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					Punch It Quick Start Guide
Note: Due to version changes, your screens in Punch It may not look exactly like these.

Welcome to Punch It. To get started, you need only complete a few simple steps. While there is
much more to Punch It, the following will get you started punching in and out.

Step One - Open Punch It. This is the main menu screen. By default, it displays the Punch It logo, but you can
change this in the preferences area.

Step Two - Navigate to the Admin Area. To do this, click the “admin” button. You will be prompted to enter an
administrative password. Since you havenʼt created one yet, leave it blank.
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Admin Area
This is the Admin Area. As the administrator, you will be able to add employees, edit punches, change preferences, etc.
For now, we simply need to enter employees.

Step Three - Add Employees. Click on the “Employees” button shown below.

Next, click the “New” button to add a new employee.

Then, just enter the details of the employee. Each employee needs a unique employee number, which is entered by you
on this screen. You will also assign an employee password, which will be used by the employee when accessing their
time card. You can also add an employee photo on this screen.

When finished, click the “Menu” button to return to the main menu.
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Step Four - Punch It! Click on the “log in” button.


      1                                                            2

1. Click the “punch it” button to punch in. Click it again to punch out. Punch data is logged below when a
   punch is completed.

2. Click the “lunch” button to begin a lunch punch. If the employee is on the clock, this will take them off then
   clock, then start a new lunch punch. Clicking it again will end the lunch punch, but will not put them back on
   the clock. Instead, try clicking the “punch it” button again, which will end the lunch punch and put the
   employee back on the clock all in one step!

3. When the employee is done working with the time card, then just click the “log out” button, which returns
   Punch It to the main menu. From there, itʼs ready for the next employee to punch in.
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Setting up preferences
Punch It was designed to work the way you want it to work. By setting preferences, you can customize how your
employees will interact with Punch It, how Punch It handles overtime, and much more.

To set up preferences, do the following...

Click “admin” from the main menu

Click “preferences” from the Admin Area

You will then see the preferences area, which is divided into 4 tabs.
Letʼs look at each one.

General Preferences

Admin password - Enter the admin password you want to use when accessing the admin area. This should be
something you know but your employees donʼt.

Unlock Code - After purchasing Punch It, youʼll receive an unlock code via email. Copy that unlock code and paste it
into this box and click the “Validate” button. This will unlock Punch It into either the Standard or Professional version.
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Punching Preferences

Use Barcode / Quick Punch - Choosing yes will enable quick punch mode. In this mode, the employee need only enter
their employee number and hit enter. They can also use a barcode reader to scan their ID card, which can be printed
from the employees screen.

Scanning barcode takes you to your current timecard - Choosing yes with quick punch mode enabled will route the
employee to their timecard when they enter their employee number by hand or via barcode reader. Choosing no with
quick punch enabled will punch the employee in without routing them to their timecard. If they are already on the clock,
they will be punched out.

Require password to access reports - Choosing yes will require the user to know the admin password in order to
access the print screen, where most reports are generated.

Day your work week starts on - Select the day your work week begins. Most begin on Sunday or Monday, but it can
begin on any day of the week.

Current week of the year - This is a non modifiable preference

Round punches to the nearest... - Here you have two choice...”Donʼt Round” which records punch data in real time
down to the second. “Quarter Hour” will round each punch to the nearest quarter hour.
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Overtime Preferences

Calculate Daily Single Overtime - Some states require that employees be given overtime pay for any hours over a
certain amount worked in a single day. This is regardless of how many hours the employee works for the week. If you
need this calculated, choose yes.

Daily Single Overtime Starts at... - With daily overtime enabled, this is the amount of hours at which Punch It will begin
calculating daily single overtime. For instance, if you need to pay overtime for anything over 8 hours, enter 8 here.

Calculate Daily Double Overtime - As with daily single overtime, some states require that double overtime be paid for
any hours above a certain amount. If you need this calculated, choose yes.

Daily Double Overtime Starts at... - If you are required to pay double overtime once an employee exceed 12 hours in a
day, enter 12.

Weekly Overtime Starts at... - This is the amount of regular hours that must be reached before an employee begins
earning weekly (traditional) overtime. A traditional week is normally 40 hours. Anything over 40 hours for the week is
calculated as overtime.
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Company Preferences

Company Logo - If you would like your company logo to appear on the main menu screen in place of the Punch It log,
click on the logo, then when prompted choose your logo art file. The art file should be “.jpg”, “.png”, “.bmp” or “.gif” format
and be sized to 370 pixels wide by 175 pixels high maximum.

Company Info - Enter your company information here.

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