CCA mini Audiometer by mikeholy


                   Computer Controlled Audiometer
Intelligent Audiometry                                        · USB Plug and Play connection to computer for up to
Bring the power of the latest in intelligent automation           sixteen audiometer stations
to your audiometric testing. The Benson Medical
Instruments CCA-200mini delivers extraordinary                · Intelligent IntelliTesting software scans during
advantages over conventional audiometers.                         testing, and automatically flags or retests.
The innovative IntelliTesting feature understands             · Produces full-page reports with data and analysis
Hearing Conservation testing. It scans audiograms for             on standard paper.
test problems, and responds appropriately. Test
instructions are delivered to the subject through the         · Stores unlimited number of subjects and tests.
headset. Previous test information from the database is       · Choose the Plus Package for comprehensive
used to streamline testing. The result is higher-quality          reporting, multiple companies, and network
tests, with less operator intervention, in less time.             database access.
The CCA-200mini reduces test times 25 to 40%, installs
with fewer cables, and is designed to mount in the test       · Operates with leading hearing conservation
booth.                                                            databases.

            Benson Medical Instruments Co., Minneapolis, MN · (612) 827-2222 ·
CCA-200 mini
Computer Controlled Audiometer
Audiometer Operation                                                     Reports
The CCA-200mini provides the ultimate in easy testing—push               The CCA-200mini quickly produces full-page reports that are
“Start” and the CCA-200mini takes control. The CCA-200mini               easier to read, handle, and store than strip prints.
detects a wide variety of subject errors for test validity. Easy-to-     · Subject Averages and Impairments
use Windows® software gives you total control of up to sixteen           · Subject Notification Letter
audiometers from a single PC.                                            · Subject Test
·   Delivers automatic instructions for subject errors in sixteen        · Subject Test STS
    languages through headset.                                           · Subject Summary
·   On-screen audiogram graphs update in real time and                   · Company Roster
    display subject’s baseline.
·   Automatic Retests enhance quality and reduce problem                 “Plus” Database Management
    audiograms.                                                          Choose the Plus Package for additional reporting power and
·   Mark For Retest reduces manual testing.                              support for unlimited companies. Effectively manage multiple
                                                                         programs using the Plus Package.
·   Enhanced test features for 25% to 40% faster testing.
                                                                         · Network database access
·   Programmable test sequences, start and end levels.                   · Unlimited number of companies
·   Full manual control.                                                 · Automatic baseline revision (NHCA 2000)
                                                                         · Customizable notification letters in sixteen languages
Subject Data Collection                                                  · Customizable medical history questionnaire
The CCA-200mini has smart features to make data entry as easy            · Daily calibration database with reports
as using a word processor.
                                                                         · Customizable subject ID length and characters
·   No limit to number of stored subjects and audiograms.                · OSHA and MSHA hearing conservation compliance
·   Works in real time with stored database information to               · Programmable import/export routines
    perform analysis and make appropriate testing decisions.
                                                                         · Connects to Microsoft SQL Server 2000™ for superior
·   Extensive user-defined data fields and generous comment                  management and security
    fields for each record.                                              · Powerful Extract/Merge tools synchronize data between
·   Multi-tasking allows testing, data entry, and printing all at            locations
    once.                                                                · May use SQL Server 2000 and Windows authentication to
·   Full-size keyboard eliminates frustration of membrane or                 help fulfill HIPAA security requirements
    non-standard keypads.                                                Additional Reports (samples available on request):
                                                                         · Company STS List
OSHA Compliance                                                          · Company Recordable/Reportable Shift List
The CCA-200mini is designed with OSHA regulations in mind to             · Company Summary
make your job easier.                                                    · Company Test Schedule List
·   Collects and validates all demographic and exposure data             · Company Medical Referral List
    required by OSHA.                                                    · Subject History
·   Calculates STS and OSHA recordable hearing loss with                 · Subject History Questionnaire
    optional age correction (presbycusis)                                · Company Exception List
·   Available BAS-200 bio-acoustic simulator for required daily          · Company Retest List
    biologic calibration checks in less than 1 minute.                   · Company Recordable Shift Line Out List
·   Available BAS-200slm sound level meter for ambient noise             · Company STS Exception List
    level monitoring.                                                    · Company Baseline Revision List
·   Exceeds ANSI S3.6 standards for audiometers.                         · All Company List

System Requirements: Windows® 2000 SP1, or XP SP1; P II 350
MHz or higher processor; 128 MB RAM minimum; 200 MB free               Minneapolis, Minnesota
HDD. Talk-over and Voice Instructions: Soundblaster 16 or 100%         612.827.2222 voice
compatible full-duplex sound card and microphone. One free USB         612.827.2277 fax
port (two for Plus Package)

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