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									Make MON€¥ On Me

       Ken Nwankwo
          (The Guru’s Guru)
                           I Want To Make YOU RICH

Necessity they say is the mother of invention. I’m here to invent a new
wheel of financial change for you.

Since I have tried and learnt certain businesses and had become an
expert, I want you to leverage on my success to become successful if you
are diligent and honest.

For your sake, I just created a project called: “Make MON€¥ On Me”.

                       What is Make MONEY On Me project?

Make MONEY On Me project is a well-thought out strategy whereby you as
my client/subscriber makes money from my products and services doing
almost nothing.

It’s a situation whereby you bring business(es) to me, take your cut, pay me
and I execute the order.

However, I don’t need to pay you. You just arrange the business, pay
yourself first before paying me.

Isn’t it ridiculous?

That’s how far I went to make sure you enjoy unlimited cash that’s flowing
all over the internet.

So, to start-of, I will be giving you FOUR (4) HOT physical
products/services that will be fetching you at least N100,000/monthly if you
do your home-work very well.

Anyway, no need to waste your time. Let’s rush to these products and
services (plus money-making ideas attached to it) right away so that you
can start making cool CA$H.

Now, I welcome you to “Make MON€¥ On Me” project.

Ken Nwankwo
(The Guru’s Guru) – where Ideas Make MON€¥!

                                Rich Product 1

                             Magnetic Fuel Saver

      Do you know that you can save fuel, money and get more miles per
      gallon of fuel?

      Do you know you can save 20% fuel in your car today?

      If you have a car that smokes, do you know you can reduce it by

      Do you know you can improve the engine performance of your car?

      Do you know you can make lots of money re-selling this rare product
      in Africa?

Now, discover the possibility of changing your financial lifestyle by
changing the face of car industry in Africa.

                        Introducing Magnetic Fuel Saver!

   Fuel prices are rising all the time. Don’t be without magnetic fuel
          saver. The Fuel Saving Device You Can Depend On!

This is what Jacques Calvert, former President of PEUGUEOT-CITROEN
has to say about Magnetic Fuel Saver and I quote: “The most important

task for car industry nowadays is improvement of fuel combustion
inside the engine. It’s achievable by Magnetic Activation”.

The manufacturer of this Magnetic Fuel Saver in United Kingdom went into
research to come out with this fuel saver that has never been sold in Africa.

They used a proven and tested technology that had been in use for the
past 50 years to work on this fuel saver.

Thanks to new neodymium magnets. This device is small and still powerful
enough to affect any passing-by fluid: water, fuel or gas! Water is not the
only fluid that can benefit from magnetohydrodynamics.

Subjecting petrol and diesel fuel to a magnetic field results in more
complete combustion of that fuel. Magnetically treated fuel becomes much
softer – it has lower surface tension so it cleans the carbon build-up from
injectors and valves and sprays into smaller droplets.

Such fuel has also a tendency to attract oxygen molecules when mixed
with air in a combustion cylinder.

Which means: Clean injectors/carburetor + clean engine = better

The result is a more efficient and complete combustion of the fuel
throughout the entire chamber, generating more energy from same amount
of fuel, and reducing environmentally harmful hydrocarbon emissions.

So, whether it’s water for your home, office, or swimming pool, or fuel for
your vehicles, magnetohydrodynamics makes a positive difference.
Magnetic fluid conditioning is a technology that is here to stay.

  Look At The Snapshots Where I’m Holding The UK-Made Magnetic
                                 Fuel Saver

The above snapshots show the product: Magnetic Fuel Saver which
magnetize fuel (or fluids) to burn better and cleans your engine as you

        Benefits To Enjoy If Your Car Have This Fuel Saver

• Save fuel, save money, more miles per gallon.
• It can save 10% - 22% fuel in your car today.
• For cars that smoke, this reduces it by 50%.
• Helps pass emission testing.
• High octane performance with lower octane fuel.
• Fuel saver improves engine performance – quick start.
• Helps to stop scale build ups and corrosion in engine.
• Reduces wear on oxygen sensor and catalytic converter.
• Simple to install.

                    How To Install Magnetic Fuel Saver

• Locate the fuel supply line under pressure feeding the engine from
   fuel tank. Vehicles with fuel injection engines normally have two lines
   running parallel between the fuel tank and the engine, a supply line
   and a return line. While the engine is running, feel the lines and the
   colder one of the two will be the supply line.

• Insert the nylon tie through the grooves that have the tie retainer slot.
   This is to help hold the tie in position while applying the fuel saver to
   the fuel line.

• Simply place the fuel saver over the fuel supply line, at the accessible
   location as close to the carburetor or fuel injection system as

      possible. However, do not install the fuel saver in close proximity to
      the alternator or any electromagnetic energy source. Even installation
      on a metal line has given good performance. Good radiation can be
      achieved even through the metal nevertheless it takes more time to
      get its full potential. Do not install the device on braided metal fuel
      line. This should be replaced for base metal, rubber or plastic
      fuel pipe.

   • Complete installation by wrapping the tie completely around the fuel
      saver making sure the tie fits into the side grooves. Trim off the
      excess tie.


Due to the cleaning and removal process of the carbon/varnish deposits
inside the cylinders, the fuel consumption may temporarily increase during
initial cleaning cycle. Mileage will stabilise after a short time. Noticeable
improvement may take up to four tanks of fuel and, for optimum results to
be achieved, please allow 1,000 miles or 3 full tanks of gas. A clean air
filter, or a measure of carburetor or injector cleaner mixed in the fuel will
also help to give faster results and regular servicing is obviously still
necessary. Increased performance and smoother running will often also be

More so, Magnetic Fuel Saver will in NO way affects vehicle warranty
because it was designed to be fastened onto the outside of a fuel line, not
cutting into it.

            How Many Magnetic Fuel Saver Should I Apply?

This depends on the size of the engine. For example, all diesel engines
should use two (2) magnetic fuel savers. For petrol engines bigger than
2.01, two magnetizers should be applied.

It is recommended to install an extra magnetizer on cooling pipe coming
into cars’ radiator and another one on oil filter. Applied on cooling pipe
gives an extra boost to the engine cleaning process and prevents
engine overheating by removing water limescale.

When extra one is used on oil filter, it removes ferrous particles down to
submicron sizes, enhances cleaning capacity of the filter and adhesive
characteristic of the oil, similar to Castrol’s Magnatec.

         How Do I Make Money With This Magnetic Fuel Saver?

Now listen to this. The is product has been in Nigeria for sometime now but
we don’t do the marketing on national level. We have only introduced it to
individual medical doctors at National Orthopedic Hospital, Enugu;
University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Ituku-Ozalla; and ParkLane
Hospital, Enugu.

In fact, one of the medical doctors after using it for 2 weeks brought 18
other doctors to buy the Magnetic Fuel Saver. He saw the wonders of
“oyinbo” technology and swore he will not enjoy it alone.

For this reason, we want to take the marketing national and you are
reading this report first-hand from us to cash into this rare opportunity very

Before I show you the measures to take, let’s do some analysis here. Who
are your customers or clients for this product?

   • Multinational companies
   • Haulage firms
   • Oil companies
   • Banks and other financial organisations
   • Government – federal, state and local
   • Health institutions
   • Construction firms
   • Any organisation or individual that owns a car/vehicle

Okay, how many cars/vehicle do we have in Nigeria? I believe they are
more than 10million (to be conservative).

Now, can you see yourself selling 2,000 pieces of this product in the next
6months? If yes, then start preparing to answer questions from EFCC,
because you will stuff your bank account with lots of cash that your bank
manager will call EFCC for you.

Anyway, no cause for alarm. You are covered! EFCC will praise you for
helping the nation use less fuel for energy. They will even buy from you.

Then, what of securing mouth-watering contracts from government, oil
companies, construction companies or whatever? That will make you an
instant millionaire.

I know of a guy who bought a product from one company at N25,000 in
2008 and re-sold it to one oil company in Lagos for N500,000.

Do you think it’s not possible? It’s very possible. Nothing is impossible to
those who believe.

I know you want to know more on the price of this product. It’s not
expensive. The retail price is N10,000. But as one of our agents, you will
buy at N7,500 (FREE shipping anywhere in Nigeria) and re-sell at any price
you want. However, we recommend that you re-sell at N10,000.

                                   Rich Product 2

                        Inverters/Solar Power System

Do you know the biggest problem in Nigeria right now? I hope I don’t need
to tell you it’s power failures.

Some firms have stopped production in Nigeria and fled to Ghana because
of this problem. What of small businesses like us? It’s hell! I know how
much I spend on fuel for my generator in order to do my online business.

But, what of providing solution to this power problem? Don’t you think that
such solution will rake in hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of Naira? I
believe it will especially when the solution comes from an expert in the field.

To be frank with you, I don’t do the inverters and/or solar power generators
myself. But seeing all the problems one encounters trying to solve power
wahala in Nigeria, I went to one expert in the field for a solution.

What really made me to approach this man was that he had consulted
successfully with World Bank on one of their projects in the South East.
He did marvelously well in constructing inverters and solar power systems
for the University that World Bank cum State Government wanted to
provide constant power supply.

After much deliberation, he agreed to provide the solution to anyone or
organisation. However, I wasn’t satisfied. I wanted a situation whereby his
projects will be a financial blessing to lots of business-minded Nigerians.

He needed my idea on what to do and I didn’t fail you. I did my best to
infuse much ideas into his listening head.

Now, we have come up with a service whereby you can stand on this
man’s enviable shoulder to execute contracts on inverters and solar power

What it means is that you can get a deal, he will execute it and you pocket
your share. At the end, everybody is happy. It’s a Win-Win deal.

Before I continue, let me show you his cost for constructing different types
of inverters. That of solar system is not here because it’s a bit complicated.
We need to get more information about the household and their needs
before we can give you costs.

Check the table below:

S/No.    Power In        Input     No. Of     Construction Consumption
            KVA        Voltage    Batteries      Price in      (What it can
                                  Required        Naira            carry)
  1        0.5KVA        12V          1           55,000      2 bulbs, TV,
                                                              DVD player
  2        1KVA          12V          1           75,000      4 bulbs, TV,
                                                              DVD player
  3.       2KVA          24V          2           90,000      Fans, DVD
                                                              player, etc.
  4.       3.5KVA        36V          3          120,000      Electronics,
                                                              fridge, etc.
  5.       5KVA          48V          4          195,000      Fridge, flat.
  6.       8KVA          48V        5–6          400,000      Complete flat.

Note: The prices above is exclusive of batteries. You (or your client)
can either buy car batteries or Deep Cycle batteries. Deep Cycle
batteries are better and retains power for longer period when fully

                               Rich Product 3

                     PayPal Account Opening Service

Since I have been very successful opening and verifying PayPal accounts
for myself and clients nationally/internationally, I’ve decided not to enjoy the
money alone.

Do you know that opening and verifying PayPal accounts is one of the most
lucrative business in Nigeria and other PayPal-banned countries? Why?
Because, PayPal has succeeded in making their payment system very
important that you are seen as a serious marketer by would-be clients
when you accept PayPal dollars on your site or blog.

PayPal is being used by more than 170 million people worldwide. So, you
can see their relevance when it comes to online business.

Currently, I charge N6,000 per PayPal account. Now, being my agent, I
will charge you N5,000 per PayPal account.

What if you are getting 20 people in a month and sell the idea to them at
N7,000 per PayPal account, can’t you see that you will be making
N40,000 without lifting a finger?

You just get the clients and their money. Pay N5,000 for each account into
my bank account, send their full names and email addresses to:

After confirming your payment, I will execute and deliver the job within 5
days. I, you and your clients will be happy. It’s a Win-Win deal for

Very Important: I will not be opening and verifying US PayPal accounts for
clients. I use other countries in Europe and Asia.

However, if your clients need such account do contact me for my special

                              Rich Product 4

                         PayPal Account Funding

I’m now in a position to fund PayPal accounts. But be sure that such
PayPal account is verifed and able to accept payments.

As at now, I can fund your (or that of your clients’) account at N220/dollar.
However, because I want you to start making money on me, I will fund it for
you at N200/dollar while you pocket N20/dollar.

Assuming you are funding a total of $2000/month for your clients, you have
made N40,000/month out of this deal.

So, let’s say you sell 20 Magnetic Fuel Saver in a month, get 20 people
for opening/verifying PayPal account in a month and fund clients’
account worth $2000 in a month, you have grossed N130,000 that month.

But remember, you can make millions out of these Rich Product Ideas
within 3months using some advanced marketing strategies.

I will be updating this package as I bring out more products and services I
believe will change your financial life.

For payment details, do use any of the bank accounts below:

Account Number: 001 901 600 03200

GTBank Plc
Account Number: 531 513 176 110

FirstBank Plc
Account Number: 605 301 002 9403

Once you make payment, send email with the description of what you paid
for, your name, email address, amount paid, bank paid into and teller
number to: or text to: 0703.2733047. When I
receive your email or text and a payment confirmation from any the bank
above, I will execute your deal and feed you back ASAP.

So, start thinking BIG but start SMALL. Together, we will reach there.

Enjoy the millionaires’ ride.

I wish you the best of LUCK!

Committed to your success,

Ken Nwankwo
(The Guru’s Guru)

Ken Nwankwo is a business consultant majoring in trade, investment and
online businesses. He recently SWEAR under OATH that YOU must be
RICH doing the same thing he is doing to make tons of CASH. To get my
FREE eBook titled: “How To Make Quick Cash Even If You Are Dead
Broke”,                do           visit          my              blog:

                                THANK YOU
Visit now:
                                  - where Ideas Make MONEY

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