Smith Field Airport Instructions for Event Parking AIRCRAFT PARKING

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					Smith Field Airport Instructions for Event Parking AIRCRAFT PARKING Parking is made available to transient users along the North and South side of the main parking ramp by “T” spots (3 on the south and 4 on the north). Additional parking is made available on the middle of the main ramp by parking wing to wing and tail in-between. Parking is also available between Hangar 2 and the carousel hangar. When utilizing the parking area in the middle of the main ramp and north of Hangar 2, caution must be used to allow aircraft movement. When parking aircraft on the main ramp, use the following picture as a diagram to better utilize the space available.

Once the above mentioned parking areas are filled, other options are made available. These options are: 1. Option 1 – Parking in the grassy area on the east side of “A” Taxiway, between the carousel hangar and “D” Row. Prior to allowing parking in this area, we must cone off the safety area which is approx 25 ft. from the taxiway edge. We must also consider using cones to mark off areas that may result in damage to aircraft (i.e. sinkholes and drains). If a pilot calls for assistance for parking, or wanting to know where to park, we must let them know that the space is available and they are welcome to park there “at their own discretion”, if any assistance is required we will be happy to assist. Keep in mind that parking in that (or any area) must allow room for other aircraft to taxi in and out of the area.

2. Option 2 – Parking space available on the “closed” runway. The closed runway is not suitable for the taxiing of aircraft. The option to park the aircraft on the ramp and smartly tow aircraft to a spot is permissible. Keep in mind that the closed runway has numerous potholes and ruts that may cause damage to aircraft, so caution must be used. 3. Option 3 – Parking on either the north or south side of the “east/west” taxiway. This option should be utilized only if the other two options have been used or in the case of extreme wind. If this option is used we will either transport aircrew to and from parking to the main terminal.

VEHICLE PARKING General Parking is available for customers in the parking lot, with overflow parking being made available at the Credit Union. Special show or classic vehicles can be parked in the gravel area east of the main parking lot. Overflow option 1 will be south of Hangar 2, not to exceed past the south west corner of Hangar 2. Usually during flying events, a temporary fence will be in place. Overflow option 2 for show/classic vehicles will be the gravel area north of the electric vault not to exceed the northeast corner of Hangar 2. During this event the terminal gate will be left open.