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					                                           STUDY VISA

The Consular administration has full authority to evaluate and request other documents in addition to
those submitted by the applicant. The latter is hereby informed that submitting the documents
specified below does not guarantee issuance of the visa.

Processing time for visa, according to Italian law, can take up to 90 days, depending on the
applicant's nationality. Rush processing is not possible.


                                    DOCUMENTS CHECK-LIST:

□ Duly filled Visa Application Form (please print). The form must be signed before a Consular
Officer at the Consulate General of Italy in Chicago, or one of its Honorary Consuls or Consular
Correspondents (see Consular Jurisdiction on our website). For minor students, please consult
specific information sheet on our website.

□ Recent passport-size photograph full face and front view (2”x2”) on white background,
stapled/glued to the application form.

□ Valid passport or official travel document + 1 copy of the page with photograph and
expiration date. The expiration date must exceed that of the visa by at least 90 days. Make sure the
passport has at least two blank pages to affix the visa. For international students on F1 Visa: copy
of visa page in the passport and original + copy of endorsed I-20.

□ Driver’s License + copy and/or Student ID + copy as proof that you currently reside AND/OR
attend school full-time in the jurisdiction of this Consulate General.

□ Letter of enrollment from home academic institution, addressed to the Consulate General of
Italy, indicating the student’s current status (full-time in good standing) and expected date of
graduation. This letter may be accompanied by the letter of acceptance into the Study Abroad
Program, when this is sponsored by a different US College or University.

□ Letter of acceptance from an accredited academic institution in Italy, in ORIGINAL AND
COPY. The letter, on the institution’s letterhead with the official seal of that institution, must be
addressed to the Consulate General of Italy and must specify:

          •   Name of student
          •   Complete name and address of the school
          •   Exact period of study (dates given in day/month/year)
          •   Full-time enrollment for the period indicated (at least 20 hours per week)
          •   That tuition and room/board are covered in full

□ Affidavit of Support (on website under Forms): notarized statement that the student has financial
means of support while in Italy. This may be done by parents/guardians or by the student if he/she is
self-supporting or has financial aid.

□ Proof of financial means: The person who signs the affidavit must submit either recent bank
statements or a notarized bank letter showing adequate financial means (amount of funds must be
specified: at least $1,000 per month are required at the time of interview). Students who receive
financial aid must present an official letter from their University stating amount of aid and time
of disbursement.

□ Proof of health insurance coverage abroad (both documents are required):

- Certificate issued by health insurance company or by Study Abroad Program, stating that you have
coverage for accidents and illness while studying abroad for no less than $50,000;

- Affidavit of Overseas Health Insurance (on website under Forms): notarized statement that the
applicant will take out a supplemental Italian health insurance policy if needed.

□ Confirmed flight reservation for a round-trip ticket. For year-long study programs only a one-way
ticket is required.

□ Return envelope (if applicant does not collect the passport in person): USPS Express Mail,
pre-paid flat rate, with APPLICANT’S NAME AND ADDRESS IN “TO” AND “FROM” BOXES. No
other mail courier will be accepted.

                     STUDENT VISA IS FREE OF CHARGE

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