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    six figures
                                                                                     It doesn’t matter where
                                                                                     you live—Platinum One
                                                                                        Destination can help
                                                                                        you earn a significant
                                                                                      income with your own
                                                                                             travel business.

                a Year From
                anywhere (really)!
                    A mere 15 months ago, Ken Wimmer was the kind of parent whose career was so
                consuming, he rarely got to see his kids. It wasn’t just long hours at the office that kept him
                away—while his family was settled in West Virginia, Ken lived 900 miles away in Texas for a
                job that put him on a plane four times a week (yet never one destined for home).
                    If the strain of missing his family wasn’t enough, Ken also dealt with the fact that while he
                made his employers millions, he was struggling with mounting debt. “I was in the worst state
                of my life,” he remembers. “Here I was making them millions and millions a year, and I was
                 getting cheated out of my fair share.”
                       When other leaders in the company took all the credit and profits for an event he had
                      created and launched, Ken finally had enough. But to replace his six-figure income, he knew
                       he’d have to get creative. “I chose to live in West Virginia,” Ken explains. “Jobs are scarce,
                       and I didn’t finish college; I didn’t have a skill set other than that I was a people-person.”
                          So Ken searched the Internet and found the opportunity that not only replaced his income,
                      but put him on a path to retire debt-free in the next few years. Platinum One Destinations
                      (P1D) helped Ken start his own business selling wholesale travel from home, providing him
                      with an easy-to-follow system and a team that truly thrives on helping members succeed.
                        “The people involved in this opportunity are without a doubt the human bridge that takes
                        people like me from living average lives to extraordinary ones,” Ken says.
                           “I used to be in debt up to my ears,” he explains. “In fifteen months with P1D, I’ve
                     made $275,000. I’ve paid off a $48,000 car, had $50,000 worth of home renovations, and
                   finally eliminated thousands more in other debts.”
                     Besides his commissions, P1D has allowed Ken to build a residual income that pads his
                bank account even when he’s not working. In January, he spent a month in the hospital
                battling cancer. While he was there, his business made him $24,000. “People talk about a
                recession,” Ken says, “but we really are recession-proof.”
                    More importantly, he can run his business anywhere there’s an Internet connection, finally making
                it possible to live back home in West Virginia. “I have a lot more personal freedom, time freedom,
                financial freedom,” he says. “I used to get up at 5 a.m. to have webcam ‘visits’ with my children. Now
                I can spend every day with them. That is the biggest blessing—I can finally be a part of their lives.”
                    Ken has another family now, too—his P1D team members. “We all care about each other
                and each others’ successes,” he says. “We have the ability to promote the team and to work
                with people of the same intellect and goals. P1D has one of the most amazing compensation
                plans out there, but the rewards don’t just come in pay. It’s about personal growth and
                   contributing to other people’s lives. It really is an incubator for success.”
                        “I’m only 43 and I could work anywhere in the world if I choose to,” Ken explains. “I am blessed,
                    my team is blessed, to be able to do what we do while enjoying time with our families.” TW

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