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					                    Save Even More Money on Isagenix Coupons

Since Isagenix gains in popularity, a growing number of people are doing research for Isagenix
coupons. Budget-wise buyers are generally trying to find ways to cut costs, and rightfully so - with
the cost of living increasing on a regular basis, saving a few dollars on the food cost can go a long

Isagenix coupons are a great way to save on Isagenix products, in some instances offering 10 -
15% off of picked out products and packages, as well as providing free freight on occasion. This
can add up to a large savings on the monthly order, so finding out the way to get your hands on a
coupon code isn’t a bad idea.

Here’s the thing; Isagenix merely has recently started their coupon program, and to tell the truth,
it’s not really an old-fashioned coupon program - you can’t just search for an Isagenix coupon code
on Google and get a discount on the merchandise (wouldn’t that be nice).

Who is entitled for Isagenix Products?
Isagenix coupons are around for Isagenix clients who meet a number of specific criteria. First, you
should be an Isagenix Associate or Preferred Customer, and be signed up for the Autoship
program. This part is not hard, and I would go as far as to say that if you are getting Isagenix and
are not an Associate on autoship, you’re throwing money down the toilet.

As an Isagenix Associate or Preferred Customer you will get your whole Isagenix products at
wholesale price tag - a huge cost savings over retail. Savings on the 30-Day Program to illustrate, is
more than $100 over retail. In a year that saves you $1200!

Being on Autoship will give you Rewards price, which offers an additional 10% discount along with
the wholesale prices of many of the well-known packs, offering you an even larger savings. I’m
without a doubt certain that you can see now how meeting the Associate and Autoship criteria is
simple and just makes sense… now back in the Isagenix coupons.

Isagenix Coupons = Loyalty Rewards Program

Now that you are an Isagenix Associate, on Autoship you may begin to get coupons via email
whenever you’ve met a given criteria, commonly concerning having placed a purchase order of
100BV or more. Simply what does this mean? Put very plainly, each one of the Isagenix products
has an associated Business Volume (BV)… as you add products to your shopping cart, the BV
points will be worked out instantly. Each and every order that you place that has a BV points value
of greater than 100 brings you closer to a coupon. Luckily almost all of the most popular Isagenix
paks are at least 100BV, so qualifying very easy!

A couple of things to recollect about your Isagenix coupons:

Once you get started with Isagenix and begin to enjoy the health benefits by yourself, it won’t be
long before you get your first coupon. The following are some things you must know about your
future Isagenix coupons:
 * Pay attention to the expiration date. It should be applied with your order timetabled to ship prior
to the end date.
 * Isagenix coupons can only be used once and can only be used by the one that is authorized for
the coupon.
* These are benefits and additional benefits for committing to your best wellness! Enjoy!
* Be sure you check your “My Coupons” section in your Back Office often to ascertain if you have
an Isagenix coupon awaiting you there!

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