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									                       SERVICE CAPABILITIES LIST
                       AVIONICS SPECIALIST, INC.                               DATE:     9-May-2011
                       3833 PREMIER AVENUE                                     PHONE: (901) 362-9700
                       MEMPHIS, TN 38118                                       FAX:     (901) 794-8276
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
                      002-5058-00                 KUSTOM PC BOARD
                      015-3162-010                COLLINS COUNTER
                      050-01571-0001              BOWMAR TRACK SEL
                      067-0625-00                 TEKTRONIX DETECTOR
                      071-5065-21                 KING PWR SENSOR
                      090-690-3                   AIRTRON WAVEGUIDE ELBOW
                      099-5319-00                 KING XMTR ASSY
                      1000RPM                     FEINDT KUNKEL TACHOMETER
                      1006946-1                   SPERRY RESOLVER
                      103-808-0001                SUNSTRAND MONITOR
                      103808-0002                 HONEYWELL MIC MON
                      103808-0003                 HONEYWELL MIC MON
                      103808-0004                 HONEYWELL MIC MON
                      108172                      AIRTRON WAVEGUIDE
                      124-00005                   BARFIELD PNE ALT
                      13-3006-4                   RC ALLEN ALTIMETER
                      1710743-501                 SPERRY WG ADAPTER
                      1711557-5                   RCA GEAR ASSY.
                      1711576-1                   RCA WG SWITCH
                      1711576-2                   RCA WG SWITCH
                      1711789-1                   RCA STRIPLINE
                      1713154-501                 RCA ROTARY JOINT
                      1713155-501                 SPERRY ROTARY JOINT
                      1713172-501                 RCA ROTARY JOINT
                      1713175-501                 RCA ROTARY JOINT
                      1713176-501                 SPERRY ROTARY JOINT
                      1713887-501                 SPERRY PWR SUP
                      1716571-501                 RCA MODULATOR
                      1716601-501                 RCA TRANSITION WG
                      1716883-501                 SPERRY IF MODULE
                      1717583-1                   RCA RESOLVER
                      1717590-2                   RCA MOTOR
                      1717739-1                   RCA DUMMY LOAD
                      1717795-501                 RCA WAVEGUIDE
                      1717795-502                 RCA WAVEGUIDE
                      1718808-501                 RCA CLUTCH
                      1719555-501                 SPERRY DIPLEXER
                      1719719-501                 SPERRY CIRCUIT BOARD
                      1719774-501                 SPERRY DRIVE
                      200-0008-01                 KING CAVITY
                      200-0008-02                 KING MODULATOR
                      200-0008-03                 KING STRIPLINE
                      200-0179-00                 KING DME MODULE
                      200-0600-00                 KING PCB
                      200-1791-00                 KING BD SYNTH
                      200-5807-00                 KING MOD KIT
                      2037909-0501                BENDIX MODULE
                      2038050-0502                BENDIX PRE AMP
                      2038624-0502                BENDIX REFLECTOR
                      2038624-0504                BENDIX REFLECTOR
                      2038772-0501                BENDIX BOARD
                      2038825-0501                BENDIX MASK ASSY.
                      2038933-0504                BENDIX PRE-AMP
                      2039180-0504                BENDIX CONTROL BOARD
                      2064517-0704                AIRTRON MIXER
                      2064565-0501                BENDIX WF GEN
                      2064602-0501                BENDIX AZ AMP
                      2064676-0501                BENDIX PWR SUP
                      2068212-0701                BENDIX ANTENNA SPOILER
                      2068276-0703                BENDIX SYNCHRONIZER
                      2068288-0701                BENDIX ROTARY JOINT
                                                         PAGE: 1
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
                      2068288-0703                AIRTRON ROTARY JOINT
                      2068631-0702                BENDIX SERVO MOTOR
                      2068650-0702                BENDIX MOTOR
                      2070700-1248                BENDIX S/S TR
                      2089309-0701                BENDIX XMTR
                      2089477-0701                BENDIX RDR1E METER
                      229-0310-000                COLLINS GYRO
                      230-0545-010                COLLINS MOTOR, CVR
                      230-0658-010                COLLINS CVR MOTOR
                      25-441                      CERT MEASUREMENTS TEST SET
                      2589419-902                 SPERRY STAR FLUX VALVE
                      270-0867-010                COLLINS WG SWITCH
                      277200-211                  BVR DEV INC
                      287656-1                    AIRESEARCH TEST SET, INDICATOR
                      293-1234-010                COLLINS FILTER, BAND PASS
                      293-1257-010                COLLINS FILTER
                      336-00001                   BARFIELD AIRSPEED IND
                      336-0001                    BARFIELD IND
                      337-00004                   BARFIELD VSI
                      3404040-1                   LOCKHEED TEST SET
                      355-0184-010                SPERRY ROTARY JOINT
                      360-0048-003                SUNSTRAND MOTOR
                      3604589-0501                BENDIX CKT BOARD
                      3604851-0501                BENDIX SWEEP VIDEO BOARD
                      36101S19CZ                  BENDIX RMI
                      36105-1N-19C2               BENDIX RMI
                      36105-1W164                 BENDIX RMI
                      361051J15C1                 BENDIX RMI
                      361051W19C1                 BENDIX RMI
                      361261AF25A1                BENDIX RMI
                      361351W19C1                 BENDIX RMI
                      361581AF25A1                BENDIX RMI
                      361591AF25A1                BENDIX RMI IND
                      3713825-501                 Sperry Power Supply
                      3713863-0502                RCA STAB BOARD
                      3714927-501                 SPERRY DISH
                      3718649-0501                SPERRY ANT PLATE
                      4004651                     SPERRY CIRCUIT CARD ASSEMBLY
                      4007262-0501                BENDIX FLT DIR BOARD
                      4007263-0501                BENDIX M4 CAL BOARD
                      4007263-0511                BENDIX CAL BOARD
                      4007263-0512                BENDIX ASSY
                      4007264-0501                BENDIX FLT DIR BOARD
                      4007266-0501                BENDIX FLT DIR BOARD
                      4007291-0501                BENDIX PS BOARD
                      4007297-0503                BENDIX PREAMP
                      4007299-0501                BENDIX ANT BOARD
                      4007329-0000                BENDIX BOARD
                      4007332-0501                BENDIX LOGIC BOARD
                      4007338-0501                BENDIX ROTARY JOINT FOR DA144A
                      4007360-0501                BENDIX LOGIC BOARD
                      4007361-0501                BENDIX LAT CPLR BRD
                      4007366-0501                BENDIX M4 ENG BOARD
                      4007373-0501                BENDIX YAW AMP BOARD
                      4007431-0501                BENDIX GYRO BOARD
                      4007559-0501                BENDIX POWER SUPPLY
                      4007653-0502                BENDIX BOARD
                      4007713-0501                BENDIX FLT DIR BOARD
                      4007714-0501                BENDIX PWR SUP
                      410822A                     HONEYWELL ROTOR, GYROSCOPE
                      430816-2                    LITTON ROTARY JOINT
                      45                          SPERRY INCLINOMETER
                      482-5082-050                COLLINS SOLENOID
                      528-0328-005                COLLINS FREQ STAB
                      528-0329-005                COLLINS MODULE
                      528-0455-001                COLLINS DIST MECH
                      528-0470-004                COLLINS DIST MECH
                      528-0470-005                COLLINS DIST MECH
                      528-0628-001                COLLINS TRANSLATOR

                                                          PAGE: 2
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
                      528-0631-001                COLLINS MODULATOR
                      528-0632-001                COLLINS FREQ SYNTH
                      528-0633-001                COLLINS IF AUDIO AMP
                      528-0634-001                COLLINS GUARD REC
                      528-0676-003                COLLINS FREQ SYNTH
                      528-0710-001                COLLINS IF AUDIO AMP
                      528-4675-004                COLLINS DIST MECH
                      540-7244-000                COLLINS 30 Hz FILTER FOR ASI-166 OR 479X-2 (INCLUDED WITH
                      540-7245-000                COLLINS Cable: ASI-166 OR 479X-2 TO OBI (331-3F/3G)
                      540-7246-000                COLLINS CABLE: ASI-166 OR 479X-2 TO OBS (INCLUDED WITH PUR
                      542-4748-006                COLLINS IF AUDIO
                      542-6104-004                COLLINS SERVO AMP
                      544-5037-002                COLLINS CABLE: ASI-192 OR 477U-2 RF SIM CABLE
                      545-8391-004                COLLINS DRIVE ASSY
                      546-3517-000                COLLINS DIST MECH
                      549-6540-003                COLLINS CABLE: ASI-192 OR 477U-2 SENSE CABLE
                      549-6543-004                COLLINS CABLE: ASI-193 OR 477V-2 INDICATOR POWER CABLE
                      549-6544-004                COLLINS CABLE: ASI-193 OR 477V-2 RECEIVER POWER CABLE
                      549-6545-004                COLLINS CABLE: ASI-192 OR 477U-2 LOOP ANTENNA CABLE
                      553-2343-000                COLLINS AMP
                      553-2343-005                COLLINS SERVO AMP
                      553-2385-000                COLLINS BEARING MECH
                      553-6518-004                COLLINS SUPER FLAG
                      554-0387-000                COLLINS MONITOR
                      554-4675-004                COLLINS DIST MECH
                      554-6109-004                COLLINS CABLE: ASI-192 OR 477U-2 LOW CAP SENSE ADAPTER CAB
                      557-1710-02                 JET ROTOR
                      5824225-1                   DOUGLAS STEERING TESTER
                      601-2099-002                COLLINS MAIN BOARD
                      601-2309-001                COLLINS IEEE BOARD
                      601-4055-002                ASI PC BOARD
                      606-3630-001                COLLINS BOARD
                      608-5561-001                COLLINS BOARD
                      6117453-1                   SPERRY SUBASSEMBLY
                      6118939-2                   SPERRY DOUBLER
                      617-1736-007                SUNDSTRAND TAPE
                      617-9177-002                COLLINS CARD ASSY
                      617-9177-003                COLLINS CARD ASSY
                      618-0735-001                COLLINS ADF BOARD
                      618-1621-002                COLLINS AMPLIFIER
                      618-1630-001                COLLINS OSC
                      618-2263-001                COLLINS ADJ CH SENSOR
                      618-2426-001                COLLINS ADJ CH SENS
                      618-3841-002                COLLINS BOARD
                      618-8448-001                COLLINS BOARD
                      618-8990-001                COLLINS BOARD
                      618-9148-002                COLLINS CKT CARD
                      621-8623-001                COLLINS OSC
                      622-2705-004                COLLINS VIDEO PROCESSOR BD
                      627-9760-001                COLLINS SYNTHESIZER ASSY.
                      628-0506-001                COLLINS CABLE
                      628-6302-001                COLLINS BOARD
                      628-7990-001                S-TEC ADAPTER
                      629-0001-001                COLLINS CABLE-GYRO SIMULATOR CABLE
                      629-0002-001                COLLINS CABLE: ASI-183 OR 971F-1 TO 562C5( )
                      629-0005-001                COLLINS CABLE: ASI-183 OR 971F-1 TO 161E-2A
                      629-0006-001                COLLINS CABLE: ASI-183 OR 971F-1 TO 614E-5A
                      629-0007-001                COLLINS CABLE: ASI-183 OR 971F-1 TO 562C-5 ( )
                      629-0009-001                COLLINS CABLE: ASI-183 OR 971F-1 TO 562C-8 ()
                      629-0010-001                COLLINS CABLE: ASI-183 OR 971F-1 TO 562C-5( )
                      629-0973-001                COLLINS INTERCONNECT PANEL
                      629-7890-002                COLLINS CLUTCH ASSY.
                      629-9007-001                COLLINS CABLE: ASI-183 OR 971F-1 TO 562C-8F/G
                      629-9008-001                COLLINS CABLE: ASI-183 OR 971F-1 TO 562C-8F
                      629-9750-001                COLLINS RF MOD ASSY
                      634-2714-001                COLLINS CABLE: ASI-183 OR 971F-1 TO 562C-8G
                      634-9299-001                COLLINS CABLE: ASI-183 OR 971F-1 TO 562C-8F
                      634-9668-001                COLLINS CABLE: ASI-183 OR 971F-1 TO 562C-8( )
                      635-5577-001                COLLINS VCO

                                                          PAGE: 3
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
                      635-5774-001                COLLINS CABLE: ASI-182 OR 975D-2 TO ARINC 568 DME
                      635-5775-001                COLLINS CABLE: ASI-182 OR 975D-2 TO ARINC 521 DME
                      635-5791-001                COLLINS CABLE: ASI-182 OR 975D-2 TO SQUAWK NAUT 1
                      635-5795-001                COLLINS CABLE: ASI-182 OR 975D-2 TO DME 40
                      635-6005-001                COLLINS FILTER
                      642-4202-001                COLLINS A2 BOARD
                      647-6654-002                COLLINS A4 BOARD
                      647-6696-001                COLLINS BOARD
                      647-6697-001                COLLINS DRIVER BOARD
                      647-6697-002                COLLINS CARD
                      647-6787-001                COLLINS BOARD
                      763-3081-001                COLLINS STRIPLINE
                      763-5899-002                COLLINS TAPE SPOOL
                      768-1270-001                COLLINS BOARD
                      768-1299-001                COLLINS BOARD
                      768-1763-001                COLLINS VERNIER ASSY
                      772-0792-005                COLLINS BOARD
                      772-0972-001                COLLINS TAPE
                      777-0062-005                COLLINS MODULE
                      777-0884-001                COLLINS MODULE
                      777-0892-001                COLLINS BOARD
                      777-7219-001                COLLINS TAPE
                      777-7219-010                COLLINS TAPE
                      777-7832-001                COLLINS BOARD
                      778-2743-001                COLLINS BOARD
                      778-2793-002                COLLINS BOARD
                      778-2793-003                COLLINS BOARD
                      778-5001-001                COLLINS BOARD
                      779-3624-001                COLLINS BOARD
                      779-3626-001                COLLINS BOARD
                      790-1838-001                COLLINS PANEL
                      790-1838-006                COLLINS PANEL
                      791-0125-001                COLLINS A1 CARD
                      791-8599-001                COLLINS BOARD
                      797-0889-001                COLLINS SYNTH
                      797-1486-001                COLLINS BOARD
                      8443004-10                  ASI MOUNT ASSY AN/APX64 TO AN/APX72
                      964-0434-002                HONEYWELL FDR TEST SET
                      964-0434-003                HONEYWELL FDR TEST SET
                      964-0434-005                HONEYWELL FDR TEST SET
                      964-0434-041                HONEYWELL FDR TEST SET
                      964-0434-042                HONEYWELL FDR TEST SET
                      980-6101-001                HONEYWELL MIC MON
                      980-6101-002                HONEYWELL MIC MON
                      980-6101-003                HONEYWELL MIC MON
                      980-6101-004                HONEYWELL MIC MON
                      980-6109-003                SUNDSTRAND MIC MON
                      980-6109-004                SUNDSTRAND MIC MON
                      980-6109-005                SUNDSTRAND MIC MON
                      980-6109-006                SUNDSTRAND MIC MON
                      980-6109-007                SUNDSTRAND MIC MON
                      980-6109-008                SUNDSTRAND MIC MON
                      980-6109-009                SUNDSTRAND MIC MON
                      980-6109-010                SUNDSTRAND MIC MON
                      980-6109-011                SUNDSTRAND MIC MON
                      980-6109-012                SUNDSTRAND MIC MON
                      980-6109-013                SUNDSTRAND MIC MON
                      980-6109-014                SUNDSTRAND MIC MON
                      980-6109-015                SUNDSTRAND MIC MON
                      980-6109-016                SUNDSTRAND MIC MON
                      980-6109-017                SUNDSTRAND MIC MON
                      980-6109-018                SUNDSTRAND MIC MON
                      980-6109-019                SUNDSTRAND MIC MON
                      980-6109-020                SUNDSTRAND MIC MON
                      980-6109-021                SUNDSTRAND MIC MON
                      980-6109-022                SUNDSTRAND MIC MON
                      980-6109-023                SUNDSTRAND MIC MON
                      980-6109-024                SUNDSTRAND MIC MON
                      980-6109-025                SUNDSTRAND MIC MON

                                                         PAGE: 4
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
                      980-6109-026                SUNDSTRAND MIC MON
                      980-6109-027                SUNDSTRAND MIC MON
                      980-6109-028                SUNDSTRAND MIC MON
                      980-6109-029                SUNDSTRAND MIC MON
                      980-6109-030                SUNDSTRAND MIC MON
                      980-6109-031                SUNDSTRAND MIC MON
                      980-6109-032                SUNDSTRAND MIC MON
                      MI-1592075                  RCA DISH & FEED
                      MI-585165                   RCA MTG TRAY
                      MI-585173                   RCA ANTENNA
                      N2088443-1                  BENDIX ROTARY JOINT
                      OA7175                      OMNI AIR PITOT ST TESTER
                      VPT-10F-11072S              IDC AIR DATA T/S
                      WL/804AM/CP/1               SMITHS ALTIMETER
 .050-4 IN            .050-4 IN                   GAGE BLOCK GAGE BLOCK SET
 0-2000               0-2000                      SOMFYTEC GRAM GAUGE
 01200105             01-200-105                  SMITH ENC ALT
 03032                03032                       AIRBORNE INST LAB ATTN
 03061                03061                       AIRBORNE INST LAB ATTN
 03132                03132                       AIRBORNE INST LAB ATTN
 035                  035                         JONARD METER
 0350/977A1           0350/977A1                  AUTOSYN TRANSMITTER
 062-0001             062-0001                    KUSTOM TACAN BRG GEN
 067054400            067054400                   TEKTRONIX PLUG IN
 06709                06709                       SIMPSON SHUNT
 08-7100-4-0001       08-7100-4-0001              MCDONNELL DOUGLAS MAIN HARNESS
 09-2494-4-0072       09-2494-4-0072              MCDONNELL DOUGLAS GENERATOR HARNESS
 09-7100-4-0067       09-7100-4-0067              MCDONNELL DOUGLAS MAIN HARNESS
 09-7100-4-0117       09-7100-4-0117              MCDONNELL DOUGLAS N1 TACH GEN HARNESS
 0A7175               0A7175                      OMNI AIR TESTER
 1                    1                           WEINSCHEL ATTENUATOR
 1-1402               1-1402                      IFR XPDR ACCY
 1-20                 1-20                        WEINSCHEL ATTEN
 1-20DB               1-20DB                      WEINSCHEL ATTEN
 1-6                  1-6                         WEINSCHEL ATTEN
 1/50FTLBS            1-50FTLBS                   ASI TORQUE TESTER
 10-10                10-10                       WEINSCHEL ATTEN
 10-105-29-1          10-105-29-1                 HR SMITH VHF COM ANT
 10-105-29-2          10-105-29-2                 HR SMITH VHF COM ANT
 10-105-29-8          10-105-29-8                 HR SMITH VHF COM ANT
 10-60757-22          10-60757-22                 MICROTECH AV VM
 10-A1                10-A1                       CHELTON L BAND ANT
 1000                                             MICHAEL NAV/COM SIG GEN
 1000                 1000                        AFMC MEGOHMMETER
 10002MRMH            10002MRMH                   CDI WRENCH
 1000A                1000A                       DIELECTRIC RF WATT METER
 1001A                1001A                       GENRAD SIG GEN
 1001A                MP-40395                    WAVETEK SIG GEN
 1001P                1001P                       CALIFORNIA INST AC POWER SOURCE
 1001SLE              1001SLE                     ELGAR AC PWR SOURCE
 1001WP               1001WP                      CALIFORNIA INST AC PWR SOURCE
 1003                 1003                        GENRAD SIG GEN
 1005-3FC             1005-3FC                    ERTCO THERMOMETER
 1005A                98026-0100                  WILCOX VOR/LOC RECEIVER
 1006A                98027-0100                  WILCOX VOR/LOC RECEIVER
 1006B                98034-0100                  WILCOX VOR/LOC WITH RNAV
 1007A                097936-0100                 WILCOX COM
 100A                 100A                        MONSANTO COUNTER
 100B                 100B                        MONSANTO COUNTER
 100CD                100CD                       HP AUDIO OSCILLATOR
 100D                 100D                        KUSTOM NAV COMM TEST SET
 100GM                100GM                       WEIGHTS WEIGHTS
 101-00220            101-00220                   AFMC MEGOHMETER
 101-0802             101-00802                   BARFIELD KINGAIRE MODULE
 101-251-05-000       101-251-05-000              GABLES COMM CTL
 101-331-45-100       101-331-45-100              GABLES CONTROL
 1011                 1011                        GERTSCH AC RAD STD
 10125                10125                       NORSAL IND ATTN
 1014A                097768-0000                 WILCOX XPDR

                                                          PAGE: 5
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 1014A                097768-0100                 WILCOX XPDR
 1014A                097768-0101                 WILCOX XPDR
 1014A                097939-0100                 WILCOX XPDR
 1014B                097768-0200                 WILCOX XPDR
 101617               101617-01                   AEROSONIC ENC ALT
 101627               101627-01344                AEROSONIC ENC ALT
 101627               101627-01344L               AEROSONIC ENC ALT
 101635               101635-01697L               AEROSONIC ALT
 101720               101720-013013               AEROSONIC ALT
 101720               101720-01545                AEROSONIC ALT
 101720               101720-11564                AEROSONIC ALTIMETER
 101730               101730-01419                AEROSONIC ALT
 101920               101920-01550                AEROSONIC DIGITIZER
 101935               101935-09691                AEROSONIC DIGITIZER
 101935               101935-09692                AEROSONIC DIGITIZER
 101C                 101C                        DATA CHECK ANALYZER
 101M3                101M3                       DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEMS TEST SET
 10254A               10254A                      HP CONVERTER, SERIAL TO PARALLEL
 103600-0002          980-6001-002                SUNDSTRAND CVR
 103610               103610                      SUNDSTRAND MIC MON
 103610               103610-003                  SUNDSTRAND MON MICROPHONE
 103610               103610-010                  UNITED CVR Control and MIC Monitor
 103610               103610-1                    UNITED CONTROL
 103610               980-6100-001                SUNDSTRAND MON MICROPHONE
 103610               980-6100-010                SUNDSTRAND MON MICROPHONE
 103A                 103A                        BOONTON Signal Generator
 103B                 103B                        BOONTON Signal Generator
 103D                 103D                        BOONTON SIGNAL GENERATOR
 104                  104                         NUCLEAR VTVM
 1042-12              1042-12                     MIDWEST MICROWAVE ATTN
 1042-4               1042-4                      MIDWEST MICROWAVE ATTN
 1042-8               1042-8                      MIDWEST MICROWAVE ATTN
 1043-12              1043-12                     MIDWEST MICROWAVE ATTN
 1043-4               1043-4                      MIDWEST MICROWAVE ATTN
 1043-8               1043-8                      MIDWEST MICROWAVE ATTN
 1043-E               13669-2-A                   BENDIX SYNCHRO TESTER
 1044-12              1044-12                     MIDWEST MICROWAVE ATTN
 1044-4               1044-4                      MIDWEST MICROWAVE ATTN
 1044-8               1044-8                      MIDWEST MICROWAVE ATTN
 10460                10460-11880                 AERONETICS ALTIMETER
 10505-1              10505-1                     BAKER PA AMP CHIME
 1050S1               1050S1                      BAKER AMP
 1051A-1              606-3630-002                COLLINS PLANAR ASSY
 1051A-1              772-0792-001                COLLINS PLANAR ASSY
 1051A-1              772-0792-003                COLLINS PLANAR ASSY
 1051A-1              791-8599-002                COLLINS PLANAR ASSY
 1051A-1              791-8599-003                COLLINS PLANAR ASSY
 1051A-1              791-8599-004                COLLINS PLANAR ASSY
 1051A-1              797-1480-001                COLLINS PLANAR ASSY
 1051A-1              797-1480-002                COLLINS PLANAR ASSY
 1051A-2              606-3624-001                COLLINS PLANAR ASSY
 1051A-2              606-3624-002                COLLINS PLANAR ASSY
 1051A-2              606-3626-001                COLLINS VHF
 1051A-2              606-3626-002                COLLINS VHF
 1051A-2              606-3626-003                COLLINS PLANAR ASSY
 1051A-2              606-3626-004                COLLINS PLANAR ASSY
 1051A-2              606-3626-005                COLLINS PLANAR ASSY
 1051A-2              777-0062-002                COLLINS PLANAR ASSY
 1051A-2              777-0062-003                COLLINS PLANAR ASSY
 1051A-2              777-0062-004                COLLINS PLANAR ASSY
 1051A-2              777-0062-006                COLLINS PLANAR ASSY
 1051A-2              777-0062-007                COLLINS PLANAR ASSY
 1051A-2              797-1486-002                COLLINS PLANAR ASSY
 1051B-1              772-0790-001                COLLINS VHF
 1051B-1              772-0790-002                COLLINS VHF
 10536A               10536A                      HP ADAPTER
 105AB                105AB                       HP QUARTZ OSCILLATOR
 105B                 105-B                       FLUKE SCOPEMETER
 105B                 105B                        HP OSCILLATOR

                                                          PAGE: 6
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 106                  106                         TEKTRONIX GENERATOR
 106AB                106AB                       HP QUARTZ OSCILLATOR
 106B                 106B                        HP OSCILLATOR
 1080                 1080                        NARDA DIR
 109C3030             109C3030                    ELECTRO IMPULSE DUMMY LOAAD
 10A131N              10A131N                     IDEAL BAROMETER
 10A2A                10A2A                       TEKTRONIX PLUG IN R647A
 10AA25WM             10F1A25W7                   MERIAN MANOMETER
 10DB                 10DB                        WEINSCHEL ATTEN
 10GM - 1KG           10GM - 1KG                  OHAUS WEIGHTS
 11                   11                          CHADWICK VIBREX CAL
 11                   11 FLUKE                    FLUKE MULTIMETER
 11-3030              11-3030                     BENDIX TESTER
 11-4067-2            11-4067-2                   BENDIX CONDENSER TESTER
 110                                              FLUKE METER
 110                  110                         WAVETEK FUN GEN
 1100-B               1100-B                      PRD ATTEN
 1100A                1100A                       AERONETICS INDICATOR
 1100B                1100B                       PRD ATTEN
 1105                 1105                        IDEAL MANOMETER
 1105E-L              1105E-L                     POLARAD SIGNAL GENERATOR
 111                  111                         WAVETEK FUN GEN
 112                                              FLUKE METER
 112                  112                         WAVETEK FUN GEN
 1121                 1121                        MILITARY AUDIO ANALYZER
 113                  113                         WAVETEK FUN GEN
 114                                              FLUKE METER
 114                  114                         WAVETEK FUN GEN
 114                  TEK114                      TEKTRONIX PULSE GEN
 114S2971-72/86       114S2971-72/86              TSARCOM DYN ABSRB
 115                  115                         WAVETEK FUN GEN
 1150V                1150V                       HITACHI OSCOPE
 11581A               11581A                      HP ATTN SET
 11582A               11582A                      HP COAXIAL ATTEN
 11583A               11583A                      HP COAXIAL ATTEN
 115BR                115BR                       HP TEST SET
 116                  116                         WAVETEK FUN GEN
 1166EA               1166EA                      GABLES SELCAL
 117                  117                         FLUKE VOLTMETER
 11708A               11708A                      HP 30db ATTENUATOR
 1170E                1170E                       GABLES HF CTL PNL
 11721-A              11721-A                     HP DOUBLER
 11722A               11722A                      AGILENT SENSOR MODULE
 117A                 117A                        HP VLF COMPARATOR
 117M6A               117M6A                      HELMUTH BALANCER
 118A4                118A4                       NARDA ATTEN
 11A                  11A                         CHADWICK CALIBRATOR
 11A/PS               11A/PS                      CHADWICK CALIBRATOR
 11B                  11B                         CHADWICK CALIBRATOR
 11B/11PS             11B/11PS                    CHADWICK CALIBRATOR
 11B2A                11B2A                       TEKTRONIX PLUG IN R647A
 12                   12                          FLUKE MULTIMETER
 12-17                12-17                       CHELTON VHF COMM ANT
 120                  120                         PRECISION M METER
 1200B                1200B                       HP OSCILLOSCOPE
 1205                 1205                        TELONIC SWEEP GEN
 1205A                1205A                       TELONIC SWEEP GENERATOR
 1211FE               1211FE                      BARFIELD TEST
 1219D001-G1          1219D001-G1                 STRUTHERS TEST TEST
 121A-2               522-1216-00                 COLLINS DISCONNECT
 121A-2               522-1216-000                COLLINS DISCONNECT
 1222A                1222A                       HP O'SCOPE
 1227                 1227                        SIMPSON METER
 122AAR               122AAR                      HP OSCILLOSCOPE
 123                  123                         FLUKE SCOPE METER
 1235                 1235                        FOXTRONICS METER
 1240                 1240                        WESTON MULTIMETER
 1251P                1251P                       CALIFORNIA INST AC POWER SOURCE
 127-1M               127-1M                      EDCLIFF PITOT STATIC

                                                         PAGE: 7
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 129000               129000                      COLINE ATTN
 130                  130                         DORIC C METER
 130A                 130A                        DORIC C METER
 130C                 130C                        HP OSCILLOSCOPE
 1310-A               1310A                       GENRAD OSCILLATOR
 1310B                1310B                       GENRAD OSCILLATOR
 1329                 1329                        SIMPSON METER
 1332A                                            GLOBAL SPECIALTIES PWR SUPPLY
 1332A                1332A                       HP X-Y DISPLAY
 134A                 C6280APAPX                  SENTINEL XPDR CTL
 1350AM               AMMS1                       SMITHS ALTIMETER
 1350AM               RL1350AM-MS2                SMITHS ALT
 1350AM               WL1350AM-MS1                SMITHS ALT
 1350AM               WL1350AM-MS2                SMITHS ALT
 1350AM               WL1350AM-MS4                SMITHS ALT
 1350AM               WL1350AM-MS6                SMITHS ALT
 1350AM               WL1381AM-MS1                SMITHS ALT
 1350AM               WL1381AM-MS2                SMITHS ALT
 1350AM               WL1381AM-MS3                SMITHS ALT
 1350AM               WL1381AM-MS4                SMITHS ALT
 135M11               135M11                      CHADWICK STROBEX
 13647-3A             13647-3A                    BENDIX TEST SET
 137A-11              792-6501-001                COLLINS ADF ANT
 137A-4               522-2301-005                COLLINS ADF ANT
 137A-4A              792-6931-001                COLLINS ADF ANT
 137A-5               522-1837-000                COLLINS ADF ANTENNA
 137A-5A              787-6017-001                COLLINS ANTENNA
 137A-6               522-2615-005                COLLINS ADF ANT
 137A-6               522-2615-006                COLLINS ADF ANT
 137A-6A              522-3761-001                COLLINS ADF ANT
 137A-6A              522-3761-002                COLLINS ADF ANT
 137A-6B              522-4853-001                COLLINS ADF ANT
 137A-6C              792-6010-001                COLLINS ANTENNA
 137A-6D              787-6643-001                COLLINS ADF ANT
 137X-1               137X-1                      COLLINS ANT
 137X-1               522-1136-000                COLLINS ANT
 137X-1               522-1136-011                COLLINS ANT
 137X-1               522-1136-014                COLLINS ANT
 1384                 602279-1                    COBER PULSE GEN
 1390B                1390B                       GENRAD NOISE GEN
 14-50-01             14-50-01                    TRIVEC ANTENNA
 140                  140                         KUSTOM NAV TEST SET
 1400AM               WL/1401AM/MS/1              SMITHS ALT
 1400AM               WL/1401AM/MS/2              SMITHS ALT
 1400AM               WL/1401AM/MS/3              SMITHS ALT
 1400AM               WL/1401AM/MS/4              SMITHS ALT
 1400AM               WL/1403AM/MS/1              SMITHS ALT
 1400AM               WL/1403AM/MS/2              SMITHS ALT
 1400AM               WL/1403AM/MS/3              SMITHS ALT
 1400AM               WL/1403AM/MS/4              SMITHS ALT
 1400AM               WL/1404AM/MS/1              SMITHS ALT
 1400AM               WL/1404AM/MS/2              SMITHS ALT
 1400AM               WL/1404AM/MS/3              SMITHS ALT
 1400AM               WL/1404AM/MS/4              SMITHS ALT
 1400AM               WL/1404AM/MS/5              SMITHS ALT
 1400AM               WL/1404AM/MS/6              SMITHS ALT
 1400AM               WL/1404AM/MS/7              SMITHS ALT
 1400AM               WL/1404AM/MS/8              SMITHS ALT
 1400AM               WL/1407AM/MS/1              SMITHS ALT
 1400AM               WL/1407AM/MS/2              SMITHS ALT
 1400AM               WL/1407AM/MS/3              SMITHS ALT
 1400AM               WL/1407AM/MS/4              SMITHS ALT
 140100               140-100                     AEMC TEST SET
 140100               CN054                       WHEATSTONE BRIDGE
 1404A                1404A                       GENRAD CAPACITOR
 1404B                1404B                       GENRAD CAPACITOR
 1406R                1406R                       IDEAL RATE TABLE
 1412-BC              1412-BC                     GE DECADE CAPACITOR
 142                  142                         WAVETEK SIG GEN

                                                         PAGE: 8
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 1422CB               1422CB                      GENRAD CAPACITANCE BRIDGE
 1423A                1423A                       GENRAD DECADE CAPACITOR
 1424-M               1424-M                      GENRAD DECADE CAP
 1432-22B-A-A1-1U     1432-22B-A-A1-1U            BENDIX AIRSPEED IND
 1432-M               1432-M                      GENRAD DECADE RESISTOR
 1432K                1432K                       GENRAD RES
 1432N                1432N                       DECADE RES
 1432Y                1432Y                       DECADE RES
 1433-3               1433-3                      DECADE RES
 1433-B               1433-B                      DECADE RESISTOR
 1433-M               1433-M                      GENRAD RES BOX
 1433-N               1433-N                      GENRAD DECADE RES
 1433-P               2002-006                    GENRAD RESISTOR
 1433-T               2002-006                    GENRAD RESISTOR
 1433-W               1433-W                      DECADE RESISTOR
 1433-X               1433-X                      GENRAD DECADE RES
 1433N                2002-006                    GENRAD DECADE RES
 1433U                1433U                       DECADE RES
 1434B                1434B                       DECADE RES
 145                  145                         WAVETEK GENERATOR
 1455A                1455A                       GENRAD VOLT DIVIDER
 1466                 1466                        B&K OSCILLOSCOPE
 1466A                1466A                       B&K OSCILLOSCOPE
 1471                 1471                        B&K DUAL TRACE OSCILLOSCOPE
 1476                 1476                        B&K OSCILLOSCOPE
 1476A                1476A                       B&K OSCILLOSCOPE
 147B-2               622-3110-001                COLLINS Converter/Discriminator
 148-A                148-A                       WAVETEK FUNCT GEN
 1481                 1481                        EXTECH MULTIMETER
 1481-B               1481-B                      GENRAD INDUCTOR
 1482B                1482B                       GENRAD STD INDUCTOR
 1488                 1488                        MKC ECHO BOX
 1490                 1490                        GENRAD IND
 1491                 1491                        GENRAD DECADE IND
 15-0133-1            15-0133-1                   GRIMES CARGO FLOODLIGHT
 1500                 MEC1500                     TKM SIGNAL GEN
 1500150GR            1500150GR                   GRAMMES DYN
 1502                 1502TDR                     TEKTRONIX REFLECTOMETER
 1502B                1502B                       TEKTRONIX Cable Tester TDR
 1502BOPT03           1502BOPT03                  TEKTRONIX REFLECTOMETER
 1502TDR              1502TDR                     TEKTRONIX TESTER
 1503                 1503                        TEKTRONIX CABLE TESTER
 1507                 1507                        FLUKE INSULATION TESTER
 151500               151500                      TELEDYNE TEST SET
 1515B                1515B                       POWER PS
 1520                 1520                        FLUKE MEGOHMETER
 1522                 1522                        B&K OSCILLOSCOPE
 1531                 1531                        GENRAD STROBOTAC
 1531A                1531A                       GENRAD STROBEOTAC
 1531ab               1531ab                      GENRAD STROBOSCOPE
 153L-2               757-1537-002                COLLINS CONN BOX
 155600               155600                      TELEDYNE XPDR TEST SET
 1570A                1570A                       B&K OSCOPE
 15960                15960                       DAYTON-GRANGER VOR ANT
 15KC/S-5MC/S         15KC/S-5MC/S                WAYNE KERR BRIDGE
 16                   16                          FLUKE METER
 16-21-1T MOD 2       16-21-1T MOD 2              CHELTON ANTENNA
 16-21B               16-21B                      CHELTON ANTENNA
 16-21B MOD 1         16-21B MOD 1                CHELTON ANTENNA
 16-21T               16-21T                      CHELTON ANTENNA
 16003MMH             16003MMH                    CDI WRNCH
 1601                 1601                        B&K DC POWER SUPPLY
 16040                16040                       DAYTON-GRANGER VHF ANT
 16055                16055                       DAYTON-GRANGER VHF ANT
 1606-A               1606A                       GENRAD RF BRIDGE
 16060                16060                       DAYTON-GRANGER VHF ANT
 1608A                1608A                       GENRAD RF BRIDGE
 161A-1               522-2787-000                COLLINS TRIM CPLR
 161A-1A              522-4517-001                COLLINS TRIM CPLR

                                                          PAGE: 9
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 161A-1A              522-4517-157                COLLINS TRIM CPLR
 161A-1B              522-4649-001                COLLINS TRIM CPLR
 161A-1B              522-4649-004                COLLINS TRIM CPLR
 161A-1B              522-4649-007                COLLINS TRIM CPLR
 161A-1B              522-4649-010                COLLINS TRIM CPLR
 161A-1B              522-4649-011                COLLINS TRIM CPLR
 161A-1B              522-4649-012                COLLINS TRIM CPLR
 161A-1B              522-4649-013                COLLINS TRIM CPLR
 161A-1B              522-4649-015                COLLINS TRIM CPLR
 161A-1B              522-4649-021                COLLINS TRIM CPLR
 161E-2               772-5132-001                COLLINS MODE CPLR
 161E-2A              792-6255-001                COLLINS MODE CPLR
 161E-2A              792-6255-002                COLLINS MODE CPLR
 161E-2A              792-6255-003                COLLINS MODE CPLR
 161E-2A              792-6255-004                COLLINS MODE CPLR
 161E-2A              792-6255-005                COLLINS MODE CPLR
 161E-2A              792-6255-006                COLLINS MODE COUPLER
 161F-1               522-4700-001                COLLINS MODE CPLR
 161F-1               522-4700-002                COLLINS MODE CPLR
 161F-1               522-4700-003                COLLINS MODE CPLR
 161F-1               522-4700-004                COLLINS MODE CPLR
 161F-1               522-4700-005                COLLINS MODE CPLR
 161F-1               522-4700-007                COLLINS MODE CPLR
 161F-1               522-4700-008                COLLINS MODE CPLR
 161F-1               522-4700-009                COLLINS MODE CPLR
 161F-1               522-4700-010                COLLINS MODE CPLR
 161F-1               522-4700-011                COLLINS MODE CPLR
 161F-1               522-4700-012                COLLINS MODE CPLR
 161F-1               522-4700-015                COLLINS MODE CPLR
 161F-1               522-4700-016                COLLINS MODE CPLR
 161F-1               522-4700-017                COLLINS MODE CPLR
 161F-1               522-4700-019                COLLINS MODE CPLR
 161F-1A              787-6356-001                COLLINS MODE CPLR
 161F-1A              787-6356-002                COLLINS MODE CPLR
 161F-1B              622-0283-001                COLLINS MODE CPLR
 161F-1B              622-0283-002                COLLINS MODE CPLR
 161F-1C              622-0938-001                COLLINS MODE CPLR
 161H-1               622-1036-001                **COLLINS PROGRAMMER
 1620                 1620                        FREED MEGOHMETER
 1620B                1620B                       FREED MEGOHMETER
 1620D                1620D                       FREED MEGOHMETER
 1635                 1635                        B&K PS
 16350                16350                       DAYTON-GRANGER VHF ANT
 16355                16355                       DAYTON-GRANGER VHF ANT
 164735               164785                      BIDDLE TESTER
 1650                 1650                        ELDORADO CNTR
 1650A                1650A                       GENRAD BRIDGE
 1650CM               1650CM                      ELDORADO FREQ CTR
 16525                16525                       DAYTON-GRANGER VOR ANT
 1657RLC              1657RLC                     GENRAD DIGIBRIDGE
 1707B                1707B                       HP OSCOPE
 171                  171                         WAVETEK FUNC GEN
 171-431-05-000       171-431-05-000              GABLES CTL
 171-431-45-100       171-431-45-100              GABLES CTL
 1710                 1710                        HP OSCILLOSCOPE
 1710A                1710A                       HP OSCILLOSCOPE
 1710B                1710B                       HP OSCILLOSCOPE
 1714                 1714                        HP OSCILLOSCOPE
 1715A                1715A                       HP OSCILLOSCOPE
 1716A                1716A                       HP OSCILLOSCOPE
 1720A                1720A                       HP OSCILLOSCOPE
 17212UA2             AN50-1                      BENDIX TURN BANK
 17212WA2             17212WA2                    BENDIX TURN BANK
 1725A                1725A                       HP O'SCOPE
 172H-1               522-1708-00                 COLLINS TEST SET
 172H-10              522-4601-001                COLLINS DUMMYLOAD
 172H-11              777-1261-001                COLLINS DUMMY LOAD
 172H-12              777-1455-001                COLLINS DUMMY LOAD
 172H-17              777-1864-001                COLLINS DUMMY LOAD

                                                         PAGE: 10
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 172H-18              622-0180-001                COLLINS DUMMY SHUNT ANT
 172H-18A             622-7148-001                COLLINS DUMMY SHUNT ANT
 172H-21A             622-1732-001                COLLINS DUMMY SHUNT ANT
 172H-8               522-4514-001                COLLINS DUMMY ANTENNA
 172H-8               522-4514-002                COLLINS DUMMYLOAD
 1740A                1740A                       HP OSCILLOSCOPE
 1741A                1741A                       HP OSCILLOSCOPE
 1742A                1742                        HP OSCILLOSCOPE
 1743A                1743A                       HP DC PS
 175                  175                         KEITHLEY METER
 1750A                1750A                       HP AMPLIFIER
 1751SLE              1751SLE                     ELGAR AC PWR SOURCE
 1755A                1755A                       HP AMPLIFIER
 175A                 175A                        HP OSCILLOSCOPE
 177                  177                         B&K VMETER
 1775277              1775277                     SPERRY FLUX VALVE
 177M-6A              177M-6A                     CHADWICK BALANCER, PHASER
 177M-6B              177M-6B                     CHADWICK BALANCER, PHASER
 177M-6C              177M-6C                     CHADWICK BALANCER, PHASER
 177M-6V              177M-6V                     CHADWICK BALANCER, PHASER
 177M-7A              177M-7A                     CHADWICK BALANCER, PHASER
 178                  178                         WAVETEK SYNTH
 1781B                1781B                       HP DELAY GENERATOR
 179                                              FLUKE MULTIMETER
 179                  179                         FLUKE DIG METER
 179A                 179A                        KEITHLEY METER
 179J-5               522-2716-004                COLLINS ANT CPLR
 179J6                522-2733-004                COLLINS CPLR
 179J7                522-2931-004                COLLINS COUPLER
 179J8                522-3557-003                COLLINS CPLR
 18-40-01             18-40-01                    TRIVEC-AVANT ANTENNA
 180                  180                         HP OSCILLOSCOPE
 1801A                1801A                       HP AMPLIFIER
 1802                 1802                        DYNASCAN FREQ CNTR
 1803A                1803A                       HP TESTER
 1804A                1804A                       HP AMP
 1805                 1805                        HICKOK OSC PREAMP
 180A                 180A                        HP OSCILLOSCOPE
 180AR                180AR                       HP OSCILLOSCOPE
 180E                 180E                        HP OSCILLOSCOPE
 180T                 180T                        HP OSCOPE
 180TR                180TR                       HP OSCOPE
 1811D-403            1811D-403                   BARFIELD PITOT STATIC BOX
 1811D-404            1811D-404                   BARFIELD PITOT STATIC
 1811D103             1811D103                    BARFIELD PITOT STATIC
 1811D104             101-00164                   BARFIELD PITOT STATIC BOX
 1811D107             101-00164                   BARFIELD PITOT STATIC
 1811D401             101-00164                   BARFIELD PITOT STATIC BOX
 1811D403             101-00164                   BARFIELD PITOT STATIC BOX
 1811FD                                           BARFIELD PITOT STATIC
 1811FE               1811FE                      BARFIELD PITOT STATIC TESTER
 1811FF                                           BARFIELD PITOT STATIC
 1811G-531            101-00165                   BARFIELD PITOT STATIC
 1811G1               1811G1                      BARFIELD PITOT STATIC
 1811G101             101-00185                   BARFIELD PITOT STATIC
 1811G121             101-00165                   BARFIELD PITOT STATIC
 1811G121             1811G121                    BARFIELD PITOT STATIC
 1811G133             1811G133                    BARFIELD PITOT STATIC
 1811G141             101-00165                   BARFIELD PITOT STATIC
 1811G161             101-00165                   BARFIELD PITOT STATIC TESTER
 1811G163             1811G163                    BARFIELD PITOT STATIC
 1811G264             101-00165                   BARFIELD PITOT TS
 1811G524             1811G524                    BARFIELD PITOT STATIC
 1811G544             101-00165                   BARFIELD PITOT STATIC
 1811GA0A             101-00165                   BARFIELD PITOT STATIC
 1811GA162            101-00185                   BARFIELD PITOT STATIC
 1811H-535            101-00169                   BARFIELD PITO STATIC
 1811H131             101-00168                   BARFIELD PITOT STATIC
 1811H144             101-00168                   BARFIELD PITOT STATIC

                                                         PAGE: 11
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 1811H161             101-00167                   BARFIELD PITOT STATIC
 1811H161             101-00168                   BARFIELD PITOT STATIC
 1811H163115          101-00168                   BARFIELD PITOT STATIC
 1811H445110          101-00168                   BARFIELD PITOT STATIC
 1811H463-110         101-00168                   BARFIELD PITOT STATIC TEST BOX
 1811H463-110         1811H463-110                BARFIELD PITOT STATIC
 1811H465             101-00168                   BARFIELD PITOT STATIC
 1811H565             101-00168                   BARFIELD PITOT STATIC
 1811H624             101-00168                   BARFIELD PITOT STATIC
 1811HA125            101-00184                   BARFIELD PITOT STATIC
 1811HA163            101-00184                   BARFIELD PITO STATIC
 1820                 1820                        B&K FREQUENCY COUNTER
 1820B                1820B                       HP TIME BASE
 1820C                1820C                       HP TIME BASE
 1821A                1821A                       HP GENERATOR
 1822                 1822                        HICKOK OSC PREAMP
 1823                 1823                        HICKOK OSC PREAMP
 1823A                1823A                       BK COUNTER
 1830A                1830A                       HP AMP
 183A                 183A                        HP OSCILLOSCOPE
 183C                 183C                        HP OSCOPE
 183D                 183D                        HP OSCOPE
 184                  184                         TEKTRONIX TIME MARK GENERATOR
 1840-A               1840A                       GENRAD OUTPUT POWER METER
 1840LA               1840LA                      GENRAD METER
 184A                 184A                        HP OSCILLOSCOPE
 1850                 1850                        B&K FREQUENCY COUNTER
 1851                 1851                        B&K FREQ
 185A-100FN           185A-100FN                  SIERRA WATT METER
 1862B                1862B                       GENRAD MEGOHMETER
 1863                 1863                        GENRAD METER
 187                  187                         FLUKE RMS MULTIMETER
 1870                 1870                        BK PRECISION FREQ CTR
 18711-113            525-18711-113               IDC ALT
 18711-114            525-18711-114               IDC ALT
 1875                 1875                        B&K FREQ CTR
 189                  189                         FLUKE RMS MULTIMETER
 19                   1000-00-0684                WAVETEK AUDIO OSC
 19                   19                          FLUKE METER
 190                  190                         WAVETEK AF GENERATOR
 1900A                1900A                       FLUKE FREQ CTR
 1910A                1910A                       FLUKE FREQ COUNTER
 1911A                1911A                       FLUKE FREQ COUNTER
 1911A-01             1911A-01                    FLUKE FREQ COUNTER
 1912A                1912A                       FLUKE FREQ COUNTER
 1912A-01             1912A-01                    FLUKE FREQ COUNTER
 191B                 191B                        HAKKO THERMOMETER
 192                  192                         HELMUTH TEST SET
 1920A                1920A                       FLUKE FREQ COUNTER
 1921-02              1921-02                     JOSLYN LIGHTNING ARR
 193                  193                          FUNCTION GEN
 1952-1-3-5           1952                        SAFEFLIGHT APP APP KIT
 1952A                1952A                       FLUKE COUNTER
 1952B                1952B                       FLUKE COUNTER
 19533AOPT20          19533AOPT20                 FLUKE COUNTER
 1953A                1953A                       FLUKE COUNTER
 1980A                1980A                       FLUKE COUNTER
 1982                 1982                        GENRAD SOUND LVL MTR
 1991                 1991                        RACAL-DANA COUNTER
 1992                 1992                        RACAL-DANA COUNTER
 1992OPT04E           1992OPT04E                  RACAL-DANA COUNTER
 1994                 1994                        RACAL-DANA COUNTER
 1B                   1B                          NARDA ATTN
 1GM - 1KG            1GM - 1KG                   OHAUS WEIGHTS
 1I-3                 1-3                         WEINSCHEL ATTEN
 1L20                 1L20                        TEKTRONIX SPECTRUM AZLR
 20                   20                          WAVETEK FINCT GEN
 200                  200                         ATLANTIC INSTRUMENTS DATATRACK
 200-2000             200-2000                    ARPO DYN

                                                         PAGE: 12
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 2000                 2000                        SOMFYTEC GRAM GAUGE
 2000-534C            2000-534C                   GLENAIR Power Supply
 2001                 2001                        KEITHLEY
 2005                 2005                        PRECISION PS
 200AB                200AB                       HP AUDIO OSCILLATOR
 200AB                80935                       HP AUDIO GENERATOR
 200C                 200C                        HP OSC
 200CD                HP200CD                     HP AUDIO OSC
 200CD-904            200CD-904                   HP WIDE RANGE OSC
 200CDR               200CDR                      HP OSCILLATOR
 201                  201                         CENTRAL DIAL IND
 201-c                201-C                        SIG GEN
 201C                 1U022-05                    BENDIX ADF REC
 201D                 201D                        BENDIX ADF REC
 201F                 4000393-0101                BENDIX ADF REC
 202A                 202A                        HP FUNCTION GEN
 202BR                202BR                       NAI TECHNOLOGIES VOLTMETER
 202C                 202C                        HP AUDIO OSC
 2030                                             WAVETECH METER
 2030                                             MARCONI GENERATOR
 2030                 2030                        FREED MEGOHMETER
 2030                 2030 SERIES                 IFR SIGNAL GENERATOR
 2030B                2030B                       FREED MEGOHMETER
 2031                 2031                        IFR SIGNAL GENERATOR
 2032                 2032                        IFR SIGNAL GENERATOR
 203A                 203A                        HP OCS
 2040                 2040                        IFR SIGNAL GENERATOR
 2041                 2041                        IFR SIGNAL GENERATOR
 2042                 2042                        IFR SIGNAL GENERATOR
 2046B                PS8                         RATELCO DC PS
 204B                 204B                        HP OSC
 204C                 204C                        HP OSC
 204D                 204D                        HP OSC
 2050                 2050                        B&K RF
 2051                 2051                        IFR SIGNAL GEN
 205AG                00205-90003                 HP SIGNAL GEN
 205AGR               205AGR                      HP SIGNAL GEN
 208A                 00208-90002                 HP TEST OSC
 209A                 209A                        HP AUDIO OSC.
 20KG                 20KG                        CAST IRON CLASS F WEIGHT
 21                   21                          FLUKE MULTIMETER
 210-10               210-10                      WEINSCHEL ATTEN
 210-20               210-20                      WEINSCHEL ATTEN
 2100                 2100                        SIMPSON AMPMETER
 2105                                             AERONETICS RMI Indicator
 2105-A-6             2105-A-6                    AERONETICS RMI
 2105B6               2105B6                      AERONETICS RMI
 2105D-A-6            2105D-A-6                   AERONETICS RMI
 2105DB6              2105DB6                     AERONETICS RMI
 2105LB63             2105LB63                    AERONETICS RMI IND
 2105X                2105X                       AERONETICS RMI
 2107                 3-60926-1                   AERONETICS RMI
 2107AB6              2107AB6                     AERONETICS RMI
 2107AD-B-6           2107AD-B-6                  AERONETICS IND
 2107B6               2107B6                      AERONETICS RMI Indicator with switch
 2107BB               2107BB                      AERONETICS RMI
 2107DA6              2107DA6                     AERONETICS RMI
 2107DB6              2107DB6                     AERONETICS RMI
 2107FDA6             2107FDA6                    AERONETICS RMI
 2107GDA6             2107GDA6                    AERONETICS RMI IND
 2107LB-6-3           2107LB-6-3                  AERONETICS RMI
 2107LB61             2107LB61                    AERONETICS RMI
 2107SDA6A            2107SDA6A                   AERONETICS RMI
 2108                 2108                        AERONETICS RMI
 210800               210800                      BIDDLE METER
 2108A6               2108A6                      AERONETICS RMI
 2108B6               2108B6                      AERONETICS RMI
 2108DA6              2108DA6                     AERONETICS RMI
 2109DA6              2109DA6                     AERONETICS RMI

                                                         PAGE: 13
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 211A                                             HP SQUARE WAVE GEN
 211A                 211A                        BOONTON Signal Generator
 212                  212                         TEKTRONIX OSCILLOSCOPE
 2120                 2120                        B&K OSC
 212A                 212A                        HP PULSE GEN
 213C                 213C                        NORTH ATLANTIC TEST SET
 213C2454             213C2454                    NORTH ATLANTIC VOLTMETER
 213CS2387            213CS2387                   NORTH ATLANTIC TEST SET
 213CS2433            213CS2433                   NORTH ATLANTIC VOLTMETER
 214A                 214A                        HP PULSE GENERATOR
 2166A                2166A                       FLUKE THERMOMETER
 2190B                2190B                       HP OSCOPE
 21W3116-501          21W3116-501                 DOUGLAS JT-9 ANTI ICE COWL HARNESS
 22                   22-185                      FLUKE METER
 22-167               22167                       MICRONTA METER
 22-185               22-185                      MICRONTA DVM
 22-185A              22185A                      MICRONTA METER
 22-187               22187                       MICRONTA W PROBE
 22-188               22188                       MICRONTA METER
 22-192               22-192                      MICRONTA METER
 22-220               22-220                      MICRONTA Multimeter
 22-37-103            22-37-103                   TRIVEC NAV ANT
 2200                 MEC2200                     MEC TEST
 2200A                NC2200A                     MICHELS VOR/ ILS TEST SET
 2201                 2201                        TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 2205                 2205                        TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 221                  221                         EICO VTVM
 2210                 2210                        MICHEL TESTER
 2211                 2211                        TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 2213                 2213                        TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 2213A                2213A                       TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 2215                 2215                        TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 222                  222                         TEKTRONIX PULSE GENERATOR
 2221                 2221                        TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 2221A                2221A                       TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 2224                 2224                        TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 2225                 2225                        TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 222A                 222A                        HP SIGNAL GEN
 2230                 2230                        TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 2232                 2232                        TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 2235                 2235                        TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 2235A                2235A                       TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 2236                 2236                        TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 2236A                2236A                       TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 2245A                2245A                       TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 2246                 2246                        TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 2246 2R              2246 2R                     TEK OSCOPE
 2246 MOD A           2246 MOD A                  TEK OSCOPE
 22461Y               22461Y                      TEK OSCOPE
 2246A                2246A                       TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 2247A                2247A                       TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 225                                              ELDORADO ELEC COUNTER
 225                  225                         NORTH ATLANTIC VOLTMETER
 225-A                225-A                       HP SIG GEN
 2250-F1              2250-F1                     NORTH ATLANTIC TEST SET
 225396-1             225396-1                    AMP TEST CABLE
 2255                 2255                        HEATHKIT LCR METER
 2268A                1U0010-01                   BENDIX CAPSTAN
 2268A1               4006451-0501                BENDIX CAPSTAN
 22977021A            22977021A                   GARWIN ALTIMETER
 23                   23                          FLUKE MULTIMETER
 23-20-34             23-20-34                    WEINSCHEL ATTEN
 23002970             23002970                    MILITARY TEST SET
 23002970D            23002970D                   Allison gm TEST SET
 23002970D-201        23002970D-201               MILITARY TEST SET
 23008696             23008696                    NOEL SMYSER TEST SET
 230425               230425                      BIDDLE MEGOHMMETER
 230B                 230B                        HP POWER AMP
 2312G-25             2312G-25                    BARFIELD TURBINE TEMP TEST SET

                                                         PAGE: 14
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 2312G8               2312G8                      BARFIELD TURBINE TEMP IND TEST SET
 232A                 232A                        BOONTON GS SIG GEN
 2335                 2335                        TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 2336                 2336                        TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 233N6252-10          233N6252-10                 BOEING ELECT PANEL
 233N6252-13          233N6252-13                 BOEING ELECT PANEL
 235                                              SATLER/TESTUT FORCE GAUGE
 235                  01-0235-00                  JC AIR NAV COMM RAMP TESTER
 235                  062-0235-00                 KUSTOM NAV TEST SET
 235                  235                         EICO VTVM
 2360A                71640001                    MOTOROLA POWER SUP
 237Z-1               522-2632-000                COLLINS ANTENNA
 2397FP               101-00203                   BARFIELD PITOT STATIC
 24-37-101            24-37-101                   TRIVEC ANT
 24-37-101            24-37-101                   TRIVEC ANT
 2400                 2400                        RL INST TEST
 2403-89              2403-89                     CHELTON VHF COM ANTENNA
 2409-89              2409-89-00                  RAYAN/CHELTON ANT
 2409-89              2409-89-02                  RAYAN/CHELTON ANT
 2409-89              2409-89-05                  RAYAN/CHELTON ANT
 2409-89              2409-89-06                  RAYAN/CHELTON ANT
 2409-89              2409-89-07                  RAYAN/CHELTON ANT
 2409-89              2409-89-08                  RAYAN/CHELTON ANT
 2409-89              2409-89-09                  RAYAN/CHELTON ANT
 240C                 240C                        CLAROSTAT DECADE RES
 241A                 241A                        HP OSC
 2432477-1            2432477-1                   HONEYWELL BITE TESTER
 2445                 2445                        TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 2445A                050-2180-07                 TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 2445B                2445B                       TEKTRONIX OSCILLOSCOPE
 245                  245                         DATA PRECISION MULTIMETER
 24544                24544                       NARDA ATTEN
 245C                 245C                        BOONTON SIG GEN CAL
 245D                 245D                        BOONTON SIG GEN CAL
 2465                 2465                        TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 2465A                2465A                       TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 2465B                2465B                       HP OSC
 2465BDM              2465BDM                     TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 247000               247000                      BIDDLE DIG. OHMMETER
 2471F                101-00220                   BARFIELD MEGOHMETER
 2480                 2480                        DP DVM
 2480R                2480R                       DP DVM
 25                   25                          FLUKE MULTIMETER
 25-150               25-150                      HAAG STRAIT DYN
 25-3003-01           25-3003-01                  AID PITOT TEST
 25-3003-1            25-3003-1                   AID PITOT STATIC BOX
 25-441               25-441                      STARRETT DIAL IND
 250                                              SIMPSON VOLTMETER
 250                  250                         AMP METER
 250-0/25             250-0/25                    MODUTEC METER
 2500                                             CLARKE-HESS PA VM
 2500                 2500                        BOONTON METER
 250320NTNT           250320NTNT                  BROWNELL METER
 2503MFRMH            2503MFRMH                   CDI WRENCH
 250502               250502                      BIDDLE GRD TESTER
 250ARN               6201-818                    BORG IND
 250DE                250DE                       ESI IMP BRIDGE
 250DE1325            250DE1325                   ESI IMP BRIDGE
 250H                 250H                        BIRD ELEMENT
 2510                 2510                        BOONTON METER
 251E                 251E                        AIM HOR REF IND GYRO
 251ECF               251ECF                      AIM HOR REF IND GYRO
 251ECF8              251ECF8                     AIM HOR REF IND GYRO
 2521/975             2521/975                    VU DATA MINISCOPE
 253                  253                         ELECTRO SCIENTIFIC METER
 2530031              2530031                     AID PITOT TESTER
 2548C                2548C                       BARFIELD TEST SET
 2548H                101-00420                   BARFIELD FQ TEST SET
 2548H                2548H                       BARFIELD FUEL QUANTITY TEST SET

                                                         PAGE: 15
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 2548R                2548R                       BARFIELD TEST SET
 255H1                622-1930-001                COLLINS AN/ARM-118(V) AND TCN-118 TACAN TEST SET INTERCONN
 2575A                2575A                       VALHALLA SCIENTIFIC CURRENT SHUNT
 2590A                2590A                       HP FREQ CONV
 25LBS                25LBS                       CAST IRON CLASS F WEIGHT
 26                   26                          FLUKE METER
 26 III               26 III                      FLUKE METER
 260                  260                         SIMPSON VOLTMETER
 260-5P               260-5P                      SIMPSON METER
 260-6                260-6                       SIMPSON METER
 260-6P               260-6P                      SIMPSON METER
 260-6XLP             260-6XLP                    SIMPSON METER
 260-7                260-7                       SIMPSON Multimeter
 260-7M               260-7M                      SIMPSON MULTIMETER
 260-7P               260-7P                      SIMPSON METER
 260-8                260-8                       SIMPSON METER
 260A                 260A                        BOONTON METER
 261                  261                         SIMPSON METER
 262-1                262-1                       ASTRONICS DIMMING CTL
 262A                 MI1284A                     DIGITEC VOLTMETER
 263-2                263-2                       ASTRONICS DIMMING CTL
 263-2EDC             263-2EDC                    EDC DIMMER
 263A                 263A                        DIGITEC VOLTMETER
 263BC101-3           263BC101-3                  ACME BATTERY CHARGER
 264-1                264-1                       ASTRONICS DIMMING CTL
 2643G                101-00260                   BARFIELD TEST SET
 2656F                2656F                       BARFIELD TEST
 269                  269                         SIMPSON METER
 269-3                269-3                       SIMPSON METER
 26A                  26A                         BOONTON Q METER
 27                   27                          FLUKE MULTIMETER
 270                                              SIMPSON METER
 270                  270                         HICKOK GEN
 270-4                270-4                       SIMPSON METER
 270-5                270-5                       SIMPSON METER
 2701                 2701                        TEKTRONIX ATTN
 2703                 2703                        TEKTRONIX ATTN
 2704                 2704                        B&K MULTIMETER
 2755                 2755                        YOKOGAWA TESTER
 2760                 2760-0000 REV B             SIERRA COM TACAN TEST SET
 27A                  27A                         LEADER AUDIO GEN
 280                  15-6327-10                  BRUSH RECORDER
 280                  280                         B&K DIG
 2800                 2800                        B&K DIG METER
 2800S                2800S                       GOULD RECORDER
 2804                 2804                        B&K DIG
 2805                 2805                        B&K DIG
 2806                 2806                        B&K DIG
 2807                 2807                        B&K DIG
 281                  281                         FLUKE WAVEFORM GEN
 2810                 2810                        B&K DIG
 2815                 2815                        B&K DIG
 2816                 2816                        B&K DIG
 2817                 2817                        B&K DIG
 2818                 2818                        B&K DIG
 281AB                281AB                       HP ADAPTER
 2860                 2860                        BK PRECISION VMETER
 2865                 2865                        SIMPSON METER
 286N2806             286N2806                    NORTHWEST APU GEN FEED
 286N5600-010         286N5600-010                NORTHWEST FAN CASE HARNESS
 286N5610-007         286N5610-007                NORTHWEST GEN CABLE
 286N5610-010         286N5610-010                NORTHWEST GEN HARNESS
 286N5610-301         286N5610-301                NORTHWEST GEN HARNESS
 287                  287                         FLUKE MULTIMETER
 287656-1             287656-1                    A RESEARCH TEMP IND
 29                   29                          FLUKE METER
 2901                 2901                        TEKTRONIX TIME MK GEN
 2901-7634-10         2901-7634-10                KING 34 DB ATTEN
 2901A                2901A                       HP SCANNER

                                                         PAGE: 16
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 2902A                2902A                       HP SCANNER
 2940                 2940                        B&K DVM
 2944                 2944                        AEROFLEX SVC MON
 2945A                2945A                       AEROFLEX SVC MON
 2946A                2946A                       AEROFLEX SVC MON
 2947                 2947                        IFR COM TEST SET
 295                  295                         SIMPSON CLAMP
 2955B                2955B                        COM TEST SET
 295A                 295A                        HP TEST SET
 296                  296                         WAVETEK WF GEN
 297                  297                         B&K METER
 29B                  071-5065-11                 KING SWR/PWR METER
 29B                  29B                         SIGNAL CRAFTERS WATTMETER
 2A60                 2A60                        TEKTRONIX AMP
 2B67                 2B67                        TEKTRONIX TIME BASE
 2C6477               2C6477                      GE EGT TESTER
 2LA455453-00         2LA455453-00                GOODRICH COCKPIT LIGHT
 3-504-01             3-504-01                    ELDEC FUEL FLOW TESTER
 3-504-04             3-504-04                    ELDEC FUEL FLOW TESTER
 3-6414-20            3-6414-20                   ARRA ATTN
 3-651-01             3-651-01                    ELDEC FLOW RATE IND
 30                   30                          FLUKE METER
 30-0536-13           30-0536-13                  GRIMES WING POS LIGHT
 30-0536-13M2         30-0536-13M2                GRIMES WING POS LIGHT
 300                  300                         BECKMAN DIG METER
 3000                                             POINTER ELT
 3000                 3000                        BECKMAN DIG METER
 3000-1               3000-1                      POINTER ELT
 3000-10              3000-10                     POINTER ELT
 3000-11              3000-11                     POINTER ELT
 3000-2               3000-2                      POINTER ELT
 3000-200             3000-200                    WAVETEK SIG GEN
 3000-30              3000-30                     NARDA DIR CPLR
 3000-5               3000-5                      POINTER ELT
 3000-5A              3000-5A                     POINTER ELT
 3000B                3000B                       CT SYSTEMS SERVICE MONITOR
 3001                 3001                        WAVETEK SIG GEN
 3001-10              3001-10 DIR COUPLER         NARDA 4
 3001-30              3001-30                     NARDA DIRECTIONAL COUPLER
 3001-40              3001-40                     NARDA DIRECTIONAL COUPLER
 3001AC               3001AC                      ASI ALTIMETER TEST SET
 3002B                3002B                       WAVETEK GEN
 3003-45              3003-45                     POINTER ELT ANT
 3004-10              3004-10                     NARDA CPLR
 3004-30              3004-30                     NARDA COUPLER
 3006                 3006                        WEINSCHEL ATTN
 3007                 3007                        WEINSCHEL ATTN
 300B                 300B                        CESSNA AP TEST SET
 300D                 300D                        BALLANTINE METER
 300G                 300G                        BALLANTINE V METER
 300G-S2              300G-S2                     BALLANTINE V METER
 301                  301                         COMP MEASUREMENT CO RANGE SIM
 3010                                             BECKMAN FUNCT GEN
 3010                 3010                        BECKMAN DIG METER
 3010UL               3010UL                      BECKMAN DIG METER
 3011                 3011                        B&K FUNCT GEN
 3011A                3011A                       B&K FUNCT GEN
 3011B                3011B                       B&K FUNCTION GEN
 3013-( ) SUBASSY     18054-0001                  BENDIX MOTOR
 3013F                1U008-02                    **BENDIX SERVO
 3013H                1U014-04                    **BENDIX SERVO
 3013H                4000523-8501                **BENDIX SERVO
 3013J                4009506-8501                **BENDIX SERVO
 3013K                4009506-8502                **BENDIX SERVO
 3014D                4000524-8501                BENDIX SERVO
 3014D-2              4000524-8505                BENDIX SERVO
 3014F                4000524-8502                BENDIX SERVO
 3014F-2              4000524-8506                BENDIX SERVO
 3014G                4000524-8503                BENDIX SERVO

                                                         PAGE: 17
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 3014G-2              4000524-8507                BENDIX TRIM SERVO
 3014H                1U008-04                    BENDIX SERVO
 3014H-2              4000524-8504                BENDIX TRIM SERVO
 3014H-2              4000524-8508                BENDIX TRIM SERVO
 3014L-2              4000524-8511                BENDIX SERVO
 3017A                3017A                       BK PRECISION GENERATOR
 3019B                87D007-02                   BENDIX TRIM SERVO
 301A                 301A                        NORTH ATLANTIC PA VM
 3020                 3020                        B&K GEN
 3020A                3020A                       NARDA CPLR
 3020B                3020B                       BECKMAN DIG METER
 3021                 3021                        WEINSCHEL ATTN
 3024                 3024                        NARDA CPLR
 302A                 302A                        HP WAVE ANALYZER
 303                  303                         BALLANTINE AC METER
 303-01               303-01                      BALLANTINE AC METER
 303-50               303-50                      BALLANTINE AC METER
 303B                 303B                        HIPOTRONICS Megohmeter
 3042B30A             3042B30A                    NARDA CPLR
 3043B30              3043B30                     NARDA CPLR
 304410               304110                      NARDA CPLR
 3044B10              3044B10                     NARDA DIR COUPLER
 3044B10              304B10                      NARDA DIR CPLR
 3044B20              3044B20                     NARDA DIR CPLR
 3044B30              3044B30                     NARDA DIRECTIONAL COUPLR
 305-PA-3002          305-PA-3002                 DRANETZ PHASEMETER
 3051-110             3051-110                    WEINSCHEL ATTN
 305DMM               305DMM                      TEKTRONIX OSCILLOSCOPE
 307                  307                         BK PRECISION INS TESTER
 308A                 308A                        TRACOR FREQ STD
 30B                  30B                         TIC TEST SET
 30DB                 30DB                        HP ATTEN
 31                   31                          FLUKE RMS CLAMP METER
 310                  310                         BECKMAN DIG METER
 3100                 3100                        GOULD SCOPE
 3103                 3103                        KH FILTER
 310A                 310A                        BALLANTINE METER
 310B                 310B                        BECKMAN DIG METER
 310C                 310C                        BECKMAN DIG METER
 310T                 310T                        BECKMAN DIG METER
 313N-1               522-2446-004                COLLINS CTL
 313N-2               522-2447-005                COLLINS CTL
 313N-2               522-2447-205                COLLINS CTL
 313N-2               522-2447-215                COLLINS NAV/COM CTL
 313N-2               522-2447-252                COLLINS CTL
 313N-2               522-2447-262                COLLINS NAV/COM CTL
 313N-2               522-2447-274                COLLINS NAV/COM CTL
 313N-2               522-2447-505                COLLINS NAV/COM CTL
 313N-2               522-2447-515                COLLINS NAV/COM CTL
 313N-2               522-2447-552                COLLINS CTL
 313N-2               522-2447-562                COLLINS NAV/COM CTL
 313N-2               522-2447-574                COLLINS NAV/COM CTL
 313N-2A              792-6036-001                COLLINS CTL
 313N-2B              622-1717-001                COLLINS CTL
 313N-2D              522-2447-005                COLLINS CTL
 313N-2D              522-2447-035                COLLINS CTL
 313N-2D              522-2447-048                COLLINS CTL
 313N-2D              522-2447-050                COLLINS CTL
 313N-2D              522-2447-051                COLLINS NAV CONTROL
 313N-2D              522-2447-056                COLLINS CTL
 313N-2D              522-2447-235                COLLINS CTL
 313N-2D              522-2447-250                COLLINS CTL
 313N-2D              522-2447-251                COLLINS CTL
 313N-2D              522-2447-252                COLLINS CTL
 313N-2D              522-2447-256                COLLINS CTL
 313N-2D              522-2447-257                COLLINS CTL
 313N-2D              522-2447-260                COLLINS CTL
 313N-2D              522-2447-263                COLLINS CTL
 313N-2D              522-2447-264                COLLINS CTL

                                                         PAGE: 18
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 313N-2D              522-2447-270                COLLINS CTL
 313N-2D              522-2447-271                COLLINS CTL
 313N-2D              522-2447-556                COLLINS CTL
 313N-2D              522-2447-557                COLLINS CTL
 313N-2D              522-2447-560                COLLINS CTL
 313N-2D              522-2447-563                COLLINS CTL
 313N-2D              522-2447-564                COLLINS CTL
 313N-2D              522-2447-570                COLLINS CTL
 313N-2D              522-2447-571                COLLINS CTL
 313N-2D SUBASSY      629-8710-001                COLLINS BOARD
 313N-2D SUBASSY      761-0074-216                COLLINS BOARD
 313N-3               522-2448-005                COLLINS CTL
 313N-3               522-2448-015                COLLINS CTL
 313N-3               522-2448-035                COLLINS CTL
 313N-3               522-2448-045                COLLINS CTL
 313N-3               522-2448-056                COLLINS CTL
 313N-3               522-2448-060                COLLINS CTL
 313N-3               522-2448-066                COLLINS CTL
 313N-3               522-2448-069                COLLINS CTL
 313N-3               522-2448-072                COLLINS CTL
 313N-3               522-2448-073                COLLINS CTL
 313N-3               522-2448-205                COLLINS CTL
 313N-3               522-2448-215                COLLINS CTL
 313N-3               522-2448-235                COLLINS CTL
 313N-3               522-2448-245                COLLINS CTL
 313N-3               522-2448-256                COLLINS CTL
 313N-3               522-2448-260                COLLINS CTL
 313N-3               522-2448-263                COLLINS CTL
 313N-3               522-2448-266                COLLINS CTL
 313N-3               522-2448-269                COLLINS CTL
 313N-3               522-2448-272                COLLINS CTL
 313N-3 SUBASSY       761-0074-000                COLLINS BOARD
 313N-3 SUBASSY       761-0074-012                COLLINS NAV BD
 313N-3D              522-2448-025                COLLINS CTL
 313N-3D              522-2448-055                COLLINS CTL
 313N-3D              522-2448-057                COLLINS CTL
 313N-3D              522-2448-059                COLLINS CTL
 313N-3D              522-2448-061                COLLINS CTL
 313N-3D              522-2448-063                COLLINS CTL
 313N-3D              522-2448-065                COLLINS CTL
 313N-3D              522-2448-067                COLLINS CTL
 313N-3D              522-2448-074                COLLINS CTL
 313N-3D              522-2448-075                COLLINS CTL
 313N-3D              522-2448-255                COLLINS CTL
 313N-3D              522-2448-258                COLLINS CTL
 313N-3D              522-2448-259                COLLINS CTL
 313N-3D              522-2448-261                COLLINS CTL
 313N-3D              522-2448-265                COLLINS CTL
 313N-3D              522-2448-267                COLLINS CTL
 313N-3D              522-2448-274                COLLINS CTL
 313N-3D              522-2448-276                COLLINS CTL
 313N-4               522-2449-000                COLLINS CTL
 313N-4               522-2449-001                COLLINS VHF CTL
 313N-4               522-2449-002                COLLINS CTL
 313N-4A              522-3613-000                COLLINS CTL
 313N-4A              522-3613-001                COLLINS VHF CTL
 313N-4A              522-3613-002                COLLINS VHF CTL
 313N-4A              522-3613-201                COLLINS CTL
 313N-4B              522-3614-000                COLLINS VHF CTL
 313N-4B              522-3614-001                COLLINS VHF CTL
 313N-4B              522-3614-003                COLLINS VHF CTL
 313N-4B              522-3614-004                COLLINS VHF CTL
 313N-4B              522-3614-200                COLLINS CTL
 313N-4B              522-3614-203                COLLINS CTL
 313N-4B              522-3614-205                COLLINS VHF CTL
 313N-4B              522-3614-206                COLLINS VHF CTL
 313N-4B              522-3614-500                COLLINS CTL
 313N-4B              522-3614-503                COLLINS CTL
 313N-4B              522-3614-506                COLLINS CTL

                                                         PAGE: 19
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 313N-4BA             522-3614-300                COLLINS VHF CTL
 313N-4C              522-3615-001                COLLINS CTL
 313N-4C              522-3615-002                COLLINS CTL
 313N-4C              522-3615-003                COLLINS VHF CTL
 313N-4C              522-3615-005                COLLINS VHF CTL
 313N-4C              522-3615-201                COLLINS VHF CTL
 313N-4C              522-3615-202                COLLINS VHF CTL
 313N-4C              522-3615-205                COLLINS VHF CTL
 313N-4D              522-3616-000                COLLINS CTL
 313N-4D              522-3616-001                COLLINS VHF CTL
 313N-4D              522-3616-200                COLLINS VHF CTL
 313N-4D              522-3616-201                COLLINS CTL
 313N-4D              522-3616-202                COLLINS CTL
 313N-4D              522-3616-203                COLLINS VHF CTL
 313N-4D              522-3616-204                COLLINS VHF CTL
 313N-4D              522-3616-501                COLLINS CTL
 313N-4D              522-3616-502                COLLINS CTL
 313N-5               522-2599-000                COLLINS COM
 313N-5               522-2599-001                COLLINS CTL
 313N-5               522-2599-002                COLLINS VHF COM CTL
 313N-5               522-2599-003                COLLINS VHF COM CTL
 313N-5               522-2599-004                COLLINS VHF COM CTL
 313N-5               522-2599-500                COLLINS COM
 313N-5               522-2599-501                COLLINS CTL
 313N-5               522-2599-502                COLLINS COM
 313N-5               522-2599-503                COLLINS COM
 313N-5               522-2599-504                COLLINS COM
 313N-5A              522-3617-000                COLLINS CTL
 313N-5A              522-3617-001                COLLINS CTL
 313N-5A              522-3617-003                COLLINS CTL
 313N-5A              522-3617-500                COLLINS COM CTL
 313N-5A              522-3617-503                COLLINS COM CTL
 313N-6               522-2600-000                COLLINS CTL
 313N-6B              522-3690-000                COLLINS CTL
 313N-6B              522-3690-001                COLLINS CTL
 313N-6B              522-3690-004                COLLINS CTL
 313N-6B              522-3690-200                COLLINS CTL
 313N-6C              522-4408-001                COLLINS CTL
 313N-6C              522-4408-002                COLLINS CTL
 313N-6C              522-4408-003                COLLINS CTL
 313N-6C              522-4408-004                COLLINS CTL
 313N-6C              522-4408-005                COLLINS CTL
 313N-6C              522-4408-006                COLLINS CTL
 313N-6C              522-4408-009                COLLINS NAV CTL
 313N-6C              522-4408-010                COLLINS CTL
 313N-6C              522-4408-012                COLLINS CTL
 313N-6C              522-4408-013                COLLINS CTL
 313N-6C              522-4408-202                COLLINS CTL
 313N-6C              522-4408-207                COLLINS CTL
 313N-6F              622-2298-002                COLLINS CTL
 313N-6G              622-7490-002                COLLINS CTL
 313N-6G              622-7490-003                COLLINS CTL
 313N-6G              622-7490-004                COLLINS CTL
 313N-7               522-2601-000                COLLINS CTL
 313N-7               522-2601-001                COLLINS CTL
 313N-7               522-2601-002                COLLINS CTL
 314                                              TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 314                  314                         BALLANTINE METER
 3179-2               3179-2                      BARFIELD GYRO
 32                   32                          FLUKE CLAMP METER
 320                  320                         BECKMAN DIG METER
 320-320-21-1210      320-320-21-1210             AEROSONIC RATE CLIMB
 320B                 320B                        BECKMAN DIG METER
 321                  401321                      NORTH ATLANTIC PA VOLTMETER
 321-112-45-000       321-112-45-000              GABLES CTL
 3215                 3215                        LEADER SIG GEN
 3216                 3216                        LEADER SIG GEN
 322-1                322-1                       COLE-PARMER THERMOCOUPLE
 3225B                3225B                       HP GENERATOR

                                                         PAGE: 20
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 323                  323                         BALLANTINE AC VOLTMETER
 323                  TEK323                      TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 3238A                3238A                       GABLES NAV DME CTL
 323A-1               522-0225-004                COLLINS FLUX
 323A-2G              522-4945-001                COLLINS FLUX
 323A-2G-1            772-0835-001                COLLINS COMPENSATOR
 323A-3G              522-2643-00                 COLLINS FLUX
 323A-3G-1            792-6134-001                COLLINS COMP/FLUX DET.
 323A-3G-2            540-7374-003                COLLINS COMPENSATOR
 323A-41              797-7240-001                COLLINS COMP
 3245A                3245A                       HP UNIVERSAL VM
 324BMN               324BMN                      NARDA ATTN
 327C-1               522-0236-003                COLLINS SLAV METER
 327C-2               522-1936-004                COLLINS SLAV METER
 327C-2               522-1936-047                COLLINS SLAV METER
 328A-2               522-1171-004                COLLINS AMP
 328A-2               522-1171-005                COLLINS AMP
 328A-2A              522-1619-004                COLLINS AMP
 328A-2A              522-1619-046                COLLINS AMP
 328A-3G              522-2644-00                 COLLINS SLAV ACC
 328A-3G              522-2644-001                COLLINS SLAV ACC
 328A-3G              522-2644-011                COLLINS SLAV ACC
 328A-3G              522-2644-013                COLLINS SLAV ACC
 328A-5               777-1556-001                COLLINS AMP
 328A-5               777-1556-002                COLLINS COMPASS AMP
 328A-5 SUBASSY       778-0144-001                COLLINS A2 PS BD
 328A5 SUBASSY        778-0145-001                COLLINS BOARD
 329B-4               522-1219-000                COLLINS FD ATT IND
 329B-4A              522-0892-005                COLLINS FD ATT IND
 329B-4AX             522-1428-005                COLLINS IND
 329B-4B              522-0960-005                COLLINS FDI
 329B-6D              522-3071-000                COLLINS HORIZON
 329B-6E              522-3341-000                COLLINS HORIZON
 329B-7               522-3122-004                COLLINS FDI
 329B-7               522-3122-005                COLLINS FDI
 329B-7               522-3122-006                COLLINS FDI
 329B-7               522-3122-007                COLLINS FDI
 329B-7               522-3122-008                COLLINS FDI
 329B-7               522-3122-009                COLLINS FDI
 329B-7               522-3122-010                COLLINS FDI
 329B-7               522-3122-011                COLLINS FDI
 329B-7               522-3122-012                COLLINS FDI
 329B-7               522-3122-013                COLLINS FDI
 329B-7A              522-3206-004                **COLLINS FDI
 329B-7A              522-3206-005                **COLLINS FDI
 329B-7A              522-3206-006                **COLLINS FDI
 329B-7A              522-3206-007                **COLLINS FDI
 329B-7A              522-3206-008                **COLLINS FDI
 329B-7A              522-3206-009                **COLLINS FDI
 329B-7C              522-3487-001                COLLINS FDI
 329B-7C              522-3487-002                COLLINS FDI
 329B-7C              522-3487-003                COLLINS FDI
 329B-7C              522-3487-004                COLLINS FDI
 329B-7C              522-3487-007                COLLINS FDI
 329B-7C              522-3487-009                COLLINS IND
 329B-7C              522-3487-010                COLLINS IND
 329B-7F              522-3618-001                COLLINS FDI
 329B-7F              522-3618-003                COLLINS FDI
 329B-7F1             522-3752-001                COLLINS FDI
 329B-7F1             522-3752-002                COLLINS FDI
 329B-7G              522-3667-001                COLLINS FDI
 329B-7J              522-3867-001                **COLLINS FDI
 329B-7J              522-3867-002                **COLLINS FDI
 329B-7J              522-3867-003                **COLLINS FDI
 329B-7K              522-3877-001                COLLINS FDI
 329B-7K              522-3877-002                COLLINS FDI
 329B-7M              522-3908-001                COLLINS FDI
 329B-7M              522-3908-003                COLLINS FDI
 329B-7R              792-6355-001                COLLINS FDI

                                                         PAGE: 21
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 329B-7R              792-6355-002                COLLINS FDI
 329B-7R              792-6355-003                COLLINS FDI
 329B-7R-2            622-0836-001                COLLINS FDI
 329B-7R-2            622-0836-002                COLLINS FDI
 329B-7R-2            622-0836-003                COLLINS FDI
 329B-7R-3            622-0837-001                COLLINS FDI
 329B-7R-3            622-0837-003                COLLINS FDI
 329B-7R-4            622-0855-001                COLLINS FDI
 329B-7R-5            622-0856-001                COLLINS FDI
 329B-8() SUBASSY     779-3290-004                COLLINS INST BD
 329B-8A              522-3700-000                COLLINS FDI
 329B-8A              522-3700-004                COLLINS FDI
 329B-8A              522-3700-005                COLLINS FDI
 329B-8A              522-3700-009                COLLINS FDI
 329B-8A              522-3700-012                COLLINS FDI
 329B-8B              522-4194-001                COLLINS FDI
 329B-8C              522-4063-001                COLLINS FDI
 329B-8F              522-4430-001                COLLINS FDI
 329B-8F              522-4430-002                COLLINS FDI
 329B-8F              522-4430-005                COLLINS FDI
 329B-8G              522-4529-001                COLLINS FDI
 329B-8G              522-4529-002                COLLINS FDI
 329B-8G              522-4529-004                COLLINS FDI
 329B-8G              522-4529-005                COLLINS ADI
 329B-8G              772-5299-001                COLLINS FDI
 329B-8G              777-1224-001                COLLINS FDI
 329B-8G              777-1224-002                COLLINS FDI
 329B-8G              777-1224-003                COLLINS FDI
 329B-8G              777-1224-004                COLLINS FDI
 329B-8G SUBASSY      482-5069-010                COLLINS METER
 329B-8J              772-5005-001                COLLINS FDI
 329B-8J              772-5005-002                COLLINS FDI
 329B-8J              772-5005-003                COLLINS FDI
 329B-8J              772-5005-004                COLLINS FDI
 329B-8J              772-5005-005                COLLINS FDI
 329B-8J              772-5005-006                COLLINS FDI
 329B-8J              772-5005-007                COLLINS FDI
 329B-8J              772-5005-009                COLLINS FDI
 329B-8J              772-5005-011                COLLINS FDI
 329B-8J              772-5005-012                COLLINS FDI
 329B-8J              772-5005-013                COLLINS FDI
 329B-8N              772-5431-001                COLLINS FDI
 329B-8R              787-6171-001                COLLINS FDI
 329B-8R              787-6171-002                COLLINS FDI
 329B-8R              787-6171-003                COLLINS FDI
 329B-8U              787-6766-001                COLLINS FDI
 329B-8U1             622-1389-001                COLLINS FDI
 329B-8V              787-6892-001                COLLINS FDI
 329B-8V              787-6892-002                COLLINS FDI
 329B-8V              787-6892-003                COLLINS FDI
 329B-8Y              792-6357-001                COLLINS Flight Director Indicator
 329B-8Y              792-6357-002                COLLINS Flight Director Indicator
 329B-8Y              792-6357-003                COLLINS Flight Director Indicator
 329B-8Y              792-6357-005                COLLINS Flight Director Indicator
 329B-8Y              792-6357-006                COLLINS Flight Director Indicator.
 329B-8Y              792-6357-007                COLLINS Flight Director Indicator.
 329B-8Y              792-6357-008                COLLINS Flight Director Indicator.
 329B-8Y              792-6357-009                COLLINS Flight Director Indicator.
 329B-8Y              792-6357-011                COLLINS Flight Director Indicator
 329B-8Y SUBASSY      229-0223-010                COLLINS TACH GEN
 329B-8Y SUBASSY      229-8009-040                COLLINS DC MOTOR
 329B-8Y SUBASSY      229-8010-030                COLLINS DC MOTOR
 329B-8Y SUBASSY      482-5142-020                COLLINS RT FLAG
 329B-8Y SUBASSY      482-5143-010                COLLINS SPEED FLAG
 329B-8Y SUBASSY      482-5144-010                COLLINS G/S FLAG
 329B-8Y SUBASSY      482-5145-020                COLLINS RT POINTER
 329B-8Y SUBASSY      482-5147-030                COLLINS SPEED POINTER
 329B-8Y SUBASSY      482-5148-010                COLLINS GS POINTER
 329B-8Y SUBASSY      482-5150-010                COLLINS RUNWAY FLAG

                                                          PAGE: 22
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 329B-8Y SUBASSY      482-5151-010                COLLINS COMP FLAG
 329B-8Y SUBASSY      482-5152-010                COLLINS GYRO FLAG
 329B-8Y SUBASSY      609-3382-001                COLLINS RUNWAY TAPE ASSY
 329B-8Y SUBASSY      609-3533-001                COLLINS TAPE DRUM ASSY
 329B-8Y SUBASSY      618-3577-002                COLLINS A4
 329B-8Y SUBASSY      629-8385-001                COLLINS A1
 329B-8Y SUBASSY      629-8391-001                COLLINS A2 PS
 329B-8Y SUBASSY      792-1572-002                COLLINS INCLINOMETER
 329B-8Y SUBASSY      797-2482-004                COLLINS A3 CARD
 329B-8Y SUBASSY      797-2484-003                COLLINS A5
 329B-8Y SUBASSY      797-7804-002                COLLINS CMD PLATE ASSY
 329B-8Z              622-0308-001                COLLINS FD IND
 329B-9A              772-5006-001                COLLINS FDI
 329B-9A              772-5006-003                COLLINS FDI
 329B-9A              772-5006-005                COLLINS FDI
 329B-9A              772-5006-006                COLLINS FDI
 329B-9A              772-5006-007                COLLINS FDI
 329B-9A              772-5006-009                COLLINS FDI
 329B-9A              772-5006-010                COLLINS FDI
 329B-9A              772-5006-011                COLLINS FDI
 329B-9A              772-5006-012                COLLINS FDI
 329B-9L              792-6018-001                COLLINS FDI
 329B7R-1             622-0835-001                COLLINS FDI
 329T-1               270-2424-010                COLLINS TURN & SLIP IND
 329T-1               270-2424-020                COLLINS TURN & SLIP IND
 32RS-1               522-1189-00                 COLLINS XCVR
 32RS-1               522-1190-00                 COLLINS XCVR
 32RS-1               543-7335-00                 COLLINS XCVR
 32RS-1               543-7336-000                COLLINS XCVR
 33                   33                          FLUKE RMS CLAMP METER
 33-10-34             33-10-34                    WEINSCHEL ATTEN
 33-20-34             33-20-34                    WEINSCHEL ATTEN
 33-2055              33-2055                     RADIO SHACK METER
 3300                 3300                        TKM XPDR TEST SET
 3300A                3300A                       HP FUNCTION GEN
 330B                 330B                        HP DIST ANALYZER
 330C                 330C                        HP DIST ANALYZER
 330D                 330D                        HP DIST ANALYZER
 331                  062033100                   JC AIR DME RAMP TESTER
 331                  331                         HP DIST ANALYZER
 3310                 3310                        HP FUNCTION GENERATOR
 3310A                3310A                       HP FUNCTION GEN
 3310B                3310B                       HP FUNCTION GEN
 3311A                3311A                       HP FUNCTION GENERATOR
 33120A               33120A                      HP SIG GEN
 3312A                3312A                       HP FUNCTION GENERATOR
 3314A                3314A                       HP GEN
 331A                 331A                        HP AUDIO OSC
 331A-3F              522-3082-000                COLLINS CRS IND
 331A-3F              522-3082-001                COLLINS CRS IND
 331A-3F              522-3082-002                COLLINS HSI
 331A-3G              522-2638-000                COLLINS HSI
 331A-3G              522-2638-001                COLLINS HSI
 331A-3G              522-2638-002                COLLINS CRS IND
 331A-3G              522-2638-003                COLLINS HSI
 331A-3G              522-2638-005                COLLINS HSI
 331A-3G              522-2638-006                COLLINS HSI
 331A-3G              522-2638-007                COLLINS HSI
 331A-3G              522-2638-008                COLLINS CRS IND
 331A-3G              522-2638-009                COLLINS HSI
 331A-3G              522-2638-010                COLLINS CRS IND
 331A-4               522-0891-005                COLLINS IND
 331A-4A              522-0890-005                COLLINS IND
 331A-6               522-2619-000                COLLINS IND
 331A-6A              522-2782-004                COLLINS IND
 331A-6A              522-2782-014                COLLINS CRS IND
 331A-6A              522-2782-024                COLLINS CRS IND
 331A-6A              522-2782-034                COLLINS CRS IND
 331A-6A              522-2782-037                COLLINS IND

                                                         PAGE: 23
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 331A-6A1             522-4279-000                COLLINS IND
 331A-6A1             522-4279-001                COLLINS CRS IND
 331A-6A1             522-4279-003                COLLINS CRS IND
 331A-6B              522-2783-000                COLLINS IND
 331A-6D              522-3073-000                COLLINS IND
 331A-6D              522-3073-012                COLLINS IND
 331A-6E              522-3342-001                COLLINS IND
 331A-6E              522-3342-002                COLLINS HSI
 331A-6E              522-3342-003                COLLINS HSI
 331A-6E              522-3342-004                COLLINS HSI
 331A-6E              522-3342-005                COLLINS IND
 331A-6K              522-3875-000                COLLINS IND
 331A-6K              522-3875-001                COLLINS IND
 331A-6K1             777-1258-001                COLLINS IND
 331A-6P              787-6385-001                COLLINS IND
 331A-6P              787-6385-002                COLLINS IND
 331A-6P              787-6385-003                COLLINS IND
 331A-6P              787-6385-004                COLLINS CRS IND
 331A-6P              787-6385-005                COLLINS CRS IND
 331A-6P              787-6385-006                COLLINS IND
 331A-6R              792-6356-000                COLLINS IND
 331A-6R              792-6356-001                COLLINS IND
 331A-6R              792-6356-002                COLLINS IND
 331A-6R              792-6356-003                COLLINS IND
 331A-6R              792-6356-004                COLLINS IND
 331A-6R              792-6356-013                COLLINS IND
 331A-7               522-3138-004                COLLINS IND
 331A-7               522-3138-005                COLLINS HSI
 331A-7               522-3138-007                COLLINS IND
 331A-7               522-3138-008                COLLINS HSI
 331A-7A              522-3550-004                COLLINS IND
 331A-8A              772-5025-001                COLLINS IND
 331A-8A              772-5025-002                COLLINS HSI
 331A-8A              772-5025-004                COLLINS HSI
 331A-8A              772-5025-006                COLLINS HSI
 331A-8A              772-5025-008                COLLINS IND
 331A-8A              772-5025-009                COLLINS IND
 331A-8A              772-5025-010                COLLINS HSI
 331A-8A              772-5025-011                COLLINS IND
 331A-8A              772-5025-012                COLLINS HSI
 331A-8A              772-5025-013                COLLINS HSI
 331A-8A              772-5025-014                COLLINS IND
 331A-8A              772-5025-015                COLLINS HSI
 331A-8D              777-1083-001                COLLINS HSI
 331A-8D              777-1083-002                COLLINS HSI
 331A-8D              777-1083-003                COLLINS HSI
 331A-8D              777-1083-004                COLLINS HSI
 331A-8D              777-1083-006                COLLINS HSI
 331A-8D              777-1083-007                COLLINS HSI
 331A-8D              777-1083-011                COLLINS HSI
 331A-8D              777-1083-012                COLLINS HSI
 331A-8D              777-1083-062                COLLINS HSI
 331A-8D SUBASSY      262-0441-010                COLLINS DME DISPLAY
 331A-8G              772-5370-001                COLLINS IND
 331A-8G              772-5370-002                COLLINS IND
 331A-8G              772-5370-003                COLLINS IND
 331A-8G              772-5370-005                COLLINS IND
 331A-8H              777-1026-001                **COLLINS IND
 331A-8H              777-1026-002                **COLLINS HSI
 331A-8H              777-1026-003                **COLLINS HSI
 331A-8H              777-1026-004                **COLLINS IND
 331A-8H              777-1026-005                **COLLINS IND
 331A-8H              777-1026-006                **COLLINS IND
 331A-8H SUBASSY      482-5086-010                COLLINS METER MOVEMENT
 331A-8K              777-1397-001                COLLINS IND
 331A-8K              777-1397-002                COLLINS IND
 331A-8K              777-1397-003                COLLINS HSI
 331A-8K              777-1397-004                COLLINS IND
 331A-8K              777-1397-008                COLLINS HSI

                                                         PAGE: 24
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 331A-8K              777-1397-010                COLLINS HSI
 331A-8L              777-1825-001                COLLINS IND
 331A-8L              777-1825-002                COLLINS HSI
 331A-9G              792-6091-001                COLLINS HSI
 331A-9G              792-6091-002                COLLINS IND
 331A-9G              792-6091-005                COLLINS IND
 331A-9G              792-6091-010                COLLINS IND
 331A-9G              792-6091-011                COLLINS IND
 331A-9G              792-6091-012                COLLINS IND
 331A-9G              792-6091-013                COLLINS IND
 331A-9G              792-6091-014                COLLINS IND
 331A-9G              792-6091-015                COLLINS IND
 331A-9G              792-6091-016                COLLINS IND
 331A-9G              792-6091-021                COLLINS IND
 331A2                506-2239-005                COLLINS CRS IND
 331A4-AX             522-1429-005                COLLINS IND
 331C-4               522-0690-003                COLLINS IND
 331C-4A              522-0974-003                COLLINS IND
 331C-4E              522-1771-003                COLLINS IND
 331C-4E              522-1771-013                COLLINS IND
 331C-4E SUBASSY      542-7049-003                COLLINS AMP
 331C-4F              522-2377-003                COLLINS IND
 331H-1               482-0047-000                COLLINS DME IND
 331H-3BG             522-4414-002                COLLINS NAV IND
 331H-3BG             522-4414-040                COLLINS NAV IND
 331H-3G              522-3306-000                COLLINS Nav Indicator
 331H-3G              522-3306-011                COLLINS NAV IND
 331H-3G              522-3306-014                COLLINS NAV IND
 331H-3G SUBASSY      274000                      COLLINS G/S FLAG
 331H-3G SUBASSY      274001                      COLLINS LOC FLAG
 331H-3G SUBASSY      274002                      COLLINS TO/FROM METER
 331H-3G SUBASSY      274003                      COLLINS G/S POINTER
 332                  332                         HP AUDIO OSCILLATOR
 33220A               33220A                      AGILENT FUNCTION GEN
 3325A                3325A                       HP GENERATOR
 3325B                3325B                       HP GEN
 3326A                3326A                       HP SYNTH
 332A                 332A                        HP DISTORTION ANALYZER
 332C-0               622-0555-006                COLLINS RMI IND
 332C-0B              622-3046-001                COLLINS RMI IND
 332C-10              622-0555-001                **COLLINS RMI IND
 332C-10              622-0555-002                **COLLINS RMI IND
 332C-10              622-0555-003                **COLLINS RMI IND
 332C-10              622-0555-004                **COLLINS RMI IND
 332C-10              622-0555-005                **COLLINS RMI IND
 332C-10              622-0555-007                **COLLINS RMI IND
 332C-10              622-0555-008                **COLLINS RMI IND
 332C-10              622-0555-010                **COLLINS RMI IND
 332C-10              622-0555-011                **COLLINS RMI
 332C-1W              482-0003-000                COLLINS RMI IND
 332C-2               482-0002-000                COLLINS RMI IND
 332C-4               275540-003                  COLLINS RMI
 332C-4               275540-004                  COLLINS RMI
 332C-4               482-0061-010                COLLINS RMI IND
 332C-4               482-0061-020                COLLINS RMI IND
 332C-4               482-0061-030                COLLINS RMI IND
 332C-4               482-0061-040                COLLINS RMI IND
 332C-8               275200-001                  COLLINS RMI IND
 332C-8               275200-002                  COLLINS RMI IND
 332C-8               275540-003                  COLLINS IND
 332C-8               482-0011-010                COLLINS RMI IND
 332C-8               482-0011-020                COLLINS RMI IND
 332C1                482-0001-000                COLLINS RMI
 332D-11              522-3985-000                COLLINS GYRO
 332D-11              522-3985-001                COLLINS GYRO
 332D-11 SUBASSY      761-7806-001                COLLINS MOTOR
 332D-11 SUBASSY      761-7866-001                COLLINS ROTOR
 332D-11A             792-6694-001                COLLINS GYRO
 332D-11A             792-6694-002                COLLINS GYRO

                                                         PAGE: 25
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 332D-11B             622-4488-001                COLLINS GYRO
 332D-11T             622-4565-001                COLLINS GYRO
 332D-11T             622-4565-002                COLLINS VERT GYRO
 332D-11V             622-4424-001                COLLINS GYRO
 332E-2               522-1513-000                COLLINS GYRO
 332E-2               522-1513-005                COLLINS GYRO
 332E-4               522-3241-000                COLLINS GYRO
 332E-4 SUBASSY       553-6690-005                COLLINS ROTOR ASSY
 332E-5               777-1555-001                COLLINS GYRO
 332E-5               777-1555-002                COLLINS HSI
 332G-2               229-0236-000                COLLINS GYRO
 332G-2               229-0236-001                COLLINS GYRO
 332G-2               JG7005A53                   COLLINS GYROSCOPE, RATE
 332G-2               JG7005A57                   COLLINS GYRO
 333                  333                         HP AUDIO OSCILLATOR
 33320 H OPT20        33320 H OPT20               HP ATTN
 333A                 333A                        HP DIST ANALYZER
 333B-1               522-1644-000                COLLINS SERVO
 334                  334                         WATERS WATTMETER
 3343R                3343R                       KROHN-HITE VAR FILTER
 334A                 334-A                       BARKER/WILLIAMSON WATTMETER
 334A                 334A                        HP DIST. ANALYZER
 334C-11              622-2733-000                COLLINS SERVO
 334C-11              622-2733-001                COLLINS SERVO
 334C-11              622-2733-002                COLLINS SERVO
 334C-11              622-2733-009                COLLINS SERVO
 334C-3               522-1225-000                COLLINS SERVO
 334C-3               522-1225-001                COLLINS SERVO
 334C-3A              522-2857-000                COLLINS SERVO
 334C-3A              522-2857-001                COLLINS SERVO
 334C-3B              772-5374-001                COLLINS SERVO
 334C-3C              772-5472-001                COLLINS SERVO
 334C-3D              777-1287-001                COLLINS SERVO
 334C-3E              777-1757-001                COLLINS SERVO
 334C-3F              777-1758-000                COLLINS SERVO
 334C-6               777-1061-001                COLLINS SERVO
 334C-6A              792-6780-001                COLLINS SERVO
 334C-6B              792-6781-001                COLLINS SERVO
 334C-6B              792-6781-003                COLLINS SERVO
 334C-6C              792-6972-001                COLLINS SERVO
 334C-6C              792-6972-003                COLLINS SERVO
 334C-9               622-0964-001                COLLINS SERVO
 334C-9               622-0964-002                COLLINS SERVO
 334C-9A              622-2366-001                COLLINS SERVO
 334C-9A              622-2366-002                COLLINS SERVO
 334C-9A              622-2366-003                COLLINS SERVO
 334C-9H              622-3775-001                COLLINS SERVO
 334D-2               522-2402-000                COLLINS VOR INST
 334D-2-33            522-1356-000                COLLINS TRIM SERVO
 334D-2-33A           522-2374-000                COLLINS TRIM SERVO
 334D-2-33B           522-2385-000                COLLINS TRIM SERVO
 334D-2-33C           522-2365-000                COLLINS TRIM SERVO
 334D-2-33D           522-3466-000                COLLINS TRIM SERVO
 334D-2-33E           522-3505-000                COLLINS TRIM SERVO
 334D-2-33F           522-4865-001                COLLINS TRIM SERVO
 334D-6               622-0965-001                COLLINS TRIM SERVO
 334D-6               622-0965-002                COLLINS TRIM SERVO
 334D-6               622-0965-003                COLLINS TRIM SERVO
 334D-6               622-0965-004                COLLINS TRIM SERVO
 334D-6               622-0965-005                COLLINS TRIM SERVO
 334D-6               622-0965-008                COLLINS TRIM SERVO
 334D-6A              622-3260-001                COLLINS TRIM SERVO
 334D-6A              622-3260-002                COLLINS TRIM SERVO
 334D-6B              622-5026-001                COLLINS TRIM SERVO
 334D-6C              622-5082-001                COLLINS TRIM SERVO
 334D-6C              622-5082-002                COLLINS TRIM SERVO
 335                  335                         TEKTRONIX OSCILLOSCOPE
 335A                 355A                        HP ATTN
 335E                 355E                        HP ATTEN

                                                         PAGE: 26
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 336A2                504-2568-005                COLLINS OMNI BRG SEL
 336A2W               522-0363-005                COLLINS OMNI BRG SEL
 337                                              EXACT PHASE GEN
 337                  337                         FLUKE CLAMP METER
 337A1                503-4686-004                COLLINS OMNI BEARING IND
 337A2                504-3191-004                COLLINS OMNI BRG SEL
 339A                 339A                        HP DIST MEAS SET
 339B-1               522-1304-005                COLLINS IND
 339D-1               522-1859-003                COLLINS IND
 339D-1               522-1859-013                COLLINS DIST IND
 339D-1               522-1859-023                COLLINS DIST IND
 339D-1               522-1859-033                COLLINS IND
 339D-1               522-1859-043                COLLINS DIST IND
 339D-1               522-1859-053                COLLINS DIST IND
 339D-1               522-1859-063                COLLINS DIST IND
 339D-1               522-1859-064                COLLINS IND
 339D-1               522-1859-065                COLLINS DIST IND
 339D-1               522-1859-066                COLLINS DIST IND
 339D-1               522-1859-067                COLLINS DIST IND
 339D-1               522-1859-068                COLLINS IND
 339D-1               522-1859-069                COLLINS IND
 339D-1               522-1859-070                COLLINS DIST IND
 339D-1               522-1859-071                COLLINS DIST IND
 339D-1A              522-2604-003                COLLINS IND
 339D-1A              522-2604-013                COLLINS DIST IND
 339D-1A              522-2604-023                COLLINS IND
 339D-1A              522-2604-024                COLLINS DIST IND
 339D-1A              522-2604-025                COLLINS DIST IND
 339D-1A              522-2604-026                COLLINS DIST IND
 339D-3B              522-2919-003                COLLINS IND
 339D-3B              522-2919-013                COLLINS DIST IND
 339D-3B              522-2919-015                COLLINS IND
 339D-3B              522-2919-016                COLLINS DIST IND
 339D-3C              522-2920-003                COLLINS IND
 339D-3D              522-3343-000                COLLINS IND
 339D-3D              522-3343-011                COLLINS IND
 339D-3D              522-3343-012                COLLINS IND
 339D-3D              522-3343-013                COLLINS DIST IND
 339F-12              622-1234-002                COLLINS DME IND
 339F-12              622-1234-003                COLLINS DME IND
 339F-12              622-1234-005                COLLINS DME IND
 339F-12              622-1234-012                COLLINS DME IND
 339F-12              622-1234-013                COLLINS DME IND
 339F-12              622-1234-016                COLLINS DME IND
 339F-12              622-1234-017                COLLINS DME IND
 339F-12              622-1234-103                COLLINS DME IND
 339F-12              622-1234-113                COLLINS DME IND
 339F-12              622-1234-207                COLLINS DME IND
 339F-12              622-1234-313                COLLINS DME IND
 339F-12 SUBASSY      618-8992-001                COLLINS BOARD
 339F-12A             622-2012-011                COLLINS DME IND
 339F-12A             622-2012-012                COLLINS DME IND
 339F-12A             622-2012-013                COLLINS DME IND
 339F-12A             622-2012-018                COLLINS DME IND
 339F-12A             622-2012-201                COLLINS DME IND
 339F-12B             622-2175-001                COLLINS DME IND
 339F-12B             622-2175-002                COLLINS DME IND
 339F-12B             622-2175-003                COLLINS DME IND
 339F-12B             622-2175-004                COLLINS DME IND
 339F-12B             622-2175-201                COLLINS DME IND
 339F-12C             622-2176-001                COLLINS DME IND
 339F-12C             622-2176-002                COLLINS DME IND
 339F-12C             622-2176-201                COLLINS DME IND
 339F-12D             622-2177-001                COLLINS DME IND
 339F-12E             622-3001-001                COLLINS DME IND
 339F-18              622-3776-001                COLLINS DME IND
 339F-18              622-3776-002                COLLINS RAD ALT IND
 339F-18              622-3776-003                COLLINS RAD ALT IND
 339F-18A             622-4498-001                COLLINS RAD ALT IND

                                                         PAGE: 27
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 339F-18A             622-4498-002                COLLINS DME IND
 339F-8B              787-6226-001                COLLINS DME IND
 339H-1               34-0850-500                 COLLINS IND
 339H-1               522-4114-002                COLLINS Radio Altitude Indicator
 339H-1               522-4114-003                COLLINS Radio Altitude Indicator
 339H-1               522-4114-004                COLLINS Radio Altitude Indicator
 339H-1               522-4114-006                COLLINS Radio Altitude Indicator
 339H-1               522-4114-008                COLLINS Radio Altitude Indicator
 339H-1               522-4114-010                COLLINS Radio Altitude Indicator
 339H-1               522-4114-012                COLLINS Radio Altitude Indicator
 339H-1A              522-4354-001                COLLINS Radio Altitude Indicator
 339H-1A              522-4354-002                COLLINS Radio Altitude Indicator
 339H-1B              522-4363-001                COLLINS Radio Altitude Indicator
 339H-1B              522-4363-002                COLLINS Radio Altitude Indicator
 339H-1B              522-4363-004                COLLINS Radio Altitude Indicator
 339H-1B              522-4363-006                COLLINS RAD ALT IND
 339H-1B              522-4363-007                COLLINS Radio Altitude Indicator
 339H-1C              522-4504-001                COLLINS Radio Altitude Indicator
 339H-1D              522-4625-001                COLLINS Radio Altitude Indicator
 339H-1L              622-1038-001                COLLINS RAD ALT IND
 339H-2               522-4825-001                COLLINS RADIO ALT IND
 339H-2               522-4825-002                COLLINS RADIO ALT IND
 339H-2               522-4825-004                COLLINS RADIO ALT IND
 339H-2               522-4825-005                COLLINS RADIO ALT IND
 339H-2               522-4825-006                COLLINS RADIO ALT IND
 339H-2               522-4825-007                COLLINS RADIO ALT IND
 339H-2               522-4825-008                COLLINS RADIO ALT IND
 339H-2               522-4825-011                COLLINS RADIO ALT IND
 339H-3               622-0171-001                COLLINS RADIO ALT IND
 339H-3               622-0171-002                COLLINS RADIO ALT IND
 339H-4               622-1204-001                COLLINS RADIO ALT IND
 339H-4               622-1204-002                COLLINS RADIO ALT IND
 339H-4               622-1204-003                COLLINS RADIO ALT IND
 339H-4               622-1204-004                COLLINS RADIO ALT IND
 339H-4               622-1204-006                COLLINS RADIO ALT IND
 339H-4               622-1204-007                COLLINS RADIO ALT IND
 339H-4               622-1204-010                COLLINS RADIO ALT IND
 339H-4A              622-1205-001                COLLINS RADIO ALT IND
 339H-4A              622-1205-003                COLLINS RADIO ALT IND
 339H-4A              622-1205-004                COLLINS RADIO ALT IND
 339H-5               622-5038-001                COLLINS RADIO ALT IND
 339H-6               622-4563-001                COLLINS RADIO ALT IND
 339H-6               622-4563-002                COLLINS RADIO ALT IND
 339H-6               622-4563-004                COLLINS RADIO ALT IND
 339H-6               622-4563-005                COLLINS RADIO ALT IND
 339H-6               622-4563-006                COLLINS RADIO ALT IND
 339H-6               622-4563-007                COLLINS RADIO ALT IND
 339H-6               622-4563-008                COLLINS RADIO ALT IND
 339H-6               622-4563-009                COLLINS RAD ALT IND
 339H-6               622-4563-011                COLLINS RADIO ALT IND
 339f-8b              787-6226-002                collins DME IND
 3400-0003            3400-0003                   INSTRUMENT TECH TEST SET
 3400A                3400A                       HP RMS VOLTMETER
 3402044-23           3402044-23                  LOCKHEED DIAL IND
 3402751-1            3402751-1                   LOCKHEED TEST SET
 3403C                3403C                       HP RMS VOLTMETER
 3406A                3406A                       HP VOLTMETER
 341C-1               522-1400-000                COLLINS AMP RMI
 342A                 342A                        HP NOISE FIG METER
 3430                 3430                        HP DIGITAL MULTIMETER
 3435A                3435A                       HP METER
 34401A               34401A                      HP MULTIMETER
 3440A                3440A                       BALLANTINE METER
 3442A                3442A                       BALLANTINE MV METER
 344A-1               522-0973-005                COLLINS VOR ILS CONV
 344A-2               522-2494-000                COLLINS INST
 344A-2               522-2494-011                COLLINS INST
 344A-2               522-2494-100                COLLINS INST
 344B-1               522-0887-005                COLLINS INST

                                                          PAGE: 28
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 344B-1               522-0887-015                COLLINS NAV INSTR UNIT
 344B-1               522-0887-025                COLLINS INST
 344B-1               522-0887-045                COLLINS INST
 344B-1               522-0887-227                COLLINS INST
 344B-1A              522-1852-005                COLLINS INSTRUMENTATION UNIT
 344B-1A              522-1852-015                COLLINS INSTRUMENTATION UNIT
 344B-1A              522-1852-025                COLLINS INSTRUMENTATION UNIT
 344B-1A SUBASSY      542-4857-005                COLLINS BEARING MECH
 344C-1               522-0893-000                COLLINS INST AMP
 344C-1               522-0893-004                COLLINS INST AMP
 344C-1B              522-2980-004                COLLINS INST AMP
 344C-1D              522-3120-004                COLLINS INST AMP
 344C-1D              522-3120-005                COLLINS INST AMP
 344C-1D              522-3120-006                COLLINS INST AMP
 344C-1D SUBASSY      528-0421-001                COLLINS TYPE O AMP
 344C-1D SUBASSY      528-0428-000                COLLINS GYRO FLAG AMP
 344C-1D SUBASSY      528-0429-000                COLLINS MON COM CIRCUIT
 344C-1D SUBASSY      528-0452-000                COLLINS FREQ CONVERTER
 344C-1D SUBASSY      554-0452-000                COLLINS CONVERTER
 344C-1E              522-3748-001                COLLINS INST AMP
 344C-1F              522-3226-000                COLLINS INST AMP
 344C-1F              522-3226-001                COLLINS INST AMP
 344C-1F              522-3226-002                COLLINS INST AMP
 344C-1F              522-3226-003                COLLINS INST AMP
 344C-1G              522-3866-000                COLLINS INST AMP
 344C-1G              522-3866-001                COLLINS INST AMP
 344C-1G              522-3866-002                COLLINS INST AMP
 344C-1K              522-3874-001                COLLINS AMP
 344C-1K              522-3874-003                COLLINS AMP
 344C-1K              522-3874-005                COLLINS AMP
 344D-1               522-1348-000                COLLINS IND
 344D-1A              522-2401-000                COLLINS IND
 344F-1               522-3197-000                COLLINS VOR INST
 344F-1               522-3197-011                COLLINS VOR INST
 3450A                3450A                       HP MULTI FUNCTION METER
 3455A                3455A                       HP DIGITAL VOLTMETER
 3456A                3456A                       HP DVM
 3458A                3458A                       AGILENT DIGITAL VOLTMETER
 345A-2               522-0227-003                COLLINS SENSING UNIT
 345A-4               522-1218-000                COLLINS SENSING UNIT
 345A-4A              522-3491-00                 COLLINS SENSING UNIT
 345A-4B              522-3851-001                COLLINS SENSING UNIT
 345A-7               772-5140-001                COLLINS RATE SENSOR
 345A-7               772-5140-002                COLLINS RATE SENSOR
 345A-7A              777-0134-001                COLLINS RATE SENSOR
 345A-7B              622-0181-001                COLLINS RATE SENSOR
 345A-7B              622-0181-003                COLLINS RATE SENSOR
 345B                 345B                        HP NOISE SOURCE
 345C-2A              522-4329-001                COLLINS SENS
 345C-2A              522-4329-002                COLLINS SENS
 3465A                3465A                       HP DVM
 3465B                3465B                       HP DVM
 3466A                3466A                       HP VOLTMETER
 3468A                3468A                       HP MULTIMETER
 3469B                3469B                       HP DIGITAL MULTIMETER
 346B-3               522-3763-000                COLLINS AMP
 346B-3               522-3763-001                COLLINS AMP
 346B-3               522-3763-002                COLLINS AMP
 346B-3               522-3763-003                COLLINS AMP
 346D-1               522-0875-006                COLLINS AMP
 346D-1A              522-4353-001                COLLINS AMP
 346D-1B              522-4538-002                COLLINS ADDR
 346D-1B              522-4538-003                COLLINS ADDR
 346D-1B              522-4538-004                COLLINS ADDR
 346D-1B              522-4538-005                COLLINS ADDR
 346D-2               622-4487-001                COLLINS ADDR
 346D-2B              622-4096-001                COLLINS AMP
 346D-2B              622-4096-002                COLLINS AMP
 346D-2B              622-4096-003                COLLINS audio amp

                                                         PAGE: 29
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 34702A               34702A                      HP MULTI METER
 3478A                3478A                       HP METER
 34970A               34970A                      AGILENT DATA ACQ
 35                   35                          JONARD GRAM GAUGE
 35-0-35              0-35                        HALDEX GRAM GAUGE
 350                  350                         BECKMAN MULTIMETER
 3500                 3500                        DATA PRECISION
 350A                 350A                        B&K METER
 350C                 350C                        EIP COUNTER
 350D                 350D                        EIP COUNTER
 350DOPT05            350DOPT05                   EIP COUNTER
 350X1                522-0240-003                COLLINS SHOCKMOUNT
 351B-3               522-1226-000                COLLINS SERVO MNT
 351B-3B              522-3389-000                COLLINS CAPSTAN
 351B-3E              772-5027-001                COLLINS CAPSTAN
 351B-6               777-1062-001                COLLINS CAPSTAN
 351B-6A              792-6784-001                COLLINS CAPSTAN
 351B-6A              792-6784-003                COLLINS CAPSTAN
 351B-6B              792-6785-001                COLLINS CAPSTAN
 351B-6B              792-6785-002                COLLINS CAPSTAN
 351B-6C              622-1127-001                COLLINS SERVO MNT
 351B-6C              792-6973-001                COLLINS SERVO MNT
 351B-6E              622-5229-001                COLLINS SERVO MNT
 351B-6F              622-3150-001                COLLINS SERVO MNT
 351B-6G              622-5151-001                COLLINS SERVO MNT
 351B-6H              622-5152-001                COLLINS SERVO MNT
 351B-6J              622-6155-001                COLLINS SERVO MNT
 351B-6K              622-6156-001                COLLINS SERVO MNT
 351B-6L              622-6157-001                COLLINS SERVO MNT
 351B-6M              622-6158-001                COLLINS SERVO MNT
 351B-7               777-1557-001                COLLINS SERVO MNT
 351B-7A              792-6782-001                COLLINS SERVO MNT
 351B-7B              792-6783-001                COLLINS SERVO MNT
 351B-7C              792-6974-001                COLLINS SERVO MNT
 351B-7D              622-1927-001                COLLINS SERVO MNT
 351D                 351D                        EIP PULSE CTR
 351TC                351TC                       CALIFORNIA INST AC POWER SUPPLY
 351b-6a              792-6784-004                COLLINS CAPSTAN
 354B                 354B                        PDR ADAPTER
 355                  355                         HP ATTN
 3550B                3550B                       HP TEST SET, TELEPHONE
 355B                 355B                        HP ATTN
 355C                 355C                        HP VHF ATTN
 355C-C35             355C-C35                    HP ATTN
 355D                 355D                        HP STEP ATTEN
 355D-C35             355D-C35                    HP ATTEN
 356C-1               522-0395-003                COLLINS AMP
 356C-2               522-2514-003                COLLINS AMP
 356C-4               522-2866-000                COLLINS Audio Amp
 356C-5               522-2904-000                COLLINS AMP
 356F-1               522-0881-004                COLLINS AUDIO AMP
 356F-2               522-2515-004                COLLINS AUDIO AMP
 356F-3               522-2867-000                COLLINS SPEAKER AMP
 356F-3               522-2867-003                COLLINS SPEAKER AMP
 3575A                3575A                       HP METER
 3580A                3580A                       HP SPECTRUM ANLZR
 3581A                3581A                       HP WAVE ANALYZER
 3581C                3581C                       HP WAVE ANALYZER
 36                   36                          FLUKE METER
 360                  360                         SIMPSON Multimeter
 360-2                360-2                       SIMPSON METER
 3610                 3610                        LEADER WOW & FLUTTER METER
 36104-1L-11-A2       36104-1L-11-A2              BENDIX RMI INDICATOR
 36105                36105-1AA-15C1              BENDIX RMI
 36105                36105-1AA-20C1              BENDIX RMI
 36105                36105-1AB-15C1              BENDIX RMI
 36105                36105-1AC-14C1              BENDIX RMI
 36105                36105-1AR-14C1              BENDIX RMI
 36105                36105-1G-10C1               BENDIX RMI

                                                         PAGE: 30
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 36105                36105-1G-16C1               BENDIX RMI
 36105                36105-1G-21C1               BENDIX RMI
 36105                36105-1J-20C1               BENDIX RMI
 36105                36105-1K-16C1               BENDIX RMI
 36105                36105-1K-18C1               BENDIX RMI
 36105                36105-1K-21C1               BENDIX RMI
 36105                36105-1N-14C2               BENDIX RMI
 36105                36105-1N-19C1               BENDIX RMI
 36105                36105-1P-16C1               BENDIX RMI
 36105                36105-1R-15C1               BENDIX RMI
 36105                36105-1R-9C1                BENDIX RMI
 36105                36105-1S-14C1               BENDIX RMI
 36105                36105-1S-19C1               BENDIX RMI
 36105                36105-1Z-16C1               BENDIX RMI
 36105                361051N14C1                 BENDIX RMI
 36105-1N-14-C1       36105-1N-14-C1              BENDIX RMI
 36105-1U-14-C1       36105-1U-14-C1              BENDIX RMI
 361051S19C2          361051S19C2                 BENDIX RMI
 3650S                3650S                       POWER DES PWR SUP
 3670                 3670                        ASSOCIATED RESEARCH DIG HIPOT METER
 37                   37                          FLUKE Bench Portable Digital Multimeter
 370                  370                         SETRA DIGITAL PRESSURE GAUGE
 370BNW               370BNW                      NARDA LOAD
 371                  371                         EIP COUNTER
 3712                 3712                        NARDA ATTEN
 374A-4               777-1532-001                COLLINS RT
 374A-4S              777-1572-000                COLLINS REC
 374A-4S              777-1572-001                COLLINS REC
 374B-NM              374BNM                      NARDA TERMINATION
 374D-( ) SUBASSY     617-8424-001                COLLINS XMTR ASSY
 374D-1               622-0507-001                COLLINS TACAN RT
 374D-1               622-0507-002                COLLINS TACAN RT
 374D-1               622-0507-004                COLLINS TACAN RT
 374D-1               622-0507-005                COLLINS TACAN RT
 374D-1               622-0507-006                COLLINS TACAN RT
 374D-1 SUBASSY       617-8411-001                COLLINS XMTR ASSY
 374D-1 SUBASSY       617-8411-002                COLLINS XMTR MODULE
 374D-1 SUBASSY       617-9129-003                COLLINS BOARD
 374D-1 SUBASSY       617-9132-004                COLLINS TACAN BD
 374D-1 SUBASSY       637-6978-001                COLLINS A13 CARD
 374D-1 SUBASSY       687-8561-001                COLLINS R/T MODULE
 374D-2               622-5145-001                COLLINS TACAN
 374D-2 SUBASSY       617-9126-004                COLLINS A9 CARD
 374D-3               622-5146-001                COLLINS TACAN RT
 377-3                377-3                       CASTLEBERRY TESTER
 377-4                377-4                       CASTLEBERRY TEST
 377-4-50K            377-4-50K                   CASTLEBERRY TEST
 377-4H               377-4H                      CASTLEBERRY TEST SET
 377A-40C-50K         377A-40C-50K                CASTLEBERRY TEST SET
 377A450K             377A450K                    CASTLEBERRY TEST
 377J-1               622-2510-001                COLLINS TACAN CTL
 377J-1               622-2510-002                COLLINS TACAN CTL
 377J-1               622-2510-003                COLLINS TACAN CTL
 377J-1               622-2510-004                COLLINS TACAN CTL
 377J-2               622-2511-001                COLLINS TACAN CTL
 377J-2               622-2511-002                COLLINS TACAN CTL
 377J-3               622-5147-001                COLLINS TACAN CTL
 379F-3               622-7731-001                COLLINS UHF CTL
 379F-3               622-7731-002                COLLINS UHF CTL
 379F-3               622-7731-003                COLLINS UHF CTL
 379F-3               622-7731-004                COLLINS UHF CTL
 379P-1               622-1274-001                COLLINS ILS CTL
 37P-2                504-5612-003                COLLINS GS ANT
 37P-3                522-0027-003                COLLINS GS ANT
 37P-3                522-0027-113                COLLINS GS ANT
 37P-4                522-0688-003                COLLINS GS ANT
 37P-4                522-0688-013                COLLINS GS ANT
 37P-4                522-0688-063                COLLINS GS ANT
 37P-4                522-0688-103                COLLINS GS ANT

                                                          PAGE: 31
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 37P-4                522-0688-123                COLLINS GS ANT
 37P-4                522-0688-133                COLLINS GS ANT
 37P-4                522-0688-163                COLLINS GS ANT
 37P-4                522-0688-183                COLLINS GS ANT
 37P-4                522-0688-186                COLLINS GS ANT
 37P-5                522-0700-003                COLLINS GS ANT
 37P-5                522-0700-023                COLLINS GS ANT
 37P-5                522-0700-043                COLLINS GS ANT
 37R-1                504-0543-004                COLLINS ANT
 37R-2                522-1135-000                COLLINS ANT
 37R-2                522-1135-011                COLLINS ANT
 37R-2                522-1135-012                COLLINS ANT
 37R-2                522-1135-013                COLLINS ANT
 37R-2                522-1135-032                COLLINS ANT
 37R-2A               522-2646-000                COLLINS ANT
 37R-2A               522-2646-014                COLLINS ANT
 37R-2U               522-2572-002                COLLINS ANT
 37R-2U               522-2572-054                COLLINS ANT
 37R-2W               792-6686-001                COLLINS ANTENNA
 37R-4                787-5702-001                COLLINS ANT
 37R2-U               522-2572-000                COLLINS ANT
 37X-2                522-0854-003                COLLINS MB ANT
 37X-2                522-0854-013                COLLINS MB ANTENNA
 37X-2                522-0854-023                COLLINS ANT
 37X-2                522-0854-043                COLLINS MB ANTENNA
 37X-2                522-0854-063                COLLINS MB ANTENNA
 37X-2                522-0854-064                COLLINS MB ANT
 37X-2                522-0854-065                COLLINS MB ANT
 37X-2                522-0854-066                COLLINS MB ANTENNA
 37X-2                522-0854-067                COLLINS MB ANTENNA
 37X-2                522-0854-068                COLLINS MB ANTENNA
 37X-2                522-0854-069                COLLINS ANT
 380505               380505                      EXTECH METER
 380922               380922                      EXTECH CLAMP
 381C                 381C                        AIR ASIA TS
 3840-50              3840-50                     POMONA TERM
 387C-4               522-2899-000                COLLINS PANEL
 387C-4               522-2899-013                COLLINS PANEL
 388                  388                         SIMPSON THERMOMETER
 388A                 388A                        BK PRECISION METER
 3900                 3900                        ROTEK CALIBRATOR
 390D-11              522-0801-005                COLLINS MTG RACK
 390D-11              522-0801-015                COLLINS MTG RACK
 390D-11              522-0801-018                COLLINS MTG RACK
 390D-11A             522-0801-016                COLLINS MTG RACK
 390D-11A             522-0801-017                COLLINS MTG RACK
 390D-11A             522-0801-019                COLLINS MTG RACK
 390R-14              622-0642-001                COLLINS MOUNT
 390R-15              622-0749-003                COLLINS RACK
 390R-18              622-1194-001                COLLINS INSTALLATION RACK
 390R-19              622-1195-001                COLLINS MTG RACK
 3912923-1            3912923-1                   BOEING MB ANTENNA ASSEMBLY
 393A                 393A                        HP VAR ATTN
 393D-50K             011-01-006                  A/C INSTRUMENT PITOT STATIC
 394A                 394A                        HP VAR ATTEN
 3950                 3950                        rotek CALIBRATOR
 39658K               39658K                      ATKINS Digital Thermometer
 39B64-7A             39B64-7                     ATKINS THERM
 39DX-4-055           39DX-4-055                  AEROSONIC AIRSPEED IND
 3A1                  3A1                         TEKTRONIX AMPLIFIER
 3A6                  3A6                         TEKTRONIX AMPLIFIER
 3A9                  3A9                         TEKTRONIX AMPLIFIER
 3B                   WL/1103AM/MS/1              SMITHS ALT
 3B3                  3B3                         TEKTRONIX TIME BASE
 3C66                 3C66                        TEKTRONIX CARRIER AMP
 3SDR7501             3SRD7501                    STURDEVANT WRENCH
 3TRX61A              3TRX61A                     BENDIX DC PS
 4                    4                           WESTON STD CELL
 4 PORT WAVEGUIDE     2038331-0501                BENDIX W.G. ASSY

                                                         PAGE: 32
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 4 PORT WG SWITCH     2038827-0501                HONEYWELL WG SWITCH
 4 PORT WG SWITCH     2038827-0505                BENDIX W.G. SWITCH ASSY
 4 PORT WG SWITCH     2038827-0506                HONEYWELL WG SWITCH
 4 PORT WG SWITCH     2038827-0507                HONEYWELL WG SWITCH
 4 PORT WG SWITCH     2068599-0701                BENDIX WG SWITCH
 4 PORT WG SWITCH     2068599-0702                BENDIX WG SWITCH
 4 PORT WG SWITCH     2068599-0703                HONEYWELL WG SWITCH
 4 PORT WG SWITCH     2068599-0704                HONEYWELL WG SWITCH
 4 PORT WG SWITCH     2068599-0705                HONEYWELL WG SWITCH
 4 PORT WG SWITCH     2068599-0706                HONEYWELL WG SWITCH
 4-5414-30            4-5414-30                   ARRA ATTENUATOR, VARIABLE
 4-5414-60A           4-5414-60A                  ARRA ATTEN
 40-0-433A            40-0-433A                   KAY ATTEN
 400                                              GOULD OSCOPE
 400                  400                         ATLANTIC INSTRUMENTS DATATRAC
 4000                 4000                        IFR RAMP TESTER
 4000A                4000A                       KUSTOM SIGNAL GENERATOR AM/FM
 4001KTQ-1            4001KTQ-1                   SMITHS IND TESTER
 4002KTQ-1            4002KTQ-1                   SMITHS IND TESTER
 4002KTQ-1-006        4002KTQ-1-006               SMITHS TEST SET
 400A                 400A                        DORIC TRENDICATOR
 400B                 400B                        CESSNA AP TEST SET
 400BIFCS             400BIFCS                    CESSNA IFCS TEST SET
 400C                 400C                        CHATSWORTH Cablemaster Test set
 400D                 400D                        HP AC VOLTMETER
 400E                 400E                        HP RF VOLTMETER
 400EL                400EL                       HP AC VOLTMETER
 400F                 400F                        HP AC VOLTMETER
 400H                 400H                        HP AC VOLTMETER
 400L                 400L                        HP AC VOLTMETER
 400V                 400V                        ELGAR OSC
 401                  401                         SIMPSON TESTER
 401-4948-901         4014948                     HONEYWELL SYSTEMS TEST SET
 4011                 4011                        B&K FUNCTION GEN
 4011A                4011A                       B&K FUNCTION GEN
 4014948-901          4014948                     HONEYWELL TROUBLESHOOTER
 401A250M             401A250M                    SIERRA TEST SET
 4020A                4020A                       SYSTRON DONNER METER POWER
 4021                 4021                        BIRD POWER SUPPLY
 4022                 4022                        BIRD POWER SENSOR
 4024                 4024                        BIRD PWR SUPPLY
 4024136              4024136                     SPERRY INTERFACE
 4025                 4025                        BIRD POWER SENSOR
 403B                 403B                        HP AC VOLTMETER
 404-M2               404-M2                      ASSOCIATED RESEARCH METER
 4040A                4040A                       BK PRECISION FUNCTION GENERATOR
 404S                 617-759                     RS DC MV SOURCE
 405AR                405AR                       HP IDG VOLTMETER
 4070                 4070                        B&K FUNCTION GEN
 407732               407732                      EXTECH SOUND LVL METER
 4080C                IU01801                     MOTOR OBS
 409                  409                         ARRA ATTEN
 4090A                IU043-01                    BENDIX PWER IND
 40RNX                40RNX                       BENDIX SYNTHESIZER
 4100                                             PEARSON TEST XFMR
 4100                 4100                        KUSTOM SIG GENERATOR
 4100 SERIES          980-4100-DXUS               HONEYWELL UFDR-FEDEX ONLY
 4100B                4100B                       KUSTOM SIGNAL GENERATOR AM
 4100F                4100F                       KUSTOM SIG GEN
 4107EBW1B            4107EBW1B                   AERONETICS RMI
 4108-6DB             4108-6DB                    POMONA ATTEN
 410A250M                                         SIERRA ELECT
 410B                 410B                        HP VTVM
 410C                 410C                        HP VTVM
 411                  411                         HYPOT TESTER
 4117E                4117E-DW3-B-2-B             ALLEN IND
 411A                 411A                        HP METER
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-DXUN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-DXUS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR

                                                         PAGE: 33
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-DXXN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-DXXS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-EMUN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-EMUS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-EMXN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-EMXS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-EWUN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-EWUS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-EWXN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-EWXS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-EXUN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-EXUS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-EXXN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-EXXS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-FMUN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-FMUS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-FMXN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-FMXS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-FWUN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-FWUS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-FWXN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-FWXS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-FXUN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-FXUS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-FXXN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-FXXS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-GMUN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-GMUS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-GMXN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-GMXS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-GQUN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-GQUS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-GQXN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-GQXS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-GTUN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-GTUS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-GTXN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-GTXS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-GWUN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-GWUS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-GWXN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-GWXS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-GXUN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-GXUS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-GXXN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-GXXS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-HQUN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-HQUS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-HQXN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-HQXS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-HTUN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-HTUS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-HTXN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-HTXS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-HXUN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-HXUS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-HXXN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-HXXS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-KQUN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-KQUS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-KQXN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-KQXS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-KTUN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-KTUS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-KTXN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-KTXS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-KXUN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-KXUS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-KXXN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR

                                                         PAGE: 34
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-KXXS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-RMUN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-RMUS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-RMXN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-RMXS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-RQUN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-RQUS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-RQXN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-RQXS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-RTUN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-RTUS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-RTXN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-RTXS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-RWUN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-RWUS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-RWXN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-RWXS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-RXUN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-RXUS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-RXXN               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 4120 SERIES          980-4120-RXXS               HONEYWELL SSUFDR
 412A                 412A                        HP VOLTMETER
 41422-2              41422-2                     SENSOR SYSTEMS GS ANT
 415B                 415B                        HP SWR METER
 415D                 415D                        HP SWR METER
 415E                 415E                        HP SWR METER
 416W-1               522-0053-006                COLLINS PWR UNIT
 416X-1               522-0131-004                COLLINS PWR UNIT
 417A                 417A                        HP VHF DETECTOR
 419A                 419A                        HP VOLTMETER
 41A                  41A                         BOONTON WATTMETER
 42-041-1             42-041-1                    HYDRO-AIRE TET SET
 420-303              420-303                     ONAN TEST SET
 4204A                4204A                       HP OSCILLATOR
 420A                 420A                        HP DEFLECTOR
 420R                 420R                        LINAIRE METER
 4210-5E              4210-5E                     BOONTON PWR SENSOR
 421307               421307                      EXTECH THERMOMETER
 4220-S/3             4220-S/3                    BOONTON METER
 423                  423                         TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 423A                 423A                        HP CRYSTAL DETECTOR
 423B                 423B                        HP CRYSTAL DETECTOR
 425                  425                         HP AC
 4260A                4260A                       HP LCR BRIDGE
 4261A                4261A                       HP LCR METER
 4262-07              4262-07                     SMITH IND. FUEL TANK SIM
 4262A                4262A                       HP LCR METER
 4266                 4266                        NARDA COUPLER
 427A                 427A                        HP RMS VOLTMETER
 427B-1               522-1058-006                COLLINS PWR SUP
 427B-2               522-1059-006                COLLINS PWR SUP
 428B                 428B                        HP AMP METER
 429 BUS              429 BUS                     HONEYWELL XCVR
 429A                                             WILCOX NAV REC
 429A                 429A                        INTERFACE TECH ARINC TEST SET
 429E                 01-1001-00                  JC AIR TESTER
 429EB                01-1001-10                  JC AIR TESTER
 429EBP               01-1001-12                  JC AIR TEST SET
 429EBR               429EBR                      JC AIR ANALYZER
 429EX                01-1001-05                  jc air TEST SET
 429EX/ARICN 429      429EX                       JC AIR TEST SET
 429PC                09-5099-00                  JC AIR CARD
 42A                  42A                         BOONTON RF Watt Meter
 42A/41-4A            42A/41-4A                   BOONTON MICRO PWR MTR
 42A12A               42A12A                      DUKANE TEST SET
 42A12B               42A12B                      DUKANE PINGER TESTER
 42A12C               42A12C                      DUKANE PINGER TESTER
 42A12D               42A12D                      DUKANE TEST SET
 42A13C               42A13C                      DUKANE DUAL FREQ LOCATOR

                                                         PAGE: 35
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 43                   43                          BIRD RF Watt Meter
 430                  430                         WESTON METER
 430021               430021                      BIRD WATTMETER
 430023               430023                      BIRD WATTMETER
 4304                 4304                        BIRD RF Watt Meter
 4304A                4304A                       BIRD METER
 4304B                04304-99000                 HP DC VOLTMETER
 4308                 4308                        BIRD WATTMETER
 430C                 430C                        HP PWR METER
 431                  431                         HP POWER METER
 4311                 4311                        BIRD RF Watt Meter
 4314                 4314                        BIRD RF Watt Meter
 431B                 431B                        HP POWER METER
 431C                 431C                        HP POWER METER
 431F                 431F                        BIDDLE TEST SET
 432                  432                         HP POWER METER
 4328A                4328A                       HP MILLIOHMMETER
 432A                 432A                        HP POWER METER
 432B                 432B                        HP POWER METER
 432C                 432C                        HP POWER METER
 432D                 432D                        KAY ATTN
 433                  433                         WESTON METER
 4332A                4332A                       HP METER
 434                  434                         TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 435A                 435A                        HP PWR MTR
 435A(60-0)           435A(60-0)                  KAY ATTEN
 435A-H04             435A-H04                    HP POWER METER
 435B                 435B                        HP PWR METER
 4362-07              4362-07                     SMITHS TEST SET
 436A                 436A                        HP METER
 437B                 437B                        HP PWR SENSOR
 437B-10              622-0940-002                COLLINS GRD ANT
 437X-1               522-4140-001                COLLINS ANT RADIO ALT
 437X-1               522-4140-002                COLLINS ANT RADIO ALT
 437X-1               522-4140-003                COLLINS ANT RADIO ALT
 437X-1               522-4140-004                COLLINS RAD ALT ANT
 437X-1               522-4140-006                COLLINS RAD ALT ANT
 437X-1               522-4140-007                COLLINS ANT
 437X-1A              522-4255-001                COLLINS ANT RADIO ALT
 437X-1A              522-4255-002                COLLINS ANT RADIO ALT
 437X-1A              522-4255-003                COLLINS ANT RADIO ALT
 437X-1A              522-4255-004                COLLINS ANT RADIO ALT
 437X-1A              522-4255-007                COLLINS ANT RADIO ALT
 437X-1B              622-0954-001                COLLINS ANT RADIO ALT
 437X-1B              622-0954-002                COLLINS RAD ALT ANT
 4381                 4381                        BIRD ANALYST
 438A                 438A                        HP METER
 439                  11-1767-3                   BENDIX CAP TESTER
 4391                 4391                        BIRD WATTMETER RF
 4391A                4391A                       BIRD METER
 4391M                4391M                       BIRD RF POWER ANALYZER
 43P                  43P                         BIRD WATTMETER
 44                   44                          TELEWAVE WATTMETER
 440                  440                         KUSTOM ADF LOOP SIMULATOR
 440                  MEC440                      MEC TEST SET, LOOP
 440X-3               522-4708-001                COLLINS CABLE: 978F-1D TO 978F-2S
 440X-4               522-4709-001                COLLINS CABLE: 978F-1D TO 329B-7/329B-8
 440X-5               522-4710-001                COLLINS CABLE: 987F-1D TO 479X-2
 440X-6               522-4711-001                COLLINS CABLE: 978F-1D TO 331A-6/331A-7 (P1)
 440X-7               522-4712-001                COLLINS CABLE: 978F-1D TO 331A-6/331A-7 (P2)
 440Y-1               522-4606-001                COLLINS 980L-1 PLUG IN FOR 562C-4/4E
 440Y-11              522-4960-001                COLLINS 980L-1 PLUG IN
 440Y-12              522-4961-001                COLLINS 980L-1 PLUG-IN ADAPTER
 440Y-13              522-4962-001                COLLINS 980L-1 TEST ADAPTER
 440Y-14              522-4963-001                COLLINS 980L-1 TEST ADAPTER
 440Y-15              522-4964-001                COLLINS 980L-1 PLUG IN
 440Y-16              777-1035-001                COLLINS 980L-1 PLUG IN
 440Y-17              777-1036-001                COLLINS 980L-1 PLUG IN
 440Y-19              777-1038-001                COLLINS 980L-1 PLUG-IN

                                                         PAGE: 36
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 440Y-2               522-4607-001                COLLINS 980L-1 PLUG-IN ADAPTER
 440Y-20              777-1039-001                COLLINS 980L-1 PLUG-IN
 440Y-23              777-1042-001                COLLINS 980L-1 PLUG-IN
 440Y-24              777-1043-001                COLLINS 980L-1 PLUG-IN
 440Y-25              777-1044-001                COLLINS 980L-1 PLUG-IN
 440Y-26              777-1919-001                COLLINS 980L-1 PLUG IN
 440Y-27              787-6073-001                COLLINS 980L-1 PLUG-IN
 440Y-29              787-6138-001                COLLINS 980L-1 PLUG IN
 440Y-3               522-4609-001                COLLINS 980L-1 PLUG-IN ADAPTER
 440Y-30              787-6139-001                COLLINS 980L-1 PLUG IN
 440Y-31              787-6140-001                COLLINS 980L-1 PLUG IN
 440Y-33              787-6142-001                COLLINS 980L-1 PLUG IN
 440Y-34              787-6143-001                COLLINS 980L-1 PLUG IN
 440Y-35              787-6144-001                COLLINS 980L-1 PLUG-IN
 440Y-36              787-6810-001                COLLINS 980L-1 PLUG IN
 440Y-38              792-6383-001                COLLINS PLUG IN
 440Y-39              792-6384-001                COLLINS PLUG IN
 440Y-43              792-6889-001                COLLINS 980L-1 PLUG-IN
 440Y-5               522-4899-001                COLLINS 980L-1 PLUG-IN ADAPTER
 440Y-6               522-4900-001                COLLINS 980L-1 PLUG-IN ADAPTER
 440Y-67A             622-4086-001                COLLINS 980L-1 PLUG-IN
 440Y-68A             622-4087-001                COLLINS 980L-1 PLUG IN
 440Y-69A             622-4088-001                COLLINS 980L-1 PLUG-IN
 440Y-7               522-4944-001                COLLINS 980L-1 PLUG IN FOR 161E-1
 440Y-76              622-6315-001                COLLINS 980L-1 PLUG-IN ADAPTER
 440Y-8               522-4957-001                COLLINS 980L-1 PLUG-IN
 440Y-9               522-4958-001                COLLINS 980L-1 PLUG-IN ADAPTER
 441                  441                         KAY ATTEN
 4410                 4410                        BIRD WATTMETER
 4410A                4410A                       BIRD WATTMETER
 4412A                4412A                       BIRD WATTMETER
 4414-10              4414-10                     ARRA ATTEN
 4414-20              4414-20                     ARRA ATTEN
 4414-30              4414-30                     ARRA ATTEN
 4414-40              4414-40                     ARRA ATTEN
 4414-50              4414-50                     ARRA ATTEN
 4414-60              4414-60                     ARRA ATTEN
 4420                 4420                        BIRD POWER METER
 4431                 4431                        BIRD WATTMETER
 4435-5050            4435-5050                   KAY ATTEN
 444                  444                         SIMPSON OHMMETER
 4440                 4440                        VALHALLA SCIENTIFIC METER
 4440A2               314200-02-01                ASTEK LSI ALT
 4440B                4440B                       DECADE RESISTOR
 4444                 4444                        WESTON DVM
 445                  445                         EATON SIG SOURCE
 4450D                4450D                       ASSOCIATED RESEARCH METER
 4450DT               4450DT                      ASSOCIATED RESEARCH TEST SET, INSULATION BREAKDOWN
 446                  446                         EATON SIG SOURCE
 447B                 447B                        HP PROBE
 448B                 448B                        HP PROBE
 44A                  44A                         TELEWAVE METER
 45                   45                          FLUKE MULTIMETER
 4503-0001            4503-0001                   AEROSONIC ALT ALERT
 451                  451                         EIP MIC FREQ CTR
 452A-1               522-0535-004                COLLINS LTG ARRESTOR
 452A-1A              522-3232-005                COLLINS LIGHTNING ARRESTOR
 452A-1C              787-6248-001                COLLINS LTG ARRESTOR
 453                  R453                        TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 453 MOD703K          453 MOD703K                 TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 453A                 R453A                       TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 454                  454                         TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 454A                 454A                        TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 454N-3               622-2814-001                COLLINS TRIM SERVO MON
 455                  455                         TEKTRONIX OSCILLOSCOPE
 455501               4555010                     MCCASKEY TURNTABLE
 46-10-34             46-10-34                    WEINSCHEL ATTN
 46-20-34             46-20-34                    WEINSCHEL ATTEN
 460-3                460-3                       SIMPSON METER

                                                         PAGE: 37
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 460-6                460-6                       SIMPSON METER
 461                  461                         SIMPSON METER
 461-2R               461-2R                      SIMPSON METER
 461-B                461-B                       KAY ATTEN
 464                  464                         SIMPSON MULTIMETER
 464                  TEK464                      TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 464-A                464-A                       KAY ATTEN
 464A                 464A                        SIMPSON METER
 465                  465                         SIMPSON MULTIMETER
 465                  TEK465                      TEKTRONIX OSCILLOSCOPE
 465B                 465B                        TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 465M                 465M                        TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 467                  467                         SIMPSON MULTIMETER
 467-114-002          ASI-467-114-002             ASI CABLE, GTF-6 W2
 467-139-001          ASI-467-139-001             ASI CABLE
 467-A                467-A                       KAY ATTEN
 468                  468                         TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 470                  470                         SIMPSON METER
 4700 SERIES          980-4700-001                HONEYWELL SSFDR
 4700 SERIES          980-4700-003                HONEYWELL SSFDR
 4700 SERIES          980-4700-005                HONEYWELL SSFDR
 4700 SERIES          980-4700-007                HONEYWELL SSFDR
 4700 SERIES          980-4700-009                HONEYWELL SSFDR
 4700 SERIES          980-4700-011                HONEYWELL SSFDR
 4700 SERIES          980-4700-013                HONEYWELL SSFDR
 4700 SERIES          980-4700-015                HONEYWELL SSFDR
 4700 SERIES          980-4700-017                HONEYWELL SSFDR
 4700 SERIES          980-4700-019                HONEYWELL SSFDR
 4700 SERIES          980-4700-021                HONEYWELL SSFDR
 4700 SERIES          980-4700-023                HONEYWELL SSFDR
 4700 SERIES          980-4700-025                HONEYWELL SSFDR
 4700 SERIES          980-4700-027                HONEYWELL SSFDR
 4700 SERIES          980-4700-029                HONEYWELL SSFDR
 4700 SERIES          980-4700-031                HONEYWELL SSFDR
 4700 SERIES          980-4700-033                HONEYWELL SSFDR
 4700 SERIES          980-4700-034                HONEYWELL SSFDR
 4700 SERIES          980-4700-035                HONEYWELL SSFDR
 4700 SERIES          980-4700-041                HONEYWELL SSFDR
 4700 SERIES          980-4700-042                HONEYWELL SSFDR
 4700 SERIES          980-4700-043                HONEYWELL SSFDR
 4700 SERIES          980-4700-044                HONEYWELL SSFDR
 4702-60              4702-60                     NARDA ATTEN
 4704B-99             4704B-99                    NARDA ATTEN
 47386                47386                       AMP CRIMP TOOL
 47387                47387                       amp CRIMP TOOL
 475                  TEK475                      TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 475/DM43             475/DM43                    TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 475/DM44             475/DM44                    TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 475A                 475A                        TEKTRONIX O SCOPE
 475A                 TEK475A                     TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 475D-1               522-2383-000                COLLINS DME TEST SET
 475D-1               522-2383-001                COLLINS DME TEST
 475M                 475M                        TEKTRONIX SCOPE
 4765                 4765                        L & N DECADE RES
 476E-4               522-1487-004                COLLINS TEST SET
 476E-7               522-2078-000                COLLINS Gyro Test Set
 476G-1A              523-0087-000                COLLINS R T TESTER
 476U-3               522-4459-001                COLLINS VOR/ILS TEST SET
 476X-1               522-1791-000                COLLINS XPDR TEST SET
 476X-3               522-4475-001                COLLINS XPDR T S
 477B                 477B                        HP MIC PWR METER
 477K-1               522-1146-004                COLLINS SIMULATOR
 477L-1               522-1147-004                COLLINS HEADING SYNCRO SIM
 477N-1               522-1149-000                COLLINS test set
 477N-1A              522-3328-000                COLLINS Steering Computer Test Panel
 477P-1               522-1150-000                COLLINS Approach Horizon Test Panel
 477P-1A              522-3329-000                COLLINS Approach Horizon Test Panel
 477Q-1               522-1151-000                COLLINS Indicator Test Set
 477U-1               522-1213-000                COLLINS ADF LOOP SIM

                                                         PAGE: 38
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 477U-2               522-2710-000                COLLINS ADF LOOP SIM
 477U-2               522-2710-002                COLLINS ADF LOOP SIM
 477U-3               522-4458-001                COLLINS ADF TEST
 477U-3               522-4458-002                COLLINS ADF TEST SET
 477V-1               522-1214-000                COLLINS TEST SET
 477V-2               522-2711-000                COLLINS ADF TEST SET
 477V-2               522-2711-002                COLLINS TEST SET
 477V-2 SUBASSY       763-6128-001                COLLINS INVERTER
 477V-3               792-6209-001                COLLINS ISO PANEL
 477W-7               622-0158-001                COLLINS Test Bench Harness
 478A                 478A                        HP THERMISTOR MOUNT FOR 430,431 AND 432 POWER METERS
 478A-1               522-0075-003                COLLINS ZIFOR UNIT
 478A-1               761-0156-00                 COLLINS ZIFOR UNIT
 478A-1               791-0156-00                 COLLINS ZIFOR
 478A-2               522-3626-000                COLLINS OMNI RNG CAL
 478A-3               622-3701-001                COLLINS ZIFOR 3
 478A/N436A           478A/N436A                  GEN MIC PEAK PWR MTR
 479S-2               520-4563-000                COLLINS TEST SET
 479S-3               479S-3                      COLLINS SIG GEN
 479S-4A              622-1101-001                COLLINS AUDIO ILS SIGNAL GENERATOR
 479S-5               792-6473-001                COLLINS AUDIO VOR SIGNAL GEN
 479S-6               622-3337-001                COLLINS SIGNAL GEN
 479S-6               622-3337-010                COLLINS SIGNAL GEN
 479S-6 (ASI-MOD-1)   622-4127-000 EQ.PN.         COLLINS SIGNAL GEN
 479S-6 (ASI-MOD-2)   622-4127-001 EQ.PN.         COLLINS SIGNAL GEN
 479S-6 (ASI-MOD-3)   622-4127-002 EQ.PN.         COLLINS SIGNAL GEN
 479S-6 (ASI-MOD-4)   622-4127-003 EQ.PN.         COLLINS SIGNAL GEN
 479S-6 (ASI-MOD-5)   622-4127-004 EQ.PN.         COLLINS SIGNAL GEN
 479S-6 SUBASSY       601-4911-001                COLLINS BD
 479S-6 SUBASSY       601-4914-001                COLLINS KEYBOARD ASSY
 479S-6 SUBASSY       629-9730-001                COLLINS PANEL ASSY
 479S-6 SUBASSY       629-9740-001                COLLINS CKT BD
 479S-6 SUBASSY       629-9760-001                COLLINS A4 BOARD
 479S-6 SUBASSY       635-8517-001                COLLINS VCO
 479S-6 SUBASSY       638-2200-001                COLLINS CPU BD
 479S-6 SUBASSY       638-2470-001                COLLINS CPU ASSY
 479S-6A              622-4127-000                COLLINS SIGNAL GEN
 479S-6A              622-4127-001                COLLINS SIGNAL GEN
 479S-6A              622-4127-002                COLLINS SIGNAL GEN
 479S-6A              622-4127-003                COLLINS SIGNAL GEN
 479S-6A              622-4127-004                COLLINS SIGNAL GEN
 479S-6A SUBASSY      378-0629-010                COLLINS A10 MODULE
 479S-6A SUBASSY      601-4915-002                COLLINS DEMOD BD
 479S-6A SUBASSY      601-5882-001                COLLINS CB ASSY
 479T-2               505-9041-004                COLLINS SIG GEN
 479V-2               522-0170-004                COLLINS PREC TRACK
 479V-3               522-1339-000                COLLINS Precision Track Selector
 479X-2               522-0167-000                COLLINS RESOLVER
 479X-2               522-0167-001                COLLINS RESOLVER ZEROING PANEL
 4815A                4815A                       HP METER
 482-5063-010         482-5063-010                COLLINS METER
 484                  TEK484                      TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 48416                48416                       IFR VOR TESTER
 485                  TEK485                      TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 488A-1               522-1193-005                COLLINS INV
 489A                 489A                        HP TWT AMPLIFIER
 490A-1               622-4731-002                COLLINS ANT COUPLER
 490S-1               792-6140-001                COLLINS HF Antenna Coupler
 490S-1 SUBASSY       676-7129-001                COLLINS A5 INTERFACE
 490S-1() SUBASSY     609-0001-001                COLLINS BD
 490S-4               622-7375-001                COLLINS HF COUPLER
 490S-4               622-7375-002                COLLINS HF COUPLER
 490T-() SUBASSY      761-6205-001                COLLINS SWITCH
 490T-1               522-3443-000                COLLINS HF ANT CPLR
 490T-1               522-3443-001                COLLINS HF ANT CPLR
 490T-1               522-3443-006                COLLINS HF ANT CPLR
 490T-1 SUBASSY       528-0465-000                COLLINS ANT CPLR
 490T-1 SUBASSY       528-0524-00                 COLLINS COIL
 490T-1 SUBASSY       528-0525-00                 COLLINS COIL

                                                          PAGE: 39
MODEL                  PART NO                   DESCRIPTION
 490T-1 SUBASSY        528-0526-000               COLLINS COIL
 490T-1 SUBASSY        608-9380-002               COLLINS A2A1 SUBASSY
 490T-1 SUBASSY        608-9381-001               COLLINS A2A2 CARD
 490T-1 SUBASSY        608-9382-01                COLLINS TUNE CARD
 490T-1 SUBASSY        608-9391-002               COLLINS A2A2 BD
 490T-1 SUBASSY        608-9500-002               COLLINS A2 CONTROL MOD
 490T-1A               522-3444-001               COLLINS CPLR
 490T-2                522-3445-001               COLLINS CPLR
 490T-2A               622-0458-001               COLLINS CPLR
 490T-2B               622-3265-001               COLLINS HF RT
 490T-9                522-4994-001               COLLINS CPLR
 491                   TEK491                     TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 491C                  491C                       HP AMPLIFIER
 493A                  493A                       HP MICROWAVE AMP
 495A                  495A                       HP MICROWAVE AMP
 5 GRAM                5 GRAM                     DENVER INSTRUMENT CO WEIGHT
 5-134                 471200F                    BELL HOWELL OSC
 5-50                  5-50                       HALDEX DYNAMETER
 50-10                 50-10                      WEINSCHEL ATTEN
 50-20                 50-20                      WEINSCHEL ATTN
 50-3                  50-3                       WEINSCHEL ATTN
 500-196-20            50-196-20                  MITUTOYA CALIPER
 500-EBB               500-EBB                    AIM HOR REF IND GYRO
 5000                                             HAWKINS SIMULATOR
 5000                  5000                       TERRA BOX
 5000-EX               5000-EX                    BIRD PWR METER
 5006A                 5006A                      HP ANALYZER
 500DC                 500 DC                     AIM HOR REF IND GYRO
 500DCD                500DCD                     AIM HOR REF IND GYRO
 500DCF                500DCF                     AIM HOR REF IND GYRO
 500DCF/P              500DCF/P                   AIM HOR REF IND GYRO
 500DCFL               500DCFL                    AIM HOR REF IND GYRO
 500DCFP               550-830                    AIM HORIZON
 500E                  500E                       AIM HOR REF IND GYRO
 500EB                 500EB                      AIM HOR REF IND GYRO
 500ECF                500ECF                     AIM HOR REF IND GYRO
 500ECFA               500ECFA                    AIM HOR REF IND GYRO
 500ED                 500ED                      AIM HOR REF IND GYRO
 500EDC                500EDC                     AIM HOR REF IND GYRO
 500EDK                500EDK                     AIM HOR REF IND GYRO
 500H                  500H                       BIRD ELEMENT
 5010A                 5010A                      WAVETEK ATTEN
 501A                  501A                       POWER SOURCE
 503                                              NARDA CRYSTAL DET
 503                   503                        TEKTRONIX SCOPE
 5035P                 5035P                      UNITED ENC ALT
 5035P-P41             5035P-P41                  UNITED ALT
 5035P-P45             5035P-P45                  UNITED ALT
 5035P2-P25            5035P2-P25                 UNITED ENC ALT
 5035P2-P42            5035P2-P42                 UNITED ENC ALT
 50405-200/201 SUBASSY 40325                      B/E AEROSPACE PC BOARD
 505M                  505M                       OHAUS SCALE
 5060A                 5060A                      HP CESIUM FREQ
 5080.1                5080.1                     WAVETEK ATTEN
 5085A                 5085A                      HP PS
 50CV120-726           50CV120-726                ALAN IND ATTEN
 50F-010               50F-010                    JFW IND COAXIAL ATTEN
 50F-020               50F-020                    JFW IND COAXIAL ATTEN
 50R-080               50R-080                    JFW IND ATTEN
 50R-214               50R-214                    JFW IND ATTEN
 50SV12-610            50SV12-610                 ALAN IND ATTEN
 51                    51                         FLUKE METER
 510-17A               504-0017-913               AIM ATT GYRO
 510-1A                504-0017-901               AIM AT GYRO
 510-8A                504-0017-909               JET GYRO
 510-8C                504-0017-917               AIM ATT. GYRO
 510-8D                504-0017-921               AIM ATT GYRO
 5100                                             DANA MULTIMETER
 5100                  5100                       FLUKE SERIES B CAL

                                                         PAGE: 40
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 5100A                5100A                       HP FREQ SYNTH
 5100AF               5100AF                      DANA DMM
 5100B                5100B                       FLUKE CALIBRATOR
 5103N                5103N                       TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 5104                 5104                        JONES TACH
 5104-1-1             5104-1-1                    AVTECH VHF COMM CONTROL
 5104-1-2             5104-1-2                    AVTECH VHF COMM CONTROL
 5105-1-1             5105-1-1                    AVTECH NAV CONTROL
 5108                 5108                        MIIDA FREQ CNTR
 5110                 5110                        TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 5110A                5110A                       HP SYNTH DRIVER
 5113                 5113                        TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 513-202              513-202                     MINTUTOYU DIAL IND
 5136                 5136                        WEINSCHEL ATTEN
 514A-4               792-6122-001                COLLINS CONTROL, HF
 514A-4               792-6122-002                COLLINS CONTROL, HF
 514A-4               792-6122-003                COLLINS CONTROL, HF
 514A-4               792-6122-004                COLLINS CONTROL, HF
 514A-4               792-6122-005                COLLINS CONTROL, HF
 514A-4               792-6122-007                COLLINS HF CTL
 514A-4               792-6122-009                COLLINS HF CTL
 514A-4               792-6122-010                COLLINS HF CTL
 514A-4               792-6122-011                COLLINS CONTROL, HF
 514A-4               792-6122-012                COLLINS CONTROL, HF
 514A-4               792-6122-013                COLLINS CONTROL, HF
 514A-4               792-6122-014                COLLINS HF CTL
 514A-4               792-6122-101                COLLINS HF CTL
 514A-4               792-6122-102                COLLINS HF CTL
 514A-4               792-6122-103                COLLINS HF CTL
 514A-4               792-6122-104                COLLINS HF CTL
 514A-4               792-6122-105                COLLINS HF CTL
 514A-4               792-6122-107                COLLINS HF CTL
 514A-4               792-6122-109                COLLINS HF CTL
 514A-4               792-6122-110                COLLINS HF CTL
 514A-4               792-6122-111                COLLINS HF CTL
 514A-4               792-6122-112                COLLINS HF CTL
 514A-4               792-6122-113                COLLINS HF CTL
 514A-4               792-6122-114                COLLINS HF CTL
 514A-4               792-6122-201                COLLINS CONTROL, HF
 514A-4               792-6122-202                COLLINS HF CTL
 514A-4               792-6122-203                COLLINS HF CTL
 514A-4               792-6122-204                COLLINS HF CTL
 514A-4               792-6122-205                COLLINS HF CTL
 514A-4               792-6122-207                COLLINS HF CTL
 514A-4               792-6122-209                COLLINS HF CTL
 514A-4               792-6122-210                COLLINS HF CTL
 514A-4               792-6122-211                COLLINS CONTROL, HF
 514A-4               792-6122-212                COLLINS HF CTL
 514A-4               792-6122-213                COLLINS HF CTL
 514A-4               792-6122-214                COLLINS HF CTL
 514A-4               792-6122-215                COLLINS HF CTL
 514A-4 SUBASSY       642-3591-002                COLLINS TX MODULE
 514A-4A              622-1238-001                COLLINS CONTROL, HF
 514A-7               622-4093-001                COLLINS CONTROL, HF
 514A-7               622-4093-002                COLLINS CONTROL, HF
 514A-7               622-4093-004                COLLINS CONTROL, HF
 514A-7               622-4093-011                COLLINS CONTROL, HF
 514A-7 SUBASSY       638-1155-001                COLLINS BOARD
 514A-8               622-5463-001                COLLINS CONTROL, HF
 514A-9               622-5690-001                COLLINS CONTROL, HF
 514M-1               621-8100-002                COLLINS CONTROL DISPLAY ASSY FOR 972V-1 TACAN TEST SET
 514M-1               622-1931-002                COLLINS CONTROL DISPLAY ASSY FOR 972V-1 TACAN TEST SET
 514M-1               629-0973-001                COLLINS CONTROL DISPLAY ASSY FOR 972V-1 TACAN TEST SET
 514M-2               622-7082-001                COLLINS Interface Panel
 515A                 515A                        FLUKE CALIBRATOR
 515L-1               622-1275-001                COLLINS ILS RCVR
 515L-1               622-1275-002                COLLINS ILS RCVR
 515L-1 SUBASSY       608-6929-001                COLLINS GS REC MODULE
 5160-006             520-5160 006                AERONETICS CRS SEL

                                                         PAGE: 41
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 516A-1               522-0440-001                COLLINS POWER SUPPLY
 516A-1               522-0440-004                COLLINS POWER SUPPLY
 516B-3               522-1091-004                COLLINS POWER SUPPLY
 516C-1               522-0835-004                COLLINS POWER SUPPLY
 516D-1               522-0886-005                COLLINS POWER SUPPLY
 516H-1               622-1204-000                COLLINS POWER SUPPLY
 51II                 51II                        FLUKE THERMOMETER
 51KJ                 51KJ                        FLUKE THERMOMETER
 51R-10               622-3599-001                COLLINS NAV REC
 51R-10               622-3599-002                COLLINS NAV REC
 51R-10A              622-3600-001                COLLINS NAV REC
 51R-10A              622-3600-002                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51R-10B              622-3601-001                COLLINS NAV REC
 51R-11               822-0847-001                COLLINS NAV REC
 51R-11               822-0847-002                COLLINS NAV REC
 51R-11A              822-0848-001                COLLINS NAV REC
 51R-11A              822-0848-002                COLLINS NAV REC
 51R-11B              822-0849-001                COLLINS NAV REC
 51R-6                522-2775-00                 COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51R-6                522-2775-011                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51R-6                522-2775-012                COLLINS NAV
 51R-6                522-2775-014                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51R-6                522-2775-119                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51R-6A               522-2775-114                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51R-7                522-2993-000                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51R-7A               522-2993-001                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51R-8                522-3467-000                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51R-8A               522-3467-013                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51R-8A               522-3467-113                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51R-8B               792-6293-001                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51R-8BH              622-2608-001                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-1               522-2450-000                COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-1               522-2450-011                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-1               522-2450-012                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-1               522-2450-013                COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-1               522-2450-014                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-1               522-2450-015                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-1               522-2450-016                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-1               522-2450-018                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-1               522-2450-019                COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-1               522-2450-020                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-1               522-2450-023                COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-1               522-2450-024                COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-1               522-2450-100                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-1               522-2450-111                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-1               522-2450-112                COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-1               522-2450-113                COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-1               522-2450-114                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-1               522-2450-115                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-1               522-2450-116                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-1               522-2450-118                COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-1               522-2450-119                COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-1               522-2450-120                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-1               522-2450-123                COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-1               522-2450-124                COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-1 SUBASSY       553-2385-005                COLLINS BRG MECH
 51RV-1A              522-4366-001                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-1A              522-4366-101                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-1C              522-4501-001                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-2B              522-2480-105                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-2B              522-4280-001                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-2B              522-4280-005                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-2B              522-4280-008                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-2B              522-4280-101                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-2B              522-4280-102                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-2B              522-4280-104                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-2B              522-4280-105                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-2B              522-4280-107                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-2B              522-4280-108                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER

                                                         PAGE: 42
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 51RV-2B              522-4280-109                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-2B              522-4977-001                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-2B              522-4977-101                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-2B SUBASSY      617-9095-001                COLLINS 40 CH BD
 51RV-2B SUBASSY      617-9098-001                COLLINS ADJ CHANNEL SENS
 51RV-2B SUBASSY      772-0738-001                COLLINS SYNTH BRD
 51RV-2B SUBASSY      772-0824-001                COLLINS INTERCONNECT
 51RV-2B SUBASSY      772-0824-101                COLLINS INTERCONNECT
 51RV-4               622-3255-001                **COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-4               622-3255-002                **COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-4               622-3255-003                **COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-4               622-3255-004                **COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-4               622-3255-005                **COLLINS NAV RECEIVER
 51RV-4               622-3255-006                **COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-4               622-3255-007                **COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-4               622-3255-008                **COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-4               622-3255-009                **COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-4 SUBASSY       601-4203-001                COLLINS BOARD
 51RV-4 SUBASSY       601-4203-003                COLLINS BOARD
 51RV-4 SUBASSY       601-4204-001                COLLINS DIGITAL INSTRUM. BOARD
 51RV-4 SUBASSY       601-4205-001                COLLINS BOARD
 51RV-4 SUBASSY       601-4208-001                COLLINS BD
 51RV-4 SUBASSY       601-4209-003                COLLINS BOARD
 51RV-4 SUBASSY       601-4209-004                COLLINS BD
 51RV-4 SUBASSY       601-4210-001                COLLINS BOARD
 51RV-4 SUBASSY       601-4211-001                COLLINS BOARD
 51RV-4 SUBASSY       601-4214-001                COLLINS INTERFACE BOARD
 51RV-4 SUBASSY       638-7622-001                COLLINS BOARD
 51RV-4 SUBASSY       642-4203-003                COLLINS POWER SUPPLY
 51RV-4 SUBASSY       642-4205-001                COLLINS BOARD
 51RV-4 SUBASSY       642-4208-001                COLLINS A8 VOR/LOC CONV
 51RV-4 SUBASSY       642-4214-001                COLLINS INTERCONNECT BOARD
 51RV-4 SUBASSY       642-4227-001                COLLINS EXP ILS MON
 51RV-4 SUBASSY       676-7466-001                **COLLINS BOARD
 51RV-4A              622-3256-001                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-4B              622-3257-001                **COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-4B              622-3257-002                **COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-4B              622-3257-003                **COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-4B              622-3257-004                **COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-4B              622-3257-005                **COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-4B              622-3257-006                **COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-4B              622-3257-007                **COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-4B              622-3257-008                **COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-4B              622-3257-009                **COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-4B              622-3257-010                **COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-4B              622-3257-011                **COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-4B              622-3257-012                **COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-4B              622-3257-013                **COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-4B              622-3257-101                **COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-4B              622-3257-201                **COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-4B SUB ASSY     601-4301-001                COLLINS RCVR BD
 51RV-4B SUBASSY      601-4207-001                COLLINS A7 MONITOR
 51RV-4B SUBASSY      601-4302-001                COLLINS GS REC
 51RV-4B SUBASSY      635-5701-001                COLLINS A18 BD
 51RV-4B SUBASSY      642-4201-001                COLLINS RCVR MODULE
 51RV-4B SUBASSY      642-4203-001                COLLINS PS SIN/COS BD
 51RV-4B SUBASSY      642-4204-001                COLLINS A4 BOARD
 51RV-4B SUBASSY      642-4206-001                COLLINS BOARD
 51RV-4B SUBASSY.     642-4203-001                COLLINS A3 MOTHER BD
 51RV-4C              622-3258-001                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-4D              622-3259-001                **COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-4D              622-3259-002                **COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-4D              622-3259-003                **COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-4D              622-3259-005                **COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-5               822-0760-001                COLLINS NAV. RECEIVER
 51RV-5               822-0760-002                COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-5               822-0760-003                COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-5               822-0760-004                COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-5               822-0760-005                COLLINS NAV RCVR

                                                         PAGE: 43
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 51RV-5               822-0760-006                COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-5               822-0760-007                COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-5               822-0760-008                COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-5               822-0760-009                COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-5B              822-0761-001                COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-5B              822-0761-002                COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-5B              822-0761-003                COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-5B              822-0761-004                COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-5B              822-0761-005                COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-5B              822-0761-006                COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-5B              822-0761-007                COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-5B              822-0761-008                COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-5B              822-0761-009                COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-5B              822-0761-010                COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-5B              822-0761-011                COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-5B              822-0761-012                COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-5B              822-0761-013                COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-5B              822-0761-101                COLLINS NAV RECEIVER
 51RV-5B              822-0761-201                COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-5B SUBASSY      642-4227-001                COLLINS BD
 51RV-5D              822-0762-001                COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-5D              822-0762-002                COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-5D              822-0762-003                COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51RV-5D              822-0762-005                COLLINS NAV RCVR
 51V-4                522-2467-000                COLLINS GS RECEIVER
 51V-4                522-2467-100                COLLINS GS RECEIVER
 51V-4                522-2467-103                COLLINS GS RECEIVER
 51V-4A               522-2776-000                COLLINS GS RCVR
 51V-4A               522-2776-011                COLLINS GS RCVR
 51V-4A               522-2776-013                COLLINS GS RCVR
 51V-4A               522-2776-014                COLLINS GS RCVR
 51V-4A               522-2776-100                COLLINS GS RCVR
 51V-4A/4C            522-2776-111                COLLINS GS RECEIVER
 51V-4A/4C            522-2776-211                COLLINS G/S RCVR
 51V-4B SUBASSY       522-3195-000                COLLINS G/S RCVR
 51V-4B SUBASSY       522-3195-001                COLLINS BOARD
 51V-4B SUBASSY       522-3195-100                COLLINS G/S RX MOD
 51V-5                522-3743-000                COLLINS GS RECEIVER
 51V-5                522-3743-100                COLLINS GS RECEIVER
 51X-2                522-0833-000                COLLINS VHF REC
 51X-2                522-0833-004                COLLINS VHF REC
 51X-2                522-0833-034                COLLINS REC
 51X-2                522-0833-054                COLLINS REC
 51X-2                522-0833-064                COLLINS REC
 51X-2                522-0833-074                COLLINS REC
 51X-2                522-0833-104                COLLINS RECEIVER
 51X-2                522-0833-134                COLLINS REC
 51X-2                522-0833-164                COLLINS REC
 51X-2                522-0833-174                COLLINS REC
 51X-2C               522-1730-004                COLLINS REC
 51X-2C               522-1730-014                COLLINS REC
 51X-4                522-3196-000                COLLINS NAV REC MODULE
 51X-4                522-3196-005                COLLINS NAV REC MODule
 51X-4                522-3196-105                COLLINS NAV REC MODule
 51Y-4                522-1836-00                 COLLINS ADF RECEIVER
 51Y-4                522-1836-000                COLLINS ADF REC
 51Y-4                522-1836-013                COLLINS ADF RCVR
 51Y-4 SUBASSY        554-5566-005                COLLINS RF AMP
 51Y-4A               522-2587-00                 COLLINS ADF REC
 51Y-4A               522-2587-000                COLLINS ADF REC
 51Y-4A               522-2587-012                COLLINS ADF REC
 51Y-4A               522-2587-013                COLLINS ADF REC
 51Y-4A               522-2587-015                COLLINS ADF REC
 51Y-4A SUBASSY       548-7677-005                COLLINS MIXER
 51Y-4A SUBASSY       548-7678-005                COLLINS RF AMP
 51Y-4A SUBASSY       548-7764-004                COLLINS MODULATOR
 51Y-4A SUBASSY       549-4172-004                COLLINS RF OSC
 51Y-4A SUBASSY       549-4174-005                COLLINS LOOP AMP
 51Y-4A SUBASSY       549-4175-004                COLLINS BAL MODULATOR

                                                         PAGE: 44
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 51Y-4A SUBASSY       549-4177-004                COLLINS OSC
 51Y-4A SUBASSY       549-4188-006                COLLINS IF AMP
 51Y-4A SUBASSY       549-4189-005                COLLINS AMP
 51Y-7                777-1492-001                COLLINS ADF REC
 51Y-7                777-1492-002                COLLINS ADF REC
 51Y-7                777-1492-003                COLLINS ADF REC
 51Y-7                777-1492-004                COLLINS ADF REC
 51Y-7                777-1492-005                COLLINS ADF REC
 51Y-7                777-1492-006                COLLINS ADF RCVR
 51Y-7 SUBASSY        779-5870-003                COLLINS BD
 51Y-7 SUBASSY        797-0886-001                COLLINS ADF BD
 51Y-7 SUBASSY        797-1506-001                COLLINS GEAR CASE
 51Y-7A               792-6216-001                COLLINS ADF REC
 51Y-7A               792-6216-002                COLLINS ADF REC
 51Y-7A               792-6216-003                COLLINS ADF REC
 51Y-7A               792-6216-004                COLLINS ADF REC
 51Y-7A SUBASSY       779-5869-004                COLLINS IF AMP
 51Y-7A SUBASSY       601-2835-001                COLLINS MUTE/BUFFER ASSY
 51Y-7A SUBASSY       606-3719-001                COLLINS TUNER ASSY
 51Y-7A SUBASSY       629-6867-001                COLLINS SYNTHESIZER
 51Y-7A SUBASSY       779-5870-004                COLLINS DETECTOR ASSY
 51Y-7A SUBASSY       791-8587-001                COLLINS DC AMP
 51Y-7A SUBASSY       791-8877-001                COLLINS SERVO AMP
 51Y-7A SUBASSY       791-8878-002                COLLINS SW OSC ASSY
 51Y-7A SUBASSY       797-0502-001                COLLINS PS
 51Y-7C               622-3178-001                COLLINS ADF REC
 51Y-7C               622-3178-003                COLLINS ADF REC
 51Y-7C               622-3178-004                COLLINS ADF REC
 51Y-7C               622-3178-005                COLLINS ADF RCVR
 51Y-7D               622-3179-001                COLLINS ADF REC
 51Y-7D               622-3179-002                COLLINS ADF RCVR
 51Z-3                522-1744-000                COLLINS MKR BEACON REC
 51Z-3                522-1744-015                COLLINS MKR REC
 51Z-4                522-2996-000                COLLINS MKR REC
 51Z-4                522-2996-011                COLLINS MKR REC
 51Z-4                522-2996-017                COLLINS MKR REC
 51Z-4                522-2996-018                COLLINS MKR REC
 51Z-6                522-3876-000                COLLINS MKR REC
 51Z-6                522-3876-001                COLLINS MKR REC
 52                   52                          FLUKE THERMOMETER
 520                  520                         B&K TRANS
 520-2351-001         2351-001                    AERONETICS RMI
 520-5160-00          5160-00                     AERONETICS CRS SEL
 520-8130-000         8130-000                    AERONETICS HSI
 5205A                5205A                       FLUKE PWR AMP METER
 520A                 520A                        HARRISON PWR METER
 521                  29007-202                   IDC ALT
 521                  521                         EDC CALIBRATOR
 5212A                5212A                       HP COUNTER
 52132AOPT010         52132AOPT010                HP COUNTER
 52132AOPT030         52132AOPT030                HP COUNTER
 5214L                5214L                       HP PRESET CNTR
 5216A                5216A                       HP COUNTER
 521A                 521A                        EDC CALIBRATOR
 521B                 521B                        EDC CALIBRATOR
 522-3198-004         522-3198-004                GABLES MODE SEL
 5220A                5220A                       FLUKE AMP
 523                  27702-001                   IDC RAD BAR ENC
 523                  29702-001                   IDC RAD BAR ALT
 523                  29702-051                   IDS RAD BAR ALT
 52304-302E                                       MARCONI INST
 5245L                5245L                       HP FREQ COUNTER
 5245M                5245M                       HP COUNTER
 5246L                5246L                       HP COUNTER
 5248L                5248L                       HP COUNTER
 5248M                5248M                       HP COUNTER
 5253B                5253B                       HP CNTR
 5254A                5254A                       HP FREQ CNTR
 5254B                5254B                       HP FREQ CNTR

                                                         PAGE: 45
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 5254C                5254C                       HP FREQ CNTR
 5255A                5255A                       HP FREQ CONV
 5257A                5257A                       HP OSC
 5260A                5260A                       HP DIVIDER
 5261A                5261A                       HP divider
 52KJ                 52KJ                        FLUKE DIGITAL THERMOMETER
 53                   53                          TEKTRONIX PREAMP
 530                  530                         MEG-O-VOLT TESTER
 5300                 5300                        HP FREQUENCY COUNTER
 5300                 S5300                       L N TYPE
 5300A                5300A                       HP MEAS SYS
 5300B                5300B                       HP COUNTER
 5302A                5302A                       HP CTR
 5303B                5303B                       HP COUNTER MOD.
 5304A                5304A                       HP FREQ CNTR
 5310                 5310                        NORTH ATLANTIC SYN/RES SIM
 5313                 5313                        DATA TECH METER
 53131AOPT010         53131AOPT010                HP COUNTER
 53131AOPT030         53131AOPT030                HP COUNTER
 53131AOPTH09         53131AOPTH09                HP COUNTER
 53132A               53132A                      AGILENT COUNTER
 5314A                5314A                       HP COUNTER
 5315A                5315A                       HP FREQ CNTR
 5315B                5315B                       HP COUNTER
 5316A                5316A                       HP COUNTER
 5316B                5316B                       HP COUNTER
 5318                 5318                        KNIGHT MULTIMETER
 5318B                5318B                       KNIGHT MULTIMETER
 531A                 531A                        TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 5321B                5321B                       HP COUNTER
 5325                 5325                        KNIGHT MULTIMETER
 5326A                5326A                       HP CNTR TIME
 5326B                5326B                       HP CTR TIME
 5327B                5327B                       HP COUNTER
 5328A                5328A                       HP CNTR
 5328AF/096           5328AF/096                  HP CNTR
 5328AOPT010          5328AOPT010                 HP COUNTER
 5328B                5328B                       HP COUNTER
 5328BOPT010          5328BOPT010                 HP COUNTER
 5330                 5330                        NORTH ATLANTIC SYNCHRO RESOLVER
 5334A                5334A                       HP COUNTER
 5334B                5334B                       HP COUNTER
 5335                 5335                        KNIGHT MULTIMETER
 5335A                5335A                       HP COUNTER
 5340A                5340A                       HP COUNTER
 5340AOPT001          5340AOPT001                 HP COUNTER
 5342A                5342A                       HP WAVE CNTR
 5342AOPT001          5342AOPT001                 HP COUNTER
 5343A                5343A                       HP COUNTER
 5343AOPT001          5343AOPT001                 HP COUNTER
 5345A                5345A                       HP ELECT CNTR
 5345AOPT001          5345AOPT001                 HP COUNTER
 5348A                5348A                       HP FREQ CTR
 535                  535                         TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 5350B                5350B                       HP COUNTER MICROWAVE
 5350BOPT001          5350BOPT001                 HP COUNTER
 5351B                5351B                       HP FREQ CTR
 5351BOPT001          5351BOPT001                 HP COUNTER
 5352B                5352B                       HP FREQ CTR
 5352BOPT001          5352BOPT001                 HP COUNTER
 5353A                5353A                       HP COUNTER
 5354A                5354A                       HP CONVERTER
 5355A                5355A                       HP AUTO FREQ CONV
 535A                 535A                        TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 5360A                5360A                       HP FREQ CTR
 5361B                5361B                       HP COUNTER
 536A                 536A                        HP COUNTER
 5372A                5372A                       HP FREQ ANA
 5379A                5379A                       HP PLUG IN

                                                           PAGE: 46
MODEL                  PART NO                   DESCRIPTION
 537A                  537A                       HP FREQ METER
 5381A                 5381A                      HP COUNTER
 5382A                 5382A                      HP FREQ. COUNTER
 5383A                 5383A                      HP FREQ CNTR
 5384A                 5384A                      HP CTR
 5384AOPT001           5384AOPT001                HP COUNTER
 5385A                 8385A                      HP COUNTER
 5386A                 5386A                      HP FREQ COUNTER
 539B                  539B                       HICKOK TUBE TESTER
 540                   17688-001                  IDC ALT ALERTER
 540                   20545-001                  IDC ALT ALERTER
 540                   20545-002                  IDC ALT
 540                   22722-004                  IDC ALERTER
 540                   22722-034                  IDC ALERTER
 540                   23989-001                  IDC ALERTER
 540                   23989-002                  IDC SET ALT
 540                   25100-001                  IDC ENC ALT
 540                   25100-004                  IDC ALERTER
 540                   25100-034                  IDC ALT IND
 5403                  5403                       TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 5406A                 5406A                      HP VOLTMETER
 540B                  540B                       HP TRANSFER OSC
 541                   24912-102                  IDC ALERTER
 5414-30               5414-30                    ARRA ATTEN
 541A                  541A                       TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 5436                  5436                       KAY ATTEN
 543B                  543B                       TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 5440                  5440                       TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 5441                  R5441                      TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 544B                  544B                       GENRAD MEGOHM BRIDGE
 545                                              EPI MICRO FREQ CTR
 545                   545                        EIP COUNTER
 54501A                54501A                     HP OSCOPE
 54504A                54504A                     HP OSCOPE
 5450A                 5450A                      FLUKE RES CALIBRATOR
 545A                  545A                       TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 545A                  545A EIP                   EIP COUNTER
 545ACCN1402           545ACCN1402                EIP COUNTER
 545ACCN2204           545ACCN2204                EIP COUNTER
 545AOPT05             545AOPT05                  EIP COUNTER
 545B                  545B                       TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 545OPT05              545OPT05                   EIP COUNTER
 54602A                54602A                     HP OSCOPE
 54610B                54610B                     HP OSCOPE
 54615B                54615B                     HP OSCOPE
 54616B                54616B                     HP OSCOPE
 54616C                54616C                     HP OSCOPE
 54622A                54622A                     AGILENT SCOPE
 5470                  5470                       Data Frequency Counter
 548S-1                787-6576-001               COLLINS CPLR
 548S-3                787-6781-001               COLLINS HF Coupler
 548S-3                787-6781-002               COLLINS CPLR
 548S-3                787-6781-004               COLLINS CPLR
 548S-3                787-6781-005               COLLINS CPLR
 548S-3                787-6781-006               COLLINS CPLR
 548S-3 SUB ASSEMBLY   792-1572-001               COLLINS CHASSIS
 548S-3 SUBASSY        646-5343-001               COLLINS LOGIC BD
 548S-3 SUBASSY        778-2793-004               COLLINS BOARD
 548S-3 SUBASSY        790-1200-002               COLLINS RF TUNER
 548S-3 SUBASSY        790-1200-012               COLLINS TUNER
 548S-3 SUBASSY        795-5308-001               COLLINS POWER AMP
 548S-3A               622-2551-001               COLLINS CPLR
 548S-3A               622-2551-002               COLLINS CPLR
 548S-5                622-0192-001               COLLINS HF CPLR
 548S-5                622-0192-002               COLLINS HF COUPLER
 548S-5                622-0192-003               COLLINS HF CPLR
 548S-5                622-0192-004               COLLINS HF CPLR
 548S-5A               622-2552-001               COLLINS HF CPLR
 548S-5A               622-2552-002               COLLINS HF CPLR

                                                           PAGE: 47
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 548S-5A SUBASSY      629-3400-002                COLLINS AMP
 548S-6               622-0515-001                COLLINS HF AMP
 548S-6               622-0515-002                COLLINS HF AMP
 548S-6               622-0515-003                COLLINS HF AMP
 54C                  54C                         TEKTRONIX PREAMP
 54W-1                522-2788-005                COLLINS WARNING MON
 54W-1                522-2788-015                COLLINS WARNING MON
 54W-1                522-2788-016                COLLINS WARNING MON
 54W-1B               522-3394-005                COLLINS COMP WNG MON
 54W-1C               522-3948-000                COLLINS COMP WNG MON
 54W-1C               522-3948-001                COLLINS COMP WNG MON
 54W-1C               522-3948-002                COLLINS COMP WNG MON
 54W-1D               522-3949-000                COLLINS COMP WNG MON
 54W-1D               522-3949-001                COLLINS COMP WNG MON
 54W-1D               522-3949-002                COLLINS COMP WNG MON
 54W-1D               522-3949-003                COLLINS COMP WNG MON
 54W-1E               787-6686-001                COLLINS COMP WNG MON
 54W-1E               787-6686-002                COLLINS COMP WNG MON
 55035-1105           55035-1105                  AEROSONIC ALT GAGE
 5512A                5512A                       HP COUNTER
 5512B                5512B                       LEAR PWR UNIT
 5532A                5532A                       HP COUNTER
 553A                 553A                        INTERFACE TECH BUS ANALYZER
 5566                 5566                        TAYLOR DIG HUMIDIGUIDE
 55974-3599786-1      55974-3599786-1             MILITARY GYRO TEST SET
 560                                              BARBER COLEMAN TEST
 560                  560                         TEXSCAN ATTEN
 5600                 5600                        WAVETEK SYNTH
 5600A                5600                        DSI FREQ CNTR
 561A                 561A                        TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 562A                 562A                        HP RECORDER
 562A-5F              522-3121-001                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F              522-3121-004                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F              522-3121-024                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F              522-3121-034                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F              522-3121-044                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F              522-3121-064                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F              522-3121-074                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F              522-3121-084                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F              522-3121-094                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F              522-3121-104                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F              522-3121-124                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F              522-3121-154                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F              522-3121-164                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F              522-3121-166                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F              522-3121-168                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F              522-3121-169                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F              522-3121-170                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F              522-3121-171                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F              522-3121-172                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F              522-3121-173                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F              522-3121-174                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F              522-3121-175                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F              522-3121-176                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F              522-3121-178                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F              522-3121-179                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F              522-3121-180                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F              522-3121-181                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F              522-3121-182                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F              522-3121-183                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F              522-3121-184                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F              522-3121-185                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F              522-3121-186                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F              522-3121-188                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F              522-3121-189                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F              522-3121-190                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F              522-3121-191                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F              522-3121-192                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F              522-3121-193                COLLINS STEERING COMP

                                                         PAGE: 48
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 562A-5F              522-3121-194                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F              522-3121-195                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F              522-3121-196                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F              522-3121-201                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F1             522-3750-000                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F1             522-3750-002                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F1             522-3750-003                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F1             522-3750-004                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F1             522-3750-005                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F1             522-3750-006                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F1             522-3750-007                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F1             522-3750-008                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F1             522-3750-009                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F1             522-3750-022                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F1             522-3750-023                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F1             522-3750-025                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F1             522-3750-026                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F1             522-3750-027                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F1             522-3750-028                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F1             522-3750-029                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F4             522-4703-001                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F4             522-4703-002                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F4             522-4703-004                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F4             522-4703-005                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F4             522-4703-006                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F4             522-4703-008                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F5             622-2500-001                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F5             622-2500-002                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F5             622-2500-003                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5F5             622-2500-004                COLLINS STEERING COMP
 562A-5G              522-3207-001                COLLINS FLT COMP
 562A-5G              522-3207-003                COLLINS FLT COMP
 562A-5G              522-3207-004                COLLINS FLT COMP
 562A-5M              772-5130-001                COLLINS FLT COMP
 562A-5M              772-5130-002                COLLINS FLT COMP
 562A-5M              772-5130-003                COLLINS FLT COMP
 562A-5M              772-5130-004                COLLINS FLT COMP
 562A-5M              772-5130-005                COLLINS FLT COMP
 562A-5M              772-5130-006                COLLINS FLT COMP
 562A-5M              772-5130-007                COLLINS FLT COMP
 562A-5M              772-5130-008                COLLINS FLT COMP
 562A-5M              772-5130-009                COLLINS FLT COMP
 562A-5M              772-5130-010                COLLINS FLT COMP
 562A-5M              772-5130-011                COLLINS FLT COMP
 562A-5M              772-5130-012                COLLINS FLT COMP
 562A-5M              772-5130-013                COLLINS FLT COMP
 562A-5M              772-5130-014                COLLINS FLT COMP
 562A-5M              772-5130-015                COLLINS FLT COMP
 562A-5M              772-5130-017                COLLINS FLT COMP
 562A-5M              772-5130-019                COLLINS FLT COMP
 562A-5M              772-5130-021                COLLINS FLT COMP
 562A-5M SUBASSY      775-5751-001                COLLINS TB1
 562A-5M SUBASSY      775-5757-001                COLLINS TB2
 562A-5M SUBASSY      775-5763-001                COLLINS TB3
 562A-5M-5            792-6703-001                COLLINS FLT COMP
 562A-5M-5            792-6703-002                COLLINS FLT COMP
 562A-5M-5            792-6703-003                COLLINS FLT COMP
 562A-5M-5            792-6703-003                COLLINS FLT COMP
 562A-5M5 SUBASSY     775-5780-003                COLLINS CKT BD
 562C-13              622-1522-001                COLLINS COMP
 562C-13              622-1522-002                COLLINS COMP
 562C-13A             622-3595-001                COLLINS COMP
 562C-13A             622-3595-002                COLLINS COMP
 562C-13A             622-3595-006                COLLINS COMP
 562C-13A             622-3595-007                COLLINS COMP
 562C-13A             622-3595-011                COLLINS COMP
 562C-13A             622-3595-012                COLLINS COMP
 562C-4               522-2852-001                COLLINS AMP
 562C-4 SUBASSY       528-0582-001                COLLINS AMP BD

                                                         PAGE: 49
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 562C-4 SUBASSY       528-0584-001                COLLINS AILERON CTL BD
 562C-4 SUBASSY       528-0585-001                COLLINS RUDDER CTL BD
 562C-4A              772-5131-001                COLLINS AMP
 562C-4A              772-5131-002                COLLINS AMP
 562C-4A              772-5131-003                COLLINS AMP
 562C-4A              772-5131-004                COLLINS AMP
 562C-4A              772-5131-005                COLLINS AMP
 562C-4A              772-5131-007                COLLINS AMP
 562C-4A              772-5131-008                COLLINS AMP
 562C-4A              772-5131-010                COLLINS AMP
 562C-4A              772-5131-011                COLLINS AMP
 562C-4A              772-5131-012                COLLINS AMP
 562C-4A              772-5131-013                COLLINS AMP
 562C-4A              772-5131-015                COLLINS AMP
 562C-4A              772-5131-017                COLLINS AMP
 562C-4A              772-5131-018                COLLINS AMP
 562C-4A              772-5131-019                COLLINS AMP
 562C-4A              772-5131-021                COLLINS AMP
 562C-4A              772-5131-033                COLLINS AP AMP
 562C-4A              772-5131-038                COLLINS AP AMP
 562C-4E              777-1949-001                COLLINS AMP
 562C-5               522-2900-002                COLLINS AMP
 562C-5               522-2900-003                COLLINS AMP
 562C-5               522-2900-005                COLLINS AMP
 562C-5               522-2900-006                COLLINS AMP
 562C-5               522-2900-008                COLLINS AMP
 562C-5               522-2900-009                COLLINS AMP
 562C-5               522-2900-010                COLLINS AMP
 562C-5               522-2900-011                COLLINS AMP
 562C-5               522-2900-013                COLLINS AMP
 562C-5               522-2900-014                COLLINS AMP
 562C-5               522-2900-015                COLLINS AMP
 562C-5               522-2900-016                COLLINS AMP
 562C-5               522-2900-017                COLLINS AMP
 562C-5               522-2900-020                COLLINS AMP
 562C-5               522-2900-021                COLLINS AMP
 562C-5               522-2900-022                COLLINS AMP
 562C-5               522-2900-023                COLLINS AMP
 562C-5               522-2900-024                COLLINS AMP
 562C-5               522-2900-025                COLLINS AMP
 562C-5               522-2900-026                COLLINS AMP
 562C-5               522-2900-027                COLLINS AMP
 562C-5               522-2900-028                COLLINS AMP
 562C-5               522-2900-057                COLLINS AMP
 562C-5               522-2900-099                COLLINS AMP
 562C-5               522-2900-114                COLLINS AMP
 562C-5 SUBASSY       609-3036-013                COLLINS BOARD
 562C-5 SUBASSY       797-2445-003                COLLINS BOARD
 562C-5 SUBASSY       797-2445-013                COLLINS BOARD
 562C-5 SUBASSY       797-3639-013                COLLINS ELE BD
 562C-5 SUBASY        609-3004-013                COLLINS BD
 562C-5B              622-1116-001                COLLINS COMP AMP
 562C-5B              622-1116-004                COLLINS COMP AMP
 562C-5B              622-1116-018                COLLINS COMP AMP
 562C-5B              622-1116-019                COLLINS COMP AMP
 562C-5C              622-1281-001                COLLINS COMP AMP
 562C-5C              622-1281-007                COLLINS COMP AMP
 562C-5C              622-1281-017                COLLINS COMP AMP
 562C-5F              622-2614-001                COLLINS COMP AMP
 562C-5F              622-2614-012                COLLINS COMP AMP
 562C-8() SUBASSY     229-9012-010                COLLINS ACCELEROMETER
 562C-8A              777-1406-001                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8A              777-1406-002                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8A              777-1406-003                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8A              777-1406-005                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8A              777-1406-006                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8A              777-1406-008                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8A              777-1406-009                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8A              777-1406-010                COLLINS YD COMPUTER

                                                         PAGE: 50
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 562C-8A              777-1406-011                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8A              777-1406-012                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8A              777-1406-013                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8A              777-1406-014                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8A              777-1406-015                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8A              777-1406-017                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8A              777-1406-020                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8A              777-1406-021                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8A              777-1406-022                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8A              777-1406-023                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8A              777-1406-024                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8A              777-1406-025                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8A              777-1406-026                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8A              777-1406-027                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8A              777-1406-028                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8A              777-1406-056                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8A              777-1406-099                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8A SUBASSY      609-8479-001                COLLINS BOARD
 562C-8A SUBASSY      609-8479-013                COLLINS CKT BD
 562C-8A SUBASSY      797-2364-001                COLLINS BD
 562C-8A SUBASSY      797-2364-013                COLLINS BD
 562C-8F              622-3167-001                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-002                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-003                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-004                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-005                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-006                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-007                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-008                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-009                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-010                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-011                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-012                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-013                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-014                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-015                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-016                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-017                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-018                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-019                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-020                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-021                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-022                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-023                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-024                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-025                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-026                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-027                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-028                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-029                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-030                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-031                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-032                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-033                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-034                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-035                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-036                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-037                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-038                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-039                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-040                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-041                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-042                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-043                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-044                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-045                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-046                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-047                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-048                COLLINS YD COMPUTER

                                                         PAGE: 51
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 562C-8F              622-3167-049                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-050                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-051                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-052                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-053                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-054                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-055                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-056                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-057                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-058                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-059                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-060                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-061                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-062                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-063                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-064                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-065                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-066                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-099                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-199                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8F              622-3167-299                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8G              622-6107-001                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8G              622-6107-002                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8G              622-6107-003                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8G              622-6107-004                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8G              622-6107-005                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8G              622-6107-006                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8G              622-6107-007                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8G              622-6107-008                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8G              622-6107-009                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8G              622-6107-010                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8G              622-6107-011                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8G              622-6107-012                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8G              622-6107-099                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562C-8G              622-6107-199                COLLINS YD COMPUTER
 562F-1               528-0057-000                COLLINS TIMER
 562P-1               522-3712-001                COLLINS STRNG COMP
 562P-1               522-3712-003                COLLINS STRNG COMP
 562P-1               522-3712-005                COLLINS STRNG COMP
 562P-1               522-3712-006                COLLINS STRNG COMP
 562P-1               522-3712-008                COLLINS STRNG COMP
 562P-1               522-3712-009                COLLINS STRNG COMP
 562P-1               522-3712-010                COLLINS STRNG COMP
 562P-1               522-3712-011                COLLINS STRNG COMP
 562P-1               522-3712-014                COLLINS STRNG COMP
 562P-1               522-3712-018                COLLINS STRNG COMP
 562P-1               522-3712-019                COLLINS STRNG COMP
 562P-1               522-3712-020                COLLINS STRNG COMP
 562P-1E              522-4429-001                COLLINS PITCH COMP
 562P-1E1             522-4892-001                COLLINS PITCH COMP
 562P-1E1             522-4892-002                COLLINS PITCH COMP
 562P-1E1             522-4892-005                COLLINS PITCH COMP
 562P-1E1             522-4892-006                COLLINS PITCH COMP
 562P-1E1             522-4892-008                COLLINS PITCH COMP
 562P-1E1             522-4892-009                COLLINS PITCH COMP
 562P-1E1             522-4892-010                COLLINS PITCH COMP
 562P-1E1             522-4892-012                COLLINS PITCH COMP
 562P-1E1             522-4892-014                COLLINS PITCH COMP
 562P-1E1             522-4892-015                COLLINS PITCH COMP
 562P-1E1             522-4892-016                COLLINS PITCH COMP
 562P-1E1             522-4892-021                COLLINS PITCH COMP
 562P-1E1             522-4892-022                COLLINS PITCH COMP
 562P-1E1             522-4892-023                COLLINS PITCH COMP
 562P-1E1             522-4892-031                COLLINS PITCH COMP/MILITARY VERSION
 562P-1F              772-5429-001                COLLINS PITCH COMP
 562P-1F              772-5429-002                COLLINS PITCH COMP
 562P1-E1 SUBASSY     767-6470-001                COLLINS SUBASSY
 562P1-E1 SUBASSY     767-6472-001                COLLINS SUBASSY
 562R-1               522-3713-001                COLLINS STRNG COMP

                                                         PAGE: 52
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 562R-1               522-3713-003                COLLINS STRNG COMP
 562R-1               522-3713-005                COLLINS STRNG COMP
 562R-1               522-3713-006                COLLINS STRNG COMP
 562R-1               522-3713-007                COLLINS STRNG COMP
 562R-1               522-3713-009                COLLINS STRNG COMP
 562R-1               522-3713-011                COLLINS STRNG COMP
 562R-1               522-3713-012                COLLINS STRNG COMP
 562R-1               522-3713-015                COLLINS STRNG COMP
 562R-1               522-3713-017                COLLINS STRNG COMP
 562R-1               522-3713-018                COLLINS STRNG COMP
 562R-1               522-3713-021                COLLINS STRNG COMP
 562R-1E              522-4428-001                COLLINS ROLL COMP
 562R-1E              522-4428-002                COLLINS ROLL COMP
 562R-1E              522-4428-005                COLLINS ROLL COMP
 562R-1E              522-4428-006                COLLINS ROLL COMP
 562R-1E              522-4428-008                COLLINS ROLL COMP
 562R-1E              522-4428-009                COLLINS ROLL COMP
 562R-1E              522-4428-010                COLLINS ROLL COMP
 562R-1E              522-4428-012                COLLINS ROLL COMP
 562R-1E              522-4428-013                COLLINS ROLL COMP
 562R-1E              522-4428-015                COLLINS ROLL COMP
 562R-1E              522-4428-016                COLLINS ROLL COMP
 562R-1E              522-4428-017                COLLINS ROLL COMP
 562R-1E              522-4428-018                COLLINS ROLL COMP
 562R-1E              522-4428-019                COLLINS ROLL COMP
 562R-1E              522-4428-021                COLLINS ROLL/STEERING COMP
 562R-1E              522-4428-022                COLLINS ROLL COMP
 562R-1E              522-4428-046                COLLINS ROLL/STEERING COMP
 562R-1F              772-5430-001                COLLINS ROLL COMP
 562R-1F              772-5430-002                COLLINS ROLL COMP
 564B                 564B                        TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 568000               568000                      US DYNAMICS SIMULATOR
 5684-30Q             5684-30Q                    ARRA VAR ATTN
 56C                  56C                         TEKTRONIX PREAMP
 570                  23932-001                   IDC ALT
 570                  23932-002                   IDC ALT
 570                  23932-003                   IDC ALTIMETER
 570                  23932-004                   IDC ALT
 570                  23932-006                   IDC ALT
 570                  23932-012                   IDC ALTIMETER
 570                  23939-901                   IDC ALTIMETER
 570                  24929-001                   IDC ALT
 570                  24929-004                   IDC ALT
 570                  24929-106                   IDC ALT
 570                  24929-402                   IDC ALT
 570                  24929-411                   IDC ALT
 570                  31400                       IDC ALT
 570                  570                         TEXSCAN ATTEN
 571                  25005-001                   IDC ENC ALT
 571                  25005-002                   IDC ALT
 575                  575                         EIP COUNTER
 577                  577                         TEXSCAN ATTEN
 578D-1               522-1838-006                COLLINS DME TEST SET
 578D-1               522-1838-017                COLLINS DME TEST SET
 578D-1               522-1838-018                COLLINS DME TEST SET
 578D-1               522-1838-019                COLLINS DME TEST SET
 578D-1C              522-4827-000                COLLINS DME TEST SET
 578D-1C              522-4872-001                COLLINS DME TEST SET
 578D-1C              522-4872-002                COLLINS DME TEST SET
 578D-1C              522-4872-003                COLLINS DME TEST SET
 578D-1C              522-4872-004                COLLINS DME TEST SET
 578D-1C              522-4872-005                COLLINS DME TEST SET
 578E-2               522-4319-001                COLLINS TEST PANEL
 578L-1               522-2062-000                COLLINS NAV CPLT TEST
 578M-1               522-2063-000                COLLINS NAV CTL TEST
 578Q-1               522-2066-000                COLLINS TEST SET
 578X-1               522-1839-016                COLLINS XPDR TEST SET
 580                  580                         KEITHLEY MICRO OHM METER
 5800                 5800                        DATA PREC CNTR

                                                         PAGE: 53
MODEL                   PART NO                  DESCRIPTION
 580TN                  580TN                     COMCO TRANSMITTER
 582-112-45-000         582-112-45-000            GABLES CTL
 582A-0                 522-3176-004              COLLINS CORRECTOR
 582A-10N               522-3181-004              COLLINS ADF COMPENSATOR
 582A-12                522-2741-004              COLLINS ANT CORRECTOR
 582A-2N                522-3177-000              COLLINS ANT CORR
 582A-2N                522-3177-001              COLLINS ANT CORR
 582A-2N                522-3177-002              COLLINS ANT CORR
 582A-2N                522-3177-003              COLLINS ANT CORR
 582A-2N                522-3177-004              COLLINS ANT CORR
 582A-2N                522-3177-005              COLLINS ANT CORR
 582A-2N                522-3177-006              COLLINS ANT CORR
 582A-2N                522-3177-007              COLLINS ANT CORR
 582A-4                 522-2737-004              COLLINS CORRECTOR
 582A-4N                522-3178-004              COLLINS ADF ANT CORR
 582A-6N                522-3179-004              COLLINS COMPENSATOR
 582A-8                 522-2739-004              COLLINS COMPENSATOR
 582C-10N               522-3812-001              COLLINS CORRECTOR
 582C-2                 522-3803-002              COLLINS CORRECTOR
 583A                   583A                      GENRAD OUTPUT POWER METER
 585                    585 EIP                   EIP COUNTER
 585A                   585A                      TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 585B                   585B                      EIP COUNTER
 587A                   587A                      PRD FREQ METER
 590A-10A               622-2668-001              COLLINS SENSOR
 590A-10B               622-2616-002              COLLINS ALTITUDE
 590A-2                 522-0712-003              COLLINS ALT CONTROL
 590A-3() SUBASSY       618-4349-001              COLLINS SENSOR
 590A-3() SUBASSY       768-5108-001              COLLINS MECH ASSY
 590A-3A                522-3130-000              COLLINS ALT CONTROL
 590A-3A                522-3130-001              COLLINS ALT CONTROL
 590A-3D                522-4654-001              COLLINS CONTROL
 590A-3E                522-4798-001              COLLINS CONTROL
 590A-3E                522-4798-003              COLLINS CONTROL
 590A-3H                792-6672-001              COLLINS CONTROL
 590A-3H                792-6672-002              COLLINS CONTROL
 590A-3H                792-6672-004              COLLINS CONTROL
 590A-3H                792-6672-005              COLLINS CONTROL
 590A-3H                792-6672-008              COLLINS AIR DATA CTL
 590A-3H                792-6672-009              COLLINS AIR DATA CTL
 590A-3H                792-6672-019              COLLINS CONTROL
 590A-3J                622-1001-001              COLLINS CONTROL
 590A-3J                622-1001-002              COLLINS CONTROL
 590A-3J                622-1001-019              COLLINS CONTROL
 590A-3J SUBASSY        609-8467-002              COLLINS PS ASSY
 590A-3J1               622-4393-001              COLLINS CONTROL
 590A-3J1               622-4393-002              COLLINS CONTROL
 590A-3J1               622-4393-019              COLLINS CTL
 590A-3K                622-3204-001              COLLINS CONTROL
 590A-3K                622-3204-042              COLLINS AIR DATA CTL
 590A-3K1               622-4394-001              COLLINS CONTROL
 590A-3K1               622-4394-004              COLLINS AIR DATA CTL
 590A-3K1               622-4394-005              COLLINS AIR DATA CTL
 590A-3K1               622-4394-008              COLLINS AIR DATA CTL
 590A-3K1               622-4394-009              COLLINS CONTROL
 590A-3K1               622-4394-013              COLLINS CONTROL
 590A-3K1               622-4394-019              COLLINS CTL
 590A-3K1               622-4394-025              COLLINS CONTROL
 590A-3K1               622-4394-042              COLLINS CONTROL
 590A-3K1 SUBASSY       601-5764-002              COLLINS BD
 590A-3K1 SUBASSY       601-5881-001              COLLINS REMOTE TUNE BD.
 590A-5                 522-4701-001              COLLINS SENSOR
 590A-5                 522-4701-002              COLLINS SENSOR
 590A-6                 229-9015-010              COLLINS CONTROL
 590A-6A                270-0859-010              COLLINS CONTROL
 590A3-J1(K1) SUBASSY   601-5780-002              COLLINS CKT BD
 590A3-K1               622-4394-002              COLLINS AIR DATA CTL
 590A3-K1 SUBASSY       601-5801-002              COLLINS CARD
 590A3-K1 SUBASSY       601-5801-003              COLLINS A3 VERT ERROR CARD

                                                         PAGE: 54
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 590A3-K1 SUBASSY     601-5801-004                COLLINS A3 VERT ERROR CARD
 590A3-K1 SUBASSY     601-5801-005                COLLINS A3 VERT ERROR CARD
 590A3-K1 SUBASSY     601-5801-006                COLLINS A3 VERT ERROR CARD
 590A3K-1 SUBASSY     601-5779-004                COLLINS A2 CARD
 590B-2               270-2196-010                COLLINS SENSOR AIRSPEED
 590B-2               270-2196-020                COLLINS SENSOR AIRSPEED
 590B-2               270-2196-030                COLLINS SENSOR AIRSPEED
 590B-3               229-9016-010                COLLINS SENSOR
 59239-4              59239-4                     AMP CRIMP TOOL
 5934A-A69            5934A-A69                   **UNITED ALTIMETER
 5938354-1            5938354-1                   DOUGLAS MAIN HARNESS
 5938354-501          5938354-501                 DOUGLAS MAIN HARNESS
 5938354-503          5938354-503                 DOUGLAS MAIN HARNESS
 5938354-505          5938354-505                 DOUGLAS MAIN HARNESS
 5938354-507          5938354-507                 DOUGLAS MAIN HARNESS
 5938354-509          5938354-509                 DOUGLAS MAIN HARNESS
 5938354-511          5938354-511                 DOUGLAS MAIN HARNESS
 5938354-513          5938354-513                 DOUGLAS MAIN HARNESS
 5938354-515          5938354-515                 DOUGLAS MAIN HARNESS
 5938354-517          5938354-517                 DOUGLAS MAIN HARNESS
 5938354-519          5938354-519                 DOUGLAS MAIN HARNESS
 5938354-521          5938354-521                 DOUGLAS MAIN HARNESS
 5938354-523          5938354-523                 DOUGLAS MAIN HARNESS
 5938354-525          5938354-525                 DOUGLAS MAIN HARNESS
 5938354-527          5938354-527                 DOUGLAS MAIN HARNESS
 5938354-529          5938354-529                 DOUGLAS MAIN HARNESS
 5938354-531          5938354-531                 DOUGLAS MAIN HARNESS
 593D-50K             011-01-001                  AIRCRAFT INSTRUMENT PITOT STATIC
 59500000-1           59500000-1                  CLIFTON DME IND
 59500000-2           59500000-2                  CLIFTON DME IND
 5952-90D             5952-90D                    ARRA ATTEN
 5958557-523          5958557-523                 BOEING MAIN HARNESS
 5958558-501          5958558-501                 BOEING GEN HARNESS
 599A-1               522-3767-001                COLLINS ADP
 599A-1A              522-3870-001                COLLINS Autopilot Adapter
 599H-5               792-6464-001                COLLINS ADP
 599W-1               787-6262-001                COLLINS ADAPTER
 599W-2               622-3768-001                COLLINS ADP
 599W-2               622-3768-003                COLLINS ADP
 5A18N                5A18N                       TEKTRONIX AMPLIFIER
 5A21N                5A21N                       TEKTRONIX AMP
 5A22N                5A22N                       TEKTRONIX AMPLIFIER
 5A24N                5A24N                       TEKTRONIX AMPLIFIER
 5A48                 5A48                        TEKTRONIX AMPLIFIER
 5B10N                5B10N                       TEKTRONIX AMPLIFIER
 5B12N                5B12N                       TEKTRONIX TIME BASE
 5B42                 5B42                        TEKTRONIX BASE
 5L4N                 5L4N                        TEKTRONIX ANALYZER
 60                   60                          WEINSCHEL ATTEN
 60-0                 60-0                        KAY ATTEN
 600-59103-3          600-59103-3                 GABLES CTL
 600-59104-1          600-59104-1                 GABLES CTL
 600-59106-3          600-59106-3                 GABLES CTL
 6000                                             IFR RAMP TESTER
 6000                 6000                        AAR FREQ COUNTER
 6000-1               6000-1                      QED PITOSTAT
 6000-50RC            6000-50RC                   JOHNSON PITOT TESTER
 6002A                6002A                       HP DC PS
 6005-700             6005-700                    RUSKA PANEL
 6005-760             6005-760                    RUSKA PANEL
 600T16616            600T16616                   SIMPSON MULTIMETER
 6010A                6010A                       FLUKE SIG GEN
 6011                 6011                        FLUKE SYNTH SIG GEN
 6011A                6011A                       FLUKE SIG GEN
 601966-1             601966-1                    AMP CRIMP TOOL
 6024A                6024A                       HP DC PS
 602K                 602K                        GENRAD RES BOX
 6034A                6034A                       HP DC PWR SUPPLY
 6038A                6038A                       HP PWR SUPPLY

                                                          PAGE: 55
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 6054B                6054B                       SYSTRON DONNER COUNTER
 6054BOPT13           6054BOPT13                  SYSTRON DONNER COUNTER
 605B                 605B                        BECKMAN PLUG
 6060A                6060A                       FLUKE SIG GEN
 6060B                6060B                       FLUKE SIG GEN
 606A                 606A                        HP SIGNAL GEN
 606B                 606B                        HP SIGNAL GEN
 607                  607                         BECKMAN FREQ CONV
 608C                 608C                        HP SIGNAL GENERATOR
 608D                 608D                        HP SIGNAL GENERATOR
 608E                 608E                        HP SIGNAL GENERATOR
 608F                 608F                        HP SIGNAL GENERATOR
 60A                  60A                         TRIPLETT TEST SET
 61                   61                          BIRD WATTMETER
 6102A                6102A                       HP DC PS
 6104                 6104                        BIRD WATTMETER
 6106                 6106                        SINGER SIG GEN
 611                  611                         BIRD WATTMETER
 612                  612                         BIRD WATTMETER
 6126                 6126                        BECKMAN FREQ CNTR
 612A                 612A                        HP SIGNAL GENERATOR
 612A79               612A79                      MICROLAB COUPLER
 613L-3               270-2436-010                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 613L-3               270-2436-030                BVR XPDR CTL
 613L-3               270-2436-040                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 613L-3               270-2436-050                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 613L-3               270-2436-070                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 613L-3               270-2436-080                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 6146                 6146                        BECKMAN FREQ CNTR
 614A                 614A                        HP UHF SIG GEN
 614E-0A              522-4940-002                COLLINS PEDESTAL CTL
 614E-10              522-4655-001                COLLINS PEDESTAL CTL
 614E-10              522-4655-002                COLLINS FD CTL
 614E-10              772-5126-001                COLLINS PEDESTAL CTL
 614E-10A             522-4940-001                COLLINS PEDESTAL CTL
 614E-10C             777-1128-001                COLLINS PEDESTAL CTL
 614E-10C             777-1129-001                COLLINS PEDESTAL CTL
 614E-10D             622-0917-001                COLLINS FLT DIR CTL
 614E-10D             622-0917002                 COLLINS FD CTL
 614E-10E             622-1405-001                COLLINS FLT DIR CTL
 614E-10F             622-2240-001                COLLINS FLT DIR CTL
 614E-10F             622-2240-002                COLLINS FLT DIR CTL
 614E-10G             622-2367-001                COLLINS FLT DIR CTL
 614E-10H             622-5095-001                COLLINS FLT DIR CTL
 614E-10J             622-5449-001                COLLINS FLT DIR CTL
 614E-10J             622-5459-001                COLLINS FD CTL
 614E-11              522-4656-001                COLLINS FLT DIR CTL
 614E-11A             772-5378-001                COLLINS FLT DIR CTL
 614E-13              522-4707-001                COLLINS FLT DIR CTL
 614E-13              777-1422-001                COLLINS FLT DIR CTL
 614E-13A             777-1256-001                COLLINS FLT DIR CTL
 614E-13B             622-1057-001                COLLINS FLT DIR CTL
 614E-14              099-3205-001                COLLINS PEDESTAL CTL
 614E-20              772-5232-001                COLLINS PEDESTAL CTL
 614E-20              772-5232-002                COLLINS PEDESTAL CTL
 614E-20              772-5232-003                COLLINS PEDESTAL CTL
 614E-20              772-5232-004                COLLINS PEDESTAL CTL
 614E-20A             777-1563-001                COLLINS PEDESTAL CTL
 614E-20A             777-1563-002                COLLINS PEDESTAL CTL
 614E-20A             777-1563-003                COLLINS PEDESTAL CTL
 614E-20A             777-1563-004                COLLINS PEDESTAL CTL
 614E-20B             777-1661-001                COLLINS PEDESTAL CTL
 614E-20C             777-1769-001                COLLINS PEDESTAL CTL
 614E-20D             777-1979-001                COLLINS MODE SEL
 614E-20D             777-1979-002                COLLINS MODE SEL
 614E-20D             777-1979-003                COLLINS MODE SEL
 614E-20D             777-1979-004                COLLINS MODE SEL
 614E-20E             777-1980-001                COLLINS MODE SEL
 614E-20E             777-1980-002                COLLINS MODE SEL

                                                         PAGE: 56
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 614E-20E             777-1980-003                COLLINS MODE SEL
 614E-20E             777-1980-004                COLLINS MODE SEL
 614E-20G             622-0047-001                COLLINS MODE SEL
 614E-20G             622-0047-002                COLLINS MODE SEL
 614E-20G             622-0047-003                COLLINS MODE SEL
 614E-20G             622-0047-004                COLLINS MODE SEL
 614E-20H             622-0218-001                COLLINS MODE SEL
 614E-20H             622-0218-002                COLLINS MODE SEL
 614E-20H             622-0218-003                COLLINS MODE SEL
 614E-20H             622-0218-004                COLLINS MODE SEL
 614E-20I             622-0263-001                COLLINS MODE SEL
 614E-20I             622-0263-002                COLLINS MODE SEL
 614E-20I             622-0263-003                COLLINS MODE SEL
 614E-20I             622-0263-004                COLLINS MODE SEL
 614E-20J             622-0316-001                COLLINS MODE SEL
 614E-20K             622-0317-001                COLLINS MODE SEL
 614E-20K             622-0317-002                COLLINS MODE SEL
 614E-20R             622-0944-001                COLLINS MODE SEL
 614E-20R             622-0944-003                COLLINS MODE SEL
 614E-20R             622-0944-006                COLLINS MODE SEL
 614E-20R             622-0944-007                COLLINS MODE SEL
 614E-20S             622-5486-001                COLLINS MODE SEL
 614E-20S             622-5486-011                COLLINS MODE SEL
 614E-22              772-5403-001                COLLINS MODE SEL
 614E-22              772-5403-002                COLLINS MODE SEL
 614E-22              772-5403-003                COLLINS SEL
 614E-22              772-5403-004                COLLINS SEL
 614E-22B             792-6221-001                COLLINS SEL
 614E-22B             792-6221-002                COLLINS SEL
 614E-22B             792-6221-003                COLLINS SEL
 614E-22B             792-6221-004                COLLINS SEL
 614E-22B             792-6221-005                COLLINS CRS SEL
 614E-22B             792-6221-006                COLLINS SEL
 614E-22B             792-6221-011                COLLINS CRS SEL
 614E-22D             622-0142-001                COLLINS SEL
 614E-22D             622-0142-002                COLLINS SEL
 614E-22D             622-0142-003                COLLINS SEL
 614E-22D             622-0142-004                COLLINS SEL
 614E-22F             622-1406-001                COLLINS SEL
 614E-22G             622-1700-001                COLLINS SEL
 614E-22G             622-1700-002                COLLINS SEL
 614E-22G             622-1700-003                COLLINS SEL
 614E-22G             622-1700-004                COLLINS SEL
 614E-22L             622-3028-001                COLLINS SEL
 614E-22L             622-3028-002                COLLINS SEL
 614E-22L             622-3028-003                COLLINS SEL
 614E-22L             622-3028-004                COLLINS SEL
 614E-22L             622-3028-005                COLLINS SEL
 614E-22L             622-3028-006                COLLINS SEL
 614E-22M             622-4924-001                COLLINS SEL
 614E-23              772-5410-001                COLLINS SEL
 614E-23              772-5410-002                COLLINS SEL
 614E-23              772-5410-003                COLLINS SEL
 614E-23              772-5410-004                COLLINS SEL
 614E-23C             792-6470-001                COLLINS SEL
 614E-23C             792-6470-002                COLLINS MODE SEL
 614E-23C             792-6470-003                COLLINS SEL
 614E-23C             792-6470-004                COLLINS SEL
 614E-23C             792-6470-992                COLLINS SEL
 614E-23E             792-6669-001                COLLINS SEL
 614E-23E             792-6669-002                COLLINS SEL
 614E-23E             792-6669-003                COLLINS SEL
 614E-23E             792-6669-004                COLLINS SEL
 614E-23G             622-0210-001                COLLINS SEL
 614E-23G             622-0210-002                COLLINS SEL
 614E-23G             622-0210-003                COLLINS SEL
 614E-23G             622-0210-004                COLLINS SEL
 614E-23R             622-0945-001                COLLINS SEL
 614E-23R             622-0945-003                COLLINS SEL

                                                         PAGE: 57
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 614E-23R             622-0945-006                COLLINS SEL
 614E-23R             622-0945-007                COLLINS SEL
 614E-23R             622-0945-008                COLLINS SEL
 614E-23R             622-0945-017                COLLINS MODE SEL
 614E-27              777-1595-001                COLLINS CTL
 614E-2D              522-3327-000                COLLINS CTL
 614E-2E              522-3326-000                COLLINS CTL
 614E-2F              522-3637-001                COLLINS PEDESTAL CONT
 614E-2F              522-3637-002                COLLINS PEDESTAL CONT
 614E-2F              522-3637-003                COLLINS PEDESTAL CONT
 614E-2G              522-4017-001                COLLINS PEDESTAL CONT
 614E-2G              522-4017-002                COLLINS PEDESTAL CONT
 614E-2G              522-4017-003                COLLINS PEDESTAL CONT
 614E-2G1             522-4903-001                COLLINS PEDESTAL CONT
 614E-36              622-0948-001                COLLINS MODE SW SEL
 614E-37              622-0950-001                COLLINS MODE SW SEL
 614E-37              622-0950-002                COLLINS MODE SW SEL
 614E-4               522-3551-001                COLLINS CONTROL A/P
 614E-4               522-3551-002                COLLINS CONTROL A/P
 614E-4               522-3551-003                COLLINS CONTROL A/P
 614E-4               522-3551-004                COLLINS CONTROL A/P
 614E-41              622-1210-001                COLLINS CTL
 614E-41              622-1210-002                COLLINS CTL
 614E-41A             622-3246-001                COLLINS MODE CTL
 614E-41A             622-3246-002                COLLINS MODE CONTROL
 614E-42              622-1523-001                COLLINS MODE SEL
 614E-42              622-1523-002                COLLINS MODE SEL
 614E-42A             622-3891-001                COLLINS MODE SEL
 614E-42A             622-3891-002                COLLINS MODE SEL
 614E-4B              792-6484-001                COLLINS AUTOPILOT CONTROL
 614E-4C              622-0949-001                COLLINS CTL
 614E-5               522-4352-001                COLLINS CRS SEL
 614E-5A              792-6348-001                COLLINS CTL
 614E-5A              792-6348-002                COLLINS CTL
 614E-5A              792-6348-003                COLLINS CTL
 614E-5A              792-6348-004                COLLINS CTL
 614E-5A              792-6348-005                COLLINS CTL
 614E-5A              792-6348-015                COLLINS A/P CTL
 614E-5A              792-6348-101                COLLINS CTL
 614E-5A              792-6348-102                COLLINS CTL
 614E-5A              792-6348-103                COLLINS CTL
 614E-5A              792-6348-104                COLLINS CTL
 614E-5A              792-6348-105                COLLINS CTL
 614E-7               522-3198-000                COLLINS CTL
 614E-7               522-3198-004                COLLINS CTL
 614E-7               522-3198-010                COLLINS CTL
 614E-7A              522-3488-000                COLLINS CTL
 614E-7A1             522-4880-001                COLLINS CTL
 614E-7B              522-3546-001                COLLINS CTL
 614E-7B              522-3546-004                COLLINS CTL
 614E-7C              522-3549-004                COLLINS CTL
 614E-7E              522-3768-000                COLLINS CTL
 614E-7E              522-3768-001                COLLINS CTL
 614E-7E              522-3768-002                COLLINS CTL
 614E-7F              522-3787-000                COLLINS CTL
 614E-7F              522-3787-001                COLLINS CTL
 614E-7F              522-3787-002                COLLINS CTL
 614E-7K              522-3198-005                COLLINS CTL
 614E-7L              522-3198-006                COLLINS CTL
 614E-7R              622-7563-001                COLLINS CTL
 614E-8A              522-4037-000                COLLINS CTL
 614E-8B              522-4389-000                COLLINS CTL
 614E-8B              522-4389-002                COLLINS CTL
 614E-9B              522-4322-001                COLLINS FD
 614E-9C              522-4323-001                COLLINS FD
 614E-9C              522-4323-002                COLLINS FD
 614E-9C              522-4323-003                COLLINS FD
 614E-9C              522-4323-004                COLLINS FD CTL
 614E-9E              522-4431-001                COLLINS FD

                                                         PAGE: 58
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 614E-9E              522-4431-002                COLLINS FD
 614E1-0E             622-1405-005                COLLINS FLT DIR CTL
 614F-1               522-9018-005                COLLINS HF CTL
 614L-11              777-1493-001                COLLINS CTL
 614L-11              777-1493-002                COLLINS CTL
 614L-11              777-1493-003                COLLINS CTL
 614L-11              777-1493-004                COLLINS CTL
 614L-11              777-1493-005                COLLINS CTL
 614L-11              777-1493-006                COLLINS CTL
 614L-11              777-1493-007                COLLINS CTL
 614L-12              787-6366-001                COLLINS ADF CONTROL
 614L-12              787-6366-002                COLLINS ADF CONTROL
 614L-12              787-6366-003                COLLINS ADF CONTROL
 614L-12              787-6366-004                COLLINS ADF CONTROL
 614L-12              787-6366-005                COLLINS ADF CONTROL
 614L-12              787-6366-006                COLLINS ADF CONTROL
 614L-12              787-6366-008                COLLINS ADF CONTROL
 614L-12              787-6366-009                COLLINS ADF CTL
 614L-12              787-6366-011                COLLINS ADF CTL
 614L-12              787-6366-012                COLLINS ADF CONTROL
 614L-12              787-6366-014                COLLINS ADF CONTROL
 614L-12              787-6366-015                COLLINS ADF CONTROL
 614L-12              787-6366-016                COLLINS ADF CONTROL
 614L-12              787-6366-018                COLLINS ADF CONTROL
 614L-13              792-6275-001                COLLINS CTL
 614L-13              792-6275-002                COLLINS CTL
 614L-13              792-6275-003                COLLINS CTL
 614L-13              792-6275-004                COLLINS CTL
 614L-13              792-6275-005                COLLINS CTL
 614L-13              792-6275-006                COLLINS CTL
 614L-13              792-6275-007                COLLINS CTL
 614L-6               522-0928-004                COLLINS CTL
 614L-8               522-2357-000                COLLINS ADF Control
 614L-8               522-2357-011                COLLINS CTL
 614L-8               522-2357-012                COLLINS CTL
 614L-8               522-2357-013                COLLINS CTL
 614L-8               522-2357-014                COLLINS CTL
 614L-8               522-2357-016                COLLINS CTL
 614L-8               522-2357-017                COLLINS CTL
 614L-8               522-2357-018                COLLINS CTL
 614L-8               522-2357-019                COLLINS CTL
 614L-8               522-2357-021                COLLINS CTL
 614L-8               522-2357-022                COLLINS ADF CTL
 614L-8               522-2357-024                COLLINS ADF CTL
 614L-8               522-2357-026                COLLINS ADF CTL
 614L-8               522-2357-028                COLLINS CTL
 614L-8               522-2357-031                COLLINS ADF CTL
 614L-8               522-2357-032                COLLINS ADF CTL
 614L-8               522-2357-035                COLLINS CTL
 614L-8               522-2357-036                COLLINS ADF CTL
 614L-8               522-2357-037                COLLINS CTL
 614L-8               522-2357-039                COLLINS CTL
 614L-8               C6899ARN83                  COLLINS CONTROL, DIRECTION FINDER
 6150                 6150                        SYSTRON DONNER COUNTER
 6151                 6151                        BIRD WATT METER
 6151                 6151 SYSTRON                SYSTRON DONNER COUNTER
 6152                 6152                        SYSTRON DONNER COUNTER
 6152A                6152A                       SYSTRON DONNER TEST SET
 6153                 6153                        SYSTRON DONNER COUNTER
 6154                 6154                        BIRD WATTMETER
 6155                 6155                        BIRD WATTMETER
 6156                 6156                        BIRD WATTMETER
 6160A                6160A                       FLUKE SYNTH
 6164-60              6164-60                     ARRA ATTEN
 616A                 616A                        HP SIGNAL GEN
 618-T() SUBASSY      544-9291-00                 COLLINS HVPS
 618A                 618A                        HP SIGNAL GEN
 618B                 618B                        HP SIGNAL GEN
 618C                 618C                        HP SIGNAL GENERATOR

                                                         PAGE: 59
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 618F-1C              522-2593-011                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-1               522-2466-004                COLLINS VHF REC
 618M-1 SUBASSY       553-5990-000                COLLINS AMP MXR
 618M-1 SUBASSY       553-6122-000                COLLINS AMP/MIXER
 618M-1 SUBASSY       553-6270-004                COLLINS AMP/MIXER MODULE
 618M-1A              522-2754-004                COLLINS VHF REC
 618M-1B              522-2755-004                COLLINS VHF REC
 618M-1B              522-2755-014                COLLINS VHF REC
 618M-1C              522-2756-004                COLLINS VHF REC
 618M-1C              522-2756-014                COLLINS VHF REC
 618M-1D              522-3132-004                COLLINS RT
 618M-2() SUBASSY     621-9278-001                COLLINS TX/PLANAR ASSY
 618M-2() SUBASSY     777-0056-002                COLLINS TX/PLANAR ASSY
 618M-2() SUBASSY     777-0056-003                COLLINS TX/PLANAR ASSY
 618M-2() SUBASSY     777-0056-004                COLLINS TX/PLANAR ASSY
 618M-2B              522-4088-001                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-2B              522-4088-003                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-2B              522-4088-004                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-2B              522-4088-006                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-2B              522-4088-007                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-2B              522-4088-009                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-2B              522-4088-010                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-2B              522-4088-201                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-2B              522-4088-203                COLLINS VHF XCVR
 618M-2B              522-4088-204                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-2B              522-4088-206                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-2B              522-4088-207                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-2B              522-4088-209                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-2B              522-4088-210                COLLINS VHF XCVR
 618M-2C              522-4568-001                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-2D              522-4089-001                COLLINS VHF XCVR
 618M-2D              522-4089-002                COLLINS VHF XCVR
 618M-2D              522-4089-004                COLLINS VHF XCVR
 618M-2D              522-4089-005                COLLINS VHF XCVR
 618M-2D              522-4089-006                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-2D              522-4089-008                COLLINS VHF XCVR
 618M-2D              522-4089-009                COLLINS VHF XCVR
 618M-2D              522-4089-010                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-2D              522-4089-011                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-2D              522-4089-201                COLLINS VHF XCVR
 618M-2D              522-4089-202                COLLINS VHF XCVR
 618M-2D              522-4089-204                COLLINS VHF XCVR
 618M-2D              522-4089-205                COLLINS VHF XCVR
 618M-2D              522-4089-206                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-2D              522-4089-208                COLLINS VHF XCVR
 618M-2D              522-4089-209                COLLINS VHF XCVR
 618M-2D SUBASSY      606-3626-002                COLLINS PLANAR ASSY
 618M-2D SUBASSY      768-9086-002                COLLINS TUNER ASSY
 618M-2D SUBASSY      777-0062-001                COLLINS RCVR PLNR MOD
 618M-2D SUBASSY      777-7892-001                COLLINS XMTR
 618M-2D SUBASSY      778-5067-002                COLLINS BOARD
 618M-2D SUBASSY      797-1485-001                COLLINS REC ASSY
 618M-3               622-1181-001                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-3               622-1181-002                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-3               622-1181-003                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-3               622-1181-004                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-3               622-1181-005                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-3               622-1181-006                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-3               622-1181-008                COLLINS Transciver
 618M-3               622-1181-009                COLLINS VHF COM XCVR
 618M-3               622-1181-010                COLLINS VHF COM XCVR
 618M-3               622-1181-011                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-3 SUBASSY       618-3896-003                COLLINS BD
 618M-3 SUBASSY       618-3896-004                COLLINS BD
 618M-3 SUBASSY       621-0450-001                COLLINS A4 MODULATOR
 618M-3 SUBASSY       621-0451-001                COLLINS XMTR
 618M-3 SUBASSY       621-0451-002                COLLINS A1 MODULE
 618M-3 SUBASSY       621-0452-001                COLLINS A3 RCVR
 618M-3 SUBASSY       621-0452-004                COLLINS REC BD

                                                         PAGE: 60
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 618M-3 SUBASSY       621-0453-001                COLLINS SYNTH BD
 618M-3 SUBASSY       621-0453-003                COLLINS A7 SYTH
 618M-3 SUBASSY       621-0453-004                COLLINS VCO/SYNTH ASSY
 618M-3A              622-1396-001                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-3A              622-1396-002                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-3A              622-1396-003                COLLINS VHF COM XCVR
 618M-3A              622-1396-010                COLLINS VHF COM XCVR
 618M-3A              622-1396-011                COLLINS VHF COM XCVR
 618M-3A              622-1396-101                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-3A              622-1396-102                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-3A              622-1396-103                COLLINS VHF COM XCVR
 618M-3A              622-1396-110                COLLINS VHF COM XCVR
 618M-3A              622-1396-111                COLLINS VHF COM XCVR
 618M-3A              622-1396-203                COLLINS VHF COM XCVR
 618M-3A              622-1396-205                COLLINS VHF COM XCVR
 618M-3A              622-1396-206                COLLINS VHF COM XCVR
 618M-3A              622-1396-208                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-3A              622-1396-209                COLLINS VHF COM XCVR
 618M-3A              622-1396-210                COLLINS VHF COM XCVR
 618M-4               822-0731-001                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-4               822-0731-002                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-4               822-0731-003                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-4               822-0731-004                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-4               822-0731-005                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-4               822-0731-006                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-4               822-0731-008                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-4               822-0731-009                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-4               822-0731-010                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-4               822-0731-011                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-4A              822-0732-001                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-4A              822-0732-002                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-4A              822-0732-003                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-4A              822-0732-010                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-4A              822-0732-011                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-4A              822-0732-101                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-4A              822-0732-102                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-4A              822-0732-103                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-4A              822-0732-110                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-4A              822-0732-111                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-4A              822-0732-203                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-4A              822-0732-205                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-4A              822-0732-206                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-4A              822-0732-208                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-4A              822-0732-209                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-4A              822-0732-210                COLLINS XCVR
 618M-5               822-1045-001                COLLINS VHFXCVR
 618M-5               822-1045-003                COLLINS VHF RCVR
 618M-5               822-1045-004                COLLINS VHF XCVR
 618M-5               822-1045-005                COLLINS VHF RCVR
 618M-5               822-1045-006                COLLINS VHF RCVR
 618M-5               822-1045-008                COLLINS VHF RCVR
 618M-5               822-1045-009                COLLINS VHF RCVR
 618M-5               822-1045-301                COLLINS VHF RCVR
 618M-5               822-1045-303                COLLINS VHF RCVR
 618M-5               822-1045-311                COLLINS VHF RCVR
 618M-5               822-1045-401                COLLINS VHF XCVR
 618M-5               822-1045-403                COLLINS VHF RCVR
 618M-5               822-1045-411                COLLINS VHF XCVR
 618M-5               822-1045-503                COLLINS VHF XCVR
 618M-5               822-1045-505                COLLINS VHF XCVR
 618M-5               822-1045-506                COLLINS VHF XCVR
 618M-5               822-1045-508                COLLINS VHF XCVR
 618M-5               822-1045-509                COLLINS VHF XCVR
 618M-5 SUBASSY       653-2884-003                COLLINS SYNTH
 618M-5 SUBASSY       653-2890-001                COLLINS SYNTH
 618M-5A              822-1046-001                COLLINS VHF RCVR
 618M-5A              822-1046-003                COLLINS VHF RCVR
 618M-5A              822-1046-011                COLLINS VHF RCVR
 618M-5A              822-1046-101                COLLINS VHF RCVR

                                                         PAGE: 61
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 618M-5A              822-1046-103                COLLINS VHF RCVR
 618M-5A              822-1046-111                COLLINS VHF RCVR
 618M-5A              822-1046-203                COLLINS VHF RCVR
 618M-5A              822-1046-205                COLLINS VHF RCVR
 618M-5A              822-1046-206                COLLINS VHF RCVR
 618M-5A              822-1046-208                COLLINS VHF RCVR
 618M-5A              822-1046-209                COLLINS VHF RCVR
 618M2D SUBASSY       777-7997-001                COLLINS 2/5 CONVERTER
 618T-() SUBASSY      544-9283-000                COLLINS AMP BD.
 618T-() SUBASSY      528-0113-013                COLLINS RF TRANSLAT
 618T-() SUBASSY      544-9283-00                 COLLINS RFPA MODULE
 618T-() SUBASSY      544-9292-000                COLLINS POWER SUPPLY
 618T-() SUBASSY      546-6053-000                COLLINS AUDIO MOD
 618T-() SUBASSY      546-7121-003                COLLINS COIL
 618T-() SUBASSY      549-1680-004                COLLINS OSC ASSY
 618T-() SUBASSY      549-9823-00                 COLLINS PWR AMP
 618T-1               522-1230-000                COLLINS XCVR
 618T-1               522-1230-021                COLLINS HF RT
 618T-1               522-1230-022                COLLINS HF RT
 618T-1               522-1230-023                COLLINS HF RT
 618T-1B              522-4828-001                COLLINS XCVR
 618T-1B              522-4828-002                COLLINS HF RT
 618T-2               522-1501-000                COLLINS HF Transceiver
 618T-2               522-1501-041                COLLINS XCVR,HF
 618T-2               522-1501-043                COLLINS HF RT
 618T-2               522-1501-044                COLLINS HF RT
 618T-2 SUBASSY       528-0112-005                COLLINS FREQ STAB
 618T-2 SUBASSY       528-0113-000                COLLINS RF TRANSLAT
 618T-2 SUBASSY       528-0251-005                COLLINS OSC RADIO RF
 618T-2 SUBASSY       528-0329-005                COLLINS FREQ STAB
 618T-2 SUBASSY       528-0690-001                COLLINS RF OSC
 618T-2 SUBASSY       528-0690-002                COLLINS RF OSC
 618T-2 SUBASSY       544-9286-000                COLLINS TRANSLATOR
 618T-2 SUBASSY       544-9290-005                COLLINS AMP ELECT
 618T-2 SUBASSY       544-9291-000                COLLINS HVPS
 618T-2 SUBASSY       546-2142-005                COLLINS FREQ DIVIDER
 618T-2 SUBASSY       546-6522-005                COLLINS RF PWR AMP
 618T-2B              522-4829-001                COLLINS XCVR, HF
 618T-2B              522-4829-002                COLLINS HF RT
 618T-2B SUBASSY      528-0682-001                COLLINS TRANSLATOR
 618T-3               522-1660-00                 collins HF XCVR
 618T-3               522-1660-000                COLLINS XCVR
 618T-3               522-1660-031                COLLINS XCVR
 618T-3               522-1660-033                COLLINS XCVR
 618T-3               522-1660-034                COLLINS HF RT
 618T-3               522-1660-041                COLLINS XCVR
 618T-3 SUBASSY       545-4971-000                COLLINS HVPS MODULE
 618T-3 SUBASSY       642-0561-001                COLLINS SYNTH
 618T-3B              522-4830-001                COLLINS XCVR
 618T-3B              522-4830-002                COLLINS HF RT
 618T-4               622-2586-001                COLLINS XCVR
 618T-4               622-2586-002                COLLINS HF RT
 618T-4B              622-2587-001                COLLINS XCVR
 618T-5               622-2588-001                COLLINS XCVR
 618T-5               622-2588-002                COLLINS XCVR
 618T-5B              622-2589-001                COLLINS XCVR
 618T-6               622-2590-001                COLLINS XCVR
 618T-6               622-2590-002                COLLINS HF RT
 618T-6B              622-2591-001                COLLINS XCVR
 61A                  61A                         BENDIX MKR BCN
 61A1B                61A1B                       NARDA CALIBRATOR
 6200B                6200B                       HP DC PS
 620359               620359                      SPERRY FLUX VALVE
 620A                 620A                        HP SIG GEN
 620A-4               620A-4                      AMPTEC OHMMETER
 620B                 620B                        HP SIGNAL GEN
 6218C                6218C                       HP DC PS
 621A-3               522-2703-000                **COLLINS XPDR
 621A-3               522-2703-011                **COLLINS XPDR

                                                         PAGE: 62
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 621A-3               522-2703-012                **COLLINS XPDR
 621A-3               522-2703-013                **COLLINS XPDR
 621A-3 SUBASSY       553-4621-004                COLLINS MIXER ASSY
 621A-3 SUBASSY       553-4622-004                COLLINS XMTR
 621A-3 SUBASSY       553-4625-005                COLLINS PWR SUP
 621A-3 SUBASSY       553-4626-000                COLLINS DECODER
 621A-3 SUBASSY       553-4627-000                COLLINS DECODER
 621A-3 SUBASSY       553-4628-012                COLLINS DECODER
 621A-3 SUBASSY       553-4631-012                COLLINS ENCODER
 621A-3 SUBASSY       553-4632-000                COLLINS A7 ENCODER
 621A-3 SUBASSY       553-4682-000                COLLINS MONITOR
 621A-3 SUBASSY       553-4682-000                COLLINS MONITOR
 621A-3 SUBASSY       553-4683-000                COLLINS SELF TEST GEN
 621A-3 SUBASSY       553-4683-000                COLLINS SELF TEST
 621A-3 SUBASSY       554-0409-000                COLLINS DECODER
 621A-3 SUBASSY       621-9567-001                COLLINS IF AMP
 621A-3 SUBASSY       621-9597-001                COLLINS IF AMP
 621A-6               787-6211-001                COLLINS XPDR
 621A-6               787-6211-002                COLLINS XPDR
 621A-6               787-6211-003                COLLINS XPDR
 621A-6 SUB ASSY      791-0236-001                COLLINS A4 RX BD
 621A-6 SUB ASSY      791-0296-001                COLLINS TRANSMITTER ASSY
 621A-6 SUB ASSY      791-0296-002                COLLINS TRANSMITTER ASSY
 621A-6 SUBASSY       779-5814-001                COLLINS A10 SHIFT REG
 621A-6A              622-2224-001                COLLINS ATC XPDR
 621A-6A              622-2224-002                COLLINS ATC XPDR
 621A-6A              622-2224-003                COLLINS TRANSPONDER
 621A-6A              622-2224-101                COLLINS XPDR
 621A-6A              622-2224-201                COLLINS XPDR
 621A-6A SUBASSY      618-8409-005                COLLINS MON BD
 621A-6A SUBASSY      791-0057-001                COLLINS A5 IF AMP
 621A-6A SUBASSY      791-0232-001                collins HVPS
 621A-6A SUBASSY      791-0279-001                COLLINS LO
 621A3 SUBASSY        553-4624-005                COLLINS HVPS
 6220A                6220A                       SYSTRON DONNER COUNTER
 6242A                6242A                       SYSTRON DONNER FREQ COUNTER
 6244A                6244A                       SYSTRON DONNER COUNTER
 624B                 624B                        HP SIG GEN
 624C                 624C                        HP SIG GEN
 6250A                6250A                       SYSTRON DONNER COUNTER
 6254                 6254                        BIRD WATTMETER
 6255A                6255A                       HP PS
 6256B                6256B                       HP DC PS
 6259B                6259B                       HP DC PS
 6260B                6260B                       HP DC PS
 6261B                6261B                       HP DC PS
 6263B                6263B                       HP DC PS
 6264B                6264B                       HP DC PS
 6265B                6265B                       HP DC PS
 6266B                6266B                       HP DC PS
 6267B                6267B                       HP DC PS
 6268A                6268A                       HP DC PS
 6268B                6268B                       HP DC PS
 6268D                6268D                       HP DC PS
 6269B                6269B                       HP PWR SUP
 6271B                6271B                       HP DC PS
 6274B                6274B                       HP DC PS
 6289A                6289A                       HP PWR SUP
 628A                 628A                        HP SIGNAL GEN
 628T () SUBASSY      277-0514-010                COLLINS FREQ STND
 628T-() SUBASSY      601-4551-001                COLLINS A5A9 CARD
 628T-() SUBASSY      601-4553-001                COLLINS A5A8 CARD
 628T-() SUBASSY      642-0563-002                COLLINS REC/EXC CARD
 628T-() SUBASSY      642-0564-001                COLLINS XMTR
 628T-1               622-3371-001                COLLINS HF receiver-transmitter
 628T-1               622-3371-002                COLLINS HF receiver-transmitter
 628T-1               622-3371-004                COLLINS HF receiver-transmitter
 628T-1               622-3371-005                COLLINS HF receiver-transmitter
 628T-2               622-3372-001                COLLINS RT

                                                          PAGE: 63
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 628T-2 SUBASSY       642-4454-001                COLLINS BOARD
 628T-2A              622-5377-001                COLLINS RT
 628T-2A SUBASSY      646-7638-001                COLLINS BOARD
 628T-2A SUBASSY      646-7638-003                COLLINS TX BD
 628T-3               622-3373-001                COLLINS RT
 628T-3 SUBASSY       642-0562-001                COLLINS LOGIC CARD
 628T-3 SUBASSY       642-0566-002                COLLINS BD
 628T-3 SUBASSY       642-0764-001                COLLINS BOARD
 628T-3A              622-5962-001                COLLINS RT
 628U-3               622-8521-001                COLLINS RT
 6290A                6290A                       HP PWR SUP
 6291A                6291A                       HP DC PWR SUPPLY
 630A                 630A                        TRIPLETT METER
 630NA                630NA                       TRIPLETT METER
 630NS                630NS                       TRIPLETT METER
 636005               636005                      QUALITRON CTL HD
 639U1                622-2687-001                COLLINS PS
 64                   64                          WEINSCHEL ATTEN
 6401                 6401                        BECKMAN FREQ CTR
 641D-1               622-0193-000                COLLINS CAPACITOR
 641D-1               622-0193-001                COLLINS CAPACITOR
 642C-1               522-4057-001                COLLINS CVR
 642C-1               522-4057-002                COLLINS CVR
 642C-1               522-4057-004                COLLINS CVR
 642C-1               522-4057-006                COLLINS CVR
 642C-1               522-4057-009                COLLINS CVR
 642C-1               522-4057-010                COLLINS CVR
 642C-1               522-4057-012                COLLINS CVR
 6433B                6433B                       HP DC PS
 6443B                6443B                       HP DC PS
 6454                 6454                        MIIDA METER
 6469A                6469A                       HP DC PS
 64A                  64A                         WEINSCHEL ATTEN
 650                                              WAVETEK SYNTH
 650                  650                         ITRON TEST SET
 6500-10              6500-10                     LAVERSAB AIR DATA TESTER
 6502-10-R            6502-10-R                   LAVERSAB AIR DATA TEST SET
 651B                 651B                        HP OSC
 660220               660220                      DAYTON-GRANGER SINGLE FREQ ANT
 661                  661                         BIRD WATTMETER
 6621A                6621A                       HP LINEAR SYSTEM
 6622A                6622A                       HP LINEAR SYSTEM
 6623A                6623A                       HP PS
 6624A                6624A                       HP LINEAR SYSTEM
 6627A                6627A                       HP LINEAR SYSTEM
 66309D               66309D                      AGILENT DC SOURCE
 6631                 6631                        AAR FREQ CONVERTER
 6645A                6645A                       HP DC PS
 66650-1              66650-1                     BF GOODRICH COBRA HEAD CABLE
 66650-2              66650-2                     BF GOODRICH COBRA HEAD CABLE
 66650-3              66650-3                     BF GOODRICH COBRA HEAD CABLE
 667                  667                         BIRD WATTMETER
 667C                 667C                        BIRD WATTMETER
 6684A                6684A                       HP DC POWER SUPPLY
 6709                 6709                        SIMPSON SHUNT
 671CPX10051          671CPX10051                 KOLLSMAN ALT
 671U-4               787-6566-006                COLLINS HF REC/EXC
 671U-4               787-6566-007                COLLINS HF REC/EXC
 671U-4 SUBASSY       606-9011-001                COLLINS PWR SUP
 671U-4 SUBASSY       793-8985-002                COLLINS MIXER BD
 671U-4A              787-6934-006                COLLINS HF REC/EXC
 671U-4A              787-6934-007                COLLINS REC EXC,HF
 671U-4A              787-6934-008                COLLINS HF REC/EXC
 671U-4A              787-6934-009                COLLINS HF REC/EXC
 671U-4A              787-6934-010                COLLINS REC EXC,HF
 671U-4A              787-6934-011                COLLINS REC EXC,HF
 671U-4A              787-6934-012                COLLINS HF REC/EXC
 671U-4A              787-6934-013                COLLINS HF REC/EXC
 671U-4A SUB ASSY     778-2997-003                COLLINS A5 BOARD

                                                         PAGE: 64
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 671U-4A SUBASSY      618-7593-001                COLLINS A13 RF MODULE
 671U-4A SUBASSY      646-5465-001                COLLINS A12 VCO SYNTH
 671U-4A SUBASSY      646-5477-001                COLLINS A6 BOARD
 671U-4A SUBASSY      778-2995-001                COLLINS A3 BOARD
 671U-4A SUBASSY      778-2995-003                COLLINS A3 BD
 671U-4A SUBASSY      778-2996-003                COLLINS TX BOARD
 671U-4A SUBASSY      790-2018-005                COLLINS RFI FILTER ASSY
 671U-4AN             622-2631-001                COLLINS REC EXC,HF
 671U-4AN             622-2631-002                COLLINS HF REC/EXC
 671U-4AN             622-2631-003                COLLINS REC EXC,HF
 671U-4AN             622-2631-004                COLLINS HF REC/EXC
 671U-4AN SUBASSY     778-2996-004                COLLINS BD
 671U-4B              792-6316-001                COLLINS REC EXC,HF
 671U-4D              622-1342-001                COLLINS REC EXC,HF
 671U-4E              622-2620-001                COLLINS HF REC/EXC
 671U-4E              622-2620-002                COLLINS HF REC/EXC
 671U-4E              622-2620-003                COLLINS HF REC/EXC
 671U-4E              622-2620-004                COLLINS HF REC/EXC
 678P-1               547-3914-000                COLLINS TEST HARNESS
 678P-1               635-6382-001                COLLINS HARNESS TEST SET
 678P-1B              777-1861-001                COLLINS TEST HARNESS
 678P-1C              622-4211-001                COLLINS Radio Test Set Harness
 678P-2               522-3400-005                COLLINS TEST HARNESS
 678P-2B              792-6229-001                COLLINS TEST HARNESS
 678Y-1               547-3915-000                COLLINS KIT
 678Y-1B              777-1862-001                COLLINS KIT
 678Y-3               522-3401-006                COLLINS MAINT. KIT
 678Y-3               767-6299-001                COLLINS TESTER
 678Z-1               548-8001-005                COLLINS TEST SET
 6798233              6798233                     ALLISON TEST SET
 6798233L             6798233L                    MILITARY TEMP METER
 6798233M             6798233M                    MILITARY TEMP TESTER
 679923               6685-00-84-3885             ROLLS-ROYCE TEMP METER
 6799323              6799323                     ROLLS-ROYCE TEMP METER
 680T-1 SUBASSY       772-5078-001                COLLINS SYNTH
 680T-2 SUBASSY       797-1000-001                COLLINS SYNTH
 6920B                6920B                       HP METER
 694                  694                         BIRD WATTMETER
 699Z-1               622-1032-001                COLLINS Adapter RMI
 699Z-3               622-3175-001                COLLINS Adapter RMI
 7                    3000898                     TRIPLETT VOLT METER
 70                                               POWER O MATIC HEAT CONTROL
 70                   64A                         WEINSCHEL ATTEN
 70                   70                          FLUKE METER
 70 SERIES            70 SERIES                   FLUKE MULTIMETER
 700                  700                         OHAUS SCALE
 700-664-05-050       700-664-05-050              GABLES Y SERIES CTL
 7000788-175          7000788-175                 GABLES PANEL
 7007700-803          WI-870                      HONEYWELL RADAR
 7009B                7009B                       ZEE TEST SET
 700B                 700B                        NARDA ATTEN
 701                  701                         FAIRCHILD OSCOPE
 701-0313-01          701-0313-01                 GABLES DISPLAY CARD
 701-664-05-050       701-664-05-050              GABLES ADF CTL
 7010                 098588-0300                 WILCOX TEST SET
 7044B                7044B                       HP X Y RECORDER
 7045B                7045B                       HP X Y RECORDER
 704B-69              704B-69                     NARDA ATTEN
 7060                 7060                        UNITED VERTICAL SPEED IND
 70K-9                522-3552-005                COLLINS OSC MODULE FOR 618T2
 710                  710                         SIMPSON MULTIMETER
 711                  711                         NARDA ATTEN
 71150-2              71150-2                     K.I.M. PITOT STATIC
 7120                 7120                        CUSHMAN MONITOR
 714E-1               522-1261-000                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2               522-2213-000                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2               522-2213-011                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2               522-2213-012                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2               522-2213-013                COLLINS HF CTL

                                                         PAGE: 65
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 714E-2               522-2213-014                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2               522-2213-016                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2               522-2213-018                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2               522-2213-020                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2               522-2213-021                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2               522-2213-022                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2               522-2213-024                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2               522-2213-025                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2               522-2213-026                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2               522-2213-028                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2               522-2213-030                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2               522-2213-031                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2               522-2213-032                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2               522-2213-033                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2               522-2213-034                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2               522-2213-035                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2               522-2213-036                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2               522-2213-037                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2               522-2213-038                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2               522-2213-039                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2               522-2213-040                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2               522-2213-041                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2               522-2213-042                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2               522-2213-043                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2               522-2213-045                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2               522-2213-046                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2               522-2213-047                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2               522-2213-048                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2               522-2213-049                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2               522-2213-050                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2               522-2213-051                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2               522-2213-052                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2               522-2213-053                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2               522-2213-054                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2               522-2213-055                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2A              522-2892-000                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2A              522-2892-011                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2A              522-2892-012                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2A              522-2892-013                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2A              522-2892-014                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2A              522-2892-015                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2A              522-2892-016                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2A              522-2892-017                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2A              522-2892-018                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2B              787-6377-001                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2B              787-6377-002                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2C              622-3986-001                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2C              622-3986-002                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2C              622-3986-003                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2C              622-3986-004                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-2C              622-3986-005                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-3               522-2457-000                COLLINS CONTROL HF
 714E-3               522-2457-011                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-3               522-2457-013                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-3               522-2457-014                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-3               522-2457-015                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-3               522-2457-016                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-3               522-2457-018                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-3               522-2457-020                COLLINS CONTROL HF
 714E-3               522-2457-022                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-3               522-2457-023                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-3               522-2457-024                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-3               522-2457-026                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-3               522-2457-027                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-3               522-2457-028                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-3               522-2457-029                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-3               522-2457-030                COLLINS CONTROL HF
 714E-3               522-2457-031                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-3               522-2457-033                COLLINS HF CTL

                                                         PAGE: 66
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 714E-3               522-2457-034                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-3               522-2457-036                COLLINS CONTROL HF
 714E-3               522-2457-037                COLLINS CONTROL HF
 714E-3               522-2457-038                COLLINS CONTROL HF
 714E-3               522-2457-039                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-3               522-2457-040                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-3               522-2457-041                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-3               522-2457-042                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-3               522-2457-043                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-3A              522-3407-000                COLLINS CONTROL HF
 714E-3B              522-3903-000                COLLINS CONTROL HF
 714E-3B              522-3903-001                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-3B              522-3903-002                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-3C              593-8655-001                COLLINS CONTROL HF
 714E-3D              777-1029-001                COLLINS CONTROL HF
 714E-3D              777-1029-002                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-3D              777-1029-003                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-3D              777-1029-004                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-3D              777-1029-005                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-3D              777-1029-006                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-3D              777-1029-007                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-3E              777-1782-001                COLLINS CONTROL HF
 714E-3F              787-6378-001                COLLINS CONTROL HF
 714E-3F              787-6378-002                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-3G              787-6557-001                COLLINS CONTROL HF
 714E-3H              622-3987-001                COLLINS CONTROL HF
 714E-3H              622-3987-002                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-3H              622-3987-003                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-3H              622-3987-004                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-5               522-3636-000                COLLINS CONTROL HF
 714E-5               522-3636-001                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-6               522-4466-001                COLLINS CONTROL HF
 714E-6               772-5271-001                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-6               772-5271-002                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-6               772-5272-001                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-6A              777-1225-001                COLLINS CONTROL HF
 714E-6A              777-1225-002                COLLINS CONTROL HF
 714E-6A              777-1225-003                COLLINS HF CTL
 714E-6B              787-6302-001                COLLINS CONTROL HF
 714E-6B              787-6302-002                COLLINS CONTROL HF
 72-040               72-040                      TENMA CAP METER
 72-050               72-050                      TENMAL M METER
 72-410A              72-410A                     TENMA MULTIMETER
 72-430               72-430                      BIDDLE WHEATSTONE BRIDGE
 72-432               72-732                      BIDDLE BRIDGE
 72-5000              72-5000                     tenma COUNTER
 72-5085              72-5085                     TENMA TESTER
 72-585               72-585                      TENMA RF GEN
 720                  720                         KUSTOM ATC BENCH TEST SET
 720019               720019                      DAYTON-GRANGER VHF ANT
 720021               720021                      DAYTON-GRANGER VHF ANT
 720023               720023                      DAYTON-GRANGER VHF/UHF ANT
 720036               720036                      DAYTON-GRANGER G/S ANT
 720036-1             720036-1                    DAYTON-GRANGER G/S ANT
 720043               720043                      DAYTON-GRANGER UHF L BAND ANT
 720044               720044                      DAYTON-GRANGER VHF ANT
 720045               720045                      DAYTON-GRANGER UHF/L BAND ANT
 720047               720047                      DAYTON-GRANGER ELT ANT
 720A                 MEC720A                     KUSTOM TRANSP TEST SET
 720B                 MEC720B                     MEC TRANSP TEST SET
 721A                 721A FLUKE                  FLUKE LEAD COMP
 7220A                7220A                       FLUKE COUNTER
 7220AOPT131          7220AOPT131                 FLUKE COUNTER
 7220AOPT132          7220AOPT132                 FLUKE COUNTER
 722D                 722-D                       GENRAD VARIABLE CAP
 724BR                724BR                       HP PWR SUP
 7260A                7260A                       FLUKE COUNTER
 7261A                7261A                       FLUKE COUNTER TIMER
 7261AAE              7261AAE                     FLUKE COUNTER

                                                         PAGE: 67
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 7261AOPT112          7261AOPT112                 FLUKE COUNTER
 728U-2/ARC-190       622-5462-001                COLLINS HF RT
 728U-2/ARC-190       622-5462-002                COLLINS HF RT
 728U-6               622-8273-001                COLLINS HF RT
 729                  729                         SIGMA-TEK AUDIO CONTROL PANEL
 72H18                72H18                       COLLINS DUMMYLOAD
 72H26                01-0248-00                  JC AIR DUMMYLOAD BOX
 72S1                 72S1                        JC AIR AIR TEST SET
 73                   73                          FLUKE MULTIMETER
 732A                 732A                        FLUKE METER
 738BR                738BR                       HP CALIBRATOR
 74-11                74-11                       DUMONT TIME BASE
 74-13                74-13                       DUMONT TIME BASE
 7401                 7401                        DOUGLAS PRES CTL
 7402                 7402                        DOUGLAS PRES CTL
 7403N                7403N                       TEKTRONIX OSCILLOSCOPE
 746                  746                         ASTRO SYSTEMS SYNCHRO
 747                                              B&K TUBE TESTER
 747                  747                         EDO-AIRE CTL PANEL
 75                   75                          FLUKE METER
 75-622594-001        75-622594-001               ASI CABLE
 750140               750140                      DAYTON-GRANGER L BAND ANT
 750147               750147                      DAYTON-GRANGER L BAND ANT
 750M                 750M                        DECADE RESIS BOX
 752A                 752A                        FLUKE REF DIVIDER
 756-10               756-10                      NARDA ATTEN
 757B-10              757B-10                     NARDA ATTEN
 757C                 757C                        NARDA ATTEN
 757C-10db            757C-10                     NARDA ATTN
 757C-20db            757C-20                     NARDA ATTN
 7580                 7580                        WAVETEK ATTEN
 7580.1               7580.1                      WAVETEK ATTEN
 7580A                7580A                       WAVETEK ATTEN
 758ST2112            758ST2112                   3M STATIC MAT
 758ST9308            758ST9308                   3M WRIST STRAP
 75B50BNC             75B50BNC                    ALAN IND ATTEN
 75D-2                001-0105-00                 JC AIR TEST SET
 76                                               FLUKE MULTIMETER
 76                   76                          FLUKE MULTIMETER
 76-08                76-08                       DUMONT PLUG IN
 760-665-05-050       760-665-05-050              GABLES CTL
 7603                 7603                        TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 762-2                762-2                       SYS DON ANALYZER
 7623A                7623A                       TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 7623B                7623B                       TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 7633                 7633                        TEKTRONIX OSCILLOSCOPE
 766-10               766-10                      NARDA ATTEN
 766-20               766-20                      NARDA ATTEN
 766D                 766D                        HP DIR CPLR
 766H                 766H                        FAIRCHILD OSCOPE
 768-10               768-10                      NARDA ATTEN
 768-20               768-20                      NARDA ATTEN
 768-3                768-3                       NARDA ATTEN
 768-30               768-30                      NARDA ATTEN
 768-6                768-6                       NARDA ATTEN
 769-30               769-30                      NARDA ATTN
 77                   77                          FLUKE Multimeter
 77/BN                77/BN                       FLUKE MULTIMETER
 7704                 7704                        TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 7704A                7704A                       TEKTRONIX OSCOPE
 771-10               771-10                      NARDA ATTN
 771-20               771-20                      NARDA ATTN
 771-3                771-3                       NARDA ATTN
 771-6                771-6                       NARDA ATTN
 773-20               773-20                      NARDA ATTENUATOR
 7742                 7742                        MICRONETICS ATTEN
 774D                 774D                        HP CPLR
 776C-3               522-6114-004                COLLINS RADAR SYNCH
 776C-3               522-6114-005                COLLINS RADAR SYNCH

                                                         PAGE: 68
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 776C-3               522-6114-006                COLLINS RADAR SYNCH
 776C-4               777-1768-001                COLLINS RADAR SYNCH
 776D                 776D                        HP CPLR
 777C-10DB            777C-10                     NARDA ATTEN
 777C-20DB            777C-20                     NARDA ATTEN
 777C-3DB             777C-3DB                    NARDA ATTEN
 777C-6DB             777C-6DB                    NARDA ATTEN
 778D                 778D                        HP CPLR
 77AN                 77AN                        FLUKE METER
 77III                77III                       FLUKE MULTIMETER
 77U2                 77U2                        ORION TEST
 77V3                 01-0155-00                  JC AIR TEST SET
 783A                 783A                        GENRAD OUTPUT POWER METER
 786B                 786B                        NARDA ATTEN
 787                  787                         FLUKE METER
 78A3                 01-0255-00                  JC AIR ZIFOR III VOR RADIAL STANDARD
 78F1D                01-0293-00                  GOODRICH TEST SET
 79                   79                          FLUKE METER
 79-2                 79-2                        FLUKE METER
 7904                 7904                        TEKTRONIX OSCILLOSCOPE
 790S-1               522-4099-001                COLLINS MOUNT
 790S-11              622-7824-001                COLLINS MOUNT
 790S-12              622-7825-001                COLLINS MOUNT
 790S-13              622-7826-001                COLLINS MOUNT
 790S-19              622-8963-001                COLLINS HF CPLR MT
 790S-3               792-6139-001                COLLINS MOUNT
 790S-3               792-6139-002                COLLINS HF MOUNT
 790S-4               792-6461-001                COLLINS DUAL COUPLER MOUNT
 790S-4A              622-1622-001                COLLINS HF CPLR MT
 790S-5               622-0277-001                COLLINS MOUNT
 790S-5               622-0277-002                COLLINS HF MOUNT
 790S-5A              822-0169-001                COLLINS HF CPLR MT
 790S-5A              822-0169-002                COLLINS HF CPLR MT
 790S-6               622-3906-001                COLLINS HF CPLR MT
 790S-7               822-1126-001                COLLINS HF MOUNT
 790S-8               822-1190-001                COLLINS HF MOUNT
 790Z-6               772-5367-001                COLLINS MOUNT
 791FM                791FM                       NARDA ATTEN
 794FM                794FM                       NARDA ATTEN
 79III                79III                       FLUKE METER
 79V-3                01-0038-00                  JC AIR TRACK SEL
 79V3                 001-0038-00                 JC AIR TRACK SEL
 79X-2                01-0033-00                  JC AIR TEST SET
 7A12                 7A12                        TEKTRONIX PLUG IN
 7A13                 7A13                        TEKTRONIX DELAY
 7A15A                7A15A                       TEKTRONIX PLUG IN
 7A15AN               7A15AN                      TEKTRONIX PLUG IN
 7A16                 7A16                        TEKTRONIX AMP
 7A16A                7A16A                       TEKTRONIX AMPLIFIER
 7A18                 7A18                        TEKTRONIX AMPLIFIER
 7A18A                7A18A                       TEKTRONIX AMPLIFIER
 7A18N                7A18N                       TEKTRONIX AMPLIFIER
 7A24                 7A24                        TEKTRONIX AMP
 7A26                 7A26                        TEKTRONIX AMPLIFIER
 7B50A                7B50A                       TEKTRONIX BASE
 7B52                 7B52                        TEKTRONIX BASE
 7B53A                7B53A                       TEKTRONIX H AMP
 7B53AN               7B53AN                      TEKTRONIX BASE
 7B70                 7B70                        TEKTRONIX DEL SWEEP
 7B71                 7B71                        TEKTRONIX PLUG IN
 7B80                 7B80                        TEKTRONIX TIME BASE
 7B85                 7B85                        TEKTRONIX TIME BASE
 7B87                 7B87                        TEKTRONIX TIME BASE
 7B92A                7B92A                       TEKTRONIX TIME BASE
 7D01                 7D01                        TEKTRONIX MULTIMETER
 7D10                 7D10                        TEKTRONIX DELAY
 7D11                 7D11                        TEKTRONIX MULTIMETER
 7D12                 7D12                        TEKTRONIX MULTIMETER
 7D13                 7D13                        TEKTRONIX MULTIMETER

                                                         PAGE: 69
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 7D13A                7D13A                       TEKTRONIX MULTIMETER
 7D14                 7D14                        TEKTRONIX COUNTER
 7D15                 7D15                        TEKTRONIX TIMER
 7L12                 7L12                        TEKTRONIX SPEC ANALYZER
 7L13                 7L13                        TEKTRONIX SPEC ANALYZER
 80 SERIES III        80 SERIES III               FLUKE METER
 800                  800                         NORTH ATLANTIC SYNCRO METER
 800-777-85-001       800-777-85-001              GABLES CTL HEAD
 800-777-85-003       800-777-85-003              GABLES CONTROL HEAD
 800-777-85-005       800-777-85-005              GABLES CONTROL HEAD
 8000                                             BIRD COAXIAL RES
 8000                 101-00420                   BARFIELD FQ TEST SET
 8000                 101-00540                   BARFIELD FUEL QUANTITY TEST SET
 8000                 8000                        DANA ELEC COUNTER
 8000A                8000A                       FLUKE MULTIMETER
 800B                 800B                        CESSNA AP TEST SET
 801                                              NORTH ATLANTIC API
 801                                              WAVETEK PULSE GEN
 801                  801                         FLUKE VOLTMETER
 801.0001.43          801.0001.43                 ROHDE & SCHWARTZ SIG GEN
 801.0001.52          801.0001.52                 ROHDE & SCHWARTZ SIG GEN
 8010A                8010A                       FLUKE MULTIMETER
 8010M                8010M                       FLUKE MULTIMETER
 8012A                8012A                       FLUKE Multimeter
 8012B                8012B                       FLUKE METER
 8013                 8013                        OPTO ELECTRONICS FREQ CNTR
 8013S                8013S                       OPTO ELECTRONICS COUNTER
 8015A                8015A                       HP PULSE GEN
 801P                 5002-430-1                  CALIFORNIA INST PWR METER
 8020                 8020                        AEROMECH ALT
 8020A                8020A                       FLUKE MULTIMETER
 8020B                8020B                       FLUKE MULTIMETER
 8021A                8021A                       FLUKE MULTIMETER
 8021B                8021B                       FLUKE Multimeter
 8022A                8022A                       FLUKE MULTIMETER
 8022B                8022B                       FLUKE MULTIMETER
 8024B                8024B                       FLUKE MULTIMETER
 8025                 8025                        NORTH ATLANTIC API
 8026B                8026B                       FLUKE MULTIMETER
 803                  803                         FLUKE VOLT DIVIDER
 8030A                8030A                       FLUKE DIG VOLTMETER
 8030A01              8030B10                     FLUKE MULTIMETER
 8030B                8030B                       DANA FREQ COUNTER
 80310100100          80310100100                 MIDLAND THERMO ASSY
 8035                 8035                        BIRD LOAD
 803B                 803B                        FLUKE DIFFERENTIAL VOLTMETER
 804-069-103-112      804-069-103-112             GABLES CTL
 804-070-103-112      804-070-103-112             GABLES CTL
 8040A                8040A                       FLUKE MULTIMETER
 8047                 8047                        AEROMECH 2 ALT
 8047-20              8047-20                     AEROMECH 2 ALT
 8050A                8050A                       FLUKE MULTIMETER
 806000-10            806000-10                   KIDDE APU BOTTLE
 8060A                8060A                       FLUKE MULTIMETER
 8060A/AA             8060A/AA                    IBM MULTIMETER
 8062A                8062A                       FLUKE MULTIMETER
 806A                 97606-030                   WILCOX NAV REC
 806A                 97606-102                   WILCOX NAV REC
 806A                 97606-104                   WILCOX NAV REC
 806A                 97606-105                   WILCOX NAV REC
 806A                 97606-204                   WILCOX NAV REC
 806A                 97606-205                   WILCOX VOR ILS
 806A                 97606-304                   WILCOX NAV REC
 807A                 6097607-100                 SPERRY VHF COMM
 807A                 6097607-101                 WILCOX VHF COMM
 807A                 6097607-102                 WILCOX VHF XCVR
 807A                 6097607-104                 WILCOX VHF XCVR
 807A                 97607-100                   WILCOX VHF COM XCVR
 807A                 97607-101                   WILCOX VHF COMM

                                                         PAGE: 70
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 807A                 97607-102                   WILCOX VHF COMM
 807A                 97607-104                   WILCOX VHF COMM
 807A SUBASSY         19A995                      WILCOX FAN MOTOR
 807B                 97967-100                   WILCOX VHF COMM
 8080                 8080                        BIRD COAX RES
 8085                 8085                        BIRD COAXIAL RES
 8091                 8091                        SYS DON ANALYZER
 8095A                8095A                       HP WAVEMETER
 809B                 809B                        HP SWR CARRIAGE
 80E                  80E                         FLUKE DIVIDER
 80H-1                80H-1                       JCAIR ANT CPLR TEST SET
 80I-1010             80I-1010                    FLUKE PROBE
 80I-410              801-410                     FLUKE PROBE
 80I110S              80I110S                     FLUKE CURRENT PROBE
 80K-6                80K-6                       FLUKE PROBE
 80K40                80K40                       FLUKE PROBE
 80N-1                001-0204-00                 JC AIR RAMP TEST SET
 80N-1                01-0116-00                  JC AIR DUAL ADAPTER
 80N-1A               01-0384-00                  JC AIR RAMP TESTER
 80T150               80T150                      FLUKE PROBE
 80T150U              80T150U                     FLUKE PROBE
 81                   81                          BIRD COAXIAL RES
 8100                 8100                        LEADER OSCOPE
 81000-A              81000-A                     DYNAMICS, INC. WATTMETER
 8100A                8100A                       FLUKE MULTIMETER
 8104B-520LW          8104B-520LW                 AEROMECH ALT
 8111A                8111A                       HP GENERATOR
 8120A                8120A                       FLUKE MULTIMETER
 8121S                8121S                       TELONIC ATTEN
 8122S                8122S                       TELONIC ATTEN
 8123S                8123S                       TELONIC ATTEN
 8129E-100            8129E-100                   TELONIC ATTEN
 8130                 8130                        BIRD RESISTOR
 8135                 8135                        BIRD DUMMYLOAD
 8140A                8140A                       TELONIC ATTEN
 8140B15              8140B15                     AEROMECH ALT
 8140B20              8140B20                     AEROMECH ALT 3P 20K
 8140B20K             8140B20K                    AEROMECH ALT 3P 20K
 8140B35              8140B35                     AEROMECH ALT 3P 20K
 8140BS20LW           8140BS20LW                  AEROMECH ALT
 8141B                8141B                       AEROMECH ENC ALT
 8141B35              8141B35                     AEROMECH ENC ALT
 8142B35              8142B35                     AEROMECH ENC ALT
 8142S                8142S                       TELONIC ATTEN
 814A                 814A                        HARRISON TEST SET
 814B                 97573-300                   WILCOX XPDR
 8151B                8151B                       AEROMECH 3 ALT
 8152B35              8152B35                     AEROMECH ENC ALT
 8155A                8155A                       MINCOM FLUTTER METER
 8155A-NAB3           8155A-NAB3                  MINCOM AUDIO METER
 8160A                8160A                       HP PULSE GEN
 8161A                8161A                       HP PULSE GEN
 816A                 816A                        HP SLOTTED LINE
 8192-A-101           8192-A-101                  TELONIC ATTEN
 82                   82                          BIRD RF LOAD
 820                  820                         BK PRECISION CAP METER
 8201                 8201                        BIRD COAXIAL RES
 8210                 984003-1                    BOONTON MOD METER
 82140                82140                       CRAFTSMAN MULTIMETER
 82152-11D24100       82152-11D24100              TRANSCO UHF/L-BAND ANT
 8220-01              8220-01                     BOONTON MODULATION ANA
 8225                 8225                        boonton CHARGER/CONVERTER
 82418                82418                       SEARS MULTIMETER
 82842                8482b                       hp POWER SENSOR
 829G                 829G                        RFL CALIBRATOR
 82AD                 82AD                        BOONTON METER
 82RF                 82RF                        FLUKE PROBE
 83                   83                          FLUKE MULTIMETER
 830                  830                         B&K CAP

                                                         PAGE: 71
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 8300                 8300                        NORTH ATLANTIC ANGLE POS IND
 8300A                8300A                       NORTH ATLANTIC ANGLE POS IND
 8310                 8310                        NORTH ATLANTIC API
 833                                              SMALLCROSS DECADE RES
 833                  833                         NARDA BOX
 834                  834                         TEKTRONIX DATA COMM
 835000               835000                      CABLEWAVE DELAY LINE
 8350B                8350B                       AGILENT SWEEP OCS
 83525A               83525A                      HP PLUG IN
 83545A               83545A                      AGILENT RF PLUG IN
 8370                 8370                        CHADWICK BALANCER
 837D-1               522-4858-001                COLLINS UHF ANT
 837D-1               522-4858-002                COLLINS UHF ANT
 837KAY               837KAY                      KAY ATTEN
 83III                83III                       FLUKE METER
 840                                              TEGAM THERMOMETER
 840                  840                         NARDA BOX
 8401                 8401                        BIRD RESISTOR
 8401A                8401A                       HP TEST SET
 8401AA               8401A                       HYDRAULIC TECH TET SET
 8402B                8402B                       HP TEST SET
 8406A                8406A                       HP FREQ GEN
 8420                 8420                        CALICO DIG MTR CNTR
 8443004              8443004                     ASI CABLE
 8443A                8443A                       HP GEN CNTR
 8443B                8443B                       HP GEN CNTR
 8447A                8447A                       HP AMP
 844A-1               757-0701-001                COLLINS VOR INST MOD
 844A-1               757-0701-002                COLLINS VOR/LOC INST MODULE
 844A-1               757-0701-003                COLLINS VOR/LOC INST MODULE
 844A-1               757-0701-004                COLLINS VOR/LOC INST MODULE
 844A-1               757-0701-005                COLLINS VOR/LOC INST MODULE
 845AB                845AB                       FLUKE NULLMETER
 8470B                8470B                       HP CRYSTAL DETECTOR
 8471A                8471A                       HP RF DETECTOR
 8477A                8477A                       HP THERMISTOR MT
 8478A                8478A                       HP THERMISTOR MNT
 8478B                8478B                       HP THERMISTOR MT
 84811A               84811A                      HP PWR SENSOR
 8481A                8481A                       HP PWR SENSOR
 8481B                8481B                       HP PWR SENSOR
 8481H                8481H                       HP PWR SENSOR
 8482A                8482A                       AGILENT PWR SENSOR
 8482H                8482H                       HP PWR SENSOR
 8483A                8483A                       HP PWR SENSOR
 8484A                8484A                       HP PWR SENSOR
 8491A                8491A                       HP ATTEN
 8491B                8491B                       HP ATTEN
 8491C                8491C                       HP ATTENUATORS
 8492A                8492A                       HP COAXIAL ATTEN
 8493A                8493A                       HP COAXIAL ATTEN
 8493B                8493B                       HP ATTENUATOR
 8494A                8494A                       HP STEP ATTEN
 8494A                8494A                       HP ATTEN
 8494B                8494B                       HP STEP ATTEN
 8494G                8494G                       HP ATTEN
 8495A                8495A                       HP ATTEN
 8495A                8495A                       AGILENT ATTEN
 8495G                8495G                       HP ATTEN
 8496A                8496A                       HP ATTEN
 8496A                8496A                       AGILENT ATTEN
 8496G                8496G                       HP ATTEN
 8496G                8496G                       AGILENT ATTEN
 8498A                8498A                       HP ATTEN
 85                   505-626-50                  MITUTOYO CALIPER
 85                   505-637-50                  MITUTOYO CALIPER
 85                   85                          FLUKE METER
 850                  850                         BECKMAN PLUG IN
 8500                 8500                        NORTH ATLANTIC ANGLE POSITION INDICATOR

                                                         PAGE: 72
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 8500A                8500A                       FLUKE DIGITAL METER
 8500C                901-10800-2                 CHADWICK BALANCE ANALYZER
 8501                 8501                        NEWPORT PYROMETER
 8501A                8501A                       GIGATRONICS PWR METER
 8502A                8502A                       FLUKE MULTIMETER
 85032B               85032B                      HP CALIBRATOR
 85032E               85032E                      HP CALIBRATOR
 850586-1             850586-1                    AEROMECH AIRSPEED IND
 8505A                8505A                       FLUKE METER
 8506A                8506A                       FLUKE METER
 8508                 8508                        HP VECTOR VM
 8508A                8508A                       HP VECTOR VM
 850W                 850W                        JC AIR FREQ CONV
 851A                 851A                        SPECTRUM ANALYZER DISPLAY
 853000               853000                      CABLEWAVE DELAY LINE
 8551A                8551A                       SPECTRUM ANALYZER
 8553B                8553B                       HP SPECTRUM ANALYZER
 8557A                8557A                       HP SPECTRUM ANALYZER
 8558B                8558B                       HP SPECTRUM ANALYZER
 85640A               85640A                      HP TEST SET
 856A1278G03          856A1278G03                 GE PLA ADJ
 857E958P03           857E958P03                  GE CABLE
 8591E                8591E                       HP ANALYZER
 8596E                8596E                       AGILENT SPECTRUM ANALYZER
 859S840              859S840                     WAVETEK GEN
 85RF                 85RF                        FLUKE PROBE
 86                                               FLUKE METER
 86                   86                          TEKTRONIX DC PREAMP
 860                  860                         BECKMAN PLUG IN
 860                  860 FLUKE                   FLUKE MULTIMETER
 8600A                8600A                       FLUKE MULTIMETER
 8601A                8601A                       HP SIGNAL GENERATOR
 860E-2               522-2702-000                COLLINS DME INT
 860E-2               522-2702-014                COLLINS DME INT
 860E-2               522-2702-016                COLLINS DME
 860E-2               522-2702-018                COLLINS DME
 860E-2               522-2702-020                COLLINS DME
 860E-2               522-2702-021                COLLINS DME
 860E-2               522-2702-030                COLLINS DME
 860E-2               522-2702-031                COLLINS DME
 860E-2               522-2702-032                COLLINS DME
 860E-2               522-2702-033                COLLINS DME
 860E-2               522-2702-035                COLLINS DME
 860E-2               522-2702-036                COLLINS DME
 860E-2               522-2702-052                COLLINS DME INT
 860E-2               522-2702-053                COLLINS DME INT
 860E-2               522-2702-054                COLLINS DME INT
 860E-2               522-2702-055                COLLINS DME
 860E-2               522-2702-056                COLLINS DME INT
 860E-2               522-2702-058                COLLINS DME INT
 860E-2               522-2702-060                COLLINS DME
 860E-2               522-2702-061                COLLINS DME INT
 860E-2               522-2702-062                COLLINS DME INT
 860E-2               522-2702-063                COLLINS DME INT
 860E-2               522-2702-064                COLLINS DME INT
 860E-2               522-2702-065                COLLINS DME
 860E-2               522-2702-066                COLLINS DME INT
 860E-2               522-2702-068                COLLINS DME INT
 860E-2               522-2702-070                COLLINS DME INT
 860E-2               522-2702-071                COLLINS DME INT
 860E-2               522-2702-072                COLLINS DME
 860E-2 SUBASSY       528-0455-004                COLLINS DIST MECH
 860E-3               522-4209-001                COLLINS DME
 860E-3               522-4209-002                COLLINS DME
 860E-3 SUBASSY       791-0012-001                COLLINS SYNTH DRIVER
 860E-3 SUBASSY       791-0047-001                COLLINS XMTR ASSY
 860E-3 SUBASSY       791-0131-001                COLLINS POWER SUPPLY
 860E-4               622-2920-001                **COLLINS DME
 860E-4               622-2920-002                **COLLINS DME

                                                         PAGE: 73
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 860E-4               622-2920-003                **COLLINS DME
 860E-4               622-2920-004                **COLLINS DME
 860E-4               622-2920-005                **COLLINS DME RT
 860E-4 SUBASSY       601-2709-003                COLLINS VID PROC BD
 860E-4 SUBASSY       629-6580-001                COLLINS BD
 860E-4 SUBASSY       629-6588-001                COLLINS RCVR MODULE
 860E-4 SUBASSY       629-6620-001                COLLINS SYNTH
 860E-4/E-5 SUBASSY   601-2704-003                COLLINS A6 CARD
 860E-4A              622-3078-001                COLLINS DME
 860E-5               622-2921-001                COLLINS DME
 860E-5               622-2921-002                COLLINS DME
 860E-5               622-2921-004                COLLINS DME
 860E-5               622-2921-005                COLLINS DME
 860E-5               622-2921-006                COLLINS DME
 860E-5 SUBASSY       601-2705-003                COLLINS PROCESSOR BD
 860E-5A              622-5424-001                COLLINS DME
 860E4 SUBASSY        629-6600-001                COLLINS PWR AMP
 860F-1               522-3698-001                **COLLINS Radio Altimeter
 860F-1               522-3698-002                **COLLINS Radio Altimeter
 860F-1               522-3698-003                **COLLINS Radio Altimeter
 860F-1               522-3698-004                **COLLINS Radio Altimeter
 860F-1               522-3698-005                COLLINS RAD ALT
 860F-1               522-3698-006                **COLLINS Radio Altimeter
 860F-1               522-3698-008                **COLLINS Radio Altimeter Military
 860F-1               522-3698-011                **COLLINS Radio Altimeter
 860F-1               522-3698-013                **COLLINS Radio Altimeter
 860F-1               522-3698-014                **COLLINS Radio Altimeter
 860F-1 SUBASSY       528-0594-002                COLLINS XMTR ASSY
 860F-1 SUBASSY       528-0598-001                COLLINS POWER SUPPLY
 860F-1 SUBASSY       528-0598-004                COLLINS PWR SUP
 860F-1 SUBASSY       605-4148-001                COLLINS MONITOR
 860F-1 SUBASSY       606-4148-001                COLLINS MONITOR
 860F-1 SUBASSY       608-4148-008                COLLINS MODULE
 860F-1 SUBASSY       763-3209-001                COLLINS MIXER
 860F-1 SUBASSY       763-3260-001                COLLINS MIXER ASSY
 860F-1 SUBASSY       767-6600-003                COLLINS PREAMP
 860F-1 SUBASSY       791-8483-001                COLLINS A4 BOARD
 860F-1 SUBASSY       791-8483-003                COLLINS
 860F-1 SUBASY        528-0719-001                COLLINS TRANSLATOR
 860F-2               622-0410-001                COLLINS RAD ALT
 860F-2               622-0410-002                COLLINS RAD ALT
 860F-4               622-3890-001                COLLINS Radio Altimeter R.T.
 860F-4               622-3890-002                COLLINS Radio Altimeter
 860F-4               622-3890-003                COLLINS Radio Altimeter
 860F-4               622-3890-004                COLLINS Radio Altimeter
 860F-4               622-3890-005                COLLINS Radio Altimeter
 860F-4               622-3890-006                COLLINS Radio Altimeter
 860F-4               622-3890-008                COLLINS Radio Altimeter
 860F-4               622-3890-011                COLLINS Radio Altimeter
 860F-4               622-3890-013                COLLINS Radio Altimeter
 860F-4               622-3890-014                COLLINS Radio Altimeter
 860F-4               622-3890-015                COLLINS Radio Altimeter
 860F-4               622-3890-018                COLLINS Radio Altimeter
 860F-4               622-3890-020                COLLINS Radio Altimeter.
 860F-4               622-3890-021                COLLINS Radio Altimeter
 860F-4               622-3890-102                COLLINS Radio Altimeter
 860F-4               622-3890-103                COLLINS Radio Altimeter
 860F-4               622-3890-104                COLLINS Radio Altimeter
 860F-4               622-3890-108                COLLINS Radio Altimeter
 860F-4               622-3890-114                COLLINS Radio Altimeter
 860F-4 SUBASSY       634-7232-001                COLLINS BD
 860F-4 SUBASSY       634-7232-005                COLLINS BD
 860F-4 SUBASSY       635-6226-001                COLLINS TRANSMITTER
 860F-4 SUBASSY       635-6229-001                COLLINS XMTR
 860F-4 SUBASSY       635-6229-002                COLLINS XMTR
 860F-4 SUBASSY       635-6229-003                COLLINS XMTR
 860F-4 SUBASSY       642-0855-004                COLLINS A2 MODULATOR
 860F-4 SUBASSY       676-6859-001                COLLINS A6 PROCESSER
 8614A                8614A                       HP SIGNAL GENERATOR

                                                          PAGE: 74
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 8616A                8616A                       HP SIG GEN
 861A                 6097619-300                 SPERRY RADIO NAV SWITCHING UNIT
 861A                 97619-300                   WILCOX RADIO NAV SWITCHING UNIT
 861VM2               861VM2                      GABLES CTL
 862A                 6097620-200                 SPERRY SWITCHING UNIT
 862A                 6097620-300                 SPERRY INST SWITCHING UNIT
 862A                 97620-300                   WILCOX INSTRUMENT SWITCHING UNIT
 863                  863                         FLUKE METER
 8640A                8640A                       HP SIGNAL GEN
 8640B                8640B                       HP SIGNAL GEN
 8643A                8643A                       HP GEN
 8648B                8648B                       AGILENT RF SIG GEN
 8648C                8648C                       AGILENT RF SIG GEN
 8656A                8656A                       HP SIGNAL GEN
 8656B                8656B                       HP SIGNAL GEN
 8657A                8657A                       HP SIG GEN
 8662A                8662A                       HP GENERATOR
 8663A                8663A                       HP SIG GEN
 867B                 867B                        FLUKE METER
 87                   87                          FLUKE METER
 87-3                 87-3                        FLUKE METER
 870                  870                         BECKMAN PLUG IN
 8708A                8708A                       HP SYNCH
 8711A                8711A                       HP MODULATOR
 8714A                8714A                       HP MODULATOR
 8716A                8716A                       HP MODULATOR
 871A                 871A                        OMEGA THERMOMETER
 873A                 873A                        ACDC DIF
 874-LK20             874-LK20L                   GENRAD LINE
 874G10               874G10                      GENRAD ATTN
 874LK20L             874LK20L                    GENRAD LINE STRETCHER
 875A                 875A                        B&K METER
 878                                              KNIGHT METER LCR
 878                  878                         B&K METER
 878L-1               522-3022-000                COLLINS AMPLIFIER TEST SET
 878L-13              522-3971-001                COLLINS RELAY CON TESTER
 878L-15              522-4252-001                COLLINS MODULE TEST
 878L-16              522-4253-001                COLLINS MODULE TEST
 878L-17              522-4254-001                COLLINS MODULE TEST
 878L-18              522-4409-001                COLLINS SERVO AMP TESTER
 878L-19              878L-19                     COLLINS CPLR TEST SET
 878L-19D             622-0226-001                COLLINS Discriminator Test Set
 878L-2               522-3271-000                COLLINS RELAY CONTROL TEST SET
 878L-3               522-3272-000                COLLINS DISCRIMINATOR TEST SET
 878L-36A             622-0975-001                COLLINS TEST SET
 878L-39              622-0227-001                COLLINS TEST SET
 878L-39              6220227001                  COLLINS TEST PANEL
 878LK20L             878LK20L                    MILITARY LINE STRETCHER
 87III                87III                       FLUKE METER
 87V/E                87V/E                       FLUKE METER
 88                   88                          FLUKE METER
 8800                 8800                        NORTH ATLANTIC pa ind
 8800A                8800A                       FLUKE MULTIMETER
 8810                 8810                        NORTH ATLANTIC TEST SET
 8810-F1210           8810-F1210                  NORTH ATLANTIC TEST SET
 8810-S3204           8810-S3204                  NORTH ATLANTIC API
 881A                 881A                        FLUKE VOLTMETER
 881AB                881AB                       FLUKE DIFFERENTIAL VOLTMETER
 883A                 883A                        FLUKE VOLTMETER
 883AB                883AB                       FLUKE DIFFERENTIAL VOLTMETER
 8840A                8840A                       FLUKE MULTIMETER
 8840AAF              8840AAF                     FLUKE MULTIMETER
 8842A                8842A                       FLUKE MULTIMETER
 8845A                8845A                       FLUKE MULTIMETER
 8846A                8846A                       FLUKE MULTIMETER
 886                  886                         SIMPSON METER
 887A                 887A                        FLUKE VOLTMETER
 887AB                887AB                       FLUKE DIFFERENTIAL VOLTMETER
 890                  890                         SIMPSON METER

                                                          PAGE: 75
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 8900A                8900A                       BOONTON Peak Power Meter
 8900B                8900B                       HP PWR METER
 8900C                8900C                       HP PWR METER
 8900D                8900D                       HP PWR METER
 8901A                8901A                       HP ANALYZER
 8901B                8901B                       HP ANALYZER
 8902A                8902A                       HP/AGILENT MEAS REC
 8903A                8903A                       HP AUDIO ANALYZER
 8903B                8903B                       HP TEST SET
 8903E                8903E                       HP ANALYZER
 8904A                8904A                       HP SYNTH
 8905A                8905A                       HP WAVE METER
 890J-3               772-5252-003                COLLINS RACK
 8920A                8920A                       HP SERIAL MONITOR
 892B                 892B                        AVIATION SYS TECH POS XMTR
 893A                 893A                        FLUKE DIFFERENTIAL VOLTMETER
 893AR                893AR                       FLUKE DIF METER
 899                  899                         SIMPSON SOUND LVL MTR
 899L-1               622-1678-001                COLLINS TACAN ADP
 899L-1               622-1678-002                COLLINS TACAN ADP
 899L-1               622-1678-004                COLLINS TACAN ADP
 899L-1 SUBASSY       621-2845-001                COLLINS A6 SYNCHRO
 899L-1 SUBASSY       621-2845-002                COLLINS A7 SYNCHRO
 899L-1 SUBASSY       621-2846-001                COLLINS A8 PS
 899L-1 SUBASSY       621-6140-003                COLLINS DIST CARD
 899L-1 SUBASSY       621-6143-003                COLLINS DIST CARD
 899L-1 SUBASSY       621-6146-003                COLLINS BRG CARD
 899L-1 SUBASSY       621-6149-003                COLLINS BRG CARD
 899L1 SUBASSY        621-6140-003                COLLINS BOARD
 899S-1               622-1920-001                COLLINS CONV
 899S-1               622-1920-002                COLLINS ADP
 899S-1               7315-0050-1                 SIERRA ADAPTER
 899S-1               7315-0050-2                 SIERRA ADAPTER
 899S-1               7315-0050-3                 SUERRA/DRS RANGE ADAPTER
 899S-1               7315-0050-4                 SIERRA ADAPTER
 8DJ13AAR             DJ13                        GE INDICATOR
 8RNX26C              2037076-0501                BENDIX GS REC Module
 9                    9                           SIMPSON VC AMP MTR
 9-34P50              9-34P50                     CHELTON ANT
 90-187-01            90-187-01                   SMITHS FUEL QUANTITY TEST SET
 90-602               90-602-A-1-1-20FNF          ARRA DIR COUP
 9000A-8051           9000A-8051                  FLUKE INTERFACE POD
 9000A-8086           9000A-8086                  FLUKE INTERFACE POD
 9000A-Z80            9000A-Z80                   FLUKE INTERFACE
 9008                 9008                        RACAL METER
 900B                 900B                        JERROLD SWEEP GEN
 901                  901                         WESTON METER
 9010A                9010A                       FLUKE MICRO-SYS
 904-ASI-10-02H       ASI-10-02H                  ASI TEST CABLE
 904J038-1            904J038-1                   WESTINGHOUSE TEST SET
 90500                90500                       DUAL DUAL STA ALT
 90518                90518                       STODDART ATTEN
 90901                90901                       ST DYN
 9090U                9090U                       SCHERR METER
 909A                 909A                        HP TERMINATION
 91-12E               91-12E                      BOONTON RF PROBE
 910-10-11            910-10-11                   WEINSCHEL ATTEN
 9100 SERIES          9100 SERIES                 FLUKE TEST SET
 9104A                9104A                       SINTERS SYNCHRO
 9112F                9112F                       BOONTON RF PROBE
 911A-D               911A-D                      BAFCO FREQ RESP ANALYZER
 913F-2               622-0629-001                COLLINS CTL
 913F-2               622-0629-002                COLLINS CTL
 913F-3               622-2287-002                COLLINS CTL
 913F-3               622-2287-003                COLLINS UHF CTL
 913F-3               622-2287-004                COLLINS UFL CTL
 913G-1               622-0748-001                COLLINS TACAN CTL
 913G-1               622-0748-002                COLLINS TACAN CTL
 913G-2               622-2360-001                COLLINS TACAN CTL

                                                         PAGE: 76
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 913G-2               622-2360-002                COLLINS TACAN CTL
 913G-3               622-8140-001                COLLINS TACAN CTL
 913G-4               622-9076-001                COLLINS TACAN CTL
 913K-1               622-0966-001                COLLINS AP COMP
 913K-1               622-0966-002                COLLINS AP COMP
 913K-1A              622-3202-001                COLLINS AP COMP
 913K-1A              622-3202-003                COLLINS AP COMP
 913K-1A              622-3202-004                COLLINS AP COMP
 913K-1A              622-3202-005                COLLINS AP COMP
 913K-1A              622-3202-008                COLLINS AP COMP
 913K-1A              622-3202-009                COLLINS AP COMP
 913K-1A              622-3202-010                COLLINS AP COMP
 913K-1A              622-3202-013                COLLINS A/P COMPUTER
 913K-1A              622-3202-014                COLLINS AP COMP
 913K-1A              622-3202-015                COLLINS AP COMP
 913K-1A              622-3202-016                COLLINS AP COMP
 913K1A SUBASSY       601-4754-003                COLLINS A4 BD
 914A                 97637-0101                  WILCOX XPDR
 914A                 97637-0201                  WILCOX XPDR
 914A                 97637-201                   WILCOX XPDR
 914F-1               522-4058-001                COLLINS CVR CONTROL
 914F-1               522-4058-002                COLLINS CVR CONTROL
 914F-1               522-4058-009                COLLINS CVR CONTROL
 914G-1               522-3918-001                COLLINS CTL IND
 914G-1               522-3918-002                COLLINS CTL IND
 914G-1               522-3918-007                COLLINS CTL IND
 914G-1               522-3918-009                COLLINS CTL IND
 914G-1A              522-3918-003                COLLINS CTL IND
 914G-1A              522-3918-004                COLLINS WARN MON IND
 914G-1A              522-3918-011                COLLINS WARN MON IND
 914G-1A              522-3918-012                COLLINS WARN MON IND
 914G-1A              522-3918-013                COLLINS WARN MON IND
 914G-2               522-3919-001                COLLINS WARN MON IND
 914G-2               522-3919-002                COLLINS WARN MON IND
 914G-2               522-3919-003                COLLINS WARN MON IND
 914G-2               522-3919-004                COLLINS WARN MON IND
 914G-2               522-3919-005                COLLINS WARN MON IND
 914G-2               522-3919-006                COLLINS WARN MON IND
 914G-2               522-3919-007                COLLINS WARN MON IND
 914G-2               522-3919-008                COLLINS WARN MON IND
 914G-2A              522-3919-009                COLLINS WARN MON IND
 914G-2A              522-3919-010                COLLINS WARN MON IND
 914G-2A              522-3919-011                COLLINS WARN MON IND
 914G-2A              522-3919-012                COLLINS WARN MON IND
 914G-2A              522-3919-013                COLLINS WARN MON IND
 914G-2A              522-3919-014                COLLINS WARN MON IND
 914G-2A              522-3919-015                COLLINS WARN MON IND
 914G-2A              522-3919-016                COLLINS WARN MON IND
 915E-2               777-1262-001                COLLINS CONTROL
 917A-1               772-0821-001                COLLINS VHF TX
 917A-2               777-0056-001                COLLINS ASSY
 91C                  91C                         BOONTON RF Voltmeter
 91CA                 91CA                        BOONTON RF VOLTMETER
 91DA                 91DA                        BOONTON VOLTMETER
 91H                  91H                         BOONTON VOLTMETER
 91HR                 91HR                        BOONTON VOLTMETER
 920                  920                         KUSTOM POWER SUPPLY DC
 920                  MEC920                      KUSTOM DC POWER SUPPLY
 9200A                9200A                       BOONTON MV METER
 9200B                9200B                       BOONTON RF METER
 9200C                9200C                       BOONTON RF VOLTMETER
 920B                 920B                        HP ADJUSTABLE SHORT
 921                  921                         WESTON METER
 9214-20              9214-20                     WEINSCHEL ATTEN
 9232                 9232                        RACAL PWR SUPPLY
 9240SI5              9240SI5                     SINTERS TEST SET
 925                  925                         LOGIMETRICS SIG GEN
 925-5125             925-5125                    LOGIMETRICS SIG GEN
 92AS2                92AS2                       BOONTON METER

                                                         PAGE: 77
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 92B                  92B                         BOONTON VOLTMETER
 92BD                 92BD                        BOONTON METER
 92C                  92C                         BOONTON METER
 92EA                 92EA                        BOONTON RF MV METER
 92XD-1               01-0218-00                  JC AIR DME TEST SET
 931                  931                         WESTON METER
 931B                 931B                        FLUKE DIFF VM
 93276-00             93276-00                    COLE PARMER METER
 9339A                9339A                       WEINSCHEL ATTN
 937R-1               792-6118-001                COLLINS RAD ANT WX
 937R-2               792-6443-001                COLLINS RAD ANT WX
 937R-3               792-6444-001                COLLINS RAD ANT WX
 937R-4               792-6445-001                COLLINS RAD ANT WX
 940                  940                         GENRAD INDUCTOR
 940-60-( )           940-60-( )                  WEINSCHEL ATTEN
 940-ASI-10-02E       ASI-10-02E                  ASI CABLE
 940-ASI-10-02G       ASI-10-02G                  ASI CABLE- G7500 TEST
 940-ASI-10-02J       ASI-10-02J                  ASI CABLE
 940-ASI-10-02K       ASI-10-02K                  ASI CABLE G6977 TEST
 940-ASI-10-02L       ASI-10-02L                  ASI CABLE G6981 TEST
 940-ASI-10-02W       ASI-10-02W                  ASI CABLE
 940-ASI-1002         ASI-1002                    ASI UNIV. TEST PANEL
 944                  53-944001                   ELECTRONIC EE SPEAKER AMP
 944                  53-944001-01                SIGMA-TEK SPEAKER
 944                  MI51B                       BENDIX SPEAKER
 944                  MI51B2                      BENDIX SPEAKER
 950A                 950A                        LOGIMETRICS SIG GEN
 951-0190-007         951-0190-007                HONEYWELL GPWC TEST SET
 951A-1               757-0700-001                COLLINS GS REC
 9585                 9585                        WEINSCHEL ATTEN
 9600                 9600                        CHADWICK HELMUTH TACH IND
 960M-1               622-0471-001                COLLINS Torque Tester
 960M-3               622-2741-001                COLLINS Servo Torque Tester
 960P-1/ARC-109       622-0828-001                COLLINS SQLCH AUX
 965T-1               622-8224-002                COLLIINS TEST SET
 965T-2               622-8912-001                COLLIINS TEST SET
 966B-1               622-5479-001                COLLINS TEST SET
 966B-2               622-5480-001                COLLINS TEST SET
 966B-3               622-5481-001                COLLINS TEST SET
 966B-4               622-5482-001                COLLINS TEST SET
 966B-6               622-5484-001                COLLINS TEST SET
 966B-7               622-5485-001                COLLINS TEST SET
 966D-17A             622-9069-001                COLLINS TEST SET
 966D-5A              622-7574-001                COLLINS ARC190 TEST SET
 966D-5A              622-7574-002                COLLINS ARC190 TEST SET
 966D-5B              622-9034-001                COLLINS AN/ARC-190(V) HF TEST SET
 966Y-2               622-6926-001                COLLIINS TEST SET
 966Y-2               622-6926-002                COLLIINS VIR-130 TEST SET
 967A-1               622-4805-001                COLLINS TEST SET
 967M-4               622-5288-001                COLLINS HF CARD TEST
 968A-1               622-3962-001                COLLINS TEST SET
 968J-1               622-4369-001                COLLINS AUDIO TEST
 968W-1               622-4725-001                COLLINS TEST SET
 968X-1               622-4726-001                COLLINS TEST SET
 968Y-1               622-4768-001                COLLINS ARINC 547 VOR/ILS Test Set
 969N-1A              622-5532-001                COLLINS AUDIO TEST FIXTURE
 969N-1B              622-5655-001                COLLINS AUDIO TEST FIXTURE
 969N-1D              622-8014-001                COLLIINS VHF-4000 TEST SET
 969W-1               622-3874-001                COLLINS ADF ANTENNA TESTER
 970D-2               622-3304-001                COLLINS AIR DATA TS
 970D-2A              622-8624-001                COLLINS AIR DATA ELECTRONIC TEST SET
 970E-1               622-2914-00                 COLLINS TEST SET
 970E-1               622-2914-001                COLLINS RMI Test Set
 970G-1               622-2854-001                COLLINS Test Set
 970G-2               622-7345-002                COLLIINS DF-206A TEST SET
 970V-1               622-3029-001                COLLINS TEST SET
 970W-1               622-3099-001                COLLINS SIMULATOR
 971F-1               622-2013-001                COLLINS FCS-105 Autopilot Test Set
 971F-1               622-2013-002                COLLINS FCS-105 Autopilot Test Set

                                                          PAGE: 78
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 971K-1               622-2011-001                COLLINS TEST PANEL
 971T-1               622-2640-001                COLLINS TEST PANEL
 971T-1               622-2640-002                COLLINS TEST ST
 971T-1               622-2640-003                COLLINS TEST ST
 971T-1               622-2640-004                COLLINS TEST ST
 972Q-4               622-2211-002                COLLINS ILS/VOR/MB RAMP TEST SET
 972Q-4               622-2211-004                COLLINS ILS/VOR/MB RAMP TEST SET
 972Q-4               622-2211-006                COLLINS ILS/VOR/MB RAMP TEST SET
 972Q-4 SUBASSY       629-0230-001                COLLINS BATTERY CHARGER
 972S-1               622-1626-001                COLLINS TESTER
 972S-2               622-1668-001                COLLINS AP TEST SET
 972S-3               622-2562-001                COLLINS SERVO TEST SET
 972S-5               622-7122-001                COLLINS SERVO TEST SET
 972S-5               622-7122-002                COLLINS SERVO TEST SET
 972V-1               622-1789-001                COLLINS TACAN TEST SET
 972V-1               622-1789-003                COLLINS TACAN TEST SET
 972V-1               622-1789-004                COLLINS TACAN TEST SET
 972V-1               622-1789-005                COLLINS TACAN TEST SET
 973G-1               622-0322-001                COLLINS TESTER
 973G-1A              622-2533-001                COLLINS TESTER
 973G-3A              622-2513-001                COLLINS HF TEST SET
 973L-1A              622-2514-001                COLLINS TEST SET
 973W-3               622-6121-001                COLLINS AN/ARC182V TEST SET
 974-20               974-20                      WEINSCHEL ATTEN
 974R-1               622-0049-001                COLLINS TEST SET
 975D-1               787-6842-001                COLLINS TESTER
 975D-2               622-3582-001                COLLINS DME TEST SET
 975D-2               622-3582-002                COLLINS DME TEST SET
 975D-2               622-3582-003                COLLINS DME TEST SET
 975D-2               622-3582-004                COLLINS DME TEST SET
 975D-2               622-3582-005                COLLINS DME TEST SET
 97707                97707-200                   WILCOX XPDR CTL
 97707                97707-300                   WILCOX CONTROL
 977A-1               777-1356-001                COLLINS TESTER
 977B-1               777-1357-001                COLLINS TESTER
 977C-1               777-1358-001                COLLINS TESTER
 977D-1               777-1359-001                COLLINS TESTER
 977H-1               822-0971-001                COLLIINS TEST SET
 978F-10R             522-4086-001                COLLINS TEST SET
 978F-11P             522-4113-001                COLLINS TEST SET
 978F-1D              522-3424-000                COLLINS TEST SET
 978F-2S              522-3498-000                COLLINS Synchro Simulator
 978F-2S              522-3498-001                COLLINS SYNCHRO SIM
 978F-3M              522-3423-000                COLLINS MODE CONTROL TEST SET
 978F-4A              522-3427-000                COLLINS AMP TEST SET
 978F-5R              522-3501-000                COLLINS AMP TEST SET
 978F-6P              522-3426-001                COLLINS COMP TEST
 978F-8W              522-3701-001                COLLINS COMP TEST
 978F-9A              522-4085-001                COLLINS AMP TEST SET
 980-6109-001         980-6109-001                SUNDSTRAND MON MICROPHONE
 980-6109-002         980-6109-002                SUNDSTRAND MIC MON
 980H-1               522-4380-001                COLLINS CPLR TEST
 980H-2               522-4541-001                COLLINS TEST SET
 980H-3               522-4748-001                COLLINS ANT CPLR TEST SET
 980H-5               777-1526-001                COLLINS Antenna Coupler Test Set
 980H-6               777-1534-001                COLLINS HF ANT COUPLER TEST SET
 980L-1               522-4496-001                COLLINS TEST SET
 980L-1A              622-0846-001                COLLINS TEST SET
 980N-1               522-4610-001                COLLINS Ramp Test Set for 860F1 and 860F4 RADIO ALTIMETER
 980N-1               522-4610-003                COLLINS Ramp Test Set for 860F1 and 860F4 RADIO ALTIMETER
 980N-1               522-4610-004                COLLINS Ramp Test Set for 860F1 and 860F4 RADIO ALTIMETER
 980N-1-3             980N-1-3                    COLLINS RAD ALT TEST SET
 987-0896-001         987-0896-001                ASI CABLE
 987-0897-001         987-0897-001                ASI CABLE
 987-1253-001         987-1253-001                ASI CABLE
 987-1254-001         987-1254-001                ASI CABLE
 987-2013-001         987-2013-001                ASI CABLE
 987-2013-010         987-2013-010                ASI CABLE
 987-9739-002         987-9739-002                ASI CABLE

                                                         PAGE: 79
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 987-9739-003         987-9739-003                ASI CABLE
 987-9739-005         987-9739-005                ASI CABLE
 987-9739-008         987-9739-008                ASI CABLE
 987-9739-010         987-9739-010                ASI CABLE
 987-9739-012         987-9739-012                ASI CABLE
 987-9739-038         987-9739-038                ASI CABLE
 988G-1               622-4287-001                COLLINS MOUNT
 990-2-4              990-2-4                     SAFE FLIGHT LIFT T.D. TESTER
 990-3                990-3                       SAFE APPL
 990C-12              622-3922-002                COLLINS DUAL MT
 990C-13              622-4166-001                COLLINS MT
 990C-16              637-9200-003                COLLINS MOUNT
 990C-2               792-6128-001                COLLINS MOUNT,HF
 990C-2               792-6128-002                COLLINS MOUNT,HF
 990C-2               792-6128-003                COLLINS MOUNT,HF
 990C-3               792-6129-001                COLLINS MOUNT
 990C-3D              622-1742-001                COLLINS HF MOUNT
 990C-3D              622-1742-002                COLLINS MOUNT
 990C-3D              622-1742-003                COLLINS MOUNT
 990C-6               792-6391-001                COLLINS MOUNT
 990C-6               792-6391-002                COLLINS HF MOUNT
 990C-6               792-6391-003                COLLINS MOUNT
 990C-8               622-0668-001                COLLINS MOUNT
 990C-8               622-0668-003                COLLINS MOUNT
 990C-9               622-0682-001                COLLINS MOUNT
 990W-1A              792-6917-002                COLLINS MOUNT
 990W-1A              792-6917-003                COLLINS MOUNT
 990W-3               792-6760-003                collins MOUNT
 990W-5               622-2593-002                COLLINS RACK
 991M-1               622-1679-001                COLLINS MOUNT
 991M-2               622-2041-001                COLLINS TACAN MT
 991M-2               622-2041-002                COLLINS TACAN CTL
 991N-1               622-1680-001                COLLINS MOUNT
 991N-1               622-1680-002                COLLINS TACAN MT
 991N-1               622-1680-003                COLLINS TACAN MT
 991N-1               622-1680-004                COLLINS TACAN MT
 991N-1               622-1680-005                COLLINS TACAN MT
 991N-2               622-1782-001                COLLINS RT MT
 991N-2               622-1782-002                COLLINS RT MT
 991N-3               622-1783-001                COLLINS MOUNT
 991N-3               622-1783-002                COLLINS TACAN MOUNT
 991N-3               622-1783-003                COLLINS TACAN MOUNT
 991N-3               622-1783-005                COLLINS TACAN MOUNT
 991N-4               622-3765-001                COLLINS MOUNT
 991N-5               622-3766-001                COLLINS MOUNT
 992C-1               622-3697-001                COLLINS Shockmount
 992C-1               622-3697-002                COLLINS Shockmount
 992C-1               622-3697-003                COLLINS Shockmount
 992F-1               622-4754-001                COLLINS MOUNT
 992L-1               622-5148-001                COLLINS TACAN MT
 992L-1               622-5148-002                COLLINS TACAN MT
 992L-1               622-5148-003                COLLINS TACAN MT
 992L-1               622-5148-004                COLLINS TACAN MT
 992L-2               622-4564-001                COLLINS MOUNT
 993M-1               622-1319-001                COLLINS MTG BASE
 993N-1               622-5680-001                COLLINS TACAN MT
 993N-1               622-5680-002                COLLINS TACAN MT
 993N-1               622-5680-003                COLLINS TACAN MT
 993R-1               622-5458-001                COLLINS MOUNT
 993S-1               622-5369-002                COLLINS MOUNT
 993S-20              622-9652-001                COLLINS MOUNT
 993S-3               622-6128-003                COLLINS MOUNT
 993S-4               622-6994-001                COLLINS MOUNT
 993S-4               622-6994-002                COLLINS MOUNT
 993S-4               622-6994-003                COLLINS MOUNT
 993W-1               622-6424-001                COLLINS MOUNT
 995G-1               622-7233-001                COLLINS RT MOUNT
 995G-2               622-7234-001                COLLINS ADP MOUNT
 995G-3               622-7570-001                COLLINS RT/ADP MOUNT

                                                         PAGE: 80
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 998G-1               622-4287-001                COLLINS MOUNT
 998G-1               622-4287-002                COLLINS MOUNT
 998G-2               622-4288-001                COLLINS MOUNT
 998G-2               622-4288-002                COLLINS MOUNT
 998G-3               622-4289-001                COLLINS MOUNT
 998J-1               622-4186-001                COLLINS DIG TO ANLG ADAPTER FOR TACAN SYSTEM
 998M-1               622-5149-001                COLLINS TACAN ADAPTER
 998U-1                                           ASI TEST SET
 998U-1               622-5961-002                COLLINS COUPLER TEST SET
 998U-3                                           ASI TEST SET
 999W-1               622-3856-001                COLLINS Adapter
 999W-1A              622-3699-001                COLLINS ADAPTER RACK
 999W-2               622-5509-001                COLLINS ADAPTER
 999W-2A              622-5510-001                COLLINS HF ADAPTER
 999W-3               622-5394-001                COLLINS ADAPTER
 999W-3A              622-5395-001                COLLINS ADAPTER
 9C49-35536-501       9C49-35536-501              NORTHWEST GEN HARNESS
 9F6910               B27-49-001-01               BOEING MOD HARNESS ASSY
 A-2740               A-2740                      RLC ELECTRONICS ATTN
 A-A-2414             A-A-2414                    SNAP ON TORQUE SCREW
 A100                 93A100-10                   **FAIRCHILD CVR
 A100                 93A100-11                   **FAIRCHILD CVR
 A100                 93A100-30                   **FAIRCHILD CVR
 A100                 93A100-31                   **FAIRCHILD CVR
 A100                 93A100-32                   **FAIRCHILD CVR
 A100                 93A100-33                   **FAIRCHILD CVR
 A100                 A100                        IFR MKR/NAV/COMM Power Amplifier
 A100A                93-A100-90                  **FAIRCHILD CVR
 A100A                93A100-80                   **FAIRCHILD CVR
 A100A                93A100-81                   **FAIRCHILD CVR
 A100A                93A100-82                   **FAIRCHILD CVR
 A100A                93A100-83                   **FAIRCHILD CVR
 A100A                93A100-84                   **FAIRCHILD CVR
 A100A                93A100-85                   **FAIRCHILD CVR
 A100A SUB ASSY       103630-00                   SUNDSTRAND TAPE MAGAZINE
 A113                 9300-A-113-000              FAIRCHILD CVR
 A113                 A113                        FAIRCHILD CVR
 A150                 93A150-20                   FAIRCHILD CVR CTL
 A151                 93A151-00                   FAIRCHILD CVR CTL
 A151-1               93A151-01                   FAIRCHILD CVR CTL
 A151-B               93A151-20                   FAIRCHILD CVR CTL
 A151-B               93A151-30                   FAIRCHILD CVR CTL
 A151-B               93A151-40                   FAIRCHILD CVR CTL
 A151-B               93A151-50                   FAIRCHILD CVR CTL
 A152                 93A152-00                   FAIRCHILD CVR CTL
 A152-1               93A152-01                   FAIRCHILD CVR CTL
 A152-4               93A152-04                   FAIRCHILD CVR CTL
 A152-B               93A152-20                   FAIRCHILD CVR CTL
 A152-B               93A152-25                   FAIRCHILD CVR CTL
 A152-B               93A152-30                   FAIRCHILD CVR CTL
 A152-B               93A152-35                   FAIRCHILD CVR CTL
 A152-B               93A152-40                   FAIRCHILD CVR CTL
 A152-B               93A152-50                   FAIRCHILD CVR CTL
 A152-B               93A152-60                   FAIRCHILD CVR CTL
 A152-B               93A152-70                   FAIRCHILD CVR CTL
 A1540L-359-9-U1      A1540L-359-9-U1             CCC ANGLE POSITION IND
 A202S5               A202S5                      ASTRO SYSTEMS SYNCHRO STD
 A202S50              A202S50                     ASTRO SYSTEMS SYNCHRO STD
 A301-61A             A301-61A                    ANDREA CTL
 A301-61B-1           A301-61B-1                  ANDREA CTL
 A3150                A3150                       EXINS TURN BANK
 A35MA-10             A35MA-10                    AEROSONIC ALT
 A38119-00-008        A38119-00-008               KOLLSMAN IND
 A38119-10-008        A38119-10-008               KOLLSMAN PNE ALT
 A40179-10-024        A40179-10-024               KOLLSMAN ALT
 A4186910021          A4186910021                 KOLLSMAN ALTIMETER
 A440Y-23             A440Y-23                    A.E. TEST ADPT
 A4M                  A4M                         GE VSCF TEST SET
 A4MVSCF              292E633G1                   GE TEST SET

                                                         PAGE: 81
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 A50-AAU-7/A6         A50-AAU-7/A6                AEROSONIC ALT
 A55                  93A055-00                   FAIRCHILD MIC MODULE
 A55-3                93A055-03                   FAIRCHILD MIC MODULE
 A55-B                93A055-10                   FAIRCHILD MIC MODULE
 A55-B                93A055-20                   FAIRCHILD MIC MODULE
 A55-B                93A055-20                   FAIRCHILD MIC MODULE
 A55-B                93A055-30                   FAIRCHILD MIC MODULE
 A55-B                93A055-40                   FAIRCHILD MIC MODULE
 A55-B                93A055-45                   FAIRCHILD MIC MODULE
 A55-B                93A055-50                   FAIRCHILD MIC MODULE
 A55-B                93A055-55                   FAIRCHILD MIC MODULE
 A55-B                93A055-60                   FAIRCHILD MIC MODULE
 A55-B                93A055-65                   FAIRCHILD MIC MODULE
 A55-B                93A055-66                   FAIRCHILD MIC MODULE
 A55-B                93A055-67                   FAIRCHILD MIC MODULE
 A55-B                93A055-95                   FAIRCHILD MIC MODULE
 A7550                A7550                       IFR SPEC. ANALYZER
 A80                  A80-AAU-7A/A10              ASN PRESS ALT
 A8000                A8000                       IFR SPECTRUM ANALYZER
 A80AAU-8/A           A80AAU-8/A                  AEROSONIC ALT
 A80MA1               A80MA8A10-41                AEROSONIC 50,000 FT. ALTIMETER
 A81A-10-4            A81A-10-4                   DUAL STATION DS ALT
 A860                 A860                        FAIRCHILD CVR TEST PANEL
 A870                 9300-A870                   FAIRCHILD SOUND CALIB.
 A8A10-4              A8010-4                     AEROSONIC IND
 AA-5510B             071-1316-00                 KING FLATPLATE
 AA-5510B             3614165-5510                BENDIX FLATPLATE
 AA-5512A             4000525-5512                BENDIX FLATPLATE
 AA-5512B             071-1317-00                 BENDIX FLAT PLATE
 AA-5512B             3614165-5512                BENDIX ARRAY
 AA-5518B             071-1328-00                 KING FLATPLATE
 AA-5518B             3614165-5518                BENDIX ARRAY
 AA1210               4000525-1210                BENDIX FLATPLATE
 AA1212A              4000525-1212                BENDIX DISH
 AA2010V              071-01549-0100              ALLIED SIGNAL RADAR VERTICAL ANTENNA 10"
 AA2012V              071-01549-0200              ALLIED SIGNAL RADAR VERTICAL ANTENNA 12"
 AA4510A              071-01322-0000              BENDIX FLAT PLATE
 AA4512A              071-01323-0000              BENDIX FLAT PLATE
 AA4518               400525-4518                 BENDIX FLATPLATE
 AA4518A              071-01325-0000              BENDIX FLAT PLATE
 AA501                AA501                       TEKTRONIX DISTORTION ANaLYZER
 AA501A               AA501A                      TEKTRONIX DISTORTION ANALYZER
 AA778                AA778                       LAB Audio Frequency Generator
 AAAA11760            AAAA11760                   PHASE ADAPTER
 AAC-200              622-2884-001                COLLINS HF CPLR
 AAC-200              622-2884-003                COLLINS HF CPLR
 AAC-200              622-2884-004                COLLINS HF CPLR
 AAC-200              622-2884-005                COLLINS HF CPLR
 AAC-200P             622-6470-001                COLLINS ANT CPLR
 AAC-200P             622-6470-002                COLLINS ANT CPLR
 AAC-220              622-6668-001                COLLINS CPLR
 AAC-220              622-6668-002                COLLINS CPLR
 AAC-220P             622-6471-001                COLLINS ANT CPLR
 AAC-220P             622-6471-002                COLLINS ANT CPLR
 AAN3701-501          AAN3701-501                 BOEING CARGO LOAD PANEL
 AAN7301-1            AAN7301-1                   BOEING CARGO LOAD CTL
 AAN7301-501          AAN7301-501                 BOEING CARGO LOAD CTL
 AAU8A                A80AAU8A/AM                 AEROSONIC ALT
 AB119A-99-343        AB119A-99-343               WEINSCHEL ATTN
 ABN7657-1            ABN7657-1                   DOUGLAS PANEL
 ABN7657-501          ABN7657-501                 DOUGLAS PANEL
 ABN7657-503          ABN7657-503                 DOUGLAS PANEL
 AC-200               2594775-200                 SPERRY ALT CTL
 AC118A-99-33         AC118A-99-33                WEINSCHEL ATTN
 AC119A-99-11         AC119A-99-11                WEINSCHEL ATTN
 AC119A-99-33         AC119A-99-33                WEINSCHEL ATTN
 AC2K                 101-01400                   BARFIELD FUEL QUAN TEST SET
 AC31-1               AC31-1                      SPLBY ANTENNA
 AC31-3               AC31-3                      ST TUNER

                                                         PAGE: 82
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 AC9004-09-()         AC9004-09-()                WEINSCHEL ATTN
 AC9004-99            AC9004-99                   WEINSCHEL ATTEN
 AC9009-09-()         AC9009-09-()                WEINSCHEL ATTN
 ACD23                ACD23                       DECADE RESISTOR
 ACP-9401             ACP-9401                    DOUGLAS NOSE GEAR HARNESS
 AD-300H              4020550-904                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-500A              7000836-901                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-500A              7000836-902                 SPERRY IND
 AD-500A              7000836-909                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-500A              7000836-910                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-500A              7000836-917                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-500A              7000836-918                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-500A              7000836-923                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-500A              7000836-924                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-500B              7000836-904                 SPERRY IND
 AD-500C              7000836-906                 SPERRY IND
 AD-500C              7000836-913                 SPERRY IND
 AD-500C              7000836-922                 SPERRY IND
 AD-500H              7000836-907                 SPERRY IND
 AD-550A              7001182-901                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-550A              7001182-902                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-550A              7001182-909                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-550A              7001182-910                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-550B              7001182-903                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-550B              7001182-904                 SPERRY IND
 AD-550B              7001182-911                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-550B              7001182-912                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-550C              7001182-905                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-550C              7001182-906                 HONEYWELL ADI
 AD-550C              7001182-913                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-550C              7001182-914                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-550H              7001182-907                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-550H              7001182-915                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-600               4020547-901                 SPERRY ADI FD IND
 AD-600               4020547-904                 HONEYWELL ADI
 AD-600               4020547-908                 HONEYWELL ADI
 AD-600A              4020547-906                 SPERRY ADI FD IND
 AD-600A              4020547-907                 SPERRY ADI FD IND
 AD-600A              7000466-903                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-600A              7000466-904                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-600A              7000466-953                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-600B              4020547-905                 SPERRY ADI FD IND
 AD-600B              4020547-908                 SPERRY/HONEYWELL FLIGHT DIRECTOR
 AD-600C              7000466-911                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-600C              7000466-912                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-600C              7000466-961                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-600H              7000466-913                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-600H              7000466-914                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-650A              7000466-901                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-650A              7000466-902                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-650A              7000466-917                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-650A              7000466-918                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-650A              7000466-951                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-650B              7000466-905                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-650B              7000466-906                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-650B              7000466-907                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-650B              7000466-908                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-650B              7000466-926                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-650B              7000466-946                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-650B              7000466-955                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-650B              7000466-957                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-650B              7000466-966                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-650B              7000466-986                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-650C              7000466-909                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-650C              7000466-910                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-650C              7000466-920                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-650C              7000466-959                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-650H              7000466-915                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-650H              7000466-916                 SPERRY ADI

                                                         PAGE: 83
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 AD-650H              7000466-925                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-650H              7000466-935                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-650H              7000466-936                 SPERRY ADI
 AD-650H              7000466-945                 SPERRY ADI
 AD116A-60-12         AD116A-60-12                WEINSCHEL ATTN
 AD300D               4020550-901                 SPERRY FD IND
 AD300D               4020550-903                 SPERRY FD IND
 AD43011-01           AD43011-01                  UB CORP RADIO ALT ANT
 AD43011-01C          013-1909-010                UC CORP ANTENNA
 AD43011-01C          AD43011-01C                 UB CORP ANT
 AD43011-01C          EQPN: 522-4140-001          UB CORP ANTENNA
 AD43011-02C          013-1909-020                UB CORP ANTENNA
 AD43011-02C          AD43011-02C                 UB CORP RADIO ALT ANTENNA
 AD43011-02C          EQPN: 522-4255-001          UB CORP RAD ALT ANT
 AD43011-F16          AD43011-F16                 UB CORP RAD ALT ANT
 AD43013-1            AD43013-1                   UB CORP ANTENNA
 AD9009-09-()         AD9009-09-()                WEINSCHEL ATTN
 AD94-99-1            AD94-99-1                   WEINSCHEL ATTN
 AD969-LAH            1918-01                     JOSLYN LIGHTNING ARR
 AD969-LAH            AD969-LAH                   JOSLYN ARRESTOR
 AD969-LCH            AD969-LCH                   JOSLYN ARRESTOR
 AD969-TB             AD969-TB                    JOSLYN ARRESTOR
 AD969-TGA            1921-02                     JOSLYN ARRESTOR
 AD969-TR             10-3307-3                   JOSLYN LIGHTING ARRESTER
 AD969-TR             1922-01                     JOSLYN LTG ARR
 AD969-TR             AD969-TR                    JOSLYN ARRESTOR
 AD969-TR SUBASSY     71091                       JOSLYN DISC
 AD969-TRS            10-3307-3                   JOSLYN LTG ARR
 AD969-TRS            1922-03                     JOSLYN LIGHTING ARRESTER
 ADA-650              622-2609-001                COLLINS ADF ADP
 ADC-80F              622-2290-003                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80F              622-2290-004                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80F              622-2290-005                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80F              622-2290-007                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80F              622-2290-008                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80F              622-2290-011                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80F              622-2290-013                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80F              622-2290-020                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80F              622-2290-021                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80F              622-2290-025                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80F              622-2290-035                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80F              622-2290-199                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80F              622-2290-403                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80G              622-4371-009                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80G              622-4371-012                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80G              622-4371-015                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80G              622-4371-028                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80G              622-4371-099                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80G              622-4371-100                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80G              622-4371-299                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80G              622-4371-404                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80G              622-4371-412                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80G              622-4371-641                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80H              622-4365-099                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80H              622-4365-203                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80H              622-4365-204                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80H              622-4365-205                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80H              622-4365-207                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80H              622-4365-208                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80H              622-4365-211                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80H              622-4365-213                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80H              622-4365-220                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80H              622-4365-221                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80H              622-4365-225                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80H              622-4365-301                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80H              622-4365-310                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80H              622-4365-312                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80H              622-4365-323                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80H              622-4365-324                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP

                                                         PAGE: 84
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ADC-80H              622-4365-329                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80H              622-4365-332                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80H              622-4365-333                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80H              622-4365-334                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80H              622-4365-337                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80H              622-4365-338                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80H              622-4365-339                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80H              622-4365-340                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80H              622-4365-341                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80H              622-4365-343                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80H              622-4365-344                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80H              622-4365-346                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80H              622-4365-349                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80H              622-4365-354                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80H              622-4365-399                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80H              622-4365-405                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80H              622-4365-418                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80H              622-4365-437                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80H              622-4365-537                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80J              622-5206-006                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80J              622-5206-014                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80J              622-5206-017                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80J              622-5206-018                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80J              622-5206-022                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80J              622-5206-027                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80J              622-5206-099                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80J              622-5206-100                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80J              622-5206-413                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80J              622-5206-499                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80J              622-5206-642                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-099                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-100                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-209                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-214                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-215                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-217                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-218                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-222                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-227                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-228                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-306                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-310                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-316                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-317                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-318                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-319                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-326                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-330                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-342                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-347                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-348                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-350                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-351                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-352                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-353                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-355                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-356                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-357                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-402                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-406                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-414                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-415                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-416                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-417                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-419                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-421                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-426                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-430                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-443                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP

                                                         PAGE: 85
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ADC-80K              622-5465-455                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-457                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-599                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-601                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-602                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-611                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-612                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-618                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-619                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-621                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-622                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-624                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-625                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-626                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-629                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-630                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-633                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-634                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-635                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-636                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-637                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-640                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-643                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-644                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-645                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-649                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-650                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-651                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-652                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-653                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-654                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80K              622-5465-656                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80L              622-6233-099                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80L              622-6233-100                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80L              622-6233-336                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80L              622-6233-655                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80M              622-2704-029                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80M              622-2704-032                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80M              622-2704-099                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80N              622-7576-099                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80N              622-7576-521                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80N              622-7576-554                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80N              622-7576-699                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80Q              622-7577-099                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80Q              622-7577-100                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80Q              622-7577-422                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80Q              622-7577-552                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80Q              622-7577-555                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80Q              622-7577-556                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80Q              622-7577-799                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80R              622-8070-099                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80R              622-8070-100                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80R              622-8070-345                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80R              622-8070-445                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80R              622-8070-631                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80R              622-8070-632                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80R              622-8070-638                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80R              622-8070-639                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-80R              622-8070-648                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-81A              622-4401-001                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-81A              622-4401-003                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-81A              622-4401-004                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-82A              622-4401-099                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-82A              622-4401-199                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-82A              622-6475-005                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-82A              622-6475-006                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-82A              622-6475-007                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-82A              622-6475-010                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-82A              622-6475-014                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP

                                                         PAGE: 86
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ADC-82A              622-6475-015                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-82A              622-6475-020                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-82A              622-6475-021                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-82A              622-6475-025                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-82A              622-6475-026                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-82A              622-6475-027                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-82A              622-6475-099                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-82A              622-6475-299                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-82A              622-6475-610                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-82A              622-6475-627                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-82A              622-6475-628                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-82C              622-8329-001                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-82C              622-8329-002                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-82C              622-8329-003                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-82C              622-8329-017                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-82C              622-8329-018                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-82C              622-8329-030                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-82C              622-8329-031                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-82C              622-8329-099                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-82C              622-8329-100                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-82C              622-8329-623                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-82C              622-8329-646                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-82C              622-8329-647                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-82L              622-8105-013                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-82L              622-8105-099                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADC-82L              622-8105-113                COLLINS AIR DATA COMP
 ADF-462              622-7382-001                COLLINS ADF RCVR
 ADF-462              622-7382-101                COLLINS ADF REC
 ADF-462              622-7382-111                COLLINS ADF RCVR
 ADF-60A              622-2362-001                COLLINS ADF REC
 ADF-60A SUBASSY      618-8961-001                COLLINS TUNER ASSY
 ADF-60A SUBASSY      618-8962-001                COLLINS SYNTH BD
 ADF-60A SUBASSY      618-8962-002                COLLINS SYNTH
 ADF-60A SUBASSY      618-8963-007                COLLINS INSTRUMENTATION BD
 ADF-60A SUBASSY      618-8964-001                COLLINS PWR SUPPLY
 ADF-60A SUBASSY      621-9841-001                COLLINS TUNER/SYNTH
 ADF-60A SUBASSY      621-9842-001                COLLINS FRONTPLANE
 ADF-60A SUBASSY      621-9843-001                COLLINS BACKPLANE
 ADF-60B              622-2873-001                COLLINS ADF REC
 ADF-650              622-2986-001                COLLINS ADF SYS
 ADF-700              622-5222-001                COLLINS ADF RCVR
 ADF-700              622-5222-002                COLLINS ADF RCVR
 ADF-700              622-5222-020                COLLINS ADF RCVR
 ADF-700              622-5222-102                COLLINS ADF RCVR
 ADF-700              622-5222-120                COLLINS ADF RCVR
 ADF-700              622-5222-420                COLLINS ADF RCVR
 ADF-700 SUBASSY      676-6933-001                COLLINS TUNER ASSY
 ADF-900              822-0299-001                COLLINS ADF RCVR
 ADF-900              822-0299-020                COLLINS ADF RCVR
 ADF-900              822-0299-220                COLLINS ADF RCVR
 ADF-900              822-0299-420                COLLINS ADF RCVR
 ADI-44V              622-5139-001                **COLLINS FD IND
 ADI-44V              622-5139-002                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-44V              622-5139-003                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-44V              622-5139-004                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-55V              622-3331-001                COLLINS FD IND
 ADI-55V              622-3343-001                RCA FD IND
 ADI-55V              622-3343-002                COLLINS FD IND
 ADI-55V              622-3344-002                COLLINS FD IND
 ADI-55V              622-3348-002                COLLINS FD IND
 ADI-55V              622-3349-002                COLLINS FD IND
 ADI-55V              622-3350-002                COLLINS FD IND
 ADI-55V              622-3351-002                COLLINS FD IND
 ADI-55V              622-3352-002                COLLINS FD IND
 ADI-55V              622-3353-002                COLLINS FD IND
 ADI-55V              622-3354-002                COLLINS FD IND
 ADI-55V              622-3374-002                COLLINS FD IND
 ADI-55V-1            622-4866-001                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-55V-2            622-4507-001                COLLINS ADI

                                                         PAGE: 87
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ADI-55V-2            622-4507-002                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-70               622-4912-001                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-70               622-4912-002                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-70C              622-4570-001                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-77               622-4423-001                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-84               787-6173-001                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-84               787-6173-002                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-84               787-6173-003                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-84               787-6173-004                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-84               787-6173-005                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-84               787-6173-006                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-84               787-6173-007                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-84               787-6173-008                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-84               787-6173-011                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-84               787-6173-012                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-84               787-6173-013                **COLLINS ADI
 ADI-84               787-6173-014                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-84               787-6173-015                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-84               787-6173-016                **COLLINS ADI
 ADI-84               787-6173-017                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-84               787-6173-018                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-84               787-6173-202                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-84               787-6173-203                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-84               787-6173-204                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-84               787-6173-205                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-84               787-6173-206                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-84               787-6173-207                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-84               787-6173-208                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-84               787-6173-212                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-84               787-6173-213                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-84               787-6173-214                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-84               787-6173-215                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-84               787-6173-216                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-84               787-6173-217                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-84               787-6173-218                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-84A              622-3594-001                COLLINS FD IND
 ADI-84A              622-3594-002                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-84A              622-3594-003                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-84A              622-3594-004                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-84A              622-3594-005                COLLINS FD IND
 ADI-84A              622-3594-006                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-84A              622-3594-007                COLLINS FD IND
 ADI-84A              622-3594-008                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-84A              622-3594-011                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-84A              622-3594-012                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-84A              622-3594-013                **COLLINS ADI
 ADI-84A              622-3594-014                **COLLINS ADI
 ADI-84A              622-3594-015                **COLLINS ADI
 ADI-84A              622-3594-016                **COLLINS FD IND
 ADI-84A              622-3594-017                **COLLINS FD IND
 ADI-84A              622-3594-018                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-84C              622-4571-001                COLLINS ALT DIR IND
 ADI-85               622-0224-001                COLLINS FD IND
 ADI-85               622-0224-002                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-85               622-0224-003                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-85               622-0224-004                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-85               622-0224-005                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-85               622-0224-006                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-85A              622-4808-001                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-85A              622-4808-002                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-85A              622-4808-003                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-85A              622-4808-004                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-85A              622-4808-005                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-85A              622-4808-006                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-85A              622-4808-007                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-85A              622-4808-008                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-85A              622-4808-009                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-85A              622-4808-010                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-85A              622-4808-011                COLLINS ADI

                                                         PAGE: 88
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ADI-85A              622-4808-012                COLLINS ADI
 ADI-85A              622-4808-013                COLLINS ADI
 ADS-65               622-5797-001                COLLINS AIR DATA SENSOR
 ADS-65C              622-6332-001                COLLINS AIR DATA SENSOR
 ADT-12-13281         VPT-10C-13888-2             IDC AIR DATA TESTER
 ADT-34AF             3614307-3401                BENDIX TEST SET
 ADT-5064E            ADT-5064E                   AEROSPACE INST PITOT STATIC
 ADT-5066E            ADT-5066E                   AEROSPACE INST PITOT STATIC
 AE118A-90-34         AE118A-90-34                WEINSCHEL ATTN
 AE9009-09-()         AE9009-09-()                WEINSCHEL ATTN
 AE93-90-1            AE93-90-1                   WEINSCHEL ATTN
 AE93-90-1APC1        AE93-90-1APC1               WEINSCHEL ATTN
 AE93-90-43           AE93-90-43                  WEINSCHEL ATTN
 AE94-120-1           AE94-120-1                  WEINSCHEL ATTN
 AEP-9301             AEP-9301                    DOUGLAS ANTI-SKID HARNESS
 AEP9301              AEP9301-501                 DOUGLAS HARNESS
 AEP9301              AEP9301-502                 DOUGLAS HARNESS
 AEP9301              AEP9301-503                 DOUGLAS HARNESS
 AEP9301              AEP9301-504                 DOUGLAS HARNESS
 AG203                AG203                       KENWOOD TEST SET
 AGP9114-502          AGP9114-502                 DOUGLAS DOOR ASSY
 AGP9114-504          AGP9114-504                 DOUGLAS CARGO DOOR ASSY
 AGP9114-506          AGP9114-506                 DOUGLAS CARGO DOOR HARNESS
 AGP9114-507          AGP9114-507                 DOUGLAS DOOR HARNESS
 AIT4A                8074503-0401                BENDIX TCAS PPI TEST PANEL
 AIU-4000             822-0271-001                COLLINS AUDIO INTERFACE
 ALA-51A              2067631-0501                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-0502                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-0504                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-0505                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-0506                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-0507                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5109                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5110                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5111                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5112                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5113                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5114                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5115                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5116                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5117                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5119                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5120                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5121                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5122                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5123                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5125                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5126                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5131                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5133                HONEYWELL RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5151                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5152                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5153                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5154                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5301                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5302                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5305                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5306                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5307                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5309                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5310                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5311                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5312                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5313                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5314                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5315                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5316                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5317                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5318                HONEYWELL RAD ALT

                                                         PAGE: 89
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ALA-51A              2067631-5319                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5320                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5321                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5322                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5323                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5325                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5326                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5331                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5332                BENDIX RAD ALT
 ALA-51A              2067631-5333                HONEYWELL RAD ALT
 ALA-51A SUBASSY      2037046-0501                BENDIX STRIPLINE
 ALA-51A SUBASSY      2037518-0501                BENDIX TRANSMITTER ASSY
 ALA-51A SUBASSY      2039124-0701                BENDIX XMTR
 ALA-52A              2041166-5203                BENDIX RAD ALT RT
 ALA-52A              2041166-5204                BENDIX RAD ALT RT
 ALA-52A              2041166-5205                BENDIX RAD ALT RT
 ALA-52A              2041166-5206                BENDIX RAD ALT RT
 ALA-52A              2041166-5207                BENDIX RAD ALT RT
 ALA-52A              2041166-5208                BENDIX RAD ALT RT
 ALA-52A              2041166-5209                BENDIX RAD ALT RT
 ALA-52A              2041166-5211                BENDIX RAD ALT RT
 ALA-52A              2041166-5212                BENDIX RAD ALT RT
 ALA-52A              2041166-5213                BENDIX RAD ALT RT
 ALA-52A              2041166-5214                BENDIX RAD ALT RT
 ALA-52A SUBASSY      2039475-0501                BENDIX MAINFRAME BD
 ALA-52A SUBASSY      2039478-0501                BENDIX MW ASSY
 ALI-55               622-2937-001                COLLINS RAD ALT IND
 ALI-55               622-2937-002                COLLINS RAD ALT IND
 ALI-55               622-2937-004                COLLINS RAD ALT IND
 ALI-55               622-2937-005                COLLINS RAD ALT IND
 ALI-55               622-2937-009                COLLINS RAD ALT IND
 ALI-55A              622-2938-001                COLLINS IND RADIO ALT
 ALI-55A              622-2938-002                COLLINS IND RADIO ALT
 ALI-55B              622-5367-001                COLLINS IND
 ALI-80               622-2292-001                COLLINS ALT
 ALI-80               622-2292-002                COLLINS ALT
 ALI-80               622-2292-003                COLLINS ALT
 ALI-80               622-2292-004                COLLINS ALT
 ALI-80               622-2292-005                COLLINS ALT
 ALI-80               622-2292-006                COLLINS ALT
 ALI-80               622-2292-007                COLLINS ALT
 ALI-80               622-2292-008                COLLINS ALT
 ALI-80A              622-3975-001                COLLINS ALT
 ALI-80A              622-3975-002                COLLINS ALT
 ALI-80A              622-3975-003                COLLINS ALT
 ALI-80A              622-3975-004                COLLINS ALT
 ALI-80A              622-3975-005                COLLINS ALT
 ALI-80A              622-3975-006                COLLINS ALT
 ALI-80A              622-3975-007                COLLINS ALT
 ALI-80A              622-3975-008                COLLINS ALT
 ALI-80A              622-3975-011                COLLINS ALT
 ALI-80A              622-3975-014                COLLINS ALT
 ALI-80A              622-3975-015                COLLINS ALT
 ALI-80A              622-3975-201                COLLINS ALT
 ALI-80A              622-3975-213                COLLINS ALT
 ALI-80A SUBASSY      629-7997-002                collins ENCODER MODULE
 ALI-80B              622-4425-001                COLLINS ALT
 ALI-80B              622-4425-002                COLLINS ALT
 ALI-80B              622-4425-003                COLLINS ALT
 ALI-80B              622-4425-004                COLLINS ALT
 ALI-80B              622-4425-005                COLLINS ALT
 ALI-80B              622-4425-006                COLLINS ALT
 ALI-80B              622-4425-007                COLLINS ALT
 ALI-80B              622-4425-008                COLLINS ALT
 ALI-80L              622-6238-001                COLLINS ALT
 ALI-80L              622-6238-002                COLLINS ALT
 ALI-80L              622-6238-003                COLLINS ALT
 ALI-80L              622-6238-004                COLLINS ALT

                                                         PAGE: 90
MODEL                   PART NO                  DESCRIPTION
 ALI-80L                622-6238-005              COLLINS ALT
 ALI-80L                622-6238-006              COLLINS ALT
 ALI-80L                622-6238-007              COLLINS ALT
 ALI-80L                622-6238-008              COLLINS ALT
 ALI-80M                622-2701-001              COLLINS ALT
 ALT-50                 622-0409-001              COLLINS RAD ALT
 ALT-50A                622-3201-001              COLLINS RAD ALT RT
 ALT-50A                622-3201-002              COLLINS RAD ALT RT
 ALT-50A                622-3201-011              COLLINS RAD ALT RT
 ALT-50A                622-3201-012              COLLINS RAD ALT RT
 ALT-51A                2037120-0501              BENDIX ALA-51A TEST SET
 ALT-51A-DL             ALT-51A-DL                BENDIX DELAY LINE
 ALT-52A                2041475-5201              BENDIX RADIO ALT. TEST SET
 ALT-55B                622-2855-001              COLLINS RAD ALT RT
 ALT-55B                622-2855-002              COLLINS RAD ALT RT
 ALT-55B                622-2855-011              COLLINS RAD ALT RT
 ALT-55B                622-2855-012              COLLINS RAD ALT
 ALT-55B SUBASSY        617-9090-003              COLLINS BOARD
 ALT-55B SUBASSY        617-9090-005              COLLINS ALT PROCESSOR
 ALT-55B SUBASSY        617-9092-002              COLLINS BOARD
 ALT-55B SUBASSY        617-9092-007              COLLINS PRE-AMP
 ALT-55B SUBASSY        617-9311-002              COLLINS MODE CTL
 ALT-55B SUBASSY        617-9313-001              COLLINS A2 BOARD
 ALT-55B SUBASSY        629-7152-001              COLLINS XMTR
 ALTIMETER              224DLU-4-02               KOLLSMAN ALT
 AM-3624/ARA-50         522-3826-00               COLLINS AMP
 AM-3E                  AM-3E                     AMPROBE METER
 AM-6798/ARC-174(V)     787-6781-005              COLLINS CPLR
 AM2073A                4001157-7001              BENDIX AMP
 AM2073A                4001157-7003              BENDIX AMP
 AM2073B                4001157-7005              BENDIX AMP
 AM250                  AM250                     AEROMECH BLIND ENC
 AM270                  AM270                     AEROMECH REMOTE ALT
 AM5241/ARC508          787-6781-001              COLLINS CPLR
 AMA-10A                2085131-1001              BENDIX PA AMP
 AMA-10B                677489-1001               BENDIX PASS ADDR AMP
 AMA-10B                AMA-10B                   BENDIX PA AMPLIFIER
 AMA10B                 677489                    BENDIX AMP
 AMB1                   AMB1                      AMPROBE MM
 AMR-350                622-2087-001              COLLINS AUDIO PANEL
 AMR-350                622-2087-011              COLLINS AUDIO PANEL
 AMR-350                622-2087-016              COLLINS AUDIO PANEL
 AMR-3507/PRC-47        528-0115-005              COLLINS AMP MOD
 AMR-350H               622-2462-001              COLLINS AUDIO MKR
 AMR-350H               622-2462-011              COLLINS AUDIO MKR
 AMT-51                 2037028-0501              BENDIX RAD ALT TEST
 AMT-51A                01-0899-10                JC AIR RAD ALT TEST SET
 AMT-51A                2037028-0501              BENDIX RAD ALT TEST SET
 AMT-51A                2037028-5101              BENDIX RAD ALT TEST
 AMT-51A                2037028-5103              BENDIX RAD ALT TEST
 AMT-52A                2041595-5201              BENDIX ALT TEST SET
 AMT-52A                2041595-5202              BENDIX ALT TEST SET
 AN.USM-482A            1324AS1105                RAYTHEON TEST SET
 AN/APM-123V            ANAPM123V                 TECHNICAL TEST
 AN/APM-239             ANAPM239                  PROJ UNLT TEST SET
 AN/APM-239A            239D0036-1                SENTINEL TEST
 AN/APM-239A            AN/APM-239A               PROJ UNLT TEST SET
 AN/APM-245             117733                    HAZELTINE TEST SET
 AN/APM-245A            ANAPM245A                 SPERRY SIM TEST
 AN/APM-378             4035500-0501              RAYTHEON TEST SET
 AN/APM-424(V)2         155600                    TELEDYNE ELECTRONICS TEST SET
 AN/APM-479             AN/APM-479                WRALC ALT TEST SET
 AN/APM-480             AN/APM-480                TIC TEST SET
 AN/APM-480A            AN/APM-480A               tic TEST SET
 AN/ARC-159             622-0356-001              COLLINS RCVR
 AN/ARC-159             622-1495-000              COLLINS XCVR
 AN/ARC-159 SUBASSY     617-9617-002              COLLINS PWR AMP
 AN/ARC-159 SUBASSY     618-9618-001              COLLINS SYNTH
 AN/ARC-159(V) SUBASS   618-7347-001              COLLINS 1A1A5 MODULE

                                                         PAGE: 91
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 AN/ARC-159(V)1       622-1524-001                COLLINS UHF COM
 AN/ARC-159(V)1       622-1524-010                COLLINS UHF COM
 AN/ARC-159(V)1       622-1524-017                COLLINS UHF COM
 AN/ARC-159(V)1       622-1524-018                COLLINS UHF COM
 AN/ARC-159(V)1       622-1524-021                COLLINS UHF COM
 AN/ARC-159(V)1       622-1524-022                COLLINS UHF COM
 AN/ARM-135           1700000                     MILITARY TEST SET
 AN/ARM-135           95750-1700000               REPUBLIC TEST SET
 AN/ARM-135 SUBASS    0019062-01                  COLLINS BOARD
 AN/ARM-135A          0019000-01                  PRD TACAN TEST SET
 AN/ARM-156           8000000066-1                GOULD TEST SET RADIO
 AN/ARM-156 SUBASSY   8020000476-2                GOULD PWR METER
 AN/ARM-165           623-5403-001                COLLIINS TEST SET
 AN/ARM-165A          622-2750-001                COLLINS RADIO TEST SET
 AN/ARM-180           622-3337-001                COLLINS SIG GEN
 AN/ARM-184           0222-000                    EDMAC TEST SET
 AN/ARM-186           622-2211-002                COLLINS TEST SET
 AN/ARM-188           AN/ARM-188                  REPUBLIC TEST SET
 AN/ARM-188/MA-1      AN/ARM-188/MA-1             REPUBLIC TEST SET
 AN/ARM-201           90-000-019                  TIC VOR ILS TEST SET
 AN/ARM-201           AN/ARM201                   TIC VOR/ILS TEST SET
 AN/ARM-22A           AN/ARM-22A                  MILITARY RADIO TEST SET
 AN/ARM-42            ANARM42                     LEAR RADIO TEST SET
 AN/ARM-87            AN/ARM-87                   NAVAIR TEST SET
 AN/ARM-92            AN/ARM-92                   VARIOUS TEST SET
 AN/ARM-92A           522-4459-010                COLLINS TEST SET
 AN/ARM-92B           622-2301-001                COLLINS TEST SET
 AN/ARM-92B           AN/ARM-92B                  COLLINS DULICATE
 AN/ARM-93            AN/ARM-93                   ASI TEST SET
 AN/ARN-118           TCN118                      COLLINS TACAN
 AN/ARN-118 SUBASSY   617-8410-001                COLLINS SYNTH/DRIVER
 AN/ARN-153           622-8224-002                COLLIINS TEST SET
 AN/ARN-153           622-8912-001                COLLIINS TEST SET
 AN/ARN-153           822-0971-001                COLLIINS TEST SET
 AN/ASM-184B          AN/ASM-184B                 TEST TEST SET
 AN/ASM-663           1000-0000                   EDMAC TEST SET
 AN/ASM-663           AN/ASM-663                  FLITELINE ELECT CASE
 AN/AWM-96A           AN/AWM-96A                  MILITARY TEST SET
 AN/GRC-175A(V)       098254-0200                 WILCOX TEST SET
 AN/GRM-112           098343-0100                 WILCOX TEST SET
 AN/GRM-114A                                      IFR SERVICE MONITOR
 AN/PSM-45A           AN/PSM-45A                  MILITARY MULTIMETER
 AN/UPM-137           AN/UPM137                   PACKARD BELL RADAR TEST SET
 AN/UPM-137A          AN/UPM-137A                 PACKARD BELL RADAR TEST SET
 AN/UPM-141           54000-40001                 AAI RADAR TEST SET
 AN/UPM-141A          54000-43001                 AAI RADAR TEST SET
 AN/UPM-145           58139-40001                 AAI RADAR TEST SET
 AN/UPM-33A           AN/UPM-33A                  REPUBLIC TEST SET
 AN/UPM-504(V)        ANUPM504(V)                 HAZELTINE TEST SET
 AN/URM-120           1219-D-001                  AUTOMATIC METAL TEST SET
 AN/URM-145D/U        AN/URM-145D/U               MIL INSTRUMENTS MV METER
 AN/URM-25D           AN/URM-25D                  MILITARY SIG GEN
 AN/USM-207A          AN/USM-207A                 NAVAIR COUNTER
 AN/USM-207B          AN/USM-207B                 NAVAIR COUNTER
 AN/USM-281A                                      HP OSCILLOSCOPE
 AN/USM-281A          AN/USM-281A                 NAVAIR OSCOPE
 AN/USM-482A          1324AS100-2                 RAYTHEON FREQ TEST SET
 AN/USM-488           AN/USM-488                  TEKTRONIX TEST SET
 AN5760               671CPL1005141624            KOLLSMAN ALT
 AN5760               671CPX10051                 KOLLSMAN ALT
 AN5760-4B            671CPX4037                  KOLLSMAN ALT
 AN5760W6457          AN5760W6457                 KOLLSMAN IND
 AN5822-1             27300                       SKINR FILTER INST
 AN6503               AN6503                      ANALOGIC no caps
 AN6520-8A-110        AN6520-8A-110               ANALOGIC TEST SET
 ANA-51A              2067636-0701                BENDIX RAD ALT ANT
 ANA-51C              2070058-0701                BENDIX RAD ALT ANT
 ANA-51D              2070057-0701                BENDIX RAD ALT ANT
 ANA-75B              2041683-7501                ALLIED SIGNAL ADF ANT

                                                         PAGE: 92
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ANA-75B              2041683-7502                ALLIED SIGNAL ADF ANT
 ANA-75B              2041683-7503                ALLIED SIGNAL ADF ANT
 ANA-75B              2041683-7504                ALLIED SIGNAL ADF ANT
 ANA-75B              2041683-7505                ALLIED SIGNAL ADF ANT
 ANA-75B              2041683-7506                ALLIED SIGNAL ADF ANT
 ANA-75B              2041683-7507                ALLIED SIGNAL ADF ANT
 ANS-351C             622-5579-001                COLLINS RNAV
 ANT-152              622-2487-001                COLLINS ANTENNA
 ANT-152              622-2487-002                COLLINS RADAR ANT
 ANT-1A               40022-2A                    BENDIX RADAR ANT
 ANT-1B                                           BENDIX RADAR ANT
 ANT-1C                                           BENDIX RADAR ANT
 ANT-1E                                           BENDIX RADAR ANT
 ANT-1F               2067325-0101                BENDIX RADAR ANT
 ANT-1G               2085278-0101                BENDIX RADAR ANT
 ANT-1G               2085278-0102                BENDIX RADAR ANT
 ANT-1J               40027-2C                    BENDIX RADAR ANT
 ANT-1M               2087177-0101                BENDIX RADAR ANT
 ANT-1N               2087179-0501                BENDIX RADAR ANT
 ANT-1N               ANT1N                       BENDIX RADAR ANT
 ANT-1N SUB ASSY      2088443-0003                BENDIX ROTARY JOINT
 ANT-1N SUBASSY       2088443-0001                BENDIX ROTARY JOINT
 ANT-1N SUBASSY       2088628-0001                BENDIX REFL DIST
 ANT-1N/M SUB ASSY    2088374-0002                BENDIX FEEDHORN
 ANT-1N/M SUBASSY     2088374-0002                BENDIX FEEDHORN
 ANT-1P               2087181-0501                BENDIX RADAR ANT
 ANT-1S               2067568-0501                BENDIX RADAR ANT
 ANT-1S               2067568-0502                BENDIX RADAR ANT
 ANT-1S SUBASSY       2033764-0001                BENDIX REFLECTOR
 ANT-1S SUBASSY       2068119-0701                BENDIX FEEDHORN
 ANT-1S SUBASSY       2088132-0006                BENDIX ROTARY JOINT
 ANT-1T               2070409-0101                BENDIX RADAR ANT
 ANT-1T               2070409-0103                BENDIX RADAR ANT
 ANT-1T               2070409-0104                BENDIX RADAR ANT
 ANT-1T SUBASSY       18048-0001                  BENDIX MOTOR
 ANT-1T SUBASSY       18059-0001                  BENDIX MOTOR
 ANT-1T SUBASSY       2038624-0501                BENDIX DISH
 ANT-1T SUBASSY       2038625-0501                BENDIX REF SPOILER
 ANT-1T SUBASSY       2038625-0501R               BENDIX REFLECTOR
 ANT-1T SUBASSY       2068490-0701                BENDIX REFLECTOR, ANTENNA
 ANT-1TB              2041440-0101                BENDIX ANTENNA
 ANT-1TB              2041440-0102                BENDIX RADAR ANT
 ANT-1TB(M)           2041440-0104                BENDIX RADAR ANT
 ANT-1TB(M)           2041440-0106                BENDIX RADAR ANT
 ANT-210              622-2495-001                COLLINS RAD ANT
 ANT-210              622-2495-002                COLLINS RAD ANT
 ANT-212              622-2494-001                COLLINS RAD ANT
 ANT-212              622-2494-002                COLLINS ANT
 ANT-212D             622-4020-001                COLLINS RADAR ANT
 ANT-251              013-1575-010                COLLINS VHF ANT
 ANT-310              622-2502-001                COLLINS RADAR ANT
 ANT-310A             622-7444-001                COLLINS RADAR ANT
 ANT-312              622-2501-001                COLLINS RADAR ANT
 ANT-312A             622-6513-001                COLLINS RADAR ANT
 ANT-318              622-2504-001                COLLINS RADAR ANT
 ANT-318 SUBASSY      629-8146-001                COLLINS FLAT PLATE
 ANT-318A             622-6633-001                COLLINS RADAR ANT
 ANT-42               622-6591-001                COLLINS DME ANTENNA
 ANT-451              622-4011-001                COLLINS DME ANT
 ANT-462A             622-7383-001                COLLINS ANTENNA
 ANT-462A             653-1324-001                COLLINS ANTENNA
 ANT-462B             622-7384-001                COLLINS ANTENNA
 ANT-462B             653-1245-001                COLLINS ANTENNA
 ANT-50A              622-3698-001                COLLINS RAD ALT ANT
 ANT-51A              622-4550-001                COLLINS ANTENNA
 ANT-52               622-6793-001                COLLINS ANT
 ANT-60A              622-2363-001                COLLINS ADF antenna
 ANT-60A              622-2363-002                COLLINS ADF ANTENNA
 ANT-60A              628-9562-001                COLLINS ADF ANTENNA

                                                         PAGE: 93
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ANT-60B             622-3710-001                 COLLINS ADF Antenna
 ANT-60B             629-8159-001                 COLLINS ADF ANTENNA
 ANT-650A            622-3586-001                 COLLINS ADF ANTENNA
 ANT312 SUBASSY      623-9503-001                 COLLINS FLATPLATE
 AO92                50-171141LSNL1               GE METER
 AP-3001             MI-585224                    SPERRY ANT PED
 AP-3001             MI-585224-1                  SPERRY ANT PED
 AP-3001             MI-585224-2                  SPERRY ANT PED
 AP-3001             MI-585224-3                  SPERRY ANT PED
 AP-3001 SUBASSY     1716803-502                  SPERRY FLAT PLATE
 AP-4001             1719694-503                  RCA RADAR ANT
 AP-4001             1719694-504                  RCA RADAR ANT
 AP-4001             1719694-510                  RCA RADAR ANT
 AP-4001             1719694-511                  HONEYWELL RADAR ANT
 AP-4001             MI-585202                    RCA ANTENNA
 AP-4001             MI-585202-1                  RCA ANTENNA
 AP-4001             MI-585202-2                  RCA ANT
 AP-4001             MI-585202-3                  rca RADAR ANT
 AP-4001/AVQ-21SUBASS1713121-501                  RCA RADAR FLATPLATE
 AP-5001             MI-585302                    RCA P500 ANT
 AP-5001             MI-585302-1                  RCA P500 ANT
 APA-80              622-0414-014                 COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APA-80              622-2263-001                 COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80              622-2263-002                 COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80              622-2263-003                 COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80              622-2263-006                 COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80              622-2263-007                 COLLINS A/P AMP
 APA-80              622-2263-009                 COLLINS A/P AMP
 APA-80              622-2263-010                 COLLINS A/P AMP
 APA-80              622-2263-011                 COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80              622-2263-015                 COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80              622-2263-016                 COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80              622-2263-017                 COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80              622-2263-018                 COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80              622-2263-019                 COLLINS AMP
 APA-80              622-2263-021                 COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80              622-2263-022                 COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80              622-2263-023                 COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80              622-2263-024                 COLLINS AMP AUTO PILOT
 APA-80              622-2263-025                 COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80              622-2263-027                 COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80              622-2263-028                 COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80              622-2263-029                 COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80              622-2263-031                 COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80              622-2263-032                 COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80              622-2263-033                 COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80              622-2263-035                 COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80              622-2263-036                 COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80A             622-3108-000                 COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80A             622-3108-001                 COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80A             622-3108-002                 COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80A             622-3108-003                 COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80A             622-3108-004                 COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80A             622-3108-005                 COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80A             622-3108-006                 COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80A             622-3108-007                 COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80A             622-3108-009                 COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80A             622-3108-010                 COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80A             622-3108-011                 COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80A             622-3108-015                 COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80A             622-3108-016                 COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80A             622-3108-017                 COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80A             622-3108-018                 COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80A             622-3108-019                 COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80A             622-3108-021                 COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80A             622-3108-022                 COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80A             622-3108-023                 COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80A             622-3108-024                 COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80A             622-3108-025                 COLLINS AP AMP

                                                         PAGE: 94
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 APA-80A              622-3108-027                COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80A              622-3108-028                COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80A              622-3108-029                COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80A              622-3108-031                COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80A              622-3108-032                COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80A              622-3108-033                COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80A              622-3108-035                COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80A              622-3108-036                COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80A              622-3108-131                COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80C              622-4248-001                COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80C              622-4248-002                COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80C              622-4248-003                COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80C              622-4248-006                COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80C              622-4248-007                COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80C              622-4248-009                COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80C              622-4248-010                COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80C              622-4248-011                COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80C              622-4248-015                COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80C              622-4248-016                COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80C              622-4248-017                COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80C              622-4248-018                COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80C              622-4248-019                COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80C              622-4248-021                COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80C              622-4248-022                COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80C              622-4248-023                COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80C              622-4248-024                COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80C              622-4248-025                COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80C              622-4248-027                COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80C              622-4248-028                COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80C              622-4248-029                COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80C              622-4248-031                COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80C              622-4248-032                COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80C              622-4248-033                COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80C              622-4248-035                COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80C              622-4248-036                COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80F              622-5441-020                COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80F              622-5441-026                COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80G              622-7562-034                COLLINS AP AMP
 APA-80M              622-3900-006                COLLINS AP AMP
 APAX130              TE3610060-01                COLLINS TEST SET
 APAX130              TE3610060-02                COLLINS TEST SET
 APAX140              APAX140                     COLLINS/HUGHES CBIN SYS
 APC-65               622-5796-001                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65               622-5796-002                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65               622-5796-004                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65               622-5796-006                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65               622-5796-007                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65               622-5796-008                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65               622-5796-009                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65               622-5796-010                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65               622-5796-011                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65               622-5796-012                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65               622-5796-013                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65               622-5796-014                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65               622-5796-016                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65               622-5796-019                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65               622-5796-020                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-65               622-5796-033                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65               622-5796-107                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65               622-5796-108                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65               622-5796-109                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65               622-5796-110                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65               622-5796-113                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65               622-5796-199                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65               622-5796-209                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65               622-5796-249                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65               622-5796-299                COLLINS A/P COMPUTER
 APC-65               622-5796-309                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65               622-5796-399                COLLINS AP COMP

                                                         PAGE: 95
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 APC-65               622-5796-409                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65               622-5796-499                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65 SUBASSY       634-3076-011                COLLINS MODULE
 APC-65B              622-8315-023                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65B              622-8315-029                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65B              622-8315-042                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65B              622-8315-102                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65B              622-8315-123                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65B              622-8315-202                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65B              622-8315-302                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65B              622-8315-402                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65C              622-8434-003                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65E              622-9046-022                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65E              622-9046-025                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65E              622-9046-026                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65E              622-9046-034                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65E              622-9046-047                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65E              622-9046-048                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65F              622-9267-027                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65F              622-9267-035                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-65F              622-9267-227                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-65H              622-9724-005                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65H              622-9724-015                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-65H              622-9724-017                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65H              622-9724-028                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65H              622-9724-030                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-65H              622-9724-041                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-65H              622-9724-105                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-65H              622-9724-119                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-65H              622-9724-128                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65H              622-9724-130                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65H              622-9724-140                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-65H              622-9724-143                COLLINS AP COIMPUTER
 APC-65H              622-9724-205                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-65H              622-9724-215                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-65H              622-9724-217                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-65H              622-9724-228                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-65H              622-9724-239                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-65H              622-9724-241                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-65H              622-9724-328                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-65J              622-9785-032                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-65J              622-9785-132                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-65J              622-9785-232                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-65J              622-9785-332                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-65J              622-9785-432                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-65J              622-9785-436                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-65J              622-9785-532                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-80               522-2901-001                COLLINS A/P COMPUTER
 APC-80               522-2901-002                COLLINS A/P COMPUTER
 APC-80               522-2901-003                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-80               522-2901-007                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-80               522-2901-009                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-80               522-2901-010                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-80               522-2901-011                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-80               522-2901-015                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-80               522-2901-016                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-80               522-2901-017                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-80               522-2901-018                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-80               522-2901-020                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-80               522-2901-021                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-80               522-2901-022                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-80               522-2901-023                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-80               522-2901-024                COLLINS A/P COMPUTER
 APC-80               522-2901-025                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-80               522-2901-028                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-80               522-2901-029                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-80               522-2901-031                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-80               522-2901-032                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-80               522-2901-033                COLLINS A/P COMP

                                                         PAGE: 96
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 APC-80               522-2901-034                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-80               522-2901-035                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-80               522-2901-036                COLLINS AP COMP
 APC-80               522-2901-131                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-80A              622-3992-006                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-80A              622-3992-019                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-80A SUBASSY      601-4355-003                COLLINS IC CARD
 APC-80F              622-4964-001                COLLINS A/P COMP
 APC-80M              622-3899-006                COLLINS COMPUTER
 API-30602            API-30602                   DDC ANGLE POS ND
 API-800              API-800                     NORTH ATLANTIC ANGLE POS IND
 API-8025             API-8025                    NORTH ATLANTIC TEST SET
 API-8800             API-8800                    NORTH ATLANTIC ANGLE POSITION IND
 API-8810             API-8810                    NORTH ATLANTIC ANGLE POS IND
 APM-16               APM-16                      BIRD PWR METER
 APP-65A              622-6684-001                COLLINS AP PANEL
 APP-65A              622-6684-002                COLLINS AP PANEL
 APP-65A              622-6684-003                COLLINS AP PANEL
 APP-65A              622-6684-004                COLLINS AP PANEL
 APP-65A              622-6684-005                COLLINS AP PANEL
 APP-65A              622-6684-006                COLLINS AP PANEL
 APP-65A              622-6684-007                COLLINS AP PANEL
 APP-65A              622-6684-008                COLLINS AP PANEL
 APP-65A              622-6684-009                COLLINS AP PANEL
 APP-65A              622-6684-010                COLLINS AP PANEL
 APP-65A              622-6684-011                COLLINS AP PANEL
 APP-65A              622-6684-106                COLLINS AP PANEL
 APP-80               622-0141-001                COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80               622-0141-002                COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80               622-0141-003                COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80               622-0141-004                COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80               622-0141-005                COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80               622-0141-006                COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80               622-0141-007                COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80               622-0141-008                COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80               622-0141-009                COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80               622-0141-010                COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80               622-0141-011                COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80               622-0141-012                COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80               622-0141-013                COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80               622-0141-015                COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80               622-0141-016                COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80               622-0141-017                COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80               622-0141-018                COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80               622-0141-019                COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80               622-0141-020                COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80               622-0141-021                COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80               622-0141-022                COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80               622-0141-023                COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80               622-0141-024                COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80               622-0141-025                COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80               622-0141-026                COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80               622-0141-027                COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80               622-0141-028                COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80               622-0141-029                COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80               622-0141-030                COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80A              622-3109-001                COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80A              622-3109-002                COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80A              622-3109-003                COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80A              622-3109-004                COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80A              622-3109-005                COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80A              622-3109-006                COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80A              622-3109-007                COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80A              622-3109-008                COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80A              622-3109-009                COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80A              622-3109-010                COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80A              622-3109-011                COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80A              622-3109-012                COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80A              622-3109-013                COLLINS A/P PANEL

                                                         PAGE: 97
MODEL                  PART NO                   DESCRIPTION
 APP-80A               622-3109-014               COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80A               622-3109-015               COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80A               622-3109-016               COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80A               622-3109-017               COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80A               622-3109-019               COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80A               622-3109-020               COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80A               622-3109-021               COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80A               622-3109-022               COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80A               622-3109-023               COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80A               622-3109-024               COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80A               622-3109-025               COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80A               622-3109-026               COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80A               622-3109-027               COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80A               622-3109-028               COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80A               622-3109-029               COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80A               622-3109-030               COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APP-80M               622-3901-001               COLLINS CONTROL
 APP80A                622-3109-018               COLLINS A/P PANEL
 APS500-1              101-00180                  BARFIELD TESTER
 AR6201                AR6201                     ACOMM MOUNT
 ARA-50/-48 SUBASSY    522-0834-006               COLLINS AMP
 ARA02                 100-0420-0101              ATLANTIS RAD ALT TEST PANEL
 ARA02                 100-0420-0200              ATLANTIS RAD ALT TEST SET
 ARA552                110-0460-102-01            ATLANTIS TEST SET
 ARC-109 SUBASSY       528-0630-001               COLLINS EXCITER MODULE
 ARC-109 SUBASSY       528-0635-001               COLLINS POWER SUPPLY
 ARC-109 SUBASSY       528-0637-001               COLLINS BCD COMPRTR
 ARC-109 SUBASSY       528-0676-001               COLLINS SYNTH
 ARC-109 SUBASSY       674-0107-010               COLLINS TRANSFORMER
 ARC-159 SUBASSY       608-9027-003               COLLINS INTERFACE BF
 ARC-159/UHF-719 SUB   617-9621-004               COLLINS TRANS/MOD
 ARC-182 SUBASSY       641-4324-003               COLLINS AR RCVR BD
 ARC-186 SUBASSY       638-9090-001               COLLINS A4 RCVR
 ARC-200 SUBASSY       628-6780-002               COLLINS BOARD
 ARC182 SUBASSY        641-4323-003               COLLINS RCVR BD GUARD
 ARC182 SUBASSY        641-4325-003               COLLINS ASSY
 ARC182 SUBASSY        641-4326-003               COLLINS TRANSMITTER
 ARC182 SUBASSY        647-3488-002               COLLINS A1 CTL MOD
 ARINC429              AIRINC429                  KING TEST PANEL
 ARM-165               623-5403-001               COLLINS RADIO TEST SET
 ARM226TO              ARM226TO                   NAVAIR TACAN TESTER
 ARN-118 SUBASSY       617-8413-001               COLLINS BD
 ARN-118 SUBASSY       617-9101-003               COLLINS BOARD
 ARN-118 SUBASSY       617-9120-003               COLLINS BOARD
 ARN/ARC-109           777-1081-001               COLLINS RADIO SET
 ART 2100              071-01550-0101             HONEYWELL RADAR RT
 ART-161 SUBASSY       3604106-0501               BENDIX PS BD
 ART-161A              4001018-6101               BENDIX RT ANT
 ART-161A              4001018-6102               BENDIX RT ANT
 ART-161A              4001018-6103               BENDIX RT ANT
 ART-161A              4001018-6104               BENDIX RT ANT
 ART-161A              4001018-6105               BENDIX RT ANT
 ART-161A              4001018-6106               BENDIX RT ANT
 ART-161A              4001018-6107               BENDIX RT ANT
 ART-161A              4001018-6108               BENDIX RT ANT
 ART-161A SUBASSY      2036263-0002               BENDIX LO
 ART-161A SUBASSY      4007328-0505               BENDIX DISH
 ART-161A SUBASSY      4007328-0506               BENDIX DISH
 ART-161A SUBASSY      51043-0001                 BENDIX PS/VIDEO BD
 ART2000               071-01519-0101             ALLIED SIGNAL RT/ VERTICAL12" ANT
 ART231A               4001845-3101               BENDIX RAD RT ANT
 ART231A               4001845-3102               BENDIX RAD RT ANT
 AS-1863/ARN-83        522-2301-005               collins ADF ANT
 AS-2015A              4000995-3002               BENDIX AUDIO PANEL
 AS-2755/ARA-48        622-0582-001               COLLINS ANTENNA
 AS-3933/ARN-149(V)1   622-6820-001               COLLINS ADF ANT
 AS-3934/ARN-149(V)2   622-6820-002               COLLINS ADF ANT
 AS-4480/ARN-149(V)    622-6820-003               COLLINS ADF ANT
 AS-909/ARA-48         522-1267-005               COLLINS ANT

                                                         PAGE: 98
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 AS-909/ARA-48 SUB    546-3708-004                COLLINS CHOPPER ASSY
 AS-909A/ARA-48       772-5379-001                COLLINS ANT
 AS16                 AS16                        PRESICION SET
 AS3451/APN215        4001709-0301                BENDIX ANT
 AS3512/APN215V       4001709-0302                BENDIX ANTENNA
 AS909 SUBASSY        544-0261-005                COLLINS CASTING CAVITY ASSY
 ASI-0-5A             ASI-0-5A                    ASI CABLE: ASI-05 TO MK-12D
 ASI-0-5B             ASI-0-5B                    ASI CABLE: TO KR-85
 ASI-0-5C             ASI-0-5C                    ASI CABLE: ASI-05 (HTS-05) TO KR-86
 ASI-0-5D             ASI-0-5D                    ASI CABLE: TO KY-92
 ASI-0-5E             ASI-0-5E                    ASI CABLE: ASI-05(HTS-05) TO KX125
 ASI-0-5F             ASI-0-5F                    ASI CABLE: ASI-05(HTS-05) TO ADF140
 ASI-0-5G             ASI-0-5G                    ASI CABLE: TO KX-145
 ASI-0-5H             ASI-0-5H                    ASI CABLE: TO KX-170B/175B
 ASI-0-5I             ASI-0-5I                    ASI CABLE
 ASI-0-5J             ASI-0-5J                    ASI CABLE
 ASI-0-5J1            ASI-0-5J1                   ASI TEST FIXTURE LINEAR DETECTOR (KY-196/7 FIG 5-2)
 ASI-0-5J2            ASI-0-5J2                   ASI TEST FIXTURE: MIC TEST CIRCUIT (KY-196/7 FIG 5-3)
 ASI-0-5J3            ASI-0-5J3                   ASI TEST FIXTURE: 40 dB ATTENUATOR (KY-196/7 FIG 5-2
 ASI-0-5K             ASI-0-5K                    ASI CABLE: ASI-05 TO VHF-251/-153
 ASI-0-5K1            ASI-0-5K1                   ASI CABLE: ASI-05(HTS-05) TO VHF-253
 ASI-0-5L             ASI-0-5L                    ASI CABLE: ASI-05 (HTS-05) TO RT385/RT485
 ASI-0-5M             ASI-0-5M                    ASI CABLE: ASI-05 (HTS-050) TO RT528
 ASI-0-5N             ASI-0-5N                    ASI CABLE: ASI-0-5N (HTS-05) TO ADF-650
 ASI-0-5O             ASI-0-5O                    ASI CABLE: TO COM810/811
 ASI-0-5P             ASI-0-5P                    ASI CABLE: TO NAV824/NAV825
 ASI-0-5Q             ASI-0-5Q                    ASI CABLE: TO ADF-841
 ASI-0-5R             ASI-0-5R                    ASI CABLE: TO ESCORT 11/11A
 ASI-0-5R1            ASI-0-5R1                   ASI TEST FIXTURE: IND LOAD BOX
 ASI-0-5S             ASI-0-5S                    ASI CABLE: TO KMA-20
 ASI-0-5S1                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-05 TO KTR909/909A
 ASI-0-5T                                         ASI CABLE: TO CP-136M
 ASI-0-5U                                         ASI CABLE: TO KHF950 (KAC992/KTR993/KFS594)
 ASI-0-5V                                         ASI CABLE
 ASI-0012-00          ASI-0012-00                 ASI CABLE
 ASI-0016-03          ASI-0016-03                 ASI ERECTION ACCURACY FIXTURE
 ASI-0016-038         ASI-0016-038                ASI ERECTION ACCURACY FIXTURE
 ASI-0150-00          ASI-0150-00                 ASI COAX SWITCHING MODULE (CSSI-1000)
 ASI-0150-001         ASI-0150-001                ASI COAX SWITCHING MODULE
 ASI-0182-DL          ASI-0182-DL                 ASI DLC-800( ) POWER SUPPLY TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-0182-DLC         ASI-0182-DLC                ASI DLC-800( ) POWER SUPPLY TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-01P55241U-001    ASI-01P55241U-001           ASI TYPE 2 FR TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-0201-DL          ASI-0201-DL                 ASI DLM-700( ) BREAKOUT TO MU CABLE
 ASI-0201-DLM         ASI-0201-DLM                ASI DLM-700( ) BREAKOUT TO MU CABLE
 ASI-0202-DL          ASI-0202-DL                 ASI DLM-700( ) BREAKOUT TO LOOP BACK CABLE
 ASI-0202-DLM         ASI-0202-DLM                ASI DLM-700( ) BREAKOUT TO LOOP BACK CABLE
 ASI-024-E0330-00     ASI-024-E0330-00            ASI CABLE
 ASI-0319-07          ASI-0319-07                 ASI SVO-85/1000 FLUX KEEPER
 ASI-0319-070         ASI-0319-070                ASI SVO-85/1000 FLUX KEEPER
 ASI-0319-12          ASI-0319-12                 ASI SVO-1000 FLUX KEEPER
 ASI-0465-DL          ASI-0465-DL                 ASI DLC-800( ) TEST PANEL W/CABLE
 ASI-0465-DLC         ASI-0465-DLC                ASI DLC-800( ) TEST PANEL W/CABLE
 ASI-0491-00          ASI-0491-00                 ASI BREAKOUT-BOX ASSEMBLY (ALLIED SIGNAL)
 ASI-0491-001         ASI-0491-001                ASI BREAKOUT BOX ASSY
 ASI-0491-002         ASI-0491-002                ASI BREAKOUT BOX ASSY
 ASI-05               ASI-05                      ASI BLUELINE: GEN PURPOSE IF PNL
 ASI-0519-00          ASI-0519-00                 ASI THINLINE CONTACT EXTRACTOR (INCL TOOL 751-0519-001
 ASI-0740-00                                      ASI 51RV-2B SLICE EXTENDER KIT
 ASI-0740-001                                     ASI 51RV-2B SLICE EXTENDER KIT
 ASI-0998-00                                      ASI 590A-3( )ALLEN-HEAD WRENCH
 ASI-0998-001                                     ASI CABLE
 ASI-1                                            ASI ADAPTER RACK: ARINC COMM TO VHF-20(), VHF-21()
 ASI-10                                           ASI SERVO AMPLIFIER
 ASI-10-02A                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-1002 TO GABLES G7400/G7412
 ASI-10-02A           940-ASI-10-02A              ASI CABLE
 ASI-10-02AA                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-1002 TO G7503
 ASI-10-02AA          940-ASI-10-02AA             ASI CABLE

                                                         PAGE: 99
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ASI-10-02AF                                      ASI CABLE
 ASI-10-02AF1         ASI-10-02AF1                ASI CABLE
 ASI-10-02AH          940-ASI-10-02AH             ASI CABLE- G7501 TEST
 ASI-10-02B                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-1002 TO GABLES G7401
 ASI-10-02B           940-ASI-10-02B              ASI CABLE
 ASI-10-02C                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-1002 TO GABLES G7402
 ASI-10-02C           940-ASI-10-02C              ASI CABLE
 ASI-10-02D                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-1002 TO GABLES G7403
 ASI-10-02D           940-ASI-10-02D              ASI CABLE
 ASI-10-02E                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-1002 TO GABLES G7404
 ASI-10-02E           940-ASI-10-02E              ASI TEST
 ASI-10-02F                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-1002 TO G7406
 ASI-10-02F           940-ASI-10-02F              ASI CABLE
 ASI-10-02G                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-1002 TO G7500
 ASI-10-02G           940-ASI-10-02G              ASI TEST
 ASI-10-02H                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-1002 TO G6990/G6992/G7131/G7156
 ASI-10-02H           940-ASI-10-02H              ASI CABLE G6992 TEST
 ASI-10-02J                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-1002 TO G6959
 ASI-10-02J1                                      ASI CABLE
 ASI-10-02K                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-1002 TO G6977
 ASI-10-02L                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-1002 TO G6981
 ASI-10-02M                                       ASI CALBE: ASI-1002 TO G6982
 ASI-10-02N                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-1002 TO G6984
 ASI-10-02P1                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-1002 TO DFP-702/-703/-712/-713
 ASI-10-02P2                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-1002 TO VFP-702/-712
 ASI-10-02P3                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-1002 TO DTP-702/-712
 ASI-10-02P4                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-1002 TO HFP-702/-712
 ASI-10-02P5                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-1002 TO DTP-722
 ASI-10-02Q                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-1002 TO G6966/G7024
 ASI-10-02R                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-1002 TO G7026
 ASI-10-02S                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-1002 TO G7023
 ASI-10-02T                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-1002 TO G7119
 ASI-10-02U                                       ASI CABLE
 ASI-10-02U           940-ASI-10-02U              ASI CABLE
 ASI-10-02V                                       ASI CABLE
 ASI-10-02W                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-1002 TO G6773
 ASI-10-02X                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-1002 TO G7163
 ASI-10-02Y                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-1002 TO G7131
 ASI-10-02Z                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-1002 TO G7451
 ASI-10-10A                                       ASI CABLE: 970W1 OR ANT-60A TO ASI-200-10
 ASI-10-10B                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-200-10 TO RMI-36
 ASI-10-10C                                       ASI CABLE: 332C-10 RMI TO ASI-200-10
 ASI-10-10D                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-2000 TO CTL-62
 ASI-10-10E                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-200-10 TO ASI-160 ()
 ASI-10-10F                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-200-10 TO 332C-10 AND 699Z-1 FOR TEST
 ASI-10-11A           ASI-10-11A                  ASI CABLE: CTL-22 TO ASI-2000 FOR VHF-422
 ASI-10-11B                                       ASI CABLE
 ASI-10-12A                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-2000 TO CTL-32
 ASI-10-13A                                       ASI CABLE
 ASI-10-14A                                       ASI CABLE: MANUAL CONTROL 613L-3 TO ASI-2000 FOR TDR-9
 ASI-10-14B                                       ASI CABLE: MANUAL CONTROL ASI-500-1 TO ASI-2000
 ASI-10-14C                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-2000 TO CTL-90 FOR TDR-90
 ASI-10-14D                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-2000 TO CAD-62/CTL-92 FOR TDR-90
 ASI-10-14E                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-200-14 TO TDR-950
 ASI-10-17A-                                      ASI EXTENDER CABLE FOR A2 CIRCUIT CARD IN THE COLLINS
 ASI-10-17A-                                      ASI EXTENDER CABLE FOR A3 CIRCUIT CARD IN THE COLLINS
 ASI-10-17A-A2                                    ASI EXTENDER CABLE FOR A2 CIRCUIT CARD
 ASI-10-17A-A3                                    ASI EXTENDER CABLE FOR A3 CIRCUIT CARD
 ASI-10-19A                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-200-19 TO RMI-30
 ASI-10-19B                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-200-19 TO RMI-36/BDI-36
 ASI-10-1A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-200-1 TO CTL-22
 ASI-10-1B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-200-1 TO CTL-62
 ASI-10-1C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-200-1 TO CTL-92
 ASI-10-1D                                        ASI CABLE: CTL-X2 EXTENDER CABLE A6
 ASI-10-1D1                                       ASI CTL-X2 EXT CABLE A6
 ASI-10-1E                                        ASI CABLE: CTL-X2 EXTENDER CABLE A2
 ASI-10-1F                                        ASI CABLE: CTL-X2 EXTENDER CABLE A3
 ASI-10-1G                                        ASI CABLE: CTL-X2 EXTENDER CABLE A1/A2/A6
 ASI-10-2000                                      ASI CABLE: 4 FT EXTENDER ASI-2000 TO COMPUTER (COLLIN

                                                         PAGE: 100
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ASI-10-2000                                      ASI CABLE: 4 FT EXTENDER ASI-2000 TO COMPUTER (KING)
 ASI-10-2000A                                     ASI CABLE: 4 FT EXTENDER ASI-2000 TO COMPUTER(COLLINS)
 ASI-10-2000B                                     ASI CABLE: 4 FT EXTENDER ASI-2000 TO COMPUTER (KING)
 ASI-10-2A                                        ASI CABLE: EXTERNAL OBS RESOLVER TO ASI-200-2A, 2C, 2D
 ASI-10-2B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-160B(HDG SYHCHRO AND 332C-10) TO ASI-20
 ASI-10-2C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-160( ) (HDG SYNCHRO AND RMI) TO ASI-200
 ASI-10-2D                                        ASI CABLE: MANUAL CONTROL NAV-750() TO ASI-2000
 ASI-10-2E                                        ASI CABLE: MANUAL CONTROL CTL-30 TO ASI-2000
 ASI-10-2F            ASI-10-2F                   ASI CABLE: 479V-3, OR JC AIR 79V-3 TO ASI-200-2A, 2C,
 ASI-10-2G                                        ASI CABLE: 332-C1 TO RMI-36 ADAPTER
 ASI-10-2H                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-200-2() TO 332C-10 AND VIR-31
 ASI-10-2H1                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-200-2( ) / ASI-10-02H TO 699Z-1
 ASI-10-2I                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-200-2D TO VIE-31 (P3)
 ASI-10-2J                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-200-2D TO ASI-160() AND VIR-31
 ASI-10-2K                                        ASI CABLE: VIR-32 EXTENDER A5-36 POS
 ASI-10-2L                                        ASI CABLE: VIR-32 EXTENDER A5-26 POS
 ASI-10-2M                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-200-2() TO CTL32
 ASI-10-3A                                        ASI CABLE: MANUAL CONTROL NAV-750() TO ASI-2000
 ASI-10-3B                                        ASI CABLE: MANUAL CONTROL CTL-20 TO ASI-2000
 ASI-10-3C                                        ASI CABLE: NAV-760 TO ASI-2000
 ASI-10-3D                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-200-3 TO CTL-22
 ASI-10-400A                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-2000 P2 COLLINS TO ASI-400-(25P) 6FT
 ASI-10-400B                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-2000 P3 COLLINS TO ASI-400-(37P) 6FT
 ASI-10-400C                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-2000 J3 COLLINS TO ASI-400-(37P) 6FT
 ASI-10-400D                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-2000 429 COLLINS TO ASI-200()-(15P) 6FT
 ASI-10-400E                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-2000 J1 KING ASI-400-(25P) 6 FT
 ASI-10-400F                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-2000 J2 KING TO ASI-400-(25P) 6FT
 ASI-10-400G                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-2000 J3 KING TO ASI-400-(25P) 6 FT
 ASI-10-400H                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-2000 ASYNCH TO ASI-200-()-(25P) 6FT
 ASI-10-401A                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-401 J2 TO PROLINE PANEL
 ASI-10-401B                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-401 J3 TO PROLINE PANEL
 ASI-10-401C                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-401 J7 TO PROLINE PANEL
 ASI-10-401D                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-401 J8 TO PROLINE PANEL
 ASI-10-401E                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-401 J10 TO CTC-429 CARD P1
 ASI-10-401F                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-401 J12 TO CTC-429 CARD J33
 ASI-10-401G                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-401 J14 TO CTC-429 CARD J32
 ASI-10-401H                                      ASI CABLE SET: CUSTOM FIT FOR ASI-2000, REPLACES ASI-1
 ASI-10-401I                                      ASI CABLE:ASI-401 J2 TO PROLINE PANEL J3
 ASI-10-401J                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-401 J3 TO PROLINE PANEL P3
 ASI-10-401K                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-401 J7 TO PROLINE PANEL P2
 ASI-10-401L                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-401 J8 TO PROLINE PANEL ARINC 429
 ASI-10-401L                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-401 J8 TO PROLINE PANEL ARINC 429 (6 F
 ASI-10-401M                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-401 J10 TO CTC-429 CARD P1
 ASI-10-401N                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-401 J2 TO CTC-429 CARD
 ASI-10-401O                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-401 J14 TO CTC429 CARD
 ASI-10-500A                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-500 TO ASI-2000 (NAV-COMM-DME)
 ASI-10-5A                                        ASI CABLE: CTL KEC-1030, SQUAWK/NAUT I TO ASI-2000
 ASI-10-5B                                        ASI CABLE: MAN CTL CTL-30 TO ASI-2000 FOR DME-40,42
 ASI-10-5C                                        ASI CABLE: MANUAL CONTROL ATC-1400 TO ASI-2000 FOR DME
 ASI-10-5D                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-200-5 TO IND-40,41,339F-12, AND 313N-4D
 ASI-10-5E                                        ASI CABLE:ASI-200-5 TO ATC-1400
 ASI-10-7A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-200-7 TO KFS-564()
 ASI-10-7B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-200-7 TO KFS-576()
 ASI-10-7C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-200-7 TO KFS-579()
 ASI-10-7D                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-200-7 TO KFS-586()
 ASI-10-7E                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-200-7 TO KFS-598()
 ASI-10-8A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-2000 TO CTL-20
 ASI-10-8B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-2000 TO LTC-1
 ASI-10-8C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-2000 TO NAV-750()
 ASI-10-9A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-2000 TO CTL-30
 ASI-10-9B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-2000 TO LVC-4
 ASI-10-9C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-2000 TO NAV-750()
 ASI-10-9D                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-200-9 TO VIR-130A
 ASI-1000                                         ASI TEST SET
 ASI-1001-1                                       ASI PB-100 MODULE TESTER - GLIDE SLOPE A
 ASI-1001-1                                       ASI PB-100 MODULE TESTER - CRUISE 1
 ASI-1001-11                                      ASI PB-100 MODULE TESTER - CWS COMMAND
 ASI-1001-12                                      ASI PB-100 MODULE TESTER - CAM POSITION
 ASI-1001-13                                      ASI PB-100 MODULE TESTER- FLT DIR CHAN A

                                                         PAGE: 101
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ASI-1001-14                                      ASI PB-100 MODULE TESTER- FLT DIR CHAN B
 ASI-1001-15                                      ASI PB-100 MODULE TESTER - COMPARATOR 2
 ASI-1001-16                                      ASI PB-100 MODULE TESTER - COMPARATOR 1
 ASI-1001-17                                      ASI PB-100 MODULE TESTER - SERCO CMD CH B
 ASI-1001-18                                      ASI PB-100 MODULE TESTER - SERCO CMD CH B
 ASI-1001-2                                       ASI PB-100 MODULE TESTER - GLIDESLOPE B / BEAM B
 ASI-1001-3                                       ASI PB-100 MODULE TESTER - GO AROUND
 ASI-1001-4                                       ASI PB-100 MODULE TESTER - COMMAND A
 ASI-1001-5                                       ASI PB-100 MODULE TESTER - MONITOR
 ASI-1001-6                                       ASI PB-100 MODULE TESTER - FLIGHT DIRECTOR A
 ASI-1001-7                                       ASI PB-100 MODULE TESTER - BEAM A
 ASI-1001-8                                       ASI PB-100 MODULE TESTER - CRUISE 2
 ASI-1001-9                                       ASI PB-100 MODULE TESTER - COMMAND ADJUST / MONITOR
 ASI-1002             940-ASI-1002                ASI CONTROL HEAD TEST PANEL
 ASI-1003-1                                       ASI GABLES G7185 TEST PANEL
 ASI-1003-GA                                      ASI GABLES G7185 TEST PANEL
 ASI-1003-RA                                      ASI PNEUMATIC FLOW CONTROL RAMP TEST SET
 ASI-1004                                         ASI PRESSURE SNS PANEL
 ASI-1005                                         ASI PRESSURE SENS PNEU PNL
 ASI-1006                                         ASI A310 CTL BOX-SPOILER VALVE GROUP
 ASI-1007                                         ASI COMP INTERFACE
 ASI-1008                                         ASI ANTI-SKID/SPOILER DET PULLER
 ASI-1009                                         ASI CABLE: 727-737
 ASI-1014             ASI-1014                    ASI SPCU TEST PANEL
 ASI-1018             ASI-1018                    ASI WINDOW HEAT MODULE TESTER
 ASI-1019-1           ASI-1019-1                  ASI WINDOW HEAT MODULE TESTER
 ASI-1019-2           ASI-1019-2                  ASI WINDOW HEAT CONTROL TESTER
 ASI-1020-2           ASI-1020-2                  ASI LCM LEVEL INTERFACE FIXTURE
 ASI-1020-3           ASI-1020-3                  ASI POINT LEVEL SENSOR FIXTURE
 ASI-1021             ASI-1021                    ASI VOLTAGE RADIO TEST CIRCUIT
 ASI-11-1A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-CTS-11 TO ADI85
 ASI-11-1B                                        ASI CABLE:ASI-CTS-11/11A/12 TO ASI-167 OR ASI-165
 ASI-11-1C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-CTS-11A TO ADI77
 ASI-11-1D                                        ASI CABLE: ADI77 EXTENDER
 ASI-11-1E                                        ASI CABLE: ADI77 EXTENDER
 ASI-11-1F                                        ASI CABLE: ADI77 EXTENDER
 ASI-11-1G                                        ASI CABLE: ADI77 EXTENDER
 ASI-11-1H                                        ASI CABLE: ADI77 EXTENDER
 ASI-11-1I                                        ASI CABLE: ADI77 EXTENDER
 ASI-11-1J                                        ASI CABLE: ADI77 EXTENDER
 ASI-11-1K                                        ASI TEST FIXTURE: ADI77 GIMBAL ALIGNMENT
 ASI-11-1L                                        ASI CABLE: ADI77 GIMBAL ALIGNMENT FIXTURE
 ASI-110              EQPN: 2900-00110-000        ASI DIGITAL SYNCHRO
 ASI-110-1                                        ASI DIGITAL SYNCHRO
 ASI-110-2                                        ASI SYNCHRO
 ASI-1100-DL                                      ASI DLM-700( ) BREAKOUT PANEL
 ASI-1100-DLM                                     ASI DLM-700( ) BREAKOUT PANEL
 ASI-1130-DL                                      ASI DLM-700( ) POWER DISTRIBUTION PANEL W/3 CABLES
 ASI-1130-DLM                                     ASI DLM-700( ) POWER DISTRIBUTION PANEL W/3 CABLES
 ASI-115                                          ASI INDICATOR TEST PANEL FOR C6()
 ASI-116                                          ASI GPS TEST PANEL FOR KLX135
 ASI-12-0A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI120 TO BRG40
 ASI-12-0B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI120 TO DME40A
 ASI-12-0C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI120 TO 332C-10/10B
 ASI-12-0D                                        ASI CABLE: ASI120 TO IND350G
 ASI-12-0E                                        ASI CABLE: ASI120 T0 339F12()
 ASI-12-0F                                        ASI CABLE: ASI120 TO ASI160B/160C
 ASI-12-0G                                        ASI CABLE: ASI120 TO 313N4D/378N2
 ASI-12-1A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-CTS-12 TO HSI85
 ASI-12-1B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-CTS-12 TO CTS-703
 ASI-12-1C                                        ASI CABLE:ASI-CTS-12 TO ASI-176
 ASI-12-1D                                        ASI CABLE: AS-121 TO BIA32
 ASI-12-1E                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-121 TO RMI30
 ASI-12-1F                                        ASI CABLE: AS-I121 TO RMI36/BDI36
 ASI-12-2A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-122 TO DDA42
 ASI-12-2B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-122 TO IND40/41
 ASI-12-2C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-122 TO 339F8B
 ASI-12-2D                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-122 TO 339F12()
 ASI-12-2E                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-122 TO 339F18()

                                                         PAGE: 102
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ASI-12-3A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI123 TO BDI36
 ASI-12-3B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-123 TO COLT CTA339B1
 ASI-12-3C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-123 TO ASI176()
 ASI-12-4A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-124 TO CAD870G (P1)
 ASI-12-4B                                        ASI CABLE: AS-I124 TO CAD870G (P2)
 ASI-12-5A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-125 TO VHF21
 ASI-12-5B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-125 TO CTL22
 ASI-12-5C                                        ASI CABLE: AS-I125 TO VHF22
 ASI-12-5D                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-125 TO VHF422
 ASI-12-6A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-126 TO CTL22/22A
 ASI-12-6B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-126 TO CTL32/32A
 ASI-12-6C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-126 TO CTL62/62A
 ASI-12-6D                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-126 TO CTL92/92A
 ASI-12-6E                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-126 TO CTL23
 ASI-12-7A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-127 TO VIR31()
 ASI-12-7B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-127 TO RMI30
 ASI-12-7C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-127 TO RMI36
 ASI-12-7D                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-127 TO ASI161(479V3)
 ASI-12-7E                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-127 TO 313N()
 ASI-12-7F                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-127 TO CTL30
 ASI-12-7G                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-127 TO ASI190()
 ASI-12-8A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-128 TO CTL32
 ASI-12-8B                                        ASI CABLE: AS-I128 TO VIR32
 ASI-12-8C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-128 TO VIR432
 ASI-12-8D                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-128 TO 332C10
 ASI-12-8E                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-128 TO ASI161(479V3)
 ASI-12-8F                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-128 TO ASI190()
 ASI-12-8G                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-128 TO ASI-160() OBI
 ASI-12-8H                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-128 TO RMI-36
 ASI-12-9A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-129 TO CAD31, CAD62
 ASI-120                                          ASI PRO LINE: BRG TEST PANEL FOR TCN-40 (DME40A/BRG40)
 ASI-1207-A                                       ASI RT-1201A RADAR TEST SET
 ASI-121                                          ASI PRO LINE: BIA-32 TEST PANEL
 ASI-122                                          ASI PRO LINE: DDA-42 TEST PANEL
 ASI-1229-00                                      ASI CABLE ASSY
 ASI-1229-001                                     ASI CABLE ASSY
 ASI-123                                          ASI PRO LINE: BDI-36 DME TEST PANEL
 ASI-124                                          ASI PRO LINE: CAD870G TEST PANEL
 ASI-125                                          ASI PRO LINE: COM TEST PANEL VHF21/22/422( )
 ASI-126                                          ASI PRO LINE: CTL X2/X2A/23 HEAD TEST PNL
 ASI-127                                          ASI PRO LINE: NAV TEST PANEL FOR VIR31
 ASI-128                                          ASI PRO LINE: NAV TEST PANEL FOR VIR32/33/432/433
 ASI-129                                          ASI PRO LINE: CONTROL ADP FOR CAD 31/62/92
 ASI-13-0A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-130 TO TDR90/613L3
 ASI-13-0B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-130 TO TDR90/CAD62/CTL92
 ASI-13-0C                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-13-0D                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-13-1A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-131 TO CTL230
 ASI-13-2A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-132 TO RAC870/CAD870
 ASI-13-3A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-133 TO RTU870AT
 ASI-13-3C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-153 (ATT-1T) W103
 ASI-13-4A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-134 TO DME42
 ASI-13-4B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-134 TO IND42B
 ASI-13-4B            ASI-13-4B                   ASI CABLE:ASI-134 TO IN
 ASI-13-4C                                        ASI CABLE: AS-I134 TO IND40,41,339F12
 ASI-13-4D                                        ASI CABLE: AS-I134 TO CTL30
 ASI-13-4E                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-134 TO 313N4D
 ASI-13-4F                                        ASI CABLE: AS-134 TO CTL32
 ASI-13-4F            ASI-13-4F                   ASI CABLE:ASI-134 TO CTL
 ASI-13-4G                                        ASI CABLE: AS-134 TO SQUAWK NAUT
 ASI-13-4H                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-134 TO DME442
 ASI-13-4H            ASI-13-4H                   ASI CABLE:ASI-134 TO DM
 ASI-13-4I                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-134 TO IFR1400A
 ASI-13-4I            ASI-13-4I                   ASI CABLE:ASI-134 TO IF
 ASI-13-4J                                        ASI CABLE: DME42/442 PS LOAD TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-13-5A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-135 TO ADF462-P1
 ASI-13-5B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-135 TO ADF462-J7
 ASI-130                                          ASI PRO LINE: XPDR TEST PANEL
 ASI-1301784-001      1301784-001                 ASI CABLE

                                                         PAGE: 103
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ASI-1303132-001                                  ASI V MOD TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-1303967-001                                  ASI TEST BOX - IN ARM CABLE
 ASI-1304168-001                                  ASI TEST BOX - IST SHORT
 ASI-1304276-001                                  ASI TEST BOX - AVU/DISPLAY
 ASI-1304484-001                                  ASI W2 CABLE
 ASI-1304485-001                                  ASI W3 CABLE
 ASI-1304486-001                                  ASI W4 CABLE
 ASI-1304487-001                                  ASI W5 CABLE
 ASI-1304488-001                                  ASI W6 CABLE
 ASI-1304489-001                                  ASI W7 CABLE
 ASI-1305-00                                      ASI CABLE ASSY
 ASI-1305-001                                     ASI CABLE ASSY
 ASI-1308303-001      ASI-1308303-001             ASI TEST BOX
 ASI-131                                          ASI PRO LINE: HF CTL TEST PANEL
 ASI-1316-00                                      ASI LN2 CHAMBER RACK MOUNT
 ASI-132                                          ASI PRO LINE: RAC/CAD TEST PANEL
 ASI-133                                          ASI PRO LINE: RTU TEST PANEL
 ASI-134                                          ASI PRO LINE: DME TEST PNL
 ASI-134              ASI-134                     ASI PRO LINE: DME TEST
 ASI-135                                          ASI PRO LINE: ADF TEST PANEL
 ASI-136                                          ASI VHF4000 TEST SET
 ASI-137                                          ASI PROLINE: VHF TEST PANEL FOR NAV-4000
 ASI-1374-030         ASI-1374-030                TEST CABLE TEST CABLE
 ASI-1374-040         ASI-1374-040                ASI TEST CABLE
 ASI-1374-050         ASI-1374-050                ASI TEST CABLE
 ASI-1374-060         ASI-1374-060                ASI TEST CABLE
 ASI-1374-070         ASI-1374-070                ASI TEST CABLE
 ASI-1374-075         ASI-1374-075                ASI TEST CABLE
 ASI-1374-078         ASI-1374-078                ASI TEST CABLE
 ASI-138                                          ASI PROLINE: VHF TEST PANEL FOR DME-4000
 ASI-140                                          ASI HEADING SELECTOR SYNCHRO
 ASI-141                                          ASI HEADING CONTROL TRANSFORMER
 ASI-1411-001                                     ASI CABLE
 ASI-142                                          ASI COMPASS SIMULATOR
 ASI-142-1            ASI-142-1                   ASI COMPASS SIM
 ASI-142-2                                        ASI COMP SIM
 ASI-1429-00                                      ASI CABLE-EXTENDER ASSY RF MODULE IN 671U-4()
 ASI-1429-001                                     ASI CABLE-EXTENDER ASSY FOR RF MODULE IN 671U4( _)
 ASI-1429671U4                                    ASI CABLE-EXTENDER ASSY RF MODULE IN 671U-4()
 ASI-143-1                                        ASI GYRO SIM
 ASI-143-2                                        ASI GYRO SIM (19" RACK VERSION)
 ASI-1438-00                                      ASI CABLE-EXTENDER ASSY FOR POWER SUPPLY IN 67IU-4()
 ASI-1438-001                                     ASI CABLE-EXTENDER ASSY FOR PS IN 671U4()
 ASI-1438671U4                                    ASI EXTENDER CABLE ASSY
 ASI-1438671U5                                    ASI CABLE-EXTENDER ASSY FOR POWER SUPPLY IN 67IU-4()
 ASI-1447-001                                     ASI CABLE
 ASI-1448-002                                     ASI CABLE
 ASI-145                                          ASI UNIVERSAL TO-FROM METER
 ASI-146                                          ASI FLAG METER
 ASI-147                                          ASI DEVIATION METER
 ASI-15-22A                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-152-2 (RDT-1FB) W101
 ASI-15-22B                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-152-2 (RDT-1FB) W102
 ASI-15-22C                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-152-2 (RDT-1FB) W103
 ASI-15-22D                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-152-2 (RDT-1FB) W104
 ASI-15-2A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-152 (RDT-1F) W101
 ASI-15-2B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-152 (RDT-1F) W102
 ASI-15-2C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-152 (RDT-1F) W103
 ASI-15-2D                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-152 (RDT-1F) W104
 ASI-15-3A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-153 (ATT-1T) W101
 ASI-15-3B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-153 (ATT-1T) W102
 ASI-15-42A                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-154-2 (RCT-1FB) W101
 ASI-15-42B                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-154-2 (RCT-1FB) W102
 ASI-15-42C                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-154-2 (RCT-1FB) W103
 ASI-15-42D                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-154-2 (RCT-1FB) W104
 ASI-15-42E                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-154-2 (RCT-1FB) W105
 ASI-15-4A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-154 (RCT-1F) W101
 ASI-15-4B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-154 (RCT-1F) W102
 ASI-15-4C            EQPN: 2038352-0501          ASI CABLE: ASI-154 (RCT-1F) W103
 ASI-15-4D                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-154 (RCT-1F) W104

                                                        PAGE: 104
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ASI-15-6A                                        ASI CABLE-ASI-156 TO AHC-85
 ASI-15-8A                                        ASI CABLE-ASI-158 TO SVO-1000
 ASI-150                                          ASI UNIVERSAL TRACK SELECTOR
 ASI-151                                          ASI AIR DATA CONTROL TEST SET
 ASI-152                                          ASI BENDIX RDR-1F R/T TEST PANEL
 ASI-152-1                                        ASI BENDIX RDR-1F R/T TEST PANEL
 ASI-152-2                                        ASI RDR1FB TEST SET
 ASI-1522-DL                                      ASI DLM-700( ) ACARS LOOPBACK POD
 ASI-1522-DLM                                     ASI DLM-700( ) ACARS LOOPBACK POD
 ASI-153                                          ASI ANT-1T TEST SET
 ASI-153-1                                        ASI BENDIX ANT-1T TEST PANEL
 ASI-153-2                                        ASI BENDIX ANT-1TB TEST PANEL
 ASI-153-3                                        ASI BENDIX ANT-1TB TEST PANEL WITH SECTOR SCAN TEST AD
 ASI-153-4                                        ASI SECTOR SCAN ANTENNA TEST ADAPTER
 ASI-154                                          ASI BENDIX RDR-1F SYSTEM TEST PANEL
 ASI-154-1                                        ASI BENDIX RDR-1F SYSTEM TEST PANEL
 ASI-154-2                                        ASI BENDIX RDR1FB SYS TEST PANEL
 ASI-155                                          ASI UNIVERSAL DIGITAL INTERFACE (UDI) FOR SPERRY IND
 ASI-156                                          ASI AHRS MONITOR INTERFACE PANEL FOR COLLINS AHC-85
 ASI-1569-01                                      ASI ANTENNA FOR 972Q-4
 ASI-157                                          ASI TCAS BREAKOUT BOX FOR COLLINS WXI-711
 ASI-1577-001                                     ASI CABLE
 ASI-158                                          ASI UNIVERSAL HIGH POT TESTER FOR SVO-1000
 ASI-159                                          ASI ARC159 MODULE TESTER
 ASI-16-3A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-163 TO PRIMUS-90 R/T
 ASI-16-3B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-163 TO PRIMUS-90 INDICATOR
 ASI-16-3C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-163 TO PRIMUS-90 ANTENNA
 ASI-16-3D                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-163 TO PRIMUS-90 W/G SWITCH
 ASI-16-3E                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-163 TO PRIMUS-40/400 R/T
 ASI-16-3F                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-163 TO PRIMUS-40/400 IND
 ASI-16-3G                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-163 TO PRIMUS-40/400 ANT
 ASI-16-3H                                        ASI TEST SET: PRIMUS R/T MAG CURRENT/AFC
 ASI-16-3J                                        ASI CABLE: PRIMUS R/T STABILIZATION ADAPTER
 ASI-16-4A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-164 TO 339H-1/1A/1D, 339H-2(-001)
 ASI-16-4B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-164 TO 339H-2, 339H-6
 ASI-16-4C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-164 TO 339H-5
 ASI-16-4D                                        ASI CABLE: ASI164 TO INA51A,51B,51D,51V
 ASI-16-6A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-166 OR 479X-2 TO OBI (331-3F/3G)
 ASI-16-6B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-166 TO ASI-160/190 SERIES
 ASI-16-6C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-166 TO OBS
 ASI-16-6D                                        ASI 30 HZ FILTER FOR ASI-166(479X2)
 ASI-16-6E                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-166(479X-2 TO FMC-28/28A (ORZ)
 ASI-16-6F                                        ASI CABLE: COAX
 ASI-16-6G                                        ASI CABLE: VOLTMETER
 ASI-16-8A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-168 TO 332D-11
 ASI-16-92A                                       ASI TEST PLACARD
 ASI-16-9A                                        ASI TEST PLACARD
 ASI-16-9B                                        ASI TEST PLACARD
 ASI-16-9C                                        ASI TEST PLACARD
 ASI-16-B-O2                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-160B TO RMI-36
 ASI-16-B1                                        ASI CABLE: ASI160B/C TO KNI582
 ASI-16-B2                                        ASI CABLE: ASI160B/C TO RMI36
 ASI-16-B3                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-160B/C TO LINAIRE LV-5 PANEL
 ASI-16-B4                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-160() ASI-190() TO 479V-3 MOCK-UP ADP
 ASI-16-B5                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-16-B6                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-160B/C TO LINAIRE LV-6 PANEL
 ASI-160                                          ASI UNIVERSAL TRACK SEL
 ASI-160-C            ASI-160-C                   ASI ASI UNI HEADING TRACK
 ASI-160B                                         ASI UNIVERSAL HEADING & TRACK SELECTOR
 ASI-160C                                         ASI UNIVERSAL HDG & TRACK SELECTOR WITH METERS
 ASI-160C             ASI-160C                    ASI UNIVERSAL HDG&TRAC
 ASI-161                                          ASI PREC TRACK SEL
 ASI-162                                          ASI RADIO SET CONTROL TESTER FOR 714E-( )
 ASI-163                                          ASI PRIMUS-90 RADAR TEST SET
 ASI-164                                          ASI RADIO ALTIMETER INDICATOR TEST PANEL
 ASI-165                                          ASI UNIV. HEADING SELECTOR
 ASI-166                                          ASI RESOLVER ZEROING PANEL
 ASI-166A                                         ASI TEST PANEL FOR 479V-3 OR 79V-3
 ASI-167                                          ASI SYNCHRO SIM

                                                         PAGE: 105
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ASI-168                                          ASI GYRO TEST SET
 ASI-168-1                                        ASI NOISE TEST FIXTURE FOR 332D-11
 ASI-168A                                         ASI 332D11 TEST SET
 ASI-169                                          ASI STAB TEST SET
 ASI-169-2                                        ASI RTA-4A RADAR TEST SET
 ASI-17-0A                                        ASI TEST PLACARD
 ASI-17-1A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-171 (RDT-1A) W1
 ASI-17-1B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-171 (RDT-1A) W2
 ASI-17-1C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-171 (RDT-1A) W3
 ASI-17-1D                                        ASI LOAD BOX: ASI-171 (RDT-1A) A1
 ASI-17-2A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-172 (RDT-1B) TO CON-1J/L/N (W102)
 ASI-17-2B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-172(RDT-1B) TO ANT-1()
 ASI-17-2C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-172 (RDT-1B) TO CON-1A/B/D (W101)
 ASI-17-2D                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-172 (RDT-1B) TO CON-1NB (W103)
 ASI-17-2E                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-172 (RDT-1B) TO ANT-1G (W202)
 ASI-17-3A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-173 (PPT-1A) W1
 ASI-17-3B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-173 (PPT-1A) W2
 ASI-17-4A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-174 (PPT-1B) W101
 ASI-17-4B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-174 (PPT-1B) W102
 ASI-17-4C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-174 (PPT-1B) W103
 ASI-17-5A                                        ASI TEST PLACARD
 ASI-17-6A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-176 TO BDI-36
 ASI-17-6B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-176 TO CLIFTON 59500000-(), 66000000-()
 ASI-17-6C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-176 TO 339F-8B, 339F-18/18F
 ASI-17-6D                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-176 TO 331A-6A, 331A-6P
 ASI-17-6E                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-176 TO 331A-6R
 ASI-17-6F                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-176 TO 331A-9G, HSI-45
 ASI-17-6G                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-176 TO 331A-8G
 ASI-17-6H                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-176 TO 339F-12, IND-40/41
 ASI-17-6I                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-176 TO 331A-8A, 331A-8D, 331A-8K
 ASI-17-6J                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-176 TO KDI-5700, KDI-5710, ARINC 568
 ASI-17-6K                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-176 TO 331A-8L
 ASI-17-6L                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-176 TO HSI-84
 ASI-17-6M                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-176 TO RD-550/A/B/R
 ASI-17-6N                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-176 TO RD-500/A
 ASI-17-6O                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-176 TO COLLINS 331A-8D DME BOARDS
 ASI-17-6P                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-176 TO RD-600/A/B
 ASI-17-6Q                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-176 TO RD-650/A/B/R
 ASI-17-6R                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-176 TO ASTRONAUTICS 125810
 ASI-17-6S                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-176 TO KING KPI-553 INDICATOR
 ASI-17-7A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-277 (RNT-26A) W105
 ASI-17-7B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-177 (RNT-26A) W109
 ASI-17-7C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-177 (RNT-26A) W110
 ASI-17-7D                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-177 (RNT-26A) W111
 ASI-17-7E                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-177 (RNT-26A) W112
 ASI-17-7F                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-177 (RNT-26A) W113
 ASI-17-7G                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-177 (RNT-26A) W114
 ASI-17-7H                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-177 (RNT-26A) W115
 ASI-17-7I                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-177 (RNT-26A) W116
 ASI-17-7J                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-177 (RNT-26A) W117
 ASI-17-7K                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-177 (RNT-26A) W118
 ASI-17-7L                                        ASI LOAD, ASI-177-1 (RNT-26A) A2
 ASI-17-7M                                        ASI LOAD, ASI-177-1 (RNT-26A) A3
 ASI-17-7N                                        ASI LOAD: ASI-177-1 (RNT-26A) PR1
 ASI-17-7P                                        ASI CABLE, ASI-177-1 (RNT-26A) W103
 ASI-17-7Q                                        ASI CABLE, ASI-177-1 (RNT-26A) W121
 ASI-17-7R                                        ASI CABLE, ASI-177-1 (RNT-26A) W104
 ASI-17-8A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-178 TO 331A-3F/36
 ASI-17-8B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-178 TO 341C-1
 ASI-17-8C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI178(477Q1) TO ASI166(479X2)
 ASI-17-9A                                        ASI CABLE ASI-179 TO 332E-4
 ASI-170                                          ASI BENDIX RDR-1F RADAR RAMP RADAR TEST SET
 ASI-171                                          ASI BENDIX RDR-1E RADAR TEST PANEL
 ASI-172                                          ASI RADAR ANTENNA TEST SET
 ASI-173                                          ASI BENDIX PPI-1( ) RADAR INDICATOR TEST SET
 ASI-174                                          ASI BENDIX PPI-1() RADAR INDICATOR TEST SET
 ASI-175                                          ASI TEST SET
 ASI-175-2                                        ASI PORTABLE ALTIMETER TEST SET
 ASI-176                                          ASI DME TEST SET

                                                         PAGE: 106
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ASI-176-1                                        ASI TEST SET
 ASI-176A                                         ASI ARINC 568 DME IND TEST SET (REQUIRES ASI-16-7X CBL
 ASI-176BR                                        ASI ARINC 568 DME IND TEST SET W/MASTER IND-REQ ASI-1
 ASI-177                                          ASI VHF-NAV TEST SET FOR BENDIX RNA-26C AND RNA-34A
 ASI-177-1                                        ASI TEST PANEL
 ASI-177-2                                        ASI TEST PANEL
 ASI-178              EQPN: 522-3330-000          ASI TEST SET
 ASI-179                                          ASI COLLINS 332E4 TEST SET
 ASI-18-1A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-181 (975D-1) TO 860E-3
 ASI-18-2A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-182 TO ARINC 521 DME
 ASI-18-2B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-182 TO ARINC 568 DME
 ASI-18-2C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-182 TO SQUAWK NAUT I
 ASI-18-2D                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-182 TO DME 40
 ASI-18-2E                                        ASI LOAD BOX
 ASI-18-2F                                        ASI FAULT MONITOR
 ASI-18-2G                                        ASI TUBE EXTENDER FOR 860E3
 ASI-18-2H                                        ASI TUBE EXTENDER
 ASI-18-2I                                        ASI DRIVER INPUT
 ASI-18-2J                                        ASI CABLE: SPEC SYNTH OUTPUT FOR 860E3
 ASI-18-3A                                        ASI CABLE-GYRO SIMULATOR CABLE (ASI-183)(971F1)
 ASI-18-3B                                        ASI CABLE-ASI-183 TO 562C-5()
 ASI-18-3C                                        ASI CABLE-ASI-183 TO 161E-2A
 ASI-18-3D                                        ASI CABLE-ASI-183 TO 614E-5A
 ASI-18-3E                                        ASI CABLE-ASI-183 TO 562C-5()
 ASI-18-3F                                        ASI CABLE-ASI-183 TO 562C-8
 ASI-18-3G                                        ASI CABLE-ASI-183 TO 562C-5()
 ASI-18-3H                                        ASI CABLE-ASI-183 TO 562C-8F/G
 ASI-18-3I                                        ASI CABLE-ASI-183 TO 562C-8F
 ASI-18-3J                                        ASI CABLE-ASI-183 TO 562C-8F
 ASI-18-3K                                        ASI CABLE-ASI-183 TO 562C-8()
 ASI-18-3L                                        ASI CABLE-ASI-183 TO 562C-8G
 ASI-18-5A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-185 TO 332C-10
 ASI-18-5B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-185 TO RMI-36
 ASI-18-5C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-185 TO ANT60B/462B
 ASI-18-5D                                        ASI CABLE: AS-I185 TO ASI61 ADF ANT SIM
 ASI-18-7A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-187 TO ASI-167 (978F-2S)
 ASI-18-7B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-187 TO 332C-4
 ASI-18-7C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-187 TO 332C-8
 ASI-18-7D                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-187 TO RMI-30, 332C-10
 ASI-18-7E                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-187 TO 332C-10B
 ASI-18-7F                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-187 TO RMI-36. BDI-36
 ASI-18-8A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-188 TO WXT-XXX R/T
 ASI-18-8B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-188 TO IND-XXX INDICATOR
 ASI-18-8C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-188 TO ANT-XXX ANTENNA
 ASI-18-8D                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-188 TO DCP-270/300/325
 ASI-18-8E                                        ASI CABLE-ASI-188 TO WXP-85C/D
 ASI-18-8F                                        ASI CABLE-ASI-188 TO DCP-270/300
 ASI-18-8G                                        ASI CABLE: WXA-85 TEST CABLE 1
 ASI-18-8H                                        ASI CABLE: WXA-85 TEST CABLE 2
 ASI-18-9A                                        ASI 14 TOOTH HUB
 ASI-18-9B                                        ASI CAPSTAN HOLDING FIXTURE
 ASI-18-9C                                        ASI CAPSTAN HOLDING FIXTURE
 ASI-18-9D                                        ASI SVO-75 MAGNETIC CLUTCH HOLDING FIXTURE
 ASI-18-9E                                        ASI SVO-75 BACKLASH TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-180                                          ASI 328A3G TEST PANEL
 ASI-181                                          ASI COLLINS DME TEST SET
 ASI-182                                          ASI COLLINS DME TEST SET
 ASI-183-1                                        ASI AUTO PILOT TEST SET
 ASI-183-2                                        ASI AUTO PILOT TEST SET(CABLES NOT INCLUDED)
 ASI-184                                          ASI FAULT ISOLATION PANEL
 ASI-185                                          ASI ADF60 TEST SET
 ASI-186                                          ASI EQMN: 970W-1 ADF ANTENNA SIMULATOR
 ASI-187                                          ASI EQMN: 970E-1 RMI TEST SET
 ASI-187-PS1                                      ASI POWER SUPPLY FOR ASI-187/970E-1
 ASI-188                                          ASI RADAR TEST PANEL
 ASI-188-1                                        ASI RADAR TEST PANEL
 ASI-188-1            ASI-188-1                   ASI RADER TEST PANEL
 ASI-188-2                                        ASI ANTENNA CALIBRATION/TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-188-3                                        ASI COLLINS RADAR SYSTEMS

                                                         PAGE: 107
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ASI-188-4                                        ASI RADAR TEST PANEL
 ASI-188-7                                        ASI WXP85 BREAKOUT BOX
 ASI-189                                          ASI EQMN: 960M-3 SERVO TORQUE TESTER
 ASI-19-2A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-192 SENSE CABLE
 ASI-19-2B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-192 RF SIM CABLE
 ASI-19-2C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-192 LOOP ANT CABLE
 ASI-19-2D                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-192 LOW CAP SENSE ADAPTER CABLE
 ASI-19-3A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-193 RECEIVER POWER CABLE
 ASI-19-3B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-193 INDICATOR POWER CABLE
 ASI-19-4A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI194 TO 860F1/4 P1B
 ASI-19-4B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI194 TO 860F1/4 J9
 ASI-19-4C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI194 TO 339H()
 ASI-19-4D                                        ASI 15 PIN EXT CABLE
 ASI-19-9A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-199 (ALT-51A) W101
 ASI-19-9B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-199 (ALT-51A) W102
 ASI-19-9C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-199 (ALT-51A) W103
 ASI-19-9D                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-199 (ALT-51A) W104
 ASI-19-9E                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-199 (ALT-51A) W105
 ASI-19-9F                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-199 (ALT-51A) W11
 ASI-19-9G                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-199 (ALT-51A) W12
 ASI-19-9H                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-199 (ALT-51A) W114
 ASI-19-9I                                        ASI EXT CARD: ASI-100 (ALT-51A) NARROW
 ASI-19-9J                                        ASI EXT CARD: ASI-199 (ALT-51A) WIDE
 ASI-190                                          ASI UNIV. TRACK SELECTOR
 ASI-1904-00                                      ASI WXR-701X T-CONNECTOR
 ASI-1904-007                                     ASI WXR701X T-CONN
 ASI-190B             ASI-190B                    ASI UNIV. TRACK SELECTOR
 ASI-191                                          ASI EQMN: 978F-1D INST TEST SET
 ASI-191-001                                      ASI ASI-191 (978F-1D) OVERLAY FOR TESTING 329B-7
 ASI-191-002                                      ASI ASI-191 (978F-1D) OVERLAY FOR TESTING 331A-7
 ASI-191-003                                      ASI ASI-191 (978F-1D) OVERLAY FOR TESTING 329B-7A
 ASI-191-004                                      ASI ASI-191 (978F-1D) OVERLAY FOR TESTING 329B-7C
 ASI-191-005                                      ASI ASI-191 (978F-1D) OVERLAY FOR TESTING 329B-6D
 ASI-191-006                                      ASI ASI-191 (978F-1D) OVERLAY FOR TESTING 331A-6A
 ASI-191-007                                      ASI ASI-191 (978F-1D) OVERLAY FOR TESTING 331A-6D
 ASI-191-008                                      ASI ASI-191 (978F01D) OVERLAY FOR TESTING 331A-7A
 ASI-191-009                                      ASI ASI-191 (978F-1D) OVERLAY FOR TESTING 329B-7F
 ASI-191-010                                      ASI ASI-191 (978F-1D) OVERLAY FOR TESTING 329B-7F-1
 ASI-191-011                                      ASI ASI-191 (978F-1D) OVERLAY FOR TESTING 329B-7G
 ASI-191-012                                      ASI ASI-191 (978F-1D) OVERLAY FOR TESTING 331A-6E
 ASI-191-013                                      ASI ASI-191 (978F-1D) OVERLAY FOR TESTING 329B-7J
 ASI-191-014                                      ASI ASI-191 (978F-1D) OVERLAY FOR TESTING 329B-7K
 ASI-191-015                                      ASI ASI-191 (978F-1D) OVERLAY FOR TESTING 329B-8C
 ASI-191-016                                      ASI ASI-191 (978F-1D) OVERLAY FOR TESTING 331A-6K
 ASI-191-017                                      ASI ASI-191 (978F-1D) FOR TESTING 329B-6E
 ASI-191-018                                      ASI ASI-191 (978F-1D) OVERLAY FOR TESTING 329B-8A
 ASI-191-019                                      ASI ASI-191 (978F-1D) OVERLAY FOR TESTING 329B-8B
 ASI-191-020          =                           ASI ASI-191 (978F-1D) OVERLAY FOR TESTING 329B-8F
 ASI-191-021          EQPN: 757-0544-021          ASI ASI-191 (978F-1D) OVERLAY FOR TESING 329B-7M
 ASI-191-022          EQPN: 757-0544-022          ASI ASI-191 (978F-1D) OVERLAY FOR TESTING 329B-8G
 ASI-191-023          EQPN: 757-0544-023          ASI ASI-191 (978F-1D) OVERLAY FOR TESTING 329B-8N
 ASI-191-024          EQPN: 761-5230-006          ASI ASI-191(978F1D) OVERLAY FOR TESTING
 ASI-191-025                                      ASI ASI-191 (978F-1D) OVERLAY FOR ADI-84/329B-7R
 ASI-192                                          ASI EQMN: 477U-2 ADF ANTENNA SIMULATOR (WITH 3 CABLES)
 ASI-193                                          ASI EQMN: 477V-2 ADF-TEST SET (WITH 3 CABLES)
 ASI-1934-DL                                      ASI BACKLIGHT TEST FIXTURE FOR COLLINS DLC-800
 ASI-1934-DLC                                     ASI BACKLIGHT TEST FIXTURE FOR COLLINS DLC-800
 ASI-194                                          ASI 860F-1/-4(MAN FIG 1002A,1002E,902A,906) TEST SET
 ASI-195                                          ASI TEST SET FOR JET PS-823( ) EMERGENCY POWER SUPPLY
 ASI-196              ASI-196                     ASI TEST SET FOR JET PS-835( ) EMERGENCY PWR SUP
 ASI-197                                          ASI EQMN: PPT-1CG PPI-1U TEST PATTERN GENERATOR
 ASI-198                                          ASI PP1-1U RADAR TEST ADAPTER
 ASI-199                                          ASI ALA-51A TEST SET
 ASI-1A                                           ASI ADAPTER RACK: ARINC COMM TO VHF-22()
 ASI-1B                                           ASI ADP RACK: ARINC COMM TO VHF22C/D
 ASI-1C                                           ASI ADP RACK: ARINC TO VHF21C/D
 ASI-2                                            ASI ADAPTER RACK: ARINC NAV TO VIR-30(), VIR-32()
 ASI-2-0A                                         ASI CABLE: ASI-20 TO VHF-20/21
 ASI-2-0B                                         ASI CABLE: ASI-20(HTS20) TO VHF22

                                                        PAGE: 108
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ASI-2-0C                                         ASI CABLE: ASI-20(HTS20) TO VCS40A
 ASI-2-0D                                         ASI CABLE: ASI-20(HTS20) TO WT200
 ASI-2-0E                                         ASI CABLE: ASI-20 TO VHF422
 ASI-2-0F                                         ASI CABLE: TO 618M-( )
 ASI-2-0H                                         ASI CABLE:ASI-20 TO KTR900/900A
 ASI-2-0I                                         ASI CABLE: ASI-20 TO KTR-905
 ASI-2-0J                                         ASI CABLE: ASI20(HTS20) TO KTR908
 ASI-2-2E             ASI-2-2E                    ASI CABLE
 ASI-20                                           ASI BLUELINE: GEN PURPOSE TEST PNL
 ASI-20-1A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-201 (477U-3) RF
 ASI-20-1B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-201 (477U-3) SP
 ASI-20-1C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-201 (477U-3) SP
 ASI-20-1D                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-201 (477U-3) SENSE
 ASI-20-2A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-202 (DFT-73AA) W101
 ASI-20-2B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-202 (DFT-73AA) W102
 ASI-20-2C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-202 (DFT-73AA) W103
 ASI-20-2D                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-202 (DFT-73AA) CONTROL
 ASI-20-2E                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-202 (DFT-73AA) CONTROL
 ASI-20-3A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI203(980N1) DUAL ADP
 ASI-20-3B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI203(980N1) TRIPLEX ADP
 ASI-20-3C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI203 DUAL SYS RAMP TESTER
 ASI-20-4XA           ASI-20-4XA                  ASI J101 EXTENDER CABLE
 ASI-20-4XB           ASI-20-4XB                  ASI J102 EXTENDER CABLE
 ASI-20-4XC           ASI-20-4XC                  ASI J103 EXTENDER CABLE
 ASI-20-4XD           ASI-20-4XD                  ASI J104 EXTENDER CABLE
 ASI-20-4XE           ASI-20-4XE                  ASI 562C-13 EXTENDER CABLE
 ASI-20-6A                                        ASI 334C-9/9A/11 SERVO RUN-IN FIXTURE
 ASI-20-6B                                        ASI 334C-9/9A/11 CAPSTAN ANGLE INDICATOR
 ASI-20-7A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI207-2(678P5) J4 TO 490S1 J1
 ASI-20-7B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-207-2 (678P-5) J3 TO 490S-1 J3
 ASI-20-7C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-207-2 (678P-5) J2 TO 618T-() P40
 ASI-20-7D                                        ASI CABLE: 618T-() TO WATTMETER
 ASI-20-7E                                        ASI CABLE: 490S-1 J2 TO WATTMETER
 ASI-20-7F                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-207 DC SUPPLY TO J35
 ASI-20-7G                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-207) AC SUPPLY TO J36
 ASI-20-9A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-209 (678P-1C) TO 714E-1/2
 ASI-20-9B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-209 (678P-1C) TO 714E-3/6
 ASI-20-9C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-209 (678P-1C) RF
 ASI-200-1            ASI-200-1                   ASI ASI-2000 PLUG IN FOR CTL-22, 32, 62, 92
 ASI-200-10           ASI-200-10                  ASI ASI-2000 PLUG IN
 ASI-200-11           ASI-200-11                  ASI ASI-2000 PLUG IN FOR VHF-422
 ASI-200-12                                       ASI ASI-2000 PLUG IN FOR VIR-432
 ASI-200-13                                       ASI ASI-2000 PLUG IN FOR DME-442
 ASI-200-14           ASI-200-14                  ASI ASI-2000 PLUG IN FOR TDR-90 AND CAD-870G
 ASI-200-15                                       ASI ASI-2000 PLUG IN FOR DDA-42
 ASI-200-16                                       ASI ASI-2000 PLUG IN FOR KDM-706A
 ASI-200-17                                       ASI ASI-2000 PLUG IN FOR RTU-870
 ASI-200-17A                                      ASI ASI-2000 PLUG IN FOR RTU-870A
 ASI-200-18                                       ASI ASI-2000 PLUG IN FOR CAD-870/RAC-870
 ASI-200-19                                       ASI ASI-2000 PLUG IN FOR BIA-32
 ASI-200-20           ASI-200-20                  ASI ASI-2000 PLUG-IN
 ASI-200-21           ASI-200-21                  ASI ASI-2000 PLUG IN FOR CTL-X0 AND CTL-X1
 ASI-200-22                                       ASI ASI-2000 PLUG IN FOR BRG-40
 ASI-200-23                                       ASI ASI-2000 PLUG IN FOR ARINC GLIDE SLOPE
 ASI-200-24           ASI-200-24                  ASI ASI-2000 PLUG IN FOR ARINC DME
 ASI-200-25           ASI-200-25                  ASI ASI-2000 PLUG IN FOR ARINC TRANSPONDERS
 ASI-200-26                                       ASI ASI-2000 PLUG IN FOR ARINC MARKER BEACON
 ASI-200-27                                       ASI ASI-2000 PLUG IN FOR CTL-92T
 ASI-200-28           ASI-200-28                  ASI ASI-2000 PLUG-IN PROLINE CARD SELF-TEST MODULE
 ASI-200-29                                       ASI ASI-2000 PLUG IN FOR VHF4000
 ASI-200-2A           ASI-200-2A                  ASI ASI-2000 PLUG IN FOR VIR-32
 ASI-200-2B           ASI-200-2B                  ASI ASI-2000 PLUG IN FOR VIR-32
 ASI-200-2C                                       ASI ASI-2000 PLUG IN FOR VIR-32
 ASI-200-2D                                       ASI ASI-2000 PLUG IN VIR-32 (FOR USE WITH ASI-160-B)
 ASI-200-3            ASI-200-3                   ASI ASI-2000 PLUG IN FOR VHF-21, VHF-22
 ASI-200-30                                       ASI ASI-2000 PLUG-IN FOR NAV-4000
 ASI-200-31                                       ASI ASI-2000 PLUG-IN FOR DME-4000
 ASI-200-32                                       ASI PLUG IN
 ASI-200-4                                        ASI ASI-2000 PLUG IN FOR CAD-31, CAD-62, CAD-92

                                                         PAGE: 109
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ASI-200-5            ASI-200-5                   ASI ASI-2000 PLUG IN FOR DME-42
 ASI-200-5A                                       ASI PROTECTIVE CASE FOR DME SIM CARD
 ASI-200-5A1                                      ASI DME SIM CARD AND CASE
 ASI-200-6                                        ASI ASI-2000 PLUG IN FOR CTL-230
 ASI-200-7                                        ASI ASI-2000 PLUG IN FOR KING KFS
 ASI-200-8            ASI-200-8                   ASI ASI-2000 PLUG IN FOR ARINC COMM
 ASI-200-9            ASI-200-9                   ASI ASI-2000 PLUG IN FOR ARINC NAV
 ASI-2000             ASI-2000                    ASI MAINFRAME (REQUIRES ASI-200-X PLUG-INS)
 ASI-2001             ASI-2001                    ASI TEST SET
 ASI-201                                          ASI EQMN: 477U-3 ADF SYSTEM TEST SET
 ASI-201-1                                        ASI ADF TEST PANEL
 ASI-201-2                                        ASI EQMN: 477U-3 ADF SYSTEM TEST SET FOR ARN-83
 ASI-201-9                                        ASI TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-202                                          ASI EQMN: DFT-73AA ADF SYSTEM TEST PANEL
 ASI-203                                          ASI RADIO ALTIMETER TEST SET
 ASI-203-M1K                                      ASI 980N1 METER RETROFIT KIT
 ASI-203-TA                                       ASI 980N-1 / ASI-203 TEST ADAPTER (980N-1 MAN FIG 7-24
 ASI-204                                          ASI AUTOPILOT RAMP TEST
 ASI-205                                          ASI EQMN: 972S-2 AUTOPILOT BENCH TEST SET
 ASI-205-2                                        ASI TEST SET
 ASI-205-3                                        ASI TEST SET: 454N-2/2D RATE LEVEL SENSOR
 ASI-205-4                                        ASI TEST SET: AP-106/107 ANNUNCIATOR UNIT
 ASI-205-5                                        ASI TEST SET
 ASI-206                                          ASI EQMN: 972S-3 SERVO TEST SET FOR AP-106, AP-107
 ASI-207                                          ASI EQMN: 477W-7 TEST BENCH HARNESS
 ASI-207-1                                        ASI EQMN: 172H-18 DUMMY ANTENNA SHUNT
 ASI-207-2                                        ASI EQMN: 678P-5 RADIO TEST SET HARNESS
 ASI-207-3                                        ASI HV TEST FIX
 ASI-207-4                                        ASI TEST SET
 ASI-207-6                                        ASI test fixture
 ASI-208                                          ASI EQMN: 980H-5 ANTENNA COUPLER TEST SET
 ASI-208-1                                        ASI EQMN: 878L-19D DISCRIMINATOR TEST SET
 ASI-208-2                                        ASI POWER PANEL
 ASI-208-3                                        ASI SERVO POWER SUPPLY TEST SET
 ASI-208-4                                        ASI TUNER CHASSIS TEST SET
 ASI-208-5                                        ASI LOGIC CARD TEST SET
 ASI-208-6                                        ASI ANTENNA COUPLER GRP TEST SET
 ASI-209                                          ASI EQMN: 678P-1C RADIO SET TEST HARNESS
 ASI-209-10                                       ASI ADAPTER FOR 628T3(A)
 ASI-209-11                                       ASI ATE BREAKOUT BOX CONN FOR 628T3(A)
 ASI-209-1A                                       ASI TEST SET
 ASI-209-4                                        ASI RADIO SET TEST HARNESS
 ASI-21-24A                                       ASI CAPSTAN TORQUE FIXTURE (INCLUDED WITH ASI-212-4)
 ASI-21-24B                                       ASI CAPSTAN TORQUE FIXTURE
 ASI-21-3A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-213 TO 334C-6/SVO-80
 ASI-21-3B                                        ASI SERVO MOUNT HOLDING FIXTURE(351B-6J/K/L/M/ ONLY)
 ASI-21-3C                                        ASI SERVO MOUNT HOLDING FIXTURE (EXCEPT 351B-6J/K/L/M)
 ASI-21-3D                                        ASI ADAPTER HUB
 ASI-21-3E                                        ASI SPANNER WRENCH
 ASI-21-3F                                        ASI BACKLASH TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-21-3G                                        ASI PIN REMOVAL FIXTURE(334C-6 MAN FIG 1011)
 ASI-21-4A                                        ASI ASI-214 TEST KIT FOR THE CTL-92/92A
 ASI-21-4B                                        ASI ASI-214 TEST KIT FOR THE CTL-92T
 ASI-21-4C                                        ASI ASI-214 TEST KIT FOR THE RTU-870A/T
 ASI-21-4D                                        ASI ASI-214 TEST KIT FOR THE TTC-920G
 ASI-21-5A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-215 TO ASI-140, 160, 160B, 160C
 ASI-21-5B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI215-150,160,160B,160C,190,190B
 ASI-21-5C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-215 TO ASI-200-2A/2B SYNCHRO CAL
 ASI-21-5D                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-215 TO ASI-200-2B RESOLVER CAL
 ASI-21-7A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI217 TO CTL22
 ASI-21-8A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-218 TO DRI-55
 ASI-21-8B                                        ASI CABLE: CIRCUIT ANALYSIS
 ASI-21-8C                                        ASI CABLE: ONE TO ONE
 ASI-210                                          ASI RADIO ALTIMETER RAMP TEST SET
 ASI-211                                          ASI DSA-220/LWA-200 DUAL SYSTEM TEST SET
 ASI-212                                          ASI EQMN: 960M-1 TORQUE TESTER
 ASI-212-1                                        ASI TORQUE TESTER FOR 334C-6
 ASI-212-2                                        ASI SERVO TORQUE TESTER
 ASI-212-3                                        ASI TORQUE TESTER FOR 334C-9/9A/11/12H, 334D-6( )

                                                          PAGE: 110
MODEL                  PART NO                   DESCRIPTION
 ASI-212-4                                        ASI TORQUE TESTER FOR SVO-85( ), SVO-1000( )
 ASI-212-4             ASI-212-4                  ASI TORQU TESTER FOR SVO-85/1000
 ASI-212-5                                        ASI TORQUE TESTER FOR SVO-65, SVO-75, SVT-1000A/B
 ASI-213                                          ASI SERVO LOOP TEST SET
 ASI-213-1                                        ASI SERVO LOOP TEST SET
 ASI-213-2                                        ASI TEST SET
 ASI-214                                          ASI TDR94/94D FLIGHT LINE TEST SET
 ASI-215                                          ASI ZEROING AND TRACKING TEST PANEL
 ASI-216                                          ASI INTERNAL DATA BUS SIMULATOR
 ASI-217                                          ASI TEST PANEL
 ASI-2171-010                                     ASI NICAD BATTERY FOR 972Q-4 / AN/ARM-186 ( REPLACES 6
 ASI-2171-010          ASI-2171-010               ASI NICAD BATTERY
 ASI-218                                          ASI TEST PANEL
 ASI-219                                          ASI TEST PANEL
 ASI-21F-0200-001-HW   ASI-21F-0200-001-HW        ASI TEST
 ASI-22-0A             ASI-22-0A                  ASI CABLE
 ASI-22-11A            940-ASI-22-11A             ASI UUT CABLE FOR ASI221
 ASI-22-12A                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-221-2 TO 618M-1/2B/2D/3/3A/4/4A/5/5A
 ASI-22-12B                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-221-2 TO UUT 29 PIN TEST CONNECTOR
 ASI-22-12C                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-221-2 TO G7406
 ASI-22-1A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-221 (968Y-1) TO 332C-4
 ASI-22-1B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-221 (968Y-1) TO ASI-190/190B/160C
 ASI-22-1C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-221 TO 51RV-2B TEST CONNECTOR
 ASI-22-1D                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-221 TO 51RV-4/5 TEST CONNECTOR
 ASI-22-1E                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-221 TO ASI-161 / 479V-3
 ASI-22-1F             ASI-22-1F                  ASI N2 DC SOURCE(51RV-4/5 MAN FIG 910-911)
 ASI-22-1G             ASI-22-1G                  ASI CABLE A18/A19
 ASI-22-3A                                        ASI MOD KIT-ZIFOR III VOR/RF DEMODULATOR
 ASI-220                                          ASI TEST SET
 ASI-221                                          ASI EQMN: 968Y-1 NAV REC (ARINC547 VOR/ILS)TEST SET
 ASI-221-1                                        ASI NAV TEST SET(ARINC 547 VOR/ILS)
 ASI-221-2             ASI-221-2                  ASI COM RX(ARINC 566/566A) TEST PANEL
 ASI-222                                          ASI TEST PANEL (INCLUDES ALL LOAD RESISTORS
 ASI-222-1                                        ASI 346D-1/2/2B TEST PANEL (INCLUDES ALL LOAD RESISTOR
 ASI-2221-00                                      ASI EXTENDER NO. 1: ADC-80/81/82
 ASI-2222-00                                      ASI EXTENDER NO. 2: ADC-80/81/82
 ASI-2223-00                                      ASI EXTENDER NO. 3: PRE-80
 ASI-2224-00                                      ASI EXTENDER NO. 4: ALI-80/MSI-80/VSI-80
 ASI-2225-00                                      ASI EXTENDER NO. 5: ALI-80/MSI-80/VSI-80
 ASI-2226-00                                      ASI EXTENDER NO. 6: ALI-80/MSI-80/VSI-80
 ASI-2227-00                                      ASI EXTENDER KIT (INCLUDES NO.1 THRU NO. 6)
 ASI-223                                          ASI VOR STANDARD
 ASI-223-1                                        ASI ZIFFOR III VOR RADIAL STANDARD
 ASI-2235-00                                      ASI 860E-4/5 EXTENDER CABLE ASSEMBLIES
 ASI-2235-001                                     ASI EXT CABLE ASSY
 ASI-2238-001                                     ASI CABLE
 ASI-225                                          ASI TACAN TEST SET ADAPTER (972V-1 TO 899L-1)
 ASI-226                                          ASI INTERFACE PANEL FOR 972V-1 TACAN
 ASI-227                                          ASI TUNING TOOL
 ASI-228                                          ASI TUNING TOOL
 ASI-229                                          ASI 614E-10 MODE SEL SWITCH ADJ FIXTURE
 ASI-230                                          ASI FLUX KEEPER RING
 ASI-231                                          ASI SPECIAL TEST FIXTURE (339H-1 MAN FIG 1003 - 1006)
 ASI-231R                                         ASI SPECIAL TEST PANEL (339H-1 MAN FIG 1003-1006)
 ASI-232                                          ASI MAGNET KEEPER
 ASI-233                                          ASI 51Y7 RF BAL ADJ TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-234                                          ASI 51Y-7 50 ½ PROBE (51Y-7 MAN FIG 1005)
 ASI-235                                          ASI 51Y-7 SPECIAL SOLDER TIP (51Y-7 MAN FIG 1006)
 ASI-236                                          ASI 51Z-4 TEST AND ALIGN JIG (51Z-4 MAN FIG 1002)
 ASI-237                                          ASI RADIO ALTIMETER TEST FIXTURE-860F-4 MAN FIG 903-9
 ASI-2370-10                                      ASI DCP-5020 TEST ADAPTER
 ASI-2370-10                                      ASI DCP-3030 TEST ADAPTER
 ASI-2370-10                                      ASI CCP-3000 TEST ADAPTER
 ASI-2370-101                                     ASI DCP5020 ADAPTER
 ASI-238               ASI-238                    ASI 860F-4 TRANSMITTER ALIGHNMENT TOOL
 ASI-2389-00                                      ASI INTERCONNECT CABLE SET FOR AN/ARC-186 (USE WITH AN
 ASI-2389-002                                     ASI INTERCONNECT CABLE SET (USE WITH AN/ARM-173)
 ASI-239                                          ASI 860F-4 SPECIAL WRENCH
 ASI-2390-00                                      ASI EXT CABLE SET FOR AN/ARC-186

                                                         PAGE: 111
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ASI-2390-00                                      ASI EXT CABLE SET FOR AN/ARC-186 (INCL THREE 1553 CABL
 ASI-2390-001                                     ASI EXT CABLE SET FOR AN/ARC-186
 ASI-2390-002                                     ASI ARC-186 EXT SET
 ASI-2390-186                                     ASI ARC-186 CABLE SET
 ASI-24-2A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-242L TO 621A-6/6A
 ASI-24-2B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-242L TO 621A-3
 ASI-24-2C                                        ASI IF AMP ALIGN COVER FOR 621A6 (MAN FIG 1002)
 ASI-24-42A                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-244-2 (PPT-1FB) W101
 ASI-24-42B                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-244-2 (PPT-1FB) W102
 ASI-24-4A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-244-1 (PPT-1FB) W101
 ASI-24-8A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-248 TO AIU-4000
 ASI-24-9A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-249 TO SVT-1000
 ASI-240                                          ASI 860F-4 RF CABLE (MAN PARAGRAPH 2.A)
 ASI-241                                          ASI TEST SET ADP
 ASI-242                                          ASI 621A-6( ) TEST FIXTURE (621A-6( ) MAN FIG 1003)
 ASI-2421-00                                      ASI SVO-3000 CABLE ASSY
 ASI-2421-00                                      ASI SVO-3000 CABLE ASSY
 ASI-2421-00                                      ASI SVO-3000 CABLE ASSY
 ASI-2421-001         ASI-2421-001                ASI SVO3000 CABLE
 ASI-2421-002         ASI-2421-002                ASI SVO3000 CABLE
 ASI-2421-003         ASI-2421-003                ASI SVO3000 CABLE
 ASI-242R                                         ASI 621A-3/6 () TEST PANEL (621A-6() MAN FIG 1003)
 ASI-243                                          ASI BREAKOUT BOX
 ASI-244                                          ASI IND TEST PANEL
 ASI-244-1                                        ASI TEST ADAPTER
 ASI-244-2                                        ASI TEST ADAPTER
 ASI-244-3                                        ASI CON-1FB TEST ADAPTER
 ASI-244-4                                        ASI CON-1TB TEST ADAPTER
 ASI-245                                          ASI EQMN: 700D-2A THRESHOLD DETECTOR FOR 971T-1
 ASI-246-1                                        ASI CAPSTAN TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-246-2                                        ASI CAPSTAN TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-247                                          ASI YAW DAMPER TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-248                                          ASI TEST PANEL
 ASI-249                                          ASI SVT-1000 TEST PANEL / RUN-IN FIXTURE
 ASI-25-2A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-252-1 (COT-1FB) W101
 ASI-25-2B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-252-1 (COT-1FB) W102
 ASI-25-3A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-253 TO VG-204()
 ASI-25-3B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-253 TO VG-206()
 ASI-25-3C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-253 TO VG-208
 ASI-25-52A                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-252-2 (COT-4A) W1
 ASI-25-52B                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-252-2 (COT-4A) W2
 ASI-25-7A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-257 (CTS-451) TO DME-451
 ASI-25-8A                                        ASI CABLE: MAIN EXT FOR 339H6(MAN FIG 907,909,911)
 ASI-25-8B                                        ASI CABLE: PWR SUP EXT FOR 339H6(MAN FIG 908,910,912)
 ASI-25-9A                                        ASI SERVO ASSY. PIN NUMBER 3 (339H-6 MAN FIG 919)
 ASI-25-9B                                        ASI SERVO ASSY. PIN NUMBER 4 (MAN FIG 919)
 ASI-25-9C                                        ASI SERVO ASSY PIN NO 1 (RDMI-743)
 ASI-25-9D                                        ASI SERVO ASSY PIN NO 2 (RDMI-743)
 ASI-25-9E                                        ASI SERVO ASSY PIN NO 5
 ASI-250                                          ASI 590B-2 TEST AID
 ASI-251                                          ASI CTS-859 TERMINAL TO IBM SWITCH UNIT
 ASI-252                                          ASI CONTROLLER TEST PANEL
 ASI-252-1                                        ASI RADAR CONTROL TEST PANEL
 ASI-252-2                                        ASI RADAR CONTROL TEST PANEL
 ASI-253                                          ASI JET GYRO TEST PANEL
 ASI-254                                          ASI CHP-850() TEST SET
 ASI-255                                          ASI AAP TEST SET
 ASI-256                                          ASI SERVO CALIBRATION FIXTURE
 ASI-257                                          ASI DME-451 TEST SET
 ASI-258-1                                        ASI TEST FIXTURE 339H-6(-001) MAN FIG 902-903
 ASI-258-2                                        ASI TEST FIXTURE (339H-6 MAN FIG 904-905)
 ASI-2587-001                                     ASI CABLE
 ASI-259-L                                        ASI TAPE WINDING FIXTURE-LEFT(MAN FIG 902,903)
 ASI-259-R                                        ASI TAPE WINDING FIXTURE - RIGHT(MAN FIG 913,915 - 918
 ASI-2599-00                                      ASI EDU TALK OUT TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-2599-001                                     ASI EDU TALK OUT TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-26-6E            ASI26-6E                    ASI CABLE: ASI266 TO WC810
 ASI-26-6F            ASI26-6F                    ASI CABLE: ASI26
 ASI-26-9J            ASI-26-9J                   ASI CABLE

                                                         PAGE: 112
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ASI-26-9K            ASI-26-9K                   ASI CABLE
 ASI-26-9K1                                       ASI CABLE: P1 INT EXT (RTA-84X/85X SN 3000 AND UP MAN
 ASI-26-9K2                                       ASI CABLE: A4A5P1 INT EXT (RTA-84X/85X -004 MAN FIG 90
 ASI-26-9L                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-26-9M            ASI-26-9M                   ASI EXT CABLE
 ASI-260                                          ASI GYRO TEST FIXTURE FOR SPERRY VG-14 () AND TARSYN
 ASI-260-1                                        ASI TARSYN/VG-14 FINAL TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-260-2                                        ASI TARSYN/VG-14 FIELD TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-261                                          ASI AVQ-30X AND C BAND RADAR SYSTEM TEST PANEL
 ASI-262                                          ASI AVQ-10 C BAND RADAR SYSTEM TEST PANEL
 ASI-263                                          ASI PRIMUS-450/650/870 RADAR TEST PANEL
 ASI-2635-010                                     ASI BATTERY CHARGER FOR 972Q-4 / AN/ARM-186 WITH NEW B
 ASI-264                                          ASI WC-874 EFIS AUX. CONN TEST BOX
 ASI-2647-00                                      ASI DCP-400X DATA LOADER CABLE ASSY
 ASI-2647-001                                     ASI DCP400X DATA LOADER CABLE
 ASI-265                                          ASI BUS MONITOR WR-800 FIG 901
 ASI-266                                          ASI PRIMUS-800 RADAR TEST PANEL
 ASI-267                                          ASI GYRO SIMULATOR
 ASI-268                                          ASI TARGET SIMULATOR WI-450/650/870 FIG 901
 ASI-269                                          ASI TWR-850 RADAR TEST PANEL (INCLUDES 8 CABLES)
 ASI-269-1                                        ASI DIAL IND MT POSTS FOR RTA84X/85X
 ASI-269-2                                        ASI TILT ANGLE MT FIXTURE FOR RTA84X/85X
 ASI-269-3                                        ASI TILT/SCAN ANGLE ADP
 ASI-269-4                                        ASI TILT SECTOR GEAR PULLER
 ASI-269-5                                        ASI SCAN SECTOR GEAR PULLER
 ASI-269-6            ASI-269-6                   ASI FLUKE 9010A ADP
 ASI-269-7                                        ASI TILT SPRING TOOL
 ASI-27-0A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-270 (J3) TO AFC (P501)
 ASI-27-0B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-270 (J1) TO IF (P404)
 ASI-27-0C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-270 (J2) TO GENERATOR
 ASI-27-0D                                        ASI DUMMY MIXER: IF AMP ALIGN AND BANDWIDTH
 ASI-27-0E                                        ASI DUMMY MIXER: IF AMP AND ISOCONTOUR
 ASI-27-0F                                        ASI DUMMY MIXER: AFC BANDPASS FILT/DESC
 ASI-27-5A1                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-275-1 (T307976) TO C-14 GYRO SYNCHRONIZ
 ASI-27-5A2                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-275-1 (T307976) TO C-14 GYRO SYNCHRONIZ
 ASI-27-5A3                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-275-1 (T307976) TO C-14 GYRO SYNCHRONIZ
 ASI-27-5A4                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-275-1 (T307976) TO C-14D GYRO (PN 40205
 ASI-27-5B                                        ASI SCORSBY ADAPTER PLATE
 ASI-27-5C1                                       ASI ROTOR CLAMP A
 ASI-27-5C2                                       ASI ROTOR CLAMP B
 ASI-27-5D                                        ASI ROTOR ASSEMBLT BUSHING
 ASI-27-5E                                        ASI HEIGHT DIMENSION GAUGE
 ASI-27-5F                                        ASI BEARING PARALLEL CHECKING TOOL
 ASI-27-5G                                        ASI OPEN END WRENCH
 ASI-27-5H                                        ASI BEARING PRELOAD ADAPTER SET
 ASI-27-5I                                        ASI BEARING PRELOAD FIXTURE
 ASI-27-5J                                        ASI ROTOR BALANCING ADAPTERS
 ASI-27-5K                                        ASI ROTOR BALANCING CRADLE
 ASI-27-5L                                        ASI TERMINAL INSERTER
 ASI-27-5M                                        ASI SLIPRING CEMENTING CLAMPS
 ASI-27-5N                                        ASI SWITCH RING ALIGNMENT FIXTURE
 ASI-27-5P                                        ASI MAGNET CEMENTING FIXTURE
 ASI-27-5Q                                        ASI STATIC BALANCE FIXTURE
 ASI-27-5R                                        ASI SLIPRING ALIGNING AND CEMENTING TOOL
 ASI-27-5S                                        ASI SLIPRING PROTECTOR
 ASI-27-5T                                        ASI DIAL INDICATOR MOUNTING ADAPTER
 ASI-27-5U                                        ASI GIMBAL ASSEMBLY BALANCE FIXTURE
 ASI-27-5V                                        ASI DIAL INDICATING MOUNTING ADAPTER
 ASI-27-5W                                        ASI STATOR LOC. AND CEMENTING FIXTURE
 ASI-27-5X                                        ASI WEIGHT
 ASI-27-5Y                                        ASI PUNCH AND ANVIL
 ASI-27-5Z                                        ASI PRESSING TOOL
 ASI-270                                          ASI AVQ-30 RADAR R-T MODULE TEST PANEL
 ASI-270-1                                        ASI AVQ30 RADAR RT MODULE TEST PANEL
 ASI-270-2                                        ASI AVQ30 RADAR ANT TEST PANEL
 ASI-270-3                                        ASI AVQ30 RADAR IND TEST PANEL
 ASI-270-4                                        ASI AVQ30 RADAR RT TEST PANEL
 ASI-271                                          ASI INCIRCUIT PROGRAMMER
 ASI-272              ASI-272                     ASI CTC-429-P1 BREAKOUT BOX

                                                         PAGE: 113
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ASI-273                                          ASI FLITEFONE TEST SET
 ASI-274                                          ASI FLITEFONE AUXILIARY BELL ASSEMBLY
 ASI-275                                          ASI C14 FINAL TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-275-1                                        ASI DG-401 PRELIMINARY AND C14FINAL TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-275-2                                        ASI DG-401 CALIBRATION FIXTURE
 ASI-2752-159                                     ASI ARC-159 CABLE SET
 ASI-276                                          ASI STEERING COMPUTER TEST PANEL
 ASI-276A                                         ASI EQMN: 477N-1A STEERING COMPUTER TEST PANEL
 ASI-277                                          ASI TYPE W MAGNETIC AMPLIFIER TEST PANEL
 ASI-278                                          ASI EQMN: 969W-1 ADF ANTENNA TESTER
 ASI-28-2A                                        ASI BOX 1 BREAKOUT BOX FOR 980L-1/1A
 ASI-28-2B                                        ASI PWR INTLK SHORTING CONN
 ASI-28-2C                                        ASI BOX 2 CONTINUITY TESTER
 ASI-28-5A                                        ASI TEST CABLE ASI-285 TO 329B-4 ()
 ASI-28-5B                                        ASI TEST CABLE ASI-295 TO 329B-6 ()
 ASI-28-6A                                        ASI CABLE: FGC80 UNIT
 ASI-28-6B                                        ASI CABLE: FGC80 AIRCRAFT
 ASI-28-6C                                        ASI CABLE: APC80 UNIT
 ASI-28-6D                                        ASI CABLE: APC80 AIRCRAFT
 ASI-28-6E                                        ASI CABLE: APA80 UNIT
 ASI-28-6F                                        ASI CABLE: APA80 AIRCRAFT
 ASI-28-6G                                        ASI CABLE: 562A5M5 UNIT
 ASI-28-6H                                        ASI CABLE: 562A5M5
 ASI-28-6I                                        ASI CABLE: 562C5
 ASI-28-6J                                        ASI CABLE: 563C5
 ASI-28-7A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-287 (CT2542) TO 627248
 ASI-28-7B                                        ASI EXTENDER CARD: 36 POS
 ASI-28-7C                                        ASI SHAFT EXTENDER: S1
 ASI-28-8A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI288(968A1) TO FMC28/28A J1
 ASI-28-8B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI288(968A1) TO FMC28/28A J2
 ASI-28-8C                                        ASI EXTENDER CARD: FMC28/28A (P6-J6)
 ASI-28-8D                                        ASI EXT CARD: FMC28/28A (P7-J7)
 ASI-28-8E                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-288 TO ASI-166/978F-2S
 ASI-280              ASI-280                     ASI CPU TEST SET
 ASI-281                                          ASI TEST PANEL
 ASI-282                                          ASI UNIV FLIGHT CONTROL TEST PANEL
 ASI-282-M1K                                      ASI METER KIT
 ASI-283                                          ASI DME TROUBLESHOOTING PROBE
 ASI-284                                          ASI TEST PANEL
 ASI-285                                          ASI APPROACH HORIZON TEST PANEL
 ASI-286-1                                        ASI EQMN: CTS-82 AUTOPILOT TEST SET
 ASI-286-2                                        ASI AUTOPILOT TEST SET
 ASI-288                                          ASI FLIGHT MODE CTL TEST PANEL
 ASI-289-1                                        ASI OUTPUT MONITOR TEST PANEL
 ASI-289-2                                        ASI MONITOR/NCS SIM TEST PANEL
 ASI-29-1A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI291(968J1) TO COLLINS 622-4149-001
 ASI-29-1B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI291(968J1) TO COLLINS 622-4149-001
 ASI-29-4A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI294(970D2) TO ADC80()
 ASI-29-6A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI296(971T1) TO FPC75(BP/TP)
 ASI-29-6B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI296(971T1) TO FPC75(ATE)
 ASI-29-6C                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-29-6D                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-29-6E                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-29-6F                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-29-6G                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-29-9A                                        ASI CABLE :ASI-299 TO ALT4000/50A/55B
 ASI-29-9B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI299 TO ALI55
 ASI-29-9C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI299 TO DRI55
 ASI-29-9D                                        ASI TEST FIXTURE: ALT-50/55 PRE AMP
 ASI-29-9E            ASI-29-9E                   ASI EXT CABLE
 ASI-29-9F            ASI-29-9F                   ASI XMTR CARD EXT
 ASI-29-9G            ASI-29-9G                   ASI CABLE
 ASI-29-9H                                        ASI TX CARD EXT
 ASI-29-9J                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-29-9K                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-2904-F5                                      ASI SINGLE SIDED EXT CARD FOR SMITHS IND 2904-F5
 ASI-2904-F5                                      ASI DOUBLE SIDED EXT CARD FOR SMITHS IND 2904-F5
 ASI-2904-F51         ASI-2904-F51                ASI SINGLE SIDE EXT CARD FOR 2904-F5
 ASI-2904-F52                                     ASI DOUBLE SIDE EXT CARD FOR 2904-F5

                                                        PAGE: 114
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ASI-291                                          ASI AUDIO CONTROL TEST PANEL
 ASI-292                                          ASI DME-40 TEST PANEL
 ASI-293                                          ASI TEST PANEL
 ASI-294-1                                        ASI AIR DATA ELECTRONIC TEST SET
 ASI-294-2                                        ASI AIR DATA ELECTRONIC TEST SET
 ASI-296-1                                        ASI AIR DATA ELECTRONIC TEST SET
 ASI-296-1            asi-296-1                   ASI TEST PANEL
 ASI-296-2                                        ASI FLIGHT PROFILE COMPARATOR TEST PANEL
 ASI-297                                          ASI GENERATOR TEST PANEL
 ASI-298                                          ASI RADAR NAV TEST SET
 ASI-299                                          ASI TEST SET
 ASI-299-1                                        ASI RAD ALT XMTR MOD TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-299-2                                        ASI RAD ALT XMTR COVER TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-2A                                           ASI ADAPTER RACK: ARINC NAV TO VIR-31()
 ASI-3                                            ASI ADAPTER RACK: 621A-3 OR TRA-61AL TO TDR-90
 ASI-3-0A                                         ASI CABLE:ASI-30 TO 51R-3/R-4
 ASI-3-0AA                                        ASI CABLE: ASI30(HTS30) TO KMR675
 ASI-3-0B                                         ASI CABLE: ASI-30 TO 51Z-3/-4
 ASI-3-0BB                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-3-0C                                         ASI CABLE: ASI-30 TO 51Z-6/KGM-690
 ASI-3-0CC                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-3-0D                                         ASI CABLE: ASI30(HTS30) TO VIR30
 ASI-3-0DD                                        ASI CABLE: ASI30(HTS30) TO KI202/206/207
 ASI-3-0E                                         ASI CABLE: ASI-30(HTS30) TO VIR31
 ASI-3-0EE                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-3-0F                                         ASI CABLE: ASI30(HTS30) TO VIR32
 ASI-3-0FF                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-160C TO ASI-30
 ASI-3-0G                                         ASI CABLE: ASI30(HTS30) TO 51V3,V4
 ASI-3-0GG                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-30 TO KX155/165
 ASI-3-0H                                         ASI CABLE: ASI30(HTS30) TO 51V4B
 ASI-3-0HH                                        ASI CABLE: TO KN-70
 ASI-3-0I                                         ASI CABLE: ASI30(HTS30) TO VNS41
 ASI-3-0II                                        ASI CABLE: TO KI-205
 ASI-3-0J                                         ASI CABLE: ASI-30 TO KN-53
 ASI-3-0JJ                                        ASI CABLE: TO KNI-520
 ASI-3-0K                                         ASI CABLE: ASI30(HTS30) TO ILS70
 ASI-3-0KK                                        ASI CABLE: TO KPI550A/551A
 ASI-3-0L                                         ASI CABLE: ASI-30 TO KN-72
 ASI-3-0LL                                        ASI CABLE: TO KN-74
 ASI-3-0M                                         ASI CABLE: TO KN-73
 ASI-3-0MM                                        ASI CABLE: TO ID824/825
 ASI-3-0N                                         ASI CABLE: ASI-30 TO KN-75
 ASI-3-0NN                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-3-0O                                         ASI CABLE: ASI-30 TO KN-77
 ASI-3-0OO                                        ASI CABLE: ASI30(HTS30) TO RNA34A
 ASI-3-0P                                         ASI CABLE:ASI-30 TO KNS-80/81
 ASI-3-0PP                                        ASI CABLE:ASI-30 TO 332C-10
 ASI-3-0Q                                         ASI CABLE: ASI30(HTS30) TO MKR350
 ASI-3-0R                                         ASI CABLE: ASI30(HTS30) TO GLS350
 ASI-3-0S                                         ASI CABLE: ASI-30 TO VIR351
 ASI-3-0T                                         ASI CABLE: ASI30(HTS30) TO VIR432
 ASI-3-0U                                         ASI CABLE: TO 51RV-1/-2/-4
 ASI-3-0V                                         ASI CABLE:ASI-30 TO KNR600-660/51R-7/8
 ASI-3-0W                                         ASI CABLE: ASI-30 TO KNR601/661
 ASI-3-0X                                         ASI CABLE: ASI30 TO KNR-630/631/632
 ASI-3-0Y                                         ASI CABLE: ASI-30 (HTS-30) TO KNR-634( )
 ASI-3-0Z                                         ASI CABLE: ASI30(HTS30) TO KMR670
 ASI-3-4A                                         ASI CABLE: ASI-34 TO ASI-30
 ASI-30                                           ASI BLUELINE: NAV TEST PNL
 ASI-30-3A                                        ASI EXTENDER CABLE ASSY
 ASI-30-3B                                        ASI COLLINS CABLE
 ASI-30-3C                                        ASI RF XFMR ASSY
 ASI-30-3D                                        ASI CABLE ASSY
 ASI-30-83                                        ASI COLLINS CABLE W5
 ASI-30-8F                                        ASI COLLINS CABLE W6
 ASI-30-8G                                        ASI COLLINS CABLE W7
 ASI-30-8H                                        ASI COLLINS CABLE W8
 ASI-30-8I                                        ASI COLLINS CABLE W-9
 ASI-30-8J                                        ASI COLLINS CABLE W11

                                                         PAGE: 115
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ASI-30-9A                                        ASI CABLE FOR ASI-309 1552 ADDR BOX
 ASI-300                                          ASI ARC182() RT TEST SET
 ASI-301                                          ASI RADIO TEST SET
 ASI-302                                          ASI AMPLIFIER-PWR SUP TEST SET
 ASI-303                                          ASI RECEIVER TEST SET
 ASI-304                                          ASI SYNTHESIZER TEST SET
 ASI-305                                          ASI CONTROL PROCESSOR TEST SET
 ASI-3056-00                                      ASI COAX CABLE ASSY
 ASI-306                                          ASI RADIO SET CONTROL TEST SET
 ASI-307                                          ASI RADIO SET CONTROL TEST SET
 ASI-308-1                                        ASI RADIO TEST SET
 ASI-308-2                                        ASI RADIO TEST SET
 ASI-309                                          ASI 1553 ADDRESS BOX
 ASI-310                                          ASI 438K-1 MAINT. KIT
 ASI-3109-00                                      ASI CABLE: CTS-88
 ASI-3109-00                                      ASI CABLE, ASI-CTS-958 TO AHC-3000/A (828-3109-002)
 ASI-3109-001                                     ASI CABLE
 ASI-3109-002                                     ASI CTS88 CABLE
 ASI-311                                          ASI CONTROL TEST SET
 ASI-312                                          ASI TS-3487 PA TEST SET
 ASI-313                                          ASI MX9626 EXT TEST SET
 ASI-314                                          ASI TEST INTERFACE ADP
 ASI-315                                          ASI A7 FILTER TEST SET
 ASI-316                                          ASI D/A SERVO MODULE TEST SET
 ASI-316A                                         ASI D/A SERVO MODULE TEST SET
 ASI-317                                          ASI SYNTHESIZER TEST SET
 ASI-317A                                         ASI SYNTHESIZER TEST SET
 ASI-317B                                         ASI SYNTHESIZER TEST SET
 ASI-317C                                         ASI SYNTHESIZER TEST SET
 ASI-318B                                         ASI A3 RF RECEIVER TEST SET
 ASI-319                                          ASI AUDIO MODULE TEST SET
 ASI-319A                                         ASI 970-T5A TEST SET
 ASI-319A             ASI-319A                    ASI AUDIO MODULE TEST SET
 ASI-32-71A                                       ASI TEST ADAPT: ASI-327-1 TO 51RV-4/5 / 51R-10 (51RV-4
 ASI-32-71B                                       ASI BREAKOUT BOX: 51RV-4/5 / 51R-10 (51RV-4/5 MAN FIG
 ASI-32-7A                                        ASI TEST ADAPT: ASI-327-1 TO 51RV-4/5 / 51R-10
 ASI-32-7B                                        ASI BREAKOUT BOX: 51RV-4/5 5 51R-10
 ASI-32-83B                                       ASI TEST ADP
 ASI-320                                          ASI DC-DC CONVERTER
 ASI-321A                                         ASI AUDIO TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-321B                                         ASI AUDIO TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-322                                          ASI INTERFACE ADAPTER
 ASI-323-1                                        ASI RADIO SET TEST SET
 ASI-323-2                                        ASI RADIO SET TEST SET
 ASI-323-3                                        ASI RADIO SET TEST SET
 ASI-323A                                         ASI RADIO SET TEST SET
 ASI-324                                          ASI TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-325                                          ASI TEST FIXTURE(MAN FIG 1002)
 ASI-326                                          ASI TEST AID(MAN FIG 902)
 ASI-327-1                                        ASI TEST PANEL
 ASI-327-2                                        ASI TEST PANEL
 ASI-327-3                                        ASI TEST PANEL
 ASI-327-4                                        ASI TEST PANEL
 ASI-328                                          ASI COUPLER TEST SET
 ASI-328-1                                        ASI ANTENNA COUPLER CTL TESTER
 ASI-328-2                                        ASI ELECTRONIC CTL AMP TESTER
 ASI-328-3                                        ASI DISCIRMINATOR TESTER
 ASI-328-4                                        ASI POWER PANEL
 ASI-329-1                                        ASI ELECTRICAL DUMMY LOAD
 ASI-329-2                                        ASI DUNMMY COMPOSITE ANTENNA
 ASI-329-3                                        ASI ANT SIM, SHUNT
 ASI-329-3-220        ASI-329-3-220               ASI TEST: ANT SIMUL
 ASI-33-81A                                       ASI TEST FIXTURE: ALC MONITOR
 ASI-33-81B                                       ASI TEST FIXTURE: SNIFFER
 ASI-33-81C                                       ASI CABLE: RF-TCR
 ASI-33-81D                                       ASI CABLE: RF/PWR
 ASI-33-81E                                       ASI CABLE(CTL-201,201A,220)
 ASI-33-83A                                       ASI CABLE: TCR
 ASI-33-83B                                       ASI CABLE: PWR

                                                         PAGE: 116
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ASI-33-83C                                       ASI CABLE: AAC(37 PIN D CONNECTOR)_
 ASI-33-83D                                       ASI TEST FIXTURE: ALC CAPACITOR
 ASI-33-83E                                       ASI TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-33-83F                                       ASI TEST FIXTURE: DISCRIMINATOR ALIGNMENT BOX
 ASI-33-83G                                       ASI CABLE: AAC-200P/220P (CIRCULAR CONN PER CTS 202)
 ASI-33-84A                                       ASI CABLE
 ASI-33-85A                                       ASI CABLE: W1
 ASI-33-85B                                       ASI CABLE: W2
 ASI-33-85C                                       ASI CABLE: W3
 ASI-330                                          ASI SPIN TABLE INTERLOCK
 ASI-331                                          ASI BREAKOUT BOX
 ASI-332                                          ASI RADIO ALT SYS TESTER
 ASI-333                                          ASI CALIBRATION UNIT PANEL
 ASI-334                                          ASI HCP-74/74C TEST SET
 ASI-335                                          ASI GENERATOR TESTER
 ASI-3358-00                                      ASI WMA-701/702X SHIMMING PRY TOOL NO 1 (MAN FIG 918)
 ASI-3358-001         ASI-3358-001                ASI SHIMMING PRY TOOL FOR WMA701/702X
 ASI-336                                          ASI SELCAL DECODER TESTER
 ASI-3360-00                                      ASI WMA-701/702X SHIMMING PRY TOOL NO 2 (MAN FIG 919)
 ASI-3360-001         ASI-3360-001                ASI SHIMMING PRY TOOL FOR WMA701/702X
 ASI-3364-00                                      ASI WMA-701/702X SHIMMING PRY TOOL NO 5 (MAN FIG 917)
 ASI-3364-001         ASI-3364-001                ASI SHIMMING PRY TOOL FOR WMA701/702X
 ASI-337                                          ASI KDI-873B TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-338-1                                        ASI HF TEST INTERCONNECT TEST SET
 ASI-338-2                                        ASI HF ANTENNA SIMULATOR
 ASI-338-3                                        ASI HF TEST SET
 ASI-338-4                                        ASI HF TEST SET
 ASI-338-5                                        ASI HF TEST SET
 ASI-338-6                                        ASI PROM FREQ PROG
 ASI-339                                          ASI ANTENNA COUPLER TEST SET
 ASI-339-1                                        ASI DISCRIMINATOR TEST PANEL
 ASI-339-2                                        ASI ELECT CONTROL AMP TEST PANEL
 ASI-339-3                                        ASI COUPLER CONTROL TEST PANEL
 ASI-339-4                                        ASI COUPLER CIRCUIT CARD TEST PANEL
 ASI-339-5                                        ASI POWER PANEL
 ASI-34                                           ASI TRACK SEL
 ASI-34-4A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI344 TO DAU850/CTS2000
 ASI-34-81C                                       ASI SVT-1000 CLUTCH TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-34-82C                                       ASI TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-34-8A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-348 TO SVO-65
 ASI-34-8B                                        ASI BALL BEARING INNER RACE REMOVAL TOOL
 ASI-34-8C                                        ASI BALL BEARING ASSEMBLY FIXTURE
 ASI-340-1                                        ASI TEST SET
 ASI-3413-00                                      ASI ADC-850 MODULE ADAPTER
 ASI-3413-00                                      ASI ADC-850 MODULE ADAPTER
 ASI-3423-00                                      ASI DFC-206A CONTROL TEST PANEL
 ASI-343                                          ASI TEST PANEL
 ASI-344                                          ASI TEST ADAPTER
 ASI-345                                          ASI SERVO TEST PANEL
 ASI-346                                          ASI ANTENNA COUPLER TEST SET
 ASI-346-1                                        ASI AMPLIFIER TEST PANEL
 ASI-346-2                                        ASI RELAY CONTROL TEST PANEL
 ASI-346-3                                        ASI DISCRIMINATOR TEST PANEL
 ASI-346-4                                        ASI POWER PANEL
 ASI-347                                          ASI A5 ALIGNMENT FIXTURE
 ASI-348                                          ASI SERVO TEST PANEL(MAN FIG 5-10,5-11)
 ASI-348-1                                        ASI SVO-65 OPTIONAL TEST PANEL (MAN FIG 5-10 - 5-11)
 ASI-348-2                                        ASI SVT-1000( ) ADAPTER PANEL
 ASI-349-1                                        ASI TEST PANEL
 ASI-349-2                                        ASI AVTECH 5264-1 TEST PANEL
 ASI-349-3                                        ASI AVTECH 5261-1/5260-1 STATION CARD TEST PNL
 ASI-349-4            ASI-349-4                   ASI AVTECH 5260-1 TEST PANEL
 ASI-35-41A                                       ASI CABLE: 440Y76 TO PROLINE II CARD
 ASI-35-41B                                       ASI CABLE: REAT 36 PIN EXT
 ASI-35-41C                                       ASI CABLE: REAR 30 PIN EXT
 ASI-35-41D                                       ASI CABLE: REAR 26 PIN EXT
 ASI-35-41E                                       ASI CABLE: FRONT EXT
 ASI-35-4A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI354 TO AHC85
 ASI-35-4B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI354 TO AHC85

                                                        PAGE: 117
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ASI-35-4C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI354 TO AHC85 A5
 ASI-35-4D                                        ASI CABLE: ASI354 TO AHC85 A6
 ASI-35-4E                                        ASI CABLE: ASI354 TO COMPUTER
 ASI-35-4F                                        ASI CABLE: ASI354 TO COMPUTER
 ASI-35-4G                                        ASI CABLE: ASI354 TO AHC85
 ASI-35-5A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI355 TO VHF21
 ASI-35-5B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI355 TO VHF22
 ASI-35-5C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI355 TO VHF422
 ASI-35-5D                                        ASI CABLE: ASI355 TO VHF-ESS INTERFACE
 ASI-35-7A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-357 TO KTU-709
 ASI-35-7B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-357 TO KN62 /62A/ 64
 ASI-35-7C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-357 TO KN-63
 ASI-35-7D                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-357 TO KDI-574
 ASI-35-7E                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-357 TO KDI-573
 ASI-35-7F                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-357 TO KFS-562
 ASI-35-7G                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-357 TO KX-170A
 ASI-35-8A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-358 TO 331D-7
 ASI-35-8B                                        ASI EXTENDER CARD: 331D-7 HSI
 ASI-35-8C                                        ASI EXTENDER CARD: 331D-7 HSI
 ASI-35-8D                                        ASI EXTENDER CARD: 331D-7 HSI
 ASI-35-8E                                        ASI EXTENDER CARD: 331D-7 HSI
 ASI-350-1                                        ASI FLUX VALVE TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-350-1            ASI-350-1                   ASI COMPARISON FLUX VALVE TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-350-2            ASI-350-2                   ASI TEST SET STAND, BASE, VIB, TURNTABLE
 ASI-351                                          ASI TAILCAP ANTENNA SIMULATOR
 ASI-352                                          ASI MOTOR TESTED
 ASI-354                                          ASI AHC-85 DUAL MULTI SENSOR TEST PANEL
 ASI-354-1                                        ASI APC-65/FCC-65 SERVO EMULATOR
 ASI-354-2                                        ASI SERVO ANGLE IND
 ASI-355                                          ASI ANALOG BURN-IN INT PANEL
 ASI-356-1                                        ASI TEST PANEL
 ASI-356-2                                        ASI TEST PAD
 ASI-357                                          ASI DME/TACAN TEST PANEL
 ASI-357-2                                        ASI KPI553A READOUT PANEL
 ASI-357-3                                        ASI KDI-573B BENCH TESTER (MAN FIG 5-1, 5-2)
 ASI-358                                          ASI TEST PANEL
 ASI-359-1                                        ASI TEST PANEL
 ASI-36-0E                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-360 TO ART-161A
 ASI-36-1B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-361 TO KVG-350
 ASI-36-4A                                        ASI PLATE, STANDBY SUPPORT
 ASI-36-4B                                        ASI BLOCK, LCD WEIGHT
 ASI-360                                          ASI RDR SYSTEM TEST PANEL
 ASI-3605-09                                      ASI DSP-2000 TORQUE ADJUSTMENT TOOL
 ASI-3605-097                                     ASI DSP2000TORQUE TOOL
 ASI-361                                          ASI KVG350 TEST PANEL
 ASI-362                                          ASI TEST SET(MAN FIG 5-1, 5-3)
 ASI-3620-00                                      ASI CABLE ASSY
 ASI-3620-001                                     ASI CABLE ASSY
 ASI-363                                          ASI TEST PANEL W/ TEST COVER(MAN FIG 5-6, 5-7)
 ASI-364                                          ASI STANDBY INDICATOR PS TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-365                                          ASI TEST SET
 ASI-366                                          ASI TEST PANEL
 ASI-367-1                                        ASI RELAY CONTROL MODULE TEST PANEL
 ASI-367-2                                        ASI TEST PANEL
 ASI-367-3                                        ASI DISCRIMINATOR MODULE TEST PANEL
 ASI-368                                          ASI TEST PANEL
 ASI-369                                          ASI TEST FIXTURE FOR PACIFIC ELECTRO DYNAMICS
 ASI-37-0A            ASI-37-0A                   ASI CABLE: ASI-370 TO ANT462
 ASI-37-2B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-372 TO 332C-8 INDICATOR
 ASI-37-2C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-372 TO ANGLE POSITION INDICATOR
 ASI-37-3A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-373 TO VHF-22
 ASI-37-3B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-373 TO VHF-422S
 ASI-37-3C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-373 TO VHF-20/21
 ASI-37-77A                                       ASI CABLE: 978F-3M AND 978F-2S TO 614E-10( ) (FIG 100
 ASI-370                                          ASI TEST PANEL
 ASI-371                                          ASI TURBULENCE ADAPTER
 ASI-372                                          ASI GYRO TEST PANEL
 ASI-373                                          ASI TEST PANEL
 ASI-374                                          ASI DME RAMP TEST SET

                                                         PAGE: 118
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ASI-374-2                                        ASI ASI PS/MOD TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-375-1                                        ASI TEST PANEL
 ASI-375-2                                        ASI TEST PANEL W/1553 BUS ADP
 ASI-3758-00                                      ASI 913K-1 EXTENDER CARD, FRONT
 ASI-3758-001                                     ASI 913K-1 EXTENDER CARD, FRONT
 ASI-3759-00                                      ASI 913K-1 EXTENDER CARD, BACK
 ASI-3759-001                                     ASI 913K-1 EXTENDER CARD, BACK
 ASI-376-1                                        ASI VOR/ILS TEST PANEL
 ASI-376-2                                        ASI VOR/ILS TEST PANEL W/1553 ADP
 ASI-376-3                                        ASI NAVIGATION RECEIVER TEST PANEL W/AM-X ADAPTER
 ASI-377-1                                        ASI AMPLIFIER TEST PANEL
 ASI-377-2                                        ASI TEST ADAPTER PANEL
 ASI-377-3                                        ASI STEERING COMPUTER TEST PANEL FOR FD-109
 ASI-377-4                                        ASI STEERING COMPUTER TEST ADAPTER FOR FD-109
 ASI-377-5                                        ASI STEERING COMPUTER TEST PANEL FOR FD-109
 ASI-377-6                                        ASI STEERING COMPUTER TEST ADAPTER FOR FD-109
 ASI-377-7                                        ASI MODE CONTROL TEST PANEL FOR 614E-( )
 ASI-378-1                                        ASI TEST ADAPTER
 ASI-378-2                                        ASI REC EXC TEST ADP
 ASI-378-3                                        ASI TURB TEST ADP
 ASI-378-4                                        ASI TEST ADAPTER
 ASI-379                                          ASI TEST SET (MAN FIG 901)
 ASI-38-2A                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-38-2B                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-38-6A                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-38-8A            ASI-38-8A                   ASI CABLE
 ASI-380                                          ASI DPCU UNIT TESTER
 ASI-381                                          ASI AIR DATA SENSOR TESTER
 ASI-382                                          ASI INT PANEL
 ASI-3829-00                                      ASI WMA-701/702X SHIMMING PRY TOOL NO 6 (MAN FIG 915)
 ASI-3829-001                                     ASI SHIMMY PRY TOOL (MAN FIG 915)
 ASI-383                                          ASI ATC1400A DME INT CTL UNIT
 ASI-3830-00                                      ASI WMA-701/702X SHIMMING PRY TOOL NO 7 (MAN FIG 916)
 ASI-3830-001         ASI-3830-001                ASI SHIMMING PRY TOOL FOR WMA701/702X
 ASI-3831-00                                      ASI WMA-701/702X AIRBORNE GEAR SHIMMING KIT
 ASI-3831-001         ASI-3831-001                ASI GEAR SHIMMING KIT FOR WMA701/702X
 ASI-384                                          ASI RDMI733/734 SLOW SLEW TEST SET
 ASI-3842-DL                                      ASI DLM-700( ) A6 POWER SUPPLY TEST SET (FOR CPN 676-7
 ASI-3842-DLM                                     ASI A6 PWR SUPPLY TEST SET (PS 676-7059-002 ONLY)
 ASI-385              ASI-385                     ASI APR4000 PS TEST SET
 ASI-386              ASI-386                     ASI AHC85 BURN IN PANEL
 ASI-387              ASI-387                     ASI CHP85/86 TEST PANEL
 ASI-388              ASI-388                     ASI FCC85/86 TEST PANEL
 ASI-389              ASI-389                     ASI FCC85/86 TSERVO PANEL
 ASI-39-11A           ASI-39-11A                  ASI CABLE
 ASI-39-4A            ASI-39-4A                   ASI CABLE
 ASI-39-5A            ASI-39-5A                   ASI CABLE
 ASI-390              ASI-390                     ASI AHC85 STRAPPING SWITCH ASSY
 ASI-391-1            ASI-391-1                   ASI AHC85 INT INTERFACE
 ASI-391-2            ASI-391-2                   ASI AHC85 CABLE ADP
 ASI-392                                          ASI DATA ANALYZER TEST SET (MFD-85 MAN FIG 901)
 ASI-393-1            ASI-393-1                   ASI MFD85 LINEARITY GAUGE
 ASI-393-10                                       ASI EFD-84 BEZEL ADAPTER TEMPLATE
 ASI-393-2                                        ASI MFD85 BEZEL ADP
 ASI-393-3                                        ASI EFD85 LINEARITY GAUGE
 ASI-393-4                                        ASI EFD856 LINEARITY GAUGE
 ASI-393-5                                        ASI EFD85 BEZEL ADP
 ASI-393-6                                        ASI EFD86 BEZEL ADP
 ASI-393-7                                        ASI TEST SET
 ASI-393-8                                        ASI EFD-84 LINEARITY GAUGE
 ASI-393-9                                        ASI EFD-84 BEZEL ADAPTER TEMPLATE
 ASI-394              ASI-394                     ASI HPU74 ANALOG MULTI TEST FIX
 ASI-394-4            ASI-394-4                   ASI GRT IN GAGE (MAN FIG 902)
 ASI-395              ASI-395                     ASI CTS74 TEST PNL
 ASI-396              ASI-396                     ASI DCP85 TEST PNL W/7 CABLES
 ASI-397                                          ASI TCN-40 TEST PNL
 ASI-398                                          ASI 346B3 TEST PANLE
 ASI-399                                          ASI DME2 PULSE GEN
 ASI-3A                                           ASI CABLE

                                                        PAGE: 119
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ASI-4                                            ASI CABLE
 ASI-4-0A                                         ASI CABLE: ASI40(HTS40) TO DME40
 ASI-4-0B                                         ASI CABLE: ASI40(HTS40 TO DME42
 ASI-4-0C                                         ASI CABLE: ASI40(HTS40) TO DMS44
 ASI-4-0D                                         ASI CABLE
 ASI-4-0E                                         ASI CABLE: ASI40(HTS40) TO KN63
 ASI-4-0F                                         ASI CABLE: ASI40(HTS40) TO KN65
 ASI-4-0G                                         ASI CABLE: ASI40(HTS40) TOAVQ75
 ASI-4-0H                                         ASI CABLE: ASI40(HTS40 TO AVQ85
 ASI-4-0I                                         ASI CABLE: ASI40(HTS40) TO DME442
 ASI-4-0J                                         ASI CABLE
 ASI-4-0K                                         ASI CABLE
 ASI-4-0L                                         ASI CABLE
 ASI-4-0M                                         ASI CABLE: ASI40(HTS40) TO KDM706
 ASI-4-0O                                         ASI CABLE: ASI40(HTS40) TO KDM705
 ASI-4-0P                                         ASI CABLE: ASI-40 (HTS-40) TO KDM706( )
 ASI-4-0Q                                         ASI CABLE: ASI40(HTS40) TO DME890
 ASI-4-0R                                         ASI CABLE: ASI40(HTS40) TO DME891
 ASI-4-0S                                         ASI CABLE
 ASI-4-0T                                         ASI CABLE: ASI40 TO IND42
 ASI-40                                           ASI TEST PANEL
 ASI-40-1A                                        ASI CABLE KIT
 ASI-40-1B                                        ASI CABLE KIT
 ASI-40-1C                                        ASI CABLE KIT PART OF ASI-401-3
 ASI-40-31A                                       ASI SMT-87 CAPSTAN TORQUE ADJUSTMENT FIXTURE
 ASI-40-31B                                       ASI SERVO CLUTCH DEPTH GAUGE (MISLABELED AS 622-1729-0
 ASI-40-31B           ASI-40-31B                  ASI SERVO CLUTCH DEPTH GAUGE
 ASI-40-31C                                       ASI MOUNT CLUTCH DEPTH GUIDE (MISLABELED AS 622-1728-0
 ASI-40-31C           ASI-40-31C                  ASI MOUNT CLUTCH DEPTH GUIDE
 ASI-40-31D                                       ASI SVO-85/1000 BACKLASH TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-40-31E                                       ASI SVO-85 SERVO RUN-IN FIXTURE
 ASI-40-31F                                       ASI SVO-85/1000 PRELOAD FIXTURE
 ASI-40-31G                                       ASI SMT-85/86/1000 PRELOAD FIXTURE
 ASI-40-31H                                       ASI SVO-85 PRELOAD ADJUSTMENT SCREW
 ASI-40-31J                                       ASI SVO-85 BRUSH ADJUSTMENT FIXTURE
 ASI-40-31K                                       ASI SVO-85 CLUTCH BEARING INSTALLATION TOOL
 ASI-40-31L                                       ASI SVO-85 SERVO CLUTH HALF SUPPORT
 ASI-40-31M                                       ASI SVO-85 SERVO MOUNT SUPPORT
 ASI-40-31N                                       ASI SVO-85 BALL STAKING TOOL
 ASI-40-31P                                       ASI SVO-85 BEARING REMOVAL TOOL
 ASI-40-31Q                                       ASI SVO-85 BUSHING SUPPORT
 ASI-40-31R                                       ASI SVO-85 BUSHING REMOVAL TOOL
 ASI-40-31S                                       ASI SVO-85 PIN INSERTION/REMOVAL PUNCHES
 ASI-40-31T                                       ASI SMT-85/86 DRILLING FIXTURE
 ASI-40-31U                                       ASI SMT-85/86 PINNING FIXTURE
 ASI-40-31V                                       ASI SMT-87 DRILLING FIXTURE
 ASI-40-31W                                       ASI SMT-87 PINNING FIXTURE
 ASI-40-31X                                       ASI SVO-85/86 DRILLING FIXTURE
 ASI-40-31Y                                       ASI SVO-85 PIN REMOVAL/INSERTION FIXTURE
 ASI-40-31Z                                       ASI SVO-85 CABLE TENSIONING FIXTURE
 ASI-40-32A                                       ASI SVO-85C/1000 BACKLASH/TORQUE TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-40-32B                                       ASI SMT SHAFT FREE PLAY FIXTURE
 ASI-40-32C                                       ASI SVO-85 GEAR-CLUSTER BEARING REMOVAL FIXTURE
 ASI-40-32D                                       ASI SV0-85C/1000 CLUTCH HALF FORCE TEST TOOL
 ASI-40-32E                                       ASI SMT-87 SEAL INSTALLATION TOOL
 ASI-40-32F                                       ASI SVO-85 MOTOR END PLAY FIXTURE
 ASI-40-32G                                       ASI SVO-85 GEAR MOVEMENT TOOL
 ASI-40-32H                                       ASI SVO-1000 SERVO CLUTH FIXTURE
 ASI-40-32J                                       ASI SVO-1000 PRESSURE CHECK FITTING
 ASI-40-32K                                       ASI SVO-1000 GLAND RETAINER
 ASI-40-32L                                       ASI SVO-1000 MOUNT LOADING FIXTURE
 ASI-40-32M                                       ASI SVO-1000 EXPANDER FIXTURE
 ASI-40-32N                                       ASI SVO-1000 PUSHER FIXTURE
 ASI-40-32P                                       ASI SVO-1000 COMPRESSOR FIXTURE
 ASI-40-32Q                                       ASI SVO-1000 SERVO LEAK CHECK FIXTURE
 ASI-40-32R                                       ASI SVO-1000 SLIP CLUTCH LEAK FIXTURE
 ASI-40-32S                                       ASI SVO-1000 SERVO MOUNT PRESSURE LEAK TEST ASSEMBLY
 ASI-40-3A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-403 (972S-5) TO SVO-75
 ASI-40-3B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-403 (972S-5) TO SVO-85A(-001/101)/-85B(

                                                         PAGE: 120
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ASI-40-3C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-403 (972S-5) TO SVO-85A(-002/-102)/-85B
 ASI-40-3D            EQPN: 634-2226-003          ASI CABLE
 ASI-40-3E                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-403 (972S-5) TO SVO-1000
 ASI-40-3F                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-403 TO SVO-85B (-003)
 ASI-40-7D                                        ASI ADAPTER CABLE
 ASI-40-7E                                        ASI ADAPTER CABLE
 ASI-40-7F                                        ASI ADAPTER CABLE
 ASI-40-7G                                        ASI ADAPTER CABLE
 ASI-400-1            ASI-400-1                   ASI ASI2000 WORKSTATION
 ASI-401              ASI-401                     ASI PROLINE/ PC INTERFACE PANEL WITH 7 CABLES
 ASI-401-1            ASI-401-1                   ASI PROLINE/ PC INTERFACE PANEL WITH 7 CABLES
 ASI-401-1CTC         ASI-401-1CTC                ASI ASI PRO LINE INTERFACE PANEL
 ASI-401-2            ASI-401-2                   ASI PRO LINE/PC INTERFACE PANEL WITH CUSTOM CABLES
 ASI-401-3                                        ASI PRO LINE/PC INTERFACE PANEL /7 CABLES
 ASI-4015-001                                     ASI CABLE KIT
 ASI-4015-18                                      ASI INTERCONNECT CABLE SET FOR AN/ARC-186 (USE WITH AN
 ASI-4015-186                                     ASI INTERCONNECT CABLE SET
 ASI-402                                          ASI TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-403-1                                        ASI SVO SERVO TEST PANEL FOR SVO-75/85
 ASI-403-1            ASI-403-1                   ASI SVO SERVER TEST PANEL
 ASI-403-2                                        ASI SVO SERVO TEST PANEL FOR SVO-1000
 ASI-403-2                                        ASI SERVO TEST SET
 ASI-404                                          ASI EQMN: CTA-2024 TEST ADAPTER
 ASI-405                                          ASI 914G8/9/11 TEST PANEL
 ASI-406                                          ASI TEST PANEL
 ASI-407                                          ASI C-14 PRELIMINARY AND FINAL TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-407-1                                        ASI POWER SUPPLY AND READOUT
 ASI-407-2                                        ASI API LATCHING FIXTURE
 ASI-408                                          ASI C-14D BASE TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-409                                          ASI C-14 AMPLIFIER/SYNCHRONIZER TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-40X-1                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-40X-10                                       ASI CABLE: 978F-1D (ASI-191) TO 331D-3, AQU-2/A
 ASI-40X-11                                       ASI CABLE: 978F-11P TO 562P-1/1E1
 ASI-40X-12                                       ASI CABLE: 978F-11P/ TO 562P-1
 ASI-40X-13                                       ASI CABLE: 978F-9A TO 562P-1/1E1
 ASI-40X-14                                       ASI CABLE: 978F-10R TO 562A-5F
 ASI-40X-15                                       ASI CABLE: 978F-10R TO 562R-1/1E
 ASI-40X-16                                       ASI CABLE: 978F-9A TO 562R-1/1E
 ASI-40X-17                                       ASI CABLE: 978F-3M TO 978F-2S
 ASI-40X-18                                       ASI CABLE: 978F-3M TO 614E-7C/8A
 ASI-40X-19                                       ASI CABLE: 978F-3M TO 978F-2S TO 614E-8B
 ASI-40X-2                                        ASI CABLE: 978F-10R TO 562R-1/1E
 ASI-40X-20                                       ASI CABLE: 978F-3M TO 978F-2S TO 614E-9B
 ASI-40X-21                                       ASI CABLE: 978F-3M TO 978F-2S TO 614E-9C
 ASI-40X-22                                       ASI CABLE: 978F-4A TO 344C-1D
 ASI-40X-23                                       ASI CABLE: 978F-3M TO 614E-7()
 ASI-40X-3                                        ASI EQMN: 440X-3 CABLE: 978F-1D TO 978F-2S
 ASI-40X-4                                        ASI EQMN: 440X-4 CABLE: 978F-1D TO 329B-7/329B-8
 ASI-40X-5                                        ASI EQMN: 440X-5 CABLE: 987F-1D TO 479X-2
 ASI-40X-6                                        ASI EQMN: 440X-6 CABLE: 978F-1D TO 331A-6/331A-7 (P1)
 ASI-40X-7                                        ASI EQMN: 440X-7 CABLE: 978F-1D TO 331A-6/331A-7 (P2)
 ASI-40X-8                                        ASI CABLE: 978F-1D TO 331A-6P/331A-6R
 ASI-40X-9                                        ASI CABLE: 978F-1D TO 331A-6A1/331A-6K1
 ASI-40Y-1                                        ASI EQMN: 440Y-1 980L-1 PLUG-IN ADAPTER
 ASI-40Y-11                                       ASI EQMN: 440Y-11 980L1 PLUGIN FOR 161F1/1A/1B,345C2A
 ASI-40Y-11-                                      ASI 345C-2A POSITIONING FIXTURE
 ASI-40Y-12                                       ASI EQMN: 440Y-12 980L-1 PLUG-IN ADAPTER
 ASI-40Y-13                                       ASI 980L-1 TEST ADAPTER
 ASI-40Y-14                                       ASI EQMN: 440H-14 980L-1 PLUG-IN ADAPTER
 ASI-40Y-15                                       ASI EQMN: 440Y-15 980L-1 PLUG IN FOR 562A-5M/5M5
 ASI-40Y-16                                       ASI EQMN: 440Y-16 980L-1 PLUG-IN ADAPTER
 ASI-40Y-17                                       ASI EQMN: 440Y-17 980L-1 PLUG IN FOR 590A-5
 ASI-40Y-19                                       ASI EQMN: 440H-19 980L-1 PLUG-IN ADAPTER
 ASI-40Y-2                                        ASI EQMN: 440Y-2 980L-1 PLUG-IN ADAPTER
 ASI-40Y-20                                       ASI EQMN: 440Y-20 980L-1 PLUG-IN ADAPTER
 ASI-40Y-23                                       ASI EQMN: 440Y-23 980L-1 PLUG-IN ADAPTER
 ASI-40Y-23A                                      ASI ADAPTER BOX: 440Y-23 TO 331A-9G, HSI-45
 ASI-40Y-23AB                                     ASI ADAPTER BOX for 440Y-23
 ASI-40Y-24                                       ASI EQMN: 440Y-24 980L-1 PLUG-IN ADAPTER

                                                         PAGE: 121
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ASI-40Y-25                                       ASI EQMN: 440Y-25 980L-1 PLUG-IN ADAPTER
 ASI-40Y-26                                       ASI EQMN: 440Y-26 980L-1 PLUG IN FOR 161E-7A
 ASI-40Y-27                                       ASI EQMN: 440H-27 980L-1 PLUG-IN ADAPTER
 ASI-40Y-29                                       ASI EQMN: 440Y-29 980L-1 PLUG IN FOR 188M-1, 327J-3
 ASI-40Y-3                                        ASI EQMN: 440Y-3 980L-1 PLUG-IN ADAPTER
 ASI-40Y-30                                       ASI EQMN: 440Y-30 980L-1 PLUG IN FOR 161E-6
 ASI-40Y-31                                       ASI EQMN: 440Y-31 980L-1 PLUG-IN ADAPTER
 ASI-40Y-33                                       ASI EQMN: 440Y-33 980L-1 PLUG-IN ADAPTER
 ASI-40Y-34                                       ASI EQMN: 440Y-34 980L-1 PLUG-IN ADAPTER
 ASI-40Y-35                                       ASI EQMN: 440Y-35 980L-1 PLUG-IN FOR 161E-7B
 ASI-40Y-36                                       ASI EQMN: 440Y-36 980L-1 PLUG IN FOR 329B-8G
 ASI-40Y-38                                       ASI 980L1/1A PLUG IN
 ASI-40Y-39                                       ASI 980L1/1A PLUG IN
 ASI-40Y-43                                       ASI EQMN: 440Y-43 980L-1 PLUG IN FOR 329B-8L/8R/8U/8Z
 ASI-40Y-5                                        ASI EQMN: 440Y-5 980L-1 PLUG-IN ADAPTER
 ASI-40Y-6                                        ASI EQMN: 440Y-6 980L-1 PLUG-IN ADAPTER
 ASI-40Y-67A                                      ASI 440H-67A 980L-1 PLUG-IN ADAPTER
 ASI-40Y-67A-1                                    ASI FGP-80/81 DIODE TESTER (FGP-80/81 MAN FIG 5-4,5-5)
 ASI-40Y-67A-2                                    ASI FGC-80 TEST EXPEDITER (FGC-80 MAN FIG 5-5)
 ASI-40Y-68A                                      ASI EQMN: 440Y-68A 980L-1 PLUG-IN ADAPTER
 ASI-40Y-69A                                      ASI EQMN: 440Y-69A 980L-1 PLUG-IN ADAPTER
 ASI-40Y-7                                        ASI EQMN: 440H-7 980L-1 PLUG IN FOR 161E-1
 ASI-40Y-76                                       ASI EQMN: 440Y-76 980L-1 PLUG-IN ADAPTER
 ASI-40Y-76-                                      ASI APC-65/FCC-65 SERVO EMULATOR
 ASI-40Y-76-                                      ASI APC-65/FCC-65 SERVO ANGLE INDICATOR
 ASI-40Y-76-                                      ASI CABLE: FRONT EXTENDER FOR APC-65/FGC-65)
 ASI-40Y-76-                                      ASI CABLE: REAR 36 PIN EXTENDER FOR APC-65/FGC-65)
 ASI-40Y-76-                                      ASI CABLE: REAR 30 PIN EXTENDER FOR APC-65/FGC-65)
 ASI-40Y-76-                                      ASI CABLE: REAR 26 PIN EXTENDER FOR APC-65/FGC-65)
 ASI-40Y-76-                                      ASI CABLE: 440Y-76 TO PRO LINE II CARD (APC-65/FGC-65
 ASI-40Y-76-                                      ASI APC-65/FGC-65 TRIM INTERFACE PANEL
 ASI-40Y-76-1                                     ASI SERVO EMULATOR
 ASI-40Y-76-2A                                    ASI APC65/FCC65 SERVO ANGLE IND
 ASI-40Y-76-3                                     ASI CABLE
 ASI-40Y-76-4                                     ASI CABLE
 ASI-40Y-76-5                                     ASI CABLE
 ASI-40Y-76-6                                     ASI CABLE
 ASI-40Y-76-7                                     ASI CABLE
 ASI-40Y-8                                        ASI EQMN: 440Y-8 980L-1 PLUG-IN ADAPTER
 ASI-40Y-9                                        ASI EQMN: 440Y-9 980L-1 PLUG-IN ADAPTER
 ASI-41-3A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-413-1 (RIT-32A) W101
 ASI-41-5A                                        ASI ADC POWER SUPPLY LOAD FIXTURE
 ASI-41-5B                                        ASI ALI/MSI/VLI POINTER ALIGNMENT FIXTURE
 ASI-41-6A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-416 TO SQUWAK NAUT
 ASI-41-9A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-419 P20/21-P40
 ASI-41-9B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-419 P30-P50
 ASI-41-9C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-419 J10-PWR
 ASI-410                                          ASI FLUX VALVE SIMULATOR
 ASI-411                                          ASI SCORSBY ADAPTER PLATE
 ASI-411-1                                        ASI VG-401 TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-411-2                                        ASI TARSYN-H / VG-14H BASE TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-412                                          ASI TEST SET W/9 CABLES & TEST POINT FIXTURE
 ASI-413-1                                        ASI ILS RECEIVER TEST PANEL
 ASI-413-2                                        ASI ILS AUDIO GENERATOR
 ASI-414                                          ASI 699Z-1 TEST FIXTURE (699Z-1 MAN FIG 2 IN MAINTENAN
 ASI-415-1                                        ASI AIR DATA TEST PANEL WITH 6 EXTENDER CABLES
 ASI-415-2                                        ASI AIR DATA TEST PANEL WITHOUT 6 EXTENDER CABLES
 ASI-416                                          ASI TEST SET
 ASI-417-1                                        ASI ELECTRONIC FLIGHT DISPLAY SYS TEST SET W/3 CABLES
 ASI-417-2                                        ASI ELETRONIC FLIGHT DISPLAY SYSTEM TEST SET WITHOUT C
 ASI-418                                          ASI EFD/MFD GAIN POSITION CALIBRATOR TEST SET
 ASI-419                                          ASI AHC-85 A7 TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-42-01A                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-420-1 (RNT-34A) W1
 ASI-42-01B                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-420-1 (RNT-34A) W2
 ASI-42-01C                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-420-1 (RNT-34A) W3
 ASI-42-31A                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-423-1 (IUT-1SB) W4
 ASI-42-31B                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-423-1 (IUT-1SB) W6
 ASI-42-31C                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-423-1 (IUT-1SB) W7
 ASI-42-31D                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-423-1 (IUT-1SB) W8

                                                         PAGE: 122
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ASI-42-4A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-424-1 (RVT-33A) W101
 ASI-42-6A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-426 TO DA-1503A (W1)
 ASI-42-6B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-426 TO DC POWER (W2)
 ASI-42-6C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-426 TO IU-1507A (W3)
 ASI-42-6D                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-426 TO MT-1508A (W4)
 ASI-42-6E                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-426 TO DA-1203A (W5)
 ASI-42-6F                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-426 TO CC-2024 (W6)
 ASI-42-6G                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-426 TO IN-1502A (W7)
 ASI-42-6H                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-426 TO AC POWER (W8)
 ASI-42-6J                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-426 TO RT-1501A (W9)
 ASI-42-6K                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-426 TO IN-1502B (W10)
 ASI-420-1                                        ASI TEST PANEL
 ASI-420-2                                        ASI RNA-34AF ADAPTER PANEL
 ASI-421                                          ASI P-880 J-BOX TEST PANEL
 ASI-422                                          ASI GROUND PROXIMITY WARNING STSTEM TEST PANEL
 ASI-423-1                                        ASI AUXILIARY INTERFACE UNIT TEST PANEL
 ASI-423-2                                        ASI CONTROL TEST PANEL
 ASI-424-1                                        ASI VOR RECEIVER TEST PANEL
 ASI-424-2                                        ASI VOR AUDIO GENERATOR
 ASI-425                                          ASI TRANSCEIVER TEST PANEL FOR RTA-41A/42A/43A/83A, KT
 ASI-426                                          ASI RDR-1500 ( ) RADAR SYSTEM TEST PANEL (W/10 CABLES)
 ASI-427                                          ASI FUNCTION TEST SET FOR 618T-1/2/3
 ASI-428                                          ASI TEST PANEL FOR KPI-552/552B AND KPI-553A/553B
 ASI-429-1                                        ASI ADI-84 TEST ADAPTER PANEL W/2 CABLES
 ASI-429-2                                        ASI ADI-84 BREAKOUT BOX
 ASI-450                                          ASI UNIVERSAL POINTER/FLAG TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-451-1                                        ASI UNIVERSAL INSTRUMENT SERVO TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-451-2                                        ASI FUNCTION TEST SET FOR 618T-1/2/3
 ASI-452                                          ASI UNIVERSAL POINTER FLAG TEST PANEL
 ASI-453                                          ASI SERVO AMPLIFIER TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-454-1                                        ASI CONTROL PANEL TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-454-2                                        ASI CONTROL PANEL TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-455                                          ASI YAW SYNCHRONIZER TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-456                                          ASI AIR DATA SENSOR TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-457                                          ASI ALTITUDE SIGNAL COUPLER TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-458-1                                        ASI PITCH COMPUTER TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-458-2                                        ASI PITCH COMPUTER TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-458-3                                        ASI PITCH COMPUTER TEST ADAPTER
 ASI-458-4                                        ASI PITCH COMPUTER TEST ADAPTER
 ASI-459-1                                        ASI LATERAL PATH COUPLER TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-459-2                                        ASI LATERAL PATH COUPLER TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-460-1                                        ASI PITCH CONTROL CHANNEL TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-460-2                                        ASI PITCH CONTROL CHANNEL TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-460-3                                        ASI PITCH CONTROL CHANNEL ADAPTER
 ASI-461-1                                        ASI ROLL CONTROL CHANNEL TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-461-2                                        ASI ROLL CONTROL CHANNEL TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-461-3                                        ASI ROLL CONTROL CHANNEL ADAPTER
 ASI-462                                          ASI POSITION SENSOR TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-463-1                                        ASI YAW DAMPER COUPLER TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-463-2                                        ASI YAW DAMPER COUPLER TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-463-3                                        ASI YAW DAMPER COUPLER ADAPTER
 ASI-464-1                                        ASI TRIM COUPLER TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-464-2                                        ASI TRIM COUPLER TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-465                                          ASI HEADING SYNCHRONIZER TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-4652-00                                      ASI EXTENDER BOARD NO. 1 FOR 590A-3K/K1
 ASI-4652-00                                      ASI EXTENDER BOARD NO. 2 FOR 590A-3K/K1
 ASI-466-1                                        ASI VERTICAL PATH COUPLER TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-466-2                                        ASI VERTICAL PATH COUPLER TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-467-1                                        ASI ROLL COMPUTER TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-467-2                                        ASI ROLL COMPUTER TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-468                                          ASI Q SENSOR TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-469                                          ASI POWER SUPPLY AND READOUT FIXTURE
 ASI-470                                          ASI VERTICAL SPEED PITCH CONTROL TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-471                                          ASI VERTICAL GYRO TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-472                                          ASI FAILURE WARNING MONITOR TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-473                                          ASI RATE OF TURN RACK TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-474-1                                        ASI CONTROL PANEL TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-474-2                                        ASI CONTROL PANEL TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-474-3                                        ASI TEST ADAPTER PANEL

                                                         PAGE: 123
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ASI-474-4                                        ASI TEST ADAPTER PANEL
 ASI-474-5                                        ASI TEST ADAPTER PANEL
 ASI-474-6                                        ASI TEST ADAPTER PANEL
 ASI-475                                          ASI PITCH CONTROL CHANNEL TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-4759-00                                      ASI 913K-1A/2H EXTENDER CARD, BACK
 ASI-4759-001                                     ASI 913K-1A/2H EXTENDER CARD, BACK
 ASI-476                                          ASI ROLL CONTROL CHANNEL TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-477                                          ASI MACH TRIM COUPLER TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-478                                          ASI AUTOMATIC STABILIZER TRIM UNIT TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-479                                          ASI VG-321 TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-479S-6                                       ASI UPGRADE:479S-6 TO 479S-6A
 ASI-48-8A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-488 RF
 ASI-480                                          ASI MONITOR AND LOGIC UNIT TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-481                                          ASI CONTROLLER TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-482                                          ASI DIGITAL ALTIMETER TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-483                                          ASI RECEIVER TRANSMITTER TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-484                                          ASI TEST CABLE
 ASI-485                                          ASI DC-9/10 TRC POWER SUPPLY TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-486                                          ASI ROLL AUTOLAND TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-487                                          ASI PITCH AUTOLAND TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-488                                          ASI ECHO BOX
 ASI-489                                          ASI PITCH AUTOLAND TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-490                                          ASI AUTOMATIC STABILIZER TRIM UNIT TEST FIXTURE ADAPTE
 ASI-491                                          ASI RATE OF TURN RACK MOUNTING FIXTURE
 ASI-492-1                                        ASI RADIO ALTIMETER TEST SET
 ASI-492-2                                        ASI RT-300 TEST FIXTURE ADAPTER
 ASI-495                                          ASI KRA-405B TEST SET
 ASI-4983-004         ASI-4983-004                ASI CABLE
 ASI-4988-001         ASI-4988-001                ASI TEST BOX
 ASI-4988-006         ASI-4988-006                ASI CABLE
 ASI-4988-007         ASI-4988-007                ASI CABLE
 ASI-50-02A                                       ASI CABLE
 ASI-50-02B                                       ASI CABLE
 ASI-50-02C                                       ASI CABLE
 ASI-50-02D                                       ASI CABLE
 ASI-50-02E                                       ASI CABLE
 ASI-50-02F                                       ASI CABLE
 ASI-50-02G                                       ASI CABLE
 ASI-50-02H                                       ASI CABLE
 ASI-50-02J                                       ASI CABLE
 ASI-50-02K                                       ASI CABLE
 ASI-50-02L                                       ASI CABLE
 ASI-50-02M                                       ASI CABLE
 ASI-50-02N                                       ASI CABLE
 ASI-50-2A                                        ASI ADAPTER: ASI-502 TO ASI-500-1/2 COMM/DME/NAV CABLE
 ASI-50-2B                                        ASI ADAPTER: ASI-502 TO ASI-500-1 ADF/ATC/613L-3 CABLE
 ASI-50-2C                                        ASI ADAPTER: ASI-502 TO CTL-20 CABLE
 ASI-50-2D                                        ASI ADAPTER: ASI-502 TO CTL-30 CABLE
 ASI-50-2E                                        ASI ADAPTER: ASI-502 TO CTL-60 CABLE
 ASI-50-2F                                        ASI ADAPTER: ASI-502 TO CTL-90 CABLE
 ASI-50-2G                                        ASI ADAPTER: ASI-502 TO CTL-22/22A/22C CABLE
 ASI-50-2H                                        ASI ADAPTER: ASI-502 TO CTL-23/23C/32/32A CABLE
 ASI-50-2J                                        ASI ADAPTER: ASI-502 TO CTL-62/62A CABLE
 ASI-50-2K                                        ASI ADAPTER: ASI-502 TO CTL-92/92A CABLE
 ASI-50-2L                                        ASI ADAPTER: ASI-502 TO CTL-92T CABLE
 ASI-50-2M                                        ASI ADAPTER: ASI-502 TO 313N-4D CABLE
 ASI-50-2N                                        ASI ADAPTER: ASI-502 TO 614L-11/12/13 CABLE
 ASI-500-1                                        ASI CONTROL HEAD SIMULATOR
 ASI-500-1AC                                      ASI CTL HEAD SIM WITH AC INVERTER (ASI600-1)
 ASI-500-2                                        ASI ARINC 556A CTL HEAD SIM
 ASI-500-2AC          ASI-500-2AC                 ASI ARINC556A CTL HEAD SIM W/INV
 ASI-501                                          ASI CONTROL HEAD
 ASI-501-1                                        ASI ARINC 566A TEST CTL HEAD FOR LINEAR PANELS
 ASI-501-2            ASI-501-2                   ASI ARINC 566A TEST CTL HEAD FOR LINEAR PANELS
 ASI-501-3            ASI-501-3                   ASI ARINC 566A TEST CTL HEAD FOR LINEAR PANELS
 ASI-501-4            ASI-501-4                   ASI NAV TEST CTL HEAD
 ASI-501-5                                        ASI CTL HEAD
 ASI-502              ASI-502                     ASI CONTROL WIZARD
 ASI-5058-00                                      ASI HSI-85( ) CARD EXTRACTOR

                                                        PAGE: 124
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ASI-5058-00                                      ASI ADI-85( ) CARD EXTRACTOR
 ASI-5058-001                                     ASI HSI-85() CARD EXTRACTOR
 ASI-5058-002                                     ASI ADI-85() CARD EXTRACTOR
 ASI-52-1                                         ASI CABLE 52 PIN 4 FT EXTENDER (LEFT) PART 1 OF 2
 ASI-52-2                                         ASI CABLE 52 PIN 4 FT EXTENDER (RIGHT) PART 2 OF 2
 ASI-52-3                                         ASI CABLE: 53 PIN EXTENDER CABLE(W/OUT TEST POINT)
 ASI-5206-001         ASI-5206-001                ASI CABLE
 ASI-5644-001         ASI-5644-001                ASI CABLE
 ASI-5657-001                                     ASI CABLE
 ASI-5658-001                                     ASI CABLE
 ASI-5A                                           ASI ADAPTER RACK: AVQ-65(ARINC) TO TDR-90
 ASI-6                                            ASI ADAPTER RACK: 618M-1 TO KTR-900/900A
 ASI-6-0A                                         ASI CABLE
 ASI-6-0B                                         ASI CABLE: ASI60(HTS60) TO ADF60
 ASI-6-0C                                         ASI CABLE: KR-87 TO ASI-60
 ASI-6-0D                                         ASI CABLE: ASI60(HTS60) TO ADF462
 ASI-6-0E                                         ASI CABLE
 ASI-6-0F                                         ASI CABLE
 ASI-6-0H                                         ASI CABLE
 ASI-6-0I                                         ASI CABLE
 ASI-6-0J                                         ASI CABLE: KDF-806 TO ASI-60
 ASI-6-0K                                         ASI CABLE: ASI-61 TO ASI-60
 ASI-6-0L                                         ASI CABLE: ADF-2070 TO ASI-60
 ASI-6-0M                                         ASI CABLE: 332C-10 TO ASI-60
 ASI-6-0N                                         ASI CABLE: KI-227 TO ASI-60
 ASI-6-0P                                         ASI CABLE: KTS-156 TO ASI-60
 ASI-6-0Q                                         ASI CABLE: IN2072A TO ASI-60
 ASI-6-0R                                         ASI CABLE: TS-2074A TO ASI-60
 ASI-6-0S             ASI-6-0S                    ASI CABLE
 ASI-6-0T                                         ASI CABLE
 ASI-6-0U                                         ASI CABLE
 ASI-60                                           ASI TEST PANEL
 ASI-60-1             ASI-60-1                    ASI CABLE 60 PIN 4 FT EXTENDER (LEFT)
 ASI-60-2                                         ASI CABLE EXTENDER
 ASI-60-2             ASI-60-2                    ASI 60 PIN 4' EXTENDER CABLE/RIGHT
 ASI-60-3                                         ASI CABLE 60 PIN 4 FT EXTENDER (30 LEFT,30 RIGHT)
 ASI-60-3             ASI-60-3                    ASI 60 PIN 4' EXTENDER CABLE/L & R
 ASI-60-4                                         ASI CABLE: 60 PIN 4 FT EXTENDER CABLE
 ASI-600-1                                        ASI 400 CYCLE INVERTER (MOUNTS IN ASI-500-1)
 ASI-6042             A90-088-048                 ASI CABLE
 ASI-61                                           ASI ADF BRG SIM
 ASI-61W                                          ASI ADF ANTENNA SIM
 ASI-620B                                         ASI SIG. GEN. X BAND
 ASI-6301-00                                      ASI BOARD, PROM
 ASI-6301-002                                     ASI BOARD, PROM
 ASI-6382-62                                      ASI HARNESS TEST SET
 ASI-6382-628T                                    ASI HARNESS TEST SET
 ASI-6769-00                                      ASI ADAPTER CABLE: 973L-1/635U
 ASI-6769-001                                     ASI CABLE: 635U2 TO 973L1A, 973M2A
 ASI-6787-00                                      ASI INTERCONNECT CABLE SET FOR VCN-186 / C-11029( )
 ASI-6787-001                                     ASI INTERCONNECT CABLE SET
 ASI-6943-001         ASI-6943-001                ASI DRIVE EXT CABLE & CONTROL
 ASI-6944-001         ASI-6944-001                ASI CABLE TEST
 ASI-6945-001         ASI-6945-001                ASI NOISE DIODE SWITCH BOX
 ASI-6960-00                                      ASI WXR FLW RF ALIGNMENT KIT (ALT CPN: 099-4920-000)
 ASI-6960-001                                     ASI MAINTENANCE KIT
 ASI-6964-62                                      ASI COLLINS 628-T TEST KIT
 ASI-6964-628T                                    ASI COLLINS 628-T TEST KIT
 ASI-7                                            ASI ADAPTER RACK: 860E-3/5 TO DME-40
 ASI-7-0A                                         ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0A1                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0A2                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0A3                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0A4                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0A5                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0A6                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0A7                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0A8                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0A9                                        ASI CABLE

                                                         PAGE: 125
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ASI-7-0B                                         ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0B1                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0B2                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0B3                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0B4                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0B5                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0B6                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0B7                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0B8                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0B9                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0C                                         ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0C1                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0C2                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0C3                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0C4                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0C5                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0C6                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0C7                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0C8                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0C9                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0D                                         ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0D1                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0D2                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0D3                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0D4                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0D5                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0D6                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0D7                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0D8                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0D9                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0E                                         ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0E1                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0E2                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0E3                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0E4                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0E5                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0E6                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0E7                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0E8                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-70B (HTS-70A/B) TO G5552 (NAV/DME)
 ASI-7-0E9                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-70B (HTS-70A/B) TO G5552 (NAV/DME)
 ASI-7-0F                                         ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0F1                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0F2                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0F3                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-70B (HTS-70A/B) TO G5653 (NAV)
 ASI-7-0F4                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0F5                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0F6                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0F7                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0F8                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0F9                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0G                                         ASI CABLE: ASI-70B (HTS-70B) TO KFS-564( )
 ASI-7-0G1                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0G2                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0G3                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0G4                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0G5                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0G6                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0G7                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0G8                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0G9                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0H                                         ASI CABLE: ASI-70B (HTS-70B) TO KFS-576( )
 ASI-7-0H1                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0H2                                        ASI TEST CABLE
 ASI-7-0H3                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-70B (HTS-70A/B) TO KFS-594
 ASI-7-0H4                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-70B (HTS-70A/B) TO G3014-03 (COM)
 ASI-7-0H5                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-70B(HTS-70 A/B) TO G3016 (HF1)
 ASI-7-0H6                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-70B(HTS-70 A/B) TO G3016 (HF2)
 ASI-7-0H7                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-70B(HTS-70 A/B) TO G6773
 ASI-7-0H8                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-70B(HTS-70 A/B) TO G6200

                                                        PAGE: 126
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ASI-7-0H9                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0I                                         ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0J                                         ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0J1                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0J2                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0J3                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0J4                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0J5                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0J6                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0J7                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0J8                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0J9                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0K                                         ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0K1                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0K2                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0K3                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0K4                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0K5-1                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-70B/C TO G2295 (NAV)
 ASI-7-0K5-2                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-70B/C TO G2295 (COM)
 ASI-7-0K5-3                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-70B/C TO G2295 (DME)
 ASI-7-0K6                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0K7                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-70B/C TO G6959 (SELCAL ANNU)
 ASI-7-0K8                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-70B/C TO G2297 (ATC)
 ASI-7-0K9-1                                      ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0K9-2                                      ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0KY                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0L                                         ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0L1-1                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-70B/C TO G6296 (DME)
 ASI-7-0L1-2                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-70B/C TO G6296 (NAV)
 ASI-7-0L2-1                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-70B/C TO G6773 (DME)
 ASI-7-0L2-2                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-70B/C TO G6773 (NAV)
 ASI-7-0L3-1                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-70B/C TO G5104 (NAV)
 ASI-7-0L3-2                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-70B/C TO G5104 (DME)
 ASI-7-0L4-1                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-70B/C TO G2977 (NAV)
 ASI-7-0L4-2                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-70B/C TO G2977 (DME)
 ASI-7-0L4-3                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-70B/C TO G2977 (COM)
 ASI-7-0L5-1                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-70B/C TO G4243 (NAV)
 ASI-7-0L5-2                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-70B/C TO G4243 (DME)
 ASI-7-0L5-3                                      ASI CABLE: ASI-70B/C TO G4243 (COM)
 ASI-7-0L6                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-70C TO G6966/G7024
 ASI-7-0L7                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-70B/C TO G4518
 ASI-7-0M                                         ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0N                                         ASI CABLE
 ASI-7-0O                                         ASI CABLE
 ASI-70-02A           ASI-70-02A                  ASI CABLE
 ASI-70-02A1          ASI-70-02A1                 ASI CABLE
 ASI-70-02A2                                      ASI CABLE
 ASI-70-02B                                       ASI CABLE
 ASI-70-02B1                                      ASI CABLE
 ASI-70-02B2                                      ASI CABLE
 ASI-70-02C                                       ASI CABLE
 ASI-70-02C1                                      ASI CABLE
 ASI-70-02C2                                      ASI CABLE
 ASI-70-02D                                       ASI CABLE
 ASI-70-02D1                                      ASI CABLE
 ASI-70-02E                                       ASI CABLE
 ASI-70-02F                                       ASI ILS-700/720 GLIDESLOPE FILTER (FIG 903)
 ASI-70-02G                                       ASI ILS-700/720 POWER SUPPLY A8 EXTENSIONS
 ASI-70-02H                                       ASI ILS-700 LOADING TOOL (FIG. 908)
 ASI-70-02J                                       ASI ILS-720 A1A18 EXTENSION BLOCK (FIG 905)
 ASI-70-02K                                       ASI DFA-701/901 INTERCONNECT TEST CABLE (FIG 103)
 ASI-70-03A           940-ASI-70-03A              ASI CABLE: DME-700/DME-900
 ASI-70-03A1          940-ASI-70-03A1             ASI OVERLAY: DME-700
 ASI-70-03A2          940-ASI-70-03A2             ASI CABLE
 ASI-70-03B           940-ASI-70-03B              ASI CABLE
 ASI-70-03B1          940-ASI-70-03B1             ASI CABLE
 ASI-70-03B2          940-ASI-70-03B1             ASI CABLE
 ASI-70-04A                                       ASI CABLE
 ASI-70-04A1                                      ASI CABLE

                                                        PAGE: 127
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ASI-70-04B                                       ASI CABLE
 ASI-70-04B1                                      ASI CABLE
 ASI-70-04C                                       ASI CABLE
 ASI-70-04D                                       ASI CABLE
 ASI-70-04D1                                      ASI CABLE
 ASI-70-04E                                       ASI CABLE
 ASI-70-04E1                                      ASI CABLE
 ASI-70-04F                                       ASI CABLE
 ASI-70-04G                                       ASI CABLE
 ASI-70-04H                                       ASI CABLE
 ASI-70-04I                                       ASI CABLE
 ASI-70-04J                                       ASI CABLE: 714E-3/6
 ASI-70-04K                                       ASI CABLE: ASI-700-4 CONTROL PLUG TO ASI-502
 ASI-70-04L                                       ASI CABLE: HFS-900
 ASI-70-04L1                                      ASI OVERLAY: HFS-900
 ASI-70-04M                                       ASI TEST SET, HFS-700D VOLTAGE REGULATOR A6A3 TESTER (
 ASI-70-04N                                       ASI CABLE: HFS-900D
 ASI-70-04N1                                      ASI OVERLAY: HFS-900D
 ASI-70-1             ASI-70-1                    ASI CABLE, PRO LINE 21 EXTENDER
 ASI-70-1A                                        ASI CABLE-ASI-CTS-700-1 TO DDI-713
 ASI-70-1B                                        ASI CABLE-ASI-CTS-700-1 TO RMI-733
 ASI-70-1C                                        ASI CABLE-ASI-CTS-700-1 TO RMI-733A
 ASI-70-1D                                        ASI CABLE-ASI-CTS-700-1 TO RDMI-743
 ASI-70-1E                                        ASI CABLE-ASI-CTS-700-1 TO RDMI-743 (CPN-622-5001-112)
 ASI-70-1F                                        ASI CABLE-ASI-CTS-700-1 TO RDMI-743 (CPN-622-5001-003)
 ASI-70-1G                                        ASI CABLE-ASI-CTS-700-1 TO RAI-742
 ASI-70-1H1                                       ASI CABLE: EXTENDER RDMI-743 A1 TO A7
 ASI-70-1H2                                       ASI CABLE: EXTENDER RDMI-743 A1 TO A6
 ASI-70-1H3                                       ASI CABLE: EXTENDER RDMI-743 A2/A3 TO A7
 ASI-70-1H4                                       ASI CABLE: EXTENDER RDMI-743 A4 TO A7
 ASI-70-1H5                                       ASI CABLE
 ASI-70-1H6                                       ASI CABLE: EXTENDER RDMI-743 A5 TO A7
 ASI-70-1H7                                       ASI CABLE: EXTENDER RDMI-743 A5 TO A6
 ASI-70-1H8                                       ASI CABLE: EXTENDER RDMI-743 A8 TO A7
 ASI-70-1H9                                       ASI CABLE: EXTENDER RDMI-743 A9 TO A7
 ASI-70-8A                                        ASI TEST SET ADAPTER FOR KFS-594, KA-595
 ASI-70-8B                                        ASI ANTENNA SIMULATOR
 ASI-700-1                                        ASI TEST SET
 ASI-700-2            ASI-700-2                   ASI ARINC 700/900 TEST SET
 ASI-700-2-1                                      ASI TEST SET
 ASI-700-3            ASI-700-3                   ASI DME/LRA DISCRETE FUNCTION INTERFACE UNIT
 ASI-700-4            ASI-700-4                   ASI TEST PANEL
 ASI-7000-70                                      ASI CPU ANALYZER FOR COLLINS WRT-701X
 ASI-7000-701X        ASI-7000-701X               ASI CPU ANALYZER FOR COLLINS WRT-701X
 ASI-7005-3742-400    ASI-7005-3742-400           ASI INTERFACE ASSY
 ASI-7008-00                                      ASI 345C-2A ACCELERATION SENSOR POS FIXTURE (345C-2A M
 ASI-701                                          ASI EDU-HIGH VOLTAGE POWER SUPPLY TEST PANEL
 ASI-701-1C                                       ASI CABLE: ASI701 SUPPLY INTERFACE
 ASI-702                                          ASI DEM TESTER (RDMI-743A MAN. FIG. 915 - 917)
 ASI-703                                          ASI CALIBRATION FIXTURE (RDMI-743A MAN. FIG 909)
 ASI-704                                          ASI PWR SUP TEST(RDMI-743A MAN FIG 911-914)
 ASI-705                                          ASI PWR SUP FIXTURE (EAP-701() MAN FIG 903-904
 ASI-706                                          ASI MICROPROCESSOR SYSTEM TEST SET ADP
 ASI-706              ASI-706                     ASI DME700 SYSTEM TEST
 ASI-707                                          ASI DRIVER A4 ALIGNMENT COVER (DME-700 MAN. FIG 903)
 ASI-707A                                         ASI DRIVER A4 ALIGNMENT COVER
 ASI-707B                                         ASI SYNTH A3 ALIGNMENT COVER
 ASI-707C                                         ASI PWR AMP ALIGNMENT COVER (DME-700 MAN FIG 905)
 ASI-708                                          ASI SUPPRESSOR LOAD BOX (TPR-710A MAN. FIG. 903)
 ASI-708-1                                        ASI HF/SSB TEST SET
 ASI-709                                          ASI RECEIVER EXTENDER CABLE (TPR-710A MAN. FIG. 904)
 ASI-70A1                                         ASI CABLE: ASI-70B (HTS-70A/B) TO CTL-XO (ADF/ATC)
 ASI-70B                                          ASI TEST PANEL
 ASI-70C              ASI-70C                     ASI PANEL
 ASI-71                                           ASI POWER SUPPLY
 ASI-710                                          ASI COAX EXTENDER CABLE (TPR-710A MAN. FIG 906)
 ASI-711                                          ASI 500-½ T-ATTENUATOR (HFS-700 MAN. FIG. 904)
 ASI-712                                          ASI RF INJECTION PROBE, 50 OHM
 ASI-713                                          ASI EQMN: MST-903 MICROPROCESSOR SYS TEST SET ADP

                                                        PAGE: 128
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ASI-714                                          ASI IDENT SIGNAL GENERATOR
 ASI-714-2            ASI-714-2                   ASI IDENT SIGNAL GENERATOR
 ASI-715                                          ASI TUNING COVER (ILS-700 MAN. FIG 906)
 ASI-715-1                                        ASI TEST SET
 ASI-715-2                                        ASI TEST SET
 ASI-716                                          ASI MN: MST-905 MICROPROCESSOR SYS TEST SET ADP
 ASI-717                                          ASI ALTITUDE SIMULATION FIXTURE (LRA-700 MAN. FIG. 908
 ASI-718                                          ASI RF TUNING COVER (LRA-700 MAN. FIG 904-905)
 ASI-718U-5                                       ASI 781U-5 SYSTEM TEST SET (REQUIRES INTERPOLATION OF
 ASI-719              ASI-719                     ASI PULSE GEN TEST BOX
 ASI-72-2A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-742 (RCT-4A) W1
 ASI-72-2E                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-742 (RCT-4A) W5
 ASI-72-5A            ASI-72-5A                   ASI CABLE
 ASI-72-5B            ASI-72-5B                   ASI CABLE
 ASI-72-7A            ASI-72-7A                   ASI CABLE
 ASI-72-7B            ASI-72-7B                   ASI CABLE
 ASI-72-7C            ASI-72-7C                   ASI CABLE
 ASI-72-8A                                        ASI TEST SET
 ASI-720                                          ASI ATTENUATOR 26 dB L-PAD (PAU-700 MAN. FIG. 901A)
 ASI-721                                          ASI PAU-700 TEST FIXTURE (PAU-700 MAN. FIG 902 - 904)
 ASI-722                                          ASI EQMN: WMT-107X WXR-700 RADAR TEST TRAY
 ASI-723                                          ASI EQMN: MST-902 MICROPROCESSOR SYS TEST SET ADP
 ASI-724                                          ASI TEST BREAKOUT PANEL (WXR-700X MAN. FIG. 508 - 509)
 ASI-725                                          ASI LEVELING BASE
 ASI-726                                          ASI MOTOR DRIVER TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-7263-00                                      ASI CABLE: MEM EXTENDER
 ASI-7263-001                                     ASI CABLE: MEM EXTENDER
 ASI-7264-00                                      ASI CABLE: EXTENDER
 ASI-7264-00                                      ASI CABLE: EXTENDER
 ASI-7264-001                                     ASI CABLE: EXTENDER
 ASI-7264-002                                     ASI CABLE: EXTENDER
 ASI-727                                          ASI FRONT PANEL EXTENDER CABLE (WXI-711 MAN. FIG. 903)
 ASI-728              ASI-728                     ASI ANTENNA WEIGHT SIMULATOR
 ASI-729                                          ASI POWER SUPPLY TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-73-8A            ASI-73-8A                   ASI CABLE: DF-7708
 ASI-73-9A                                        ASI TEST SET
 ASI-730                                          ASI REAR CONNECTOR BREAKOUT BOX (WXI-711 MAN. FIG. 906
 ASI-730-1                                        ASI REAR CONNECTOR BREAKOUT BOX
 ASI-730-2                                        ASI TCAS REAR CONNECTOR BREAKOUT BOX
 ASI-731                                          ASI MOTOR DRIVER TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-732                                          ASI RCVR/MONITOR DRIVER TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-733                                          ASI PRELOAD SPRING TORQUE ADAPTER
 ASI-734                                          ASI ZERO MONITORS A5 AND A6 MOUNTING JIG
 ASI-735                                          ASI ZERO MONITORS A5 AND A6 MOUNT PROBE
 ASI-736                                          ASI COIL SPRING TORQUE ADAPTER
 ASI-737                                          ASI WAVEGUIDE FLANGE (WMA-701X/702X MAN. FIG. 914)
 ASI-7373-00                                      ASI DCU-4000/4001 POWER MONITOR TEST AID
 ASI-7373-001                                     ASI CABLE
 ASI-738                                          ASI EQMN: WJB-701 J-BOX (WXR-700X MAN. FIG. 505 - 507)
 ASI-739              ASI-739                     ASI TURBULENCE TESTER FOR WRT-701X
 ASI-74-0A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-740 TO EDU-766-776
 ASI-74-0B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-740 TO RED LABEL POWER SUPPLIES
 ASI-74-0C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-740 TO BLACK LABEL POWER SUPPLIES
 ASI-74-2B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-742 (RCT-4A) W2
 ASI-74-2C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-742 (RCT-4A) W3
 ASI-74-2D                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-742 (RCT-4A) W4
 ASI-74-2F                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-742 (RCT-4A) W6
 ASI-74-2G                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-742 (RCT-4A) W7
 ASI-74-2H                                        ASI BNC-T 150
 ASI-74-2J            ASI-74-2J                   ASI CABLE
 ASI-74-3A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-743 (AIT-4A) TO PPI-1T W1
 ASI-74-3B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-743 (AIT-4A) TO PPI-1U W2
 ASI-74-3C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-743 (AIT-4A) TO PPI-4B W3
 ASI-74-3D                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-743 (AIT-4A) TO ITA W4
 ASI-74-5A                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-74-5B                                        ASI PWR SUPPLY CABLE
 ASI-74-5C                                        ASI PWR SUPPLY CABLE
 ASI-74-6A                                        ASI RAM BUFFER ADAPTER CABLE
 ASI-74-6B                                        ASI RAM BUFFER ADAPTER CABLE

                                                         PAGE: 129
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ASI-74-6C                                        ASI RAM BUFFER ADAPTER
 ASI-740                                          ASI EFIS LOW VOLTAGE POWER SUPPLY TEST PANEL
 ASI-741                                          ASI DOPPLER SIG GEN
 ASI-7419-00                                      ASI RTU-42X0 DATA LOADER CABLE ASSY
 ASI-7419-00                                      ASI RTU-40X0 DATA LOADER CABLE ASSY
 ASI-7419-002         ASI-7419-002                ASI CABLE
 ASI-7419-007                                     ASI DATA LOADER CABLE
 ASI-742                                          ASI RADAR SYSTEM TEST PANEL
 ASI-7429-114         ASI-7429-114                ASI CABLE
 ASI-743                                          ASI TCAS PPT ADAPTER TEST PANEL
 ASI-744                                          ASI DSP-7000 STANDARD TEST PANEL
 ASI-745-1                                        ASI DLM-900 PWR SUP TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-745-2                                        ASI TTR-920 PWR SUP TEST PANEL
 ASI-745-3                                        ASI PWR SUPP TEST SET
 ASI-746-1                                        ASI DLM-900 RAM BUFFER CARD
 ASI-746-2                                        ASI SDU-906-900 RAM BUFFER CARD
 ASI-747                                          ASI RAM BUFFER CARD
 ASI-748                                          ASI DLM-900 LOOPBACK POD
 ASI-749                                          ASI SDU-906 SYSTEM PROCESSOR TEST SET
 ASI-750                                          ASI SDU-906 VCO TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-751                                          ASI SDU-906 MAIN UNIT TEST SET
 ASI-752                                          ASI SDU-906 VCO TEST SET
 ASI-753                                          ASI SDU-906 IF/SYNTHESIZER TEST SET
 ASI-754                                          ASI SDU-906 CHANNEL MODULE ADAPTER
 ASI-755                                          ASI SDU-906 CEPT ADAPTER TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-756                                          ASI SDU-906 429 ADAPTER TEST MODULE
 ASI-757                                          ASI SDU-906 REAR AUXILARY TEST SET
 ASI-758-1                                        ASI AAMP5 WITH 512K HISTORY
 ASI-758-2                                        ASI AAMP5 WITH 128K HISTORY
 ASI-758-3                                        ASI AAMP2/2-8/3 WITH 512K HISTORY
 ASI-758-4                                        ASI AAMP2/2-8/3 WITH 128K HISTORY
 ASI-759                                          ASI DLM-900 I/O EXTENDER CARD
 ASI-76-0A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-760 (PPT-4A) TO PPI-4B W1
 ASI-76-2A1                                       ASI CABLE (4 FT)
 ASI-76-2A2                                       ASI CABLE (12 FT)
 ASI-76-2B                                        ASI CABLE: SPECIAL PURPOSE
 ASI-76-2C                                        ASI CABLE: SPECIAL PURPOSE
 ASI-76-6E                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-76-6F                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-76-7B                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-760                                          ASI TEST SET
 ASI-761                                          ASI BURN IN RACK FOR GLU-920
 ASI-762                                          ASI CIU-906 TEST PANEL
 ASI-763-1            ASI-763-1                   ASI PANEL
 ASI-763-2            ASI-763-2                   ASI PANEL
 ASI-764              ASI-764                     ASI TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-765              ASI-765                     ASI PANEL
 ASI-766                                          ASI TEST SET
 ASI-767                                          ASI TEST SET
 ASI-768                                          ASI TEST SET
 ASI-769                                          ASI TEST SET
 ASI-77-0A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-770 (AST-4A) W101
 ASI-77-0B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-770 (AST-4A) W108
 ASI-77-1A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-771 (ATT-4A) W1
 ASI-77-1B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-771 (ATT-4A) W2
 ASI-77-1C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-771 (ATT-4A) W3
 ASI-77-1D                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-771 (ATT-4A) W4
 ASI-770                                          ASI RADAR ANTENNA SIMULATOR PANEL
 ASI-771                                          ASI RADAR ANTENNA TEST PANEL
 ASI-771-1                                        ASI RADAR ANT TEST PANEL
 ASI-772                                          ASI KG-102/102A/105 GYRO TEST PANEL
 ASI-773                                          ASI KI-525/525A TEST PANEL
 ASI-774-1                                        ASI DFIU / DFP-702/703/712/712A/713/713A
 ASI-775                                          ASI UNIVERSAL POWER SUPPLY TEST PANEL
 ASI-776-1                                        ASI KDM-7060 DME BENCH TEST SET
 ASI-776-2                                        ASI KDM-706A OPTIONAL BENCH TEST SET
 ASI-776-3                                        ASI KDM-7070 DME BENCH TEST SET
 ASI-777-4            ASI-777-4                   ASI HF-9000 TEST SET
 ASI-7779-DL                                      ASI DLM-700( ) CIRCUIT CARD EXTENDER-LEFT (A3,A5,A5)

                                                         PAGE: 130
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ASI-7779-DL                                      ASI DLM-700( ) CIRCUIT CARD EXTENDER-RIGHT (A6,A7)
 ASI-7779-DLM(L                                   ASI CABLE
 ASI-7779-DLM(R                                   ASI CABLE
 ASI-7779-DLM-L                                   ASI DLM7000() CIR CARD EXT-LEFT
 ASI-7779-DLM-R                                   ASI DLM-700( ) CIRCUIT CARD EXTENDER-RIGHT (A6,A7)
 ASI-7779DLM-L                                    ASI DLM-700( ) CIRCUIT CARD EXTENDER-LEFT (A3,A5,A5)
 ASI-778                                          ASI HF-9000 EXTENDER SET
 ASI-78-9A                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-78-9B                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-78-9C                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-78-9D                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-783              ASI-783                     ASI ASI RDR-2000 TEST PANEL
 ASI-789-2                                        ASI MOUNT
 ASI-799                                          asi TEST SET
 ASI-7994-70                                      ASI MAINTENANCE KIT FOR WRT-701C
 ASI-7994-70                                      ASI MAINTENANCE KIT FOR WRT-701X
 ASI-7994-701C                                    ASI MAINTENANCE KIT FOR WRT-701C
 ASI-7994-701X                                    ASI MAINTENANCE KIT FOR WRT-701X
 ASI-8-4A                                         ASI CABLE
 ASI-80-1                                         ASI CABLE: 160 PIN EXTENDER
 ASI-80-2                                         ASI CABLE: 160 PIN EXTENDER
 ASI-80-2A            ASI-80-2A                   ASI CABLE TO ALA-52
 ASI-8001-00                                      ASI 51RV-2B CARD EXTENDER CABLE FOR MANUAL VOR/LOC SEN
 ASI-8048-00                                      ASI 51RV-2B CARD EXTENDER KIT
 ASI-8048-001                                     ASI 51RV-2B CARD EXTENDER KIT
 ASI-8097-001                                     ASI CABLE
 ASI-8098-001                                     ASI CABLE
 ASI-8099-001                                     ASI CABLE
 ASI-80A              622-5349-001                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80A              622-5349-002                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80A              622-5349-003                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80A              622-5349-004                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80A              622-5349-005                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80A              622-5349-006                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80A              622-5349-007                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80A              622-5349-008                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80A              622-5349-011                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80A              622-5349-012                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80A              622-5349-013                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80A              622-5349-014                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80A              622-5349-015                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80A              622-5349-016                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80A              622-5349-017                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80A              622-5349-018                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80B              622-5350-001                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80B              622-5350-002                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80B              622-5350-003                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80B              622-5350-004                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80B              622-5350-005                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80B              622-5350-006                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80B              622-5350-007                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80B              622-5350-008                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80B              622-5350-011                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80B              622-5350-012                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80B              622-5350-013                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80B              622-5350-014                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80B              622-5350-015                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80B              622-5350-016                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80B              622-5350-017                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80B              622-5350-018                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80B              622-5350-024                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80D              622-5352-011                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80D              622-5352-012                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80D              622-5352-013                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80D              622-5352-014                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80D              622-5352-015                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80D              622-5352-016                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80D              622-5352-017                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80D              622-5352-018                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND

                                                        PAGE: 131
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ASI-80D              622-5352-024                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80D              622-5352-034                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80D              622-5352-044                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80D              622-5352-054                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80E              622-5353-011                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80E              622-5353-012                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80E              622-5353-013                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80E              622-5353-014                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80E              622-5353-015                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80E              622-5353-016                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80E              622-5353-017                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80E              622-5353-018                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80F              622-6728-011                COLLINS AIRSPEED IND
 ASI-80F              622-6728-012                COLLINS AIRSPEED IND
 ASI-80F              622-6728-013                COLLINS AIRSPEED IND
 ASI-80F              622-6728-014                COLLINS AIRSPEED IND
 ASI-80F              622-6728-015                COLLINS AIRSPEED IND
 ASI-80F              622-6728-016                COLLINS AIRSPEED IND
 ASI-80F              622-6728-017                COLLINS AIRSPEED IND
 ASI-80F              622-6728-018                COLLINS AIRSPEED IND
 ASI-80F              622-6728-213                COLLINS AIRSPEED IND
 ASI-80G              622-5354-011                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80G              622-5354-012                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80G              622-5354-013                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80G              622-5354-014                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80G              622-5354-015                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80G              622-5354-016                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80G              622-5354-017                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-80G              622-5354-018                COLLINS AIR SPEED IND
 ASI-8140-00                                      ASI CABLE: FGC-80 A2J7 EXTENDER
 ASI-8140-00                                      ASI CABLE: FGC-80 A2J6 EXTENDER
 ASI-8140-00                                      ASI CABLE: FGC-80 A3J9 EXTENDER
 ASI-8140-00                                      ASI CABLE: FGC-80 A3J8 EXTENDER
 ASI-8140-00                                      ASI CABLE: FGC-80 A4J11 EXTENDER
 ASI-8140-00                                      ASI CABLE: FGC-80 A4J10 EXTENDER
 ASI-8140-00                                      ASI CABLE: FGC-80 A5J13 EXTENDER
 ASI-8140-00                                      ASI CABLE: FGC-80 A5J12 EXTENDER
 ASI-8140-00                                      ASI CABLE: FGC-80 A6J15 EXTENDER
 ASI-8140-001                                     ASI CABLE: FGC-80 A2J7 EXTENDER
 ASI-8140-002                                     ASI CABLE: FGC-80 A2J6 EXTENDER
 ASI-8140-003                                     ASI CABLE: FGC-80 A3J9 EXTENDER
 ASI-8140-004                                     ASI CABLE: FGC-80 A3J8 EXTENDER
 ASI-8140-005                                     ASI CABLE: FGC-80 A4J11 EXTENDER
 ASI-8140-006                                     ASI CABLE: FGC-80 A4J10 EXTENDER
 ASI-8140-007                                     ASI CABLE: FGC-80 A5J13 EXTENDER
 ASI-8140-008                                     ASI CABLE: FGC-80 A5J12 EXTENDER
 ASI-8140-009                                     ASI CABLE: FGC-80 A6J15 EXTENDER
 ASI-8140-01                                      ASI CABLE: FGC-80 A6J14 EXTENDER
 ASI-8140-01                                      ASI CABLE: FGC-80 A7J17 EXTENDER
 ASI-8140-01                                      ASI CABLE: FGC-80 A7J16 EXTENDER
 ASI-8140-010                                     ASI CABLE: FGC-80 A6J14 EXTENDER
 ASI-8140-011                                     ASI CABLE: FGC-80 A7J17 EXTENDER
 ASI-8140-012                                     ASI CABLE: FGC-80 A7J16 EXTENDER
 ASI-8260-DL                                      ASI DLC-800( ) EXTENDER CARD (A3)
 ASI-8260-DLC                                     ASI DLC-800( ) EXTENDER CARD (A3)
 ASI-8261-DL                                      ASI DLC-800( ) EXTENDER CARD (A4,A5,A6,A7)
 ASI-8261-DLC                                     ASI DLC-800( ) EXTENDER CARD (A4,A5,A6,A7)
 ASI-8262-DL                                      ASI DLC-800( ) EXTENDER CABLE (A8)
 ASI-8262-DLC                                     ASI DLC-800( ) EXTENDER CABLE (A8)
 ASI-8263-DL                                      ASI DLC-800( ) EXTENDER CABLE (A7,A9)
 ASI-8263-DLC                                     ASI DLC-800( ) EXTENDER CABLE (A7, A9)
 ASI-8264-DL                                      ASI DLC-800( ) EXTENDER CABLE (A2A1)
 ASI-8264-DLC                                     ASI DLC-800( ) EXTENDER CABLE (A2A1)
 ASI-8265-DL                                      ASI DLC-800( ) EXTENDER CABLE (LCD)
 ASI-8265-DLC                                     ASI DLC-800( ) EXTENDER CABLE (LCD)
 ASI-8266-DL                                      ASI DLC-800( ) EXTENDER CABLE (A5,A6)
 ASI-8266-DLC                                     ASI DLC-800( ) EXTENDER CABLE (A5,A6)
 ASI-8267-DL                                      ASI DLC-800( ) CARD PULLER
 ASI-8267-DLC                                     ASI DLC-800( ) CARD PULLER

                                                        PAGE: 132
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ASI-8268-DL                                      ASI DLC-800( ) DUMB TERMINAL (HANDHELD)
 ASI-8268-DLC                                     ASI DLC-800( ) DUMB TERMINAL (HANDHELD)
 ASI-8271-00                                      ASI A1 INTERFACE BOX ASSY
 ASI-8271-001                                     ASI CABLE
 ASI-8272-00                                      ASI A2 INTERFACE BOX ASSY
 ASI-8272-001                                     ASI CABLE
 ASI-8272-002                                     ASI CABLE
 ASI-8273-00                                      ASI A5 INTERFACE BOX ASSY
 ASI-8273-001                                     ASI CABLE
 ASI-8274-00                                      ASI W49 RIBBON CABLE ASSY
 ASI-8274-00                                      ASI W47 RIBBON CABLE ASSY
 ASI-8274-00                                      ASI W48 RIBBON CABLE ASSY
 ASI-8274-001                                     ASI CABLE
 ASI-8274-002                                     ASI CABLE
 ASI-8274-003                                     ASI CABLE
 ASI-8361-00                                      ASI CMU-900 POWER SUPPLY TESTER
 ASI-8361-001                                     ASI CABLE
 ASI-83C                                          ASI AUDIO WATTMETER
 ASI-84                                           ASI ALT ENCODER TEST SET
 ASI-8405-00                                      ASI MAINTENCE KIT FOR 860E-3
 ASI-8405-001                                     ASI MAINTENANCE KIT FOR 860E3
 ASI-8431-00                                      ASI SDU-640 PROG FIXTURE CABLE ASSY
 ASI-8431-001         ASI-8431-001                ASI CABLE
 ASI-8588-010         ASI-8588-010                ASI CABLE
 ASI-880061-                                      ASI POSITION INDICATOR SWITCH ASSY
 ASI-8803-DL                                      ASI DATA LINK TEST ADAPTER
 ASI-8803-DLM                                     ASI DATA LINK TEST ADAPTER
 ASI-8847-011                                     ASI CABLE
 ASI-8847-012                                     ASI CABLE
 ASI-8847-013                                     ASI CABLE
 ASI-8847-014                                     ASI CABLE
 ASI-8847-015                                     ASI CABLE
 ASI-8904-00                                      ASI ECU-3000 TEST CABLE
 ASI-8904-001         ASI-8904-001                ASI CABLE
 ASI-8938-00                                      ASI EXTENDER BOARD FOR 972V-1
 ASI-8938-001                                     ASI EXTENDER BOARD FOR 972V-1
 ASI-8985-010         ASI-8985-010                ASI CABLE
 ASI-9-0A                                         ASI CABLE
 ASI-9-0B                                         ASI CABLE: TO AT-50/AT-150
 ASI-9-0C                                         ASI CABLE
 ASI-9-0D                                         ASI CABLE
 ASI-9-0D             ASI-9-0D                    ASI CABLE
 ASI-9-0E                                         ASI CABLE
 ASI-9-0F                                         ASI CABLE: ASI-90 (HTS-90) TO KT-79
 ASI-9-0G                                         ASI CABLE: ASI-30 (HTS-30) TO KXP-756( )
 ASI-9-0H                                         ASI CABLE
 ASI-9-0I                                         ASI CABLE
 ASI-9-0J                                         ASI CABLE
 ASI-9-0K                                         ASI CABLE
 ASI-9-0M                                         ASI CABLE
 ASI-9-0N                                         ASI CABLE
 ASI-9-0O                                         ASI CABLE
 ASI-9-0P                                         ASI CABLE
 ASI-9-0Q                                         ASI CABLE: ASI-90 (HTS-90) TO KT-70
 ASI-90                                           ASI BLUELINE: XPDR TEST PANEL
 ASI-9276-001         ASI-9276-001                ASI TEST
 ASI-9305-11                                      ASI COLLINS TCN-118 MAINTENANCE KIT
 ASI-9305-118                                     ASI COLLINS TCN-118 MAINTENANCE KIT
 ASI-94-0A                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-94-0A1                                       ASI CABLE
 ASI-94-0B                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-94-0C                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-94-10                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-94-1A                                        ASI CABLE-ASI-CTS-941/R TO COLLINS RTU-870A
 ASI-94-1B                                        ASI CABLE-ASI-CTS-941/R TO COLLINS CTL-92/92A
 ASI-94-1C                                        ASI CABLE-ASI-CTS-941/R TO GABLES 816
 ASI-94-1D                                        ASI CABLE-ASI-CTS-941(R) TO COLLINS TDR-94/94D
 ASI-94-1E                                        ASI CABLE-ASI-CTS-941(R) TO COLLINS TDR-94/94D ANTENNA
 ASI-94-1F                                        ASI TEST CABLE

                                                         PAGE: 133
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ASI-94-1G                                        ASI CABLE: HVPS EXTENDER CABLE
 ASI-94-1H                                        ASI CABLE: CPU-1/0 CCA TO MODULATOR EXTENDER CABLE
 ASI-94-1I                                        ASI CABLE: RFPA TO IF RECEIVER RF EXTENDER CABLE
 ASI-94-1J                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-CTS-941A-R TO COLLINS TTR-920G CONTROL
 ASI-94-1K                                        ASI CABLE: ATC-1400A AND S-1403C TO TDR-94D ANTENNA
 ASI-94-1L                                        ASI TEST FIXTURE: TDR-94/94D SYTH A4
 ASI-94-1M                                        ASI HIGH CURRENT LOAD
 ASI-94-1N                                        ASI SYNTH ALIGNMENT TOOLS (SET OF 4)
 ASI-94-1O                                        ASI TEST PROBE HOLDER
 ASI-94-1P                                        ASI RF PROBE FOR PWR METER
 ASI-94-1Q                                        ASI ALIGNMENT COVER
 ASI-94-1R                                        ASI ALIGNMENT COVER
 ASI-94-1S                                        ASI ALIGNMENT COVER
 ASI-94-1T                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-CTS-941AR TO BENDIX MST-67A TRANSPONDE
 ASI-94-1T                                        ASI CABLE: ADAPTER FOR TDR-94D (-004)
 ASI-94-2A                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-94-3A                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-94-3B                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-94-3C                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-94-3D                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-94-5A                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-94-5B                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-94-5C                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-94-5D                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-94-5E                                        ASI CABLE
 ASI-9557-DL                                      ASI DLM-700( ) POWER SUPPLY A6 TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-9557-DLM                                     ASI DLM-700( ) POWER SUPPLY A6 TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-956-A1                                       ASI CABLE
 ASI-96-5A                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-CTS-965 TO COMPUTER
 ASI-96-5B                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-CTS-965 TO COMPUTER
 ASI-96-5C                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-CTS-965 YO 115VAC 400Hz
 ASI-96-5D                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-CTS-965 TO 115VAC 60 Hz
 ASI-96-5E                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-CTS-965 TO 28VDC
 ASI-96-5F                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-CTS-965 TO IND
 ASI-96-5G                                        ASI CABLE: ASI-CTS-965 TO RTA
 ASI-97-8A            ASI-97-8A                   ASI CABLE
 ASI-97-8B            ASI-97-8B                   ASI CABLE
 ASI-97-8C            ASI-97-8C                   ASI CABLE
 ASI-97-8D            ASI-97-8D                   ASI CABLE
 ASI-97-8E            ASI-97-8E                   ASI CABLE
 ASI-97-9A            ASI-97-9A                   ASI TEST BOX
 ASI-97-9B            ASI-97-9B                   ASI TEST BOX
 ASI-97-9C            ASI-97-9C                   ASI TEXT BOX
 ASI-97-9D            ASI-97-9D                   ASI TEST BOX
 ASI-980L-1M                                      ASI METER RETROFIT KIT FOR COLLINS 980L-1 (NOT FOR USE
 ASI-980L1MM                                      ASI METER MOD KIT
 ASI-987-9007-001                                 ASI MODEM BASE BAND TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-987-9046-001                                 ASI MODEM BASE BAND MEZZ ASSY TEST FIXTR
 ASI-9999-00                                      ASI ADI-85( ) AND HSI-85( ) CARD EXTENDER KIT
 ASI-9999-001                                     ASI ADI-85() AND HSI-85() CARD EXTENDER KIT
 ASI-AAP-1000                                     ASI TEST SET
 ASI-ACS5/A           ASI-ACS5/A                  ASI AIRCRAFT SIMULATOR
 ASI-CT2-946                                      ASI GLU BURN-IN PANEL
 ASI-CT2-946-1                                    ASI TEST SET
 ASI-CTA-1                                        ASI CABLE ASSEMBLY
 ASI-CTA-12           ASI-CTA-12                  ASI CABLE
 ASI-CTA-14A          ASI-CTA-14A                 ASI CABLE
 ASI-CTA-14D          ASI-CTA-14D                 ASI CABLE
 ASI-CTA-15A          ASI-CTA-15A                 ASI CABLE
 ASI-CTA-15D          ASI-CTA-15D                 ASI CABLE
 ASI-CTA-2007         ASI-CTA-2007                ASI CABLE
 ASI-CTA-2009                                     ASI CABLE
 ASI-CTA-2015         ASI-CTA-2015                ASI CABLE
 ASI-CTA-2017         ASI-CTA-2017                ASI CABLE
 ASI-CTA-2018         ASI-CTA-2018                ASI CABLE
 ASI-CTA-2019         ASI-CTA-2019                ASI CABLE
 ASI-CTA-2024         ASI-CTA-2024                ASI CABLE
 ASI-CTA-2033                                     ASI CABLE
 ASI-CTA-2037         ASI-CTA-2037                ASI CABLE

                                                        PAGE: 134
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ASI-CTA-2053         ASI-CTA-2053                ASI CABLE
 ASI-CTA-2054         ASI-CTA-2054                ASI CABLE
 ASI-CTA-2056                                     ASI CABLE
 ASI-CTA-2057         ASI-CTA-2057                ASI CABLE
 ASI-CTA-2063         ASI-CTA-2063                ASI CABLE
 ASI-CTA-EXT          ASI-CTA-EXT                 ASI CABLE
 ASI-CTA-MB1                                      ASI CABLE
 ASI-CTA-MB2                                      ASI CABLE
 ASI-CTA-MB3                                      ASI CABLE
 ASI-CTA-MB4                                      ASI CABLE
 ASI-CTA-MB5                                      ASI CABLE
 ASI-CTC-2016E        ASI-CTC-2016E               ASI EXT
 ASI-CTC-2016F                                    ASI CABLE
 ASI-CTC-2016G                                    ASI TEST CABLE
 ASI-CTS-10                                       ASI BREAKOUT BOX
 ASI-CTS-11                                       ASI EQMN: CTS-11 COLLINS ADI-85 INSTRUMENT TEST SET
 ASI-CTS-11A                                      ASI EQMN: CTS-11A COLLINS ADI-77 INSTRUMENT TEST SET
 ASI-CTS-12                                       ASI EQMN: CTS-12 COLLINS HSI-85 INSTRUMENT TEST SET
 ASI-CTS-12A                                      ASI LABEL CHANGER CARD
 ASI-CTS-12A1                                     ASI LABEL CHANGER CARD
 ASI-CTS-700                                      ASI TEST SET
 ASI-CTS-700-1                                    ASI DISCRETE FUNCTION INTERFACE UNIT
 ASI-CTS-700-2                                    ASI DFIU
 ASI-CTS-841                                      ASI TEST SET
 ASI-CTS-859                                      ASI DIGITAL EFIS TEST PANEL
 ASI-CTS-9                                        ASI EXT CABLE BREAKOUT BOX
 ASI-CTS-940                                      ASI TEST PANEL
 ASI-CTS-941                                      ASI TDR-94/94D MODE S TRANSPONDER TEST SET
 ASI-CTS-941A-R                                   ASI TDR-94/94D MODE S TRANSPONDER TEST SET
 ASI-CTS-941AR        ASI-CTS-941AR               ASI MODE S XPDR TEST SET
 ASI-CTS-942                                      ASI TDR-94 TEST PANEL
 ASI-CTS-943                                      ASI INTERFACE PANEL
 ASI-CTS-943          ASI-CTS-943                 ASI TEST SET
 ASI-CTS-944                                      ASI TEST PANEL
 ASI-CTS-945                                      ASI BURN IN TEST PANEL
 ASI-CTS-946                                      ASI TEST PANEL
 ASI-CTS-946-1        ASI-CTS-946-1               ASI PANEL
 ASI-CTS-947                                      ASI TEST PANEL
 ASI-CTS-948                                      ASI TEST PANEL
 ASI-CTS-949                                      ASI INTERFACE PANEL
 ASI-CTS-950                                      ASI POWER SUPPLY TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-CTS-951                                      ASI CARD TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-CTS-952                                      ASI INTERFACE PANEL
 ASI-CTS-953                                      ASI VHF-21/22/422 ESS TEST PANEL A
 ASI-CTS-953                                      ASI VHF-21/22/422 ESS TEST PANEL B
 ASI-CTS-953A         ASI-CTS-953A                ASI PANEL
 ASI-CTS-953B         ASI-CTS-953B                ASI PANEL
 ASI-CTS-954          ASI-CTS-954                 ASI PANEL
 ASI-CTS-955                                      ASI TEST SET
 ASI-CTS-956                                      ASI TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-CTS-957                                      ASI TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-CTS-958          ASI-CTS-958                 ASI PANEL
 ASI-CTS-959          ASI-CTS-959                 ASI PANEL
 ASI-CTS-960                                      ASI TEST SET
 ASI-CTS-961                                      ASI TEST SET
 ASI-CTS-962                                      ASI TEST SET
 ASI-CTS-963                                      ASI TEST SET
 ASI-CTS-964          ASI-CTS-964                 ASI PANEL
 ASI-CTS-965          ASI-CTS-965                 ASI TEST SET
 ASI-CTS-966                                      ASI TEST SET
 ASI-CTS-967                                      ASI AHC-3000 BURN-IN PANEL W/4 CABLES
 ASI-CTS-968                                      ASI RIU-4000 ESS POWER PANEL
 ASI-CTS-969                                      ASI CTS-88 FDU SELECT FIXTURE W/3 CABLES
 ASI-CTS-973          ASI-CTS-973                 ASI TEST BOX
 ASI-CTS-977          ASI-CTS-977                 ASI TEST BOX
 ASI-CTS-979          ASI-CTS-979                 ASI TEST BOX
 ASI-DLC-800                                      ASI MAINTENANCE KIT FOR COLLINS DLC-800( )
 ASI-DLM-700                                      ASI MAINTENANCE KIT FOR COLLINS DLM-700( )
 ASI-IH-27                                        ASI RAD ALT TEST SET

                                                        PAGE: 135
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 ASI-ITA-A1           ASI-ITA-A1                  ASI BOARD
 ASI-MDSB-01          ASI-MDSB-01                 ASI TEST BOX
 ASI-SDD-EXT          ASI-SDD-EXT                 ASI EXT
 ASI-SDU-EXT          ASI-SDU-EXT                 ASI EXT
 ASI-TE1170095-1      ASI-TE1170095-1             ASI TEST FIXTURE
 ASI-TE3610032-0110                               ASI CABLE
 ASI-TE3610032-0111                               ASI CABLE
 ASI-W-16                                         ASI CABLE: CA-154-1 BATTERY TO BATTERY CHARGER
 ASI-WS2                                          ASI CABLE: RCA WEATHERSCOUT BENCH TEST HARNESS
 ASI-Y-1                                          ASI CABLE: CTS-202 Y-ADAPTER TO CTL-220 AND TCR-220
 ASI-Y-2                                          ASI CABLE: Y ADAPTER (ASIY1) TO CTL230
 ASI-Y-3                                          ASI CABLE
 ASI1301698-002       ASI1301698-002              ASI CABLE
 ASI1304168-001                                   ASI CABLE
 ASI1429671U4         ASI1429671U4                ASI CABLE
 ASI1438671U4         ASI1438671U4                ASI CABLE
 ASI7779DLM-L         ASI7779DLM-L                ASI EXT CARD
 ASP-73A              4000995-3002                BENDIX AUDIO PANEL
 ASP0000              ASP0000                     DOUGLAS NOSE COWL HARNESS
 ASP0000-501          ASP0000-501                 DOUGLAS HARNESS
 ASP0001              ASP0001                     DOUGLAS CF-6-6/50 GEN HARNESS
 ASP0002              ASP0002                     DOUGLAS CF6-6 CORE HARNESS
 ASP0003              ASP0003                     DOUGLAS CF6-6 FAN HARNESS
 ASP0501              ASP0501                     DOUGLAS CF6-6 CORE HARNESS
 ASP0501-557          ASP0501-557                 DOUGLAS CORE CF6-50
 ASP0501-565          ASP0501-565                 DOUGLAS HARNESS
 ASP0501-577          ASP0501-577                 DOUGLAS CORE CF6-50
 ASP0502              ASP0502                     DOUGLAS CF6-50 FAN HARNESS
 AST4A                2041886-0401                BENDIX ANTENNA SIMULATOR TEST PANEL
 ASU-80               622-5526-001                COLLINS SWITCHING UNIT
 ASWM-1               ASWM-1                      SIERRA WATTMETER
 AT-103A              AT-103A                     BENDIX RAD ANTENNA
 AT-110               522-2572-002                COLLINS ANT
 AT-1108/ARC          1108ARC                     RA MILLER ANTENNA
 AT-1108/ARC          522-2572-052                COLLINS ANT
 AT-1108/ARC          80063                       RA MILLER ANT
 AT-1309ASRR          4001878-0901                BENDIX ANTENNA DRIVE
 AT-133A              4000765-3301                BENDIX ANT
 AT-133A              4000765-3302                BENDIX ANT
 AT-143A              4000654-4301                BENDIX RAD ANT PED
 AT-143A              4000654-4305                BENDIX RAD ANT PED
 AT-200-B             AT-200-B                    RLC ELECTRONICS ATTN
 AT-200-N             AT-200-N                    RLC ELECTRONICS ATTN
 AT-200-R             AT-200-R                    RLC ELECTRONICS ATTN
 AT-200-SR            AT-200-SR                   RLC ELECTRONICS ATTN
 AT-200-T             AT-200-T                    RLC ELECTRONICS ATTN
 AT-201-SR            AT-201-SR                   RLC ELECTRONICS ATTN
 AT-2073B             4000983-7002                BENDIX ANTENNA
 AT-220               4004512                     SPERRY ANTENNA, RAD ALT
 AT-220               4004512-001                 SPERRY ANT RAD ALT
 AT-221               4007637-1                   SPERRY RAD ALT ANT
 AT-222               4007637-2                   SPERRY RAD ALT ANTENNA
 AT-223               4010504                     SPERRY ANTENNA
 AT-224               4010504-1                   SPERRY RAD ALT ANT
 AT-225               4010504-2                   SPERRY RAD ALT ANT
 AT-256A/ARC          AT-256A/ARC                 R. A. MILLER UHF COM ANT
 AT-434A              071-1348-00                 BENDIX/KING ADF ANT
 AT-434A              071-1348-20                 BENDIX/KING ADF ANT
 AT-434A              3614017-4301                BENDIX/KING ADF ANT
 AT-434A              8090422-000                 BENDIX/KING ADF ANT
 AT-461               121-0011-000                WULFSBERG ANT
 AT-536/ANARN-32      60C400                      RA MILLER MB ANT
 AT-536/ARN           60C400                      RA MILLER ANT
 AT-536ARN            AT-536/ARN                  RA MILLER ANTENNA
 AT-6201              AT-6201                     ACOMM MOUNT
 AT-640A/ARN          522-0854-003                RA MILLER MB ANT
 AT-640A/ARN          522-0854-013                COLLINS MB ANT
 AT-640A/ARN          522-0854-043                COLLINS MB ANT
 AT-640A/ARN          522-0854-063                COLLINS MB ANT

                                                        PAGE: 136
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 AT-640A/ARN          522-0854-065                COLLINS MB ANT
 AT-640A/ARN          522-0854-066                COLLINS MB ANT
 AT-640A/ARN          522-0854-067                COLLINS MB ANT
 AT-640A/ARN          522-0854-068                COLLINS MB ANT
 AT-640A/ARN          AT-640A/ARN                 RA MILLER VHF MB ANT
 AT-640A/ARN          RAM65C-640                  RA MILLER MR ANT
 AT-740/A             62C7400                     RA MILLER NAV ANT
 AT-740/A             AT-740/A                    RA MILLER ANT
 AT-741/A             AT-741/A                    RA MILLER ANTENNA
 AT-741A              3-0000-1                    RA MILLER ANT
 AT-741A              3-00001                     DORNE & MARGOLIN L-BLADE ANT
 AT-741A/A            3-00001                     DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 AT-741A/A            AT-741A/A                   DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 AT-741B/A            M25708/1-01                 DORNE & MARGOLIN LBAND ANT
 AT-741B/B            AT-741B/B                   RA MILLER ANT
 AT-801               153-017815-01               ALLIED SIGNAL ANTENNA
 AT-840/ARC           AT-840/ARC                  RA MILLER ANTENNA
 AT-844/APX-44R       AT-844/APX-44R              RA MILLER MILLER ANT
 AT-884/APX-44        AT-884/APX-44               RA MILLER ANTENNA
 AT-884/APX-72        AT-884/APX-72               RA MILLER MILLER ANT
 AT-884A/APX-44R      AT-884A/APX-44R             RA MILLER ANT
 AT-884B/APX-44       AT-884B/APX-44              RA MILLER MILLER ANT
 AT-884B/APX-72       AT-884B/APX-72              RA MILLER ANT
 AT700-2              AT700-2                     CASTLEBERRY TEST SET
 AT700-5D             AT700-5D                    CASTLEBERRY AIR DATA TESTER
 ATC-332              062-0332-00                 KUSTOM TEST SET TXP
 ATC1                 0620332                     KUSTOM TEST SET
 ATC1100              1100                        IFR ATC/DME Generator
 ATC1200Y2            ATC1200Y2                   IFR ATC/DME Test Set
 ATC1200Y3            ATC1200Y3                   IFR ATC/DME Test Set
 ATC1400              ATC1400                     IFR ATC/DME TEST SET
 ATC1400A             ATC1400A                    IFR ATC/DME TEST SET
 ATC1400A-2           ATC1400A-2                  IFR ATC/DME TEST SET
 ATC332               01-0332-00                  JC AIR TEST SET
 ATC600               ATC600                      IFR ATC/DME TEST SET
 ATC600A              ATC600A                     IFR ATC/DME TEST SET
 ATC600A-1            ATC600A-1                   IFR ATC/DME TS
 ATC600A-2            ATC600A-2                   IFR ATC/DME TEST SET
 ATC601               ATC601                      IFR ATC/DME TEST SET
 ATC601-1             ATC601-1                    IFR ATC/DME TEST SET
 ATC601-2             ATC601-2                    IFR ATC/DME TEST SET
 ATL-55B SUBASSY      618-9092-003                COLLINS PREAMP
 ATM-200              628-8132-001                COLLINS HF
 ATT-1F               2038070-0501                BENDIX ANT TEST SET
 ATT-1FB              2038270-0502                HONEYWELL ANT TEST PANEL
 ATT-1FB              2038270-0503                HONEYWELL ANT TEST PANEL
 ATT-4A               2041592-0401                BENDIX RADAR ANT TEST PANEL
 ATT-693              ATT-693                     ARENBURG ATTN
 AUD-250              622-2088-001                COLLINS AUDIO PANEL
 AUD-250              622-2088-011                COLLINS AUDIO PANEL
 AUD-250H             622-2463-001                COLLINS AUDIO PANEL
 AUD-250H             622-2463-011                COLLINS AUDIO PANEL
 AUD-251H             622-3101-001                COLLINS AUDIO PANEL
 AUD-251H             622-3101-011                COLLINS AUDIO PANEL
 AV557A               980-6005-010                **SUNDSTRAND CVR
 AV557A               980-6005-012                **SUNDSTRAND CVR
 AV557A               980-6005-013                **SUNDSTRAND CVR
 AV557A               980-6005-022                **SUNDSTRAND CVR
 AV557A               980-6005-023                **SUNDSTRAND CVR
 AV557B               980-6005-052                **SUNDSTRAND CVR
 AV557B               980-6005-053                **SUNDSTRAND CVR
 AV557B               980-6005-055                **SUNDSTRAND CVR
 AV557B               980-6005-056                **SUNDSTRAND CVR
 AV557B               980-6005-057                **SUNDSTRAND CVR
 AV557B               980-6005-060                **SUNDSTRAND CVR
 AV557B               980-6005-062                **SUNDSTRAND CVR
 AV557C               980-6005-001                **SUNDSTRAND CVR
 AV557C               980-6005-074                **SUNDSTRAND CVR
 AV557C               980-6005-076                **SUNDSTRAND CVR

                                                        PAGE: 137
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 AV557C               980-6005-077                **SUNDSTRAND CVR
 AV557C               980-6005-078                **SUNDSTRAND CVR
 AV557C               980-6005-079                **SUNDSTRAND CVR
 AV794FM-5            AV794FM-5                   ATM ATTN
 AVA-310              MI-592181                   RCA AUDIO CTL
 AVA-310              MI-592181-1                 RCA AUD PNL
 AVA-310              MI-592181-2                 RCA AUD PNL
 AVA-310              MI-592181-3                 RCA AUD PNL
 AVA-310              MI-592181-4                 RCA PANEL
 AVA-310              MI-592181-5                 RCA AUDIO
 AVA-310              MI-592181-5A                RCA AUDIO PANEL
 AVA-310              MI-592181-5C                RCA AUD PNL
 AVA-310              MI-592181-6                 RCA AUDIO PANEL
 AVC 110A             MI-585074-11                RCA XCVR
 AVC-110              MI-592114                   RCA COM XCVR
 AVC-110              MI-592114-2                 RCA COM XCVR
 AVC-110              MI-592114-3                 RCA COM XCVR
 AVC-110A             MI-585074                   RCA VHF XCVR
 AVC-110A             MI-585074-1                 RCA VHF XCVR
 AVC-110A             MI-585074-2                 RCA VHF XCVR
 AVC-110A             MI-585074-3                 RCA VHF COMM
 AVC-110A             MI-585074-4                 RCA VHF COMM
 AVC-110A             MI-585074-7                 RCA XCVR
 AVC-110A             MI-585074-8                 RCA XCVR
 AVC-111A             M-I585044                   RCA COMM XCVR
 AVC-111A             MI-585044-11                RCA COMM XCVR
 AVC-111A             MI-585044-2                 RCA COMM XCVR
 AVC-111A             MI-585044-3                 RCA COMM XCVR
 AVC-111A             MI-585044-4                 RCA COMM XCVR
 AVC-111A             MI-585044-7                 RCA COMM XCVR
 AVC-111A             MI-585044-8                 RCA COMM XCVR
 AVI-200              MI-585000                   RCA RMI IND
 AVI-200              MI-585000-2                 RCA RMI IND
 AVI-200              MI-585000-3                 RCA RMI IND
 AVI-201              MI-585001                   RCA RMI CONV IND
 AVI-202              MI-585002                   RCA RMI CONV IND
 AVI-202              MI-585002-2                 RCA RMI CONV IND
 AVI-203              MI-585099                   RCA RMI
 AVN-204              MI-585067                   RCA NAV CONVERTER
 AVN-210              MI-592100                   RCA NAV
 AVN-210              MI-592100-1A                RCA NAV
 AVN-210A             MI-585072                   RCA NAV
 AVN-210A             MI-585072-1                 RCA NAV
 AVN-210A             MI-585072-3                 RCA VHF NAVIGATION
 AVN-210A             MI-585072-5                 RCA NAV
 AVN-210A             MI-585072-7                 RCA VHF NAVIGATION
 AVN-211              MI-592100-2                 RCA NAV REC
 AVN-211A             MI-585075-3                 RCA NAV REC
 AVN-211A             MI-585077                   RCA NAV REC
 AVN-211A             MI-585077-3                 RCA VHF NAV REC
 AVN-212              MI-592177                   RCA NAV REC
 AVN-215              MI-592179                   RCA GS MB DISP
 AVN-220              MI-585031                   RCA NAV CTL
 AVN-220              MI-585031-1                 RCA NAV REC
 AVN-220              MI-585031-2                 RCA NAV UNIT
 AVN-220A             MI-585073                   RCA VHF NAV
 AVN-220A             MI-585073-1                 RCA VHF NAV
 AVN-220A             MI-585073-2                 RCA VHF NAV
 AVN-220A             MI-585073-3                 RCA VHF NAV
 AVN-221              MI-585032                   RCA NAV
 AVN-221              MI-585032-1                 RCA NAV
 AVN-221              MI-585032-2                 RCA NAV
 AVN-221A             MI-585075                   RCA VHF NAV REC
 AVN-221A             MI-585075-1                 RCA NAV
 AVN-221A             MI-585075-2                 RCA NAV
 AVN-221A             MI-585075-3                 RCA VHF NAV REC
 AVO-8                5170-211                    THORN MULTIMETER
 AVQ-20               MI-591011                   RCA RADAR ANT
 AVQ-20               MI-591011-1                 RCA RADAR ANT

                                                        PAGE: 138
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 AVQ-20               MI-591011-2                 RCA RADAR ANTENNA
 AVQ-20               MI-591011-4                 RCA RADAR ANT
 AVQ-20               MI-591016                   RCA RADAR RT
 AVQ-20               MI-591016-1                 RCA RADAR RT
 AVQ-20               MI-591016-3                 RCA RADAR RT
 AVQ-20               MI-591016-4                 RCA RADAR RT
 AVQ-20               MI-591016-5                 RCA RADAR RT
 AVQ-20               MI-591018                   RCA RADAR IND
 AVQ-20               MI-591018-3                 RCA RADAR IND
 AVQ-20               MI-591020                   RCA RADAR DST IND
 AVQ-20               MI-591020-1                 RCA RADAR DST INDICATOR
 AVQ-20               MI-591020-2                 RCA RADAR DST IND
 AVQ-20               MI-591020-3                 RCA RADAR DST INDICATOR
 AVQ-20               MI-591020-5                 RCA RADAR DST IND
 AVQ-20               MI-591029                   RCA RADAR IND
 AVQ-20               MI-591029-5                 RCA RADAR IND
 AVQ-20               MI-591080                   RCA RADAR STAB
 AVQ-20               MI-592030                   RCA RADAR ANT
 AVQ-20               MI-592046                   RCA FEED HORN
 AVQ-20A              MI-585022                   RCA RADAR RT
 AVQ-20A              MI-585022-1                 RCA RADAR RT
 AVQ-20A              MI-585023                   RCA RADAR ANT
 AVQ-20A              MI-585023-2                 RCA RADAR IND
 AVQ-20A              MI-585023-3                 RCA RADAR ANT
 AVQ-20A              MI-585023-5                 RCA RADAR ANT
 AVQ-20A              MI-585024                   RCA RADAR ANT
 AVQ-20A              MI-585024-1                 RCA RADAR ANT
 AVQ-21               MI-585008                   RCA RADAR ANTENNA
 AVQ-21               MI-585008-1                 RCA RADAR ANT
 AVQ-21               MI-585009                   RCA RADAR RT
 AVQ-21               MI-585011                   RCA RADAR INDICATOR
 AVQ-21               MI-585011-1                 RCA RADAR IND
 AVQ-21               MI-585011-2                 RCA RADAR INDICATOR
 AVQ-21               MI-585011-3                 RCA RADAR INDICATOR
 AVQ-21               MI-585058                   SPERRY ANALYZER
 AVQ-21 SUBASSY       1716803-501                 RCA FLAT PLATE
 AVQ-21 SUBASSY       1716803-502                 RCA FLAT PLATE
 AVQ-21 SUBASSY       1716803-503                 RCA FLATPLATE
 AVQ-21 SUBASSY       MI-585041                   RCA RADAR FLATPLATE
 AVQ-21 SUBASSY       MI-585066                   SPERRY FLAT PLATE/BASE ASSY
 AVQ-30               MI-585117                   RCA RADAR IND
 AVQ-30               MI-585117-2                 RCA INDICATOR, RADAR TARGET
 AVQ-30               MI-592186                   RCA RT TEST SET
 AVQ-30               MI-592187                   RCA IND
 AVQ-30               MI-592188                   RCA ANT TEST SET
 AVQ-30               MI-592189                   RCA RT TEST SET
 AVQ-30 SUBASSY       1717584-1                   SPERRY SYNCHRO CONT
 AVQ-30(X)            MI-585095                   RCA RADAR INDICATOR
 AVQ-30(X)            MI-592041                   RCA RADAR RT
 AVQ-30(X)            MI-592041                   RCA RADAR RT
 AVQ-30(X)            MI-592041                   RCA RAD RT
 AVQ-30(X)            MI-592041-2                 RCA RADAR RT
 AVQ-30(X)            MI-592075                   RCA FEEDHORN & DISH
 AVQ-30(X)            MI-592087                   RCA RADAR ANTENNA
 AVQ-30(X)            MI-592087-1                 RCA RADAR ANT
 AVQ-30(X/C)          1719264-507                 RCA RADAR IND
 AVQ-30(X/C)          MI-592042-1                 RCA RADAR IND
 AVQ-30(X/C)          MI-592042-11                RCA RADAR IND
 AVQ-30X              1719264-501                 RCA RADAR IND
 AVQ-30X              MI-585061-1                 SPERRY FLAT PLATE
 AVQ-30X              MI-585096                   RCA RADAR ANT
 AVQ-30X              MI-585097-1                 RCA RADAR ANT
 AVQ-30X              MI-592042                   RCA RADAR IND
 AVQ-30X              MI-592044                   RCA RADAR ANT
 AVQ-30X SUBASSY      1711557-6                   SPERRY SYNCHRO
 AVQ-30X SUBASSY      1713285-501                 RCA MOD ASSY
 AVQ-30X SUBASSY      1715822-501                 RCA GEAR PINION
 AVQ-30X SUBASSY      1717740-502                 RCA ROLL DRIVE
 AVQ-30X SUBASSY      1719182-502                 RCA FEED HORN

                                                        PAGE: 139
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 AVQ-30X SUBASSY      1719197-2                   RCA BASE
 AVQ-30X SUBASSY      1719233-501                 RCA REFLECTOR
 AVQ-30X SUBASSY      1719414-501                 RCA FEEDHORN
 AVQ-30X SUBASSY      MI-592149-3                 RCA DISH & FEED
 AVQ-30X SUBASY       1719182-504                 RCA FEED HORN
 AVQ-30X SUBASY       1719182-505                 RCA FEEDHORN
 AVQ-30XX             MI-585094                   RCA RADAR RT
 AVQ-30XX             MI-585094-1                 RCA RADAR RT
 AVQ-30XX SUBASSY     1713108-501                 SPERRY CABLE ASSY
 AVQ-30XX SUBASSY     1717585-1                   SPERRY RESOLVER
 AVQ-45               MI-592022                   RCA RADAR IND
 AVQ-45/46            MI-592020                   RCA RADAR ANT
 AVQ-45/46            MI-592021                   RCA RADAR RT
 AVQ-45/46            MI-592021-1                 RCA RADAR RT
 AVQ-45/46            MI-592077                   RCA RADAR ANT
 AVQ-46               MI-592102                   RCA RADAR IND
 AVQ-46               MI-592102-1                 RCA RADAR IND
 AVQ-47               MI-585034                   RCA RADAR ANT
 AVQ-47               MI-585034-1                 RCA RADAR ANT
 AVQ-47               MI-585035                   RCA RADAR RT
 AVQ-47               MI-585036                   RCA RADAR IND
 AVQ-47               MI-585036-1                 RCA RADAR IND
 AVQ-47               MI-585036-3                 RCA RADAR INDICATOR
 AVQ-47               MI-585084                   RCA FLATPLATE
 AVQ-47               MI-585086                   RCA RADAR ANT
 AVQ-47               MI-585086-1                 RCA RADAR ANT
 AVQ-55               MI-591000                   RCA RADAR ANT
 AVQ-55               MI-591003                   RCA RADAR RT
 AVQ-55               MI-591003-1                 RCA RADAR RT
 AVQ-55               MI-591003-2                 RCA RADAR RT
 AVQ-55               MI-591005                   RCA RADAR IND
 AVQ-55               MI-591028                   RCA RADAR IND
 AVQ-55               MI-591028-1                 RCA RADAR INDICATOR
 AVQ-55               MI-591034-1                 RCA PS
 AVQ-55               MI-591038                   RCA RADAR IND
 AVQ-55               MI-591038-1                 RCA RADAR IND
 AVQ-55               MI-592023                   RCA RADAR REFLECTOR
 AVQ-56               MI-585083                   RCA RADAR RT
 AVQ-56               MI-585085                   RCA RADAR ANT
 AVQ-56               MI-585098                   RCA RADAR IND
 AVQ-56               MI-585098-1                 RCA RADAR IND
 AVQ-65               MI-592019                   RCA DME RT
 AVQ-65               MI-592031                   RCA CTL
 AVQ-65               MI-592031-1                 RCA CTL
 AVQ-65               MI-592062                   RCA TRANSP
 AVQ-75               MI-591083                   RCA INT
 AVQ-75               MI-591083-1                 RCA DME RT
 AVQ-75               MI-591084                   RCA DME IND
 AVQ-75               MI-591085                   RCA DME IND
 AVQ-75               MI-591085-1                 RCA DME IND
 AVQ-75               MI-591085-10                RCA DME IND
 AVQ-75               MI-591085-11                RCA DME IND
 AVQ-75               MI-591085-3                 RCA DME IND
 AVQ-75               MI-591085-4                 RCA DME IND
 AVQ-75               MI-591085-5                 RCA DME INDICATOR
 AVQ-75               MI-591085-5                 RCA DME INDICATOR
 AVQ-75               MI-591085-5A                RCA DME IND
 AVQ-75               MI-591085-7                 RCA DME IND
 AVQ-75               MI-591085-7A                RCA DME IND
 AVQ-75               MI-591085-9                 RCA DME IND
 AVQ-75               MI-591085-9A                RCA DME IND
 AVQ-75               MI591085-6                  RCA DME IND
 AVQ-75 SUBASSY       1719095-502                 RCA RF ASSY
 AVQ-85               MI-585015                   RCA DME RT
 AVQ-85               MI-585015-1                 RCA DME RT
 AVQ-85               MI-585016                   RCA DME IND
 AVQ-85               MI-585017                   RCA DME IND
 AVQ-85               MI-585017-1                 RCA DME IND
 AVQ-85               MI-585017-2                 RCA DME IND

                                                        PAGE: 140
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 AVQ-85               MI-585017-4                 RCA DME IND
 AVQ-85               MI-585017-5                 RCA DME IND
 AVQ-85               MI-585017-6                 RCA DME IND
 AVQ-85D/S            MI-585048                   RCA DME CONVERTER
 AVQ-95               MI-585019                   RCA TRANSP
 AVQ-95               MI-585020                   RCA TRANSP CTL
 AVQ-95               MI-585020-1                 RCA XPDR CTL
 AVQ-95 SUBASSY       1713101-501                 RCA BD
 AVQ20A               MI-585026                   RCA RADAR ANT
 AVR02                AVR02                       ATLANTIS CVR TEST
 AW1                  AW1                         HEATHKIT WATTMETER
 AXT4A                8055692-0401                BENDIX FALT DATA TEST SET
 B-7A                 653822                      SPERRY AMPLIFER SERVO
 B107.14              B107.14                     SNAP-ON TORQUE WRENCH
 B120S                B120S                       SARTORIUS GRAM SCALE
 B27-49-001           B27-49-001                  BOEING APU HARNESS
 B27-71-002           B27-71-002                  BOEING JT8 ENG CORE HARNESS
 B27-78-001           B27-78-001                  BOEING JT8 THRUST REV HARNESS
 B38689-10-008        B38689-10-008               KOLLSMAN ALT
 B4050-02             4099B                       RC ALLEN ALLEN SLIP IND
 B4050-2              4090B                       RC ALLEN ALLEN IND
 B41869-10-021        B41869-10-021               KOLLSMAN ALT
 B5410C-31            B5410C-31                   NORTH ATLANTIC PA VM
 B57-56-001-01        B57-56-001-01               FEDEX WINDSHIELD HEAT WIRE KIT
 B601                 B601                        KERR BRIDGE
 BAM3225M4            BAM3225M4                   VOLTRONICS PS
 BB145                BB145                       MERIDEN ELECT ANTENNA
 BC-1                 2001151                     REPUBLIC BATTERY CHARGER
 BC48                 BC48                        DOUGLAS BATT CHG
 BD-I36               622-3702-002                COLLINS IND
 BDI-36               622-3702-001                COLLINS IND
 BDI-36               622-3702-003                COLLINS BRG DIST IND
 BDI-36               622-3702-004                COLLINS BRG DIST IND
 BDI-36               622-3702-005                COLLINS BRG DIST IND
 BDI-36               622-3702-006                COLLINS BRG DIST IND
 BDI-36               622-3702-007                COLLINS BRG DIST IND
 BDI-36               622-3702-008                COLLINS BRG DIST IND
 BDI-36               622-3702-009                COLLINS BRG DIST IND
 BDI-36               622-3702-010                COLLINS BRG DIST IND
 BDI-36               622-3702-011                COLLINS IND
 BDI-36               622-3702-012                COLLINS BRG DIST IND
 BDI-36               622-3702-013                COLLINS BRG DIST IND
 BDI-36               622-3702-014                COLLINS IND
 BDI-36               622-3702-015                COLLINS IND
 BDI-36               622-3702-016                COLLINS BRG DIST IND
 BITE 7000            01-0308-00                  JC AIR CFDS INTERFACE
 BK1535               BK1535                      B & K METER
 BM100                BM100                       BIDDLE MEGGER
 BM100/3              BM100/3                     BIDDLE METER
 BM1002               BM1002                      BIDDLE MEGGER
 BM220                BM220                       MEGGER INSULATION TESTER
 BM400/2              BM400/2                     MEGGER METER
 BM403/2              BM403/2                     MEGGER METER
 BM7                  BM7                         MEGGER METER
 BN413115/2           49                          R S FREQ
 BN717                BN717                       NORTH ATLANTIC METER
 BNC0682-15F          BNC0682-15F                 ARRA ATTN
 BRG-40               622-2889-001                COLLINS BEARING ADAP
 BRG-40               622-2889-002                COLLINS BEARING ADAP
 BT33-75D             BT33-75D                    KENT-MOORE CABLE TENS GAUGE
 BTK-15               BTK-15                      ARC BENCH TEST KIT
 BTK-21               BTK-21                      ARC BENCH TEST KIT
 BUS-68003            BUS-68003                   DDC DATA BUS
 C-1000               400-0106-000                WULFSBERG CONTROL
 C-1000               400-0106-001                WULFSBERG COM CTL
 C-1000               400-0106-010                WULFSBERG CONTROL
 C-1000               400-0106-011                WULFSBERG COM CTL
 C-1000               400-0106-060                WULFSBERG COM CTL
 C-1000               400-0106-061                WULFSBERG COM CTL

                                                        PAGE: 141
MODEL                  PART NO                   DESCRIPTION
 C-10057/A              622-2360-001              COLLINS TACAN CTL
 C-10058/A              622-2360-002              COLLINS TACAN CTL
 C-10059/A              622-2510-001              COLLINS TACAN CTL
 C-10319/ARC            622-4018-001              COLLINS CONTROL
 C-10319A/ARC           622-6324-001              COLLINS CTL
 C-10490                4000699-6904              BENDIX CTL
 C-10604(V)1/ARC-186(V) 622-4039-001              COLLINS CTL
 C-10604(V)2/ARC-186(V) 622-4039-002              COLLINS CTL
 C-10604(V)3/ARC-186(V) 622-4039-003              COLLINS CTL
 C-10604(V)4/ARC-186(V) 622-4039-004              COLLINS CTL
 C-10604(V)5/ARC-186(V) 622-4039-005              COLLINS CTL
 C-10604(V)6/ARC-186(V) 622-4039-006              COLLINS CTL
 C-10605(V)1/ARC-186( 622-4039-007                COLLINS CTL
 C-10605(V)2/ARC-186( 622-4039-008                COLLINS CTL
 C-10605(V)3/ARC-186( 622-4039-009                COLLINS CTL
 C-10605(V)4/ARC-186( 622-4039-010                COLLINS CTL
 C-10605(V)5/ARC-186( 622-4039-011                COLLINS CTL
 C-10605(V)6/ARC-186( 622-4039-012                COLLINS CTL
 C-10606(V)1/ARC-186( 622-4039-013                COLLINS CTL
 C-10606(V)2/ARC-186( 622-4039-014                COLLINS CTL
 C-10606(V)3/ARC-186( 622-4039-015                COLLINS CTL
 C-10606(V)4/ARC-186( 622-4039-016                COLLINS CTL
 C-10606(V)5/ARC-186( 622-4039-017                COLLINS CTL
 C-10606(V)6/ARC-186( 622-4039-018                COLLINS CTL
 C-10726/ARN-136(V)     7801-8000-1               SIERRA/DRS TACAN CTL
 C-10726/ARN-136(V)     7801-8000-2               SIERRA/DRS TACAN CTL
 C-10726/ARN-136(V)     7801-8000-3               SIERRA/DRS TACAN CTL
 C-10726/ARN-136(V)     7801-8000-4               SIERRA/DRS TACAN CTL
 C-10726/ARN-136(V)     7801-8000-5               SIERRA/DRS TACAN CTL
 C-10726/ARN-136(V)     7801-8000-6               SIERRA/DRS TACAN CTL
 C-10726/ARN-136(V)     7801-8000-7               SIERRA/DRS TACAN CTL
 C-10726/ARN-136(V)     7801-8000-8               SIERRA/DRS TACAN CTL
 C-10726A/AN/ARN-136A( 7801-5000-1                SIERRA TACAN CTL
 C-10726A/AN/ARN-136A( 7801-5000-2                SIERRA TACAN CTL
 C-10726A/AN/ARN-136A( 7801-5000-3                SIERRA TACAN CTL
 C-10726A/AN/ARN-136A( 7801-5000-4                SIERRA TACAN CTL
 C-10726A/AN/ARN-136A( 7801-5000-5                SIERRA TACAN CTL
 C-10726A/AN/ARN-136A( 7801-5000-6                SIERRA TACAN CTL
 C-10726A/AN/ARN-136A( 7801-5000-7                SIERRA TACAN CTL
 C-10726A/AN/ARN-136A( 7801-5000-8                SIERRA TACAN CTL
 C-10776/ARC            622-4018-002              COLLINS COM CTL
 C-10776A/ARC           622-6324-002              COLLINS RADIO CTL
 C-10814/APS-133(V)     2070965-0101              BENDIX RADAR CTL
 C-10814A/APS-133(V)    2070965-0103              BENDIX RADAR CTL
 C-10814B/APS-133(V)    2070965-0104              BENDIX RADAR CTL
 C-10815/APS-133(V)     2041287-0101              BENDIX CTL
 C-10994/ARN139(V)      622-5147-001              COLLINS TACAN CTL
 C-11029(V)1/ARC-186(V) 622-5533-001              COLLINS VHF CTL
 C-11029(V)2/ARC-186(V) 622-5533-002              COLLINS VHF CTL
 C-11029(V)3/ARC-186(V) 622-5533-003              COLLINS CTL HEAD
 C-11029(V)4/ARC-186(V) 622-5533-004              COLLINS VHF CTL
 C-11029(V)5/ARC-186(V) 622-5533-005              COLLINS VHF CTL
 C-11029(V)6/ARC-186(V) 622-5533-006              COLLINS VHF CTL
 C-11029(V)7/ARC-186(V) 622-5533-007              COLLINS VHF CTL
 C-11131/ARC            622-6324-003              COLLINS CONTROL
 C-112                  400-0008-002              WULFSBERG CTL
 C-11265/ARV-136(V)     7801-9000-1               SIERRA/DRS TACAN CTL
 C-11265/ARV-136(V)     7801-9000-2               SIERRA/DRS TACAN CTL
 C-11265/ARV-136(V)     7801-9000-3               SIERRA/DRS TACAN CTL
 C-11265/ARV-136(V)     7801-9000-4               SIERRA/DRS TACAN CTL
 C-11265/ARV-136(V)     7801-9000-5               SIERRA/DRS TACAN CTL
 C-11265/ARV-136(V)     7801-9000-6               SIERRA/DRS TACAN CTL
 C-11265/ARV-136(V)     7801-9000-7               SIERRA/DRS TACAN CTL
 C-11265/ARV-136(V)     7801-9000-8               SIERRA/DRS TACAN CTL
 C-11265/ARV-136(V)     7801-9300-1               SIERRA/DRS TACAN CTL
 C-11265/ARV-136(V)     7801-9300-2               SIERRA/DRS TACAN CTL
 C-11265/ARV-136(V)     7801-9300-3               SIERRA/DRS TACAN CTL
 C-11265/ARV-136(V)     7801-9300-4               SIERRA/DRS TACAN CTL
 C-11265/ARV-136(V)     7801-9300-5               SIERRA/DRS TACAN CTL

                                                        PAGE: 142
MODEL                   PART NO                  DESCRIPTION
 C-11265/ARV-136(V)     7801-9300-6               SIERRA/DRS TACAN CTL
 C-11265/ARV-136(V)     7801-9300-7               SIERRA/DRS TACAN CTL
 C-11265/ARV-136(V)     7801-9300-8               SIERRA/DRS TACAN CTL
 C-11266/ARN-136(V)     7801-9100-1               SIERRA/DRS TACAN CTL
 C-11266/ARN-136(V)     7801-9100-2               SIERRA/DRS TACAN CTL
 C-11266/ARN-136(V)     7801-9100-3               SIERRA/DRS TACAN CTL
 C-11266/ARN-136(V)     7801-9100-4               SIERRA/DRS TACAN CTL
 C-11266/ARN-136(V)     7801-9100-5               SIERRA/DRS TACAN CTL
 C-11266/ARN-136(V)     7801-9100-6               SIERRA/DRS TACAN CTL
 C-11266/ARN-136(V)     7801-9100-7               SIERRA/DRS TACAN CTL
 C-11266/ARN-136(V)     7801-9100-8               SIERRA/DRS TACAN CTL
 C-11266/ARN-136(V)     7801-9600-1               SIERRA/DRS TACAN CTL
 C-11266/ARN-136(V)     7801-9600-2               SIERRA/DRS TACAN CTL
 C-11266/ARN-136(V)     7801-9600-3               SIERRA/DRS TACAN CTL
 C-11266/ARN-136(V)     7801-9600-4               SIERRA/DRS TACAN CTL
 C-11266/ARN-136(V)     7801-9600-5               SIERRA/DRS TACAN CTL
 C-11266/ARN-136(V)     7801-9600-6               SIERRA/DRS TACAN CTL
 C-11266/ARN-136(V)     7801-9600-7               SIERRA/DRS TACAN CTL
 C-11266/ARN-136(V)     7801-9600-8               SIERRA/DRS TACAN CTL
 C-114                  400-0018-002              WULFSBERG CTL
 C-11530/ARC-174(V)     792-6122-215              COLLINS HF CTL
 C-11565/APS-133(V)     3614657-0101              BENDIX/KING ANT CTL
 C-11565/APS-133(V)     3614657-0102              BENDIX/KING ANT CTL
 C-11680                622-7490-004              COLLINS CTL
 C-11680(V)1/ARN-147(   622-7490-001              COLLINS CTL
 C-11680(V)2/ARN-147(   622-7490-002              COLLINS CTL
 C-11680(V)2/ARN-147(   622-7490-003              COLLINS CTL
 C-117                  400-0038-000              WULFSBERG CTL
 C-117                  400-0038-001              WULFSBERG CTL
 C-118                  400-0032-001              WULFSBERG FF CTL
 C-118                  400-0032-002              WULFSBERG FF CTL
 C-118                  400-0032-003              WULFSBERG FF CTL
 C-118                  400-0032-004              WULFSBERG FF CTL
 C-118                  400-0130-005              WULFSBERG FF CTL
 C-11840/ARN-118(V)     622-8140-001              COLLINS TACAN CTL
 C-118B                 400-0117-002              WULFSBERG FF CTL
 C-118BR                400-0131-002              WULFSBERG CONTROL
 C-118D                 400-0124-005              WULFSBERG FF CTL
 C-118E                 400-0138-002              WULFSBERG FF CTL
 C-118E                 400-0138-005              WULFSBERG FF CTL
 C-118R                 400-0130-002              WULFSBERG FF CTL
 C-118R                 400-0130-004              WULFSBERG FF CTL
 C-119                  400-0039-000              WULFSBERG CTL
 C-11927/ARN-149(V)2    622-6813-001              COLLINS ADF CTL
 C-120                  400-0041-000              WULFSBERG CTL
 C-12034/APS-133(V)     2070966-0105              BENDIX RADAR CTL
 C-12036/ASC-15B        622-7731-003              COLLINS UHF CTL
 C-12036A/ASC           622-7731-004              COLLINS UHF CTL
 C-121091/ARC           622-6324-004              COLLINS VHF CTL
 C-12174/ARC-217(V)     622-8111-001              COLLINS HF CTL
 C-12192/ARN-149(V)     622-6813-004              COLLINS ADF CTL
 C-12491/ARN-149(V)     622-6813-005              COLLINS ADF CTL
 C-130                  3403172-1                 LOCKHEED TEST SET, INDICATOR
 C-130                  9098-1                    LOCKHEED INSTR TEST SET
 C-130                  ES125051-1                LOCKHEED INTRUMENTATION TEST SET
 C-130                  ES125052-1                LOCKHEED C-130 INSTRUMENTATION INTERFACE KIT
 C-14                   2587193-2                 SPERRY REMOTE GYRO
 C-14                   2587193-22                SPERRY REMOTE GYRO
 C-14                   2587193-23                SPERRY REMOTE GYRO
 C-14                   2587193-26                SPERRY REMOTE GYRO
 C-14                   2587193-3                 SPERRY REMOTE GYRO
 C-14                   2587193-33                SPERRY REMOTE GYRO
 C-14A                  2587193-43                SPERRY DG GYRO
 C-14A SUBASSY          2579583-3                 SPERRY ROTOR ASSY
 C-14D                  4020577-3                 SPERRY COMPASS GYRO
 C-14D SUBASSY          4019190-13                SPERRY COMPASS GYRO
 C-200                  400-0099-001              WULFSBERG CTL
 C-6280(P)/APX          36500                     SENTINEL CTL
 C-6280A(P)/APX         119262-1                  HAZELTINE XPDR CTL

                                                        PAGE: 143
MODEL                  PART NO                   DESCRIPTION
 C-6280A(P)/APX        119262-3                   HAZELTINE XPDR CTL
 C-6280A(P)/APX        38270                      SENTINEL CONTROL UNIT
 C-6280A(P)/APX        6280E38270                 SENTINEL CTL
 C-6280A(P)/APX        GD4937                     ASC XPDR CTL
 C-6287/ARC51-BX       522-3629-000               COLLINS UHF CTL
 C-6287/ARC51-BX       522-3629-001               COLLINS UHF CTL
 C-6287/ARC51-BX       GB4419                     COLLINS UHF CTL
 C-6364/ARC-109        522-4305-001               COLLINS RADIO CTL
 C-6873/ARN-182        522-4408-001               COLLINS NAV CTL
 C-6873/ARN-82         522-4408-004               COLLINS NAV CTL
 C-6873A/ARN-82        522-4408-003               COLLINS NAV CTL
 C-6899/ARN-83         522-2357-011               COLLINS NAV CTL
 C-6899/ARN-83         522-2357-021               COLLINS ADF CTL
 C-6A                  1777214-655                SPERRY IND
 C-6E                  1784460-355                SPERRY COMP IND
 C-6E                  1784460-525                SPERRY COMP IND
 C-6E                  1784460-555                SPERRY COMP IND
 C-6E                  1784460-653                SPERRY COMP IND
 C-6E                  1784460-655                SPERRY COMP IND
 C-6E                  1784460-656                SPERRY COMP IND
 C-6E                  1784460-657                SPERRY COMP IND
 C-6L                  2587317-355                SPERRY COMP IND
 C-6L                  2587317-656                SPERRY COMP IND
 C-6L                  2587317-657                SPERRY COMP IND
 C-6L                  2587317-658                SPERRY COMP IND
 C-6M                  2588282-653                SPERRY COMP IND
 C-6M                  2588282-655                SPERRY COMP IND
 C-6M                  2588282-656                SPERRY COMP IND
 C-6M                  2588282-657                SPERRY COMP IND
 C-9445/ARN-108        622-1274-001               COLLINS ILS CTL
 C-9577/ARC-159(V)     622-0629-001               COLLINS CTL
 C-9577/ARC-159(V)     622-0629-002               COLLINS CTL
 C-960                 400-0053-001               WULFSBERG CTL
 C-961                 400-0060-000               WULFSBERG CTL
 C-962                 400-0073-000               WULFSBERG CTL
 C-962                 400-0073-001               WULFSBERG CTL
 C-962A                400-0073-010               WULFSBERG CTL
 C-962A                400-0073-020               WULFSBERG CTL
 C-962S                400-0141-010               WULFSBERG CONTROL
 C-962S                400-0141-100               WULFSBERG CONTROL
 C-9815/ARC-159(V)     622-2287-001               COLLINS UHF CTL
 C-9816/ARC-159(V)     622-2287-002               COLLINS UHF CTL
 C-9817/ARC-159(V)     622-2287-003               COLLINS UHF CTL
 C-9818/ARC-159(V)     622-2287-004               COLLINS UHF CTL
 C-9946/ARC-159(V)     622-2251-001               COLLINS CTL
 C-9946/ARC-159(V)     622-2251-002               COLLINS CTL
 C-9946A/ARC-159(V)    622-2251-003               COLLINS CTL
 C-9946A/ARC-159(V)    622-2251-004               COLLINS CTL
 C-9951A/ARC-159(V)    622-2249-003               COLLINS CTL
 C-9951A/ARC-159(V)    622-2249-004               COLLINS CTL
 C-9952/ARC-159(V)     622-2250-001               COLLINS CTL
 C-9952/ARC-159(V)     622-2250-002               COLLINS CTL
 C-9952A/ARC-159(V)    622-2250-003               COLLINS CTL
 C-9952A/ARC-159(V)    622-2250-004               COLLINS CTL
 C-9954A/ARC-159(V)    622-2252-003               COLLINS CTL
 C-9954A/ARC-159(V)    622-2252-004               COLLINS CTL
 C000181103            C000181103                 SMITHS PRESSURE ALTIMETER
 C03-1803A             C03-1803A                  HP TESTER
 C1-105-7              C1-105-7                   COMANT ANT
 C10048                4000939-6601               BENDIX NAV CTL
 C10048                4000939-6901               BENDIX CONTROL
 C10056A               622-0748-002               COLLINS TACAN CTL
 C10059A/1             622-2510-003               COLLINS TACAN CTL
 C10060A               622-2510-002               COLLINS TACAN CTL
 C10061/A              622-2511-001               COLLINS TACAN CTL
 C10062/A              622-2511-002               COLLINS TACAN CTL
 C10782/A              622-2510-004               COLLINS TACAN CTL
 C10828(V)1/ARC-190V   622-4957-001               COLLINS CTL
 C10828(V)2/ARC-190V   622-4957-002               COLLINS CTL

                                                        PAGE: 144
MODEL                  PART NO                   DESCRIPTION
 C10828(V)3/ARC-190V   622-4957-003               COLLINS CTL
 C10828(V)4/ARC-190V   622-4957-004               COLLINS CTL
 C11289/ARC-174(V)     622-4093-001               COLLINS HF CTL
 C2                    664256-1BC                 SPERRY VALVE
 C2                    664543                     SPERRY VALVE
 C2                    664543-C                   SPERRY VALVE
 C2A                   65397                      SPERRY COMPASS IND
 C3                    C3                         HEATHKIT CHECKER
 C342                  C342                       VEEDER-ROOT TIMER
 C4                    653278                     SPERRY A2 AMP
 C4A                   684535                     SPERRY AMP
 C4B                   615035                     SPERRY COMP AMP
 C54210                380960                     EXTECH METER
 C6                    1777213-600                SPERRY COMPASS IND
 C6                    1777213-603                SPERRY COMPASS IND
 C6                    1777213-605                SPERRY COMPASS IND
 C6                    1777213-623                SPERRY COMPASS IND
 C6                    1777213-625                SPERRY COMPASS IND
 C6                    1777213-653                SPERRY COMPASS IND
 C6280A                6280E38270                 SENTINEL CTL
 C661040-0204          C661040-0204               CESSNA AIRSPEED IND
 C661072-0101          C661072-0101               CESSNA ALT
 C6A                   1777214-603                TOKYO IND
 C6A                   1777214-605                SPERRY GYRO COMPASS
 C6A                   1777214-633                TOKYO IND
 C6B                   1777215-603                SPERRY RMI
 C6D                   1778686-355                SPERRY RMI
 C6D                   1778686-655                SPERRY RMI
 C6F                   1782993-623                SPERRY COMP IND
 C6F                   1782993-653                SPERRY COMP IND
 C6F                   1782993-655                SPERRY COMP IND
 C6H                   1783755-615                SPERRY RMI IND
 C6J                   1784389-353                SPERRY IND
 C6J                   1784389-653                SPERRY IND
 C6L                   2587317-653                SPERRY RMI
 C6L                   2587317-655                SPERRY RMI
 C7425/ARC-109V        777-1781-001               COLLINS CONTROL
 C7786/ARC-109         777-1819-001               COLLINS CONTROL
 C8231/ARC-109         777-1652-001               COLLINS CTL
 C9577A/ARC-159V       622-0629-004               COLLINS CTL
 C9577A/ARC-159V       622-0629-005               COLLINS CTL
 C9603/A               622-0748-001               COLLINS TACAN CTL
 C9815 SUBASSY         601-3017-001               COLLINS MAN CTL CARD
 C9815 SUBASSY         601-3105-001               COLLINS MEMORY CARD
 C9815 SUBASSY         601-3118-001               COLLINS PS ASSY
 C9816/ARC-159(V)      622-2287-002               COLLINS CTL
 C9B212519             C9B212519                  BIDDLE MEGOHMETER
 CAD-31                622-8332-001               COLLINS CONTROL
 CAD-31                622-8332-002               COLLINS CONTROL
 CAD-62                622-6590-001               COLLINS CTL ADAPTER
 CAD-62                622-6590-002               COLLINS CTL ADAPTER
 CAD-870               622-7346-001               COLLINS CTL ADAPTER
 CAD-870               622-7346-002               COLLINS CTL
 CAD-870G              622-7695-001               COLLINS TRANSPONDER CTL ADAPTER
 CAD-870G              622-7695-002               COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CAPSTAN               618-5957-001               COLLINS CAPSTAN
 CAPSTAN               618-5957-002               COLLINS CAPSTAN
 CAPSTAN               618-5973-001               COLLINS CAPSTAN
 CAPSTAN               618-5973-002               COLLINS CAPSTAN
 CAPSTAN               618-5973-003               COLLINS CAPSTAN
 CAPSTAN               629-7949-001               COLLINS CAPSTAN
 CC107C                CC107C                     NDL INC ATTN
 CCU-65                622-6135-001               COLLINS REMOTE COMP
 CCU-65                622-6135-002               COLLINS REMOTE COMP
 CCU-65                622-6135-003               COLLINS REMOTE COMP
 CCU-65                622-6135-004               COLLINS REMOTE COMP
 CCU-65                622-6135-005               COLLINS REMOTE COMP
 CCU-65                622-6135-011               COLLINS REMOTE COMP
 CCU-65                622-6135-012               COLLINS REMOTE COMP

                                                        PAGE: 145
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 CCU-65               622-6135-013                COLLINS REMOTE COMP
 CCU-65               622-6135-014                COLLINS REMOTE COMP
 CCU-65               622-6135-015                COLLINS REMOTE COMP
 CD 432B              071-1347-16                 BENDIX/KING ADF CTL DISP
 CD-402B              071-1341-00                 BENDIX/KING VHF CTL
 CD-402B              071-1341-01                 BENDIX KING VHF CTL
 CD-402B              071-1341-02                 BENDIX/KING VHF CTL
 CD-402B              071-1341-03                 BENDIX/KING VHF CTL
 CD-402B              071-1341-04                 BENDIX/KING VHF CTL
 CD-402B              071-1341-05                 BENDIX/KING VHF CTL
 CD-402B              071-1341-06                 BENDIX/KING VHF CTL
 CD-402B              071-1341-07                 BENDIX/KING VHF CTL
 CD-402B              071-1341-16                 BENDIX/KING VHF CTL
 CD-402B              071-1341-30                 BENDIX/KING VHF CTL
 CD-402B              071-1341-50                 BENDIX/KING VHF CTL
 CD-402B              071-1341-51                 BENDIX/KING VHF CTL
 CD-402B              071-1341-52                 BENDIX/KING VHF CTL
 CD-402B              071-1341-53                 BENDIX/KING VHF CTL
 CD-402B              071-1341-54                 BENDIX/KING VHF CTL
 CD-402B              071-1341-55                 BENDIX/KING VHF CTL
 CD-402B              071-1341-56                 BENDIX/KING VHF CTL
 CD-402B              071-1341-57                 BENDIX/KING VHF CTL
 CD-402B              071-1341-58                 BENDIX/KING VHF CTL
 CD-402B              2095259-4017                BENDIX KING VHF CTL
 CD-402B              8095259-4001                BENDIX/KING VHF CTL
 CD-402B              8095259-4002                BENDIX/KING VHF CTL
 CD-402B              8095259-4003                BENDIX/KING VHF CTL
 CD-402B              8095259-4004                BENDIX/KING VHF CTL
 CD-402B              8095259-4005                BENDIX/KING VHF CTL
 CD-402B              8095259-4006                BENDIX/KING VHF CTL
 CD-402B              8095259-4007                BENDIX/KING VHF CTL
 CD-402B              8095259-4008                BENDIX/KING VHF CTL
 CD-402B              8095259-4017                BENDIX KING VHF CTL
 CD-412B              071-1343-00                 BENDIX KING NAV CTL
 CD-412B              071-1343-01                 BENDIX KING NAV CTL
 CD-412B              071-1343-02                 BENDIX KING NAV CTL
 CD-412B              071-1343-03                 BENDIX KING NAV CTL
 CD-412B              071-1343-04                 BENDIX KING NAV CTL
 CD-412B              071-1343-05                 BENDIX KING NAV CTL
 CD-412B              071-1343-06                 BENDIX KING NAV CTL
 CD-412B              071-1343-07                 BENDIX KING NAV CTL
 CD-412B              071-1343-08                 BENDIX KING NAV CTL
 CD-412B              8095260-4101                BENDIX KING NAV CTL
 CD-412B              8095260-4102                BENDIX KING NAV CTL
 CD-412B              8095260-4103                BENDIX KING NAV CTL
 CD-412B              8095260-4104                BENDIX KING NAV CTL
 CD-412B              8095260-4105                BENDIX KING NAV CTL
 CD-412B              8095260-4106                BENDIX KING NAV CTL
 CD-412B              8095260-4107                BENDIX KING NAV CTL
 CD-412B              8095260-4108                BENDIX KING NAV CTL
 CD-413B              071-1377-00                 BENDIX KING NAV CTL
 CD-413B              071-1377-01                 BENDIX KING NAV CTL
 CD-413B              071-1377-02                 BENDIX KING NAV CTL
 CD-413B              071-1377-03                 BENDIX KING NAV CTL
 CD-413B              8095444-4101                BENDIX KING NAV CTL
 CD-413B              8095444-4102                BENDIX KING NAV CTL
 CD-413B              8095444-4103                BENDIX KING NAV CTL
 CD-413B              8095444-4104                BENDIX KING NAV CTL
 CD-422B              071-1345-00                 BENDIX/KING XPDR CTL
 CD-422B              071-1345-0000               KING XPDR CTL
 CD-422B              071-1345-0001               KING XPDR CTL
 CD-422B              071-1345-0002               KING XPDR CTL
 CD-422B              071-1345-0003               KING XPDR CTL
 CD-422B              071-1345-0008               KING XPDR CTL
 CD-422B              071-1345-01                 BENDIX/KING XPDR CTL
 CD-422B              071-1345-02                 BENDIX/KING XPDR CTL
 CD-422B              071-1345-03                 BENDIX/KING XPDR CTL
 CD-422B              071-1345-08                 BENDIX/KING XPDR CTL
 CD-422B              071-1345-09                 BENDIX/KING XPDR CTL

                                                        PAGE: 146
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 CD-422B              071-1345-10                 BENDIX/KING XPDR CTL
 CD-422B              071-1345-11                 BENDIX/KING XPDR CTL
 CD-422B              071-1345-12                 BENDIX/KING XPDR CTL
 CD-422B              071-1345-13                 BENDIX/KING XPDR CTL
 CD-422B              8095261-4201                BENDIX/KING XPDR CTL
 CD-422B              8095261-4202                BENDIX/KING XPDR CTL
 CD-422B              8095261-4203                BENDIX/KING XPDR CTL
 CD-422B              8095261-4204                BENDIX/KING XPDR CTL
 CD-422B              8095261-4209                BENDIX/KING XPDR CTL
 CD-422B              8095261-4210                BENDIX/KING XPDR CTL
 CD-422B              8095261-4211                BENDIX/KING XPDR CTL
 CD-422B              8095261-4212                BENDIX/KING XPDR CTL
 CD-422B              8095261-4213                BENDIX/KING XPDR CTL
 CD-422B              8095261-4214                BENDIX/KING XPDR CTL
 CD-432B              071-1347-00                 BENDIX/KING ADF CTL DISP
 CD-432B              071-1347-01                 BENDIX/KING ADF CTL DISP
 CD-432B              071-1347-02                 BENDIX/KING ADF CTL DISP
 CD-432B              071-1347-03                 BENDIX/KING ADF CTL DISP
 CD-432B              071-1347-04                 BENDIX/KING ADF CTL DISP
 CD-432B              071-1347-07                 BENDIX/KING ADF CTL DISP
 CD-432B              8095262-4301                BENDIX/KING ADF CTL DISP
 CD-432B              8095262-4302                BENDIX/KING ADF CTL DISP
 CD-432B              8095262-4303                BENDIX/KING ADF CTL DISP
 CD-432B              8095262-4304                BENDIX/KING ADF CTL DISP
 CD-432B              8095262-4305                BENDIX/KING ADF CTL DISP
 CD-432B              8095262-4306                BENDIX/KING ADF CTL DISP
 CD-432B              8095262-4307                BENDIX/KING ADF CTL DISP
 CD-432B              8095262-4308                BENDIX/KING ADF CTL DISP
 CD-432B              8095262-4317                BENDIX KING ADF CTL
 CD-432B              8095262-4317                BENDIX ADF CTL
 CDM-451              400-041181-0001             WULFSBERG DME RT
 CDM-451              400-041181-0002             WULFSBERG DME RT
 CDM-451              400-041181-0003             WULFSBERG DME RT
 CDM-451              400-041181-0004             WULFSBERG DME RT
 CDM-451              400-041181-0005             WULFSBERG DME RT
 CDM-451              400-041181-0011             WULFSBERG DME RT
 CDM-451              400-041181-0012             WULFSBERG DME RT
 CDM-451              400-041181-0101             WULFSBERG DME RT
 CDM-451              400-041181-0102             WULFSBERG DME RT
 CDM-451              400-041181-0103             WULFSBERG DME RT
 CDM-451              400-041181-0104             WULFSBERG DME RT
 CDM-451              400-041181-0105             WULFSBERG DME RT
 CDM-451              400-041181-0111             WULFSBERG DME RT
 CDM-451              400-041181-0112             WULFSBERG DME RT
 CE15                 CE15                        CUSHMAN MONITOR
 CE4B                 CE4B                        CUSHMAN MONITOR
 CE7120               CE7120                      CUSHMAN MONITOR
 CEKR-7B              CEKR-7B                     BAKER AUDIO
 CES116A              CES116A                     TIC SIMULATOR, ANTENNA POSITION
 CES117A              CES117A                     TIC SIG SIM
 CF500R               CF500R                      ANADEX COUNTER
 CF501R               CF501R                      ANADEX COUNTER
 CF6-50               2C6477                      GE EGT SYS TESTER
 CF6-50               2C6477604                   GE EGT SYS TESTER
 CF601R               CF601R                      ANADEX COUNTER
 CF602-6-9552QA2      CF602-6-9552QA2             ANADEX COUNTER
 CG5011               CG5011                      TEKTRONIX CAL GEN
 CGG-R2001A           CCG-R2001A                  MOTOROLA MONITOR
 CI-120-1             CI-120-1                    COMANT ANTENNA
 CI10-61              CI10-61                     COMANT DME/XPDR ANT
 CI100                CI100                       COMANT DME/XPDR ANT
 CI100-2              CI100-2                     COMANT DME/XPDR ANT
 CI100-3              CI100-3                     COMANT DME/XPDR ANT
 CI100-4              CI100-4                     COMANT DME/XPDR ANT
 CI100-5              CI100-5                     COMANT ANT
 CI102                CI102                       COMANT MB ANT
 CI104                CI104                       COMANT G/S ANT
 CI105                CI105                       COMANT DME/XPDR ANT
 CI105-16             CI105-16                    COMANT DME/XPDR ANT

                                                        PAGE: 147
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 CI105-20             CI105-20                    COMANT UHF ANT
 CI105-3              CI105-3                     COMANT DME ANT
 CI105-30             CI105-30                    COMANT UHF ANT
 CI105-6              CI105-6                     COMANT DME XPDR ANT
 CI105-7              CI105-7                     COMANT ANT
 CI105-9              CI105-9                     COMANT DME/XPDR ANT
 CI108                CI108                       COMANT ANT
 CI108-1              CI108-1                     COMANT VHF EX BAND ANT
 CI108-1-L            CI108-1-L                   COMANT VHF EXT BAND ANT
 CI108-BCH            CI108-BCH                   COMANT ANT
 CI108-BCH-L          CI108-BCH-L                 COMANT ANTENNA
 CI108-L              CI108-L                     COMANT ANT
 CI109                CI109                       COMANT VHF ANT
 CI110-40             CI110-40                    COMANT DME/XPDR ANT
 CI110-41             CI110-41                    COMANT DME/XPDR ANT
 CI110-60             CI110-60                    COMANT DME/XPDR ANT
 CI110-61             CI110-61                    COMANT DME/XPDR ANT
 CI118                CI118                       COMANT MB ANT
 CI118-1              CI118-1                     COMANT MB ANT
 CI118-10             CI118-10                    COMANT ANTENNA
 CI118-5              CI118-5                     COMANT MB ANT
 CI118-9              CI118-9                     COMANT ANTENNA
 CI119                CI119                       I305 VHF COMM ANT
 CI120-1-L            CI120-1-L                   COMANT ANT
 CI120-200G/S         CI120-200G/S                COMANT VOR/LOC/GS ANT
 CI120-200G/S-L       CI120-200G/S-L              COMANT VOR/LOC/GS ANT
 CI120-400            CI120-400                   COMANT VOR/LOC/GS ANT
 CI120G/S             CI120G/S                    COMANT VOR/LOC/GS ANT
 CI120GS              CI120GS                     COMANT ANT
 CI121                CI121                       COMANT VHF ANT
 CI121-4              CI121-4                     COMANT DATA LINK ANT
 CI122                CI122                       COMANT VHF ANT
 CI128A               CI128A                      COMANT VHF ANT
 CI135                CI135                       COMANT ANTENNA
 CI135-100            CI135-100                   COMANT VOR ANT
 CI135-200            CI135-200                   COMANT VOR ANT
 CI135-300            CI135-300                   COMANT VOR ANT
 CI138                CI138                       COMANT VHF ANT
 CI139                CI139                       COMANT VHF ANT
 CI145                CI145                       COMANT FM ANT
 CI145-1              CI145-1                     COMANT FM ANT
 CI152                CI152                       COMANT RAD ALT ANT
 CI156                CI156                       COMANT VHF ANT
 CI164                16D00400-2                  COMANT MB ANT
 CI164                CI164                       COMANT MB ANT
 CI165                16D00500-2                  COMANT MB ANT
 CI165                CI165                       COMANT MB ANT
 CI169                CI169                       COMANT VHF ANT
 CI170                CI170                       COMANT VHF LOW BAND ANT
 CI175                CI175                       COMANT VHF ANT
 CI177                CI177                       COMANT FM ANT
 CI177-1              CI177-1                     COMANT FM EXT BAND ANT
 CI177-13             CI177-13                    COMANT FM EX BAND ANT
 CI177-20             CI177-20                    COMANT UHF ANT
 CI177-3              CI177-3                     COMANT FM ANT
 CI177-4              CI177-4                     COMANT DATA LINK ANT
 CI196                CI196                       COMANT VHF ANT
 CI200                CI200                       COMANT UHF ANT
 CI205-1              CI205-1                     COMANT VOR ANT
 CI205-3              CI205-3                     COMANT VOR/GS ANT
 CI205-3              D20543                      COMANT VOR/LOC ANT
 CI205-5              CI205-5                     COMANT VOR ANT
 CI211                CI211                       COMANT VHF ANT
 CI211-1              CI211-1                     COMANT VHF EXT BAND ANT
 CI211-1-L            CI211-1-L                   COMANT VHF EXT BAND ANT
 CI211-16             CI211-16                    COMANT VHF EXT BAND ANT
 CI211-L              CI211-L                     COMANT VHF ANT
 CI222-1              CI222-1                     COMANT FM ANT
 CI223                CI223                       COMANT VHF ANT

                                                        PAGE: 148
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 CI223-1              CI223-1                     COMANT ANT
 CI238                CI238                       COMANT VHF ANT
 CI238-1              CI238-1                     COMANT VHF ANT
 CI248-4              CI248-4                     COMANT VHF ANT
 CI270                CI270                       COMANT VHF ANT
 CI275                CI275                       COMANT UHF ANT
 CI275-5-1            CI275-5-1                   COMANT ANTENNA UHF
 CI285                CI285                       COMANT UHF ANT
 CI291                CI291                       COMANT VHF ANT
 CI292-1              CI292-1                     COMANT VHF ANT
 CI292-2              CI292-2                     COMANT VHF ANT
 CI292-3              CI292-3                     COMANT FM EXT BAND ANT
 CI292-4              CI292-4                     COMANT FM EXT BAND ANT
 CI305                CI305                       COMANT DME/XPDR ANT
 CI310                CI310                       COMANT UHF ANT
 CI317                CI317                       COMANT ELT ANT
 CI317-1              CI317-1                     COMANT ELT ANT
 CI318-1B             CI318-1B                    COMANT ELT ANT
 CI319                CI319                       COMANT ELT ANT
 CI319-1              CI319-1                     COMANT ELT ANT
 CL23A                CL23A                       OMEGA CAL THERMOMETER
 CM2000               071-00097-0100              BENDIX RADAR CONFIG MOD
 CM20A                CM20A                       BECKMAN METER, CAPACITANCE
 CMC-251              CMC-251                     TEKTRONIX COUNTER
 CMC250               CMC250                      TEKRONIX COUNTER
 CN-1306A             4001508-0601                BENDIX RADAR CONTROL
 CN-1306A             4001508-0603                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CN-1306A             4001508-0605                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CN-1306A             4001508-0606                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CN-2011A             4000893-3015                BENDIX DUAL NAV
 CN-2011A             4000893-3016                BENDIX DUAL NAV
 CN-2011A             4000893-3028                BENDIX DUAL NAV
 CN-2011A             4000893-3029                BENDIX DUAL NAV
 CN-2011A             4000893-3032                BENDIX NAV
 CN-2011A             4000893-3034                BENDIX DUAL NAV
 CN-261A/AN/ARN-127   4000996-6101                BENDIX NAV/DME CTL
 CN-268A/AN/ARN-127   4000698-6801                BENDIX NAV/COM CTL
 CN-269A/AN/ARN-127   4000699-6901                BENDIX NAV CTL
 CN-269A/AN/ARN-127   4000699-6904                BENDIX NAV CTL
 CN-405/ASN           656767                      SPERRY COMPENSATOR
 CN019                CN019                       MODUTEC METER
 CN021                CN021                       MODUTEC METER
 CN602B               CN602B                      BENDIX CONTROL
 CN602C               CN602C                      BENDIX TRANSP CTL
 CNA-21C              677544-2015                 BENDIX COMM CTL
 CNA-21C-7MN          2085050-0201                BENDIX COMM CTL
 CNA-21CX             265001-3                    BENDIX CONTROL
 CNA-21N              266001                      BENDIX CTL NAV
 CNA-21N-1            CNA-21N-1                   BENDIX CTL NAV
 CNA-23CN3            2067369-0503                BENDIX CTL NAV
 CNA-2C-1             CNA-2C-1                    BENDIX AUDIO CONTROL
 CNA-2C-3             CNA-2C-3                    BENDIX AUDIO CTL
 CNA-2C1G             CNA2C1G                     BENDIX AUDIO CONTROL
 CNA-2C2              677491-0201                 BENDIX AUDIO PANEL
 CNA-73A              2087780-7320                BENDIX ADF CTL
 CNA-73AB             2087780-7309                BENDIX ADF CTL HEAD
 CNA-73AB             2087780-7323                BENDIX CTL
 CNA-73C1             2087780-7311                BENDIX ADF CTL
 CNA-73CB             2087780-7304                BENDIX ADF CTL
 CNA-73CB             2087780-7316                BENDIX ADF CTL
 CNA-73CB1            2087780-7308                BENDIX ADF CTL
 CNA-73FB             2067327-7301                BENDIX ADF CTL
 CNA-73FB2            2067327-7305                BENDIX ADF CTL
 CNA-73FB3            2067327-7309                BENDIX ADF CTL
 CNA-73FC             2067327-7302                BENDIX ADF CTL
 COM-120A             COM-120A                    IFR TEST SET
 COM120B              COM120B                     IFR PANEL
 COMM-760             COMM-760                    IFR NAV-750 Accessory For Semi-Automatic Testing of Ai
 COMPENSATOR          620783                      SPERRY COMPENSATOR

                                                         PAGE: 149
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 CON-1A                                           BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-1D                                           BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-1FB              2041287-0101                BENDIX CTL
 CON-1L2              2085206-0102                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-1N               2087962-0101                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-1N               2087962-0108                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-1N               2087962-0110                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-1N-1             2087962-0106                HONEYWELL RADAR CTL
 CON-1NB              2087962-0102                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-1NB              2087962-0112                HONEYWELL RADAR CTL
 CON-1NC              2087962-0107                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-1P               2087962-0104                HONEYWELL RADAR CTL
 CON-1PB              2087962-0105                BENDIX CTL
 CON-1PB              2087962-0109                HONEYWELL RADAR CTL
 CON-1R               2070412-0101                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-1R               2070412-0102                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-1R               2070412-0103                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-1R               2070412-0104                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-1R               2070412-0105                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-1R               2070412-0106                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-1RB              2070966-0101                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-1RB(M)           2070966-0103                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-1RB(M)           2070966-0105                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-1S               2070552-0101                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-1S               2070552-0102                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-1S               2070552-0103                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-1S               2070552-0105                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-1S               2070552-0106                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-1SB              2070965-0101                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-1SB              2070965-0102                BENDIX CTL
 CON-1SB              2070965-0103                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-1SB(M)           2070965-0104                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-1SB(M)           2070965-0105                BENDIX CTL
 CON-1TB(M)           3614657-0101                BENDIX/KING ANT CTL
 CON-1TB(M)           3614657-0102                BENDIX/KING ANT CTL
 CON-4A               2041223-0401                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4A               2041223-0402                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4A               2041223-0404                BENDIX CONTROL
 CON-4A               2041223-0407                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4A               2041223-0408                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4A               2041223-0409                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4A               2041223-0410                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4A               2041223-0411                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4A               2041223-0412                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4A               2041223-0413                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4A               2041223-0414                BENDIX RADAR CONTROL
 CON-4A               2041223-0415                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4A               2041223-0416                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4A               2041223-0417                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4A               2041223-0418                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4A               2041223-0419                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4A               2041223-0421                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4A               2041223-0424                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4A               2041223-0425                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4A               2041223-0426                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4A               2041223-0427                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4A               2041223-3131                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4A               2041223-3132                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4A               2041223-3133                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4A               2041223-3134                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4A               2041223-3135                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4A               2041223-3136                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4B               2041220-0401                BENDIX RADAR CONTROL
 CON-4B               2041220-0402                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4B               2041220-0404                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4B               2041220-0405                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4B               2041220-0406                BENDIX RADAR CONTROL
 CON-4B               2041220-0407                BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4B               2041220-0408                BENDIX RADAR CTL

                                                        PAGE: 150
MODEL                   PART NO                  DESCRIPTION
 CON-4B                 2041220-0409              BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4B                 2041220-0410              BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4B                 2041220-0411              BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4B                 2041220-0412              BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4B                 2041220-0413              BENDIX RADAR CONTROL
 CON-4B                 2041220-0414              BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4B                 2041220-0415              BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4B                 2041220-0416              BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4B                 2041220-0417              BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4B                 2041220-0418              BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4B                 2041220-0419              BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4B                 2041220-0424              BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4B                 2041220-0425              BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4B                 2041220-0426              BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4B                 2041220-0427              BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4B                 2041220-0429              BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4B                 2041220-0430              BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4B                 2041220-1405              BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4B                 2041220-1406              BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4B                 2041220-1407              BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4B                 2041220-1409              BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4B                 2041220-1413              BENDIX RADAR CTL
 CON-4B                 2041220-3231              BENDIX RADAR CTL
 COS6100M               COS6100M                  KIKUSUI OCILLOSCOPE
 COT-1FB                2041348-0101              BENDIX CONTROLLER TEST PANEL
 COT-1FB                2041348-0102              BENDIX CONTROLLER TEST PANEL
 CP-1398/ARN-136(V)     7801-3000-1               SIERRA TACAN CTL
 CP-1398A/ARN-136A(V)   7801-3300-1               SIERRA TACAN CTL
 CPL-920D               822-0987-001              COLLINS HF COUPLER
 CPL-920D               822-0987-002              COLLINS HF COUPLER
 CPL-920D               822-0987-003              COLLINS HF COUPLER
 CPL-920D               822-0987-004              COLLINS HF COUPLER
 CPL-920D               822-0987-020              COLLINS HF COUPLER
 CPT-83A                2041065-8301              BENDIX GPW TEST PNL
 CR3615                 CR3615                    NJE PWR SUP
 CRM5.5.5               CRM5.5.5                  COSSOR TEST SET
 CS-1010                CS-1010                   KENWOOD OSCOPE
 CS-1012                CS-1012                   KENWOOD OSCOPE
 CS-1020                CS-1020                   KENWOOD OSCOPE
 CS-1021                CS-1021                   KENWOOD OSCOPE
 CS-1022                CS-1022                   KENWOOD OSCOPE
 CS-301                 CS-301                    IET CAPACITANCE TESTER
 CS-360D                360D                      IFR VOR Bearing Standard
 CS-412                 2593379-001               SPERRY DUAL REMOTE COMPENSATOR/FORMERLY DRC1
 CS-412                 2593379-2                 SPERRY DUAL REMOTE COMP
 CS212                  656767                    SPERRY COMPENSATOR
 CS300                  CS300                     MILITARY CAP TESTER
 CS360D                 CS360D                    IFR BRG STD
 CSDB-402               653-1154-001              COLLINS PROLINE II CARD
 CSS-10                 622-5330-001              COLLINS Synchro Simulator
 CSV2606                CSV2606                   SIMPSON METER
 CSV2606XLP             CSV2606XLP                SIMPSON MET ER
 CT-10-AS-11            CT-10-AS-11               BARFIELD COMP SIM
 CT107B                 6097936-400               SPERRY VHF COMM
 CTA-107                622-4754-001              COLLINS ADAPTER TEST
 CTA-2024               822-0404-001              COLLINS Test Adapter
 CTC-429                822-0854-001              COLLINS PC INTERFACE CARD
 CTC2016A               CTC2016A                  ASI PC INTERFACE BD
 CTC2016B               CTC2016B                  ASI PC INTERFACE BD
 CTC2016C               CTC2016C                  ASI PC INTERFACE BD
 CTL-20                 622-4523-001              COLLINS COMM CTL
 CTL-20                 622-4523-002              COLLINS CTL
 CTL-20                 622-4523-003              COLLINS COMM CTL
 CTL-20                 622-4523-004              COLLINS COMM CTL
 CTL-20                 622-4523-005              COLLINS CTL
 CTL-20                 622-4523-006              COLLINS CTL
 CTL-20                 622-4523-007              COLLINS CTL
 CTL-20                 622-4523-008              COLLINS CTL
 CTL-20                 622-4523-009              COLLINS CTL

                                                         PAGE: 151
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 CTL-20               622-4523-010                COLLINS COMM CTL
 CTL-20               622-4523-011                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-20               622-4523-012                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-20               622-4523-013                COLLINS COMM CTL
 CTL-20               622-4523-014                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-20               622-4523-015                COLLINS COMM CTL
 CTL-20               622-4523-016                COLLINS COMM CTL
 CTL-20               622-4523-017                COLLINS COMM CTL
 CTL-20               622-4523-018                COLLINS COMM CTL
 CTL-20               622-4523-201                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-20               622-4523-202                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-20               622-4523-203                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-20               622-4523-204                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-20               622-4523-205                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-20               622-4523-206                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-20               622-4523-207                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-20               622-4523-208                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-20               622-4523-209                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-20               622-4523-210                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-20               622-4523-211                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-20               622-4523-212                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-20               622-4523-213                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-20               622-4523-214                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-20               622-4523-215                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-20               622-4523-216                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-20               622-4523-217                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-20               622-4523-218                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-20               622-4523-801                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-20               622-4523-802                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-20               622-4523-803                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-20               622-4523-804                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-200              622-2885-001                COLLINS HF CTL
 CTL-201              622-4471-001                COLLINS HF COMM CTL
 CTL-201              622-4471-007                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-201A             622-4490-001                COLLINS HF CTL
 CTL-201A             622-4490-002                COLLINS HF CTL
 CTL-201A             622-4490-005                COLLINS HF CTL
 CTL-201A             622-4490-006                COLLINS HF CTL
 CTL-201A             622-4490-013                COLLINS HF CTL
 CTL-21               622-4530-001                COLLINS CONTROL
 CTL-21               622-4530-002                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-21               622-4530-003                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-21               622-4530-004                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-21               622-4530-005                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-21               622-4530-006                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-21               622-4530-007                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-21               622-4530-008                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-21               622-4530-009                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-21               622-4530-010                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-21               622-4530-011                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-21               622-4530-012                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-21               622-4530-013                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-21               622-4530-014                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-21               622-4530-015                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-21               622-4530-016                COLLINS CONTROL
 CTL-21               622-4530-201                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-21               622-4530-202                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-21               622-4530-203                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-21               622-4530-204                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-21               622-4530-205                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-21               622-4530-206                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-21               622-4530-207                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-21               622-4530-208                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-21               622-4530-209                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-21               622-4530-210                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-21               622-4530-211                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-21               622-4530-212                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-21               622-4530-213                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-21               622-4530-214                COLLINS CTL

                                                        PAGE: 152
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 CTL-21               622-4530-215                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-21               622-4530-216                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-21               622-4530-801                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-21               622-4530-802                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-21               622-4530-803                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-21               622-4530-804                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-22               622-6520-001                COLLINS COMM CTL
 CTL-22               622-6520-002                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-22               622-6520-003                COLLINS COMM CTL
 CTL-22               622-6520-004                COLLINS COMM CTL
 CTL-22               622-6520-005                COLLINS COMM CTL
 CTL-22               622-6520-006                COLLINS COMM CTL
 CTL-22               622-6520-007                COLLINS COMM CTL
 CTL-22               622-6520-008                COLLINS COMM CTL
 CTL-22               622-6520-009                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-22               622-6520-010                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-22               622-6520-011                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-22               622-6520-012                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-22               622-6520-013                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-22               622-6520-014                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-22               622-6520-015                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-22               622-6520-016                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-22               622-6520-801                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-22               622-6520-802                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-220              622-4545-001                COLLINS HF Control
 CTL-220              622-4545-002                COLLINS HF Control
 CTL-220              622-4545-003                COLLINS HF Control
 CTL-220              622-4545-004                COLLINS HF Control
 CTL-220              622-4545-005                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-220              622-4545-006                COLLINS HF Control
 CTL-220              622-4545-011                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-220              622-4545-012                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-220              622-4545-013                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-220              622-4545-014                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-220              622-4545-015                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-220              622-4545-016                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-220              622-4545-021                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-220              622-4545-022                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-220              622-4545-023                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-220              622-4545-024                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-220              622-4545-025                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-220              622-4545-026                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-220              622-4545-031                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-220              622-4545-032                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-220              622-4545-033                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-220              622-4545-034                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-220              622-4545-035                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-220              622-4545-036                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-22A              622-8737-001                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-22A              622-8737-002                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-22A              622-8737-003                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-22A              622-8737-004                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-22A              622-8737-005                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-22A              622-8737-006                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-22A              622-8737-007                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-22A              622-8737-008                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-22A              622-8737-009                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-22A              622-8737-010                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-22A              622-8737-011                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-22A              622-8737-012                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-22A              622-8737-013                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-22A              622-8737-014                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-22A              622-8737-015                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-22A              622-8737-016                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-22A              622-8737-801                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-22A              622-8737-802                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-22C              822-1120-001                COLLINS CONTROL
 CTL-22C              822-1120-002                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-22C              822-1120-003                COLLINS CTL

                                                        PAGE: 153
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 CTL-22C              822-1120-004                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-22C              822-1120-005                COLLINS CONTROL
 CTL-22C              822-1120-006                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-22C              822-1120-007                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-22C              822-1120-008                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-22C              822-1120-009                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-22C              822-1120-010                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-22C              822-1120-011                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-22C              822-1120-012                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-22C              822-1120-013                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-22C              822-1120-014                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-22C              822-1120-015                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-22C              822-1120-016                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-23               622-9851-001                COLLINS COM NAV CTL
 CTL-23               622-9851-002                COLLINS COM NAV CTL
 CTL-23               622-9851-003                COLLINS COM NAV CTL
 CTL-23               622-9851-004                COLLINS COM NAV CTL
 CTL-23               622-9851-005                COLLINS COM NAV CTL
 CTL-23               622-9851-006                COLLINS COM NAV CTL
 CTL-23               622-9851-007                COLLINS COM NAV CTL
 CTL-23               622-9851-008                COLLINS COM NAV CTL
 CTL-230              622-6614-001                COLLINS HF Control
 CTL-230              622-6614-002                COLLINS HF Control
 CTL-230              622-6614-003                COLLINS HF Control
 CTL-230              622-6614-004                COLLINS HF CTL
 CTL-230              622-6614-005                COLLINS HF CTL
 CTL-230              622-6614-006                COLLINS HF CTL
 CTL-230              622-6614-007                COLLINS HF CTL
 CTL-230              622-6614-008                COLLINS HF CTL
 CTL-230              622-6614-021                COLLINS HF CTL
 CTL-230              622-6614-022                COLLINS HF CONTROL
 CTL-230              622-6614-023                COLLINS COM CTL
 CTL-230              622-6614-024                COLLINS HF CTL
 CTL-230              622-6614-025                COLLINS HF CTL
 CTL-230              622-6614-026                COLLINS HF CTL
 CTL-230              622-6614-027                COLLINS HF CTL
 CTL-230              622-6614-028                COLLINS HF CTL
 CTL-23C              822-1121-001                COLLINS COM NAV CTL
 CTL-23C              822-1121-002                COLLINS COM NAV CTL
 CTL-23C              822-1121-003                COLLINS COM NAV CTL
 CTL-23C              822-1121-004                COLLINS COM NAV CTL
 CTL-23C              822-1121-005                COLLINS COM NAV CTL
 CTL-23C              822-1121-006                COLLINS COM NAV CTL
 CTL-23C              822-1121-007                COLLINS COM NAV CTL
 CTL-23C              822-1121-008                COLLINS COM NAV CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-001                COLLINS Nav Control
 CTL-30               622-4524-003                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-041                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-042                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-043                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-044                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-049                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-050                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-051                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-052                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-053                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-054                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-055                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-056                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-057                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-058                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-059                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-060                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-061                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-062                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-063                COLLINS Nav Control
 CTL-30               622-4524-064                COLLINS Nav Control
 CTL-30               622-4524-065                COLLINS Nav Control
 CTL-30               622-4524-066                COLLINS CTL

                                                        PAGE: 154
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 CTL-30               622-4524-067                COLLINS Nav Control
 CTL-30               622-4524-068                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-073                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-074                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-075                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-076                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-077                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-078                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-079                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-080                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-085                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-086                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-087                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-088                COLLINS Nav Control
 CTL-30               622-4524-097                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-098                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-099                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-100                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-101                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-102                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-103                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-104                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-105                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-106                COLLINS Nav control
 CTL-30               622-4524-107                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-108                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-109                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-110                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-111                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-112                COLLINS Nav Control
 CTL-30               622-4524-277                COLLINS Nav Control
 CTL-30               622-4524-278                COLLINS Nav Control
 CTL-30               622-4524-279                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-811                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-813                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-814                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-815                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-816                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-817                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-819                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-820                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-822                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-825                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-826                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-827                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-30               622-4524-828                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-30 SUBASSY       601-5889-006                COLLINS BOARD
 CTL-30R              622-6334-001                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-30R              622-6334-002                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-30R              622-6334-003                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-30R              622-6334-004                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-30R              622-6334-801                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-30R              622-6334-802                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-001                COLLINS CONTROL
 CTL-31               622-4531-002                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-003                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-004                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-005                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-006                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-007                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-008                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-009                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-010                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-011                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-012                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-013                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-014                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-015                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-016                COLLINS CTL

                                                         PAGE: 155
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 CTL-31               622-4531-017                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-018                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-019                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-020                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-021                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-022                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-023                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-024                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-025                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-026                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-027                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-028                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-029                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-030                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-031                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-032                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-033                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-034                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-035                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-036                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-037                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-038                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-039                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-040                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-041                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-042                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-043                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-044                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-045                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-046                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-047                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-048                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-049                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-050                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-051                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-052                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-053                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-054                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-055                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-056                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-057                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-058                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-059                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-060                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-061                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-062                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-063                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-064                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-065                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-066                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-067                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-068                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-073                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-074                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-075                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-076                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-077                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-078                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-079                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-080                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-085                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-086                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-087                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-088                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-089                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-090                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-091                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-092                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-093                COLLINS CTL

                                                        PAGE: 156
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 CTL-31               622-4531-094                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-095                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-096                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-097                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-098                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-099                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-100                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-101                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-102                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-103                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-104                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-105                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-106                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-107                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-108                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-109                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-110                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-111                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-112                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-113                COLLINS CONTROL
 CTL-31               622-4531-801                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-802                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-803                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-804                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-805                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-806                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-807                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-808                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-809                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-810                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-811                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-812                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-813                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-814                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-815                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-816                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-817                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-819                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-820                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-822                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-823                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-824                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-825                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-826                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-827                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-31               622-4531-828                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-32               622-6521-001                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32               622-6521-002                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32               622-6521-003                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32               622-6521-004                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32               622-6521-005                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32               622-6521-006                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32               622-6521-007                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32               622-6521-008                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32               622-6521-009                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32               622-6521-010                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32               622-6521-011                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32               622-6521-012                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32               622-6521-013                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32               622-6521-014                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32               622-6521-015                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32               622-6521-016                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32               622-6521-025                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32               622-6521-026                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32               622-6521-027                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32               622-6521-028                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32               622-6521-029                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32               622-6521-030                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32               622-6521-031                COLLINS NAV CTL

                                                        PAGE: 157
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 CTL-32               622-6521-032                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32               622-6521-801                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32               622-6521-802                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32               622-6521-803                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32               622-6521-804                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32A              622-8738-001                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32A              622-8738-002                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32A              622-8738-003                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32A              622-8738-004                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32A              622-8738-005                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32A              622-8738-006                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32A              622-8738-007                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32A              622-8738-008                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32A              622-8738-009                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32A              622-8738-010                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32A              622-8738-011                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32A              622-8738-012                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32A              622-8738-013                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32A              622-8738-014                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32A              622-8738-015                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32A              622-8738-016                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32A              622-8738-025                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32A              622-8738-026                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32A              622-8738-027                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32A              622-8738-028                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32A              622-8738-029                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32A              622-8738-030                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32A              622-8738-031                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32A              622-8738-032                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32A              622-8738-801                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32A              622-8738-802                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32A              622-8738-803                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-32A              622-8738-804                COLLINS NAV CTL
 CTL-60               622-4526-001                COLLINS ADF CTL
 CTL-60               622-4526-002                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-60               622-4526-003                COLLINS ADF CTL
 CTL-60               622-4526-004                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-60               622-4526-005                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-60               622-4526-006                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-60               622-4526-007                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-60               622-4526-008                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-60               622-4526-009                COLLINS ADF CTL
 CTL-60               622-4526-010                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-60               622-4526-011                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-60               622-4526-012                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-60               622-4526-013                COLLINS ADF CTL
 CTL-60               622-4526-014                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-60               622-4526-015                COLLINS ADF CTL
 CTL-60               622-4526-016                COLLINS ADF CTL
 CTL-60               622-4526-017                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-60               622-4526-018                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-60               622-4526-019                COLLINS ADF CTL
 CTL-60               622-4526-020                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-60               622-4526-021                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-60               622-4526-022                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-60               622-4526-023                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-60               622-4526-024                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-60               622-4526-025                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-60               622-4526-026                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-60               622-4526-027                COLLINS ADF CTL
 CTL-60               622-4526-028                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-60               622-4526-029                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-60               622-4526-030                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-60               622-4526-031                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-60               622-4526-032                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-60               622-4526-033                COLLINS ADF CTL
 CTL-60               622-4526-034                COLLINS ADF CTL
 CTL-60               622-4526-801                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-60               622-4526-802                COLLINS CTL

                                                        PAGE: 158
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 CTL-60               622-4526-803                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-60               622-4526-804                COLLINS ADF CTL
 CTL-60               622-4526-805                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-60               622-4526-806                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-60               622-4526-807                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-60               622-4526-808                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-61               622-4532-001                COLLINS CONTROL
 CTL-61               622-4532-002                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-61               622-4532-003                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-61               622-4532-004                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-61               622-4532-005                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-61               622-4532-006                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-61               622-4532-007                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-61               622-4532-008                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-61               622-4532-009                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-61               622-4532-010                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-61               622-4532-011                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-61               622-4532-012                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-61               622-4532-013                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-61               622-4532-014                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-61               622-4532-015                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-61               622-4532-016                COLLINS CONTROL
 CTL-61               622-4532-017                COLLINS CONTROL
 CTL-61               622-4532-801                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-61               622-4532-802                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-61               622-4532-803                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-61               622-4532-804                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-62               622-6522-001                COLLINS ADF CTL HEAD
 CTL-62               622-6522-002                COLLINS ADF CTL
 CTL-62               622-6522-003                COLLINS ADF CTL HEAD
 CTL-62               622-6522-004                COLLINS ADF CTL HEAD
 CTL-62               622-6522-005                COLLINS ADF CTL HEAD
 CTL-62               622-6522-006                COLLINS ADF CTL HEAD
 CTL-62               622-6522-007                COLLINS ADF CTL HEAD
 CTL-62               622-6522-008                COLLINS ADF CTL HEAD
 CTL-62               622-6522-009                COLLINS ADF CTL HEAD
 CTL-62               622-6522-010                COLLINS ADF CTL
 CTL-62               622-6522-011                COLLINS ADF CTL HEAD
 CTL-62               622-6522-012                COLLINS ADF CTL
 CTL-62               622-6522-013                COLLINS ADF CTL
 CTL-62               622-6522-014                COLLINS ADF CTL
 CTL-62               622-6522-015                COLLINS ADF CTL
 CTL-62               622-6522-016                COLLINS ADF CTL
 CTL-62               622-6522-017                COLLINS ADF CTL HEAD
 CTL-62               622-6522-018                COLLINS ADF CTL
 CTL-62               622-6522-019                COLLINS ADF CTL
 CTL-62               622-6522-020                COLLINS ADF CTL
 CTL-62               622-6522-021                COLLINS ADF CTL
 CTL-62               622-6522-022                COLLINS ADF CTL
 CTL-62               622-6522-023                COLLINS ADF CTL
 CTL-62               622-6522-024                COLLINS ADF CTL
 CTL-62               622-6522-025                COLLINS ADF CTL
 CTL-62               622-6522-026                COLLINS ADF CTL
 CTL-62               622-6522-027                COLLINS ADF CTL
 CTL-62               622-6522-028                COLLINS ADF CTL
 CTL-62               622-6522-029                COLLINS ADF CTL
 CTL-62               622-6522-030                COLLINS ADF CTL
 CTL-62               622-6522-031                COLLINS ADF CTL
 CTL-62               622-6522-032                COLLINS ADF CTL
 CTL-62               622-6522-801                COLLINS ADF CTL
 CTL-62               622-6522-802                COLLINS ADF CTL
 CTL-62               622-6522-803                COLLINS ADF CTL
 CTL-62               622-6522-804                COLLINS ADF CTL
 CTL-62A              622-8739-001                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-62A              622-8739-002                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-62A              622-8739-003                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-62A              622-8739-004                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-62A              622-8739-005                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-62A              622-8739-006                COLLINS CTL

                                                        PAGE: 159
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 CTL-62A              622-8739-007                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-62A              622-8739-008                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-62A              622-8739-009                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-62A              622-8739-010                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-62A              622-8739-011                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-62A              622-8739-012                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-62A              622-8739-013                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-62A              622-8739-014                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-62A              622-8739-015                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-62A              622-8739-016                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-62A              622-8739-017                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-62A              622-8739-018                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-62A              622-8739-019                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-62A              622-8739-020                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-62A              622-8739-021                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-62A              622-8739-022                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-62A              622-8739-023                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-62A              622-8739-024                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-62A              622-8739-025                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-62A              622-8739-026                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-62A              622-8739-027                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-62A              622-8739-028                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-62A              622-8739-029                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-62A              622-8739-030                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-62A              622-8739-031                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-62A              622-8739-032                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-62A              622-8739-801                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-62A              622-8739-802                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-62A              622-8739-803                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-62A              622-8739-804                COLLINS CTL
 CTL-90               622-4527-001                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-90               622-4527-002                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-90               622-4527-003                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-90               622-4527-004                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-90               622-4527-005                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-90               622-4527-006                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-90               622-4527-007                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-90               622-4527-008                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-90               622-4527-009                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-90               622-4527-010                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-90               622-4527-011                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-90               622-4527-012                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-90               622-4527-013                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-90               622-4527-014                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-90               622-4527-015                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-90               622-4527-016                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-90               622-4527-017                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-90               622-4527-018                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-90               622-4527-019                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-90               622-4527-020                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-90               622-4527-021                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-90               622-4527-801                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-90               622-4527-802                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-90               622-4527-803                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-90               622-4527-804                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-91               622-4533-001                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-91               622-4533-002                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-91               622-4533-003                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-91               622-4533-004                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-91               622-4533-005                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-91               622-4533-006                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-91               622-4533-007                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-91               622-4533-008                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-91               622-4533-009                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-91               622-4533-010                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-91               622-4533-011                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-91               622-4533-012                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-91               622-4533-013                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-91               622-4533-014                COLLINS XPDR CTL

                                                        PAGE: 160
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 CTL-91               622-4533-015                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-91               622-4533-016                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-91               622-4533-017                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-91               622-4533-801                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-91               622-4533-802                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-91               622-4533-803                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-91               622-4533-804                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92               622-6523-001                **COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92               622-6523-002                **COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92               622-6523-003                **COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92               622-6523-004                **COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92               622-6523-005                **COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92               622-6523-006                **COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92               622-6523-007                **COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92               622-6523-008                **COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92               622-6523-009                **COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92               622-6523-010                **COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92               622-6523-011                **COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92               622-6523-012                **COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92               622-6523-013                **COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92               622-6523-014                **COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92               622-6523-015                **COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92               622-6523-016                **COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92               622-6523-201                **COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92               622-6523-202                **COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92               622-6523-203                **COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92               622-6523-204                **COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92               622-6523-205                **COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92               622-6523-206                **COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92               622-6523-207                **COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92               622-6523-208                **COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92               622-6523-209                **COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92               622-6523-210                **COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92               622-6523-211                **COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92               622-6523-212                **COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92               622-6523-213                **COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92               622-6523-214                **COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92               622-6523-215                **COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92               622-6523-216                **COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92               622-6523-305                **COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92               622-6523-306                **COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92               622-6523-307                **COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92               622-6523-308                **COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92               622-6523-313                **COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92               622-6523-314                **COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92               622-6523-315                **COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92               622-6523-316                **COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92               622-6523-801                **COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92               622-6523-802                **COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92A              622-8740-001                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92A              622-8740-002                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92A              622-8740-003                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92A              622-8740-004                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92A              622-8740-005                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92A              622-8740-006                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92A              622-8740-007                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92A              622-8740-008                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92A              622-8740-009                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92A              622-8740-010                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92A              622-8740-011                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92A              622-8740-012                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92A              622-8740-013                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92A              622-8740-014                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92A              622-8740-015                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92A              622-8740-016                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92A              622-8740-201                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92A              622-8740-202                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92A              622-8740-203                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92A              622-8740-204                COLLINS XPDR CTL

                                                        PAGE: 161
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 CTL-92A              622-8740-205                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92A              622-8740-206                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92A              622-8740-207                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92A              622-8740-208                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92A              622-8740-209                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92A              622-8740-210                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92A              622-8740-211                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92A              622-8740-212                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92A              622-8740-213                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92A              622-8740-214                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92A              622-8740-215                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92A              622-8740-216                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92A              622-8740-801                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92A              622-8740-802                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92T              622-9614-001                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92T              622-9614-002                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92T              622-9614-003                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92T              622-9614-004                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92T              622-9614-005                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92T              622-9614-006                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92T              622-9614-007                COLLINS TCAS Control
 CTL-92T              622-9614-008                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92T              622-9614-009                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92T              622-9614-010                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92T              622-9614-011                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92T              622-9614-012                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92T              622-9614-013                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92T              622-9614-014                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92T              622-9614-015                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92T              622-9614-016                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92T              622-9614-101                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92T              622-9614-102                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92T              622-9614-102                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92T              622-9614-103                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92T              622-9614-104                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92T              622-9614-105                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92T              622-9614-106                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92T              622-9614-107                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92T              622-9614-109                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92T              622-9614-110                COLLINS TCAS CTL
 CTL-92T              622-9614-111                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92T              622-9614-112                COLLINS TCAS CTL
 CTL-92T              622-9614-113                COLLINS TCAS CTL
 CTL-92T              622-9614-114                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92T              622-9614-115                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTL-92T              622-9614-116                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 CTS-10               622-4561-001                COLLINS TEST SET
 CTS-11               622-5380-001                COLLINS Instrument Test Set
 CTS-11A              622-6823-001                COLLINS TEST PANEL
 CTS-200              622-4281-001                COLLINS TEST SET
 CTS-201              622-4282-001                COLLINS ANT SIM
 CTS-202              622-4283-001                COLLINS PA TEST SET
 CTS-203              622-4285-001                COLLINS LOGIC TESTER
 CTS-204              622-5403-001                COLLINS CONTROL TEST
 CTS-300/-301         622-5225-001                COLLINS TEST SET
 CTS-351              622-3883-001                COLLINS TEST SET
 CTS-451              622-3882-001                COLLINS DME-451 Test Set
 CTS-61               622-6317-001                COLLINS AIR DATA TEST
 CTS-700              CTS-700                     COLTECH SELCAL TEST SET
 CTS-703              CTS-703                     COLLINS DME TESTER
 CTS-703-01           CTS-703-01                  COLT AVIATION DME TESTER
 CTS-82               622-4562-001                COLLINS Autopilot Test Set
 CTS-82               622-4562-002                COLLINS TEST SET
 CTS-85               622-5944-001                COLLINS INTERFACE
 CTS-86               622-5945-001                COLLINS TEST PANEL
 CTS-87               622-5946-001                COLLINS SIG GEN
 CTS-9                622-6720-001                COLLINS EXT BREAKOUT BOX
 CTS-90               622-6787-001                COLLINS TEST SET
 CTS-964              CTS-964                     ASI CHAMBER CONTROLLER

                                                         PAGE: 162
MODEL                   PART NO                  DESCRIPTION
 CU-1658A               522-3444-001              COLLINS HF CPLR
 CU-1993/TRC-146A       522-4994-001              COLLINS HF COUPLER
 CU-2275V1/ARC-190(V)   622-4731-001              COLLINS ANT CPLR
 CU-2275V1/ARC-190(V)   622-4731-002              COLLINS ANT CPLR
 CU-2275V2/ARC-190(V)   622-6129-001              COLLINS ANT CPLR
 CU-2275V3/ARC-190(V)   622-6841-001              COLLINS ANT CPLR
 CU-2314V2/ARC-190(V)   622-7094-001              COLLINS ANT CPLR
 CU-2314V2/ARC-190(V)   622-7094-002              COLLINS ANT CPLR
 CU-2314V4/ARC-190(V)   622-7375-001              COLLINS ANT CPLR
 CU-2314V4/ARC-190(V)   622-7375-002              COLLINS ANT CPLR
 CU-2476/ARC-217(V)     622-9405-001              COLLINS HF COUPLER
 CU-2477/ARC-217(V)     622-8113-001              COLLINS HF COUPLER
 CU-2478/ARC-217(V)     622-8114-001              COLLINS HF COUPLER
 CU-323/APN-81          CU323APN81                GEN PRECISION COUPLER, DIRECTIONAL
 CU15                   CU15                      CUSHMAN SPEC MON
 CUA-73                 2087772-7302              BENDIX AMP
 CUA-73( )                                        BENDIX AMP
 CUA-73A90              2087772-7303              BENDIX AMP
 CV279ARN               AL3091A                   HOFFMAN PHASE DET
 CVN-251                400-048500-0001           COBHAM/WULFSBERG NAV
 CVN-251                400-048500-0002           COBHAM/WULFSBERG NAV
 CVN-251                400-048500-0003           COBHAM/WULFSBERG NAV
 CVN-251                400-048500-0004           COBHAM/WULFSBERG NAV
 CVN-251                400-048500-0005           COBHAM/WULFSBERG NAV
 CVN-251                400-048500-0006           COBHAM/WULFSBERG NAV
 CVN-251                400-048500-0007           COBHAM/WULFSBERG NAV
 CVN-251                400-048500-0101           COBHAM/WULFSBERG NAV
 CVN-251                400-048500-0102           COBHAM/WULFSBERG NAV
 CVN-251                400-048500-0103           COBHAM/WULFSBERG NAV
 CVN-251                400-048500-0104           COBHAM/WULFSBERG NAV
 CVN-251                400-048500-0105           COBHAM/WULFSBERG NAV
 CVN-251                400-048500-0106           COBHAM/WULFSBERG NAV
 CVN-251                400-048500-0107           COBHAM/WULFSBERG NAV
 CVN-251                400-048500-0201           COBHAM/WULFSBERG NAV
 CVN-251                400-048500-0202           COBHAM/WULFSBERG NAV
 CVN-251                400-048500-0203           COBHAM/WULFSBERG NAV
 CVN-251                400-048500-0204           COBHAM/WULFSBERG NAV
 CVN-251                400-048500-0205           COBHAM/WULFSBERG NAV
 CVN-251                400-048500-0206           COBHAM/WULFSBERG NAV
 CWC-65                 622-6567-001              COLLINS COMP WARN MON
 CWC-80                 622-6392-001              COLLINS COMP WARNING COMP
 CWC-80                 622-6392-002              COLLINS COMP WARN MON
 CY6498/ARM128          777-1669-001              COLLINS TEST SET
 D                      D                         TEKTRONIX DIFFERENTIAL
 D0138                  98134-0200                WILCOX CTL
 D02001W                                          MERIAM DIG MANOMETER
 D0200IW                D0200IW                   MERIAM MANOMETER
 D10-24-011-01          D10-24-011-01             FEDEX SEPARATOR
 D10-24-036-01          D10-24-036-01             FEDEX PYLON IDG CABLE
 D10-24-036-02          D10-24-036-02             FEDEX PYLON IDG CABLE
 D10-24-036-03          D10-24-036-03             FEDEX PYLON IDG CABLE
 D10-35-010-02          D10-35-010-02             fedex COMM PATCH CORD
 D10-71-001-01          D10-71-001-01             FEDEX CORE HARN CF6-6
 D10-71-001-02          D10-71-001-02             FEDEX CORE HARN CF6-6
 D10-71-001-03          D10-71-001-03             FEDEX CF6-50 CORE
 D10-71-002-01          D10-71-002-01             FEDEX FAN HARN CF6-6
 D10-71-002-02          D10-71-002-02             FEDEX FAN CF6-50
 D10-71-003-01          D10-71-003-01             FEDEX GEN HARN CF6-6
 D10-71-003-02          D10-71-003-02             FEDEX SOCKET PROTECTOR
 D11                    D11                       TEKTRONIX DISPLAY
 D120-P2-T                                        TRANSCAL DIGITIZER
 D120P2T                R30A                      TRANSCAL DIGITIZER
 D2000-4                D2000-4                   KOLLSMAN ALT
 D22061-04-004          D22061-04-004             KOLLSMAN ALT
 D22061-10-012          D22061-10-012             KOLLSMAN ALTIMETER, PRESSURE
 D22061-10-012          D2206110012               KOLLSMAN ALTIMETER, PRESSURE
 D54                    D54                       TELEQUIP OSCOPE
 D612                   D612                      DMI COUNTER
 D804                   D804                      FLUKE METER

                                                        PAGE: 163
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 D810                 D810                        FLUKE RMS MULTIMETER
 D811                 D811                        FLUKE RMS MULTIMETER
 DA-10                DA-10                       THETA RESOLVER
 DA-1203A             071-01329-00XX              BENDIX ANTENNA DRIVE
 DA-1203A             071-01352-00XX              BENDIX ANTENNA DRIVE
 DA-1203A             4000504-0301                BENDIX RADAR ANT
 DA-1203A             4000504-0302                BENDIX RADAR ANT
 DA-1203A             4000504-0303                BENDIX RADAR ANT
 DA-1203A             4000504-0305                BENDIX RADAR ANT
 DA-1203A             4000504-0308                BENDIX RADAR ANT
 DA-1203A SUBASSY     4000525-1212                BENDIX ARRAY
 DA-1203A SUBASSY     4000525-1218                BENDIX ANT ARRAY
 DA-1203A SUBASSY     4000525-4512                BENDIX ANT ARRAY
 DA-1203A SUBASSY     4000525-4518                BENDIX ANT ARRAY
 DA-144A              4000790-4402                BENDIX RADAR ANT
 DA-144A              4000790-4403                BENDIX RADAR ANTENNA
 DA-144A              4000790-4406                BENDIX RADAR ANT
 DA-173/GRM-10        522-1247-002                COLLINS DUMMY LOAD
 DA-173/GRM-10        522-1248-004                BIRD DUMMYLOAD
 DA-173/GRM-10        522-1249-004                COLLINS DUMMY LOAD
 DA-174               522-1248-004                COLLIINS TEST SET
 DA-175               522-1249-004                COLLIINS TEST SET
 DA-54-2              DA-54-2                     DECADE RESISTOR
 DA-75/U              DA-75/U                     BIRD 500W LOAD
 DA148U               MS35896-4                   IFR RF Load
 DA175GRM10           DA175GRM10                  COLLINS SIM
 DA53-2               DA53-2                      DECADE RESISTOR
 DAA-4A               2041444-0401                BENDIX ANT
 DAA-4A               2041444-0402                BENDIX ANT
 DAA-4A               2041444-0403                BENDIX ANT
 DAA-4A               2041444-0404                BENDIX ANT
 DAA-4A               2041444-0405                BENDIX ANT
 DAA-4A               2041444-0406                BENDIX ANT
 DAA-4A               2041444-0407                BENDIX RADAR ANT
 DAA-4A               2041444-0408                BENDIX RADAR ANT
 DAA-4A               2041444-0409                BENDIX RADAR ANT
 DAA-4A               2041444-0410                BENDIX RADAR ANT
 DAA-4A               2041444-0411                BENDIX RADAR ANT
 DAA-4A               2041444-0412                BENDIX RADAR ANT
 DAA-4A               2041444-0422                BENDIX RADAR ANT
 DAA-4A               2041444-0424                BENDIX RADAR ANT
 DAA-4A SUBASSEMBLY   2040081-0502                BENDIX TILT GEAR BOX
 DAA-4A SUBASSY       18073-0001                  BENDIX MOTOR
 DAA-4A SUBASSY       18074-0002                  BENDIX MOTOR
 DAA-4A SUBASSY       2036783-0002                BENDIX ROTARY JOINT
 DAA-4B               3614071-0401                BENDIX ANTENNA
 DALT55               101-02184                   BARFIELD DIG PITOT STATIC
 DAS1B                DAS1B                       DARE SPEAKER AMP
 DAS650               101-02194                   BARFIELD TEST SET
 DATATRAC400          100-400-001                 ATLANTIC INSTRUMENTS TEST SET
 DATATRAC400H         100-450-001                 BFG/JC AIR TEST SET
 DB40                 103111NTNT                  AMP METER
 DC-400A              101-00850                   BARFIELD FQ TEST SET
 DC501                DC501                       TEKTRONIX COUNTER
 DC5010               DC5010                      TEKTRONIX COUNTER
 DC501OPT01           DC501OPT01                  TEKTRONIX COUNTER
 DC502                DC502                       TEKTRONIX FREQ CTR
 DC503                DC503                       TEKTRONIX COUNTER
 DC503OPT01           DC503OPT01                  TEKTRONIX COUNTER
 DC504                DC504                       TEKTRONIX FREQ CTR
 DC504A               DC504A                      TEKTRONIX COUNTER
 DC504OPT01           DC504OPT01                  TEKTRONIX COUNTER
 DC505A               DC505A                      TEKTRONIX COUNTER TIMER
 DC505OPT01           DC505OPT01                  TEKTRONIX COUNTER
 DC508A               DC508A                      TEKTRONIX FREQ CTR
 DC509                DC509                       TEKTRONIX COUNTER TIMER
 DC509OPT01           DC509OPT01                  TEKTRONIX COUNTER
 DC510                DC510                       TEKTRONIX COUNTER

                                                        PAGE: 164
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 DCM429               410-0020-100                ATLANTIS 429 TEST SET
 DCR-B                DCR-B-10-80B                SORENSEN PS
 DCR40-10A            DCR40-10A                   SORENSEN DC POWER SUPPLY
 DCR40-25B            DCR40-25B                   RAYTHEON POWER SUPPLY
 DCR40-35             DCR40-35                    SORENSEN POWER SUPPLY
 DDA-42               622-7667-001                COLLINS DIST ADP
 DDI-713              622-5990-001                COLLINS DME IND
 DDI-713              622-5990-302                COLLINS DME IND
 DF-203               ARN83                       COLLINS ADF SYSTEM
 DF-206               777-1491-001                COLLINS ADF SYSTEM
 DF-301E              622-0902-001                COLLINS DIRECTION FINDER
 DF-301E              622-0902-003                COLLINS DIRECTION FINDER
 DF-301E              622-0902-005                COLLINS DIR FINDER
 DF-301E              622-0902-006                COLLINS DIR FINDER
 DF-301E              622-0902-007                COLLINS DIRECTION FINDER
 DF-301E              622-0902-105                COLLINS DIR FINDER
 DF-301E SUBASSY      780-7591-002                COLLINS LOGIC BOARD
 DF-431B              066-01105-0010              BENDIX/KING ADF RCVR
 DF-431B              066-1105-00                 BENDIX KING ADF RCVR
 DF-431B              066-1105-01                 BENDIX/KING ADF RCVR
 DF-431B              066-1105-10                 BENDIX/KING ADF RCVR
 DF-431B              3614013-4301                BENDIX/KING ADF RCVR
 DF-7708              7003-3740-000               IFR TEST SET
 DF1                  DF-1                        CHRISTIE DIGIFLEX
 DF1                  DF1                         TEKTRONIX oscope plug in
 DF2                  DF2                         TEKTRONIX FORMATTER
 DF2071A              4000664-7001                BENDIX ADF REC
 DF2071A              4000664-7002                BENDIX ADF REC
 DFA-206A             622-6820-001                COLLINS ADF ANT
 DFA-206A             622-6820-002                COLLINS ADF ANT
 DFA-429 HILDA        DFA-429 HILDA               ATLANTIS TEST SET
 DFA-701A             622-5404-001                COLLINS ADF ANT
 DFA-701A             622-5404-002                COLLINS ADF ANT
 DFA-701A             622-5404-003                COLLINS ADF ANT
 DFA-701B             622-5405-001                COLLINS ADF ANT
 DFA-73A-1            2087786-7302                BENDIX ADF REC
 DFA-73AF             2087786-7303                BENDIX ADF
 DFA-74A              2070677-7401                BENDIX ADF REC
 DFA-74A SUBASSY      18043-0001                  BENDIX MOTOR
 DFA-74A SUBASSY      2038512-0501                BENDIX AUDIO BD
 DFA-74A SUBASSY      2038513-0501                BENDIX BD
 DFA-74A SUBASSY      2038514-0501                BENDIX RF/TEST ASSY
 DFA-75A              2041168-7501                HONEYWELL ADF
 DFA-75A              2041168-7506                HONEYWELL ADF
 DFA-75A              2041168-7510                HONEYWELL ADF
 DFA-75A              2041168-7511                HONEYWELL ADF
 DFA-75A              2041168-7512                HONEYWELL ADF
 DFA-75A              2041168-7513                HONEYWELL ADF
 DFA-75A              2041168-7514                HONEYWELL ADF
 DFA-75A SUBASSY      8056645-0501                HONEYWELL PROC BD
 DFA-901              822-5404-001                COLLINS ADF ANTENNA
 DFA-901              822-5404-003                COLLINS ADF ANTENNA
 DFA73A               2064417-0501                BENDIX ADF REC
 DFC-206A             622-6813-001                COLLINS ADF CTL
 DFC-206A             622-6813-003                COLLINS ADF CTL
 DFC-206A             622-6813-004                COLLINS ADF CTL
 DFC-206A             622-6813-005                COLLINS ADF CTL
 DFM-206A             622-7210-001                COLLINS ADF MTG BASE
 DFM-206A             622-7210-002                COLLINS ADF MTG BASE
 DFP-702              622-5389-001                COLLINS ADF CTL
 DFP-703              622-5757-001                COLLINS ADF CTL
 DFP-712              622-6829-001                COLLINS ADF CTL
 DFP-712              622-6829-011                COLLINS ADF CTL
 DFP-712              622-6829-021                COLLINS ADF CTL
 DFP-712              622-6829-022                COLLINS ADF CTL
 DFP-712A             622-7080-001                COLLINS ADF CTL
 DFP-712A             622-7080-002                COLLINS ADF CTL
 DFP-712A             622-7080-003                COLLINS ADF CTL
 DFP-713              622-6830-001                COLLINS ADF CTL

                                                        PAGE: 165
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 DFP-713              622-6830-011                COLLINS ADF CTL
 DFP-713              622-6830-021                COLLINS ADF CTL
 DFP-713              622-6830-022                COLLINS ADF CTL
 DFP-713A             622-7081-001                COLLINS ADF CTL
 DFP-713A             622-7081-011                COLLINS ADF PANEL
 DFR-206A             622-6812-001                COLLINS ADF REC
 DFR-206A             622-6812-002                COLLINS ADF REC
 DFR-206A             622-6812-003                COLLINS ADF REC
 DFT-73AA             2064943-0501                BENDIX TEST PANEL
 DFT-73AA             2064943-0502                BENDIX TEST SET
 DFT-73C-1            2070555-0501                BENDIX TEST SET
 DFT-75A              2041520-7501                BENDIX TEST SET
 DFT-75B              2041597-7501                BENDIX TEST SET
 DGS-65               622-6136-001                COLLINS GYRO
 DGS-65               622-6136-002                COLLINS GYRO
 DH-861A              4000369-8505                BENDIX ADI
 DH-866A              4000843-6601                BENDIX IND
 DH-866A              4000843-6602                BENDIX FD IND
 DI-1001              MI-585256                   RCA RADAR IND
 DI-1002              MI-585256-1                 SPERRY RADAR IND
 DI-1003              MI-585256-3                 RCA RADAR IND
 DI-1004              MI-585256-2                 SPERRY RADAR IND
 DI-1005              MI-585322                   RCA RADAR IND
 DI-1006              MI-585322-1                 SPERRY P100 IND
 DI-1007              MI-585438                   SPERRY RADAR IND
 DI-1007              MI-585438-1                 SPERRY IND
 DI-1007 SUBASSY      7006899-903                 RCA HV/VIDEO BD
 DI-1008              MI-585439                   SPERRY RADAR IND
 DI-1008              MI-585439-1                 SPERRY IND
 DI-2000M             DI-2000M                    PROTEK TESTER
 DI-2001              MI-585210-1                 RCA DIG IND
 DI-2002              MI-585210-2                 SPERRY IND
 DI-2004              MI-585210-3                 RCA RADAR IND
 DI-2006              MI-585210-6                 RCA RADAR IND
 DI-2006              MI-585210-7                 RCA RADAR IND
 DI-2006              MI-585210-8                 RCA RADAR IND
 DI-2006              MI-585210-9                 RCA RADAR IND
 DI-2007              MI-585277                   SPERRY P300 IND
 DI-2007              MI-585277-1                 SPERRY RADAR IND
 DI-2007              MI-585277-4                 SPERRY RADAR IND
 DI-2007              MI-585277-5                 SPERRY RADAR IND
 DI-2008              MI-585277-2                 SPERRY RADAR IND
 DI-2008              MI-585277-3                 SPERRY RADAR IND
 DI-30                MI-585285                   RCA COLOR DIG IND
 DI-3001              MI-585223                   RCA RADAR IND
 DI-3001              MI-585223-1                 RCA RADAR IND
 DI-3001              MI-585223-2                 RCA RADAR IND
 DI-3001              MI-585223-3                 RCA RADAR IND
 DI-3003              3713527-506                 HONEYWELL RADAR IND
 DI-3003              MI-585228                   RCA COLOR RADAR IND
 DI-3003              MI-585228-1                 RCA RADAR IND
 DI-3003              MI-585228-2                 RCA INDICATOR
 DI-3003              MI-585228-3                 RCA RADAR IND
 DI-4001              3713527-501                 SPERRY RADAR IND
 DI-4001              3713527-502                 SPERRY RADAR IND
 DI-4001              3713527-509                 HONEYWELL RADAR IND
 DI-4001              3713527-510                 HONEYWELL RADAR IND
 DI-4001              MI-585201                   SPERRY P400 INDICATOR, DIGITAL DISPLAY
 DI-4001              MI-585201-1                 SPERRY P400 INDICATOR, DIGITAL DISPLAY
 DI-4001              MI-585201-2                 RCA RADAR IND
 DI-4001              MI-585201-3                 RCA RADAR IND
 DI-4002              3714752-507                 HONEYWELL RADAR IND
 DI-4002              3714752-508                 HONEYWELL RADAR IND
 DI-4002              MI-585343                   SPERRY P400 IND
 DI-4002              MI-585343-1                 SPERRY P400 IND
 DI-5001              MI-585301-1                 SPERRY P500 IND
 DI-5001              MI-585301-2                 SPERRY P500 IND
 DI-5001              MI-585301-3                 SPERRY P500 IND
 DI-9001              MI-585162-2                 SPERRY DIGITAL IND

                                                        PAGE: 166
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 DI-9001              MI-585162-3                 SPERRY DIGITAL IND
 DI-9001              MI-585162-4                 SPERRY DIGITAL IND
 DI-9001              MI-585162-5                 SPERRY DIGITAL IND
 DI-9002              MI-585162-6                 SPERRY DIGITAL IND
 DI-9004              MI-585162-7                 SPERRY DIGITAL IND
 DK100                DK100                       DUKANE BEACON, SONAR
 DK120                DK120                       DUKANE BEACON, SONAR
 DL20-100JB           DL20-100JB                  FEDEX DELAY LINE
 DLRO10HD             DLRO10HD                     OHMMETER
 DM-441B              066-1107-00                 BENDIX/KING DME RT
 DM-441B              066-1107-01                 BENDIX/KING DME RT
 DM-441B              066-1107-02                 BENDIX/KING DME RT
 DM-441B              066-1107-10                 BENDIX/KING DME RT
 DM-441B              066-1107-11                 BENDIX/KING DME RT
 DM-441B              066-1107-12                 BENDIX/KING DME RT
 DM-441B              066-1107-99                 BENDIX/KING DME RT
 DM-441B              3614019-4401                BENDIX/KING DME RT
 DM-441B              3614019-4402                BENDIX/KING DME RT
 DM-441B              3614019-4403                BENDIX/KING DME RT
 DM-441B              3614019-4404                BENDIX/KING DME RT
 DM-441B              3614019-4405                BENDIX/KING DME RT
 DM-441B              3614019-4419                BENDIX/KING DME RT
 DM1601354            DM1601354-001               DORNE & MARGOLIN L BAND ANT
 DM1604354            DM1601354                   DORNE & MARGOLIN L BAND ANT
 DM2031A              4000985-3101                BENDIX DME RT
 DM253                DM253                       TEKTRONIX RC METER
 DM3                                              DARE MKR REC
 DM4000A              DM4000A                     AW SPERRY METER
 DM44                 DM44                        TEKTRONIX MULTIMETER
 DM45                 DM45                        BECKMAN DVM
 DM501A               DM501A                      TEKTRONIX MULTIMETER
 DM502                DM502                       TEKTRONIX GENERATOR
 DM64                 DM64                        TELEQUIP OSCOPE
 DM74                 DM74                        ECG METER
 DM78A                DM78A                       WAVETEK METER
 DMA-37A              2041167-3701                BENDIX DME RT
 DMA-37A              2041167-3702                BENDIX DME RT
 DMA-37A              2041167-3703                BENDIX DME RT
 DMA-37A              2041167-3704                BENDIX DME RT
 DMA-37A              2041167-3705                BENDIX DME RT
 DMA-37A              2041167-3706                BENDIX DME RT
 DMA-37A              2041167-3707                BENDIX DME RT
 DMA-37A              2041167-3709                BENDIX DME RT
 DMA-37A SUBASSY      2040342-0502                BENDIX FAULT MEM BD
 DMC-119              DMC119                      DORNE & MARGOLIN UHF COM ANT
 DMC-50-2             DMC-50-2                    DORNE & MARGOLIN VHF COMM ANTENNA
 DMC180-1-1           DMC180-1-1                  DORNE & MARGOLIN VHF COM ANT
 DMC50-1              DMC50-1                     DORNE & MARGOLIN VHF ANT
 DMC50-11/A           DMC50-11/A                  DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMC50-17             DMC50-17                    DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMC50-17-4           DMC50-17-4                  D & M ANTENNA
 DMC50-17/A           DMC50-17/A                  DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMC50-2              DMC50-2                     DORNE & MARGOLIN VHF COMM ANTENNA
 DMC50-22-1           DMC50-22-1                  DORNE & MARGOLIN ANT
 DMC50-2S             DMC50-2S                    DORNE & MARGOLIN ANT
 DMC50-3              DMC50-3                     DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMC50-3/B            DMC50-3/B                   DORNE & MARGOLIN ANT
 DMC57-1              DMC57-1                     DORNE & MARGOLIN ANT
 DMC60-1              DMC60-1                     DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMC60-17             DMC60-17                    DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMC60-17-1           DMC60-17-1                  DORNE & MARGOLIN ANT
 DMC60-2              DMC60-2                     DORNE & MARGOLIN COMM ANT
 DMC60-3              DMC60-3                     DORNE & MARGOLIN VHF COMM ANT
 DMC60-4              DMC60-4                     DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMC63-1/A            DMC63-1/A                   DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMC63-2              DMC63-2                     DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMC63-3/A            DMC63-3/A                   DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMC63-4              DMC63-4                     DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMC63-4/A            DMC63-4/A                   DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA

                                                        PAGE: 167
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 DMC7-3               DMC7-3                      DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMC70-1/A            DMC70-1/A                   DORNE & MARGOLIN VHF COMM ANT
 DMC70-3              DMC70-3                     DORNE & MARGOLIN VHF COMM ANT
 DMC70-4              DMC70-4                     DORNE & MARGOLIN VHF COMM ANT
 DMC70-6              DMC70-6                     DORNE & MARGOLIN VHF COMM ANT
 DMC70-9              DMC70-9                     DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMCNI22-1            DMCNI22-1                   DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMCNI22-14-1         DMCNI22-14-1                DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMCNI22-15-1         DMCNI22-15-1                DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMCNI22-16-1         DMCNI22-16-1                DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMCNI22-4            DMCNI22-4                   DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMCNI22-5            DMCNI22-5                   DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMCNI22-9-1          DMCNI22-9-1                 DORNE & MARGOLIN ANT
 DMCNI8-11/A          DMCNI8-11/A                 DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMCNI8-11/A-1        DMCNI8-11/A-1               AIL SYSTEMS UHF/L BAND ANT
 DMCNI8-11/A-2        DMCNI8-11/A-2               AIL SYSTEMS UHF/LBAND ANT
 DMCNI8-9             AS-2628A/A                  AIL SYSTEMS UHF ANT
 DME-40               622-1233-001                COLLINS DME
 DME-40               622-1233-003                COLLINS DME
 DME-40 SUB ASSY      621-6000-001                COLLINS A4 BOARD
 DME-40 SUBASSY       618-3725-001                COLLINS BOARD
 DME-40 SUBASSY       618-3813-002                COLLINS A3 BOARD
 DME-40 SUBASSY       618-3814-001                COLLINS A5 CTL BD
 DME-40 SUBASSY       618-3826-001                COLLINS A9 BOARD
 DME-40 SUBASSY       618-3831-002                COLLINS IF AMP
 DME-40 SUBASSY       621-0569-001                COLLINS RF ASSY
 DME-40 SUBASSY       621-0663-001                COLLINS RF ASSY
 DME-40 SUBASSY       621-0664-001                COLLINS XMTR
 DME-40 SUBASSY       622-0569-001                COLLINS MODULE
 DME-40A              622-3177-001                COLLINS DME
 DME-42               622-6263-001                **COLLINS DME
 DME-42               622-6263-002                **COLLINS DME
 DME-42               622-6263-003                **COLLINS DME
 DME-42 SUBASSY       634-2876-001                COLLINS XMTR ASSY
 DME-42 SUBASSY       634-2882-001                COLLINS RCVR
 DME-42 SUBASSY       647-6675-001                COLLINS MOD BD
 DME-42 SUBASSY       647-6678-006                COLLINS A4 PROCESSOR BD
 DME-42 SUBASSY       647-6679-001                COLLINS A5 DME CARD
 DME-442              622-7309-001                COLLINS DME
 DME-442              622-7309-101                COLLINS DME
 DME-700              622-4540-001                **COLLINS DME
 DME-700              622-4540-002                **COLLINS DME
 DME-700              622-4540-020                **COLLINS DME
 DME-700              622-4540-021                **COLLINS DME
 DME-700              622-4540-022                **COLLINS DME
 DME-700              622-4540-023                **COLLINS DME
 DME-700              622-4540-120                **COLLINS DME
 DME-700              622-4540-121                **COLLINS DME
 DME-700              622-4540-122                **COLLINS DME
 DME-900              822-0329-001                COLLINS DME RT
 DME-900              822-0329-020                COLLINS DME RT
 DME-900              822-0329-021                COLLINS DME RT
 DME-900              822-0329-022                COLLINS DME RT
 DME-900              822-0329-220                COLLINS DME RT
 DME1                 DME1                        KUSTOM TEST SET
 DME331               01-0331-00                  JC AIR/KUSTOM DME RAMP TESTER
 DMM51                DMM51                       CI MULTIMETER
 DMN25-1              DMN25-1                     DORNE & MARGOLIN ANT
 DMN25-2              DMN25-2                     DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMN25-3/AT-983       DMN25-3/AT-983              DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMN27-1A             DMN27-1A                    DORNE & MARGOLIN ANT
 DMN27-2              DMN27-2                     DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA MB
 DMN27-3              DMN27-3                     DORNE & MARGOLIN MB ANTENNA
 DMN4-15-1/E          DMN4-15-1/E                 DORNE & MARGOLIN ANT
 DMN4-15-3            DMN4-15-3                   DORNE & MARGOLIN ANT
 DMN4-15-3/B          DMN4-15-3/B                 DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMN4-15-3/D          DMN4-15-3/D                 DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMN4-17-1/A          DMN4-17-1/A                 DORNE & MARGOLIN ANT
 DMN4-17-1/F          DMN4-17-1/F                 DORNE & MARGOLIN VOR ANT

                                                        PAGE: 168
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 DMN4-17-1/N          DMN4-17-1/N                 DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMN4-17-1/P          DMN4-17-1/P                 DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMN4-26              DMN4-26                     DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMN4-33              DMN4-33                     DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMN4-33-3            DMN4-33-3                   DORNE & MARGOLIN ANT
 DMN4-4               DMN4-4                      DORNE & MARGOLIN NAV ANT
 DMN4-4-1             DMN4-4-1                    DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMN4-45-3            DMN4-45-3                   DORNE & MARGOLIN VOR/LOC ANT
 DMN4-45-3/A          DMN4-45-3/A                 DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMN4-45-3/B          DMN4-45-3/B                 DORNE & MARGOLIN VOR/LOC ANT
 DMN4-7               DMN4-7                      DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMN4-7-3             DMN4-7-3                    DORNE & MARGOLIN ANT
 DMN4-7-5             DMN4-7-5                    DORNE & MARGOLIN ANT
 DMN4-8               DMN4-8                      DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMN41-1              DMN41-1                     DORNE & MARGOLIN G/S ANTENNA
 DMN43-1              DMN43-1                     DORNE & MARGOLIN MARKER/BEACON ANTENNA
 DMN43-4              DMN43-4                     DORNE & MARGOLIN mb ant
 DMN50-4              DMN50-4                     DORNE & MARGOLIN L BAND ANT
 DMNI-7               DMNI-7                      DORNE & MARGOLIN ANT
 DMNI-9               DMNI-9                      DORNE & MARGOLIN L BLADE ANT
 DMNI24               DMNI24                      DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMNI24-10            DMNI24-10                   DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMNI24-11            DMNI24-11                   DORNE & MARGOLIN L BLADE ANT
 DMNI24-14            DMNI24-14                   DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMNI24-15            DMNI24-15                   DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMNI24-19-1          DMNI24-19-1                 DORNE & MARGOLIN L BAND ANT
 DMNI24-19-2          DMNI24-19-2                 DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMNI24-2             DMNI24-2                    DORNE & MARGOLIN L BLADE ANT
 DMNI24-23            DMNI24-23                   DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMNI24-4             DMNI24-4                    DORNE & MARGOLIN L BLADE ANTENNA
 DMNI24-5             DMNI24-5                    DORNE & MARGOLIN L BLADE ANT
 DMNI24-6             DMNI24-6                    DORNE & MARGOLIN L BLADE ANT
 DMNI24-7             DMNI24-7                    DORNE & MARGOLIN L BLADE ANT
 DMNI29               DMNI29                      DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMNI29-10            DMNI29-10                   DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMNI29-11            DMNI29-11                   DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMNI29-12            DMNI29-12                   DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMNI29-13            DMNI29-13                   DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMNI29-14            DMNI29-14                   DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMNI29-17            DMNI29-17                   DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMNI29-18-1          DMNI29-18-1                 DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMNI29-2             DMNI29-2                    DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMNI29-3             DMNI29-3                    DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMNI29-6             DMNI29-6                    DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMNI29-7/A           DMNI29-7/A                  DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMNI29-9             DMNI29-9                    DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMNI49-3             DMNI49-3                    DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMNI50-10            DMNI50-10                   DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMNI50-10-2          DMNI50-10-2                 DORNE & MARGOLIN L BAND ANT
 DMNI50-15            DMNI50-15                   DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMNI50-16            DMNI50-16                   DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMNI50-19            DMNI50-19                   DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMNI50-2             DMNI50-2                    DORNE & MARGOLIN ANT
 DMNI50-2-1           DMNI50-2-1                  DORNE & MARGOLIN ANT
 DMNI50-2-2           DMNI50-2-2                  DORNE & MARGOLIN ANT
 DMNI50-3-2           DMNI50-3-2                  DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENA
 DMNI50-4             DMNI50-4                    DORNE & MARGOLIN ANT
 DMNI50-4-2           DMNI50-4-2                  DORNE & MARGOLIN ANT
 DMNI50-6             DMNI50-6                    DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMNI50-8             DMNI50-8                    DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMNI50-9             DMNI50-9                    DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMNI503              DMNI503                     DORNE & MARGOLIN ANT
 DMNI52-1             DMNI52-1                    DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMNI70-1             DMNI70-1                    DORNE & MARGOLIN L BAND ANT
 DMNI70-2             DMNI70-2                    DORNE & MARGOLIN ANT
 DMPN19-1-1           DMPN19-1-1                  DORNE & MARGOLIN RAD ALT ANT
 DMPN19-2-1           DMPN19-2-1                  DORNE & MARGOLIN RAD ALT ANT
 DMPN3-12/A           DMPN3-12/A                  DORNE & MARGOLIN RAD ALT ANT
 DMPN3-14             DMPN3-14                    DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA

                                                        PAGE: 169
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 DMPN3-15             DMPN3-15                    DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMPN3-3/A            013-1885-010                DORNE & MARGOLIN RAD ALT ANT
 DMPN3-3/A            DMPN3-3/A                   DORNE & MARGOLIN ANT RADIO ALT
 DMPN3-3/B            DMPN3-3/B                   DORNE & MARGOLIN ANT RADIO ALT
 DMPN3-37/A           DMPN3-37/A                  DORNE & MARGOLIN ANT
 DMPN3-4/A            013-1885-020                DORNE & MARGOLIN RAD ALT ANT
 DMPN3-4/A            DMPN3-4/A                   DORNE & MARGOLIN ANT RADIO ALT
 DMPN3-4/B            DMPN3-4/B                   DORNE & MARGOLIN ANT RADIO ALT
 DMPN3-5/A            DMPN3-5/A                   DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMPN3-6/B            DMPN3-6/B                   DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMPN3-6/D            DMPN3-6/D                   DORNE & MARGOLIN ANT RADIO ALT
 DMQ18-1/A            DMQ18-1/A                   DORNE & MARGOLIN ANTENNA
 DMQ18-2              DMQ18-2                     D & M ANT
 DMT-37A              2041594-3701                BENDIX TEST SET
 DMT37A               01-0896-00                  JC AIR DME TEST SET
 DNC-1                2593379-001                 SPERRY DUAL REMOTE COMP
 DNC-1                2593379-2                   SPERRY DUAL REMOTE COMP
 DO92                 50-171111NDND1              GE METER
 DP1311-10K           DP1311-10K                  TEGAM DECADE RES
 DP501                DP501                       TEKTRONIX PRESCALER
 DPI601               DPI601                      DRUCK DIGITAL CAL
 DPPH200              DPPH200                     CHATILLON PULL TESTER
 DPS350               101-01170                   BARFIELD PITOT STATIC
 DPS400               101-01180                   BARFIELD TEST SET
 DPT712               622-6828-021                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 DR1                  DR1                         CHARGER ANZR
 DRA707               110-0430-100                ATLANTIS TEST
 DRC-1                2593379-001                 SPERRY DUAL REMORE COMPENSATOR
 DRC-1                2593379-2                   SPERRY DUAL REMOTE COMP
 DRI-55               622-4160-001                COLLINS RAD ALT IND
 DRI-55               622-4160-002                COLLINS RAD ALT IND
 DRI-55               622-4160-003                COLLINS RAD ALT IND
 DRI-55               622-4160-004                COLLINS RAD ALT IND
 DRI-55               622-4160-005                COLLINS RAD ALT IND
 DRI-55               622-4160-006                COLLINS RAD ALT IND
 DRI-55               622-4160-007                COLLINS RAD ALT IND
 DRI-55               622-4160-008                COLLINS RAD ALT IND
 DRI-55               622-4160-011                COLLINS RAD ALT IND
 DRI-55               622-4160-012                COLLINS RAD ALT IND
 DRI-55               622-4160-013                COLLINS RAD ALT IND
 DRI-55               622-4160-014                COLLINS RAD ALT IND
 DRI-55               622-4160-015                COLLINS RAD ALT IND
 DRI-55               622-4160-016                COLLINS RAD ALT IND
 DRI-55               622-4160-017                COLLINS RAD ALT IND
 DRI-55               622-4160-018                COLLINS RAD ALT IND
 DS0400               DS0400                      GOULD OSCOPE
 DS109                DS109                       WEINSCHEL DOUBLE STUB TUNER
 DSA-220              622-6472-001                COLLINS ADP
 DSA-220              622-6472-002                COLLINS ADP
 DSD7-101D2           DSD7-101D2                  BOWMAR DIAL ASSEMBLY, DUAL
 DSD7-101D4           DSD7-101D4                  BOWMAR DIAL, CONTROL
 DSD7-138D            0738586-08                  BOWMAR RESOLVER
 DSD7-138D            DSD7-138D                   BOWMAR RESOLVER
 DSD7-138D-4          0738586-06                  BOWMAR RESOLVER
 DSD7-139D            0738586-08                  BOWMAR TRANSMITTER
 DSD7-151D            713302-1                    BOWMAR DUAL SPEED DRIVE
 DSD7-169D-2          DSD7-169D-2                 BOWMAR SPEED DRIVE
 DSD7169D2            028-00030-000               BOWMAR DS DRIVE
 DSD7169D2            028-0030-000                BOWMAR DS DRIVE
 DSD7169D2            050-01571-0001              BOWMAR DS DRIVE
 DSU                  DSU                         BECKMAN DATA STORAGE UNIT
 DT-1531A             262-0441-020                COLLINS INDICATOR, DIGITAL DISPLAY
 DT-8850              DT-8850                     CEM SOUND LEVEL MTR
 DT200                01-1400-00                  BFG DATATRAC
 DT400                DT400                       BFG DATATRAC
 DT400H               01-1404-00-PN               JC AIR ARINC 429 DATA BUS
 DTP-702              622-5457-001                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 DTP-712              622-6828-001                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 DTP-712              622-6828-011                COLLINS XPDR CTL

                                                        PAGE: 170
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 DTP-712              622-6828-022                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 DTP-722              622-8594-001                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 DTP-722              622-8594-011                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 DTP-722              622-8594-021                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 DTP-722              622-8594-022                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 DTP-722              622-8594-023                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 DTP-722              622-8594-101                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 DTP-722              622-8594-111                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 DTP-722              622-8594-121                COLLINS XPDR CTL
 DTS-101A             DTS-101A                    REPUBLIC TACAN BEACON SIM
 DTS-101C             424300-001                  REPUBLIC TACAN BEACON SIM
 DTS101AM             DTS101AM                    REPUBLIC TACAN TEST SET
 DTS102               95750-424190-001            REPUBLIC TACAN TEST
 DV411A               DV411A                      ELECTRO RESISTOR, DECADE
 DVM37                DVM37                       SENCORE VOLT METER
 E03-355C             E03-355C                    HP ATTN
 E105                 E105                        ALFRED VAR ATTEN
 E1050                E1050                       ACE METER
 E2373A               E2373A                      HP MULTIMETER
 E2377A               E2377A                      HP MULTIMETER
 E310                 E310                        PRECISION WAVE GEN
 E4412A               E4412A                      AGILENT PWR SENSOR
 E4417A               E4417A                      AGILENT PWR METER
 E9300B               E9300B                      AGILENT PWR SENSOR
 E9301B               E9301B                      AGILENT PWR SENSOR
 E9327A               E9327A                      AGILENT PWR SENSOR
 EA401A               42540-2114                  ARC ENC ALT
 EA401A               42540-2128                  ARC ENC ALT
 EA401A               42540-3114                  ARC ENC ALT
 EA401A               42540-3128                  ARC ENC ALT
 EA401A               42540-3214                  ARC ENC ALT
 EA401A               42540-3228                  ARC ENC ALT
 EA401A               42540-5228                  ARC ENC ALT
 EA401A               42540-6114                  ARC ENC ALT
 EA401A               42540-6128                  ARC ENC ALT
 EA401A               42540-6228                  ARC ENC ALT
 EA801A               43300-6128                  ARC ENC ALT
 EA801A               43300-6228                  ARC ENC ALT
 EA801A               EA801A                      ARC ENC ALT
 EEDM503A             EEDM503A                    BLUE-POINT DIGITAL MULTIMETER
 EJ109                EJ109                       EDMO FREQ COUNTER
 ELD1                 ELD1                        ASI TEST SET
 ELP-362D             001722                      BENTHOS BEACON
 ELT10-209-2          ELT10-209-2                 DAYTON GRANGER ELT ANTENNA
 ELT10-214-2          ELT10-214-2                 DAYTON-GRANGER ELT ANT
 EMB10-14             EMB10-14                    DAYTON-GRANGER MB ANT
 ET23                 ET23                        FLUKE METER
 ET73                 ET73                        FLUKE METER
 ET77                 CNAF024                     FLUKE METER
 EU30A                EU30A                       DECADE RES
 F4684-50             F4684-50                    ARRA ATTN
 F9                   4007263-0524                BENDIX CAL BOARD
 FB30                 FB30                        IMADA SPRING TESTER
 FC150U               FC150U                      LG PRECISION CTR
 FC221                FC221                       SENCORE CAPACITANCE-INDUCTANCE, STANDARD
 FC45                 FC45                        SENCORE COUNTER
 FC7051               FC7051                      FREQ SCOPE
 FC71                 FC71                        SENCORE COUNTER
 FCP-65               622-5798-001                COLLINS FLT CTL PNL
 FCP-65               622-5798-002                COLLINS FLT CTL PNL
 FCP-65               622-5798-003                COLLINS FLT CTL PNL
 FCP-65               622-5798-004                COLLINS FLT CTL PNL
 FCP-65               622-5798-005                COLLINS FLT CTL PNL
 FCP-65               622-5798-006                COLLINS FLT CTL PNL
 FCP-65               622-5798-007                COLLINS FLT CTL PNL
 FCP-65               622-5798-008                COLLINS FLT CTL PNL
 FCP-65               622-5798-009                COLLINS FLT CTL PNL
 FCP-65               622-5798-010                COLLINS FLT CTL PNL
 FCP-65               622-5798-011                COLLINS FLT CTL PNL

                                                        PAGE: 171
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 FCP-65               622-5798-012                COLLINS FLT CTL PNL
 FCP-65               622-5798-013                COLLINS FLT CTL PNL
 FCP-65               622-5798-014                COLLINS FLT CTL PNL
 FCP-65               622-5798-015                COLLINS FLT CTL PNL
 FCP-65               622-5798-017                COLLINS FLT CTL PNL
 FCP-65               622-5798-018                COLLINS FLT CTL PNL
 FCP-65               622-5798-019                COLLINS FLT CTL PNL
 FCP-65               622-5798-020                COLLINS FLT CTL PNL
 FCP-65               622-5798-021                COLLINS FLT CTL PNL
 FCP-65               622-5798-022                COLLINS FLT CTL PNL
 FCP-65               622-5798-023                COLLINS FLT CTL PNL
 FCP-65               622-5798-024                COLLINS FLT CTL PNL
 FCP-65               622-5798-025                COLLINS FLT CTL PNL
 FCP-65               622-5798-026                COLLINS FLT CTL PNL
 FCP-65               622-5798-027                COLLINS FLT CTL PNL
 FCP-65               622-5798-028                COLLINS FLT CTL PNL
 FCP-65               622-5798-029                COLLINS FLT CTL PNL
 FCP-65A              622-5953-002                COLLINS FLT CTL PNL
 FCP-65A              622-5953-003                COLLINS FLT CTL PNL
 FCP-65A              622-5953-004                COLLINS FLT CTL PNL
 FCP65A               622-5953-001                COLLINS FLT CTL PNL
 FD-108               522-3103-000                COLLINS FD SYSTEM
 FD-112A              622-0213-001                COLLINS FD IND
 FD-112B              622-0214-001                COLLINS FD IND
 FD-112C              622-0757-001                COLLINS FD IND
 FD-112C              622-0757-002                COLLINS FDI
 FD-112C              622-0757-003                COLLINS FDI
 FD-112V              622-1352-001                COLLINS FD IND
 FD-112V              622-1352-002                COLLINS FD IND
 FD-112V              622-1352-003                COLLINS FDI
 FD-112V              622-1352-004                COLLINS FDI
 FD-112V              622-1352-005                COLLINS FD IND
 FD-112V              622-1352-006                COLLINS FDI
 FD-112V              622-1352-007                COLLINS FDI
 FD-112V              622-1352-008                COLLINS FDI
 FDU-70               622-5812-001                COLLINS FLUX DET
 FDU-70               622-5812-002                COLLINS FLUX DET
 FDU-70               622-5812-003                COLLINS FLUX DET
 FDU-70               622-5812-004                COLLINS FLUX DET
 FDU-70               622-5812-005                COLLINS FLUX DET
 FDU-70               622-5812-006                COLLINS FLUX DET
 FDU-70A              622-8154-001                COLLINS FLUX DET
 FDU-70A              622-8154-002                COLLINS FLUX DET
 FDU-70A              622-8154-003                COLLINS FLUX DET
 FG3B                 FG3B                        WAVETEK SWEEP GEN
 FG501                FG501                       TEKTRONIX FUNC GEN
 FG501A               FG501A                      TEKTRONIX FUNCTION GEN
 FG502                FG502                       TEKTRONIX GENERATOR
 FG504                FG504                       TEKTRONIX GENERATOR
 FGC-65               622-5952-001                **COLLINS COMP
 FGC-65               622-5952-020                **COLLINS COMP
 FGC-65               622-5952-099                **COLLINS COMPUTER
 FGC-65               622-5952-120                **COLLINS FG COMP
 FGC-65C              622-8778-003                **COLLINS COMP
 FGC-80               622-2256-002                COLLINS COMP
 FGC-80               622-2256-003                COLLINS COMP
 FGC-80               622-2256-004                COLLINS COMP
 FGC-80               622-2256-007                COLLINS COMP
 FGC-80               622-2256-066                COLLINS COMP
 FGC-80A              622-3104-001                COLLINS COMP
 FGC-80B              622-3106-001                COLLINS COMP
 FGC-80B              622-3106-002                COLLINS COMP
 FGC-80B              622-3106-003                COLLINS MODE ANNUN
 FGC-80B              622-3106-004                COLLINS COMP
 FGC-80B              622-3106-006                COLLINS COMP
 FGC-80B              622-3106-007                COLLINS COMP
 FGC-80B              622-3106-009                COLLINS COMP
 FGC-80F              622-5224-001                COLLINS COMP
 FGC-80F              622-5224-002                COLLINS COMP

                                                        PAGE: 172
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 FGC-80F              622-5224-003                COLLINS COMP
 FGC-80F              622-5224-004                COLLINS COMP
 FGC-80F              622-5224-005                COLLINS COMP
 FGC-80F              622-5224-006                COLLINS COMP
 FGC-80F              622-5224-007                COLLINS COMP
 FGC-80F              622-5224-009                COLLINS COMP
 FGC-80F              622-5224-010                COLLINS COMP
 FGC-80F              622-5224-012                COLLINS COMP
 FGC-80F              622-5224-013                COLLINS COMP
 FGC-80F              622-5224-014                COLLINS COMP
 FGC-80F              622-5224-015                COLLINS COMP
 FGC-80F              622-5224-016                COLLINS COMP
 FGC-80F              622-5224-017                COLLINS COMP
 FGC-80F              622-5224-018                COLLINS COMP
 FGC-80F              622-5224-019                COLLINS COMP
 FGC-80F              622-5224-021                COLLINS COMP
 FGC-80F              622-5224-023                COLLINS COMP
 FGC-80F              622-5224-024                COLLINS COMP
 FGC-80F              622-5224-105                COLLINS COMP
 FGC-80G              622-8630-002                COLLINS COMP
 FGC-80M              622-3896-001                COLLINS COMP
 FGP-80               622-2313-001                COLLINS FG COMP
 FGP-80               622-2313-002                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-003                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-004                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-005                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-006                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-007                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-008                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-009                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-010                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-011                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-012                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-013                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-014                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-015                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-016                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-017                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-018                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-019                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-020                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-021                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-022                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-023                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-024                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-025                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-026                COLLINS FG PANEL
 FGP-80               622-2313-027                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-028                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-029                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-030                COLLINS FG PANEL
 FGP-80               622-2313-031                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-032                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-033                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-034                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-035                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-036                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-037                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-038                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-039                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-040                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-041                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-042                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-043                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-044                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-045                COLLINS FG PANEL
 FGP-80               622-2313-046                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-047                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-048                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE

                                                        PAGE: 173
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 FGP-80               622-2313-049                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-050                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-051                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-052                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-053                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-054                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-055                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-056                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-057                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-058                COLLINS FG PANEL
 FGP-80               622-2313-059                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-060                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-061                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-062                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-063                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-064                COLLINS FG PANEL
 FGP-80               622-2313-065                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-066                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-067                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-068                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-069                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-070                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-071                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-072                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-073                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-074                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-075                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-076                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-077                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-078                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-079                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-080                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-081                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-082                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-083                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-084                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-085                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-086                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-087                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-088                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-089                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-090                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-091                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-092                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-093                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-094                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-095                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-096                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-097                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-098                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-100                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-101                COLLINS FLIGHT GUIDANCE
 FGP-80               622-2313-102                COLLINS FG PANEL
 FGP-80M              622-3897-001                COLLINS FG PANEL
 FGP-81               622-2265-002                COLLINS FG PANEL
 FGP-81               622-2265-003                COLLINS FG PANEL
 FGP-81               622-2265-004                COLLINS FG PANEL
 FGP-81               622-2265-005                COLLINS FG PANEL
 FGP-81               622-2265-006                COLLINS FG PANEL
 FGP-81               622-2265-007                COLLINS FG PANEL
 FGP-81               622-2265-008                COLLINS FG PANEL
 FGP-81               622-2265-009                COLLINS FG PANEL
 FGP-81               622-2265-010                COLLINS FG PANEL
 FGP-81               622-2265-011                COLLINS FG PANEL
 FGP-81               622-2265-012                COLLINS FG PANEL
 FGP-81               622-2265-013                COLLINS FG PANEL
 FGP-81               622-2265-014                COLLINS FG PANEL
 FGP-81               622-2265-015                COLLINS FG PANEL
 FGP-81               622-2265-017                COLLINS FG PANEL

                                                        PAGE: 174
MODEL                 PART NO                    DESCRIPTION
 FGP-81               622-2265-018                COLLINS FG PANEL
 FGP-81               622-2265-019                COLLINS FG PANEL
 FGP-81               622-2265-020                COLLINS FG PANEL
 FGP-81               622-2265-021                COLLINS FG PANEL
 FGP-81               622-2265-022                COLLINS FG PANEL
 FGP-81               622-2265-023                COLLINS FG PANEL
 FGP-81               622-2265-024                COLLINS FG PANEL
 FGP-81               622-2265-025                COLLINS FG PANEL
 FGP-81               622-2265-026                COLLINS FG PANEL
 FGP-81               622-2265-027                COLLINS FG PANEL
 FGP-81               622-2265-029                COLLINS FG PANEL
 FGP-81               622-2265-030                COLLINS FG PANEL
 FGP-81               622-2265-031                COLLINS FG PANEL
 FGP-81               622-2265-032