Disciplinary Flow Chart - PDF by TevitaVaikona


									                                           Disciplinary Flow Chart

        Complaint is filed with the Office of Chief Counsel (“OCC”), PDE, which initially reviews complaint for timeliness and
                    determines whether it falls within the jurisdiction of the Professional Educator Discipline Act

                     OCC reviews complaint to determine if it is legally sufficient to warrant disciplinary action

      Legal sufficiency is found                                                    No legal sufficiency found; so complaint dismissed

                                                    Preliminary investigation

  Probable cause found to proceed                                                    No probable cause found; complaint dismissed

                                          OCC refers complaint to local school board
                                           for investigation or conducts its own full

   OCC decides that complaint warrants                                               OCC decides to dismiss the complaint, may
continued prosecution and decides to initiate                                        enter into a joint resolution of the case, or
            hearing proceedings                                                       may find that local action was sufficient

                                        OCC files Notice of Charges with the Commission

                          Educator has 30 days to respond to Notice of Charges and request a hearing

                              The Commission’s appointed hearing officer conducts a hearing on the
                                             Charges and recommends a decision

                           Both OCC and the educator have 30 days to file exceptions to the proposed
                                                decision with the Commission

                          The Commission may accept, modify, or reject the Hearing Officer’s Decision

                               Both the Educator and the OCC has 30 days to file an appeal of the
                                         Commission’s decision to Commonwealth Court

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