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					What are purchasing cards?
Purchasing Cards (P-cards) are a special type of charge card. These cards and their transaction
reporting software typically possess more features, capabilities, and controls than standard consumer
credit or charge cards. Purchase cards are being adopted to improve the efficiency, lower the cost and
decrease the time associated with the handling of purchase orders.

Who uses purchasing cards?
P-cards are issued to large corporations and government agencies to support business-to-business and
business-to-government credit card transactions. Purchasing cards are issued to authorized employees
(cardholders) to permit them to place orders and make payments directly and efficiently with merchants.

How do my customers benefit from Level-3 processing?
Much like a detailed invoice, Level-3 line-item detail defines "what" is being purchased and combines that
information with the payment transaction and delivers it seamlessly and electronically to your customer.
Level-3 line item detail provides specific purchase information such as item description, quantity, unit-of-
measure, price and sales tax information, combined with detailed merchant establishment information
and cardholder information. Level-3 information contrasts with the basic data that appears on a Level-1
consumer credit card statement - which consists of only the transaction date, dollar amount, merchant
name, and city/state. This information is very useful to your purchasing card customers to help them
streamline accounting, merge purchase data with electronic procurement systems and accurately
manage transactions with the least amount of costly manual intervention. This saves your customers
money and increases the value of making purchases from you versus other suppliers not providing Level-
3 detail.

How do I benefit from Level-3 processing?
   • Improves profitability by reducing payment time from 30-60 days on an invoice to 2-3 days for
      electronic payment. Faster payments reduce your cost of floating funds until payments are
   • Electronic authorization and payment processing reduces your collection expenses of sending
      and tracking invoices and posting payments.
   • Increases the value you deliver to your existing and prospective customers. Level-3 may even be
      a requirement for certain government agencies.
   • Savings – MasterCard and Visa have created special rates to support Purchase Card programs
      by reducing the supplier's transaction costs if Level-3 line item detail information is transmitted
      with the financial settlement. By providing Level-3 data, a supplier may reduce their credit card
      processing fees – often by 30% to 60%. Level-3 card processing with Vantage qualifies your
      company for a lower interchange rate that will save a considerable amount on processing fees

How do I know if I am accepting purchasing cards?
Vantage can help you determine if you are accepting purchasing cards by analyzing the first six digits of
the credit card account numbers you accept for payment.

How can I determine the cost savings my company could generate by switching to a Vantage
Level 3 merchant account?
Vantage offers a free professional review of your existing account. We will provide you with a written
analysis, savings projections and implementation options. Simply provide your most recent available
merchant bankcard statement and a list of credit card account numbers. For security purposes please
only include the first 6 digits. Then fax it to (770) 928-9328, attention: Steve Duby.

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