February 18_ 1998

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                    Puerto Penasco, San Carlos/Hermosillo/Keno Bay/Cabo San Lucas
Date:         _____________________________                                    Phone: 480-922-3511
Agent: _____________________________                                           A signed copy of this agreement
Company: _____________________________                                         will be returned to the referring
Address: _____________________________                                         Agent.
         _____________________________                                         You May Fax to 602-325-9386
Phone:         _____________________________ (Best time to contact you) _________________

We are pleased to confirm your Client Referral to The Arizona/Mexico Real Estate Center’s as
the exclusive representative for purposes of Buying, Selling, or Leasing Residential and
Commercial properties in the following areas: (Specify area if you know)
Arizona: __ Scottsdale, ___Phoenix , ___ Mesa, ___Tempe, ___ Glendale, ___Chandler, ___ Paradise Valley, ___ Fountain Hills,
___Tucson, ___ Flagstaff, ___ Prescott, ___ Sedona, ___Payson, ___Lake Havasu, ___Page, ___ Yuma .
Mexico: ___ Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), ___San Carlos/Guaymos, ___ Hermosillo, ___ Kino Bay, ___Loreto, ___ La Paz, ___ Istapa,
___ Acapulco, ___ Cancun, ___ Cabo San Lucas, ___Puerto Vellarta. OTHER: __________________________________

One of our Relocation/2nd Home Specialists will contact the customer to review their
requirements and provide additional information about the area of interest.
The referral fee will be __25%_ of the Real Estate Commissions the sales agent receives on the
sale, purchase, or lease of properties the below listed customer completes through our Agency.
Client: ____________________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________

Phone: __________________________ Cell: _____________________________________
This agreement is for a term of 6 months. You may terminate or extend this agreement at any
time upon 30 days written notice. You acknowledge, however, that termination will not affect
The Real Estate Center’s right to a commission for any property to which we introduced to you,
or the referred client prior to the effective date of termination; or for a period of 36 months after
termination, should a sale/lease or option eventually be signed by the client, for any properties
presented to the referring agent, client or their designates.
On behalf of our Relocation/2nd Home Specialists, we thank you for your referral.


Fred Young,
Realtor/Broker/Director/Managing Partner
   Relocation/2nd Home Specialists, Member of 4 MLS Services, ICREA, World Properties.