                   5 To thwart, frustrate,         6 The generous giving of
                                                                                                                                   defeat                          lavish gifts

                                                                                                                                   8 A destructive whirlpool       7 Mystifying, cryptic
                                                                                                                                   which rapidly sucks in
                                                                                                                                                                   11 A ranting speech
            �0    ��                                                                                                               objects
                                                                                                                                                                   12 Someone fond of eat-
                                                                             �2                                                    9 Humiliating, disgracing       ing and drinking

                                                                                                                                          10 Uninterested,         15 An order, decree
                                                           ��                                                                                                      17 To praise, revere
                                                                                                                                   13 To render incompre-          18 To demolish, level
                                                                       �4                                  ��
                                                                                                                                   14 To impact, affect,
            �6                                       ��                                                                            make an impression
                                                                                                                                   16 A difficult situation
                                                                                                                                   19 To corrupt by means
                                   20                                                                                              of sensual pleasures

                                                                                                                                   20 Praise for an achieve-

�d� f�r �ll �ll� �r                                        �        th� ��t �f pl���n� t�� th�n��
lt���                                                               n�xt t� ���h �th�r f�r ��pl���t

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