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									                                                                                                   AUGUST 2010

  AUGUST 2010                  To,
                               Dr Manmohan Singh
Vol No 2 : Issue 3
                               Honorable Prime Minister of India.

Kerala Cartoon Academy                  Sub: The Need to establish a National Cartoon Gallery
2nd Floor,                     Sir,
Amarakerala Buildings,         We , the cartoonist community of Kerala, would like to bring to your
Kalabhavan Road,               kind attention the following relating to establishment of a permanent
                               National Cartoon Gallery at New Delhi. In this context we would like to
                               highlight the following facts.
                               Panditji’s friendship with Cartoonist Shankar is all too famous for
                               elaboration . It can be truly said that Pandit Nehru paved the way for
                               Political cartoons to flourish in this country. Rajiv Gandhi was another
                               politician who could chuckle looking at cartoons made at his own expense ,
                               which lampooned him or his party. Thus it could be said that it is members
                               of the Nehru - Gandhi family who first made the Indian public look up to
                               our Cartoonist clan headed by the likes of Shankar, Kutty, Abu et. al.
     EDITORIAL                 with the same admiration which David Low , Thomas Nast and Pat Oliphant
Chairman                       were bestowed upon by the West.
PRASANNAN ANIKKAD              Politicians and cartoonists had always had a love-hate relationship.
                               However, it is an established fact that without the patronage of politicians
                               no famous cartoonist could ever have blossomed into their best . Also,
Secretary                      art, culture and monarchy always co-existed side by side in the ancient
SUDHEER NATH                   times. On the flip side, Oscar Berger’s cartoons angered Adolf Hitler
                               and Berger had to flee from Germany. However, the liberal leaders of
                               USA and UK received him with open arms and encouraged him.
Content Editor
T V G MENON                    Paul Conrad was again the cause for the nemesis of Richard Nixon. Then
                               again, Thomas Nast , considered as the “Father of the American Cartoon”,
                               exposed the corrupt politician Boss Tweed who had stolen millions of
Art Editor                     tax payers’ money and brought him to book.

                                                                                                              CARTOON JALAKAM
K K SURESH                     The art of ‘cartooning’ was kept on a elevated pedestal by many countries
                               in the West. So much so, almost all the western nations have instituted
                               National Cartoon Academies and Galleries . In that context, therefore,
Illustrations                  it is but apt that India too gets a National Cartoon Gallery for cartoons.
                               The formation of such an institution will be in the fitness of things and
                               the act will be looked upon also as a mark of respect to the contributions
                               made by Panditji and Rajivji in promoting the art in all their wisdom.
Cover Design                   Further, this institution could possibly be made to function under the
PRASANTH VS                    aegis of Indira Gandhi Centre for Arts.
                               In the light of the above, Kerala Cartoon Academy , on behalf of the
Lay out                        Indian cartoon fraternity as a whole requests you, Sir, and Government
LITTLE BUTTERFLY’S             Of India , to kindly consider constituting such a National Cartoon Museum
                               and bring it to life at the earliest . If premises and other facilities are
                               made available for this cause the Kerala Cartoon Academy will be pleased
NICOLAS VARGHESE               to take up all responsibilities in running it.
JAYARAJ VELLUR                                                                        Respectfully yours,
                               Prasannan Anikkad                                            Sudheer Nath
KARTHIKA KATTANAM              Chairman                                                        Secretary

       AUGUST 2010
                                                                     Prime Minister Manmohan Singh assured to a
                                                                     delegation of the Kerala Cartoon Academy for
                                                                     the establishment of a National Cartoon Gallery
                                                                     in the National Capital for preserving, promoting
                                                                     and to spread awareness about the cartoon art
                                                                     form in the country.
                                                                     Kerala Cartoon Academy(KCA) delegation lead
                                                                     by Chairman Prassannan Anickad and Secretary
                                                                     Sudheernath, comprising of vice chairman
                                                                     Balachandran(Balu), Satyadev and cartoonist
                                                                     Uday Shankar called on Mr Singh in his
                                                                     Parliament House office and expressed the long
                                                                     felt need for the establishing of a National
                                                                     Cartoon Gallery. Singh, who was featured in an
                                                                     exclusive publication of KCA called 123
                                                                     Manmohan Singh, assured that the issue would
                                                                     taken with the concerned Information and
                                                                     Broadcasting ministry and Cultural ministry to
                                                                     look into the feasibility of such a project.

                  Cartoonist Kerala Varma, 86, popularly known
                  as Kevy in the cartoon circle to the disciples,
                  is no more. The end came at early morning on
                  23nd July at Thripunithura, Ernakulam.
                  Kerala Varma was a member of the Ananthapuram
                  Kottaram in Harippad. He started his career with
                  the Sanker’s Weekly and later became the staff
                  cartoonist of Eastern Economist.
                  His pocket cartoons, popularly known as Bharat
                  Darshan, attracted many in the early 1960s and

                  70s. He was an active member and petron of
                  the Kerala Cartoon Akademi. Kerala Cartoon
                  Academy felicitated Kerala Varma by presenting
                  Fellowship in the year 1996. He had sketched
                  many controversial cartoons ridiculing
                  Jawarhalal Nehru and the antidemocratic
                  decisions taken by Indira Gandhi during the
                  After his retirement from Delhi Cartoons, Kevy
                  returned to his wife’s house in Tripunithura.
                  His wife Padmavathy Thampuran had
                  predeceased him. Kerala Varma is survived by
                  daughter Nandini Thampu an (BSNL). Kunjunni
                  Raja is his soninlaw.
                  Kerala Cartoon Academy paid last respects to
                  late Cartoonist Kerala Varma. Kerala Cartoon
                  Academy Vice Chairman Cartoonist Balu laid
                  wreath on the body on behalf of KCA. KCA
                  Chirman Prasannan,Adv. M M Monaye MLA,
                  Nathan, Abba also pay there respects.

                                                                              AUGUST 2010

                                                Dear Colleagues,
                                                I do not understand
                                                why KERALA VARMA
                                                was denied
                                                the honours that

                                                some of the Kerala
                                                Cartoonists who
                                                died earlier received?
                                                Varma had aquired
                                                a status in the field
                                                of Political Cartooning
                                                which few other cartoonist
                                                in India could boast of.
  KERALA VARMA (1924-2010)                      He stood by the values
                                                he believed in and refused
I am deeply grieved to know                     to be intimidated
                                                by politicians
our colleague, the great cartoonist
                                                and their threats .
Kerala Varma, is no more.

                                                                                       CARTOON JALAKAM
                                                Neither was he
Varma was one of my closest friends. We had     influenced by their tricks.
worked together and even when we ceased         By refusing
to be together in the Shankar’s Weekly, we      to recognise him,
continued to be friends. He was a great human   Kerala has done
being.He was one of the best among my           an injustice
contemporary cartoonists. Unfortunately he      to a great Artist.
did not acquire the conventional fame and       We insulted him !
recognition that he deserved.                   He belonged to
                                                the great clan
Even though a small- built man, his courage     that produced
was gigantic. He dared face injustice with      Raja Ravi Varma,
contempt and defiance and was ready to fight    the great artist of yore.
it against heavy odds. He challenged the        I, as a Malayalee
historic EMERGENCY !                            bow my head to him
I am proud that I can claim to have been a      in respect as also in shame
friend of his. My wife and children were all    for what my
close to him and his family. I request you to   compatriots did.
kindly convey our grief to his daughter and     (An e-mail shot in sincere
other members of his family. MAY HIS SOUL       frustration by Cartoonist
REST IN PEACE.                                  Kutty from USA)

       AUGUST 2010

                                         K M MATHEW
                  Kerala Cartoon Academy bows its head in deep          laid wreath on the body on behalf of Kerala Cartoon
                  sorrow at the sad demise of the thespian K.M          Academy. Cartoonists Sukumar, Nathan, KCA
                  Mathew, (MATHUKUTTYCHAYAN),Chief Editor of            Chairman Prasannan Anikkad, Raju Nair, Abba Vazoor,
                  the Malayala Manorama Daily...                        Anil Vega accompanied Cartoonist Toms.
                  He was the doyen of the 4th Estate who kept
                  our Malayalam flag flying high in the print circles
                  all over the country and also the world at large..
                  He was a mentor to all of us cartoonists in Kerala
                  as also the to the Kerala Cartoon Academy.
                  To someone who showered unstinted support
                  and encouragement on the cartoon community
                  as a whole, we express our deep and sorrowful
                  ‘adieu’, bathed in blackness of Indian Ink!.
                  Kerala Cartoon Academy paid last respects to
                  late Mathukuttichayan. Senior Cartoonist Toms

                                          THANKANCHAN JOSEPH

                  Cartoonist  Missy (Thankachan Joseph ) passed          times.
                  away following a massive brain haemorrhage at          Kerala Cartoon Academy paid last respects to late
                  MM Hospital, Kolenchery on August 3rd. Missy is        Cartoonist Missy. Chairman Cartoonist Prasannan
                  survived by Wife Sibi Thankachan and two               laid wreath on the body on behalf of KCA.
                  daughters, Santhra Mathew and Aingal Mathew.           Cartoonist Nathan, Balu, John Kakkanad,
                  The Kerala Cartoon Academy joins Missy’s family        Aravindan, Abba Vazoor accompanied KCA
                  members in their grief as it did in Missy’s happier    Chairman.

                                                                   AUGUST 2010


Kerala Cartoon Academy Chairman Prasannan Anikkad receiving
the certificate for KCA from Limca Book Of Records Editor Vijaya
Ghose at there office . KCA secretary Sudheernath received the
certificate for KCA member Khaleelullah Chemnad. KCA Vice
Chairmen Balu, and Sathyadev were present.

                                                                            CARTOON JALAKAM
Whoever thought that there will be a connection
between Kerala Cartoon Academy and the Limca Book Of
Well, few did!
That is , until now!
Two birds with one stone may be an apt way of putting the
recent achievements of KCA, one for itself and another for
one of its noteworthy members...Mr. Khaleelulla , the
wizard of Arabic calligraphy! –
Kudos, Khaleelullah!
The long expected happened with KCA’s name getting
included in the Limca Book Of Records for the milestone
activities of the Association involving the propagation of
the ART OF CARTOONING, effectively elevating it to a very
high level of visibility and recognition...
And the art of our friend Khalleelullah getting due
recognition in his chosen field!
Something like ‘Going Where No Man Has ever Gone’
(Mr. Spock please note!)

       AUGUST 2010

                   THOMAS ANUSMARANAM

                  John Paul releasing Life and Work Of Cartoonist Thomas published by KCA by handing over first copy
                  to Krishnakumar , Managing Director, Nupal Remedies,flanked by KCA Chairman Prasannan Anikkad on
                  19 August 2010. In the audience, Mrs. Pamela Elizabath Thomas.

                                                                                                    AUGUST 2010

That is saying a lot in the case of our ‘Lightning Fast’     Age 45, height 5’ 6", no,
Stroke Maker.....Sajjive Balakrishnan.                       weight:120kg, and according to the tailor’s
                                                             measuring tape, vital figures :- 136-224-136-
Some guys take their own time to create a caricature
                                                             (though it is not quite clear which is which)
which then ends up with a longer hair and larger
                                                             The guy loves to flaunt his god-given skills
mustachios (hese things grow and grow with time,
                                                             and size with a cheerful abandon !
                                                             He has appeared in social networking sites
But Not Sajjive... His caricatures are ‘snap-shot’-ish...
                                                             as the Heaviest Cartoonist in India. By the
(read ‘instantaneous... well, almost!) , that do not let
                                                             way , this ‘FATOONIST’ ‘prayogam’ , accor
grass ( or hair )grow under your er....your feet (or face)

                                                                                                               CARTOON JALAKAM
                                                             ding to him, is a multiple pun on FAT, TOON
It is reliably rumoured that this ‘super fast’ once          & his eternal and elemental joy - the Kerala
ensnared an old couple going to the Siva Temple              Vegetarian Sadya (OONU). This title , he says,
(apparently to atone the sins committed by them,             was adopted by him in 2007 at the time of
severallly and jointly, over the day...). right in front     his initiation into blogging. He now regularly
of the TDM Hall , Ernakulam. Sitting astride his equally     blogs in Malayalam at http://www.kerala
massive, albeit much (ab)used , mobike he pulled out http://www.oones
with flourish a sketch pen and a much dog-eared pad
from the dialapidated shoulder bag and before the
                                                             Not only that , there is one in English too...,
old woman could complete reciting the prayer ‘Om
                                                             it is named
Namassivaaya’, he handed them their ‘ joint
caricaure’...Much to the amusement of the folks that
had gathered around by this time to watch the                Prolific, and some... ! Hugh ?
performance ...and to the embarrassment of the               Now to a bit of his life history....
‘Subjects’ !
                                                             In 1976, prompted by his father, he enrolled
This FA(S)Toonist has an impressive set of vital             himself under Guru SHANTHANU of the
statistics that adequetly compliment his caricaturing        famous Santhanu’s Chitra Vidyalayam,
skills.                                                      Chennai for a 6 month’s postal course in
As proclaimed by the man himself :- ( Hold on to your        cartooning. Since then there was no looking
seats, chums..)                                              back ... he has been drawing Cartoons from

       AUGUST 2010

                                                SAJJIV AND HIS CRAFT

                                                                          Caricaturing the ‘Men in Black’

                  1976 and caricatures from 1978 onwards . And has        Quote: A cartoonist is never alone in a group.
                  miles to go before he stops ( if ever, by the look of   He gets liked by all age groups instantaneously
                  things)                                                 once he goes on a roll, esp. if a caricaturist.
                  Since joining the Income Tax Department in 1988,        Unquote : He lives with his play-back singer
                  he says he had been doting on only one thing –          wife Lekha .R. Nair , and son Siddharth, a
                  that whacky 2 minute stuff of SPEED CARICATURING        budding singer himself, along with his aged
                  ! ( what Income Tax Department has to do with it        mother in Panampilly Nagar, Kochi....
                  is still a much pondered-over mystery...!)              And worst of all, signs himself off as...
                  Till now, he claims to have done about some 10000       “Heavily Yours”...!
                  caricatures including those done for shows.
                  The best part about being a cartoonist , according
                  to this man with a zest for humourous living is :-

                  LAUGHTER COMES IN PAIRS

                                                                          Thrikkakara showcased the by now famous-
                                                                          ANIYUG - Animation Festival, while the
                                                                          Ernakulam press club witnessed the
                                                                          inauguration of the much publicised ‘Blog on
                                                                          A R Rahman’...
                                                                          Delivering a pair of twins in the same hospital
                                                                          on the same day is ‘passe’ now but the same
                                                                          at two different hospitals on the same day?
                                                                          Having bitten by the success bug, on the 16th
                                                                          of April KCA again arranged two programmes
                                                                          in two different States , viz; Kerala and
                                                                          TamilNadu, on same day. In the morning
                  So does success, apparently ...                         Thalassery had a sumptuous breakfast of
                  Try this for size...                                    humour , titled ‘MASTERS STOKES’...
                  On 1st of March, KCA arranged and pulled off with       And during the same day evening Chennai dined
                  elan two functions, one at Ernakulam and another        on “Peter’s Strokes ...”-Cartoonist Peter’s
                  at Thrikkakara. The Kerala Press Academy,               cartoon exhibition.

                                                                                                  AUGUST 2010

Kadathanadu    has been famous for its Kalaries, abodes of           to the veterans, settled within and
traditional martial arts. Here, you can practise certain             beyond the State. They included
offensive and defensive steps based on your physical fitness.        Sukumar, Nathan, PVKrishnan,
You are taught to handle different types of weapons like             PrasannanAnikkad, Sudheernath,
stick, spear, knife, sword etc.                                      Sathyadev, Madhoos, Unnikrishnan,
                                                                     Sajjive, Sageer, Karthika Kattanam,

                                                                                                             CARTOON JALAKAM
But the common man of Panoor, Kannur, a place which is
                                                                     Surendran Varachal, Jeppy Nirmala
synonymous with untoward incidents, has recently
                                                                     giri, Jayaraj Vellur, Murali K Mukun
experienced a Kalari of new genre. The main weapon used
                                                                     dan, Dinraj, Anil Aroor, Prasob
there was a STICK bold marker targeted at a white board
                                                                     Mazhoor, Anuraj, Dwijith Payyanur,
arranged on the stage, where you can prove the (sketch)
                                                                     Abba Vazhoor, Santosh, Sandesh,
pen is mightier than the sword.
                                                                     Suresh KK, Shiju Mathew, Prasanth,
Of course, it was the “Cartoon Kalari”, a two-day state level        Ajithkumar and Ajaykumar.The
cartoon camp held in a festive mood on 15 th and 16th May            veteran cartoonist belongs to the
2010. The Kalari was as a part of ‘Kadathanadu Mahothsavam’,         home district, PV Krishnan ,who has
a series of cultural events declared by the Minister of State        been a Sakshi (witness) to the entire
for Home Affairs Mullappalli Ramachandran in a development           socio-political scene for decades,
seminar titled ‘ Vision Vadakara 2025’.The camp was a joint          wielded the baton of the camp.
venture of Kerala Cartoon Academy and Kadathanadu
                                                                     In the morning of 15th May, the first
Mahothsavam Organising Committee.
                                                                     day of the camp, we, cartoonists
 Inspite of much boosted negative images of the venue, people        and participants were warmly
from all walks of life responded positively to the Cartoon Kalari.   welcomed to the venue, P R
Enquiries flooded to the cited phone numbers from the first          Memorial Higher Secondary School,
day of the camp news published. The aspirants came without           Panoor. The registration center near
any age, sex or politics bar. Kerala Cartoon Academy proudly         to the main gate was on alert to
paraded its maximum number of inmates, from the buddings             note the members of the camp,

       AUGUST 2010

                  though most of them ensured their participation         all the way from the capital of the nation ,opened
                  much earlier on phone.The fore ground of the            the camp by caricaturing the father of the nation
                  school was fully occupied by stalls of the trade        “ A cartoon of two lines is sharper than an article
                  exhibition and fair in connection with the              of thousand words,” thus affirmed M Mukundan,
                  ‘Kadathanadu Mahothsavam’. An arrow marked              noted Malayalam writer, who was speaking on
                  black board kept aside guided us to the hall in         the inaugural session. “ A cartoonist gets only
                  the upstair,the thatt (stage) of the Kalari.            very little space compared to a writer ,” he
                  Just before the inaugural meet , the camp               added , “ but, our great cartoonists were those
                  director switched on the microphone for a               who utilised that space powerfully and fruitfully.”
                  general introduction. All the registered                He emphasized the fact that Indian cartooning
                  participants introduced themselves. For some of         was nurtured mainly by the cartoonists from
                                                   APRIL 2010

                  them, a cartoon camp was first of its kind in their     Kerala
                  life. The expectation of the inmates was artistically   Prasannan Anikkad , Chairman of Kerala Cartoon
                  channeled by the director towards the array of          Academy , presided over the fuction. Academy
                  cartoonists on and off the dais . “ Many of them        Secretary Sudheernath, veteran cartoonists
                  are the products of cartoon camp like this,” he         Sukumar, Nathan, Camp director P V Krishnan, P
                  pointed out.                                            S Karunakaran, Ashok Kumar IAS and Pradeep
                  And the cartoonists Sukumar, Nathan, Sajjive,           Chokli among others spoke. Convener of the
                  Prasannan Anikkad, Sathyadev and Anuraj came            programme V Surendran welcomed the gathering

                  before the audience ,one by one with self               while Muhammed Kadavathur proposed a vote of
                  introduction, as an index of forthcoming sessions.      thanks.
                  The Cartoon Kalari was inaugurated by neither a         The formal session was started by Sukumar, the
                  man nor a woman of any distinguished position. It       eldest cartoonist of the camp. He opined that
                  was the national animal, named Shera, as the            each face has a remarkable shape, rather a
                  mascot for 19th Common Wealth Games 2010, came          geometrical one. Caricaturing political leaders,

                                                                                                      AUGUST 2010
he demonstrated how a square turned into
VS Achuthanandan and rectangle into Sonia
Gandhi. His comments while drawing thrilled
the camp members as well as his cartoons.
                                                   CHIRI-VARA ARANGU
                                                   The first day of Cartoon Kalari, closed with a public
“A cartoon is a graphic communication,” said       programme, “Chiri-Vara Arangu”, the stage for jokes by
the director as he began his class. He started     strokes. An audience of thousands witnessed the event
from the basic lessons of cartooning. Advising     without turn off for hours.
the would be cartoonists to master the key         Prasannan Anikkad welcomed the mammoth gathering.
lines, he drew minimum lines to capture the        As the moderator of the programme, He took the first
different positions and expressions of the         turn and started the ‘Chiri-Vara’. Some replica of his
familiar leaders in national and state politics.   published cartoons drawn on the white board attracted
He stressed on perspective of a frame and          the public as to see one of their favourite cartoonists in
proposition of a figure without which a            action. After that, he invited others on the stage, where
cartoon may distract its viewers. He support       Sukumar, Nathan,Raveendran, PV Krishnan, Sajjive,
ed the theory of drawing by sketching a train      Karthika Kattanam and Surendran Varachal were seated
moving towards the point of vision on a track      in waiting.
with one side having a row of electric posts       Sukumar stood before the audience with some oral
and the other side some buildings                  cartoons. His story of a school inspection,”Arinhuda
The next turn was of Sageer, the freelance         Mashe”(we don’t know, teacher ) depicting the black holes
                                                   of the much shining educational system of the state ,
cartoonist and illustrater . He mainly concent
                                                   thrilled the public who burst out laughing
rated on animal world to depict the action
oriented cartoons. Dogs, cats and rats             Raveendran felt sorry for his inability to crack any joke .
                                                   But his very appearance on the stage itself enthralled
                                                   the audience, as most of them were watching the matinee-
                                                   idol in flesh and blood for the first time.
                                                   The next one in the row was Sajjive, the fastest
                                                   caricaturist of the Academy. His bold marker caught every
                                                   one who dared to sit before him on the stage for few
                                                   minutes.The public was stunned to see their people get
                                                   transformed soon to the doodle on the white board. People
                                                   were on queue for being caricatured.The models included
                                                   even their beloved MLA, K P Mohanan.
                                                   P V Krishnan did not touch his sketch pen but the heart of
                                                   the people by reciting a satirical poem penned by himself

                                                                                                                 CARTOON JALAKAM
                                                   at the time of his marriage. The theme of the poem was
                                                   disposing of a dead bandicoot happened to be seen infront
personified in different sizes and positions       the house in the early morning after the first night. He
amused not only the children but the grown         announced his joy on seeing one of his jokes being spread
ups also. Sageer brought his much acclaimed        anonymously .Only at the moment of his disclosure ,the
characters from the Gulfumpadi P O, a              audience realized the man behind the famous wit
graphic strip being serialized in the Sunday       attributed to Seethi Haji, “ I three love you !”
edition of a Malayalam daily, Thejas, to           Nathan came with his caricaturing and mimicry. He started
illustrate how to get ideas for a cartoonist.      his story from a domestic issue which gradually turned
                                                   into a political one. Simultaniously his sketch pen changed
The afternoon session was started with an
                                                   a chappathi in contention on the board to A K Antony’s
introduction by Sathyadev, Vice-President of
                                                   face. Mimicking a few words of the Defence Minister,
KCA. As a news editor of Surya TV, he cutely
                                                   Nathan invited a loud laugher.
anchored the episode by inviting Nathan,
another veteran cartoonist and the former          The KCA joint Secretary Surendran Varachal was the last
                                                   man on the stage. He began with a joke of a few words
nathan (chairman) of the Academy to handle
                                                   and lines. But his cartooning out of the doodles of an
the session. Nathan insisted on certain
                                                   onlooker attracted the audience more. He concluded the
qualifications to learn cartooning. Good
                                                   Chiri-Vara Arangu with his master piece demonstration of
drawing, wide reading and keen observation
                                                   converting a Ranga-styled Bapuji to a baby by turning the
are the main qualities he attributed a
                                                   canvas upside down, after minimum touches.
cartoonist. He drew some characters and

       AUGUST 2010

                                                                             SHERA, THE VIP
                  mimicked the voice of the persons being caricatured.
                  EK Nayanar and AK Antony were seen best among his
                  In between, KP Mohanan , MLA of Panoor Assembly
                  Constituency, visited the Kalari. He, as the chairman
                  of the organizing committee, apologised for not
                  attending the inaugural function as scheduled to
                  preside over.He extended his wishes to the camp.
                  Nathan handed over the mike to an younger
                  cartoonist, Unnikrishnan, Sub-editor of Mathrubhumi
                  daily. He led the class on his own style of
                  cartooning.He kept drawing more than talking . He
                  copied some of his published cartoons and caricatures
                  to elaborate on the subject.
                  Then came Raveendran, the cine-actor , who is widely
                  known as ‘Madrassile Mon’ after his protagonist role
                  in a Malayalam movie of the same name. But he
                  appeared here in a new role, a resource person of
                  Animation Industry. The big-screen man came across
                  the history of animation from the classic to the digital
                  by showing the relevant clippings on the mini-screen
                  of his laptop. His calibre in acting helped Raveendran
                  to explain the style of motion and expression of
                  animated characters.He concluded his class on the
                  last day, by screening some new animation short films.                       Shera, the inaugurator
                  The guest appearance of the artist, photographer                               of the Cartoon Kalari,
                  and art researcher, KK Marar at the end scene of                                   reached the venue
                  the day added some artistic ripples to the ‘Cartoon                from Thalasseri railway station
                  Kalari’. Though he was a invitee to the opening                         in an open decorated jeep.
                  ceremony, he could not attend the function due to                                  It was escorted by
                  personal engagements. He informally wished his best                           eminent personalities
                  for the camp.                                                                      of the area in cars
                                                                                           and sporty youth on bikes.
                  In the evening,all members of the Kalari were led to
                                                                                                 The cub was received

                  the play ground of the school, a little away from the
                                                                                            at the Kalari by a thrilled
                  venue .As a part of the Cartoon Kalari, there had
                                                                                              gathering of celebrities
                  been arranged a mega public programme named,
                                                                                        from socio-political scenario
                  “Chiri-Vara Arangu”, the stage for laughing strokes.
                                                                                                  and the campmates.
                  The second day of the Kalari began with a new Aasan                              It was welcomed by
                  (teacher). It was the turn of Jayaram an art teacher,                                   Vinayak Babu,
                  painter and cartoonist. He started the class by sharing         the youngest member of the camp
                  his experience as a cartoonist in newspapers in Gulf            by handing over the National Flag.
                  countries and as a spot caricaturist at Dubai Shopping                         Sreyaja and Sreshaja,
                  Festival.                                                                    members of the kalari,
                  Jayaram taught a simple method of caricaturing by                         gave away the caricatures
                  using geometrical pattern. He easily turned                                  of the mascot to itself.
                  squares,triangles ,rectangles and circles into faces                    In fact, Shera was the soul
                  of known political leaders. He demonstrated how to                        of the opening ceremony.
                  draw K Karunakaran out of a triangle. The same                        The very presence of this VIP
                  triangle was also get transformed to K Muralidharan,        was a visual feast that got highlighted
                  son of the former.                                                        in the news of the Kalari,
                                                                                                      as curtain raisers
                  After Jayaram, the mike and the bold marker were                                      and follow ups,
                  given to Prasannan Anikkad. He explained how he             in the print and the electronic media.


                                                                                                   AUGUST 2010
                                                                          The last session was by Karthika
                                                                          Kattanam. He changed the mood
                                                                          of the class by handing over the
                                                                          marker to the participants.
                                                                          Instead, they were invited to the
                                                                          stage to express their ideas on
                                                                          the white board. Major part of
                                                                          them enthusiastically sketched
                                                                          what they could. The class slowly
                                                                          turned to be an interactive one.
                                                                          The after noon really met with
                                                                          the apt meaning of the Malayalam
                                                                          word as titled, Cartoon Kalari.
                                                                          The camp was set for the Kanniya
                                                                          nkam, the first fighting of the
                                                                          initiated. There were two kinds
                                                                          of contests, one in cartoon ing
                                                                          and other in caricaturing. The
                                                                          subject for cartoon was ‘Madya
    gets the ideas for cartoons even from the every day life. He          Keralam’ (liquor Kerala) and for
    rather concentrated on captions of a cartoon by playing with          caricature, any favourite teacher
    words. According to him, a cartoon is equal to drawing plus idea.     of the camp. The duration of the
    He illustrated it by recreating his recently published cartoons       contest was two hours. All the
    in vernacular Press, which shows his power of commenting.             camp mates came up with good
                                                                          result well in time. The best five
    The next class was by Sajjive, the heaviest cartoonist of India, as
                                                                          from each section were selected
    he himself likes to be introduced, on caricaturing. His method of
                                                                          for prize.
    teaching was just like his spot show at ‘Chiri Vara Arangu’ of the
    previous day. Pointing out the special features in the face of the    At the time of feedback, one male
    chosen models, he quickly copied them onto the white board.           and one female representative of
                                                                          the Kalari came forward and
    During the class ,there appeared a VIP on the stage. It was P K
                                                                          extended their gratitude.
    Sreemathi, the Health Minister of Kerala. The officials honoured
    her by gifting a collection of cartoons “123 Manmohan Singh”,the      The Participant certificates were
    prestigious book of the Academy. She was very happy to be at          distributed by KPMohanan MLA,
                                                                          PV Krishnan, Sukumar and Nathan

                                                                                                               CARTOON JALAKAM
    the occasion and she expressed her regards. Mean while, Sajjive
    captured the figure of the Minister on the whiteboard and others      in turn at the closing session of
    in the paper. She commented on all the figures chosen for.            the camp. Prizes for cartoon and
                                                                          caricature contests were given
    The Devaswam Minister, Kadannappalli Ramachandran was the next
                                                                          away by the same team on the
    to come. He also was honoured by the “123 Manmohan Singh”.
                                                                          dais. Sudheernath,Prasannan
    Sajjive did not spare the Devasam Minister also. A spot caricature
                                                                          Anikkad, Sukumar, PV Krishnan
    contest was held soon for the participants. The subject was the
                                                                          and Nathan spoke. V Surendran
    Minister himself who would be the judge as well . Winners were
                                                                          proposed vote of thanks.
    felicitated on the spot. Kadannappalli left the scene only after
    doodling some figures on the board as if inspired by the situation.

       AUGUST 2010

                                                                                                  AUGUST 2010

                                                        the fact of being late to felicitate a person
                                                        like E P Peter.

                                                        “ Dear Cartoonists, please keep away from the
                                                        paid-news tendency,” thus exhorted M A Baby,
                                                        Education and Culture minister of Kerala. He
                                                        was on his key-note address after presenting
                                                        the K S Pillai Award to Peter. He exposed the
                                                        vulgarity of the recently grown ‘cheque-book

                                                        journalism’ which supported the political
                                                        goons of the country. The Minister appreciated
                                                        the sense of humour of Malayalees which has
                                                        a long history from the period of Kunjan
                                                        Nambiar. He emphasized on the role of
Erupathiyaril Pathrose Peter alias E P Peter, the       cartoonists from Kerala to uphold this tradition.
renowned Malayali Staff Cartoonist of a leading Tamil   But, nowdays, cartoon has no roles in the
daily, Dinamalar ,and the Vice-Chairman of Kerala       dominant field of corporate media. Baby called
Cartoon Academy, was honoured in Chennai on 17          upon the cartoonists to face all challenges to
th April 2010. On the same occasion, he was             keep the field of cartoon ever alive.
presented with the prestigious K S Pillai Memorial
                                                        The Culture Minister of Kerala released the
Freelance Cartoonist award for 2009. The grand
                                                        Cartoonist Peter Souvenir, by handing over its
function held at Malayali Club, Chennai packed with
                                                        first copy to Mrs. Peter, the custodian of the

                                                                                                              CARTOON JALAKAM
prominent socio-political figures from Tamil Nadu
                                                        rock on which a self-styled cartooning is built.
and Kerala, was hosted by Kerala Cartoon Academy
                                                        He also gave away the prizes to the winners of
in collaboration with All India Malayali Association.
                                                        the cartoon contest held during the workshop
E P Peter, the man of the day, clad in T-shirt and      for children
jeans of his favourite monochrome, blue, was duly
                                                        By delivering the Cartoonist K S PIllai Memorial
received at the venue , with an enthralling ‘Chenda
                                                        speech, the veteran cartoonist Sukumar shared
Melam.’ He and his better half, Ponnamma, were
                                                        the stories of his birth and growth as a
escorted onto the stage.
                                                        cartoonist under his Guru. He felicitated Peter
 While welcoming the gathering, Prasannan Anikkad,      with couplets of a parody to a popular
Chairman of KCA, pointed out the motive behind          Malayalam film song,Vethyasthanamoru
the function. EP Peter has been cartooning for more     cartoonistam Petere…, sathyathil nammal
than 34 years , both in Tamil and Malayalam media.      thirichchariyunnu expressing atonement for
But he was not recognized either in his home state      not hitherto recognising the talent that is Peter .
or in his adopted state. “ So, with the support of
                                                        Nakkeeran Gopalan, well known Tamil
Malayali Association we proudly take this great
                                                        investigative journalist, appeared on the dais
opportunity to honour our Vice-chairman,” said the
                                                        with a detailed study of E P Peter’s cartoons.
Chairman by highlighting Peter’s contributions to
                                                        “ You think that I am the brave one who had
the Academy.
                                                        gone into dense forest and interviewed
As the president of the function, Gokulam Gopalan       Veerappan. But here is a short man who showed
,President, All India Malayali Association, mentioned   more courage to draw cartoons supporting me

       AUGUST 2010

                  even when I was in jail,” said Nakkeeran by bending
                  his head as a sign of respect to the cartoonist. He
                  thoroughly analysed a bunch of cartoons published
                  by Peter. He was very appreciative of the effort
                  taken by a non-Tamilian cartoonist to become a
                  keen observer and the strongest critic of the Tamil
                  Nadu politics. Nakkeeran Gopalan expressed his
                  gratitude for being with the function to felicitate
                  such a hard working cartoonist.
                   “It is quite normal for a cartoonist to become a
                  figure in his own mother tongue. But, E P Peter
                  conquered the mind set of a neighbouring state,”
                  thus acclaimed K A Johny, Chennai correspondent
                  of Mathrubhumi Daily and General Secretary of
                  KUWJ. He said that Peter was well equipped with            THE UNCOMMON STROKES OF

                                                                             E P PETER
                  language and culture of Tamil Nadu. He often used
                  dialects of Tamil to strengthen the idea of his
                  cartoons Johny offered his full support to maintain
                  the power of Peter’s black inked fountain pen.
                                                                             In the eve
                  Cartoonists Toms, Nathan, Medimix Anoop and MA
                                                                             of the felicitation of E P Peter,
                  Salim were among the others who felicitated the
                                                                             commenced his cartoon exhibition
                  cartoonist of the day.
                                                                             at Malayali Club Hall,
                  “I felt proud of this moment,” said E P Peter as his       Chennai on 16 th and 17th April 2010.
                  eyes got wet with tears of delight, “ and thanks to        It was inaugurated by the eminent
                  all.” He started his talk in Malayalam and slowly          Cartoonist Madan of Ananda Vikadan,
                  switched over to Tamil, his practical language. He         a famous Tamil Magazine.
                  briefed certain critical moments of his life as a          Cartoonists Keshav, Sudheernath,
                  cartoonist. At the time of MGR,. he depicted a             MS Mohanachandran, Praveen,
                  fox that was waiting outside the Tamil Nadu                Vijayakumar, Sreeni, Rajappan and
                  Legislative Assembly for its relatives inside the House    Peter himself were among others on
                  that was on session. That cartoon invited                  the occasion. Peter’s friends
                  controversy which was settled by none other than           and fans gathered there
                  the ‘Makkal Thilakam’ himself. Afterwards, he drew         to witness the ceremony.

                  a cartoon based on a statement by the Chief                More than 50 published cartoons
                  Minister M Karunanidhi. It irritated the great             signed ‘Peter’ were framed and
                  ‘Kalainjer.’ He had to spend his valuable personal         displayed. Most of them were from
                  time to write a reply in Murasoli Daily, the organ of      his popular column in Dinamalar,
                  DMK, Thampi, ithukku Badalaga nan varaithal                ‘Teekkadai Bench’,
                  unakku thangave mudiyathu, (Little brother, you            the bench in a tea shop.
                  can’t bear it if I draw anything against this). “ Still,   Some other cartoons
                  Karunanidhi is the best political leader on whom I         published in Malayalam
                  would like to draw again and again,” concluded E           and English journals also got
                  P Peter by thanking all who presented and initiated        their apt places.
                  for the function.                                          The two day cartoon exhibition
                  M D Vijayakumar, secretary, All India Malayalee            attracted media personnel
                  Association, extended the vote of thanks.                  as well as general public.
                                                                             Peter’s Tamil audience
                  The whole episode, cutely anchored by Satyadev,            were on rush to see their favourite
                  Vice-President, KCA ,was directed by Sudheer Nath,         ‘Karuthu Chiththirangal’ (Cartoons)
                  Secretary, KCA.                                            in wide canvases fixed on the wall
                  To honour cartoonist Peter and his family, a dinner        of the Malayali Club,
                  was hosted by KCA at Hotel Gokulam Park, Chennai.          established in 1897.

                                                                                              AUGUST 2010

It was our return journey from the Pathanamthitta
camp. We were 4 cartoonists in the car - Prasannan
Anickadu, Abba Vazhoor, Anil Vega and myself. All at
once Prasannan had a brain wave : “why not we conduct
the ‘next Kalari’ at Pallickathodu ?”
The pros and cons of “Pallickathodu Kalari” were
discussed in detail. The small group was unanimous
about one aspect; Pallickathodu Kalari has to be the
role model for future camps.
The Anickadu Regional Farmers Service Co-op. Bank
volunteered to finance the camp. Great solace! And
what a dream start!
Next, the kids had to be roped in. Through school
headmasters, then some parents. Soon, all the schools
and around Pallickathodu were stormed. Cartoonists

                                                                                                        CARTOON JALAKAM
Toms, Sukumar, P.V. Krishnan and Sajjive began to roar
in the kid-artists’ hearts in all majesty. The ALL-FREE
campaign - registration fees, pencil, paper, meals- simply
clinched the work. The number of aspirants touched
and exceeded 150 in hours. We had to short - close
the registration. Fabulous response!
The Kalari kicked off as per schedule. Toms, Sukumar,
P.V. Krishnan and Sajjive were given a warm welcome.
The inaugural function was presided over by Mr.
Gopakumar, President ARFSC Bank. Toms and Sukumar -
the senior most cartoonists were felicitated. Cartoon
Kalari was inaugurated by Toms. Boban, Molly and other       The afternoon session was lively with
characters in black lines just manifested on the white       Sajjive’s speed caricaturing. He drew
paper fixed on the board. The children were awe-             about 40 caricatures. The caricature
struck. And who wouldn’t !                                   of Mr. K.C. Joseph, MLA which took less
The first session was conducted by senior Cartoonist         than one minute almost floored the
P.V. Krishnan, followed by equally lively classes by         seasoned legislator.
Sukumar and Balu. Lunch served on time formed the            Then, the recluse but gifted Cartoonist
icing to the clockwork conduct of the camp. The food         Raju Nair addressed the ‘Kalari’and drew
was a beauty. Steaming, rich and on plantain leaf- all       some of his charactors.
malayali affair as we desired.                               The camp ended at 5’o clock.

       AUGUST 2010

                                                                                               AUGUST 2010

                                                               Shera, the mascot of
                                                               19th Common Wealth Games
                                                               hit the streets of Pathanamthitta, the
                                                               gateway to the great pilgrim spot,
                                                               Sabarimala, by his presence. The
                                                               rustic onlookers stuck to their foot
                                                               in disbelief as the cub tiger
                                                               majestically roamed their streets in
                                                               an open jeep decorated with a
                                                               medley of flags and leaves. It was as if
                                                               the nearby forest division of Ranny
                                                               was in motion. Only the occasional
                                                               freakout tigers that sauntered onto
                                                               the villages to have a bite on the
                                                               homebred cattle used to get this kind
                                                               of media attention and processional
                                                               But, there was the honking motorcade

PATHANAMTHITTA                                                 with blinking head lights just behind
                                                               the hero. Brawny athletes belonging
                                                               to the District Sports Council, hockey

                                                               players of Team Kerala brandishing
                                                               their sticks with playful menace ,
                                                               Roller skaters heckled in the crowd
The local man and the camp organiser, hefty Shaji Mathew       paving way to the distinguished guest.
has the least trappings of an active cartoonist and            The morning breeze and the slow rain
                                                               sprinkled the garish costumes of the

                                                                                                          CARTOON JALAKAM
conjurer but he surely looks the activist (anti-liquor) that
he is. And the mountainous Pathanamthitta                      beloved Shera playfully. The village
was the last bet for the KCA to ensure apresentable (in        locals assembled at both sides of the
number) crowd of kids to attend its childrens’ camp.           road for a glance.
Kaavilamme !                                                   Apart from the office bearers of the
The KCA doomsayers were floored ! Camp Director                Kerala Cartoon Academy and Y M C A,
Balachandran (Balu) surprisingly got hold of this man to       officers     from    the    District
convert the effort into massive success, with the kid          administration, The muni cipality,The
applicants beyond the scheduled number of 120 having           Sports Council personnel etc led the
had to be gently promised of an immediate second camp          procession. When the ralley entered
at Pathanamthitta.                                             the Y M C A hall,the participants in
The camp was inaugurated by the Lok Sabha Secretary            the cartoon camp who gathered there
General, Shri PDT Achari, that was presided by Shri Lebi       was a loud cheers from the standing
Philip Mathew, President of YMCA Pathanamthitta. The           crowd.
classes were led by cartoonists Nathan, KCA Chairman
                                                               The chairman of the Municipal council
Presannan,S. Mohan, Sajjive, Karthika Kattanam and Biju
                                                               sri.Zakir Hussain inaugurated the
Chandran. After a long time away from the KCA, the...
                                                               closing ceremony and Sri. Prasannan
ahem...handsome animator Mahesh Vettiar made an
                                                               Anickad, Chairman, KCA, Sri. Sudheer
interesting presentation. Cartoonists Sudheernath, Anil
                                                               Nath, Secretary and Sri. Leby Philip
Vega and Abba Vazhoor looked after the welfare of the
                                                               Mathew , chairman, Y M C A shared
participants which was a job by itself!
                                                               the joys of the occasion.
       AUGUST 2010

                                                                                               AUGUST 2010

     15th AUGUST 2010
“Keralam Valarunnu...” Poet Mahakavi
Kunjiraman Nair sang in his sonorous voice
way back ... And we at KCA have proved
that it really is so...
The informal inaugural meeting of Delhi
Cartoon Camp organized by Kerala
Cartoon Academy in association with
Jansanskriti started at 11am in Kerala
House at New Delhi.
Jansanskriti General Secretary Mr.

                                                                                                          CARTOON JALAKAM
Santhosh M V welcomed the chief guest
Mr. T K A Nair ( Principal Secretary to
Prime Minister ) , Cartoonists and other
Camp members.
Mr. T K A Nair inaugurated the camp and
took part in it with gusto for more than
an hour.
KCA Chairman Prasannan on his part drew
a excellent caricature of Mr. T K A Nair
(when cartoonists are around, can
caricatures be far behind?) and it went      Jagjith Rana, Kalkal, Dr Rohnit Phore also took the
down well with the gathering ...             dais. KCA Vice Chairmen Balu, and Sathyadev also
                                             pitched in to lead the Delhi cartoon Camp to a grand
The Camp started with the class by KCA       success.
member Mr. Ajit Narayan. Senior most
cartoonists M/s Kaak and Gopi Gajwani        Rajya Sabha member Mrs. T N Seema distributed the
shared their experiences with the camp       certificates to all camp members.
members. M/s. Sudhir Thailang, Balakrish     It was a job well done... thanks to the collective efforts
nan Aanat, A V Prashanth, Chander,           of all who took part in it and KCA savoured the sweet
Thanmaya, Bagga Singh, Uday Shankar,         success of a well planned and executed bash !

       AUGUST 2010

                  ONE DAY
                  CARTOON CAMP
                  A WEEK LONG
                  CARTOON EXHIBITION
                  AT SOORANAD
                  Prior   to this, no young KCA member would have
                  fancied himself to be welcomed to a kids’ camp by a
                  resounding beat of Chendas, trailed by a bevy of girls
                  in traditional dress with platter of lamp in their hands.
                  It was a dream start for a camp arranged by Karthika
                  Kattanam master & camp director at his Govt. High
                  School, Sooranad, Kollam on 1st August 2010. Moments
                  later, Shri Sukumar had smoothly coursed his lessons
                  on facial expressions in his much imitated slow,
                  accented style till Shri Toms, the seniormost active
                  cartoonist in Kerala and Prasannan, Chairman landed
                  at the spot in haste to inaugurate the camp and
                  complete the morning sessions. The minutes just
                  before lunch were stormy with the FAT cartoonist
                  gate-crashing into the sadyalayam without a word
                  sidelining S/Shri P.V. Krishnan and Nathan, the fellow-

                  travellers in the pick-up car that brought them to
                  the camp.
                  Earlier, the morning session was inaugurated by Toms.
                  Prasannan gave an illustrative discourse on perception
                  by affording the kids chance to compare caricatures
                  of VIPs done by 5 cartoonists, present. Nathan delved
                  on development of ideas for hilarious cartoons.
                  Sajjive just treaded his track, with tips on observation
                  of the human face, with spatterings of caricatures
                  attempted on localites invited onto the stage. Abba
                  Vazhur and Shaji Mathew made drawings at the camp,
                  for the Prasannan session.
                  As a part of the camp, a week long cartoon-caricature
                  exhibition inaugurated by Sukumar was also on. Shri
                  Thennala Balakrishna Pillai was among the dignitaries
                  who visited the camp and exhibition. Cartoonists
                  Karthika Kattanam was the director of the camp
                  conducted under the auspices of the Kerala Cartoon
                  Academy, Sooranad Grama Panjayath and Sooranad
                  GHS Parent-Teachers’ Association .

                                                          AUGUST 2010

K erala   Cartoon Academy, in association with
Manapuram Cultural Foundation, held a three-day
cartoon-caricature exhibition at Community Hall,
Thriprayar, Thrissur from 11 th July. The camp was
inaugurated by Prof K V Thomas, Minister of State for
Agriculture, Consumer Affairs, Food & Public
Distribution. Shri Anil Pulickal, Chairman, Manapuram
Cultural Foundation presided over the function. The
Member of Parliament from Thrissur Lok Sabha
Constituency, Shri PC Chacko was the chief guest.
Cartoonists Prasannan Anikkad, (Chairman, KCA),
Balachandran (Vice-Chairman), Santhosh TS, Dinraj and
Madhoos, addressed the function.

                                                                   CARTOON JALAKAM
Later, a one-day cartoon camp was conducted by KCA,
in collaboration with Manapuram Cultural Foundation
, at SNDP School, Thriprayar, on 31st July 2010, which
was co-ordinated by cartoonist Santhosh.
Cartoonists Seeri, Nathan, Prasannan Anikkad,
Balachandran, Mohandas, Sajjive, Murali K Mukundan,
Methil Venugopalan, Dinraj, Madhoos and Abba Vazhur
attended the camp. The drawing paper distributed
amongst the kids was, for the first time in the KCA
camp history, in the form of a notebook with chart
paper. The housefull situation in the camp traced from
the Kottayam camp of 2009 continued here as well
with more surprises. Prasannan will perhaps be known
as the harbinger of now-norm style of allowing the
kids chance to compare caricatures of the same VIP
drawn by many.
But for the fact that the inaugural and valedictory
functions had a smattering of the politicians, the camp
was a success.

       AUGUST 2010


                  PETER E P                  PRASANNAN ANIKKAD

                  T V G MENON                DWIJITH PAYANNUR

                  ANURAJ K R                 NISHANTH THACHAMBALATH

                  THOMMY                     THOMAS
                                                                                               AUGUST 2010

                                                             2nd online-
                                                             Peter’s show
                                                           On-line Cartoon exhibition of Cartoonist
                                                           Peter was held from April 15-30 . The
                                                           exhibition was inaugurated by the
                                                           celebrated Cartoonist Keshav of Hindu.
                                                           Peter’s style was unique in itself. Even
                                                           those of us who could not follow the Tamil
                                                           text well could still appreciate his work
                                                           Cartoonist Madan, Peter himself and KCA
                                                           Secretary Sudheernath were at hand to
                                                           give the function an oficial aura. It was
                                                           conducted at the Malayli Club Chennai.
                                                           Around 25 political and social cartoons
                                                           were exhibited in the online show.
                                                             3rd online-
                                                             Prasannan’s exhibits
                                                           The third of the series was of our Chairman
                                                           Prasannan Anikkad. His political lampoons
                                                           were highly enjoyable and the 34 hand-
                                                           picked works packed punch of
                                                           Muhamadali and kick of Maradona! For
                                                           example, the one on Sashi Taroor is a
                                                           wordless comment on the ways of the
                                                           Congress Party while the the one titled

                                                           ‘Peedanam’ was a thought-provoking social
                                                           comment. Na stree swathadramarhathii !
                                                           The exhibition of Cartoons by Prasannan
                                                           Anikkad was online    during May 1- 15 .
                                                           The exhibition was inaugurated by Veteran

MUST GO ON                                                                                               CARTOON JALAKAM
                                                           Cartoonist Nadhan .
                                                           Apart from Prasannan, Cartoonists Abba
                                                           and Anil Vega were present during the
                                                           Inauguration function which was show-
The Kerala Cartoon Academy is known for its innovative     cased at Vega graphics Kottayam. These
approach to all things connected with cartooning...        political and social cartoons were culled
Psst...! Apparently it is also on friendly terms with      from a collection of those published in
the Animal Kingdom as a whole, looking at the track        Malayala Manorama, Metro Vartha and
record of events being conducted by it) Take the           Deepika .
case of Aanavara release where an elephant was roped
                                                              4th online-
in...And the more recent Panoor and Pathanamthitta
bash- A sher (tiger) called ‘Shera’ flew in from
                                                             ‘Loffin’ Lines’ by T V G Menon
Indraprastha, specially to inaugurate that function!       The 4 th in the line was a clutch of 25
                                                           cartoons from TVG Menon’s portfolio. This
And with the kind of plans it has now for the future       show came close on the heels of the
we are glad that the animal kingdom is large enough !      recently concluded State Cartoon Camp
The latest initiative, nay, innovative initiative of KCA   on 15th and 16th May , 2010 at Panoor ,
is a series of On-line cartoon shows...The first online    near Koothuparambu, Kannur. The
show displaying the late O.V. Vijjayan’s Cartoons have     exhibition was inaugurated by Justice M
already been published in the website and Cartoon          R H Hariharan Nair, Ombudsman for local
Jalakam’s April Issue.                                     bodies , KERALA, at Kakkanad, Kochi.

       AUGUST 2010
                  Present on the occasion were cartoonist                    Dwijith presently works as iIllustrator/artist
                  Sudheernath, Secretary, Kerala Cartoon Academy,            with Kerala Kaumudi Daily a leading
                  Professor George Mathew and Cartoonist K K Suresh.         newspaper Malayalam.
                  These were mostly non-political satire.                    He is presently an executive member of
                  The Ombudsman who was presented by Sudheernath             Kerala Cartoon Academy.
                  with a copy of ‘123 Cartoons of Dr.Manmohan Singh’
                                                                               7th Online-
                  and the April 2010 Issue of the Cartoon Jalakam spent
                  quite a while with the cartoonists of Kerala Cartoon         Caricature Exhibition by Anuraj
                  Academy. He showed keen interest in the ‘Cartoon           Next in ‘“Q’ was the young turk Anuraj who
                  Jalakam’ and the caricatures of Manmohan Singh.            tickled our humour buds with a series of
                                                                             thought provoking cartoons. What set him
                    5th online-                                              apart was his style of the sketching using
                    Fatoonist in action                                      simple lines with not so simple effects. It
                  The 5th online cartoon show is by Cartoonist and           was well appreciated by the folks at large.
                  caricaturist Sajjive Balakrishnan, The exhibition was      The cartoons on coconut plucker machine
                  inaugurated by Mohammed Rafi, the shortest man in          and ‘pooja samagrikal’ are super. The former
                  the Income Tax Department Kerala and the                   in the context of a spate designs for
                  cartoonist’s colleague in service in the presence of a     climbing coconut trees is a timely barb. On
                  motely crowd of cartoon lovers.                            the othe hand the latter is a dig at the new
                  The cartoons, of which there are 30 have been              wave ‘swamijis’ and hits the bulls eye...plop!
                  taken from the cartoonist’s Malayalam blog                 The exhibition was inaugurated on July 1st
         His blog reflects           by Cartoonist M.M Monaye , MLA , at
                  his love for the ‘sadya’, he says (and his physique        Ernakulam. M/s. Rajeev, Cartoonist Anuraj
                  shows it! )                                                and Cartoonist Jos Joseph were present on
                  The cartoons broadly fall under the categories that        the occassion.
                  are of perennial interest to the Malayali –
                                                                               8th online-
                  ‘Vidyarambham’, ‘Office’ (the government office),
                                                                               Exhibition by NishanthThachambalath
                  ‘Goondolsavam’ (self explanatory), ‘Shappaad’ (food)
                                                                             from July 16 to July 31
                  and ‘Avial’ cartoons (a mish-mash of themes). Sajjive
                  pokes fun without really offending Malayali sentiments.    Beyond the Boundaries
                  These, by the way, are not too heavy in terms of the       He is a ‘Kozhikkodan pencil pusher ’ with a
                  political content, therefore, funnier because of their     flair for caricature He completed his art
                  general nature.                                            study at the School of Arts , Kozhikode and
                                                                             holds a K.G.T.E Diploma in Drawing & Painting.

                  There are several which will have you in splits. Gems      He had also conducted a solo Exhibition of
                  like the ‘Lost ring’, the ‘missing thali’ and the ‘piles   Caricatures and Paintings in Lalitha kala
                  inspection’ stand out, just to mention a few.              Academy Art Gallery, Kozhikode.
                    6th Online-                                              This collection is all about life-like sketching
                    Caricature Exhibition by Dwijith                         of people that makes you sit up and notice.
                  Cartoonist Dwijith Payannoor’s Online Caricature           As a group of caricatures, this one is a
                  exhibition at was             superb addition to the string of online
                  inaugurated on June 16th by Cartoonist P V Krishnan        cartoons on the KCA website.
                  at Thiruvanathapuram. Apart from Dwijith,Cartoonist
                                                                             Presently he is working as Senior Accountant
                  Satyadev (KCA V.Chairman) also was present at the
                                                                             in Alzouman Co, Jeddah. His Accountant
                  Inauguration function .
                                                                             tag    ‘accounts’ for it:...a precise and
                  Dwijith Payannoor, one of the young and talented           perfect work!
                  cartoonist from northern Kerala completed art study
                                                                             The exhibition was inaugurated by Sri. Osman
                  from Kerala school of arts Tellichery and Karnataka
                                                                             Ali Mageit, from Sudan at Jeddah. Cartoonist
                  Chithrakala Parishath Bangalore. This collection is
                                                                             Nishanth, Sri. Danilo Daquit, from Philiphines,
                  really a treat to the eye. The caricatures on
                                                                             Sri. Pradeep from India , Sri. Saed Moula
                  Condolissa, AR Rahman ,Soren,VS,MT, and Mammukkoya
                                                                             from Eritrea and Sri. Ali Daini from Yemen
                  are worth highlighting. He also got a slew of rave
                                                                             were present on the occassion.
                  reviews for his pains!..

                                                                                                  AUGUST 2010
  9th online                                                 10th Online-
  Exhibition by Cartoonist Thommy                             Cartoon Exhibition by Cartoonist Thomas
from August 1 to August 15.:
                                                           from 16th to 31 August, 2010
Drawn Opinions
                                                           Mr. D. Vijayamohan, Senior journalist ,
As he himself puts it, ‘ Drawn Opinions’, showcases
                                                           inaugurated the 10th on-line exhibition
his experiments in Black & White.
                                                           showcasing the works of             the late
A highly qualified rib tickler, Dr. Thomas A.
                                                           Cartoonist Thomas in New Delhi on 16th
Kodenkandath alias ‘Thommy’ has proved his mettle
                                                           August 2010. KCA secratary Cartoonist
equally well in his chosen professional field as well
                                                           Sudheernath, Cartoonists Balakrishnan Anat,
as in ‘cartooning ’. The one on Murali’s Delhi trip
                                                           Balu, Sathya and KCA Chairman Prasannan
says it all....
                                                           Anikkad were present on the ocassion.
Some 750 plus of his cartoons have appeared in The         Cartoonist Thomas (K P Thomas) born in
Express, The Week, OnLooker, Asadhu etc. Currently         North Paravoor in Ernakulam district on 2nd
Thommy is the contributing cartoonist to India-New         June 1938 started his career as an illustrator
England (Boston), Pathram (NY), Malayalam News (Gulf)      for a children’s magazine Poonilavu while
and other e-zines. He is also a Founding Member of         studying in school. It was David Low’s
Kerala Cartoon Academy and was recently elected to         cartoons published in the Hindu that
Association of American Editorial Cartoonists (AAEC).      inspired him to draw cartoons. His first
Thommy’s online exhibition was inaugurated by              cartoon was published in Weekend magazine
legendary cartoonists Shri PKS Kutty from the US and       of Mathrubhumi.
our home-grown veteran Mr. Yesudasan , from Kerala.        “Veekshana Visesham” in Mathrubhumi
Thommy is the recipient of several awards for              Weekly was a popular cartoon column which
cartooning including Kalakrithi Award (Anna University,    was famous for brilliant ideas and excellent
Madras), Mardigras Prize (IIT, Madras), KCA’s Caricature   execution. He was a film Producer and a
Award, Calicut University Youth Festival Prize and was     film distributor, too. His Film “Manimuzha
a finalist in the international cartoon competition        kkam” won the Indian President’s Film
conducted by Union of Concerned Scientists (USA).          Award. He was running also an ad agency
                                                           named “Designers”.
                                                           It is with profound sadness that we report                             here his demise on 31st May, 2009. May his
                                                           soul rest in peace!

                           HUMOUR IN THE PIPELINE...

                                                                                                            CARTOON JALAKAM
                   A two-In-One back to back caricature collection on
                       Rasul Pukkutty and A.R.Rahman

Plan for your copies now. Contact KCA for more information.

       AUGUST 2010

                  PERSONALL YOURS
                  ANURAJ     joined the Red Events-Dubai,as an graphic designer

                  THE SKETCH, KOLLAM PAPPACHAN’S spot caricature programme in Kairali-People on
                  Sundays (7.55am,12.55pm & 8.55pm), completed its 100th episode. He has started another one on the
                  same channel ,a news-based programme titled “ Man of the week” on Saturdays . Pappachan is now a
                  serial-actor too!

                  KHALLILULLAH CHEMMANAD                  has got into the Limca Book Of Records for his innovative
                  experiments in Arabic calligraphy

                  BASHEER KEEZHSSERI conducted a Caricature Marathon under the banner of Uninor Road
                  Show in core centers of Palakkad, Malappuram and Thrissur districts for eight days. Every one who
                  bought a Uninor SIM got caricatured on the spot .

                  DR. THOMAS KODENKANDATH’S (THOMMY) cartoon tilted “Chemistry is Life and...
                  Everything” has been selected as one of the winners of the International Contest titled “Everything
                  is Chemistry” conducted by European Chemical Society to celebrate 2011 as the International Year
                  of Chemistry and sponsored by UNESCO & IUPAC, (International union of Pure and Applied Chemistry).

                  DWIJITH PAYYANNUR             has been awarded KALADARPPANAM Young Artist award in the field
                  of Art.

                  SAJJIVE BALAKRISHNAN presently working as PRO in the Income Tax Department was in Delhi
                  for a week, invited by The Central Board of Direct Taxes to perform spot caricaturing of invited
                  dignitaries at the celebration of the 150th year of the income tax in india.(24-7-2010)

                  JOY KULANADA’S          40 Golden Years of Cartooning will be celebrated on 5 September 2010 at
                  sreevalsam residency Kulanada, were his 2 collections of silent cartoons will be released.

                  IBRAHIM BADUSHA, one of the youngest KCA members has come out with the 8th & 9th
                  titles on cartoon lessons. 1) Easy Drawing (Sharon Books Cherthala) and 2) Drawing for all (H&C

                  Books). Amrita TV is running his cartoon tips show on sunday mornings.

                   The Kerala Cartoon Academy in association with Nanappa Art Gallery hold a solemn function in
                   Nanappa Art Gallery on the 19th August, to pay homage and share hilarious memories on the
                   veteran Cartoonist Kerala Varma (KEVY) who passed away at Ernakulam on, the 23rd July.


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