APPLICATION FOR PROJECT FUNDING

1.0      About the Organization
1.1      General Information
1.1.1    Name of the Organization                                : Louis Institute for the Deaf and the Blind
1.1.2    Postal address and telephone number In India            : Canal Bank Road, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar
                                                                   Chennai – 600 020, Tamil Nadu, India
1.1.3    Postal address and telephone numbers in US)
         (if applicable)                                         : Not applicable
1.1.4    Tax Id                                                  : Not applicable, Charitable Society
1.1.5    FCRA Registration No                                    : Indian Bank No6952
1.1.6    Society Registration No (if applicable)                 :
1.1.7    Mission and vision of the organization                  : Education, Skill Training and
                                                                   Rehabilitation of the Hearing Impaired
                                                                     Visually Impaired students, irrespective
                                                                     Caste and Creed.

1.1.8    Organization WWW address                                : e-mail:
1.1.9    Name and Profiles of Directors / Core people
         Involved in the organization                            : Rev Bro Paul Raj - Director
1.1.10 Major Focus Area                                          : Basic health
                                                                     Primary Education
                                                                     Children with Special needs
                                                                     Technical Training of the Disabled
                                                                     Rehabilitation of the Disabled
1.2      Background / History
1.2.1    Type out a brief history of the Institute

              St. Louis Institute for the Deaf & the Blind is the Special School for the Hearing Impaired &
        Visually Impaired Students.

               In the year 1962 Archbishop Louis Mathias inspired the then Vicar General of the Montfort
        brothers of St. Gabriel, Bro. Louis Bureau, to start an Institution for the Handicapped. From the
        modest beginning came the present St.Louis Institute, one of the premier Institutions of Higher
        learning for the Hearing Impaired and Visually Impaired in India today.

             St. Louis Institute offers High School & Higher Secondary Education of the Hearing Impaired
        and Visually Impaired students. Further St. Louis College for the Deaf offers B.Com Degree
        affiliated to Madras University (3 years Course) and St. Louis Institute of Printing for the Deaf offers
        Diplamo course in Printing.

               During 1985, the School won the State Award for Excellence from Govt. of Tamil Nadu and
        in 1987 the School won the President of India Award for Excellence. The School for Both
        Hearing & Visually Impaired were upgraded to Higher Secondary School in 1990 & in1991
        respectively. Computer division was introduced in 1991. The school got State award for the best
        Institution from Govt. of Tamil Nadu in 1994. In the same year Affiliation was granted to St. Louis
        College for the Deaf by the University of Madras. During 1995 the school won the State award for
        Excellence again for the Second time.

              Sports and Games meet provide an excellent opportunity for the disabled students to mingle
        with the normal students. The disabled students compete along with normal students in Various
        Competitions in State level.

              For the growth and welfare of the whole personality of St. Louis Community the Institute have
        a well equipped Library with 3 wings, i.e. Audio Library for visually Impaired students with more
        than 2000 Cassetts and Braille Books. School Library with the General collection of more than
        5000 books and a college library with the collection of 2000 subject books.

               Computer is within the reach of every Hearing Impaired and Visually Impaired student in this
        Institute and forms an important part of the curriculam. This Institute have 4 computer centres
        upgraded to latest version and it has been converted into Lan-networking system to teach minimum
        10 students at a time. For Visually Impaired students Multimedia Kit consists of Sound blasters,
        CDs and Braille printers to enable the student learn by themselves to compose music and Type
        Braille books.

               The School Orchestra gives a number of performances in the city. The students of our
        institute participate in many musical competitions conducted by various school and organisations.
        The visually impaired students of this institution are taught Music, Weaving and wire canning. The
        Hearilng Impaired studets are taught Painting, Printing, Tailoring & Typewriting.

             The Institute has been successful in finding employment for 1318 Hearing Impaired students
      and 578 Visually Impaired students in Banbos, Small Scale Industries, Telephones, Railways from
      the year 1967. St. Louis Institute is chalking out plans for the coming years. Plans are affot for
      expansion, upgradation, consolidation and modernisation. Within its limitations this Institute
      continue to strive hard to ensure a better tomorrow for the Handicapped in this country
St. Louis Institute does not claim to have an answer to all the problems of the disabled, but a beginning has
already been made and we are looking forward to the future with confidence the continued support of our
welwishers and the Department of Social Welfare, Govt. of Tamil Nadu.

1.2.2    Briefly explain projects that have been implemented by your organization in the past. Also,
         include details of any organization that funded the organization for these projects. Highlight the
         achievements of these projects.
        School Building construction            :     1960 – 1962      - MISEREOR – Germany
        Technical Training Institute            :     1962 – 1963      - MISEREOR – Germany
        Machinery for the Printing pack         :     1963 – 1964      - MISEREOR – Germany
        High School building construction       :     1970 – 1972      - MISEREOR – Germany
        Group Hearing aids – Audio meter        :     1982 – 1983      - Kindermissionwerk, Germany
        Higher Secondary school building        :     1986 – 1987      - Kinderpostzegels, Holland
        Higher Secondary school building        :     1987 – 1988      - Cardinal Leger Foundation –
        St Louis College building               :     1992 – 1994      - Cardinal Leger Foundation –
        Computers for Training                  :     1995 – 1996      - Catholic Bishop’s Conference of

        Uses of Infrastructure facilities       :-
        -   The building are made use if for educating the less fortune Hearing – Impaired and Visually
            – Impaired children.
        -   The machinery is utilized to train the disabled persons in printing, tailoring, typing and
            computer training.
        -   Computers are utilized to train both the Visually Impaired and Hearing Impaired persons
        -   The Institute has successfully placed 892 Hearing Impaired and 612 Visually Impaired
            persons in jobs. They are married and settled well in life.
        -   The Institute continues to educate import skill – training and place them in jobs to this day.
        -   The institute require financial assistance to feed, clothe educate and train the disabled in
            various skills.

1.2.3   Please explain your interaction / relationship with other non-profit organization, government
        agencies, schools, universities etc.,
        -   St Louis Institute has good working relationship with other non-profit making organization
            like Little Flower Convent, school for the Deaf and the Blind, Chennai – 6, Andhra Mahila
            Sabha – Eswari Prasad Dattacharya School for the Physically Challenged, Tamil Nadu,
            Spastic Society etc. Red Crass Society, St John Ambulance Society…
        -   St Louis College for the Deaf is affiliated to the University of Chennai.
1.3     Financial Information ( attached copy of last two years audit report)
1.3.1   Annual Budget                                         : Per Child – 12 months
                                                Monthly       Yearly
        Food                                   1000 x 10       10000.00
        Clothing                                200 x 10           2000.00
        Medicine                                  50 x 10           500.00
        School Fees                             100 x 10           1000.00
        Stationery                                50 x 10           500.00
        Journey                                   30 x 10           300.00
        Festivals                                 20 x 10           200.00
        Tours                                     50 x 10           500.00
                                               -------------   ------------
                                               1500 x 10       15000.00
                                               -------------   ------------
        Rs.15000 x 250 students = Rs.37,50,000/-
        (Rupees Thirty seven lakhs fifty thousand only)
1.3.2   Current funding sources of the organization            : Government of Tamil Nadu – Teaching
                                                                   for teachers of the school
                                                                    Government of India grant for teachers
                                                                     of St Louis College.
                                                                    Fund fron AYJNI Mumbai, for skill –
                                                                     training (Stipend for trainees)]
                                                                    ABN AMRO Bank – Water tank for rain
1.3.3   Bank/ Branch/ Account Details                          : India Bank, Adyar Branch / AC No 6952

1.3.4   Bank/ Branch/ Account Details (Foreign)                : ABN AMRO Bank, Chennai – 6

2.0     About the Project
2.1     General Information
2.1.1   Title of the Project. Give a brief description of
        project                                                :
2.1.2   Vision and Mission of Project                          :
2.1.3   Name of Contact Person                                 :
2.1.4   Address of Contact Person                              :
2.2     Short Term Goals ( What you expect to achieve through this project in the next 6 months
        through 1 year. )
        -   The Institute has set a target to feed, clothe and educate the following members of disabled
        -   Hearing Impaired           -       150 Children
        -   Visually Impaired          -       100 Children
        -   Education Imparted         -       Standard V to XII
        -   Facilities provided for the rural poor disabled children:
            a) Hostel facilities       -       Cot, bed, bed sheets
                                      -        Toilet articles soap
                                      -        Medicine
                                      -        Uniform Clothe
                                      -        Books & Stationery
        -   If the above mentioned facilities are not given to these poor disabled children, quite a few of
            them drop out of the school.
        -   Thus the Institute has set a target of educating 250 disabled children during this academic
            year 2004 – 2005

2.3     Long Term Goal : What are your long term goals from this project?
        The Institute has set the following long term goals.
        -      General Education       - Literacy improvement drive
        -      Value Education         - Including moral principles in life.
        -      Higher Education        - College / University Education
        -      Vocational Education - Skill Training – Printing, typing, computer, Cutting and tailoring
2.4     Procurator / Store Keeper

        -   Purchase good quality rice, vegetables etc.,
        -   Oversees that the food is cooked well
        -   Supervises the serving of the food
        -   Take care of the special needs of the sick children
        -   Makes it possible that every child gets sufficient food to eat.
      -   Sees that no one waste food
      -   Makes sure that every child asks for God’s blessing on the food in the beginning and thanks
          for the food at the end.

Awareness Programmes conducted by the Institute:

      -   Creates awareness away the rural population for the need to educate the disabled children,
          especially girl children with the help of printed pamphlets, street plays by the deaf NSS
      -   Creates awareness among the people to avoid close – blood relation marriages through
          pamphlets, write-ups in Newspapers, short plays in ratio and TV (plays are recorded in the
          school by ratio and TV people)
      -   Creates awareness among women, especially pregnant women, to have good nutrition food,
          during pregnancy to avoid medicines for headache / fever etc., without consulting a good
          doctor, to prevent disability among children.
      -   Creates awareness among young mothers that it is good for them and for the children that
          they breast feed the babies at least for one year.
      -   Creates awareness among the people to register the birth of the child and give a medical
          check up to know if the baby is normal or suffers from disability.
      -   Creates awareness among the people to give preventive vaccines for small pox, journals and
          polio drops to prevent polio.
      -   Creates awareness among the people to take the disabled child to a special school for the
          disabled as early as possible and admit the child for early intervention and education.

      -   The cost of awareness programmes per year:
          1   Printing of Pamphlets                            Rs.10000/-
          2   Transporting students to rural areas             Rs.20000/-
          3   Stationery Charts, sketches                      Rs. 8000/-
          4   CD Making                                        Rs.50000/-
          5 Recording plays, songs on audio cassettes          Rs.10000/-
          6 Refreshments, DA, TA for medical Teams             Rs.20000/-
                                             Total             Rs.118000/-
           (Rupees one lakshs and eighteen thousand only)

Infrastructure Costs:

1      Salary for Wardens : for 1 warden                    :        Rs 5000/-
       for 12 months 12 x 5000/-                            :        Rs. 60000/-
       for 3 wardens Rs.60000 x 3                           :        Rs.1800000/-

2      Salary for cooks: For 1 cook per month               :        Rs.4000/-
       for 12 months 12 x 4000/-                            :        Rs. 48000/-
       for 2 wardens Rs.48000 x 2                           :        Rs.96000/-

3      Salary for table boys: For 1 table month per month :          Rs.3000/-
       for 12 months 12 x 3000/-                            :        Rs.36000/-
       for 4 wardens Rs.36000 x 4                           :        Rs.144000/-

4      Salary for 1 washer man per month                    :        Rs.3000/-
       for 12 months 12 x 3000/-                            :        Rs. 36000/-

5      Salary for 1 Aayah per month                         :        Rs.3000/-
       for 12 months 12 x 3000/-                            :        Rs. 36000/-

6      Salary for a part time medical officer per month     :        Rs.10000/-
       for 10 months 10 x 10000/-                           :        Rs. 100000/-

7      Salary for a 1 Nurse per month                       :        Rs.8000/-
       for 12months 12x 8000/-                              :        Rs. 96000/-

8      Salary for a placement officer per month             :        Rs.5000/-
       for 12months -12x 5000/-                             :        Rs. 60000/-
        Grant Total
        1       Food Stationery                         -      Rs.37,50,000.00
        2       Awareness programme                     -      Rs. 1,18,000.00
        3       Infrastructure costs                    -      Rs. 8,20,000.00
                                                Total -        Rs.46,88,000.00 (US $ 10,41,955)
                        (Rupees forty six lakhs and eight thousand only)

2.5     Project Sustainability and Evaluation
2.5.1   Measuring the effectiveness of the projects. Yardsticks
        1       Result of the higher secondary school exam results
        2       Results of the high school leaving certificate exam
        3       Class exam results
        4       Results in various sports activities – inter school matches, certificates, competitions
        5       Functioning of NSS Scout activities
        6       Co-curricular activists in the school hostel
        7       Inter school art competition results
        8       Inter school music competition results
        9       Inter school quiz competition results
        10      Inter school elocution competition of the campus, dormitory, kitchen, refectory etc.,
        11      General health conditions of the children
        12      General Hygienic condition of the campus, dormitory, kitchen, refectory etc.,
        13      Placement in jobs
        14      Public co-operation for placement / sponsorship etc
2.5.2   How does this project affect the children involved:
        -    The disabled children well educate and skill trained can get jobs. They can support
             themselves and their families
        -    The disabled children if they do not get this financial support will discontinue their studies
             and drop out of the schools
        -    The disabled children who are considered as a burden to the family and the local community,
             because of a contributor to the family income and learning member of the local community.
        -    These the disabled are accepted in the local community with respect. Other wise they will be
             considered as useless creatures.
2.5.3   Plans to make the project self – sustainable
        -   Appeals to Philanthropist for generous donations
        -   Appeals to cine stars for generous contributions.
        -   Benefit music performance by the blind students
        -   Food mela – inviting parents benefactors to have lunch with the children it lunch – prepared
            by students (each meal costs Rs.50/-)
2.5.4   Factors that affect sustainability of the project
        -   Lack of Government support
        -   Lack of parental support due to poverty
        -   Lack of awareness among the people regarding the difficulties of the disabled.
        -   High cost of living – prices of things increasing day by day.

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