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 What is the Family Intervention Project?

         In 2010-11, Family Intervention Projects are at the forefront of government
         strategy – the Government recently announced a new £26million package of
         additional funding to extend FIPs to 10,000 families a year. This followed the
         recognition in July 2009 by Department for Children, Schools and Families that:

                                     We are pleased that in an increasing number of areas both
                                     councils and Police are finding Family Intervention Projects (FIPs)
                                     to be an excellent, cost effective means of preventing and
                                     tackling crime and anti-social behaviour…improving a wide range
                                     of child, family and community outcomes. It costs about £14k per
                                     family per year to receive help from a FIP, compared to between
                                     £250-350k per year if a child has to go into care, so the case for
                                     the FIP approach is a compelling one, we believe.”

                          The FIP in Hammersmith & Fulham
  In Hammersmith and Fulham the Family Intervention Project has to address Youth Crime and
  Housing. It works with families who have not responded to help and formal sanctions in the past,
  whose children may cause a significant problem through crime in their community, and / or who
  have significant housing issues / rent arrears. These families are amongst the most challenging and
  are usually known to many organisations and agencies. For example it provides a last chance for
  families who are at risk of being evicted because of youth crime, anti-social behaviour or rent
  The project works by linking support with enforcement to provide families with the incentive to
  change. The team recognises that all members of the family are likely to either contribute to, or be
  affected by, the youth crime, anti-social behaviour and housing issues, and so assessments are
  carried out with each member of the family and relevant support put into place.

  The FIP provides a team to work with the families to turn around their behaviour and reduce their
  impact on the community. The aim is to bring stability to families’ lives, prevent homelessness and
  improve opportunities for children through a twin track approach that combines intensive support
  with a focused challenge for the families.

  What are the aims of the Project?
            Stopping youth crime and anti-social behaviour
            Resolving housing issues including rent arrears and preventing homelessness
            Providing sustainable routes back to settled housing
            Helping achieve the five Every Child Matters outcomes for children and young people
            Increasing the effectiveness of multi-agency working

       For further information on the Family Intervention Project and how to make a referral,
             please see “THINK FAMILY! How to refer to the Family Intervention Project”