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									                              REUNION VOLUNTEER HANDBOOK


This Reunion Handbook has been prepared by the Converse Annual Fund Office of Converse College as
a guide for Reunion Giving Chairs to follow on the road to being a successful fundraiser.

For information, not covered in this Handbook, please contact:

Allyson Tesh
Director of the Converse Annual Fund
580 East Main St
Spartanburg, SC 29302-1931

Jessica Atherton
Assistant Director of the Converse Annual Fund
580 East Main St
Spartanburg, SC 29302-1931

                                   REUNION GIVING PROGRAM
                                      CHAIR or CO-CHAIR
                                         Job Description

The Reunion Giving Chair/Co-Chair, during the Reunion year in which she has agreed to serve, is
responsible for the organization and management of a class campaign to raise unrestricted gifts to the
Converse Annual Fund. The RGC will provide leadership for her class and promote enthusiasm about

1. Support the Converse Annual Fund with your own gift or pledge prior to January 30, 2010.
   Goal: 100% volunteer participation.

2. Agree to use of signature on Reunion solicitation letters;

3. Work with the Director of the Converse Annual Fund to identify potential leadership donors ($500
   and above) in her class and to solicit these classmates through verbal and written communication for a
   leadership gift;

4. Encourage all classmates through verbal and written communication to participate in the
   campaign by contributing to the Converse Annual Fund at any level so that the class may
   reach 100% participation;

5. Write personal thank you notes for gifts received;

6. Attend alumnae events scheduled throughout the year in your area;

7. Attend Reunion weekend;

8. Promote enthusiasm and attendance to Reunion Weekend by all classmates.

If you hear interesting stories that you’d like to share with the alumnae magazine, please email or phone
Director of Alumnae, Elizabeth Oswalt, at 864.596.9055 or

The Converse Annual Fund Office agrees to provide the following:

1. A reunion planning notebook you can refer to throughout the year. It contains valuable information
   including classmate’s addresses and phone numbers.

2. In February, March, and April you will receive a progress report of your class giving, both donors and
   non-donors, and update on the Converse Annual Fund as a whole.

3. Other information and support as requested.

                                  CONFIDENTIALITY STATEMENT

Converse College respects and protects the privacy of its alumnae. Biographical and selected financial
data are made available to volunteers as deemed appropriate by the College. In an effort to adhere to
federal privacy legislation, personal information is to be used by Converse Volunteers only in the
performance of their duties as Converse Fund Class Chairs and Reunion Giving Chairs.


    1. Information provided to volunteers is strictly confidential and is not to be used for any purposes
       other than those for which it has been provided.

        It is understood that, in releasing this information, the intent is to use it for noncommercial,
        personal purposes only with Converse College alumnae and classmates. Use for any other
        communication including private, commercial, political or fundraising purposes is strictly

    2. Information shared with volunteers is done on a “need to know” basis.

    3. Information may not be transferred to any outside party.

        No part of any confidential alumnae information may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or
        by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopied, or otherwise without the consent of the
        Converse College Development Office.

    4. Proper disposal of confidential information include manual and electronic shredding or return of
       material to the Converse Annual Fund Office.

    5. All Converse Class Fund Chairs, Reunion Giving Chairs, and other annual fund volunteers are
       required to adhere to this policy.

I agree to maintain the confidentiality of any information to which I am permitted access and not to
discuss or provide such information to any other party not permitted such access. I further agree to use
such information only for the purposes of my volunteer duties.

Name                                                                        Class Year

Signature                                                                   Date

Any alumna who wishes to request that her information not be released in this manner may do so
by contacting the Development Office at (864) 596-9018, 800-584-9098, fax 864-596-9219 or

                             REUNION GIVING CALENDAR

                       Converse Annual
Month                                             Solicitation Schedule   Reunion Giving Chair
                         Fund Staff
                                                 CAF Letter from RGC
December                                         mailed to class

                    Send out Reunion Class

                                                                          RGC recruits committee
January                                                                   members and notifies
                                                                          CAF staff

                                                 CAF Reunion Giving
                                                 Brochure mailed

                                                                          RGC & committee
                                                                          members ask classmates
February            Update Sent to RGC           Phonathon
                                                                          for gifts, write thank you
                                                                          RGC & committee
                                                 CAF Letter from RGC
                                                                          members ask classmates
March               Update Sent to RGC           mailed to class
                                                                          for gifts, write thank you
                                                 Phonathon continues

                                                 CAF Reunion Giving       Final push for
April               Update Sent to RGC
                                                 Postcard mailed          participation

April 23-24, 2010   REUNION WEEKEND                                       REUNION WEEKEND

                                                                          RGC & committee
May                 Final results sent to RGC                             members write thank you

June                Evaluation                                            Evaluation

                    Final Class Totals Sent to

                                 CONVERSE ANNUAL FUND FACTS

Why is alumnae participation important to the Converse Annual Fund?
           It improves the college’s ability to leverage major gifts from other alumnae.
           It improves the college’s ability to secure grants from national foundations and corporations.
           It demonstrates:
                       success of Converse alumnae.
                       satisfaction with the quality of a Converse education.
                       alumnae pride in Converse College.
                       investment in the future of Converse and its students.

Why are increased gifts important to the Converse Annual Fund?
Gifts to the Converse Annual Fund provide a valuable source of income that allows Converse to address
its most pressing needs and opportunities. To ensure that Converse maintains its competitive edge, we
must provide scholarships to students, hire top faculty, and continually upgrade our college infrastructure.
Your unrestricted gift to the Converse Annual Fund provides the resources necessary to finance these

What is our goal for the 2010 fiscal year?
The overall goal for FY 2010 is to increase alumnae participation to 30% and raise $1.8 million in
unrestricted donations. In order to meet this goal, Converse depends on continuing annual support from

How are gifts to the Converse Annual Fund used?
Unrestricted Converse Annual Fund support accounts for approximately 10% of the college’s yearly
operating budget. The other major sources of income are student tuition (41%) and return on the
investment of endowment funds (17%). The Converse Annual Fund provides scholarship assistance and
supports the college’s academic and extracurricular programs. The flexibility of unrestricted annual fund
gifts is vital, so that any area of need may be addressed. Without financial support to the annual fund,
tuition costs would be forced to a level that would exclude many qualified applicants. Currently, tuition
only covers about two-thirds of the actual cost for a student to attend Converse.

How are capital gifts different from Converse Annual Fund gifts?
Capital gifts, usually larger than annual fund gifts, go towards either the school’s endowment, named
scholarships, or are used directly for the physical plant.

If a classmate gives to, for example, the Petrie School of Music, does that count toward the Converse
Annual Fund?
No. Contributions to special funds are considered restricted gifts. Annual fund contributions must be
unrestricted and can therefore be applied to any area of need in the college’s budget. However, the donor
will receive recognition for any gift and the gift will be counted in the overall alumnae participation rate
for the college. The annual fund staff will calculate the Converse Annual Fund participation for each
class separately.

If a classmate is paying off a multi-year pledge, do they still get solicited for this year’s annual fund?
If a classmate is paying off a multi-year pledge that was made to the annual fund, they will not be
solicited for the Converse Annual Fund until their pledge is paid.

                              REUNION SOLICITATION CHECKLIST

_____ MAKE YOUR OWN COMMITMENT FIRST. You will be a far more compelling solicitor if
      you have made your own “stretch” commitment. Your gift at the leadership level will set an
      example for your classmates.

_____ REMEMBER: PEOPLE GIVE TO PEOPLE. Personal solicitations are the most effective.
      Contact your classmates personally by letter, phone, or email. Direct mail and group emails are
      helpful, but personal communication is the most effective. Adding personal notes to fall and
      spring annual fund solicitations is also effective. This will help connect alumnae to their fellow
      classmates and to Converse, which increases the likelihood that they will give. In your
      communications, encourage classmates to contact your Class Representative with personal
      updates for your Class Notes, further connecting them to Converse.

_____ ASK FOR A SPECIFIC AMOUNT. Results prove conclusively that asking for a specific
      amount, rather than a gift “in the range of”, is more likely to produce a larger gift from the donor.
      A list of suggested ask amounts for each classmate is provided. If a classmate is reluctant to give
      for whatever reason, encourage them to give a nominal amount, i.e. $20.00 for your class year, to
      help class participation goals. This will pave the way for future gifts of greater amounts.

_____ ASK ABOUT MATCHING GIFTS. Matching gifts from companies are added to personal gifts
      in determining the donor’s total gift and their qualification for various societies.

_____    FOLLOW UP. Regardless of the outcome of your request, follow up with the contact. If your
        classmate does not make a specific commitment, set a date to speak again and obtain a conclusive
        answer. Pass along any address, telephone, or email changes and/or career updates to your Class
        Representative and to the Converse Alumnae Office. Send thank you notes to classmates who
        have given at any level. Handwritten note cards, personal emails, and/or phone calls are the most
        effective. (Converse can provide note cards if needed).


How to respond to a refusal for non-financial reasons?
Ask your classmate – diplomatically – why she chooses not to support Converse. Either you or someone
in the annual fund office or alumnae relations may be able to address your classmate’s concerns. One of
the greatest services you can provide the college, under the circumstances, is to list and pass along any

                                          WAYS TO GIVE

Make your gift Online

Converse College accepts online gifts. The Online Gift Form offers secure, timely transactions while
increasing convenience. All gifts will be followed by an email receipt. American Express, Discover,
MasterCard or VISA accepted

Make your credit card gift by phone

Call Emily Collins in the Office of Institutional Advancement at 864-596-9018 to make a credit card gift
transaction by phone. (weekdays 8:30 am-5:00 pm EST)

Send your gift by mail

Mail your check or money order payable to Converse College or the Converse Annual Fund to:

Converse College Office of Institutional Advancement
580 East Main Street
Spartanburg, SC 29302-1931

Make your gift of securities

Converse can help you make a gift of securities. For more information, contact Dianne Ansley by
telephone at 864-577-2088 or by email at

Secure a matching gift from your company

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions made by
their employees. To find out if your employer has a matching gift program, contact your Human
Resources Department.

If your company is eligible, request a matching gift form from your employer, and send it completed and
signed with your gift and Converse will do the rest. The impact of your gift to the College may be
doubled or possibly tripled! Some companies match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses.

For more information on matching gifts, please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement by
telephone at 864-596-9018 or by email at

Plan your Gift

For more information on planned giving, contact Dianne Ansley by telephone at 864-577-2088 or by
email at

                                         REUNION AWARDS

“It’s A Class Act”

The “It’s a Class Act” awards are given to two classes: the class that raises the most money for the
Converse Annual Fund and the class that has the highest participation of giving to the Converse Annual
Fund. The awards will be given during the Awards Luncheon on Saturday, April 24. Every gift counts,
no matter the size, and adds to the total alumnae participation rate in the Converse Annual Fund effort.

Act I — Gift Award

The Gift Award goes to the class that raises the largest dollar amount for the Converse Annual Fund. Gifts
and pledges made between July 1, 2009 and 11:00 am, Saturday, April 25, 2010 of Reunion Weekend
will count towards the competition.

Act II — Participation Award

The Participation Award goes to the class who has the highest percentage of classmates who give to the
Converse Annual Fund. Gifts and pledges made between July 1, 2009 and 11:00 am Saturday, April 24,
2010 of Reunion Weekend will count toward the competitions.

The Pink Panther and Red Devil Bell Award

The Pink Panther/Red Devil Bell Award was first given out during Reunion 2002 to recognize the
group of alumnae reunion classes, either the Pink Panthers or the Red Devils, who raised the most money
during the fiscal year leading up to reunion.

The history of the Pink Panthers and the Red Devils is an interesting one. In 1961, a mascot was unveiled
called Modine Gunch. She was a mannequin that was first toted around campus by the classes of 1961
and 1963, and she became a mascot for the classes that would graduate in odd years. In 1966, the Pink
Panther was born for those students that would graduate in even years. Modine was later retired and
replaced with Richard the Red Devil in 1975. Thus a tradition began. Alumnae who graduate in odd
years are tagged Red Devils, and those in even years are Pink Panthers.

For the awarding of the Pink Panther/Red Devil Bell, all gifts received and pledges made between July 1,
2009 and 11:00 am Saturday, April 24, 2010 of Reunion Weekend will be tallied together, by class
mascot, to determine the winner. The winner will be announced during the Alumnae Awards Luncheon
on Saturday, April 24, 2010, and the Reunion Bell will be rung with the color of the winning mascot.

                            Congratulations to the Pink Panthers, who won the
                               2009 Pink Panther and Red Devil Bell Award.


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