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					CT Urogram (CT of the Abdomen)
What is a CT Urogram?
The CT scan is a special x-ray of the abdomen using a very sophisticated computer with a rotating x-ray head. To
help us see all the structures more clearly, you will be asked to swallow a special liquid containing barium before the
procedure as well as an injection of dye.

CT Urography is a sophisticated, specialized radiological examination designed to evaluate the urinary tract (kidneys,
ureters and bladder) using computed tomography (CT). This exam has been introduced to replace or complement the
IVP. The CT Urogram is optimally designed to specifically evaluate the urinary tract with the added advantage of
visualizing all of the other inta-abdominal and pelvic structures as well.

What are the risks of a CT Urogram?
Because a dye is injected the possibility of an allergic reaction is present. A physician will be in attendance and will
administer the proper therapy if needed. You will be exposed to small amounts of radiation. (Tell us before the
procedure if you are pregnant.)

Is there any special preparation I need to be aware of?

Our office will provide you with special instructions for a “bowel prep”. Your intestinal tract must be cleared prior to
this study to provide the best possible images on x-ray. Please follow these instructions as they are individually suited
not only for you but for the hospital you are scheduled at as well.

What happens after I have the CT Urogram?
You typically will be scheduled for an appointment in our office right after your CT is performed. You will bring your x-
ray films with you for your physician to review.

Is there anything else I should know?
Diabetics require special instructions along with the “bowel prep”. Please make sure that our office is aware of your