Tallahassee Special Police by AmericanJustice



 The opinions in this article are based upon Rob Brayshaw and his supporter’s without
footnotes to this situation as they have all displayed or given as their own opinions.


 Federal Judge upholds Citizen’s Constitutional Right to post
  public information pertaining to Florida Police on the Web
       Tallahassee, June. 2010 (AN EDITORIAL)-- A website posting on
       Ratemycop.com contained vast quantities of “allegedly” personal public
       information regarding police officer Annette Pickett Garrett in Florida State. This
       posting can remain on the Internet after Federal Judge Richard Smoak upheld the
       legality of the posting on the Ratemycop.com website under the 1st Amendment.

       For the Third Time in Court Rulings, Rob Brayshaw, a Tallahassee Citizen, has
       emerged victorious from a groundless though very well-funded attack mounted by
       the City of Tallahassee and State Of Florida against him. In fact, this Run-Away
       Tallahassee Government Wasted Over $100,000.00 in the Tax Payers Money for
       two false criminal charges and defense of their use of an Unconstitutional 1972
       Statute of 843.17. It was Unconstitutional, Outdated and A Relic!

       Two False Criminal Charges of “publishing an address” were dismissed in a one
       year period during May 2008-April 2009 among three judges, three prosecutors
       and four public defenders funded by the tax payers that pay these public servants
       to work for us. This was in the Leon County Kangaroo Court that obviously
       lacked knowledge of the US Constitution and Bill Of Rights. These Police
       Officers, Prosecutors and Judges along with their Lap-dogs in Legislature are
       always hugging, kissing and holding hands while jumping off a cliff together like
       lemons’ with government obsession of secrecy pertaining to public information.
       May we remind you that WE LIVE IN THE SUNSHINE STATE WITH OPEN

       Infuriated by their inability to defeat Rob Brayshaw in court on false criminal
       charges, the cops and their cohorts in Tallahassee’s political establishment
actually had the nerve to refile the false charges again after dismissal. They
originally turned to the legislature for revenge against the public in 1972 with the
writing of the Unconstitutional Law 843.17 even at that time. This was before the
Internet, Florida Sunshine Laws, and Jury Member Lists of Names and Addresses.
Many Supreme Court Cases have obviously existed in 40 years for Free Speech
and Free Press Cases that would make the law completely relic and obsolete even
when it had unconstitutional First Amendment Flaws as written now in the
Internet Era of 2010 since 1972.

Joined by police unions from all across Florida State, the police have mounted a
massive lobbying campaign to help ram through a future ugly piece of custom-
tailored special-interest legislation during the next Legislation in Session in

In response to Brayshaw’s High courtroom victory,
   (and the lobbying of the cops), Florida State is
 sponsoring future legislation which would subvert
the Constitution, set aside the decision of the court,
     and establish Secret Police in Florida State.
The Tallahassee Police again want to sponsor legislation which would effectively
transform Florida’s law enforcement officers into shadowy Secret Police.

The future bill provision for a new Florida Statute of 843.17 would grant the
police unconstitutional benefits and special privileges; confer wholesale
immunity upon them; create exceptionally broad and should have been
previously non-existent as rights exclusively for their benefit; and further
expand their elite status relative to the common citizenry. None of these
newly-proposed rights would be afforded to any other citizens. To the
contrary-- each of these so-called rights would decimate vital, historically-
consecrated, Constitutionally-protected rights of common citizens.

Passage of this unconstitutional bill of Florida Statute 843.17 again would make a
complete mockery of the oath taken by Florida Police and Florida State
Legislators to uphold and defend the US Constitution. Already, a grass-roots
movement has sprung up by Brayshaw and his sponsors to ensure the defeat of
this future plan in the making for the next elections in the Florida Legislation to
defeat their plans. The Florida Police Benevolent Association stated that they
would try and craft another law for their members since the ruling will stand.

Unsuccessfully attempting to defend her assault on the Constitution, Annette
Garrett along with the Tallahassee Police and State Attorney’s Office of Willie
Meggs offered this wholly irrelevant and baseless statement, "You don't have a
First Amendment right to harass and intimidate." Don’t you work for citizens?
What these individuals pretend not to realize is that Mr. Brayshaw has revealed
NO demonstrable intent to harass or intimidate, notwithstanding the subjective
impression of the cops. Furthermore, (and this is the crux of the matter), it is
indefensible and unconstitutional to create any criminal or civil offense type of
law which is grounded solely on the unpredictable, irrational, emotional response
of vindictive officers to the completely benign and perfectly legal act of posting
on the Internet publicly-available information regarding government employees.

Constitutionally prohibited from legally defining Brayshaw’s activity as a
criminal offense, they are still attempting an end-run around the 1st Amendment
by inventing a brand-new criminal offense with some other law on the future
books. The unconstitutional bill would always allow any hypersensitive cop who
claimed to “feel intimidated” by the innocuous content of Brayshaw’s posting or
any other citizen. They would file unconstitutional criminal charges against
Brayshaw or any other Floridian in complete violation of any Citizen’s Free
Speech and Free Press by Trampling The First Amendment Of Our Constitution.

Tallahassee Police along with the State Attorney’s Office maneuver not only
defeats the express intent of the 1st Amendment, it neatly strips the suspect of
crucial Constitutional protections while at the same time permitting a conviction
to take place upon a much lower standard of proof. Even any Malicious Intent is
not based upon any “True Threat” based upon Constitutional preponderance not
protected by the First Amendment as already ruled in a Federal Court of Law.

For example, the 5th Amendment is applicable only to criminal, not civil
defendants. Compounding this disadvantage, the defendant in a civil trial is held
liable if it merely seems more likely than not that the alleged offense was
committed. On the other hand, guilt on the part of a criminal defendant must be
established beyond a reasonable doubt (a very difficult standard to meet). Rather
than the 98-100% certainty of guilt required for a criminal conviction, a civil
judgment only requires 51% certainty. For the False Charges of Rob Brayshaw,
there was not even a 50% Probable Cause with the False Arrest Warrant
written by Michael Edward Dilmore. Anyone could have made the posting
from a wireless internet service at a home that was protected by the First
Amendment and “did not constitutionally allow” any investigation by corrupt and
dirty cops involved in the investigation which was baseless, weak and deminimus.

Annette Garrett and Mike Dilmore (Along with all Tallahassee Officals Involved)
despicable subversion of the Constitution left any potential defendants in an
extremely weak position-- easy prey for the omnipotent State’s designated pinch-
hitters which was based on corruption of the actual facts and unconstitutional.

As Americans, we should not be required to care if ANYONE, let alone any
cop, feels intimidated or harmed when we engage in Constitutionally-
protected activity. If the activity itself is legal, we cannot and should not be
held responsible for anyone else’s subjective high emotional response to our
actions as a citizen. Police Officers certainly need a tougher skin than the
public citizens considering their line of work for handling what they do.

Without question, it is perfectly legal to post publicly-available information on the
Internet especially when Officers like Mike Dilmore and Annette Garrett place
such information in public domain for the world to see with their own websites.

Whether or not someone is alarmed or intimidated by that information, in the
absence of any threats, is not the responsibility or concern of the individual
posting the information. To hold otherwise is to defy rationality and cede control
of society to the emotional vagaries of specially selected individuals.

For all we know, Tallahassee Police Officers Annette Garrett or Mike Dilmore are
craven, sniveling cowards who would break down in tears if they suspected that
you wrote their name and phone number in a bathroom stall. If Tallahassee’s bill
passes, Garrett and Dilmore can arrest you again just for intimidating them and
these officers have less protection (not more than citizens) to the First
Amendment! They work for us and paid by tax payers dollars as public servants.

Another problem with this proposed law is the matter of intent for subjective
thought-policing. Absent a clear statement of intent from the suspect himself, it is
COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE to ascertain the motive of anyone who is doing
what Brayshaw did by merely posting any name, address or phone number as
American’s do everyday without any false arrest. Note that Brayshaw has never
issued any threats, nor encouraged his readers to engage in any illegal activities.
To the contrary-- he has consistently maintained that the website posting
represented a joke or an effort to humanize the cops and foster accountability
among their ranks by illustrating some of the innumerable characteristics they
share in common with the rest of society. Under these circumstances, how can
anyone who is not privy to Rob Brayshaw’s innermost unexpressed thoughts
determine whether the information was being posted in order to encourage police
accountability, or in order to intimidate the cops? However, intimidation is
certainly not a crime as declared as a matter of Federal Law in Federal Court .

What’s more, it’s exceedingly obvious that ANY serious attempt to foster
accountability with the ranks of police officers will INEVITABLY be
interpreted by the cops as intimidation or police harassment as a matter of
citizen rights. That being the case, are we required to refrain from all activities
which might possibly annoy any police officer, no matter how hypersensitive,
hypochondriacal, or paranoid? If Tallahassee’s future bill becomes law, no one
will dare take the risk. Law-abiding citizens will be dissuaded from exercising
their 1st Amendment freedoms out of fear that vindictive police officers, slavering
with eagerness to wield their newly-granted private censorial powers, will slap
them with false state-sanctioned criminal charges or lawsuits for any complaint.
Passage of Tallahassee’s bill will bring us under the nightmarish jurisdiction of
Orwell’s 1984, in which common citizens live in constant, mortal fear of being
accused of virtually-undefined thought-crimes. As in the novel, it will be nearly
impossible to mount any possible defense, because no means are available to
disprove the charges. What evidence can be used to disprove the allegation that an
impermissible thought was contemplated; or an undesired emotion was
engendered in another; or an otherwise acceptable action was undertaken for an
unacceptable reason? The presumptions are all in favor of the accuser, while the
defendant faces the futile task of proving a negative. Tallahassee has overthrown
the quintessential American doctrine, and replaced it with a perversion: Guilty
until proven innocent especially based on the low and corrupt police standards of
Officers like Annette Pickett Garrett (Badge #640) and Michael Edward Dilmore
(Badge #694) by attempting to use an Unconstitutional Florida Statute that didn’t
even apply to the “Constitutionally Protected Actions” of Rob Brayshaw.

Neither the City of Tallahassee nor their designated stand-ins should be permitted
to punish us for the entirely speculative possibility that we may be harboring
impermissible thoughts or acting upon unacceptable motives that proves nothing.

The citizens of Florida should respond to this outrage with a phrase that these
cops themselves have long used as an unofficial motto: This is America, you dirt
bags! If you don’t like it, move to China (as they act towards us with no privacy)!

Yet another problem with this bill is that it was written specifically to target
Brayshaw or any of the minorities protesting among local government’s wrongful
actions, while deliberately ignoring numerous other entities that engage in activity
that is indistinguishable from Brayshaw. As mentioned in the first article in this
series, Brayshaw obtained all the information on the website posting from a wide
variety of public sources, including internet court files, telephone books, and
government records. Additional information could have been obtained from
commercial information-brokerage firms for a small fee paid available to anyone.

However, under Tallahassee’s proposed law, NONE of the Public sources utilized
by Brayshaw in compiling his data for a posting would be exposed to any liability
or false criminal charges whatsoever. Brayshaw alone would be hung out to dry,
despite the fact that his activities are indistinguishable from the activities of the
officially acceptable commercial parties. This outcome conclusively reveals the
inherently despicable, arbitrary, and unfair nature of Tallahassee’s special-interest
legislation and self-serving police officers that don’t protect and serve.

Fortunately, Brayshaw, vows that he will not acquiesce to the imposition of this
indefensible law. Says Brayshaw, I will challenge that future bill in federal court
before the ink by the legislation dries if there’s any question of
unconstitutionality. This is with or without the support of the ACLU.
    Tallahassee Police Officer Annette Garrett stops at nothing
   in her frighteningly obsessive efforts to persecute Brayshaw.

     This all started based upon a petty and baseless trespass
   investigation while he was working as the property manager.
Officer Annette Garrett is the one Officer who’s claims failed suits against
Brayshaw for any criminal charges that were unconstitutional and baseless. She
originally and unsuccessfully sought a false trespassing charge and then also two
false criminal charges as misdemeanors from Brayshaw in recompense for
“alleged damages” caused to her by the website posting of having her name,
address and phone number republished as she displayed to the world already.

Presumably enraged by Brayshaw’s victory, Garrett was resorted to filing charges
again in favor of Tallahassee’s Unconstitutional Statute for the second time and it
was even outside of the Speedy Trial Period that had ended four months prior.

Annette Garrett basically made this emotional plea to the State Attorney’s Office:

"But when I take the uniform off and go home, I should be afforded the same
privileges and freedoms as everyone else, and have the right to feel safe."

Unfortunately, Annette Garrett’s Basic statement is typical of the specious drivel
spouted by many police officers. They consistently attempt to portray themselves
as selfless, put-upon martyrs in the service of some noble cause. It’s a transparent
ploy that fools none but the most gullible, willfully uninformed members of
society. Garrett’s false testimony in police reports regarding Rob Brayshaw
serves as an object lesson regarding the veracity of police testimony in general:
nine times out of ten, cops will swear to tell the truth, then lie with well-practiced
professionalism when they take the witness stand like criminals.

In reality, of course, this Unconstitutional Law would not grant police the same
privileges and freedoms as everyone else. As American citizens, the police
ALREADY possess the same privileges and freedoms as everyone else. In fact,
the cops already possess many ADDITIONAL privileges and freedoms which are
unavailable to anyone else, and which they do not deserve at all because some
cops are just plain dirty, dishonest and crooked to watch often on the news and in
the media. The Statute Garrett is lobbying for by using it as a criminal offense
would grant the cops yet another set of unique, undeserved special rights.

If Annette Garrett or Mike Dilmore were being truthful when they claim to want
the same rights and privileges as the rest of us, then of necessity they must either
be in favor of granting us additional rights, or of giving up some of their own
heightened rights as police officers. But as everyone knows, they are not in favor
of either option- their statements are merely a carefully calculated, dishonest
sound-bite. Clearly, Annette Garrett and Mike Dilmore’s TRUE objective is the
creation of a whole new package of special privileges formulated exclusively for
the cops in violations of the United States Constitution to trample on citizens.

Beyond the obvious falsity of Annette Garrett’s primary claim, what are we to
make of Garrett’s pathetic plea that she should have the right to feel safe?

Contrary to Garrett’s allegation, there is no such thing as the right to feel safe.

For example, none of us feel safe when flying on a commercial passenger plane.
And for good reason-- planes frequently crash, killing all their occupants. As
concerned citizens, what can we do? Our alleged right to feel safe is being
violated! Surely the airlines are breaking the law? Let’s throw them all in jail-- or
sue them, at least!

In reality, the airlines are neither culpable nor liable, because they have not
caused any actual harm. You have no right to punish them simply because you
don’t feel safe. Only if they actually cause you harm you can you expect them to
be punished with criminal charges and/or reasonably sued with a civil lawsuit and
that would be with good reason.

Similarly, your alleged right to feel safe, is violated every time you drive a car.
Driving a car is many times more dangerous than flying, and incalculably more
dangerous than being any police officer. Police are great at Propagandas for
making up problems that don’t even exist like an address re-published from the
phone books. But there’s no one you can legally sue, and no one is prosecuted,
because no harm has been done. It’s dangerous just stepping outside of one’s
own house everyday for being hit by a drunken citizen or even a law enforcement
officer like Sheriff David Harvey as an accident. We Citizens in Tallahassee have
unfortunately lost two Great Officers in the last ten years in a decade. Sergeant
Dale Green was killed during a burglary of doing his job. Michael Saunders was
unfortunately killed most recently by a drunk driver. These are two officers that
weren’t chasing addresses “re-published from the phone books”. The publishing
of any address of public record is obviously not the weapon deployed in the City.
While the deaths of these officers are a major tragedy, two officers lost doesn’t
seem very high for numbers in a ten year period for a police department that
employs over 350 at a time for the public. It would seem that selling Avon
Products would be equally as dangerous if not more dangerous for being out and
about in the City. The Florida Statute of 843.17 for criminal charges were
completely laughable. However, it’s also scary that these alleged “professionals”
that work for the citizens to protect and serve us as thugs with badges.

Simply put, there is no law that grants any American the right to feel safe. Florida
Statute 843.17 is a major false sense of security for anyone based on information
all ready all over the place on the internet in a digital world for 2010. This isn’t
1972 now when the dumb and poorly written law was written over 40 years ago
that didn’t contain any required threat in the writing of it by the Florida
Legislature making it Unconstitutional.

Just for the sake of argument, let’s pretend for a moment that Garrett’s invocation
of a right to feel safe wasn’t completely specious. If such a right truly existed,
what could we do to secure its fulfillment for Officer Annette Garrett or Officer
Mike Dilmore involved in the case for false criminal charges as declared in
Federal Court? It actually took three officers to come to court for an address.

Perhaps an armed police officer should be assigned to provide them with around-
the-clock protection for each of them? Having their address in the phone book is
a major threat. It’s been there for years and in the public domain as dangerous.

(Of course they deserve such “Special Police” protection as coddled officers,
even though it’s unavailable to any other citizens, because they are so Special and
Needy). (They should all be wearing Pink Snuggies as their new uniforms.)

How would you feel about that, Mr. Dilmore or Ms. Annette Garrett? Would an
armed police officer help to make you feel safe at home for the re-publishing of
your address by that of a citizen or even any commercial business?

Since that doesn’t exist now, it must be the civil duty of Rob Brayshaw and all
other Tallahassee Citizens to do a 24-hour patrol on your home daily. This is to
protect you and your family just because you have your address published in the
phone book and on the web that existed solely by your own actions of disclosure
to the public. This must put you in major danger with the phone books and other
directories while being a cop as a matter of public records in the public domain.

Oops, wait a minute.. You ARE an armed police officer! Highly experienced
Investigators even that should be exposed to run to and protect us as the citizens!

And yet even with your guns and equipment, and your allegedly extensive
training, and your supposedly well-honed instincts, and your virtually
instantaneous access to zealous and overwhelming backup and resources, and
your ability to dial 911 in case of emergencies, you still feel unsafe by the
publishing of your home addresses? Don’t people need it to find your address?

Then please tell us, Ms. Garrett and Mr. Dilmore, how the rest of us should feel,
who frequently have no access to any of your defensive assets. What about OUR
right to feel safe? Even on juries, you publish and Expose Every Citizen Address.

You park our tax payer’s vehicles in your driveways personally marking
yourselves as police officers to the public with personal advertising at home.

How are we to feel when we see hypocritical and egotistical self-serving cops
such as yourself lobbying for increased restrictions on handgun ownership? How
are we to feel when we must walk through a bad part of town bereft of the ability
to effectively defend ourselves against deadly force? How are we to feel when we
dial 911 for assistance and the cops do not show up until at least 45 minutes after
the violent crime has taken place? How are we to feel when we regularly see cops
convicted of all manner of felonies and violent crimes? How are we to feel when
we realize that such criminal cops are armed to the teeth, and that we would be
completely at their mercy if you and the police unions have your way? How are
we to feel when a cop like you, secure in the knowledge that he is virtually
immune from any accountability, unjustifiably treats us like crap? How are we to
feel when we realize that we have no reasonable and effective recourse for such
official mistreatment, not even-- should you and your ilk have your way-- the
ability to exercise our Constitutional rights under the 1st Amendment? Many of
us citizens don’t have family members nor ourselves are any “Black Belts” in the
martial arts like many police officers and their family members.

How are we to feel when we realize that YOU, Ms. Garrett and Mr. Mike
Dilmore, are one of the evil of Nazi types responsible for this unacceptable state
of affairs for attacking the tax payers that pay you that you work for and answer
to? You have less legal protections of major criticisms as a public servant as part
of your job than any other citizen as a matter of Federal Law and court decisions.
Also, When government and law enforcement compiles databases full of our
personal information don’t they always tell us citizens that only dishonest people
have anything to fear? Practice what you preach! The charges were laughable
and it’s even very scary that you call yourselves “professional” police officers that
serve and protect the public. Tallahassee police aren’t living up to high standards
based upon the death of a drug informant under their own watch and putting any
citizen in jail for the mere re-publishing of an address. Rob Brayshaw is certainly
entitled to his strongly-held opinions regarding the lack of care of Tallahassee
Police for their duty as sworn to uphold. Things could be done much better.

I’ll tell you how we feel, Dilmore and Garrett. We feel worried, scared, and
exceedingly angry. So leave us alone. If you are too scared to be a cop, find
yourself another job because the public should have open access to you. Do
not persist in these attempts to subvert the Constitution of the United States and
trample the Bill Of Rights to our Citizens.

Do Cops Deserve Special Rights in Violation of the First and Fourteenth


Garrett, Dilmore and their ilk must realize that Free Speech is the most legal and
least harmful means of expressing displeasure and dissents. If these despots
succeed in prohibiting Free Speech and Free Press, then those who oppose
their policies and actions may resort to other, less desirable means of
expressing their discontent which could cause serious problems for them
among the “Real Criminals”. Luckily for you, Rob Brayshaw isn’t a
criminal for approaching the situation with complaints and lawsuits for legal
avenues as a personal option and civil right. The people that you should
worry about are the “Real Criminals” that you could have possibly pushed
too far in your line of work by Trampling their Constitutional Rights without
any justification like your Unconstitutional Law of Florida Statute 843.17.
Rob and Stephanie Brayshaw definitely got pushed by the City Of
Tallahassee and The State because of the “Connected Network” that
tramples the “Supreme Law”. When every avenue of dissent is effectively
criminalized, the very outraged members of society for whom abject
submission to tyranny is not an option will feel little incentive to refrain from
violence. Just being mad and irate about Illegal, Wrongful and Poorly
Handled Tallahassee Police Officer Actions like the Brayshaw’s Family is
certainly not a crime at all by the citizens. Public Feedback is exactly what
improves a police officer’s poor and sorry job performances with complaints and
lawsuits as the only LEGAL RECOURSE. People have every right to file
complaints and lawsuits against another that feel legally wronged from and are
compelled to do so. Such patriots are not magically transformed by arbitrary,
unconstitutional legislative fiat into spineless marionettes content to swallow their
anger and follow the wrongful dictates of the State. Forget that! Far from it--
repression of Free Speech or Free Press will only lead to greater, if temporarily
better hidden, opposition to these authoritarian, Anti-American fascists.

Dissidents, realizing that they will be exposed to punishment no matter how slight
and inoffensive their rebellion, will perhaps feel justified in giving violent vent to
their rage, while damning the possible consequences with the police having the
lack of a Real Internal Affairs for Human Resources. They really are just a
joke as a cover-up to the Tallahassee cops that don’t do anything unless forced by
the public and the media like in the Rachel Hoffman Case. This is being written
as a protection to all of us as American Citizens because venting is always
important to everyone and very harmless. Anyone can be pushed and pushed too
far by City Unlawful, City Injustice.

We guess the people who print the phone books should all go to jail for
publishing public information of an address. Oh yes and also the people at the
newspapers who publish the names and addresses of people who are arrested.
And of course they are also guilty of publishing the names and addresses of
people who are born and die, no permission is granted there either. Oh and then
there are the lists of people who graduate from school that are printed in the
papers. Did the paper get permission from each of them for every case as required
previously by Florida Statute 843.17 for a name, address or phone number?
While some of these things may not get published in the papers for Tallahassee, it
does happen across the States in America making the cases ridiculous for Rob
Brayshaw for biased and selective prosecution.
We can only imagine the loss to the Hoffman Family without any justice to them.
It doesn’t matter at all that their daughter was a drug dealer when she was
murdered. She was a Tallahassee Citizen and supposedly sent out by TPD
Officers with $13,000 in cash to buy drugs and a gun from the bigger fishes in the
pond in the drug world. This is while under Police Protection and care with their
personal responsibility to protect her. The operation was poorly botched and a
bad operation while other officers with TPD were chasing an address publishing
from the phone books as legally re-published from public record. Tallahassee
Police Officers Annette Garrett and Mike Dilmore had no legal or constitutional
right to investigate “constitutionally protected actions” from an address
publishing on the internet resulting in false arrest from six weeks prior. In fact,
they had no reason as police to step foot on the Brayshaw property considering
safety is of no concern when the publishing was no longer listed and safety was
not any issue. You can’t legally prosecute any Free Speech or Free Press unless
it’s a clear threat not based upon merely re-publishing public information that the
public may need for legal purposes like serving legal process or protest. Certainly
Public Information republished is not any matter of National Security as it wasn’t
Classified and it was certainly legally obtained by the government and private
sources themselves like the Leon County Website and The Phone Directories.

Local media refuses to grant proportional coverage
to Brayshaw’s victory for the dismissal of criminal

               Some Media in the cop’s pocket?
When the City of Tallahassee announced it had filed false criminal charges
against Brayshaw for the second time, the story received extensive coverage in
media outlets in the local papers and news stations.

To judge from the Tallahassee Police media reporting, Brayshaw’s website
posting was a font of pure evil for the mere “re-publishing of an address” that
would quickly lead to the complete destruction of Southern Civilization if the
public knew that police officers had their names, addresses and phone numbers in
the public domain of the phone books as had been for years even on the Leon
County Court’s own website.

True to their reputation as pathetic lap-dogs, NONE of the local media
outlets would re-publish the address listed on the website, even after the
legality of the posting was upheld in Federal Court with Honorable Judge Richard
Smoak. Rather than allowing their readers to examine the controversy of the
postings on their own by providing the mere publishing of a name, address and
phone number from the phone books, the editors manipulated the entire debate by
presenting thinly-veiled one-sided diatribes against Rob Brayshaw. Any Free
Speech Advocate, Professional Attorney or Legal Scholar knew the case was Silly
in violation of the Constitution for First Amendment, Due Process and Equal
Right Protections to all citizens simply all over-looked by the Good Ol’ Boy
Network of Biased and Political Connections of Tallahassee Corruption. People
write “unauthorized biographies” of people all the time and they don’t have to
like them for their actions like Brayshaw’s major criticism of Garrett and
Dilmore. Celebrities are in the public eye with their family members and they all
have names, addresses and their phone numbers published if legally obtained and
shared from public information on Star Maps.

The media bias was even more obvious when Tallahassee’s False Criminal
Charges were defeated twice. The meager coverage devoted to Brayshaw’s
victory for dismissals of two false criminal charges failed to even vaguely
approximate the exhaustive coverage accorded to the initial announcement of the
false suits for criminal charges. Only a single local paper of the Tallahassee
Democrat covered the news of Brayshaw’s defeat of Tallahassee, and they buried
the one-paragraph story near the bottom of a multi-item Local Digest column.

           Stay tuned for further developments.
If Tallahassee and their coalition of some corrupt cops and politicians succeed in
subverting the Constitution again, thereby forcing the legal re-publishing of cops
addresses off the internet by our Citizens, Rob Brayshaw will offer information to
overseas hosts where the content of All Tallahassee Police Officers (Names,
Addresses and Phone Numbers) will be duplicated in Dissent for Equal Rights of
the 1st and 14th Amendments for Political Protest. They should have all their
information published because they work for us and do many crimes as well.

Any freedom-loving individuals located overseas who are willing to mirror these
names, addresses and phone numbers of Tallahassee Police Officers should
contact Rob Brayshaw. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. These Police
Officers are our Public Servants and paid by our Tax Payers Dollars. They need
to be held to higher standards than that of the public citizens by having their
names, addresses and phone numbers re-published for legal reasons as it was
republished legally by Rob Brayshaw. Florida has “Florida Sunshine Laws”
regarding government activities for how citizen’s tax payer’s money is being
spent and these public officials answer to the citizens.

Spending over $100,000 on a case for an address republished from the phone
books is completely unacceptable to any citizen standard that isn’t biased.

The issue of police accountability is certainly political and of legitimate
public interest. Sheehan, 272 F. Supp. 2d at 1139 n.2, 1145. The publication
of truthful personal information about police officers is linked to the issue of
police accountability through aiding in achieving service of process,
researching criminal history of officers, organizing lawful pickets, and other
peaceful and lawful forms of civic involvement that publicize the issue.

These Corrupt Nazi Actions might win the battle, but they will lose the war.
They can have their names, addresses and phone numbers published like the
rest of us with no unconstitutional and illegal protections in Florida. The
internet can certainly over-ride any illegal objections with publishings in
foreign countries ON GOOGLE. What started out as a joke publishing for
police monitoring the Ratemycop.com website should have been over-looked by
the Florida authorities after removing the “protected posting” that didn’t even
have legal authority for removal from the web in itself. This is because they
have No Authority to Trample Constitutional Rights that became Serious Issues
in America as a Matter of Federal Law. This is in which Brayshaw won the
ultimate federal decision that his actions were “constitutionally protected” by
the First Amendment and no arrest was legally warranted by TPD. If
publishing any name, address or phone number was a crime, All Americans
would be criminals. It was really just Vindictive and Petty by Dirty Cops to
Target and Arrest Rob Brayshaw with a Selective Prosecution that was
Unenforceable under any legal terms because they can’t handle the Truth.

The Truth is that they aren’t Protecting and Serving and Doing Their Jobs as Paid
to Do While the Citizens Fend For Themselves Like Rachel Hoffman.

There’s absolutely nothing personal against someone’s family members like Mike
Dilmore or Annette Garrett or her “Scrappy” the Dog, it’s merely the fact that
some cops aren’t doing their jobs as a matter of citizen opinion that is certainly
entitled to them as one’s own opinion. (Many People Agree with these opinions
that aren’t cops or individuals with political ties with the bias of the Blue Wall
and Code Of Silence.) Making false claims against any citizen of safety issues
and harassments as a police officer for expressing one’s opinions is certainly
ridiculous when it costs the public citizens well over $100,000 based upon


The First Amendment Protects Anonymity of a Speaker, Major Criticisms of
Public Officials and the “Re-publishing” of their Public Information that isn’t
Classified or any Matter of National Security in the Public Domain Already.

It’s only nature just like the Founding Fathers of this Country for dissent of using
Anonymity as speakers or publishers with aliases for major criticisms of their
government as the majority and them being a minority of disfavorable opinions
protected by the First Amendment.
It makes perfect sense to deny knowledge of any postings when one feels that
they are being harassed and threatened to their family by “out of control cops”
that have no legal authority to the frivolous and petty no-nothing investigation in
the first place. People publish names, addresses and phone numbers everyday and
they don’t have their personal constitutional and civil rights trampled by receiving
a home invasion in the morning that has no relevance from an event six weeks
ago from before then based upon public opinions and public information. These
things get shared on the internet everyday by everyone in which police logic is all
citizens are criminals but they don’t all get prosecuted. Take us all out of our
homes and no one will be paying you! The Brayshaw’s over-paid on their taxes
before this non-sense because of a tax fraud employer as determined by the IRS.

The Two-Month Investigation to a Property Manager doing their job was very
petty, ridiculous and biased just like Officer Annette Garrett involved in this case
as well. Causing a possible five-minute disruption to an apartment for safety and
property concerns at the same time (unlike this investigation or charges for six
weeks later after a publishing) has no comparison at all. They were not sleeping
at the time and they were harassing the tow truck driver that called the manager
out of bed and to the property in the first place. They didn’t admit the facts of the
case because the police were called out because of them. Rob was just doing his
job and looking out for any concerns to the property and the residents as notified
that an unknown male ran into the apartment. Under Florida Law 83.53, A
Property Manager can have their personal concerns of the safety of residents and
property when called at home under the actions. Not the Same as Six Weeks
Prior with no safety concern based upon an address “re-published from the phone
books” for one’s personal opinions to a poorly handled police case. A Two-
month false investigation with no criminal charges warrants an Apology
instead of your Guilty and Take it as a Gift! Only a Judge Or Jury Member
could possibly have any authority for that type of assertion with a trial. It’s not
based upon a police officer’s poorly investigated and poorly written reports
that didn’t include all witnesses based upon false police reports. Citizens have
every right to disclose where police live at their home addresses if they have
concerns of certain police officers that work for the public with their transparency
and accountability of their wrongful actions. There must be a reason why Dick
and Andrea Duffy feel the same way as well with a lawsuit in the court system
against Officer Annette Garrett with Circuit Judge James Shelfer on the case. It’s
because she over-steps her power and authority with abuse of the badge while
having no legal authority to do so as shown in Federal Court for an
Unconstitutional Law. This Unconstitutional law as written didn’t even apply to
the constitutionally protected actions as stated by Federal Judge Richard Smoak.
The mere publishing of any name, address or phone number cannot be deemed
“malicious enough” without any TRUE THREAT to warrant any criminal charges
to be legally upheld. The “Imaginary Garrett Case” was never there for any legal
justification and it certainly was never there for the second time charged outside
of the speedy trial period in violation of Constitutional Rights to an American
Citizen. We don’t live in Nazi, Germany and Judge Smoak stated this loud and
clear in his personal opinion of Federal Ruling.

This case was a landmark in America specifically for the few dirty, arrogant,
egotistical, hypocritical and self-serving cops in America that feel that they
are above the law with this ridiculous “Us Vs. Them Mentality”. There was
no trace of any computer to anyone specifically which is still speculation based
upon a wireless internet. Even Annette Garrett replied in the internet postings
without honesty in her police reports about her personal involvements on the web.

Generally and as the Majority, Police Officers are loved but they can become the
enemy to the citizens that pay them. This is especially when they start harassing
citizens and trampling constitutional rights without any substantial justification
besides “Good Ol’ Boy Network” which is strictly biased and constitutional
violations that would never reasonably fly in any Federal Court.

It was the Police that should have better handled tax payer’s funds.
Attempting to move these types of cases forward absent any true threat is
completely absurd and ridiculous. Rob Brayshaw is strongly opinionated but has
never threatened anyone.

There is a current Federal Court Case scheduled in August this Summer. Hal
Turner worked as an FBI Agent previously as a highly-trained government
employee with a great record to his country in this line of work. He was arrested
for publishing federal judges personal information on the internet with maps,
home addresses and other information with statements that they “Deserved to
Die”. He claims that he is protected by the First Amendment and it was just his
opinion. Anyway, this case is much more serious and questionable than the
Rob Brayshaw case for Free Speech and Free Press because Rob Brayshaw
has never threatened anyone. Brayshaw’s postings were so far apart between
days and hours that they really couldn’t be combined to other postings for a mere
address publishing. However, the absolute worst that could have possibly been
interpreted by any police officer, prosecutor or judge would be Rob Brayshaw
stating that Annette Garrett is a rude, abusive and unprofessional police officer
that lives at this home address. It would seem that the public does have a right to
know as she works as a public servant and paid by the tax payer’s dollars to work
for us. Her job is to protect and serve the public. That is hardly prosecutable
for any crime for the most extreme interpretation of the matter. This is
especially to warrant two officers (Mike Dilmore and Sonya Bush) coming to
someone’s home in the morning over one month after the publishing which is
obviously of no threat at all but strictly police harassment of Citizens.

Several website postings of the JusticeFiles.Org, Whosarat.com and the
Nuremberg Files seemed much more controversial in nature for free speech and
free press than a mere address publishing. And these sites were all
constitutionally protected among Federal Court Decisions and still on the web

Rob Brayshaw does not intice violence to others or even threaten anyone based
upon a mere address publishing or publishing so-called personal information. It
wasn’t personal or classified when it was obtained based upon the officer sharing
it with the public for legal reasons and serving of process.

With that being said, Rob Brayshaw doesn’t have any resemblance to the Hal
Turner Case. The relevance is that Hal Turner has had two mistrials already on
criminal charges for publishing names, home addresses and personal information
about Federal Judges. This is while he stated that “They deserve to die” on a
website posting. Rob Brayshaw would never say this in his own opinions for
anyone. He feels that he is owed an apology by the City Of Tallahassee and State
Of Florida while wanting to Goad them to action as a legal right as an American
Citizen. There is a difference in one’s opinions.

However, one has to question this Hal Turner case as any American citizen on the
fact that it could be a constitutionally-protected statement as he stated that “they
deserve to die” that he claims to hold as his opinion. Publishing any Public
Information is not illegal or any crime. In fact, it helps open government for
discussion and robust debates with legal processes. Giving an opinion is not a
crime as long as it’s not a clear and present danger of a threat. The fact is that Hal
Turner is Innocent until proven Guilty. The Man worked for the FBI with a vast
record and knowledge of the law that did much good for the country as explained
on the internet. He has already been declared for having two mistrials on the
charges. The majority of jury members have already favored his innocence
based upon the First Amendment on two occasions with the third trial
scheduled again with a delay for August. This is certainly a run-away
American Government with the tax payers paying the bills based upon an alleged
“Free Speech or Free Press” Crime. It’s completely ridiculous and absurd to
prosecute any American Citizen like Rob Brayshaw for their free speech and free
press based upon public information that is legally obtained and shared with
public opinions about especially public servants. If public servants can’t take
criticisms as they have the least protection from them as ordinary citizens,

they need to find another line of work. This is especially when the information
doesn’t include any possible perception of any reasonable threat from a
reasonable point of view. This is besides statements of a rude, abusive and
unprofessional police officer just abusing their power and authority as a privilege
given to them. This is to work for the public while shielded by their political ties
and their buddies as the Blue Wall or The Code Of Silence. It would be rare that
another Officer would report the wrongful actions of another because when one
Officer looks bad, so does the Whole Department which cover-up is their solution
just like in the Rachel Hoffman case. Even the bad officers as “spoiled apples”
corrupt the good that keep their mouths shut about wrongful actions of their
buddies because it can affect everyone in the Department with fear of retributions
for speaking out about them. We feel that the Chief Of Police, FDLE and Internal
Affairs are basically all working together as one opinion. Their opinion would
always be the same unless someone of reasonable authority dislikes a certain
Officer with enough people in power to do so for putting them in their place with
disciplinary measures including dismissals. Many complaints are just swept
under the carpet with no actions being taken at all as a matter of politics for who
know’s who with their political connections.

The Rob Brayshaw Story is a perfect example of things that the City of
Tallahassee and State Of Florida with their Public Officials should not do.

They basically all hold hands together with hugging and kissing while
jumping off a cliff as lemons’’ into government secrecies without any
questions to others of doing so.

These are certainly not the leaders that our citizens need in government with
their “Out of Control” Dictatorships and Trampling upon American
Constitutional Rights. They really need to be more diverse instead of sharing
the same brain. Politics and Good Ol’ Boy Government at it’s finest because
the criminalization of any Mere Address Publishing is contrary to a
Democratic and Free Society.

Home Addresses of Public Officials are used every day to serve legal process.

When this type of information gets criminalized or censored, it seems like
corruption to the tax payers by government officials paid by the public.

It’s every American’s Constitutional Right to write a complaint letter or book
about someone that includes their names, addresses and phone numbers with
public officials. This is especially being with no exceptions to the Constitution in
which the Constitution primarily applies to Government Officials.

Tallahassee Citizens, All Americans and Especially Public Officials Paid to Do
So should risk their well-being everyday while exercising their personal
Constitutional and Civil rights with their civic responsibility to America to defeat
these types of tyrant actions in violation of the 1st and 14th Amendments in a
Federal Ruling By Honorable Federal Judge Richard Smoak.

Accepting Free Speech and Free Press that we Deplore as much as we Admire is
exactly what Defeats America having a Tyrant Government Regime in America
just like the one of Nazi, Germany.

Federal Judge Richard Smoak among the Leon County Court did not make the
right decisions for trampling constitutional rights with no legal right and that’s a
matter of Federal Law without any arguments with No Appeal. The Case Ruling
Stands and Unappealed.

It would be great if Officer’s didn’t abuse their Power and Authority as given to
them as a privilege for working to the public as they need to Protect and Serve the
public as paid to do. The Police Have the Right to Protect and Serve Citizens as
their First Priority as they claim. And, after that, they need to protect The
Constitutional and Civil Rights of Our Citizens that do pay them.





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