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									A Players Guide To World Of Warcraft

Players new to World of Warcraft often find themselves overwhelmed with
choices they need to make right away when it comes to what class to play.

A basic rule is to decide what role you think you would like to play in
the game. The three core roles are damage, tank or healer.

A tank is the front line fighter that works to hold the enemy while the
damage classes will actually kill the target.

The reason for this is because a tank will have more armor, health and
ability to take extreme damage.

Damage classes are exactly what they sound like, the toons that will deal
out the high damage needed to kill enemies.

Damage classes also perform such functions as crowd control and serve to
protect healers in extreme cases. A damage class can be a ranged spell
caster, a melee front line attacker as well as a hunter.

Healers are the classes that will constantly be working to keep the group
alive during fights and usually serve to remove curses, poisons as well
as dispelling magic from their party members.

Once a new player has selected their role they can begin learning how to
play their chosen class. Each of these have different abilities. Even
different types of tanks will hold enemy targets at bay for the group in
different ways.

Along with learning the mechanics of the class a player has selected
there are different types of gear each class is able to wear.

Within those gear sets there will be certain stats that will enhance the
players role.

As an example a paladin can be a tank, damage or healer and the gear
stats found on the mail and ultimately plate gear a paladin can wear will
be different depending on the type of paladin role a player decides to

Each class has a choice of three World of Warcraft Talent Builds that
determine the abilities and role enhancements a player will gain as they
level their toon.

These World of Warcraft Talent Builds can be very confusing but there are
well documented builds that are the most beneficial for each role within
a class.

The very best thing a new player can do is try to guess what role they
would like to play and what class they want to use in that role.
After this simply begin playing the game and try your best to learn
everything you can about the best way to play your chosen class and role.

There is a ton of information to be found online about pretty much
anything you want to do in World of Warcraft.

The most important thing is to have fun playing the game.

After all this is the reason we all pay to play World of Warcraft online.

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