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Sustainability report 2008

                           initiatives that
                       Demonstrate our nature
         Since the 1950s, when Fundação Bradesco was created, followed by other initiatives,
         the Bradesco Organization has demonstrated throughouth its existence a concern
         with education, the environment and the development of the country, even at a time
         when concepts such as sustainable development were unheard of.
         The fact that a significant portion of the Brazilian population has faced difficulties
         accessing banking products and services, as well as issues raised by the community
         related to social-environmental commitments, led us to incorporate new management
         practices into our business strategy, focusing on three great pillars: Sustainable
         Finance, Responsible Management and Social-Environmental Investments.
         We highlight the following actions, among them:

                                With initiatives, such as banking inclusion (more people with access to

                                banking services), utilization of social-environmental criteria in credit

                                analyses and offering a wide range of social-environmental products,
                                including credit lines, investments, cards, insurance, certificated savings
                                plans and private pension plans.

                                With actions guided by a Social-Environmental Responsibility Policy, the

                                appreciation and development of employees and our commitment to the

                                Global Compact, Millennium Development Goals and Equator Principles,
                                Bradesco is included in sustainability indexes (Dow Jones Sustainability
                                Index, New York Stock Exchange and ISE – Corporate Sustainability Index of
                                BM&FBovespa) and has earned several certifications and acknowledgements.

                                Investments are made through the Fundação Bradesco, Finasa Sports Program,

                                Fundação Amazonas Sustentável (Sustainable Amazonas Foundation) and
                                other actions focused on education, culture and preservation, protection and
                                recovery of the environment.

         All these actions are reflected in the relationship with our stakeholders, generating
         value in our relationships.

 4 Message from the Presidency
 6 Sustainability Vision
12 Sustainable Finance
       Banking Inclusion
       Other Products
       Executive Committee of
       Products and Services
       Prevention of Illicit Activities

32 Responsible Management
       Ethical Relationships
       Relationship and Commitment
       of Interested Parties
       - Shareholders and Investors
       - Customers
       - Employees
       - Suppliers
       - Community
       - Government and Society              Report following the Global Reporting
                                             Initiative (GRI) guidelines
       - NGOs

68 Social-environmental Investments          Notes
       Fundação Bradesco                     1) Bradesco’s 2008 Sustainability Report (RS)
       Finasa Esportes                          and Annual Report (RA) 2008 are in line
       Fundação Amazonas Sustentável (FAS)      with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
       Educa+Ação Project                       guidelines. In addition to information
       (Education + Action Project)             on economic-financial performance,
       Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica              the RA (available at
       Other Partners Entities                  br/ir) broaches topics such as corporate
       Sponsorships and Donations               governance, risk management and market
                                                segmentation. In this publication, the
80 Sustainability Report                        reader will find our Vision of Sustainability
                                                and themes related to corporate social-
82 Performance Indicators
                                                environmental responsibility – sustainable
86 Social Report – Ibase                        finance, responsible management and social-
                                                environmental investments, as well as the
88 Index of GRI Indicators                      description of the Organization’s experience
91 Statement of Assurance                       in its relationship with diverse strategic
                                                audiences (stakeholders).
94 Independent Auditors’ Report              2) Several of the themes discussed in this
                                                publication are detailed with exclusive
95 Sustainability                               content on our Social-Environmental Web
                                                page (
                                             3) For information on the Organization’s profile
                                                and our economic performance, see the 2008
                                                Annual Report and the Financial Statements
                                                on our Investor Relations Web page (www.
Sustainability report 2008

        Message from the presidency
         2009 will present difficulties for the world   services, expanding our loan operations
         economy. We are facing an economic and         and increasing our presence in the
         financial crisis that began in developed       national territory.
         economies and was soon affecting the           Based on our Values and belief in the
         real economy with significant declines         strength of the Brazilian economy, we
         in consumption and employment.                 focus on three great pillars: sustainable
         For Brazil, the question is not whether        finance, responsible management and
         it will be affected by the crisis, but         social-environmental investments. In
         the magnitude of its effects in our            2008, we have achieved meaningful
         economy and how well we can resist             things on these fronts.
         them, considering several preventive           In order to make deeper the relationship
         measures that have been adopted by             with our stakeholders, in 2008, we held
         Brazilian authorities.                         the 1st Bradesco Cycle of Dialogue with
         The Bradesco Organization strongly             Stakeholders, with the participation of
         believes in Brazil, which was recently         employee, customer, supplier, government,
         rated “investment grade,” and we are           community, NGO and academic
         convinced that much has already been           community representatives that were a
         done, and still, there is enormous             tremendous help in preparing this report.
         growth potential even despite the crisis.      Everyday we stress the importance
         Certainly, under these circumstances,          of ethical conduct. We reviewed
         the challenges to be faced become even         the Bradesco Organization’s Code
         greater, but we will maintain our targets      of Ethical Conduct and created the
         and our business objectives. Moreover,         Sector Code of Ethical Conduct of
         over the past years, we have seen a trend      Purchasing Professionals that sets forth
         toward consolidation in the Brazilian          the guidelines for this professional’s
         banking system, with the reposititioning       relationship with suppliers, and we
         of some large institutions, that has           continue valuing citizenship. In 2008, we
         increased the maturity of the banking          reiterated our commitment to respecting
         system and also created new challenges.        and promoting human rights and,
         In 2008, we were faithful to our               together with several world leaders, we
         commitment to Brazil’s development,            signed a document supporting the 60th
         assisting more people and companies            anniversary of the Universal Declaration
         in accessing banking products and              of Human Rights.

We are continuously concerned with climate change, because
of its significant impacts on people’s lives and businesses. Thus,
we are strongly committed to the Global Compact and we
continue supporting the Millennium Development Goals and
the Equator Principles. We use social-environmental criteria
in granting loans to companies and selecting suppliers and
service providers, and we maintain a solid portfolio of social-
environmental products, always seeking to innovate with the
creation of new products in this line.
Concerning our internal activities and our social-environmental
impact, we obtained ISO 14064 Certification related to greenhouse
                                                                     Our Values
gas (GHG) emissions, structured an Eco-efficiency Program               Customer as the reason for
and we continue promoting education at Fundação Bradesco,                the Organization’s existence.
one of Brazil’s and the world’s largest private social-educational      Transparency in all internal
programs. Likewise, we encourage employee volunteerism.                  and external relationships.
Our efforts and work for the benefit of sustainable development         Respect for competition.
earned several national and international acknowledgements              Belief in people’s value and
from the market and representative entities. In Brazil, one of the       development capacities.
main acknowledgements was Bradesco’s being named a model                Respect for human
company for the first time in Guia Exame de Sustentabilidade, an         dignity and diversity.
annual publication of Exame magazine that includes companies            Social-environmental
that are considered a benchmark in this field. Abroad, we were           responsibility, promoting
elected the Best Brazilian Bank in 2008 and the Best Bank in             and motivating sustainable
the World in terms of the Environment and Social Corporate               development.
Governance according to the British magazine The Banker.                Commitment to continued
We plan to continue working on sustainability and development            improvement in the quality
of the country, providing our customers and other users with             of products and service.
the best solutions, quality, innovation and responsibility and
we invite everyone who maintains a relationship with our
Organization – employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders,
governments, communities, NGOs and the community – to
follow us in our continuous pursuit of a better world.

               Lázaro de Mello Brandão
                 Chairman of the Board of Directors

           Márcio Artur Laurelli Cypriano
                       Chief Executive Officer
Sustainability report 2008

                        Sustainability Vision

         Since its founding in 1943, Bradesco has been committed to Brazil’s development

         Strategy                                                        Strengthened relationship with our
         Since its founding in 1943, the Bradesco                         customers through ethical conduct,
         Organization has been committed to the                           qualified services, technological
         country’s development. The creation in                           innovation and adequate processes, with
         1956 of the first center that would become                       the support of a complete portfolio of
         Fundação Bradesco reflects our concern                           products and services and tools to listen the
         with education, people development,                              customer. Our most important objective
         banking inclusion and citizenship.                               is to maintain longstanding relationships
         We always seek to include sustainability                         through which everyone – the Bank,
         in our daily activities and business                             customers and society – are benefited.
         practices. Our business strategy is                             Customer base growth.
         concerned with increasingly raising the                        We are always seeking to expand our
         value of our Organization through three                        operations in the market, achieve
         basic drivers:                                                 positive results, ensure operational
          Monitoring, control and minimization                         efficiency and earn profit in every period
           of risks involving our businesses,                           on a longstanding and sustainable basis,
           processes and reputation.                                    though not at all costs.

                                        We constantly analyze market growth,                                                           we reach the foundation of our position
                                        attentive to crucial issues such as                                                            on sustainability, which is focused
                                        the increasing consolidation of the                                                            on three great pillars: sustainable
                                        national financial system, higher bank                                                         finance, responsible management and
                                        concentration through mergers and                                                              social-environmental investments.
                                        acquisitions, and the impacts of the                                                           Thus, it is possible to generate results
                                        world financial and economic crisis.                                                           that benefit our stakeholders through
                                        At the same time, we put special                                                               the Organization’s practices and
                                        e m p h a s i s o n t h e t ra i n i n g a n d                                                 businesses, creating sustainable value
                                        professional growth of our                                                                     in our relationships.
                                        employees, who are the foundation
                                        of our operations. Human capital                                                               Bank of the Planet
                                        management, which is a significant                                                             In order to strengthen our strategic
                                        indicator of the wealth, complexity and                                                        sustainability position, in 2007 the Bank
                                        diversity of Brazilian society, is at the                                                      of the Planet was created to combine all
                                        core of our strategic thought.                                                                 social-environmental programs of the
                                        As we advance in this direction, which                                                         Bradesco Organization. Thus, true to
                                        is evidenced by our business strategy,                                                         our motto “TO TEACH, TO INCREASE

                                 Sustainable                                                        Responsible                                                                           Environmental
                                   Finance                                                          Management                                                                             Investment

             Banking                  Products and                                    People                           Environmental                                                                                             Culture and
                                                        Environmental                                                                                     Education                          Environment
             Inclusion                  Services                                    Management                          Management                                                                                                 Sports

                                        Improve the
                                                                                            Be recognized                                        Improve the
                                      availability of     Increase the
                      Increase the                                                             as one of     Rationalize the       Work in       performance        Transform                           Preserve                            Support

                                       products and     loan operations                                                                                                                Recover
Expand the          customer base,                                                             the best      use of natural       partnership     indicators        Fundação                           remaining      Promote the         several types
                                     services adapted        that are       Disseminate                                                                                            degraded areas
 customer           mainly among                                                              companies       resources and     with suppliers   of Fundação    Bradesco into a                      natural areas   social inclusion      of cultural
                                       to customers’        analyzed      and incorporate                                                                                           of threatened
  service           the population                                                           and the best      maintain an      to disseminate    Bradesco’s     reference and                       of threatened      of young             events
                                       needs, taking       according       the culture of                                                                                             ecosystems
network in           not included                                                              financial      environmental       good social-      schools,      multiplication                        ecosystems    people through         through
                                        into account        to social-     sustainability                                                                                              through
   Brazil           in the banking                                                          institution to    management        environmental       aiming         center in its                        through           sports         donations and
                                           social-       environmental                                                                                                               partnerships
                         system                                                               work for in        system            practices      at quality      communities                         partnerships                        sponsorships
                                      environmental           criteria
                                                                                                 Brazil                                           education
Sustainability report 2008

         AWARENESS AND TO INVEST,” we have           Sustainability Management
         focused our efforts on:                     Structure
         - Sustainable finance, focused on           In order to emphasize our focus
         facilitating the population’s access        on sustainability and pay constant
         to financial products and services,         attention to market trends, we created
         responsibly expanding credit and            a Social-Environmental Responsibility
         maintaining a portfolio of quality          area (RSA), directly connected with
         products and services that take into        the Market Relations Department, that
         account social-environmental criteria.      plays an important role in monitoring
         Banking inclusion, specifically, has been   employee actions and awareness.
         a theme of our operations since the         Above the Social-Environmental
         inception of our activities. We believe     Responsibility area, we have the
         that the more people have access to         Executive Committee of Social-
         the banking system, the greater the         E n v i r o n m e n t a l R e s p o n s i b i l i t y,
         possibilities of economic growth.           composed of up to 10 executive officers
         - Responsible management, stressing         and those in charge of the Fiscal Audit,
         the appreciation and development of         Operating Control, Risk Management,
         employees, a better work environment        General Inspectorate, Marketing,
         and the preservation and protection of      Organization and Methods, Assets,
         - Social-environmental investments,
                                                         Organizational Structure
         aiming at supporting human                      Sustainability Management
         development with respect to education,
         the environment, culture and sports.                Board of Directors
         In addition, in order to support the
         sustainability movement, we created
                                                              Chief Executive
         the Bank of the Planet Community                         Officer
         –, a
         portal that already includes more
                                                                 Executive               Coordinator
         than 12 thousand users who exchange                   Vice-President

         information on sustainability themes,
         with approximately 110 thousand
                                                             Managing Director
         hits/month according to Google Analytics.
         It is a virtual area where everyone can
         interact, express their opinions and                Market Relations                             Executive
                                                           Department (RSA Area)                       Committee of RSA
         exchange experiences for the benefit
         of society and the environment and to                   Advisory
         promote citizenship.

                                                                                  Learn about the attributes of the

                                                                        v         Committee and of the Social-
                                                                                  Environmental Responsibility areas
Human Resources, Market Relations            Employees at all hierarchical levels, from
and General Secretariat areas, besides       leadership to operational positions, take
the head of Fundação Bradesco. The           part in the courses (for more details, see
Committee holds regular meetings on          the Employees Section in the Responsible
a quarterly basis, though they may be        Management Chapter).
called at any time.                          A great sustainability culture awareness
All sustainability actions are monitored     and dissemination program in 2008
by the Committee, which in turn              was the “Challenge of the Planet,” an
submits relevant issues to the top           educational quiz bowl competition
Management. Every day, the Committee         in which more than 87% of all active
monitors all initiatives of areas            employees participated (i.e., excluding
involved with supporting the Social-         employees on vacation or leave of absence).
Environmental Responsibility area.           Any employee wishing to participate in
                                             the Challenge should know sustainability
Awareness in Daily Activities                concepts and practices. We made some
In order to disseminate our strategy         supporting materials available to
and put it into practice, we have            participants: the employee version of
been seeking to promote an intensive         the Bradesco Sustainability Report, an
awareness and mobilization project           e-learning Sustainability Course, and
heavily focused on employees.                instructional leaflets with varied themes
We have workshops covering general           (water, deforestation, recycling, the
concepts connected with sustainability       Amazon, etc.). At the end of November,
and specific workshops covering, for         finalists gathered at an event in Cidade
example, Ethics, Sustainable Finance,        de Deus, Osasco, for the final contest.
SA8000 and ISO 14001 standards,              Five competition winners earned a trip
and Brazilian Sign Language (Libras).        to the Amazon.
Workshops may be on-site or distance         Internal communication is also a tool for
(training via the Intranet, Internet,        disseminating sustainability concepts
instructional leaflets or video training).   and initiatives. We communicate via

                                                                           Leaflets disseminate

                                                                   For further information about
                                                              v    Challenge of the Planet
                                                                   click here
Sustainability report 2008

         electronic messages, the Sempre em                    the 2008 Report, such as, for example:
         Dia newsletter, the Intranet, Interação                disclose an integrated and long-term
         magazine, thematic brochures and                        vision of our sustainability strategy;
         TV Bradesco programs that include                      establish a direct relationship between
         employee suggestions.                                   our business and sustainability
         For other audiences, these productions                  concepts;
         a re c e n t ra l i z e d o n t h e So c i a l -       discuss the responsible granting of loans;
         Environmental Responsibility Web                       indicate feasible sustainability targets;
         page (,                        demonstrate more impacts of the
         in the Sustainability Report and at                     Organization’s social-environmental
         external events such as the Apimec                      investments; and
         and Suppliers Meetings, in addition to                 break the Sustainability Report into
         specific campaigns.                                     segments, so that it can better meet
                                                                 the expectations of interested parties.
         Dialogue Panels
         As the start of a process for greater                 In Line with Global
         participation and commitment from our                 Commitments
         stakeholders, and also to support the                 Since September 2004, we have been
         preparation of this Sustainability Report,            commited to the Equator Principles,
         we promoted in 2008 dialogues with                    observing the social-environmental
         the following: customers, employees,                  responsibility criteria set forth by
         suppliers, NGOs, the government, the                  International Finance Corporation (IFC),
         community and representatives from                    the financial arm of the World Bank,
         the academic community.                               to evaluate the social-environmental
         This initiative, called the 1 st Bradesco             impacts of our loan granting operations
         Cycle of Dialogue with Stakeholders,                  for business projects (greenfield or
         involved the participation of more                    expansion) in amounts equal to or
         than 100 people and represented a                     exceeding US$ 10 million.
         valuable opportunity to discuss the                   We are also committed to the Global
         Organization’s position on several                    Compact, a United Nations (UN)
         issues. This was the first time we                    initiative to promote the alignment
         sponsored this type of initiative.                    of business policies and practices
         At these meetings, participants’                      with human rights, labor rights,
         suggestions and feedback concerning                   environmental protection and
         o u r 2 0 0 7 Su s t a i n a b i l i t y Re p o r t   combating corruption. We are also
         were analyzed and we discovered                       members of the Global Compact
         several opportunities to improve                      Brazilian Committee, which develops
         the Organization’s strategy and                       programs that support signator y
         management as well the preparation of                 organizations of the Global Compact

                                                                                  For further information about

                                                                              v   the 1st Bradesco Cycle of Dialogue
                                                                                  with Stakeholders click here
in the country and has been growing and gaining relevance
in society.
We are aligned with Millennium Development Goals, comprised
of eight global commitments signed by 191 members of the
United Nations in 2000 that seek sustainability and improved
quality of life worldwide.
For more information on these commitments, access:
Equator Principles ( Global
Compact ( Millennium Development
Goals (www.objetivosdomilê
In addition, in 2008, the Organization joined the Financial
                                                                                       ERADICATE EXTREME    ACHIEVE UNIVERSAL
Coalition Against Child Pornography. The Coalition gathers                             POVERTY AND HUNGER   PRIMARY EDUCATION

banks and credit card companies, as well as collection
companies and Internet service providers, and was
                                                                                       PROMOTE GENDER
implemented to map the flow of resources and close accounts                            EQUALITY AND
                                                                                       EMPOWER WOMEN
                                                                                                            INFANT MORTALITY

used to stimulate child pornography on the Internet. The
Coalition was created by two entities: ICMEC (International
Center for Missing and Exploited Children) and NCMEC                                   IMPROVE
                                                                                                            COMBAT HIV/AIDS,
                                                                                                            MALARIA AND OTHER
                                                                                       MATERNAL HEALTH      DISEASES
(National Center for Missing and Exploited Children).

Sustainability Indexes                                                                 ENSURE               ESTABLISH A GLOBAL
                                                                                       ENVIRONMENTAL        PARTNERSHIP FOR
In 2008, Bradesco was once again included on the Dow                                   SUSTAINABILITY       DEVELOPMENT

Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), a New York Stock Exchange
index that lists the world’s best companies in terms of
corporate governance practices and social-environmental
responsibility. Currently, only eight Brazilian companies are
listed on this index. Worldwide, there are 320 companies from
19 economic sectors. This index is a quality benchmark for
worldwide investor analysis, as it identifies the publicly-held
companies that seek to integrate economic, environmental
and social factors into their activities.
In addition, Bradesco is listed on the Corporate Sustainability
Index portfolio of BM&FBovespa. ISE’s objective is to promote
good practices in Brazilian business.

    To learn about our initiatives related to our       To obtain more information about sustainability
v   global commitments, access our Social-
    Environmental Responsibility Web page
                                                    v   indexes, access:
                                                        (Dow Jones Index) and
    (                           (ISE BM&FBovespa)
Sustainability report 2008

                  Sustainable Finance

Banking Inclusion                                   Customer Service Network
We always practice the “open door”                  Bradesco’s Network is present throughout
policy, which is committed to serving               the country and is available to customers
everyone without discrimination. We                 and non-customers alike. It is composed
have endeavored to promote banking                  of 10,561 Bradesco service stations
inclusion for people who were excluded              and 27,622 third party service stations
from the traditional financial system               (1,313 stations integrated with the
and democratize banking products                    Banco24Horas network). In 2008, 197
and services.                                       Branches were opened – 171 in Retail –
In order to support this inclusion process,         further increasing our extensive Network.
we rely on an extensive network of                  Service stations present in almost
service stations, besides those operating           all Brazilian municipalities are also
as correspondent banks (Banco Postal                installed in communities where not so
and Bradesco Expresso), directly and                long ago the population had no access
indirectly benefiting millions of people            to the banking system and in locations
who were excluded from the financial                where these services were insufficient
system. In several municipalities where             to provide for the potential banking
the Bank is present through its network             inclusion of the community.
of correspondent banks, the only means              In addition to the traditional Branch
of access were via boat, ferry, barge               Network, we also have Banco Postal
or plane, creating difficulties for the             (in partnership with the Brazilian
population to pay bills and receive social          Postal Service – Correios), with 5,946
security benefits (INSS). Travel time and           Branches as of 2008.
costs absorbed a signification portion of           We also have Bradesco Expresso in
the population’s income.                            supermarkets, drugstores, retail stores,
The banking inclusion process may also              department stores and other types of
start at early age. With the launch of              establishments. There are more than 16
Click Conta Bradesco in October 2008,               thousand service stations throughout
young people between 12 and 17 years                the countr y ser ving millions of
of age with their parents’ approval could           people, with approximately 20 million
apply for a checking account and receive            transactions per month.
financial education orientation, run                The Bank is also present in other
simulations and receive a debit card that is        countries, such as Argentina, Japan,
practical and secure (personal password).           the United Kingdom, Luxembourg and
Bu i l d i n g c u s t o m e r l oy a l t y a n d   the United States through Branches
monitoring their development are part               and Subsidiaries, with the chief
of our strategy.                                    objective of obtaining resources in the

                                                                     Learn more about our Customer
                                                                 v   Service Network at
                                                             Rede de Atendimento
                                                                     (Customer Service Network)
Sustainability report 2008

     Where Bradesco is present

      Bradesco service stations
      Bradesco Branches                               3,339
      Banco Bradesco BBI Branch                           1
      Banco Finasa BMC Branches                          15
      Banco Bankpar Branches                              2
      Banco Alvorada Branch                               1
      Bradesco Cartões Branch                             1    Bradesco Expresso
      PABs (Banking Service Branch)                   1,183
                                                               Banco Postal
      PAEs (Electronic Service Branch in Companies)   1,523
      PAAs (Advanced Service Branch)                  1,032
      Finasa Promotora de Vendas (Finasa branches)      156
      External Outlets – ATMs                         3,296

      Service stations – third parties
      Outlets supported by the Banco24Horas Network 4,732
      Banco Postal                                  5,946
      Promotora de Vendas – BMC
      (Correspondent Banks)                           883     Branches       5
      Bradesco Expresso (Correspondent Banks)      16,061     Subsidiaries   7

international market for onlending to customers, cheifly
through financing Brazilian foreign trade operations, and
also to conduct the offering of shares and other instruments
of Brazilian companies abroad.

Retail is very important at Bradesco. Factors such as an extensive
Branch Network and a large number of ATMs and other access
                                                                     The power of
channels which democratize services, as well as appropriate,         inclusion
quality products and services are cited by customers in surveys
as key to their regular use and Bradesco’s penetration.              In the city of Autazes,
Together, our Branch Network, Banco Postal and Bradesco              Amazonas State, population
Expresso serve more than 5.2 thousand municipalities. In 2008,       25 thousand, we have had
171 Retail Branches were inaugurated (53 more than in 2007),         a solid history of banking
and the network is now composed of 3,030 Branches, adding            inclusion. In this small
almost 19 million account holders to its base.                       town, Bradesco inaugurated
                                                                     a Branch (the only bank
Banco Postal                                                         branch in the city) and the
A model of the successful banking inclusion of the low-              use of cards was established.
income population is Banco Postal, a partnership between             To show how the card could
Bradesco and Correios since 2002. There are almost 6                 help account holders, an
thousand service stations in 5,113 Brazilian municipalities          instructional leaflet was
that allow the opening of bank accounts and provide access           created in accessible and
to banking products and services, such as payment of bills           playful language. Local
and bank slips.                                                      businesses also received
The number of accounts opened at Banco Postal exceed 7               equipment to offer the option
million, and more than 91% of these account holders have an          of debit card payments.
average monthly income                                               With the use of card, the
of up to three times the                                             town’s economy gained
minimum wage. For the                                                momentum and was able to
first time, these customers                                          grow. Before then, residents
had the opportunity                                                  had to make a 26 hour boat
to obtain checkbooks                                                 trip to Manaus to collect
and a credit card, have                                              payments and benefits, and
savings accounts and                                                 spent a large portion of these
access to loans with a                                               monies in other places.
qualified institution. With                                          See the video on the results
this partnership, it was                                             of this initiative at
possible to install more      Banking inclusion            
Sustainability report 2008

Banco Postal:                             Bradesco Expresso:                          Transactions at
number of Branches                        total of partnerships                       correspondent banks*
                                                                                      (in thousands)





     2005     2006     2007     2008           2005     2006     2007      2008               2005        2006       2007       2008
                                                                                     * Includes Banco Postal and Bradesco Expresso

                                         than 1,700 units in cities that did not have any branch,
                                         benefiting millions of people.
                                         Banco Postal also made the lives of retirees and INSS
                                         pensioners easier (Bradesco provides monthly payments to
                                         5.1 million retirees and pensioners), who now receive their
                                         benefits without having to leave home. With no travel costs
                                         to neighboring cities, long trips on precarious roads or boats,
                                         these people were able to save money and spend more at local
                                         businesses, increasing the circulation of money.
                                         Thus, Banco Postal promotes local social-economic
                                         development, stimulates higher tax collection from
                                         government authorities, foments savings and works as a
                                         basis of entrepreneurship (new businesses), job creation
                                         and citizenship.

                                         Bradesco Expresso
                                         With the same objective, we created Bradesco Expresso,
                                         a partnership with commercial establishments such as
                                         drugstores, supermarkets, department stores, retailers and
                                         other similar segments that provide basic bank services,
                                         such as payment of bills, bank slips, taxes and fees, prepaid
                                         mobile airtime and withdrawals from checking, savings and
                                         INSS accounts.
                                         For the customers and communities served by Bradesco

Expresso, the service offers all of
the system’s features and allows
the convenience of having banking
services closer to home or the work
place. For the Bank, Bradesco Expresso
represents the best alternative to
approach low-income customers
who do not have a bank account yet.
For shop owners, this model means
an increase in customer turnover,
stimulating repeat visits to the store
and paving the way for building
customer loyalty and boosting sales.

Other Channels
Customers also have other convenient          Full access and convenience

channels to maintain a relationship
with the Bank:
Internet: customers may carr y                   accounts as well as other products
 out bank transactions and check                  available on this channel by means
 products and services through 57                 of electronic and customized service.
 Bradesco web pages of which 40 are               Through specific numbers, customers
 institutional and 17 are transactional.          have access to a series of call centers.
 Currently, Bradesco Internet Banking             371.7 million transactions were carried
 has 9.8 million registered users,                out at these centers in 2008.
 accounting for 1,549.1 million                  Bradesco Celular: the customer is
 transactions in 2008.                            able to make payments, purchase
Self-ser vice: through Bradesco                  prepaid mobile telephone airtime,
 machines – Bradesco Dia&Noite. There             make transfers, check loans and
 are more than 29 thousand machines               account balances, among others,
 nationwide. In addition, customers               with the protection of the Bradesco
 m a y u s e 5 , 3 0 6 Ba n c o 2 4 Ho ra s       Security Key for authentication of
 machines.                                        debit transactions. In 2008, 4.2 million
Phone Service: 24 hour, seven day a              transactions were carried out.
 week telephone access, whereby the              Infoemail Bradesco: the customer can
 customer may obtain information,                 receive the “boleto fácil” (easy bank
 conduct transations and purchase                 slip payment), balances, entries and
 products and services related to his or          alerts via e-mail. 435,501 customers
 her checking, savings and credit card            are registered in this service.

                                                      For more details about Call Centers and
                                                  v   Convenience Channels, visit
                                                       Atendimento (Services)
Sustainability report 2008

                             Bradesco Seguros e Previdência
                             (Insurance and Private Pensions)
                             Bradesco Seguros e Previdência operates in the following
                             segments: Vehicles, Basic Lines, Health Insurance, Certificated
                             Savings Plans, Life Insurance and Supplementary Private
                             Pension Plans, covering the whole national territory with call
                             centers and Internet services, in addition to on the support of
                             Bradesco’s nationwide Branch Network.

                                 Policyholders, customers and participants (in thousands)
                                 Activity                                 2006           2007              2008
                                 Policyholders                          14,164         19,802            22,962
                                  - Health                               2,620          2,858             3,826
                                  - Auto/RCF                             1,281          1,167             1,268
                                  - Basic Lines                            959            907               924
                                  - Life                                 9,304         14,870            16,944
                                 Participants                            1,798          1,901             1,974
                                  - Private Pension Plan                 1,267          1,321             1,374
                                  - VGBL                                   531            580               600
                                 Customers                               2,311          2,289             2,546
                                  - Certificated Savings Plans           2,311          2,289             2,546
                                 Total                                  18,273         23,992            27,482

                             Accessibility for Customers and Other Users
                             We developed several services to offer accessibility to customers
                             and users with disabilities. New facilities already include the
                             structure necessary to facilitate the access of these users and
                             older buildings have been adapted.
                             Among the adjustments, we mention:
                              ATMs retrofitted for wheelchair users and the visually
                              textured flooring;
                              access ramps;
                              toilets adapted for wheelchair users;
                              parking spaces for people with disabilities; and
                              employees trained in Brazilian Sign Language (Libras).
                             We also maintain specific initiatives in the services area. In
                             November 2007, we launched the bank statement in Braille
                             service, the first in the country. Customers receive a consolidated
                             statement at their homes. Another alternative is the large-
                             font format, making reading easier for low-vision customers.
                             Visually-impaired customers can also move their checking

                                                                             Further information on initiatives

                                                                         v   to facilitate access for the visually-
                                                                             impaired is available at
Wheelchair access                            Special entrance for the visually-impaired

accounts via the Internet with the Virtual   risks that could indicate problems
Vision software.                             for the company’s continuation of
Hearing-impaired customers rely on           operations and its ability to pay is
an Exclusive Center, whose employees         evaluated, as well as negative social-
receive specific training to serve           environmental impacts. The approval
these customers. Bradesco Seguros e          goes through an evaluation process by
Previdência also has a similar service,      the Loan Department, which alerts the
the Call Center for the Hearing-Impaired.    Executive Loan Committee, responsible
                                             for approving the financing, if any
Credit                                       of these variables presupposes risk,
Granting Criteria                            and to the Executive Committee of
We are one of the largest financers of       Social-Environmental Responsibility
economic activity, fulfilling the mission    if the operation involves social-
of democratizing and expanding credit,       environmental impacts.
thus supporting businesses in various
sectors and directly contributing to
regional and national development.
As determined by the Loan Policy, any
loan application, regardless of the type     We have been signatories of the Equator
or purpose of the operation is submitted     Principles since September 2004. The
to an economic-financial analysis of the     Equator Principles are a set of criteria and
company or economic group and the            guidelines laid down by the International
existence of credit, exchange, image,        Finance Corporation (IFC), the financial
performance and social-environmental         arm of the World Bank.
Sustainability report 2008

         The Equator Principles, to which we                                      Internally, we have made progress in
         committed in September 2004, are a                                       management processes and analysis
         group of criteria and guidelines set forth                               of operations under the Equator
         by the International Finance Corporation                                 Principles, as well as in the relationship
         (IFC), financial arm of the World Bank.                                  with other signatory financial
         These principles must be followed by                                     institutions and interaction with
         signatory banks during the process of                                    customers, consulting firms and other
         assessment of social-environmental                                       stakeholders involved. In addition, we
         impacts referring to loan applications for                               have made progress concerning social-
         corporate projects (project finance), both                               environmental requirements.
         greenfield or expansion projects amounting                               We have also made progress in the
         to US$ 10 million or more. In this regard                                assessment of social-environmental risks
         and in line with the Equator Principles, we                              and in the management of loan operations
         only grant loans to projects that adhere to                              in general. We expect to implement a new
         the Social-Environmental Performance                                     operating structure in 2009, connected
         Standards and EHS Guidelines (health,                                    with the Loan Department and composed
         safety and environment) established                                      of professionals with multidisciplinary
         by the IFC. For further details on the                                   backgrounds. The focus of the projects
         performance guidelines and standards, see                                will be to promote and analyze social-
         the IFC Guidelines and Policies Referenced                               environmental assessments of financed
         in the Equator Principles Web page:                                      projects in all loan operations, including                                   those encompassed by the Equator
         Content/EnvironmentalGuidelines.                                         Principles.

          Projects financed by risk category
          – Equator Principles                                                    Santo Antônio and Jirau
                                          2006          2007          2008        hydroelectric plants
          High risk (A)                      -             3             3
                                                                                  We are one of the banks financing the
          Average risk (B)                   7             8            10
          Low risk (C)                       -             -             -        construction of the Santo Antônio and
          Not categorized                    -             -            3*        Jirau hydroelectric plants, part of the
         *As of the conclusion of this Report, two projects were under analysis
          and have not yet been categorized. There is also a third project to     Madeira River complex located in the
          which the Bank is not the financial agent, but performs advisory
          services. It is an IPO operation, and in this situation, the Equator    state of Rondônia. Together, the plants
          Principles establish that the signatory bank should inform the client
          of the relevance of assessing the venture’s social-environmental risk
          and observe the criteria set forth by the Principles.
                                                                                  will have the potential to generate 6.45
                                                                                  thousand megawatts of electricity and are
         In 2008, the projects assessed according                                 among the main projects in the Growth
         to the Equator Principles were in the                                    Acceleration Plan (PAC) of the federal
         following sectors: sugar and ethanol                                     government in the energy area. PAC
         (production, grinding and co-generation of                               encompasses various actions that aim at
         energy), hydroelectric power, transmission                               contributing to the development of the
         of energy, sanitation and mining.                                        country and the improvement of national

                                                                                                   For further information about the

                                                                                               v   Equator Principles, visit
infrastructure (further details at
Bradesco, attentive to the implications that projects of such                           APLs (Local
magnitude may cause, in line with its social-environmental
responsibility and as a signatory of the Equator Principles,
requires that financed projects observe the best international                          Agreements)
practices and standards.
In order to ensure that the Santo Antônio and Jirau projects
                                                                                        boost SMEs
incorporate these guidelines, Bradesco and the other
financing banks expressly formalized the entrepreneurs’                                 APLs are groups of small to
commitment to the performance guidelines and standards                                  medium sized companies
established by the Equator Principles.                                                  located in the same region with
Independent social-environmental consulting firms that                                  specialized production and
are internationally recognized and have already worked                                  some kind of bond between
in the assessment and adequacy of projects with the same                                them in terms of articulation,
requirements were also contracted.                                                      cooperation, and learning.
We continuously monitor the social-environmental aspects of                             They count on the support of
the area affected by the projects in compliance with applicable                         the government, credit, and
social-environmental laws, as well as criteria set forth by the                         educational and research
Equator Principles.                                                                     institutions, in addition to
                                                                                        business associations.
Loan Profile                                                                            We began working with APLs
For SMEs, three factors are considered: grace period, interest rate                     in February 2003 through a
and term. For large corporations, we have specific solutions. For                       partnership with Sebrae-SP
individuals, their profiles are assessed based on their relationships                   and FIESP (the Federation
with the Bank and adjusted according to their behavior and scores                       of Industries of the State of
in terms of their operations track records, with the exception of                       São Paulo) to operate in four
the Prime segment, which has more personalized options.                                 regions of inland São Paulo:
                                                                                        Ibitinga (embroidery hub),
Loans by customer type – %
(corporations + individuals)                                                            Mirassol (furniture industry),
                                               2006          2007         2008          Limeira (jewelry), and Vargem
Large Corporations                              28.8          27.3         30.5
Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Companies         30.0          32.0         31.0
                                                                                        Grande do Sul (ceramics).
Individuals                                     41.2          40.7         38.5         As of October 2004, the
                                                                                        Bank joined the Brazilian
In the farming and ranching sector, Rural Loan operations                               Ministry of Development,
(mandatory funds) target financing (farming and ranching),                              Industry and Foreign Trade’s
commercialization and investment (purchase of equipment                                 Permanent Workgroup (GTP
and tractors, etc.). The portfolio is valued at R$ 5.076 billion.                       - APL), and since then it has
Out of the contracted volume in 2008, 62.5% was earmarked for                           directly contributed to the
operations in amounts of up to R$ 130 thousand.                                         development of guidelines
                                                                                        and criteria for operations
                                                                                        in these locations, including
                                          The Web site
                                                                                        the allocation of resources.
                                   v      was made available in order to assist
                                          the sector with information related to
                                          agribusiness, credit services and products.
Sustainability report 2008

                    Social-environmental Credit Lines
                    We maintain 31 social-environmental lines of credit for specific groups, amounting
                    to an investment portfolio of R$ 2.14 billion.

      Name of Product                          Main Characteristics
      Environmental Leasing          Special leasing conditions for the acquisition of assets that contribute to environmental preservation.
      CDC Gas Kit                    Financing for vehicle fuel conversion to natural gas – GNV (equipment certified by Inmetro).
                                     Loans for corporate clients whose activities are related to social development and environmental preservation and
      Environmental Working Capital
                                     that have obtained the ISO 14001 Certification, or whose activities are related to recovery of metal or plastic materials.
                                     Loans for corporate clients that have a certificate for forest management/
      Forest Working Capital
                                     custody chain or an agreement that proves the certification process.
      CDC Solar Heater               Credit line for the acquisition of solar heating equipment (certified by Inmetro).
      CDC Forest Certification       Line of credit to customers who want to get the Forest Certification.
      Bradesco Eco–financing         Bradesco, in partnership with the Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica, contributes to planting
      – Vehicles                     trees for the Forest of the Future Program with all CDC and Lease vehicle financing.
                                     Financing for farming and ranching sector projects to increase productivity,
                                     product quality standards and sanitary / environmental adaptation.
                                     Financing for soil correction projects, recovery of degraded pasture lands and flood plain cultivation and
      Moderagro Solo***
                                     environmental adaptation of rural properties, especially to recover legal reserve and permanent preservation areas.
                                     Financing for planting and maintaining industrial-use forests and for recovering
                                     and maintaining forest preservation and legal reserve areas.
                                     Financing for energy efficiency projects that are proven to create energy savings, increase the total
                                     efficiency of the energy system or promote the replacement of fossil fuels with renewable sources.
      Sanitation for all             Financing for sanitation projects, such as water supply, sewage sanitation and treatment of solid waste, among others.
      Payroll Deductible             Payroll deductible loans for employees working in private companies represented by Unions.
                                     Financing for the acquisition of home building material, through an agreement with storeowners
      CDC Construction Material
                                     associated to Anamaco (the Brazilian Association of Home Building Material Sellers).
      Microcredit for Individuals    Loans for low-income customers.
      APL Working Capital            Loans for micro and small-sized companies participating in the APL projects.
                                     Financing for machinery and equipment for micro and small-sized companies
      CDC APL
                                     participating in a Local Productive Agreement (APL).
      Corporate Microcredit          Loans for low-income micro-entrepreneurs.
      CDC MBA/Post Graduate          Financing for specialization, post graduate and MBA courses.
      CDC Telephone for Hearing
                                     Financing for acquisition of telephones for the hearing-impaired.
      Impaired People
      CDC School Material/
                                     Financing for the acquisition of school material and payment of enrollment fees.
      Enrolment Fee
                                     Financing for vehicle adapataion equipment and acquisition of wheelchairs, prostheses, Braille
      CDC Accessibility – Assets
                                     machines and sporting equipment, among others, for people with disabilities.
      CDC Accessibility – Services   Credit line for people with disabilities to finance vehicle adapation services and remodeling (access ramp, etc.).
      CDC Seminar/Congress           Financing for congress, seminar, exhibition and event enrollment fees.
      CDC Educational Material and
                                     Financing for the acquisition of educational material and computers.
      Computers (University Account)
      Credit lines – Santa           Credit lines with special conditions, fees and terms for micro, small and medium-sized
      Catarina Floods                companies of Santa Catarina State that suffered losses due to flooding and landslides.
      SOCIAL – BNDES onlending
                                     Financing for machinery and equipment for the modernization and
                                     stimulation of the Brazilian industrial park and health sector.
      Moderinfra                     Financing of irrigation and storage projects to develop sustainable irrigated agriculture.
      Progeren                       Financial support in the form of working capital to increase production, employment and total salaries.
      Connected Citizen Financing
                                     For retailers to purchase computers to be sold with special price and fee terms.
      Program – Computer for All
      Profarma                       Financing for investment projects for construction, modernization and expansion of the industrial health complex.
     *** Currently referred to by BNDES as Produsa.

      Social-environmental lines of credit
      Total portfolio*                                                                                                                            R$ 2,138.5 million
      Total operations*                                                                                                                                     193,916
      Total assets **                                                                                                                              R$ 173.423 billion
      % Social-environmental products/Total assets **                                                                                                         1.23%
     * Does not include amounts related to Bradesco Ecofinancing – Vehicles, Profarma and Connected Citizen. Includes amounts from Proinfa and the Higher Education Program
       (IES), CDC Computers for Teachers, and the pre-approved Credit Line for undergraduate students, discontinued in 2008.
     ** Total loans and financing assets (does not include credit card and foreign exchange operations).

                                                                     Growth of social-environmental
   Support to the victims of the Santa Catarina floods               credit lines portfolio
                                                                     Amount at the end of the year (in billions of reais)

   In November 2008, the Bank created a special credit line
   with reduced interest rates and a grace period to assist micro,

   small and medium-sized companies that suffered losses

   due to landslides or flooding in Santa Catarina State.

The scope of Environmental Leasing was expanded. This
line, in addition to leasing water treatment and reutilization
equipment used in basic sanitation and industrial processes,
now includes equipment for renewable energy generation
and air and waste treatment.                                            2004            2005            2006               2007             2008

BNDES Onlending Credit Lines                                         Bradesco BNDES Card
Bradesco is one of the main financing agents of National             Onlending volume (in millions of reais)

Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES)

onlending to finance projects and acquire new machinery
and equipment manufactured in the country for the
industrial, business, services and farming and ranching
sectors. In 2008, the total volume of BNDES onlending
reached R$ 8.9 billion.

BNDES looks at the requirement of environmental licenses as
a factor when financing in any sector, and this is in line with                                    145.7

our Loan Policy, aiming at ensuring that financed projects are

developed in a socially responsible manner and reflect solid
environmental management practices.                                              2005            2006             2007             2008

In addition, Bradesco is the only private bank that has
established a partnership with BNDES to offer a card used
by micro, small and medium-sized companies with up to
R$ 60 million in sales. This system, following the concept of
credit cards, works as an agile onlending instrument, mainly
for the acquisition of new machinery and equipment, with fees
below those practiced on the market – around 1% per month
– and no annual fees.
BNDES has recently authorized paying the cost of obtaining
certifications, such as, for example, ISO 9000 and ISO 14000,
with the BNDES Bradesco Visa Distribuição card to help
increase the competitiveness of micro, small and medium-
sized companies. This card can also be used for Accreditation
services (system for assessing and certifying the quality of
health services) for hospitals and similar institutions.
Sustainability report 2008

                             The Bank has credit lines to assist low-income individuals and
                             micro-entrepreneurs, such as Microcredit, the portfolio of which
                             amounts to R$ 21.8 million, and specific lines of credit to serve
                             Banco Postal and Bradesco Expresso customers.

                             Partnerships to Democratize Credit
                             In order to facilitate access to credit, especially for the D
                             and E classes that, according to the Brazilian Institute of
                             Geography and Statistics (IBGE), currently account for 26%
                             of the country’s population, we have maintained strategic
                             partnerships over the past years with several retail chains.

   Bradesco                  We would like to point out our partnership with Casas Bahia,
                             whose growth over the past 10 years transformed this retailer
  maintains                  into an international business exemplar. Other partners
                             operating in several regions of the country are: Microsoft,
   strategic                 Gabryella, Grupo Ponte, Facilar, Socic and Eletrozema. In
 partnerships                2008, approximately R$ 2 billion was earmarked for financing
                             operations deriving from partnerships with these companies.
 with retailers              Also in the low-income credit segment, the Bank issues
 to faciliatate              Private Label cards through agreements with retail chains that
                             sell home appliances, foodstuffs, clothing and medications,
popular access               among others, with Casas Bahia, Colombo, G. Barbosa, Coop,
    to credit                Leader, Esplanada and Drogasil standing out. The new Casas
                             Bahia store in Paraisópolis – the 2nd largest slum in São Paulo
                             City – offers and accepts the Casas Bahia credit card.
                             This is a way of appreciating customers and building loyalty,
                             by providing access to banking products and services and
                             allowing purchases in installments at partner and other
                             retailers. At the end of 2008, there were 13,289,984 of these
                             cards, corresponding to sales of R$ 7.1 billion.

                             Housing Finance
                             Bradesco holds an outstanding position in the real estate
                             finance segment. The Web site,
                             created to assist people interested in purchasing their
                             home and to build a closer relationship with home builders,
                             developers and real estate agencies has been an important tool
                             in the portfolio growth process.

In granting loans to finance real estate        card annuities were donated to
development projects, the location,             philanthropic entities. 19 years ago, we
building and installation conditions are        created the SOS Mata Atlântica
analyzed, and builders are required to          Affinity Card, where part of
obtain certification from the Brazilian         revenues from annual fees is
Program of Quality and Productivity in          transferred to the SOS Mata
the Housing Industry (PBQP-H).                  Atlântica Foundation.
In 2008, the balance of real estate financing   The card already
stood at R$ 5.4 billion for individuals         transferred R$ 34.638
and corporations, growing 63.9% when            million to the project,
compared to the balance in 2007.                mainly destined
                                                to reforesting
João de Barro Agreement                         degraded areas,
Bradesco has a partnership with the             training technicians
Brazilian Association of Home Building          and preparing new
Material Sellers (Anamaco) and its              projects to protect the
regional offices, and created the João          rainforest.
de Barro Agreement. This is a specific          Bradesco is a co-founder of
credit line for financing the purchase          the Fundação Amazonas
of home building material. The process          Sustentável (FAS), or the
is simple, without bureaucracy :                Sustainable Amazonas Foundation,
customers submit their budgets to the           which also has an affinity card, an
Branch where they have a checking               innovative product made of between 80%
account for credit approval.                    and 85% recycled material.
This agreement has large social appeal,
providing an extended repayment term of
up to 48 months, with fixed installments
and minimum interest of 1.89% per                     Affinity Cards
                                                      Number of members
month according to the financing term.
The minimum amount financed is


R$ 500.00 and the maximum amount
varies according to the customer’s credit

repayment capacity. Our portfolio related
to this line of credit stood at R$ 134.9
million in December 2008.

Credit Cards
In the card segment, Bradesco was the
first bank to promote sustainability-
related initiatives. A portion of credit                          2006        2007          2008

                                                                                  For more details about
                                                                              v   affinity credit cards, click here
   Sustainability report 2008

Amount onlent to entities                    We also issue cards for the Association of Assistance to
(in millions of reais)
                                             Children with Disabilities (AACD), Association of Parents
                                             and Friends of People with Disabilities (Apae) and Casas
                                             André Luiz. Since 1995, the AACD card has provided
                                             R$ 1.448 million, donations to Apae amounted to R$ 3.472


                                             million and to Casas André Luiz, R$ 397 thousand. In

                                             2008, Bradesco Cards once again participated in the SBT
                                             TV Telethon that lasted for 27 continous hours, and AACD
                                             allotted time to sell AACD affinity cards.
                                             Bradesco also enables American Express cardholders to
                                             use their Membership Rewards Program points to make
                                             donations to partner entities.
                2006       2007     2008

                                             Social-environmental Criteria for Investments
                                             We analyze investments under two aspects:
                                              the Organization’s own investments; and
                                              investments made available to customers.
                                             Referring to our own investments, Bradesco works with
                                             intermediation. One of the initiatives was to create
                                             the Equity Investment Fund (FIP), aiming at creating
                                             opportunities for customers who need support at certain
                                             times. It works like “bridge financing” with criteria that
                                             require an ethical position from companies and their
                                             commitment to the environment and society.
                                             The Amazonas Sustentável Fund is a product that focuses
                                             on the environment. Launched in 2008, this fund aims at
                                             managing assets of the Fundação Amazonas Sustentável
                                             (FAS), of which Bradesco is one of the partner-sponsors.
                                             Amazonas Sustentável Fund, managed by BRAM –
                                             Bradesco Asset Management, has a conservative profile
                                             and only invests in fixed income securities. Its objective
                                             is to manage funds raised on a sustainable basis, without
                                             charging an administration fee. The proceeds of this
                                             investment are distributed to 8 thousand households
                                             assisted by the project.
                                             Within the scope of investments made available to
                                             customers, the Bank offers some Socially Responsible
                                             Investment Fund options.

    Renewable energy investments

    Bradesco BBI is one of the shareholders (with 9.67% of shares pertaining
    to its Equity Investment Fund – FIP) of Empresa de Investimento em
    Energias Renováveis S.A. (Ersa). The business focus is to generate
    electricity from renewable sources by building small hydroelectric plants
    (PCHs), biomass-fired thermo-electric power plants and wind farms.
    Ersa, created at the end of 2006 by Pátria Investimentos, by the end of 2008 had
    received R$ 631 million from its shareholders. Ersa has an ambitious business plan
    that includes investments of approximately R$ 2 billion over the next four years.
    It has a portfolio of 20 PCH projects that represent 301 MW of installed capacity,
    of which 37 MW are already online, 10 MW will go online in 2009 and 125 MW
    will go online in 2010, with its energy sold in government auctions and to free
    customers. In addition to Pátria (31.54%) and Bradesco BBI, the U.S. fund
    Eton Park (36.32%), GMR Energy (12.73%) and the German bank Deutsche
    Investitions und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH (DEG), development arm for
    emerging economies of KFW (9.73%). KFW Bankengruppe is the German federal
    government’s agent for official financial cooperation operations (financial
    credits and contributions) between Germany and developing countries.

Socially Responsible Investment Funds
Bradesco is one of the Brazilian institutions that provide
financial products inspired by the socially responsible
investments (SRI) concept that prioritize social-environmental,
ethical and governance criteria.
We have three investment funds of this type:
 Bradesco FIC FIA Planeta Sustentável and Bradesco Prime
  FIC FIA – Corporate Sustainability Index – have portfolios
  composed of stocks on the Corporate Sustainability Index
  (ISE) of BM&FBovespa.
 Bradesco FIC FIA Governança Corporativa – Stocks for this
  fund are selected from among companies that adopt corporate
  governance standards and are listed on Levels 1 or 2 of the
  Novo Mercado of BM&FBovespa.
In the 12-month period ended in December 2008, the
shareholders’ equity of these funds declined 34.53%.
    Sustainability report 2008

                                               Other Products
                                               Certificated Savings Plans
                                               Bradesco has certificated savings plan products with specific
                                               purposes and attributes that give them a social characteristic.
                                               In addition to creating a financial reserve for customers,
                                               part of the proceeds from these products benefits social-
                                               environmental projects. In 2008, more than 1.390 million
                                               certificated savings plans were sold.
                                               Certificated savings plans are also a means of banking
                                               inclusion, as they establish a steady connection with the
                                               customer who needs to make monthly contributions to
                                               participate in drawings. In addition, the Branch Network plays
                                               an important role in disseminating the product: when offering
                                               certificated savings plan options to a customer, the employee
                                               disseminates the culture of each partner involved, contributing
Certificated savings plan with a specific      to make the customer aware of sustainable actions.
purpose and social characteristics

                      Social-environmental certificated savings plans
                                                       Benefited partner        Certificated savings     Certificated savings
                                                       institution               plans sold in 2007       plans sold in 2008
                      Pé Quente Bradesco               Fundação SOS
                                                                                           688,521                  509,261
                      SOS Mata Atlântica               Mata Atlântica
                      Pé Quente Bradesco GP Ayrton
                      Senna and Pé Quente Bradesco     Instituto Ayrton Senna              160,826                  464,706
                      Instituto Ayrton Senna
                      Pé Quente Bradesco O Câncer
                                                       Brazilian Institute
                      de Mama no Alvo da Moda                                               66,084                   89,753
                                                       for Cancer Control
                      (Fashion Target Breast Cancer)
                      Pé Quente Bradesco               Fundação Amazonas
                                                                                                  –                 333,089
                      Amazonas Sustentável             Sustentável
                      Total                                                               915,431                1,396,809

                                               Insurance for the Low-Income Population
                                               Bradesco Seguros e Previdência has been seeking to increase
                                               its presence in the insurance market for the low-income
                                               population, a very valuable international trend to help improve
                                               the quality of life of the C, D and E classes of the population.
                                               In Brazil, the low-income population insurance segment is still
                                               young, but it should grow to a higher, mass scale over the next years.
                                               Susep introduced insurance for the low-income population
                                               in 2004, and Bradesco Vida e Previdência launched a product
                                               focused on democratization of access to life insurance when it
                                               created Vida Segura Bradesco.

                                                                                          For further information about

                                                                                     v    Certificated Savings Plans, see our
                                                                                          Social-Environmental Responsibility
                                                                                          Web page at
Currently, the Organization offers its class C and D customers
three options in the Life segment:
 Vida Segura Empresarial Bradesco – group life insurance
  with a R$ 49.90 monthly fee for micro and small-sized
  companies with 3 to 15 employees, including partners. This
  insurance includes coverage for death and disability due to
  accidents, funeral assistance benefits and certificated savings
  plan drawings.
 Vida Segura Bradesco – Life insurance with a R$ 9.94 monthly
  fee targeting individuals. It includes coverage for death by
  natural causes or accidents, funeral assistance benefits and
  participation in certificated savings plan drawings.
 Tranquilidade Familiar Bradesco – Life insurance with a
  monthly fee starting at R$ 6.00 targeting individuals between
  16 and 80 years of age. It includes coverage for death by natural
  causes or accidents, family funeral assistance benefits (spouse,
  children up to 24 years of age, children with disabilities
  and single daughters without age limits), leasing of special
  equipment (crutches or a wheelchair) and participation in
  certificated savings plan drawings.
In January 2009, Seguro Proteção Financeira Contas de Consumo
(Insurance for Financial Protection of Consumption Accounts)
was launched, and for only R$ 5.60 per month, customers are
protected against unforeseen events related
to automatic bill-pay accounts.

Life and Private Pension Plan –
In a little less than fifty years, the life
expectancy of Brazilians increased by almost
18 years (IBGE figures collected between 1960
and 2006). As the fertility rate decreases, the
percentage of senior citizens is increasing. In
2030, an estimated 30 million people in Brazil
will be older than 65.
This impacts the private pension segment.
Thus, Bradesco Seguros e Previdência, besides
offering supplementary private pension
                                                       2008 Longevity Hiking and Jogging Circuit in
products so that workers can save enough to            São Paulo State

                                             For further information about
                                         v   insurance for the low-income
                                             population, click here
Sustainability report 2008

         guarantee their retirement, studies the      proposals to create or alter products.
         development of new products adapted to       The Committee and Commission
         the changing population, and stimulates      are responsible for monitoring their
         reflection and dialogue on themes related    results and performance on the
         to longevity through events and other        market, as well as evaluate the social
         multiple actions.                            and environmental impacts a certain
         In September 2008, we hosted the third       product or service may have.
         edition of the Longevity Forum, an
         annual event that promotes discussion        Prevention of Illicit
         on themes related to the Brazilian           Activities
         population’s longevity. The event joined     We have adopted several measures to
         approximately 350 people. We also            prevent the use of our structure to carry
         created the Longevity Hiking and Jogging     out illicit activities.
         Circuit in an attempt to encourage people    We have an Anti-Money Laundering
         of all ages to maintain healthy habits to    and Anti-Terrorism Financing Program
         improve their quality of life. The 2008      that reflects the best market practices,
         circuit was in São Paulo State, reaching     composed of policies, controls, training
         the cities of Sorocaba, Campinas, Bauru,     and audits. Our policies “Know your
         São José do Rio Preto, Ribeirão Preto and    Customer” and “Know your Employee”
         Presidente Prudente.                         determine among other aspects the
         Another service related to longevity         procedures and the ethical behavior
         offered by Bradesco Vida e Previdência       expected from employees. Control
         is the Espaço Viva Mais (Live Longer         systems developed by Bradesco
         Space) –           assess financial transactions daily to
         – which provides information, tips and       identify possible transactions that are
         suggestions about quality of life, health,   incompatible with customers’ economic-
         entertainment, culture and cuisine.          financial capacities.
                                                      The Anti-Money Laundering and
         Executive Committee of                       Anti-Terrorism Financing Program is
         Products and Services                        periodically audited by a regulating
         Bradesco has an Executive Committee          authority (the Brazilian Central Bank)
         of Products and Ser vices and a              and by the Organization’s General
         Departmental Commission of Products          In s p e c t o r a t e / In t e r n a l Au d i t . In
         and Services to suggest and approve          addition, in 2007 we contracted an
         changes or even veto products                internationally renowned external
         and services created by any of the           auditing company that confirmed the
         Organization’s various departments,          efficiency and efficacy of the Program.
         evaluating the opportunities and             W i t h i n t h i s c o n t e x t , w e w e re
         financial and operating feasibility of       acknowledged by the Council for

                                                                              For more details about

                                                                        v     Executive Committee of Products
                                                                              and Services, click here
Financial Activities Control (Coaf), Brazil’s financial intelligence
unit, at its 10-year anniversary celebration, being the only
private financial institution to receive an honor for its relevant
contribution to combating money laundering in Brazil.
Our employees continuously receive information about anti-
corruption practices during workshops and via internal
communication. This theme is also included in our corporate
Code of Ethical Conduct.
Another important aspect of this program is information
security, guaranteeing the protection of the information of
the Organization’s customers and companies in terms of
confidentiality, integrity and availability.
In 2008, a large internal communication campaign was held
on this issue.

Anti-corruption preventive monitoring
Year                                                             Interest (%)
                           Total    Audited/inspected
2004                       3,016                  872                      29
2005                       2,929                1,898                      65
2006                       3,016                2,316                      77
2007                       3,172                2,149                      67
2008                       3,339                2,260                      68

Goals and Objectives of    2008                                                                    Status
                                      Five new products were launched: Proesco
                                      (to finance energy efficiency projects); special
                                      credit lines for companies of Santa Catarina
Develop new social-
environmental products.
                                      State; Fundo de Investimento Bradesco FIC FIA                    
                                      Planeta Sustentável; Bradesco Family Insurance
                                      (targeting C and D classes); and Pé Quente
                                      Bradesco Amazonas Sustentável (two types).
Improve employee participation        A sustainability course at TreiNet
in courses and training related to    (Bradesco’s e-learning portal) was made                          
social-environmental themes.          available; “Challenge of the Planet.”

Goals and Objectives for     2009
Expand the correspondent bank network.
Increase the customer base.
Continue opening new Branches.

                                                                    For further information about Prevention
                                                               v    of Illicit Activities and the “Know your
                                                                    Customer” and “Know your Employee”
                                                                    policies, visit the Investor Relations Webpage
Sustainability report 2008

          responsible Management

Sustainability Report 2008

                      Code of Ethical Conduct: practical guide to professional and personal behavior

         Bradesco is a democratic Bank where                          Ethical Relationships
         everyone may have access to banking                          Ethical conduct, stressed in Bradesco’s
         products and services, from low-                             Values, is part of the process to
         income individual customers to large                         strengthen and disseminate our culture
         corporations.                                                of sustainability.
         Several communication and relationship                       We have the corporate Code of Ethical
         channels support our business                                Conduct, created in 2003 and reviewed in
         decisions, allowing us to meet the needs                     2008, which helps establish a relationship
         and expectations of strategic groups in                      culture with our stakeholders and, at the
         relation to our operations.                                  same time, works as a practical guide
         In our businesses and operations,                            to personal and professional conduct
         we maintain relationships with 28                            for all managers, employees, suppliers,
         groups. Taking into account criteria                         service providers, holding companies,
         s u c h a s re l e va n c e, i n t e re s t a n d            subsidiaries and companies of the
         influence, we have seven priority                            Organization.
         groups: employees, shareholders                              We also have sector Codes of Ethical
         and investors, the government and                            Conduct for the Accounting and
         society, suppliers, customers, NGOs                          Financial Management Areas and the
         and communities.                                             Purchasing Professional, launched in

                                                                                       For further information on Codes of Ethics,

                                                                                 v     please visit the Investor Relations Web site
                                                                                       ( and the
                                                                                       Social-Environmental Responsibility Web
                                                                                       site –
November 2008 as as a voluntary initiative. This document aims
at guiding the relationship with suppliers, who will be asked to
                                                                            Bradesco has
comply with the code, which defines the responsibilities and the            seven priority
expected conduct of the Purchasing professional.
The Organization’s Codes of Ethical Conduct are managed by
the Ethical Conduct Committee, a statutory body that reports                  employees;
to the Board of Directors. It is the Committee’s responsibility
to propose actions that incorporate the best market practices,              shareholders
receive and analyze suggestions, determine any changes and                  and investors;
propose educational actions.
Breaches to the Codes of Ethical Conduct are subject                      government and
to disciplinary action. Misconduct according to the                       society; suppliers;
Organization’s Codes of Ethics is reported on a quarterly
basis to the Ethical Conduct Committee. Issues related to the                 customers;
Organization’s officers are forwarded to the Board of Directors
through this Committee.
                                                                             NGOs; and

   Human Rights

   Bradesco reaffirmed its commitment to observing and promoting
   human rights in 2008 when it signed a document supporting the 60th
   anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
   Internally, Bradesco is OHSAS 18001 (occupational health and safety) and SA8000
   (labor relations and workplace) certified and also promotes diversity-related actions.
   Another important factor is the use of social-environmental criteria
   for granting loans to companies and selecting suppliers and service
   providers, to contribute to eliminating child and slave-like labor.
   In 2008, the Organization joined the Financial Coalition Against Child
   Pornography. For further information, see the In Line with Global
   Commitments section, in the Sustainability Vision chapter of this Report.

Relationship and Commitment
of Interested Parties
In our Organization, it is fundamental to maintain a
longstanding and consistent relationship with all of our
stakeholders. Thus, progress made with the support of
instruments and actions like our Sustainability Report, the
Social-Environmental Responsibility Web site (, Bradesco Cycle of Dialogue with Stakeholders,
     Sustainability Report 2008

                          Meetings with Suppliers, emphasis on                                             meetings and community activities
                          training our Ombudsmen, the development                                          makes us certain that we must persevere
                          and training of our employees, Apimec                                            on the path to sustainability.

  Bradesco and its stakeholders

                                                                                                      Fone Fácil
                                                                      Satisfaction surveys            Bradesco
                                                                   and need identification
                                                                                                              38,183 service stations
                                                          Cliente Sempre em Dia                                      Annual and
                                                                      (monthly)                                      Sustainability Reports
                                Visits to
                             monitor the                    Bradesco Magazine                                           Bradesco Rural Magazine
                             commitment                             (quarterly)              40.6 million
                                                                                              customers                 (quarterly)
                                with the
                       SA8000 standard                          Bradesco Celular                                        Alô Bradesco
                           requirements                                                                                 and Ombudsman
                          within certified
                                   scopes                                Banco Postal                               Infoemail
           Biannual meetings                         Declaration                    Bradesco                 Internet              Annual and
                                                     of Compliance                  Expresso                 Bradesco                                                      1st Cycle of
              Bradesco                                                                                                           Sustainability
                                                                                                                                       Reports                             Dialogue with
  Social-Environmental                                                                                                                                                     Stakeholders
Responsibility Web site                                  Relationship                                                                                    Relationships

                                  3.5 thousand           channel via                                                                                      with more
                                    suppliers            specific e-mail                                                                                   than 140
Request for Information
                   Annual and                                   pp                                                                      Os
         Sustainability Reports             Social-
                                                                      rs                                                            NG                            Channel available
                                                                                                                                                                  for online donations

                                             Bradesco Poder                                                                                  social,
                                             Público Web site                                                                             business,
                    38,183 service           (bank service for                                                                              cultural            Sustainability
                           stations          public authorities)                                                                       and sporting             Report
               Banco Postal                          Fundação                                                                                events
                                                     Bradesco                                                                                                             Fundação Bradesco
                                                             nt                                                                 Comm
       Local Productive
     Agreements (APLs)             Present in       Gove ciety                                                                                          Sponsorship
                                                     and S
                                  more than 5
      Digital Inclusion            thousand                                                                                                            and support to            Finasa Esportes
        Centers (CIDs)              Brazilian                                                                                                            806 events
                                  municipalities        Partnerships                                                     Projeto Educa+Ação             and programs
        Finasa Esportes                                 with commercial                                                          (Education+
                                                        establishments                                                        Action Project)
        Projeto Educa+Ação                                                                                                                                                 Bradesco
(Education + Action Project)                       Bradesco Expresso                                                                                                       Volunteer Program
                                                                       es rs


                                            Annual and

                           Bradesco                                                                                                                              Bradesco
                                                                     nv olde

                                                                                                                                           in projects
                                            Sustainability Reports

              Social-Environmental                                                                                                                               Social-Environmental

             Responsibility Web site                                                                                                                             Responsibility Web site
                                                                an areh


                                          Apimec and                                                                                         Instructional
                                         INI meetings                                                                                        pamphlets
                                                                                                            Social Responsibility                     Circular Letters
               Report on Economic and                                                                        and Quality of Life/
           Financial Analysis (quarterly)                                                                          Climate areas                             Sempre em Dia newsletter
                                                 1.4 million             Relations Area                             Bradesco                                    Communiqués
                           Fact Sheet
                           (quarterly)          shareholders                                               Volunteer Program              86,622
                                               and the market                                                                            employees               Alô RH communication
                                                  in general             Acionista                                                                               channel (telephone and e-mail)
                    Bradesco Investor                                    Sempre em Dia
                                                                         (quarterly newsletter)                                                                Interação Magazine (monthly)
                   Relations Web site                                                                      Bradesco TV (monthly)
                                                                                                                                                         Annual and Sustainability Reports
                                    Annual and              RI Express                                                   Electronic mail
                                                            (mail)                                                                                Occupational Health
                          Sustainability Reports                                                                                                  and Safety Area

In 2008, we started a process that                                        to 35.3% of adjusted net income. In
stimulates greater participation and                                      December 2008, Bradesco reached a
commitment from our stakeholders                                          market value of R$ 65.354 billion.
through discussion panels (Bradesco 1st                                   In order to provide varied and
First Cycle of Dialogue with Stakeholders)                                continuous information, contributing to
that provided us with comments that will                                  establishing a transparent relationship
assist us in the planning of future and the                               with shareholders, investors and capital
adapation of current initiatives.                                         market professionals, we have an Investor
                                                                          Relations (IR) area.
Shareholders and Investors                                                In order to ensure the flow of
                                                                          communication to everyone, the IR area:
 Profile of service for shareholders,
 analysts and investors
                                                                           Organizes events in Brazil and abroad,
 Activity                                  2006      2007       2008        such as Apimec, INI Meetings and
 Meetings with investors                    128       118        198
 Conference calls                            16        35         55
                                                                            Bradesco Day in London and New York.
 Events abroad                                7        16         20       We also have a Web page (
 Apimec meetings
 (Association of the Capital                                       in Portuguese, English and
                                              14         14          14
 Market Investment Analysts                                                 Spanish versions. The Web site provides
 and Professionals)
 Chats                                          –          3          3     the market with the information
 INI (National
 Investor Institute)
                                                –          1         3*     necessary for an accurate evaluation of
 Total                                      165        187          293     Bradesco’s results and projects, as well as
* Includes an event held in Vitória (ES), in conjunction with the
  Apimec event.                                                             accepting opinions on the Organization’s
Shareholders’ compensation and                                             It discloses press releases to the market
communication with shareholders                                             with material information, in addition
and the market                                                              to publishing them on the site.
As a tradition, we compensate our                                          It organizes a chat service through which
shareholders above the minimum                                              shareholders are able to obtain answers
percentage provided for by the regulations                                  in real time directly from the Bank’s IR
applicable to publicly-held companies.                                      team on results and business strategies
Bradesco went public in 1946 and 38                                         each quarter.
years ago became the first Brazilian bank
to pay monthly dividends and interest on
shareholders’ equity to its shareholders.
Bradesco ensures a mandatory minimum
dividend of 30% of adjusted net income,
above the 25% required by the Brazilian
Corporation Law. In the case of preferred
shares (PN), dividends are 10% higher
than those paid to common shares (ON).
The payment of interest on shareholders’
equity and dividends for 2008 reached
R$ 2.692 billion, a sum corresponding                                     Apimec events report to investors and shareholders
      Sustainability Report 2008

                               Following each earnings release,
                                                                               (annual), Sustainability Report (annual),
                               it performs two conference calls                 Acionista Sempre em Dia newsletter
                               (in Portuguese and English) in                   (quarterly) and Fact Sheet (quarterly).
                               which nearly 200 of the Bank’s
                               investors participate.                           Apimec Meetings and other events
                             It also maintains Fale com o RI
                                                                                The market considers the Apimec
                             (Contact IR), to assist market                     and INI meetings held in various
Bulletin is one of           professionals, individuals and                     locations an important tool to make the
the shareholder
information                  institutional investors.                           Organization’s performance public.
                     It maintains a specific service area for                  In 2008, events were held in 17 cities, 12
                      Individual Investors.                                     of which were capital cities, and eight of
                     We also communicate with the                               them included live Internet broadcasts.
                     market through several of Bradesco’s                       In a d d i t i o n , t w o i n t e r n a t i o n a l
                     institutional publications: Report                         presentations were broadcast online –
                     on Economic and Financial Analysis                         in London and New York – we held road
                     (quar terly), Management Repor t                           shows in another eight countries.

                         Goals and Objectives of      2008                                                           Status
                         Continued improvement of               The press release was restructured based on
                         press releases and quarterly           market demands pointed out by perception                 
                         presentation to the market.            studies conducted by the Organization.
                                                                In Brazil, meetings with investors were held in
                         Prospecting new markets
                         in Brazil and abroad for
                                                                Ribeirão Preto and Vitória. Meetings were held
                                                                abroad in Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Edinburgh,
                         Bradesco presentations.
                                                                Dubai, Hong Kong, Orlando and Tokyo.
                                                                53 people participated in the London meeting
                         Bradesco Day (London
                         and New York).
                                                                held on May 20; 125 people participated in               
                                                                the NYSE meeting held on November 25.
                         Creation of events focused
                         on individual investors.
                                                                Meetings in partnership with INI were held,
                                                                besides presentations to brokers’ customers.
                                                                The development term for the
                         Segmentation of Web site
                         (institutional and individual).
                                                                segmentation of the IR Web site was
                                                                postponed, due to systemic technical
                                                                                                                    Not achieved
                                                                issues that emerged during the project.
                         Presentation of Organization
                         departments, affiliated companies
                                                                During 2008, meetings were held with O&M,
                                                                DBDN, Cards, Consortium and DAC areas.
                         and regional executive boards.
                                                                For this event, an Apimec meeting was
                         Bradesco Open Day,
                         event held in Brazil.
                                                                held in São Paulo, similar to what we                    
                                                                                                                  Partially achieved
                                                                planned for Bradesco Open Day.

                         Goals and Objectives for       2009
                         Complete the Web site segmentation.
                         Conduct another Bradesco Day abroad.
                         Provide information and responses to analysts and investors more quickly.
                         Implement a system to identify investor profilse and thus seek ongoing relationship improvements.

Our basic guideline is to be an “open
door” Organization, available to
all Brazilians, customers and non-
customers alike.
Concerning customers, we operate
under the market segmentation concept
so that we are able to provide services
and solutions compatible with each
segment. For individuals, we have the
Retail and Prime segments (customers
with monthly income above R$ 4
thousand or investment exceeding R$ 50
thousand) and Private (customers with
minimum investments available of R$ 2
million). For corporations, we have the
Retail (annual sales up to R$ 30 million),                                  Bank services for all customer profiles

Bradesco Empresas (annual sales
between R$ 30 million to R$ 350 million)                                    Management area that is also certified
and Bradesco Corporate segments                                             by ISO 9001:2000. The service quality
(annual sales exceeding R$ 350 million).                                    management of Bradesco Retail occurs
Our objective when serving each                                             by means of structured processes,
customer is to be their “first bank,” or                                    preventive and corrective actions with
the first choice of those seeking banking                                   the participation of regional quality
services, thus, opening new possibilities                                   managers who analyze and monitor
for opening accounts and new business                                       the Branches’ performance, as well as
opportunities, as well as facilitating                                      with the support of the Anonymous
banking inclusion.                                                          Customer (an anonymous person hired
According to the premises of banking                                        by the Bank who visits Branches or
inclusion, it is more important that                                        contacts them via telephone to evaluate
people use the Bank’s services than                                         compliance with service standards
become account holders.                                                     and the service rendered, which
We maintain a Ser vice Quality                                              contributes to continued improvement

 Generation of value for customers
                                                                                   2006                  2007                   2008
 Service Stations* (Bradesco and third parties)                                   33,638                29,982                 38,183
 Retirees and pensioners – INSS/month                                        4.7 million           4.9 million            5.1 million
 INSS Benefits                                                            R$ 28.8 billion       R$ 32.9 billion        R$ 35.7 billion
 Municipalities with a single bank                                         1.7 thousand          1.7 thousand           1.9 thousand
 Debit and credit cards (including Private Label)                           57.9 million          70.5 million           81.7 million
 Credit portfolio                                                         R$ 96.2 billion      R$ 131.3 billion       R$ 173.4 billion
 Remittances from Brazilians living
                                                                        US$ 512 million        US$ 617 million        US$ 713 million
 abroad (via agreements)
 Investments in infrastructure, IT
                                                                            R$ 1.8 billion        R$ 2.1 billion        R$ 2.7 billion
 and telecommunications
* 2006 and 2007 amounts were adjusted to include all external service stations.
Sustainability Report 2008

         of management processes). In the                    more than 45 thousand employees took
         Anonymous Customer’s evaluations of                 part in on-site training related to this
         telephone services, from 2004 to 2008,              issue, including clerks and assistants of
         the annual average grade increased 70%,             managerial areas.
         while in the Anonymous Customer’s                   The courses cover behavior and business
         evaluations of on-site service, the                 practices, communication, personal
         annual average grade increased 29%                  marketing and Brazilian Sign Language
         from 2005 to 2008.                                  (Libras). In order to improve customer
         In December 2008, as an innovative                  satisfaction, we focus on ethics, respect
         action in the market, Bradesco                      and transparency as values when building
         performed the pilot test of the On-Site             a longstanding relationship, encouraging
         Anonymous Customer – Accessibility                  employees to exercise service quality as
         at Branches in Greater São Paulo,                   a merit, by incorporating the “serve the
         including visits by the hearing- and                customer” cause.
         visually-impaired and wheelchair users,             Employees also receive an instruction
         evaluating compliance with service                  manual called “Service Quality,” whose
         standards and accessibility issues, as              content consolidates the Bank’s service
         well as service rendered. This process              standards, the “open doors” culture, the
         will continue in 2009 to improve services           Organization’s Code of Ethical Conduct
         and management processes.                           and the Consumer Defense Code.

         Continued improved management                       Communication with customers
         The continuous pursuit of improved                  We maintain structured means of
         service quality is reinforced in the new            communication with customers, such
         Retail Management Model created                     as direct mail, notices, advertising
         in 2008. This new model, resulting                  campaigns and even bank statements.
         from a customer satisfaction survey,                Sent regularly, bank statements are
         incorporates new service practices, in              constantly monitored to facilitate
         addition to providing for the remodeling            customer understanding and follow-
         o f Bra n c h e s a n d t e c h n o l o g i c a l   up on their operations with the Bank.
         innovations for prompter service. The               The Braille bank statement, an option
         model has already been implemented                  for visually-impaired customers,
         in 292 Branches and in the short term,              broadens the comprehensive nature of
         another 533 will be adapted to comply               information disclosure.
         with this new model.                                At (, customers
         Employee training is important to                   find alternatives like the Bradesco
         consolidate service quality programs,               Media Center, where the Bank’s videos
         an indispensable factor to earn, retain             and campaigns may be accessed, as
         and build customer loyalty. In 2008,                well as videos about the Organization’s

                                                                                 For further information about

                                                                             v   customer service, click here
meetings and presentations; the               Should the customer wish to proceed
Economia em Dia on-line newspaper             with the clarification process or review
focused on economic news; and TV              the guidance and solutions given to
Home Broker Bradesco, with financial          his or her complaints made through
market news and articles, among others.       the first-level service channels, he or
                                              she may contact the Ombudsman, an
Alô Bradesco, Fale Conosco                    office created in 2005 that is in charge
(Contact Us) and Ombudsman                    of centralizing complaints for the entire
The Bank has made Alô Bradesco                Organization, at the second level. The
available to cancel products and              second level service of the Ombudsman
services and for suggestions,
compliments and complaints. Even
before the implementation of the
Consumer Defense Code in 1990,
Bradesco had already created Alô
Bradesco/SAC – Call Center in 1985,
to give customers and users of bank
products and services a voice. This
was the financial market’s first
communication channel for receiving
customer comments and complaints.
First, Bradesco’s customers have two
ways of communicating with the Bank.
One of them is Alô Bradesco, which
receives customer comments and
responds to them within no more than
three days.
The other is Fale Conosco via the Internet,
available at Both
of them are considered first-level service
channels that in 2008 responded to
106,911 phone calls and 62,425 e-mails.
There are also specific call centers
targeting certain products and services.
A quarterly customer satisfaction survey
is conducted via telephone to evaluate
the services of Alô Bradesco and Fale
Conosco, selecting a sample of 3% of
total complaints.                             Relationship channel with customer was created in 1985

                                                              For further information on Communication
                                                         v    with Customers, visit our Social-
                                                              Environmental Responsibility Web site –
    Sustainability Report 2008

                                                     was reinforced in 2007 when Resolution 3,477 of the National
                                                     Monetary Council was published, institutionalizing the
                                                     Ombudsman service at banks.

                                                      Annual contact report
                                                                                              2005           2006        2007      2008
                                                      Suggestions                             4,605          3,689       3,134     3,760
                                                      Compliments                             8,480          8,078       8,564    11,548
                                                      Complaints                            122,690        121,663     125,093   182,206
                                                      Information                           300,931        290,464     327,609   451,510

                                                     The Ombudsman also analyzes and responds to complaints
  Annual report on                                   by the Brazilian Central Bank, Procons, the media and letters.
  complaints filed at Procon
                                                     Altogether, the Ombudsman generates 2.3 thousand
                                                     complaint histories that are all responded to in writing.

                                                     Responses are given within 10 days, although the law only
                                                     requires a response within 30 days, and detailed explanations
                                                     are given to the customer regarding his or her issue.

                                                     Procons (Consumer Protection and Defense Bureau)

                                                     As of 2005, the Organization started to centralize comments
                                                     and complaints from all Procons nationwide, increasing the

                                                     efficiency of the process and ensuring agility in responding

                                                     to requests.
         2005      2006       2007       2008        The fact that Procon is decentralized, with a network of
                                                     autonomous offices and no standardized procedure, forces
 Annual report on
 complaints filed at Bacen                            our relationship with this body to adapt the peculiarities of
                                                     each region.

                                                     Bacen (Brazilian Central Bank)
                                                     All customer comments and complaints forwarded by the
                                                     Brazilian Central Bank are analyzed by a specific team. Any
                                                     citizen may seek Bacen to make a complaint against the

                                                     institution inspected by the monetary authority.

                                                      Complaints classified by the Brazilian Central
                                                      Bank as breach of bank confidentiality
         2005      2006       2007       2008                          2005                         2006             2007           2008
* Of this total, 1,680 complaints in 2007
  and 1,600 in 2008 were ruled groundless
                                                                          2                            3               1*              0
  by Bacen                                           * Only complaints considered valid by Bacen.

Most frequent complaints                     Bradesco Seguros e Previdência
The most frequent complaints of              (Insurance and Private Pension)
Bradesco’s customers include: undue          Ombudsman
debits, charging a maintenance               Since 2003, Bradesco Seguros e
fee, delay in obtaining a copy of            Previdência has had an exclusive
documents/statements related to              channel for complaints, suggestions
economic plans, early payment of             and compliments of customers and
loans and delays in bank lines.              brokers. A pioneer in the insurance
There was a considerable increase in the     market, the Ombudsman serves the
number of complaints in 2008 compared        insurance, supplementary private
to 2007. This is due to some specific        pension and certificated savings
factors: customer service of Banco           segments, defending rights, preventing
BMC, a company of the Organization,          and solving conflicts. Ser vice is
was incorporated into the scope of the       rendered by the “Alô Bradesco Seguros”
Ombudsman in December 2007, which            channel. Customers receive responses
increased complaints at Procons and          in no more than five business days.
the Brazilian Central Bank; Bankpar
(Amex Cards), merged in April 2008,           Annual contact report
also contributed to increase first-level      Bradesco
                                                                      2004         2005        2006         2007        2008
complaints; on September 22, 2008,
                                              Complaints            16,829       18,654      15,032       12,268      17,462
the 24-hour a day, 7 days a week service      Suggestions               259          140         159          129           203
Alô Bradesco/SAC became operational,          Compliments               334          328         281          275           409
anticipating the official enactment of        Total                 17,422      19,122       15,472      12,672       18,074
Decree-law 6,523 to come into force on       In January 2008, a new access channel was made available, “Talk to the
                                             Ombudsman,” via the Internet. In 2008, this channel received 3,117 requests,
December 1, 2008, which resulted in a        accounting for 17.25% of the total.

substantial increase of 46%.
                                             The increased comments and complaints
Financial indemnifications                   in 2008 were also due to the creation of Fale
In 2008, the following payments were made:   Ouvidoria (Contact the Ombudsman),
 45 lawsuits amounting to R$ 260,145.99,    which facilitated access for more people,
  due to service delays, not granting        and a higher base of policyholders and
  loans, offensive service or providing      participants of the Group plans by 14.5%
  incomplete information, among others;      between 2007 and 2008.
 75 lawsuits amounting to R$ 360,797.65,
  due to embarassment when using             Satisfaction surveys
  rotating security doors; and               We regularly do satisfaction surveys
 9 payments of lawsuits amounting to        with customers from several segments,
  R$ 72,799.76, due to breach of customer    c o o rd i n a t e d by t h e M a r k e t i n g
  banking confidentiality.                   Department and administered by
Sustainability Report 2008

         polling institutes. The main objective               as a broad portfolio of products and
         is to evaluate customer satisfaction                 ser vices, an extensive Customer
         at points of contact, comprising                     Ser vice Network, safety and the
         service, relationship, convenience,                  reliability that the Bank conveys. As
         management and team, call centers,                   main issues for improvement, results
         Branches, Internet Banking, safety and               pointed to ser vices rendered by
         confidence in the institution. With the              employees and the relationship with
         survey results, we can develop specific              management and teams. In order to
         strategies for each segment and thus                 improve these areas, several training
         increase the Organization’s customer                 workshops have been developed,
         loyalty index. In 2008 more than 6                   besides process and system changes,
         thousand customers were surveyed.                    t e c h n o l o g i c a l i n n ov a t i o n s a n d
         Survey results have been highlighting                a d j u s t m e n t i n t e a m s re l a t e d t o
         as Bradesco’s strengths factors such                 customer portfolio management.

          Annual survey of general corporate satisfaction. by segment*
                                                       2007                                 2008
          Segment                                Sample           General             Sample           General
                                              (thousand       satisfaction         (thousand       satisfaction
                                                 people)    index (0 to 10)           people)    index (0 to 10)
          Retail (individual)                      4,040               8.42             4,007               7.91
          Retail (corporate)                         414               8.51               399               8.24
          Prime                                    1,200               8.77             1,612               8.63
          Companies                                  400               8.25               400               8.36
          Corporate                                  210               8.24               203               8.25
          Overall total                            6,264                                6,621
         * Except for Bradesco Private
         Source: Instituto TNS InterScience

               Bank Self-Regulation System

               In January 2009, the Federation of Brazilian Banks (Febraban) implemented the
               Brazilian Bank Self-Regulation System, to improve the service standards and increase
               the transparency of processes to the benefit of customers and other users, thus
               contributing to an improved national banking system. Banks’ adhesion to the System
               is voluntary and Bradesco adhered as soon as this system was launched. The main
               themes evaluated are: services; supply and advertising; contracting services; moving
               checking accounts; closing accounts; credit; confidentiality and safety. Febraban
               regularly analyses the ombudsmen’s reports of participating banks and then issues
               procedures that provide more consistent treatment for each question or suggestion.

Customer Security
Information about security and examples of attempted
fraud are available at,
Constantly, alerts on safe Internet access are disclosed via
electronic means (institutional and transactional environments)
and via the media. It is recommended that all customers install
the Security Component (plug-in) on their computers to
ensure safe access to the Web site’s transactional environment.
Information about the Bradesco Electronic Security Key and the
Bradesco Security Key Card is available.
Another important issue is the identification of customers by
means of the Palm Secure biometric technology, which was
pioneered by Bradesco. By the end of 2008, the Bank had 343.7
thousand customers registered in the biometric reading system,
                                                                                          Biometry system: innovation
Segurança Bradesco na Palma da Mão (Bradesco Security in the
Palm of your Hand), installed in 2,762 ATMs that was used 2.4
million times in the period. This equipment works as a scanner
that captures the vascular pattern of the palm of the hand and
works as an additional password for ATM users.

Goals and Objectives of      2008                                                                   Status

                                     This was postponed to 2009 due to higher
Obtain ISO 9001 Certification for
the entire Ombudsman area.
                                     volume of requests with the Ombudsman and
                                     the need to prepare quarterly and biannual
                                                                                                   Not achieved
                                     reports for the Brazilian Central Bank.
                                     We were unable fulfill this target in 2008, but we
Have at least one employee
                                     have been working toward having, on average,
trained in Libras at each Branch.                                                                    Partially
                                     two employees trained by February, 2009.                        achieved

                                     Constantly, there are on-site courses on
                                     this theme and a specific video workshop
Train employees to reduce the
volume of customer complaints.
                                     on service was launched; in early 2009,
                                     TreiNet Padrões de Atendimento Varejo
                                     (TreiNet Retail Service Standards) was also
                                     launched, available to all employees.
                                     For seven months during 2008, Bradesco
                                     was included in the ranking, chiefly due to
Keep off the Central Bank
ranking during whole year.
                                     higher volume of complaints regarding the                         
                                                                                                   Not achieved
                                     impossibility of early repayment of loans from
                                     Finasa BMC, Organization’s company.

Goals and Objectives for     2009
Obtain ISO 9001 certification for the entire Ombudsman area.
Create new performance indicators for the Ombudsman for rationalization
and improved management of complaints and requests.

                                                                             Further information on
                                                                       v     Customer Security can be found at
Sustainability Report 2008

                                                            merit, prioritizing professional growth
                                                            opportunities for all the Organization’s
                                                            employees. Thus, approximately 20
                                                            thousand employees are promoted
                                                            every year.
                                                            As of 2000, the Organization started
                                                            to work in a segmented manner, and
                                                            the closed career was crucial to the
                                                            challenge, as objectives were achieved
                                                            by strengthening and appreciating
         Promotions value competence                        staff, stressing the belief that Bradesco’s
                                                            employees are its most important assets.
         Employees                                          In view of its practices and conduct,
         Employee appreciation                              Bradesco has been continuously
         Since the inception of our activities,             included on lists of the best companies
         we value employee development,                     to work for (Época magazine and Guia
         instituting a closed career system, which          Você S/A-Exame).
         prioritizes, encourages and heavily
         invests in staff development. New                  Human Resources
         employees are always hired to entry-               Management Policy
         level positions, based on the structure.           O u r c o m m i t m e n t t o p r ov i d i n g
         Through this system, employees                     employees with continued professional
         a re p ro m o t e d t h ro u g h i n t e r n a l   growth opportunities in a healthy
         recruitment, and all development                   and safe environment where their
         oppor tunities target employees,                   commitments and objectives are
         allowing access to all hierarchical                clear and set forth in the guidelines of
         levels. We maintain this philosophy as a           the Bradesco Organization’s Human
         key point for appreciating professional            Resources Management Policy, the

          Generation of value for employees
                                                                         2006            2007              2008
          Number of employees                                           79,306          82,773            86,622
          Salaries (billion)                                            R$ 2.9          R$ 3.1            R$ 3.5
          Social charges (billion)                                      R$ 1.0          R$ 1.1            R$ 1.3
          Profit sharing – PLR (million)                              R$ 414.3        R$ 520.8          R$ 542.1
          Provision for labor claims (million)                        R$ 310.4        R$ 326.9          R$ 346.4
          Training (million)                                           R$ 57.9         R$ 75.3           R$ 91.3
          Health (million)                                            R$ 298.2        R$ 325.2          R$ 344.1
          Food (million)                                              R$ 498.8        R$ 545.6          R$ 620.3
          Private pension (million)                                   R$ 319.0        R$ 340.0          R$ 269.5
          Childcare/childcare stipend (million)                        R$ 41.1         R$ 43.1           R$ 45.2
          Other (million)                                             R$ 103.5        R$ 111.7          R$ 126.9

                                                                         For further information on employee

                                                                     v   appreciation, see the Social-Environmental
                                                                         Responsibility Web site –
Staff Distribution

                               ❖   2,800 (3.2%)
                                      1,163 (41.5%)
                                      1,637 (58.5%)
                                      1,250 (44.6%)
                                      1,550 (55.4%)
                                      1,250 (44.6%)
                                      594 (4.7%)                                        ❖   10,760 (12.4%)
                                      333 (3.7%)                                               4,974 (46.2%)
                                      12.57%                                                   5,786 (53.8%)
                                                                                               3,238 (30.1%)
                                                                                               6,427 (59.7%)
                                                                                               4,333 (40.3%)
                                                      Midwest                                  1,341 (10.6%)
                                                                                               922 (10.1%)
                                                  ❖   4,359 (5.0%)                             8.75%
                                                         1,811 (41.5%)
                                                         2,548 (58.5%)
                                                         966 (22.2%)
                                                         2,766 (63.5%)
                                                         1,593 (36.5%)
                                                         804 (6.4%)                    Southeast
                                                         491 (5.4%)
                                                         11.67%                    ❖   60,560 (70.0%)
                                                                                          30,201 (49.9%)
                                                                                          30,359 (50.1%)
                                                                                          7,577 (12.5%)
                                                                                          40,531 (66.9%)
                                                                                          20,029 (33.1%)
                                                                                          8,584 (67.8%)
                                                                                          6,536 (71.8%)
                                                                ❖   8,032 (9.3%)
                                                                       3,559 (44.3%)
                                                                       4,473 (55.7%)
                                                                       343 (4.3%)
                                                                       5,109 (63.6%)
                                                                       2,923 (36.4%)
                                                                       1,325 (10.5%)
                                                                       823 (9.0%)

  ❖ Employees
         Men                                                                                          ❖ 111 (0.1%)
         Blacks                                                                                            46 (41.4%)
         Full-time employees                                                                               65 (58.6%)
         Part-time employees                                                                               n/d
         New Hires                                                                                         111 (100%)
         Terminations                                                                                      0
         Turnover                                                                                          9 (0.1%)
  ( ) Percentage of total
Sustainability Report 2008

         premises of which are related to the
                                                               Climate survey
         defense and protection of Human                       Employee satisfaction index (%)

         Rights, Children’s Rights and Basic Labor
         Rights, besides improving quality of life,
         respecting human diversity and dignity,

         encouraging creativity, development

         and improving technical and behavioral
         expertise and prioritzing professional
         growth opportunities.
         The Human Resources Management area,
         located on the ground floor of Prédio
         Prata, Cidade de Deus, in the city of
         Osasco (SP), and Organization’s business                      2005        2006          2007   2008

         areas located at 1,450 Av. Paulista, in the
         City and State of São Paulo have earned
         the SA8000 Social Responsibility Standard       5.7 thousand calls each month. In
         Certification. This is an international         addition, the Human Resources
         certification, focused on the quality of        Department at the Organization’s
         relationships and workplace conditions,         headquarters (Cidade de Deus) and the
         which established the commitment of             Av. Paulista facilities have suggestion
         respect for human, children’s and basic         boxes with the same purpose. Every
         labor rights. This commitment is also           Friday, an internal Human Resources
         extended to the supply chain. It was the        committee holds a meeting to examine
         first certification of this type granted to a   complaints and suggestions and
         financial institution of the Americas.          define the measures to be taken. Every
                                                         quarter, the Human Resources area
         Workplace                                       prepares a consolidated statement
         We continuously seek to promote                 of these actions and submits it to
         a motivating, collaborative and                 the Executive Committee of Social-
         challenging workplace. One of our               Environmental Responsibility.
         initiatives for creating a positive work        An annual organizational climate survey
         environment is listening to employees.          is conducted, voluntarily answered by
         The Bank maintains a channel called Alô         approximately 3.5 thousand employees
         RH that receives anonymous employee             of all hierarchical levels, business lines
         suggestions, requests and complaints.           and activities. It evaluates workplace-
         Responses are given to employees                related aspects, in addition to
         in no more than 72 hours, although              benefits, compensation, professional
         it may take longer for more complex             development, ethics, citizenship, and
         issues. Alô RH answers approximately            social-environmental responsibility.

                                                                              For further information on the Human

                                                                    v         Resources Management Policy, see the
                                                                              Social-Environmental Responsibility Web
                                                                              site –
Attracting and retaining talent                internal communication. One example
The Bradesco Organization is one of            is our partnership with consulting
Brazil’s largest employers with 86,622         firms, universities and business schools
employees.                                     that provide managerial development
Preferably, professionals are hired to         programs through specialization courses,
work in the cities where they reside,          and graduate studies in economics,
which contributes to the generation of         business administration and law.
local wealth.
Our performance evaluation process is          Respecting diversity
continuous and formalized anually. Any         Respecting and valuing diversity are built
issues in employees’ professional growth       into our Values and Human Resources
are always verified and practices for          Management Policy. We believe that
development growth are are indicated.          a diverse workplace contributes to
Managers are constantly giving feedback        employees’ personal and professional
to employees.                                  development and broadens our capacity to
We have a People Management team               better understand and serve all the groups
focused on mapping human capital. This         with whom we maintain a relationship.
process is based on a detailed analysis        This theme is also covered by the corporate
through individual interviews to discover      Code of Ethical Conduct and the Social-
the skills and identify where employees        Environmental Responsibility Policy.
need improvement, which is then                The Workgroup on Diversity Appreciation,
achieved through tutorials, individual or      composed of representatives from several
team training and specific workshops.          areas of the Organization, strives to
In 2008 a total of 44,849 people were          effectively contribute to the improvement
mapped. The goal is to extend the process      of the company’s relationship with
to all the Organization’s employees.           its different stakeholders and the
Employees constantly receive updates           process of retaining talent from several
and training through workshops and             social segments. One example is the

   Special programs

   In 2008, we maintained specific programs that privilege youths’ personal
   and professional development: Adolescent Apprentice, Jovem Cidadão –
   Meu Primeiro Emprego (Young Citizen – My First Job) and Internship and
   Trainee Programs. These programs allow social inclusion of youths, and
   they are qualified to work in an increasingly demanding labor market.

                                                                     For further information about
                                                                 v   these programs and Attracting
                                                                     and Retaining Talent, click here
  Sustainability Report 2008

                                                                                 partnership between Bradesco and Faculdade Cidadania
Blacks holding
managerial positions                                                             Zumbi dos Palmares college (Unipalmares), which consists
and % of total managers
                                                                                 of a two-year training program for black youths with
                                                                6,420 (14.4%)

                                                                                 several modules. The initiative includes the participation of
                                              5,809 (14.3%)

                                                                                 renowned institutions such as FGV, USP, FIPE, Fipecafi and
                            4,907 (12.9%)

                                                                                 FIA. Students do internships in technical and business areas
                                                                                 of the Bank, receiving training to develop them as citizens
                                                                                 and professionals qualified to work in the labor market.
          2,581 (7.2%)

                                                                                 This group started with 30 interns, but the program was
                                                                                 expanded and currently has 74 students.

                                                                                 Women in action
       2005                2006              2007              2008
                                                                                 In 2008, we had 41,754 women on staff, nearly 48% of
                                                                                 the total number of employees. A total of 19,840 hold
                                                                                 managerial positions, including on the Board of Executive
Women holding
managerial positions                                                             Officers and the Board of Directors. In the Prime segment,
and % of total managers
                                                                                 they represent 73% of the staff.
                                                                19,840 (44.5%)
                                              17,606 (43.3%)
                            15,944 (41.9%)

                                                                                 The inclusion of people with disabilities
          14,776 (41.3%)

                                                                                 With respect to people with disabilities, we conern ourselves
                                                                                 with going above and beyond merely fulfilling legal quotas.
                                                                                 Since 2007, we have maintained a partnership with a
                                                                                 specialized consulting firm chiefly to help consolidate an
                                                                                 inclusive organizational culture.
                                                                                 Bradesco, in partnership with the Federation of Brazilian
                                                                                 Banks (Febraban) and through the Professional Qualification
       2005                2006              2007              2008
                                                                                 and Inclusion of People with Disabilities in the Banking
                                                                                 Sector Program, will hire 150 professionals beginning in
                                                                                 2009, incially in Greater São Paulo.
                                                                                 In order to facilitate relationships and amity with those
                                                                                 with disabilities, in 2008 we published the pamphlet Social
                                                                                 Inclusion – Bradesco and the Inclusion of People with
                                                                                 Disabilities for our employees (for information about this
                                                                                 pamphlet, visit the Social-Environmental Responsibility
                                                                                 Web page –
                                                                                 In this context, we have developed preparatory workshops
                                                                                 in Libras – the Brazilian Sign Language (means of
                                                                                 communication with the hearing impaired) adapted to

                                                                                                                For further information on diversity-related

                                                                                                            v   issues, visit out Social-Environmental
                                                                                                                Responsibility Web site –
the banking system for employees who
provide direct service to customers,
including the hearing-impaired. The
course is available on TreiNet to all the
Organization’s employees.
At the end of 2008, Bradesco employed
1,285 people with disabilities. This
figure still falls short of the legal quotas
due to the scarcity in the labor market
of people with disabilities who are
qualified to work in the financial sector.
On Bradesco’s Web site (, the “Career Opportunities”
link is an exclusive channel for receiving
resumes and descriptions of recruiting
and selection criteria of people with
disabilities. Resumes may also be
for warded to 4240.inclusaopcd@                                                     Vision of the future in our relationship with employees

Cases of discrimination
D i s c r i m i n a t i o n c o n t ra d i c t s o u r               Benefits
values and principles and violates our                               We offer a benefits package to employees
corporate Code of Ethical Conduct.                                   that is better than that provided for in
Our “Alô RH” area receives accusations                               the Collective Bargaining Agreement
of any kind of discrimination, including                             of bank employees, which includes
against employees, suppliers and                                     transportation vouchers, meal vouchers,
other stakeholders. Accusations are                                  grocery vouchers, maternity/paternity
investigated and handled with absolute                               leave, bereavement pay, funeral stipend,
secrecy, and confidentiality, without                                childcare stipend and outplacement
retaliation.                                                         services. In addition, the benefits below
                                                                     include all employees, regardless of their
                                                                     work days (full-or part-time):
 Cases of discrimination                                              Health and dental insurance.
                                         2007              2008
 Reported*                                 12                24
                                                                      Supplementary private pension plan.
 Deemed valid                               2                 2       Group life and personal accident
* The increase of discrimination reports between 2007 and 2008 is
  mainly due to the fact more employees became aware of the Social     insurance.
  Responsibility Management System (SGRS) and its channels of
  communication.                                                      Specialization courses.

                                                                                                    For further information about
                                                                                              v     benefits packages, click here
Sustainability Report 2008

            Social Service and Psychological            due to violations to the articles of the
             Assistance.                                 Brazilian Consolidated Labor Laws
            Snacks (108 thousand snacks are             (CLT)/Regulation applied by the Regional
             offered daily, free of charge).             Labor Office. Also in 2008, we settled 14
            Discounts for medicine and at drugstores.   proceedings amounting to R$ 363,409.11,
            Inter nal influenza vaccination             due to moral harassment.
            Leisure and recreation areas.               Qualification and Development
            Social loan for emergency situations.       T h e O r g a n i z a t i o n’s t r a i n i n g
            Lines of credit with subsidized rates       management process is ISO 9001:2000
             for the acquisition of computers and        certified and seeks to contribute
             vehicles, as well as personal expenses.     t o e m p l oy e e d e v e l o p m e n t a n d
            Family funeral stipend.                     appreciation. Every year, we invest
            Mortgage with lower interest rates.         i n c re a s i n g l y m o re i n e m p l oye e
            Exemption from fees.                        qualification.
            Online shopping channel (Shop Fácil).       In 2008, we invested R$ 91.3 million,
                                                         53% higher than average investments
         Labor Practices                                 over the past five years.
         The Human Resources Department                  In 2008, 1.5 million employees
         ensures compliance with rules and               participated in training. Due to a
         policies related to employees, pursuant         large number of nationally distributed
         to prevailing laws.                             employees, traditional workshops
         Concerning relationship with unions, the        in classrooms administered by an
         Human Resources Department maintains            instructor only take place under special
         in its functional structure a Union             circumstances. Thus, we depend
         Relations Department, whose mission is          heavily on distance learning. In this
         to continuously maintain dialogue and           case, we send printed instruction
         interaction with union representatives by       manuals containing the necessary
         receiving opinions, answering questions,        information to a certain group of
         and enabling a relationship characterized       people; we also send training videos or
         by easy access, agility and proactivity         hold workshops via electronic means,
         between the parties. All employees are          like our e-learning portal available
         free to create unions, are represented          via Internet or Intranet, known at the
         by unions and covered by collective             Company as TreiNet.
         bargaining agreements.                          The closed career system presupposes
                                                         continued training at all stages of
         Labor claims                                    professional growth. An employee
         In 2008, we settled 116 administrative          holding mid-or upper-level position
         proceedings amounting to R$ 218,684.30,         takes leadership classes that provide

Training courses promote professional growth

knowledge necessary for the position. Employees with
greater responsibilities, tasked with leading large teams
and dealing with more complex products and processes are
given on-going training. In top positions, the professional
must participate in more complex courses, such as graduate
and MBA studies. Thus, Bradesco maintains partnerships
with universities like FGV and foundations supporting the
University of São Paulo (USP) such as Fipe, FIA and Fipecafi,
and business schools such as Dom Cabral. 388 employees
participated in MBA, graduate, specialization and Master’s
degree courses in 2007, and in 2008, 300.
Concerning sustainability, we developed a project called Ethics,
Business and Life based on the corporate Code of Ethical
Conduct. These basic concepts were conveyed to managerial
employees by means of on-site training, and participants                                   Training investment
                                                                                           (in millions of reais)
created a DVD that was distributed to all employees.
Another equally important project was a sustainability
workshop via TreiNet. In 2008, 35 thousand employees took

part in this workshop.

 Participation in training activities

 Types of activity                     2005        2006        2007         2008
 On-site                             107,784     114,878     156,302      179,550
 TreiNet (on-line)                   315,542     940,676     674,797    1,091,592
 Video training and
                                     195,657     112,189     190,054      266,804
 instructional pamphlets
 Total participants                  618,983   1,167,743   1,021,153    1,537,946
 Total hours                       5,332,407   8,754,701   8,892,730   13,388,179                   2005            2006   2007   2008

                                                                            For further information about training
                                                                        v   and development programs, click here
Sustainability Report 2008

                                            Occupational health and safety
                                            We seek to offer an adequate workplace and conditions for
                                            complete physical, mental and emotional well-being. Thus, we
                                            invest in preventive programs and actions that promote health,
                                            having even obtained OHSAS 18001 certification.
                                            The programs addressed themes such as repetitive stress
                                            injuries (RSI), stress, chemical addiction (alcohol/drugs/
                                            tobacco), obesity, cardiovascular disorders, sexually
                                            transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS, benefits, distribution
                                            of snacks to employees and vaccination campaigns, among
                                            others. Periodically, there are also in-house campaigns
                                            covering some of these themes, which are also addressed
                                            yearly during the Internal Occupational Accident Prevention
                                            Week (SIPAT).
                                            From the time of hiring, employees receive information
                                            about appropriate behavior and conduct for maintaining
                                            health and improving quality of life. Employees enjoy a health
                                            and dental plan free of charge, with premiums fully borne
                                            by the Bank, that covers their legal dependants. Therefore,
                                            approximately 182 thousand people, among employees and
                                            their dependants, are covered by this plan.
                                            Bradesco is one of the members of the Brazilian Corporate
                                            Council of HIV/AIDS Prevention – CEN, whose goal is to promote
                                            and strengthen the response to the disease at the workplace,
                                            disseminating information to a considerable group of workers,
                                            their families and the community in general about safe ways to
                                            prevent HIV infection. To learn more, visit

          Occupational health and safety indicators
          Injuries                                                                            2006          2007            2008
          Total injuries                                                                      1,703         2,089           2,406
          % of total staff                                                                     2.15          2.52            2.78
          Cases of occupational illness
          Total illness                                                                         n/a           n/a             n/a
          % of total staff                                                                      n/a           n/a             n/a
          Number of days lost
          Total number                                                                      405,449       442,566         441,363
          Rate*                                                                              511.25        534.67          509.53
          Total days with absences
          Total number                                                                     1,532,305    1,230,458       1,084,660
          Rate*                                                                             1,932.14     1,484.55        1,252.18
         * The factor 200 thousand results from 50 40 hour work weeks per 100 employees.

                                                                                                       For further information about

                                                                                                  v    occupational health and
                                                                                                       safety programs, click here
                                                inclusion, technological advances, and
                                                good service and quality practices, as
                                                well as on other themes.
                                                The main internal communication
                                                vehicles are:
                                                 Intranet.
                                                 E-mail messages.
                                                 Memorandums.
Sports and health incentive programs
                                                 Daily newsletter, Sempre em Dia.
                                                 Monthly magazine Interação.
Quality of life                                  Video editions of TV Bradesco.
Bradesco has a specific quality of life         We also have Alô RH, a communication
program that encourages employees to            channel that advises employees on
balance their personal and professional         benefits, laws and human resources
lives. Activities, on-the-job exercise, walks   policies and practices, in addition to
and stimulating the practice of sports,         receiving suggestions and complaints.
among others, are part of the program.          Employees have the option of anonymity,
Working hours are constantly monitored,         ensuring complete confidentiality to
so that the contractual work day is not         anyone who uses this service.
exceeded, allowing employees to keep
their personal commitments and enjoy
their leisure time.
At our headquarters in Cidade de Deus,
Osasco (where we have approximately 11
thousand employees), we have an area
for leisure and recreational activities
for employees and their dependants,
which includes swimming pools, a track,
a soccer field and basketball, volleyball,
tennis, soccer and squash courts. In
2008, these facilities received more than
51.5 thousand visits.

Internal communication                                                      Internal communication
Employees receive information about all                                     methods: information for
                                                                            all employees
issues related to the Organization, such
as daily activities, strategies, projects,
project and policy implementation,
business, products and services, banking
Sustainability Report 2008

                                     Alô RH Services
                                                                                               2006              2007              2008
                                     Questions                                                49,061            61,328            68,655
                                     Suggestions                                                  20                13                12
                                     Complaints                                                   19                06                07
                                     SGRS Reports*                                                 –                60                55
                                     Total of manifestations                                  49,100            61,407            68,729
                                    * Social Responsibility Management System Reports, based on SA8000 requirements.

                                    Business goals and strategies are disclosed anually at meetings
                                    with the CEO, with the participation the Organization’s officers,
                                    regional managers, Branch managers and departmental
                                    managers who are in charge of providing information and
                                    recommendations to their teams.

         Goals and Objectives of     2008                                                                                   Status

                                                        In 2008, a pilot project was conducted
         Improve actions related to Employees
         Quality of Life Program.
                                                        with employees of the Avenida Paulista
                                                        facility, applying a questionnaire to
                                                                                                                         Partially achieved
                                                        evaluate health and life style.

         Forward instructional pamphlets to
                                                        10 instructional pamphlets were forwarded on
         all employees, periodically, discussing
                                                        the following themes: Sustainability, Recycling,
         several themes related to sustainability
         such as global warming, conscious
                                                        the Amazon, Water, Letter from the Earth,                               
                                                        Global Warming, Pollution, Deforestation,
         credit and consumption, pollution,
                                                        Biodiversity and Transportation.
         deforestation and quality of life.

         Implement a new video transmission
         system at the Branch Network,                  Installed in 80% of Branches, departments
         departments and affiliated companies,
         to replace the current VHS/DVD
                                                        and affiliated companies. Some locations
                                                        have infrastructure restrictions that
                                                                                                                         Partially achieved
         system to disseminate information              are gradually being solved.
         more quickly to employees.

                                                        The Sustainability course was launched in 2008.
         Prepare multimedia courses                     Three courses were developed on Ethics that
         (e-learning) covering Sustainability           will be available during 2009: General Concepts;                        
         and Corporate Ethics themes.                   Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethical
                                                        Management; and Ethics at the Organization

         Develop an internal communication
         campaign on Ethics.
                                                        Notices and phrases were disclosed
                                                        on the Internet and paychecks.

                                                        DVDs were sent to employees of the
         Distribute DVD on Ethical Conduct              following units abroad: Banco Bradesco
         (subtitles in English) for employees           Argentina; Bradesco Grand Cayman Branch;                                
         of the Organization’s units abroad.            Bradesco Services – Japan; Bradesco
                                                        Luxembourg; and Bradesco New York.

         Goals and Objectives for     2009
         Increase the scope of the SA8000 certification.
         Institutionalize and expand the Diversity Appreciation Program.
         Implement Quality of Life programs.

                                                                                                     For further information about

                                                                                              v      Internal Communication, click here
For the Organization, effectively committing our commercial
partners to sustainable development is as important as
bringing them closer to sustainability principles, so that
they can become multipliers of good management practices
in the market.

We carried out a selection process to ensure a network of
highly qualified suppliers that are committed to social-
environmental responsibility:
We use our own criteria in the selection process, evaluating
 with a defined point system through RFI (Request for
 Information). Financial, administrative, commercial,                     commitment
 technical and social-environmental issues are also analyzed.
Upon the signature of the agreement, the supplier agrees to:
                                                                               to the
 - Not employ illegal work or slave-like or child labor.                    corporate
 - Not employ minors, including as apprentices, in places that
   might harm their growth, their physical, mental, moral and
                                                                              Code of
   social development, during hours that impede them from                     Ethical
   attending school or night shifts (10 pm to 5 am).
 - Not using discriminatory practices.                                     Conduct is
 - Protecting and preserving the environment.                                required
So that these processes are taken seriously, suppliers now
 have to commit to the corporate Code of Ethical Conduct,
 which they receive together with the agreement to be signed.
 In November 2008, the Sector Code of Ethical Conduct
 for Purchasing Professional was created, applicable to
 business relations involving purchasing processes. This
 Code establishes the behavioral standards of purchasing
 professionals in their relationship with suppliers. The
 adherence with this document is now a contractual

    Generation of value to suppliers
                                        2006     2007     2008
    Number of agreements                1,757    2,048    2,365
    Financial volume (billion)         R$ 4.2   R$ 4.8   R$ 7.6

                                                              For further information about
                                                         v    suppliers management, click here
Sustainability Report 2008

         Suppliers also receive the Social-
         Environmental Questionnaire
         (comprised of 23 questions about
         social-environmental management and
         occupational health and safety) and
         the Declaration of Compliance – Social
         Responsibility Commitment SA8000.
         In November 2008, Bradesco assumed
         the role of disseminator (SCLC – Supply
         Chain Leadership Collaboration) of
         the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project),
         an entity headquartered in London                Bradesco Suppliers Meetings disseminate good practices

         that receives and analyzes companies
         around the world. Through a
         questionnaire, companies report their            Qualification/engagement
         CO2 emissions, as well as the measures           In order to get our suppliers involved in
         taken to reduce their impacts.                   the Organization’s practices, Bradesco
         Incorporating this policy, Bradesco has          has been promoting, twice a year since
         sent a questionnaire to 61 suppliers,            2006, the “Suppliers’ Meeting.” These
         and 22 of them have responded. In the            companies are from different industries
         future, these answers may contribute to          and have different sizes. 80 companies
         the supplier evaluation process.                 were invited to participate in the first
         Currently, Bradesco has 1,056 suppliers          Meeting, and after six meetings, more
         with agreements in force, and out of             than 600 companies have already
         this total, 87% adhered to the principles        participated.
         of the Bradesco Organization’s Code of           In 2008, suppliers of products and
         Ethical Conduct.                                 services from across the country

            The power of communication

            Bradesco the e-mail specifically for suppliers.
            In 2009, an electronic relationship tool called Portal do Fornecedor Bradesco (Bradesco
            Supplier Portal) is being implemented. This is a Web site that makes the Codes of
            Ethical Conduct available along with information on various other relevant issues.
            The Electronic Purchase System, called SRM (Supplier Relationship Management),
            is also in its initial phase, and will allow sending and receiving electronic quote and
            electronic auctions, making the process quicker, safer and transparent. This will
            be implemented gradually, as changing relationship parameters with suppliers
            requires the adhesion of each of them.

                                                                              See more details about the last

                                                                        v     suppliers meetings at the Social-
                                                                              Environmental Responsibility Web site
participated in the 6th Meeting, learning more about our social-
environmental programs.
The highlight of the event was the unveiling of the Sector Code of
Ethical Conduct for Purchasing Professionals. Approximately 140
companies participated; lectures were given on Ethics and copies
of the document were distributed.
Another way of disseminating the precepts and the commitment
to sustainability is through technical visits to suppliers, which
mainly focus on verifying RFI information.
In April 2008, the Suppliers Management Improvement Project
began, with a view to improving the relationship between Bradesco
and its suppliers and observing the best market practices.

Goals and Objectives of    2008                                                                     Status
                                       In 2008, we diagnosed the benchmarks of
Expand the communication
channel with suppliers.
                                       familiarity with the tool and defined the content
                                       to be considered. In 2009, the Web page has
                                                                                                  Not achieved
                                       been developed and final tests will be made.
                                       A project was initiated to improve Supplier
Foster actions based on the market’s
best practices that enable us to
                                       Management in order to foster actions based
                                       best market practices that enable us to
improve supplier management.
                                       improve the relationship with suppliers.

Goals and Objectives for    2009
Implementation of “Bradesco Supplier Portal.”
Effective implementation of Electronic Purchase System (SEM).
Implementation of a new Supplier Management structure.

The commitment to community development is part of Bradesco’s
history. In addition to its own social-environmental projects,
traditionally, the Bradesco Organization has supported several
other initiatives throughout the country that mainly benefit
underprivileged populations and communities where we operate.
In 2008, the total amount invested by Bradesco reached R$ 390.4
million, including R$ 76.7 million earmarked for sponsorships
that are classified under incentive laws (Rouanet, Audiovisual
and ECA).

We have the Bradesco Volunteer Program, which aims at encouraging
volunteerism among employees by motivating, supporting and
mobilizing them for actions that effectively contribute to reducing

                                                                         See more details on projects maintained
                                                                ev       and supported by the Organization in
                                                                         the Social-Environmental Investments
                                                                         chapter of this Report and on our Social-
                                                                         Environmental Responsibility Web site –
Sustainability Report 2008

                                                         Mo b i l i z a t i o n c a m p a i g n s a r e
                                                          organized by the volunteer groups of
                                                          Bradesco Organization departments
                                                          or Branches registered at the Bradesco
                                                          Volunteer Portal. Here, organizers can
                                                          share the volunteer actions of his or
                                                          her department or Branch, giving the
                                                          status of the campaign and seeking
         More than 1,000 employees participated           partnerships. In 2008, three large
         in the 2nd Social Marathon
                                                          relief drives were held, involving
         social inequalities. The portal www.             several regions of Brazil. More than is the main           three tonnes of powdered milk,
         channel for communicating program                approximately 66 thousand personal
         initiatives. It always provides detailed         hygiene items of and another 95
         information about corporate actions,             thousand miscellaneous relief items
         allowing employees to sign up for                were collected to assist the homeless
         projects and even to share their personal        in the Santa Catarina State. There are
         experiences volunteering. Currently, the         also smaller campaigns conducted by
         portal has approximately 7 thousand              different departments and Branches.
         active, registered volunteers, nearly 10%       T h e Ma r a t o n a S o c i a l ( S o c i a l
         of all Organization employees, a number          Marathon) i s a c o m m u n i t y
         above the average rate of volunteer              competition that seeks social
         program participants, which is 5%.               transformation. Its main objective, in
         The Bradesco Volunteer Program works             addition to the personal development
         on three fronts:                                 and satisfaction of each participant, is
          The portal, www.voluntariosbradesco.           to face challenges and solve problems,
 , gathers people with affinities         focusing on the sustainability of
           and willing to work together on                proposed actions. In 2008, we
           projects. Through this por tal,                sponsored the 2 nd Social Marathon,
           volunteers share their experiences             which included the participation of
           and exchange information and then              1,107 employees of administrative
           partnerships or groups are created             units of the Cidade de Deus, Av.
           that according to their affinities. Once       Paulista, Alphaville, Santa Cecília and
           registered at the Portal, the employee,        Nova Central facilities. Employees of
           through this volunteer network, has            these units organized themselves
           access to a blog where he or she is able       in groups of 15 to 25 people, each
           to create and manage his or her own            selecting an entity that was benefited
           volunteer actions, sharing knowledge,          during the six-month duration of the
           resources, networks and management.            Marathon.

                                                                      Further information on volunteer actions,

                                                                 v    visit and
                                                                      the Social-Environmental Responsibility
                                                                      Web site at –
Besides the Bradesco Volunteer Program, since 2003 Fundação
Bradesco has been promoting National Volunteer Action Day, where
students and employees of Fundação Bradesco carry out several
actions, such as medical and dental services, issue of documents,
and sporting, cultural and leisure activities.
The 2008 National Volunteer Action Day gathered approximately
34 thousand volunteers at more than 225 locations, including 40
Fundação schools and Digital Inclusion Centers (CIDs), performing
more than 1.7 million acts of service in the citizenship, education,
leisure, sports and environment areas.

Goals and Objectives of    2008                                                                 Status
Hold the 2nd Bradesco Volunteers Social    The Marathon relied on the participation
Marathon, expanding the activity to        of 1,107 volunteers of the administrative
Cidade de Deus, other administrative       units of São Paulo (Cidade de Deus, Av.                
units of São Paulo and increasing the      Paulista, Alphaville, Nova Central and
total entities covered by this program.    Santa Cecília), benefiting 50 institutions.

Goals and Objectives for    2009
Expand the Social Marathon to include Bradesco Seguros employee participation.
Create an online course to show employees the importance of being a volunteer.

Government and Society
Bradesco relates to civil society and the government through
dynamic partnerships that include, in addition to the paying
taxes and contributions, onlending from development banks
such as the National Bank for Economic and Social Development
(BNDES), banking inclusion actions, promoting education and
concern with environmental preservation, among various other
initiatives. In addition, the Bank also has products and services
especially concerned with serving the public sector.

Value generated to society (billion)
Type of resource                                              2006                2007                 2008
Taxes and contributions paid and provisioned                 R$ 5.9              R$ 6.8               R$ 5.7
Taxes and contributions collected                          R$ 126.3            R$ 144.3             R$ 166.2

Total BNDES onlending
                                    Number of            Amount
Year                                                                      % over total             Ranking
                                    operations     (R$ thousand)
2006                                    22,568          5,819,564               19.93%                     1st
2007                                    33,074          7,132,897               18.78%                     1st
2008                                    50,494          8,924,218               18.41%                     2nd

                                                                          Learn about the products and services
                                                                      v   targeting public administrations at
Sustainability Report 2008

                                   BNDES onlending
                                   Micro, small and medium-sized companies
                                                   Number of
                                   Year                           R$ thousand                  %     Ranking
                                   2006                21,016         2,252,142            21.12%              1st
                                   2007                30,009         2,919,653            18.74%              1st
                                   2008                46,245         4,068,673            19.71%              1st

                                  Relationship with regulatory/
                                  inspection authorities and entities
                                  Our companies are subject to inspection by several
                                  authorities, such as the Brazilian Central Bank, National
                                  Supplementary Health Agency (ANS), the Private Insurance
                                  Superintendency (Susep) and the Brazilian Securities and
                                  Exchange Commission (CVM). Representatives of Bradesco
                                  and the Insurance Group participate in public hearings,
                                  some of which are on-site, conducted by regulatory
                                  authorities, with the purpose of clarifying new regulations
                                  or even giving suggestions for the preparation of rules
                                  and indexes. The Bank is also represented in associations
                                  (such as federations of industries) and other domestic and
                                  international bodies.
                                  In 2008, a fine levied by CVM was paid in the amount of
                                  R$ 32,013.22, due to the failure to comply with Investment
                                  Fund-related rules (CVM Rules 302/99 and 6,385/76). Bradesco
                                  Seguros e Previdência paid during the same period a total of
                                  R$ 1,147,145.90, related to the fines levied by Susep and ANS.
                                  The Bank also paid fines levied by Federal Police amounting to
                                  R$ 476,440.34, due to issues related to failures in security devices.

         Goals and Objectives of   2008                                                             Status

                                                Codes were fully reviewed, and are now
                                                are called the Code of Ethical Conduct of
                                                the Bradesco Organization and the Sector
         Review the Corporate Code of Ethics
         and the Sector Codes of Ethics.
                                                Code of Ethical Conduct of Accounting and             
                                                Financial Management Areas. In 2008, the
                                                Sector Code of Ethical Conduct of Purchasing
                                                Professionals was also published.

                                                These policies were updated and now also
         Update the policies called Know your
         Customer and Know your Employee.
                                                cover themes such as corruption, money                
                                                laundering and terrorism financing.

NGOs                                        significantly. Thus, we have developed
Bradesco maintains constant dialogue        studies of its impacts on our activities, such
with several NGOs in addition to the        as higher business risk, the location of our
Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica, such as        Customer Service Network and customers
Amigos da Terra – Amazônia Brasileira,      living in regions more susceptible to
the Ethos Institute, the Akatu Institute,   climate change impacts, change in regional
and BankTrack, an international             business profiles, the need for using new
network of organizations that monitors      technologies and an intensified use of
the operations of private financial         renewable sources of energy.
institutions and their impact on            This theme is complex and its real
communities and the environment.            impacts are uncertain. Despite the
Meetings held with these entities           fact that there are models attempting
are another opportunity to learn the        to estimate these impacts (we have
demands and expectations of society with    monitored these analyses), there are
regards to the Organization’s operations    many variables to be analyzed and
and to find inspiration to develop new      incorporated into current scenario.
products – especially those of a social-    In 2009, we launched a line of credit for
environmental character and appeal.         corporate clients planning to contract
For more details about main NGO projects    projects that reduce greenhouse gas
supported by the Organization, see          (GHG) emissions. These projects
the Social-Environmental Investments        a re c a l l e d C l e a n D e v e l o p m e n t
chapter of this Report.                     Mechanisms (MDL).
                                            In January 2009, the Organization created
Environment                                 a Carbon Credit Area in order to improve
Our Social-Environmental Responsibility
Policy establishes guidelines that seek
to contribute to the protection and
conservation of environment.
We also have important initiatives
focused on the environment, such as
the partnership with Fundação SOS
Mata Atlântica and participation in
Fundação Amazonas Sustentável, of
which Bradesco is a co-founder.

Climate Change
Climate change is a reality that already
affects our country and operations          Support for preservation and protection of forests

                                                                         For further information
                                                                   v     about climate change, click here
Sustainability Report 2008

         its performance in this market and make       Emissions compensation
         new businesses feasible. With the creation                                     2007         2008
                                                       Total trees planted             38,057      315,035
         of this area, we offered our corporate
                                                       Hectares planted                    22          185
         clients mechanisms that enable the            Tonnes of CO2 removed
                                                                                       22,777        98,417
         planning, financing and execution of          (in 20 years)

         projects that reduce greenhouse gas
         emissions, such as processes to improve       In March 2007, the Organization obtained
         efficiency in the utilization/transmission    NBR ISO 14064 – Part 1 certification,
         of electricity, development of new clean      the standard for the specification and
         energy technologies, replacement of           guidance to quantify and prepare GHG
         polluting fuel with clean and renewable       emissions reports.
         energy (wind, sun and biomass energy,
         among others) and reforestation.              Carbon Disclosure Project
         Bradesco Seguros e Previdência, as            Since 2006 we have assumed the
         direct result of its insurance activity has   commitment of reporting measures
         been affected by climate change and           to control our direct and indirect GHG
         therefore has been developing actions         emissions within the scope of the
         with institutions and specialized             Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).
         professionals to map, monitor and             Bradesco is a signatory member of
         foresee climate risks, as well as their       this initiative, one of the largest global
         impacts on the insurance market. In           projects that combines corporate
         addition, it participates in discussion       social responsibility, climate change
         forums on this theme.                         and the financial market, relying
                                                       on the participation of the largest
         Management of Greenhouse                      banks, insurance companies and
         Gas Emissions                                 pension funds. Created six years ago
         The impacts generated by performing           by the British government, this global
         our activities also contribute to climate     initiative gathers a group of more than
         change. Therefore, we implemented             385 institutional investors, with a total
         a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions              of US$ 57 trillion in assets.
         Management System.                            Our responses to the annual
         This System, which is part of the             questionnaire (CDP-6) are available at
         Eco-efficiency Program, allows the   
         monitoring of (direct and indirect) GHG       In addition, in 2008 Bradesco was
         emissions and also seeks ways to reduce       one of the three Brazilian companies
         and offset them by means of actions like      to adhere to the CDP – SCLC (Supply
         planting trees, preferring biofuels and       Chain Leadership Collaboration), an
         optimizing vehicle use, among others.         extension of the CDP to the supply

                                                                               For further information on

                                                                       v       Greenhouse Gas Emission
                                                                               Management, click here
                                                                               Further information on the CDP,
chain, inviting approximately 60                                            waste;
companies to commit to the CDP.                                             generator and air conditioning;
                                                                            taxi, reimbursement for kilometers
Eco-efficiency Management                                                    travelled and managers’ visits;
In 2008, we structured the Eco-Efficiency                                   courier, freight, deposits and towing;
Management Program, concerned with                                          employee transportation (air and
progressing ever further in controlling                                      ground);
GHG emissions, consumption of natural                                       GN (natural gas) and LPG (liquefied
resources and waste management.                                              petroleum gas); and
In order to establish integrated                                            air and ground fleet.
management for all the impacts of our                                      Reduction targets are established for
activities, Study Groups composed of                                       each theme according to the source in
employees from several areas of the                                        question.
Organization were created, broaching                                       Defined actions are communicated to the
the following themes:                                                      entire Organization, ensuring employee
 water and electricity;                                                   involvement and effective implementation
 paper;                                                                   of the Eco-Efficiency Program.

    Main sources treated in 2008
                                                                                                        Reduction                Reduction
    Sources         Scope
                                                                                                           target                 achieved
    Energy          Electricity                                                                              10%                     7.0%*
                    Public water supply;
    Water                                                                                                       5.0%             – 12.33%**
                    Reusable water.
                    Consumption of fossil fuel by the following activities:
                     employee transportation;

                     transportation of courier, cargo and deposits;

                     maintenance of air conditioning equipment;

    GEEs             use of energy generators;                                                                 3.5%               29.1%***
                     heating and preparation of food and beverages;

                     vehicles used to support policyholders (under study).

                    Waste sent to landfills
    Paper           Consumption of paper and cardboard                                                          5.0%                      ****
                    Waste control of:
                     metal;

                     plastic;

                     glass;

                     paper;
    Waste            organic waste;
                                                                                                                1.5%                     0.9%
                     discarded technological equipment and furniture;

                     construction and demolition refuse;

                     waste containing confidential information;

                     insured vehicles refuse (under study).

* Even using the same structure as 2007, the 2008 reduction target was not met (we acheived 7% reduction).
** The reduction target was not met; on the contrary, we verified an increase in consumption of 12.33% due to additions, such as expansions,
   Branch Changes of Address, implementation of new units and acquisitions.
*** The reduction was significant due to the update of energy emission factors, amended by ANEEL (Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency) in
    2008. If the same factors as 2007 had been used, the reduction would be 1.1%.
**** The amount of paper consumed only began to be monitored in 2008; until then, only consumption expenditures were monitored.

                                                                                                           For further information about
                                                                                                    v      Eco-Efficiency Program, click here
Sustainability Report 2008

         Sustainable Construction
         The construction of the new
         Information Technology Center (CTI)
         building in Cidade de Deus complied
         with the environmental preservation
         regulation, with controlled waste
         disposal, reflective roofing and a
         precast str ucture. Sustainability
         principles are extended to other
         buildings of the Bank when they are
         remodeled or retrofitted.
         Within the concept of environmental
         preservation, in 2008, Bradesco started
         to build its first sustainable Branch,
         which takes social-environmental
         aspects into account in its design and
         construction. We also have the new
         Finasa Osasco Sports Development
         Center which was built according to the
         precepts of sustainability and should
         receive the applicable sustainable
         construction certificates.

         “Green IT”
         Technology is a basic factor. It connects
         the interfaces and internal processes
         of the Organization and allows us to
         contact customers safely and quickly.
         Bradesco’s use of advanced technology
         is a strategic advantage that helps
         operating processes flow efficiently.
                                                     Information Technology Center: built according to
         The Bank’s IT areas have several            environmental preservation standards

         sustainability initiatives such as the
         utilization of remanufactured ink           technology that avoids transfers and
         cartridges, replacement of printers,        consequently vehicle gas emissions,
         acquisition of work stations that           and the acquisition of ATMs partially
         consume less energy, remote equipment       made of recyclable components with
         management solutions based on vPRO          less environmental impact.

            For further information about the                                  For further information about
        v   construction of the new CTI building
            and other sustainable construction
                                                                         v     Information Technology, click here

            initiatives, click here
Goals and Objectives of    2008                                                                Status
                                               We achieved a 7% reduction, excluding
Reduce the Organization’s
consumption of electricity by 10%.
                                               expansions, Branch changes of
                                               address, implementation of new
                                                                                              Not achieved
                                               units and acquisitions in 2008.
                                               The 2007 GHG inventory was carried out
Compensate GHG emissions generated             for the entire Bradesco Organization.
by the Bank in 2007, including the various
administrative units and a network or
                                               These emissions, encompassing direct
                                               emissions and those deriving from the use of
over 3 thousand Branches nationwide.           electricity, were compensated by Fundação
                                               SOS Mata Atlântica planting trees.
                                               Construction is in progress. Certain
Build the first sustainable Bradesco Branch.   measures are subject to local                      
                                                                                              Not achieved
                                               government authorization.
                                               The evaluation phase of tool performance,
Implement a no-break remote
control system to rationalize
                                               which precedes implementation at Branches,
                                               was concluded in January 2009. Effective
                                                                                              Not achieved
energy use at Branches.
                                               implementation is estimated for 2009.
Increase the rainwater catchment
and storage capacity to irrigate               Expanded to 330 thousand liters.                    
plants and gardens.
                                               The incineration process was
                                               maintained for all types of discarded
Increase the percentage of media (tapes,
films and CDs) safely discarded.
                                               media, and now includes not only the                
                                               Data Processing and Communication
                                               area, but also other departments.
Support the Elvira Guarda Mascarim Forest
Sapling Production and Environmental           250 thousand saplings were produced
Education Center in the city of Piracicaba
(SP) that will provide part of the 250
                                               and planted in 2008 in the region of
                                               Piracicaba (SP) through the Elvira Guarda
thousand saplings for Bradesco Organization    Mascarim Community Nursery.
GHG emissions off-set projects.
Participate in the 6th edition of Carbon
Disclosure Project (CDP-6).
                                               For the third consecutive time, Bradesco
                                               responded to CDP questionnaire.

Goals and Objectives for    2009
Compensate GHG emissions generated by the Bank in 2008, including the various
administrative units and a network of over 3 thousand Branches nationwide.
Conclude the environmental certification project of the Finasa Osasco Sports Development Center.
Conclude construction of the sustainable Branch and obtain certification.

Certifications                                           the Organization’s business areas at the
For its building at Av. Paulista in São                  Av. Paulista building. Bradesco earned
Paulo, Bradesco obtained the ISO                         these certifications by assuming the
14001 environtmental certification and                   commitments inherent to them. In 2008,
OHSAS 18001 certification, which is                      we obtained ISO 14064 certification,
concerned with occupational health and                   which establishes principles and
safety, including ergonomics, accident                   requirements to plan, develop, manage
prevention and quality of life programs.                 and report GHG emission inventories.
Located on the ground floor of Prédio                    The Bank also has 209 ISO 9001
Prata in the Cidade de Deus complex                      process quality certified products and
in Osasco, SP, the Human Resources                       services, and 15 GoodPriv@cy certified
Management area is SA8000 certified                      products and services, ensuring that
for social responsibility with a focus on                their management systems adopt
the quality of relationships and the work                international standards related to data
environment. Also SA8000 certified are                   protection and privacy.
Sustainability Report 2008


The main goal of Bradesco’s private social investment is to
make programs become self-sustainable so they can develop
autonomy and their own dynamics. Another important
aspect is the fact that the actions are developed to cause
positive impacts on the quality of life of the people involved
in them, a result which is achieved through partnerships
with suppliers, partners, government agencies and NGOs.
In 2008, the total amount invested by Bradesco reached
R$ 390.4 million, including R$ 76.7 million earmarked
for donations classified under incentive laws (Rouanet,
Audiovisual, Sports and ECA).
In order to strengthen the Organization’s social-
environmental investments, in 2008 we began a project
with the support of the Institute for Social Investment
Development (Idis) aiming at outlining a diagnosis of the
actions and procedures related to social-environmental             Social-environmental investments
                                                                   Investments in direct social actions (education,
investments, defining strategic objectives and outlining           environment, digital inclusion, culture and sports).
                                                                   Amounts in millions of reais

new method for this issue.
Since December 2008, Bradesco has been part of the

Group of Institutes, Foundations and Companies (Gife), a

non-profit association that gathers family and corporate

businesses that invest in public social, cultural and
environmental projects. This is the first association in

South America to gather private companies, institutes
and foundations that make private social investments
for public purposes through social, cultural and
environmental projects on a planned, monitored and
systematic basis.                                                          2005         2006        2007         2008
                                                                 The amounts include investments
                                                                 classified under incentive laws and
                                                                 from Fundação Bradesco (one of the
                                                                 controling shareholders of Bradesco).
Sustainability Report 2008

         Fundação Bradesco
         Through the Fundação Bradesco,
         the Bank maintains a set of projects
         considered to be one of the largest
         private social-educational programs
         in Brazil and the world. The program
         reaches all Brazilian states and the
         Federal District, with 40 schools in
         underprivileged communites. In its 52
         years, the Fundação has been providing
         quality education free-of-charge to over
         2.1 million students, a number that,
         when added to other types of on-site
         and distance courses, exceeds 3 million.
         The Fundação operates in
         underprivileged communities,
         where it built schools to provide
         quality education for the low-income
         population that has been largely
         marginalized in our society. The schools,
         for their part, became a social and
         cultural benchmark where they operate.
         In 2008, Fundação Bradesco served
         more than 518 thousand people across
         its areas of operation, of which 110
         thousand are students served in its own
         schools enrolled in basic education, from
         kindergarten to high school with technical
         professional education at the high school
         level; youth and adult education; and
         preliminary and continuing training.
         In addition to these benefits, through
         the virtual school, its e-learning portal,
         and CIDs, we reached more than 408
         thousand people. Uniforms, school
         supplies, meals and medical and dental
         assistance are provided free or charge for
         approximately 50 thousand Fundação
                                                      Fundação Bradesco: free education for
         Bradesco students in basic education.        110 thousand students in 2008

                                                                       See more details on

                                                                  v    Fundação Bradesco’s initiatives at
                                                              or on our Social-
                                                                       Environmental Responsibility Web
                                                                       site –
 Students served in 2008, by educational level
                                                             2007                              2008
                                                     Number of % of total              Number of % of total
                                                      students                          students
Basic education                                         49,881       12.9                 49,317        9.5
Education of youth and adults                           19,532        5.1                 18,829        3.6
Preliminary and continuing training                     40,381       10.5                 42,684        8.2
Subtotal                                               109,794       28.5                110,830       21.4
Distance education (CIDs and Virtual School)           275,030       71.5                407,830       78.6
Total                                                  384,824     100.0                 518,660     100.0

T h e s t u d e n t p ro m o t i o n ra t e a t   (SP) school and relied on 600 portable
Fundação Bradesco schools reached                 pieces of equipment as well as qualified
an average of 96% over last 5 years,              teachers. The objective is to create an
among the highest internationally. The            interactive learning environment,
top three graduating seniors of each              enabling mobility to facilitate the
class are nominated to participate in             educational process.
Bradesco’s hiring process (according to           The Intel Educar program, for its part,
available vacancies), approximately 280           prepares teachers of the Fundação’s
out of a total of 4 thousand gratuates            schools as well as public school teachers
each year.                                        to promote inquiry-based learning,
Including all Fundação Bradesco                   including the use of computers in the
programs, its budget in 2008 stood at             curriculum.
R$ 220.791 million.                               Another basic issue is the use of
For 2009, the estimated budget is                 technology to improve the evaluation
R$ 231.343 million. The Fundação’s                of results indicators that allow us
investment in education represents                to obtain information about school
true wealth redistribution, as its main           performance, teacher qualification
source of funding derives from being a            and student employability.
Bradesco shareholder.
                                                        Financial investments
                                                        (millions of reais)
Cutting-edge technology
Education at Fundação Bradesco is
concerned with the future. For the

Fundação, education today is a process

in which the use of technology is

irreversible, as it must prepare people
to function in a highly developed
technological society.
In the Um Computador por Aluno (A
Computer Per Student) project, laptop
computers are used in classrooms. The
pilot project started at the Campinas                            2005         2006     2007     2008
Sustainability Report 2008

         Other initiatives
         In order to update and qualify workers with
         different levels of education, Fundação
         Bradesco makes more than 100 course
         options available so that participants can
         open their own businesses or advance in
         the labor market.
         Since 1997, Fundação Bradesco has
         also maintained with Fundação Roberto         Fundação Bradesco maintains 103 Digital Inclusion Centers

         Marinho of Organizações Globo, Canal
         Futura (the Knowledge Channel), which         that benefited more than 298 thousand
         currently reaches 33 million viewers.         in 2008. The community also has access
         There are also initiatives focused on         to the use of technology and digital
         IT: Fundação Bradesco maintains a             inclusion through the Fundação’s 103
         partnership Media Lab, the research           CIDs (Digital Inclusion Centers). Four
         center at MIT – Massachusetts Institute       of these are located in indigenous
         of Technology, to develop projects            communities working as educational
         integrating technology with social issues.    and professional qualification centers.
         The D-Lab (Development Laboratory)            These are IT laboratories created
         is another project in which MIT, USP –        for underprivileged communities
         Universidade de São Paulo and Fundação        to promote their digital inclusion,
         Bradesco students work together on            foment social responsibility and
         the implementation of technologies in         entrepreneurship and develop concepts
         the indigenous community of Javaés in         of citizenship. In 2008, CIDs received
         Canuanã, Tocantins State.                     more than 109 thousand visits and
         The IT Program for the Visually-              had a significant social impact on the
         Impaired, implemented more than 10            communities involved.
         years ago, has already assisted more          Literacy is also considered. Since 1998,
         than 9 thousand students. The Intel           through the Programa Alfabetização
         Educação para o Futuro (Intel Education       Solidária (Solidary Literacy Program),
         for the Future) and Intel Aprender (Intel     Fundação Bradesco has been
         Learning) programs are other initiatives      contributing to the literacy of population
         in the IT area, benefitting more than         in northeastern Brazil.
         5,600 thousand educators and 6                Finally, Bradesco and Fundação
         thousand youths.                              Bradesco maintain the Educa+Ação
         Fundação Bradesco, through its                Project (Education + Action Project),
         e-learning portal Escola Virtual,             focused on education of children up to 8
         provides 184 distance and partial on-         years of age. We will discuss this project
         site IT and teacher training courses          in more detail below.

                                                                                   Further information on CIDs is

                                                                              v    available at
   Forming citizens

   Created in 1956, the Foundation expands its operations every year: in the last 28 years it
   increased the number of students at its schools from 13 thousand to over 110 thousand.
   The institution offers quality education free of charge from kindergarten to high school,
   preliminary and continuing training and technical professional education at the
   high school level in the fields of Information Technology, Electronics, Manufacturing,
   Management, Farming and Ranching. It also offers distance learning programs for youth
   and adults through Teleducação and the Escola Virtual Portal.
   Portal Escola Virtual (Virtual School Portal) serves approximately 150 thousand people
   anually. This type of education offers distance courses via the Internet and partial on-
   site basic, professional, youth and adult education courses. The Escola Virtual e-learning
   portal – – is available to students, alumni, educators and
   employees of Fundação Bradesco, as well as people from community and the
   unemployed planning to obtain a new specialization or job training.
   Learn more about each educational project at

Goals and Objectives
Improve school performance indicators, always pursuing quality education.
Gradually transform schools into a benchmark and a multiplying agent in their communities.
Continuously improve the quality of education, operational
excellence indexes and the student progress indexes.
Decrease drop-out and failure rates.
Implement another 30 Digital Inclusion Centers (CIDs) nationwide, in partnership
with British Telecom Global Service (BT), which maintains a global project with Unicef
to provide Internet in underprivileged communities of developing countries.

Finasa Esportes
Finasa Esportes is a program
that expresses its support for the
development of citizenship and social
inclusion of children and youth. During
its 20 years, it has established several
partnerships, chief among which is the
partnership with the City of Osasco that
helped expand the social scope of the
program. Through healthy activities
such as playing sports like volleyball
and basketball, Finasa Espor tes
develops education, health and well-
                                                      Finasa Esportes: 20 years promoting the development of
being programs for adolescent girls                   citizenship and social inclusion through sports
Sustainability Report 2008

         to make them aware of citizenship                   The work done at the Training Centers is
         so that they contribute to a positive               monitored by professionals working at
         transformation of society.                          the Specialist Centers. They select young
         Girls between 9 and 18 years of age may             talent both for youth division basketball
         participate in the Finasa Sports Program.           and volleyball teams. Thus, an athlete
         In addition to training athletes, this              starting in a youth division has the
         program also maintains youth division               potential to become a professional
         girls volleyball and basketball teams               within six or seven years.
         and encourages the dissemination of                 Practicing sports, in addition to
         sports. The youth of underprivileged                contributing to a healthy lifestyle,
         communities represent most of this                  is responsible for producing high-
         program’s participants. All of them are             level athletes, enabling the players’
         enrolled at schools, with proven class              participation on the Finasa/Osasco
         attendance. All students are guaranteed             adult volleyball team and on the
         access to quality sports education,                 children’s and junior Brazilian girls
         regardless of their physical characteristics,       female volleyball and basketball teams.
         such as weight, height or sports skills.            For youth division athletes, the program
                                                             offers a support structure with benefits
         Source of Athletes                                  such as life and health insurance,
         Since its inception, approximately 35               and all the sporting equipment used
         thousand girls have participated in                 during practices and in competitions.
         the Finasa Sports Program. Currently,               They also have medical, psychological,
         it benefits more than 2,300 girls at the            physical therapy and nutritional
         41 training centers and approximately               support, in addition to having access
         180 in 12 volleyball and basketball                 to important information on topics
         Specialist Centers.                                 such as hygiene, stress, adolescence,
         The best students of non-competitive                drug abuse and pregnancy prevention,
         Training Centers are transferred to the             transforming these centers into real
         youth division teams.                               citizenship centers.

         Goals and Objectives of   2008                                                              Status

                                                  Construction started in 2008 but
         Construction of Finasa Osasco Sports
                                                  will only be concluded in 2009.
         Development Center, on land granted
         by the City of Osasco for a 30-year
                                                  Unexpected events such as piping                      
                                                                                                    Not achieved
                                                  problems and heavy storms
         period. Investments of R$ 12 million.
                                                  compromised the progress of work.

         Goals and Objectives for   2009
         Conclusion of works and inauguration of Finasa Osasco Sports Development Center.

                                                                                Further information on the

                                                                           v    Finasa Sports Program is available at
                                                                       or on our
                                                                                Social-Environmental Responsibility
                                                                                Web site –
Fundação Amazonas
Sustentável (FAS)
Fundação Amazonas Sustentável
(FAS) was created to deal with a
historical challenge: to appreciate the
environmental benefits of the Amazon
Rainforest. In an innovative partnership
with the State of Amazonas announced in
November 2007, Bradesco became one of
the co-founders of Fundação Amazonas                   Bolsa Floresta promotes integration between
                                                       communities and the forest
Sustentável. The Organization made
an initial contribution of R$ 20 million               on Climate Change, Environmental
and committed to transfer another                      Conser vation and Sustainable
R$ 50 million over five years – R$ 10                  Development of Amazonas.
million per year from 2008 to 2012, as                 Bolsa Floresta provides the communities
an institutional supporter. Funds will be              with payment for environmental
obtained through the sale of products                  products and services, sustainable use
related to this initiative (credit cards               of natural resources, conservation and
made of recycled plastic and certificated              environmental protection, as well as
savings plans). The State of Amazonas                  incentive to voluntary polices to reduce
contributed R$ 20 million, and other                   deforestation in neighboring areas. The
organizations are contributing financial               goal is for 60 thousand families to be
and technical resources.                               benefited by this program by 2010.
FAS’ chief challenges are to preserve a
group of 34 environmental reserves in                  Educa+Ação Project
Amazonas State and promote sustainable                 (Education + Action Project)
development and improved quality of life               The Educa+Ação Project, initiated in
for the population involved. The reserves              2007, mainly aims at giving children the
cover 17.4 million hectares where 8.5                  education they need to be able to read and
thousand families live, with income                    write before 8 years of age. The project
derived from the initial investments                   strives to integrate private initiatives with
(R$ 20 million from the Amazonas State                 the municipal public sector in a joint
government and R$ 20 million from                      effort to improve the educational level of
Bradesco). BRAM – Bradesco Asset                       Brazilian children and takes advantage
Management is managing FAS assets.
The first program developed by the new
partnership was Bolsa Floresta, the first
of its kind in Brazil, created by the State
of Amazonas as part of its State Policy

                More information on FAS is available                                For further information about
            v   at                                       v     Educa+Ação Project, click here
Sustainability Report 2008

                                                                the Fundação Bradesco 40 schools,
                                                                therefore, they use the same materials
                                                                as the Fundação’s students.
                                                                The schools participating in
                                                                Educa+Ação rely on pedagogical
                                                                supervision and semiannual evaluation
                                                                carried out by specialized Fundação
                                                                Bradesco professionals. A Pedagogical
                                                                Center supervises the development of
                                                                the partnership, with monitoring by
                                                                external auditors.
         14 municipal schools use the same didactic             Another action developed to ensure the
         material as Fundação Bradesco
                                                                efficiency of the project was meetings
                                                                held during the year to train and
         of synergies with the Compromisso Todos                qualify the 65 teachers, pedagogical
         pela Educação (Everyone’s Commitment                   coordinators and principals of the
         to Education) movement, which targets                  participating schools.
         the literacy of children before they are 8.            The result of the two-year pilot project
         It relies on the support of the National               (2007 and 2008) was surprising: nearly
         Union of Municipal Education Leaders                   91% of the students participating in
         (Undime) and the Union of Municipal                    the Educa+Ação project knew how to
         Educational Leaders of São Paulo State.                read and write.
         Over 1,100 primary school students                     The objective is to gradually offer the
         benefited from this project in 14                      project to other regions of the country,
         schools in eight cities of the Ribeira                 through the Branch Network and
         Valley region in inland São Paulo State                Fundação Bradesco schools. After the
         in a two-year pilot project.                           pilot project, Educa+Ação has already
         Bradesco implemented at these schools                  been tested and improved to be
         the educational methodology used in                    implemented in other locations.

          Goals and Objectives of       2008                                                         Status
          Bradesco and Fundação Bradesco
          are planning to gradually expand the           Yet to be fulfilled, since the
          Educa+Ação Project to other regions of the     duration of the pilot project is               
                                                                                                    Not achieved
          country through the Branch Network, the        two years (2007 and 2008).
          Fundação’s schools and partnerships.

          Goals and Objectives for       2009
          Gradually expand Educa+Ação Project to other regions of the country through the Branch Network,
          the Fundação’s schools and partnerships. The next cities to be included in the project: Angélica
          (Mato Grosso do Sul State), Ivinhema (Mato Grosso do Sul State) and Embu (São Paulo State).
          Expand services in the Ribeira Valley, serving 2,500 students and 100 teachers and coordinators.

Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica                                                 others. With Bradesco’s support, it was
Since 1989, we have maintained a                                            possible to raise funds for planting
solid partnership with the Fundação                                         26,434,535 saplings in areas of the
SOS Mata Atlântica, in order to make                                        Atlantic Rainforest, corresponding to
projects concerned with the protection                                      the recovery of 15,550 hectares. All these
of one of wealthiest and most threatened                                    trees, when they mature (20 years), will
ecosystems of the planet feasible,                                          have neutralized nearly 8 million tonnes
which has been generating important                                         of CO2. Adding the proceeds from the
initiatives, such as the launch of the SOS                                  sale of NGO-related products, the total
Mata Atlântica Affinity Card, Pé Quente                                     amount donated to the entity since 1989
Bradesco SOS Mata Atlântica certificated                                    totals R$ 74 million.
savings plan and Eco-Financing of
Vehicles, started in 2007.                                                  Other Partner Entities:
Part of the proceeds from the sale                                             Company-School Integration Project
of these products is donated to the                                             (PIEE): PIEE is an initiative of Bradesco
Fundação, which results in conservation                                         Seguros e Previdência and is integrated
and environmental educational and                                               with the Fundação Bradesco of Rio de
forest recovery programs, among                                                 Janeiro. Created in 2004, PIEE mainly

 Amounts donated to Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica since 1989
 Program/Project                                                                                                      Amount (R$ thousand)
 Clickarvore Program                                                                                                                 27,502
 Infrastructure                                                                                                                      17,209
 Community nurseries                                                                                                                  8,313
 Promotional gifts (kits)                                                                                                             4,457
 Atlas of the Atlantic Rainforest                                                                                                     3,968
 Events (Viva a Mata)                                                                                                                 3,813
 RPPNs Fund                                                                                                                           2,860
 Programa Florestas do Futuro (Forests of the Future Program)                                                                         2,073
 Programa Costa Atlântica (Atlantic Coast Program)                                                                                    1,490
 Um Pé de Quê? – TV Futura (A What Tree? – Futura TV Program)                                                                           700
 Distribution of saplings                                                                                                               691
 Publications/instructional pamphlets                                                                                                   577
 Establishment of 15 Fundação Bradesco mini-nurseries                                                                                   455
 Advertisements                                                                                                                         397
 The Atlantic Rainforest goes to school                                                                                                 196
 Total                                                                                                                               74,701

 Total saplings resulting from sale of products*
                                                                                         Until 2005          2006           2007       2008
 Bradesco SOS Mata Atlântica Card                                                             3,015            600            600        900
 Pé Quente Bradesco SOS Mata Atlântica Certificated Savings Plan                              9,869          6,443          3,703        950
 Eco-financing of vehicles                                                                        -              -            127        227
 Total**                                                                                     12,884          7,043          4,430      2,077
* Millions of trees.
** Information disclosed in the 2007 Sustainability Report does not include trees provided by the Forests of the Future Program or
   Community Nurseries.

      To learn about the Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica’s
v     programs supported by Bradesco, click here
      For further information about the Fundação, visit
Sustainability Report 2008

             aims at contributing to social integration,      tumors) treatment. Since the O Câncer
             building citizenship and improving               de Mama no Alvo da Moda (Fashion
             students’ quality of life through sports.        Targets Breast Cancer) campaign began
             School performance and good                      (in 1995), more than 5 thousand m2 of
             behavior are prerequisites for student           hospital area has been built. The Institute
             participation in the Project, which in           has also maintained a partnership
             2008 benefitted 574 students across              with Bradesco since March of 2006.
             eight sports offered: swimming,                  For further information about IBCC,
             volleyball, indoor soccer, futsal,               visit
             capoeira (Afro-Brazilian martial art that
             involves dance and music), basketball,         Sponsorships and Donations
             handball and rhythmic gymnastics.              During 2008 several social and cultural
             Activities are developed by a                  events were supported and sponsored in
             specialized team that, together with           different cities and regions of Brazil. We
             Fundação Bradesco and Bradesco                 also sponsored important international
             Seguros e Previdência, continuously            exhibitions focused on education, such
             monitor students’ development and              as the Genome Revolution, Darwin
             performance. For further information           Brazil and Einstein exhibitions.
             on this project, visit our Social-             The Committee of Sponsorships and
             Environmental Responsibility Web site –        Events is responsible for making
                          decisions on sponsorships and analyzes
            Instituto Ayrton Senna: Ayrton Senna           an average of 80 projects weekly.
             carries out programs that aim at creating
             large scale educational solutions for
             problems that affect Brazilian children’s
             and youth’s learning. For the past few
             years, Bradesco has been maintaining
             a partnership with Instituto Ayrton
             Senna, enabling several projects. For
             further information on the Institute,
            IBCC: since its foundation in 1968, the
             Brazilian Institute of Cancer Control
             (IBCC) provides the population with early
             diagnosis and treatment of several types
             of cancer. During its 40 years of activities
             it has already served more than 4 million
             people with cutting-edge oncology
                                                            Sponsorship of important international
             (study and treatment of carcinogenic           exhibitions focused on education

                                                         2006              2007                2008
                                Events                      415               398                 531
Own funds
                                Total           R$ 32.3 million   R$ 36.7 million     R$ 38.9 million
                                Events                       62               122                 275
Through incentive laws
                                Total           R$ 53.5 million   R$ 75.5 million     R$ 76.5 million

Popular tradition                                 edition of Teleton, and in 2008 it donated
We sponsor regional festivals that preserve       R$ 1 million. Teleton is a TV marathon that
old folk traditions, such as the São João         has been run since 1998 to fundraise for the
(St. John) Festivities in Campina Grande          Association of Assistance to Children with
(Paraíba State), which is considered the          Disabilities (AACD). With the resources
largest festival of this type in the whole        obtained so far, AACD has been able to
world; the Parintins Folk Festival (Amazonas      build, equip and maintain seven new
State); the Garanhuns Winter Festival             rehabilitation centers, across the states of
(Pernambuco State); and the traditional           São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do
Círio de Nazaré, a major religious festival       Sul, Minas Gerais and Pernambuco.
in Belém, capital city of Pará State. We also
sponsored the Salvador Summer Festival            Other sponsorships in 2008
and Carnival (Bahia State), as well as            In the social-environmental area, Bradesco
carnival in the cities of Recife and Olinda       sponsored the II Mostra de Responsabilidade
(Pernambuco State) and Rio de Janeiro.            Social da Fiesp (Federation of Industries
                                                  of the State of São Paulo), or the II Fiesp
Culture promotion                                 Social Responsibility Exhibition, the 5th Gife
For the fourth consecutive year,                  Congress on Private Social Investment, the
Bradesco Prime sponsored the 4 th                 Ethos International Social Responsibility
Prêmio Bravo! Prime de Cultura Award.             Conference, Viva a Mata (A Tribute to
Considered one of the largest cultural            the Rainforest), Fundação SOS Mata
awards in Brazil, the ceremony gathered           Atlântica, Fórum Mundial Diálogos da
talent from music, plastic arts, literature,      Terra no Planeta Água (Earth Dialogues
cinema, dance, and theater. Also within           World Forum), an event that gathered
the scope of the Prime segment, we have           prominent Brazilian and international
Prime Arts, a culture incentive program           figures who discussed issues related to
that seeks to gather and publicize all            the planet’s sustainability. Bradesco also
shows sponsored by Bradesco Prime, so             participated in the exhibitions Ecos do
that customers of this segment can be             Planeta (Echoes of the Planet), Nativismo
the first to know about these shows.              Revisitado (Nativism Revisited), Amazônia
                                                  Sem Retoques (Untouched Amazon) and
Teleton – AACD                                    the Project Gigantes 2008 – Abraçando a
Bradesco is the only company to                   Amazônia (2008 Giants Project – embracing
participate as a sponsor and donor of every       the Amazon).

                                                                           For further information
                                                                      v    about sponsorship, click here
Sustainability Report 2008

                    Sustainability Report
         Transparency                                   this Report: one for shareholders, one
         The Sustainability Report is one of            for employees, one for suppliers and
         the main tools for disseminating               one for customers and other groups.
         information demonstrating our Vision           Additional information will also be
         and sustainability strategy to our             available on the Internet on our Social-
         stakeholders and society in general.           Environmental Responsibility Web site
         For the third consecutive year, we have        –
         adopted the Global Reporting Initiative
         (GRI) guidelines. It is a set of principles,   Preparation Process
         protocols and indicators that enable           of this Report
         us to generate, compare and disclose           The preparation of a Sustainability
         organizations’ performance within              Report is a continuous process. The
         social, environmental and economic             preparation of the 2008 Report involved
         scopes. GRI values relevance,                  a set of structured actions that started
         comprehensiveness, transparency,               immediately after the distribution
         reliability and comparability aspects.         of the 2007 Report. These actions
         More than 1,000 companies (over                included:
         80 financial institutions) from 60             1 st Bradesco Cycle of Dialogue with
         countries use GRI guidelines in their          Stakeholders
         sustainability reports. This 2008 Report       We invited some of our major
         also used the GRI Financial Services           stakeholders to contribute to the
         Sector Supplement, published in its            preparation of this Report. Thus, we
         final version in the second half of 2008,      promoted discussion panels with the
         with specific indicators.                      following groups:
         In January 2009, Bradesco became a
                                                        Discussion panels
         GRI Organizational Stakeholder (OS),
                                                                                              Number of
         included in a supporting network                                                    participants
                                                        Employees                                      28
         composed of companies and entities
                                                        Suppliers                                      15
         from around the world in charge of             Customers                                      13
         disclosing guidelines proposed by Global       Government and Society                         17
                                                        NGOs                                           19
         Reporting Initiative and its maintenance
                                                        Academic (universities)                         9
         as a democratic, independent and global        Total                                        101
         In order to serve our stakeholders well,       This was the first time Bradesco carried
         we will have four printed versions of          out this type of project. Results were

                                                                      If you have any questions and/or to send

                                                                  v   comments about this publication, e-mail
tabulated and assisted in the preparation                       social and environmental regulations
of the 2008 Sustainability Report and                           and sustainability index questionnaires.
helped identify several opportunities to                        The strategy axis included employee
improve the Organization’s strategy and                         and supplier panel results, policies and
management.                                                     Bradesco codes of ethics. Results were
Benchmark Study                                                 reviewed by the Organization’s top
A benchmark study was carried out on                            management.
eight domestic and international banks                          Cycle of manager training
to analyze their practices and reports.                         The training process involved all
Materiality Matrix                                              managers of activities related to
The methodology used to define issues                           information disclosed in this Report,
that should be discussed in the 2008                            mainly GRI indicators. Workshops
Report, both in its printed versions and                        were divided into economic, social and
additional information available on the                         environmental subjects.
Internet, encompassed the construction
of a Materiality Matrix. Issues were                            Scope
identified, grouped and weighted on two                         Information contained in this Report
axes: society and business strategy.                            covers activities of the Bradesco
                                                                Organization’s companies in Brazil and
  Materiality matrix
                                                                abroad, as well as activities developed
                                                                by Fundação Bradesco and Finasa

                                                                The responsibility for the reliability
                                                                of the reported information lies with
                                                                the corresponding management. The
                                                                financial statements and information
                                                                contained in the Sustainability Report
                                                 Business       are verified by an external auditor.

          Not reported          Internet   Printed report
                                                                GRI Level of Application
The society axis included themes raised                         We believe that this 2008 Sustainability
by stakeholders in discussion panels, the                       Report achieved the application level
benchmark study, initiatives supported                          of A+. The assurance process was
or subscribed by the Organization,                              conducted by BSD.

  GRI level of application
                                           C           C+           B         B+       A         A+
  Mandatory              Self-declared

                         Examined by               Externally             Externally
  Optional               third parties             verified               verified

                         Examined by GRI
Sustainability Report 2008

                     Performance Indicators
         Economic Indicators
          Distribution of Added Value (DVA)
                                                                               2006                          2007                             2008
          Added Value
                                                                   R$ thousand             %      R$ thousand                %      R$ thousand          %
          1) Revenues                                                 41,243,517       272.3          47,218,444          233.2       59,815,648      337.0
          2) Financial Intermediation Expenses                       (18,536,698)     (122.4)     (19,293,584)            (95.3)     (33,954,595)    (191.3)
          3) Inputs Acquired from Third Parties                       (5,039,460)      (33.3)         (5,970,751)         (29.5)      (6,764,677)     (38.1)
          4) Gross Added Value (1-2-3)                               17,667,359        116.6          21,954,109          108.4      19,096,376       107.6
          5) Depreciation, Amortization and Depletion                 (2,589,769)      (17.1)         (1,749,534)          (8.6)      (1,481,558)      (8.3)
          6) Net Added Value Produced by Entity (4-5)                15,077,590         99.5          20,204,575           99.8      17,614,818        99.2
          7) Added Value Received in Transfer                             72,324         0.5              42,268            0.2            135,356      0.8
          8) Added Value to Distribute (6+7)                         15,149,914        100.0          20,246,843          100.0      17,750,174       100.0
          9) Distribution of Added Value                             15,149,914        100.0          20,246,843          100.0      17,750,174       100.0
             9.1) Personnel                                            5,505,287        36.3           5,973,382           29.5        6,231,826       35.1
             9.2) Taxes, Fees and Contributions                        4,232,056        28.0           5,850,522           28.9        3,401,946       19.2
             9.3) Remuneration of Third Party Capital                    349,524         2.3             402,002            2.0            462,343      2.6
             9.4) Equity Capital Remuneration                          5,063,047        33.4           8,020,937           39.6        7,654,059       43.1

         Customer Indicators
         Loan Portfolio Profile
          Loan volume by type and activity sector (R$ million)
                                                              2006                                2007                                     2008
                                                     Balance                   %        Balance                      %             Balance               %
          Public sector                                   940               1.0                 901                 0.7                941              0.6
          Private sector                               95,279              99.0         130,406                 99.3               172,482            99.4
          Corporations                                 55,668              57.8          76,932                 58.6               105,781            61.0
          Industry                                     24,393              25.3           31,401                23.9                44,261            25.5
          Commerce                                     13,452              13.9           18,724                14.3                23,547            13.6
          Financial Intermediation                        462               0.5            1,049                    0.8              1,236              0.7
          Services                                     16,054              16.7           24,135                18.4                34,491            19.9
          Agriculture, ranching, fishing,
                                                        1,307               1.4            1,623                    1.2              2,246              1.3
          silviculture and forestry
          Individuals                                  39,611              41.2          53,474                 40.7                66,701            38.4
          Total                                        96,219            100.0          131,307               100.0                173,423           100.0

          Volume of loans by Brazilian region (R$ billion)
                                                                                                                                              Variation of
                                                                            2007                                    2008
          Company                          Region                                                                                             balance (%)
                                                                   Balance                  %            Balance                      %
                                           North                       3,041              3.3               3,896                    3.1              28.1
                                           Northeast                   7,754              8.3              10,628                    8.4              37.1
          Bradesco                         Mid-West                    6,856              7.4               8,752                    6.9              27.7
                                           South                      13,642             14.7              18,170                   14.3              33.2
                                           Southeast                  61,507             66.3              85,440                   67.3              38.9
          Total Bradesco                                             92,800               100            126,887                    100               36.7
          Other companies *                                           38,507                               46,536                                     20.9
          Total                                                    131,307                               173,423                                      32.1
         * Includes Finasa, Private, Amex, non-account holder Card, BMC, Credifar and operations abroad.

Comments and Complaints
 Channels used – Bank                                                  Breakdown of promotions and transfers
 Channel                                 Number                  %                                         2006          2007      2008
 Bacen                                     7,319                 26    Promotions                        14,228         11,477    19,418
 Procon                                   15,983                 57
                                                                       Promotions with
 Media                                       503                  2                                       2,222          7,484     7,118
 Letter                                    1,553                  5
                                                                       Transfers                          5,822          4,484     5,448
 Ombudsman – 2nd level                     2,820                 10
 Total                                    28,178                100
                                                                       Employee profile
 Comments and Complaints – Bank                                        Indicators                                  Consolidated
 (Complaints, Suggestions and Compliments made at                      Age                                     Men       Women       Total
 Alô Bradesco – SAC and Internet – option Contact Us)                  Up to 17 years                           251         454      705
 Channel                                 Amount                  %     18 to 30 years                       22,443       22,276    44,719
 Calls                                    106,911                63
                                                                       31 to 40 years                       10,302       11,330    21,632
 E-mails                                   62,425                37
                                                                       41 to 50 years                         9,550       6,735    16,285
 Total                                   169,336                100
                                                                       Over 50 years                          2,322         959     3,281
 Channels used – Bradesco Seguros e Previdência                        Average age                             32.6        31.1      31.9
 Channels                                Amount               %        Length of service
 0 800                                    12,462           67.10       Up to 3 years                        16,833       16,326    33,159
 Contact Ombudsman                         3,117           16.78       4 to 10 years                        10,427       10,877    21,304
 Susep                                       695            3.74       11 to 20 years                         8,094       8,051    16,145
 Contact Us                                  577            3.11
                                                                       Over 20 years                          9,514       6,500    16,014
 ANS*                                        497            2.68
                                                                       Average length of service               10.0         9.3       9.6
 Alô Bradesco                                467            2.51
 Procon                                      310            1.67       Educational background
 Ombudsman                                   291            1.57       Primary school                           412         220      632
 Press Agency                                105            0.57       High school                            7,051       5,955    13,006
 Bacen                                        35            0.19       University                           37,405       35,579    72,984
 Letter                                       15            0.08       Work day
 Total                                    18,571          100.00
                                                                       Part time                            14,036       16,092    30,128
* Requests of National Agency for Supplementary Healthcare
  (ANS) are answered by the Service and Operational Executive          Full time                            30,832       25,662    56,494
  Oversight Board – Bradesco Saúde S.A.; therefore, this               Leadership (commissioned officers)
  figure is not included in the total requests answered by
  the Ombudsman of Bradesco Seguros e Previdência.                     Non-commissioned                     20,122       21,914    42,036
                                                                       Commissioned                         24,746       19,840    44,586
                                                                       Total                                44,868       41,754   86,622
Employee Indicators
 Number of employees by company                                        Geographic distribution of employees
                                 2006           2007       2008                                            2006          2007      2008
 Banco Bradesco                63,163         65,050     69,411        North                              2,277          2,497     2,800
 Subsidiaries                  12,702         17,054     17,211
 Amex1                          2,566              -          -        Northeast                          9,577         10,306    10,760
 BEC2                             875              -          -        Mid-west                           3,754          4,054     4,359
 BMC3                               -            669          -        Southeast                         56,575         58,323    60,560
 Total                         79,306         82,773     86,622
                                                                       South                              7,026          7,489     8,032
1 Employees not counted in 2007, since
  they were staff at subsidiaries.                                        In Brazil                     79,209          82,669    86,511
2 Employees not counted in 2007, since they
  were staff at Banco Bradesco.                                           Abroad                              97          104        111
3 Employees not counted in 2008, since
  they were staff at subsidiaries.

                                                                       Turnover rate
 Employees by category
                                                                                                           2006          2007      2008
                                2006           2007       2008
 Executive Officers               106            105        119        Turnover *                        8.84%          9.01%     10.75%
 Managers                       6,168          7,678      8,302       * (Total terminations/average staff ) x 100
                                                                      Average staff = opening staff + closing staff/2
 Supervision/Technicians       27,582         28,962     32,167
 Administrative                14,688         18,125     17,879
 Operational                   30,767         27,903     28,155        Breakdown of female staff
                                                                       Women                               2006          2007      2008
                                                                       Total staff                       37,738         39,454    41,754
 Total jobs by work day – %
                                 2006          2007        2008        New hires                          4,276          4,978     6,073
 Full time                        63.2          64.4        65.2       Promotions/
                                                                                                         11,147         11,023    14,711
 Part time                        36.8          35.6        34.8       transfers
Sustainability Report 2008

          Ethnic breakdown of staff
          Race or color                             2006                                   2007                                     2008
          Asian                                   816              1.03%                 919             1.11%                    914             1.05%
          White                                44,764             56.44%              51,946            62.76%                 55,126            63.64%
          Indigenous                               30              0.04%                  47             0.06%                     40             0.05%
          Mixed Heritage                        8,794             11.09%              11,325            13.68%                 11,909            13.75%
          Black                                   960              1.21%               1,306             1.58%                  1,465             1.69%
          Not declared                         23,942             30.19%              17,230            20.81%                 17,168            19.82%

          Breakdown by minority group                                                 Annual average of active employee
                                               2006       2007        2008            training hours *, by professional category
          Women                               37,738     39,454      41,754           Categories                            2006       2007      2008**
                                                                                      Executive officers                      68         37         119
          Black (mixed heritage + black)       9,754     12,631      13,374
                                                                                      Managers                               130        102         106
          Employees ages 45+                   7,336      8,160       9,070
                                                                                      Administrative                          56         54          62
          People with disabilities               860      1,075       1,285
                                                                                      Operational                             75        106         144
                                                                                      Supervision                            122        117         160
          Number of apprentices
                                                                                      Technicians                             67         33          43
                                                2006       2007        2008
                                                                                      Total                                   92        105         135
          Total apprentices                      871        905        1,398
                                                                                     * I.e., excluding employees on vacation or leave in the period.
                                                                                     ** Staff in January/2009 was used as calculation basis, comparing
                                                                                        figures with training carried out in previous years.
          Salary ratio* (R$)
          Categories                         2006         2007         2008
          Monthly salary- bank clerk        959.47     1,017.04     1,118.74           Total unionized employees
          Monthly minimum wage              350.00      380.00       415.00                                                 2006      2007         2008
          Ratio                              274%         268%         270%            Unionized employees                 41,636    42,986       44,803
         (*) Initial salary paid by the company is 270% higher
             than the national minimum wage.

          Employees on leave of absence in 2008
                                                                 Occupational accident                        Maternity              Health treatment
          Total employees on leave of absence                                    2,406                            2,068                          3,344
          Leave started in 2008                                                  1,124                            1,579                          2,027
          Total days lost                                                      441,363                         187,713                         455,584

         Environment Indicators
          Water consumption*
          Period                                                                           2005               2006               2007               2008
          Volume consumed (m3)                                                           547,771            581,337            650,775          731,000**
          M3 per employee                                                                    7.4                7.3                7.8                8.4
         * In 2005 and 2006, amounts refer to Banco Bradesco. As of 2007, they include the entire Bradesco Organization.
         ** Refers to an estimated amount, as December figures had not been consolidated by the closing date
            of this Report. Updated data are available in the online version of the Report.

          Consumption of electricity*
          Period                                                                          2005               2006                2007              2008
          Consumption(kWh)                                                          321,678,295        346,338,819         410,122,099     434,971,442**
          kWh per employee                                                                4,354              4,376               4,955             5,021
         * In 2005 and 2006, amounts refer to Banco Bradesco. As of 2007, they include the entire Bradesco Organization.
         ** Refers to an estimated amount, as December figures had not been consolidated by the closing date
            of this Report. Updated data are available in the online version of the Report.

          Inventory of GHG emissions (summarized)
                                                                                                                           CO2 tonnes
                                                                                                             2006*              2007**           2008***
          Scope 1 – direct emissions                                                                      2,780.00           29,267.18         38,551.76
          Scope 2 – indirect emissions                                                                    9,780.00           79,483.25         21,052.62
          Scope 3 – Other indirect emissions                                                             10,217.00          108,360.06         99,271.23
          Total                                                                                          22,777.00          217,110.49        158,875.61
         * In 2006, only the headquarters were inventoried (Cidade de Deus). As of 2007, the entire Bradesco Organization was considered.
         ** The amounts disclosed in the previous report related to the 2007 inventory were estimated and
            were adjusted after the ISO 14064 certification process has been audited.
         *** The variation of emissions in Scope 1 is due to detailed emissions factors with more accurate data related to air conditioning consumption
             of all the Organization’s units. Total emissions related to Scope 2 are estimated, since real energy consumption in December 2008 had
             not been determined by the conclusion of this Report. The consolidated amount will be included in the Report’s online version.
         The complete inventory is available at

 Fleet                                                                           Consumption of materials*
                                     Proprietary           Leased                Period                                                          2008
                                    2007      2008      2007      2008           New toner/ink cartridges (units)                              11,028
 Gasoline                              73        72        69        55          Remanufactured toner/ink cartridges (units)                   14,721
 Diesel                                  1         1         0         1         Plastic (tonnes)                                                 182
 Biofuel                                 0         0      209       220          Biodegradable plastic (tonnes)                                   116
 Helicopters (QAV)                       3         3         -         -         Certified timber – pencils (tonnes)                            0.913
                                                                               * Includes the amount purchased through the Online
 Jet (QAV)                               1         1         -         -
                                                                                 Supply Program, which allows requesting graphic material,
                                                                                 office supplies and other materials online provided
                                                                                 by vendors previously contracted by the Bank.

 Paper consumption*
 Period                                                                                                                                          2008
 Recycled paper (tonnes)                                                                                                                         5,692
 Certified white paper (tonnes)                                                                                                                    932
 Total                                                                                                                                          6,624
 Kg per employee                                                                                                                                 76.47
* Includes the amount purchased through the Online Supply Program, which allows requesting graphic material,
  office supplies and other materials online provided by vendors previously contracted by the Bank.

 Total waste, by type and disposal method – 2008
                                                                                                                                 Disposal method
 Type of material                                                                                             Total
 Paper (tonnes)                                                                                         2,092,223                          Recycling
 Cardboard (tonnes)                                                                                         63,051                         Recycling
 Plastic (tonnes)                                                                                           21,700                         Recycling
 Glass (tonnes)                                                                                                607                         Recycling
 Metal (tonnes)                                                                                               2,413                        Recycling
 Timber (kg)                                                                                                   780                         Recycling
 Carbon paper                                                                                               13,960                         Recycling
 Tree and plant leaves and dry branches (kg)                                                                18,000                      Composting
 Technological residues* (kg)                                                                             150,702                          Recycling
 Batteries (kg)                                                                                             17,620                         Recycling
 Light bulbs (units)                                                                                        24,786                         Recycling
                                                                                                              4,451                        Recycling
 Toner and ink cartridges (units)
                                                                                                            12,952               Remanufacturing
 Other waste** (tonnes)                                                                                 1,134,332                   Sanitary landfill
* Technological residues are: cables, harddrives, keyboards, hardware, CPUs, motherboards and cards, monitors, routers, printers,
  mouses, readers, telephones, power sources, scanners, processors, laptops, faxes, calculators, stabilizers and others.
** Organic residues, sewage and other.

 Recycled checks
 Period                                                                                                2006                 2007                 2008
 Printed checks*                                                                               408,294,851          401,712,310          374,755,756
 Recovered (%)                                                                                        96.1%                91.0%                95.9%
* The trend is toward reducing the use of checks due to the use of other methods of payment,
  such as debit and credit cards and TED (electronic wire transfer).

 Percentage of assets subject to a positive, negative or excellence
 environmental control (screening) over total assets
                                                                                   2005                 2006                 2007                 2008
 Positive (1)                                                                     0.00%                0.02%                0.05%                0.03%
 Negative (2)                                                                     0.08%                0.09%                0.08%                0.10%
 Excellence                                                                      99.92%               99.89%              99.88%               99.87%
 Total (R$ million – Anbid)                                                 106,256.36           124,743.87           144,708.17          141,357.63
(1) Assets of Bradesco FIA Índice de Sustentabilidade Empresarial, started on December 29, 2005.
(2) Assets of pension fund customers with vetoed investments in companies from sectors such as tobacco, ammunition, beverages and animal slaughter.
• Positive control: selects companies for their positive social-environmental actions, such as solar energy projects, organic food, alternative fuel, etc.
• Negative control: excludes projects connected with negative social-environmental practices,
  such as tobacco industries or those employing child or slave labor.
Sustainability Report 2008

                             Social Report – Ibase
     2008 and 2007 fiscal years
     1 – Calculation Basis                      2008 (R$ thousand)                     2007 (R$ thousand)
     Net revenues (NR) (1)                               15,772,280                             18,032,173
     Operating income (OI)**                              7,788,840                              9,341,321
     Gross payroll (GP)                                   7,166,253                              6,569,547
                                                               % of     % of                          % of     % of
     2 – Internal Social Indicators     R$ thousand                            R$ thousand
                                                                GP       NR                            GP       NR
     Meals                                   620,279            8.7      3.9        545,605            8.3      3.0
     Compulsory social charges             1,282,672           17.9      8.1      1,147,386           17.5      6.4
     Private pension plans                   269,476            3.8      1.7        339,996            5.2      1.9
     Health                                  344,101            4.8      2.2        325,159            4.9      1.8
     Occupational health and safety                –              –        –              –              –        –
     Education                                     –              –        –              –              –        –
     Culture                                       –              –        –              –              –        –
     Professional training
                                             91,318             1.3      0.6        75,267             1.1      0.4
     and development
     Childcare or childcare stipend          45,245             0.6      0.4        43,143             0.7      0.2
     Profit sharing                         542,136             7.6      3.4       520,816             7.9      2.9
     Other                                  126,867             1.7      0.8       111,727             1.7      0.6
     Total – Internal
                                          3,322,094            46.4     21.1     3,109,099            47.3     17.2
     social indicators
                                                               % of     % of                          % of     % of
     3 – External Social Indicators     R$ thousand                            R$ thousand
                                                                OI       NR                            OI       NR
     Education*                              15,597             0.2      0.1         7,937             0.1        –
     Culture                                 62,743             0.8      0.4        81,861             0.9      0.6
     Health and sanitation                    4,981             0.1        –         5,125               –        –
     Sports**                                23,052             0.3      0.1        21,826             0.2      0.1
     Food safety and fight
                                                147                 –      –         1,100                 –      –
     against hunger
     Other                                   23,044             0.3      0.2         7,047             0.1        –
     Total contributions
                                            129,564             1.7      0.8       124,896             1.3      0.7
     to society
     Taxes (excluding social charges)      4,378,778           56.2     27.8      5,647,561           60.5     31.3
     Total – External
                                          4,508,342            57.9     28.6     5,772,457            61.8     32.0
     social indicators
                                                               % of     % of                          % of     % of
     4 – Environmental Indicators       R$ thousand                            R$ thousand
                                                                OI       NR                            OI       NR
     Investments related to the
                                                  –                 –      –             –                 –      –
     company’s production/operation
     Investments in external
                                             40,002             0.5      0.3        13,038             0.1      0.1
     programs and/or projects (3)
     Total environment
                                             40,002             0.5      0.3        13,038             0.1      0.1
     investments (3)
     Concerning the establishment
     of “annual targets” to              does not have targets                 does not have targets
     minimize residues and general
                                         reaches from 0 to 50%                 reaches from 0 to 50%
     consumption in production/
                                         reaches from 51 to 75%                reaches from 51 to 75%
     operation, and increase
     the effective use of natural        reaches from 76 to 100%               reaches from 76 to 100%
     resources, the company:

5 – Employee indicators                                                  2008                                                          2007
Number of employees at
                                                                       86,622                                                        82,773
the end of the period
Number of new hires
                                                                       12,648                                                        10,543
during the period
Number of outsourced employees                                          8,207                                                         7,678
Number of interns                                                         832                                                           752
Number of employees ages 45+                                            9,070                                                         8,160
Number of women working
                                                                       41,754                                                        39,454
at the company
% of management positions
                                                                          44.5                                                          43.3
held by women
Number of blacks working
                                                                       13,374                                                        12,631
at the company
% of management positions
                                                                          14.4                                                          14.3
held by blacks
Number of people with
                                                                        1,285                                                         1,075
disabilities or special needs
6 – Relevant information about
                                                                        2008                                                      2009 targets
corporate citizenship practices
Ratio between the highest
and the lowest compensation                                              21.2                                                   Not applicable
at the company
Total number of                                                                                                    Increase staff awareness to prevent
occupational accidents                                                                                                   occupational accidents
                                                                     board and                                                    board and
projects developed by the                          board
                                                                                        all employees           board
                                                                                                                                                      all employees
company were defined by:
Safety and health standards at
                                                   board           all employees        all + Cipa            board           all employees         all + Cipa
the workplace were defined by:
With regard to the freedom
of association, the right to a                                                           encourages                                                   encourages
                                                 does not            observes                                does not            observes
collective bargaining agreement                 get involved         ILO norms
                                                                                        and observes
                                                                                                              get involved         ILO norms
                                                                                                                                                      and observes
and the internal representation                                                             ILO                                                           ILO
of workers, the company:
The private pension                                                  board and                                                    board and
                                                   board                                all employees          board                                all employees
program includes:                                                    managers                                                      managers
The profit sharing                                                   board and                                                    board and
                                                   board                                all employees          board                               all employees
program includes:                                                    managers                                                      managers
When selecting suppliers,
the same ethical and                              are not                                                      are not
social-environmental                             taken into        are suggested        are required         taken into        are suggested        are required
responsibility standards                          account                                                       account
adopted by the company:
With regard to employee
                                                 does not                                organizes           does not                                organizes
participation in volunteerism,                  get involved
                                                                      supports
                                                                                       and encourages         get involved
                                                                                                                                    supports
                                                                                                                                                     and encourages
the company:
                                                   at the
Total number of complaints and                                       at Procon:            In court:           Prepare our employees and increase awareness
criticisms from consumers:                        158,402
                                                                       15,983               115,583               so as to reduce the number of complaints

                                                   at the                                                        at the
% of complaints and criticisms                                       at Procon:            In court:                               at Procon:            In court:
                                                 company:                                                      company:
addressed or resolved:                             100%
                                                                        100%                78.1%
                                                                                                                                      100%                 100%

Total added value to be
                                              2008: R$ 17,750,174                                           2007(2): R$ 20,246,843
distributed (in R$ thousand):
                                              19.2% government                                              28.9% government
                                              15.1% stockholders                                            13.9% stockholders
Distribution of Added Value (DVA)             35.1% employees                                               29.5% employees
                                              28.0% withheld                                                25.7% withheld
                                              2.6% third parties                                            2.0% third parties
7 – Other information
Information included in this Social Report was reviewed by PricewaterhouseCoopers Auditores Independentes.
(1) Net Revenues (NR) are considered to be Gross Income from Financial Intermediation.
(2) Effects of adjustments per Law 11,638/07.
(3) Figures have been corrected since the printed version of the Sustainability Report was published.
* The information above does not include Fundação Bradesco’s investments (one of the controlling shareholders of Bradesco), amounting to R$ 201.0 and R$ 220.8 million
  in 2007 and 2008, respectively.
** For comparison purposes, amounts related to 2007 were included.
Sustainability Report 2008

                    Index of GRI Indicators
         Answers to GRI indicators presented in this Report are indicated by pages that can
         be found in this document and its online version (, the
         2008 Annual Report or other Web sites indicated in the footnotes of this Report.
         The protocols detailing the content of each indicator may also be consulted at www.

         General Indicators                                             GRI Description             Answer
                                                                        3.6. Report boundary        Pg 81 – Scope
         GRI Description             Answer
                                                                        3.7. Report scope
         1. Strategy and Analysis                                                                   Pg 81 – Scope
                                                                             and boundary
                                     Pg 4 – Message from                3.8. Basis for reporting    Pg 80 – Report Preparation Process
         1.1. CEO statement
                                     the Presidency                     3.9. Data measurement       These are outlined in the
                                     Pg 4 – Message from the                 techniques and         text whenever necessary to
         1.2. Main impacts, risks    Presidency                              cacluation bases       support any information.
              and opportunities      2008 Annual Report –                                           Information referring to
                                     Pg 12 – Business strategy          3.10. Effects of any        restatements in relation to
         2. Organizational Profile                                            restatement of        previous years accompanies new
                                                                              information           information in the respective
         2.1. Organization name      Pg 95 – Addresses and contacts                                 chapter or specific chart.
                                     2008 Annual Report –               3.11. Significant changes   There are no significant changes.
                                     Pg 12 – Business strategy          GRI content index
                                     2008 Annual Report –               3.12. Locating
                                     Pg 26 – Market Segmentation                                    Pg 88 – GRI Indicators
         2.2. Main brands,                                                    information
                                     2008 Annual Report –               Verification
              products and/
                                     Pg 29 – Products and Services
              or services                                                                           Bradesco adopts 2 types of
                                     2008 Annual Report –
                                     Pg 35 – Bradesco Companies                                     external verification in its
                                                                    report: audit of data, conducted
                                                                        3.13. External verification
                                      Overview                                                     by PricewaterhouseCoopers,
                                                                                                    and report assurance
                                                                    by BSD Consulting.
                                      Corporate Information            4. Governance, Commitments and Engagement
         2.3. Operating structure
                                      Corporate Governance
                                     2008 Annual Report – Pg 32                           
                                     – Organizational Structure         4.1. Governance              Company information
                                                                             structure              2008 Annual Report –
         2.4. Location of the                                                                       Pg 40 – Corporate Governance
              organization’s         Pg 95 – Addresses and contacts                       
              headquarters                                              4.2. Identification of       Company information
                                     2008 Annual Report –                    main executives        2008 Annual Report –
         2.5. Where the company      Pg 25 – International Area                                     Pg 40 – Corporate Governance
              operates               2008 Annual Report –                                 
                                     Pg 32 – Organizational Structure   4.3. Independent             Corporate Governance
         2.6. Nature of ownership                  Board Members          2008 Annual Report –
              and legal regime        Overview                                                     Pg 40 – Corporate Governance
                                        4.4. Communication
         2.7. Markets served                                                 channels with
                                      Overview
                                                                             the Board
                                      Overview                         4.5. Compensation for
                                                                                                    Online version
         2.8. Size of the            2008 Annual Report –
              organization           Pg 2 – Financial ratios                              
                                                                        4.6. Conflicts of interest
                                     2008 Annual Report –                                            Corporate Governance
                                     Pg 3 – Corporate Profile                             
         2.9. Significant changes    2008 Annual Report –               4.7. Qualifications of       Corporate Governance
              during the year        Pg 12 – Management Report               board members          2008 Annual Report –
                                                                                                    Pg 40 – Corporate Governance
                                     Pg 95 – Sustainability Awards
         2.10. Awards                2008 Annual Report –                                 
                                     Pg 63 – Acknowledgments                                         Overview
                                                                        4.8. Internal values,
                                                                                                    2008 Annual Report –
         3. Report Parameters                                                codes and principles
                                                                                                    Pg 8 – Values, Objective,
         Report profile                                                                             Professional Principles
                                  January 1, 2008 to                    4.9. Board oversight of
         3.1. Reporting period
                                  December 31, 2008.                         the organization’s     2008 Annual Report –
         3.2. Previous report     Prepared in 2007.                          sustainability         Pg 40 – Corporate Governance
         3.3. Reporting cycle     Annual
                                                                        4.10. Board self-assessment
         3.4. Contact information Pg 95 – Addresses and contacts                                    The performance evaluation
                                                                              of its oversight of
         Report scope and boundary                                                                  of Board of Directors
                                                                              the company’s
                                                                                                    members is conducted by
         3.5. Definition of                                                   sustainability
                                  Pg 80 – Sustainability Report                                     the chairman of the body.
              report content                                                  performance

GRI Description            Answer                             GRI Description            Answer
Commitments to external initiatives                           EN 20. NOx, SOx, and
                           Pg 30 – Executive Committee               other significant   Online Version
4.11. Precautionary        of Products and Services                  emissions
      principle            2008 Annual Report –                                          Pg 85 – Chart: Total
                           Pg 49 – Risk Management            EN22. Total weight
                                                                                         Amount of Waste by type
4.12. Letters, principles  Pg 10 – In line with                     of waste
                                                                                         and disposal method
      and initiatives      Global Commitments                 Products and Services
4.13. Participation in
                           Online version                     EN26. Initiatives
                                                                      to mitigate        Pg 10 – In line with
Stakeholder engagement                                                environmental      Global Commitments
                           Pg 35 – Stakeholder relationship           impacts of         Pg 66 – Green IT
4.14. List of stakeholders
                           and engagement                             products and       Online Version
4.15. Identification of    Pg 35 – Stakeholder relationship           services
      stakeholders         and engagement
                                                              Social Performance – Labor Practices and Decent Work
                           Pg 10 – Dialogue panels
4.16. Engagement of                                                                      Pg 46 – Human Resources
                           Pg 35 – Stakeholder relationship   DMA. Management
      stakeholders                                                                       Management Policy
                           and engagement                     Approach
                           Pg 10 – Dialogue panels                                       Pg 52 – Labor Practices
4.17. Stakeholder                                             Employment
                           Pg 35 – Stakeholder relationship
                           and engagement                                                Pg 47 – Chart:
                                                              LA1. Employees profile     Distribution of Staff
                                                                                         Pg 83 – Chart: Employee Profile
Performance Indicators
GRI Description   Answer                                      LA2. Turnover Rate         Pg 83 – Chart: Turnover rate
Economic performance                                          LA3. Benefits              Pg 51 – Benefits
DMA. Management             Pg 32 – Responsible               Labor/management relations
approach                    Management                        LA4. Collective            Pg 52 – Labor Practices
Economic performance                                               bargaining            Pg 84 – Chart: Total of
                            Pg 82 – Chart: Distribution            agreements            unionized employees
                            of Added Value (DVA)                                         The Organization does not
EC2. Climate change         Pg 63 – Climate Change            LA5. Minimum notice
                                                                                         have any guideline or clause
                                                                   period(s) regarding
                            Pg 51 – Benefits                                             specified in its Collective
EC3. Pension Plan                                                  operational changes
                            Online Version                                               Bargaining Agreement
EC4. Subsidies              Online Version                    Occupational health and safety
Market presence                                               LA6. Percentage
EC5. Ratio of entry                                                of employees
     level wage                                                                          Online Version
                            Pg 84 – Chart: Wage Ratio              represented by
     compared to local                                             committees
     minimum wage                                             LA7. Rates of injury,
EC6. Spending on locally-                                                                Pg 54 – Chart: Occupational
                            Online Version                         occupational
     based suppliers                                                                     health and safety indicators
                                                                   diseases, lost days,
                            Pg 49 – Attracting and                                       Pg 84 – Chart: Employees on
EC7. Local hiring                                                  absenteeism,
                            Retaining Talent                                             leave of absence in 2008
                                                                   and fatalities
Indirect economic impacts                                     LA8. Assistance to
                           Pg 66 – Sustainable Construction                              Pg 54 – Occupational
EC8. Infrastructure                                                employees with
                           Pg 70 – Fundação Bradesco                                     Health and Safety
     investments                                                   serious diseases
                           Online Version
                                                              LA9. Topics covered in     Pg 52 – Labor Practices
                           Pg 13 – Banking Inclusion               union agreements      Online Version
EC9. Indirect economic
                           Pg 68 – Social-Environmental
     impacts                                                  Training and education
Environmental Performance                                                                Pg 53 – Chart: Participation
DMA. Management                                                                          in training activities
                           Pg 63 – Environment                                           Pg 84 – Chart: Annual
Approach                                                      LA10. Training hours
Materials                                                                                average training hours
                                                                                         of active employees, by
                           Pg 85 – Chart: Consumption                                    professional categoryl
EN1. Materials used
                           of Materials
EN2. Percentage                                               LA11. Skills management Pg 49 – Attracting and
                           Pg 85 – Chart:                            and lifelong        retaining talent
     of recycled
                           Consumption of Paper                      learning            Online Version
     materials used
Energy                                                        LA12. Performance
                                                                                         Pg 49 – Attracting and
EN3. Direct energy                                                   analysis and career
                           Online Version                                                retaining talent
     consumption                                                     development
EN4. Indirect energy       Pg 84 – Chart: Consumption         Diversity and equal opportunity
     consumption           of Electricity                                                Pg 83 – Chart: Employee profile
                           Pg 65 – Chart: Main                LA13. Employee profile     Pg 84 – Chart: Ethnic
EN5. Energy saved                                                    by diversity        breakdown of staff
                           Sources Treated in 2008
EN6. Energy-efficient                                                indicators          Pg 84 – Chart: Breakdown
                           Pg 65 – Eco-efficiency                                        by minority group
     products and
                           Management                         LA14. Male/female
     services                                                                            Online Version
EN7. Initiatives and                                                 wage ratio
                           Pg 65 – Eco-efficiency             Social Performance – Human Rights
                           Management                         DMA. Management
     reductions                                                                          Pg 35 – Box: Human Rights
Water                                                         Approach
EN8. Total water                                              Investment and procurement practices
                           Pg 84 – Chart: Water
     withdrawal                                               HR1. Investments that
     by source                                                      include human        Online Version
Emissions, effluents and waste                                      rights clauses
EN16. Total direct                                                                               Commitments
                                                              HR2. Suppliers evaluated Pg 57 – Version
      and indirect         Pg 84 – Chart: Inventory of
      greenhouse gas       Greenhouse Gas Emissions           HR3. Training              Online Version
      emissions                                               Non-discrimination
EN17. Other relevant                                          HR4. Incidents of
      indirect             Pg 84 – Chart: Inventory of              discrimination       Pg 51 – Cases of discrimination
      greenhouse gas       Greenhouse Gas Emissions                 and actions taken
      emissions                                               Freedom of association and collective bargaining agreement
                           Pg 64 – Management of              HR5. Risk to free
EN18. Initiatives to
                           Greenhouse Gas Emissions                 association
      reduce greenhouse                                                                  Pg 52 – Labor Practices
                           Pg 65 – Eco-Efficiency                   and collective
      gas emissions
                           Management                               bargaining
Sustainability Report 2008

          GRI Description             Answer                                 GRI Description              Answer
          Child labor                                                                                     In 2008, Bradesco did not register
                                      Pg 35 – Box: Human Rights                                           any complaints of potential non-
          HR6. Risky operations       Pg 57 – Commitments                    PR7. Non-compliance          compliance with codes and laws
                                                                                                          related to marketing, advertising,
          Forced and compulsory labor                                                                     promotion and sponsorship.
                                      Pg 35 – Box: Human Rights              Compliance
          HR7. Risky operations
                                      Pg 57 – Commitments
                                                                             PR8. Complaints related
          Security practices                                                                              Pg 43 – Financial Remedies
                                                                                  to data loss
          HR8. Human rights                                                  Compliance
                                      Online Version
                                                                                                          Pg 62 – Relationship with
          Indigenous rights                                                  PR9. Fines                   regulatory/inspection
          Social Performance – Society                                                                    authorities and entities
          DMA. Management             Pg 30 – Prevention of
          Approach                    Illicit Activities
                                                                             Sector Indicators
                                                                             GRI Description              Answer
                                                                             FS1. Social-                 Pg 19 – Granting Criteria
                                      Online Version                              environmental           Pg 30 – Executive Committee
          SO1. Management
                                      Pg 13 – Banking Inclusion                   policies                of Products and Services
               of impacts
                                      Pg 15 – The Power of Inclusion
                                                                             FS2. Evaluation of social-
          Corruption                                                                                      Pg 19 – Granting Criteria
                                                                                  environmental risks
                                      Pg 30 – Prevention of                  FS3. Customer social-
                                                                                                          Granting Criteria
          SO2. Corruption risk        Illicit Activities                          environmental
                                                                                                          Online Version
               evaluation             Pg 31 – Chart: Anti-curruption              monitoring
                                      preventive monitoring                  FS4. Social-                 Pg 9 – Awareness in
                                      Pg 30 – Prevention of                       environmental           daily activities
          SO3. Anti-corruption                                                    policies training       Online Version
                                      Illicit Activities
                                      Online Version                         FS5. Interaction
          SO4. Actions taken          Pg 30 – Prevention of                       about social-
                                                                                                          Pg 19 – Granting Criteria
               in response to         Illicit Activities                          environmental
               incidents of           Pg 34 – Ethics in Relationships             risks/opportunities
               corruption             Online Version                         FS6. Percentage of           Pg 21 – Chart: Loans by
                                                                                  business lines          type of borrower – %
          Public policy                                                           portfolios by region,   Pg 82 – Chart: Loan volume
          SO5. Public policy          Pg 62 – Relationship with                   size and sectors        by type and activity sector
               positions and          regulatory/inspection                  FS7. Products and
               lobbying               authorities and entities                    services for            Pg 13 – Banking Inclusion
          SO6. Contributions to                                                   social benefit
                                      Online Version
               political parties                                             FS8. Products and
          Anti-competitive behavior                                               services for            Pg 22 – Chart: Social-
                                                                                  environmental           environmental Lines of Credit
                                      We are not aware of legal                   benefit
                                      actions for anticompetitive            FS9. Social-
                                      behavior, antitrust and                     environmental           Online Version
          SO7. Lawsuits
                                      monopoly practices, in                      policies audit
                                      which the Organization has
                                      been identified as party.              FS10. Interaction
                                                                                   with companies         Pg 19 – Granting Criteria
          Compliance                                                               on social-             Pg 22 – Chart: Social-
          SO8. Fines and sanctions    Pg 52 – Labor proceedings                    environmental          environmental Lines of Credit
          Social Performance – Product Responsibility
                                                                                                          Pg 85 – Chart: Percentage of
          DMA. Management             Pg 30 – Executive Committee            FS11. Assets subject
                                                                                                          assets subject to a positive,
          Approach                    of Products and Services                     to social-
                                                                                                          negative or excellence
          Customer health and safety                                                                      environmental control
                                                                                                          (screening) over total assets
          PR1. Evaluation of
                                      Pg 45 – Customer Safety                FS12. Voting policy(ies)
               impacts                                                                                    Bradesco Organization
                                                                                   applied to social-
                                      No cases of this type were                                          does not have a policy
          PR2. Non-compliance                                                      environmental
                                      reported in 2008.                                                   conerning this issue.
          Product and service labeling                                       FS13. Access to scarecely
          PR3. Product labels         Online Version                               populated or
                                                                                                          Pg 15 – Banco Postal
                                      Pg 41 – Alô Bradesco, Contact                                       Pg 16 – Bradesco Expresso
          PR5. Customer                                                            disadvantaged
                                      Us and Ombudsman                             areas
                                      Pg 43 – Satisfaction Surveys           FS14. Access for people      Pg 18 – Accessibility for
          Marketing communications                                                 with disabilities      Customers and Other Users
                                      Marketing communications               FS15. Development and        Pg 30 – Executive Committee
                                      of the Organization observe                  sale of products       of Products and Services
          PR6. Adherence to laws                                                   and services           Online Version
                                      the rules established by
               and standards
                                      the National Council of                FS16. Initiatives for
                                      Advertising Self-Regulation.                                        Online Version
                                                                                   financial education

         In determining the topics covered in this report the following GRI indicators were not considered relevant: EN9, EN10, EN11,
         EN12, EN13, EN14, EN15, EN19, EN21, EN23, EN24, EN25, EN27, EN28, EN29, EN30, HR9 e PR4.

    Statement of Assurance
Bradesco has contracted BSD                 evaluation, follow-up meeting with
Consulting for third-party verification     team in charge of preparing the
that the preparation process of its 2008    Sustainability Report, stakeholder
Sustainability Report was consistent with   mapping analysis, analysis of relevant
the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative)       issues within the current scenario and
guidelines, version G3. BSD conducted       interviews with process participants.
works pursuant to the AA1000 Assurance      Executives, managers and employees of
Standard 2008. BSD is an Assurance          key areas were interviewed in relation to
Provider professionally registered with     the relevance of reported information.
                                            3. Scope and Limitations
1. Objectives and Process                   The scope of our work encompasses
The objective of the verification process   the period covered by the Report, from
is to provide Bradesco’s stakeholders       January 1, 2008 to December 31, 2008,
with an independent opinion on the          related to information about Bradesco
quality of the Report, the underlying       Organization contained in the printed
management processes and the                version of the Sustainability Report.
adherence to AA1000AS 2008 standards.       The assurance level is moderate
Other objectives aim at ensuring            according to the definition of scope
the continuation of sustainability          and methodology. The evaluation of the
management processes and confirm the        reliability of the reported data was not in
GRI-G3 application level.                   the scope of BSD’s works.

2. Methodology                              4. Independence
The independent verification of the         BSD Consulting specializes in corporate
Report was conducted pursuant to            sustainability. We work independently
the AA1000 Assurance Standard 2008,         and assure that no BSD member
type 1, which comprises the evaluation      maintains consulting agreements or
of adherence to three AA1000AS              other commercial bonds with Bradesco.
principles of: Inclusion, Materiality and   The works were led by a professional
Answer Capacity. The approach of the        trained in the AA1000AS standard and
AA1000 assurance process consisted          certified by the International Register
of: monitoring discussion panels with       of Certificated Auditors – IRCA under
stakeholders, follow-up of materiality      registration number 1189266.
Sustainability Report 2008

                        5. Bradesco’s and BSD’s Responsibilities
                        The Sustainability Report is prepared by Bradesco, which is
                        responsible for all of its content. The main objective of the
                        statement of assurance is to inform stakeholders of BSD’s
                        conclusions about the adherence to three main AA1000AS
                        2008 principles. In addition, BSD’s statement of assurance
                        confirms the application level of the GRI standard, in line with
                        the GRI-G3 Guidelines.

                        6. Main Conclusions
                        According to BSD, Bradesco improved its sustainability
                        management process and the preparation process of the
                        Sustainability Report compared to 2007, showing the Bank’s
                        actions and commitment to consolidating the process and
                        continuously growing.

                        a) Inclusion
                        This principle addresses the Organization’s commitment to
                        enabling stakeholder participation in the identification of critical
                        aspects and in seeking feasible solutions within the scope of
                        sustainability, as well as including the impacts of sustainability
                        deriving from the Company’s businesses.
                        During 2008, Bradesco has made great efforts to integrate
                        sustainability management in all levels of the Organization
                        (internal stakeholders) and to improve external stakeholders’
                        commitment process. The commitment to expanding SA8000
                        social certification demonstrates the long-term vision we have
                        assumed in relation to sustainability in its social dimension. The
                        description of the Bank of the Planet meets the stakeholders’
                        demands of clarifying the Bank’s strategy in relation to social-
                        environmental sustainability.
                        We identified the need for improving the scope of social-
                        environmental risk evaluation practices when granting loans for
                        transactions with amounts lower than those set forth by Equator
                        Principles. It is important that the commercial area consistently
                        incorporate social-environmental processes in all its operations.

                        b) Materiality
                        The concept of materiality in the scope of accountability of

non-financial indicators established                 The principle underpins a decision-
by the GRI and AA1000 considers the                  making process that can respond
importance management themes                         quickly, validating the company’s ability
have for social, environmental and                   to respond to sustainability challenges.
economic impacts (internal factors)                  In this report, the Bank expresses its
and the opinions of the stakeholders                 commitment to improve the stakeholder
about the Organization’s performance.                commitment process started in 2008
A material aspect often influences the               by means of discussion panels. It is
decision-making process, actions and                 important to maintain and improve this
the performance of the Organization                  process by establishing an organized
and its stakeholders.                                structure to respond to stakeholders. We
B r a d e s c o s t a r t e d a s t r u c t u re d   observed an improvement in relation
stakeholder commitment process                       to the 2007 Report when presenting
by means of dialogue panels. The                     targets achieved and not achieved, as
preparation process of the Sustainability            well as when describing the customer
Report was inclusive, promoting a direct             complaint process.
dialogue on the meaning of indicators                We point out the relevance of improving
across the different areas of the Bank.              social-environmental actions, such
For the first time, the process of                   as, for instance, the bank Branch
evaluating the materiality of issues                 Eco-efficiency Program, enhancing
covered by this Report was incorporated              the internal process of sustainability
i n t o t h e Ba n k . We re c o m m e n d           management.
improving and consolidating the
stakeholder commitment process                       7. GRI-G3 Application Level
so that the materiality evaluation                   In line with the GRI-G3 guidelines, BSD
shows consistent results both within                 classified Bradesco’s 2008 Sustainability
the context of society (external)                    Report at level A+. The Report responds
and business strategy (internal). We                 to all items relating to its structure, all
point out the relevance of proritizing               core indicators and indicators of the
stakeholders according to solid                      final version of the Financial Services
selection criteria, allowing us to                   Sector Supplement.
obtain even more accurate results for
                                                           São Paulo, February 6, 2009.
c) Ability to reply
The principle of ability to reply
addresses actions, decisions and notices                     Maria Helena Meinert
of the Organization to its stakeholders                               (Partner)
in response to their specific demands.                          BSD Consulting, Brasil
Sustainability Report 2008

                Report of independent auditors of limited assurance on
                   Banco Bradesco S.A.’s 2008 Sustainability Report

      To Banco Bradesco S.A.’s                         assurance report, as established by the NPO
      Management                                       1 Assurance Standards and Procedures.

      Introduction                                     Scope and Limitations
      We have been hired with the goal of assuring     The chief objective of our report was
      Banco Bradesco S.A.’s 2008 Sustainability        identifying and assessing whether the
      Report, prepared under the responsibility        data included in the Bank’s Sustainability
      of the company’s management.                     Report – in terms of obtaining qualitative
      This responsibility includes the design,         information, measuring, and calculating
      implementation and maintenance of                quantitative information – complies
      internal controls for the appropriate            with the following criteria: (i) Brazilian
      preparation and presentation of the 2008         Accounting Standard NBC T 15 – Social and
      Sustainability Report. Our responsibility is     Environmental Information; and (ii) the
      to issue a report of limited assurance for the   Global Reporting Initiative’s sustainability
      information disclosed in Banco Bradesco          reporting guidelines (GRI-G3). The
      S.A.’s Sustainability Report for 2008.           opinions, background information,
                                                       descriptive information and information
      Applied Procedures                               subject to subjective assessment are not
      The limited assurance report was prepared        included in the scope of the report.
      in accordance with the NPO 1 Assurance
      Standards and Procedures issued by               Conclusion
      IBRACON (the Brazilian Institute of              Based on our review, we are not aware of
      Independent Auditors) and thus consisted         any relevant change which should be made
      of: (i) planning the report, taking into         to the information contained in Banco
      account the relevance and the volume of          Bradesco S.A.’s Sustainability Report relating
      information presented in Bradesco S.A.’s         to the period ended on December 31, 2008,
      Sustainability Report; (ii) understanding        such that this information is properly
      internal controls; (iii) verification of the     presented, in all relevant aspects, with
      evidence supporting the quantitative             regard to the criteria used.
      and qualitative data of the Sustainability
      Report based on tests; (iv) interviews
      with the managers in charge of preparing                 São Paulo, February 6, 2009.
      the information; and (v) comparing the
      financial information with the accounting
      records. Thus, the procedures described                  PricewaterhouseCoopers
      above were deemed sufficient to allow                        Auditores Independentes
      a limited assurance level but, however,                        CRC 2SP000160/O-5

      do not encompass the requirements for              Washington Luiz Pereira Cavalcanti
      the issuance of a more comprehensive                     Accountant CRC 1SP172940/O-6
Sustainability Acknowledgements                                  Addresses and Contacts

Main acknowledgements:                                           Banco Bradesco S.A.
 For the first time, Bradesco is included on the

                                                                 Cidade de Deus, Osasco – SP
  list of 20 model Brazilian companies in terms of
  corporate social responsibility of Guia Exame de               CEP 06029-900
  Sustentabilidade 2008 (2008 Exame Sustainability     
  Guide), published by Exame magazine with the
  technical support of Fundação Getulio Vargas.
 Best bank in Brazil, in addition to being regarded
                                                                 Market Relations Department
  as the best bank in terms of Corporate Social
  Governance and Environment in the world,                       Av. Paulista, 1450 – 1o andar
  according to the British magazine, The Banker.                 Bela Vista, São Paulo – SP
 Best financial institution in the market and
                                                                 CEP 01310-917
  leader among companies that are included in the                Phone: (55 11) 2178-6201
  Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE) of BM&FBovespa
                                                                 Fax: (55 11) 2178-6215
  in the Agência Estado Empresas 2007 ranking.
 One of the 150 Best Companies to Work For (for

  the 9th consecutive year), according to the survey,
  Guia Você S/A-Exame.                                           Social-Environmental
 For the third time, Bradesco is one of 100 Best                Responsibility Area
  Companies to Work For in Brazil, according to a
  survey conducted by Época magazine/Great Place                 Phone: (55 11) 2178-6210
  to Work Institute.                                   
 First among companies with more than 10
  thousand employees in the ranking of Best
  Companies in People Management, published by
  Valor Carreira magazine of the Valor Econômico
  newspaper, with the technical support of the                   Investor Relations Area
  consulting firm Hewitt Associates.
 First financial institution in the overall ranking of
                                                                 Institutional Service
  all sector companies and best company in social-
                                                                 Phone: (55 11) 2178-6204
  environmental responsibility actions, according
                                                                 Individuals Service
  to the special edition of Dinheiro magazine that
  published the 500 best Brazilian companies.                    Phone: (55 11) 2178-6217
 Distinguished financial institution in social-       
  environmental responsibility according to a          
  survey conducted by Troiano Consultoria de
  Marca for Época Negócios magazine.
 Bradesco is one of 20 distinguished companies

  in the 1o Prêmio Época de Mudanças Climáticas
  (1st Época Climate Change Award), an initiative
  of Época magazine that aims at disclosing the
  companies that are most committed to reducing
  greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
 Bradesco won two categories of the 3o Prêmio Brasil

  de Meio Ambiente (3rd Brazil Environmental Award),
  organized by Jornal do Brasil and Editora JB, which
  aims at recognizing relevant initiatives in Brazil that
  benefit the environment.
   Companies of Grupo Bradesco de Seguros e Previdência
    won distinction in the Segurador Brasil 2008 Award
    (Brazil’s Insurance Companies 2008 Award). The award
    is promoted by Segurador Brasil magazine.

                           See other acknowledgements on the
                       v   Social-Environmental Responsibility
                           Web site –
Additional Contents
Sustainability Report 2008
     Additional Contents 2008

     The Challenge of the Planet
     The Challenge of the Planet was an edu-                   During the semifinals, employees an-
     cational competition that involved the                    swered another 20 questions, also via
     participation of the entire Bradesco Or-                  TreiNet, between October 27 and Novem-
     ganization, with the purpose of expand-                   ber 7, and those who ranked among the
     ing employees’ knowledge about sus-                       best twenty went on to the finals.
     tainability and engage them in Bank of
     the Planet initiatives.                                    20 finalists
     During the first round, which took place                   Top 5 in the Bank’s departments
     between September 26 and October 15,
     the participants individually answered 20                  Top 10 in the branches of all Bank’s segments
     multiple choice or true or false questions
     via TreiNet. A total of 4,500 employees                    Top 5 in affiliated companies
     went on to the semifinals and won prizes
     such as MP4 players, copies of the Alma-
     naque Brasil Socioambiental, baseball                     The Challenge of the Planet finals were
     hats and buttons.                                         held on November 28 at the headquarters’
                                                               gymnasium in Cidade de Deus, Osasco.
                                                               Game show style, the contestants were
     Advanced to semifinals                                    split in five teams, mixing knowledge and
     Top 1,000 nationwide, regardless of the unit where        agility. They also responded individually
     they work                                                 to questions about sustainability.
     Top 673 in the Bank’s departments                         The five winners earned a trip to the Am-
                                                               azon and the remaining contestants each
     Top 1,957 in the branches of all Bank’s segments          received a 26” bicycle and a backpack.

     Top 870 in affiliated companies

     Challenge of the Planet Winners
     Rank                 Name                                                                    Score
     1st                  Fabrício Oliveira Alves (O&M)                                           875 points
     2nd                  Cleuza de Lourdes Lopes Curpievisk (Ombudsman)                          799 points
     3rd                  Conceição Aparecida Forti Salvador (Retail)                             767 points
     4th                  Renan Horan (Jardim São Paulo Branch)                                   767 points
     5th                  Juliana Ramalho (BVP)                                                   756 points

     Additional Contents 2008

     1st Bradesco Cycle of
     Dialogue with Stakeholders
     With 101 participants, the 1st Bradesco       the participants also made suggestions
     Cycle of Dialogue with Stakeholders           and gave feedback after analyzing it.
     aimed to, among other objectives, estab-
                                                   Among opportunities for improvement that
     lish a dialogue channel and begin to iden-
                                                   were pointed out by participants are:
     tify issues that are important for the Or-
     ganization’s relationship with some of its      Set more clear-cut sustainability targets
     key stakeholders, geared toward improv-       and strategies;
     ing strategy and advancing sustainability       Describe social-environmental impacts
     management.                                   resulting from financing;
     Representatives from six strategic groups       Be more active in financial education and
     were invited to meetings held between         responsible use of credit;
     June 17 and July 29, specifically target-       Mention incentives to sustainable com-
     ing each group as follows:                    panies;
                                                     Disclose an integrated and long-term vi-
                                                   sion of sustainability strategy;
     Group                Number of Participants      Establish a direct relationship between
     Employees                      28             business and sustainability concepts;
     Suppliers                      15               Discuss responsible loans concession;
     Customers                      13
                                                     Indicate feasible sustainability targets;
     Government and
                                    17                Show more impacts of the Organiza-
     NGOs                           19             tion’s social-environmental investments;
     Academic community              9               Break the Sustainability Report down into
     Total                         101             segments to better meet the expectations of
                                                   interested parties.

     During these meetings, participants           The content of the 2008 Sustainability Re-
     shared their opinions and criticisms of       port was established based on crossing the
     the Organization’s position on several        issues pointed out by stakeholders with
     issues. The debates were based on the         those Bradesco deems strategic for business.
     2007 Sustainability Report, for which         Therefore, it is the Organization’s intention

      Additional Contents 2008

          Parameters for dialogue
          At the meetings, participants were divided into groups and examined the
          2007 Sustainability Report based on the following guidelines of the Global
          Reporting Initiative (GRI):

          Materiality – the topics discussed should be relevant according to the
          stakeholders’ interests.

          Comprehensiveness – the content should reflect the Organization’s impacts.

          Stakeholder inclusion – the content should meet stakeholder information

          Context of sustainability – should report the Organization’s performance
          to improve social-environmental and economic conditions.

          Balance – equal treatment of positive and negative events in the Report.

          Comparability – the content should allow Bradesco’s performance to be
          compared with that of other organizations.

          Clarity – the language and layout of the content should be accessible to dif-
          ferent stakeholders.

          Reliability – the content should use recorded and disclosed information to
          allow verification of its consistency and accuracy.

      Additional Contents 2008

      Affinity Cards
      In the credit card segment, Bradesco was          In addition to transferring a portion of
      the first institution to promote sustainabil-     the annual fees to philanthropic entities,
      ity-related initiatives in Brazil. Today, a       the Bradesco Fundação Amazonas
      portion of the annuities of five cards are        Sustentável (FAS) card for the Sustain-
      donated to philanthropic entities.                able Amazonas Foundation of which
                                                        Bradesco is a co-founder is made of
      These cards represent 2.2% of the of              80% to 85% recycled material.
      Visa and Mastercard card bases, totaling
      213,675 units.

            Support to social environmental initiatives
            Bradesco SOS Mata Atlântica Card
            Created 19 years ago, part of the card’s revenues is transferred to the Fundação
            SOS Mata Atlântica (SOS Mata Atlântica Foundation). To date, R$34.8 million
            have been transferred to the project, mainly allocated to reforesting degraded
            areas, hiring and training technicians, and preparing new projects to protect
            the rainforest. Four million saplings have been planted with the sponsorship of
            Bradesco Cartões, which also has made the purchase of support material to train
            teachers possible, directly benefiting 7,000 students through the Atlantic Rainfor-
            est Goes to School Program, and has created almost 300 RPPNs (Private Natu-
            ral Heritage Reserves), protecting an area of approximately 19,000 hectares.

            Bradesco Fundação Amazonas Sustentável Card
            The funds to support the Fundação Amazonas Sustentável (Sustainable Amazo-
            nas Foundation), of which Bradesco is a co-founder, are raised through this card,
            with 50% of its annual fee donated. Made of recycled plastic from PET bottles,
            the card is between 80% and 85% recyclable – the magnetic strip, hologram, ink,
            and crystal are not recyclable.

            AACD Card
            Since 1995, this card has raised R$1.45 million for the AACD – Associação
            de Assistência à Criança Deficiente (Association of Assistance to Children
            with Disabilities).

            Casas André São Luiz Card
            As part of its partnership with the Assistência ao Centro Espírita Nosso Lar
            – Casas André São Luiz (Assistance to the Our Home Spiritist Center– Casas
            André São Luiz), the card has already earned R$400,000 for the institution.

            Apae Card
            In partnership with the Federação Nacional das Apaes (Association of Parents
            and Friends of People with Disabilities), Bradesco has already donated R$3.5
            million to the foundation, ensuring the sustainability of Apae institutions.

      Additional Contents 2008

      Insurance for the
      Low-Income Population
      The low-income population insurance seg-          Report, Bradesco Vida e Previdência is
      ment has presented substantial growth             constantly developing new products fo-
      worldwide and is expected to grow even            cused on the low-income population,
      more over the next years. There is a large        striving to combine more benefits at
      potential market in the world and in Brazil,      more accessible prices. A good example
      where Bradesco Vida e Previdência was the         of this is the Seguro de Acidentes Pes-
      first company to conduct a campaign for the       soais (Personal Accident Insurance), with
      democratization of access to life insurance.      an annual premium. Easily purchased at
      This took place in January 2004, when Vida        a range of prices compatible with various
      Segura Bradesco, the first insurance focused      family incomes and the option of special
      on C and D classes, was launched.                 benefits, the new policy is designed for
                                                        everyone, either as primary or comple-
      Although Bradesco Vida e Previdência has          mentary insurance.
      already been active in this segment, there is
      still significant growth potential in this mar-   With a single annual payment, the Seguro
      ket. Changes in legislation have led to an        de Acidentes Pessoais covers accidental
      increase in types of insurance for the low-in-    death, (total or partial) permanent disability
      come population, for example, car insurance       due to accidents, and offers additional ben-
      for vehicles with more than ten years of use.     efits such as individual funeral assistance.

      Always Innovating                                 Seguro de Acidentes Pessoais with an-
                                                        nual premium policy holders participate
      In addition to the policies already de-           in R$50,000 (gross) certificated savings
      scribed on page 29 of the Sustainability          plan drawings every month.

             Learn more about insurance
             for the low-income population
              To learn more about the Vida and Previdência products, visit

      Additional Contents 2008

      Executive Committee of
      Products and Services
      Created in 2006, Bradesco’s Executive             Concrete results
      Committee of Products and Services is
      composed of officers and vice-presidents          The process of evaluation of products and
      of the Organization.                              services carried out by the Departmental
                                                        Commission and the Executive Commit-
      Before reaching the Committee, proposals to       tee of Products and Services does not
      create or change products and services must       follow a fixed calendar of meetings, but
      first be approved by the Departmental Com-        are scheduled according to the demand of
      mission of Products and Services, composed        approval requests.
      of representatives of various departments
      of the Organization. During this first phase,     In the past, the process of formalizing new
      the Commission analyzes aspects such as           products and services used to be slower
      adaptation to the target market and potential     than today. Therefore, the creation of the
      financial results. Also during this phase, risk   Executive Committee has proved highly
      studies (credit, operational, exchange, image,    beneficial to the Organization, since it al-
      performance and social-environmental risks)       lows centralization of the entire process
      are conducted, and legal, tax and accounting      with records of documents, discussions,
      matters are examined.                             and opinions. In this manner, the manag-
                                                        ers themselves have more points of refer-
      Proposals to create or change products            ence for creating new products and servic-
      and services are presented to the Execu-          es (adequate target market, financial plan,
      tive Committee according to priority and          cost-benefit analysis, etc.) and become
      urgency criteria. Once they are approved,         familiar with all phases of evaluation. As
      they go through the ratification and im-          a result, proposals related to products or
      plementation phases. Eight months later,          services are more likely to fulfill the re-
      both the Departmental Commission and              quirements and receive approval.
      the Executive Committee of Products and
      Services revaluate the previous launch or         Since it was created two years ago, the Ex-
      change of the product or service, verify-         ecutive Committee of Products and Services
      ing whether it has fulfilled the goals of the     has analyzed all initiatives of new products
      approval plan and achieved the intended           and services of Banco Bradesco and Bra-
      financial results.                                desco BBI.

      If necessary, the product or service is           Joint decisions
      adapted or discontinued, although this
      has never happened since the creation of          Of the products and services that regularly
      the Executive Committee of Products and           pass through the Departmental Commis-
      Services, which is fully empowered to do          sion and the Executive Committee, some
      so if necessary.                                  of them are directly related to the Social-

      Additional Contents 2008

      Environmental Responsibility area, fol-           Most members of the Executive Committee
      lowing market trends and expectations             of Products and Services also sit on the Ex-
      concerning sustainable products and ser-          ecutive Committee of Social-Environmen-
      vices. Initiatives like the Amazonas Sus-         tal Responsibility. Therefore, the decisions
      tentável card and the Ecofinanciamento            end up taking into account aspects related
      Bradesco, in addition to initiatives like         to both Committees, which leads to the ad-
      carbon credits, are good examples of this         vantage of avoiding disputes or the need for
      alignment.                                        complementary decisions.

      Social-environmental products undergo the         In practice, this means that a product or ser-
      standard procedure for approval. However,         vice that has been approved by the Executive
      while applying for approval of the prod-          Committee of Products and Services does
      uct or service, the manager must disclose         not need the approval of the Executive Com-
      specific matters related to the evaluation of     mittee of Social-Environmental Responsibil-
      social-environmental impacts. If the prod-        ity and, therefore, the process is accelerated
      uct or service does not meet these require-       and the time for the product or service to be
      ments, it is not approved.                        launched is reduced.

             2009 TArgeTs
             In 2008, the Executive Committee of Products and Services continued its process of
             operational optimization. As a result, adjustments and improvements were made.
             Today the process of analyzing products and services is done manually. For 2009,
             we hope these procedures will be automated with the support of an internal system
             called Product Catalog, a repository of information on products that already exist
             and others that are being developed. Consequently, the entire process will be cen-
             tralized, making the verification of records and other procedures easier.
             With the help of Project Management tools, both the Departmental Commission and
             the Executive Committee will take advantage of the best management practices and
             processes to manage the development time of each product or service and to adjust
             it to other variables, such as cost.
             Also for 2009, we intend to submit the products and services of other companies
             related to Grupo Bradesco to evaluation by the Departmental Commission and the
             Executive Committee of Products and Services, following the example of Bradesco
             Seguros and Finasa.

      Additional Contents 2008

      When customers wish to pursue further          Charging a maintenance fee: since some-
      resolution of their complaints or review       times managers waive the maintenance fee
      their referrals or solutions from the first-   in an attempt to keep a relationship with the
      level service channels Alô Bradesco SAC –      customer, when it is billed, those customers
      the customer support network or Fale Con-      contest the charge.
      osco, they may use the Ombudsman. The
      Ombudsman also analyzes and responds to        Delay or inability to provide documents/
      complaints by the Brazilian Central Bank,      statements related to economic plans:
      Procons (Consumer Protection and De-           very often the error lies in the information
      fense Bureau), the media and letters.          provided by the customer him- or herself
                                                     concerning the document’s issue date,
      The Ombudsman is also responsible for:         which is essential to locating it.
        Verifying that customers and users re-       Early payment of payroll-deductible
      ceived responses within the appropriate        loans from Banco BMC: Bradesco ac-
      time period;                                   quired BMC in 2007. It is a common com-
        Providing the product, service and pro-      plaint of customers that it is difficult to
      cess managers with updated information         carry out this procedure.
      so that they may attend to necessary im-
      provements;                                    Long lines to be served by tellers in
        Conducting follow-ups in the various de-     branches: in this case, customers are per-
      partments of Bradesco to make sure that        suaded to start using alternative services,
      corrective measures have been effectively      such as ATM machines and Internet Bank-
      adopted; and                                   ing. There are also cases in which people
                                                     are unable to access their accounts online
        Presenting the Board of Directors with
                                                     because they do not know that in order to
      its opinion on the products and services
      that are generating a great number of com-     do so they must first register at branches,
      plaints and, thus, must be changed or even     where they receive a four-digit password.
      discontinued.                                  Similarly, people are unable to use Internet
                                                     Banking if they do not have the Bradesco
      The most frequent complaints                   security key card in hand.

      The most frequent complaints of Brades-        Monthly survey
      co’s customers include:
                                                     To evaluate the satisfaction of custom-
      Undue debits: in most cases, this occurs       ers who use the Alô Bradesco and Fale
      because of the customer’s own inability to     Conosco services, the Ombudsman con-
      remember – especially in the case of pay-      ducts a quarterly customer satisfaction
      ments in installments – or due to mistakes     survey via telephone, selecting a sample
      made by commercial establishments.             of 3% total complaints.

      Additional Contents 2008

      Special Programs

      In 2008, we carried out special programs       derprivileged backgrounds. This program
      geared towards the personal and pro-           prepares students for exercising citizen-
      fessional development of teenagers and         ship through a paid internship. A total of
      young adults, promoting social inclusion,      644 youths have already participated in
      training and preparation for the job mar-      this program.
      ket.The programs are:
                                                     Internship Program
       Adolescent Apprentice;
                                                     In order to provide real professional de-
       Young Citizen – My First Job;                 velopment opportunities, the Bradesco
       Internship;                                   Organization offers an internship program
       Trainee;                                      in all operational and business areas, al-
       Unipalmares.                                  lowing students to link their academic
                                                     learning with practical application, thus
      Adolescent Apprentice Program                  being effectively prepared for the job
                                                     market. Currently, the program benefits
      The Adolescent Apprentice Program was          731 students.
      implemented by the Organization in 2004.
      Carried out in partnership with Fundação       Trainee Program
      Bradesco and other qualified entities and
      encompassing administrative centers and        Fundação Bradesco’s information technol-
      branches nationwide, this program con-         ogy students have the opportunity to start
      sists of hiring teenagers and young adults     their professional career as employees in
      between 16 and 24 years old, giving them       the Systems Development Department of
      an opportunity for personal and profes-        the Organization. In order to do so, stu-
      sional development.                            dents are provided with a structured pro-
                                                     gram addressing technical and behavioral
      Bradesco closed 2008 with 1,398 ap-            approaches with theoretical experience in
      prentices; 2,560 teenagers and young           the classroom and practice in the depart-
      adults have already participated in the        ment. All students approved in the selec-
      program.                                       tion process are hired.

      Young Citizen –                                Bradesco – Unipalmares Program
      My First Job Program
                                                     Since 2005, Bradesco and Unipalmares
      This program began with a partnership          (Faculdade da Cidadania Zumbi dos Pal-
      with the State of São Paulo aimed at pro-      mares) have been partners in a profes-
      viding students with their first profession-   sional qualification program aimed at
      al experience. To participate in the pro-      hiring interns to work in various areas
      gram, students must be between 18 and          of the Organization. Through the NGO
      21 years old, enrolled in and effectively      Afrobrás, Unipalmares’ mission is to
      attending high school classes in the state     promote the inclusion of black citizens
      public school system, and come from un-        in Brazilian higher education.
      Additional Contents 2008

      The two-year program is divided into         job market. This program started with
      various modules. It also relies on a part-   30 interns and today serves 74 students.
      nership with renowned institutions such
      as FGV, USP, FIPE, Fipecafi and FIA.         At the end of 2008, the Bradesco orga-
      Students work in technical and business      nization had 13,374 black employees, of
      areas and are trained to grow into citi-     which 6,420 hold managerial positions.
      zens and qualified professionals in the

      Additional Contents 2008

      Attracting and
      Retaining Talent
      Bradesco has adopted a closed-career poli-        All employees have the opportunity to
      cy, hiring at entry levels and presenting em-     hold increasingly higher posts within
      ployees with growth opportunities within          the Organization, since 100% of growth
      the Organization. This system privileges,         opportunities target staff, allowing ac-
      encourages and strengthens employees’             cess to all hierarchical levels. Promo-
      professional development and growth.              tions are merit-based, that is, when an
                                                        employee stands out in his position,
      The success of the closed-career system           the leadership requests his or her ad-
      depends on hiring professionals aligned           vancement from the Human Resources
      with the Organization’s policy and strate-        Department, which will analyze knowl-
      gies, and, more importantly, on their desire      edge, skills, attitude, and the opinion
      for personal development. Therefore, it is        of direct supervisors through his or her
      necessary to find these professionals in          work history.
      recruiting, which consists of a very thor-
      ough process: candidates do Portuguese            In-house recruitment is supported by
      and mathematics tests, and participate in         mapping the Organization’s human capi-
      group and individual interview, aimed at          tal, which is conducted by the People
      evaluating the candidate’s profile – in-          Management area. The goal is to identify
      cluding the assessment of essential skills        corporate and essential skills and place the
      and identification of values – and compar-        right people in the right posts. This also
      ing it with the position’s requirements. Af-      generates specific training plans for each
      ter they are hired, employees start a career      professional and/or segment.
      filled with growth opportunities according
      to their efforts and dedication.                  Bradesco also values equal pay among its
                                                        employees. During the analysis of the po-
      Those who are part of Bradesco’s team be-         sition profiles, the salaries of employees
      lieve that the company for which they work        who hold the same position is internally
      acknowledges their efforts, and that reaching     compared and also compared with infor-
      the highest levels is possible. They are en-      mation from the market. Each and every
      couraged to strive for self-development by        change in an employee’s salary, whether
      staying alert to new market trends and con-       due to promotion, merit or transfer, is
      tinuously improving their skills and qualifica-   communicated to the employee, specify-
      tions by participating in training programs.      ing the new conditions.

      Additional Contents 2008

      In addition to the transportation, meal and     the age of 21 or up to the age of 24 if they
      grocery vouchers, maternity and paternity       are in college.
      leave, bereavement pay, funeral stipends,
      childcare stipends and outplacement ser-        In addition to providing all the necessary
      vices that are provided for in the Collective   information for its employees to apply for
      Bargaining Agreement of bank employees,         retirement benefits, Bradesco signs off on
      the following benefits are available to all     the INSS (Social Security National Insti-
      employees of the Bradesco Organization,         tute) application form of its employees, fa-
      whether they work full or part time.            cilitating the pension concession process.

      Health and dental insurance                     group life and personal
                                                      accident insurance
      Our employees and their dependents
      have access to health and dental care           All Bradesco employees have access to
      plans with premiums fully paid by the           group life and personal accident insur-
      Bank. The health insurance includes un-         ance with subsidized costs. Employees
      conventional treatments such as dialysis,       receiving INSS benefits or who were laid
      organ transplants, acupuncture, home-           off without just cause are offered the op-
      opathy, myopia correction, GPR, heart           tion to maintain the policy, with subsi-
      valves, physical therapy and Aids treat-        dized costs.
      ment (with reimbursement of expenses
      for prescription drugs).                        specialization courses
      The Dental Insurance covers preventive
                                                      Bradesco regularly makes investments in
      and surgical treatment, oral rehabilitation,
                                                      training leaders and executive officers.
      pediatric dentistry, endodontics, perio-
                                                      According to the needs of each area,
      dontology, and prosthodontics. Implants
                                                      language, graduate and specialization
      are offered at lower-than-market costs
                                                      courses are authorized. In this sense, the
      through agreements.
                                                      graduate and MBA programs developed
      In 2008, 182,418 people were covered by         in partnership with renowned education-
      the Health and Dental Insurance. There          al institutions in Brazil, such as Funda-
      were 4,018,352 medical and hospital vis-        ção Getúlio Vargas (FGV), Universidade
      its and 580,735 thousand dental visits.         de São Paulo (USP), Fipe, Fipecafi, FIA,
                                                      Ibmec and Fundação Dom Cabral, stand
      supplementary private                           out, as well as the participation in open
      pension plan                                    events in Brazil and abroad.

      Bradesco makes a supplementary private          Since 1996, over 2,300 professionals
      pension plan available for all its employ-      completed MBA, graduate, and spe-
      ees, to which the Organization contributes      cialization programs. With this level of
      50% of the monthly installments, includ-        qualification, the Organization strives to
      ing a Christmas bonus. The plan provides        ensure the alignment of its staff’s train-
      coverage to the retiree, the retiree’s wid-     ing with the most modern management
      ow or widower and their children under          techniques and practices.

      Additional Contents 2008

      social service and psychological               dependents. The facilities include swim-
      assistance                                     ming pools, a track, a soccer field, and
                                                     sports courts (basketball, volleyball, ten-
      Bradesco’s employees and their depen-          nis, soccer and squash). In 2008, we regis-
      dents are provided with social services        tered 51.5 thousand visits to the facilities.
      and psychological assistance in situations
      of need and emergency. Services are of-        social loan
      fered in the most diverse situations: medi-
      cal treatment, accidents, death in the fam-    Through Caixa Beneficente (Benefit
      ily, professional rehabilitation pursuant to   Fund), the Organization offers finan-
      Law 8213, and personal loans.                  cial assistance to its employees, granting
                                                     loans with subsidized fees for emergen-
      In 2008, there were more than 10.3 thou-       cies, educational expenses, acquisition of
      sand social and psychological visits.          orthopedic apparatuses, glasses, funerals,
                                                     psychologists, psychiatrists and speech
      snacks                                         therapists, among others.

      Todos os funcionários recebem lanches,
      gratuitamente, todos os dias de trabalho.      Credit facilities
      Em 2008, foram investidos R$ 42 milhões,
      envolvendo a distribuição de aproximada-       Employees have access to loans with
      mente 27,6 milhões de lanches.                 subsidized rates to purchase computers
                                                     and vehicles as well as to cover personal
      Discounts at drugstores                        expenses. In addition, all employees and
                                                     their immediate family (parents and chil-
      For the São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Santa       dren) can apply for mortgages at lower in-
      Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul states,         terest rates.
      Bradesco maintains agreements with large
      pharmacy chains for the purchase of med-       exemption from fees
      ications at lower prices.
                                                     Bradesco exempts its employees from
      Internal influenza                             paying bank fees for transactions such as
      vaccination campaigns                          withdrawals, transfers, printing of month-
                                                     ly statements at ATMs, registration renew-
      Bradesco holds annual vaccination cam-         al, credit card issues and annual fees, and
      paigns against influenza during which          check book requests.
      employees can receive shots for free
      and their dependents can receive shots         Online shopping channel
      at subsidized prices. Through the 2008
      campaign, 58,890 flu shots were given at       The ShopFácil Funcionário is a special
      a cost of R$1.9 million.                       online shopping channel through which
                                                     Bradesco negotiates special discounts
      Leisure and recreation areas                   directly with several product suppli-
                                                     ers. Bradesco also has partnerships with
      In Cidade de Deus, Osasco, SP, Bradesco        some stores, through which employees
      maintains an area for leisure and recre-       have access to special prices and pay-
      ation activities for its employees and their   ment options.

      Additional Contents 2008

      Family funeral stipend
      The family funeral stipend is made available
      to all Bradesco employees, covering the
      spouse and unmarried children of the
      deceased as well.

       Supplementary private pension plan                2006              2007              2008
       Employees who participate in the plan            21,692            22,757            25,378
       % of staff                                        27.4              27.5              29.3
      Obs.: Employees contribute with 4% of their salary and the company contributes with another 4%.

      Additional Contents 2008

      We have significantly invested in the           pects, the experience becomes efficient
      training and development of our em-             way of motivating the participants in
      ployees. Some of the available training         the workplace.
      programs on sustainability are:
                                                      Business Administration and Finance
      Treinet Sustainability: looks into the          Course at FGV: : consists of a four-hour
      history of the environmental movement in        on-site course with the purpose of broad-
      the world and the concept of sustainable        ening the view and knowledge of its par-
      development, in addition to strengthening       ticipants (branch, department and affili-
      the culture of sustainability in the Bra-       ated company managers) on sustainability
      desco Organization. The course discusses        and social-environmental concepts, their
      actions that contribute to the preservation     importance, results achieved by compa-
      of the environment.                             nies actively involved with social-envi-
                                                      ronmental programs, improved practices
      Social-Environmental Responsibility –           and applicability in the market, as well as
      Sustainability Video Training: increases        emphasizing Bradesco’s role and current
      employee awareness about the importance of      positive actions in this context.
      social-environmental responsibility, creating
      a culture of preservation and conservation.     Challenge of the Planet: pwith the
                                                      purpose of strengthening the concepts
      ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and SA 8000              already made available and spreading
      Management System Video Training:               sustainability culture among the Organi-
      discusses the main points of these certi-       zation’s employees, the Challenge of the
      fications in an effort to make employees        Planet was launched in September 2008.
      conscious of how important it is to be in-      This initiative aims at making profes-
      volved and engaged in activities connected      sionals aware of this important theme,
      to environmental issues, security manage-       allowing the assimilation of sustainable
      ment, occupational health, and the social-      behavior in their every-day choices and
      environmental responsibility system.            disclosing the Organization’s position on
      SA 8000 Social Responsibility Brochure:         sustainability. The Challenge of the Plan-
      talks about workplace conditions and the        et was an educational competition with
      Organization’s relationship with all related    eliminatory rounds, awarding the knowl-
      parties: employees, community, suppliers,       edge acquired by Bradesco profession-
      clients and other stakeholders, focused on      als. The first round took place between
      its commitment with human appreciation.         September 26 and October 15, 2008 via
                                                      TreiNet. During this round, 67,462 em-
      SA 8000 Challenge: consists of a quiz           ployees answered 20 questions and 4,500
      bowl for employees who work at loca-            employees went on to the next round.
      tions that are SA 8000 certified, with          These also answered another 20 ques-
      the purpose of motivating employees             tions via TreiNet, between October 27
      and bringing the theme into their daily         and November 7, 2008. A total of 20 em-
      lives in a relaxed and interesting way.         ployees participated in the finals at the
      Combining fun and challenging as-               Cidade de Deus gymnasium.

      Additional Contents 2008

      Financial education                          analysis. The 60-hour course is available
                                                   to everyone at
      Training courses focused on improving fi-
      nancial education are the following:         Treinet Capital Markets – Basic Concepts:
                                                   teaches the main concepts of the capital mar-
      Treinet Personal Finance Management          kets with a study of the Brazilian Financial
      and Planning: dTreinet is available to       System, the regulatory environment and its
      all the Organization’s professionals.        major regulatory and inspection bodies, in
      Provides information and strategies en-      addition to market agents represented by fi-
      able to make effective financial planning    nancial institutions under the supervision of
      possible; presents basic principles of fi-   the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Com-
      nance, budget control tips, investment       mission (CVM). It is an 8-hour course.
      products and responsible credit use; con-
      tains useful information for implement-      Treinet Capital Markets – Distribuition
      ing personal and family projects.            of Securities: designed to teach participants
                                                   the structure of the Capital Market. For that,
      Treinet Fianancial Math: develops            the most common funding operations with
      the conceptual and practical aspects of      fixed income securities and equity securi-
      financial mathematics applied to bank        ties, the characteristics of securities issued,
      operations using a HP12C calcula-            as well as information on documents re-
      tor. The 60-hour course is available at      quired for placing securities on the market                    are discussed. It is a 12-hour course.

      Treinet Business Accounting and Bal-         Treinet Capital Markets – Working with
      ance Sheet Analysis: teaches the best        Stocks: designed to provide an overview
      accounting techniques and balance sheet      of stock trading. It is a 12-hour course.

      Additional Contents 2008

          Since it was created in January 2000, TreiNet has already had 3.3 mil-
          lion participants. In 2008 alone, TreiNet reached the mark of 114 classes
          in its course catalogue, in which we can highlight the launch of the 100th
          course—on Personal Finance Management and Planning—focused on
          teaching employees the best way to manage their finances, attain a healthy
          financial balance, and achieve their personal targets, aligned with the Or-
          ganization’s emphasis on sustainable finance.

           2009 TArgeTs
           Three new training modules on ethics are expected in 2009:
             The updated version of the Corporate Code on Ethical Conduct will be distributed
           to all employees;
             In-house communication campaigns on ethics will be developed; and
             Ethics module in lectures will be maintained in managerial training and other
           on-site courses.

      Additional Contents 2008

      Safety and Health
      Bradesco invests in several programs and       Quality of life initiatives
      actions to offer an adequate workplace
      and full support to its employees. In May      Several initiatives of the Organization
      2006 it became the first financial institu-    contribute to improving the quality of life
      tion to receive the OHSAS 18001 certi-         of its professionals, such as:
      fication, which sets forth a set of proce-
      dures used in the Occupational Health          Health and dental insurance: free of
      and Safety Management System that al-          charge and extended to employees’ depen-
      lows establishing and developing a safe        dents, covering roughly 182,000 people.
      and healthy workplace.
                                                     Influenza vaccination campaign: held
      The certification was granted to the Avenida   nationally, this campaign contributes to
      Paulista building located in São Paulo. In     reducing the incidence of the flu among
      June 2007, a maintenance audit was done,       employees and their dependents. Em-
      and in December the certification was ex-      ployees receive shots for free and their
      tended to the building on Rua Itapeva and      dependents receive shots at subsidized
      updated to the 2007 version. In May 2008,      prices. In 2008, 58,890 flu shots were
      Bradesco earned the certification again.       given, with an investment of R$1.9 mil-
                                                     lion by Bradesco.
      From hiring, employees receive informa-
      tion and orientation on adequate conduct       Social service and psychological assis-
      for maintaining good health and improv-        tance: another way of offering help to
      ing their quality of life. The program ad-     our employees and their dependents, who
      dresses themes such as repetitive stress       have access to social and psychological
      injuries (RSI), stress, chemical addiction     support in situations of need and emer-
      (alcohol/drugs/tobacco), obesity, cardio-      gency. Services are offered in the most
      vascular diseases, sexually transmitted        various situations and manners: hospi-
      diseases, and HIV/Aids, among others.          talization, accidents, death in the family,
                                                     personal loans with special terms, coun-
      Monthly campaigns are held through             seling, and referral to specialized profes-
      Interação magazine, in addition to spe-        sionals, if necessary.
      cial training programs on various themes
      during the Internal Occupational Accident      This initiative shows Bradesco’s concern
      Prevention Week (SIPAT), pamphlets and         with its employees’ well-being when facing
      other corporate materials.                     personal problems.

      Additional Contents 2008

      Periodic medical exams: conducted three        ing to treatment in the early stages of dis-
      times a year, exceeding the minimum re-        eases and reducing related complications.
      quired by labor legislation (once or twice a
      year, or less, depending on the type of work   Currently, 100% of Bradesco’s employees
      activity). Consequently, early diagnosis of    are represented in formal occupational he-
      work-related diseases is more likely, lead-    alth and safety committees.

            Collective Bargaining Agreement
            Issues concerning safety and health covered by formal agreements with labor
            Cipa – The Bank shall forward a copy of the call notice for CIPA - Comis-
            são Interna de Prevenção de Acidentes (Internal Comission for Accident
            Prevention) elections to the local labor union on the same date of disclo-
            sure to its employees.
            Specific medical exam – An employee may request a specific medical exam,
            which shall be conducted upon recommendation of the Bank-referred doctor.
            The result shall be provided to the employee who made the request.
            Aids Policy – It is strictly forbidden for the Bank to require medical exams
            for diagnosis of HIV/Aids
            Health insurance to employees laid off without just cause – As of September
            1, 2008, an employee who was laid off without just cause may continue to use
            the health insurance provided by the Bank during a period the ranges between
            60 and 270 days according to how long the employee worked for the Bank, with
            the terms of the health plan maintained under the most favorable situations.
            On-the-job accidents – Every month, the Bank notifies labor unions about
            on-the-job accidents through the Comunicações de Acidentes de Trabalho
            – CATs (Notification of On-the-job Accident).
            Bank Safety Commission – The parties agree on the maintenance and conti-
            nuity of the work of the Bank Safety Commission.

      Additional Contents 2008

      Internal Communication
      Learn more about the main internal com-        of revealing the Organization’s many
      munication vehicles of the Organization,       faces. It features interviews with em-
      which are tools for disseminating sustain-     ployees about their careers, professional
      ability and business concepts, strategies,     highlights, and even hobbies, also focus-
      and actions.                                   ing on subjects related to quality of life
                                                     in the workplace.
      Intranet, e-mail messages, and memoran-
      dums: simultaneously and anywhere in the       TV Bradesco: monthly video editions
      country, employees receive important infor-    that address institutional messages and
      mation related to the Organization’s strate-   technical orientation. Created in 1990,
      gies and business through these vehicles.      TV Bradesco is one of the oldest corpo-
                                                     rate television projects in Brazil.
      “Sempre em Dia”: daily newsletter avail-
      able to all Bradesco employees with ar-        Alô RH: communication channel that
      ticles about the Organization’s strategic      provides employees with orientation
      orientation, new product launches, qual-       about benefits, legislation, and human
      ity practices, business focus and social-      resources policies and practices, in ad-
      environmental programs.                        dition to receiving suggestions and com-
                                                     plaints. With the option of anonymity,
      Interação: magazine that is sent to em-        this service guarantees absolute confi-
      ployees every month, with the purpose          dentiality to those who use it.

      Additional Contents 2008

      Improved Supplier
      In 2008, in accordance with its strategic   ated and are being implemented across
      goals, Bradesco created the Supplier Man-   the phases of registration, segmentation,
      agement Program to leverage the relation-   development follow-up, search for new
      ship between Bradesco and its suppliers,    solutions, joint actions for evaluating
      increasing innovation and achievement of    the main risks and the need for devel-
      tangible and sustainable benefits.          opment of the social-environmental as-
                                                  pects in products and services acquired
      Processes and activities were revalu-       from suppliers.

      Additional Contents 2008

      Climate Change
      Concerned with risks posed by climate         reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
      change, the Bradesco is always alert to       The Carbon Credit Area was another ini-
      the impacts that changes in planet’s tem-     tiative created in early 2009, to improve
      perature and climate have on its opera-       our penetration in this market and gener-
      tions and business and seeks alternative      ate new business opportunities.
      solutions. This is evident in its various
      social-environmental credit lines with        The Organization promotes and partici-
      the goal of, among others, facilitating the   pates in various initiatives related to this
      acquisition of forest management certifi-     subject:
      cation, the conversion of vehicle fuel to
      natural gas, the acquisition of solar heat-     Inventories and Greenhouse Gas Emis-
      ing equipment, biodiesel production, and      sions Control;
      the allocation of funds to energy efficien-     Eco-Efficiency Management Program;
      cy, renewable energy, reforestation, and        Social-environmental Products ;
      new technology development projects.            Carbon Disclosure Project;
                                                      Fundação Amazonas Sustentável;
      In addition, Bradesco encourages its
      clients to carry out Clean Development          Fundação Amazonas Sustentável;
      Mechanism (CDM) projects. In 2009,              Global Compact;
      we launched a credit line for corporate         Equator Principles;
      clients planning to contract projects that      Millennium Development Goals.

      Additional Contents 2008

      Inventory and compensation
      of Greenhouse Gas (GHG)
      In 2006, when Bradesco created the Car-      The inventory of the entire Organization
      bon Compensation Program, it started         concluded that emissions totaled 217,110.49
      monitoring the greenhouse gas (GHG)          tonnes of carbon in 2007. In 2008, emis-
      emissions deriving from its activities and   sions totaled 158,875.61 tonnes.
      seeking different ways of reducing and
      compensating for them.                       IsO 14064 standard
      One of the initiatives was to be ISO         ISO 14064 was created in 2006 to certi-
      14064 certified. We verified the emissions   fy that all quantification, monitoring and
      of Bradesco’s headquarters in Cidade de      verification of greenhouse gas emissions
      Deus, Osasco (SP), where there are ap-       are observed by the companies. One of the
      proximately 11 thousand employees. The       main reasons is climate change, a challen-
      study took approximately five months         ge that the planet is already facing. ISO
      and was concluded in March 2007.             14064 assists in emissions control.

      The inventory concluded that activities      Among the certification benefits are:
      at the administrative office produced
      22,777 tonnes of CO2 in 2006. As a             Provide guidelines for reporting to the
      result, in order to compensate for the       Carbon Disclosure Project and reporting
      emissions, we opted to contribute to         the institution’s climate change policy.
      the reforestation of the Atlantic Rainfo-       Provide technical support for carbon
      rest. In partnership with Fundação SOS       compensation projects.
      Mata Atlântica, we planted 38 thousand         Develop a performance indicator to com-
      trees in the city of Resende, Rio de Ja-     ply with GRI (Global Report Initiative),
      neiro State.                                 DJSI (Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes),
                                                   ISE Bovespa and CDP (Carbon Disclo-
      In 2007, the inventory encompassed the       sure Project) requirements.
      entire Organization: the Osasco head-
                                                      Have an accurate knowledge of the
      quarters as well as other administrative
                                                   emissions associated with Bradesco’s ac-
      centers and buildings, branches, and as-
                                                   tivities and identify opportunities to re-
      sociated companies. We only excluded
                                                   duce emissions.
      the international subsidiaries such as
      Bradesco Argentina, Bradesco Securi-           Quantify future emissions from new in-
      ties, Bradesco Luxembourg, the New           vestments and Bradesco’s organic growth.
      York and Grand Cayman branches, Bra-           Guide the Organization’s eco-efficiency
      desco Service Co., Bradesco Argentina        projects.
      Seguros and Bradesco International
      Health Service.                              NBr IsO 14064
      The reforesting actions resulted in          The Brazilian Committee of Environ-
      38,057 trees planted in 2007 and 315,035     mental Management, together with the
      in 2008.                                     Climate Change Research Commission,

      Additional Contents 2008

      prepared the ABNT NBR ISO 14064,                Part 2: specifications and guidance in
      a regulation identical to the ISO 14064       projects to quantify, monitor and prepare
      standard in technical content, structure      emissions reduction reports or to improve
      and wording. 175 international special-       greenhouse gas compensation.
      ists from 45 countries worked on the
      preparation of NBR ISO 14064.                   Part 3: specifications and guidance for
                                                    validation and verification of declara-
      NBR ISO 14064 is comprised of three           tions related to greenhouse gases.
                                                    The Bradesco Organization has earned
        Part 1: specifications and guidance for     Part 1: NBR ISO 14064-1:2007 certifica-
      the organization to quantify and prepare      tion. This outlines the principles and re-
      emissions reports and greenhouse gas          quirements to plan, develop, manage and
      compensation.                                 report greenhouse gas inventories.

           Classification of emissions
           Greenhouse gas emissions are classified into three different categories:
           Direct emissions – represent vehicle emissions (airplanes and cars), HFC
           gas for air conditioning, diesel oil in generators, and gas consumption in
           restaurants and swimming pool heating.
           Electricity generation emission – emissions corresponding to the energy
           consumed by Bradesco in its operations.
           Indirect emissions – mainly consider the emissions from employee travel
           by airplane, chartered bus, motorcycle couriers and cargo, couriers and
           cash transportation. In 2008, the Organization implemented the Green-
           house Gas Emissions Management System, a requirement to obtain the ISO
           14064 certification, which facilitates process maintenance, discovery of
           new emissions sources and data collection. Since its implementation, infor-
           mation is now centralized, which enables increased accuracy in calculat-
           ing emissions.
           As one of the acknowledgments received in 2008, Bradesco won the
           3º Prêmio Brasil de Meio Ambiente (3rd Brazil Environment Award)
           promoted by Jornal do Brasil and Editora JB. Bradesco has won in the
           categories Melhor Trabalho em Ar (Best Atmosphere Project) and Melhor
           Trabalho em Fauna e Flora (Best Fauna and Flora Project) with the
           Inventário das Emissões e Projeto de Ecoeficiência (Inventory of Emis-
           sions and Eco-Efficiency Project). The project consisted of the preparation
           of an inventory of greenhouse gas emissions. The award was presented on
           January 22, 2009 at the Modern Art Museum (MAM) in Rio de Janeiro.

           For further information, see the complete 2008 inventory report.

      Additional Contents 2008

      Eco-Efficiency Management
      Bradesco has an Eco-Efficiency Manage-         es this issue, disseminating information
      ment Program to continuously advance           about the rational use of energy and water
      in the rational use of natural resources,      through messages, internal newsletters and
      greenhouse (GHG) gas emissions control         Intranet news, among others.
      and waste management. We have internal
      strategic programs to reduce greenhouse        Contracted demand with concessionaires
      gas emissions and the consumption of wa-       is also managed and we are always alert
      ter, electricity and office supplies such as   for new technologies in this sector.
      paper. In addition, we monitor the dispos-
      al of consumption items and goods.             Managing group

      The program encompasses all activities of      The Eco-Efficiency Program is coordi-
      the Bradesco Organization and associated       nated by the Social-Environmental Re-
      companies and its methodology can be re-       sponsibility area (RSA) and Market Re-
      produced in organizations of any size.         lations Department (DRM), and relies on
                                                     the work of important groups such as the
      In 2008, our target was to reduce energy       Managing Group, Working Groups and
      consumption by 10% overall in units na-        the Communication Group, involving ap-
      tionwide. The Eco-Efficiency Manage-           proximately 100 employees.
      ment Program also aimed for a 3.5% de-
      crease in greenhouse gas emissions, 5%         The Managing Group is composed of de-
      reduction of paper consumption and 1.5%        partments and representatives from asso-
      reduction of waste.                            ciated companies that manage emission
                                                     sources, natural resources and compensa-
      Consumption of electricity was reduced         tory environmental resources. The Man-
      7% in 2008, while we achieved a 0.9% re-       aging Group holds bimonthly meetings to
      duction in waste. The reduction of green-      establish and critically analyze the entire
      house gas emissions significantly exceed-      program.
      ed the target, reaching 29.1%. However,
      we cannot confirm reaching our target for      Working Groups are composed of active
      paper consumption, since data collection       employees with the expertise to collect
      and monitoring only started in 2008.           and critically analyze data on emissions
                                                     and consumption of natural resources,
      Other measures taken by the Organization       study new technologies, propose reduc-
      include the creation of rainwater collec-      tion measures and implement or monitor
      tion tanks and the management of several       programs approved by the board of execu-
      pieces of equipment and devices such as        tive officers.
      air conditioning, elevators, escalators and
      turnstiles to reduce energy consumption.       Overall, there are nine Working Groups,
                                                     one for each source and natural resource,
      Internal communication continuously stress-    who meet on a monthly basis.

      Additional Contents 2008

      eCO-eFFICIeNCY MeAsUres
      Working Groups            Actions
                                Optimize of taxi use supported by internal communication (Outlook groups), sched-
      Taxi, Reimbursement of    uling a taxi for more than one person at a time, thus, avoiding using vehicles for
      km Traveled and Visits    individual passengers.
                                Audio-conference meetings, avoiding employee travel.
                                Replace light bulbs and implement reflecting mirrors at Finasa and BVP.
                                Establish days and hours to operate equipment such as escalators, turnstiles, elevators
                                and air conditioning at Finasa and Paulista.
                                Replace work stations with laptop computers.
                                Implement an energy management program for IT equipment.
                                At laboratories and DPIT meeting rooms, lights and equipment are only plugged
                                in when they are in use, except for equipment in development and testing.
                                Replace CRT monitors with LCD.
                                Inclusion of equipment that complies with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
                                RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) guidelines.
                                Replace light bulbs: within three years, approximately 30 thousand 40w light bulbs
                                were replaced with 32w light bulbs that are more economical, with a reflective
                                background that increases brightness.
      Water and Energy
                                Exchange 80% of mercury light bulbs on Cidade de Deus avenues with sodium
                                vapor lamps, decreasing energy consumption by 20%.
                                Install timers that automatically turn off light bulbs and lights at scheduled times
                                Install electronic reactors. They consume less energy than conventional reactors.
                                Replace equipment for higher-performance equipment: elevators and air condition-
                                ers with thermal accumulation (they produce ice at night, reducing energy consump-
                                tion during peak hours) at various sites of the Organization.
                                Adjust cleaning times, using natural light as much as possible.
                                Turn off hall lights.
                                Decrease hours that toppers are lit. The lighting that was continuous is now turned
                                off at 6:00 P.M.
                                Reduce water pressure in faucets.
                                Exchange of direct flush to valve tank toilets.
                                Track tow truck fleet and optimize service.
                                Develop online courses, avoiding employee travel.
                                Track tow truck fleet and optimize service.
                                Develop online courses, avoiding employee travel.
                                Optimize routes and vehicles.
                                Control and centralize external acquisitions.
      Courier, Cargos,
      Deposits and Tow Trucks   Implement a centralized, automating printer complex for double-sided printing.
                                Reduce printing of internal telephone directories - Ltel (from 18 thousand to 13
                                thousand, i.e., an approximate reduction of five thousand directories), saving 800
                                thousand pages.
                                In some classes, materials and certificates will no longer be personally delivered.
                                They will be available online.
                                Continue to reduce volume of didactic material (pamphlets and handouts) distrib-
                                uted to workshop participants, by reformatting existing materials.

      Additional Contents 2008

                                Increase the number of courses available on Treinet, reducing printing and travel to
                                attend these workshops.
                                Insurance certificates are no longer printed, they are issued electronically.
                                Reduce printing of several documents generated and used in Bradesco’s daily activi-
      Courier, Cargos,          ties, such as:
      Deposits and Tow Trucks     Eliminate several copies of clearance documents forwarded to the branches;
                                  Annul the second copy of the bank protocol (summary);
                                  Reduce the printing of some Night Clearance pages, such as: Sisdnr (Rep), Banco
                                Postal Link and Pre-Conciliation Application; and
                                  Eliminate the printing of all file transfer protocols. Now, a single protocol is
                                printed daily.
      Air and Land Fleet        Utilize the Good Card System, ensuring that the vehicle is only fueled with ethanol.
      Generators and Air        Exchange air conditioning equipment for more efficient devices and gases with
      Conditioning              lower impact on the ozone layer.
                                Train the kitchen staff of administrative buildings on sustainability and eco-efficient
      Natural Gas and LPG       practices.
                                Contract external company to adjust all kitchen equipment to reduce consumption.
                                Use oxo-biodegradable plastic in trashcans.
                                Use security seals made of oxo-biodegradable plastic.
                                Battery disposal.
                                Light bulb disposal.
                                Kerosene disposal.

      Waste Disposal
      The waste generated at administrative of-                 The CTI at Cidade de Deus is also in
      fices (Cidade de Deus, Av. Paulista, Nova                 the process of earning ISO 14001 certifi-
      Central and Alphaville) is separated for                  cation.
      recycling. We also plan to implement this
      waste disposal system in other locations                  Electronic products and IT equipment
      with a high employee concentration.                       is disposed of by specialized companies
                                                                and special care is given to fluorescent
      As the Av. Paulista building located has                  light bulbs sent for recycling – the con-
      earned ISO 14001 certification, it is perio-              tracted companies extract all mercury
      dically audited to certify that the building              from these light bulbs before they dis-
      complies with legal provisions.                           card glass tubing.

              Certified Timber
              One of changes in materials that stood out was pencils made of certified
              timber, which were sent to all units. This initiative minimizes deforestation,
              in addition to contributing to prevent illegal logging.

      Additional Contents 2008

      Technology Center
      The new Information Technology Center              Cutting-edge building automation sys-
      (CTI) building was designed with the fol-       tem, with specialized software to sense all
      lowing technologies, aiming at reducing         infrastructure variables, optimizing useful
      electricity consumption and other (direct       life and equipment maintenance;
      and indirect) environmental impacts:               Use of pre-manufactured, thermally
                                                      treated concrete structure, façade and pav-
        Use of a reflective metal covering over the   ing-stones, decreasing the use of depleted
      roof, diminishing the effects of sunlight and   natural resources and assisting thermal
      heat on the building;                           efficiency;
       Cutting-edge centrifugal chillers, equipped      Adaption of construction quotas to to-
      with linear capacity control and with a high    pography, decreasing the interference
      thermal conversion factor;                      with underground springs and earth
        Utilization of cold and warm ducts in         movement;
      the air conditioning system and steam             Partial preservation of on-site trees and
      barrier panels in the walls, improving ef-      replanting of new species in locations
      ficiency;                                       established by the Osasco city govern-
        Microprocessor-controlled air condition-      ment;
      ers equipped with frequency variation and          Use of construction methods with re-
      electronic control of outflow, temperature      duced noise and vibration levels, dimin-
      and humidity;                                   ishing the environmental impact;
        High-efficiency fluorescent lightning with       Use of emergency diesel generators
      aluminum reflectors and electric reactors;      with electronic current control, low noise
         Cutting-edge, long-life battery backups      level and low emissions;
      (high power factor with 20 year life span)        Reutilization of rainwater;
      manufactured with fully recyclable material;       Use of ecological LPG R134A (does
        Limited electric current in racks, distrib-   not damage the ozone layer) in the cli-
      uting high consumption servers in larger        mate control system;
      areas, preserving the original distribution       Use of flame-retardant cables with low
      of the air conditioning                         emissions (LSOH).

      Additional Contents 2008

          New sustainable constructions

          The construction of Bradesco’s first Sustainable Branch is estimated for 2009,
          combining the principal clean technology innovations on the international
          green building market. The building will observe all legal requirements,
          therefore, Bradesco plans to have it Leed (Leadership in Energy and
          Environmental Design) sustainability standard certified, a rating system that
          measures and defines sustainable buildings.

          The construction of the new Finasa Esportes gymnasium in Osasco, SP, will
          also observe the Leed sustainability standards and should receive the green
          building certification.

      Additional Contents 2008

      GREEN IT
      Bradesco’s IT areas have several sustain-      more than 27,500 devices at Bradesco’s
      ability initiatives, including:                branches, of which 21,500 are printers and
                                                     3,021 are scanners and copy machines.
        The acquisition of workstations equipped
      with Intel vPro technology and more energy       Use of new tools allowing remote
      efficient LCD monitors for branches, de-       resolution of problems with computer
      partments, affiliated companies and ATMs.      terminals, servers, battery backups and
      These workstations consume 135 Wh, 30%         switches, decreasing the need to call
      less than the 195 Wh used by the previous      a technician to visit the Bank and thus
      platform. This will provide annual savings     reducing the use of vehicles and their
      of approximately 11 thousand Megawatts.        emissions. In this case, travel is expected
      In addition to direct savings on electricity   to decrease 30% per month.
      consumption, we will enjoy a significant
      decrease in air conditioning costs.              Acquisition of 6,574 ATMs partially
                                                     made of recyclable components and that
        Replacement of printing equipment,           comply with RoHS guidelines restrict-
      concluded in February 2008. A total of 10      ing the use of harmful substances in their
      thousand multifunctional printers replaced     manufacture.

      Additional Contents 2008

      The Educa+Ação Project, carried out              text books for each of approximately 1,100
      jointly with municipal governments in            students. This is the same material used by
      an effort to improve Brazilian children’s        Fundação Bradesco students.
      school performance, works together with
      the Compromisso Todos pela Educa-                Teachers have access to extensive material
      ção (Everyone’s Commitment to Educa-             for applying the methodology in the class-
      tion) movement, whose target is literacy         room; they receive training through on-site
      before the age of 8. It relies on the sup-       and distance courses prepared by Fundação
      port of the National Union of Municipal          Bradesco’s supervisors and leaders.
      Educational Leaders (Undime) and the
      Union of Municipal Educational Lead-             The schools participating in Educa+Ação
      ers of São Paulo State.                          enjoy pedagogical supervision and bimonth-
                                                       ly evaluation by specialized Fundação Bra-
      Bradesco’s branch network was responsi-          desco professionals. At the end of pilot proj-
      ble for the agreements made with the mu-         ect in November 2008, an external audit was
      nicipal governments of eight cities in the       carried out to validate the results.
      Ribeira Valley region in inland São Paulo:
      Registro, Juquiá, Jacupiranga, Eldorado,         expansion
      Iguape, Sete Barras, Pariquera-Açu and
      Cajati, whose population totals 206 thou-        Bradesco and Fundação Bradesco plan to
      sand inhabitants. The region has a Funda-        gradually extend the Educa+Ação Project
      ção Bradesco school that works as a sup-         nationwide through the branch network,
      port center and also guides the projects         Fundação Bradesco schools and partner-
      developed. Fourteen municipal schools            ships.
      were benefited by this project.
                                                       The project was already expanded for 2009:
      The schools covered by Educa+Ação ap-            now there are 48 schools in eight municipal-
      plied the educational methodology used at        ities participating in this project. The num-
      the 40 Fundação Bradesco schools. Thus, 48       ber of students benefited will reach approxi-
      educational kits were distributed, including a   mately 2,500. In addition, two municipalities
      classroom library with 40 books, children’s      of Mato Grosso do Sul State, Ivinhema and
      CDs, a video library and supporting educa-       Angélica, and Embu in São Paulo, will also
      tional material, in addition to Mathematics,     be included in the project, which will benefit
      Portuguese, History, Geography and Science       more than 935 1st grade students.

             2008 Commitment
             The Educa + Ação Project’s target was to teach a thousand public school
             students in the Ribeira Valley to read within two years. This objective was

      Additional Contents 2008

      Projects Sponsored by
      Bradesco (Fundação SOS
      Mata Atlântica)
      Through a partnership with the Funda-         Municipalities was launched, revealing
      ção SOS Mata Atlântica, Bradesco spon-        in detail the conditions of the remaining
      sors mapping, conservation, recovery and      rainforest in 2,815 cities. Currently, this is
      awareness projects related to the rainfor-    the main vehicle for monitoring changes
      est. These are:                               in the Atlantic Rainforest, identifying
                                                    three-hectare plots and showing resources
        Atlas of Forest Remnants                    for monitoring, control and formulation of
        Atlantic Coast Program                      government policies.
         RPPN (Natural Heritage Private Re-
      serves) of the Atlantic Rainforest Incen-     The most recent survey shows that rain-
      tive Program                                  forest has been reduced to 7.26% of its
        Clickarvore                                 original area (around 1500 years ago, it
        Florestas do Futuro (Forests of the Fu-     covered 1.3 million km²), suggesting that
      ture)                                         the high rate of forest fragmentation is the
                                                    greatest threat to biodiversity.
        Mata Atlântica vai à Escola (The Atlan-
      tic Rainforest goes to school)                The maps of remaining rainforest of each lo-
        Viva a Mata (A Tribute to the Rainforest)   cation are available at
        Um Pé de Quê? (A What Tree?)– Atlan-
      tic Rainforest Series                         Conservation

      Mapping                                       Atlantic Coast Program

      Atlas of Remaining Atlantic Rainforests       The Atlantic Coast Program was launched
                                                    in 2006 and for the first time comprises
      This atlas, created in 1990 in partnership    a set of collective efforts for conservation
      with the National Institute for Space Re-     of biodiversity, maintenance of environ-
      search (INPE), illustrates the mapping        mental equilibrium, integrity of natural,
      and monitoring of the rainforest and also     historic and cultural heritage and sustain-
      provides information on remaining forests     able development of coastal and marine
      and ecosystems in 13 out of the 17 states     areas of the Atlantic Rainforest. With an
      comprised by the Atlantic Rainforest.         initial contribution of R$1 million from
                                                    Copebrás-Anglo American, the program
      Together with three states mapped by the      obtained another R$1 million from Bra-
      NGO Sociedade Nordestina de Ecologia,         desco Capitalização.
      the Atlas makes information on the trans-
      formation of native plant life as well as     Atlantic Rainforest RPPN Incentive
      statistics of 16 Brazilian states—exclud-     Program
      ing Piauí State—available at the portals and             The Natural Heritage Private Reserve
                                                    (RPPN) of the Atlantic Forest Incentive
      In 2004, the Atlas of Atlantic Rainforest     Program aims at encouraging land owners
      Additional Contents 2008

      to create a RPPN on their properties and        Bradesco Capitalização sponsored the
      supports projects that create and manage        planting of 20.6 million saplings and Bra-
      these private reserves. In addition, it pro-    desco Cartões, 4.8 million saplings. As of
      motes institutional strengthening of the        December 31, 2008 a total of 25,400,000
      National Confederation and state associa-       trees had been donated.
      tions of RPPN owners.
                                                      In 2008, approximately seven million sap-
      Since its inception in 2003, the program        lings were planted—double the total volume
      has benefited 172 projects, amounting to        recorded in the previous year. The projects
      260 RPPNs in the process of being created       implemented and those in progress in same
      and that will protect more than 16 thousand     period amounted to over 19 million saplings.
      hectares in remaining areas that are key to     By December 2009, we expect to have pur-
      Atlantic Rainforest conservation.               chased a total of 24 million saplings. Visit
                                             and be a part of
      In 2008, this program celebrated its 5th an-    this program.
      niversary by launching in Rio de Janeiro the
      publication 5 anos do Programa de Incen-        Forests of the Future
      tivo às Reservas Particulares do Patrimônio
      Natural (RPPNs), 5 years of the Incentive       This is a forest recovery program in riparian
      Program to the Natural Heritage Private         forests that aims at protecting watershed ar-
      Reserves (RPPNs), which reports the main        eas and water production. By 2008, thanks
      results it has obtained. On the same day, the   to resources donated by Bradesco Eco-Fi-
      Ministry of the Environment announced the       nancing, 354,535 trees had been planted.
      creation of a RPPN Advisory Committee in        Saplings are will offset part of the CO2 emis-
      order to improve the creation tools and sup-    sions resulting from vehicles financed by
      port to these reserves.                         Bradesco. Further information is available at
      Bradesco Cartões is a co-sponsor of the
      Atlantic Rainforest Conservation Alliance,      Forests of the Future –
      a partnership between SOS Mata Atlân-           Community Nurseries
      tica and Conservation International (CI)
      which since 2007 has been relying on the        The Community Nurseries are partners
      participation of The Nature Conservancy.        with the Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica
      In 2009, the 7th edition of the RPPN In-        and local institutions where nurseries are
      centive Program was launched, now open          installed and teams are trained to produce
      to the entire Atlantic Rainforest.              saplings of native Atlantic Rainforest spe-
                                                      cies and in recovery of riparian forest ar-
      Forest recovery                                 eas, as part of the Forests of the Future
                                                      program. This program generates employ-
      Clickarvore                                     ment and income in local communities,
                                                      besides the environmental education is-
      This is a forest recovery program where         sue, which is always associated with nurs-
      clicks from Internet users are worth trees.     ery activities.
      Free of charge, registered users are able to
      donate a tree/day through financing from        This program receives part of revenues
      one of the partner companies. This web-         from the Pé Quente Bradesco SOS Mata
      site has recorded peaks of 27 thousand          Atlântica certificated savings plans—
      clicks per day.                                 which had already sponsored 350 thousand

      Additional Contents 2008

      trees as of December 2008—and transfers         Organization’s portal will launch an online
      from the Bradesco Visa SOS Mata Atlân-          tool that will allow schools participating
      tica credit card .                              in the program to exchange experiences.

      Forests of the Future – Mini nurseries          Schools may enroll in this program at
                                             Meetings are
      Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica installed           held to extend environmental education
      18 mini nurseries at Fundação Bradesco          to teachers, so that, subsequently, they
      schools, where teachers and students            can motivate and guide their students
      plant and maintain trees for educational        with new environmental practices and
      purposes, creating a visitor’s center for       respect for natural resources awareness.
      other schools of the region.
                                                      Viva a Mata (A Tribute to the Rainforest)
                                                      Launched in 2005, Viva a Mata became an
      Atlantic Rainforest Goes to School              annual event in São Paulo during the week
                                                      of the National Atlantic Rainforest Day
      This program, created in 2007 with the          (May 27). Hundreds of people and institu-
      participation of Bradesco Cartões (cards),      tions, among them NGOs, researchers, gov-
      aims at training primary public and private     ernmental agencies and companies, partici-
      school teachers and students to develop         pate in the efforts to preserve the rainforest
      programs that benefit environmental con-        through exhibitions, presentations, shows,
      servation and the Atlantic Rainforest.          plays, interactive workshops and rallies.
      SOS Mata Atlântica consolidated a part-         The 4th edition of the event, held between
      nership with the Instituto Supereco to          May 30 and June 1, 2008, gathered ap-
      pedagogically develop the program. This         proximately 75 thousand people.
      resulted in: more quality in environmental
      education at training workshops with teach-     Pé de Quê? (A What Tree?) – Atlantic
      ers, preparation and distribution of support-   Rainforest Series
      ing material to teachers for classroom assis-
      tance, and systematization and monitoring       This is TV program produced by Pindora-
      of environmental education activities at        ma Filmes and sponsored by Fundação
      schools involved with the project.              Bradesco and Bradesco Cartões (cards).
                                                      This program, whose main characters are
      In total, 7,402 people were benefited in        native Brazilian trees, is broadcast by Ca-
      2008; the program included five schools,        nal Futura. Presented by Brazilian actress
      directly benefitting 20 teachers and 6,972      Regina Casé, every program features a
      students, and indirectly benefitting 325        different type of tree, revealing interesting
      teachers and 85 employees. For 2009, the        stories about Brazilian flora.

       Additional Contents 2008

      Integration Project (Piee)
      Piee, an initiative created in 2004 by Brades-       In addition to the equipment and uni-
      co Seguros e Previdência, offers free sports         forms used in activities, Bradesco Segu-
      activities for children and youths between 8         ros e Previdência offers the infrastruc-
      and 18 years of age, enrolled in 2nd to 11th         ture of its sports complex for classes on
      grade.                                               Wednesdays and Fridays for elemen-
                                                           tary school students and on Saturdays
      Bradesco Seguros e Previdência operates in
                                                           for high school students. Students also
      conjunction with the Fundação Bradesco of
                                                           participate in competitions and friendly
      Rio de Janeiro. In its preliminary stages, the
                                                           games against other teams.
      project offered activities for 200 students.
      With its good reception, this figure was in-         Piee is continuously monitored        and
      creased and 574 students were benefitted in
                                                           evaluated on a semiannual basis to    cer-
                                                           tify the beneficiaries’ development   and
      In order to contribute to social integration, cit-   performance. School performance       and
      izenship and students’ quality of life through       good behavior are prerequisites for   stu-
      sports, the project comprises eight sports:          dent participation in the project.
        Volleyball;                                        Next steps
        Indoor soccer;
                                                           The Piee initiative will be expanded
        Futsal;                                            to cultural activities, initially includ-
        Capoeira;                                          ing dance, music, art and theater. Thus,
        Basketball;                                        the project aims at stimulating children
        Handball;                                          and youths to assume a commitment to
        Rhythmic gymnastics.                               transform society.

      Additional Contents 2008

      When Bradesco sponsors social and cultur-        tuna and Elba Ramalho, as well as the Ro-
      al projects and events, it hopes to positively   berto Carlos show in São Paulo.
      associate its brand with important cultural,
      educational and social initiatives.              Grupo Bradesco de Seguros e Previdência
                                                       (Insurance Group) also sponsored cultural
      Each year, the Organization sponsors             programs such as Tom & Vinícius, a musi-
      more than 500 events across the country.         cal discussing the relevance of Brazilian
      These sponsorships range from exhibi-            composers Tom Jobim and Vinícius de
      tions such as Einstein, held in São Paulo,       Moraes in Brazil’s cultural history, and
      and Darwin Brasil, which travelled to            the exhibition 50 Years of Bossa Nova at
      Brasília and Goiânia, to popular festivals,      the United Nations headquarters in New
      including Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.            York (USA). Bradesco Vida e Previdência
                                                       also sponsored the play Cocoricó – Uma
      In 2008, we sponsored the plays Hamlet,
                                                       Aventura no Teatro in São Paulo.
      performed at the FAAP Theater, The Good
      Person of Szechwan, at the Renaissance
      Theater and Noé Noé! Deu a Louca no              social-environmental
      Convés, at the TUCA Theater of the Pon-          sponsorships
      tifícia Universidade Católica (PUC), all in
                                                       We also sponsored important social initia-
      São Paulo. In Rio de Janeiro, we sponsored
                                                       tives such as Teleton, in which we donated
      the play Harold and Maude, performed at
                                                       R$1 million in 2008, and other social-envi-
      the Leblon Theater.
                                                       ronmental events such as II Mostra de Re-
      In 2008, we also sponsored:                      sponsabilidade Social da Fiesp (II Fiesp
                                                       Social Responsibility Exhibition) and the
         Campos de Jordão (SP) International           exhibition Ecos do Planeta (Echoes of the
      Winter Festival;                                 Planet) both held at Ibirapuera Park in
        Garanhuns (PE) Winter Festival;                São Paulo, the event Diálogos da Terra no
        Vitória da Conquista (BA) Winter Fes-          Planeta Água (Earth Dialogues World
      tival;                                           Forum) held in Belo Horizonte, Jantar
                                                       Por Uma Boa Causa (Dinner for a Good
        Itajaí Music Festival (SC);
                                                       Cause) for the Community Association to
        San Genaro Festival, São Paulo (SP);
                                                       Assist HIV-Positive People in Santos (SP).
        Presentations of High School Musical           We also sponsored the 5th Gife Congress
      in Belo Horizonte and São Paulo;                 on Social Private Investment, the Ethos
        Mozarteum Brasileiro, in Rio de Janei-         International Social Responsibility Con-
      ro, São Paulo and Santos (SP);                   ference and Viva a Mata (A Tribute to
        The Brazilian Symphony Orchestra, in           the Rainforest) of Fundação SOS Mata
      São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro;                    Atlântica. We participated in the exhibi-
        The opera Os Caçadores de Pérola, at the       tions Nativismo Revisitado (Nativism
      Centro da Cultura Judaica in São Paulo.          Revisited), Amazônia Sem Retoques (Un-
                                                       touched Amazon) and the Project Gigan-
      Bradesco also sponsored the Brazilian            tes 2008 – Abraçando a Amazônia (2008
      tours of the singers Mônica Salmaso, For-        Giants Project – embracing the Amazon).

      Additional Contents 2008

      Teleton                                           For further information on the II Fiesp So-
                                                        cial Responsibility Exhibition, visit http://
      Since 1998, Teleton has been raising funds
      for the Association of Assistance to Chil-
      dren with Disabilities (AACD) through a           echoes of the Planet
      TV marathon. With the resources obtained
      by 2008, AACD has been able to build,             Themed “Amazon Rainforest,” the 2nd
      equip and maintain seven new Rehabili-            edition of the exhibition Ecos do Planeta
      tation Centers across São Paulo, Rio de           (Echoes of the Planet) took place between
      Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, Minas Gerais          August 21 and 31, hoping to raise aware-
      and Pernambuco states. In 2008, Bradesco          ness about the main current environmen-
      donated R$1 million.                              tal issues.

      Since its inception, Bradesco has been par-       Among other activities, the exhibition
      ticipating not only as sponsor and donator        presented cultural and educational pro-
      but also as facilitator, as clients are able to   grams through interactive cinema, the-
      make donations through voluntary transfers        ater, debates, music, videos and docu-
      to the checking accounts of entities registered   mentaries.
      with Internet Banking Bradesco that develop
      social projects targeting education, health,      earth Dialogues World Forum
      environmental awareness, and defense and
      inclusion of people with disabilities.            This international forum held in Belo
                                                        Horizonte on November 26, 27 and 28,
      II exhibition of the social-                      2008 promoted discussions on sustain-
      environmental responsibility                      ability-related issues and how these re-
      Fiesp system)                                     flect on water, in addition to providing
                                                        solutions that avoid wasting this natural
      The exhibition held between August 13             resource.
      and 15 in São Paulo, aimed at disclosing
                                                        The Earth Dialogues World Forum was
      the results and quantitative and qualitative
                                                        created by the president of Green Cross
      information on social private investment,
                                                        International, ex-president Mikhail Gor-
      as well as the positive transformations
                                                        bachev of the former Soviet Union the
      promoted within community. Companies
                                                        president of the Earth Council, Maurice
      with social-environmental projects were
                                                        Strong, one of the world’s main sustain-
      able to explain concepts, projects, pro-
                                                        able development events.
      posals, products and services.
                                                        In partnership with the Fundação Renato
      The Exhibition was created from several
                                                        Azeredo and with the support of the State
      ideas proposed by the High Council for
                                                        of Minas Gerais through the Secretary of
      Social Responsibility (Consocial), the
                                                        Science, Technology and Higher Educa-
      Social Responsibility Committee (Cores)
                                                        tion (Sectes/MG) and the Secretary of
      and the Federation of Industries of the           Environment and Sustainable Develop-
      State of São Paulo (Fiesp). The purpose           ment (Semad/MG), Green Cross Brazil
      was to create an event focused on social          raised primary current social-environ-
      responsibility practices from the most var-       mental questions involving conservation
      ied segments of society.                          of natural resources.

      Additional Contents 2008

      GRI Indicators
      Corporate governance                                     is analyzing the inclusion of social-envi-
                                                               ronmental criteria.
      4.5 - Link between compensation of se-                   Further details at:
      nior management and the organization’s
                                                               4.13 - Relevant participation in associa-
      Variable compensation for senior man-                    tions and/or domestic/international bodies
      agement complies with criteria estab-                    in which the Organization is a member of
      lished by the Bradesco Organization’s                    corporate governance groups, participates in
                                                               projects or committees or contributes signifi-
      Compensation Committee. The Company                      cant funds, besides basic fees, as a member

         Bradesco is a member of the following organizations:
         Brazilian Academy of Insurance and Private Pension Funds (ANSP)
         Association of Assistance to Children with Disabilities (AACD)
         Sponsorship Association of the Solidary Literacy Program (Aapas)
         Association of Banks of Bahia State (Abeb)
         Brazilian Association of Mortgage and Savings Entities (Abecip)
         Brazilian Association of Credit Cards and Services Companies (Abecs)
         Brazilian Association of Leasing Companies (Abel)
         Association of Banks in Rio de Janeiro State (Aberj)
         Brazilian Association of Publicly-Held Companies (Abrasca)
         Brazilian Association of Credit, Financing and Investment Institutions (Acrefi)
         Association of Brazilian Companies for Integration in Mercosur (Adebim)
         Securities Dealers Association (Adeval)
         Capital Markets Investors Association (Amec)
         Brazilian Association of Investment Banks (Anbid)
         Brazilian Association of Financial Market Institutions (Andima)
         Association of the Capital Markets Investment Analysts and Professionals (Apimec/SP)
         Association of Banks in Goiás, Tocantis and Maranhão States (Asban)
         Trade Association of São Paulo (ACSP)
         Friends of Pinacoteca do Estado
         Association of Banks in Rio Grande do Sul State
         School of Propaganda and Marketing Association
         São Paulo Association of Insurance Technicians (APTS)
         American Chamber of Commerce (Amchan Brazil – São Paulo, Federal District, Goiás, Minas Gerais,
         Pernambuco, Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul)
         Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce – Rio de Janeiro (Amcham Brasil)
         Chamber of Basic Education
         Higher Council of Tax Appeals (CSRF)
         Futura TV channel
         Brazilian Center of International Relations (Cebri)
         São Paulo State Industries Center (Ciesp)
         Interbank Chamber of Payments (CIP)
         Brazilian Confederation of Financial Institutions (CNF)
         Brazilian Confederation of Insurance, Private Pension, Supplementary Health and Certificated Savings
         Plans Companies (CNSeg)
         Decision-Making Council of the Workers Protection Fund (Codefat)
         Investment Fund Committee of the Government Severance Indemnity Fund for Employees
         Comunitas – Solidary Development Partnerships
         Administrative Council of Tax Appeals (Carf)
         Council of Banking Self-Regulation (Febraban)

      Additional Contents 2008

        Council of Brazilian Financial System Resources (CRSFN)
        Agribusiness Council (Consagro)
        Business Council Brazil – United States
        Business Council Brazil - China
        CEN Aids - Brazilian Corporate Council of HIV/Aids Prevention
        São Paulo State Council on Education
        National Council of Immigration
        Rio de Janeiro State Regional Council of Medicine (Cremerj)
        Confederation of the Brazilian Financial System (Consif)
        Brazilian Federation of Hospital Managers
        Brazilian Banks Federation (Febraban)
        Brazilian Federation of Certificated Savings Plans Companies (Fenacap)
        Brazilian Federation of Private Pension Plans and Life Insurance (Fenaprevi)
        Brazilian Federation of Supplementary Health (Fenasaúde)
        Brazilian Federation of Insurance
        Brazilian Banks Federation (Fenaban)
        Latin American Leasing Federation (Felalease)
        Interstate Federation of Credit, Financing and Investment Institutions (FENACREFI)
        Deposit Guarantee Association (FGC)
        Brazilian Chapter of the International Federation of Real Estate Professionals (Fiabci/Brasil)
        Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo (IRS – Fiesp)
        Business Forum Supporting São Paulo City
        Brazilian Labor Forum (FNT)
        Foreign Trade Studies Center Foundation (Funcex)
        Dorina Nowill Foundation for the Blind
        Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV)
        Brazilian Quality Foundation (FNQ)
        Roberto Marinho Foundation
        Group of Institutes, Foundations and Companies (Gife)
        Tripartite Work Group of the Labor Inspection Department
        Brazilian Institution of Banking Science (IBCB)
        Brazilian Investor Relations Institute (Ibri)
        Brazilian Institute of Investors (INI)
        Brazilian Institute of Finance Executives (Ibef RJ)
        Brazilian Institute of Accounting, Actuarial and Financing Studies (Ipecafi)
        São Paulo City Institute of Social Development (Se Toque-SP)
        Supplementary Health Studies Institute (Iess)
        Ministry of Municipalities
        Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade
        São Paulo Modern Art Museum (MAM)
        Nacional Club
        Brazilian Economists Association
        São Paulo Club
        Rio de Janeiro State Bank Syndicate (SBERJ)
        Second Chamber of Second Council of Taxpayers and Higher Council of Tax Appeals (Higher
        Council of Tax Appeals of the Treasury Department) (CSRF do Ministério da Fazenda)
        Union of Insurance, Reinsurance, Private Pension and Certificated Savings Plans Companies of the
        North and Northeast Regions
        Union of Insurance, Private Pension and Certificated Savings Plans of São Paulo State (Sindseg/SP)
        Union of Credit, Financing and Investment Companies of São Paulo State
        Syndicate of Banks in Bahia and Sergipe States
        Pernambuco, Alagoas, Paraíba and Rio Grande do Norte States Bank Union
        Syndicate of Banks in São Paulo, Paraná, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Acre, Amapá, Pará,
        Amapá, Rondônia and Roraima States
        Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina States Bank Union
        Brazilian Union of Leasing Companies (Leasing)
        Brazilian Society of Companies, Cross-Border Trading and Economic Globalization Studies (Sobeet)

      Additional Contents 2008

      ecoefficiency                                 items are included in agreements as well
                                                    as in the Corporate Code of Ethical Con-
      EN20 – NOx, SOx and other significant air     duct and Sector Code of Ethical Conduct
      emissions                                     for Purchasing Professionals published
                                                    on November 25, 2008.
      The Organization does not have this indi-
      cator. Data will be surveyed in the Inven-    EC8 – Development and impact of infra-
      tory of Greenhouse Gas Emissions to be        structure investments and services primar-
      prepared in 2009.                             ily provided for the public benefit through
                                                    commercial, in kind commitment or pro
                                                    bono activities
      economic performance
      Subsidies received from the government

      Banco Bradesco does not receive any sub-
      sidies from the government.
                                                    sUPPLIers – BY sIZe
      EC6 – Spending on locally-based supplierss
      Bradesco has specific policies for suppli-
      ers, however, they are applied to every-
      one, regardless of the region where they
      All the Organization’s suppliers should
      be part of Bradesco’s sustainability goals.                                   62%
      Hence, the Organization is constantly
      concerned with maintaining a transparent               Small companies
      relationship by establishing clear com-                Mid-sized companies
      mitments and expectations in regards to                Large corporations
      sustainability, transforming suppliers into
      market multiplying agents of good man-        sUPPLIers – BY regION
      agement practices.

      One of the main obligations for com-                            3,36%
      panies that can meet the Organization’s
      requirements, which are in line with its
      values, is observance of the Corporate
      Code of Ethical Conduct explaining the
      Company’s principles. Additionally, an
      agreement clause stipulates the non-utili-                                     82,73%
      zation of child, forced or slave-like labor
      and respect for the environment.

      Bradesco is an equal-opportunity busi-                    Southeast
      ness, and values suppliers’ quality, agree-               South
      ment compliance, efficiency and social-                   Northeast
      environmental responsibility. All these                   Midwest

      Additional Contents 2008

      Fundação Bradesco’s                               Management;
                                                        Personal Image (Fashion and Personal
      Principles                                      Care);
                                                        Electric, Electronic and Printing Tech-
      In order to comply with its mission of pro-     nology Industries;
      viding quality formal education for children,     Information Technology;
      youths and adults so that they can meet their     Leisure and Social Development;
      personal goals through work and effective         Tourism and Hospitality (Tourism, Ac-
      exercise of citizenship, Fundação Bradesco      commodation and Food Services);
      seeks the affirmation of a set of educational    Farming and Ranching (artificial insem-
      and ethical principles governing individual     ination techniques).
      and collective actions when carrying out
      a bigger project: training and education of     Youth and Adult Education: targets those
      thousands of Brazilians in the most varied      who were unable to start or remain in school
      regions of the country.                         at a proper age. It operates in two segments:
                                                      you and adult literacy and video training.
      By means of an integrated study pro-
      gram, Fundação Bradesco seeks to pro-           Video training at elementary and high
      vide students with access to theoretical        schools: offered to Fundação Bradesco
      and practical knowledge, understanding          schools and partner schools, it offers flexible
      that development is a dialectic and con-        hours, respecting different working hours.
      structive process.
                                                      Youth and adult literacy: this was created
      The Fundação’s educators develop peda-          to assist the parents of Fundação Bradesco
      gogical proposals which take into account       students. The course is based on the concept
      contemporary approaches to primary educa-       of constructivist education, that makes the
      tion and technical professional education for   student an active part of the learning process.
      youths and adults. Thus, they have access to
      several continuing education opportunities,     Partners of the future
      including on-site and distance courses.         One of the main competitive advantages
                                                      of the Fundação Bradesco is its extensive
      Courses and training                            list of partnerships with important domes-
                                                      tic and international institutions. Profes-
      Technical Professional Education at             sionals, companies, universities and non-
      the High School Level: vaims at ensur-          governmental organizations apply and
      ing students the right to develop skills for    disseminate the Fundação’s work method-
      a productive, social life. Study programs       ology, respecting its educational system.
      were structured with market and social ex-      Everyone contributes with pedagogical
      pectations in mind.                             reflections within current social context,
                                                      where values and paradigms are increas-
      Preliminary and Continuing Training
                                                      ingly called into question.
      (FIC): trains and re-trains workers at dif-
      ferent educational levels in more than 100      The main partners are:
      free courses with flexible programs that al-
      low modifications according the real labor      Aban Informatics Limited: offers 3
      market in the following segments:               thousand educational activities, with illus-

      Additional Contents 2008

      trations and animations, covering physics,       Massachusetts Institute of Technol-
      chemistry, biology and mathematics from          ogy (MIT)/Media Lab: this is a partner-
      the elementary to the high school level          ship to develop IT applications (TICs)
      (                         emerging in Brazil’s basic education
                                                       that allow meeting the learning needs
      Micropower: e-learning IT partner for            of the native digital generation and in-
      the project Escol@ Virtual, also pro-            crease employability and social mo-
      viding voice recognition software for            bility in underprivileged communities
      IT training for the visually impaired            (
                                                       AMD: partnership to develop sustainabil-
      Cisco: computer network certification for        ity projects at the Digital Inclusion Cen-
      Fundação students and the community in-          ters such as the Small Business Learning
      terested in starting and improving career        Laboratories of the Centro Social Nossa
      in Information Technology and Communi-           Senhora das Graças (Jardim Novo Osas-
      cation. Services are provided at Fundação        co, Osasco, São Paulo State), stimulating
      Bradesco 31 academies and on-line via            entrepreneurship and self-sustainability
      Net-Lab through the Network Academy              (
      program (
                                                       TCS Brasil: partnership to train 100 un-
      Intel: teachers and students are trained in      derprivileged youths as IT specialists, in
      the model school concept, like the Intel         conjunction with Tata Consultancy Ser-
      Educar and Intel Aprender 1 to 1 Com-            vices (TCS Brasil). Fundação and TCS
      puter projects, giving Fundação and pub-         Brasil train students in the Tata language
      lic school teachers and students the skills      and methodology in order to develop
      to use IT resources in educational and           systems using leading market platforms
      learning process and produce interdisci-         (
      plinary projects (
      tion/la/es/paises/brasil/index.htm).             EMC: this is a partnership to train Funda-
                                                       ção students and students from underpriv-
      Microsoft: Fundação and public school            ileged communities as storage solutions
      teachers and students are trained to apply       specialists, improving employability.
      technology in the learning and educational
      process and in improving the employabil-         Oracle: partnership that provides a co-
      ity of students in underprivileged commu-        operative environment for high school
      nities. It supports innovative education         students at the portal
      projects at the Bradesco Instituto de Tec-       (
      nologia (Bradesco Technology Institute)
      (                          Universidade Católica do Chile (Cath-
                                                       olic University of Chile): parceria para
      IBM/Internet Security Systems: Bradesco          o desenvolvimento de projetos educacio-
      Instituto de Tecnologia, located in Campi-       nais baseados na colaboração e na mobil-
      nas, São Paulo State, is dedicated to Infor-     idade, por meio de dispositivos móveis
      mation Security education and research. Its      (
      team prepares essays and tests related to this
      issue, in addition to offering related courses   Universidade Católica de Brasília (Cath-
      for Fundação students and Bradesco Orga-         olic University of Brasília):partnership to
      nization employees (                implement digital inclusion centers (CIDs)

      Additional Contents 2008

      in Brasília and to develop courses for the     ercise of citizenship, participation in the
      virtual school (Fundação Bradesco e-learn-     country’s management and addresses tax
      ing portal) (                      and public finance issues at three govern-
                                                     ment levels. In 2008, 60 educators from
      Positivo: a partnership in the 1 to 1          schools in Bagé, Rio Grande do Sul, Gra-
      Computer project, aiming at applying           vataí, Rio Grande do Sul, Laguna, Santa
      technologies and contents integrated           Catarina, Paranavaí, Paraná, Rio de Janei-
      with the Fundação Bradesco portal              ro, Rio de Janeiro and São João Del Rei,
      (                         Minas Gerais have been trained.
      Niit: world leader in the development of
                                                     Canal Futura: since 1997, Fundação Bra-
      IT e-learning specialization courses. This
                                                     desco has maintained, as a founding part-
      partnership delivers content for the Virtual
                                                     ner and in conjunction with the Fundação
      School portal (
                                                     Roberto Marinho of Organizações Globo,
      Universidade de São Paulo (USP): partner-      Canal Futura (The Knowledge Channel)
      ship to develop a social inclusion network     investing R$21.454 million in the period
      through CIDs and the Poli Cidadã (USP          and currently reaching approximately 33
      Polytechnic Social Action) project aiming at   million viewers (
      fomenting social action in the country with
      projects supported by MIT (D-lab project)      Bovespa: Bovespa’s Educar Project en-
      developed by São Paulo’s municipal “tele-      courages students to reflect on financial
      centers,” universities and companies.          issues, relating them to the “Work and
                                                     Consumption” theme at the elementary
      Business Telecenter Association (ATN):         level and to Financial Management at the
      partnership to implement a thousand CIDs       high school technical-professional level
      throughout the country, delivering educa-      (
      tion and improving employability through
      the Virtual School (Fundação Bradesco e-       Indigenous communities: Fundação units
      learning portal) (             near indigenous communities develop in-
                                                     terdisciplinary projects to study aspects
      Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica: spon-             of the history of the Brazilian indigenous
      sors environmental activities and proj-        peoples: culture, language, mythology, for-
      ects, defends the remaining Atlantic Rain-     est and environmental stewardship, food,
      forest, as well as preserving the natural,     play and games, music, and other aspects
      historical and cultural heritage of regions    (
      studied. Environmental education proj-
      ects are developed by means of provid-         Teaching Partners: Microsoft initiative
      ing technical support for nursery opera-       that makes technology and pedagogical sup-
      tions handling native species and training     port accessible to administrators, educators,
      multiplying agents of this knowledge           students and members of the community so
      (                            that they can fully develop their skills.

      Tax Training: Fundação Bradesco, in            Fundação Lemann: a non-profit organi-
      a partnership with the Regional Federal        zation that develops and finances projects
      Revenue Commission – 8th Tax Region/           that contribute to the social and econom-
      São Paulo, developed a National Tax            ic development of the country, especially
      Training Program that stresses the full ex-    those projects related to education.

       Additional Contents 2008

      Keris – Governo Koreano: a Korean                                   Labor practices
      government agency that seeks innova-
      tive education by using Information Te-                             LA11 – Programs for skills management
      chnology and Communication both in                                  and lifelong learning that support the con-
      classrooms and research institutes. The                             tinued employability of staff members

      partnership between Fundação Bradesco                               According to the Bank Employee Collec-
      and Keris has two main objectives:                                  tive Bargaining Agreement, an employee
                                                                          dismissed without reasonable cause is el-
        The use of audiovisual material in el-
                                                                          igible for outplacement courses paid for
      ementary and high school classrooms as
                                                                          by the Organization.
      part of the curriculum and integrated into
      the current educational practices and                               Former employees must submit the in-
        The exploration of educational game                               voice or bank slip charging Bradesco up
      possibilities.                                                      to the maximum amount of R$784.23.
      ( ).
                                                                          Former employees may attend more than
      EMC – Storage courses – EMC2: a                                     one course – language, computer and prep-
      the EMC Corporation is world leader                                 aration for government job applications,
      in information storage and management                               among others – provided that the total of in-
      products, services and solutions. The                               voices does not exceed maximum amount.
      program, launched worldwide in 2006,
                                                                          This benefit only applies to former em-
      was adopted in countries such as India,                             ployees of Banco Bradesco.
      the United States, China, Ireland, Mexi-
      co and Russia.                                                      LA14 – Male/female wage ratio

      Male/Female average wage ratio
       Classification                                             2006                         2007                      2008
       Board of Executive Officers                                113%                         113%                     103%
       Managers                                                    82%                          78%                      79%
       Supervisor/technicians                                      93%                          90%                      92%
       Administrative staff                                        69%                          68%                      67%
       Operational staff                                           96%                          94%                      98%
      This table indicates the male/female wage ratio. For instance, in 2008 female managers were paid 79% of what their male counter-
      parts earned

      Additional Contents 2008

      Human rights                                    clauses in supplier agreements to ensure
                                                      this responsibility. Bradesco’s suppliers
      HR1 – Percentage and total number of            sign a Commitment Statement, a docu-
      significant investment agreements that          ment based on SA 8000 regulations, in
      include human rights clauses
                                                      which they declare their commitment to
      No significant investment agreements            the Company’s guidelines.
      with human rights clauses were executed         HR3 – Total hours of employee training
      in 2008.                                        on policies and procedures concerning
                                                      aspects of human rights that are relevant
      HR2 – Percentage of significant suppliers and   to operations, including the percentage
      contractors that have undergone screening       of employees trained
      on human rights and actions taken
                                                      We can point out some specific programs
      By means of a practice called Request for       that strengthen the Organization’s profes-
      Information (RFI) that Bradesco has been        sional training in these aspects and are
      using since 2003, companies’ records and        available to all employees, such as:
      commercial, technical, economic-finan-
      cial, social-environmental information is       TreiNet Sustainability: covers the world’s
      analyzed. The purpose is to contract only       environmental history and the concept of
      suppliers that meet the Organization’s          sustainable development, in addition to
      sustainability and business requirements.       strengthening the sustainability culture at
                                                      our Organization.
      That child, forced or slave labor is not used
      in the productive chain is among the is-        Libras – Brazilian Sign Language: a
      sues analyzed.Bradesco has adopted poli-        means of communication with the hearing
      cies that reinforce the prohibition of these    impaired for employees working directly
      practices. With the Social-Environmental        with clients, to ensure that these people
      Policy and the Corporate Code of Ethi-          have access to our braches.
      cal Conduct, the supplier registration and
      evaluation process establishes that poten-      Training video Accessibility: aims at
      tial suppliers from social-environmentally      raising employee awareness, helping them
      critical segments with significant purchase     understand how people with special needs
      volumes must answer an evaluation ques-         should be assisted.
      tionnaire (RFI – Request for Information).
      Subsequently, they receive technical vis-       Employees of the Human Resources
      its at the contract manager’s request and/      Department at the Organization’s head-
      or because of evaluation results to validate    quarters and the building located at
      the information contained in the question-      1450 Avenida Paulista—SA 8000 Social
      naire. In 2006, the Social-Environmental        Responsibility certified—are annually
      Responsibility evaluation increased from        trained on-site regarding Human Rights,
      5% to 15% of suppliers overall evaluation.      Children’s Rights and Labor Rights.

      Bradesco also holds the “Suppliers’             Not just employees but also suppliers par-
      Meeting,” an event that outlines the Or-        ticipate in this training according to SA
      ganization’s guidelines for social-envi-        8000 standard requirements for Social
      ronmental issues. There are also standard       Responsibility.

       Additional Contents 2008

                                                       above Brazil’s average (Saeb) both in
      HR8 – Percentage of security personnel           mathematics and Portuguese language
      trained in the Organization’s policies or pro-
                                                       in all grades evaluated. When compared
      cedures concerning aspects of human rights
                                                       to results from private schools, Funda-
                                                       ção Bradesco’s 5th grade students scored
      All of Bradesco’s security personnel are
                                                       nearly 10 points higher in math and Portu-
      trained in Human Rights policies and pro-
                                                       guese, with similar performance from its
      cedures, in accordance with the Organiza-
                                                       9th and 11th graders.
      tion’s policies.
                                                       The Todos pela Educação (Everyone’s
      Specialized companies are responsible for        Commitment to Education) movement
      training outsourced security personnel.          combines partnerships among civil so-
      Federal regulations (Law 7,102 of June           ciety, private initiative, social organiza-
      20,1983 and Ordinance 387 of August 28,          tions, educators and public education
      2006), with which compliance is manda-           administrators. Its objective is to deliver
      tory for this segment, require training and      quality basic education to all Brazilians
      recycling of these professionals every two       by 2022. Among its 5 targets, number
      years through the Security Guard course          3 is that “every student should receive
      (CFV), which also addresses themes re-           education appropriate to his/her grade.”
      lated to human rights and human relations        The goal is for more than 70% of stu-
      in the workplace.                                dents to have skills above the SAEB
                                                       scale levels in 2022.
      society                                          Fundação Bradesco’s 5th grade Portu-
      SO1 – Nature, scope and effectiveness of         guese language students reached the tar-
      any programs and practices that assess and       get established for 2022 in 2007, bring-
      manage the impacts of operations in com-         ing us to the conclusion that we have
      munities, including entering, operating          achieved the objectives related to quality
      and exiting
                                                       education, and accordingly, social equity
                                                       through education.
      Fundação Bradesco
                                                       SO3 – Percentage of employees trained in
      student performance                              the organization’s anticorruption policies
                                                       and procedures
      In 2007, Fundação Cesgranrio, responsi-
      ble for Prova Brasil and Saeb (exams de-         We have been constantly training the
      veloped by INEP – the National Institute         Organization’s professionals on anti-
      of Educational Studies and Research and          corruption issues, principally through
      MEC – the Ministry of Education that             TreiNet (available via Corporate Intra-
      verify the quality of education at Brazil-       net and Internet to all employees). Em-
      ian schools), carried out the institutional      ployees have permanent access to the
      evaluation process and compared the per-         courses, which are constantly updated,
      formance of Fundação Bradesco students           and are able to attend these courses as
      with Brazilian students. A total of 11,860       many times they wish.
      Portuguese language and mathematics
      students from the 5th, 9th 11th grades           TreiNet Internal Controls and Compli-
      participated in this evaluation                  ance: to disseminate the culture of con-
                                                       trol throughout the Organization so that
      Fundação Bradesco’s students performed           everyone realizes their importance and

      Additional Contents 2008

      role in the system. The primary focus is         managers. They receive texts addressing the
      improved quality in the performance of           key issues of this theme.
      activities. The Internal Controls System,
      also known as Compliance, includes a set         In 2008, more than 80,000 Organization
                                                       employees, managers and non-managers
      of rules allowing greater security to the
                                                       alike, were given information on anticor-
                                                       ruption practices through reports. Several
      TreiNet – Anti-Money Laundering: train-          mechanisms have been used, including:
      ees understand what money laundering               Ethics is included in all on-site manage-
      means, as well as the anti-money laundering      rial courses;
      procedures Bradesco Organization has ad-           Mandatory e-learning courses about com-
      opted. This course also exemplifies the dif-     bating money laundering and terrorism fi-
      ferences between illegal international wire      nancing, as well as internal controls;
      transfers and money laundering operations.         Money laundering prevention informa-
                                                       tion is included in Bradesco’s publications;
      TreiNet – Information Security: partici-
                                                         More than 3,000 facilities and branches
      pants know the practices and the concepts        receive videos about money laundering
      related to Information Security, so that         prevention and internal controls;
      they are able to identify risks and threats        A renowned specialist did a cycle of lec-
      that may compromise the continuity of the        tures on the theme: Ethics – Business and
      Organization’s activities.                       Life, which included the participation of
                                                       2,000 employees;
      ethics within the Organization                     All the Organization’s employees received
                                                       a DVD of the company’s lecture: Ethics –
      To solidify Ethics within the Organiza-          Business and Life;
      tion, we held on-site lectures on “Eth-            In 2008, the training video PEP – Politi-
      ics – Business and Life” and more than           cally Exposed Persons was made available
      2 thousand managerial employees of all           to all facilities and branches.
      areas of the Organization participated in
      these lectures.                                  Orientation guides
      With the involvement of this group, i.e.,        To help prevent employee misconduct, in
      team managers, we continue dissemi-              2008 the Bradesco Organization updated,
      nating the ethical culture that should be        published, distributed and made the fol-
      incorporated into people’s actions and           lowing policies, procedures and orientation
      lives, in all their daily activities, be they    documents available:
      professional or personal. In addition, the
      Organization distributed a CD containing          Code of Ethical Conduct of the Brades-
      the lecture highlights to all employees.         co Organization;
                                                        Sector Code of Ethical Conduct – Ac-
      TreiNet Ethics, which will also help strength-   counting and Financial Management De-
      en this important issue, is also planned.        partment;
      Anti-money laundering and internal control        Sector Code of Ethical Conduct for Pur-
      systems are reiterated in on-site courses for    chasing Professionals; (created in 2008)

      Additional Contents 2008

        Charter of the Bradesco Organization;                  and the ethical behavior expected from
        Preventing Money Laundering instruc-                   Bradesco’s employees.
      tional pamphlet
        Policy “Know your Client – Preventing                  The control system developed by Ban-
      and Combating Money Laundering and                       co Bradesco evaluates clients’ financial
      Terrorism Financing”;                                    transactions daily in order to identify
        Policy “Know your Employee and Guide-                  any indicators provided for in current
      lines for Preventing Corruption, Money                   laws, especially concerning politically
      Laundering and Terrorism Financing”;                     exposed persons.
        Material Act or Fact and Trading of Se-                A team of professionals is involved in
      curities Issued by Banco Bradesco S.A.
                                                               analyzing the cases indicated by the sys-
      SO4 – Actions taken in response to inci-                 tem full-time, and when necessary, they
      dents of corruption                                      send information to a multi-departmen-
                                                               tal Commission that evaluates and judg-
                                                               es whether or not this should be reported
      Preventing and combating                                 to the proper authorities on a daily basis.
      illicit acts
                                                               The Money Laundering and Terrorism
      Bradesco has a Money Laundering and                      Financing Prevention and Combat Pro-
      Terrorism Financing Prevention Program                   gram is periodically audited by regu-
      covering the best market practices and                   latory agencies, such as the Brazilian
      composed of Policies, Control, Training                  Central Bank and the Internal Audit De-
      and Audit tools.                                         partment.
      Our “Know your Client – Preventing                       In addition, Bradesco contracted an
      and Combating Money Laundering and                       internationally   renowned    external
      Terrorism Financing” and “Know your                      audit company that confirmed the effi-
      Employee and Guidelines for Prevent-                     ciency and effectiveness of the Banco
      ing Corruption, Money Laundering and                     Bradesco S.A. Money Laundering and
      Terrorism Financing Policies establish,                  Terrorism Financing Prevention and
      among other aspects, the procedures                      Combat Program.

           Treinet participants until December 2008        Number of Trainees       % of Training
           Internal Controls and Compliance                           75,845                 90.43%
           Money Laundering Prevention                                76,451                 91.15%
           Information Security                                       60,343                 71.94%

           Year         Number of participants in on-site courses prioritizing Corporate Ethics since 2006

           2006                                                234
           2007                                               2,928
           2008                                                616

      Additional Contents 2008

      Within this context, the Bradesco Orga-                social performance –
      nization Management feels comfortable                  product liability
      with the efforts and results obtained in
      relation to this issue. At its 1-year an-              PR3 – Type of product and service infor-
      niversary celebration in Brasília, we                  mation required by label procedures and
      were recognized by the Brazilian Finan-                the percentage of significant products
      cial Intelligence Unit of the Council for              and services subject to such information
      Financial Activities Control (COAF) as                 requirements
      the only private financial institution to
      receive an honor for its relevant contri-              Bradesco keeps the principle information
      bution to combating money laundering                   related to its different products and servic-
      and terrorism financing in Brazil.                     es updated and accessible.

      Infractions and violations to the Code of              There is no legislation regarding providing
      Ethical Conduct due to misconduct, in any              information about loan and financing re-
      form whatsoever including cases of cor-                quirements. Legal information defined by
      ruption, are subject to disciplinary mea-              official authorities (such as Bacen – Brazil-
      sures and/or applicable legal measures.                ian Central Bank and BNDES - National
                                                             Bank for Economic and Social Develop-
      Cases are reported to the Ethical Conduct              ment), as well as internal policies for each
      Committee, which evaluates and proposes                product are fully covered in our agreements.
      educational measures, events and/or actions
      on this theme.                                         Certificated savings plans must be ap-
                                                             proved by Susep (Private Insurance Super-
      SO6 – Total value of financial and in-kind             intendency) and any sales and marketing
      contributions to political parties, politi-            material for these products must include
      cians and related institutions, by country             the company’s corporate taxpayer’s ID
      Any financial contributions from the                   (CNPJ) and the number of the Susep pro-
      Bradesco Organization to political parties             cess that approved the product so that the
      or on behalf of electoral candidates are               customer is informed and aware that he or
      made in strict compliance with current                 she is making a safe purchase.
      laws, especially applicable to electoral
      campaigns. All actions of this nature are              Bradesco Auto/RE Companhia de Se-
      duly informed via Internet, on the Web                 guros complies with the rules established
      page of the Higher Electoral Court.                    by Susep and with the Consumer Defense

                                                 Disciplinary Actions
                                                                   2007                     2008
       Hierarchical level                                                 With                     With
                                                       Number                      Number
                                                                          Cause                    Cause
       Senior Management (Chief Executive Officer)            -               -        1              -
       Middle Management
                                                             145             40       108             38
       (Branch and Department Manager)
       Intermediary (bank clerk to account/
                                                             305             145      451            136
       expansion manager)

      Additional Contents 2008

      Code concerning labels and information          (Bank for Economic and Social Develop-
      about the conditions for contracting its        ment) onlending operations are subject to
      products and services.                          BNDES audits.

                                                      FS15 – Development and sale of financial
      Financial sector indicators                     products and services

      FS3 – Description of customer social-en-        DEF: is responsible for the development
      vironmental monitoring processes con-           and management of loan and financing
      cerning implementation and compliance
      with social-environmental requirements
                                                      products, internal promotion of its prod-
      included in agreements or operations            ucts by means of memorandums, op-
                                                      erational scripts and newsletters (Sem-
      The operations covered by the Equator           pre em Dia), as well as advertisements
      Principles (Project Finance) in amounts         sent to the Marketing and Press Agency.
      equal to or exceeding US$10 million are         DEF, through its Channels area, also
      monitored for compliance with social-en-        supports the sale of products together
      vironmental requirements including risk         with Segments.
      mitigation policies. The business plan is
      evaluated, analyzing the social-environ-        Cards: Bradesco Cartões considers the
      mental impacts of these Projects accord-        Code of Ethics and the Information Secu-
      ing to a risk rating (high, medium) that        rity Code in the development and sale of
      requires social-environmental studies.          its financial products and services. When
                                                      customers purchase a credit card, they
      Monitoring is carried out through the benefi-   receive the “Rules of Credit Card Use”
      ciary’s presentation of a “social-environmen-   containing all the instructions for using
      tal questionnaire” and/or “social-environ-
                                                      the product, including payment conditions
      mental report” at intervals indicated in each
                                                      with instructions on how to finance out-
      onlending agreement, which may be quar-
                                                      standing balances and related charges.
      terly, semi-annually, or annually, according
      to the details and risks of each project.       The welcome kit includes information on
                                                      the specific benefits of the products ac-
      When submitted by companies, these re-
                                                      quired, such as insurance, services, cov-
      ports are sent to the Social-Environmental
                                                      erage and use. Each invoice contains the
      Responsibility Area of the DRM (Market
                                                      maximum fee of the following period
      Relations Department) for analysis, evalu-
                                                      should the customer opt to partially pay
      ation and opinion.
                                                      the outstanding balance. All Bradesco
      Onlending agreements contain liability          branches and the Bradesco Cartões Web
      clauses to be observed by the beneficiary       page contain information about interest
      that include compliance with the Equator        rates and fees related to each product/ser-
      Principles. If these are not met, Bradesco      vice, including the annual fee.
      may call in the loan.
                                                      Loans: Bradesco’s Loan Policy established
                                                      by the Board of Executive Officers, in com-
      FS9 – Social-environmental policy audit         pliance with Brazilian Central Bank rules, is
      and risk assessment procedures
                                                      a set of criteria and procedures that should be
      Loan/financing operations are not audited       adopted when clients are analyzed and busi-
      for compliance with social-environmental        nesses are proposed by individuals and cor-
      rules/procedures. Nevertheless, BNDES           porations to provide service within the qual-
      Additional Contents 2008

      ity, agility and security parameters of Banco   DBDN: Through Fone Fácil, guided by
      Bradesco, Leasing, Consortium, Cards and        the best market practices, Bradesco sells
      BBI. This policy is disclosed through the       its products and services via telephone
      Corporate Intranet, at facilities, Credit and   to Organization customers and potential
      at Social-     customers for their convenience in car-
      environmental information is included in the    rying out these transactions.
      Values and Loan Policy sections.
                                                      To obtain excellence in sales quality, cus-
      Bradesco’s Loan Policy aims at ensuring         tomer loyalty and ethical sales, services are
      that financed projects are developed in a       offered in a clear and transparent manner,
      socially-responsible manner and reflect         communicating in detail product features
      solid environmental management practic-         and answering questions. In order to en-
      es, among other objectives. Therefore, in       sure this quality, all operators are moni-
      our policy to measure social-environmen-        tored by supervisors (on-line) and by a spe-
      tal risks we have adopted the hierarchy of      cific team, and all phone calls are recorded.
      classifications and responsibilities used
                                                      Campaigns (outbound and inbound opera-
      by the Equator Principles in the various
                                                      tions) are by a specific area of BDN and the
      segments. Depending on the borrower’s
                                                      customer selection criteria take into account
      operational segment, A more rigorous
                                                      customer profiles and the products. An of-
      evaluation of the adequacy and advan-
                                                      fer is made in every call; if the customer
      tages of the loan concession considering
                                                      requests to be excluded from the mailing,
      risks to the Organization’s image or repu-
                                                      temporarily or definitively, his or her re-
      tation may be required if the borrower’s
                                                      quest is immediately and fully granted.
      business segment is included in the Alert
      and Restriction Lists. In addition, certain     Insurance: All the products sold by Grupo
      business activities imply increased po-         Bradesco de Seguros e Previdência comply
      tential social-environmental risks and a        with the rules established by respective reg-
      more critical social-environmental analy-       ulatory agencies (Private Insurance Superin-
      sis should be carried out during the loan       tendency – SUSEP and National Agency for
      granting process.                               Supplementary Healthcare – ANS).

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