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									                                                                                    Daily Agri Commodity Updates

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Spices                                                                                                                     06 June 2009

        Pepper June (12465)                       Guarseed June (1742)                            Soyaoil June (492.50)

    NCDEX pepper futures settled marginally higher on Friday
    due to short covering after prices have fallen close to 6 percent
    until the end of this session from their May 4th high of 13,220
    rupees. Spot prices in the Kochi market fell more than 2 rupees
    to 12,625 rupees per 100 kg. Overseas demand has turned to
    Vietnam has been selling at competitive rates due to a crop
    surplus in the country. Indian export shipment rate for Jun2009
                                                                                                         Chart - 1
    is $2950 per tonne, where Vietnam has selling at $2350 and
    Brazil has selling at $2400 per tonne.

   NCDEX Guar seed futures fell on Friday after weather
   department forecast advancing monsoon in next 48 hours,
   India's annual monsoon rains may further advance to more
   parts in the next 48 hours, India Meteorological Department
   (IMD). Monsoon rains are key drivers for the crop. Combined
   open interest of guar seed futures fell to 215,950 tonnes on
   Friday from 216,230 tonnes on Thursday; while volumes fell to
                                                                                                         Chart - 2
   187,260 tonnes from 240,540 tonnes.The loss may be limited by
   estimates of a 10 percent fall in acreage in the upcoming sowing

    NCDEX soyoil futures ended lower on Friday, The prices
    tracking weakness in Malaysian palm oil market and on
    expectations of higher soybean acreage in coming sowing
    season, which is crushed to produce soyoil, also weighed on
    the markets. However, firm spot demand limited losses. Prices
    in the spot market in Indore a hub for soyoil trade in India, rose
    1.1 percent to 46,700 rupees per tonne. Soyoil refined prices at                                     Chart - 3
    other places in Maharashtra: Adilabad - 478,           Baramati - 475,
    Parbhani - 479, Koosnoor - 474, Pachora - 4808, Solapur -           481,
    Supa - 477, Sangli - 483.

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                  Daily Agri Commodity Updates

Technical Outlook

                                                                     Trade Reccomandation
   Commodity                 Expiry                          Call                      Entery                       S/L                             Targets

    Pepper                19-June-09                  buy above                    12600                  12300                         12870/13100

    Soy oil               20-July-09                  buy above                    496.8                    494                       499.20/501.40
    Guar seed             20-July-09                   sell below                   1730                   1760                           1703/1682

                              Intraday cruicial levels
    Commodity                Expiry                        S2                      S1                     R1                R2

    Pepper                 19-June-09                   12170                  12306                 12578                  12714

    Soy oil                20-July-09                     485                    489                    498                    503

    Guar seed              20-July-09                    1664                   1707                   1793                   1836

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