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Andrea Packard ’07                              As a psychology major at Connecticut College you’ll study clinical, social
Psychology                                      and experimental psychology. You’ll also develop a strong foundation of
                                                research skills. Classes are interactive and hands-on, and you’ll get to know
               Q: What drew you to
                                                your professors well. There are many opportunities to learn outside the
               A: I ultimately majored          classroom through internships at local social services agencies and mental
               in psychology because it         health institutions. The psychology department offers more than 35 courses.
               really hit a chord for me        This broad selection reflects the diverse scholarly interests of our faculty,
               personally. The department       from children’s mental health to behavioral neuroscience and environmental
has a good range of classes and faculty
members. There’s a camaraderie among
                                                psychology. The department also administers two interdisciplinary majors:
the students — maybe it’s from all the          behavioral neuroscience and psychology-based human relations. Many of our
crazy research projects we participate in       majors are accepted into top psychology graduate programs, whereas others
together!                                       establish careers in business, education, law, human services, nonprofits,
                                                medicine and other health-related fields.
Q: What classes interested you most?
A: Psychology of Women and Industrial/
Organizational Psychology have been             Individualized Study
especially pertinent since I started working.
In my junior year, I joined Professor           You’ll be encouraged to develop your own research interests, which may
Devlin’s research group. We looked at the       culminate in a senior honors thesis or an individual study with a professor.
relationship between the presence of office     Most faculty members host weekly or biweekly research groups discussing a
status symbols such as diplomas and
certificates, and people’s impressions of a
                                                wide range of research topics, from developmental psychopathology to feminist
therapist’s personal traits.                    psychology and personality and clinical research. You might use the group
                                                for feedback as you develop a research proposal, or you might be invited to
Q: Did you study abroad?                        help with a faculty research project or collaborate with other students. The
A: I majored in art and earned a certificate
                                                groups foster close student-faculty relationships in psychology. The psychology
from the Toor Cummings Center for
International Studies and the Liberal Arts      department offers a weekly colloquium featuring distinguished scholars and
(CISLA). I did my CISLA internship at the       practitioners in the field.
Center for Olympic Studies in Barcelona
and wrote my thesis on “Competing
Identities: Athletic Versus National Identity   Study Abroad
in Barcelona.”                                  You may enrich your psychology major with study abroad or a College-
Q: What do your career plans look like?
                                                funded summer internship in a medical center, social services agency or other
A: After graduation I moved to Chicago for      organization. You can also combine the major with a certificate from one of the
a marketing internship at the Institute for     College’s interdisciplinary academic centers. For example, a psychology student
the International Education of Students.        in the Toor Cummings Center interned with an advocacy group in Argentina
The experience made me decide to switch         and also did cross-cultural studies of body image and eating disorders. Another
gears. I moved back to Minneapolis and am
working at Imagewërks Marketing. I hope         psychology major in the Holleran Center researched the impact of residential
to move to Barcelona to teach English.          treatment on troubled youth.
Faculty                            Jennifer Gorman, Senior
                                      Lecturer in Psychology
                                                                      behavior; animal models
Santiba Campbell, Lecturer in      B.S., Mary Washington              of Parkinson’s disease and
  Psychology                          College; M.A., Connecticut      psychostimulant abuse;
B.A., Winston-Salem State             College                         the role of vanilloids in the
  University; M.A., Ph.D.,         Health psychology; psychology      central nervous system
  University of Delaware              of women; gender roles;
Racial discrimination; racial         attitudes and expectations;   Jefferson A. Singer, Professor
  identity; TRIOS                     applied research methods         of Psychology
                                                                    B.A., Amherst College;
Joan C. Chrisler, Class of ’43     Ruth E. Grahn, Associate            M.S., M.Phil., Ph.D., Yale
  Professor of Psychology            Professor of Psychology;          University
B.S., Fordham University;            Director of Behavioral         Personality theory;
  Certificate, Behavior              Neuroscience Program              autobiographical memory;
  Therapy, Long Island             B.A., Mount Holyoke College;        clinical psychology;
  University; M.A., Ph.D.,           M.A., Ph.D., University of        addiction; couples and
  Yeshiva University                 Colorado                          family therapy
Health psychology and psy-         Impact of stress on behavior
  chology of women; women’s          and neural function; animal    Stuart A. Vyse, Professor of
  health; menstruation and           models of psychopathology;        Psychology
  menopause; cognitive and           role of serotonin in fear/     B.A., M.A., Southern Illinois
  behavior therapy; weight           anxiety-related behaviors         University; M.A., Ph.D.,
  and eating disorders; gender                                         University of Rhode Island
  roles                            Jason A. Nier, Associate         Psychology of irrational           What can you do with
                                      Professor of Psychology          behavior; superstition and
Ann Sloan Devlin, May              B.S., The Pennsylvania State        belief in the paranormal;       a major in psychology?
  Buckley Sadowski ’19                University; M.A., Ph.D.,         human operant behavior;
  Professor of Psychology; Chair      University of Delaware           theories of choice; decision-
  of Psychology Department;
                                                                                                       Kareem Tatum ’01
                                   Intergroup relations;               making; behavior analysis
  College Marshal                     contemporary forms of                                            Teaching at Holy Name Central Catholic
B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University         discrimination and the        Audrey L. Zakriski, Associate      Jr./Sr. High School in Worcester, Mass.
  of Michigan                         enforcement of civil rights     Professor of Psychology;
Environmental psychology;             laws; reducing intergroup       Director of the Holleran
  spatial cognition; design                                                                            At Connecticut College researched the
                                      bias; the social psychology     Center for Community
  of housing for the elderly;         of collective action            Action and Public Policy         impact of parental alcoholism on children
  gender differences in way-                                        B.S., Bucknell University;         and earned a certificate from the Holleran
  finding; architecture of         Joseph A. Schroeder, Assistant     M.A., Ph.D., Duke                Center for Community Action and Public
  health care                         Professor of Psychology         University                       Policy.
                                   B.A., Franklin & Marshall        Children’s mental health;
                                      College; Ph.D., Thomas          contextual assessment of
                                      Jefferson University            child psychopathology;           Rebecca Blais ’04
                                   The neurobiological                childhood peer rejection         Ph.D. candidate in psychology at the
                                      mechanisms of                   and victimization
                                                                                                       University of Utah.

Selected Courses                                                                                       Worked as a research assistant at the
                                                                                                       Yale University School of Medicine for two
Social Psychology; Abnormal Psychology; Environmental Psychology; Industrial
                                                                                                       years before starting graduate school.
and Organizational Psychology; Drugs and Behavior; Health Psychology;
Irrational Behavior; Psychology of Personality; Psychology of Women; Sensation                         Laila Hochhausen ’05
and Perception; Psychology of Stress; Research Methods in Psychology;
                                                                                                       Ph.D. candidate in clinical psychology at
Behavioral Neuroscience
                                                                                                       George Washington University.

About Connecticut College                                                                              Research interests include mental-health
                                                                                                       treatment seeking in ethnic minority
Connecticut College is a highly selective residential liberal arts college with
1,900 students from all over the country and the world. The academic program
offers 47 majors in the arts, sciences, social sciences and humanities as well as
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innovative interdisciplinary programs. Students engage with dedicated faculty
and each other to create a vibrant social, cultural and intellectual community in
which learning is valued for its own sake — and individuals’ diverse perspectives
enrich the experience of all.

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