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           About Australia’s Gold Coast
The Gold Coast is Australia’s most loved holiday destination. Millions of visitors
come here every year from around the world to enjoy its unique combination of
sun-drenched beaches, lush sub-tropical rain forests, mountains and valleys of
the hinterland.

With a pleasant sub-tropical climate all year round, this beautiful coastline offers
spectacular patrolled surf beaches, international golf courses, theme parks, duty
free shopping, casinos, fine dining, exciting nightlife, subtropical rainforests and

The Gold Coast is also Australia's leading theme park capital where the whole
family can have fun at award-winning Dreamworld, Warner Bros Movie World,
Sea World and Wet'n'Wild Water Park.

And just a 30-minute drive from the beachfront, the Hinterland offers
bushwalking, abseiling, 4WD tours and mountain biking in more than 24
national parks, nature reserves and World Heritage Listed               Gondwana
subtropical rainforests, including Lamington National Park, Springbrook National
Park, Tamborine National Park and Mount Barney National Park.

SunMore Holidays website has listings for many luxury holiday apartments on
the Gold Coast, where all you want in a holiday is at your doorstep, all year

           Reasons As To Why Gold Coast Is
                The Best Family Holiday

There are several reasons why Gold Coast holiday is the best place for a family
holiday. Few of the reasons are given below:

Tropical climate

Gold Coast is a beautiful region that is
located in Queensland Australia. Certain
parts of Gold Coasts are heritage sights
apart from being a surfer's paradise, having
the best in class tourist avenues and food.
Anyone who loves the sun, the sand and the
sea will surely love the Gold Coast.

The main reason for this is the pleasant temperature in Gold Coast, which
makes it the perfect place to relax. The Gold Coast has plenty of sunshine all
year round as it has a sub tropical climate. The temperatures in summer range
from 19 to 29 degree Celsius and the winter temperature ranges between 9 and
21 degree Celsius.

Lip smacking food

When you visit the Gold Coast you will not be disappointed with the dining
options that are available. You can choose from amazing international cuisines.

The most popular foods in the Gold Coast are the seafood and Spanish
delicacies. Nonetheless there are other delicacies like BBQ, Thai or Chinese
delicacies that can be enjoyed.

Spa treatment

Holiday maker will also be able to get back into a health regime with the help of
professional spa treatments. Tourists can rejuvenate themselves away from
their busy lives and local government of Gold Coast has been promoting
medical tourism. One would be able to enjoy the spa treatments as well as
explore the tranquil sights of places such as hinterland.

You would be able to avail the best spa treatments through the spa hotels on
the Gold Coast. There are several treatments that are offered to heal the body,
mind and the soul. Some of the most popular treatments among the tourists
are the mineral based spa, scented spa treatments and oil based spa

Theme Parks

The variety of theme parks is one of the biggest draw cards to the Gold Coast. A
family can visit different theme parks every day and spend their whole week at
Dreamworld, Sea World, Warner Bros.

         How To Choose The Right Gold Coast

                                        You can make sure that your trip gets
                                        off to a great start by finding the
                                        perfect accommodation for your Gold
                                        Coast holiday. There is a huge range of
                                        Gold Coast accommodation for you
                                        to choose from depending on your
                                        budget and the services that you will

You can be sure that you will be able to find the perfect Gold Coast
accommodation regardless of whether you are travelling with a large family
group or a small group of friends.

The benefits of staying at Gold Coast accommodation

When you are on a holiday, choosing the right Gold Coast accommodation can
provide a great deal of adaptability. The option of self catering can be a great
cash saving opportunity if you are holidaying with a large family group. This
will also help accommodate kids who are fussy eaters. One of the other
advantages is that the kids will have the space to do their own things and the
parents would be able to unwind.

You   would    be   able   to   find   the   perfect   compromise   in   Gold   Coast
accommodation if you are travelling with a small group of friends and looking
to have privacy but still want to be in one place together. Most of the
apartments will have individual rooms with a common area where friends can
gather for meals or drinks.

Booking an apartment

The booking process of an apartment is similar to booking a hotel room. You
can either make use of the services of a good travel agent or you can even go
online and book your apartments. You would be able to deal directly with the
owner or the manager of the apartment if you book your apartment online or
you can choose to go with using a specialist travel site that would be able to
book Gold Coast accommodation for you. One of the other options that you
have got is to speak to family members or friends who have recently visited the
Gold Coast and see if they suggest any particular accommodation where they
have stayed.

Although there are several accommodation that you can choose from, if you are
looking for a great deal of flexibility and if you are looking for extra space to
accommodate your large family, it is best that you choose Gold Coast
apartments. These apartments will be a great place from which you will be able
to explore the area and make the most of the various local attractions.

              Find Family Friendly Gold Coast

These days Gold Coast has become a favorite vacation spot for families as there
are several theme parks and amusement parks for children of every age. This is
not the only reason as to why Gold Coast holidays have become so popular.

Gold Coast has become the perfect destination for families because of the
family friendly accommodation together with the beaches, surfing destinations,
fishing, mountains, caves, sporting events, skate parks and playgrounds.

A great family activity

There are several tourists attractions in the Gold Coast but the most popular
are the beaches. The best way to spend any day on the Gold Coast is at the
beach. Though enough entertainment will be provided by the sun, surf and
sand, if you want to make sure that your kids are exhausted by the end of the
day; you can hire a board or go for surfing lessons. Once you arrive at the
beach, it is very easy to spot a local surfing school.

Theme parks

Individuals who are travelling to the Gold Coast are really lucky as there are
several family-friendly as well as kid friendly attractions in the city. The tourist
attractions in the Gold Coast cater to all ages and interests. There are several
theme parks like Warner Bros. Movie World, Whitewater World, and
Dreamworld for kids and for those who are kids at heart. You can also take
your kids to Ripley's Believe It Or Not, Infinity, and Drax 4 Kids.

If you are an individual who likes adventure then you could go to an Adventure
Park, Bungy Jump, and Fly Coaster. There are even several wild life parks in
the Gold Coast area, so if you are a nature lover you can go to the several
wildlife parks that are close to your Gold Coast accommodation. There are
many more family oriented attractions that you and your family can visit on
your trip to the Gold Coast. One of the other reasons to travel to the Gold Coast
is the different festivals in the city.

Family friendly accommodation

One of the other things that highlight the stay of a family and their experience
in the Gold Coast is the accommodation. The Gold Coast is popular for its
accommodation, which has a breath taking view of the beach. There are several
accommodation that are available in the Gold Coast, but one of the best
options for a large family is the apartments that one can find in popular

                   How To Find Gold Coast

                                           You will find some of Australia's finest
                                           beaches and a range of Gold Coast
                                           resort accommodation to holiday at the
                                           Gold Coast Holiday House which has a
                                           coastline stretch of 73 km in south east

These resorts provide easy access to all the nearby beaches, entertainment,
shops, parks, nightlife and restaurants, and are perfect for individuals who
want the best facilities and accommodation.

About the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast has become a really popular holiday destination for families
from around the world because of the countless beaches you can find. There
are several reasons the Gold Coast has become a popular holiday destination,
the Gold Coast is located in the south of Queensland's capital Brisbane which
is a picturesque location which is very close to the beach and it also boasts
great weather all year round. There are several things that a family can do
when they are on a trip to the Gold Coast. If you are travelling with kids you
can go to Seaworld or Movieworld on the Gold Coast. The Gold Coast even has
opportunities for people who are fond of shopping, visiting fine dining
restaurants and taking in the nightlife.

What exactly is resorts accommodation?

Apart from the basic hotel facilities that most of the hotels contain, Gold Coast
Hotel accommodation provides several more onsite facilities such as salons,
health clubs, restaurants, shops, entertainment venues, spas and many more.
You can choose from different resorts depending on whether you are going with
your family, friends or if you are looking for a luxury holiday.

How to find the right Gold Coast accommodation

If you are a person who is trying to have a fun filled holiday with your kids then
staying at a resort that provides facilities for kids is a great option. The
facilities that are provided by these resorts will include kids pool, kids
entertainment facilities and also child minding facilities if you would like to
explore the Gold Coast by yourself.

If you are holidaying with your friends then you can find resorts that you can
stay where you can enjoy a couple of drinks, fine dining and even nightlife, and
which has easy access to shops, spas and several other facilities.

One of the other options that couples who are on a weekend break and want
something a bit more indulgent is the luxury Gold Coast accommodation. No
matter what kind of individual you are you can be sure that you will find Gold
Coast accommodation that suits you.

        How To Find Last Minute Gold Coast

                                       If you are looking to take a break from
                                       your hectic lifestyle and planning for a
                                       holiday, you can find some really good
                                       deals by choosing last minute Gold
                                       Coast accommodation. If you want to
                                       find the perfect holiday for you, then
                                       you must have a clear idea of what you
                                       want    during   your    holiday,   what
attractions you are planning to visit and what activities you would like to
partake in, and the accommodation that would best fit you. The Gold Coast
has become a popular option for holiday goers as it is really close to the
beaches and also has a wide range of attractions and activities which entertain
both the young and the old.

Find last minute Gold Coast accommodation

One of the most popular options for people who are looking for last minute
holiday accommodation is the internet. You would be able to find great
accommodation at amazing prices either by making use of a travel specific
search site or going directly to the provider. One of the other options that are
available is making use of the services of a travel agency that specialises in
finding great deals for vacations and accommodation. These travel agents will
have access to options that are not available to the general public and they
could easily locate an accommodation that suits your needs.

             Choosing Accommodation: What To
                       Look For?

There are several crucial things that you have to look out for when you are
choosing your Gold Coast accommodation. The very first point that you have
to analyze is whether you are planning a romantic weekend with a couple or if
you are planning for a nice fun filled weekend with family or friends.

If you are looking for a romantic getaway,
then you need to choose accommodation
that has stylish rooms, quality restaurants,
and    several   other      creature   comforts.
Alternatively if you are planning a weekend
with kids then choose an accommodation
that is close to the beach and many other
kid friendly attractions.

It is crucial that you take time to consider what you exactly want from your
accommodation as there are several options for accommodation when you are
in the Gold Coast. If you are going with your family and kids then it would be a
good idea to look for accommodation that is close to the kids' attractions such
as SeaWorld and other theme parks. However if you are going with friends
choose an accommodation that is close to the beach and restaurants and other
popular night spots.

          Find Out More About The Different
            Holiday Packages For Family

                                           Most     families    plan    ahead   for   a
                                           vacation in order to get the best Gold
                                           Coast holiday packages as they are
                                           really    expensive.        Though    most
                                           people choose to stay at a hotel or a
                                           resort, if you are a group of four or
                                           more,     then      you   could   consider
staying at an apartment or a motel that offers two bedroom apartments at
reasonable rates.

There are several Gold Coast holiday packages that provide free extra nights
for a minimum stay of two or more nights. This offer would be really good for
families who plan on exploring all of the sights of the Gold Coast like the
beaches, the theme parks and Hinterlands.

There are some accommodations in Gold Coast that allow small children to
stay for free. It is important that you enquire at the time of booking and at the
time of reservation to determine the age limit and the other conditions for the
free accommodation. Most of the hotels in the Gold Coast will have some kind
of arrangements with tour operators and provide concessional rates for
common tourist attractions such as theme parks, the Hinterland, the beaches
and several other attractions.

Guests can even avail special discounts for large groups and can also get
special passes to multiple theme parks. You can even avail these optional tours
at the time of booking or at the time of your arrival.

There are several places that you can visit in the Gold Coast, below are a few of

Beaches: One of the main attractions of the Gold Coast is the numerous
beaches that lead up to sparkling blue waters. The Gold Coast is a warm
climate almost throughout the year and this drives locals as well as tourists to
spend time at the beachside, just sitting back and relaxing.

There are even several restaurants that one can dine in or they can even
spread a picnic. Some of the famous beaches of the Gold Coast include the
Main Beach, Broad Beach, Surfers Paradise, Palm Beach and Burleigh Heads.

Theme Parks: There are several theme parks that both kids as well as adults
can enjoy. One can enjoy thrilling rides, amazing animal displays and
spectacular shows at the theme parks found in the Gold Coast. The main
attractions include SeaWorld, Warner Bros Movie World, and the Wet ‘N’ Wild
Water World. Most of the kids will love the Warner

Brother's movie-based rides and shows. One day is not enough to see all the
sights and sounds of the Gold Coast.

                Choosing The Right Gold Coast

There are several reasons as to why
the Gold Coast is extremely popular
amongst tourists. Some people love
the sun, the surf and the fascinating
Hinterland.    Some   of   the   other
attractions include the theme parks,
the restaurants, shops, resorts and

When one visits the Gold Coast they will have to choose from the huge list of
activities. Choosing the right accommodation will greatly help your holiday.
You should take some time to assess the different holiday accommodation
that is available for you as there are several to choose from like apartments,
houses, condos, flats or resorts.

Types of accommodation available in the Gold Coast are:

These are not the only options for accommodation that are available.

There are a full range of places where you can stay which will challenge your
imagination. Millions of tourists flock to the Gold Coast every year for a one day
or a weeklong trip.

There are several people who enjoy gaming, entertainment and the restaurants
that are found in Jupiter's casino on the Gold Coast. There are even several
people who come to attend trade exhibitions and business seminars. If you are
in for a business seminar or a trade exhibition then resorts would be your best

It would be a good idea to choose apartments near the beach if you are looking
to spend your time sunbathing or surfing. If you would like to enjoy the
fabulous beaches and dining out you could choose a simple accommodation
that is near to all the places that you would like to visit.

If you are a person who would like to bring along your family including your
kids then it would be a good idea to choose apartments that allow you freedom
to stretch your legs as well as cook for yourself. These apartments should also
be close to theme parks and the beaches.

If you are a person who is looking for luxury then there are several places in
the Gold Coast that offer you the luxury that you are looking for. There are
several fine dining restaurants, shops and clubs. You can choose resorts for a
luxurious stay in the Gold Coast.

These are many different types of accommodation that are available in the Gold
Coast for a person who is looking to spend his or her holiday.

            Seaworld Gold Coast: Non Stop Fun
                      And Excitement

The Gold Coast is a favorite holiday locations for local as well as foreign
travelers. No matter whether you are single, a couple, a family or a business
group, you can always find Gold Coast accommodation that is just perfect for

                                    A visit to the Gold Coast will include a trip
                                    to the beaches and the many different
                                    theme     parks   like   SeaWorld.   It   is   a
                                    renowned marine attraction that you can
                                    find in the Gold Coast and is packed with
                                    several animal displays, unique activities
                                    and thrilling rides for everyone in the

Some of the main attractions here at SeaWorld are:

Penguin Encounter: You will be able to see the King Penguins, the Fairy
Penguins and the Gentoo on rock formations and a crystal clear pool. You can
have the very best views through the elevated or the underwater viewing areas.
This is one of the only places where you can find all three types of penguins

Polar Bear Shores: Playful and adorable polar bear cubs move around in a
specially created environment which resembles the natural tundra habitat.
Visitors would be able to see these large animals as they explore their habitat
through the underwater windows.

Shark Bay: This is considered to be the world's largest man-made lagoon that
houses various species of sharks. There are two levels through which people
would be able to see these sharks, the above water level and the below water
level. This will help individuals experience coming face to face with real live
sharks, sting rays and other exotic tropical fish.

The other attractions at SeaWorld Gold Coast include a dolphin nursery, fairy
penguin point and the display area of rays. With their interactive exhibit of the
all animal display area, educational opportunities would be provided for kids as
well as the other guests.


Sea Viper: this is one of SeaWorld's latest versions of the rollercoaster which
sports a low profile carriage which blast through triple loop tracks.

Sesame Street Beach: You can be sure that your young ones will surely love the
rides in Sesame Street Beach. The rides here are inspired by the classic show
Sesame Street and all the rides here include characters from this show. The
Rides that you will be able to find here include Bert and Ernie’s Big Dive,
Oscar’s Sweep the Beach, Elmo’s Sea Subs, Big Bird Bounce, Zoe’s Sub Splash
and Cookie Monster’s Cup Carousel.

        How To Enjoy A Romantic Gold Coast

The greatest thing about romance is that it can transcend the years. Not only
would a young honeymoon couple choose the Gold Coast for a romantic
getaway but any couple regardless of the age would choose the same. Romance
is both ageless as well as timeless. The Gold Coast provides a one of a kind
Gold Coast accommodation for the young at heart.

It may be a wonderful sight to see
young kids playing and enjoying on
the Gold Coast but if you are looking
for privacy then it would be a really
good idea to choose a resort or a
retreat so that you would be able to
enjoy yourself as
a couple.

There are several reasons why thousands of couples flock to the Gold Coast for
the climate, shopping and dining. Also it is the 70 kilometers of glorious
beaches that have made the Gold Coast extremely popular amongst tourist. A
stroll with your partner early in the morning before the sunrise or before the
crowd arrives can be extremely romantic.

The Gold Coast has several areas

One can never restrict romance to anyone particular part of the Gold Coast. If
you are a person who is looking for great shops, restaurants and the like you
can visit places like the Broadbeach, Coolangatta, Burleigh Heads, Surfers
Paradise and Palm Beach. Most of the people think that the Gold Coast is just
a stunning beach front that has development along the coast. However most of
the people miss the fascinating lifestyle and views of the inland known as the
Hinterland. Staying a few days on the beach front and few days on the
Hinterlandwould be a great idea if you are planning for a romantic stay in the
Gold Coast. If you are a couple who is looking to break away from the activity
on the beach, then the accommodation in the Hinterland can be an ideal

Gold Coast is the perfect location for any young couple as well as any young at
heart couple to spend a romantic holiday.

Most of the accommodation that is available for couples on the Gold Coast has
amazing views. You could either enjoy the sunrise from a 25th floor or you
could enjoy the sunrise from a stunning cottage in the Hinterlands.

Gold Coast Attractions

In addition to the sun-drenched beaches, visitors to the Gold Coast can enjoy the
magnificent theme parks at Sea World, Dreamworld, Movie World, and Wet &
Wild. Visitors can also enjoy bushwalking, abseiling, 4WD tours and mountain
biking in nearby national parks, nature reserves and World Heritage listed
subtropical rainforests.

           The Different Accommodation Surfer's
                     Paradise Offers

One of the most popular beaches that you can find on the Gold Coast is the
Surfers' Paradise, popularly known as Surfers. One of the most important
things that you have to take into consideration when you are planning for Gold
Coast holiday in this popular location is the different types of accommodation
that are on offer.

                                              There are several different kinds
                                              of    accommodation      that    are
                                              available no matter whether you
                                              are going with a group of friends
                                              or with your family. There are
                                              plenty      of   accommodation    to
                                              choose from depending on your
                                              group and your budget.

All you need to know about Surfers

Surfers is located in the central location on Gold Coast in Queensland and is
also one of the most popular tourist locations. The close proximity to the
beach, shops and restaurants has made it a really popular destination amongst
both locals and foreign nationals who are looking for a getaway with great
weather and easy access to a lot of sun, sand and surf.

Accommodation available in Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise has mainly two kinds of accommodation, they are hotels and
apartments. Both types of accommodation have their own pros and cons.

Hotels – It would be a great idea to choose hotels if you are on a romantic
escape. It would provide a relaxing break as everything from room service to
planning local sight-seeing (including the beaches). Would be taken care of for
you. You can add something special to your vacation by choosing a hotel room
with a balcony and a great view. This would be perfect for a romantic setting if
you are celebrating an anniversary.

Apartments – this is an alternative to the conventional styles of a hotel room.
The best thing about this alternative is that it provides both flexibility as well
as self catering options. This option would be great if you have your family
along with you including your kids. The advantage of this alternative is that
you will be able to spread out your large group and also would be able to
prepare your own meals and you would also have the proximity to the beaches
and other attractions.

You will find that your option for accommodation is much broader when you
are planning your next holiday at Surfers Paradise. With its warm weather,
beautiful beaches and night life that are available, Surfers Paradise is a great
destination regardless of the type of holiday that you are looking for.

                 SunMore Takes Holiday
          Accommodation to a Whole New Level
           with the Introduction of the Executive
                     Holiday Home

While standard accommodation in a hotel can be great, there’s really nothing
that can compare to the benefits of staying in a luxurious holiday home. From
privacy to flexibility, the advantages are endless and SunMore Holidays has
just taken the concept of a holiday home to a whole new level with the
introduction of their new executive line.

Hotels can be great. After all, there’s no need to do much since everything is
taken care of. But, then there are the downsides, which can be quite
significant, especially when one is on holiday with their family.

For example, there’s nothing more annoying than waiting around for the
barbeque or a sun lounger when you have small children with you who barely
have the patience to sit still for a second. Then, trying to get the kids to fall
asleep when there’s a couple next door making enough noise to wake the dead.
And the list goes on.

However, none of these things will be an issue with SunMore’s executive
holiday homes. Not only are they value for money, since more than one family
or groups of friends can rent a single home and split the costs, they also offer a
beautiful ambience that is truly relaxing.

Strategically located in some of the Gold Coasts most lovely suburbs, only a few
minutes away from the beaches, restaurants, shopping centres and cafes,
these amazing holiday homes are truly fantastic.

The list of benefits provided by SunMore’s executive holiday homes continues
with luxurious surroundings, ample space, private pools, secure garages and
even a private jetty with some of the homes. Then there are those issues that
seem small but can be so pleasant like not having to carry shopping bags
through the parking lot and up to one’s hotel room or the need for a swipe card
to get to one’s car and more.

A holiday spent in a SunMore executive holiday home is a truly memorable
experience. After all, who can say no to a week or two away from the daily grind
spent in the lap of luxury in amazing homes on the stunning Gold Coast? All
one needs to do is kick back and enjoy the sunshine and a bit of well-deserved
relaxation in style at one of SunMore’s executive holiday homes.

For more information on SunMore Holidays and the executive holiday homes
available, please visit

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