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    Volume 87, Number 6                                  Mobile’s First Collegiate Newspaper                                Wednesday, March 19, 2008
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Issues 08:
The Economy
By Mallory Lindsly
Life & Culture Editor
          Many	issues	are	covered	throughout	the	
presidential	debates	and	campaigns,	but	one	is-
sue	that	affects	everyone,	whether	or	not	they	are	
of	voting	age,	is	the	state	of	the	economy,	mainly	  	
taxes,	minimum	wage	and	high	gas	prices.	In	
the	2008	presidential	campaign,	the	economy	is	
an	issue	that	needs	to	be	addressed	sooner	rather	
than	later.
	        The	state	of	America’s	economy	today	
is	left	to	the	voters.	Presently	the	economy	is	
facing	change	with	George	W.	Bush’s	tax	cuts	
expiring	in	2010,	minimum	wage	increasing	to	
$6.55	July	24,	2008	and	again	to	$7.25	July	24,	
2009	and	the	price	of	a	barrel	of	oil	rising	higher	
than	$100	causing	gasoline	prices	to	continually	
	        	U.S.	Senator	Hillary	Clinton,	D-N.Y.,	is	      Photo by Adam Ganucheau
                                                         The Shell station on Springhill Ave. has been forced to sell gas at higher prices while the Exxon
proposing	lowering	taxes	for	the	middle	class	by	
                                                         across the street has been forced out of business.
cutting	out	certain	taxes	such	as:	child	tax	credit	
and	marriage	penalty	relief.	Her	focus	on	the	
middle	class	will	alleviate	much	of	the	pain	of	a	       Push for revival of student-run radio station at SHC
low	minimum	wage,	and	the	high	cost	of	living	           By Sydney Fagen                                       tions	Commission	(FCC).		WTOH	broadcasted	
and	tuition	for	higher	education.	                       Staff Writer                                          “from	the	top	of	the	hill”	to	a	10	mile	radius	
	        According	her	to	campaign	Web	site,	            	       Spring	Hill	College’s	student	operated	ra-    and	played	mainly	alternative	rock.		However,,	Clinton	wants	to	improve	the	        dio	station,	WTOH,	has	been	off	the	air	since	the	    around	1995	the	FCC	changed	its	regulations	
economy	by	“Strengthening	unions	and	ensuring	           mid-’90s.		However,	some	students	are	hoping	         and	WTOH	was	not	able	to	hold	down	its	spot	
our	trade	laws	work	for	all	Americans,	making	           to	revive	it,	this	time	with	a	more	modern	spin	as	   on	the	dial	against	other	competitors.		WNSP	
college	accessible	and	affordable	and	returning	         an	Internet	broadcast.                                Sports	Radio	obtained	the	air	space	and	rendered	
to fiscal responsibility and moving towards bal-         	       Freshman	Eric	Quintana	hopes	to	one	day	      WTOH	out	of	commission.	
anced	budgets.”	                                         be	a	sports	announcer,	but	knows	he	needs	more	       	       This	time	around	Quintana	hopes	to	take	
	        Clinton	states	on	her	Web	site,	“I	believe	     than	just	a	degree	to	obtain	his	goal.		“I	want	to	   a	different	approach	by	utilizing	the	Internet.		
that	college	shouldn’t	just	be	a	privilege	for	the	      get	into	radio.		But	one	of	the	downsides	of	com-     The	station	would	stream	online	and	feature	
wealthy	–	but	an	opportunity	for	anyone	with	the	        ing	here	[SHC]	was	no	place	for	experience,”	         news	and	sports	programs.		Quintana	explained	
talent,	determination	and	ambition	to	learn.”	She	       Quintana	noted.                                       that	the	station	would	be	“mostly	sports	radio,	
wants	to	do	this	by	providing	$3,500	tuition	tax	        	       Quintana	saw	opportunity	in	the	now	de-       but	I	don’t	want	to	limit	it	to	that.”	
credits	and	by	increasing	Pell	grants.	                  funct	student-run	radio	station.		According	to	Mr.	   	       Students	are	already	facing	challenges,	
	        Senator	John	McCain,	R-Ariz.,	wants	to	         Loehr,	Chair	of	the	communications	department,	       the	largest	being	the	lack	of	an	FCC	license.	
cut	taxes	for	the	middle	class	to	strengthen	it’s	       SHC was given a 10 watt not-for-profit spot on
prospects.	                   see Issues page 3          the	dial	in	the	1970s	by	the	Federal	Communica-                                  see Radio page 4
2   THE SPRINGHILLIAN Wednesday, March 19, 2008

    Delta	Gamma’s	Fun	Fair	raises	money	for	Service	for	Sight

                                                  Daphne Pagonis encourages a visiting child
                                                  in a game of tic-tac-toe.                                          Kayla Austin marries SHC
                                                                                                                     students at the Funny
                                                                                                                     Marriage Booth.

    Sara McGinn plays Bozo Buckets.

                                                        The Rev cooks burgers and hot dogs                       Tiffany Dobbyns puts the finishing
Photos by Adam Ganucheau                                for the sisters and visitors.                            touches on a butterfly.

Civil	Rights	activist	speaks	of	peace,	love	and	justice
By Addie Brannin                          	        Sister	Ebo	lived	and	partici-    to	know	that	there	is	still	a	current	   at	Spring	Hill,	was	moved	and	
Contributing Writer                       pated	in	the	Selma-to-Montgomery	         message	that	needs	to	be	sought	out	     inspired	by	Ebo’s	speech.	“When	
	       A	nun	who	took	part	in	a	         marches	for	the	civil	rights	move-        from	that	history.	                      you	are	a	person	of	color	you	have	a	
historic	civil	rights	march	taught	       ment	when	racism	and	segregation	         	       “We	need	to	be	taught	how	       consciousness,	a	constant	reminder	
an	audience	about	peace,	love	and	        were	extremely	prominent.	The	Rev.	       to	love	and	what	was	taught	was	         that	you	are	different.	We	are	still	
justice	March	13	at	7	p.m.	in	Spring	     Martin	Luther	King	Jr.	was	a	strong	      how	to	hate,”	said	Ebo.	She	went	        dreaming	that	message	of	now,”	
Hill	Colleges’	Byrne	Hall.                inspiration	to	Ebo.	She	said	God	         into	detail	about	how	people	should	     said	Hughes.	She	agrees	with	Sister	
	       When	Fr.	Christopher	J.	          called her to fight to fight for peace,   go	about	seeking	justice,	peace	and	     Ebo	in	the	fact	that	even	though	the	
Viscardi	introduced	Sister	Antona	        love	and	justice.	When	asked	to	go	       love.	She	feels	that	what	people	        time	of	Martin	Luther	King	Jr.	and	
Ebo	as	being	“full	of	life	and	full	of	   to	the	Selma	march,	she	felt	hesitant	    do	not	know	becomes	fear,	which	         the	civil	rights	have	passed,	there	
wisdom,”	he	certainly	was	not	kid-        at first but then felt what she stated    in	turn,	becomes	hate.	She	went	         is	still	a	need	for	more	peace,	love	
ding.	After	going	through	a	life	of	      as	a	“now	moment.”	She	described	         further	in	saying	that	people	need	      and	justice	in	today’s	society.	Other	
trial	and	tribulation,	Sister	Antona	     it	as	her	one	and	only	time	of	           to	know	and	learn	so	they	can	then	      students	felt	that	she	was	spiritual,	
delivered	an	inspiring	message	with	      significance to be called by God.         love.	Antona	referred	to	situations	     inspiring	and	very	unique.	Ebo	kept	
her	story.	Whether	it	was	through	        Even	though	the	time	of	Martin	           of	present	day	violence,	racism	and	     her	audience	involved	by	making	
her	words,	singing	or	even	jokes,	        Luther	King	Jr.	and	the	civil	rights	     the	war.	She	continued	by	saying,	       them	laugh,	sing	and	on	some	occa-
she	captured	the	hearts	of	her	audi-      movement	are	part	of	our	country’s	       “Give	peace	a	chance.”                   sions	respond	in	saying,	“Amen.”	
ence.	                                    history,	Sister	Ebo	wants	people	         	       Verjilya	Hughes,	a	junior	
Issues from page 1                                                                on	the	living	wage.
                                                                                                                          Wednesday, March 19, 2008 THE SPRINGHILLIAN 3

He	wants	to	permanently	repeal	the	Alternative	                                   	         Each	potential	candidate	believes	that	
Minimum	Tax	(AMT)	which	is	paid	by	25	mil-                                        taxes	need	to	be	cut	in	order	to	have	an	economic	
lion	families.	By	repealing	this	tax,	the	American	                               balance.	However,	their	ideas	for	doing	so	differ.	
people	will	save	$60	billion.	He	also	wants	to	make	                              Mostly	the	candidates	are	focusing	on	the	working	
it	harder	to	raise	taxes	in	the	future	by	raising	the	                            class,	since	this	represents	a	large	portion	of	Ameri-
majority	vote	to	3/5ths	of	Congress.	                                             ca.	
	       According	to	his	Web	site,,	                               	         In	an	interview	discussing	presidential	can-
McCain	has	many	pro-innovation	tax	cuts	includ-                                   didates	and	the	upcoming	election,	assistant	Profes-
ing	banning	Internet	taxes	and	new	cell	phone	                                    sor	of	Political	Science,	Dr.	Thomas	Hoffman	said,	
taxes.	McCain	states	“the	same	people	that	would	                                 “I	feel	that	everyone	is	moving	toward	tax	cuts	now	
tax	e-mail	will	tax	every	text	message	–	and	even	                                with	the	slow	down	of	the	economy,	and	the	debate	
911	calls.”                                                                       tends	to	be	over	details:	who	would	be	included	in	
	       Senator	Barack	Obama,	D-Ill.,	wants	to	cut	                               the	tax	rebate,	would	it	include	people	who	paid	
taxes	by	$1,000	for	working	families	from	their	                                  taxes	or	could	you	actually	give	money	to	low-in-
payroll	taxes.	To	do	this,	Obama	will	create	a	new	                               come	people?”	
“Making	Work	Pay”	tax	which	will	credit	up	to	                                    	         Gabriel	Penaloza,	a	junior	international	
$500	per	person	or	$1,000	per	working	family.	This	                               business and economics & finance major, agreed
next	tax	will	eliminate	income	taxes	for	at	least	10	                             with most of the delegates running for office. Pen-
million	Americans.	                                                               aloza	said,	“I	currently	feel	that	the	Tax	Cuts	would	
	       Also	to	cut	taxes,	Obama	wants	to	simplify	                               be very beneficial to the economy considering the       Photo Courtesy of
the tax filings for Middle Class America. Accord-                                 crisis	we	are	facing.	A	tax	cut	would	mean	people	
ing	to	his	Web	site,,	“millions	of	
Americans	will	be	able	to	do	their	taxes	in	less	than	
                                                                                  keep	more	of	their	money	and	then	increase	spend-
                                                                                  ing	and	stimulate	economic	growth.”
                                                                                                                                          Sex Signals sketch
five minutes.” This change will save the American
people up to 200 million hours in filing their taxes.
                                                                                  	         However,	sophomore	Adriana	Moreno,	
                                                                                  shared	a	different	view	than	Penaloza	and	Dr.	Hoff-     comedy at SHC:
	       Obama	also	wants	to	protect	striking	work-                                man	stating,	“I	am	against	tax	cuts	100	percent.	
ers.	This	topic	is	something	that	is	quite	relevant	
because	of	the	recent	Writers	Guild	of	America	
                                                                                  Cuts	will	only	increase	the	gap	between	rich	and	
                                                                                  poor	and	economic	growth	would	be	at	a	stand-
                                                                                                                                          no holds barred
                                                                                                                                          By Ben Mackin
strike	and	Broadway	Strike.	He	supports	the	rights	                               still.	If	there	are	tax	hikes,	the	economy	will	grow	
                                                                                                                                          Staff Writer
of	workers	to	bargain	if	the	strike	is	necessary.	He	                             again	because	there	would	be	more	funding	for	
                                                                                                                                                  Sex Signals,	the	award	winning	
also	wants	to	ban	the	replacement	of	strikers	so	                                 more	programs	and	more	jobs	would	be	created.	
                                                                                                                                          sketch/improv	comedy	show,	is	coming	to	
the	workers	are	able	to	defend	themselves	without	                                Also,	if	there	are	higher	taxes,	it	could	lead	to	uni-
                                                                                                                                          Spring	Hill	College	on	Thursday	March	19	
                                                                   worrying	      versal	health	care.”
                                                                                                                                          in	the	Lower	Commons.		A	production	of	
                                                                   about	not	               Moreno’s statement reflects the debate that
                             SPRING                                having	a	
                                                                   job.	To	
                                                                                  if	taxes	were	not	cut,	but	raised	America	could	
                                                                                  have	the	potential	to	create	a	universal	health	care	
                                                                                                                                          the	Catharsis	stage	company,	the	show	takes	
                                                                                                                                          on the difficult task of presenting sex in a
                                                                                                                                          humorous	yet	informative	manner.		Through	
                                                                   add	to	the	    for	its	citizens.	
                                                                                                                                          comedy	and	audience	participation,	the	
                                                                   minimum	       	         Since	in	most	presidential	elections	the	
                                                                                                                                          two-person	show	will	inform	students	about	
                                                                   wage	          debate	between	cutting	and	raising	taxes	is	a	large	
                                                                                                                                          everything	from	mixed	messages	between	
                                                                   increase	      concern,	Dr.	Hoffman	commented,	“The	idea	of	tax	
                                                                                                                                          sexes	to	more	serious	matters	such	as	date	
                                                                   that	is	set	   cuts	is	actually	gaining	traction	right	now,	which	is	
                                                                                                                                          rape	and	factors	that	contribute	to	it.	
                                                                   for	2009,	     interesting.	If	we	didn’t	have	signs	of	recession	it	
                                                                                                                                                  The	Web	site	has	this	to	say	about	the	
                                                                   Obama	         would	be	a	completely	different	ball	game	on	taxes.	
                                                                                                                                          show:	“Through	a	no-holds-barred	approach,	
                                                                   wants	         It	would	be	a	hotter	issue	and	more	democrats	
                                                                                                                                          the	show	explores	how	social	pressures,	
                                                                   to	make	       would	be	more	opposed	to	the	idea.”
                                                                                                                                          gender	role	stereotypes	and	unrealistic	
                                                                   minimum	       	         A	major	part	of	the	economy	that	is	under	
                                                                                                                                          fantasies	can	make	social	interaction	a	
                                                                   wage		         debate	is	the	continuation	of	raising	the	minimum	
                                                                                                                                          challenge.	Worse	still,	these	factors	enable	
                                                                   mar-           wage.	Some	voters	believe	that	if	the	minimum	
                                                                                                                                          some	to	view	date	rape	as	simple	seduction,	
                                                                   ginal	with	    wage	is	increased,	the	price	of	goods	and	labor	will	
                                                                                                                                          and	for	victims	of	date	rape	to	blame	
                                                                   inflation      be	increased,	creating	a	downward	spiral	for	the	
                                                                                                                                          themselves	for	their	own	vulnerability.	

                                                                   and	in-        working	class.	
                                                                                                                                          Although	the	message	is	a	serious	one,	the	
                                                                   crease	the	    	         Dr.	Hoffman	said,	“Anytime	you	raise	the	
                                                                                                                                          show	uses	humor,	engaging	audiences	in	
                                                                   Earned	        minimum	wage	you	risk	throwing	the	least	skilled	

                                                                                                                                          candid	discussions	about	their	beliefs	and	
                            LILY, TULIP, OVO, EARTH AMULET, RABBIT Income	        workers	out	of	their	jobs	because	you	are	raising	
                                   STERLING SILVER $55 - $110 EACH                                                                        experiences.”		
                                                                   Tax	Cred-      the	cost	of	labor	for	employers	and	if	they	feel	they	
                                                                                                                                                  Sex Signals	got	its	start	in	Chicago	in	
                                            CHAINS SOLD SEPARATELY

                                                                   it	so	that	    have	to	pay	people	that	amount,	and	they	feel	they	
                               EACH VENETIAN GLASS OVO IS UNIQUE.

                                                                                                                                          May	of	2000	as	The Sensitive Swash Buckler
                                                                   workers	       are not getting the economic benefit they will sim-
                                                                                                                                          & Other Dating Myths	and	has	since	been	
                                                                   can	actu-      ply	eliminate	those	jobs.”
                             L EGACY V ILLAGE                                                                                             shown	over	1,000	times	at	colleges	all	over	
               9 D U R HU D RIVE S UITE 365 M OBILE , AL

                                                                   ally	live	                                         see Issues page 5 the	country.
 4   THE SPRINGHILLIAN Wednesday, March 19, 2008                                                                                         News
Radio from page 1                                   	   and	television	major.		However,	as	student	interest	
                                                    	   waned	the	program	became	defunct.		
	        Without	a	license,	the	station	cannot	play	    	       If	the	station	generates	enough	interest	and	        Want to be editor of
songs	that	have	been	copy-                                                       there	is	enough	student	
righted.		It	is	for	this	reason	
that	the	planned	lineup	is	
                                                                                 involvement	there	is	the	
                                                                                 possibility	of	re-establish-
                                                                                                                      the SpringHillian?
mostly	talk	radio	shows.		                                                       ing	the	program.		Expand-
However,	this	also	presents	                                                     ing	this	facet	of	the	Com-             Think you have
a	unique	opportunity	to	                                                         munication	Arts	department	
spotlight	local	artists	who	
might	not	get	the	chance	to	
                                                                                 could	make	it	more	attrac-
                                                                                 tive	to	prospective	students	
                                                                                                                         what it takes?
be	heard	on	corporate	radio	                                                     who,	like	Quintana,	do	not	
stations.		                                                                      see	enough	possibilities	for	           Submit your
	        While	the	immediate	                                                    experience.		
goal	is	to	stream	online,	the	
station	does	not	want	to	limit	
                                                                                 	      Loehr	revealed	that	
                                                                                 in	the	past	few	years	the	
itself	to	the	Internet.		“If	it’s	                                               number	of	Communication	
viable,	we’d	get	back	on	the	 Photo Courtesy of The Torch
                                   A disc jockey from SHC’s radio station,
                                                                                 Arts	majors	has	decreased.		        to Ms. Dottie in the
air,”	explained	Loehr.		                                                         “Even	when	the	school	was	
	        Aside	from	serving	
as	entertainment	for	students,	
                                   WTOH, in 1979.                                smaller	we	had	a	larger	
                                                                                 percentage	of	students,”	
                                                                                                                     communication arts
faculty,	staff	and	alumni,	the		station	could	also	     said	Loehr.		Loehr	was	also	cautious	of	making	
serve	as	an	avenue	to	expand	the	curriculum	of	         any	bold	statements	about	the	odds	of	the	radio	                   building.
the	college.		In	years	past	SHC	offered	a	radio	        and	television	major,	calling	it	“a	big	if.”

Victims of recent college shootings mourned, suspects charged
By Adam Ganucheau                                         Lockhart	served	in	Iraq	for	18	months.                 late-night	ride	services.		Auburn	has	increased	
Staff Writer                                              	       Yesterday,	UNC	held	a	“Celebration	of	         its	police	presence,	while	UNC	used	a	text-
                                                          Life”	for	Carson.		As	many	as	15,000	people	           messaging system for the first time. Spring
         The	campuses	of	Auburn	University	and	
                                                          were	expected	to	attend,	as	afternoon	classes	         Hill	has	placed	a	new	system	that	sends	text	
 the	University	of	North	Carolina	have	begun	the	
                                                          were	cancelled.		Carson	was	the	student	body	          messages	and	phone	calls	to	students	in	the	case	
 healing	process	after	two	shootings	rocked	their	
                                                          president.		According	to,	police	 of	an	emergency.		A	siren	has	also	been	installed	
 campuses	two	weeks	ago.		Freshman	Lauren	
                                                          have	charged	two	suspects	with	the	murder.		           between	the	Campus	Center	and	Walsh	Hall.		
 Burk	of	Auburn	and	senior	Eve	Carson	of	UNC	
                                                          Laurence	Lovette,	17,	and	Demario	Atwater,	21,	
 were	found	shot	in	separate	incidents,	according	
                                                          were	charged	last	week.		On	Monday,	
                                                          Lovette	was	indicted	on	a	murder	
 	       Last	Monday,	Auburn	held	a	memorial	
                                                          charge	for	the	January	killing	of	a	Duke	
 for	Burk.		According	to	the	Auburn	Plainsman,	
                                                          University	graduate	student,	according	
 the official newspaper of Auburn, University
                                                          to	WRAL,	a	Raleigh	news	station.		
 President	Jay	Gogue	said,		“The	Auburn	family	
                                                          	       To	honor	Burk	and	Carson,	
 has	lost	one	of	our	own,	and	we	feel	that	loss	
                                                          separate	scholarship	funds	were	set	up	
 deeply	in	our	hearts.”		He	also	called	that	week	                                                                                     3607 Old Shell Road
                                                          for	the	two	Georgia	natives.		According	                                  mobile, Alabama 36608
 “one	of	the	saddest	weeks	in	the	history	of	
                                                          to	the	Atlanta	Journal-Constitution,	
 Auburn.”		                                                                                                           p 251.445.2288 f 251.343.4381
                                                          UNC	has	set	up	the	Eve	Marie	Carson	                 e
         According	to	NBC	13,	a	news	station	in	
                                                          Memorial	Fund,	while	Auburn	is	
 Birmingham,	a	court	date	has	been	set	for	the	
                                                          creating	a	scholarship	fund	in	Burk’s	    Allison Gamble                               Lynes Crocker
 suspect in the Burk case. Officials stated that
                                                          name.		Also,	a	scholarship	has	been	set	
 Courtney	Lockhart	confessed	to	the	murder	of	
                                                          up	at	Oglethorpe	University,	a	school	
 Burk.		His	court	date	is	scheduled	for	April	23.		
                                                          in	Atlanta.		Burk’s	father	serves	on	
 According	to	the	Atlanta	Journal-Constitution,	
                                                          an	advisory	board,	according	to	the	
 the	suspect’s	mother	apologized	to	the	Burk	
                                                          Atlanta	Journal-Constitution.		
 family,	tearfully	saying,	“I	am	sorry	that	
                                                          	       Campus	safety	has	been	a	hot	
 Courtney	did	that.	[...]	First	let	me	say	I’m	sorry	                                                                                              Phone: (251) 343-8222
                                                          topic	since	the	Virginia	Tech	massacre	 3607 Old Shell Road
 to	the	Burk	family	for	Courtney,	taking,	taking	                                                   Suite 4                                           Fax: (251) 343-8226
                                                          in	2007.		According	to	ABCnews.
 their	child.	[...]	My	heart	goes	out	to	her	family.”		                                             Mobile, Alabama 36608               Email:
                                                          com,	campuses	reminded	students	of	
Issues from page 3
                                                                                            Wednesday, March 19, 2008
                                                     problems	is	the	yo-yo-ing	of	gas	prices.	The	aver-
                                                                                                                              THE SPRINGHILLIAN
                                                                                                               the	existence	of	the	Organization	of	the	Petro-
                                                     age	price	of	gas	in	the	Mobile	area	is	$3.20,	but	        leum	Exporting	Countries,	OPEC,	creates	a	mo-
By	eliminating	the	jobs	of	those	who	earn	mini-      just	a	year	ago	the	price	of	gas	was	$2.93.	This	         nopoly	that	controls	the	majority	of	the	oil	supply	
mum	wage,	employers	can	go	to	a	more	inexpen- increase	of	roughly	27	cents	may	not	seem	like	a	                and then raises prices because of a fixed supply.
sive	way	of	producing	goods	such	as	mechani-         large	amount	on	a	daily	basis,	but	over	the	course	       We	need	to	start	looking	to	alternative	sources.”
cal	labor	or	adding	more	tasks	to	those	who	are	     of	a	year	it	will	add	up.	                                	       One	way	to	help	bring	down	the	cost	of	
already	paid	more.	When	minimum	wage	goes	up	 	               Concerning	gasoline	prices,	Dr.	Hoffman	         gas	prices	would	be	through	alternative	fuels.	
slightly,	everyone	making	above	minimum	wage	 said,	“Americans	see	the	gas	price	plastered	in	                 Moreno	explained	her	point	of	view	by	saying,“I	
could	inquire	about	a	raise.	                        big	numbers	everywhere	that	they	drive.	Gasoline	         believe	that	we	should	invest	in	alternative	fuel	
	       Penaloza,	however,	said,	“It	is	unethical	   is	so	public,	and	the	price	is	so	public	it	quickly	      sources.	We’re	living	in	the	21st	century	and	we	
to	make	a	person	live	on	a	$5.85	an	hour.	This	is	 becomes	a	political	issue	before	it	is	an	economic	         should	already	be	off	of	our	oil	dependency.	Gas	
barely	enough	to	get	by.	In	my	opinion,	I	think	it	 issue.	The	price	of	gas	went	up	and	it	immediate-          in	Iowa	is	cheaper	than	gas	here	because	of	Etha-
would	stimulate	more	growth	by	increasing	that	      ly	sent	political	pressures	through	the	system	and	       nol	use”
portion	of	the	population’s	spending.”               it	did	not	affect	the	economy	until	recently.”		          	       Dr.	Hoffman	left	the	interview	with	a	bit	
	       Dr.	Hoffman	agreed	with	Penaloza,	only	      	        Penaloza’s	view	point	on	gasoline	prices	        of	a	challenge	for	the	Spring	Hill	student	body:	
because	minimum	wage	is	so	low.	Dr.	Hoffman	         was	more	of	an	economic	perspective.	Penaloza	            Try	to	get	informed	and	vote	in	the	upcoming	
said,	“I	feel	that	is	very	important	and	a	noble	    said,	“The	drastic	rise	in	gas	prices	is	attributed	to	   presidential	election.	He	stated,	“Students	have	an	
thing	to	do	is	to	try	to	see	that	people	can	make	a	 two factors. The first is the devaluation of the dol-     interest	in	a	lot	of	issues,	but	a	lot	of	them	think	
living,	but	I	would	worry	about	it	at	some	point.	   lar,	the	less	that	it	is	worth,	the	more	we	need	to	      that	the	issues	do	not	apply	to	them.	Maybe	gas	
The	current	minimum	wage	is	not	at	a	point	to	be	 spend.	Unfortunately	at	this	time	our	dollar	value	          prices	and	minimum	wage	will	get	students	in-
a	threat	to	employment	because	it	is	pretty	low.”    is	plummeting	and	that	in	turn	causes	the	prices	         volved	because	those	two	issues	have	more	direct	
	       One	major	focal	point	of	our	economic	       to	soar	because	it	takes	more	to	buy	it.	Secondly,	       impact	on	students’	lives.”

 Take NSSE survey to win iPod or meal plan                                                                                              CARPE DIEM
                                                                                                                                         COFFEE & TEA CO.

  By Elizabeth Pace                         peers (schools deemed “peers” by            with certain majors, such as political
  News Editor                               the Carnegie institute’s guidelines,        science, are required to pass the
                                            not necessarily other Jesuit schools).      exams with a certain score. Other
          Spring Hill administrators        The NSSE allows administrators              majors, like English or theology, are
 give assessments aimed at improving        to assess Spring Hill internally and        taught with content that may vary
 the quality of life and academia at        comparatively. So far around 30             greatly from one school to another,
 the college, offering incentives for       percent of those eligible have taken        so students majoring in such subjects            MOBILE’S ORIGINAL
 cooperative students.                      the survey.                                 at Spring Hill may not be required                EUROPEAN-STYLE
                                                                                                                                           COFFEE HOUSE
          Most students have probably                 Alex Landi, assistant vice        to pass or even to take an ETS
 seen the “Nessie is calling!” fliers       president of academic affairs, said a       assessment. ETS results provide a
 around campus. They urge seniors and       sample size of 30 percent may suffice       breakdown of areas in a particular
                                                                                                                                               Try Our
 freshmen to take the National Survey       at a larger school, but since Spring        subject.                                               Loyalty
 of Student Engagement (NSSE).              Hill is so small it will take a larger              Senior surveys are the third                    Card
 Students who participate are entered       percentage of students to provide an        assessment administered to evaluate                    Your Loyalty Card
                                                                                                                                           is a lifetime membership
 in a raffle. A meal plan for next          accurate picture of the student body.       student, faculty and staff performance                 that entitles you to
 semester will go to the winner of the      He also noted that such assessments         at Spring Hill. The senior class is                buy 10 get the 11th FREE
                                                                                                                                                  on all drinks!
 freshman raffle. The winning senior        are helpful since they help the college     divided into thirds, usually within
                                                                                                                                         $25 MEMBERSHIP FEE!
 will receive an iPod.                      check itself. “In some things we look       their senior seminar classes, and                RECEIVE FREE DRINK
          The NSSE is a “benchmark          really good,” he said, “in some things      each student is given one of three                     OF CHOICE!
                                                                                                                                        Go online:
 comparison” survey. It compares            we could do better.”                        forms of the assessment. They either   
 Spring Hill to different colleges in a               Educational Testing Service       take a standardized test measuring
                                                                                                                                         PRESENT YOUR STUDENT ID
 number of categories, such as level        (ETS) assessments are another type          knowledge gained in core classes,                    FOR 50% OFF THE
                                                                                                                                             MEMBERSHIP FEE
 of academic challenge and student-         of assessment that is required for          a survey of students’ community
 faculty interaction. NSSE results          graduation in most majors at Spring         service attitudes, or a survey of the               Let your card serve
                                                                                                                                            as a debit card and
 provide a categorical college to           Hill. They provide a measure of             experience of college life at Spring                 ZIP THROUGH
 college comparison: Administrators         individual performance as well as a         Hill. The community service attitudes                   THE LINE!
 can see an average of Spring Hill’s        basis for evaluating each academic          survey was created by Spring Hill                           Hours
 scores, an average of scores of other      department as a whole. They                 administrators to test the effectiveness         Mon-Sat           6am-11pm
                                                                                                                                         Sun               7am-10pm
 Jesuit schools, an average of all          are based on general grounds of             of their focus on service learning.                  4072 Old Shell Rd.
 other participating schools, and an        knowledge that should be covered            The other two senior surveys are                     Mobile, AL 36608
                                                                                                                                               (251) 304-0448
 average of Spring Hill’s Carnegie          before students graduate. Students          nationally administered.
                                                                                                                                                WI-FI AVAILABLE!
 6 The SpringHillian Wednesday, Macrh 19, 2007                                                                  Editorials
Rising gas prices may force changes in break plans                                                                                    SpringHillian
                                            Advisor, Dr. Stuart Babington, is a          the middle of this summer. I wish I
                                            perfect example of someone who pays could help out with the gas bill for                   Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
                                            the price                                                the first mini session Dr.
                                            big time                                                 Babington.
                                            on every                                                           Let’s put these              Mobile’s First
                                            visit to the                                             unquestionably         absurd       Collegiate Newspaper
                                            pump. He                                                 prices      into    historical
                                            commutes                                                 context. When most of the
                                                                                                                                         Phone: (251) 380-3850
                                            from Slidell,                                            current senior class began                or 380-3840
                                            La. to Spring                                            driving, a gallon of regular         FAX: (251) 460-2185
By Peter Teske                              Hill everyday                                            unleaded ranged from
Editor in Chief       Most seniors at       which                                                    $1.12 to $1.60 per gallon.
                                                                                                                                              Editor in Chief
                      Spring Hill can       currently                                                Shortly before that time a
                                                                                                                                                Peter Teske
attest to the fact that gas prices began    adds up to                                               gallon of gas cost less than
to soar the moment they got their           roughly                                                  a dollar. Time for a beer
drivers license. Freshman, sophomores       $100 a                                                          word problem:
and juniors might have had the same         week in gas.                                                       Pretend the current            News Editor
                                                                                                                                             Elizabeth Pace
experience depending on how many            Furthermore,                                             price of gas is the same as
times they failed seventh grade. If         gas prices                                               the average high of $1.60
you’re bitter like me you’ll love to hear   are expected                                             in 2002 and your spring
that gas prices are expected to reach       to reach       Photo Courtesy of        break destination is two           Life & Culture Editor
record high’s once again over our           $3.75 a gallon After Hurricane Katrina made land- 14-gallon tanks of gas                         Mallory Lindsly
upcoming spring break.                      possibly       fall, the joke was that gas would cost away. When compared
         As of early March, the average     right around you an arm, a leg or your first born. to the actual average price
price of gas in the state of Florida was    the time our The same joke still applies as gas           of gas in 2008, how much                Sports Editor
$3.25, according to the AAA Web             break hits     prices skyrocket to $3.35 a gallon.        more money do you have                 Justin Woodard
site. Alabama varied from this figure       full stride,                                              left to spend on beer?  
by only a few cents. Our own Faculty        and if not then, almost certainly by
                                                                                               see Spring Break page 8
   Ben Mackin questions the intellectual value
                                                                                                                                       Opinions & Editorial Editor
                                                                                                                                                Shea Zirlott
   of reality television dating shows and finds out there is none
                                             safety goggles. Now in a nice open          ear, that is being caused by fumes                   Photographer
                                             area with a lot of room to swing,           from the burning plastic, and you                  Adam Ganucheau
                                             place your television on the ground,        need to back away from the fire a few
                                             then pick up your ax, raise it high         steps.)
                                             above your head and bring it down on                 Admittedly the last paragraph          Student Reaction Editor
                                             top of the television and repeat that       was a tad bit over the top. But most                 Ben Mackin
                                             several times until the set is in no less   of the time I halfway feel like I might
                                             than 36 pieces. Now once you have           actually do that. Look at garbage
                                             all your pieces, sweep them in to a         the television is feeding us. Shows
                                                                                                                                           Advertising Manager
                                             pile all nice and neat. Once you’ve         like Rock of Love, Shot of Love, and               Rebekah Newhouse
                                             done that, spritz the pile with a liberal   the one that seems to have started it
   By Ben Mackin                             amount of gasoline and set it ablaze        all Flavor of Love are plunging us
   Columnist                                 with the matches. Now as you squeal         deeper and deeper into a societal dark                  Advisor
                                             with glee, watching what used to            age. Reality shows are not solely                   Stuart Babington
          Okay kiddos, Uncle Ben             be your television burn, you should         to blame, celebrity gossip on the E
  has an arts and crafts project for         feel a weird sensation enter your left      channel is just as bad. Every time
  you. All you need is your television,      nostril and then slowly exit your right     some celebrity starlet parks his or her                  Publisher
  some safety goggles, an ax (sledge         ear. That sensation is the brain cells      car up a tree because of all the illegal           Rankin Publishing
  hammers and heavy baseball bats will       you killed during years of watching         substances they jammed up their nose,               7401 Spencer Rd
                                                                                                                                           Irvington, Al 36544
  work too), gasoline, and matches.          television, restoring themselves.           we sit their passively while major               office: (251) 824-3162
  Remember to get your parents               (Important note, if the sensation starts    news sources feed us this useless
  permission before borrowing their          in the right nostril and exits the left                see Reality TV on page 8
Editorials                                                                                        Wednesday, March 19, 2008 The SpringHillian 7

We’ve been fed lies all of our lives                                                            Take the second chances you get
By Shea Zirlott          Let’s face it- it is a  all the children, and none of the baskets                                       By Tyrone Barnes
Opinions Editor simple fact of life. We          that any of my friends ever got looked                                          Columnist
                    have all been lied to. We    anywhere near how mine did.                                                     “I cannot say whether things will
have all been misled. It all began when                   Looking past that minor detail,                                        get better if we change; what I can
we were too small to remember, and our           I always asked about a major one, how                                           say is they must change if they are
parents probably did it first.                   did they get in the houses? The answer I                                        to get better.”
         As Easter comes around the              got was that they had a magical key that                                        - George C. Litchenberg
corner, who can forget waking up early           could open any door, but how creepy is                                                  One would call new years
in the morning before going to church,           that? I was always worried that the key                                         life’s little second chances.
anticipating what the Easter Bunny had           would get into the wrong hands and that                                         Frequently, they prove to be many
left for you, when in fact, that was not the     someone would attack the Easter Bunny                                           individuals fleeting opportunity
case? The same is true for the ruse of the       to get the key and then have the ability       make quixotic resolutions and pie-crust promises that never may
Tooth Fairy and St. Nick, but we all fell        to break into any house in the world, and      come to pass but allow people to shape their attitudes towards
for it, year after year. One year, I even        that scared the living daylights out of me     how they will cope with the difficulties of reform and the
left a carrot out for the “Easter Bunny”         when I was about 8 years old.                  temptations of regression that await them in the upcoming three-
and the next morning, there were bite                     But the Tooth Fairy, the Easter       hundred and sixty-five days. Is it so vainful for HUMANS to
marks, and I fell for it. The “Tooth Fairy”      Bunny, those were just the tip of the          possess desires of improvement? Should we not even bother with
even forgot about me once, but when she          iceberg. It didn’t all end with our parents;   flighty cliches of “turning over a new leaf” or “a fresh start?”
finally remembered, there was a nice little      consider what the television shows and                 Personally, I do believe that we as a people should strive
note about how sorry she was, and she left       movies we were all watching taught us.         to become better in ways that allow us to endure and to accept
me double the money, so I was okay with          Assuming that most college students            change. Each day, we wake up more or less different,” but yet
being forgotten.                                 are around the age of 20 and grew up           not the same as yesterday. Although it may not be sparked by the
         If you actually think about what        in the late 80s and early 90s we all           closing of the month of December, this change is still significant
                                                 probably watched and read a lot of the         and meaningful in its own way.
                                                 same things. The 90s were considered                   New beginnings do not come necessarily with the arrival
                                                 the Golden Age of children’s television        of a new year, but rather with the acknowledgement of a small
                                                 shows according to A&E, they were even         change-for the better or for the worst- that has taken place in the
                                                 watched by adults, but today’s kids shows      individual. Often, we tend to think that we need a renewal of all
                                                 are mind numbingly dull for the most           our sins in order to ascend towards perfection. Contrarily, it is
                                                 part. The things we were watching and          our flaws that permit us to crave a state of being, one which is
                                                 read included: Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers,      more refreshing, more capable, more stable…. It is these flaws
                                                 Curious George, Disney movies, Captain         that make us human.
                                                 Planet, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Bill             Oh so what if life is written in pen? The real “whitting-
                                                 Nye the Science Guy and Full House, just       out” of mistakes comes into play when we have stopped
                                                 to name a few.                                 becoming victims of our own weaknesses, and we use those
                                                          The first that I have a bone to       weaknesses to generate new strengths. It’s called sublimation,
                                                 pick with is Disney. I’ll admit, I was         people! The man who exhibits violent behavior becomes a
                                                 mildly obsessed with the princess movies,      butcher or engages in rough contact sports. The young lady who
                                                 considering that I am a girl and all. Since    has a horrible habit of biting her nails takes a job at a lumber
 Photo by Amanda Unrue                           I was born in 1987, Disney has put out         yard chopping wood. Besides the humor you may find in these
 A child poses with the Easter Bunny this past   at least 25 animated films (because let’s      examples, it is important to realize the parallel moral conveyed
 Sunday at the Fun Fair. If the poor child only  face it, those are the best ones and Disney    in this manipulated Thomas Edison quotation: “Our greatest
 knew what she was in for in later years, would                                                 weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is
 she be so welcoming? Probably not.
                                                 needs to go back to its roots of animation
                                                 and do what it does best), and the majority    [not attempt to please others and do what works for you].”
this could do to a child, it could be quite      of them had a princess-like heroine, and               Let’s face it. Check and balances extended far beyond
traumatizing. Just imagine, you believe          what little girl didn’t dream of being a       the corrupt American legal system: light and dark, love and
something your entire life, even though          princess? I sure did, I was convinced that     hate, heaven and hell. These abstract concepts have the ability
at this point it is still short, and then all of I was going to be a mermaid one day            to oppose one another, yet co-exist harmoniously with each
the sudden, you hear something different. like the Little Mermaid, even though I                recognizing and honoring the other’s purpose. Reason and
One day in about the 5th grade, some mean couldn’t, and still can’t swim. That was              emotion are the primary forces that govern us all. Frequently,
kid decides to tell you that it all isn’t true, a minor detail. I was convinced that            we pay excessive amounts of attention to the emotion behind
and that your parents had been lying to          happily ever after was how every story         the reason instead of the reason behind the emotion. Perhaps,
you. If there is one way to kill all trust, I    ended, even in real life, but sadly that       we not only should embrace the “now” emotions of a particular
would have to say that would be it.              is not always the case. So, in a nutshell      situation, but also we should appreciate the “then” reason for the
         I always thought that these myths       Disney is the most responsible for the         purpose of that particular situation. Even though we may not be
were a little far fetched. I mean, take          disillusionment of young children. Guess       capable of deciding what will be the end of the beginning and
for example a human sized bunny that             who owns a good                                what will be the beginning of the end in our life’s journey, it is
hopped to every house and left baskets for chunk of media See Lies on page 8                    quite possible to effect some positive change in the middle!

                                                                                                       R eaction
 8 The SpringHillian Wednesday, March 19, 2007                                                                                         Editorials
Spring Break from page 6
        The answer is roughly $46, or 84
cans of Natural Light. If you use the 2002
                                                  Toyota Prius Hybrid, I just don’t know. By
                                                  the way, do you know any college students
                                                  with $21,000 I can borrow?
                                                           As for real solutions, the late Kurt
average low of $1.12, you have close to
                                                  Vonnegut might suggest we enter rehab
$60 or 120 cans of “Natty”. If you happen
                                                  for an addiction to fossil fuels. While that
to like Corona with a twist of lime when
                                                  isn’t a bad idea, I suggest someone arrange
you’re at the beach, the number of beers
                                                  a car pool to Gulf Shores, Orange Beach or
declines significantly, but the ever-awesome
                                                  Pensacola. If that doesn’t work out you can
mid-day hangover might not be as bad.
        Is there anything we can do to lower
                                                  find me on the golf course.                           What television show
                                                           No matter what your spring break
the astronomical prices of gasoline? Short
of buying a $21,000, 48 mile per gallon
                                                  plans are, have fun and be safe!                        would you make
Reality TV from page 6           information about people                                                   dissappear?
                                 who deserve none of this
attention. Meanwhile we have thousands of men and
women in combat all over the Middle East, and a rising
unemployment rate and a host of other things we all
need to be worried about. I have avoided writing about
                                                                                                                               “Mind of Mencia... and Carlos
this for the sole reason I did not want to give this drivel
                                                                                                                                    Mencia in general”
another platform, but I have a hard time keeping my
mouth shut when it’s good for me.
                                                                                                                                     -Charlie Weed ‘09
          I understand that a lot of this reality television   Photo Courtesy of
has a train wreck quality to it, that keeps otherwise very     The logo from Flavor of Love,
intelligent people from turning away. I’ll be the first to     one of the pointless, worthless,
admit I have watched my share of garbage, and by no            television shows that take our
means am I saying that we need to be all serious all of        attention away from more im-
the time, but we as a society can do better. We must do        portant and worthwhile things.
better.                                                                                                     “Super Nanny”
Lies from page 7                a man with a big yellow             Street a little too far, arguing
                                                                                                          -Kristi Wbarra ‘10
outlets? Disney, and that is    hat, because he was too             that the show is racist and
not a good thing if you want curious about people he                supported childhood obesity.
diversity.                      didn’t know. The kidnapping         I was rather shocked to find
        However, Disney         is portrayed as the best            out that the Cookie Monster
was not the only company        thing that ever happened to         is no longer obsessed
putting out subliminal          Curious George, so what             with cookies because the
                                                                                                                                        “American Idol”
messaging. There are a lot      does that tell children? Talk       argument was made that he
of things, if taken at face     to strangers, especially if         was adding to the childhood
                                                                                                                                    C. Anderson Romagnano
value and not really thought they have a big yellow hat,            obesity trend. The show
through that could be           because they are safe and           has recently turned him
misconstrued by a child.        fun to be around?                   into a Veggie Monster, and
        Take Curious                     Of course, a staple        that just ruins the whole
George for example, and         of childhood is Sesame              character. Overall the show
remember how he ended up        Street, and that street is just     can’t have been that horrible
out of the jungle. He was,      full of lessons for children.       considering that generations
in essence, kidnapped by        I’ll admit, Sesame Street           have grown up watching
                                             is an amazing          it and we all seem to have
                                             aid to help            turned out okay.
                                             children learn                 Children are
                                                                                                       “Gilmore Girls...They talk
                                             their ABCs, it         susceptible to new ideas,
                                                                                                            way too fast”
                                             is even a very         and tend to take them to
                                             effective way to       heart a little too quickly
                                                                                                         Audrey McIntosh ‘09
                                             keep children          without really thinking
                                             entertained for        them through, so what did
                                             a whole hour,          we learn while growing up,
                                             but what else?         and how has that shaped
Photo Courtesy of
                                              Some people           the generation that we have
Curious George being kidnapped by the take their fight              become today? Maybe we
man in the big yellow hat.                    against Sesame        will never really know.                                          Compiled By Ben Mackin
CULTURE                                                                                           Wednesday, March 19, 2008 The SpringHillian                              9
                                                                                                                         Dr Boyle: The man with
Unknown facts about Easter traditions                                                                                    the key to SHC’s past
By Michelle Bacho                                          of new life coincided with the pagan springtime               By Mallory Lindsly
Contributing Writer                                        celebrations. Because of the similarities of the two          Life & Culture Editor
                                                           holidays, the pagan traditions slowly became apart of                  Lamb chops - prepared in a
Here comes Peter Cottontail, hoppin’ down the bunny trail. the Easter celebration, according to         skillet - are for dinner tonight after a
          Hippity hoppity, Easter’s on its way!                     Interestingly enough, the importance of eggs         long day of working in the archives.
                                                           comes from medieval history, where eggs were not              Soft classical music can sometimes be
         You may remember this little ditty from           allowed to be consumed during the time of Lent,               heard playing courtesy of the station
Kindergarten, when your teacher first began to teach       according to Any eggs laid during the        WHIL from the mysterious room on
you of the holiday that involves chocolate bunnies, jelly Lenten season were to be boiled. On Easter Sunday,             the second floor of the Burke Memorial
beans and a big rabbit that sneaks into your house at      eggs, being a staple of medieval diets, were considered a     Library. With many interesting displays
night to hide colored eggs. Yet these beloved traditions   great prize for children. also noted that     shown through the window, many
seem rather absurd when one correlates them with the       because of the value of the eggs, games were invented         students do not know what exactly goes
actual purpose of the holiday--the death and resurrection to make the finding of the prizes more exciting.               on in that room or what is behind the
of Jesus Christ. Looking into the meanings of Easter                Another take on the origin of Easter eggs comes      man who works in the archives.
traditions sheds light on the connection.                  from the Byzantine Catholic tradition. Fr. Michael                     Every weekday Dr. Charles J.
         For Christians, Easter is the most important      Hayduk, priest of St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Parma,            Boyle paces towards the second floor of
holiday of the year,                                                                           Ohio said, “When          the Burke Memorial Library to bring the
because it symbolizes the                                                                      Jesus rose from the       archives alive. The room is short-lived
salvation of their souls by                                                                    dead, the emperor at      however, and is usually open from 1:30
the resurrection of Jesus.                                                                     the time summoned         p.m. - 4:30 p.m., but the history and
According to history.                                                                          Mary Magdalene.           memories of Spring Hill College come
com, Easter is considered                                                                      She went to him and       alive to those who visit.
a movable feast, because                                                                       said ‘Christ is risen’             Dr. Boyle was born in Bristol,
the holiday can fall on any                                                                    and handed him an         Pennsylvania but shortly moved to New
Sunday between March                                                                           egg. The emperor, not     Jersey as an infant. He came to Spring
22 and April 25, yet there                                                                     believing Magdalene,                              see Boyle page 10
are quite a few questions                                                                      told her that if Christ
surrounding the symbols                                                                        truly rose from the
of the holiday.                                                                                dead then the egg
         Junior Kathleen                                                                       would turn red, in
Bodiford said, “I never                                                                        which it did.”
really understood the idea                                                                           Sophomore
of Easter egg hunts          Photo Courtesy of Google Images                                    Adrianna Moreno
because bunnies don’t        A typical commercialized Easter portrait of a bunny and said, “I never could
lay eggs or hatch from       and baby duckling.                                                 understand why
them so why would                                                                               we would bake a
the Easter Bunny hide them?” This pondering is one         cake in the shape of a lamb.” The lamb, a symbol
of the more common questions people have about             for Jesus, is easy to understand. But there is more
the holiday. So what is the significance of the rabbit     to its symbolism. According to Fr. Hayduk, “Cakes,                            MOBILE
and the colored Easter eggs? The answer lies not in        butter, cheese, ham and other fatty, rich foods were               5632 Old Shell Road---342-0575
Christian traditions, but rather, a pagan tradition.       (and to some extent still are) usually given up during              6345 Cottage Hill---660-9814
         Many Easter traditions are believed to have       the season of Lent.” Therefore, when the fast was                                                         $2
originated in the pagan celebration of the spring          broken on Easter day, the cake was considered a                                 DAPHNE
season. According to, scholars believe         special treat.                                                            6880 Hwy 90, Suite 7
                                                                                                                                                                    a regular
that the name Easter derives from the Teutonic                      So, while Easter has some odd traditions, one         Jubilee Square Shopping Center---621-8055 Super-
goddess Eastre, the goddess of spring and fertility.       can trace them back to the main point of the holiday—                                                     Cuts
A whole month was dedicated to Eastre, which               rebirth and new life. To paraphrase John 3:16, when                            SEMMES                    haircut
                                                                                                                                    7885 Moffett Road
happened to be the month of April. Her symbol was, Jesus died and resurrected he granted everyone eternal
                                                                                                                              (By Wal-Mart Center)---645-0429      with this
you guessed it, a rabbit (for fertility) and colored       life, a new life. When the pagans celebrated the feast                                                   ad and
eggs (symbolizing the light of springtime). Also,          of Easter, they celebrated new life and rebirth. Maybe                        SARALAND                  student
when Christian missionaries went to “civilize” tribes Easter traditions aren’t so odd after all…                            1204 Shelton Beach Road---679-0898        ID
in Northern Europe, they noticed that their holiday                                                                      
                                                                                                                                          LIFE &
10   The SpringHillian Wednesday, March 19, 2008                                                                                          CULTURE
Boyle from page 9
Hill College because of an appealing advertisement in a magazine. The atmosphere
was quite different than New Jersey and Boyle reminisced, “I thought I would
transfer after a year or so, something nearer to home. But I never did transfer, I lost
the urge and really learned to like Spring Hill.”
         Spring Hill was something that he really did learn to like. Dr. Boyle started
working at Spring Hill in 1952, but took a brief hiatus from 1953-1957 to work
as a graduate assistant at the University of Wisconsin. He returned to Spring Hill
in 1957 and has been everything from an assistant professor to the archivist ever
since. He has been named Teacher of the Year, twice, in 1963 and 1986, received
the distinguished professor award in 1963, and was named Professor Emeritus in
         While at Spring Hill, Dr. Boyle received his B.A. in English, went on to get
his M.A. in English at Marquette, and studied American Literature at the University
of Wisconsin to attain his Ph.D.
         Amusingly, the switching majors has been common to all generations
because Dr. Boyle first came to Spring Hill to study Pre-Medicine, but that lasted
for one semester. He commented that, “I did alright, but I just felt that wasn’t where
I belong. So I changed to English and worked for a B.A. degree.” If he could go
back in the past, Dr. Boyle said, “I suppose I would be a medical doctor, but I am
not at all sure that I have the scientific skills needed. But I really woudl have liked
to be a family physician.”
          His journey of becoming the archivist started when the president of the
school, Father Rewak, approached Dr. Boyle because he was the chairman of an
anniversary. His interest in the archives allowed him to become the archivist in            Photo by Adam Ganucheau
                                                                                            Dr. Boyle enjoying the spotlight, just another day in the life of
         Dr. Boyle spends most of his time researching for other people about Spring
                                                                                            Spring Hill’s archivist.
Hill College. He said, “I spend most of my time replying to inquiries which come
mostly come from email, some by telephone.” Many of these inquiries have to deal
with relatives that have passed away, and the grandchild or child is trying to attain
more information. Dr. Boyle’s favorite question is when someone comes in asking
for information about his or her great-great grandfather.
         These historical questions allow Dr. Boyle to dive into the archives. When
the archives started they were written very extensively. However, systemic record
keeping did not exist for the first 17 years when Spring Hill was still a diocesan
         Boyle said, “We have books that the Jesuits kept called student registers.                 5837 Old Shell Road • Mobile, AL 36608
After the student’s name they would write down his first appearance and the first       •
day he came. They would write down very extensive entries about him, what
education he had had so far, what language he knows, give his parents names- but
often times the parents have already died. It is very interesting to go into those old         10% student discount
files. The Jesuits were wonderful file keepers and information storers.” These books
are accessible in the front room of the archives.
         Periodically, there are new exhibits in the front room of the archives. Dr.           • Boxes, Tape and Packaging Supplies Available to Purchase
Boyle likes putting together these rooms and the exhibits that students have created.          • High Tech Security with 30 Cameras Continually Recording
“It is a good deal of fun to do these exhibits. I feel a real contact with the past, and       • No Long-Term Contract Required
that is a nice experience.”                                                                    • Key Pad Entry -- 7 Day Access
         Dr. Boyle urges students to come and explore the archives. Many students              • Carts and Dollies Available
have searched through the archives because of classes Spring Hill has offered. Dr.             • Climate Controlled Units                    O
                                                                                               • On-Site Management                          L
Boyle said, “I believe the best way to contact to the archives is through certain                                                            D
                                                                                               • Covered Entrances
classes. Dr. Forstrom brings a class in to spend an hour or more looking at items
                                                                                               • Various Sizes                               S
and old records in the archives. They are learning something about the past, it is                                                           H
always fun and interesting.”                                                                    **10% DISCOUNT NOT                           E
         If any student want to learn more about Spring Hill’s past, or about a                 VALID WITH ANY                               L
relative, the best place to start this research is in the Spring Hill archives located on       OTHER PROMOTIONAL
the second floor of the Burke Library.                                                          DISCOUNT**
CULTURE                                                                                         Wednesday, March 19, 2008 The SpringHillian                   11
Arlene Mitchell theatre hosts one-acts                                                          Spring Hill: A world
By Heather Bozant
Contributing Writer
                                                between the two highlights the right and
                                                wrong ways to meet someone; however,            unlike any other
         On March 12 and 13 at 7:30 p.m.,       in an ingenious move, the characters are                                          By Kate Griffith
the Arlene Mitchell Theatre opened its          allowed to start over when they make a                                            Columnist
doors to reveal the setting of a single table   mistake by the tone of a bell. The bell                                                  Spring Hill may not
set in the middle of the black box theatre      signifies their chance to redo their mistake,                                     be on top of a mountain that
with two chairs at either end. This simple      until finally making the good impression.                                         looms high above the city
setting was the scene for “Sure Thing,”         The acting and dialogue between Junius                                            of Mobile, visible for miles
a one-act play written by David Ives and        and Stoves was amazing, particularly the                                          around, but anyone who
directed by Spring Hill College sophomore       accuracy of Junius’ facial expressions                                            has ever run up it can attest
Ryan Nocito. The act lasted about half an       of disgust as Stoves says the completely                                          to the fact that we are most
hour, starring Marissa Junius, a junior, and    inappropriate or wrong phrase in response                                         certainly on a hill. Being “on
Jared Stoves, a sophomore. After a brief        to her questions. With such a minimal                                             the Hill” means more than just
intermission and set change, the audience       setting, the tone of the play is set by the     physically being at Spring Hill. It’s a whole experience, part
entered the world of a married couple’s         actors and with Stoves’ silly mistakes and      of which includes the infamous Spring Hill bubble. Before
living room, holding an over sized arm          ultimate corrections, it is amusing to watch    you think that I’m jumping the gun in calling the bubble
chair and ottoman with a small end table,       as Junius twists her face in signs of disgust   “infamous,” keep reading and you’ll find that you know
setting the scene for “The Problem,”            or lights up and leans in closer when           exactly what I’m talking about.
another one act by A. R. Gurney.                Stoves says the right thing. The chemistry               One aspect of the Spring Hill bubble is the way we
         “Sure Thing” was a play revolving      between both actors worked out great, but       are so cut off from the world. You actually have to make an
around the various ways of meeting              was seen in a better view in the second         effort to keep up with the outside world. I hardly ever have
someone for the first time. Marissa Junius      play, “The Problem.”                            my TV tuned to the news, and my Internet Explorer, just like
entered the stage first carrying a coffee                “The Problem” revolves around          every computer in the library, pulls up the SHC homepage.
mug and a book and sat at the table in          an evening in a married couple’s life           Newspapers aren’t readily delivered to dorm rooms, leaving
center stage. As Jared Stoves entered,          where the idea of pregnancy is seen as          me with little to no exposure to the current events of the
the comedy began as the two strangers           a “problem” and the idea of affairs and         world. I couldn’t tell you how the presidential primaries are
commence their meeting. Following the           sexuality is twisted and played with in         going or the status of the war in Iraq, much less what the
idea that a person only gets one chance                                                         weather is going to be tomorrow. This lack of information
to make a good impression, the banter                          see One Acts page 13             about the outside world was most apparent when a very
                                                                                                notable event occured during my freshman year: Hurricane
                                                                                                         Something as emotionally charged as Hurricane
                                                                                                Katrina unfortunately quickly turns into an almost cliché
                                                                                                phrase, like 9/11. The fact of the matter is that an event that
                                                                                                touched so many people’s lives can easily be used to turn the
                                                                                                sympathy of the masses. However, the importance of this
                                                                                                event should not be overlooked, cliché though it may have
                                                                                                become. It changed forever the lives of many people on the
                                                                                                Gulf Coast. It is one of the defining moments of not only
                                                                                                my freshman year but my entire Spring Hill experience. As
                                                                                                important as Hurricane Katrina was, the surprising fact is
                                                                                                that I didn’t know about it until perhaps two days before it
                                                                                                hit. To put it mildly, I probably should have known about an
                                                                                                impending natural disaster of such a large scale, especially
                                                                                                since it was brewing in the Gulf of Mexico, on which Mobile
                                                                                                Bay sits. The fact of the matter was that I knew nothing. I had
                                                                                                no idea there was anything that big and devastating heading
                                                                                                our way. Suddenly, the Category 3 storm hit, the levees broke,
                                                                                                we were out of school for a week, and dozens of people I
                                                                                                had just come to know had their lives back home drastically
                                                                                                changed. It still amazes me that I had no idea the storm was
                                                                                                going to hit until it practically made landfall. Through this
                                                                                                experience, I can testify to the fact that the bubble fairly well
Photo by Adam Ganucheau
                                                                                                seals out the world around Spring Hill.
Students (left-to-right) Ryan Nocito, Marissa Junius and Jared Stoves pose after
the successful one-acts.                                                                                                                  see Bubble page 13
                                                                                                                                         LIFE &
12    The SpringHillian Wednesday, March 19, 2008                                                                                        CULTURE
Movie Review: Dan in Real Life                                                                      Mellow Mushroom holds
                           By: Evan
                                                        What helps the family on screen
                                               seem so true and relatable is the incredible
                                                                                                    1st Annual MellowFest
                                                                                                    By Rebekah Newhouse
                           Staff Writer        supporting cast which makes up the                   Staff Writer
                                “Dan in Real   group. Dane Cook and Juliette Binoche                        On Saturday, March 22, Mellow Mushroom
                           Life,” which was    play the characters who round out the off            on Old Shell Road will be hosting its first annual
                           released on DVD     beat love triangle as Dan’s brother and              “MellowFest” which will consist of four bands.
                           on March 11, is     his girlfriend. However, it is Dan’s three                   The bands participating in the festival include
                           about Dan Burns     daughters, played by Allison Pill, Brittany          Tubesock, Hank Becker and Friends, Poor Pete and
                           (Steve Carell),     Robertson and Marlene Lawston, who                   Grayson Capps. Hank Becker and Friends and Grayson
a widower father of three, who also writes     come very close to stealing the show. They           Capps both classify themselves as having an Indie
a parenting advice column for the local        have no problem hanging with veterans                sound while Poor Pete is an acoustic folk performer.
newspaper. During a family vacation, he        John Mahoney (Frasier) and Dianne Wiest              Tubesock will be opening at 1 p.m. and Grayson Capps
is consumed in a love triangle when he         (Bullets over Broadway).                             will be closing the festival. Mellow Fest will end at 10
mistakenly falls for the girlfriend of his              Apart from the insightful story             p.m. and tickets are $8 in advance and $10 the day of
younger brother. What results is a man’s       and flawless supporting cast, the rest of            the festival.
personal journey in facing his widely-         the movie belongs to Steve Carell. In the                    Other music performances in the area include
known convictions in route of finding real     spirit of John Ritter and Jim Carey, Carell          Strongfold and The Uglistick. Strongfold will be
life happiness.                                is quietly becoming the most popular                 performing on Friday, March 21 and Saturday, March
         Dan faces several problems on his     physical comedian of his era. He has                 22 at Grand Central on Dauphin Street. The group
journey, including dealing with his three      amazing screen presence and demands                  will start performing at 11 p.m. with free admission
precocious daughters, competing with           the viewers’ attention when he enters the            for those who have a Grand Central membership card.
his brother, gaining the acceptance of his     screen. In “Dan in Real Life”, Carell                According to Strongfold’s Myspace account, the group
parents and writing a novel.                   revels in the humor he has come to be                is an eclectic mix of hard rock and metal covers.
         The movie provides a window           known for. The same humor which made                         The Uglistick will be performing at Soul
into reality and provides insight into the     him stand out on “The Daily Show” and                Kitchen on Dauphin Street on Friday, March 21.
imperfections of family. Though the movie      “Bruce Almighty,” and the same humor                 According to, the groups’ styles, such
is humorous (it does have Steve Carell),       that currently carries the Emmy award                as pop/singer songwriter, funk and hip-hop, inspire
there is an underlying theme of honesty        winning sitcom “The Office.”                         their music. Showtime starts at 11 p.m. and tickets are
present throughout the story. The viewers               There are many reasons to watch             $7 at the door. If you miss them at Soul Kitchen, The
find themselves seeing their own family’s      “Dan in Real Life.” Whether it is for a              Uglistick will be performing at Bluegill Restaurant on
quirks and imperfections in the family on      laugh, a date or just to be entertained; the         Battleship Parkway by the bay on Sunday, March 23.
screen.                                        movie, much like Steve Carell, does it all.          Showtime starts at 5:30 p.m. and it is free to get in.

 Telemarketers are now targeting cell phones
 By Mallory Lindsly                                               After entering in your 10-digit phone
 Life & Culture Editor                                    number, the pre-recording states that, “in 31
          Over the past few weeks, some Spring Hill       days most telemarketers will no longer call
 students may have realized that they are receiving       you.” However, if any telemarketers do call
 calls from telemarketers on their cell phones. This is   you, one can file a complaint through 1-888-
 because telemarketers are now allowed to solicit cell    383-1222 or When filing a
 phones.                                                  complaint, make sure to have the company name
          However, many students do not wish to be        or phone number.
 disturbed during their naps with these unnecessary               According to, “The testimony,
 phone calls, so the Federal Trade Commission, FTC,       when the registry was developed, the
 decided to make a web site and telephone number to       Commission adopted a five-year re-registration
 add a cell number to a “do not call list.”               mechanism and said that the list – which now
          The telephone number can be accessed            contains more than 145 million phone numbers
 through 1-888-383-1222 and is offered in two different   – would be periodically purged of disconnected
 languages, English and Spanish. On this automated        or reassigned numbers. This was done to ensure
 phone message, the recording says, “You must be          that the registry was as accurate as possible.”
 calling from the number you want to register, if you             Make sure to register your cell phone
 are not you please call back from that number or you     number soon so the next time you are taking a
 may register by using our Web site by going to www.      nap between classes a telemarketer will not call Photo Courtesy of Remember you are registering for          you to sell you indestructible plastic containers.
                                                                                                             Taking the right precautions will save valuable
 everyone in your household who uses this number.”
                                                                                                             cell-phone minutes.
CULTURE                                                                                     Wednesday, March 19, 2008 The SpringHillian                     13
One-Acts from page 11                                                                    Bubble from page 11

order to emphasize the hilarity of sexual adventures. Stoves stays in his arm                       The bubble keeps the inside in just as well as it keeps
chair for most of the act as Junius attempts to get his attention with her large           the outside out. We are a pretty self-sufficient community
belly as it protrudes from under a black and white flowered shirt. As Stoves               here at Spring Hill College. A substantial number of students
remains preoccupied with a book that he is reading, Junius continually walks               live on campus, which means that we have a lot of goods and
around talking about her view of “the problem.” However, the chemistry                     services available to us without leaving the boundaries of our
between both actors is what makes the play a success—as the scene heats up and             campus. For that reason, a car is relatively unnecessary for
Junius relates her tales of sexual adventures in the “black ghetto,” her excitement        coming to Spring Hill. To be honest, you don’t really have to
is caught up both in the rise of her tone, as well as her expression of intensity          use it that much. If you find you need a car for one reason or
and excitement as she gets caught up in the moment. Meanwhile, the audience                another, you’re practically guaranteed to have a friend that
watches Stoves, whose expression remains masked until her tale is complete;                you can mooch off of who has a car, and you might as well
suddenly, he grins in a mischievous way and relates how her sexual escapades               let someone else pay the $100 parking fee. In fact, you could
have turned him on. In perhaps the funniest scene of the play, Stoves proceeds to          survive without leaving campus for quite awhile. Observe:
act like a monkey before carrying Junius off stage in likeness to King Kong. The           food is available in the Caf., the Cloister, Java City, at the golf
audience remains laughing as the lights come up and the actors take their final            course, and in vending machines at all hours of the day and
bows.                                                                                      night; toilet paper can be permanently borrowed from any
        Both of the plays were equal in its comedic strains, particularly with the         number of locations; we have our own church, pool, gym,
expressions and tones of Junius and Stoves. Their chemistry was equally matched            library, apartment buildings and even golf course, along with
and created an effect that not only drew them together, but also drew in the audience.     Internet and TV aplenty, not to mention the movie showings;
        However, while the acting in the play is the majority of what the audience         we have a menagerie of cats, raccoons, and roosters; and any
sees, attention must be given to the director, without whom the play would have            school supplies or birthday presents you may need to purchase
never been performed quite as well as it was. Ryan Nocito directed this play for           can be found at the (admittedly overpriced) bookstore. I’m
a class he is taking this semester with Fr. Campbell, however, it is not the first         not saying it’s necessarily the most economic way to live, I’m
time he has been in the role of director. After running into Nocito, I was able to         just saying that you could do it. I wouldn’t suggest attempting
ask him a few questions regarding the directing of both plays. He was pleasantly           such a feat for an extended period of time, however: one
surprised to find that most people had taken a liking to “The Problem” over                of the documented side effects is cabin fever, and the only
“Sure Thing,” but as I pointed out I think that this was because the chemistry             prescription is getting off the Hill.
between Junius and Stoves stood out a lot more in “The Problem.” While this                         For some people, the Spring Hill bubble may be a good
event was the first time Nocito has directed “straight” plays—meaning non-                 thing, something that helps foster the tight-knit community
musical—he has directed musicals, particularly Footloose last summer with                  here at our little school. For others, the Spring Hill bubble is
his theatre company, which he and a friend started two years ago. However,                 an annoyance to be dealt with by spending as much time away
he much prefers working with plays such as “Sure Thing” and “The Problem”                  from school as possible. No matter how you feel about the
because he is able to deal directly with the actors and the script. Being his first        bubble at 4000 Dauphin Street, it’s here to stay. You might as
“straight” theatre event, “An Evening of One Acts” was performed on par with               well get used to it or else try to find some way around it. And
that of a professional who has been directing for years. The evening was one of            I wonder: do you think you could see the bubble from space if
enjoyment and the plays were spectacularly amusing.                                        you squint real hard?

 C a l e n d a r                                                                   o f                      E v e n t s
Date                                 Details                                  Time                                       Location
Thursday,	March	20,	2008              Lecture: Sharks!                         7	p.m.                                   Mobile	Public	Library,	West	Regional	
                                      John	Dindo                                                                        Branch
                                      free	admission

Thursday,	March	20,	2008              International Film Series:               7	p.m.                                   University	of	South	Alabama	Library,
                                      Einer	Trage	Des	Anderen	Last	                                                     Auditorium
                                      (Bear	Ye	One	Another’s	Burdens)
                                      Subtitles,	free	admision
Monday,	March	24,	2008                Jazz Jambalaya:                         6:30	p.m.                                Gulf	City	Lodge
                                      A	Tribute	to	Miles	Davis	featuring	Jer-                                          601	State	St.
                                      maine	English	Quintet,	members	$7	non-
                                      members	$10,	includes	jambalya	dinner
Tuesday,	March	25,	2008               Tuesday Cinema:                         6:45	p.m.                                Mobile	Public	Library.	Ben	May	Main	
                                      Avenue	Montaigne                                                                 Library
                                      free	admission
14    The SpringHillian Wednesday, March 19, 2008                                                           Sports
One on one with basketball coach Robert Thompson
By Justin Woodard                        Thompson. He is married to Alfreda. the reasons I got into coaching; I            given to me,” said Thompson. He
Sports Editor                            Talking about being away from his        wanted to have a positive impact on      added, “I have been blessed to coach
         The head coach of the men’s     family when on the road with the         the lives of others.” It is clear that   the sport I love for 16 years. I have
basketball team here at Spring Hill      basketball team, Thompson said,          Thompson takes great pride in his        spent nine years as a head coach
is a man who instills in his players     “First, you must have a coach’s wife job, and is a man of courage and             and seven years as an assistant. It
much more than just X’s and O’s.         or you cannot do this business. I        someone who has respect for others.      still seems like yesterday when I
He is a family man, and someone          am very thankful that my wife is                  Coach Thompson always           got my first break to make a living
who fits in with the religious and       supportive of my profession. I have      knew he wanted to be a basketball        doing something I love so much.”
close family society of Spring Hill      two boys who want dad home, but          coach, and there are so many                      There are four seniors that
College.                                 my wife does an outstanding job          different aspects of coaching, but       coach Thompson is going to lose
         Head coach Robert               explaining to the kids that daddy has he has one that he holds true to his        to graduation and who are all very
Thompson just finished up his fifth      an important job to accomplish.” It      heart. Thompson said, “My favorite       talented players, and the coach’s
season as the men’s basketball           does not appear that there is a better aspect of coaching is the on-the-floor     first recruiting class here at SHC.
coach, and he finished the year with     coach to be at a college like Spring     teaching. I get an extreme pleasure      Senior forward Noah Woolridge,
an impressive overall record of 19-      Hill who brings deep values to the       seeing the maturity of players develop   who scored over 1,300 points in
12. The men’s team made it to the        table like coach Thompson.               on and off the basketball court.”        his career, senior forward Cash
semifinals of the Gulf Coast Athletic              In 2003, Thompson became       Talking specifically about Spring Hill   Covington who scored over 1,200
Conference tournament before             the 13 head coach in the history of
                                                                                  College, Thompson said, “The thing I     points in his career, guard Rob
ending its season with a loss to No.4    the men’s basketball program here        love the most about coaching at SHC      Murray, and guard Hays Zieman are
LSU-Shreveport, whom the Badgers         at SHC. He said that he had always       is it gives me that opportunity. My      the four seniors who have played
had already upset earlier in the year.   wanted to be a head basketball           role has been to turn boys into men.     their last games in purple and white.
         Sometimes records and           coach someday but he added that his A challenge I take with pride.”               “It is going to be very difficult
numbers aren’t all that important,       decision wasn’t final until his junior            Coach Thompson seems            watching my four seniors graduate
and we should take a closer look         year of college.                                              to enjoy many       this season. These players have
at the gentleman behind the play         Oddly enough,                                                 aspects about       brought so much to our program.
calling, and the coaching of his         Thompson earned                                               the game of         They were my first recruiting class
team. Thompson is a man who              his Bachelor                                                  basketball,         and these guys were responsible
brings a lot more to the table than      of Science                                                    and teaches         for taking our team to the national
just standing on the sideline on         in Physical                                                   his players life    tournament during their tenure on
game day and leading the purple and      Education                                                     lessons through     campus,” Thompson said.
white.                                   from Belhaven                                                 the game as well.            Coach Thompson is truly
         A native of Tupelo, Miss.,      College, which                                                When talking        a joy to be around, and is always
he came to Spring Hill after four        is a conference                                               about instilling    there to support his guys. As seniors
years as head coach at Arkansas          foe of SHC.                                                   values within       graduate, and players develop their
Tech University. When asked why          He also played                                                his players, he     skills under coach Thompson, it will
he left Arkansas Tech to come            on Belhaven’s                                                 said, “I would      truly be a joy to watch all the new
coach at Spring Hill in 2003,            team when he         Photo Courtesy of like every player       talent he brings in and the teams
Thompson said, “Pretty simple.           was in college.      Head Coach Robert Thompson.              to learn that       he develops here at Spring Hill
I was fired because I did not win        Thompson said                                                 life is about       College. Thompson said, “I think it
enough basketball games, something       that his coach at Belhaven, Leannie      decisions and those decisions effect     is an awesome honor to put a group
that is very common in any level         Acuff, inspired him to do what he        not only you but the people around       of people together with different
of athletics.” Thompson added,           does today. “Coach Acuff really          you and it is very important to treat    personalities, motives, and gifts
“However, looking back, it was the       inspired me to be the best I could       everyone the way you would want          on the same floor. Although they
best thing that ever happened to me.     be. He also gave me the opportunity to be treated.” Not only on the court         have their differences, the players
I now realize that God had better        to reflect on my life and see who        do these values help his players, but    are pursuing a common goal.”
plans for me and I am so grateful.”      and what influenced me the most,”        Thompson also wants his players          Thompson continued to comment on
You get a sense of a straight line       Thompson said. Coach reflected for to view him as a role model and a              the subject and said, “It is the thrill
shot with coach Thompson. On the         a moment and said, “That answer          type of person who they can talk to      I receive at the end of each season.
sidelines, he fights for his players     was simple, the coach. A coach has       as a friend and mentor. Thompson         I ask myself at the end of every
if he thinks the referee missed a        always influenced me in a way of         added, “These simple values teach        year: Did this team work toward a
call, he is constantly emphasizing       how to live my life, whether it was      responsibilities, respect for others,    common denominator, to be one?”
team basketball and he is a coach        positive---things I should be doing      commitment and the responsibility                 A season ends, and now a
who clearly has a great head on his      or negative---things I shouldn’t be      of services.”                            new one will begin. You now have
shoulders.                               doing. A coach has been the one to                “I enjoy every moment           more insight to the man calling the
         Thompson has two boys, 10-      encourage me when I needed to be         I can talking about the game of          shots for the men’s basketball team,
year-old Joshua Cordell Thompson         encouraged and scolded me when           basketball and I am truly grateful       your head coach, Robert Thompson.
and 5-year-old Justin Lydell             I needed to be scolded. Those are        for the blessings the good Lord has
Tournament time: Do Justin and Devin have it right?
                                                                                                            Wednesday, March 19, 2008 The SpringHillian                          15

                           D/J-	UNC                                                                                                                  D/J-	Memphis

                                             D/J-	UNC                                                                                 D/J-	Memphis

                          D-	Arkansas                                                                                                                 D-	Miss.	St.
                          J-	Indiana                                                                                  D-Memphis
                                                                                                                                                      J-	Oregon
                                                               D/J-	UNC                                               J-Pittsburgh
                        D/J-	Notre	Dame                                                                                                               J-	Mich.	St.
                                           D-	Wash.	St.                                                                               D-Temple
                                           J-Notre	Dame                                                                               J-Pittsburgh
                          D/J-	Wash.	St.                                                                                                             D/J-	Pittsburgh
                                                                               D/J-	UNC                   J-Texas
                         D-	St.	Joes                                                                                                                  D-	Marquette
                         J-	Oklahoma                                                                                                                  J-	Kentucky
                                                                                                                                      D-	Marquette
                                           D/J-	Louisville                                   D-	Memphis                               J-Stanford
                                                                                             J-	UCLA
                        D/J-	Louisville                                                                                                                D-	Cornell
                                                             D/J-Louisville                                           D/J-	Texas
                                                                                                                                                       D-	St.	Mary’s
                          D/J-	Butler                                                                                                                  J-Miami
                                           D/J-	Tennessee                                                                              D/J-	Texas

                         D/J-	Tennessee                                                                                                                D/J-	Texas

  D/J-	Mt.	St.	Mary’s                                                                       D-	Memphis
                                                                                            J-	UNC

                          D/J-	Kansas                                                                                                                 D/J-	UCLA
                                                                                                                                       D-	BYU
                                            D/J-	Kansas                                                                                J-	UCLA
                          D/J-	UNLV                                                                                                                   D-BYU
                                                                                                                      D-	UConn                        J-Texas	A&M
                                                              D/J-	Kansas                                             J-	UCLA
                          D-Villanova                                                                                                                D-	Drake
                                                                                            D-	G-town
                          J-Clemson                                                                                                                  J-	West.	Kentucky
                                            D-	Vandy                                        J-	UNC
                                            J-	Clemson                                                                                D/J-	UConn
                           D/J-	Vandy                                                                                                                 D/J-	UConn
                                                                                                          D-	UConn
                                                                              D/J-	G-town                 J-	UCLA
                                                                                                                                                      D-	Purdue
                           D/J-	USC                                                                                                                   J-	Baylor
                                            J-	Wisconsin                                                                              D/J-	Xavier

                         D/J-	Wisconsin                                                                                                               D/J-	Xavier
                                                             D/J-	G-town                                              D/J-	Xavier
                                                                                                                                                      D-	West	Va.
                         D/J-	Davidson                                                                                                                J-	Arizona
                                                                                    Bracket Courtesy of                       D-	West	Va.
                                             D/J-	G-town                                                                               J-	Duke
                                                                                          D= Devin’s Picks
                          D/J-	G-town                                                                                                                 D/J-	Duke
                                                                                          J= Justin’s picks

Men’s tennis picks up first win, women win four of five
By Devin Golden                                                                 The men’s team was shutout 9-0 on                    final two decisions.
Sports Writer                                                           March 14 in a conference match against Xavier                          In the next conference match, the
        Over the weekend, the men’s tennis                              University of New Orleans. The men’s team also               women won by a 7-2 decision over Belhaven
team (1-8, 1-3 GCAC) picked up its first win                            lost on March 12 to LeTourneau University by a               College. Angelle and Malone won the second
of the season in a conference match, while the                          score of 8-1, and lost to Transylvania University            doubles match and Fritscher and Tovar won
women (6-3, 2-2 GCAC) won four out of five                              by a score of 7-2.                                           the third match to take a 2-1 lead. Spring Hill
matches last week, including splitting two GCAC                                 The Lady Badgers lost a hard fought                  dropped the first singles match, but won the next
matches.                                                                conference match to Xavier University of New                 five to earn a dominating conference victory.
        The men’s team picked up a win over                             Orleans by the score of 5-4. The Lady Badgers                         The women’s team defeated both
Belhaven College by the score of 7-2 on                                 won two of the three doubles matches as Abbey                LeTourneau University and Transylvania
Saturday. In doubles action, Evan Davis and                             Angelle and Paige Malone won the second match,               University by the score of 9-0 last week, and won
Brendan Gallagher picked up a win in the first                          while Lynne Fritscher and Alex Tovar won the                 8-1 against University of Montevallo.
match, and Nick Rayburn and Johnny Ngamvilay                            third doubles match. In singles action though,                        Both teams will battle conference foe
won the third match. In singles action, the                             Xavier won four straight matches until Fritscher             Xavier University of New Orleans at the Mobile
Badgers won five of the six matches.                                    and Tovar salvaged a 5-4 loss by winning the                 Tennis Center on March 20 beginning at 2 p.m.
16     The SpringHillian Wednesday, March 19, 2008                                                                Sports
The baseball team sweeps season series against Tougaloo
By Justin Woodard                                                    Freshman pitcher Jonathan Poyner got          Third baseman Brad Holstein and right fielder
Sports Editor                                               the start for the Badgers, and lasted three innings, Blake Nelson both had three hits in the game.
         Spring Hill’s baseball team (10-21, 6-14           gave up six hits, and just three earned runs.                  The Badgers finished up the season series
GCAC) dropped a non-conference game versus                  Untimely errors were costly for the Badgers.           with Tougaloo on Saturday afternoon and won
Lyon College on Monday night by a score of                           In the weekend series against Tougaloo,       both games by the scores of 6-0 and 8-3.
10-0. The Badger baseball team took all four                the Badgers broke a five-game losing streak with               In the first game on Saturday, junior Matt
games from Tougaloo College over the weekend,               a victory in the doubleheader against Tougaloo         Hasley (1-3) pitched a complete-game one-hit
capping off a sweep of the season six game series           College by the scores of 9-1 and 17-1 on Friday        shutout. Hasley gave up just two walks and
with the Bulldogs.                                          afternoon.                                             struck out seven batters. Stewart collected three
         On Monday night, in the game against the                    In the first game, which was                                   hits, including two doubles and
Lyon College Scots, the game ended after seven              a make-up game of a rainout from                                        two RBIs. Fellow teammates,
innings because of the ten-run rule. The Badgers            earlier in the season, center fielder                                   shortstop Nelson and second
failed to record a hit in the entire game, and the          Ryan Hall tied a school record                                          baseman Tom Connors, each
Scots starting pitcher, Brain Carr, struck out 11           with seven RBIs off of three hits.                                      added two hits to the Badgers
batters in six innings of work. The Scots right             Left fielder Sam Stewart added                                          offense with Connors having a
fielder, Zac Wallace, went a perfect five for five at       to the Badger offense with three                                        RBI. Third baseman Holstein also
the plate and scored three times.                           hits including a solo homerun.                                          had two RBIs for the game.
                                                                      Sophomore Nick Clapper                                                 The second game saw

                                                                      (3-3) pitched his third                                       junior Michael Bouche (1-2) pitch
                                                                      complete game of the          Photo by Rebekah Newhouse         six innings and allow two earned
                                                                      year, while ringing up        Ryan Hall ties school record. runs with two walks and five
 TEAM    DATE            OPPONENT                    SITE             eight Bulldog hitters on                                        strikeouts. Stewart matched his
  MT     Mar 20      Xavier Univ. (GCAC)        Mobile Tennis         strikeouts and gave up only one unearned efforts of the first game with another three hits.
                                                                      run.                                         Center fielder Hall and second baseman Lucas
  WT     Mar 20      Xavier Univ. (GCAC)        Mobile Tennis
                                                                               The second game lasted just five    Dobson each added two hits to Badger onslaught
  SB     Mar 20      William Carey (GCAC)      Hattiesburg, Miss.
                                                                      innings as SHC starter Taylor Chadick        of Tougaloo.
  SB     Mar 20      William Carey (GCAC)      Hattiesburg, Miss.
                                                                      (3-3) collected his second complete game             Sping Hill travels to Shreveport, La.,
  SB     Mar 21    Olivet Nazarene Univ.              SHC
                                                                      of the season, allowing just one unearned this weekend to play LSU-Shreveport (20-8, 14-
  SB     Mar 21    Olivert Nazarene Univ.             SHC             run off two hits and mowed down the          5 GCAC) in a three-game series beginning on
  MB     Mar 21   LSU-Shreveport (GCAC)         Shreveport, La.       Bulldog hitters with nine strikeouts.        Friday and wrapping up on Saturday.
  SB     Mar 22     Thomas Univ. (Ga.)         Thomasville, Ga.
  MB     Mar 22   LSU-Shreveport (GCAC)         Shreveport, La.    Softball team wins both games on Monday
  SB     Mar 22     Thomas Univ. (Ga.)         Thomasville, Ga.     By Devin Golden                                    and drove in the only run of the game. The
                                                                    Sports Writer                                      final game on Saturday saw the Lady Badgers
                                                                          The Spring Hill softball team (13-10,        fall 8-1 to St. Gregory’s University.
                              KEY                                  1-1 GCAC) won two of six games at the                        On Sunday, the Lady Badgers fell to
WT- Women’s Tennis                         SB- Softball            Gulf Coast Invitational in Orange Beach, but        the No. 1 ranked Oklahoma City University
MB- Men’s Baseball                         MT- Men’s Tennis        rebounded to win both games of a Monday             by the score of 3-0 at the Invitational. Lauren
                                                                   doubleheader against Oklahoma Baptist               Herrera (1-5) pitched well against the top-
                                                                   University.                                         ranked team and went the entire game but

                                                                          The first two games of the invitational      took the loss as the Lady Badgers could not
                                                                  were on Friday as the Lady Badgers fell to           manufacture any runs.
                                                                  Columbia College (Mo.) and Shorter College                   On Monday, the Lady Badgers pulled
                                                                  (Ga.) by a score of 5-1.                             off a doubleheader sweep of Oklahoma
 TEAM       DATE            OPPONENT             OUTCOME
                                                                          The first game on Saturday saw the           Baptist University. In the first game, Herrera
  SB        Mar 17        Oklahoma-Baptist         W: 5-1
                                                                  Lady Badgers destroy Thomas University               drove in the winning run in the bottom of the
  MB        Mar 17          Lyon College           L: 10-0        (Ga.) by a score of 8-0 in five innings.             seventh inning on a single to give the Lady
  SB        Mar 17       Oklahoma Baptist          W: 3-2         Samantha Brooks pitched a complete game              Badgers a 3-2 victory. Abate (4-0) picked up
  SB        Mar 16        Oklahoma City            L: 3-0         shutout for the Lady Badgers while allowing          the complete game win. In the second game,
  SB        Mar 15         St. Gregory’s           L: 8-1         three hits in the contest and striking out six. At   the Lady Badgers continued with their solid
  MB        Mar 16       Tougaloo (GCAC)           W: 8-3         the plate, Lauren Herrera drove in three runs        pitching as Brooks (8-4) did not allow an
  WT        Mar 15       Belhaven (GCAC)           W: 7-2         to lead the offensive charge.                        earned run in a 5-1 win.
  MT        Mar 15       Belhaven (GCAC)           W: 7-2
                                                                          In the next game of the Invitational,                The Lady Badgers next face
                                                                  the Lady Badgers picked up a 1-0 win behind          conference foe WIlliam Carey University
  SB        Mar 15       Oklahoma Baptist          W: 1-0
                                                                  the arm and bat of Brittany Abate, who               in a doubleheader in Hattiesburg, Miss., on
  MB        Mar 15       Tougaloo (GCAC)           W: 6-0
                                                                  pitched a complete game shutout, had two hits        Thursday beginning at 4 p.m.

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