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apple cell


               Steve Jobs
                                                              Apple Stores                    All those rejected product
As Apple’s chief visionary and CEO,
                                              The core retail distributors of Apple           ideas and useless bits of
Jobs projects his vision across the
                                              products, Apple Stores are key to Apple’s       code have to go
company and operates it in a top-down
                                              marketing strategy. Like Golgi, Apple           somewhere, right? So the
fashion. Much like DNA, his
                                              Stores put the final touches on products        Mac’s trash bins are like a
instructions are always carried out.
                                              to show to the public.                          cell’s lysosomes.

             Global Shipping
Airplanes, trains, and trucks all keep
Apple’s products flowing all over the                                       Firewalls & Secrecy
world into the hands of consumers.             In order to prevent product ideas or launches from leaking to the press,
Much like a cytoskeleton, the global           Apple has strict firewalls and encryption and its engineers are very
network of railroads, roads, and               protective of the company’s plans. These measures function as Apple’s
airspace supports the workings of the          cell membrane, allowing some things to pass through.
Apple corporate machine.

Turning Jobs’s vision and Ive’s (chief designer)
prototypes into reality, Foxconn manufactures                                   Engineers & Designers
Apple’s products in their Chinese factories. Akin to         Following orders from Jobs, engineers and designers
ribosomes and ER building proteins, Foxconn                  create the wonderful Apple products we love. Akin to
constructs Apple’s awesome products.                         mitochondria, engineers and designers provide the
                                                             lifeblood (like ATP) that keeps Apple running.

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